ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:00
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_Brun0_sveakex, this confirms my vostro 1400 sound card is indeed hda-intel: http://satish.playdrupal.com/?q=node/2500:00
hunt4mikeHello, this may be a bit off topic but I was wondering if any one here was experienced with basic?00:00
racecar56is it possible to totally blank a external usb hard drive while running ubuntu?00:01
riwaIf I install a program with `dpkg`, where does it install to?00:01
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abolethjscalibrator detects the joystick, but does not fix the detecting it as mouse problem00:02
proqhunt4mike: it's more than a bit00:02
ActionParsnipracecar56: sure as long as its not mounted00:02
racecar56ActionParsnip how?00:02
aboleththat's the bug that caused it00:02
ActionParsnipracecar56: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<disk name>00:03
kereswhat is the apt-get for the latest version of gimp?00:03
racecar56ActionParsnip how could i not have thought of that xD00:03
ActionParsnipracecar56: thats why you asked00:03
racecar56ActionParsnip and i use dd a lot (iso-ing a cd and stuff)00:04
ActionParsnipkeres: sudo apt-get install gimp00:04
ActionParsnipracecar56: there is a zero dev which you can dd onto the device00:04
racecar56ActionParsnip yeah00:04
ActionParsnipkeres: if there is a newer version you will need to find a repo with it on00:04
porter1Anyone know where all the Boost stuff gets placed in Ubuntu?00:05
keresActionParsnip: 8.04 i downloaded the archive but i prefer a deb or something00:05
ActionParsnipporter1: do you mean boot?00:05
racecar56ActionParsnip i know about /dev/zero and stuff, i once helped someone re-create it (man zero)00:05
ActionParsnipkeres: then find a deb or a repo00:05
porter1No, the Boost libraries00:05
Mark_Jone1I cant remeber the name of the guy that was PMing me about my ASUS mobo LAN, are you still here whoever you are?00:05
ActionParsnipporter1: oh00:05
got_milk4Michelle5: I'm back, still need help?00:06
ariqsI'm copying over a .rar file to a flash drive, and when I put it in my vista computer, the .rar doesn't show up. When I put it back in my comp running ubuntu, it's there. What might cause  this?00:07
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mewmewhow do i change from kde4 to GDM00:07
racecar56!ask | mewmew00:07
ubottumewmew: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:07
KillerOrcaHello, I just installed a new DVD writer and HDD and my screen resolution is now set incorrectly, and the option that it was previously set at is now gone, any ideas?00:08
mewmewi just got done installing Kubuntu-dekstop and Xubuntu desktop on my ubuntu system and i'm trying to use Xubuntu desktop mainly00:08
ariqsI'm copying over a .rar file to a flash drive, and when I put it in my vista computer, the .rar doesn't show up. When I put it back in my comp running ubuntu, it's there. What might cause  this?00:09
mewmewwhen i turn my comp on instead of the ubuntu symbol i now get the kubuntu symbol00:09
racecar56mewmew did u install kubuntu-desktop? that is why if u did00:09
linnyariqs: windows :)00:09
U-b-u-n-t-umewmew when you login in the beginning choose session and then which ever windows manager you want to use00:09
proqariqs: maybe you formatted the drive as something vista can't read00:09
racecar56linny lulz00:09
ariqsproq: it can read other things on the drive00:09
U-b-u-n-t-uthere should be a list there mewmew00:10
mewmewU-b-u-n-t-u, yes however it gave me the option of configing it to certain windows or something like that00:10
got_milk4ariqs: have you tried other files on the drive? or is it only that .rar?00:10
proqariqs: sounds more like a vista question than ubuntu then00:10
mewmewGDM, kde, kde400:10
linnyariqs: what fs are you using ?00:10
mewmewi want to use gdm00:10
racecar56proq agreed00:10
ariqsgot_milk4, the .rar00:10
KillerOrcaproq, the flash drive may be dead, I have one that I can see everything on but can00:10
KillerOrca't add files to00:10
U-b-u-n-t-umewmew then choose gdm at the login under the drop down for session00:10
mewmewU-b-u-n-t-u, GDM is not on there00:11
got_milk4ariqs: have you tried putting the .rar in some other directory on the drive?00:11
U-b-u-n-t-u<mewmew> GDM, kde, kde4  << thought you said it was?00:11
ariqslinny: msdos is what it says in ubuntu. I didn't format it. it was preformatted00:11
ariqsgot_milk4, no, i'll give that a shot.00:11
mewmewafter i installed kubuntu-desktop AND xubuntu-desktop it asked me to choose one of those (at the time i didn't know what gdm is)00:12
mib_mt72c5n9I just installed ubuntu and it wont mount an NTFS partition on a seagate freeagent pro usb drive.00:12
linnyariqs:  format it to fat3200:12
KillerOrcaHello, I just installed a new DVD writer and HDD and my screen resolution is now set incorrectly, and the option that it was previously set at is now gone, any ideas?00:12
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mib_mt72c5n9no its full00:12
riwaIf I install a program with `dpkg`, how do I find it after?00:12
U-b-u-n-t-umewmew when you install a new windows manager it will ask you do you want to set it as the default session, but even then when you login there is a session drop down menu and you can change it00:13
ActionParsnipriwa: try typing the app name it installs00:13
ActionParsnipriwa: use tab completion00:13
ActionParsnipriwa: they usually make nice menu items for you00:13
dcomxxhi! is it possible to write the output from ping to a text file when an error happened including the date and time ?00:14
riwaActionParsnip: Doesn't work.. I installed gtkradiant which I converted from a .rpm00:14
KillerOrcadcomxx, ping | cat "filename" maybe00:14
riwaActionParsnip: Do i need to update the path?00:14
ActionParsnipdcomxx: ping (something) > ~/ping.txt00:14
dcomxxyea but i only want the errors printed in that file00:15
ActionParsnipriwa: no it should put a binary in /usr/bin     converting from rpm is NOT advised00:15
dcomxxwhen a host is unreachable or timeouts happened00:15
rNaReplicaseXhas anyone else experienced trouble with the new nvidia driver?00:15
KillerOrcadcomxx, then I would google for text matching in shells00:15
riwaActionParsnip: Well i found a tutorial on how to install rpm uner ybuntu00:16
obiwan_chernobylhey i wonder why ubuntu sucks so much?00:16
riwaActionParsnip: So i did it00:16
rNaReplicaseXI updated to the newest driver and I no longer have any signal to my monitor.00:16
ActionParsnipdcomxx: you could grep -v time00:16
dcomxxi tried with grep but didnt work ..00:16
obiwan_chernobyltry windows man00:16
got_milk4Actually, I have a question. On my HP DV7 series notebook, in order to get sound working, I had to add "options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=1" to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf. This fixed my really jittery audio, but the audio sounds like it's being played back in mono and the integrated subwoofer in the bottom of the notebook isn't being used at all. Any ideas?00:16
obiwan_chernobylit beats the shit out of ubuntu00:17
ActionParsnipdcomxx: or som other thing (grep -v inverts grep to find what doesnt match the filter)00:17
riwaActionParsnip: Shouldn't there be a log file for dpkg?00:17
ActionParsnipriwa: rpm is different to rpm and their actions cant be guaranteed00:17
ActionParsnipriwa: not sure00:17
twolaneriwa: /var/log/dpkg.log00:18
racecar56how can i make 'find */foo' get passed to rm? (delete every file called foo in all directories)00:19
obiwan_chernobylwell done00:19
dcomxxi write : ping ip | grep -v 'something' > file00:19
dcomxxbut doesnt work ..00:19
racecar56windows takes my ages to install -_-00:19
riwaOnly says: -->2009-04-10 22:33:21 status installed gtkradiant 1.5.0-700:19
riwaNothing about no path00:19
DavideI cant get this damn sound card to work... :(00:19
ActionParsnipriwa: try typing gtkr then press tab00:19
Davideon ubuntu00:19
Davidespent hours00:20
riwaActionParsnip: I have00:20
Davidescunizi: hey are you here?00:20
proqdcomxx: output = $(ping -c 5 ip 2>&1);echo $(output) > file00:20
linnyDavide: what card00:20
mib_mt72c5n9i just restored my windows partition too, but i'm gonna reinstall ubuntu once i can play my videos off my ntfp free agent pro usb drive.00:20
Davideeseven73: hey are you here?00:20
ActionParsnipriwa: the try: sudo find / -name gtkrad*00:20
ramontayagi have an old compaq presario 1200 that i slapped xubuntu on. when i get to the login screen, it's blank. knowing the screen is okay, i plugged in an external monitor then restarted the gdm (ctrl+alt+backspace) and the login screen showed fine. then, i took out the external monitor, and i also tried alt+ctrl+f1 and alt+ctrl+f7 and the screen showed. what should i go to make the screen...00:20
ramontayag...automatically show?00:20
Davidelinny: it's an Audigy 100:20
Davidelinny: SB009000:20
ActionParsnipDavide: what does lspci say your sound card is?00:20
mib_mt72c5n9i'll just wait for the next beta to become final.00:20
DavideActionParsnip: I'm kinda noob idk what that is.. can you explain?00:21
dcomxxwhats that ? a shell script ?00:21
ActionParsnipDavide: type lspci in terminal, one line will identify the card, paste that ONE line in here00:21
rNaReplicaseXIs there some way I can roll back my nvidia driver via root shell in recovery mode?  I've tried to dump compiz and dpkg -l nvidia-glx00:21
proqdcomxx: that's a bit of bash00:22
riwaActionParsnip: Thanks! It was in /opt :P00:22
Davidewell I"m using mirc on a windows PC the Ubuntu installation in question is on another PC00:22
ActionParsniprNaReplicaseX: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:22
Davidebut hangon00:22
mib_mt72c5n9i went to mibbit .com so i can come to the channel00:22
mib_mt72c5n9dont like mirc00:22
Harpoon_does a microatx mb work in a normal atx case00:22
DavideI'm starting to hate mirc as well00:22
rNaReplicaseXActionParsnip That will reconfigure the windows manager-y type thing, right?00:23
ActionParsnipriwa: you can create a symlink in /usr/bin to the binary so you can execute it from any where00:23
Davidethink I'm gonna get xchat00:23
ActionParsniprNaReplicaseX: yes but it wont use the nvidia driver00:23
racecar56i like xchat00:23
linnyDavide: use pidgin :)00:23
mib_mt72c5n9i just like to run things from browser :)00:23
DavideActionParsnip: I'm booting up just a sec00:23
darthanubisDavide, xchat is the bomb00:23
racecar56but i dont like pidgin (for irc)00:23
rNaReplicaseXActionParsnip And then I can roll back to my original, I suppose?00:23
proqdcomxx: apparently I need some caffeine:  ping -c 5 google.com 2>&1 | grep -v "something" > file00:23
mib_mt72c5n9i wish chrome worked on ubuntu, firefox is good but i really like chrome00:23
ActionParsniprNaReplicaseX: sure, the xorg.conf will use the vesa driver so you will get an x server, you can then do anything you want00:24
ActionParsnipmib_mt72c5n9: its coming00:24
riwaActionParsnip: I know. But thanks :)00:24
mib_mt72c5n9i dont know what it is but chrome just feels right :D00:24
ActionParsnipmib_mt72c5n9: opera feels nice here. I'm all curious though00:24
ActionParsnip!hi ~ MementoMori00:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:24
mib_mt72c5n9with privoxy of course :P00:24
linnyDavide:did you go thru the forums ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544900:25
ActionParsnipmib_mt72c5n9: huh?00:25
dcomxxthat doesnt work :S00:25
KillerOrcaI just installed a new DVD writer and HDD and my screen resolution is now set incorrectly, and the option that it was previously set at is now gone, any ideas?00:25
mib_mt72c5n9blocks ads00:25
mib_mt72c5n9on windows00:25
ActionParsnipmib_mt72c5n9: browser does that for me00:25
rNaReplicaseXActionParsnip Thank you.  I'll go right ahead and try that.00:25
_Brun0_Gow to list "not installed" hw in comand-line?00:25
riwaWhen I start the program I get: Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0". I know I've seen this errormsg many times before00:26
_Brun0_How to list "not installed" hw in comand-line?00:26
ActionParsnipKillerOrca: did you reinstall a fresh OS on the new drive or is it just for data00:26
dcomxxum ok maybe making it simpler .. how can i just add the current time to each ping ?00:26
mib_mt72c5n9so any idea how i can play my videos off my ntfs drive that i can't mount.  its 750gb and its full so i can't format00:26
dman777anyone running linux on a macbook here?00:26
drownermib_mt72c5n9: Why won't it mount?00:26
KillerOrcaActionParsnip, it is just for data.00:26
ActionParsnip!ntfs3g | mib_mt72c5n900:26
ubottumib_mt72c5n9: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions00:26
Dreamglidermib_mt72c5n9, you'll have to mount it00:26
ActionParsnipKillerOrca: then it shouldnt interfere really. weird. i'd reconfigure the settings as if they have never been set00:27
mib_mt72c5n9um i reinstalled windows but it was something like force it to do it in the terminal.  i did what it said but it didn't work00:27
MementoMori_Brun0_: do you mean hardware without a running driver?00:27
mib_mt72c5n9cool thanks i'll read through it00:27
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dcomxxis it possible to add the current time to each ping ?00:28
KillerOrcaActionParsnip, ok how would I do that via command line?00:28
DavideActionParsnip: I'm installing xchat on ubuntu so I can paste that stuff00:28
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rNaReplicasexActionParsnip Crap, I didn't copy that script right.  Could you give me the configure command again?00:28
felix_da_catzDavide: pastebin.ca works for pasting as well00:28
ActionParsnipdcomxx: sure, execute date before the ping, youu may have to have a script to run date then the ping repeatedly00:28
MementoMoridcomxx: using a little basj script you can00:29
SiegeLordMy mouse pointer randomly jumps to the bottom of the screen. Any ideas on how to fix that? I'm on Ubuntu 8.1000:29
ActionParsniprNaReplicasex: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:29
dcomxxwhen i write date before then it prints the date only once ..00:29
* rNaReplicasex properly writes it down00:29
MementoMoridcomxx: using a little bash script you can00:29
dcomxxand how would that look like ? :)00:29
ActionParsnip!mouse | SiegeLord00:29
ubottuSiegeLord: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto00:29
lukeWhi - i have a question about networking... i have a samsung nc10 - which has an atheros wifi card.. i'm using the ath5k driver and the performance isn't very good - should i move to the madfi driver?00:29
Davide-buntuActionParsnip: ok so how did you want me to give you that info?00:29
ActionParsnipdcomxx: thats why you need a script to repeat it00:29
felix_da_catzdcomxx:  You will have to run ping with an option to only ping once.  Then repeat the date and ping one more time.00:30
linnyDavide-buntu: lspci00:30
MementoMoridcomxx: it's very simple. if you gimme a couple of mins i'll write it for you00:30
ActionParsnipDavide-buntu: run terminal    lspci00:30
Davide-buntuok and just paste in here?00:30
ActionParsnipDavide-buntu: one line will identify the card, write its name in here00:30
Davide-buntuor pm?00:30
dcomxxbut wont it flood then ?00:30
ActionParsnipDavide-buntu: paste the SINGLE line in here00:30
ActionParsnipdcomxx: no, i only asked for one line :)00:30
* drowner prepares for lspciflood00:31
_Brun0_MementoMori, "do you mean hardware without a running driver" yep, that would work00:31
dcomxxyea mementomori pls :D00:31
Davide-buntu02:01.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Audigy (rev 03)00:31
ActionParsnipawesome (but no as its a creative thing)00:32
ariqsthe file doesn't show up on my vista computer even with fat32 format AND renaming the file to something else00:32
eseven73Davide, you still having sound cards? I remember you from last night, well at least you're not giving up :D00:32
Davide-buntuActionParsnip: Just to give you some more info, I tried a few things:  I checked alsamixer, and made sure verything was unmuted, I disabled what the system was recognizing as onboard audio, even though there is no onboard audio on the MB00:33
Cappy|Herehow might I install a .rpm in ubuntu?00:33
Davide-buntudid that in bios00:33
eseven73!rpm | Cappy|Here00:33
ubottuCappy|Here: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)00:33
Davide-buntufollowed a few sets of instructions to try to fix it and got lost...00:33
Davide-buntueseven73:  yes still problemsx00:33
SiegeLordActionParsnip, Those two links don't seem to have anything useful in them00:33
mewmewcappy what program are you trying to install?00:33
SiegeLordIt's a USB mouse, but this happens even with the mouse detached00:34
KillerOrcaActionParsnip, no luck I'm afraid00:34
ActionParsnipDavide-buntu: disable the onboard sound in the bios00:34
Cappy|Hereeseven73, thanks for your help.00:34
eseven73Davide, well you're in good hands with ActionParsnip, hang in there :)00:34
DavideActionParsnip I already did00:34
ariqsI'm copying over a .rar file to a flash drive, and when I put it in my vista computer, the .rar doesn't show up. When I put it back in my comp running ubuntu, it's there. What might cause  this? even renaming the file doesn't help00:34
eseven73cappy np :D00:34
MementoMoridcomxx: you can use something like that00:35
twolaneDavide-buntu: run asoundconf in terminal00:35
MementoMorifor p in $(seq 10); do date; ping -c1 www.google.it ; done00:35
Stupendoussteveariqs: Are you unmounting the flash drive in ubuntu before removing it?00:35
SiegeLordOh, nvm... had my stylus on my tablet >_<00:35
ariqsStupendoussteve, no, actually. I'm not00:35
Stupendoussteveariqs: Also, what filesystem do you have on the flash drive? If it isn't fat then Windows won't be able to see anything on it00:35
MementoMoridcomxx: dont remove the -c ping parameter00:36
sveakexwhat's the default gtk theme that ubuntu uses?00:36
ariqsStupendoussteve, but the file shows up fine on ubuntu00:36
proqariqs: have you googled to see if vista is ignoring it because of DRM?00:36
Sh3r1ffariqs:  not properly unmounting it is your problem ;)00:36
Davide-buntutwolane: then what?00:37
_Brun0_MementoMori, so how can I list hardware without running driver?00:37
twolaneDavide-buntu: set the default card and restart the sound service00:37
ariqsok, copeied, unmounted. I'll go see if it works now00:37
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adantehi, i have a "stale nfs file handle" on my /boot, it happens to be a kernel image00:37
Davide-buntutwolane:  like this:  asoundconf set-default-card Audigy00:38
adantehow can i remove this and and possibly try to reinstall kernel?00:38
MusicGeniouswhat does it mean if your power supply is making a hi pitched noise and the computer wont turn on?00:38
twolaneDavide-buntu: looks good, i'd need tol  check00:38
Sh3r1ffMusicGenious: that you have a problem with your power supply ;)00:38
MementoMori_Brun0_: you cant directly or at least I dont know if it's possible but you can have a list of all the hw you've plugged in and then check the log to know which driver is managing you hw00:38
drownerMusicGenious: Doesn't sound good. Your power supply is broken?00:38
MusicGeniousis it a fixable problem or not?00:39
MusicGeniousidk, im fixing my friends computer and he doesnt know anything about them00:39
ActionParsnipDavide-buntu: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-463921.html00:39
Sh3r1ffMusicGenious: best bet is to replace the power supply00:39
drownerMusicGenious: Difficult to say.00:39
sebsebsebcchaos: hi00:39
MusicGeniousand i was like ok, ill throw a clean version of xp on it and we're good... nope lol.00:39
MementoMori_Brun0_: you can list your hw using lspci or lsusb00:39
shantzuif i run ubuntu with the 2.6.27-14 kernel version, when ubuntu loads the display gets dimmed. if i run the 2.6.27-11 kernel everything's fine. any idea what could be wrong or how i could make the screen always be 100% bright? (i checked power settings and brightness is set at 100% ...)00:39
cchaossebsebseb: he00:39
drownerMusicGenious: Are you saying it turned on OK before you installed XP?00:39
cchaossebsebseb: Hi00:39
MusicGeniousno i didnt install anything yet, it just wont turn on00:40
MementoMori_Brun0_: and you should check dmesg output and /var/log/messages00:40
usserMusicGenious, well, reseat all memory modules, expansion cards, check all cables etc, the usual stuff00:40
scunizishantzu: did you manually install a video card driver?00:40
adantehi, can someone help me get rid of a stale nfs file handle on my /boot00:40
MusicGeniousand he said it turns on but sometimes it doesnt and stuff? idk00:40
cchaosMusicGenious: reset the BIOS00:40
shantzuscunizi: i can't recall, i think i installed some ATI Driver, not sure though. could that be related to it?00:40
MusicGeniousthe noise it makes is scary as shit, like when i unplug the power cable from it it sounds like something is gonna explode00:40
cchaosSounds like someone has been playing with it00:41
MusicGenioushow do you reset the bios?00:41
usserMusicGenious, pull the battery out for 5 minutes00:41
cchaosMusicGenious: Look for jumper, or take out the batter00:41
cchaosMusicGenious: Look for jumper, or take out the battery00:41
scunizishantzu: yes.. when you manually install an ati or nvidia driver it build a kernel mod.. with a new kernel you typically have to reinstall the driver00:41
MusicGeniousare you talking about the little button battery?00:41
cchaosMusicGenious: yes00:42
dcomxxi found a shell script .. but how can i make it to repeat every second like normal ping command ? -> http://nixcraft.com/shell-scripting/6446-script-ping-date.html00:42
MementoMoridcomxx: did you got my script?00:42
MusicGeniousill try that and let you know in like 5 mins00:42
jdudcomxx, run it in a loop with "sleep 1"00:42
dcomxxyea but thats flooding ..00:42
Davide-buntuTURN OFF the Audigy Analog/Digital Output Jack switch.00:42
MementoMoridcomxx: it cant flood00:42
caindlazz0909hey guys anyone use vmware workstation?00:43
MementoMorionly 10 pings00:43
shantzuscunizi: so if i boot in the 2.6.27-14 kernel and reinstall that driver it should run fine?00:43
dcomxxwell it doesnt wait 1 sec00:43
MementoMoridcomxx: use sleep 100:43
ActionParsnipDavide-buntu: creative garbage cards are weird at best00:43
usserdcomxx, remove -c 1 from the ping command00:43
MementoMoridcomxx: no00:43
DJJeffmy sound has never worked (ubuntu 810) whats the fastest way to fix00:43
Davide-buntuActionParsnip: Thank you so much!!!00:43
MementoMoridcomxx: dont do it00:43
ActionParsnipDavide-buntu: np man00:43
caindlazz0909vmware in ubuntu that is00:43
ActionParsnip!vmware | caindlazz090900:44
ubottucaindlazz0909: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware00:44
Davide-buntuActionParsnip:  should I have anything else disabled for sound to optimal? do you know?00:44
MementoMoriusser: dont suggest solutions you havent tried00:44
scunizishantzu: that's my thought00:44
usserMementoMori, oh yea thats right, it doesnt return. my bad00:44
ActionParsnipDavide-buntu: not as far as i know, if it works then let it bake00:44
dcomxxum then what now ?00:45
shantzuscunizi: btw, in 2.6.27-11 everything ran fine without me having to install anything, the driver i installed was just for better support of ATI video boards afaik, shouldn't that also run fine on the other kernel version, without me having to do anything?00:45
vladhow do i change the desktop to something more familiar00:45
drownervlad: which bits are unfamiliar?00:45
MementoMoridcomxx: ?00:46
Sh3r1ffvlad: you're not talking about installing windows are you? ;)00:46
MementoMoridcomxx: what you need more?00:46
DavideActionParsnip: If I could play the Karate Kid Song for you right now I would.. the one that plays during the 1st tournament:  YOU'RE THE BEST.... AROOOOOUND. NOTHING'S GONNA EVER KEEP YOU DOWN.. YOU'RE THE BEST... AROOOOOUND!!!00:46
vladthe whole stacking thing,the alignment,and shortcuts00:46
Stupendousstevevlad: Move things around? :D00:46
riegersnis there anyway to print out a full package list of all installed packages in ubuntu? i need to compare 2 systems00:46
dcomxxwell i dont have anything yet ...00:46
unopriegersn,  dpkg -l00:47
Stupendousstevevlad: Most of the keyboard shortcuts are the same as in Windows00:47
MementoMoridcomxx: you have a script running 10 pings every sec and printing the date00:47
vladaha,I have some experience with suse00:47
lukeWdoes anyone know here know about wifi drivers?00:47
Stupendousstevevlad: So you're used to kde :) You may prefer kubuntu00:47
ActionParsnipDavide: thanks :D00:48
lukeWspecifically ath5k vs madwifi?00:48
vladno kde is too slow00:48
dcomxxyea but i need to run forever00:48
dmulhollandhey, does anyone know how I can pass the g++ library to the gfortran compiler so I can link my application?00:48
dcomxxand i also want the seq numbers00:48
ActionParsniplukeW: lspci; lsusb will tell you what chip you have, you can websearch from there00:48
MementoMoridcomxx: so convert it to a while loop00:48
lukeWActionParsnip; I know the chip00:48
vladis there a graphic interface for shorewall00:48
lukeWit's atheros00:48
lukeWActionParsnip; but I know that there are a range of drivers... specifically ath5k vs madwifi?00:49
jdudcomxx,       while [ true ]; do yourcommand; sleep 1; done00:49
dcomxxcan i do that like in c ?00:49
MementoMoridcomxx: read the ping and printf man pages for having a better output00:49
Sh3r1ffvlad, shorewall is already a frontend for iptables, what more do you want? ;)00:49
vladand how do I use ssh,can you point me to a good tut00:49
MementoMoridcomxx: bash syntax is different from c00:49
vladgraphics interface?00:50
MementoMoridcomxx: but uses the same idea00:50
dcomxxdo NOW=$(date)00:50
dcomxx OUT=$(ping | grep packets)00:50
FloodBot2dcomxx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:50
dcomxx echo "$NOW : $OUT" >>$LOG;00:50
vladwhy was the root account locked initially?00:50
=== unix3 is now known as epaphus
Stupendousstevevlad: That's how it's shipped. I believe to discourage users from running as root all the time00:51
tritium!root | vlad00:51
ubottuvlad: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:51
Sh3r1ffvlad: to my knowledge shorewall doesn't have one, but the config files should be pretty easy to fill i00:51
dcomxxdid that come thru ?00:51
vladtook me forever to make ubuntu login as oot00:51
MementoMoridcomxx: where has  the -c opt gone?00:51
drownervlad: why do you want to login as root?00:51
dcomxxi removed ..00:51
Stupendousstevevlad: You have to set a root password, but you shouldn't login as root anyway. Su maybe00:51
dcomxxi need that again i guess00:52
MementoMoridcomxx: bad00:52
lukeWubottu - what aboyt sudo -s?00:52
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:52
Sh3r1ffvlad: ubuntu has root not enabled for security reasons, instead you have sudo00:52
MementoMorivlad: sudo passwd root00:52
vladyeah I have done all that,and took care of gdm too00:52
dcomxx OUT=$(ping -c 1 | grep packets)00:52
lukeWtritium, what about sudo -s00:52
unop!supportroot | MementoMori00:52
ubottuMementoMori: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)00:52
Sh3r1ffvlad: normally, you should never log on or connect to a system as root00:52
tritiumlukeW: what about it?  use sudo -i instead00:52
=== Davide^sleeping is now known as DavidePalm
Stupendousstevevlad: I hope by "take care" of gdm you don't meant you're logging in as root. That is a very bad idea00:52
lukeWtritium; it's pretty similar to root tho isn't it?00:53
vladI now,but I wanted to have the option00:53
vladI prefer su to sudo00:53
lukeWtritium; what does -i do?00:53
tritiumlukeW: yes00:53
MementoMoriunop: here where I live people say: "put the donkey where the boss wants"00:53
drownervlad: Why? I'm just curious. I've used ubuntu for 5 years without logging in as root. I can't see what you need the option for00:53
ActionParsniplukeW: if you websearch the output you will find something00:53
Sh3r1ffvlad: you can use sudo su ;)00:53
dcomxxdamm to many syntax errors00:53
vladNew user ,used to suse00:53
tritiumlukeW: gives you root's env. config.00:53
ActionParsnip!paste | dcomxx00:54
ubottudcomxx: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:54
tritiumvlad: read that URL from ubottu.  If you want a root shell, best to use "sudo -i"00:54
lukeWActionParsnip; I've found that the ath5k are the new drivers.. but development is ongoing, which is maybe why my performance sucks... i've just compiled the madwifi drivers, i'll try those00:54
unopMementoMori, if you like to do what your boss says 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .. then by all means, put his donkey where he wants .. but most of us aren't robots who are here all the time.00:54
AnacranomMementoMori, plz stop suggesting that, vlad if you must, then use sudo -i00:54
dcomxxcould someone fix that fast ? :D00:54
dcomxxi dont know shell syntax00:55
ActionParsniplukeW: just keep trying stuff til you get something nice00:55
vladwhat about NFS?00:55
vladhow do I configure it00:55
MementoMoridcomxx: if you say fast you should say please, too ;)00:55
lukeWActionParsnip; yeah.. that's the way with linux, isn't it ;)00:55
dcomxxyes please ! :)00:55
ActionParsniplukeW: indeed00:55
lukeWgood job i enjoy tweaking00:55
tritium!nfs | vlad00:55
ubottuvlad: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.00:55
Anacranomvlad, from client or server?00:55
MementoMoridcomxx: i'm looking at your script00:56
MementoMoriso just wait00:56
vladI know I want to share some files-transfer them to the new pc00:56
dcomxxok thanx00:56
lukeWthe cloud stuff in 9.04 - is this any use to regular users using desktop?00:56
vladserver on suse,ckient on ubuntu00:57
vladpossibli server on ubuntu00:57
cchaos!virtual box00:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about virtual box00:57
unopdcomxx, what's wrong with the script?00:58
dcomxxsyntax errors00:58
elchi3001hello, i am recently installed the jaunty netbook remix and have a problem with loosing the top panel, after restarting it i get a mesage that says the gcon-d is not replying, is this a known problem?00:58
Anacranomvlad, for nfs client look here: http://www.wood-bee-co.com/woodbeeco/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=50&Itemid=5200:58
eseven73!virtualbox | cchaos00:58
ubottucchaos: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox00:58
usserdcomxx, http://pastebin.com/m753acfd500:58
cchaoseseven73: thanks00:59
cchaosJust fancied a read lol00:59
solemnwarningWhat kernel version is ubuntu using atm?00:59
MementoMoridcomxx: http://pastebin.com/m4e2bab5301:00
=== gaintsura_ is now known as gaintsura
_Brun0_MementoMori, lspci -l lists only running hardware?01:00
dcomxxand how can i get it to show the usual ping output now ? it shows always 0 ms and no seq numbers01:01
ActionParsnip_Brun0_: it shows all hardware on the pci bus01:01
MementoMoridcomxx: remove the grep01:01
usserMementoMori, why are you putting semicolons at the end of each line??01:01
MementoMori_Brun0_: lspci will show evey plugged hw01:02
MementoMoriusser: i like them01:02
Kangaroooi cannot get my video card working i installed from synaptic ati and rage driver packages searching synaptic.. so i suppose xubuntu / ubuntu doesnt automatically understands what video card i have and doesnt instals it?        lspci -v     gives     VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 RF/SG AGP01:02
unopdcomxx, http://pastebin.com/d304cc2701:02
MementoMorii dont use ; sonly in python scripts01:02
racecar56lol rage 12801:03
MementoMoriracecar56: dont laught! ;)01:03
MementoMoriracecar56: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA G200 AGP (rev 01)01:04
proqKangarooo: yes, it does work automatically on ubuntu 8 and 901:04
racecar56MementoMori i dont know what to say01:04
=== TrueYomic is now known as Yomic
proqKangarooo: it's also possible you installed the wrong package01:05
MementoMoriracecar56: old cards are still working01:05
AnacranomKangarooo, ati+linux = sucks, but getting better and fixes on the way01:05
racecar56MementoMori lolz01:05
racecar56sadly i have ati too :(01:05
kristian_any html/css experts out there that have time/want to have a look at my html/css, only layout.01:05
Sh3r1ffusser: it is best to use ; because newline characters are interpreted different on different types of os'es, while ; is not ;)01:05
matt___I was wondering if there is some sort of "program" I can install my server, and view a "webpage" from the server on my nokian810, and click visual icons that will be interpreted as bash commands for the system. Example, click a shutdown button on the page, and the server shutsdown. I guess I'm looking for a way for the computer to interpret html/php as bash commands?01:05
dcomxxthe 2nd one doesnt work ...01:05
MementoMoriracecar56: to be honest i use that card in a headless pc01:06
racecar56MementoMori ok01:06
usserSh3r1ff, i cant imagine bash being ported to windows :)01:06
mkassonwhat cpus are meant for the 64 bit version of (k)ubuntu?01:06
unopusser, heard of cygwin/uwin?01:06
ussermkasson, amd64 newer intels01:06
usserunop, thats not native.01:06
mkassonusser, how new of an intel?01:06
ussermkasson, core 2 duos01:06
cchaosVB seems complicated lol01:07
Sh3r1ffusser: there is more then one version of linux, there is the many forms unix comes in, ... those are different also ;)01:07
MementoMoridcomxx: I think you'd be better with a bash programming howto below your eyes01:07
unopusser, yea?  so what executable format are cygwin's executables?01:07
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:07
mkassonusser: ah cool.  pretty certain I have that01:07
MementoMori!bash howto01:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bash howto01:07
Stupendoussteve!google | MementoMori01:07
ubottuMementoMori: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux01:07
MementoMorialso ubottu should study more01:07
CareTmatt___:  have you tried webmin?01:07
mkassonyep. got C2D.01:07
usserunop, cygwin is an emulation layer, i mean something standalone like powershell01:08
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.01:08
BilokShemwho wants to DIE!!?01:08
ActionParsnipBilokShem: i do eventually01:08
MementoMoriStupendoussteve: I was told to not paste non official links in chan01:08
unopusser,  you can take cygwin's bash.exe out of the context of the cygwin environment - and it will run fine01:08
usserunop, really? cool01:08
BilokShemActionParsnip: TIME TO DIE!01:08
weternalis jaunty still in the +1 support channel?01:09
matt___CareT: I've tried nothing, but looking at webmin right now.01:09
unopweternal, yes01:09
usserunop, so the script written in cygwin bash, will have windows' 13,10 newline character?01:09
ActionParsnipweternal: yep01:09
ActionParsnip!webmin | matt___01:09
ubottumatt___: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.01:09
StupendoussteveMementoMori: I didn't paste anything. If there's something non-ubuntu you can't figure out, google is your friend01:09
weternalwhen is the final date of the RC?\01:10
RedMushroomdoes anyone in here know anything about freenx remote desktop connections? i got it set up, but i cant see the active windows on the server desktop, nor can i see the client view on the server01:10
usserunop, i mean if i use cygwin vi for example01:10
unopusser, you can't write a script with bash tho :) you can write one with an editor -- but cygwin's bash will probably choke on the carriage returns01:10
Sh3r1ffweternal: 23 april01:10
usserunop, thats interesting, now i gotta try it01:10
dcomxxdam this is stupid .. i want a summary at the end :(01:10
unopusser, i dunno for sure, but cygwin's bash might ignore carriage returns .. like how perl or python do on windows01:10
