JanCit took me some time to understand postfix, but once I understood I didn't have problems to get it working  ;)00:53
JanCalso, I didn't use it before I understood  ;)00:55
matttto get it working how?01:00
matttit works out of the box, no?01:00
JanCmattt: to get it working as I wanted it to of course01:37
MTecknologyJanC: hi01:48
MTecknologyJanC: I think I'm almost done w/ my email stuff - then I need to get the ssl stuff working right01:58
MTecknologyGAH! - why won't this let me log in w/ postfix.....02:05
VK7HSEafter pulling my head out of the sand... is anyone currently using 9.04b server ???02:20
MTecknologyI'm trying to setup a mail server w/ it02:30
MTecknologyThis is frustrating now because it's acting like there's nothing wrong w/ my postfix config and I'm actually putting in the wrong user/pass - but I know it's right02:30
MTecknologywrong SQL password in sasl02:32
MTecknologyI knew drinking would make me figure things out02:33
MTecknologyVK7HSE: for the post part it's been great - I upgraded to Ext4 too - so my network is pretty beta right now :P02:35
VK7HSEMTecknology:  did you upgrade from a previous install or started a fresh ?02:36
MTecknology2 upgrade and one fresh02:37
MTecknologyI had zimbra installed on an 8.04 server - figured I may as well go fresh on it02:37
VK7HSEdid the upgrade go smoothly ? and apart from the ext4 has everything remained in a working state?02:38
VK7HSEas I currently have 8.10 here and I'll be upgrading as soon as 9.04 is a stable release!02:38
MTecknologythe only reason ext4 had issues was because a lot of people missed a very important step in their blogs about it.02:39
Kamping_Kaisersurely ext4 isnt shipped by default? :|02:39
MTecknologythat issue though made me realize (after 9hr of fighting w/ fixing) that I have a motherboard dying in one of my servers02:40
MTecknologyaside from bad hardware and that one step - everything went great02:40
VK7HSE8-)  I look forward to a (hopefully) stress free upgrade then!02:40
MTecknologyi'm sure you'll experience just that02:40
VK7HSEI have a dinosaur IBM eserver here that for some reason that I can't explain! the raid wasn't picked up by 8.04 but it was in 8.10 (very strange!) so I just hope that, that bit still works or there will be a little bit of cursing this way!02:42
MTecknologyi'm sure it will be - if an update made it work02:44
VK7HSE8.10 was a fresh install on Xmas day! after using Debian for some time...02:45
VK7HSEfurther details of my sever are on...  http://www.vk7hse.hobby-site.org/blog/about/02:47
Kamping_KaiserVK7HSE, you call that server dinosaur? bah.02:48
giovaniheh, well it's definitely not a "green server" :)02:49
VK7HSEyes callsign is vk7hse !!! from Tasmania, Australia...02:49
VK7HSEwell the best part was I got it for FREE !!!  \o/02:49
MTecknologyfirst server i ever used ran as a web server - about 16mn ram w/ all 4 simms used up02:49
Kamping_KaiserVK7HSE, speaking of which, do you get on 10/40/80m HF much?02:49
MTecknologyabout 10yr ago02:50
giovaniVK7HSE: yeah, but power isn't free :)02:50
JanClol, I know several radio amateurs here in Belgium and they often use their callsign as a nick too  ;)02:50
Kamping_KaiserJanC, well, its unique :)02:50
Kamping_KaiserVK7HSE, my gateway is a Sun Ultra5 :)02:50
JanCwe even have 3 radio amateurs in one of our local linux groups here  ツ02:51
VK7HSEwell for those that know me that's is my alias! as for Kamping_Kaiser... I'm a packet radio nut so I'm on 40m with that but rarely ever on voice!02:51
giovanipacket radio ... nice02:51
Kamping_KaiserVK7HSE, ah, fair enough. I cant do packet on my Fcall, so i dont get to play :( (which is a shame, since i want to)02:52
JanCthey have an ubuntu server running as a packet radio "server" (or "router" or whatever you call it?)02:53
VK7HSEwell... originally I was going to run all the packet stuff on this server of mine but then I had a better idea! why not learn about web-servers & email etc... and that's where my journey started!02:53
Kamping_Kaiseraiui you cant use a digi for routing in au, only for node hopping.02:54
