sladenLjL: well I guess this.  The question WHO TO CONTACT who /can/ do something about it00:00
Seeker`why can noone access the topic?00:01
sladenSeeker`: I'm not sure exactly, but it would be great is somebody could stop by the channel and ask the right question rather than I standing in the middle listening to both sides going "*shrug*"00:03
Seeker`if it isn00:03
sladenwhat is "isn"00:03
Seeker`t an #ubuntu-* channel we can;t do anything about it. If you can't get access because the original founder etc. have gone awol, i'd guess #freenode would be your best bet00:03
sladenI guess I could have gone there first, perhaps figured that people here might already have a rapor with the right people.00:04
sladenis there anyone particular on #freenode it would be worth speaking it00:05
Seeker`I'm not sure00:07
ubottuIn ubottu, Stupendoussteve said: netbook is Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a purpose-build Ubuntu system designed for netbooks. It contains a new user interface and optimizations for the Atom processor borrowed from the Moblin project. More information, including a download link, is avilable at http://tinyurl.com/n-remix00:22
ubottuIn ubottu, Stupendoussteve said: no netbook is Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a purpose-built Ubuntu system designed for netbooks. It contains a new user interface and optimizations for the Atom processor borrowed from the Moblin project. More information, including a download link, is avilable at http://tinyurl.com/n-remix00:25
ubottuIn ubottu, Stupendoussteve said: netbook is also netbook-remix00:27
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, aboleth said: !enter is annoying00:29
LjLsladen, people in #freenode will likely tell you that you need to file a GCF about #dx and stuff like that00:51
LjLsladen: Srecko is the founder of #dx, and he's the only one who can access it. i have no idea why they never added more ops to the channel (that was a bad idea - please ensure that won't happen in the new channel)00:52
LjLsladen: maybe you could get someone to set mode -t. but that's only a maybe.00:54
Flannelsladen: If theres nothing else we can help you with today, please don't idle here; thanks.01:19
bazhangtimewarp might be zaapiel as well. not sure how far the router assigns dhcp addresses though01:33
bazhangLjL, that is where I searched yes01:34
ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !ftp ~= /Nautilus/Nautilus (Places -> Connect to Server)/02:53
rwwAs an addendum to that factoid correction, half of the !phrases in !ftp don'02:56
ubottuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for !Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd02:56
rwwt actually exist. (e.g. !nautilus)02:56
Seeker`!idle | sladen 02:57
ubottusladen: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.02:57
LjLrww: yeah, that's back to the days when using a !factoid that didn't exist fell back to !info package02:57
rwwLjL: oh, i see. That explains a lot.02:57
LjLrww: i never wanted to remove all those bangs since i originally went to such great lengths to add them everywhere ;(02:57
LjLbut, i guess the time has come02:57
ubottuftp aliases: ftp clients, ftp client - added by bimberi on 2006-07-24 06:50:53 - last edited by tonyyarusso on 2009-03-10 21:42:5802:57
LjL!no ftp is <reply> FTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd02:58
ubottuI'll remember that LjL02:58
Mezyou guys can deop me you know :P03:08
geniiIs there a way to fetch a channel topic without going there?04:59
bazhang<mopoyo> ActionParsnip, you're an idiot05:03
bazhanghe was insulting people yesterday and asked to stop, also very random and non-connected answers to what he was asking.05:03
reid__I need to speak to someone about being unbanned from #ubuntu06:09
ubottuIf you have been banned it is probably because you have not gone along with what is acceptable behaviour. If you're not sure what acceptable behaviour is please see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/06:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kicked06:10
