minazomrpresident: if somone wants more than two "virtual desktops" on their pager, first add your Pager, then go to Applications -> Settings Manager -> Workspaces and Margins, then add how many "Number of workspaces" you want. Cool! I am all set up. Thanks again for letting know about the Settings Manager as on the Live CD it looked different and I would of simply overlooked it...cheers as well! :)00:01
mrpresidentminazo, yeah Im running Juanty so I think it might be a bug Ill have to check as it changes the workspace but doesn't applay it00:13
minazomrpresident: Oh, Juanty is the latest, isn't it? That is the 9.04 version? Hmm, now that *might* "break" my video card as I couldn't run "lenny" on this computer, as it no longer supported my "ati video card drivers". Also, I've got like updates that I need to install but I wonder if that will "break" the video card? I might go over to debian or ubuntu and ask if updates (not a distro upgrade) break this ATI video card. It's running so smooth now I h00:28
Kangaroooi cannot get my video card working i installed from synaptic ati and radeon drivers.. so i suppose xubuntu / ubuntu doesnt automatically understands what video card i have and doesnt instals it?        lspci -v     gives     VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 RF/SG AGP00:59
Kangaroooups i wanted to say ati and rage drivers- i searched them and didnt work even after restart01:00
bonzo1993hi @ all01:02
bonzo1993i've got problems with the screenresolution01:03
bonzo1993th maximum is 800x60001:03
bonzo1993how can i change this?01:03
Kangaroooold computetr? laptop?01:03
bonzo1993sry for my bad english i'm from germany01:04
bonzo1993wait a minute i'll post the graficcard data01:04
Kangaroooi had also with my old laptop Yakumo it had SiS integrated or somekind like that01:04
bonzo199301:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro] (rev 11)01:05
bonzo1993thats the nVidia graficcard01:06
bonzo1993so what can i do to change this?01:06
Kangarooowith latest versions i had no problems- hmm but maybe i havent installed with latest :D well previuslly  i found that there is some SiS driver package in synaptic and it worked but one monthe before i did it manually and that is not acceptable to manually do it01:06
bonzo1993and it works with nVidia graficcards?01:07
Kangarooonoooooo i told wat was my problem :)01:07
minazobonzo1993: you mean under your Settings Manager you only have an 800 x 600 option?01:07
Kangaroooyou need to find some of name of your grafic card in synaptic01:07
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:08
Kangaroooor search google01:08
Kangarooo!google ubuntu 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro] (rev 11)01:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:08
Kangarooo!google VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro] (rev 11) ubuntu01:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:08
Kangarooohow that bot works?01:08
knomeKangarooo, there is no google search in the bot01:09
minazoKangarooo: I had a similiar problem, what version of Xubuntu are you running? I have a  VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 PF/PRO AGP 4x TMDS video card running on 8.1001:09
Kangaroooi have 9.0401:10
Kangaroooinstalled 4h ago and thinking about killing myself or machine01:10
minazoWe have the same video card, I think? 8.10 will work, have you tried that? Or do you need 9.04.01:11
knomeminazo, what was your solution on 8.10 ?01:11
Kangaroooeverytrhing is really slow right? like no video card .. and i cpuld install only with safe graphics mode01:12
minazoKangarooo: ...i guess I shouldn't of even asked, obviously you wanted to upgrade.01:12
Kangaroooi have 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 RF/SG AGP01:12
Kangarooono i want xubuntu 9.04 as latest OS for oldest PC :)01:13
minazoknome: 8.10 installed with no problems. I just installed it on my machine early today....working fine...I tried Debain Lenny and it wouldn't detect my video card so I am trying to find out if the updates might break something..I am *can't* do a distro upgrade at this time b/c it would break everything...8.10 work fine with that card though...01:14