matt___ActionParsnip: So do you have any suggestions? All I rally want to do is setup a page I can access from within my house to make repetive tasks easier.01:11
centHOGGrhi, I've checked out Rnews,Wordpress & Gallery2... what are some other web-based php progs like those? thx01:11
matt___ActionParsnip: And access the page from my nokia n810.01:11
MementoMoridcomxx: which end if your script must run "forever"01:11
dcomxxwhen its stopped ...01:11
ActionParsnipmatt___: could write a bash script01:11
MementoMoridcomxx: which kind of summary?01:11
dcomxxlike the normal ping shows01:11
Sh3r1ffdcomxx: while true never ends ;)01:11
ActionParsnipmatt___: depends what repetative tasks it involves01:11
dcomxxhow many packets were lost and such things01:11
ActionParsnipmatt___: and access it with an ssh client01:11
LargePrimegreetings.  I need a recommendation for a webcam with mic01:12
RedMushroomdoes anyone here know how to use FreeNX?01:12
dcomxxwhy cant they just add a time opetion to ping -.-01:12
ActionParsnip!ot | LargePrime01:12
ubottuLargePrime: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:12
MementoMoridcomxx: this is really studip ;) anyway you can find a way to store the last ping summary in a var01:12
matt___ActionParsnip: The most basic thing is shutdown my server. like today I was in the living room, and it started storming, I wanted to shutdown my server, but didn't want to type stuff. The power ended up going off, etc etc. I use ssh all the time, but am just hoping that there is an easy way to setup a php/html page, that way I don't have to ssh into the machine and type out words.01:12
LargePrimegreetings.  I need a recommendation for a webcam with mic compatable with ubuntu01:13
RedMushroomwhy cant i see wjat'01:13
ActionParsnip!ot | LargePrime01:13
centHOGGrRedMushroom: you mean that NX no machine remote?01:13
RedMushroomand the server with it01:13
RedMushroomused on linux01:13
centHOGGrRedMushroom: yeah I've use it a few times I think.. do you have all 3 components loaded up?01:13
ActionParsnipmatt___: theres ebox, if you dont intend to install apps in ubuntu with it then webmin is a fine choice01:14
Barridusif i added noatime and nodiratime to fstab to speed disk access, should i remove relatime?01:14
centHOGGrRedMushroom: on your client side01:14
RedMushroomwell, on the linux box i installed all of the available components listed in the package manager, so i'm assuming i do.01:14
RedMushroomon the client side, i dunno. i had to d/l the client from a third party source (cnet) because the nomachine site wouldn't send it01:14
mib_v3l51dhi how can i check the version of pm-utils?01:14
centHOGGrRedMushroom: ok lemme that site out to refresh brb01:14
RedMushroomcentHOGGr: say what?01:15
kb1hzmhello all01:15
LargePrimeActionParsnip: http://www.linux.com/feature/118896 link suggests webcams may be difficult.  how is asking here ot?01:15
ActionParsnipmib_v3l51d: dpkg -l | grep pm-01:15
matt___ActionParsnip: I'll note both of them.01:15
mib_v3l51dthanks ActionParsnip01:15
centHOGGrRedMushroom: ok you've loaded client node server right?01:16
ActionParsnipLargePrime: as you are not asking how to set one up, or that youu are having issues in ubuntu with one. you are asking for a recommendation which is offtopic here01:16
centHOGGr3 DEBs01:16
LargePrimeActionParsnip: excep if i ASK first, i dont need to come here to get it working?01:16
unopdcomxx, http://pastebin.com/d4ee5242e01:17
abolethwell i guess i'm going01:17
RedMushroomi dunno. i'm able to setup a connection to the remote machine, login, and see gnome in the nx window. i'm also able to use this normally, but i'm wanting to be able to see what windows i left open on the remote desktop, not just a new login01:17
ActionParsnipLargePrime: the recomendation is in #ubuntu-offtopic  if you have one and need help setting it up, you are in the right place01:17
centHOGGrRedMushroom: heh, sorry I really haven't messed with it that intensly, but I got connectivity though01:18
tsLightI have configured NAT in iptables typing "iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE". Now I want to disable it to test something, how can I do that?01:18
RedMushroomok then, thanks. later01:18
=== RedMushroom is now known as RedMushroom-AFK
SpreadsheetHello, I am sshing into a Ubuntu machine from Windows, is there any way I can open a text file on that computer using a Windows program?01:19
ActionParsnip!ics | tsLight01:19
ubottutsLight: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:19
SpreadsheetOn this computer that is01:19
centHOGGrhi, anybody here really into apache & php?01:19
Flannel!anyone | centHOGGr01:19
ubottucentHOGGr: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:19
ActionParsnipSpreadsheet: you'd need to samba share the folder, if you install xming on windows you will be able to run the windows apps using x forwrding which is enabled by default01:20
centHOGGrubuntu police01:20
matt___ActionParsnip: Ok, ebox, can it "link" to bash scripts?01:20
tsLightActionParsnip, the internet sharing is already working :P, I just want to know how to disable or remove that rule from iptables01:20
mib_v3l51dhow long does it usually take for people to reply to bug reports?01:20
ActionParsnipmatt___: if they are in /usr/bin i dont see why nbot01:20
SpreadsheetActionParsnip: What? That was confusing. So if I install xming I can run the windows app?01:20
FlannelcentHOGGr: Unless you *actually* wanted to know if anyone uses Apache and PHP (and weren't going to ask a follow up question), then you've already waited at least two minutes where you could have had an answer.01:21
matt___ActionParsnip: Well, I'll try it. Will the 8.04 version work in 8.10?01:21
unoptsLight, you'd use the -F or -X options to iptables .. see the manpage01:21
ActionParsnipSpreadsheet: no, you install xming to get an x server running on your windows system01:21
MementoMoridcomxx: echo $(date) -  $(ping -c1 google.it | grep ttl);01:21
tsLightunop, thanks01:21
SpreadsheetActionParsnip: I see01:21
SpreadsheetSo then I can run, say gedit, on the Windows comp?01:21
centHOGGrphp & apache into really here anybody hi01:21
ActionParsnipSpreadsheet: if you then run gedit or kate from the ssh window, the app will run on the local system but on the windows system you will SEE the app, this is known as x forwarding01:21
unopcentHOGGr, ask a real question please.01:22
ActionParsnipSpreadsheet: so you can then edit the file with a gui app01:22
centHOGGris Flannel a bot01:22
unopcentHOGGr, no01:22
FlannelcentHOGGr: Please stay on topic.01:22
SpreadsheetActionParsnip: OK01:22
centHOGGrhi, anybody here really into apache & php?01:22
ActionParsnipSpreadsheet: alternatively you can use nano / vi which run in the ssh app as a plain text editor01:22
centHOGGrI'd like to know some other progs01:22
SpreadsheetActionParsnip: I've been using those, kinda uncomfortable01:22
Sh3r1ff!ask | centHOGGr01:22
ubottucentHOGGr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:22
FlannelcentHOGGr: Then ask your real question01:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about police01:23
centHOGGr!ubuntu police01:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu police01:23
SpreadsheetThe gedit is running on the Linux machine, but I can interact with gedit on the Windows machine, yes?01:23
* unop waits for centHOGGr to be kicked01:23
ActionParsnipmatt___: you will need an intrepid deb for webmin as the 8.04 ones are for hardy01:23
Sh3r1ffcentHOGGr: unless you ask a real question, nobody is able to assist you ;)01:23
Sh3r1ffFlannel: just hope is actual question was not just if somebody here was into apache ;)01:24
MementoMoriwhich is the sound of a falling centHOGGr if nobody is there?01:24
FlannelSh3r1ff: If it was, he should've said something, and I could've said "yes".01:24
SpreadsheetActionParsnip: See above comment01:24
unopSpreadsheet, if the windows machine has an X server running (through cygwin e.g.) then yea, you could interact with gedit running on a *nix machine.01:24
SpreadsheetMy last one01:24
matt___ActionParsnip: This is exactly what I want do: http://www.unix.com/shell-programming-scripting/63565-calling-bash-html.html If I installed a LAMP server from an ubuntu server disk, will cgi access work?01:25
Spreadsheetunop: Will Xming work?01:25
ActionParsnipmatt___: its not something ive used, i always use ssh01:25
Sh3r1ffFlannel: was just making a joke ;)01:25
unopSpreadsheet, i don't know very much about it .. but yea, it should01:25
Spreadsheetunop: Hmm, ok01:25
matt___ActionParsnip: I love ssh as well, but typing on my nokia n810 isn't incredibly fun.01:26
unopmatt___, can you create script on your nokia?01:26
Sh3r1ffmatt___: create a script so you just have to type the name of the script ;)01:27
Sh3r1ffmatt___: any phone supports sms, so typing is enabled by default ;)01:27
unopmatt___, or better still .. map the script to an icon so you just have to click it01:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:27
ActionParsnipmatt___: you could make a script on your nokia to connect and autorun an app ;)01:27
spaceBARbariananyone know how to get exaile to import a directory into your library folder ?01:28
matt___unop: That's what I'm wanting to do.01:28
matt___ActionParsnip: That could work, but I've never ssh'd into something in a script. BUt I could make a script on my nokia so that all I have to do is "Server-Shutdown"01:29
unopmatt___, well - what I am talking about is an icon on the phone itself that invokes a script (on the phone again) which uses ssh to connect to your machine and run a command01:29
MementoMoriis there a valid entity-relation program a linux user can use? (please dont tell dia)01:29
matt___ActionParsnip: And if it did it without any prompts, that'd work remarkebly well.01:29
unopmatt___, ssh you@machine 'commands ... '01:30
bruce89sebsebseb: is that better?01:30
unopmatt___, if you enable public key authentication .. then you don't even need to type a password01:30
sebsebsebbruce89: I guess, but  only if you help people and such, and not just lurk here01:30
rodolfoguys how can i identify my current network adapter working at the moment?01:30
=== Peter3 is now known as iPeter-
sveakexrodolfo: ifconfig?01:31
bruce89sebsebseb: with 1325 here, who's going to notice01:31
PeachHello there.  I need some serious help.  Running IBEX.  Something went wrrong my a change over to the nvidia177 driver today. I rebooed and I get the following error.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/148675/01:31
MementoMorirodolfo: iftop01:31
PeachPLEASE HELP.01:31
Mike_lifeguardI want to delete a folder in /usr/share but that doesn't appear in the context menu. I guess that means I don't have sufficient permissions there... can I do it with sudo in terminal or something?01:31
sebsebsebbruce89: true, but that's  not a good thing about this channel really, how loads of people in it, that never chat in it01:31
matt___unop: That will work, I'll just have to setup ssh keys for root, that way I don't have to use sudo in the command. Thanks, that'll workk.01:31
matt___unop: I think I like that idea :)01:32
Sh3r1ffMike_lifeguard: normally yes01:32
Floopscan youu install ubuntu on a g3 mac01:32
sebsebsebMike_lifeguard: hi01:33
Mike_lifeguardSh3r1ff: ok, so I'd use 'cd /usr/share' & then how to delete?01:33
sebsebsebHammerHead66: hi01:33
bruce89Mike_lifeguard: anything outside of ~/ is not yours01:33
Mike_lifeguardhello, sebsebseb ^_^01:33
Sh3r1ffMike_lifeguard: sudo rm <filename>01:33
rodolfosveakex, MementoMori, I mean the hardware that's working so I can browser the net01:33
bruce89Mike_lifeguard: sudo rm -fr blah01:33
HammerHead66sebsebseb: hello01:33
unopFloops, I believe so .. I think Linus Torvalds uses a Mac G301:33
Sh3r1ffMike_lifeguard: make sure you have the right filename though, don't want to delete things you still need ;)01:33
Mike_lifeguardok, thanks guys01:33
xiamxI have a dbus-python_0.82.4.orig.tar.gz  and diff.gz  .dsc file, how can I build this into deb package and install it?01:33
sebsebsebHammerHead66: your here for Ubuntu help?01:33
sveakexrodolfo: ok01:33
HammerHead66no to help out when I can01:34
rodolfosveakex, MementoMori, I used to use the intel wireless hardware to get connected but now I'm using ta new nobo with atheros driver01:34
unopxiamx, are they all in the same folder?01:34
sebsebsebHammerHead66: your the guy,  I am thinking of?01:34
xiamxunop: yup01:34
bruce89xiamx: not that easy01:34
bruce89xiamx: you'll need to install pbuilder01:34
HammerHead66sebsebseb: for?01:34
PeachHello there.  I need some serious help.  Running IBEX.  Something went wrrong my a change over to the nvidia177 driver today. I rebooed and I get the following error.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/148675/01:34
sebsebsebTheBase: hi01:34
=== Guest284724 is now known as Michelle5
unopxiamx,   cd to that folder and issue this command.   apt-get source -b dbus-python01:34
Floopsthanks unop .. i will try to install then01:34
sebsebsebHammerHead66: American guy in Australlia?  that I helped with Ubuntu01:35
sveakexrodolfo: what atheros are you using?01:35
rodolfosveakex There is the closed source driver available but neither one (open and closed drivers) are as good as intel..funny thing is on windows it really works01:35
TheBaseI have a ubuntu 4.2 and I wanted to upgrade it to 8.10. Can that be done or is the version difference too long?01:35
rodolfosveakex the open source driver01:35
rodolfosveakex is this a driver issue?01:35
HammerHead66sebsebseb:  na, sorry you have the wrong guy man01:35
bruce89TheBase: 4.2?01:35
sebsebsebHammerHead66: ok01:35
sveakexrodolfo: i am not sure what your question is01:36
nicklas_anyone here involved in or know anything about opengeu?01:36
eseven734.10 you mean?01:36
Sh3r1ffTheBase: how long have you not used it? ;)01:36
TheBaseBruce, I think so. This is my /proc/version :01:36
TheBaseLinux version 2.6.24-23-generic (buildd@crested) (gcc version 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 4.2.3-2ubuntu7)) #1 SMP Mon Jan 26 01:04:16 UTC 200901:36
xiamxunop: got it thanks01:36
infomomohow to know what tty my copm port is on ???01:36
bruce89TheBase: lsb_modules -a01:36
PeachAll, I need help with a driver problem.  The problem driver can't be fixed.  Can only access terminal.01:36
TheBaseSh3r1ff, I've been using it. Just keeping my packages updated01:36
xiamxbruce89:  I got it from unop's way, thank you for your help anyway01:36
bruce89TheBase: lsb_release -a01:36
YixilTesiphonHow do I install an older version of the kernel, which I have in cache?01:36
Sh3r1ffTheBase: 4.2 is the version of gcc, not ubuntu ;)01:37
loquitus_of_borgHow do I extract the files out of a .deb file? I tried to open it with the archive manager but was not able to make much of it01:37
TheBasebruce89, 8.04 :p01:37
rodolfosveakex I'm asking about performance01:37
TheBase4.2 is the gcc then01:37
bruce89TheBase: do-release-upgrade for CLI way01:37
rodolfosveakex I know this has to do with the driver being used so01:37
judget__Ive got this USB drive that had a e2fs partition yesterday and today it is gone01:37
sveakexrodolfo: so you are having worse perfomance with an atheros network card?01:37
bruce89loquitus_of_borg: look at the data.tar.gz in the deb01:37
sveakexrodolfo: than with the intel card?01:38
rodolfosveakex which one should I choose, the open or closed source driverw01:38
judget__can anyone recomend a partition recovery utility for ubuntu01:38
rodolfosveakex yeah01:38
lfaraoneHi, is there any multi-user video conferenceing software for linux? (as in more than two people)01:38
TheBasebruce89, cool. I'm guessing it will keep my data and now overwrite my user home, etc... , right?01:38
rodolfosveakex neither wire/wireless network do NOT run as fast as it does on windows01:38
bruce89judget__: photorec01:38
Peachlfaraone... try OOVOO.  It has dl for windows & mac.  Maybe for linux.01:39
ActionParsnipjudget__: foremost and dd_rescure01:39
bruce89TheBase: of course01:39
sveakexrodolfo: i'd go for the closed source driver, the people who make the card probably know how to make the best drivers for them01:39
TheBasebruce89, Just to make sure.01:39
TheBase:) Thanks01:39
rodolfosveakex and I don't know how to identify the hardware in first place01:39
sveakexrodolfo: type lspci in the terminal and you will find the hardware you are using01:39
ActionParsnipjudget__: foremost can scan bad partitions and copy data over that matches your criteria, easier way is to restore from your last backup01:39
tleeonlyanybody know how to use the terminal to log on to a telnet bbs01:39
rodolfosveakex yeah that makes sense01:39
TheBaseChecking for a new ubuntu release01:40
TheBaseNo new release found01:40
FloodBot2TheBase: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:40
WebcamWonder!upgrade | TheBase01:40
ubottuTheBase: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading01:40
TheBaseI'll check it01:40
PeachCould someone please help with an nvidia issue.01:40
Sh3r1fftleeonly: telnet IP? ;)01:40
judget__my last backup is aover a week old01:40
ActionParsnipTheBase: use gksudo01:40
bruce89TheBase: actually, do-release-upgrade -c maybe01:40
tleeonlyi only have the address not the ip01:40
Sh3r1fftleeonly: works as well ;)01:41
bruce89TheBase: LTS releases only check for LTSs you see01:41
R0b0t1Is there perchance a way to see what drivers I have? I remember activating a proprietary one and I can't remember which one it is.01:41
ActionParsnipjudget__: harsh, then recover what you can then use your backup to fill the holes of what is unrecoverable01:41
rodolfosveakex please check it out @ http://paste.ubuntu.com/148685/01:41
ActionParsnipjudget__: i dont believe the filenames are preserved if the corruption is sufficient01:41
WebcamWonderPeach: What is your problem? Someone might be able to help, if you tell us your problenm01:41
PeachWebCamWonder; Running IBEX.  Something went wrrong my a change over to the nvidia177 driver today. I rebooed and I get the following error.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/148675/01:42
sveakexrodolfo: line 23 is your wireless card01:42
TheBasebruce89, I see. Thanks again01:42
WebcamWonderPeach: What were you switching from?01:42
R0b0t1Is there a way I can check which GFX driver I am using?01:42
rodolfosveakex is it? i thought it is talking about the wireless LAN card adapter01:43
kitchenrangehey everyone im back with another noob mistake...01:43
rodolfosveakex I'm currently using the wired connection -sorry I forgot to mention this-01:43
dman777anyone here using linux on a macbook?01:43
Mike_lifeguardI've connected an mp3 player to my computer via USB, but it is not recognized by ubuntu. Do I need to mount it as a drive or something to use it?01:43
Peachwebcamwonder: Actually , Synaptci showed I had received an updated nvidia driver... somnething like 180 or something.  I was switching FROM 177 to 180.01:43
WebcamWonderR0b0t1: You can check the modules using, lsmod, but you need to have some hints regarding what module you are looking for01:43
lfaraonePeach: yeah, it looks like I'm out of luck. no *nix support.01:43
sveakexrodolfo: then you are using the hardware on line 2201:44
R0b0t1WebcamWonder: I think it was nVidia. I'm on an iMac.01:44
Peachlafaraone... 10-4.01:44
Sh3r1ff!ask | kitchenrange01:44
ubottukitchenrange: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:44
rodolfosveakex ooops they're not the same -_-01:44
kitchenrangeSo, I was reading through on how to correctly use port forwarding, and I was editing my /etc/network/interfaces.  The problem is that I accidentally saved over my old one without backing up my old one.  How would i reset my network?  I wasnt asking sherriff01:44
WebcamWonderR0b0t1: lsmod | grep nvidia, if that returns anything, you are using closed source drivers, else open source01:44
sveakexrodolfo: hehe, one is wired, the other is wireless01:45
WebcamWonderPeach: So, are you even getting a GUI right now?01:45
Mike_lifeguardAH! opening rhythmbox makes it detected01:45
PeachWebCamWonder: no.  X won't start.  Can only access terminal.01:45
R0b0t1WebcamWonder: Nothing but I know it is proprietary01:45
WebcamWonderPeach: Go into X.org, and switch to nv01:45
rodolfosveakex yep..since 'hardware driver' from ubuntu just tell me about the atheron closed source driver being available I think it's safe to say that I'm using the open source driver available for this adapter01:45
rodolfosveakex and this is bad because I have no other option to switch...my connection is 3MB and it looks like 256Kbps01:46
wzssyqathe cuda toolkit is not Compatible with 9.04?01:46
Mike_lifeguardhmm, well the player detectes that it's connected & rhythmbox does too, but I still can't see any way to send files to the player :\01:46
WebcamWonderR0b0t1: Do a, lsmod | grep nv01:46
Peachhow to swtich to nv in x.org?  You mean xorg.conf , not x?01:46
kitchenrangeHow would i reset my internet settings on ubuntu?01:47
bruce89rodolfo: that's average for here01:47
Peachplz. reword.  thanks.01:47
rodolfosveakex then waht would you do?01:47
scuniziWebcamWonder: Peach it's not x.org buy sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf to switch to the nv driver.01:47
sveakexrodolfo: look around in the gnome menu to look for what drivers it is using01:47
Mike_lifeguardheh, because it's not supported in rhythmbox01:47
Titan8990Peach, Driver "nv"  in xorg.conf01:47
R0b0t1WebcamWonder: Ok, well, I found it, but I can't find the version. ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRC graphics driver01:47
* Mike_lifeguard searches for something that /does/ support that01:47
Mike_lifeguardAlthough, if I could just place files on the device manually, it'd work just fine01:48
Peachok... I tried switching back to a previous, default xorg.conf file and it didn't work.01:48
eseven73whos gonna buy nano? I thought everything in linux was free? Hehe j/k scunizi :P01:48
Mike_lifeguardbut that means mounting it, I assume01:48
rodolfosveakex network tools?01:48
scunizieseven73: :)01:48
Sh3r1ffeseven73: why use nano if you have vi? ;)01:48
martin-speed :P01:48
eseven73I heard that Sh3r1ff :D  my main nick is _VIM_01:49
scuniziSh3r1ff: 'cause nano has a human readable menu :)01:49
WebcamWonderPeach: Could you pastebin your current xorg.conf?01:49
sveakexrodolfo: no, there should be an item which shows which drivers you are using01:49
kitchenrangeThis has to be one of the easiest questions ever asked on a regular basis in here, How would i reset my network settings?01:49
Peachunfortunately, no.01:49
PeachI'm on a seperate windows computer now.01:50
ActionParsnipSh3r1ff: i find nano more human, vi has weird command mode which i personally find surplus and confusing01:50
WebcamWonderPeach: Do you have internet on that PC?01:50
scunizikitchenrange: sudo /etc/init.d/network restart I believe01:50
Raylzi added users with adduser but they are not displayed in my gdm theme01:50
Raylzwhat can i do?01:50
* eseven73 used to respect ActionParsnip 01:50
CybermanHi everyone!, I've a question... I'm pretty new at linux, I mean... I've installed it several times on my PC but i've gotten desperate and got back to Windows.... right now I'm trying to setup a "mythbuntu" box...01:50
Peachthe weird thing is... I got the same error upon boot up as I did wit hthe other xorg.conf file.01:50
bruce89eseven73: heh01:50
PeachActually, I had 3 backups and none of them had any affect.01:51
unopActionParsnip, try going to line 5000 in a jiffy with nano :)01:51
Sh3r1ffscunizi, ActionParsnip: depends on what you want, if you get used to vi, it is as easily as nano, but way exceeds the possibilities of nano01:51
CybermanMy Motherboard is an Intel D975XBX with 6Gb DDR2 RAM and 2 160Gb hard drives...01:51
WebcamWonderPeach: That probably means you are still using the nvidia driver... oepn up xorg.conf, and tell me if you see a line something like Driver "nvidia"01:51
Peachone sec.01:51
CybermanI'm tryint to setup my HDDs as a RAID 1 array01:51
scuniziSh3r1ff: well.. OF COURSE.. vi is a mazaratti.. nano is a geo metro.. but most of us don't need a mazaratti to go from point a to b01:52
Cybermanso that I can get as much as 6Gbps out of my HDDs as well as 320GB of capacity...01:52
PeachWebCamWonder: yep... "Section Device"         Driver "nvidia"01:52
kitchenrangescunizi: for some reason it is telling me that command not found01:52
ActionParsnipunop: nano +107 filename01:52
WebcamWonderPeach: Great, backup the current xorg.conf (just for the sake of it), and change that to Driver "nv"01:52
ActionParsnipunop: will go to line 107 in nfilename ;)01:52
Peachdoing it now.01:53
Cybermanwhen I run Mythbuntu's setup, it doesn't recognize the raid... instead, it recognizes two 160Gb HDDs....01:53
scunizikitchenrange: then I got it wrong.. but the only wrong part is the "network" statement.. everything else remains..01:53
Sh3r1ffscunizi: indeed you don't, but if you are able to drive the mazaratti, i would pick the mazaratti ;)01:53
WebcamWonderPeach: a, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start, should do just fine :)01:53
luis_i am mexican...01:53
crweb2Cyberman, i don't believe ubuntu supports raid install via default01:53
Peachwill do.01:53
crweb2Cyberman, you need a -alternative cd01:53
eseven73!es | luis_01:53
ubottuluis_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:53
mattActionParsnip: Ok, I can log into the server over ssh at "matt" without a password, but I cannot log into the system at all as root. I have to ssh in as matt and then sudo su. How can I fix this?01:53
luis_sorry my english is bad!01:53
scuniziSh3r1ff: I'd be tempted to spin donuts around my text files :)01:53
ActionParsnipmatt: you never sudo su, you sudo -i01:54
sebsebseb!es |  luis_01:54
ubottuluis_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:54
eseven73luis_, type /join #ubuntu-es01:54
eseven73sebsebseb, I did that already01:54
bruce89!mx | luis_01:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mx01:54
CybermanWindows instead recognizes only one 320Gb Hard drive.... can anyone tell me if there's like a "Windows F6" procedure?01:54
mattActionParsnip: Ok ok, but I cannot ssh in as root, which I want to do. Oh wait oh wait, ubuntu has the root account disabled by default doesn't it?01:54
dawsonHi I'm having a problem with Jaunty. For some reason it is not detecting my external usb drive until I replug it.01:54
sebsebsebeseven73: no01:54
Sh3r1ffscunizi: if you gatta spin, you might as well spin in style ;)01:54
dawsonAny ideas what could be happening?01:54
unopActionParsnip,  fair enough .. so you've gotten to line #107 .. now get to line #5000 without restarting nano :)01:54
=== histo_ is now known as histo
scunizibruce89: mx is a dirt bike01:54
WebcamWonder!jaunty | dawson01:54
ubottudawson: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.01:54
sebsebsebeseven73: it says I did what I did first,  we did it about the same time01:54
ActionParsnipmatt: yes and its massively unsecure to enable it01:54
crweb2Cyberman, is it hardware raid?01:55
Cybermancrweb2, you're telling me I need a -alternative CD... how can I get or make such a CD?01:55
eseven73sebastien, you must be lagging then :P01:55
mattActionParsnip: Ok, so how am I going to be able to ssh into the server and shut it down?01:55
Cybermanyes.... it's a hardware RAID. embedded on the motherboard.01:55
PeachWebCamWonder: If you were a chick, I'd ask you out on a DATE!!!!!!!01:55
mattActionParsnip: all from one script from a remote computer?01:55
crweb2Cyberman, fakeraid or real raid?01:55
sebsebsebCyberman: the channel seems rather instant, but  my client  Konversation  does say down there:   Lag:  131 ms01:55
PeachWebCamWonder:  that means it worked!  once again.... thank you guys VERY MUCH.01:55
sebsebsebeseven73: uh I sent to wrong guy see above01:55
scunizimatt: ssh <server@ipaddress> once logged in then sudo shutdown -P now will shut EVERYTHING down including power..01:56
bruce89scunizi: also the ISO code for Mexico01:56
divXjunkhi ppl. I installed 'jack' and 'mixxx'. The sound from mixxx gets to the audio card, so I hear the mp3 playing. But for no reason at all, the sound just dies for a couple of seconds, and then comes back again. No errors in mixxx or jack. I'm on ubuntu 8.10. Somebody who knows about this, I would really appreciate some help!!01:56
WebcamWonderPeach: LOL. That was the easy part, getting your GUI to work with the opensource drivers, now is the hard part, fixing the broken packages on your PC01:56
sebsebsebCyberman: sent to wrong guy heh01:56
crweb2Cyberman, fakeraid depending on your motherboard might not be supported. I don't know much about that01:56
scunizibruce89: well yea.. but that's no fun01:56
CybermanI think it's real... I set it up from the RAIDs BIOS....01:56
ActionParsnipmatt: you can add yourself to the sudo group and edit /etc/sudoers to allow that group membership to run stuff without a password01:56
Peachyeah.  I'm going to try to fix that now.  Thank you much for your advice.  I REALLY appreciate it.01:56
bruce89scunizi: no, carry on then01:56
mattscunizi: But.........I would have to type the password wouldn't i?01:56
crweb2Cyberman, what motherboard?01:56
CybermanWindows recognizes the RAID as an INTEL HDD RAID....01:56
mattActionParsnip: Oh, that's cool.01:56
mattActionParsnip: Is that safe?01:56
ActionParsnipmatt: its a bit better01:57
mattActionParsnip: Ok, but It'll work.01:57
scunizimatt: to shut down or log in via ssh.. via ssh ..yes you'll need a password but to shutdown .. well yes it will as for one01:57
WebcamWonderPeach: System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers, and make sure that all the nVidia drivers are uninstalled /de-activated01:57
mattscunizi: Not if I use other stuff...................................................01:57
histoCyberman: linux doesn't see the raid? is it software or hardware based?01:57
scunizimatt: like?01:57
mattActionParsnip: Ok, adding myself to the sudo grup...tell me.01:57
mattscunizi: ssh keys01:58
CybermanLinux doesn't see it... and it's a HARDWARE based RAID...01:58
mattscunizi: and add myself to the sudo group.01:58
crweb2Cyberman, i think its actually a fakeraid01:58
scunizimatt: ok.. so you'll automate it.. great.. same effect though01:58
histo!raid | Cyberman01:58
ubottuCyberman: raid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:58
crweb2Cyberman, hardware raid usually costs about $250+ by itself01:58
mattActionParsnip: How can I add myself to the group over cli?01:58
Cybermanhow can I know if it's a fakeraid or a real one?01:59
histomatt: whats the issue?01:59
matthisto: I want to add myself to the sudo group.01:59
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo01:59
crweb2Cyberman,  well, fakeraid is just what it is called when a motherboard says it can raid0 or raid1 but the support is completely done by a software driver01:59
CybermanI'm a mexican Luis, but I won't speak spanish in this channel.01:59
histomatt: you add yourself to the admin group to have sudo access02:00
Cybermanok... My MB says that... but the RAID's management is done entirely via hardware...02:00
sebsebsebmatt: you can add the  user account with  adduser in terminal, and then edit the groups easilely graphically :d02:00
mattsebsebseb: Not on a remote server :)02:00
ActionParsnipmatt: sudo adduser $USER sudo02:00
crweb2Cyberman, no via bios02:00
histomatt: groupadd02:00
crweb2Cyberman, hardware raid the system never sees the drives all access is done via a separate controller02:00
mattActionParsnip: it'd be sudo adduser matt sudo, wouldn't it?02:00
sebsebsebmatt: oh on a server,  well then yeah I guess not, unless a GUI is installed, but for just that hummm, not much point02:00
histomatt: nvm dont' use group add hold up02:00
crweb2Cyberman, the bios setup just tells the raid driver that you install in windows what to do02:00
histomatt: admin is the group not sudo02:01
RoastedI'm trying to set up a samba network. I already have one set up on my main desktop but I'm trying to create a simple one on my spare desktop and I can't get it to work. On a windows laptop when I ping my main desktop by hostname, it works. W hen I ping the secondary one, which is the problematic one, it errors out and says it has no idea what it is.  How can I get samba to recognize my host name so it can work?02:01
histomatt: there is no sudo group02:01
=== RedMushroom-AFK is now known as RedMushroom
ActionParsnipmatt: yeah, mine works even though I dint know your user name ;)02:01
Cybermanthat's correct... once I setup the RAID... the BIOS sees an INTEL HDD RAID instead of two maxtor drives.02:01
crweb2Cyberman, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto#head-7918ab0def192cdf40484077136a40241732c66902:01
crweb2Cyberman, unless you paid 300+ for the mb, you have fake raid02:01
histomatt: sudo adduser matt admin02:01
CybermanI paid some $35002:02
mattActionParsnip: Oh, that's cool, the variable I mean.02:02
Cybermanas I recall..02:02
mattActionParsnip: Now...the sudoers file thing....02:02
histoCyberman: try the directions from ubottu02:02
crweb2Cyberman, ok, double checking but look over that link02:02
Cybermanit's an Intel EXTREME series MB02:02
_Brun0_Can anyone help me getting my sound to work? It works in 8.10 live CD and normal ubuntu installation. But I can't get it to work in ubuntu command-line + icewm: http://pastebin.com/m7f46ea1402:02
histo_Brun0_: instlal alsa02:02
histo!sound | _Brun0_02:03
ubottu_Brun0_: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:03
Cybermanok... brb... checking the links02:03
crweb2Cyberman, http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E1681312101602:03
crweb2Cyberman, 0/1/0+1/5 Matrix RAID  fake raid02:04
ActionParsnipmatt: sudo cp /etc/sudoers /etc/sudoers_old; gksudo gedit /etc/sudoers02:04
ItaciousHello, I'm compiling linux kernel and I wish to choose my processor type, but I'm not sure which option I should pick. I have a Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo). Thanks!02:04
mattActionParsnip: Well, I've tried sudo , and it doesn't ask for a password. Sure I need to do that?02:04
ManateeLazyCatcrdlb: I found notify-send can't show up when have a fullscreen application is running, any idea?02:05
ActionParsnipmatt: thats because there is a sudo grace period02:05
ActionParsnipmatt: the group membership doesnt kick in til you relog in02:05
mattActionParsnip: Surely not after logging out of ssh and back into though :)02:05
histoActionParsnip: is he trying to not have a password?02:05
Sumpygump@matt Have you used sudo in the last fifteen minutes? If so, you don't have to retype the password.02:05
ActionParsnipmatt: then experiment, see if its ok02:05
tt5786hey all after some help i am trying to copy files from a folder on my desktop to a folder on the hard-drive but i dont have the permissions02:05
_djsl_get the permissions , it´s simple :P02:06
ActionParsniptt5786: do you mean on an external hard drive?02:06
mattActionParsnip: I will, I'm booting my nokia n810 now, going to write a script to eject my cd, because I CANNOT reboot right now, backing up files. So...how does the ssh with command thing go?02:06
RoastedI'm trying to set up a samba network. I already have one set up on my main desktop but I'm trying to create a simple one on my spare desktop and I can't get it to work. On a windows laptop when I ping my main desktop by hostname, it works. W hen I ping the secondary one, which is the problematic one, it errors out and says it has no idea what it is.  How can I get samba to recognize my host name so it can work?02:06
histoActionParsnip: adding him to sudoers will still prompt for password. he just needs to add his user to the group admin though02:06
ActionParsniptt5786: the files on the desktop are on a hard drive you know'02:06