ubottuIf you have been banned it is probably because you have not gone along with what is acceptable !behaviour. If you're not sure what acceptable !behaviour is please see !Etiquette and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines - If you think the ban was a mistake, please join #ubuntu-ops06:10
ubottuUnsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !Caps, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...06:10
bazhangreid__, the person you need to speak to is not here right now. try coming back at a later time.06:19
bazhangreid__, your ban has not been removed yet you are in #ubuntu now.06:22
bazhangreid__, you were told not to ban evade, yet you did so nonetheless.06:25
reid__im sorry im a little confused06:26
reid__I'm in the middle of helping someone with a serious GRUB problem atm06:26
bazhang<reid__> I need to speak to someone about being unbanned from #ubuntu06:26
reid__yeah I know that was a while ago06:26
bazhangless than 20 minutes ago.06:27
reid__would you like me to disregard the help that this person needs?06:27
reid__if that is true, then re-ban me please06:27
bazhangreid__, you ban-evaded.06:27
reid__i'm not familiar06:27
reid__if it was a time-ban06:27
reid__then the time is up?06:27
reid__if it was a perma-ban requiring me to appeal06:28
reid__then obviously for some reason I am allowed in06:28
bazhangreid__, you needed to come back here and clear it with ikonia ; yet you decided to evade the ban. It was NOT a time ban (ie auto-expiring)06:28
reid__it obviously auto-expires06:28
reid__I didn't INTEND to time-ban06:28
reid__I tried to see if I was time-banned06:28
reid__and I was allowed in06:28
reid__so figured I was..06:28
bazhangnice try.06:29
reid__nice try?06:29
reid__so seriously, the guy that I've been helping has no help now?06:29
bazhangyou evaded the ban by changing your IP address.06:29
reid__I was doing research on his problem06:29
reid__he was a newbie06:29
reid__IP addresses renew themselves06:30
reid__omg what a coincidence06:30
reid__I didn't realize it was an IP ban06:30
bazhangno matter, he will get help with others, grub is not such a difficult problem.06:30
reid__no its not, but don't treat me like a damn crimincal06:30
reid__I come here to HELP people06:30
reid__and I get banned?06:30
reid__every time I friggin come06:30
bazhangthe problem is your issue with following the channel rules.06:30
reid__did I not acknowledge the rules this time?06:31
reid__did I say "abbreviations of profanity"?06:31
reid__I do not think I did06:31
bazhangban evasion is against freenode policy, if you were curious.06:31
reid__ikonia told me to come back the next day06:31
reid__I did not attempt to evade ban06:31
reid__I assumed that my ban was dropped06:31
bazhangyes, 24 hrs later, not right after a short nap and breakfast.06:31
reid__I am on the same router06:31
reid__I was banned at 4 AM06:32
reid__it is not 12:306:32
reid__the next day06:32
reid__I was not told 24 horus06:32
reid__I was told the next day06:32
bazhangand you were re-banned under your new IP address just moments ago.06:32
reid__if it is THIS hard to help people in $ubuntu06:32
reid__then I do not want to06:32
bazhangyour choice.06:32
reid__I want to know why you are so interested in banning me?06:33
reid__IP's renew themselves06:33
reid__its my ISPs fault06:33
reid__not mine06:33
bazhangand people reset their routers as well.06:33
reid__I do not have a router06:33
reid__I am on campus06:33
reid__with a hardwire connection06:34
reid__UT Dallas if you care to know06:34
reid__omg im a Comp Sci major06:34
reid__what a helpful way to help people06:34
bazhangthen you should understand that ban evasion is a no-no.06:34
reid__then YOU should understand that IP's renew themselves06:34
reid__its common sense06:34
reid__I did nothing06:34
reid__I'm on the same exact network06:35
bazhangyou were asked to return here.06:35
reid__and I tested if it was a time-ban06:35
bazhangto be unbanned.06:35