minazoKangarooo: I understand. I want to as well...if I found out something I will definitely tell this channel. ;)01:15
Kangaroooill try ubuntu latest dailly couse in #ubuntu they told me that with ubuntu it will work and also downloading xubuntu dailly latest to try maybe tomorow again. but its also strange that with this video card xubuntu didnt wantet even work in live normally- very laggy and allso very strange that when i choose to install normal way it loaded live and gave crash report that ubiquity got some error. so in install cd with graphics safe mode installed.01:18
knomeKangarooo, btw, there is also #ubuntu-de01:20
Kangarooode? for dennmark or deutcsh?01:21
Kangaroooim latvian but in #ubuntu-lv no one is active exept me :)01:21
knomewho was it who was german?01:22
knomeah, it was that bonzo01:22
minazoknome, Kangarooo, Oh...so you guys know what's "up" more than I do about this. I am newbie :) Do either of you know if I install the 200+ updates that are waiting for me on my Xubuntu 8.10....will that break this ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 video card?01:29
knomeminazo, absolutely no idea.01:30
knomeminazo, it is bad if jaunty breaks your card01:36
knomeor stops it from working01:36
knomeminazo, did you already file a bug?01:36
Kangaroooi dont know but if u already have xubuntu then there are 2 ways to get to next version one is config file change previus name to new i think jaunty its called ? and another and ubuntu website wrote so the best way is terminal write update-manager -d01:36
minazogood answer...i assume it's something to do with the kernel but *heck* if I know...i am not going into the ##kernel channel and try and found out...they'll either ban me or laugh me out of there...01:37
minazono how do i that? i'll do it01:37
Kangaroooou and new version really is faster starting...01:37
minazoknome: nevermind, i can find out how, or see if it's already "been done"...01:39
histoalright using irssi through screen in xfce4-terminal for somereason everyonce in a while I cant' switch to window two with alt+2 all the other shortcuts work alt+3 etc...02:05
histono one?02:42
histoits doing it again02:42
histoif I close the terminal and reconnect its fixed. So i know its a bug in xfce4-terminal02:43
Orbital85Alguien habla espanol?03:52
Orbital85how to open a window from terminal?04:14
Kangarooowhat windows? xp?04:22
KangaroooOrbital85: if u write firefox then firefox window will open if you run in terminal sudo thunnar then thunnar with root privilegies will open04:23
Orbital85ok thanks04:24
Orbital85it is thunar04:25
geniigksudo and not sudo. Or regular user will not be able to run it after04:34
rockowhat is the equivalent of free disk space checker for xfce panel to gnome panel?04:48
Orbital85df -h04:48
rockoI want it in the panel04:49
rockognome panel04:49
Orbital85you use ubuntu?04:49
minazois there an option so that i can get the terminal to beep? i've tried Edit -> Preferences but I do not see an option to turn it off or on. using xterm.05:03
geniixset b off05:09
geniior on05:09
geniiMight be 0 or 1 instead of on/off, been a while since I needed to use it05:11
minazogenii: wow, are you serious. that is different..."neat" not what i'm not *use* to...let me try it. i use it for certain channels in irssi and sometimes in a script...05:19
geniiThere is also a setting like    set bell-style           you can use in a file like ~/.inputrc    I remember style of visible flashes the screen05:23
minazodo i need to be root?05:23
minazoneither is working right now but i am sure it's something *i* am wrong05:24
minazo*i* am doing wrong, i meat.05:24
geniiDon't need to be root to edit files in ~/         (your home dir)05:25
minazooh yeah, i'l look at ~/.inputrc didn't notice you said that..05:25
geniiIf you change the .inputrc   use:   source .inputrc05:26
genii(to make it take effect)05:26
