bryceI've fleshed out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/IntelDriver a bit more00:06
tseliotI've added another I830WaitLpRing() bug to the wiki00:21
bryceit'd be nice to update that LpRing table to remove the fixed bugs00:39
* bryce reorders by chip id00:42
cwillu22741 is a dupe of 2832600:44
cwilluwhich is odd, seeing as it's not the same chip?00:44
cwilluoh, nvm, just notice the other line00:45
brycelet's try sorting by symptom...00:46
brycethere we go00:48
brycewell maybe that'll give some ideas on further triaging...  bugs with similar symptoms should test each other's workarounds and steps to reproduce00:50
brycehah, I've reproduced the freeze on i96507:33
bryceheya RAOF08:34
RAOFHowdie bryce.08:34
RAOFWhat's up?08:34
bryceah, well I was finally able to reproduce that i965 freeze bug that's been going around08:35
bryceI'm poking around collecting any data that looks interesting08:35
brycenot finding strong clues, but am finding some "interesting evidence"08:35
RAOFI think I'll rebuild a kernel with the MMIO tracer enabled, and provide someone with a log of the suspend/resume cycle with the nvidia driver.08:36
andresmujicaping bryce20:25
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bryceandresmujica: just ask22:36
brycetjaalton: mesa 7.4 brought a freeze regression.  Downgraded to 7.3 and it seems to have gone away.22:37
superm1bryce, it also brought a regression in myth causing segfaults22:38
superm1i've been bisecting all day to find the commit22:39
superm1(bug 355242)22:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 355242 in mesa "mythfrontend.real crashed with SIGSEGV in QGLWidget::resizeEvent()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35524222:39
brycesuperm1: aha, yeah I wondered if that could be the case, I saw that bug too22:39
brycesuperm1: in looking through the mesa 7.4 changelog, it seems the majority of the changes for -intel were for DRI2 issues, we probably don't care so much about22:40
superm1bryce, i dont know what drivers are affected, but i'm able to reproduce it with vesa, so virtualbox has been my friend22:40
bryceyeah I can't tell from the bug report whether it's driver-specific or in the genera mesa code22:45
superm1well i'm down to like 2 commits left, so i should know soon enough22:45
andresmujicahi bryce, i just was going to ask about the freeze 22:45
superm1just annoying that it takes like 25min to do mesa builds22:45
andresmujicait's only related to x?  mesa and dri? 22:46
andresmujicaor is kernel involved too?22:46
brycehrm, seems this mesa 7.4 upgrade is kind of poor quality, if we've already found two serious regressions with it22:46
brycesuperm1: I also looked in the mailing list for recent discussions of regressions but didn't see anything obvious, maybe the problems are some weird conflict with this mesa and ubuntu-specific kernel/xserver junk22:47
brycehopefully timo can weigh in22:47
bryceandresmujica: heya, thanks for looking at the freeze bugs :-)22:47
bryceandresmujica: from what I suspect, there is definitely one freeze bug, which I believe started with the mesa 7.4 upgrade on 4/3, which only affects i96522:48
andresmujicayeap, i'm reading about them..22:49
bryceandresmujica: however there are also plenty of other freeze bugs that still exist22:49
andresmujicagonna test it here downgrading22:49
andresmujicathat's what i've noticed..22:49
bryceandresmujica: so we have to distinguish between them22:49
andresmujicawhich factor are u using to distinguish them?22:49
brycethey're really, really hard to debug though - no error messages, and all have identical symptoms, and a lot seem to come on randomly22:49
bryceso far, the most useful thing is if you can pin it to a particular date when it started happening, and from that discern which package changed at that time, that brought the freeze into existence22:50
bryceunfortunately, when people first noticed after upgrading from intrepid -> jaunty, the number of changes is too great to sort through, so that's kind of a shame22:51
bryceanyway, what you've been posting to the bugs is exactly the right info and questions to present to reporters, so keep it up, hopefully that can get us better knowledge for what to do with the bugs.22:52
andresmujicaok. perfect then!22:52
bryceif you get answers that show that they're freezes in -intel that still exist in jaunty, please add them to that table so we can keep track of them for later22:53
bryceok, wife is kicking me out in the shop to get some house projects done... bbiaw22:58
superm1well git bisect claims fe5328bfad063f2ccbcafa2cebe6971d7e8e1db7 is first bad commit23:00
superm1i'll do a test build with just that commit reverted to check tho23:01
superm1well that would have been wishful thinking i guess.  there must be some more (possibly related) commits that are also a factor23:52

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