reid__and when I was allowed in, I figured it was06:35
bazhangand that ban was not lifted.06:35
bazhangyou figured wrong then.06:35
reid__it is that simple06:35
bazhangwhat you are saying makes zero sense.06:35
reid__I dont CARE what you guys think about me... I am HELPING people06:36
reid__I want to be unbanned to HELP06:36
bazhangwhy would you come in here to be unbanned when you were in the channel already?06:36
reid__so what do I need to do to accomplish that06:36
reid__because I joined this channel first?06:36
reid__because I thought I was banned?06:36
elkyreid__, you are an incredibly rude person.06:36
reid__not when I'm helping peopl06:36
bazhangyou are banned.06:36
bazhangand now you are ban-evading and banned for that as well.06:37
reid__ok fine FUCK you, FUCK your #ubuntu channel, and FUCK helping people... I have spent endless hours HELPING peoplg06:37
reid__and that has been in vain06:37
reid__so FUCK you06:37
reid__and I'm going to be banned06:37
reid__I dont CARE06:37
reid__my ubuntu install works grats06:37
bazhangplease depart then.06:37
reid__after MONTHS of working on it06:37
reid__and I want to share my knowledge06:37
reid__with others06:37
reid__and because I said "wtf" once06:37
reid__I get banned06:37
bazhangnot quite the actual truth.06:38
reid__I said "wtf" then "gtfo".. to an admin06:38
reid__my mistake06:38
reid__its NOT that uncommon06:38
reid__I promise06:38
reid__the admin was being an a** to me06:38
reid__and I don't care06:38
bazhangreid__, there seems nothing else to discuss now.06:38
reid__if you guys really want to perma-ban me06:38
reid__then that is fine06:39
reid__I am perma-banned06:39
reid__just tell me06:39
bazhangyou cannot follow channel rules.06:39
reid__am I perma-banned or what?06:39
reid__if I'm perma-banned then I will never come back, ever06:39
bazhangand want to argue endlessly in here about what channel policies should or should not be.06:39
elkyreid__, i am reading my logs and i see no substantial contribution by you anyway.06:39
reid__omg are you reading my /msg logs too?>06:40
reid__you must be awesome06:40
reid__how come everyone who uses ubuntu is awesome, and the devs are awesome06:40
reid__yet you guys are like 10-year old mormons06:40
elkyreid__, and how pray tell as an unregistered user are you /msging people?06:41
bazhangreid__, ad hominem attacks and cursing arent helping you out here.06:41
reid__because you can?06:41
reid__NOTHING is helping me06:41
reid__fuck #ubutnu, there are other channels where I can help people06:41
reid__thats cool with you guys?06:41
reid__or are you freenode admins06:41
reid__that ban me from the entire server06:42
reid__I can join #ati06:42
reid__or #math06:42
reid__or #eeepc06:42
bazhangreid__, please depart the channel.06:42
reid__you kick me from the ops channel.06:43
bazhangyou were being abusive06:43
reid__I doubt it06:43
reid__who is your superior?06:43
reid__can I e-mail someone>06:43
reid__file a complaint maybe?06:43
reid__I find this extremely ridiculous06:44
jussi01reid__: sure, feel free to email the ubuntu IRC council06:44
reid__every second that I have spent in #ubuntu06:44
reid__has been helping other people06:44
bazhangreid__, the channels are logged you are aware.06:44
reid__yes.. I am aware06:44
reid__as if I was ban-evading06:45
reid__thats seriously a very strange assumption to make06:45
reid__when all I have to do to ban-evade, is /join #ubuntu06:45
reid__normally it says you cannot join, you are banned06:45
reid__and this time it let me06:45
bazhangreid__, why not depart the channel as clearly you are not lucid enough to discuss now.06:45
reid__I figured it was a time ban06:45
reid__or cohesive06:46
bazhangno one said it was a time ban.06:46
reid__I think you mean cohesive06:46
reid__so?  the coding should be such that if its NOT a time ban06:46
elkyreid__, this is no longer about ban evading. this is about you being abusive and rude, and demonstrating a temper that makes you unfit for #ubuntu.06:46
bazhangand you were asked to return here to have the ban removed.06:46