minazoissue source .inputrc after file change, right?05:26
minazoissue 'source .inputrc' after file change, right?05:26
geniiIf in ~/ already, otherwise use full path or so05:26
geniiConceivably if that is set right and still no beep, you may not have pcspkr module loaded05:28
frenzy421i upgraded to the beta a few weeks ago and it seems that i no longer have a program that keeps track of my wireless keys, it's quite annoying05:48
frenzy421anyone knows?05:49
minazoWhat/where is this? ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME} Supposedly, I can ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/Terminal/terminalrc (create one is not there) and populate it with the options I need. I know how to use Google so I can look this up but though I'd ask first.05:49
minazoit's the same thing as $HOME, right? or /home/user/Terminal/terminalrc05:51
frenzy421i think the room is dead05:54
frenzy421and i don't know the answer sorry05:54
minazofrenzy421: echo -ne "\a" will test if you have a beep and it doesn't work so i'll try something other things...thanks for the reply though. cheers..05:57
minazofrenzy421: sorry man, I am sounding like an idiot. I am just trying to get the terminal to beep....btw, the way I just heard it but I don't think it's "system-wide"...lol...06:08
=== cyzie_ is now known as cyzie
minazoAnyone in here ever try to get their terminal to beep? Everyone seems to want to cut it off. I would like to cut it on. This is in the docs at: /usr/share/doc/xfce4-terminal/html/C/advanced.html Seems like that would work but I am not hearing anything. http://pastie.org/44355607:35
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX09:54
mib_6d7y2lyrI recently rebooted my xUbuntu laptop after installing updates, and everything in the wireless connection thing is gone, only auto-eth remains, how can I revert the updates or something to fix it?12:21
Kangaroooyes i want to know alswo how to revert to previus syustem like 5min before last update ?12:24
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demmon366mhz pentium II and 256 run will it run or walk :)13:56
Ragamufindemmon, try the live cd14:04
xy|oxdemmon, it should be ok14:09
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djiinI'm trying to add 640x480 resolution to my xrandr with: $ xrandr --newmode xrandr --newmode "640x480_75.00"   30.75  640 664 728 816  480 483 487 504 -hsync +vsync ; and then when I do: $ xrandr --addmode default 640x480 it says that it cannot find mode. How can I add this resolution properly?14:37
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Slonkiehmm.. k3b and brasero is build on the same source right?15:16
TheSheepthey might use some of the same libraries15:41
TheSheepbut they are separate projects15:41
tuxcrafterwhen is the dvevel meeting today?15:51
SiDi in #ubuntu-meeting15:53
tuxcrafterSiDi: time :-)15:57
spinghi. where can i file xubuntu bug reports?17:27
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots17:28
charlie-tcaThanks for asking17:28
spingcharlie-tca: thanks for replying ;-)17:28
charlie-tcaYou are welcome17:28
spingthe boot animation showing the progress bar - is that package *-usplash?17:35
charlie-tca!hi | Ruadh18:05
ubottuRuadh: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!18:05
charlie-tcachewit: bug 293105 still valid?18:07
charlie-tcaGraphic bug in Xfce System Tray, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/29310518:08
chewiti don't know anymore18:08
chewiti'm running 904 now18:08
charlie-tcaIs it in 9.04?18:09
charlie-tcaIf it is not in 9.04, I can sign it off as invalid/fixed in jaunty18:09
RuadhThanks guys18:11
chewitwell, i have not tested the bug in 90418:18
chewitso i could not say18:18
charlie-tcaxubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting now18:32
Slonkiehmm is everyone allowed in for a listen?18:33
charlie-tcayes, and participate if desired18:34
