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thedarkoneon a dch3200 can i use usb port to change channels?00:58
foxbuntuthedarkone, no01:11
geniiAnyone know anything about Pace 551 cable boxes? Mine has firewire and p2p apparently streams (not broadcast). I've tried channels 0,1, 62,63 and some others but no luck so far. Any tips would be appreciated01:15
yellowkingI have a HVR-1600 with MCE remote.  When I hit buttons on the remote, the eye lights up and irw recognized the events, but the IRBlaster doesn't light up.02:28
yellowkingWhen I run irsend manually, I can trigger the IRBlaster and control my cable box.  What am I missing to associate the two?02:28
thedarkonefoxbuntu what do i need?02:41
foxbuntuthedarkone, what?03:22
foxbuntutgm4883, lmao03:34
foxbuntutgm4883, I won't do it intentionally03:34
MythbuntuGuest67I have a question...03:36
MythbuntuGuest67I just installed Mythbuntu and the default user is not being created on install03:36
MythbuntuGuest67I have done a search and came up nil.03:37
MythbuntuGuest67Any suggestions?03:37
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest67, default user?03:37
MythbuntuGuest67Thanks :-)03:37
MythbuntuGuest67Yeah "mythtv"03:37
MythbuntuGuest67mysql user03:37
tgm4883which version did you instal03:37
tgm4883alternate or live disk?03:38
ZinnIf you are having problems connecting to your mysql database, you can perform the following to reconfigure it: 1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0 (pay attention to the root password you set, you will need it for the next step) 2. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database 3. sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common03:38
tgm4883do that  ^03:38
tgm4883the mysql stuff doesn't get setup with the alt disk03:38
tgm4883which is why we don't have an alt disk anymore03:38
MythbuntuGuest67Got it03:38
tgm4883glad I could help ;)03:38
MythbuntuGuest67Actually, I downloaded it by mistake03:39
MythbuntuGuest67Maybe I should install from live disk?03:39
MythbuntuGuest67What do you think?03:39
tgm4883nah no biggie, I think you can fix it03:39
tgm4883but either way is fine03:39
MythbuntuGuest67If I run the steps from above will I be alright? Or will I run into more issue?03:39
tgm4883you should be fine03:40
geniiThe factoid should just say mysql-server since mysql-server-5.0  will become later versions03:40
MythbuntuGuest67Give me a sec and I will let you know how it goes03:40
tgm4883genii, you are probably right03:41
MythbuntuGuest67That fixed it! Thanks!!03:42
tgm4883your welcome03:45
foxbuntutgm4883, aren't you just mister helpful tonight :)03:49
tgm4883yep ;)03:49
tgm4883my goal is to be more helpful than you03:50
foxbuntutgm4883, like thats difficult03:50
tgm4883I know, I'm done for the month ;)03:50
foxbuntuand Im done for the year I think, I fixed 3 bugs this week03:51
yellowkingI have a HVR-1600 with MCE remote.  When I hit buttons on the remote, the eye lights up and irw recognized the events, but the IRBlaster doesn't light up.05:04
yellowkingWhen I run irsend manually, I can trigger the IRBlaster and control my cable box.  What am I missing to associate the two?05:04
foxbuntuyellowking, dont know much about them, but give this a shot: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Using_an_IR_Blaster_with_MythTV05:14
yellowkingfoxbuntu, will do, thanks05:37
tgm4883a channel change script?05:42
tgm4883!stab foxbuntu05:42
* Zinn stabs foxbuntu with a WASP knife.05:42
foxbuntutgm4883, no I think he is trying to use his mce to control the actual STB05:42
tgm4883didn't sound like that to me05:43
* tgm4883 shrugs05:43
foxbuntumaybe im wrong05:43
tgm4883I thought he is just trying to change the channel on his stb05:43
tgm4883yellowking, ^05:43
* foxbuntu claims to not know anything about channel changes scripts as well05:44
* tgm4883 posts references to myth-chan everywhere05:44
foxbuntutgm4883, there are only two people at the moment that know what that is05:45
tgm4883wait till I microblog about it05:45
foxbuntulike anyone reads your blogs05:45
tgm4883and we do have followers05:46
foxbuntuoh you mean identi.ca?05:46
foxbuntui swear if I get email requests for it05:47
foxbuntuit will be a spolier for every show you watch05:47
tgm4883you won't get emails05:47
* tgm4883 attaches foxbuntu's phone number to every post05:47
foxbunturemember tgm4883 I get airfare cheap...so Im not afraid to come find you05:48
tgm4883foxbuntu, don't forget, i'm republican, so I have plenty of guns05:48
foxbuntutgm4883, im the only type of person with more guns than a republican05:48
yellowkingI've got live tv working, audio good-- remote can pause live video, FF and RW, change volume...but it's not changing the channel on my cable box.  Do I need a channel change script?  I saw some references to those, but thought there'd be some non-custom way to make it work.06:06
yellowkingIf I do irsend CH+, it changes both the cable box and mythtv06:08
tgm4883yellowking, yea you need a channel change script06:09
yellowkingOkay, cool.  Is there a standard reference for that?06:10