reid__it should be still banning me after 24 hours?06:46
reid__and I did06:47
reid__and nobody responde06:47
reid__so I attempted to join #ubuntu06:47
reid__and it worked06:48
reid__I cannot believe that for OSS admins, you are this ridiculous06:48
reid__OSS is about a community, helping people06:49
reid__look at the logs, when is the last time I asked for help06:49
reid__its not like I join #ubuntu looking for help or trollings06:49
reid__I go in there to specifically HELP people06:49
reid__and if you do not appreciate that06:49
reid__then screw your community06:49
bazhangreid__, this is going nowhere.06:49
reid__I love linu06:49
reid__and I happen to be proficient as well06:50
reid__I do not need #ubuntu's help06:50
reid__but I feel like I can give bak06:50
bazhangokay then.06:50
reid__#ubuntu has helped me06:50
elkyreid__, then please, go elsewhere.06:50
bazhangso please depart the channel.06:50
reid__in the past06:50
reid__and I want to give back06:50
bazhangwe are asking nicely.06:50
jussi01reid__: could you at least follow this:06:50
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:50
reid__please ban me from the channel for closure06:51
reid__ban me from -ops06:51
elkyit does not work like that, reid__.06:51
reid__you don't have the power to ban me from -ops?06:51
elkyi do.06:51
elkybut that's not how it works.06:51
reid__kk thanks06:52
bazhangonly trolls need that usually.06:52
reid__and I'm not a troll06:52
bazhangso if you are a good helper, then please depart.06:52
elkyreid__, bans are not tradeable. your behaviour here today has proven you unfit for #ubuntu. you will not be allowed into that channel.06:52
reid__if I'm not allowed ever into #ubuntu06:52
reid__then why should I be allowed into #ubuntu-ops06:53
reid__am I an admin?06:53
reid__I WANT to help people06:53
reid__especially ATI users06:53
elkyand we dont want your help.06:53
bazhangthen depart.06:53
reid__YOU don't want my help06:53
reid__but many newbies do06:53
bazhangnot at this cost, no.06:53
reid__explain the cost please06:54
bazhangthe dramatics etc06:54
elkythe babysitting you obviously need06:54
bazhang'ban me for closure' and so on for a simple case of waiting a few extra hours to have a ban removed.06:54
reid__the dramatics are a direct function of your resposne to me saying 'wtf06:54
reid__I was allowed into the channel06:55
reid__do you still think I evaded ban?06:55
elkythe cost that would be incurred by having to ensure that someone supervised you constantly to prevent personal attacks and abuse.06:55
bazhangwell I am off now.06:55
reid__this is linux, its not like its HARD to ACTUALLY evade ban06:55
tritiumWhat a waste of bits in the channel log...06:55
reid__is every #ubuntu admin like this?06:56
elkyconsidering you'd likely only abuse that person, i doubt we coudl get anyone to do it voluntarily06:56
bazhangreid__, sounds like a credible threat since you did it once already.06:56
reid__reid__: on purpose?06:56
reid__bazhang: on putpose?06:57
reid__]THIS IS LINUX.. omg don't make me load up backtrack and log into #ubuntu06:57
reid__omg I would be so detectable06:57
reid__if i changed my MAC and my IP06:57
reid__I want to help people06:57
ubottuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian or PriceChild, I could  use a bit of your time :)06:58
bazhangsorry all, cannot hang around; really have to go now.06:58
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/06:58
ubottufreenode is the IRC network that you're on! See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml06:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ban-evasion06:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ban-evade06:59
reid__what a surprise06:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ban-evading06:59
jussi01!botabuse | reid__06:59
ubottureid__: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".06:59
elkyreid__, ban evasion is a breach of Freenode rules.07:00
reid__did ever admin wish they were a cop?07:00