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minazoAnyone ever tried to turn on their terminal beep? I realize most want it off. But I like on. xfce has it off by default from what I understand. /usr/share/doc/xfce4-terminal/html/C/advanced.html. I created an .inputrc file, but i am not sure what command will turn on the beep, I've tried a couple of different commands and logged out with no results:'xset b on' or 'set bell-style on'19:19
charlie-tcaYou may have to set it on in /etc/inputrc also19:20
minazocharlie-tca: hmm, let me try. I'll probably need to log out everytime as well, you think? # set bell-style none19:24
minazois commented out, should i say set bell-style on?19:24
charlie-tcaYes, logout and login will be needed19:24
charlie-tcaRemove the # in front19:24
charlie-tcaset to audio, I think19:25
charlie-tcaVisual flashes the screen19:25
minazoOr say 'set bell-style 1'.....hmmm, audio....didn't think about that.19:25
charlie-tcamight have to look in man inputrc19:26
minazoNo manual entry for inputrc19:26
charlie-tcalet me look19:26
minazoi'll try some things first though....thanks.19:27
charlie-tcaset bell-style audible19:28
charlie-tcasee /usr/share/doc/bash-doc/examples/startup-files for examples19:29
charlie-tcayou may not have the examples installed, though19:30
minazocharlie-tca: Ok, let me look at that first. set bell-style audible makes the most sense to me. I've got a website to do so I guess i should spend too much time on getting a to terminal beep. :) thanks again.19:38
flucksbawkssup all19:47
ubottucoffee is a caffeinated beverage made by filtering hot water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java19:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about espresso19:49
flucksbawkshey slow19:49
slow-motionhi flucksbawks19:52
minazocharlie-tca: no luck, i'll have to try another time when the time...maybe later on this evening...it's probably something really simple i am not doing. I altered inputrc file to audible.It seems like ' ~/.inputrc' should of done it as well...anyways, thanks again.19:53
charlie-tcaAgreed with that. I don't know what else is missing.19:54
charlie-tcathat is what I used to have to change to get the bell to go away19:54
minazocharlie-tca: hehe, I know *no one* wants the bell on...one last thing, did you have to issue 'source inputrc' afterwards you changed the file? That's been mentioned before but I am not sure what that actually does.19:57
TheSheepbells is ok if you fine-tune it19:57
charlie-tcaI restarted to make it take effect19:57
TheSheepxset b 019:57
minazo xset b 1 turns on right?19:58
TheSheepman xset  for details19:58
charlie-tcaGood luck, minazo. I gotta go now.20:01
minazo'xset b 100 2000 20' or any other of the parameters i give does not work. i issue echo -ne "\a" or use Backspace but still no beep.20:04
minazocharlie-tca: k, take it easy.20:04
minazoTheSheep: Strange thing is that I can hear the system beep if I go to Firefox and use the ctrl+F and do a search for a word that's not in the page? I'll hear the system beep then. Also, I'm able to set it by 'xset b' which will gives me the default beep but if I issue 'xset b 100 50 10' it changes the beep to a deeper pitch when I do the serach *in Firefox*, but no beep for the terminal....it's *beeping* frustrating :)20:20
Slonkiehmm Remote Desktop Viewer frooze.. does anyone know the process name?20:21
Slonkiewanna see if i can use "killall <processname>"20:21
TheSheepminazo: maybe you have it disabled in terminal?20:25
TheSheepminazo: try editing .config/Terminal/terminalrc20:25
TheSheepSlonkie: system->system monitor20:25
SlonkieThanks, never saw this before lol20:26
TheSheepor ps x, if you prefer commandline20:26
owen1i have 8.04. shouldn't I have the option to upgrade to 8.10?21:19
owen1(i don't see the 'upgrade' option)21:19
Myrttiowen1: by default, lts releases check only for newer lts releases21:22
Myrttithe next one will most likely be released next year this time-ish21:23
owen1Myrtti: so 8.10 is not lts yet?21:24
minazoTheSheep: where is this terminalrc file? where would .config/Terminal be located? I tried a 'whereis' and 'which' but don't see anything. The only .config file I am getting is under: '/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.27-7-generic/.config'21:24