mrwestt5786, try alt F2 and then gksu nautilus and then copy the files02:06
ActionParsniphisto: you also need to uncomment part of /etc/sudoers02:06
tt5786yes but those files i can access and move but can not compy them to lets say the filestraem02:06
histoRoasted: unfortunately with linux you would need your own dns to ping by hostnames02:07
ManateeLazyCatnotify-send can't show up notify window when have a *fullscreen* application is running, how to fix? I test it in Debian, haven't this problem, but in Ubuntu can't work. Any help? Thanks!02:07
mrweshisto, unless he put them in /etc/hosts :)02:07
Roastedhisto - that makes no sense how I can ping 1 linux computer and connect to that computer through samba yet the other computer doesn't work, period.02:07
ActionParsniptt5786: check your mounting options02:08
histoRoasted: you can try setting the netbios name02:08
Roastedhisto - I did.02:08
histoRoasted: are you pinging from windows?02:08
Roastedyes - XP02:08
ActionParsnipItacious: i'd ask in #gentoo, those guys do that loads02:08
kaffienhow do I read a ntfs drive from ubuntu?02:08
histoRoasted: windows networks suck who knows which machine is controlling the master browsing.02:08
kaffienis there a packages  i need ?02:08
mrwestt5786, yes?02:08
ItaciousNevermind, I'll try Pentium M... Core Duo appears to derived from that.02:08
Roastedhisto - I'm willing to bet if windows networks suck then it wouldn't be able to ping my main linux desktop. But since it can, it's easy to rule that one out.02:09
ItaciousThanks, ActionParsnip.02:09
ActionParsnipkaffien: mount it to an empty folder, linux can read ntfs natively, if you want to write to it you need ntfs-3g02:09
WebcamWonderkaffien: ntfs-3g does it. It should be installed by default on a regular install. You should just try to access the drive, and it should mount it for you02:09
Sh3r1ffRoasted: try adding the host to /etc/hosts02:09
Roastedthis is a real quick and dirty samba setup, so I have a feeling I missed a step, yet I am unsure of what step because I traced back my steps and compared it to my main desktop and I can't see anything that's different.02:09
histoRoasted: netbios can take 15-20minutes to propagate to other machines02:09
kaffienActionParsnip, it will not mount02:09
Roastedhisto - ahhhh that's right02:09
histoRoasted: the way the networks work sucs02:09
Roastedhisto - I remember that now02:09
geniiRoasted: Make sure smbfs is installed02:09
progenitusHi, I cant get Jaunty to recognize my Sansa mp3 player. It is set as a mass storage device. Kubuntu or any other distro I tried detects it flawlessly.... Any idea?02:10
Wavesonicshey I want to get the mail() function working on my LAMP server, what email server should i install?02:10
WebcamWonder!jaunty | progenitus02:10
Roastedsmbfs is not installed, but it doesn't need to be installed. It's not installed on my main desjktop.02:10
ubottuprogenitus: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.02:10
histoRoasted: its a horrible way of doing things02:10
=== [1]Psywiped is now known as Psywiped
kaffiendo i need to....   mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt/hdd ?02:10
Mike_lifeguardOK, I found my usb device using 'lsusb' -- but how can I mount it if it's not shown in 'fdisk -l'?02:10
mrweskaffien, sudo mount....02:10
Roastedwould restarting the XP computer have a better chance of it working?02:10
kaffienyeah sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/hdd02:11
mattActionParsnip: Ok, sudoers file, It's needed.02:11
kaffieni get unknown  filesystem ntfs02:11
Cybermanit seems this is gonna take me some time to read and understand.... especially knowing wether my MB has a softRAID, a fakeraid or a real one... I'll try that later on... right now I don't have the time.... thank you very much anyway... see you later..02:11
ActionParsnipkaffien: you'll need to make the folder /mnt/hdd if you wanna use that02:11
WavesonicsWhat is the best commandline mail client?02:12
kaffienim using 2.6.21-4 kernel02:12
kaffieni've made the dir02:12
_Brun0_histo, i'm using ubuntu command-line install. please read the pastebin.02:12
ActionParsnipmatt: yep, edit it (its glaringly obvious where) to get it sorted02:12
kaffienit's saying the ntfs is an invalid filesystem02:12
mrweskaffien, then do a chown yourusername:yourusername /mnt/hdd02:12
mrweser sudo of couse02:12
mrwescourse *02:12
mattActionParsnip: I think I did it, but I'm not sure if it'll work until I reboot.02:12
kaffienyes mr wes02:12
kaffienits not giving me access errors02:12
kaffienits telling me ntfs is invalid02:13
TheFuzzballHow do I get imagemagick working with PHP?02:13
ActionParsnipmatt: good luck dude, you have that backup file so you can easily rollback02:13
WebcamWonderkaffien: Did you compile the kernel yourself?02:13
mrweskaffien, is the drive formatted ntfs?02:13
mattActionParsnip: Not exactly :( All it does is backup the files from my desktop to my server, in terms of data and music.02:13
_Brun0_Why alsamixer correctly shows my sound card and aplay -l cant?02:13
ActionParsnipmatt: no, the command i gave backed up the original file before editing02:15
Roastedhisto - This laptop has dual boot. I booted to Ubuntu. I cannot ping or connect to the other computer I just set up samba on, which is runnign intrepid.02:16
mattActionParsnip: Oh, I never ran it :)02:16
kaffienthe drive is ntfs02:16
kaffieni wasnt thinking lol02:16
kaffienthe kernel is just a generic gernel02:16
ActionParsnipmatt: i always advise a rolback clause02:16
kaffieni havent bothered compiling because im low on battery power02:17
Roastedhisto - I lied. It wasnt able to ping my main desktop by hostname either. I connected to it successfully with ubuntu to ubuntu. XP partition didnt recognize the hostname yet.02:17
spaceBARbariananyone know how to get exaile to import a directory into your library folder ?02:17
mattActionParsnip: Right, I know.02:17
WebcamWonderkaffien: Try, the ntfs-3g as the driver name02:17
kaffienwill try02:17
mattActionParsnip: %sudo ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL02:17
mattisn't that right?02:18
kristian_anyone know of a free webhost with php? :-)02:18
WebcamWonder!ot | kristian_02:18
ubottukristian_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:18
histoRoasted: on the ubuntu machine make sure samba is installed also edit the /etc/nsswitch.conf and change the line that says hosts: files dns  to hosts: files wins dns02:18
ActionParsnipmatt: the comments say so02:18
histoRoasted: then the linux computers should be able to ping by netbios name02:18
swearengenHow do I unmount a partition?02:18
histoRoasted: err wins02:18
mrweskristian_, yah...Ubuntu server via dyndns02:18
zackhi, i'm trying to install acrobat reader plugin for firefox on 8.10. i read the doc here: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Intrepid#Adobe_Acrobat_Reader_for_Firefox_Plug-in, I have enabled all repos in synaptic - third party, etc., but i can not find these packages. any idea?02:18
mattActionParsnip: Well, the command I ran from my nokia worked, but I had to enter my password.02:18
FreeFullswearengen: do you know how to open a terminal?02:18
Sh3r1ffswearengen: umount <mount>02:19
Sumpygumpswearengen: use umount02:19
Mike_lifeguardOK, so in the end the problem is that I can find the device with 'lsusb' but not 'fdisk -l' -- so I don't know how to mount it, so I cannot use it. Is there a way to mount it with the information from lsusb?02:19
swearengenIf I installed ubuntu twice, can I safely assume the latest partition is the one with GRUB02:19
histoRoasted: hodl up you migh tonly need winbind i'm checking02:19
poseidonHow do I get variables in snippits?  ie if I have expander2#var, how can I get var02:19
felix_da_catzswearengen, You can never safely assume anything.02:20
Roastedhisto - What is it about ubuntu that isnt allowing it to ping my main desktop, which is ubuntu? I'm on ubuntu on my laptop trying to ping my ubuntu desktop.02:20
mattActionParsnip: For the sudoers file to take place, what needs to be done?02:20
mattActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/m5b4363e902:20
xiamxAdobe flash plugin made firefox 3.0.8 crash.... solutions?02:20
swearengenif it's listed first in GRUB does that mean it has GRUB02:20
histoRoasted: yest by netbios name you need winbind installed on the linux boxes.  Then edit the file like I told you it will resolve by wins name then and all will be happy02:20
histoRoasted: I just did it on my machines02:21
felix_da_catzbut it doesn't mean that drive can't boot02:21
swearengenwhatever, im deleting the old one02:21
swearengenwe'll see what happens =P02:21
felix_da_catzswearengen, well, it shouldn't be a big deal.  You can always boot off a recovery cd and fix it02:21
ActionParsnipmatt: looks good dude02:21
mrwesMike_lifeguard, after plugging in the drive; from the terminal type dmesg | tail and see if it reports the device there02:21
mattActionParsnip: Then why isn't it working:(02:22
mattActionParsnip: Should I reboot?02:22
histoRoasted: basically sudo aptitude install winbind   Then sudo nano /etc/nsswitch.conf and change the hosts: line make sure wins is in front of dns  Then it will work.02:22
histoRoasted: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8820602:22
swearengenit says unmount, command not found02:22
WebcamWonderswearengen: umount02:23
swearengenit says unmount, command not found02:23
swearengensorry for repeat keyboard slip02:23
Mike_lifeguardmrwes: I'm not sure I understand the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148695/02:23
Mike_lifeguardmrwes: "new high speed USB device" sounds promising though02:23
swearengenwhy does gparted say it is mounted when its not gargh02:23
ActionParsnipmatt: sure, once you log in again you will be in the group02:23
Athenon__ok, I just migrated everything over to ldap.  it works great....but when i go to remove the group from /etc/group using groupdel...it tells me i cant remove a user's primary group (even though i already deleted the user with userdel)....any ideas?02:23
mattActionParsnip: Oh, but I never really log in, I just ssh into it.02:24
mrwesMike_lifeguard, it's /dev/sdb102:24
ActionParsnipmatt: thats loggin in02:24
mrwes[42249.944455]  sdb: sdb102:24
mattActionParsnip: Well, shouldn't I be able to close my ssh connections and then go back in?02:24
Mike_lifeguardmrwes: ok, I'll try mounting that...02:24
mrwesMike_lifeguard, did you mkdir a mount point for it already?02:24
ActionParsnipmatt: i'm unsure about the sudoers file and if it needs a reboot02:25
mattActionParsnip: I'll wait for the backup to finish, and then I'll try. I think it'll work, thanks!02:25
mrwesMike_lifeguard, from a terminal type sudo mkdir /media/mydisk  or whatever you want to call it02:25
ActionParsnipnp man02:25
mrwesMike_lifeguard, then sudo chown yourusername:yourusername /media/mydisk02:26
kpomanhi all !02:26
kpomanguys do someone know how I can mount a reiser4 partition on 8.10 ?02:26
kpomanwithout much struggle I mean02:26
Mike_lifeguardmrwes: done & done02:26
kaffienwhats the name of the linux kernel02:26
mrwesMike_lifeguard, then finally sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/mydisk02:26
kaffienif i want to patch via apt-get02:27
m1ndpixelHi guys, for some reason, my headless machine keeps crashing after 1-2 days of uptime. I went through my logs, and found nothing, no warning, no errors, nothing. The machine does not respond to pings, and they keyboard 'num lock'  cap lock, dont affect the keyboard light... over night with memtest found nothing, any ideas?02:27
sebsebsebkaffien: in the terminal  do:  uname -r02:27
kpomando someone know something about reiser4 ?02:28
Mike_lifeguardmrwes: "mount: special device /dev/sdb1 does not exist"02:28
Behappyhello , How to join to freenode.com from ubunto?02:28
Mike_lifeguardBehappy: it is freenode.net, and you're on it02:28
ActionParsnip!mount | kpoman02:28
ubottukpoman: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:28
sebsebsebkpoman: yes and see my pm02:28
mrwesMike_lifeguard, hrm...try /dev/sdb02:29
may0hi could anyone tell me why in ubuntu and any other linux distro i have tried my second monitor blinks on and off ? I have a nvidia 8800gt02:29
fusam1ndpixel try testing ram with one ram stick inserted at a time, and test for several hours each stick, move sticks to over slots02:29
Mike_lifeguardmrwes: same02:29
kpomanI have an old reiser4 partition, I just need to mount it, backup the data then free it02:29
ActionParsnipmay0: install nvidia drivers then use nvidia-settings to set up the display02:29
ActionParsnipmay0: you will need nvidia-glx-180 for that card02:30
may0when i activate the restricted drivers or use envy to install the 180 drivers it causes x to crash02:30
yoyonedkpoman: it should automount02:30
mrwesMike_lifeguard, try ...just guessing here; /dev/hcd02:30
histo!mount | dpo02:30
ubottudpo: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QtParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:30
histo!mount > kpoman02:30
ubottukpoman, please see my private message02:30
kpomanyoyoned: it wont, reiser4 ! not reiser302:30
Mike_lifeguardmrwes: nope ^_^02:31
tictachmm. is there a way to install ubuntu 8.10 in a failsafe video mode? the main mode doesnt work with my screen as it complains signal out of range02:31
yoyonedkpoman: so reiser4 insn't in stock ubuntu kernal I guess?02:31
histomay0: what type of video card do you have?02:31
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | tictac02:31
ubottutictac: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions02:31
kpomanyoyoned: it isnt02:32
histomay0: does X give any errors when it crashes?02:32
may0yes but i can't recall the error.02:32
may0sorry :(02:32
RoastedI have two Ubuntu computers hooked together by a single patch cable. Each one is running Samba. I connected the Ubuntu laptop to the Ubuntu desktop by going to Places - Connect To Server. I'm transferring a lot of data. The data transfer is 23.2MB/second. They each have a 10/100/1000 port. Is this slow??02:32
histomay0: you can pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:32
mrwesMike_lifeguard, you using 8.0402:33
histomay0: that card should not have any issue with activating the restrcited drivers02:33
Mike_lifeguardmrwes: no, 8.1002:33
ActionParsnipRoasted: pretty standard02:33
mrwesMike_lifeguard, this thread may apply http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-898939.html02:33
RoastedActionParsnip - Shouldn't I be achieving higher speeds since they are gig ports?02:33
histoRoasted: sounds normal.  did you get the winbind thing working?02:33
LargePrimeok so how do i get my new gearhead webcam working02:34
histo!webcam | LargePrime02:34
ubottuLargePrime: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:34
ActionParsnipRoasted: is the cable wired to be gb speed?02:34
mrwesMike_lifeguard, appears it's a bug :(02:34
histoActionParsnip: cat5e supports gigabit speeds02:35
LargePrimeActionParsnip: Why did you not tell me threr was a supported cam list!!!!!!!02:35
ActionParsnipRoasted: gb uses slightly different cabling02:35
ActionParsnipLargePrime: cos its offtopic here02:35
Mike_lifeguardmrwes: ok, thanks02:35
CircsIs there a program similar to Fruity Loops for Ubuntu?02:35
tictachmm nice. it even has a vga mode recommendation for my specific laptop. inspiron 1505.02:35
josemanuelhola a todo02:35
LargePrimeActionParsnip: i hate you02:36
ActionParsnipLargePrime: join the queue02:36
mrwesMike_lifeguard, looks like there is a work around, but it won't give you USB 2.0 "modprobe -r ehci_hcd"02:36
histoCircs: why not use fruity loops under wine?02:36
* Mike_lifeguard tries...02:36
matrixblue_What program can I use to open or at least convert a publisher file?02:36
histoCircs: but i'm sure there are linux alternatives just google search linux alternative fruity loops.  you will prolly find something int he repos02:36
Circshisto: Because I don't own that software02:37
mrwesMike_lifeguard, need sudo in front of that :)02:37
histoCircs: ahh applications > add/remove02:37
ActionParsnipCircs: tried lmms?02:37
Mike_lifeguardmatrixblue_: openoffice.org probably02:37
CircsActionParsnip: No, I think I'll poke that02:37
LargePrimeActionParsnip: your behavior hurts ubuntu02:37
matrixblue_Mike_lifeguard, I tried that02:37
stuNNedhow can i find out what deb package owns a file?  something like `rpm -f /path/to/file` i think in red hat...02:37
histostuNNed: apt-file02:38
ActionParsnipLargePrime: i doubt that very much considering im in here almost daily helping users02:38
histoLargePrime: ?02:38
ActionParsnipLargePrime: i'm keeping the room on topic02:38
godstarIs anyone else able to install wine? I am getting a 'connection refused' when I attempt to do, sudo aptitude install wine via terminal.02:38
stuNNedhisto: thanks!02:38
histogodstar: no problems here02:38
sebsebsebgodstar: don't get from terminal02:38
ActionParsnipRoasted: try: sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 1000 duplex full02:38
sebsebsebgodstar: don't get from synaptic02:38
drownermatrixblue_: I don't think you can. Publisher files are not openable with anything except publisher. There is a convert to pdf online.02:38
CircsLast time i checked answering questions with something besides google it is being helpful02:38
Mike_lifeguardmatrixblue_: if that didn't work, I have no other suggestions, sorry02:39
sebsebsebgodstar: get from  wines own repo for ubuntu so you always get the most up to date02:39
LargePrimeActionParsnip: sticking to a topic is not an excuse to hurt users02:39
sebsebsebgodstar: http://www.winehq.org02:39
ActionParsnipgodstar: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb02:39
H_M-UbuntuHmmmmmmmmm Pidgin isn't connecting to my accoutns02:39
ActionParsnipLargePrime: i didnt hurt you. you were in the wrong channel02:39
histoLargePrime: ActionParsnip hasn't hurt anyone. You are misguided02:39
H_M-UbuntuIs anyone else having problems with pidgin?02:39
drownermatrixblue_: When someone emails me a pub file, i ask them to email it to me in a readbale format, like Postscript or pdf02:39
H_M-UbuntuOr AIM/Yahoo! rather02:39
histoH_M-Ubuntu: I experience crashes daily02:39
CircsH_M-Ubuntu: No issues here02:39
ActionParsnipH_M-Ubuntu: i'm on it now02:39
matrixblue_drowner, and Mike_lifeguard : thanks I guess I'll install publisher under wine02:39
godstarTy both.02:40
kaffienapt-get install ntfs-3g helped me out02:40
kaffienthanks for tips  ... later!02:40
sebsebsebLargePrime: do you want help with something?02:40
histoH_M-Ubuntu: they seem to have amplified with the facebook plugin activated02:40
H_M-UbuntuInteresting.. I've never had a problem with pidgin before..02:40
TNThi allbody speak portuguese??????????02:40
sebsebsebbehappy: hi02:40
H_M-UbuntuMeh works now, I had to restart it is all.. weird.02:40
sebsebseb!pt |  TNT02:41
ubottuTNT: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:41
ActionParsnip!pt | tnt02:41
ubottutnt: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:41
LargePrimeActionParsnip: you hurt me.  i came to ask what i need to know about ubuntu and web cams.  Now i have a cam that is not supported02:41
godstarJust tried it via add/remove...connect (111 Connection refused).02:41
histoLargePrime: I pointed you to ubottu directions02:41
godstarWine is still not installing. I have never really had this issue before. :(02:41
kpomanhi to all again ! sorry had to boot on ubuntu for the checks02:41
histoLargePrime: how did he make your cam that isn't suported appear?02:42
mrwesActionParsnip, are you hurting people 'again' ?02:42
ActionParsnipLargePrime: like i told you, its offtopic here02:42
kpomansebsebseb: which was the channel ?02:42
sebsebsebkpoman: see the pm02:42
drownermatrixblue_: I strongly recommend avoiding publisher files02:42
sebsebsebmatrixblue_: same here02:42
godstarSorry...I feel better. Certainly not directly at anyone particular. :)02:42
sebsebsebmatrixblue_: no program  that isn't Microsoft's  can  suppourt publisher files02:43
ActionParsnipmrwes: no, just people in the wrong room02:43
sebsebsebmatrixblue_: at all or properly02:43
histosebsebseb: scribus maybe?02:43
sebsebsebhisto: no not even Scribus02:43
histosebsebseb: hrm.. let me check02:43
drownerhisto: only if the person who made it exports it as a scribus-friendly file, i think02:43
ActionParsnipLargePrime: you asked a question in the wrong room. i told you where the right room was02:43
matrixblue_drowner and sebsebseb : I wish I could avoid it but that's not an option for alot of people02:43
sebsebsebhisto: apparnatly the desktop  publishing formats are the hardest to reverse enginer, and that's why Scribus won't do it02:43
drownermatrixblue_: What do you use publisher for?02:43
Wavesonicswhat program should I use to read email from the command line?02:44
sebsebsebmatrixblue_: you can run Publisher under Wine02:44
kristian_i can't find any ftp packet preinstalled on ubuntu, am i missing something, or do i have to find something in repo?02:44
Matsonwhat provides mod_dav_svn for apache2?02:44
ActionParsnipWavesonics: mutt or alpine are 2 solutions02:44
mrwesdrowner, doens't Xnview view publisher files?02:44
Matson libapache2-svn  got it02:44
WavesonicsActionParsnip: I have sendmail, that is an incoming mail server as well right?02:44
histosebsebseb: you could convert them to pdf wiht a website02:45
godstarI am thinking my wine install went nutty. Hmm...02:45
drownermrwes: I don't know, does it? Sounds interesting02:45
TheFuzzballCircs: Adour might be what you're looking for02:45
sebsebsebhisto: yeah I guess so02:45
WavesonicsActionParsnip: And I could use Alpine to check the incoming mail?02:45
histosebsebseb: k2pdf.com/convert.htm02:45
matrixblue_drowner, in my officer we use publisher sometime I have to review and edit stuff02:45
drownermrwes: I prefer angry emails to people who send me .pub files. :D02:45
=== Gr33Nb1rD is now known as GR33NB1RD
histosebsebseb: or install publisher under wine maybe?02:45
sebsebsebhisto: yes and I already suggested that02:45
sebsebsebdrowner: Richard Stallman did a good article about why people shoudn't send .doc's to people  it's on  http://www.gnu.org in the philosphey section, and anyone else reading this, check that out to learn about free software and other issues to do with it02:46
ActionParsnipWavesonics: i guess, its not something ive used but i know mutt can be used to check mail in ssh02:46
Wavesonicsok, thanks02:47
histogodstar: sudo aptitude purge wine && sudo aptitude install wine02:47
sebsebsebmatrixblue_: see my message above to drowner02:47
matrixblue_sebsebseb, I use open office but the fact is .doc is the most common format. Just like how mp3s are the defacto standard02:47
ActionParsnipgodstar: use the wine repos, the newer version gets better results in my experience02:48
mrwesdrowner, here is an online converter to PDF http://convert.neevia.com/02:48
sebsebsebmatrixblue_: the most used, but they aren't real standards any of them02:48
histomrwes: drowner k2pdf.com is antoehr one.  Or you can use word and convert them to pdf.02:48
dt3k.flac should be the audio standard02:48
mrweshisto, right...I saw that one too02:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:49
histodt3k: I think .mp3 shoudlb e the standard all this legal stuff is garbagfe02:49
sebsebsebmatrixblue_: Open Document Format is a real standard :) for office suites,  that was a ISO International Standards  Organisation standard, before  Microsoft came up with their competing OOXML rubbish.  OGG and Flac are nice open standard formats for audio and video.  etc02:49
* histo goes back in his hole.02:49
matrixblue_dt3k, what percentage of computer users know what a .flak file is?02:49
mrweshisto: that's a deep hole :)02:49
dt3kmatrixblue_; a lot more if it was the standard.02:49
LjL#ubuntu-offtopic is ready and willing to discuss document standards02:50
mrwesheh...slow bot02:50
KillerOrcaI just installed a new DVD writer and HDD and my screen resolution is now set incorrectly, and the option that it was previously set at is now gone, any ideas?02:50
sebsebsebmrwes: slow bot?02:50
LjLmrwes: no, it's just i used it too quickly in succession on the same factoid.02:50
LjLguess that must be because my first call on it was ignored.02:50
histomrwes: sebsebseb just wait till it floodbots and bans itself thats the best.02:50
matrixblue_I would use the open standards but when it's time for collaboration with windows users it causes problems02:50
matrixblue_best to wait til we win the war for that02:51
dt3kmp3 was created in 1991 and we are still using that as the audio standard when there are far superior formats.02:51
LjL!ot | LAST NOTICE02:51
ubottuLAST NOTICE: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:51
RedMushroomhow can i alter the permissions of the folder /var/www (and all of it's contents) to allow a local user full read/write/execute permissions?02:51
LjLRedMushroom: how do you define "local user"?02:51
RedMushroomanother user on the computer, ie, i have two users, root and "user" and i want user to have those permissions for that folder02:52
LjLRedMushroom: why can't you just make that user a member of the www-data (or www or what's it called right now) group?02:52
RedMushroombecause i don't know how02:52
tictacusermod -G www-data <user>02:52
M4rotku hey, i have a quick question:  when ubuntu 8.10 is installed to a usb drive, can applications be installed on it or is it akin to the live cd?02:53
NeffHi everybody! I'm a Journalist and I'm trying to take screenshots of Jaunty for an article I will publish on a swiss news paper the day of jaunty release. I have a problem with my Jaunty installation in VirtualBox 2.2. I installed Jaunty and I installed the guest additions too but now I'm missing the mouse cursor and I don't know what to do. Can you help me please?02:53
dt3kI believe you can install apps02:53
RedMushroomtictac: does that have to be run in sudo?02:53
histoRedMushroom: add your user to the group that owns www02:53
tictacreadability: yes.02:53
nonewmsgsi mounted an iso to a local folder (/media/fakeCD) now i want to change what cd is mounted but i can't because it's already mounted more than once.  umount gives me the same error02:53
RedMushroomhisto: root owns www02:53
histoRedMushroom: yes but who is the group02:54
tictacnonewmsgs: so umount the cd.02:54
histoRedMushroom: I believe there is a www or www-data group02:54
LjLhisto: root.02:54
LjLhisto: there is, but by default, at least on Hardy, /var/www is owned by root.02:54
RedMushroomi'm using intrepid ibex (8.10)02:54
histoLjL: thats so annoying to new users something that needs to be addressed.02:54
Shish_scunizi: hey, just wanted to tell u that the cube thing resolved itself with a RESTART... bruuutal02:54
histoLjL: there should be a www group or www-data group by default no?02:55
nonewmsgstictac it wont let me!  umount: it seems /media/fakeCD is mounted multiple times02:55
matrixblue_Neff, what happens when you click within the window of virtualbox?02:55
histoLjL: that atleast the admin group has access to without pass02:55
LjLhisto: there *is* a www-data group.02:55
unopRedMushroom, why don't you use the userdir apache module .. so you can place content in ~/public_html and access it at http://host/~yourusername/02:55
tictacnonewmsgs: sudo umount /media/fakeCD02:55
LjLhisto: it's just not the owner of /var/www02:55
histoNeff: right ctrl02:56
Neffmatrixblue_: happens that the arrow cursor disappears02:56
tictacnonewmsgs: do it multiple times if you need to. also, make sure nothing is using it.02:56
RedMushroomunop: that's what i was thinking02:56
nonewmsgstictac, i just gave you the error message that produces02:56
RadtooNeff: I dimly recall virtualbox offered a setting whether to use software or hardware cursor...02:56
matrixblue_Neff, what is the host operating system?02:56
unopRedMushroom, with this way - you don't have to mess with permissions .. just create a directory in your home directory, place content in there02:56
tictacnonewmsgs: whats the error?02:56
histoRadtoo: Neff i've never had a problem with virtual box and mouse control wiht guest additions. But then i've run virutal box on ubuntu host02:56
Neffhisto Radtoo matrixblue_ I'm using ubuntu Intrepid ;)02:56
RedMushroomunop: that's what i'm doing now02:57
histoNeff: right ctrl I belivee is the default escape key. it says down in the bottom right of the virtual box window.02:57
unopRedMushroom, I'm sorry, but I don't see the problem then :)02:57
nonewmsgstictac ok now it's working cheers02:58
histoNeff: if not opne a terminal hitting alt+f2 in the virtual machine and sudo shutdown -h now.  Then see ifyou get mouse back. If not then ctrl+alt+backspace to restart the hosts X02:58
tictacnonewmsgs: np02:58
Neffhisto that is not my problem.. I know how to use VBox but my problem is that I'm not able to see the cursor when VBox grab my mouse... The cursor disappears but the mouse is still working.02:59
matrixblue_Neff :and the mouse cursor reappear when you press the host key?02:59
Neffmatrixblue_: yes02:59
histoNeff: hrm... no idea then02:59
Neffmatrixblue_: it desappears in the VM only02:59
Radtoohisto: It can happen... there was a bug in an older version of VBox (version 1.5 or something), plus it happened to me on ati drivers at one point.02:59
Neffmatrixblue_: and only with jaunty...02:59
kickarhey guys i just installed ubuntu ? i am new do i have iptables?03:00
matrixblue_Neff: just create another VM using the same virtual hard drive03:00
RadtooNeff: As this happened after you installed the guest additions I do think it happened because it switched from software to hardware mouse cursor...03:00
lstarneskickar: yes03:00
lstarneskickar: almost all linux distributions have it vy default03:01
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
NeffRadtoo: I have this problem since I installed my guest additions. Before the cursor was visible (but of course screen resolution was bad)03:01
kickarlstarnes,  is there easyway to configure it ? any GUI scripts?03:01
histo!firewall | kickar03:01
ubottukickar: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:02
lstarneskickar: there is ufw and I there GUI frontends like firestarter03:02
RadtooNeff: Just turn it back to software cursor. If you have that setting and I'm not wrong (using too many virtualization solutions and too infrequently to be sure)03:02
kickarlstarnes,  thank you !03:02
matrixblue_Neff, just create another VM using the same virtual hard drive03:02
NeffRadtoo: What does it mean? How can I switch to software cursor?03:02
matrixblue_Neff, that should reset all the setting you changed but the install itself will be the same03:03
Tony-LittleYeah baby yuo can do it!!!03:03
Tony-LittleYeah baby yuo can do it!!!03:03
Neffmatrixblue_: I don't think this will solve the problem because Guest additions are installed in the virtual hard drive03:03
Tony-LittleYeah baby!03:03
Tony-LittleYeah baby yuo can do it!!!03:03
Tony-LittleYeah baby yuo can do it!!!03:03
FloodBot2Tony-Little: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:03
Tony-LittleYeah baby!03:04
Neffmatrixblue_: the only thing I changed was not in the VM, but in the virtual disk, where I only installed VBox Guest additions03:04
Neffmatrixblue_: the only thing I can do maybe is to install another version of VBox and see what happens03:04
matrixblue_Neff, if the keyboard still works use terminal to remove the guest additions then03:05
Jaredhey guys03:05
Jaredquick question03:05
JaredI'm on ubuntu 9.04 alpha and im trying to do an upgrade, some of the packages aren't locking so by doing system update does it go into beta or do i need to redownload an .iso?03:05
mlalkakahello everyone03:05
Wavesonicswaht does /etc stand for?03:05
Wavesonicswahts it mean?03:05
eseven73!jaunty | Jared03:06
ubottuJared: Jaunty Jackalope is the codename for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 23rd, 2009 -  Schedule in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule - Lots of breakage between now and April 23rd - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.03:06
Neffmatrixblue_: That will not solve my problem. I need to have full screen res. to make screenshots for the press.... so I need the guest additions installed. I was hoping to find a solution to the missing pointer... if there is03:06
mlalkakaWavesonics: it stands for "et cetera"03:06
nonewmsgstictac, now im trying to mount another image and it's whining! mount: you must specify the filesystem type03:06
Jaredah ok03:06
lstarnesWavesonics: also, man hier03:06
Neffmatrixblue_: In an old version of VBox I had the same problem03:06
wizaredwhy are my application menus dissappearing03:06
matrixblue_Neff, do a screenshot from within the VM03:06
mlalkakaWavesonics: http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html#ETCHOSTSPECIFICSYSTEMCONFIGURATION03:07
Neffmatrixblue_: you don't get the problem... i have to move windows, try programs and without a mouse cursor I cannot do it...03:07
Wavesonicsthx :)03:07
RadtooNeff: Ah, sorry - found a forum entry from last year where a sun staffer said you can't disable the hardware cursor except by disabling the guest additions... :/03:08
Wavesonicsmakes ya wounder what its not called /config03:08
xray7224Radtoo, you in here ?03:08
histoRadtoo: Neff why not use a more current version of virtualbox?03:08
nonewmsgsim trying to mount an iso  using the -o loop thing and mount is saying mount: you must specify the filesystem type03:08
thebackwashwizered: can you be more specific?03:08
histononewmsgs: what fiel system is it?03:08
Wavesonicsmy sendmail is working very intermitently :/03:08
Neffhisto more current? there is something newer than 2.2?03:08
geniinonewmsgs: use also -t iso966003:08
matrixblue_Neff, I understand. When you disable guest additions you'll have your mouse and when you do the screenshot from in the VM then you'll have a full resolution shot03:08
histoNeff: Ahh I thought you were experiencing a bug from prior to 1.503:08
wizaredon some of my programs where it says file edit ect... is just lines03:09
nonewmsgsgenii, histo but i never had to before?03:09
geniinonewmsgs: If it's an -rw or so,  -t udf03:09
thebackwashwizered: are you using kde or gnome?03:09
Neffhisto that is exactly the same problem but with a current version of vbox03:09
wizaredthebackwash: gnome03:09
Wavesonicssendmail ftl :(03:10
nonewmsgsoh ok it's a bad image guys03:10
histoNeff: #virtualbox may be able to provide more advice03:10
Matsonwhat provides Apache2.pm ?03:10
thebackwashwizared: that's a really strange problem.  i have no idea what it might be in gnome.  sorry.03:10
histoMatson: use apt-file03:10
lstarnesMatson: libaoache2-mod-perl I think03:10
Neffhisto ok, I'll try there03:10
RadtooNeff: Q: Did you have ati drivers?03:10
Matsonwhen  I start up apache now it fails with:  "Can't locate Apache2.pm in @INC03:10
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mopoyoanyone know an ubuntu game with GOOD (actually good) graphics?03:11
=== mitchellmckenna is now known as crashnburn007
NeffRadtoo: my host has an NVIDIA video card03:11
Radtoomopoyo: spring rts, nexuiz03:11
wizaredthebackwash: it started with open office and seams to be spreading03:11
xray7224mopoyo, nexuiz03:11
=== crashnburn007 is now known as mitchellmckenna
matrixblue_mopoyo, I like supertuxkart03:11
=== gaintsura_ is now known as gaintsura
Sumpygumpmopoyo: torcs03:12
histomopoyo: nexuiz urban-terror enemy territory quake / unreal etc...03:12
histomopoyo: there are tons03:12
histomopoyo: steam works with wine as well as WoW03:12
Radtoomopoyo: Spring RTS is best in graphics going by my taste, tho =)03:12
Matsonhisto: how to use apt-file?03:12
histoMatson: dunno dont' ahve it installed I would guess apt-file search filename .03:12