reid__ever = everu07:00
reid__i have a single question, then I will elave07:01
reid__who will answer it07:01
stewreid__: please see my PM07:01
stewso i've had a conversaion privately with reid__ about whats going on07:11
stewhe acknowleges that he was banned 22 hours ago07:12
stewhe says he was back in the channel not to evade, but because he didn't know the ban was still in effect07:13
stewabout why he got banned now07:13
stewhis understanding is that this was for foul language07:13
stewand after talking to him, i think he understands that things like "wtf" are not acceptable07:13
stewand would rather not use them if that allows him to continue helping people in #ubuntu07:14
stewif we could, can we make clear how long the current ban shall last, even if that is "indefinately, or until we have another conversation about it"07:14
stewjust so there is no future confusion about whether or not his rejoining the channel sometime int he future would be considered evading?07:15
jussi01elky: you still around?07:15
jussi01stew: just a moment please07:15
stewreid__: do you think what i've said above is accurate?07:15
elkygreat. now he can serve out the time for his previous ban, and the 48hr extention for being abusive to ops again today. he is to come back in here and *wait* for someone to discuss with him before entering #ubuntu again07:15
elkyso hence, in 50 hours, he will be eligable to come back here and discuss.07:16
stewreid__: does this all make sense to you?07:16
reid__I would appreciate knowing whether this a time-ban or a ban assuming that I will come back to -ops to discuss07:17
reid__because this seems to be the problem at the time07:18
reid__I entered #ubuntu ignorant of the fact that my IP had been renewed07:18
elkywe do not set auto-lifting bans. nobody learns their lesson if they do not discuss with us.07:18
reid__ikonia did tell me that I should come back in 24 hours07:18
reid__and I came back in 2207:18
reid__intending to discuss07:18
reid__but now I am understanding of the rules07:19
reid__and my intention is not to be a jerk..07:19
elkyand that would have been fine if you'd been polite. however you were incredibly rude and abusive.07:19
elkyand it's your rudeness that has earned you all of your ban time.07:20
reid__tell me when I should return to -ops07:20
reid__and I will return after this time07:20
elky50 hours from now.07:20
reid__so if today is Friday, at 1:2007:20
reid__I should be back by Monday07:21
elkymonday at 3:2007:21
reid__3:20 PM?07:21
reid__or AM07:21
elkyi dont know, which did you specify before?07:21
elkywait... let me calculate in UTC07:21
reid__thank you07:21
reid__I am Central US, if it helps07:22
elky date -u -d +50hours07:22
elkyMon Apr 13 08:22:34 UTC 200907:23
elkytimeanddate.com will help you calculate07:23
reid__so at 8:22 AM, on Monday07:23
reid__I will be able to appeal07:24
elkythat was UTC07:24
reid__oh, I see07:24
elkyyou will need to calculate that to your timezone07:24
reid__well I'm at leat 8 hours behind UTC07:24
reid__so I assume that at some point on Monday07:24
reid__I will be able to speak to -ops without being banned07:24
reid__I should not attempt to join #ubuntu while being banned07:25
reid__my IP renews every 12 hors07:25
elkyi'm glad you understand all that. have a good easter07:26
reid__thank you, I will see you sometime Monday07:26
reid__I am leaving now07:27
reid__if there are any further questions, please /msg me07:27
elkystew, um... are unregged people able to /msg these days?07:28
stewunless the recipient has set +E07:31
stewat some point that was the default,  it no longer seems to be the default07:33
stewelky: are you ok with the current reid__ situation?07:33
elkystew, you might want to let him know that the nick reid hasnt been used a while and registering it might be a nice idea...07:33
stewlet me know if you want me to talk to him more in the future, i seemed to have no problem communicating with him07:33