minazoor, I guess I mean, whereis the '.config/Terminal/terminalrc' at?21:25
Myrttiminazo: in your home dir21:25
owen1Myrtti: interesting. is it the same with ubnutu? i have 8.10 on my ubuntu.21:25
Myrttiowen1: yes21:25
owen1Myrtti: can i upgrade to 8.10 now? is there a risk?21:26
Myrttiowen1: you can change the behaviour though21:26
TheSheepminazo: ~/.config/Terminal/terminalrc21:26
Myrttiowen1: sure21:26
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading21:26
Myrttiowen1: ^21:27
owen1Myrtti: thanks21:28
SiDiowen1, go to the "sources of software" application, tab "Upgrades", and change "Only upgrade from LTS to LTS" to "Normal versions" at the bottom of the window21:40
SiDithen you'll be offered to upgrade to 8.1021:40
owen1SiDi: yes. works. is there a way to do it without UI? (i use dwm on my other ubuntu)21:41
SiDiowen1, yeh, but i don't know the way21:42
SiDiyou should man apt-get / aptitude / dpkg21:42
owen1SiDi: will do. i have a xubuntu 7.10 cd. is there a way to 'jump' from 7.10 to 8.10 ?21:44
SiDiowen1, its higly unrecommanded21:45
owen1SiDi: this was seperate question..21:45
SiDigo for 8.04 first, then 8.1021:45
SiDicause there are some migration scripts that need to be run between upgrades21:45
SiDiand dont forget to do all the updates / reboot / updates before you upgrade to the next version21:45
SiDi(it does take less time to reinstall if there are several upgrades)21:46
owen1SiDi: got it. so it's better to burn a xubuntu CD once in a while, and stop using 7.10 as my base distro..21:46
SiDiwell, since we're about to go for 9.04, you should check how the beta works in a separate partition ;)21:47
SiDihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/TestingInfo/Short and do this at the same time ;p21:48
deadlyallance628what is a good channel for networking help ?22:05
SlonkieRegarding Xubuntu? this one :)22:06
deadlyallance628its not regaurding any os22:06
deadlyallance628iam just trying to get a little networking help22:07
Slonkieoh, no idea then22:07
deadlyallance628ok how about this i run a moto q9m as a usb modem with wvdial how can i route all the data to my eth022:08
deadlyallance628in xubuntu 8.2022:08
owen1SiDi: Prompt=normal in  /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades  will do the same.22:10
SiDiif noone knows here, try #ubuntu, most of the stuff is common22:10
SiDiowen1, thanks for the tip ;)22:10
* SiDi brbs22:10
zadelooking for help with right click, when i right click on links sometimes i get standard menu sometimes it seems to automatically pick an option22:12
TheSheepzade: what application?22:13
zadein a web browser/firefox22:13
TheSheepzade: you got any addons or extensions installed?22:13
TheSheepdoes it also happen in other applications?22:14
zadeno it does not seem to22:14
zadethis is so odd to me i don't even know how to search for it in the forums22:15
TheSheepdoes it always select the same option?22:15
zadeno at times it would appear it would do what I have done most recently but that is not 100%22:16
TheSheepso it selects random options?22:16
zadefor example if i right click to open in new tab sometimes it will do this automatically with out having to actually choose from menu22:16
zadebut sometimes it just opens in new window22:17
TheSheepthat happens with the middle click22:17
zade\or will try to "save as"22:17
TheSheepor a click of both buttons22:17
zadei can not repeat it on demand22:18
TheSheepI'd suspect some setting or addon in firefox22:18
zadeand i am mostly positive i am only clicking the right button22:18
SiDiDoes it happen only on SOME sites ?22:19
TheSheepmaybe try to rename the .mozilla directory, that will reset firefox's settings to factory defaults22:19
SiDizade, possibly your mouse is phisically doing "double click"22:20
SiDii had this on 2/3 mice before, eventhough usually left click bugs first22:20
zadeit does not happen all the time and sometimes fine for several pages22:20