thebackwashwizared: hit alt-f when you have an application open03:13
histoMatson: ubt man apt-file would say for sure03:13
thebackwashwizared: see if that does anything03:13
histoMatson: ubt = but03:13
matrixblue_anyone know why I can't set my name to matrixblue? I registered that name a while back03:13
f0sterdoes anyone know how to commit to svn even when svn says you're file is 'probably' out of date?03:13
mopoyowow Spring RTS looks great03:13
histomatrixblue_: its ghosted maybe?03:13
Sumpygumpf0ster: svn update03:13
matrixblue_histo, what's ghosted?03:13
histomatrixblue_: are you d'angelo?03:13
cina1977hi all03:14
matrixblue_histo yeah03:14
wizaredthebackwash: my tabs open but cant read anything. wear words should be there are lines03:14
histomatrixblue_: well /nick matrickblue then /msg nickserve identify <password>03:14
thebackwashwizared: also, if you've tried installing a mac-style menubar, and anything goes wrong, you might run into problems03:14
histomatrixblue_: /msg nickserv not nickserve03:14
Radtoomopoyo: Absolutely. Just make sure you do have hardware opengl acceleration or it won't run.03:15
wizaredthebackwash: wasnt playing with anything like that . it started right after an update\03:15
matrixblue_histo and if I forgot the password?03:15
shippoI keep trying to install xubuntu on an older system but it keeps dumping me at the ubuntu prompt and not starting the install, any idea as to why?03:16
mpm711would it be possible to update php to 5.2.9 on hardy03:16
matrixblue_shippo, at what point does it sump you?03:16
thebackwashwizared: i did a google search and it appears that this is an occasional bug03:16
j5098i can't ping my ubuntu hostname from a diff computer, any ideas?03:17
wizaredthebackwash: is there a fix03:17
shippomatrixblue_: loading /casper/initrd.gz03:17
thebackwashwizared: looking now03:17
shippothen says something about bios age and stops03:17
thebackwashwizared: i googled "gtk menubar disappears ubuntu"03:17
supercom32Anyone here know c++ well? :-)03:18
matrixblue_shippo, check the CD for defects03:18
mopoyoRadtoo, how big is spring?03:18
shippomatrixblue_: I just used it to install xubuntu on two other systems with out issue03:18
shippoperhaps a cd drive issue?03:18
thebackwashwizared: sorry i can't help you off hand here.  maybe the ubuntu forums would help03:19
matrixblue_shippo, perhaps....is the computer able to boot for usb?03:19
wizaredthebackwash: thank you03:19
shippomatrixblue_: do you mean boot TO usb?03:20
matrixblue_shippo, I mean from a usb flash device03:20
Radtoomopoyo: Can't really say. The base installation is around 20MB for the engine and lobby, but there are dependencies and you'll also get variable space consumption by the unit sets (mods / games) and maps...03:20
shippomatrixblue_: probably not, it is an old mb from like 1996 or so03:21
mopoyoRadtoo, is there a standard mod?03:21
matrixblue_shippo, try another CD rom is available, What are the specs on the system btw?03:22
Matsonso this is nightmarish03:22
Matsonso Apache.pm is already installed03:22
Radtoomopoyo: No. Just some that are played more online than others...03:22
Matsonbut the place it is installed is not in @INC03:22
noodlesgcsupercom32: perhaps you should join ##c++?03:22
mopoyoRadtoo, which is the best one :p03:22
Matsonso when apache starts up, it can't find it03:22
Matson[Fri Apr 10 19:21:01 2009] [error] Can't locate Apache2.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8 /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.8 /usr/share/perl/5.8 /usr/local/lib/site_perl . /etc/apache2) at (eval 2) line 3.\n03:23
boscoi dual boot windows and ubuntu is it possible to have a blank partition for files  that is accessable by both windows and ubuntu ???03:23
Matsonbut the file is right here03:23
Matson-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1723 2006-11-19 15:31 /usr/lib/perl5/Bundle/Apache2.pm03:23
Im_ToastHey, my sound stopped working... Anyone have any ideas how to diagnose/fix it?03:23
Radtoomopoyo: None, they're just different. If you want something fairly "normal" RTS style, try BA or CA. A bit less normal would be NOTA / GundamRTS.03:23
cchaosbosco: that partition must be NTFS for windows to use it03:23
noodlesgcbosco as long as it is either NTFS or FAT3203:23
eseven73Im_Toast, try sudo alsa force-reload03:24
cchaosOr FAT or FAT32 as noodlesgc stated (I forgot about that, but NTFS is the "norm" for windows atm)03:24
shippomatrixblue_: I am trying a different cd drive03:25
matrixblue_shippo, ok03:25
shippothat is on a different interface03:25
shippowell see if that works or not03:25
Radtoomopoyo: They're all fun to try out tho. They will end up as a single file in your home directory under .spring/ if you choose to download them using the game lobby, so you can just delete them if you don't like one.03:25
boscocchaos, i already installed both ubuntu and windows ????03:26
Im_Toasteseven73: Still sound-less03:26
KetrelI'm trying to configure Wireless on Ubuntu (Ibex) I THINK I may have gotten somewhere with ndiswrapper, but when I try to choose the encyption I do not see 64bit WEP listed as an option03:26
eseven73Im_Toast, ok try setting everything in System > preferences> sound to ALSA then re run that command03:26
captaindoes anyone have a good how to on taking an AVI and making into a playable DVD, not just burning it?03:27
kpomanhey guys ! I just installed the kernel sources and still dont have nothing in /usr/src/linux !03:27
cchaosbosco: have you left any space on your hard drive(s) for you to "is it possible to have a blank partition for files  that is accessable by both windows and ubuntu ???"03:27
Im_Toasteseven: "ALSA" or "Intel ICH6 (ALSA)"03:28
ChotaZWhy wouldnt I be able to type in a name on a game, but being able to use the keyboard for everything else?03:28
boscocchaos, found gparted doing what i need it to do03:28
shippomatrixblue_: that was a no go, so you thing it is a bad disk then?03:29
mlalkakawhat's the difference between "good" and "extra" visual effects? does it make a difference which one i choose if i am going to change the visual effects using compizconfig settings manager?03:29
cchaosbosco: if you want to use it for windows make sure it is either FAT, FAT32 or NTFS (NTFS recommended)03:29
Im_Toasteseven73: Nope03:29
eseven73!sound | Im_Toast (ok try these then...)03:29
ubottuIm_Toast (ok try these then...): If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:29
matrixblue_shippo, I would still use the built in CD checker. Other options are the alternate text based installer03:30
boscocchaos, right got that part that was the easy part03:30
matrixblue_shippo, how much RAM does the system have?03:30
shippomatrixblue_: i've tried the alt installer and am not good with it, have yet to do that successfully03:30
shippomatrixblue_: 256 right now03:30
cchaosbosco: if you got that part, thats it lol03:31
shippocan bump to 51203:31
ChotaZWhy wouldnt I be able to type in a name on a game, but being able to use the keyboard for everything else?03:31
=== mib_71cctqg1 is now known as dig
matrixblue_shippo, are you going directly into the install or are you starting the LiveCD environment?03:31
shippomatrixblue_: not sure which is which03:32
tictacis there an 'ubuntu way' of changing my video driver from vesa to nv?03:32
matrixblue_shippo, one option is "Try Xubuntu with affecting my computer" and the other is "Install Xubuntu"03:32
tictaci can always change xorg.conf, but didnt know if there was an ubuntu specific way of doing it.03:33
shippomatrixblue_: I am doing Install Xubuntu03:33
cchaostictac: whats the graphics card you have?03:33
tictacnvidia 7300 go.03:33
tictacim trying to get 1680x1050 resolution. i had to use vga=840 during install to get a 1400x1050 resolution that my monitor supported.03:33
matrixblue_shippo, try the Try without affecting option....also whcih version of Xubuntu are you using?03:33
shippomatrixblue_: on the two previous systems though the install started with out my interaction and now it initially boots to a flashing prompt at boot:03:34
tictacnow its set to vesa and 1280x1024.03:34
dkkongI've had to swap to the vesa driver to get my X to work because of a bug with my specific chipset. It won't let me select a higher refresh rate than 0hz now. Can I change this?03:34
ActionParsniptictac: sudo apt-get --reinstal install nvidia-glx-180; sudo nvidia-xconfig03:34
ActionParsniptictac: restart x server and run: gksudo nvidia-settings03:34
erhanhi, what could be causing ubuntu not to recognise my monitor's model?03:34
tictacis that the nvidia or nv driver?03:35
* tictac wants to use nv specifically.03:35
ActionParsniptictac: nvidia03:35
shippomatrixblue_: I am testing the cd now03:35
cchaosnv drivers are old03:35
mikejetMy ieee1394 FireWire ports don't show up in a "lspci -v" output. I did a modload raw1394, with no errors. What now?03:35
eseven73nv doesnt support 3d either, or was that changed?03:35
tictaci dont care if they are old. :P03:35
tictacnope. no 3d support needed.03:36
matrixblue_shippo, lemme know how that goes03:36
rpk2012I know people are probably all asking questions but I am seriously stuck.  Durring install and initialization, my pc froze.  When I rebooted, it said hd failure, and when I hit f1 to continue, no matter what, I can never see anything on my monitor, not even the bios info03:36
ActionParsniptictac: i think the driver is needed to get the res you want03:36
ActionParsniprpk2012: did you md5 check the iso you downloaded as well as verify the cd once you initially booted to it03:37
tictacActionParsnip: ive used nv to get 1680x1050 on debian before xorg decided to do this automagick crap and borked the system.03:37
cchaosrpk2012: any bleeps?03:37
ActionParsniprpk2012: did you burn as slowly as you were allowed03:37
rpk2012no bleeps03:37
cchaosrpk2012: can you enter BIOS?03:37
matrixblue_rpk2012, disconnect the HD and try to get to BIOS03:37
ActionParsniptictac: if you are comfortable, you can manually populate xorg.conf and it will ovberride the auto settings03:37
=== frivol is now known as flippo
KetrelWow, sersiously 64bit wep is LEFT OUT!?!?03:38
ActionParsnipKetrel: its not. I use it here03:38
shippomatrixblue_: no errors found03:39
Im_Toasteseven73: I have a question about the Sound Troubleshooting url you linked me to. Near the end it says I need to find something in 'lspci -v | less' called "Audio Device" but the only thing I have is "Multimedia audio controller" So... could this be my problem? Or do you think mine counts? lol03:39
matrixblue_shippo, It seems that the problem is occurring when it isn trying to extract to a ramdisk03:39
KetrelActionParsnip: it is not listed in the drop down, and I found a forum post complaining about it's removal03:39
onionpiehello all, how do I check what type of harddrive (IDE/PATA, or SATA) I have in Ubuntu?03:39
LiveSwearengenso i went and corrupted GRUB.. how is this super grub disk thing03:39
Mercidiahi there, has anyone ever played around with uinput driver? I nees help :S03:39
KetrelActionParsnip: also a repo to add to update the network manager to get it back03:39
matrixblue_shippo, add the additional RAM and try again03:39
ActionParsnipKetrel: i use the interfaces file for config personally03:40
scuniziLiveSwearengen: easier to just attempt to reinstall grub03:40
pl4sMahi guys, can help... my built-in bluetooth is not detected, nothing shows up on 'hcitool dev'03:40
ActionParsnipKetrel: you could try wifi-radar03:40
scunizi!grub | LiveSwearengen03:40
ubottuLiveSwearengen: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:40
eseven73Im_Toast, not sure but keep asking, or maybe check the forums http://ubuntuforums.org :D03:40
LiveSwearengenno i deleted a partition03:40
LiveSwearengenwell, it's still there03:40
LiveSwearengeni formatted a partition03:40
onionpiehello all, how do I check what type of harddrive (IDE/PATA, or SATA) I have in Ubuntu?03:40
scuniziLiveSwearengen: doesn't matter you can still reinstall grub03:41
matrixblue_onionpie, open the PC and check03:41
KetrelActionParsnip: after I (hopefully) get this connected, I'm going to install Wicd03:41
onionpiecan I do it from the command line?03:41
shippomatrixblue_: I am trying the "try xubuntu with out installing" option real quick to see if it does anything03:41
sebsebsebh8red: hi03:41
=== deb is now known as Guest23632
h8redheya sebsebseb03:41
h8redim new to linux03:41
KetrelUntil then I gotta run half way across the house to where there's an ethernet jack03:41
cchaosonionpie: its a physical thing, so get the screwdrivers out03:41
=== Guest23632 is now known as sister
ActionParsniponionpie: sudo lshw > ~/hw.txt; gedit ~/hw.txt &03:42
matrixblue_shippo, if that does work then there is an install link on the desktop03:42
scunizionionpie: easier to look in the box.. small typically red cable=sata  wide flat ribbon=ide/pata03:42
h8redthis ubuntu is really cool03:42
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sebsebsebh8red: did we talk before?03:42
scunizih8red: welcome to the adventure03:42
sebsebsebonionpie: see my pm03:42
h8redi've never logged onto this server before03:42
LiveSwearengeni get error 15 not found with both03:43
ActionParsnipscunizi: all drives have ide ;)03:43
sebsebsebh8red: oh nevermind I hi'ed you03:43
h8redoh was it an auto-hi03:43
sebsebsebh8red: no not auto hi03:43
wizaredi have a 2175 hp all in one. how do i get it to scan on ubuntu03:43
sebsebsebh8red: your running the server version?03:43
cchaoswizared: xsane03:43
ActionParsnip!scan | wizared03:44
scuniziActionParsnip: only a coder would come up with that:)03:44
ubottuwizared: Scanning software: XSane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR03:44
eseven73sebsebseb, you're*03:44
sisterbluehow can I get .mid files to play03:44
sebsebsebeseven73: yes  you're03:44
ActionParsnipscunizi: i just like the facts :D03:44
ActionParsnipsisterblue: install timidity03:44
scuniziActionParsnip: you'll never be a politician with that attitude!03:44
sisterbluehi actionparsnip  it is already installed but they still do not play03:44
boscohttp://i680.photobucket.com/albums/vv164/boscoslife/Screenshot.png?t=1239417720 i need to know what partition i need to edit to make it so i have a ntfs for both ubuntu and linux???????????03:44
ActionParsnipscunizi: i'm not even on the electoral register dude :)03:45
scunizibosco:  you mean you want to share a partition between windows and linux?03:45
lstarnesbosco: ubuntu should be using a filesystem native to linux, such as ext303:45
rashed2020Hey y'all03:45
ActionParsnipsisterblue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26831903:45
sebsebsebrashed2020 hi03:46
h8redcan someone point me to a good website with very basic explanations of linux terminal commands?03:46
pl4sMahi guys, can help ? ... my built-in bluetooth is not detected, nothing shows up on 'hcitool dev'03:46
h8redi'm used to using a command prompt, but in DOS03:46
h8redlinux is completely new to me :(03:46
wizaredwhat about a lexmark x3430.03:46
scunizibosco: linux won't run in ntfs.. windows won't run in ext3.. but they can share either a ntfs or ext3 partition for data.. typically ext3 is good  .. there's a driver for windows to see it03:46
ActionParsniph8red: terminal is similar but has a billion times more power, if you are new just use the system and get used to it03:47
cchaosscunizi: more info please03:47
scunizih8red: lots of the concepts translate.. if you know dos or some of it you'll catch on easier03:47
scunizicchaos: ?03:47
boscoscunizi, right look at the screen shot of gparted and i need to know what i need to edit since i  have no space left so i dont loose any os03:47
WebcamWonderscunizi: There is a driver for ext2, not for ext3. If you use the ext2, you get to turn off disabling. Ntfs-3g, on the other hand, is much better03:47
WebcamWonderscunizi: journaling*03:47
cchaosscunizi: re: driver for XP to read ext303:47
h8redActionParsnip: I've only been using Ubuntu 1 day now03:47
sebsebsebbosco: and Ext4 is just round the corner in Ubuntu 9.04, and  Linux can read and write nicely to NTFS. and there's a  Ext3 driver for Windows03:48
h8redWhatever commands I've entered I've typed off the web03:48
h8redI have no idea what I'm typing03:48
ActionParsniph8red: then just get used to it for now, get your hardware setup and then have fun03:48
wizaredxsane doesnt work with a lexmark x3430. what will03:48
WebcamWonderh8red: Google has many, http://www.google.com/search?q=beginner%27s+guide+to+Linux+terminal&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a03:48
ActionParsniph8red: thats fine for now03:48
h8redcool thanks03:48
scunizibosco: so you're just trying to create another partition?.. I'd blow away the swap and shrink the linux partition .. then recreate the swap03:49
h8redbeen a windows power user for a long time, having patience being a newb all over again is hard hehe03:49
matrixblue_h8red, download the ubuntu pocket guide03:49
h8redokay cool03:49
rotkeppchen... they are all counting sheep ...03:49
tictacnvidia tries to use 1280x1024 which isnt supported by my monitor/device.03:49
matrixblue_h8red, and read a new issues of fullcircle magazine03:49
tictaci tried changing the mode to 1680x1024 in xorg.conf but it still tries to use 1280x102403:50
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h8redi'm assuming choppy flash / youtube video when maximized comes with the territory running this03:50
sisterblueactionpasnip  thank you  that is also already installed.  .mid files still do not play when using the browser  firefox or seamonkey why??03:50
matrixblue_http://www.fullcirclemagazine.org sorry03:50
WebcamWonderh8red: Yes. But it gets better if you are running Flash 1003:50
h8redhell i dont even know which one i got03:51
ActionParsniptictac: you can manually populate xorg.conf with the res you want, set it to something your monitor CAN use then edit xorg.conf and edit it as youu wish03:51
WebcamWonderh8red: Try right clicking on any flash movie, it will tell you about <version number>03:51
scuniziWebcamWonder: true.. cchaos check out http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd03:51
LiveSwearengenif i dont have a /boot what should i do03:51
matrixblue_shippo: I'm guessing your problem is solved?03:52
h8red10 sweet03:52
sisterblueactionparsnip thank you that is also already installed. .mid files still do not play when using the browser firefox or seamonkey why??03:52
cchaosscunizi: thanks03:53
thatarmyengineeri need help03:53
thatarmyengineerwith getting ubuntu up03:53
sebsebsebthatarmyengineer: with what?03:53
scunizicchaos: np03:53
sebsebsebthatarmyengineer: booted up or installed?03:53
h8redi got some really great stuff from the add applications button.  i have an rpn calculator now03:53
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cchaos!ask | thatarmyengineer03:53
ubottuthatarmyengineer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:53
sebsebsebh8red: add applications heh03:53
thatarmyengineerwell i installed it03:53
matrixblue_thatarmyengineer, we need details to be able to assist03:53
sebsebsebh8red: use the synaptic package manager :)03:53
ActionParsnipsisterblue: not sure, maybe it needs a symlink to the plugins . let me websearch03:53
sebsebsebh8red: and you can learn how to get stuff usign command line as well03:54
h8redim not quite sure how seb03:54
shippomatrixblue_: not yet03:54
thatarmyengineeri installed it and all and im currently on windows 7 os03:54
sebsebsebh8red: add/remove is a cut down version of synaptic package manager and it isan't that good03:54
scunizih8red: you think there's lots there. check out System/Admin/Synaptic Package Manager for more03:54
shippoIt does not appear that it booted to the desktop03:54
WebcamWonderh8red: System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager03:54
ActionParsnipsisterblue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=229671&highlight=midi03:54
h8redyeah i've been there03:54
matrixblue_shippo, what's it doing?03:54
h8redi search for something and nothing comes up in there03:54
shippomatrixblue_: sitting at a black screen03:54
thatarmyengineerlike its installed on my c drive and all03:54
h8redlike Deluge for instance.  found it in the add app but not package manager03:54
sisterblueactionparsnip thanx  lemme check that out03:54
* h8red shrug03:54
UbuntunubI can't get world of warcraft started on wine (wine channel is blocked invite only)--- Can anyone expierenced with wine/wow on wine help?03:54
matrixblue_shippo, did you add the extra RAM?03:55
WebcamWonderUbuntunub: #winehq is the channel03:55
UbuntunubWebcanWonder: thanks03:55
thatarmyengineeri mean i have a amd quad core and 8gb of ram and all i just need help03:55
DG19075h8red: you can use sudo apt-get install from a terminal to install stuff03:55
cina1977hi any 1 here03:55
cchaos!ask | thatarmyengineer03:55
sebsebsebcina1977: no03:55
UbuntunubWebcanWonder: it says i am banned from it03:56
thatarmyengineeri have tried asking03:56
cina1977 :D03:56
shippomatrixblue_: not yet give me a sec03:56
WebcamWonderUbuntunub: Well, there must be a reason. But you might want to try ot for that. This is the official support channel03:56
WebcamWonder!ot | Ubuntunub03:56
ubottuUbuntunub: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:56
thatarmyengineeri need to know how to get ubuntu to boot up on a restart03:56
hexoroidhow can i add user to have root privillages adduser -g or something03:57
matrixblue_thatarmyengineer, how far in the installation are you getting?03:57
WebcamWonderthatarmyengineer: We need more detailed description as to what is happening03:57
thatarmyengineeri get fully into the install its all the way installed03:57
lstarneshexoroid: sudo gpasswd -a username admin03:57
sebsebsebcchaos: we put him off the channel? he heh03:57
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matrixblue_thatarmyengineer, when you reboot there should be an option to boot from Ubuntu03:57
lstarnesUbuntunub: try finding one of their ops with /msg chanserv access #winehq list03:58
cchaossebsebseb: yeah go on then lol03:58
matrixblue_boot to Ubuntu*03:58
sebsebsebcchaos: he left rather soon after your lol03:58
hexoroidlstarnes what about normal name with uid 0 like adduser -g 0 or something like that03:58
thatarmyengineerit doesnt say to it just auto loads windows 7 no optopn03:58
h8redDG19075:  yeah i do the sudo get that's how i got my flash player and divx codecs03:58
lstarneshexoroid: that is highly not recommended03:58
h8redand vlc03:58
h8redi tried to remove that lame totem player, it's so glitchy03:58
h8redbut it wont remove03:58
lstarneshexoroid: doing so will likely result in irrereversible damage03:58
cchaossebsebseb: just noticed lol03:59
WebcamWonderh8red: That is the biggest sign of a power user. Removing totem :)03:59
sebsebseb!lol >  cchaso03:59
sebsebseb!lol >  cchaos03:59
ubottucchaos, please see my private message03:59
h8redwell i dont think unbuntu wants to let it go03:59
thatarmyengineerok is there a tech i could talk to cause im not getting any help03:59
thiebaudeh8red: did you sudo apt-get remove totem?03:59
DG19075h8red; you'd use apt-get remove for that03:59
WebcamWonderh8red: It will ask you to remove the ubuntu-desktop metapackage, which can sound a little disturbing, but it isn't. However, for new uesrs, I recommend just keeping it around04:00
cchaossebsebseb: fair enough04:00
h8redokay.  it's not taking up much space anyway im sure04:00
matrixblue_thatarmyengineer, I', not entirely sure the wubi installer works on Windows 7 as that OS isn't officially release yet. (it would be retarded if Microsoft blocked Ubuntu in Windows 7)04:00
h8redi'm assuming vlc is the best linux video player?04:00
WebcamWonderh8red: I prefer mplayer handsdown04:00
sebsebsebh8red: no it's not the best04:00
coz_h8red,  well many people think so  I personally use mplayer04:00
h8redoh, really?04:01
thatarmyengineerwell it wont04:01
sebsebsebh8red: mplayer is good and banshee04:01
scunizih8red: I use both vlc and mplayer..04:01
coz_h8red,  vlc is great on windows though :)04:01
sebsebseb!best |  h8red04:01
ubottuh8red: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:01
thatarmyengineeras soon as it was installed i restarted and then bam windows 7 loaded no option to load ubuntu04:01
scunizih8red: vlc will also tune online tv and radio04:01
h8redi didn't care for vlc on windows04:01
h8redmore of a media player classic kinda guy04:01
h8redbut i figured it was better in linux or something04:01
lstarnesthatarmyengineer: you could try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub04:01
Xcellsudo deletebillgates -F -r now04:02
WebcamWonderh8red: Like most people said here. It boils down to personal preference, and most people either choose mplayer or vlc04:02
matrixblue_thatarmyengineer, Other than trying the install again I'm out of ideas. Try the Ubuntu forums04:02
WebcamWonderthatarmyengineer: Were you trying wubi?04:02
thatarmyengineerthats what i installed it with i believe04:03
h8redi just did a quicksearch in synaptic for mplayer and nothing came up04:03
scuniziXcell: that would be sudo rm -rf bill.gates04:03
shippomatrixblue_: new ram is in04:03
Xcellwow.. worked.. thanks04:03
h8rednot sure what i'm doing wrong... i have the medibuntu packages in there04:03
WebcamWonderthatarmyengineer: Here is the bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/31813504:03
KillerOrcaI just installed a new DVD writer and HDD and my screen resolution is now set incorrectly, and the option that it was previously set at is now gone, any ideas?04:03
matrixblue_shippo, try the install option from the first menu04:04
WebcamWonderh8red: Are you sure. Fire up a terminal and tell me if this command works, aptitude show mplayer04:04
shippomatrixblue_: trying that now04:05
matrixblue_shippo, crossing fingers04:06
h8redyeah webcam04:06
h8redit pasted a whole bunch of stuff04:06
h8redsays not installed though04:06
RouninHello... I was wondering whether there's any simple way to make the little calendar in the corner in Gnome (seems to be called "Clock" and made by the FSF) to display Monday as the first day of the week?04:06
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WebcamWonderh8red: Meh... I never liked synaptic in the first place :p.... Don't know why it isn't working for you though04:06
sebsebsebh8red: use cheese to test web cam04:06
matrixblue_h8red, sudo apt-get install mplayer04:06
WebcamWonderh8red: sudo aptitude install mplayer, to install it04:06
B3rz3rk3rsebsebseb, why not just use your computer to test it? :p04:07
WebcamWondersebsebseb: You want to test me? :P04:07
cchaosRounin: seems to be set on mine as starting day: monday04:07
h8redbut searching in the package manager...something 'should' come up when i search right04:07
matrixblue_h8red, I like smplayer which is a front end to mplayer (gives better controls)04:07
h8redthanks guys04:07
RouninThat's odd, cchaos... Is there a setting somewhere, or does it just detect it somehow, you think?04:07
WebcamWonderh8red: Yeah. On the left, there would be a category saying programs installed, not installed. Try switching the categotry04:08
cchaosRounin: give me a min: Im playing with it04:08
h8redsudo aptitude install smplayer04:08
h8redthats what im about to do04:08
sebsebsebB3rz3rdk3r  and  WebcamWonder  did I miss something?   I thought someone wanted to get a web cam working,  and I haven't used cheese personally04:08
WebcamWondersebsebseb: He was asking about mplayer and abreviatted my nick :)04:09
shippomatrixblue_: same thing! :(04:09
WebcamWonderh8red: Yup, that would install mplayer04:09
sebsebsebWebcamWonder: oh ok04:09
matrixblue_shippo, where exactly does it hang again?04:09
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cchaosRounin: cant see any settings for it :a04:10
h8redso that's how i install stuff04:10
=== meshug_pas_la_ca is now known as pas_la_calice
tictacbah i still cant get xorg to run at 1680x1050.04:10
Rounincchaos: Haha, how odd... But thanks for checking it out, anyway04:10
h8redi don't quite get how that works yet, but cool04:10
_Brun0__sveakex, back04:10
WebcamWonderh8red: Yup. The power user way... :)... And to remove stuff, sudo aptitude purge <package_name>04:10
cchaosRounin: go to about: what version are you using?04:11
h8redsudo aptitude purge vlc04:11
Rounin2.24.1 it says04:11
Mean_Adminhi, I'm trying to copy my OS to a new hard drive. I've cp -ax / to a new hard drive, anything else I should do ?04:11
h8redwell ill try to remove that from that package manager thing04:11
h8redit seems there are probably other files associated w/ vlc04:11
RouninThe Ubuntu version is... The ... the one from six months ago04:11
WebcamWonderh8red: If you remove vlc, all its dependencies would automatically be removed (it will inform you of those packages)04:12
matrixblue_h8red, keep vlc player04:12
DG19075h8red: you can also use apt-get install -y to eliminate the Do you want to continue question04:12
RouninThe <adjective> <animal or bird name>04:12
cchaosRounin: same as mine then04:12
h8redwhy keep it?  i have mplayer04:12
DG19075that should be, apt-get install -y04:12
h8redi dont need 24 different media players04:12
RouninAh well, perhaps my .deb repository is run by a Jehovah's Witness04:12
RouninIt's a mystery04:12
WebcamWonderh8red: That is fine. It is your choice. Generally, linux programs are cheap in terms of their diskspace04:13
matrixblue_h8red, it can play some stuff that mplayer can;t04:13
WebcamWondermatrixblue_: Really? I have yet to come across such an event04:13
matrixblue_h8red, I'd remove everything except mplayer and VLC04:13
h8redi figured that would be more about the codecs than player04:13
cchaosRounin: that I dont know04:13
matrixblue_WebcamWonder, FLV are one example04:13
h8redflv good call!04:14
shippomatrixblue_: trying again to make sure04:14
h8reddoes mplayer or vln do well with mp304:14
h8redor should i get a mp3 specific player04:14
WebcamWonderh8red: Both do well04:14
DG19075vlc does04:14
matrixblue_h8red, for mp3 go with Banshee04:14
bonez46where can I find networking help? I want to get my printer set up to share on my LAN with some other windows machines..04:14
WebcamWonderh8red: But as far as library management goes, I don't think you can consider them as library managers04:14
DG19075 and alsaplayer does too04:14
WebcamWonderbonez46: ##networking04:15
h8redi always used windows explorer as a library manager04:15
bonez46WebcamWonder: thanks04:15
WebcamWonderh8red: Then you should be good with both of them :)04:15
WebcamWonderbonez46: Np04:15
DG19075h8res: here you can use nautilus or thunar04:15
Radtoobonez46: or samba / cups tutorials (can't link atm, but you'll find some)04:16
matrixblue_h8red, they'll be good unless you want playlists, shuffle, iPod sync, etc04:16
shippomatrixblue_: starting ubiquity...04:16
bonez46Radtoo:  thanks..04:16
DG19075like you'd use windows explorer04:16
h8redthe computer i'm sitting at now has a funky wireless card, always a pain to get the drivers installed in windows04:16
matrixblue_shippo, awesome!!!!04:16
h8redwhen i installed unbutu it was no problem whatsoever04:16
WebcamWonderh8red: Well, that is a first :D04:17
h8redcome a long way, last time i tried to install linux years ago, i was stopped b/c of a lack of drivers04:17
DG19075which is why i dumped windows for this04:17
shippofailed again04:17
matrixblue_WebcamWonder, people always talk about wireless card issues but I've yet to come across one04:17
h8redi dumped windows last night when both my desktop and laptop cratered and i got enraged because i just formatted them both a few weeks ago04:18
shipposomething about the monitor...04:18
DG19075and microsofts genuine advantage that say guilty till proven innocent on windows installs04:18
matrixblue_shippo, what exact error message do you get?04:18
h8redso i googled best linux distro.....grabbed the unbuntu torrent04:18
h8redand here i am today04:18
WebcamWondermatrixblue_: Depends entirely on what card you have seriously. I also don't have any problems with the wireless, but I have only used broadcom04:18
shipposplash: setting mode 640x480 failed04:18
shipposcreen init failed04:18
drowneri had wireless card issues on Breezy, went away on edgy04:18
DG19075trust me, you'll fall in love with this beast04:18
DG19075rock solid and just runs and runs04:19
h8redi have a considerable amount of windows open on both desktop screens here04:19
shippomatrixblue_: I am dumped again to ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ prompt04:19
matrixblue_shippo, sounds like you have to use the alternate CD04:19
cchaosI had issues with a belkin wireless network card. I ditched it for a edimax one, but currntly using ethernet LAN04:19
h8redone of which is deluge downloading several gigs of torrent04:19
h8redwith no slowdown at all04:19
h8redthe only complaint i have is choppy flash video04:19
matrixblue_shippo, it's a graphics issue04:19
=== pas_la_calice is now known as meshuggah
DG19075h8red try installing flashplayer-nonfree; that should help04:20
h8redi did that actually04:20
shippomatrixblue_: not sure why that would be the issue, it has a appian graphics jeronimo pro card04:20
WebcamWonderDG19075: He has Flash 10 already...04:21
DG19075]in getting rid of the choppiness04:21
h8redits not so bad at 115204:21
h8redbut any higher desktop rez and its unwatchable04:21
shippomartixblue_:  crud that is probably it, i thought the video card was a matrox card!04:21
cchaosWhats the commend to edit xorg.conf?04:22
h8redi googled around a bit and that seems to come with the territory running linux04:22
matrixblue_shippo, not sure either but the fact that you make it to the terminal  ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ means that Xubuntu has loaded but the GUI is having an issue04:22
WebcamWondercchaos: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf (IIRC)04:22
cchaosWebcamWonder: ta04:23
shippois there an appian graphics driver for ubuntu?04:23
* aprilhare has never heard of appian04:24
shippoaprilhare: they were a high end graphics card back in the late 90s04:24
aprilhareshippo: ic - they still produce stuff?04:25
matrixblue_shippo, I'm sure that there are drivers04:25
geniishippo: It uses S3 drivers04:25
matrixblue_but this one is having issues initializing X04:25
shippoDon't think they are in business anymore04:25
h8redhmmm does evolution sync w/ blackberry desktop?04:25
h8redif such a beast exists for linux04:26
homeskilletis there a movie player that can let me book mark where i was in video files so i can resume watchin later?04:26
geniishippo: My Appian Way Gemini does, anyhow04:26
shippoS3 drivers, good, is that part of the base install for xubuntu?04:26
matrixblue_shippo, either use an older version of xubuntu (8.04) or use the text based installer04:26
rpk2012whats a crc error     ---system halted04:26
geniirpk2012: Fatal04:27
SiveranIs there a way to disable ALSA only temporarily?04:27
twolanerpk2012: cyclic redundancy check04:27
aprilharerpk2012: somebody has corrupted files04:27
PeskyJis it possible to see WiFi passwords stored from previous sessions?04:27
thebackwashh8red: actually, you were talking about learning how to use the terminal progs before, weren't you?04:27
aprilharenot me :)04:27
shippookay guys that is me for the night, i appreciate all of your assistance matrixblue_ and genii04:27
matrixblue_rpk2012, you need a new HD it seems04:27
thebackwashh9red: i found a really good site04:27
h8redjust basic commands are what i need to learn now04:27
thebackwashh8red: softpanorama.org04:27
h8redi dont like having to essentially paste things from the web to install stuff when i dont know exactly what it means04:27