elkysometimes they refuse to listen to channel ops, but when they have a staffer who could block them from the whole network, they suddenly change their attitudes07:34
stewsometimes it just takes someone that they can not feel like the have to take a confrontational attitude towards07:36
stewhe's registering reid07:38
ubottuziroday called the ops in #ubuntu (maggotface)07:38
stew02:39 <reid> I'm just kind of at a party atm, and its already been pretty lame for me to be  on irc for so long07:40
elkyah, so he's drunk. this is why ircing while drunk is bad for your health07:42
* elky pours a whisky dry07:43
stewand /me goes for another homebrew07:44
FlannelWhat an odd cookie07:56
MyrttiI wish I had been active...09:20
Myrttisladen... *sigh*09:21
ikoniaI'd like to like that reid_ new he was still banned and changed his name to reid__ to try to get around the ban - he knew exactly what he was doing09:28
elkyikonia, and when he gets back in and acts like a moron again, he can be removed again. and he can evade again. and nobody will have sympathy for him then09:38
ikoniafair enough09:39
elkynot all nick changes are to get around bans either. i doubt j dong is currently trying to get around a ban09:42
jdongnot that I'm aware of :)09:42
Myrtti  /n09:43
Myrttioh, right09:43
jdongoh I do have two of me signed in. I get it now :)09:54
bazhangits the JDONG!!!!09:59
jdonglol the other jdong was just there to rough out a netsplit a week ago09:59
bazhanghandbrake ftw10:00
jdongtotally forgot about that shell10:00
jdongand yes, handbrake FTW :)10:00
jussi01I think I should ban jdong...10:00
bazhangsorry to have left earlier in the midst of the reid__ drama, had to work10:00
jussi01bazhang: alls fine10:00
bazhangdid not imagine it would take more than an hour to resolve :(10:00
bazhangjussi01, ok thanks10:00
jussi01you could hardly get a word in with that guy...10:01
* jussi01 waves to ikonia... any word on the netbook?10:01
bazhangthats why the 'its the isp's fault' etc did not seem to wash (ie time-ban, etc)10:02
jussi01bazhang: really, it could be or could be not, but its easy enough to ban again if he is a moron10:02
bazhangjussi01, yep10:02
jussi01so why not give the benefit of the doubt10:02
imachineso what;s going on, am I getting unbanned for good or sulk away10:17
imachineor *do I have to* sulk away10:18
imachinesory, it's still morning over here ;]10:18
jussi01imachine: who has been dealing with you previously?10:24
imachineikonia has10:24
imachinebut he's not here now aparently10:25
imachinehe, she, dunno10:25
jussi01imachine: I think he is arouund ish, we will wait sometime for him.10:25
imachineI'm in no rush10:25
elkyimachine, right, so lets discuss yesterday.10:45
* Myrtti waits11:02
elkyyes. i have other things to do too11:04
elkyimachine, are you there? i'm trying to help you here, but you're not responding11:04
Myrttiimachine: hellooooo11:04
elkyimachine, if you dont start responding, i'm going to remove you from here, and you can re-join when you are actually available to discuss11:16
bazhangimachine, dont idle here11:22
bazhang!idle | imachine 11:22
ubottuimachine: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.11:22
elky_only suspecting atm11:57
bazhanghe was already removed/banned from #u  (was trolling as tabbar yesterday)11:58
imachineelky_, I'm not always next to the keyboard you know12:05
imachineelky_, so what's there to discuss...12:05
imachinelet's get this over with!12:05
elky_there's plenty to discuss. such as interferring with channel ops. threatening to evade bans12:06
elky_the first is serious on a channel level. the second is serious on a network level12:07
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines12:07
imachinego on12:07
elky_imachine, please review the guidelines the bot just linked to12:07
imachineI've read those already yesterday or so12:07
imachineso it's nothing new12:07
imachineif you're going to school me on irc rules in general (freenode) I call pass since I've read those too12:08
imachineget to the point please12:08
elky_excuse me. you are in no position to rush this or be bossy.12:09