yellowkingGreat, thanks.06:15
yellowkingguess my serial port doesn't work06:22
yellowkingThat script almost works with IRBlaster...sends the numbers, but I don't appear to have an ENTER code for a DCT2000 remote06:28
yellowkingHeh...for me, it's MUSIC, not ENTER!06:39
yellowkingHmmm...I can set the channel now, but chan up and chan down don't work.06:53
yellowkingAnd high channel numbers crash my front end!06:54
yellowkingIt's well-boogered up now.  Feck it,   I'm going t obed.07:38
yellowkingAfter messing with the channel changing script, I can't get any video anymore, just static.  I double checked the signal outside of myth tv, and it's good.   Rebooted, checked my capture card, looks good.07:55
yellowkingRemoved the channel change script, still static.  Can't "scan for channels" on my input source, seems to crash out and gives me a pop up to run mythfilldatabase07:58
yellowkingCrud, no clue what I broke.08:00
yellowkingStreams still work, it's the input somehow08:02
yellowkingTried preset tuner to channel 3 and 4, neither works08:08
yellowkingokay.  Was going into to input source, then scanning channels-- but it was giving me a different input source there by default.  Replaced that with the one I'm using, ran the scan with preset tuner to channel 3, and I seem to have video back08:19
rjmunroHas anyone done any work on better auto detection of config for mythtv?13:44
rjmunroIt seems that you should be able to auto-detect video capture devices, then scan the channels and try to work out where in the world you are, then choose a listing provider based on that.13:47
DavideIs installing mythtv on regular ubuntu the same thing as mythbuntu?  Are there any advantages to installing mythbuntu?16:47
ZanthusI've tried doing both, and its just heaps easier using mythbuntu16:48
Davidewhat are you missing with mythbuntu?16:49
Zanthusand mythbuntu is really cut down, it only includes a xfce gui, firefox, mythtv, a couple of media players, some codecs, a text editor, a gui file manager and that's about it16:50
Zanthusits certainly not a full featured desktop distro16:50
Davidecan you add those things to it?16:50
Zanthusyeah, it does come with a gui package manager installed so you can add those extras if you want to16:51
Zanthusalso, the configuration mythbuntu, once you install it, is done through the gui; including adding and removing mythtv modules16:52
DavideZanthus, sorry bout the 20 questions but... why was it so difficult installing mythtv from ubuntu? I'm asking becuase I already have ubuntu installed, 8.04, and I just got sound to work on the system after hours of trying...16:52
DavideZanthus, I see what about when installing mythtv?16:52
Zanthusto be honest, it was a while ago that I last tried to set up mythtv manually16:54
Zanthusfrom memory it just took a while to get everything working together properly16:54
Zanthusbut I can't remember specific details16:54
ZanthusI guess if you were to install mythtv on an existing ubuntu installation yourself you would learn more about how it works16:56
Zanthusif you just want it to work without delving into it too much, mythbuntu would be the way to go16:56
Davideok thank you very much Zanthus16:59
Zanthusno, problem17:01
Zanthusminus the comma there17:01
EvilGuruThere is a bug in the Hauppauge remote control lircd config file18:46
EvilGuruBack/Exit it written as Back/edit18:46
EvilGuruthis results in bad things (tm)18:46
pist0l-fishhi all, is the mythbuntu website down?22:32
* pist0l-fish is getting an echo timeout :(22:33
superm1pist0l-fish, ruh roh, it looks like it is :(22:33
superm1pist0l-fish, were you looking to get an ISO of 9.04?22:33
pist0l-fishyeah, I was hoping someone here might have the torrent :)22:33
superm1pist0l-fish, well two options.  you can get the beta from cdimages.mythbuntu.org22:34
superm1or a daily from cdimages.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu22:34
superm1the dailies have a more improved installer22:34
pist0l-fishsuperm1: thank you22:35
superm1pist0l-fish, no problem.  in the future (when the website is working), do grab betas from there as it gets our counts right.  grabbing them from one of the mirrors like cdimages.mythbuntu.org gets the BW count messed up22:35
pist0l-fishokay. Is daily-live/current/ the directory i should be looking at ?22:36
pist0l-fishis that just a soft link to 20090411/ or is that a more recent version? (sorry to ask so many questions, just curious)22:37
superm1it's a soft link22:37
pist0l-fishsuperm1: thank you very much for your help22:37
superm1no problem pist0l-fish22:38
yellowkingLOL...I finally have it all worked through, everything is finally working fine...and now I realize that it wasn't a 70G HD I used...it was a 10G HD!!22:43
superm1that would cause a bit of frequent autoexpiration22:43
mythmanIs it possible to run mythbuntu in virtualbox with a PCI Tuner or USB23:56
superm1mythman, with usb or network tuner sure23:57
superm1but i've heard video playback is suboptimal23:57
mythmanSo back end and USB Tuner should work23:58

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