WebcamWonderhomeskillet: You could just notedown the time, and resume from that time. But I don't know of any player that specifically has that feature04:27
thebackwashh8red: there are definitely some advanced topics on there, but there are also a lot of helpful hints04:27
rpk2012hrmm, well that sucks04:28
h8redthanks man really appreciate it!04:28
rpk2012what can cause this?04:28
cchaosAre there any scripts (from logon) that select the resolution to be used, or is it all based on xorg.conf?04:29
PeskyJI'm at parents house and my brother who set it up is not in, I'm on the wifi on my laptop but need to get the password to connect the iphone too04:29
=== meshuggah is now known as meshaway
WebcamWondercchaos: xorg.conf04:29
epaphusdpes openvpn in ubuntu have a GUI??04:29
Radtoocchaos: You can use xrandr on runtime, but its not on logon.04:29
matrixblue_rpk2012, things fail but before you rule it out boot from a live CD and run fsck04:30
coz_epaphus,   gnome or kde?04:30
epaphusyeah either04:30
coz_epaphus,  GoVPM04:30
* aprilhare wonders what can truly take advantage of the physx on his graphics card04:31
crdlbcchaos: gnome can set the resolution for you via XRandR04:31
matrixblue_anyway people...I have a site to finish. Later04:31
coz_epaphus,  openvpm-gui04:31
coz_epaphus,   http://openvpn.fuchs.cc/04:31
cchaosWebcamWonder: thought so. So why would "root" login in with a 1280x1024 screen (from xorg.conf) but "normal" run with a 1024x768 screen res? (this is fixed now: Im just wondering what the problem would be)04:31
KetrelAre there broadcom cards that CANNOT be setup at all?04:31
WebcamWonderKetrel: What do you mean by that?04:32
WebcamWondercchaos: That is weird. The resolution would have been setup before the login screen04:32
frybyePeskyJ: phone your brother and ask him for the pw to the router . in the config there u find the key for the wifi..04:32
crdlbcchaos: because the user has changed their preferred resolution, and it was written to ~/.config/monitors.xml04:32
PeskyJfrybye: it's 04:00 here04:32
crdlband gnome-settings-daemon reads that file to set the resolution at login04:32
PeskyJum 04:3004:32
epaphuscoz_, is that not included in the repository? i cant do apt-get install right?04:33
frybyethen forget it..04:33
cchaoscrdlb: so edit that file, and should be sorted?04:33
PeskyJfrybye: they're not stored somewhere?04:33
KetrelWebcamWonder: I'm trying to get a Broadcom card setup with no luck so I'm asking if there are any that simply will not work04:33
coz_epaphus,   hold on let me look04:33
WebcamWonderKetrel: Depends on your card. One of the models work fine for me04:34
WebcamWonder!broadcom | Ketrel04:34
ubottuKetrel: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:34
hanasakiwhat is the best way to copy over 50 gig of data and keep permissions and owner/group info the same?04:34
frybyeuse a device that has already been setup.. and the i-phone next time..04:34
KetrelWebcamWonder: you're misunderstanding04:34
coz_epaphus,  I dont see it in the repisitory04:34
KetrelI've done ALL OF THAT with no luck, so I'm asking if there are any cards that WILL NOT work at all04:34
PeskyJfrybye: my ubuntu laptop doesn't have the app-store on it04:35
WebcamWonderKetrel: Don't know of any cards that would refuse to work. What card do you have04:35
epaphuscoz_, anything similar which is included?04:35
coz_epaphus,  mm let me check04:35
cchaosHmmm cant see aa .config folder in home04:35
PeskyJhow does it connect without knowing the password? it must be somewhere04:35
KetrelWebcamWonder: remind me how to check again?04:35
Ketrel(I started this last night)04:35
WebcamWonderKetrel: lspci | grep Broadcom04:36
fool_hey guys is there a thunderbird equivalent on the console ?04:36
KetrelWebcamWonder: BCM430904:36
coz_epaphus,  there is  kvpm for kde but if you are not running KDE I wouldnt install that because you are going to pull in the kde libs  and bunch of stuff you dont need for that one app04:36
Mike_lifeguardIs there an easy way to check how much RAM my computer has in ubuntu?04:36
WebcamWonderKetrel: What version of Ubuntu are you running?04:36
WebcamWonderMike_lifeguard: free04:37
epaphuscoz_, okey04:37
frybyePeskyJ: sure it is stored - and iirrightly - strongly encrypted...or?04:37
epaphusi run gnome04:37
WebcamWonderMike_lifeguard: or top, or htop04:37
coz_epaphus, the openvpm-gui should be too difficutl to install let me check04:37
KetrelWebcamWonder: Intrepid Ibex04:37
cchaosmonitors.xml: not found uunder search in file system04:37
epaphuscoz_, but i see in the networking icon.. that there is a part that says "connect to a vpn" have you seen it ? default install04:37
PeskyJfrybye: is it in the keychain?04:37
WebcamWonderKetrel: And have you tried enabling the drivers from System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers?04:38
frybyehang on i was wrong...04:38
=== pubuntu is now known as DJvRadio
KetrelWebcamWonder: it found nothing04:38
Ketrelwhen I did that04:39
DJvRadiowho was wrong??04:39
frybyedouble click on the wlan sig strength icon..04:39
KetrelWebcamWonder: it just is blank04:39
=== gaintsura_ is now known as gaintsura
frybyeselectthe name of the wlan there.. and EDIT then click on the box to show key..04:39
crdlbcchaos: I thought you said it was already fixed?04:40
frybyePeskyJ: got it??04:40
PeskyJfrybye: I did that but it's a big old string of hex or something, that's not the password I used... I actually know mostly what the password is, but it has some numbers in that I'm not sure of04:40
crdlbcchaos: it may be ~/.gnome2/monitors.xml on older versions of ubuntu04:40
cchaoscrdlb: yeah, but with a high refresh rate04:41
cchaoscrdlb: Im using 8.1004:41
XiaolinDraconishi guys04:42
WebcamWonderKetrel: A quick google search suggests that people got that card working by ndiswrapper only04:42
frybyehmm.. i had that after mooving to jaunty too.. try copying the hex and entering that...04:42
KetrelWebcamWonder: I AM using ndiswrapper04:42
XiaolinDraconischown -R is to own folder plus subdirectories right?04:42
yinlongwho can help me that i can't shut down my laptop's bluetooth.04:43
histo_XiaolinDraconis: yes04:43
frybyePeskyJ: i have to go for a bit now.. wish u luck..04:44
yinlongwho knows how to shut down the bluetooth in ubuntu?04:44
ice-nineyinlong, you should be able to stop the bluetooth service at booth by checking /etc/rc5.d/ for the offending process04:44
PeskyJfrybye: I think that's the password used generated from the passkey, and if I type that into the iphone, it will hash it or whatever as if it was a passkey itself, rather than the hash of it.04:44
PeskyJoh, heh04:44
yinlongice-nine,tell me how to do clearly please04:45
meoblast001hi.... my CD rom won't eject a CD..... i need some help... how can i do this from the command line04:45
XiaolinDraconischown -R doesnt work on /media    ?04:45
=== meshaway is now known as meshuggah
ice-nineyinlong, it's listed in my install as S25bluetooth.  In my install, I'd move that to K25bluetooth04:45
XiaolinDraconisgot missing operand04:45
XiaolinDraconisello Action04:46
RoyallDoes anyone know what the fonts are on in the screenshots on this page? http://torsmo.sourceforge.net/index.php04:46
twolaneXiaolinDraconis: chown -R user:group folder/04:46
XiaolinDraconisthats what i forgot04:46
ice-nineyinlong, what does "ls /etc/rc5.d *bluetooth" return?04:46
yinlongice-nine,i installed kdebluetooth4,does it work?04:46
XiaolinDraconisits user OR group right? not both...?04:46
yinlongice-nine,ok,let me try it.04:47
twolaneXiaolinDraconis: they can both be the same if thats what you mean, user:user04:47
salvadorfli need help04:47
yinlongice-nine,README                       S20dkms_autoinstaller  S30system-tools-backends04:48
yinlongS01policykit                 S20hotkey-setup        S89anacron04:48
yinlongS05vbesave                   S20powernowd           S89atd04:48
yinlongS10acpid                     S20rsync               S89cron04:48
yinlongS10sysklogd                  S20vboxdrv             S90binfmt-support04:48
FloodBot2yinlong: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:48
yinlongS10xserver-xorg-input-wacom  S20virtualbox-ose      S98usplash04:48
XiaolinDraconischown -R user /media is what i typed04:48
cchaos!ask | salvadorfl04:48
ubottusalvadorfl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:48
XiaolinDraconisgot no errors04:48
salvadorfli want to connect to my  brother's computer using ssh04:48
XiaolinDraconisi understand u now04:48
XiaolinDraconisthere is also a group of same name04:48
OnasuDoes anybody have a link to a good detailed document for installing Ubuntu in a drive partition? I am currently running Win XP and would like to install Ubuntu into a partitioned space that is not on the primary drive. Thanks04:48
twolaneXiaolinDraconis: try chown -R user:user /media/04:48
twolaneXiaolinDraconis: user being a group.04:49
meoblast001how do i specify a filesystem type when mounting a CD?04:49
salvadorfliit gives me this error ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused04:49
PeskyJmeoblast001: -t to mount04:49
PeskyJmeoblast001: man mount04:49
salvadorflany body know how to fixit?04:50
jblackhallis anyone having trouble connecting to ubuntu servers for updates?  The main US server to be specific, I guess04:50
=== baddog_ is now known as baddog
jblackhalllaunchpad as well04:50
drownercan someone recommend a music organiser/program thing04:50
blacknred0i have this error on thunderbird "warning: incompatible stripping characters and condition: SFX" any thoughts?04:50
ActionParsnipsalvadorfl: has he setup port forwarding on his router (if he uses one)04:51
ActionParsnipdrowner: amarok04:51
drownerthat will COPY all my files from one disk and organise them somewhere else (like *gulp* itunes)04:51
drownernot amarok04:51
XiaolinDraconistwolane: what i am trying to do is become owner of my partitions and drives... plus give administrators read and write access04:51
ActionParsnipdrowner: banshee04:51
drownercan banshee do that?04:51
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs04:51
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod04:51
salvadorfldont have a router only modem04:52
drownerthanks ActionParsnip04:52
yinlongice-nine,i use the command,and how to operate then?04:52
drowneri usually use rhythmbox, cause it seems nice and light04:52
mopoyoActionParsnip, I have an ipod04:52
ice-nineyinlong, I'm running ubuntu, not kubuntu so may not be able to help.  But if I were to suggest, try opening synaptic, and entering kdebluetooth4 in the search, and deselecting the package to try and remove it.  After that, a reboot may be remove it for good.04:52
drownerbut it doesn't actually MOVE the files into my library04:52
ActionParsnipsalvadorfl: then make sure he's install openssh-server04:52
drownerand organise them04:52
drowneraccording to tag04:52
sprockets2000how do I make a folder hidden (NOT USING A . IN FRONT)04:52
ActionParsnipmopoyo: my comiserations04:52
drowneri have 'EasyTag' but i can't get that working with anything apart from mp304:52
yinlongice-nine,mine is ubuntu too.04:53
ActionParsnipsprockets2000: thats how yu do it04:53
ActionParsnipsprockets2000: in the linux OS, the dot means hidden04:53
yinlongice-nine,i installed kdebluetooth4,but i can not display it.04:54
mopoyoActionParsnip, you spelt comisserations wrong04:54
OnasuDoes anybody have a link to a good detailed document for installing Ubuntu in a drive partition? I am currently running Win XP and would like to install Ubuntu into a partitioned space that is not on the primary drive. Thanks04:55
ActionParsnipmopoyo: you understood what i meant though so the language and spelling was successful04:55
juasprockets2000 why you want another way to hide files?04:55
frybyePeskyJ: did you fix the problem..?04:55
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:55
PeskyJfrybye: no, I think the password stored is the hash of the passkey04:55
ice-nineyinlong, try removing the package via synaptic and see if it stops loading.04:56
PeskyJfrybye: so typing it into another device it does a hash of the hash (as if it were the passkey)04:56
mopoyoActionParsnip, 0|< t|-|3|\|04:56
twolaneXiaolinDraconis:  chown -R user:admin /media/ would give the admin group access. chmod may be necessary. Thats something you might want to read up on.04:56
ActionParsnipmopoyo: huh?04:56
frybyePeskyJ: figures.-.- don't see much answer to your prob then - except if there is a full-bore hacker here who -might- tell you how to break into your own pc ...04:57
ActionParsnipmopoyo: oh leetspeak, is that still used?04:57
coz_epaphus,  it doesnt look that difficutl to compile for your system but if you are not comfortable with that then google for vpn  frontends04:57
mopoyoActionParsnip, you're an idiot04:57
drownermaybe i could write my own script to do it04:58
ActionParsnipmopoyo: 011011000110111101110011011001010111001004:58
drownerespecially considering everyone has stopped listening to me04:58
histo_ActionParsnip: wow making all kinds of friends tonight04:58
ActionParsniphisto_: 2 people of the billions of folks on the earth, i'll live04:58
yinlongi can not run my kdebluetooth4,who can help me?04:59
GG111222anybody willing to try to help an ignoramus like me?04:59
ActionParsnipGG111222: wassup dude04:59
mopoyoI have a 4th generation ipod :)04:59
R0b0t1For some reason the hardware drivers app isn't doing anything, it seems to be stuck.05:00
yinlongice-nine,ok,let me try.05:00
histo!bluetooth > yinlong05:00
R0b0t1I am trying to install an ATI video driver.05:00
ubottuyinlong, please see my private message05:00
GG111222Ubuntu can't see my cd player. Windoze and the BIOS do though05:00
histo!ati > R0b0t105:00
ubottuR0b0t1, please see my private message05:00
mopoyoIt's the fat one with the click wheel and it doesn't have colour :)05:00
ActionParsnipGG111222: whats the output of: file /dev/scd005:00
histoGG111222: are you sure it can't see it or the auto mount isnot working?05:00
ActionParsnipmopoyo: do you want a prize?05:00
R0b0t1histo: My problem is not with the cards, it is with the application to activate the driver.05:00
mopoyo!ot > ActionParsnip05:01
ubottuActionParsnip, please see my private message05:01
GG111222now here's the bad part. The computer with this problem is in another location05:01
histo!ohmy | mopoyo05:01
ActionParsnip!ot no onoe cares about your ipod > mopoyo05:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:01
ubottumopoyo: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.05:01
PeskyJfrybye: guess I won't get the iphone connected tonight then :/ no 3G connection here05:02
mopoyoCan an iphone run ubuntu?05:02
minazois there an option so that i can get the terminal to beep? i've tried Edit -> Preferences but I do not see an option to turn it off or on. using xterm.05:02
ActionParsnipGG111222: you can ssh over and run commands :)05:02
frybyePeskyJ: looks that way...05:02
blacknred0i have this error on thunderbird "warning: incompatible stripping characters and condition: SFX" any thoughts?05:03
R0b0t1I am unable to activate an ATI driver on my Mac. This is not really a hardware problem, it is just that the application that would otherwise allow me to do so freezes.05:03
R0b0t1The FGLRX, in particular.05:03
epaphuscoz_, thanks05:03
histoR0b0t1: ati on a mac?05:04
R0b0t1histo: Well, Ati on Ubuntu on an iMac :D05:04
=== mw5 is now known as cWE_xMp_jUNKxIsZ
XiaolinDraconiscan some help me with a bash script05:04
histoR0b0t1: really didn't know they were using ati hardware05:04
histoR0b0t1: well you can use ps aux to see if the installer is doing anythign or top05:05
R0b0t1histo: Oh, wait, for some odd reason the fairies fixed it...05:05
ActionParsnipXiaolinDraconis: wassup05:05
R0b0t1Time to restart.05:05
ActionParsnipR0b0t1: awesome :D05:05
=== mw4 is now known as Ce_VirGo_Cri_tMn
juaR0bot1: where can i dl some fairies?05:05
GG111222The computer is not online. K3b says there is no drive. I'm ignorant so I was just hoping I might get a little info on what I might be able to try to the cd player working when I get home.05:06
Mike_lifeguardAnyone know good software to do screencasting? Specifically, I need a sane output file format, recording audio from mic, on-the-fly downscaling if possible and following the mouse pointer.05:06
R0b0t1jua: Hang out at highschools, people tend to sell fairy dust around there. I bet using that could summon some...05:06
Luke__anyone know if wine had a regression with wow this last patch? usually it runs awesome in ubuntu05:06
XiaolinDraconisAction: i PM'd you with the small script05:06
ActionParsnipGG111222: try a different burned05:07
R0b0t1Luke__: Which version? Ubuntu doesn't have the latest by default. (Latest being 1.1.18)05:07
ActionParsnip*burn app  soyr05:07
=== Brucee is now known as Bruceee
Luke__latest is 1.1.19 today but i have 1.1.18 and fps went to 10 i might regress to 1.1.16 seemed to work better05:09
ActionParsnipLuke__: do you have the wine repo version of wine?05:09
histoLuke__: i've had that happen before with wine05:09
Guest45821is it possible to make a laptop always have its webcam working without me re-enabling it (even after a restart) and to send that webcam footage LIVE to another computer of mine?05:10
yinlongis there a command that can help me to shut down my bluetooth directly?05:10
Guest45821yinlong, you want to shut down your computer using the keyboard?05:10
Luke__yeah i use the wine repo05:11
ActionParsnipLuke__: cool05:11
Luke__i'm just gonna roll it back though i hate messing with it lol05:11
Luke__just wondered if anyone else was having problems05:11
Luke__the winehq irc is nonresponsive05:11
yinlongGuest45821,i want to shut down my laptop's bluetooth.05:12
KetrelAnyone, I really need help05:12
clearscreen!ask | Ketrel05:12
ubottuKetrel: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:12
sebsebsebKetrel: with?05:12
KetrelI've done anything, but I cannot get my broadcom card "14e4:4324" to work at all (and clearscreen: I already asked it)05:12
Ketrel*done everything05:12
ice-nineyinlong, removing the package did not work?05:13
Guest45821yinlong, o thats another story; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=624094 maybe?05:13
yinlongice-nine,i can't remove the via.05:13
=== mw5 is now known as CwE_xMp_jUANkXiS
yinlongice-nine ,it returns that there is no such file.05:14
XiaolinDraconisanyone here good with shell scripts?05:14
yinlongwhich route should i come into?05:15
GG111222ActionParsnip, The device is actually a DVD writer. It worked fine using 8.04 and still works under windows and the BIOS recognizes the drive correctly but Ubuntu 8.1 acts like there is no burner installed in the computer. I will get the output of the command file /dev/scd0 when I can. What other information should I get and what might I try to be able to use the drive again? I apologize for my ignorance but about all I know how to05:15
Luke__i made one that made Xorg.config go bye bye on accident once lol05:15
Xcellkill it in processes?05:15
juaXiaolin watcha need?05:16
ActionParsnipGG111222: could read through   dmesg | less05:16
XiaolinDraconisa little help with a simple script05:16
XiaolinDraconis http://paste.ubuntu.com/148735/05:16
XiaolinDraconiswondering why it wont work05:17
juacant you just pick at random directly from the directory?05:17
XiaolinDraconisi dont know i copied someones script and edited the directories05:18
=== root is now known as Guest69282
clouder`grrhow do I save all the packages I installed into a text or something for later use?05:19
clouder`grrto restore05:19
ActionParsnipclouder`grr: old debs are in /var/cache/apt05:20
GG111222Thanks ActionParsnip. When searched forums and other places most of the results I got were too numerous and not exactly related to the problem I am having. I appreciate the help.05:20
clouder`grrhmm, what if I dont' have the space and would just like to have a list of installed packages05:20
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline05:20
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate05:20
clouder`grror perhaps I cleaned out the cache05:20
juatry in line 9 replacing $ for $( and the last " for )"05:21
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning05:22
XiaolinDraconisinstead of /bin/sh05:22
cchaosIgnore me Im reading............................05:22
tt5786hey all just a general question05:23
dereka noob question; i'm having a hard time with eclipse05:23
juaused that script sometime to rotate grub splashes05:23
ironfroggy_my ping avg is showing about 14 seconds. obviously my first question is, wtf?05:23
tt5786the weather function in Ubuntu. how to i get it to display my area (being Ballarat and not Melbourne) do i have to edit something somewhere05:24
ironfroggy_does anyone have a good tip or two for diagnosing this?05:24
ironfroggy_(wlan on a new machine)05:24
Mark_JonesHello guys I got everything working great on my new PC today, but Im wondering are there any pros or cons of running Ubuntu 64bit edition over 32bit edition? Im running a 2.2Ghz Quad Core 64bit Phenom system.Any opinions?05:27
ZeZuMark_Jones,  there are a lot of both05:27
bonez4664 bit will take advantage of the hardware..05:28
ZeZuMark_Jones,  the first is some things are a bit more work to setup under x64,  flash etc05:28
PhotoJimMark_Jones: if using > 4GB RAM, 64-bit is necessary.  otherwise, it's really up to you.  Web browser Java has some issues with 64-bit mode.  That's the only issue that would hold me back from 64-bit mode, although honestly I do use it on my Athlon 64 notebook.05:28
ZeZuMark_Jones, the second is some applications that are optimized will be faster with x64 where applicable05:28
tt5786does any one know how to add Ballarat to the weather function in Ubuntu05:28
ice-nineMark_Jones, I used to run into problems with apps that work with 32 bit end up not working with 64 bit...05:28
RadtooMark_Jones: Most notably, 64bit is using more registers and supports direct addressing of more than 4GB ram05:28
Equstt5786 right click on icon select preferences> location05:29
cchaosRight Im gonna kill my monitor :P05:29
tt5786i have done that and the only Victorian places are Melbourne and Richmond05:29
ZeZuyou can solve most issues by using the 32b apps as long as you have the 32libraries it needs05:29
Mark_Jonesok as far as RAM goes Ubuntu is very lean on that so I only bought a matched pair of 1GB sticks for dual channel use.05:29
RadtooMark_Jones: Do you do any video encoding, 3d rendering, ...? (I'd guess not but who knows)05:30
bonez46what is dual channel use?05:30
PhotoJimtt5786: you'll have to select the closest one of those two to your location.  not all locations are included, unfortunately.  the larger, the more likely to be included.05:30
Mark_JonesSo looks like package installation/availablility is the biggest issues as for as probs go.05:30
RadtooMark_Jones: Or mathematical analysis05:30
ZeZuMark_Jones, then if your not doing anything terribly usefull with 64b applications,  32b runs just as well and a bit easier in some cases05:30
Mark_JonesI do use Handbrake GUI to convert DVD to my iPod video.05:30
ironfroggy_when a wireless cards "works" but constantly has 1-60 second ping times, where can one possibly look for a cause?05:30
tt5786ballarat is larger then richmond05:30
Mark_JonesVery fast on quad core. 8min from dvd to ipod.05:30
Guest69282Is anyone here thinking of using BackTrack 4.0?  It is now Debian-based, so should be a shorter learning curve.05:30
ctendellHello I got the separate X screen running but how do i get to it? Like mouse over to it?05:30
ZeZuI dont know what backend Handbrake GUI uses, but it could be a bit faster on x6405:31
Equstt5786  did youtype in your location05:31
tt5786is there a way to get it included05:31
ZeZubut if its already real quick05:31
tt5786yes i did05:31
PhotoJimtt5786: is ballarat a suburb of Melbourne, say?  I don't know Victoria geography that well.05:31
tt5786and it came up with nothing05:31
RadtooMark_Jones: Hmm... I don't know what that uses in the bakcend but most encoders ARE actually significantly faster in 64 bit mode05:31
Mark_Jonesrealy? oooh man I wanna try it.05:31
tt5786no it is Victoria's 3 largest city Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo etc05:31
RadtooMark_Jones: For most other applications, a human can't actually notice the difference...05:31
juaGuest69282 has BT4 gone out of beta?05:31
Equstt5786 that is all I know sorry05:31
Guest69282Jua: I think it is still in beta, but dunno when final is going to be released.05:32
tt5786is there any where on the web site i could look to get it added05:32
rubydiamondHi guys05:32
rubydiamondhow to I setup openvpn on my ubuntu05:32
Mark_JonesOk ima go ahead and download the 64bit CD and give it a whirl. If all else fails ill restore my backup.05:32
Mark_JonesThank you guys!05:32
juaBT is the absolute best livecd ever IMO05:32
ice-nineHey, no better way to find out than to try...05:33
PhotoJimtt5786: not sure why they included Richmond and not Ballarat.05:33
Guest69282The one thing that was stopping me from making it my primary distro was that it was slackware based.05:33
tt5786nither i was hoping i could go around and fix it for the stat of Victoria05:33
Guest69282But now that BT4 is debian, it is a bit easier for an Ubuntu user to add the apps we need.05:33
juaGuest69282 is good news indeed the've debianized05:33
Guest69282Of course, then the quesiton is:  should we just use Ubuntu and apt-get the security apps, or the other way around....05:34
bobbie4I love the ubuntu and05:34
=== TrueYomic is now known as Yomic
tt5786or is there some one i could email and let know05:35
juai think it shouldn't be major diffs between either05:35
ctendellHello I got the separate X screen running but how do i get to it? Like mouse over to it?05:35
ctendellIE ther eis no mouse pointer05:36
PhotoJimtt5786: presumably yes, but sorry, I'm not sure where.  truthfully, I checked it, my city was there, and that was the end of my thinking about it :)05:37
tt5786you in Australia05:37
PhotoJimtt5786: no, Canada.05:37
=== dave_ is now known as AK_Dave
tt5786yea well australia is all th way down here05:38
tt5786may be upgrading to 8.1005:38
tt5786will fix it05:38
PhotoJimtt5786: but I'm in a small city of 200K.  largest city in the area though.  so I guess the Ubuntu developers thought it should be there.05:38
geniiPhotoJim: North Bay? ;)05:38
ice-ninePhotoJim, where are you in Canada?05:38
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:39
Ch4dhi all05:40
PhotoJimtt5786: I'm sure they'd give thought to adding Ballarat, as long as weather information is readily available.  I don't know what source is currently used.05:40
lasiviani'm trying to make a bluetooth dongle work, it detects my mouse, but the mouse doesn;t function05:40
lasiviana different bluetooth adapter and it works fine05:40
tt5786hmm do you know of any one of the people on the ubuntu team i should speak to05:41
tt5786well thanks for your help it is asking me to restart05:42
PhotoJimgenii, ice-nine : answered by PM05:42
PhotoJimtt5786: no problem, good luck05:42
theeclipseHello all, How can I find out if my Intel graphic driver is installed and its working or not ?05:43
histotheeclipse: glxinfo | grep render05:44
cchaosAh thats better: 1280x1024 in 60hz05:44
lee_i've got a ppp connection set up over 3g but the speed it topping out at 11k - any ideas?05:44
jdwartatheeclipse: device manager05:44
jdwartatheeclipse: dxdiag05:44
histojdwarta: no dxdiag on linux05:45
theeclipsejdwarta: Thanks man, what I got here is bunch of lines that say Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".05:45
histotheeclipse: did you try the comand I gave you05:45
cchaosDoes anyone know how to clear this message:  This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>05:45
histotheeclipse: your probably using the old driver instead of the newer one due to the bugs with intel drivers and ubuntu.05:46
PhotoJimcchaos: /nick NewNickname05:46
theeclipsehisto: oh sorry it was your reply that I sent to jdwarta05:46
cchaosgetting rather annoying having to enter my password evrytime I come on here lol05:46
histocchaos: you don't have to you can set up your client to do it.05:46
cchaoshisto: how? Im using XChat-GNOME 0.24.105:47
histocchaos: under the settings for the server there is a spot for your nickserv password05:47
jdwartawhat is the ubuntu equivalent of windows media player, or real player05:47
theeclipsehisto: I executed that command that you gave me, rather those lines I also got this message "Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig"05:47
theeclipsejdwarta: Amarok perhpas ?05:47
=== ron__ is now known as frybye
=== kevin_ is now known as uvacav
jdwartatheeclipse: i will try it.........05:48
cchaoshisto: cant see that option05:48
histotheeclipse: the command is one line "glxinfo | grep render05:48
histotheeclipse: your looking for the line that says direct rendering05:48
pyraki want to specify the filename that wget outputs to, but i don't want it to concatenate all of the data into one file.  which switch do i use?05:48
ice-nineAmarok 1.4 maybe.  I found Amarok 2.x a little lacking...05:48
pyrak-O does the unwanted concatenating...05:48
histotheeclipse: it should either be yes or no. But sounds like you have driver issues with your card. Which intel chipset do you have and what ubuntu are you running?05:48
ice-nineTo get Amarok 1.4 installed in Jaunty, it was a pain.05:49
pyrak(ps: which channel should i go to for help with the command line and bash scripting)05:49
coz_pyrak,   #linux is one possiblity05:49
histocchaos: its there on the server screen nickserv or password option.  Right below where you enter you nick I belive.  I dont' ahve xchat installed to check.05:49
jdwartai'm using intrepid05:49
brand0conwhen I apt-get install a package that I already have, the terminal tells me about 70 packages, most of which i use, are no longer required and can be auto-removed05:49
brand0conhow can i get these off the list other than removing them and reinstalling05:49
jrqhi can some1 help me with installing kubuntu05:50
histocchaos: under the server password field05:50
brand0conim using debian but it shouldn't be any different05:50
jrqi used the normal disk and had a prob and tried the alternate disk and it install but then it says this error05:50
histobrand0con: sudo apt-get autoremove05:50
theeclipsehisto: Im on Xubuntu and my Mother Board is 915 Express chipset05:50
histobrand0con: if they are packages you use then you removed a meta package that they depend on05:51
cchaoshisto: got it now, thanks05:51
histotheeclipse: which versionof xubuntu run the command "cat /etc/issue"  no quotes ofcourse05:51
jrqan installation step failed you can try to run the failing item again from the menu or skip and choose something else the failing step is : select and install software05:51
histocchaos: np05:51
jrqcan someone please help me05:51
brand0conhisto: so then these are positively packages i dont need?05:51
bonez46jrq: what do you need?05:52
theeclipsehisto: Ubuntu 8.1005:52
histobrand0con: hard to say.  You said they are packages you use then I would say you need them.05:52
jrqi tried to install kubuntu and i had an error using the alternate disk05:52
histo!i915 | theeclipse05:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about i91505:52
jdwartajrq: I had loads of trouble installing ubuntu05:52
brand0conhisto: i went through this before and it removed packages along the likes of gdm and openoffice.org*05:52
histotheeclipse: hold up let me check something should work out of the box I thought.05:52
jrqit said this05:52
jrqan installation step failed you can try to run the failing item again from the menu or skip and choose something else the failing step is : select and install software05:52
theeclipsehisto: Thanks a lot05:52
jdwartajrq: do you have XP installed?05:53
brand0conperhaps ill do it and just list the packages it removes and install them afterward as needed05:53
bonez46what are you installing?05:53
jrqi have tried to install ubuntu and kubuntu like 8 times now but i end up getting an error05:53
jrqi had xp installed i uninstalled i t05:53
jrqi just partioned my disk05:53
histotheeclipse: what about "lsmod | grep i915"  see if it shows the i925 module loaded05:53
bonez46so you have win xp on your machine.right?05:53
histojrq: what is the error?05:53
jdwartajrq: idk.........do you have XP05:54
jdwartaI am having trouble with swapfile swap on booting up ubuntu05:54
histojrq: sounds like you may have a bad cd.  On the boot menu there is an otption to check the media05:54
jrqan installation step failed you can try to run the failing item again from the menu or skip and choose something else the failing step is : select and install software05:54
theeclipsehisto: Nothing :/05:54
jdwartajrq:  check the media first05:54
jrqyea i have xp05:54
jrqi check the cd and it is fine05:54
histotheeclipse: well the driver isn't loaded for your card05:54
jdwartajrq: i got 2 bad downloads05:54
jrqand i have hash checked it to05:54
lee_ no one have any ideas why my ppp connection is so slow?05:55
theeclipsehisto: should I get it from Intel? or search the community ?05:55
histotheeclipse: no its on the machine already just trying to figure out why its not loading I know that driver is buggy I thought.05:55
theeclipsehisto: Thanks man05:56
jrqcuz be4 i was getting this error telling me init not found05:56
jrqthat was with another cd05:56
jdwartajrq: try booting XP05:56
jrqand i had this ubuntu cd that installed it but then hangs the comp at the end with the brown background05:56
jrqwhen i restart the comp its like nothing was on it05:56
jrqsame thing with a kubuntu disk05:57
jdwartajrq: insert the linux cd and select the "install alongside windows " button05:57
histojrq:try doing a media check05:57
jrqcan get rid of windows after i install linux on it ?05:57
jrqi did do a media05:57
jrqcheck it passes it05:57
bonez46jrq: do you need windows around?05:57
bonez46why not just install linux on your entire drive?05:57
jrqi dont want windows05:58
tt5786ok back05:58
jrqim fine with having just linux on it05:58
jdwartajrq: that simplifies things05:58
jrqbut ubuntu keeps giving me errors05:58
jdwartajrq: is XP installed right now?05:58
jrqi picked the resize option tho05:58
jrqyea it is @ installed05:58
jrqshud i uninstall it ?05:58
bonez46well, if yo uhave saved all your data from windows. just run linux install from your disk and have it take over the whole hard drive05:58
jdwartajrq: boot XP05:58
jdwartajrq: lol05:58
jdwartajrq: and then go to my Computer and right-click on drive C:05:59
jdwartajrq: click properties05:59
sdwrageHey all05:59
jdwartajrq: and under the tools tab, click to format the drive05:59
=== Yasumoto_ is now known as Yasumoto
jdwartathis will completely purge the drive06:00
histojdwarta: jrq The problem is mostlikely his media not the partitioning06:00
sdwrageim a newb to linux but need to setup a cron on Ubuntu Intrepid... could someone help me out with that?06:00
bonez46format with windows still running?06:00
histosdwrage: what does the cron job need to do?06:00
sdwrageneed a cron to hit a php file every minute06:00
jdwartai think so06:00
jdsandesonmay be a bad hd, windows will work on hd w some errors but linux won't tolerate an error in track 006:00
jdwartamy friend did it and told me about it06:00
jrqi tried using different cds, dvds06:00
minazoAnyone know of how to get the terminal to beep under Xubuntu?06:00
histosdwrage: every minute ugghhh What does the php file do?06:00
jrqbut same thing06:00
histominazo: ctrl+g06:01
jrqi had this on disk hang on me after installation06:01
jdwartajrq: have you run a disk scan06:01
jdwartajrq: on drive C06:01
histominazo: or type in beep should play a beep06:01
loboprogram that I want to aplication not start in ubuntu ?06:01