imachineI'm as kind as I can get on such a ridiculous situation.12:10
imachineyou've asked me to come by12:10
imachinehere I am12:10
bazhangnothing to discuss then.12:10
imachineI have other plans you know, it's holiday season.12:10
bazhangenjoy then.12:10
imachineare you kidding me?12:11
bazhangyou are very uncooperative.12:11
imachinewhat in the name are you talking about12:11
elky_no, you've asked to be let back in to our channels. these channels are not a right, they're a priviledge12:11
imachineyou've asked me to come by12:11
imachineher eI am12:11
imachinehow is that uncooperative?/12:11
bazhangand you think it is a farce.12:11
elky_imachine, you're the one who wants unbanning.12:12
imachineelky_, I've asked to get dealt with properly, I still stand by what I said before, etc.12:12
imachineelky_, I'm the one who wants some decent treatment.12:12
imachineIf I thought it was fair from the start I wuldn't even bother speaking to you lot.12:12
imachineI'd suck it in and move aside.12:12
elky_imachine, you are not entitled. you either play by our rules, or play elsewhere.12:13
imachinethis sounds like Ubuntu way 12:13
imachinehelp others ;]12:13
imachineelky_, you're hardly helping.12:13
imachineI want to speak to ikonia he was inviting me here.12:13
imachinespeaking to a monolith of people who stand by eachother is not fun for me.12:14
elky_this isnt intended to be entertainment12:14
imachineand like I said, it isn't.12:14
* gnomefreak sits back watching quitely12:15
imachineI want it sorted out.12:15
elky_you're going about it in the wrong way entirely12:15
imachinethere's no reason to hold a grudge against me.12:15
imachineelky_, the only reason why I'd like to be back at #ubuntu with your permission, is so that I can benefit fro mthe channel.12:16
imachinenot from the happy friendship I gain with the ops.12:16
elky_we're not holding any grudge. we're just wanting acknowledgement that the rules are there to be abided by.12:16
imachinedon't expect me to be super kind to you.12:16
imachineas long as I hold my rules and don't offend you, I don't have to like you, and see no reason why I shouldn't be entitled to using the #ubuntu channel.12:16
imachines/my rules/channel rules12:16
elky_except that your statement that you stand by what you said yesterday implies that you do not intend to comply with the channel rules12:18
imachineby no means12:19
imachineI stand by, but I am willing to sacrifice expressing my opinion on your channel, therefore breaking any channel rules.12:19
imachineand by your channel, I mean #ubuntu. expressing them here like I did today doesn't break any rules, afaik.12:19
elky_um... is that supposed to parse as 'i will abide by the rules, even if i do not agree with them'12:20
elky_there's an unnecessary layer of complexity in your wording there12:20
elky_then your ban has been lifted.12:21
imachinecheers to that, enjoy your holidays,12:21
imachinesee you about in less tight situations12:22
elky_hawk him12:22
Garyelky_: you are showing red (unidentified)12:41
elky_Gary, that's your client lagging12:42
elky_unless i got unidentified since i muted thefeds latest nick in -ot12:42
elky_apparently elky_ was not grouped to me. it is now12:43
Garyahh, you are using a unregged nick, but are id'd12:43
elky_i'm supposed to reg it seperate? i thought we could just group them in...12:43
Garyyou can, but elky_ is not registered at the mo12:44
elky_how do i un-identify?12:44
Garyyou should just be able to /msg nickserv group12:45
Garyyay, pretty green :p12:45
elky_you know, it was much easier before :P12:46
Garylies, it's easypeasy now12:46
elky_it was easier when i didnt have to learn how to do it all over again12:46
Garyadd a new nick, /nick othernick then /ns group12:46
Garyyeah, thats the biggest fun, relearning12:47
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jpdselky_: Can I please request op access in +1 and -devel-summit?12:49
elky_+1 i can do. -summit you'll need mneptok for12:51