VK7HSEif you have the ax25 stuff configured for tcp/udp you can do what ever you like with it! the only bad part is the slow speed on the packet side!02:55
Kamping_KaiserVK7HSE, i thought the licence conditions disallowed using nodes for routing.02:55
VK7HSEas it just become another Ethernet device!  well if that be the case (license) then I'm in big trouble! as my APRSD I-Gate would then be in violation!02:56
Kamping_KaiserI havent read the regs recently, but that was my impression.02:57
VK7HSEback in the dark ages yes but that was all changed 5+ years ago...02:57
VK7HSEanyway we're talking servers in this IRC ;-)02:57
Kamping_Kaiseri've had my licence for a year, so i wasnt reading the regs more then a 18months ago :)02:57
VK7HSEwell in the dark ages you couldn't patch into a public network (aka IRLP) but now that is allowed as long as there is a mechanism to prevent abuse from non-licensed hams to access that system...03:00
VK7HSEback to server talk!...  the sever I have... (IBM eserver 220) represents my self teaching!...  :)03:02
VK7HSEKamping_Kaiser:  my fading memory has you pinned as VK5FOSS ?03:04
Kamping_KaiserVK7HSE, yup, thats me.03:04
Kamping_Kaiserdone terrorising vk7rad during LCA, back in vk503:05
VK7HSEwell... as I mentioned I'm a rare contact on voice! but I'm active in a few mailing lists...03:06
Kamping_KaiserI dont have any HF yet, but hopefully 'soon' I will03:07
Kamping_Kaiserbad location for it :(03:07
Kamping_KaiserVK7HSE, is the ibm your only server?03:08
VK7HSEwell for me unless it's 01101110111000111100 then ya wasting ya time!  and yes at this stage, but I'm considering a second to dedicate to packet as my current desktop is acting as that currently... well do you consider a desktop install using the server kernel a server? :P03:09
Kamping_Kaiserno, becaue it has a gui ;)03:10
VK7HSEthat's right! it always make me chuckle when you see the question for adding a GUI to a server!03:10
Kamping_Kaiserits so wasteful :\03:11
MTecknologyGREAT - Now I can't log into webmail03:14
Kamping_KaiserMTecknology, :(03:14
MTecknologyI'm now considering downgrading to 8.04 and installing zimbra03:16
VK7HSEOh ow.... ;)03:18
MTecknologyzimbra works pretty well otb - just need to keep ubuntu on lts releases03:18
VK7HSEmay be the way I typed that didn't reflect how I wanted it to sound!03:18
MTecknologyhow did you want it to sound?03:19
MTecknologybetter yet - explain the reason for your espression03:19
VK7HSEwell... that's a good question in an environment that sound is irrelevant!03:19
VK7HSEtreat it as... ;-)03:20
MTecknologyI've been fighting this for about 24hr and I've really just had enough fighting with it03:20
VK7HSEmaybe some sleep and return to it at a later time?03:21
MTecknologyI did sleep03:21
MTecknologyI only have one day left to work on this - not even that03:21
MTecknologyand I need to get homework done too03:22
VK7HSE:(   well... as it's not a package I'm familiar with I'm unable to assist!03:22
MTecknologyI can reinstall everything in probably about 2hr03:22
MTecknologymaybe less - after everything is downloaded03:22
VK7HSEas for the home work I never did it! and look where I am now!.... :)03:23
MTecknologywhere are you now?03:23
VK7HSEunemployed! and now just filling in time in front of this PC !!! :)03:24
VK7HSEhe he03:24
MTecknologyI need a drink and a blank03:24
VK7HSEdon't we all!03:24
VK7HSEI'm an ex cancer victim so my reason for not working is actually related to that!...03:25
VK7HSEjust having a look at the Zimbra site...03:29
VK7HSEMTecknology:  as I have LAMP setup on the desktop here for testing stuff... I'll see if I can get it to play here! (mind you I have never used this before!)03:30
VK7HSEinteresting though... they only have Ubuntu 8.04 LTS as the latest version...03:32
MTecknologyVK7HSE: it's because they only do lts builds03:34
MTecknologywhen 9.10 comes out, they'll make a build for it03:34
VK7HSEAhh ok! so 9.04 gets missed? or was that a typo?03:35
MTecknology9.04 and 8.1003:35
MTecknologyzimbra is a massie package and creating an open source only version for every release of ubuntu plus the others is hard work03:36
MTecknologynot worth their time03:36