jdwartajrq: you must defrag and scan the HD b4 you try installing ubuntu06:01
histosdwrage: here is an excellent howto https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto06:01
jrqlet me try it again06:02
jrqthanks for ur help06:02
jdwartajrq: np06:02
santana_hi there06:02
jrqjust out of curiousity does any1 kno a place in toronto06:02
jrqwhere i can get linux installed06:02
jdwartajrq: no06:02
histojrq: there are lugs06:02
jdwartai know a place in Alaska..........my house :-D06:02
histojrq: linux user groups06:03
santana_I have a problem connection to a wireless network, for which I've already worked around, but I want to understand why06:03
histojrq: http://www.cluecan.ca/taxonomy_menu/10/201/17306:03
jdwartajrq: idk of any06:03
sdwragethx histo06:03
jdwartajrq: ........not that i have ever looked06:03
santana_it's something related to avahi06:03
jrqwell if it doesnt work ill ask u guys again appreciate the help06:04
santana_my wireless interface is not getting an address (I'm using DHCP)06:04
santana_an IP address, I mean06:04
tt5786is there any one i can speak to, to add cities to the weather function on ubuntu06:04
histojrq: just google lug toronto there are tons of groups near major cities like that.06:04
histojrq: You can meet up they will help you getting going or you can always ask questions here.06:04
loboalguien sabe una aplicacion para cancelar que arranquen programas en ubuntu?06:04
santana_After googling a bit, it seems that this is a common problem06:04
histosantana_: are you using encryption on yoru network?06:05
santana_can anybody shed more light on this issue?06:05
histo!es | lobo06:05
ubottulobo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:05
santana_lobo:  ??06:05
santana_histo: I'm using WEP06:05
minazoecho -ne "\a" should play a beep for me, right?06:05
jdwartatt5786: click on the time in the menubar06:05
tt5786!en | lobo06:05
ubottulobo: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat06:05
histosantana_: well most likely the wep key isnt' correct06:05
tt5786done all that and all that is there is Melbourne/Victoria06:05
histosantana_: what type of network card though?06:05
jdwartatt5786: and click preferences06:05
lobook thanks06:05
jdwartatt5786: i mean.......right-click on it06:06
zacki have 8.10 with nvidia (prop) drivers (v 180). dula screen setup. how can I make/set each new window to appear on a particular display?06:06
jdwartatt5786: and prefs06:06
histo!dualscreen | zack06:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dualscreen06:06
histo!twinview | zack06:06
ubottuzack: twinview is a feature provided by nvidia cards, which can be configured with nvidia-settings06:06
santana_histo: I'm the network admin06:06
jdwartatt5786: you should be able to click a locations tab06:06
histosantana_: what type of network card is it in the machine?06:06
jdwartatt5786: then just add locations06:06
histosantana_: youc an find out by running lspci06:07
tt5786yea then add and when i do this i type ballarat and it is not found06:07
histosantana_: need to know the chipset of the wireless card06:07
santana_histo: ah, ok06:07
santana_I don't have it at hand ...06:07
histosantana_: run lspci on the machine it will tell you06:07
santana_but I can see from the logs06:07
santana_that the NIC actually asks for an IP address06:08
histosantana_: you don't have the machine on hand?06:08
santana_it just arrives late06:08
histosantana_: well the time out on dhcp is like 50seconds I thought06:08
santana_and then avahi-ipd assigns it an IP address06:08
santana_histo: exactly.06:08
histosantana_: What chipset?06:08
zackhisto, i know this, i already set a primary display there. anyway, if i click a shift-del on a dile on the desktop, it pops up the confirmation box on the other screen (which is my tv, and is not always on)06:08
Brack10I'm leaving ubuntu temporarily....bye for now I'll miss everyone06:09
histozack: then the problem is?06:09
jdsandesonanyone know how to install vm ware?06:09
santana_histo: I'll come back tomorrow with the chipset, sorry. I don't have it.06:10
zackhisto, i need to  know how to configure so this popup, and any new window appears on the primary screen06:10
santana_histo: but thanks for your time06:10
histosantana_: i've seen this behavior with card that need their firmware06:10
MinusSevenhow much different is the alternate install process to the normal one?06:10
histosantana_: like the broadcom chipset06:10
histo!broadcom | santana_06:10
jdwartadoes anyone know how to skip the swapfile swap on boot06:10
ubottusantana_: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:10
MinusSeveni'm having a problem getting the boot loader installed with the beta06:10
histo!swap > jdwarta06:10
ubottujdwarta, please see my private message06:10
histoMinusSeven: the beta is discussed in #ubuntu+106:10
reid__hello friends06:11
santana_histo: thanks06:11
shawn__Can anyone point me in the right direction for loading the gspca module in 2.6.27-11 ?06:11
histosantana_: np06:11
reid__I have been un-banned06:11
tt5786so no one knows who i can talk to about this06:11
histoshawn__: have you tried modprobe?06:11
shawn__modprobe shows FATAL. Tried compile, complanes of header file.06:12
reid__anyone need help?06:12
reid__that isn't already being helped06:12
histott5786: I think you can use any location06:12
shawn__supposedly the module was intergrated into the new kernel06:13
reid__jdwarta: what's going on?06:13
jdwartareid__: do you know how to skip the swapfile swap on boot?06:13
reid__jdwarta: I'm not sure what you mean, but there should be a GRUB command for it06:13
jdwartareid__: i timed it: that process has taken about 40min every time i boot06:14
ShackTiDeHi all. I want to connect my HP 1020 to ubuntu 8.04 BUT i cannot upload my printer's firmware to /dev/usblp0. How can upload my firmware ??? I have numerous usb devices?06:14
jdwartareid__: i found a temp fix06:14
histott5786: nvm I see what you mean if you right click on the weather applet then go to about. You can click credits and gives you email addresses for the developers06:14
reid__jdwarta: what is it doing?06:14
remuHello everyone, I am looking at a javascript from a Thunderbird Extension. I was wondering, is there someway to check for the users architecture?06:14
jdwartareid__: i can press ctrl+alt+del to skip it, and ubuntu boots normaly06:14
tt5786thanks histo06:14
reid__jdwarta: i see06:15
reid__jdwarta: does it cause any problems after boot?06:15
jdwartareid__: no06:15
ShackTiDeDoes anyone understand the USB ports in the newer kernels? How can I access my usb device???06:15
reid__jdwarta: what is it attempting to do during boot?06:15
jdwartareid__: what do u mean?06:15
reid__jdwarta: like, what is it attempting to do with the swap during boot, that takes 40 minutes06:16
OvernightPRShackTiDe: mount it?06:16
jdwartait boots normaly untill it gets to swapfile swap....that process takes about 40 min, then it takes about 15sec to finish the boot06:16
ShackTiDeOvernightPR: this is a printer :)06:16
=== Metal is now known as Metal|AFK
ShackTiDeI want to upload the firmware only OvernightPR06:16
histoShackTiDe: you can use lsusb to see if its detected byhotplug06:16
reid__jdwarta: gimme one sec, i'm going to do a little research, maybe I can help u06:16
ShackTiDehisto it is06:17
jdwartareid__: unless i use the ctrl+alt+del ..........then swapfile swap takes about 2 sec06:17
ShackTiDeI see it lsusb06:17
epaphushi guys.. ubuntu has an icon to connect to networks.. wireless, wired and vpn... why is that the vpn options are gray?? how do i enable this?06:17
OvernightPRhisto: beat me to it06:17
ShackTiDebut how do I access it?06:17
sdwrageok... so I added my cron to my crontab using sudo crontab -e and adding 0,1 * * * *  php /var/www/myapp/index.php ... nothing... am I missing something?06:17
reid__jdwarta: how did you install ubuntu06:17
histoShackTiDe: what is it?06:17
ShackTiDehow do I upload my firmware like this: cat myfirmware > /dev/usblp0 (this was for ubuntu < 7.10 )06:17
reid__jdwarta: did you do it via wubi?  windows installer?06:18
histoShackTiDe: what type of usb device is it?06:18
daurnimatorhi all06:18
daurnimatormy audio isn't working06:18
histo!sound > daurnimator06:18
ubottudaurnimator, please see my private message06:18
daurnimatorIt was working until suspend/resume I think06:19
redopinionAfter installing a new program and restarting my computer, everything - toolbars, menu icons, fonts, really everything - turned giant size! Like three times the normal size, and I can't figure out how to fix it..06:19
daurnimatorthis is on an eee 1000h06:19
jdwartareid__: i installed it from XP06:19
reid__jdwarta: I need to know how you installed ubuntu to help you06:19
reid__jdwarta:  I see06:19
reid__jdwarta: you installed within XP?  using wubi?06:19
jdwartareid__: sry, i was googling  more06:19
jdwartareid__: idk06:19
OvernightPRdaurimator: my EEE pc was the same way when I installed Ubuntu06:19
reid__jdwarta: did you install within XP?  or did you install on boot06:20
OvernightPRdaurimator you looked in the volume control panel I assume?06:20
daurnimatorthe menu->system->prefs->audio test buttons have an error when I use them:06:20
hexoroidis there anyway to download something with curl ?06:20
histosdwrage: check your usage of the time there in your command looks wrong hold on let me check06:20
jdwartareid__: i was in XP, put the CD in, selected install alongside windows, then when i rebooted, i chose ubuntu06:20
daurnimatoraudiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Failed to connect: Connection terminated06:20
reid__jdwarta: I can help you, give me one minute06:20
theeclipsehisto: Sorry again, im trying to compile DRI 915 drivers, it asks for Kernel Modules.. does it mean Kernel-Headers ?06:20
epaphushi guys.. ubuntu has an icon to connect to networks.. wireless, wired and vpn... why is that the vpn options are gray?? how do i enable this?06:21
histotheeclipse: it should work with kernel headers yes.  but you shouldn't have to compile that you might want to ask on the forums.06:21
histosdwrage: you need something like * /1 * * * * php blah blah that would be every minute06:22
daurnimatoranyway, how do I go about getting my sound working again after resume?06:22
daurnimatorI tried restarting alsa, same prob06:22
theeclipsehisto: you mean it is already included in my Xubuntu?06:22
JoshuaRLepaphus: does it let you configure vpn connecton?06:22
jdwartareid__: in my boot folder there is a folder called "grub"06:22
daurnimatoralso restarted pulseaudio06:22
ShackTiDehisto: USB bus 7 device 106:22
histotheeclipse: it should be. I don't know alot about the i915 driver though but you should be using xorg-xserver-video-intel for a driver06:23
histotheeclipse: you can "lsmod | grep intel"  or06:23
ShackTiDehow do I cat my file to this usb??? histo06:23
histotheeclipse: "lsmod | grep i915"  to see if a driver is loaded06:23
epaphusJoshuaRL, it doesnt.. should it?06:23
histoShackTiDe: what is the usb device? a storage device?06:23
JoshuaRLepaphus: do you have a vpn to connect to, or are you just wanting to know how it works?06:24
ShackTiDehisto it is a printer and I need to upload my firmware before printing. It won't start otherwise06:24
theeclipsehisto: i810 is already loaded but I dunno if I should load the 915 rather than 81006:24
reid__jdwarta: there should be06:24
histotheeclipse: well you can lspci and make sure you have a i91506:24
reid__jdwarta: give me a moment06:24
jdwartareid__: ok06:25
epaphusJoshuaRL, i have a vpn connection i want to configure...06:25
histoShackTiDe: hold up let me see if I can find the /dev interface if there even is one anymore06:25
theeclipsehisto:  VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)06:25
Ralphi How many people here use rhythmbox?06:25
sdwragehisto, can I PM?06:25
histosdwrage: sure06:26
daurnimatoranyone please help with audio?06:26
ShackTiDehisto: how could they remove the good old /dev/usblp0 :(06:26
histotheeclipse: thats wierd you my want to ask on the forums I'm sure someone has the same intel card06:26
histoShackTiDe: well everything went ot hotplug06:26
theeclipsehisto: For sure.. thanks :)06:26
histoShackTiDe: but if you've already loaded the firmware i'm sure its still there06:26
jdwartareid__: do you think this fix would be safe?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=501953&page=206:28
jdwartareid__: check the last post06:28
jmatrixyo dev source mod06:29
ShackTiDeI will trouble shoot in detail. Thanks histo06:29
Brack10Ubuntu is detecting my DVD RW drive as a CD RW/DVD ROM drive.....how can I fix this?>06:29
boscohow would i go about booting a Mac osx in ubuntu??????????06:30
daurnimatorbosco, as a permanent switch?06:32
adantehi guys, when i try to boot a 2.6.27-11-generic kernel my system just stops -- but 2.6.27-5-generic seems to work fine06:33
adanteshould i bother trying to fix this or can i just keep using 2.6.27-5 ?06:33
boscodaurnimator, no as running ubuntu but inside of it running osx06:33
JoshuaRLepaphus: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VPNClient  that might help06:33
JoshuaRLadante: can you boot into recovery mode on -11 and see if you get any errors?06:33
daurnimatorbosco, you'll need something like vmware for that06:34
daurnimatoror parrelels06:34
daurnimatorbosco, virtualbox is a free/os program that will do it06:35
Brack10Ubuntu is detecting my DVD RW drive as a CD RW/DVD ROM drive.....how can I fix this?>06:37
meoblast001Brack10, i don't know much.... but does it let you burn DVD's?06:38
JoshuaRLBrack10: have you had any problems because of this?  im pretty sure that DVD-RWs can play and burn CDs06:38
megloHow would I determine why my Ubuntu(Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS w/ latest updates) is having applications crash here and there and doing a hard freeze(keyboard leds blinking, total lockup). It has gotten much worse than it was previously despite updates... it could be hardware.06:39
adanteJoshuaRL: hm actually seems to be booting fine now.. maybe some other system instability heh :/ thanks06:39
bobbie4__I love the ubuntu06:39
Brack10No it's not detecting my DVD burning capability06:39
megloHow could I find out what hardware it would be? Logsfiles show nothing.06:39
JoshuaRLadante: cool.06:39
Brack10meoblas001: no06:39
Brack10JoshuaRL: ^^^06:39
JoshuaRLadante: if you have any more issues, you can do that to see what you can find.06:39
huwenfenghi, i want to use fdisk to delete one partition, and add 2 new partition! and i found that, when i delete /dev/sda5, the old /dev/sda6 become /dev/sda5! and in /etc/fstab, it seems to be using UUID. after i repartition the disk, will my system be all right?06:40
huwenfengby the way, i am using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS06:40
JoshuaRLBrack10: what apps have you tried?  and are you sure your media is good?06:41
Brack10JoshuaRL:brasero, yes it's good I just purchased it...doesn't detect it....places menu declares it as a CD-RW/DVD ROM06:42
d^-^bgood nite06:42
foxbuntuoly562, this is for ubuntu support, not a dating service06:43
foxbuntuoly562, go hit chat rooms if you want that06:43
x-jd-xis anyone here running compiz with emerald themes?06:43
megloHow would I determine why my Ubuntu(Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS w/ latest updates) is having applications crash here and there and doing a hard freeze(keyboard leds blinking, total lockup). It has gotten much worse than it was previously despite updates... it could be hardware. Here is my screwy dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148746/06:44
oly562x-jd-x: i tried compiz, seems to be not working well with this card i use, would like to try emerald, but i dont have time to mess with gui at present06:44
vinttyHello everyone. my issue: I can't resume the session after putting my intrepid Ubuntu to either SUSPEND or HIBERNATE. I get an error message after I (move the mouse or hit a key) saying          "FW HOST 0 Self ID outside of boot sequence"               which displays only momentarily. The machine then remains idle and unresponsive and I have to force reboot. Any suggestions?06:44
JoshuaRLfoxbuntu: is oly562 sending you inappropriate messages via PM?06:44
foxbuntuJoshuaRL, yes, he thinks this is a dating service or something06:45
JoshuaRL!admin | oly56206:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about admin06:45
Mike_lifeguardplease don't use that magic word ^_^06:45
tritium!pm | oly56206:46
ubottuoly562: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:46
Mike_lifeguardIf I wanted a text editor comparable to notepad++ what would I use in ubuntu? Specifically I need regex search+replace and syntax highlighting would be nice06:46
zirodayMike_lifeguard: vim, emacs, gedit, kate06:47
mib_f22su71uQuick question about chmod. Will the -R option do what I want, if what I want is to change that directory, all its subdirectories, and files within those directories?06:47
oly562!pm | foxbuntu06:47
ubottufoxbuntu: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:47
zirodaymib_f22su71u: yes06:47
tritiumoly562: warning06:47
AK_Davevintty: Ubuntu Intrepid, suspend problem. Gotcha. Tell me: what video card model, chipset, and what driver or kernel module are you using?06:47
oly562dont bother me, im busy06:47
zirodaymib_f22su71u: -R stands for recursive :)06:47
foxbuntuok...who is the admin in here?06:47
JoshuaRLziroday: foxbuntu and oly562 are having issues06:48
mib_f22su71uziroday: Yeah, just checking to be cautious. Thanks.06:48
AK_DaveMike: vi06:48
foxbuntuJoshuaRL, thank you.06:48
zirodayJoshuaRL: I am not an op06:48
JoshuaRLziroday: alright, just recognised you06:48
Ultraputzis there a way to bring up the shutdown/restart/logout dialog from the commandline ?06:48
foxbuntusorry, I meant tritium thank you06:48
AK_Davesomething like sudo shutdown?06:49
tritiumfoxbuntu: no worries06:49
drmrhorsesudo shutdown now06:49
JoshuaRLtritium: thanks06:49
wv56xC5YShey guys, I'm having trouble installing ubntu on my laptop06:49
AK_DaveI prefer 'reboot'06:49
tritiumoly562: heed the warning, or next time it'll be a ban06:49
drmrhorseyou can put a time in place of the now part06:50
wv56xC5YSwhen I try to boot live or install I can't get to a graphical desktop06:50
tritiumJoshuaRL: sure06:50
oly562i dont see how saying hello is bad...06:50
KetrelI'm completely stumped with this broadcom card, I've done everything I could think of and could find.06:50
wv56xC5YSI've tried startx06:50
drmrhorsei do sudo shutdown -r now for reboot06:50
wv56xC5YSand a bunch of other stuff06:50
AK_DaveUltra: 'man reboot' and see what it says06:50
Ultraputzi'm looking for a way to bring that up, or, in effect, fire shutdown from a button (in userspace, therefore, without a root priv)06:50
JoshuaRLtritium: oly56206:50
tritiumJoshuaRL: I see him/her06:50
vinttyAK_Dave: (I'm a total noob. I'm from a mac os x background and just put ubuntu on my dad's pc as I couldn't upkeep a version of XP anymore so apologies if my knowledge of ubuntu is lacking.) From what I can tell the video: nvidia gforce 4 MX440. not sure of the chipset or kernal driver sorry mate.06:51
sh1hi, i'm trying to install Ubuntu to my hard disk, but the partitioner only shows one disk, and I want to install it to another disk06:51
oly562has anyone gotten compiz to work properly with an Ati card?06:51
wv56xC5YSI have on my desktop06:51
n8tuserKetrel-> broadcom 43xx is infamous06:51
wv56xC5YSI think...06:51
ravenniumAnyone remember what was the setting in Compiz-Fusion that brings back the "top bar" of the KDE applications in Gnome (I'm using Ubuntu 8.10)???06:51
AK_DaveUltra: I don't think you're going to, nor do you really want to, fire something like that from userspace without sudo. You could, of course, edit your sudoers to basically unprotect your system.06:51
oly562i sorta had it working, i didnt get the 3d mode to work though06:51
drmrhorsemy compiz is working on my ati mobile radeon out of the box06:52
vinttyAK_DAVE: it's an amd processor though..06:52
=== KDE4000_ is now known as KDE4000
n8tusersh1-> are you on a livecd?06:52
drmrhorsealso, compiz real06:52
daurnimatorsomeone please help me with audio after resume??06:52
sh1n8tuser: yes06:52
oly562drmrhorse: mind if i take a look at your configs?06:52
UltraputzAK_Dave, so there's no way to bring up the usual shutdown / restart / logout dialog from commandline or via a message on dbus or something?06:52
Ketreln8tuser: is there anything that can be done?06:52
n8tusersh1 what does sudo fdisk -l   shows?06:52
oly562maybe i did something cheesy, havent noticed it yet06:52
AK_Davevintty: lspci -vnn should tell you want you want about your video hardware. lsmod should tell you what kernel modules are loaded.06:52
Ketrellike completely out of the ordinary06:52
oly562i dont think the xorg is the problem06:52
wv56xC5YSI'll check06:52
oly562i compared with a few others... last week06:52
wv56xC5YSdamn, that's not me :'(06:52
n8tuserKetrel-> umm last resort is ndiswrapper06:53
AK_DaveUltra: I won't say it can't be done, but it really ought not be done without root privs.06:53
vinttyAK_Dave: cheers mate, i won't be a sec.06:53
sh1n8tuser: when i load the partitioner by itself, it shows both HDs.  but ubiquity only gives me the choice of one HD06:53
oly562looked fine, fglrx driver06:53
UltraputzAK_Dave, so, what calls it up, assuming i launched it from a setuid root script?06:53
n8tusersh1 you are doing something tricky here and you are not telling us the whole story..06:53
oly562glx as well mod loded06:53
drmrhorsei know that they changed the driver with jaunty for me06:54
AK_Davedaurn: if you're like me, your audio after resume is borked IF you had the temerity to leave Banshee or Rhythmbox open when you suspended.06:54
oly562im running hardy06:54
drmrhorseoops, i thought i was in +1, its late for me06:54
troopperish1: is that other disk ntfs parition?06:54
vinttyAK_Dave: I got a lot of info pop up. Would you like me to PM you? Or is there a specific line I should look for?06:54
AK_DaveUltra: type please 'man reboot'. The command you want is reboot, but you probably want to specify some settings on it.06:54
JoshuaRLjdwarta: did reid__ come back and answer your issue?06:54
Ketreln8tuser: when I said I tried everything, that included ndiswrapper, and no luck >.<06:55
wv56xC5YSSo when I try to install 8.10 or run it live I can't get a graphical desktop06:55
=== suyog is now known as magician157
UltraputzAK - sure, i meant, what brings up the graphical requester?06:55
AK_Davevintty: No need. Just scroll through and find what is relevant.06:55
zirodaywv56xC5YS: errors?06:55
sh1_n8tuser: sorry, xchat crashed :(06:55
wv56xC5YSI just get a black screen06:55
magician157could anyone please help me with port forwarding?06:55
sanai can't seem to get java working on my firefox06:55
n8tuserKetrel -> dont know then, other than getting a different kind of card and driver06:55
wv56xC5YSthen I do alt+f1 to get to a shell06:55
wv56xC5YSif I try startx06:55
n8tusersh1 you are doing something tricky here and you are not telling us the whole story..06:55
AK_DaveUltra: I don't know what brings up the graphical requestor. I thought you just wanted a shutdown from the command line.06:55
sanais there anyway to find out if I have it or not?06:56
UltraputzAK - i was hoping there was a rootless way to bring up that requester in userspace06:56
wv56xC5YSif I try startx I get "Saw signal 11. Server aborting."06:56
Ketreln8tuser: yeah, that's not an option :( only thing left on my list is Windows.06:56
Ultraputzsince the user is never required to enter an administrative password to shutdown from the menu06:56
ravenniummagician157, http://portforward.com/ ??06:56
zirodaywv56xC5YS: please keep your responses on one line and address. Can you do sudo /etc/init.d/?dm stop and then sudo /etc/init.d/?dm start please06:56
n8tuserKetrel -> ubuntu version?06:56
Ketreln8tuser: Ibex06:56
xi_I'm using one of those internal made external hdd's via eSATA port and for some reason it keeps closing out the videos i play from there06:57
magician157ravennium, i do not use any router. i connect to the university network with a LAN wire and dot1x authentication06:57
zirodayxi_: errors?06:57
xi_it display no errors06:57
xi_it just closes the video out in mplayer06:57
zirodayxi_: can you run totem from the command line, and try to play the video06:58
xi_it was working fine untill i downloaded some packages06:58
n8tuserKetrel -> there were some howto or troubleshooting posting re broadcom newer cards, try to  see if you can google for it06:58
sanai can't seem to get java working on my firefox...is there anyway to find out if I have it or not?06:58
xi_i downloaded, kubuntu-dekstop and Xubuntu-desktop06:58
troopperisana: www.java.com06:58
=== paul__ is now known as MrObvious
magician157i have disabled the firewall on my computer using firestarter, but the problem still persists. cant seed on bittorrent clients, even though downloading is fine06:58
zirodayxi_: okay, I need that error. Please do as I have asked06:58
ravenniummagician157, I really don't see how you could control the ports then. Isn't that what the university does?06:58
n8tusersana http://java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml06:59
wv56xC5YSziroday It goes to a black screen then back to the shell 4 times06:59
wv56xC5YSugh, how do I pm somebody?06:59
AK_Davemagician: I think your university IT guys have charge of this.06:59
Ketreln8tuser: This is not a new card, it's an old one, and I've tried everything google turned up06:59
JoshuaRLravennium: since its on their network, they might have throttled torrent traffic06:59
wv56xC5YSnvm, got it06:59
oly562 /msg username message06:59
n8tuserKetrel -> then none more i can point you to, sorry06:59
JoshuaRLwv56xC5YS: click their name.  alternately, right click and open query06:59
xi_ziroday: could not read from resource07:00
ravenniumJoshuaRL, of course they have, but that's exactly what I meant... now magician157 can't do nothing about it, I suppose.07:00
magician157i know, i was hoping there might be some way to bypass the firewall. anyways, i am in china and the it guys speak only chinese, and i dont :(07:00
JoshuaRLmagician157: not while being white hat.07:00
AK_DaveYou're in China? Good luck with that port fowarding problem.07:01
Sword^Fishhi! I've low volume issue. here's my hardware details: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148750/ . Can anyone help me please?07:01
xi_(totem:10157): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_object_unref: assertion `object != NULL' failed07:01
MQDuckif im going to do a fresh install of xubuntu on a computer, is there any good reason to wait nine days before using 9.04?07:01
sanai do have java....but I don't see an option on firefox to enable java or a plugin07:01
xi_pop up window said could not read from resources07:01
Ultraputzgnome-session-save --shutdown-dialog07:02
AK_Davemagician: Okay, you COULD bypass it. In theory. Depending on what they've done to block this. But in theory you could ssh tunnel around it.07:02
Ultraputzthis brings up the shutdown/reboot/logout etc dialog07:02
JoshuaRLsana: have you restarted firefox?07:02
magician157:-) nevermind, just two more months in china, so guess i'll have to live with it. btw, which is a better bt client for linux? deluge or vuze?07:02
JoshuaRLmagician157: but you'll need an ssh or vpn server outside their network to make that work07:03
AK_Davemagician: What you need to do is to setup a server outside of the firewall, say a cloud server with amazon,07:03
JoshuaRLmagician157: i prefer ktorrent for gui, and rtorrent for cli.  rtorrent is FAST.07:03
zirodayMQDuck: no, you can upgrade to 9.04 from 8.1007:03
xi_here is a question since i have both Ubuntu and Kubuntu on this computer, can i keep the setup to Ubuntu (so i see the ubuntu logo) rather then the kubuntu logo when turning the computer on and off07:03
xi_i started out using ubuntu and didn't get the kubuntu logo untill i downloaded kubuntu-dekstop07:03
AK_Davemagician: amazon's server rates are $0.10/hr, and they get cheaper than that if you prepay a block. $0.03/hr is cheap.07:04
magician157AK_Dave, how do i setup a cloud server with amazon?07:04
MQDuckziroday: im not upgrading. im doing a fresh install07:04
magician157AK_Dave, thank you, i will look into it.07:04
zirodayMQDuck: right, but in 9 days when jaunty is released you can always upgrade to it07:04
magician157thank you all, wish you a pleasant day.07:04
AK_Davemagician: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EC2StartersGuide07:05
MQDuckziroday: but is there any good reason to wait?07:05
Im_Toastxi_: If you learn a way to... msg it to me pls07:05
zirodayMQDuck: if intrepid doesn't work jaunty is likely to07:05
zirodayxi_: do sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so07:05
Sword^Fishhi! I've low volume issue. here's my hardware details: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148750/ . Can anyone help me please?07:06
xi_thanks ziroday (will that also give me the gnome login page rather then the kde login page?)07:06
zirodayxi_: no it will just change usplash07:06
MQDuckziroday: im just thinking that i might be simpler to install the new version right away07:06
zirodayMQDuck: well its your choice, but intrepid runs just fine the way it is07:07
cyptrixHi my pc doesn't boot ever since 2.6.27* came out07:07
zirodaycyptrix: errors?07:07
MQDuckziroday: okay. thanks07:07
soreauSword^Fish: Volume problems?07:07
cyptrixwhen I go to recovery mode, it shows me attempting to kill init, and stack  trace07:07
cyptrixat that point it hangs07:07
wv56xC5YSziroday: I tried restarting gnome but it still didn't do anything. It just went to a black screen then back to the shell 4 times. No printed errors either07:07
soreauSword^Fish: Tried switching your output jack to a different output from the card?07:08
zirodaywv56xC5YS: okay, does restarting start X?07:08
cyptrixno idea how to troubleshoot it, the console output scrolls too fast and freezes07:08
vinttyAK_Dave:  lspci -vnn "VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x], Kernel driver in use: nvidia Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nvidia" as far as kernal modules go when i use 'lsmod' i get about a hundred lines and nothing looks relevant. what should I be looking for?07:08
zirodaycyptrix: okay, when booting normally press alt+F1 and jot down error messages07:08
cyptrixnobody ever helped me out on forums either07:08
=== scubacuda_ is now known as scubacuda
zirodaycyptrix: cross posting is not nice07:09
wv56xC5YSziroday It gives me that error when I try to stop startx, saying "Saw signal 11. Server aborting."07:09
cyptrixcross posting?07:09
zirodaycyptrix: asking the same question in many places07:09
AK_Davevintty: Looks like you're running an open source nvidia module. Did you say Intrepid? 'sudo apt-get install envy'07:09
cyptrixwhy not, when forums havent helped in months07:09
zirodaycyptrix: okay, that looks like a severe crash. Does a livecd work?07:10
marcelless /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:10
marcelthen press G to go to the end of this logfile07:10
marcellook at the logs07:10
vinttywell i'm running mint 6- but that's just ubuntu intrepid with a few extra bits right?07:10
zirodaywv56xC5YS: well thats because you killed the process07:10
zirodayvintty: no07:10
cyptrixyes, i can boot when i choose 2.6.24-21-generic in grub07:10
AK_Davevintty: Perfect! Mint 6 comes with Envy.07:10
zirodaycyptrix: what about a jaunty cd?07:10
wv56xC5YSziroday: it gave me that error when I issued the command to kill the process, and the same error when I tried to start it07:11
AK_Davevintty: You shoulda asked for help on the #linuxmint channel on spotchat.org07:11
cyptrixhavent tried that07:11
cyptrixis there a way i can scroll up and check what the messages were07:11
zirodaycyptrix: just trying to understand if this is a kernel regression or not :). Could you please test with a jaunty daily livecd.07:11
zirodaycyptrix: ctrl+shift+pgup or one of those07:11
vinttyAK_Dave: Sorry ... I tried the forums in mint but they didn't prove useful. I didn't know about the irc for mint. i'll use that next time.07:11
sanayes i have joshua07:11
rubydiamondanybody using openvpn07:12
zirodaywv56xC5YS: sorry, I can't help you anymore07:12
ziroday!anyone | rubydiamond07:12
rubydiamondI am not getting how to start openvpn with nameserver optopn07:12
ubotturubydiamond: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:12
rubydiamondsorry ziroday07:12
cyptrixlet me attempt ctrl+shift+pgup07:12
rubydiamondI need help on running openvpn client with name server option07:12
vinttyAK_Dave: so, you're saying mint 6 has envy built in. I'm guessing envy has something to do with my solution. What next?07:12
wv56xC5YSziroday: Do you think it could be a hardware issue? I've had lots of problems with my video card in windows, even after a repartition07:13
AK_Davevintty: click on it07:13
zirodaywv56xC5YS: don't know sorry.07:13
vinttyAK_Dave: what's envy. I did a filter seach and I can't find it. Is it an application?07:14
jdwarta JoshuaRL: no, he hasn't come back07:14
AK_Davevintty: Its an application pre-installed with Mint, you'll find it in MintMenu. Click Felicia, and just click All. Scroll to Envy. Click.07:14
JoshuaRLjdwarta: okay.  sorry, i dont know the answer either.  but you could pass along the info he asked for and ask again07:15
vinttyIt's not in my menu. Only thing under E (in all) is encryption and keyrings07:15
JoshuaRLvintty: from terminal:  aptitude search envy-ng07:16
JoshuaRLvintty: then aptitude show envy-ng07:17
JoshuaRLif its installed, launch it from the terminal07:17
cyptrixctrl+shift+pgup doesn't work07:17
vinttyE: Unable to locate package envy-ng07:17
cyptrixseems everything even caps lock freezes07:17
zirodaycyptrix: ctrl+pgup?07:17
cyptrixim using usb keyboard tho07:18
cyptrixdoes that matter07:18
zirodaycyptrix: right, its a kernel oops. Please test a jaunty livecd, if that still doesn't work please file a kernel bug tagged as a regressino07:18
vinttyAK_Dave: E: Unable to locate package envy-ng07:18
JoshuaRLvintty: do the same with "envy"07:18
cyptrixok ill try livecd of 9.04 beta07:18
cyptrixwhat does regression mean exactly07:18
jdwarta JoshuaRL: ok07:18
cyptrixbug wise07:19
zirodaycyptrix: no, try a daily live cd. It means something that used to work no longer works and is a serious issue07:19
AK_DaveWhen you 'sudo apt-get install packagename' you only need to know the first few letters of the packagename and can TAB to autofill the rest. And if that doesn't work, double-TAB and you'll get a list of everything similar. Example: 'sudo apt-get install airTABTAB'07:20
vinttyJoshuaRL & AK_Dave: i   envyng-core                     - install the ATI or the NVIDIA driver07:21
vinttyi   envyng-gtk                      - dummy package to envyng-core07:21
vinttyp   envyng-qt                       - install the ATI or the NVIDIA driver07:21
vinttyp   envyng-t                        - Menu entry for envyng -t07:21
FloodBot2vintty: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:21
DigitalManNo one responded to my forums post, amazingly.07:22
xi_envyng is a great package07:22
DigitalManI'm having a small install error07:22
JoshuaRLvintty: yep, AK_Dave is right07:22
JoshuaRLDigitalMan: what problem you having?07:22
xi_it got nvidia to say hey while i may not know what card you have you have a card!07:22
pahomvintty: install envyng-gtk07:22
pahomafter install, type envyng -t07:23
DigitalManall the specs are right here if anyone has a chance to take a look, help is greatly appreciated: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=112221707:23