elky_-ChanServ- Flags +votiA were set on *!*@ubuntu/member/jpds in #ubuntu+1.12:52
jpdsOh, I thought it was set by nick, but thanks! :)12:52
elky_i prefer to do it by hostmask12:52
elky_since it then avoids the annoyingness of having to nick if you've found an underscore or two12:53
elky_jpds, if you can get one of the current ops to request you in mneptok's absence, i could pull gc fu12:53
Garyas long as you are identified to the same account as the nick access, then it should work (I think)12:53
elky_Gary, never used to12:54
elky_Gary, or at least, not on all servers anyway12:54
Garyelky_: have you got a channel where you can give GazzaK access, which freenode/staff don't have access to test?12:55
elky_uh, not that i'm in at the moment. im redoing my vps. you could easily go to #fakechannelfortesting and try yourself :P12:55
Garymeh, thats work12:55
elky_no, exactly the same amount of work for you.12:56
elky_just less for me.12:56
Garyif you add a grouped nick it actually adds the accountname13:00
Garyand then the access applies as long as you are identified to the account13:00
elky_there. fixed for +113:02
elky_that's good to know13:02
elky_jpds, if you can get lifeless or keybuk or sabdfl to give you the nod for -summit, i can do that one too13:02
elky_well, i can make gary go find someone to do it, anyway13:03
Garymake me?13:05
Garywith a whip?13:05
Garywhat channel?  #ubuntu-devel-summit jpds +votiA13:06
elky_well, i'd rather not do that without one of the current ops giving it the thumbs up13:06
Garyelky_: you are a GC, so it can be done13:06
elky_Gary, can, yes. polite, no.13:07
Garyoh, I kinda asked, I better say hold it13:07
elky_off to have a bath. back in 40 mins or so13:16
elky_muuuuuuch better13:42
Nafalloelky_: you're back too soon :-)13:43
Nafallooh. oz. nvm.13:43
jussi01elky_: I got a good ticking off for adding hostnames to access lists like that... 13:53
elky_jussi01, from who? its how i've always done it13:54
jussi01from pri-cey, a long time ago... 13:55
elky_well nobody ever educated me on this. ever.13:55
jussi01Gary is right though, if you are identified to the nick added itll work...13:56
elky_first i ever knew of that working was an hour ago ;)13:57
elky_never worked on other networks i'm on, i just went with what i knew13:57
jussi01Fair enough13:58
jpdselky_: OK, I'll look for one of the folks later.14:03
Garydon't forget I can make it so, but as elky_ said, thats rudeish14:03
elky_Gary, if i'm not here and he gets the thumbs-up, you may enact it14:04
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ubottuBluesKaj called the ops in #kubuntu ()16:38
jussi01ikonia: ping16:49
mneptokwha'ppen in -devel-summit?17:28
jussi01mneptok: jpds wanted access...17:28
mneptokyeah, but why? i'm just morbidly curious.17:31
jussi01mneptok: something to do with him being at UDS... I dunno17:32
jpdsmneptok: Well, primarily, because there are no ops who have access in there, and I want to change to the topic :P17:40
LjLhe's morbidly curious, right17:44
LjLbethere zone5, what does that remind me of21:40
NafalloLjL: London21:40
LjLsounds reasonable.21:41
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Lenin_Catwhy was I banned from offtopic23:48
ShizuoBecause you can't control yourself23:48
ShizuoStop talking about lolcats and such23:48
Lenin_Catumz, ok, but I never talked about lolcats23:48
ShizuoThat's a good first step23:49
tsimpsonShizuo: how can we help you?23:49
ShizuoThat's a good question23:49
Lenin_Catany further awnsers here?23:49
ShizuoI don't think so23:50
tsimpsonShizuo: why are you here?23:50
ShizuoBig Bang?23:50
ShizuoWho knows?23:50
Lenin_Catim just gonig to wait a few minunates23:50
tsimpsonShizuo: if you have no business in here, please leave23:51
ShizuoI can sell you some things if you want to, then23:51
tsimpson... no23:51
ShizuoThen I guess no business, then23:51
ShizuoDo you want to confess something, man?23:52
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=== shizuo is now known as Shizuo

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