MTecknologybesides, a lot of companies are sticking to lts now03:36
JanC9.10 won't be LTS AFAIK03:37
JanCprobably 10.04 will be03:37
MTecknologyfrom a marketting, developement, and support stand point lts seems like an incredibly awesome idea03:37
JanCwith all the crazy things the ywant to do in karmic?  Idon't think so...  :P03:38
MTecknologylet's hope 10.04 isn't lethargic llama03:38
MTecknologywhat do they want to do in 9.10?03:38
VK7HSEpretty up the desktop...03:39
MTecknologyas always03:39
VK7HSEamongst a lot of other things!03:39
MTecknologyI think they reached the level of pretty that they need - probably just keeping up w/ mac03:39
MTecknologyJanC: you know any ideas for 9.10 yet?03:39
centaur5Aren't they also focusing a lot on performance for 9.10 though?03:40
MTecknologyI thought that's what 9.04 was for03:40
centaur5Well I know 9.04 was all about performance but I don't think they finished a lot of it and boot speeds still aren't at the goal of 25 seconds.03:40
MTecknologymine is03:41
centaur5I hope they have more performance plans for 9.10.  :)03:41
VK7HSEwell the boot time is really a system dependant! (I run Dinosaurs here!)03:42
MTecknologypartially it is03:43
MTecknologyi also have a 5400 drive03:43
centaur5That's after adjustments though isn't it?  How about default install.  Also I do understand it depends on hardware but I'm also talking about benchmarks that have been showing a decrease in performance for the past 3 releases according to reviews.03:43
MTecknologyprobably trim about 2sec off w/ 720003:43
MTecknologymy system is tweaked to shit03:43
MTecknologymy laptop :)03:44
JanCKeybuk has a proof of concept system running Xubuntu that boots in 7 seconds to the desktop  ;)03:44
centaur5Well I noticed a huge improvement in boot speed on my machine with ext4 and that's one reason I wanted my new server on Jaunty but Ebox doesn't have their new packages for it also my raid card doesn't get along with the installer.03:44
JanCon an atom-based netbook03:45
JanCactually, jaunty boots quite fast here too03:45
MTecknologydpkg --get-selections03:45
MTecknologyjaunty is definitely faster - no questions there03:46
MTecknologyext4 helps too03:46
JanCconsidering that I have 2 database servers, 3 webservers, etc. running03:46
JanCon ext303:46
MTecknologywoah - this is going to be my new -offtopic :D03:46
JanCpostgres & mysql03:46
MTecknologyI prefer mysql03:47
MTecknologyjust feels nicer - but I've heard pgsql is a lot faster03:47
MTecknologyI think I'm getting just drunk enough to install a server03:48
JanCmost of the services I run on my desktop are for testing, not real use03:48
MTecknologyI need to find a blank cd though03:48
JanCor a usb stick?03:48
MTecknologyi've never had any luck w/ that03:49
centaur5Good point I need to see if my net install is fixed with today's new netboot image.  :)03:49
MTecknologywhere did that point come from?03:49
centaur5installing a new server03:49
MTecknologyI know where some blanks probably are - but I'd have to break into a room and steal them03:51
VK7HSEum... borrow with intent never to return! :P03:52
MTecknologybreaking into  a room while intoxicated - may pose a challenge03:52
centaur5No, you're doing a favor by pre-loading their CD-R with Ubuntu.  :)03:52
MTecknologyw/ an old version03:52
centaur5Why would you do old?03:53
centaur5Oh, I had to do that version as well although I really wanted Jaunty.03:53
MTecknologyI have some blank dvd's in my dorm room - but I'm locked out until monday03:53
genii8.04 will be old when 10.04 becomes the current LTS version03:53
MTecknologygood point03:54
centaur5I like to try to keep all my machines on the same version but now I had to break that cause I'm always running the newest on workstations but now I have 1 server on 8.04.03:55
centaur5Now I have extra updates downloaded for just 1 box.03:55
MTecknologyfound a blank dvd i might be able to write over03:59
MTecknologyok - can you guys help me get a bootable usb?04:01
centaur5Install Intrepid use the new USB creator tool.  :)04:03
MTecknologyI have 9.04 installed on here04:04
MTecknologywhat usb creator04:04
centaur5that works04:04