eXgameHow to fix startup error The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_MultiLoadApplet". ?07:23
marcelhow can I extract from the current kernel image it's kernel configuration07:24
JoshuaRLDigitalMan: you have the exact error?  gonna need a little more info to go on.07:24
=== jscinoz_ is now known as jscinoz
DigitalManHow long are you going to be on JoshuaRL? :)07:24
DigitalManBecause I'm in the middle of doing stuff for work right now and can't boot into the cd atm07:24
vinttypahom: install: comes up with:  missing destination file operand after `envyng-gtk'07:25
Im_ToastDoes anyone know of a way to like... kill 1 tab of firefox without killing the whole thing? lol07:25
vinttypahom: install: missing destination file operand after `envyng-gtk'07:25
JoshuaRLDigitalMan: ill post the same thing on the forums, and you just reply there soon as you can07:25
AK_DaveIm_Toast: Ctrl-F407:25
admin_masu3701when is 9.04 coming out?07:25
DigitalManDo what now?07:25
minazoAs silly as it might sound i like the terminal *to* beep. I guess it keeps me company. :) Regardless, I can't seem to find a way to enable it on Xubuntu. I've tried several things...this is the last thing...this actually comes from the documents on Xubuntu so I would think they'd work but I am not hearing anything. Any ever have this problem? All I am reading on the web is people want it to *go away*. :)07:26
marcham89like 13 days07:26
pahomenter: envyng -t07:26
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:26
admin_masu3701marcham89: cool...is it gonna be stable?07:26
* AK_Dave likes to cut the speaker wires on his computers so the terminal can NEVER beep.07:26
marcham89im running it right now07:26
marcham89its awesome.07:26
admin_masu3701cause i try the beta version but my wireless card didnt work07:27
cyptrixin case 9.04 live cd works, what should i do next?07:27
cyptrixit's gonna take a while to download07:27
marcham89I was having an issue with audio in 8.10 that now is gone in 9.0407:27
JoshuaRLDigitalMan: i posted what questions you need to answer on your thread.  im subscribed to it now.  reply when you can.07:27
marcham89did it work in 8.10?07:27
admin_masu3701marcham89: yes07:27
zirodayAK_Dave: you can also add blacklist pcspkr to /etc/modules.d/blacklist07:27
DigitalManSure.. as soon as I get a chance. Thanks :)07:27
JoshuaRLDigitalMan: no prob07:28
vinttypahom: Install the nvidia driver?07:28
JoshuaRLAK_Dave: heh, just in case huh?07:28
marcham89admin_masu3701: odd. The I am having a bit of trouble with my ati card in 9.04 when running compiz, but thats ati for ya :-/07:29
jdwarta JoshuaRL: do you think that this would be a safe fix for my problem? ( last post) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=501953&page=207:29
marcham89ur issue should be relatively easy to find a fix07:29
Im_ToastATI > Nvidea =P07:30
admin_masu3701marcham89: i always had problem with compiz07:30
marcham89Im_Toast.... typo... xD and nah Nvidia is better07:30
rubydiamondanybody openvpn ?07:31
Im_Toastmarcham89: Your crazy. =P07:31
AK_DaveJoshuaRL: Physically removing the speaker is the best bet.07:31
JoshuaRLjdwarta: honestly, i have no idea.  but you could try it out though.  I'd backup important info first though, just to be safe.07:31
jdwartaJoshuaRL: ok07:31
marcham89Im_Toast: They are good, but Ive had a world of trouble with their drivers in win and linux07:32
jdwartadoes anyone here know anything about the swapfile swap hangup when booting ubuntu07:32
JoshuaRLAK_Dave: the only terminal beep i wanna here is when i reboot my server via ssh.  and that doesnt count.07:32
vinttyPahom, AK_Dave, anyone else that helped: Thanks for your help guys. It's asking me to reboot. Sorry for being hopeless. Hardly used a terminal before in my life   = ) cheers. fingers x it fixes it.07:33
marcham89jdwarta: have u read this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=50195307:33
jdwartamarcham89: yes07:33
marcham89no help i assume?07:34
JoshuaRLmarcham89: yeah, he found that.  he wanted to know if anyone knew if that was a good fix.07:34
jdwartamarcham89: idk if it is a safe fix07:34
AK_DaveYes, reboot!07:34
jdwartait is a safe fix?07:34
pahomvintty: np :)07:34
Im_Toastmarcham89: Huh. I've never had a problem I guess that's why I like em ;). And it seems like I can get the same hardware cheaper07:34
=== MadMax is now known as Guest11415
jdwartaAK_Dave:  you say it IS a safe fix?07:35
marcham89jdwarta: no idea. ive always been a risky person so i usually would jump into. but thats just me...07:35
brutussomeone update bash.org07:35
marcham89Im_Toast: must be just me then. ha07:35
JoshuaRLjdwarta: he was talking to me, sorry07:35
AK_Davejdwarta: I don't know what you're referring to.07:35
jdwartai am going to try the fix and reboot07:36
JoshuaRLjdwarta: let us know if it works07:36
ziroday!offtopic > brutus07:37
ubottubrutus, please see my private message07:37
maggotface@color(gray50)                                                                                                    @color(black)07:38
maggotface@color(gray50)           .                                                                                        @color(black)07:38
maggotface@color(gray50)      :@color(black)q@b(wymQQmgw)p@color(gray50)   Q@color(black)@b(mmmz)@color(gray50)   @color(black)_@b(jmm2`)-@b(3mmmw),@color(gray50)   @color(black)_@b(wmmr)@color(gray50) @color(black)j@b(mmmm)p@color(gray50)+   @color(black)@b(jmm)p@color(gray50)  @color(black)@b(]mmmmmmmmmmm)f@b(jmmmmmmmmmmm)p@color(gray50)        @color(black)07:38
maggotface@color(gray50)     @color(black)_@b(wQQ@@!"!?$QWc)@color(gray50)- @color(black)=@b(QWQk)@color(gray50)  @color(black)q@b(mQW!)`@color(gray50)   @color(black)@b(]QQQp),@color(gray50) @color(black)@b(_mQW()@color(gray50)  @color(black)@b()QQQQQa)@color(gray50)   @color(black)@b(jQQ()@color(gray50)  @color(black)@b(]QQQP??T???T`?T?T4QQQTT?T')@color(gray50)        @color(black)07:38
FloodBot2maggotface: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:38
ziroday!ops | maggotface07:38
ubottumaggotface: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!07:38
JoshuaRLziroday: he got the flood message07:39
zirodayJoshuaRL: he will be unmuted soon, at which point he will flood again :)07:39
sir_adewhy he flooding the channel07:40
jdwarta1it worked!07:40
rubydiamondanybody using openvpn client.. I want to know how to push dns using openvpn client07:40
zirodayJoshuaRL: no worries :)07:40
jdwarta1next time, however, someone else can be the gineua pig07:40
=== lol is now known as Guest49442
JoshuaRLjdwarta1: sweet!  make sure you post to tell everyone about it07:41
JoshuaRLjdwarta1: on that thread you found07:41
JoshuaRLjdwarta1: its just good to let others know this fixes it for you.07:41
=== Strider_ is now known as Narbradia
* marcham89 wants coffee....07:44
armornic1hey guys, what is the default behavior of iptables?07:45
xi_which VM would you all suggest for Ubuntu ?07:45
ziroday!ufw | armornic107:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufw07:45
zirodayarmornic1: sorry, I believe its off by default and you should use ufw to control it07:46
xi_Xen, VirtualBox, or VMware07:46
ziroday!best | xi_07:46
ubottuxi_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:46
xi_ziroday, i ask for config reasons07:46
zirodayxi_: config reasons?07:46
xi_some programs are easier and config nicely while others require more work07:46
armornic1so, by default, any incoming connection is disabled, right?07:47
armornic1just to make sure I don't have a leak07:47
zirodayarmornic1: I'm not sure07:47
ziroday!iptables | armornic1 see07:47
ubottuarmornic1 see: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).07:47
xi_anywho off to update to the beta07:47
guillaumeHi all07:48
xi_<3 APTonCD07:48
JoshuaRLarmornic1: by default iptables is either closed or stealthed (same thing for security)  so by default its secure.  if you go installing other things, it may open ports though, depending on the app.07:48
vagothcppHi, I got a nano.save file that won't be removed in channel using: sudu su07:48
vagothcpprm -f nano.save07:48
marcham89xi_ w00t have fun07:48
JoshuaRLvagothcpp: whats the error07:48
zirodayvagothcpp: does sudo rm /path/to/nano.save not work?07:48
vagothcppI went sudo su first07:49
vagothcppas my user is able to being on the sudoers thing07:49
JoshuaRLvagothcpp: just use sudo.  no need to be root.07:49
Polk`hello, I am trying to use RAID 5 with ubuntu server I am useing 8.0407:50
Polk`guillaume, ?07:51
vagothcppAlso, what is the command to change the owner of a directory and all files07:51
vagothcppNot the permissions07:51
zirodayvagothcpp: chgrp?07:51
zirodayvagothcpp: oh, err chown sorry07:51
Flannelvagothcpp: Which directory are you interested in changing?07:51
Polk`can someone help me07:51
vagothcppnot OS07:52
histo!raid > Polk`07:52
ubottuPolk`, please see my private message07:52
histovagothcpp: chown -R   would be recursive07:53
vagothcppmake clean07:53
vagothcppwrong window07:53
jdwarta1being new to ubuntu, I am racking up DP in PMOG at a incredible rate07:53
Polk`histo, looking07:53
histovagothcpp: somethign liek chown -R user:group /path/to/directory07:54
histoPolk`: ?07:54
Polk`histo, I am looking at it.. Thanks07:54
histoPolk`: looking at what?07:54
Polk`the PM07:54
Polk`histo> !raid > Polk`07:54
JoshuaRLvagothcpp: if you need more info on chown, you can always look at man chown07:54
histosry forget what I tell hte bot to do sometimes07:55
vagothcppWith ./configure files, if I don't specify --prefix, does it install in the usal /usr/bin07:55
guillaumevagothccp : man chown07:55
JoshuaRLvagothcpp: not sure, but i think so07:56
Cappy|Herei had a very snappy ubuntu-minimal + xfce4 install that got screwed up by some updates, now i've gone back to a xubuntu install and the machine bogs down quite severly what can i do to speed things up?07:56
deanyusr/local for compiled, usr/ for the apt system07:57
Double_Kill2hey, how do i install limewire on linux?07:57
JoshuaRLCappy|Here: how long have you had xubuntu running?  what specs?07:57
JoshuaRLDouble_Kill2: try frostwire07:58
Polk`!raid > Polk`07:58
ubottuPolk`, please see my private message07:58
Double_Kill2can you install limewire on linux?07:58
ubottufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire07:58
Cappy|HereJoshuaRL, the xubuntu has been running for about 18 hours now, its a dual-core 1.8ghz laptop with 2gb ram07:59
magnetronDouble_Kill2→ yes, but frostwire is better07:59
Double_Kill2alright, how do you install frostwire07:59
JoshuaRL!frostwire | Double_Kill207:59
ubottuDouble_Kill2: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire07:59
Double_Kill2ight, thought there would just be a command line thing that would just do it08:00
phh45Any info about the recent sound problems? Earlier there have not been any problems but after I installed updates for last 16 days on 9th April.08:00
JoshuaRLCappy|Here: so when you say it bogs down, what do you mean?  do you notice any memory or CPU hogs in system monitor?08:01
JoshuaRLCappy|Here: im running a 1.9dual with 3gb and xfce runs FAST08:02
histoCappy|Here: when does it bog down?08:02
=== _Brun0_ is now known as Guest61416
Cappy|Herei think i might have found it08:02
JoshuaRLCappy|Here: what you got?08:03
Cappy|Herethanks for telling me about System Monitor =)08:03
JoshuaRLCappy|Here: no prob.  what was it?08:03
Cappy|Heredunno, but im going to look around a bit more =)08:03
JoshuaRLCappy|Here: remember to look at both the cpu AND memory usage.  that will tell you something.08:04
Cappy|HereJoshuaRL, np thanks08:04
histoCappy|Here: you can also use the command top at a console to see a text based monitor08:11
Mike_lifeguardWhere are the standard sound files stored? The simple pings and error sounds etc?08:12
taz_hi... im look for good webiste... there have alot of wallpaper or background for ubuntu08:13
Flannel!gnome-look | taz_08:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome-look08:13
histotaz_: gnome-look.org08:13
Flannel!themes | taz_08:14
ubottutaz_: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy08:14
Mike_lifeguardFlannel: Do you happen to know where standard sound files are kept?08:14
taz_thanks again smile08:14
BlackDalekwhat was that command that makes each speaker play a sound separately for the purpose of testing if a multi-speaker setup is working properly?08:14
FlannelMike_lifeguard: "standard"?  /usr/share/*08:14
=== lewis1202 is now known as boat1202
admin_masu3701where is a good place to look for entry level IP jobs?08:18
Robert_1ip or it08:18
Robert_1fine.. i can't think of any right now but they're all over the place08:19
BlackDalekok I found it... speaker-test ...but how do I tell speaker-test to use the external USB soundcard and not the internal laptop speakers? There is an option for -D <device> but I don't know what to put in place of <device>08:21
ruby_on_tailscan i install kde 4.2 without uninstalling kde 3.5 ?08:21
histoBlackDalek: speaker-test?08:21
marcelruby_on_tails, i dont think so , the meta package kde points to 4.208:22
stewBlackDalek: with -D devicename08:22
marcelruby_on_tails, can you do apt-cache show kde?08:22
BlackDalekhisto, yes. speaker-test in terminal makes the speakers play sound08:22
Flannelruby_on_tails: On 8.04 yes, on 8.10 no08:22
ron2010when i try to restart the computer or shut it down it doesnt turn off my computer and reboot08:22
ruby_on_tailsi am o 8.0408:22
BlackDalekstew, that IS my question - I don't know what to put in place of "devicename"08:22
ron2010it just restarts and gets me back to ubuntu login08:22
Flannelruby_on_tails: instll kubuntu-kde4-desktop08:22
ron2010anybody know what's wrong?08:23
platiusBlackDalek; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems    have you looked here?08:23
ruby_on_tailsbut i need to uninstall kde 3.5 ?08:23
ruby_on_tailsfirst ?08:23
Double_Kill2hey i need to delete a file that needs root access08:23
Flannelruby_on_tails: nope.08:23
Double_Kill2how do i do that08:23
histo BlackDalek I was ansering yourquestion08:23
marcelDouble_Kill2, sudo rm filename08:23
histoBlackDalek: I didn't see you already foudn it though.08:23
jrqcan some1 tell me how i can get kubuntu features on ubuntu08:23
BlackDalekI see08:23
ruby_on_tailsthen i directly install 4.2 ?08:23
AK_Davejrq: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop08:23
marceljrib, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop08:24
* AK_Dave FTW!08:24
marcelsorry wrong person08:24
jrqi dont kno what that means can u guys explain it08:24
jrqim new to linux08:24
fausI believe i just added the proper line to modules.d/alsa-base to get my sound card to work, is there anyway i can test it / reset the sound without rebooting my computer?08:24
Double_Kill2rm: cannot remove `2009-04-05_23.07.24.972975.jonathan-laptop.ful': Is a directory08:24
marceljrq, its a package to install08:24
AK_Davejrq: thats a command to type in a terminal08:24
jrqhow do i go into the terminal ? is similar to how windows has cmd08:25
Sword^Fishhi! I've low volume issue. here's my hardware details: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148750/ . Can anyone help me please?08:25
pahomuse rm -f <dir_name>08:25
ron2010when i shut down it only goes to ubuntu login... anybody have this problem or know how to fix it?08:25
marcelpahom, sudo rmdir <dir-name>08:25
Double_Kill2it wont let me08:27
ruby_on_tailsok i just started downlading package files for kde 408:27
rwwDouble_Kill2: rm -r directoryname08:27
pahomthat`s right too08:28
Double_Kill2cant remove it08:28
Double_Kill2it has a lock sign on it08:28
Double_Kill2the file08:28
rwwpahom: rm -f doesn't remove directories. rmdir only removes empty ones08:28
rwwDouble_Kill2: sudo rm -r directoryname08:29
Double_Kill2THANK YOU!08:29
Double_Kill2thanks rww!08:29
Sword^Fishhi! I've low volume issue. here's my hardware details: http://paste.ubuntu.com/148750/ . Can anyone help me please?08:29
marcel-f is force, -r is recursive08:29
rwwDouble_Kill2: you're welcome :)08:30
marcelSword^Fish, whats the problem then08:30
Double_Kill2can i add you for future help08:30
Sword^Fishmarcel, in windows I get higher volume than in ubuntu08:31
rwwDouble_Kill2: Probably best to just ask in here, rather than PMing people directly.08:31
AK_DaveSword: turn the volume up in the ALSA mixer08:31
marcelSword^Fish, did you try alsamixer08:31
* AK_Dave FTW!08:31
Double_Kill2alright, just trying to make some friends08:31
Double_Kill2so i have people to ask08:31
pahomrww: yeah. u right. sorry.08:32
Sword^FishAK_Dave, marcel  yep.. i tried alsamixer. all are tuned to max.. still low08:32
marcelto work for you :)08:32
marcelSword^Fish, did you try also setting all mixer to high?08:33
AK_DaveSword: Some specific audio hardware, esp laptops, need little tweak lines added to alsa's config file in order to work right. If thats you, I don't know. Do 'lspci' to find your hardware, and then let google be your friend.08:33
Sword^Fishmarcel, yes... the sound is higher now.. but still not enough :(08:34
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Sword^FishAK_Dave, okay..08:34
marcelSword^Fish, dont you have a speakerset with volume?08:35
AK_DaveSword: You have 3 mixers to play with: ALSA, OSS, and Pulseaudio.08:35
Sword^Fish00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) <-- lspci08:35
Sword^Fishmarcel, speakerset gives much boost ; but laptop speakers don't08:36
AK_DaveSword: That should be using snd-hda-intel if I'm not mistaken08:36
arthadid anyone upgrade nagios 3.0.2 to 3.1 on ubuntu?08:36
marcelSword^Fish, go to the alsa project website and mail something on the mailinglist, it think they can help you better08:37
Robert_1sword: have you tried different outputs in edit>preferences of volume control08:37
Sword^FishAK_Dave, most likely. here's an article I found http://www.datanorth.net/~cuervo/blog/linux-on-the-satellite-a215-s7407/ which tells to add a line in /etc/modprobe.d/sound but I don't see any sound file in /etc/modprobe.d/ dir08:37
Sword^Fishmarcel, okay.. that's last option :(08:37
AK_DaveSword: ChaCHING! Create the file yourself. Seriously.08:37
marcelSword^Fish, why the last? you hate mailinglists?08:38
Sword^FishRobert_1, yeah..08:38
Sword^FishAK_Dave, ok.. let's see08:38
Sword^Fishmarcel, lol.. nope.. I love #ubuntu, it's faster than mailing list08:39
AK_DaveSword: faster answer, yes. The right answer? not always. Sometimes better to just drop a question to a mailing list and get the right answer, even if you have to wait. In this case, the answer was "just google it" and you came through on your own.08:40
Sword^FishAK_Dave, options snd-hda-intel model=toshiba <- I'm using AsusX51R, what should be my line?08:40
=== Rohit_kgec is now known as rohit_kgec
AK_DaveSword: Beats me. You found the article. What does it say?08:40
AK_DaveSword: according to the article you create the file an the one and only line that goes into it is:08:41
AK_Daveoptions snd-hda-intel model=toshiba08:41
Sword^FishAK_Dave, it tells to download a driver from realtek website and add a line in /etc/modprobe.d/sound . but which driver is it?08:42
Sword^Fishbut i don't use toshiba. it's Asus X51R. what should I write then?08:42
AK_DaveI think you should already have snd-hda-intel installed and probably loaded08:42
AK_Davedo 'lsmod' and you'll see08:43
Sword^Fishfound -> snd_page_alloc         16136  2 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm08:44
AK_Daveyeah, you're good. If you didn't have that module you'd have zero sound.08:44
Sword^Fishokay.. so I don't need to create that file then?08:45
AK_DaveI suspect  you do need to create the file, but you don't need to download the driver because it is already installed.08:46
Sword^Fishokay.. then I think that's max output I would be getting while I'm on ubuntu.08:46
AK_Daveperhaps you are correct08:47
Q_ContinuumIs there a way to make the bottom bar (taskbar) two rows, so they don't compress the names so quickly?08:47
Sword^Fishthanks AK_Dave , marcel :)08:47
clearscreenThis is just a question out of curiosity: Do all kernel modules have to be rebuilt for every new kernel version? I noticed how nvidia drivers require specific kernel headers08:48
HamidRezai have problem with flash in firefox08:48
HamidRezaonly in firefox08:48
klubinskihow can i use the ubuntu as a web server?08:48
xtknightclearscreen, yes.  dkms is a service that handles this automatically for some modules like virtualbox and nvidia08:49
clearscreenxtknight: aha, alright08:50
xtknightdrivers have to be linked against the current running kernel sources, otherwise when you load them the "version magic" will be wrong.08:50
bluejeans klubinski, dedicated server?08:50
bluejeansklubinski, check out ubuntu server edition.. either use it or install the package list it shows.08:51
SqueakyNebHey Hey everyone. I play WoW, and I want it on my laptop. My laptop is running Ubuntu 8.04. Anyone had any sucess with WoW+Wine???08:51
Q_ContinuumSqueakyNeb: I haven't personally, but I think if you look on the ubuntuforums.org under gaming, or on the winehq website you'll find instructions/help with it08:52
HamidRezai have problem with flash in firefox (only in firefox)08:52
HamidRezahelp me,please08:53
SqueakyNebQ_Continuum: I have found several guides for it, I was wondering if anyone has warnings or advice.08:53
psychomantishey guys08:53
bluejeansHamidReza, is this jsut recently? since the last firefox update a few days ago many people have had problems08:53
SqueakyNebHamidReza, Describe your prob08:53
HamidRezawhat's mean?08:54
psychomantisexpose your problem properly08:54
HamidRezaDescribe your prob08:54
HamidRezaa flash program work like a film08:55
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: WoW ran just fine under wine for me (I was using 8.10 though)08:55
HamidRezafor exampel : speedtest.net08:55
SqueakyNeb@clearscreen, How does it run compared to running on windows??08:55
krishnahow to download from youtube like sites using a software ??? pzl dont give me sites like keepvid....i want a native linux software to do it .. thanks08:55
psychomantisexplain any details08:55
HamidRezait's like a filme playing08:55
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: there's no hardware acceleration for the mouse in OpenGL mode... but that's about the only downside08:56
bluejeansHamidReza, when did the problem start? does flash still work in other appilcations? have you done any updates recently?08:56
SqueakyNebclearscreen, how does that affect it? im not entirely sure what hardware accel does for the mouse08:56
HamidRezayes,in opera worked08:56
krishnawhen i search using google.. all i got is only for windows :(08:57
HamidRezamy firefox version is 3.0.808:57
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: your mouse won't feel as smooth as it should.. if it really is a problem, some people have created a whine patch that makes it use your desktop icon instead08:57
krishnahow to download from youtube like sites using a software ??? pzl dont give me sites like keepvid....i want a native linux software to do it .. thanks08:57
SqueakyNebclearscreen, So you think it should be fine???08:57
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: wine* patch.. you'll have to manually build wine to apply it though08:58
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: depends really, you should try it out and make the consideration for yourself... dont forget to run with -opengl parameter08:58
SqueakyNebkrishna, Open synaptic, search for youtube08:58
BossmanbetaANyone use Sonata (frontend to MPD) ?  It does not seem to save selections to playlists, simply doesn't work.. (version 1.4.2), any ideas?08:58
rww!info youtube-dl | krishna08:59
ubottukrishna: youtube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from youtube.com. In component universe, is extra. Version 2008.03.22-1 (intrepid), package size 8 kB, installed size 64 kB08:59
DreamgliderGood Morning fellow Ubuntu'ers08:59
SqueakyNebclearscreen, I just found something about opengl in this guide. I think it says something like that. THanks a lot08:59
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: you're welcome08:59
bluejeansDreamglider, morning?08:59
krishnaSqueakyNeb "There is no matching application available." add/remove told me this08:59
krishnawhen i searched for youtube08:59
Dreamgliderbluejeans, yes Morning :)08:59
Dreamgliderbluejeans, 08:59 here09:00
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: we just have to hope blizzard will add hardware acceleration for OpenGL in windows (it does have it on the Mac!)09:00
HamidRezabut in my city not morning09:00
bluejeansDreamglider, haha.. i wasjust about to say "g'nightall"09:00
SqueakyNebkrishna, you are doing it wrong. open synaptic package manager, and click search up the top09:00
BlackDalekI am trying to follow this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=997506 but when I get to "Go to System/Preferences/Default Sound Card" nothing happens... it says "starting default soundcard" then nothing...09:00
krishnain a website , its told that "rm -rf /" is  a dangerous command ?? why ? what  will it do ?09:00
Dreamgliderbluejeans,  what's your time ?09:00
krishnaSqueakyNeb, ok09:00
clearscreen!rm-rf | krishna09:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rm-rf09:01
HamidReza12:32 PM09:01
knoxvillekrishna, your joking right?09:01
krishnaclearscreen, ?09:01
bluejeansDreamglider, 1am09:01
krishnaknoxville, i am NOT09:01
Ignoramus11I have a quick question for you guys, im on opensuse 11.1 but I want to try out ubuntu,  When i choose to download the 64bit version it says its a amd64 install, i have an intel chip09:01
SqueakyNebclearscreen, Mac is a *nix like OS, right? can you run mac binaries on linux??09:01
krishnaknoxville, in a linux website.. its told that "rm -rf /" is dangerous09:01
Dreamgliderthat's 01:00 yes ?09:01
knoxvillekrishna, well it will delete everything without asking you twice09:01
usserSqueakyNeb, nope its binary incompatible09:01
krishnaknoxville, what do you mean by "Everything" ?09:02
BossmanbetaANyone use Sonata (frontend to MPD) ?  It does not seem to save selections to playlists, simply doesn't work.. (version 1.4.2), any ideas?09:02
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: Mac is based on a BSD kernel which is indeed based off of unix, but as usser has stated, binaries are indeed incompatible unfortunately09:02
bluejeansIgnoramus11, unless you have an amd64 jsut get the 32 bit09:02
knoxvillekrishna well / refers to the root directory which means it would delte everything inside the root directory that you have permission to delete09:02
HamidRezaflash don't work in firefox09:02
Ignoramus11what if i have 12 gigs of ram >.<09:02
clearscreenkrishna: rm is the remove/delete command ;) / is the root directory.. have fun deleting all your files09:02
krishnaSqueakyNeb, is there any gui for youtube-dl09:03
bluejeansIgnoramus11, irrelevent09:03
rwwIgnoramus11: amd64 is the same thing as x86_64. If you're using a recent Intel chip, it's compatible.09:03
krishnaclearscreen, knoxville , thanks.. now clearly understood09:03
bluejeansIgnoramus11, its the processor we're talking about09:03
rwwIgnoramus11: i.e. Core2 or i7.09:03
Ignoramus11thanks rww09:03
SqueakyNebclearscreen, usser, :( disapointment. If there was a program like wine for Mac binaries in Linux, would it work better than wine?09:03
krishnaknoxville, then will it delete the system files too ???09:03
Ignoramus11core 209:03
knoxvillekrishna if you own the webserver and have sudo permissions, yes!09:03
bluejeansIgnoramus11, ok then you're good..09:03
SqueakyNebkrishna, Yes, i used to have 2-4 of them, but i got rid of them when i realised the pointlessness09:03
rwwIgnoramus11: I'm running a Core 2 Quad with amd64 Ubuntu right now. You're fine :).09:03
Ignoramus11cool man thanks for responce09:04
tsLightwhy isn't ghostview on the repositories? I think it was a while back...09:04
krishnaknoxville, you mean , it wil delet the contents of home folder too  ;-P09:04
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: Not really, the problem is that blizzard was too lazy to add hardware acceleration for cursors in openGL mode in their windows binaries09:04
anhtaidatquangi want get apt09:04
rwwtsLight: is package "gv" what you're looking for?09:04
krishnaSqueakyNeb, plz suggest me something :-|09:04
SqueakyNebclearscreen, K, thanks09:04
anhtaidatquangi need install GTK09:04
tsLightrww, oh, that seems to be it :P, thanks!09:05
SqueakyNebkrishna, Are you using synaptic package manager??09:05
anhtaidatquangmy machine clear GTK09:05
krishnaSqueakyNeb, YES ! i use it09:05
krishnaSqueakyNeb, i want a GUI for youtube-dl09:05
knoxvillekrishna, yes!  what are you trying to do?09:05
SqueakyNebuse clive09:06
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: that would seem logical for their development point of view (windows users should generally be using direct3d), but wine uses an opengl wrapper to handle direct3d code09:06
SqueakyNebi think is what i used09:06
krishnaknoxville, i want to know what all it will delete ..... it will also empty the windows drives of C  D E F too ? :-O :O09:06
krishnaknoxville, if yes, then this command wil be dangerous ,. wont it ? :O09:06
knoxvilleIt will delete anything that is mounted to the / aka root directory krishna09:07
BlackDalekwhen I type asoundconf-gtk it responds  "You need to make sure asoundconf is active! By default, asoundconf's configuration file is ~/.asoundrc.asoundconf and must be included in ~/.asoundrc. Open this file to make sure it is!" I don't understand what it wants me to do?09:07
knoxvillekrishna if you type mount you can view if other filesystems are mounted to / and yet it would delete them also09:07
SqueakyNebknoxville, what is he talking about?09:07
HamidRezaplease help me09:07
knoxvilleSqueakyNeb, he wants to know if it will delete his windows fs also09:08
SqueakyNebknoxville, what will do that???09:08
clearscreenyou dont even want to execute that command, period :P09:08
Ignoramus11i have another question in regards to gui . which is more stable with current release? gnome or kde09:08
SqueakyNebWHAT COMMAND????09:08
knoxvillerm -rf /09:08
clearscreenSqueakyNeb: rm -f /09:08
SqueakyNebo that09:08
HamidRezaflash worked like a film in firefox09:08
clearscreenIgnoramus11: define 'current release'09:09
krishnaknoxville, then why ubuntu allows this dangerous command ? :(09:09
Ignoramus11kde 4.2 , gnome 2. what ever it is09:09
bluejeansBlackDalek, open ~/.asoundrc in a text editor and see if there's a line in it pointing to the .asoundrc.asound.conf file... that's what it's tellign you to do09:09
SqueakyNebIgnoramus11, I would say gnome because it is the standard gui, but i beleive you can get kubuntu and xubuntu if you want support with ubuntu+KDE/XWindow09:09
knoxvillekrishna, windows allows it also, "format c: /q /u09:10
clearscreenkrishna: why does life allow you to jump off a bridge.. why does windows allow you to format C:09:10
SqueakyNebclearscreen, To fix problems09:10
bluejeansHamidReza, sorry but we need more info.....09:10
BlackDalekbluejeans, I looked at that file and .asoundrc.asoundconf is not mentioned anywhere. I don't know what it wants me to type into the file.09:10
krishnaknoxville, clearscreen, now i understand 100%09:10
bluejeansHamidReza, have you tried reinstalling flash?09:10
swoodyI need an extremely lightweight browser, but one that can use Firefox add-ons. Any ideas?09:11
zirodayswoody: you are out of luck09:11
bluejeansBlackDalek, sorry but i'm not running ubuntu so i can't tell you what its suppose dot look like.. maybe somebody else here can take a look for oyu09:11
clearscreenswoody: I believe k-meleon could do that, although I could be very wrong too09:12
Ignoramus11if a program locks, is there a key combination to get access to a command line to run xkill, in gnome09:12
swoodyclearscreen, thx, I'll check it out :)09:12
=== kb is now known as Guest5473
clearscreenswoody: nevermind, it doesnt even run on linux09:12
Ignoramus11whats the key command hamidreza ?09:12
swoodyclearscreen, heh, thx09:12
krishnahow to format a pendrive in ubuntu ?? if i right click . it shows only rescan and unmount ...... how to format ?09:12
jelly12genkrishna: install gparted09:12
BlackDalekwho'd have thought getting external USB sound cards configured would be so difficult... seems like it is just one problem needs to be solved after another, and never getting any closer to the original problem....09:13
HamidRezabluejeans: what you need?09:13
krishnajelly12gen, i have to install another thing to format a pendrive ??09:13
krishnajelly12gen, but in windows.. right click and format09:13
jelly12genkrishna: no , but if you dont want to use the command line09:13
jelly12genkrishna: but this isnt windows09:13
krishnaok. tell me how to in cmd line09:14
ubottugoogle is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux09:14
* ViktorVS gives jelly12gen a small bell09:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give09:14
jelly12genkrishna: ever tried this http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-format-usb-pen-drive/09:15
krishnajelly12gen, now, i will ;-)09:15
jelly12genkrishna: be carefull do you want to use it in windows?09:15
BlackDalekso much for this so called "quick start" guide.. :( *gives up on it*09:15
tsLighthow can I use aptitude to search for text in packages descriptions, so I can get a list of the packages that match?09:15
lanoxxwhats the name of the image viewer of gnome?09:15
rww!give me a test09:16
SqueakyNebtsLight: run 'apt-cache search lolwut'09:16
* ViktorVS gives rww Elton John09:16
ubottuOh no, I won't, I'm not like some of those nasty scripts' users!09:16
tsLightSqueakyNeb, thanks09:16
Ignoramus11i have another question :D. Where can I find media codecs to play/burn.encode/decode audio and video09:16
Phoenix666hello everybody09:16
Phoenix666Ignora it is in the repositories09:17
jelly12genIgnoramus11: in the ubuntu guide09:17
SqueakyNebtsLight, I'm not sure if it checks descripts, but try that09:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about guide09:17
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:17
Ignoramus11thank you09:17
tsLightSqueakyNeb, yeah it does, and I can even use a reg ex :)09:17
bluejeansIgnoramus11, medibuntu.org has tins of good stuff for that09:17
rwwViktorVS: Talking scripts are a violation of #ubuntu's guidelines. Please consider disabling your !give script.09:18
* ViktorVS gives rww a cherry tree09:18
Phoenix666and then you can use ffmpeg to encode and decode09:18
zirodayViktorVS: its /me now :)09:18
HamidRezabluejeans: what you need??09:19
lanoxxwhat is the unix name of Image Viewer?09:20
=== mggtface is now known as BorNDeaD
knoxvillesorry that is image editory09:20
rwwlanoxx: eog09:20
rwwlanoxx: stans for "Eye of GNOME"09:20
rwwstands **09:20
lanoxxrww thx :)09:20
bluejeansHamidReza, sorry, i don't mean to me a jerk or anything but i'm going to bed now.. tired09:20
tt5786hey all question is there away to restore ubuntu 8.1009:21
gartralreal fast, i need to cancel a CD mount.... how09:22
zirodaygartral: you can't cancel a mount09:22
gartralyou cant kill a dbus command?09:23
zirodaytt5786: restore?09:23
zirodaygartral: what on earth are you talking about?09:23
tt5786yea to last good configration09:23
gartralmy CDROM09:23
tt5786as there is an error09:23
zirodaygartral: what do you want to do with it?09:23
gartrali need to eject it, it isnt rreading the cd i put in it09:23
zirodaytt5786: whats the error?09:23
tt5786it wont boot09:23
zirodaygartral: then press the eject key...09:23
gartraland its ignoring the button09:23
tt5786it take me to something called intrefs09:24
zirodaygartral: then unmount it first09:24
gartralit ignored sudo eject cdrom09:24