centaur5Go to System -> Administration -> Create a USB Startup Disk04:04
MTecknologyI found a desktop version of 8.04.1 64bit04:04
centaur5It's a piece of cake.04:04
MTecknologyI don't have gnome04:04
MTecknologywhat's the app called?04:05
twbcentaur5: open it up and run xwininfo to find out what it's called04:05
twb(Might be xprop, I get them mixed up.)04:05
VK7HSEMTecknology: If the file is a .img then look at http://www.vk7hse.hobby-site.org/blog/2009/03/31/imagewriter/04:06
MTecknologythat is easy04:07
centaur5I was so glad when they made that tool.04:07
MTecknologythat's not even funny it's so easy04:08
MTecknologyi'm gonna go finish some rice04:08
centaur5Don't worry, the USB boot will be done before the rice!  :)04:09
MTecknology rice is done04:12
MTecknologyit's not booting from usb04:12
MTecknologyI'll do a cli install from that desktop cd04:13
MTecknologyoh wait... fuck04:14
VK7HSEImageWriter is for making bootable USB devices so you can either boot into a live or install...04:18
MTecknologyI can't do a cd install, I can't do a usb install...04:21
MTecknologynext option?04:22
MTecknologyi checked everywhere for a -rw04:24
MTecknologyis it possible to upgrade a 32bit install to 64bit?04:25
VK7HSEI wouldn't think so...04:27
centaur5MTecknology: net installs are the way to go!04:30
MTecknologyhow do you do that?04:30
MTecknologyI FOUND ONE!04:31
MTecknologyhurray for old cd's04:32
MTecknologyreinstalling - partitioning is the longest part04:39
centaur5Well I'm off to get some dinner.04:40
MTecknologyI no longer like ext304:48
MTecknologyit feels slow now that i'm watching fsck run04:48
JanCext3 can be (almost) as fast as ext4 if you want04:49
MTecknologyhow do you make the fsck run faster?04:51
geniiGo to sleep while it happens04:53
MTecknologyi almost could04:53
MTecknologyit can take over 45min to run sometimes04:53
geniiTry running it on 4.5 Tb   ;)04:53
MTecknology1.5TB - here - but it's over 4 drives w/ 2-4 partitions each04:54
geniiYeah it can take a while04:55
MTecknologyrebooting to new kernel after updates :)04:55
MTecknologymy point was that there's usually no more than about 3 running on a boot04:55
MTecknologybut it happens more ofter04:55
MTecknology<install type="mail_server">04:57
MTecknology<install type="prereq">04:57
MTecknology</install type="prereq">04:59
MTecknologytime for another drink - bbiab05:00
MTecknology<fix type="dns">05:03
JanCext3 has a mode to wait to write data until after the power-loss too  :P05:17
MTecknologygr - idk how to fix this dns thing05:23
MTecknologyHow do I tell my server that the mx record for itself is itself?05:28
MTecknologymaybe that will bypass the issue05:33
jmarsdenMTecknology: Edit the zonefile for your domain so the MX is "your server" and cause the DNS server hosting that zonefile to reload it... what is the real problem?05:33
MTecknologyjmarsden: publicly my mx record is right, I meant so I can do dig server.com mx from my system and have it resolve the ip05:39
jmarsdenSo right now if you do   dig server.com mx   on your server, what is the result?05:40
JanCMTecknology: if that doesn't work, either your MX is wrong or something else is broken  ;)05:40
jmarsdenMTecknology: does   dig yahoo.com mx    work?05:41
MTecknologyJanC: well - /etc/hosts has the ip pointing at itself - so it isn't getting out to the public records05:41
MTecknologybehind nat05:41
jmarsdendig will not care about /etc/hosts....05:41
MTecknologyanyway - not the issue now - apparenlty things are vastly broken05:41
JanCMTecknology: dig doesn't look at /etc/hosts05:42
JanCheh ツ05:42
jmarsdenMTecknology:   What does      dig yahoo.com mx    output?05:42
MTecknologylotta ips05:42
MTecknology{a,b,c,d,e,f,g}.mx.mail.yahoo.com. **05:43
jmarsdenSo that works.  OK.  Does    dig yourdomain.com      work (with no mx after it)?05:43
jmarsdenHuh...?  That's not a public IP...05:44
MTecknologyno it's not05:44
jmarsdenThen don't put it in the public DNS...!?05:44
jmarsdenCAn you tell is what the domain in question is so we can dig it for ourselves??05:45
jmarsdens/tell is/tell us/05:45
MTecknologyit's resolve to or something like that05:45
MTecknologys/170/117/ i think05:46
jmarsdenLooks to me like there is no MX record on your DNS server for vindico.profarius.com, but there is one for profarius.com which points to vindico... so all should be working fine.05:48
jmarsdenHow are you getting the 192.168.x.x result -- do you run a fake master DNS server05:48
MTecknologyinternal dns server05:48
MTecknologybut only A records05:49
jmarsdenDo you really need it?  And if so, does *it* have sane MX records?05:49
MTecknologyyes, I do need it05:49
jmarsdenOK, then put MX records on it :)05:49
MTecknology23:49 < MTecknology> but only A records05:49
MTecknologyI know how to fix it I think05:49
jmarsdenYou have a fake local DNS server that is not under your own control???05:49
MTecknologyit's not a fake dns server05:50
MTecknologyit's a dns forwarder05:50
jmarsdenIt is giving you incorrect results for the A record... I'd call that fake :)05:50
MTecknologyif I add a record, that address will forward to w/e ip i give it05:50
jmarsdenIf you add a record, a working DNS server will return the info in that record when queried.05:51
jmarsdenIs the local server running BIND on Ubuntu?  And do you have admin rights on it?05:52
jmarsdenThe local DNS server, that is.05:52
MTecknologyyes, no, yes05:53
jmarsdenSo you must either run your own local DNS server and use that, or else just use a public DNS server.05:53
jmarsdenOr persuade the admin of the local DNS server to fix it.05:53
MTecknologyconvo here is getting me nowhere05:53
jmarsdenWhat prevents you running BIND on the mailserver and pointing /etc/resolv.conf to and then adding a fake master zonefile for profarius.com on that DNS server with the exact records you want to see?05:55
JanCI hope you're not running mail on NAT'ed server?05:55
JanCpublic mail that is05:56
MTecknologywhy not?05:56
MTecknologyit has it's own public ip, just sitting behind a firewall and nat05:56
MTecknologyJanC: why is that so bad?05:58
MTecknologyJanC: ?06:07
MTecknology</fix type="dns" status="methinks">06:09
MTecknology</install type="mail_server">06:17
MTecknologyNow - how do I make firefox ignore that a certificate has been revoked?06:17
Polk`hello, I am trying to use RAID 5 with ubuntu server I am useing 8.0407:50
MTecknologyPolk`: congrats?07:54
Polk`can you help me07:55
MTecknologyi didn't see any question07:55
Polk`can you hello me install ubuntu on a RAID 5?07:55
MTecknologybeen a while since I've done software raid, but last I remember it was pretty easy07:59
MTecknologygive me a little bit to setup a virtual environment07:59
MTecknologyhow many disks?07:59
Polk`what do u mean by softwear?07:59
Polk`theese are actuall HD.07:59
Polk`3 of them07:59
MTecknologyraid5 w/ 3 disks?08:00
MTecknologyyou do realize you lose the capacity of two drives when you do raid5, right?08:00
Polk`yes.. I mean it has 408:00
MTecknologyerr - now, 5 is n-1 - nvm08:00
MTecknologymeans you lose one drive by doing raid508:01
Polk`I have a RAID 5 with 4 34.7gb drives08:01
Polk`I understand08:01
MTecknologyraid6 is n-208:01
Polk`idk.. but I am using a RAID 5 and I know it looses a drive..08:01
Polk`but thats how I want it08:01
MTecknologyare you doing software or hardware raid?08:02
Polk`idfk.. haha08:02
Polk`the machine is a fresh install08:02
Polk`the harddrives are set into a RAID 508:03
Polk`SO I would guess Hardware08:03
Polk`but I mite be wrong08:03
MTecknologywhen you do raid you have two options - hardware or software. If you're doing hardware then the raid is handled by your raid card - right after bios and prior to grub. You install ubuntu ignoring the fact that any raid exists08:04
Polk`oh I see..08:04
MTecknologyafter setting it up from there08:04
Polk`so its hardware08:04
Polk`so do I need to resize..08:04
MTecknologyresize what?08:05
Polk`I just need to do guided use entire disk?08:05
Polk`or LVM?08:05
Polk`or encrpyted LVM?08:05
MTecknologywhen you look at the partition manager, do you see all your disks listed? - under advanced partitioning08:06
Polk`140 gb08:06
MTecknologythen ignore that any raid exists and install however you want08:06
MTecknologythis is where hardware raid is nice08:06