zirodaytt5786: okay, try an older kernel09:24
zirodaygartral: unmount it first09:24
gartralit isnt mounting its stuck09:24
gartralits not mounted09:24
tt5786i did that and it did not see my Keyboard and Mouse09:24
zirodaygartral: then you have to eject it09:24
gartralits spining at rediculus speeds, and i need to force eject it09:24
gartrali know that, HOW09:25
zirodaygartral: there is no force eject. Pressing the eject button or doing sudo eject is all there is. If its serious reboot.09:25
stormchas2000Gartral  restart09:25
tsLighthow can I know for how long I have been conected to the internet (DSL)?09:25
gartrali seriously hope theres a force eject in jaunty, i hate bringing down a server09:26
zirodaygartral: there is no force eject in jauty either.09:26
zirodayjaunty even.09:27
gartralthere needs to be one somewhere09:27
rwwgartral: grab a paperclip, unbend it, shove it in the little hole on the front of the CD drive.09:27
zirodaygartral: if your cdrom drive fails to eject upon pressing eject then its a hardware issue. The software can only do what the hardware allows.09:27
gartralrww: cant, theres no cog hole09:28
zirodaygartral: AFAIK there is no force eject software anywhere.09:28
gartralit does help when i dont have k3b open doesnt it... lol09:28
eth01there is a complex way of ejecting FYI.09:29
eth01(without the use of "software")09:29
gartraleth01: how?09:29
tt5786sorry im back09:29
tt5786so was there any answer to my questions09:29
eth01gartral: i haven't even followed your problem. you'll have to explain from the start.09:29
Rabbitbunnyyou know, if you pop the cover off, you can get to whatever cd is in there quite easily. it only requires the removal of ~8 screws and voiding up to 2 warranties.09:30
gartraleth01: i was freaking out cause my cdrom took more than 10 minutes to acknowledge a sudo eject and the cd hadnt even mounted yet...09:31
Rabbitbunnytt5786: no one has addressed you since you left.09:31
hipposmmm problematic09:31
eth01gartral: sounds like a dodgey driver09:31
gartralRabbitbunny: yes, except that would require 3 things, 1) take down my server.. bad 2) remove the server from the rack and remove its cover, which i would rather not do, 3) k3b had full controll of the bus, which i killed, and everything went back to normal09:33
gartralwell, the third really isnt a requirment, it was the solution >.>09:33
gartralon my workstation, how do i make rythmbox NOT come up when i put a audio cd in?\09:34
rubydiamondwhat is the best music player on ubuntu09:35
rwwgartral: Open file browser, Edit > Preferences > Media09:35
tsoppI like .. Rhythmbox09:35
knoxvilleAmarok here!09:36
grawityvotes += Rhythmbox, Banshee09:36
nmlinuzhelp! i can not install ubuntu. It freezes at installation! My pc is new. what's wrong?09:38
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:38
giskardhow can i make my cpu go to 100% usage? i need to test my fans09:38
rwwgiskard: run "yes > /dev/null" in a terminal. If you have more than one core, run one instance of it per core.09:39
tt5786hey all09:39
tt5786i was wondering if there was a way to restore ubuntu 18.1009:40
nmlinuzhelp! i can not install ubuntu. It freezes at installation! My pc is new. what's wrong?09:40
tt5786bad media09:41
giskardthanks rww09:42
RyeCatcherhey all - in Pidgin, can I block msg from ppl not in my contact list ?09:42
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
grawityRyeCatcher: I think it depends on the protocol used (MSN, AIM, ICQ...) but try Tools -> Privacy.09:42
RyeCatcherThx grawity09:43
RyeCatcherWas looking for this settings under Preferences!09:43
DreamgliderRyeCatcher,  Tools > Privacy > allow only users on buddy list09:43
RyeCatcherThx, found it!09:44
giskardcan i ask questions about 9.10 here? or is there another channel for betas?09:49
giskardsorry, 9.0409:49
m0RrEfor jaunty09:49
giskardthanks m0RrE09:50
OmniSo, I need the package libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2, but it hasn't been ported to ubuntu09:50
Omniand I should be asking in #ubuntu+109:51
Omniso, thanks09:51
FloodBot2m0RrE: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:51
DynamicAhh sweet09:51
=== HenD is now known as Almiscarado
DynamicWhat time is it in Finland?09:52
Dynamicah sweet09:52
DynamicSo this is the offical ubuntu support channel?09:53
DynamicDoes it have a channel to just chill out on?09:53
m0RrEi don't think so09:53
clancyas you know jabber is a opensource protocol09:53
grawityDynamic: #ubuntu-offtopic? Or #defocus too.09:53
DynamicI see...09:53
Rohit_kgeccan anyone help me with some easy development links for newbies09:53
clancyis there something like this for email accounts?09:54
JP-sNL#ubuntu-offtopic idd09:54
grawityclancy: I think all email uses open protocols ... SMTP, IMAP, POP3. Or did you mean something else09:54
Dynamicah thanks09:54
Rohit_kgeccan anyone help me with some easy development links for newbies09:55
clearscreen!repeat | Rohit_kgec09:55
ubottuRohit_kgec: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience09:55
telemachusif I mount a drive, is it better to make my user the owner of the mount point, or to create a group and give that group ownership then add the user to the group?09:55
clancygrawity, googlemail also uses them but you never know what they do else...is there a email service fully opened to see how it works to respect the privacy?09:56
Rohit_kgecubottu: ok09:56
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)09:56
JP-sNLe-mail and privacy?  :-D09:56
grawityclancy: I don't think so ... nothing can be fully open. But you can run your own mail server if you have the resources.09:57
grawityclancy: Or you could just try GnuPG ('gpg')09:57
clancyi wonder what stallman uses... :D09:57
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=== Abdi is now known as Senbonzakura
grawityclancy: In this world, there usually are two choices: a) trust the service provider, b) run your own.09:58
Senbonzakurahello can someone help me ?10:00
JP-sNLSenbonzakura, ask your question... and wait patiently  ;-)\10:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:02
grawityOkay, a question... In the Ubuntu text-only installer (the "mini" version, if that matters), the status seems to freeze. (Other ttys are working, and I can see the files changing, but tty1 simply doesn't change.) It seems that Ctrl-Alt-Backspace helps a little. Is this just usual Micros~1 Virtual PC flakiness?10:02
Rohit_kgeccan anyone help me with some easy development links for newbies?10:03
drownerpossibly not ubuntu related, but: if i fresh install plain debian, i have a seperate home, will it break everything?10:03
drownermaybe i will ask #debian10:03
Mike_lifeguarddrowner: no, you can have a separate partition for /home (in fact, I think that's recommended)10:03
Senbonzakuracan anyone help me with setting up network drives on ubuntu ?10:03
Mike_lifeguarddrowner: you mount it, and it Just Works10:03
bazhangdrowner, #debian please10:03
ymeHi anybody using VMWARE with Ubuntu?10:04
drownerbazhang: point taken.10:06
ymeIs anybody using virtualisation on Ubuntu?10:09
luklewI have a problem with firefox: http://luklew.dlk.pl/pliki/space.png10:09
spunkHello! I'm using 9.04 Beta. Given that I update my installation until 9.04 is released, would I end up with the exact same system as I would if I installed the release version?10:09
tt5786can any one tell me how to fix ubuntu when it takes you to initramfs10:09
luklewI'm using Ubuntu 8.1010:10
tt5786im using 8.1010:10
tt5786any one10:11
swc|666I have a pkg from hell that refuses to go away.. I've tried about every brute force attempt to remove it that I know of except something that works10:11
Mike_lifeguardtt5786: Please be patient. If someone can answer your question they will do so.10:11
swc|666this is what i get http://pastebin.com/m4912c17d10:12
swc|666problm is it depends on dspam, which will _never_ install correctly out of the box on my amd64 / intrepid install10:13
jessica_ciao a tutti sono una newbie e non riesco a far andare la webcam10:13
Fabexplosivejessica_: vai su #ubuntu-it10:13
poing__how can i start an application from the commandline on a specific workspace?10:13
Fabexplosivequi non parlano italiano10:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about engrish10:13
FabexplosiveI've a problem with ubuntu 8.10 running on vmware workstation 6.510:14
Fabexplosivewhen vm is powered, i wait some minutes and ubuntu totally crash10:15
=== tt5786-2 is now known as tt5786
Senbonzakuraanyone know how to setup network drives on ubuntu ?10:15
Fabexplosivemy mouse is freezed etc...10:16
Fabexplosiveanyone know a solution?10:16
swc|666Intrepid amd64 is probably the buggiest when it comes to packages10:16
Senbonzakurayes, and can someone help me with setting up network drivs ?10:17
adi1hi all10:18
Senbonzakuracan u help me ?10:18
ianh99Senbonzakura, Got to Places>Home find the folder, right click and select share...10:18
Senbonzakurathere is nothing in the folder ?10:18
adi1who is the best app in ubuntu to check multiple gmail accounts?10:19
adi1i dont mean from inside ff10:19
Kevsanadi1: Pidgin?10:19
ianh99Senbonzakura, Just right click on the 'empty' folder from the parent directory10:19
Senbonzakurawill that fix the problem ?10:20
Senbonzakuraiv got a serious issue with my pc10:20
adi1multiple accounts?10:20
grawityadi1: How about Thunderbird?10:20
HamidRezahi. my keyboard light's don't turn on10:20
adi1i have 210:20
Senbonzakuraiv got dual operating system XP and Ubuntu10:20
=== don is now known as Guest68474
ianh99Senbonzakura, I don't know, what is your problem ?10:20
Senbonzakurawhen i share C drive from XP i cant access itnernet10:20
Senbonzakuraon ubuntu10:20
adi1hahah i just cant understand why people use mail apps like thunderbird or evolution to handle mail account10:21
adi1web apps will do fine10:21
grawityadi1: Because they are _mail_ apps.10:21
grawityadi1: There are many reasons why someone would not want a web-based mail.10:21
HamidRezaplease help me10:21
adi1i cant find one :)10:21
Fabexplosiveanyone help me please?10:22
ianh99Senbonzakura, Are you saying you can see a shared folder on XP from Ubuntu but accessing it stops the Internet connection ?10:22
HamidRezamy keyboard light's don't turn on10:22
grawityadi1: 1) Poor internet connection. 2) Privacy. 3) Security. 4) Easier management of multiple accounts. 5) To annoy people like you.10:23
adi1poor internet connection,,, does not count10:23
grawityadi1: Not everyone uses Gmail.10:23
Senbonzakuraianh99 sort of10:23
Senbonzakuraiv got XP and Ubuntu10:24
adi1privacy... with https nooooo10:24
Senbonzakurawhen i Share Xp's C drive i cant go to the internet on Ubuntu10:24
ianh99Senbonzakura, ok10:24
adi1easier managment :):):)? than google himself10:24
veloc1tylol :>10:24
=== mafsi is now known as mafsi`away
Senbonzakurabut if i dont share  C drive on XP, i can go to the internet on Ubuntu10:24
adi1to annoy people like me...? this i can understand10:24
Senbonzakurai dont know whats going on :P10:25
adi1no worries...:)10:25
grawityadi1: HTTPS only protects one connection - between your computer and the Google server. The rest is unencrypted. And about multiple accounts - you _just_ asked how to manage two at the same time.10:25
giMb0Yello.... ! :)10:25
adi1as long as we see things differently we are ok :)10:25
adi1yes cause im trying to use epiphany instead of ff10:26
adi1and in epi does not have a check gmail accounts10:26
veloc1tydo you really think that google only provides the gmail service because they're so friendly? :s10:27
adi1so i was thinking of some app of those you install from add/remove or synaptic10:27
veloc1tyhttps is encrypting the connection between you and the server, but nobody knows what they do with the emails10:27
grawityadi1, veloc1ty: Also, I invite you to #ubuntu-offtopic .10:28
grawity(Before an op does it.)10:28
veloc1tyi'll just shut it ;)10:28
grawityGood idea too.10:29
adi1me too10:29
adi1im going to to try al those gmail checker first :)10:29
adi1but it would be nice if someone help me install that gmail checker in epiphany10:30
adi1its all compile an stuff10:30
jamieleshawWhat Are You Trying To Do?10:31
adi1jamileshaw | me?10:31
jamieleshawadi1: Yes.10:31
adi1check my two gmail account from epiphany instead of firefox10:32
adi1as long as in epi they dont have yet a gmail app10:32
adi1im trying to understand if any of those gmail checker is working ok10:32
adi1so i thought to ask in here :)10:33
HamidRezai have 2 problem with ubuntu10:33
jamieleshawHave a look here my be helpful http://code.google.com/p/epiphany-gmail-notifier/10:33
HamidRezahelp me please10:33
adi1yes i sow this one but i dont know how to install it?10:34
jamieleshawJust as ec10:34
adi1ok :)10:34
HamidReza1-my printer is hp Deskjet D1560 that hplp dont detect ehis10:34
Sketch_how do i change the icon used in the gnome menu?10:35
HamidReza2- my keyboard light's don't turn on10:35
roel_why does my firefox keep crashing??10:35
FloodBot2HamidReza: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:35
Mike_lifeguard!ask | HamidReza10:36
ubottuHamidReza: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:36
HamidRezamy keyboard light's don't turn on10:37
OtienoAfter installing skype, webcam not working, any help10:37
HamidRezabut worked10:37
stormchas2000Hamidreza does your keyboard work except the lights10:39
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jony123hi every1 i was wondering if anyone can tell me how to run mono10:40
BrucevdkHi, I'm wondering, does anybody organize their Apache sites (/etc/apache/sites-available) in seperate files and directories? For example example.com/foo.example.com. If so, can you show me some examples (particular usage of NameVirtualHost)?10:40
Brucevdk!mono | jony123: how do you mean run it? You juse do $ mono foo.exe10:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mono10:41
nasso i have a problem with my nvidia drivers that im hoping someone might be able to help me with. i have a setup with three monitors powered by two asus gf6200le pci-e x16 cards. when i start up my computer and the gdm login screen is displayed only two of the screens are activated (getting signals, displaying green leds). once i log in only those two screens are activated, still. If i log out of gnome and return to gdm login screen all thre10:41
nassoe screens are activated and from there on all three screens are working. does anyone know what might be causing this?10:41
jony123how do i write aplications for it10:42
jelly12genjony123: for what?10:42
Otienocould anyone help me with my webcam. It has stopped working after installing skype10:43
Brucevdkjelly12gen: http://mono-project.com/Introduction_to_developing_with_Mono10:43
deanywhats the package that enables autocomplete? its not workin in this UNR install10:43
jelly12genbah mono . that 's ugly10:43
Brucevdkuhm sorry jelly12gen, I meant jony12310:43
jony123for mono10:43
jelly12genBrucevdk: well still use a better prog. language like Haskell , C , java , python10:43
jelly12genmuch better integration etc.10:44
jelly12genOtieno: that's inpossible10:44
nassojelly12gen, haskell? are you serious? does anyone actually use that for production? :)10:44
jelly12genOtieno: did you use your webcam with an other program first?10:44
grawityjelly12gen: I don't see how Java and Python are "better" than C# .NET10:44
grawitynasso: I think there's a Perl6 implementation in Haskell.10:44
OtienoYess nasso, I used it with cheese10:44
jelly12gengrawity: because C# mono _. M$ isnt platform independent10:45
Otienobut today I installed skype and when trying to open cheese, it says no camera10:45
grawityjelly12gen: Why? It's same as Java.10:45
jelly12genjava is fully platform independent and python also10:45
nassowow. i studied it in a course at university. its very good if you want to learn how to program but didnt think anyone actually used if except for education/research/math10:45
jelly12gennasso: haskell?10:46
nassojelly12gen, yes10:46
Brucevdkgrawity: I tend to agree with you, but it's not exactly the same. Sun Microsystems actually works on the open source Java (OpenJDK) itself, Mono is an effort by Novell (and not supported per se by Microsoft)10:46
jelly12genOtieno: so i worked for cheese but after installing skype i doesnt work anymore10:46
jelly12genBrucevdk: grawity and opensource is a big plus !10:46
OtienoYes, jelly12gen10:46
Brucevdkgrawity: so politically it's a little different, technically it really doesn't matter. I think C#/Mono + GTK# is a descent platform for Linux development.10:46
nassocan anyone point to a big open source project that uses haskell? would love to look at some source10:47
jelly12genOtieno: ok , didnt install something else ?10:47
Otienonot at all10:47
jelly12genOtieno: kernel upgrade ?10:47
grawityBrucevdk: So where's the "ugliness" of them?10:47
jelly12genOtieno: please check wich dependencies of skype10:47
OtienoI have run an upgrade after that and still not helping10:47
Brucevdkgrawity: I'm just pointing out some facts, it wasn't me who said C# was ugly :-)10:47
jelly12genaha Otieno did you upgraded something10:47
jelly12gen*i did say C# is ugly *10:48
OtienoI just run apt-get update10:48
nassono one knows of any project?10:48
jelly12genOtieno: well did it upgrade something10:48
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:48
jelly12gennasso: wich project?10:48
grawityAnyway, about the other meaning of "ugliness". I have tried to run KeePass on Mono, and it works fine, but looks like crap. Is there anything I can do? (Ubuntu 8.10, Gnome)10:48
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.10:49
grawityjelly12gen: C# looks almost _exactly_ the same as Java.10:49
nassojelly12gen, im looking for a big open source project based on haskell10:49
jelly12gennasso: xomad !10:49
OtienoI did that update when it failed to start and still no program detects it. i have tried to reinstall it in vein10:49
jelly12gennasso: Xmonad ! ,10:49
Brucevdkgrawity: you know what, I could be doing other things, but I'm interested in this so let me download and run KeePass for a second10:49
jelly12genOtieno: and if you remove skype does it work in cheese?10:50
grawityBrucevdk: Ah, one more thing. It's KeePass v2.10:50
grawity(KeePass v1 is a native Win app.)10:50
OtienoI haven't tried that. Let me try, jelly12gen10:50
jelly12gennasso: xmonad is the most cool window manager10:50
Brucevdkgrawity: also, have you tried Revelation?10:50
grawityBrucevdk: No, but it seems like a Linux-only app, and I'm mostly a Windows user. *googles*10:51
jelly12gengrawity: windows user ?? :)10:52
grawityjelly12gen: Yes, so? (If you're interested, it's Win XP Pro, runs just fine, no viruses yet, and so on.)10:52
Otienoit still doesn't pick10:53
jelly12gengrawity: well i don't give a shit if you use windows, or mac , or hp-ux of *BSD  , i just use linux because it let me work more efficient10:53
Brucevdkgrawity: ah yes, it does look ugly, I'm assuming it's using WindowsForms10:54
jelly12genOtieno: it still doesnt work?10:54
OtienoI mean it doesn't10:54
jelly12genOtieno: ok , i am clueless10:54
nassojelly12gen, im not very experienced with haskell but its hard to imagine how you could create a window manager with it. when i used it it was all build on recursion. you called one function and it continued running until it was finished. hard to imagine how you could implement a windows manager like that :P10:54
{g}Hey People! Whats a nice way to show the last lines of a gzipped file?10:55
nassoapparently its possible ;)10:55
grawityBrucevdk: I guess so. Is there a way to "fix" it? (Not really a problem, but I do prefer nice interfaces)10:55
jelly12gennasso: well they did , have you googled xmonad , you can even do I/O with it10:55
Otienoanyone there with a clue on this issue? Compatibility of skype and webcam in intrepid10:55
jelly12gennasso: i am learning it atm btw fot my study and it's pretty awesome10:55
Brucevdkgrawity: well, no idea, I don't actually use any WinForm applications (just GTK#). Might be something interesting here: http://mono-project.com/WinForms10:55
nassojelly12gen, yup. im looking into it now. aint i/o kind of a "hack" that isnt really function/recursion based?10:56
jelly12gennasso: i dont know yet :D10:56
grawityBrucevdk: Hmm, I'll take a look10:56
jelly12gennasso: but got to go10:56
nassohow can haskell wait for input if its always running, its got to be multi-threaded?10:56
jelly12gennasso: wel it can10:56
nassojelly12gen, sure. interesting things.10:56
topi{g}: cat file|tail -<no of rows>?10:57
nassojelly12gen, i did i midi sound composer that interpreted musical notes into files. written in haskell :)10:57
jelly12gennasso: http://learnyouahaskell.com/input-and-output10:57
jelly12gennasso : nice :)10:57
zilleplusi got ftp running but i only can go on it on LAN adrres i can't do it with my waan ADRRES is this normal ????10:57
zilleplusi use Gftp10:57
[u]Jinkszilleplus, yes that's normal10:58
zilleplusand ubuntu server 8.1010:58
{g}topi: well, zcat then.10:58
[u]Jinkszilleplus, you can edit your /etc/hosts file if you like10:58
zilleplushow do i got it on WAN address10:58
SkyrailThe version of Twisted on the Hardy default repos is outdated by a long shot and I was wondering if there any newer repos that may have the newest version of Twisted on it i.e. instead of 2.5, 8.2, purely because I don't want to build from source,it's easier to keep up to date and I don't want to upgrade to Intrepid10:58
[u]Jinkszilleplus, edit your /etc/hosts10:58
topi{g}: oh, yes, ofc :)10:58
nassojelly12gen, it was one of the exercises in the course. probably the hardest thing i have every written. you could sit for hours and work on one line. but when you are finished with a haskell program and it works, its friccin beautiful.10:58
Brucevdkgrawity: http://mono-project.com/Gui_Toolkits (WinForms: Looks alien on non-Windows platforms. )10:58
nassojelly12gen, wont keep you here. bye10:58
BrucevdkThe whole Look&Feel thing with GUI toolkits has always been a pain in the ass, best example I can think up would probably be Java which initially I think looked alien on all platforms :-)10:59
[u]Jinkszilleplus, add a line like this xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (whatever your wan ip is)10:59
zilleplusthis is my /etc/host11:00
SkyrailThe twisted framework on the current Hardy repos seems to be outdated by a large margin, I was wondering if there were any newer repos I could add to the sources list in order to get a more updated twisted version?11:08
clancyis there a ubuntu version with lxde?11:09
balachmarSkyrail, do you have backports enabled?11:09
Paddy_EIREclancy: check wikipedia for other ubuntu variants as I dont think there is an officially supported one11:09
Skyrailbalachmar: nope, I suppose that would be of help?11:10
clancyok, lxde is just times faster then xfce or gnome but not as minimal as fluxbox11:10
clancycanonical should think about...11:10
Paddy_EIREits to tacked together11:10
balachmarSkyrail: It should those repos should backport newer versions of software to older releases. I don't know for sure if they have backported your package though. But worth a try.11:11
Paddy_EIREanyway that would be offtopic clancy11:11
Paddy_EIREclancy: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Ubuntu11:11
Mike_lifeguardMy laptop seems to be running quite hot - is there a way to adjust fan operation or something?11:11
Skyrailbalachmar: doesn't look like it :/ the package search doesn't show any newer version, intrepid's repo's on the other hand has a much newer version (not quite 8.2, but 8.1 is much closer then 2.5...)11:12
Paddy_EIREMike_lifeguard: well you can use cpu frequency scaling to throttle your cpu11:12
KevsanMike_lifeguard: fancontrol is a good choice11:12
balachmarSkyrail, I assume you did update before you checked again right?11:12
Paddy_EIREMike_lifeguard: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-change-cpu-frequency-scaling-in-ubuntu.html11:12
prabhaphee_girl: hai11:12
BrucevdkMike_lifeguard: what Paddy_EIRE said, I've also been able to control the fan speed on all my labtops so far11:12
SkyrailYeh I updated/upgraded before changing, and did so after changing11:12
Mike_lifeguardthanks both11:12
balachmarSkyrail, then you might consider upgrading to intrepid. It has been around for 6 months already :)11:13
prabhahow to compile java in ubuntu?11:14
Skyrailbalachmar: it's a server and Hardy is LTS until 2013, saves me from upgrading in the future (i.e. with Intrepid it's mid 2010 that support finishes)11:14
SkyrailI'll speak to the owner of the site and see if he's okay with the upgrade and then I'll go ahead with it11:14
Brucevdkprabha: same way as you would on any other system, install the JDK (openjdk-6-jdk) and use javac (after switching using update-java-alternatives)11:14
Paddy_EIRESkyrail: there is nothing wrong with sticking with LTS releases :)11:14
SkyrailPaddy_EIRE: a certain package that we need is vastly out dated :/11:15
SkyrailI could build from source but it limits the ease of updating in the future11:15
Paddy_EIREhmm.. Skyrail which package?11:15
Paddy_EIRESkyrail: there could be a ppa11:15
SkyrailThe Twisted framework for Python, Hardy has version 2.5, Intrepid 8.111:15
Paddy_EIRE!ppa | Skyrail11:15
ubottuSkyrail: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.11:15
balachmarSkyrail, and you could run into dependency problems...11:16
RobotCowhow can i get wget to download this? http://services.netbeans.org/bouncer/index.php?product=netbeans-6.5.1-ml-java&os=linux11:16
prabhawhich one is equal to dot net in ubuntu?11:16
SkyrailPaddy_EIRE: oh, I'll have a look at that, thanks11:17
Skyrailbalachmar: aye, that is another problem so it may just lead to an intrepid upgrade11:17
ninadspRobotCow: what is the problem with that llink? does it rediect to something else?11:17
Paddy_EIRESkyrail: do you know the name of the package of hand?11:17
RobotCowninadsp, error 404, you try it and see11:18
Paddy_EIRElike "python-twisted" or something like that Skyrail11:18
SkyrailYeh, that's it11:18
balachmarSkyrail, why don't you use this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~fluidinfo/+archive/ppa11:18
BrucevdkRobotCow: the actual download URL behind it for me is http://ftp.snt.utwente.nl/pub/software/netbeans/6.5.1/bundles/netbeans-6.5.1-ml-java-linux.sh11:18
telemachusif I have a folder with a listing like this: drwxr-xr-x 3 root mnt_aux  4096 2009-04-11 20:11 share , shouldn't any user that belongs to the 'mnt_aux' group be able to write to the folder?11:18
ninadspRobotCow: Error 404 is file not found... it means its a server side error11:18
Paddy_EIREbalachmar: nice one11:18
SkyrailThank you balachmar :D11:19
balachmarPaddy_EIRE: Thanks!11:19
RobotCowBruce, how did you get that?11:19
ninadspRobotCow: try the link given by Brucevdk11:19
balachmarSkyrail, it came from the twisted website :P11:19
Paddy_EIREbalachmar: what about https://launchpad.net/~esteve/+ppa-packages11:19
Paddy_EIREbalachmar: ah11:19
BrucevdkRobotCow: I started downloading it using Firefox and then cancelled it so I could grab the actual URL. But I guess I could have used Wireshark or even LiveHTTPHeaders :-)11:19
prabhaBrucevdk:which one is equal to dotnet in ubuntu?11:19
balachmarPaddy_EIRE: So I guess the one they link to is the most supported one.11:20
Skyrailbalachmar: oh haha, well thank you, I should research more in the future, I just didn't know where to start as one of the developers sent me an 'urgent' email telling me about the outdated version of the package11:20
telemachusoh wait, need to do a chmod don't I11:20
ninadspprabha: I might be wrong, but mono is used to emulate dot net if i am not wrong11:20
ninadsp!package mono|prabha11:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about package mono11:20
Brucevdkprabha: uhm, I don't exactly understand what you are asking of me11:20
balachmarSkyrail, no worries. I like easy fixes :)11:20
Paddy_EIREbalachmar: yeah I was curious as the other seems to feature a number of extra packages.. possibly too unstable or for testing purposes mainly11:20
ninadspprabha: you can search for the description of mono in synaptic...11:21
BrucevdkRobotCow: actually, wget works fine11:21
BrucevdkRobotCow: but you have to quote the URL, not sure what character is causing the problem, that's why you were 404ing11:21
BrucevdkRobotCow: this will work: wget "http://services.netbeans.org/bouncer/index.php?product=netbeans-6.5.1-ml-java&os=linux" and pick the best mirror for you11:22
BrucevdkI'm assuming the & might have had something to do with it11:22
ninadsp!package mono-apache-server2 | prabha11:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:23
RobotCowBrucevdk, thanks11:23
BrucevdkRobotCow: np11:23
strombomdo you know any way of modifying the lock screen appearance?11:24
ljsoftneti just installed avant window navigator in Add/Remove, clicked on Accessories>Avant window navigator nothing happens, how do i make it run?11:24
vladcan anybody tek me why there are two users with the same name-tht of the first user account logged in?11:24
penthiefHow can I list which daemons are currently running?11:25
vladtry ps or top11:25
penthiefThe equivalent of `service --status-all'11:25
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LanlostI am sharing internet (via firestarter)   to my desktop as for some  reason it can't connect to my router (too far away)11:26
Lanlosthowever, my laptop can.. problem is.. I'm afraid I'm going to kill my LCD in my laptop having it on all the time11:26
Lanlostbut if I shut the lid.. bam. Internet disconnects11:26
penthiefOh hang on...11:26
Lanlostfrom the laptop I mean.. therefore.. no connection to even share11:26
Lanlostpisses me off because I went to power management and set everything accordingly11:26
FloodBot2Lanlost: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:26
tsimpsondepends what you mean by daemon, they are just regular programs running11:26
Paddy_EIRE!enter | Lanlost11:26
ubottuLanlost: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:26
Paddy_EIRELanlost: what is the laptop model?11:27
Lanlostsorry... im just crazy tired and I wanted to fix this.. it's been driving me crazy. All I have happen when laptop lid is closed.. at all.. is  to turn off the monitor11:27
Lanlostpresario c50011:27
penthiefWell I'm used to using chkconfig to stop services running at boot, but I'm not sure what to use on Ubuntu.11:27
BrucevdkLanlost: does it go in standby when you close the lid?11:28
Lanlosthow would that matter? not trying to be a dick, literally just curious as I have all power management off.. no shutdown of drives or hibernation or suspend.. all of that is disabled11:28
vladpenthief:view the man pages for ps and top commands11:28
Lanlostit .. shouldn't.. I turned that off in power management11:28
Paddy_EIRELanlost: have you read this http://www.1-script.com/forums/Increasing-Wireless-range-on-Presario-C500-article46223--25.htm11:28
penthiefvlad: That won't help me disabling services.11:28
Lanlostuh.. what?11:28
Lanlostthe wireless range is great11:28
Paddy_EIRELanlost: seems your antenna is under the lid11:28
SkyrailThank you both Paddy_EIRE and balachmar, it's worked and updated. let's just hope the developer(s) are happy with it :)11:28
Lanlostthat may be the case.. the wireless range problem I am having is on the desktop11:29
Paddy_EIRESkyrail: happy days and no probs11:29
Lanlostmy laptop is getting a perfect connection.. even if the lid is 99% closed11:29
Paddy_EIRELanlost: how about just telling it to turn the display off and not activate any screensaver?11:29
LanlostThat IS what I have it set to11:29
ninadsppentheif: there are a few gui tools which let you control the stop/start of services... did you search throu synaptic? try 'sysv init style' as a string11:30
Lanlostthat's what I said.. I turned off all power management options and turned it to turning off the monitor when the lid is closed... no screensaver or anything else is activated.. including hibernate, suspend, turning off the hard drives, screensaver11:30
BrucevdkLanlost: so you are sure it's not going into standby?11:30
ljsoftnet i just installed avant window navigator in Add/Remove, i clicked on Accessories>Avant window navigator nothing happens, how do i make it open?11:30
Paddy_EIRELanlost: the person on that forum said that he had  the same problem until he switched to another WiFi channel11:31
kn100whats the ubuntu 9.04 channel?11:31
LanlostI've tried that..11:31
Paddy_EIRELanlost: that might help11:31
BrixSathow can i make my ubuntu server connject to the net using pppoe and then share the internet over my network?11:31
kn100thanks veloc1ty11:31
ninadspkn100: #ubuntu+111:31
LanlostIt's not a problem with the wifi connection11:31
BrucevdkLanlost: the only thing I can think up of right now is that some script is getting executed when closing the lid, There's a whole bunch somewhere in /etc11:31
BrucevdkLanlost: an ACPI event might actually be firing11:31
BrixSatkn100 this one!11:31
Lanlostthats more along the lines of what I was thinking Brucevd, thanks (the first comment)11:32
jonathan__i've two parts of a audio book. Both parts are in m4b format and contains bookmarks for the chapters. I would like to put these two files together to one big file without loosing the position of the bookmarks... Can anyone tell me how to do this?11:32
jonathan__thanks in advance :)11:32
vladcome on people why are there two users with the same name logged in,what is number 2 for11:32
ninadspvlad: you might be logged in from a terminal too... did you check that?11:32
Lanlosta laptop isn't going to have itshorty OWN code somewhere to go into standby is it? As in... it should be determined by the OS, right?11:32
vladyes I am using a terminal too11:33
BrucevdkLanlost: just wondering what happens when you do /etc/init.d/acpid stop and then close the lid?11:33
Lanlostitshorty? How did I manage that instead of 'its'.. oh, tab auto completion11:33
Paddy_EIREBrucevdk: good poin11:33
ninadspvlad: then that will show up as another login :)11:33
penthiefninadsp: Thanks. Anything command line? I feels wrong to fiddle with the /etc/rcN.d dirs11:33
vladthis is what i get 12:14:21 up  1:49,  2 users,  load average: 0.44, 1.11, 1.0711:34
vladUSER     TTY      FROM              LOGIN@   IDLE   JCPU   PCPU WHAT11:34
vladvlad     tty7     :0               10:26    1:49   4:57m  0.16s x-session-manag11:34
vladvlad     pts/0    :0.0             12:09    0.00s  0.10s  0.00s w11:34
FloodBot2vlad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:34
ninadsppenthief: the recommeneded way is update-rc.d and invoke-rc.d ..... check out their man pages.. :)11:34
ninadspvlad: pts/0 is the terminal login, :0 is your gui login11:34
penthiefninadsp: Perfect. I had not heard of those before.11:34
Lanlostwe will see if I get disconnected here in a sec11:35
Lanlost(I am on the desktop)11:35
Lanlostam I here?11:35
ninadsppenthief: ga ahead and try... they'll do your work :)11:35
BrucevdkLanlost: you're still here yes11:35
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Lanlostweird.. I actually got disconnected ( couldn't ping any site )11:35
vladthank you11:35
BrucevdkLanlost: and to answer your other question, I think it might actually be possible for some ACPI things to behave differently depending on the model. And maybe it's even possible for there to be some firmware somewhere doing something.11:36
vladis there a tutorial about users and accounts11:36
tunnuzHello, I'm trying to setup a backup system with rsync on my Ubuntu Server, but my rsync doesn't seem to load the rsyncd.conf. I guess that's because there's already a default rsync configuration on the Ubuntu Server distro, but I can't find the configuration files. Can you help me?11:36