Polk`oh I see08:07
Polk`I picked up 2 of these machines..08:08
Polk`and both have hardware raid08:08
MTecknologyI've never had luck w/ hardware raid - I always needed to do software08:08
MTecknologydriver support wasn't there - it might be now for those systems08:09
MTecknologyI'm hoping installing my server cert will work now - doubt it /me checks08:10
* MTecknology cries08:10
MTecknologyI've been fighting this crap for days at 20hr/day08:11
MTecknologyI'm getting nowhere08:11
Polk`fighting what?08:11
MTecknologymail server08:12
Polk`oh I see08:12
Polk`just use google08:12
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:13
MTecknologyif you put all your value in google - then all your value is gone08:13
Polk`oh I se?08:13
MTecknologybesides, those people that manage google servers have issues too. What would you tell them?08:14
MTecknologyPolk`: ?08:16
Polk`tell who what?08:16
MTecknology!enter > Polk`08:16
ubottuPolk`, please see my private message08:16
Polk`oh I see! ok... I think I got it08:17
Polk`haha .. yep08:17
Polk`jeeves is here?08:25
MTecknologyPolk`: you should depart from this channel and join #ubuntu-offtopic08:27
MTecknologyor just join there and speak there instead08:27
Polk`why is this cant I be in both?08:27
Polk`oh ok08:27
Polk`MTecknology, I got it09:09
=== asac_ is now known as asac
Tuxisthi I have problem with ubuntu 8.10 heimdal and opnafs http://rafb.net/p/xtAPbR59.html13:37
TuxistI have created this principal and add to the kextab13:37
ScottKjdstrand: I added the CVEs from clamav 0.95 to Bug #354190 (too late for debian/changelog unfortunately, we shouldn't fix stuff so fast ...) - I've never grokked your CVE tracker, so FYI so you can add them.15:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 354190 in clamav "Security fixes from clamav 0.95 need backport" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35419015:15
Polk`is landscape free?16:15
ScottKPolk`: landscape-client is, but the server component is not.16:16
ScottKjdstrand: clamav 0.95.1 is uploaded to Jaunty.  Thanks for the help.16:16
Polk`ok.. so I cannot see that info elsewear?16:16
Polk`ScottK, ?16:16
ScottKPolk`: I don' t know a lot about it, but there's a commercial service that Canonical offers to go with it.16:17
* ScottK doesn't use it.16:17
Polk`ok.. Thnks16:17
Polk`ScottK, what do u use?16:18
ScottKFor server management, mostly a collection of my own scripts I've accumulated over time.16:19
Polk`oh I see16:19
giovaninagios/puppet 4life! :)16:23
beawesomeinsteadgiovani: i tried puppet but didnt like it -- it's pretty weird16:27
giovaniwhy do you think it's weird?16:27
beawesomeinsteadi use mostly capistrano + git for config files16:27
beawesomeinsteadgiovani: i don't like the concept of puppet16:28
giovaniok ...16:28
beawesomeinsteadit looks... overengineered for me16:28
giovaniyou're good at vague criticism :)16:29
beawesomeinsteadaint i? :-)16:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #359669 in samba (main) "mount.cifs crashed with SIGSEGV in main() - SmbMount - smbfs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35966918:00
TuxistI have problems with openafs and ubuntu 8.1020:19
TuxistI found the failure20:23
Tuxistno iget bad ticket20:23
MTecknologyI GOT THE CERT INSTALLED!!!!20:40
cellofellowum, not sure this is the correct place to ask, but is the Ubuntu-packaged version of Cherokee compiled with fastcgi and scgi support?20:44
cellofellowor, how can I find out?20:45
MTecknologycellofellow: you could "apt-get source cherokee" - something in there might tell you20:48
MTecknologybest answer I have for ya20:48
cellofellowtried that but I don't quite understand how to read debian/rules files. I saw some mention of both so probably.20:49
MTecknologysorry I can't be of more help, I have no clue on that subject. #ubuntu-motu might be able to better help you20:50
MTecknologymaster of the universe20:51
MTecknologythey do the packaging in the universe repos20:51
thenewguyJust wondering if anybody is using KVM in a production environment?23:52
thenewguyDo you think it is ready?23:53

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