zade?so you think my actual button is going bad22:26
zadeis it possible i did this in editing my X11/xorg.conf22:29
zadeTheSheep: if i rename .mozilla what would i rename it to ? anything ? just rename then reboot ?22:32
zadesidi: as for possible double click, if i double right click it does nothing22:34
SiDizade, ok, nevermind then :) just good to explore all the possibilities22:35
SiDibecause if you right click a menu entry in firefox, it behaves as if it was a left click22:36
zadesidi: yes if i rt click and actually get the menu then either right or left click yields same results22:37
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.22:48
zadei believe i have found a solution: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/18731322:59
zadeI have applied the recommended solution we will see how it works . . . thanks for all the help23:05
SiDiyou're welcome xD23:05
R1cochetcan any1 reccomend a program to dial pc to phone (land/mobile)?23:16
SiDiOh, you mean to connect to internet via the phone ?23:23
R1cochetwant to call a landline and or mobile phone from my pc23:25
SiDiOk, Ekiga then :)23:25
R1cochetcan it call mobiles for free?23:25
SiDiVia the SIP protocol, you can call mobiles23:25
SiDiyou need a provider for phone calls23:25
R1cochetso ill have to pay then?23:25
SiDimost of ISPs offer free and unlimited phone calls via SIP now, you should check if your does23:25
R1cochetwell im setup on an ad-hoc through roommates aircard23:26
SiDioh :P23:27
SiDiwell, ask them to check their ISP, we never know ;)23:27
R1cochetLaughing Out Loud23:28
R1cochetthank you23:28
SiDihere is a list of commercial providers, otherwise : http://backsla.sh/betamax23:28
R1cochetbut ekiga is good i take it?23:28
minazoTheSheep: thank you for the tip on using '/.config/Terminal/terminalrc' It worked. Now I can have all the beeping beeps I want. Thanks for your help!23:29
SiDiits like skype, except that its opensource, really crossplatform, uses a protocol compatible with a lot of other apps23:29
SiDiand doesnt include spywares23:29
SiDiand i recommand you make your friends use ekiga too, esp. those using skype/vent/teamspeak, as ekiga is opensource.23:30
R1cochetok cool thank you23:30
R1cochetlooks like 12voip.com is free for US calls thanks for the link23:30
SiDiyou're welcome23:32
SiDibe careful though, double and triple check before calling ;)23:32
SiDiand btw, if you have parents who have an actual ISP23:32
SiDicheck if their ISP offers SIP calls and if they can let you use their account ;)23:32
R1cochetahh shit good idea man23:33
SiDithat's how i get the internet here ;) i use my mother's ISP account to connect to foneros ;D23:33
R1cochetcheck for what b4 calling?23:33
SiDicheck their terms of use23:34
R1cochetok thank you23:34
xubuntugraphicshIs anyone available who could help troubleshoot a graphics problem with Xubuntu?23:36
SiDiwell, feel free to ask23:36
SiDiif anyone knows, we'll help for sure23:37
xubuntugraphicshI just installed Xubuntu on an older Dell PC with Intel 82845G graphics controller.  Will load then go to blank screen.  If I go back and reload with "autofix graphics" option it will load fine with 1024x768.  Then next time it is the same problem.23:38
xubuntugraphicshI tried changing the xorg.conf file as suggested on a support board I found but that didn't help.23:39
SiDiWell, i really can't help with intel cards, sorry :/ i have none of these23:40
xubuntugraphicshOK thanks for listening.  Bye23:41
Brad777Hello I'm having a slight problem for some reason when I'm using the ondemand setting in the CPU scaling governor the processor just stays at 1GHz all the time even when i open up nexuiz in insane quality and then I get really low fps23:48
Brad777Does anyone know how to fix this?23:48
SiDihm, maybe you get a bad fps mostly due to your gpu23:51
SiDiondemand works pretty much fine here23:51
Brad777SiDi, i have a 9800GTX+ superclocked edition... and I never had bad fps on Ubuntu or Kubuntu23:51
SiDiOk, it doesnt work well then ;)23:51
Brad777SiDi, lol no idea how to fix?23:52
SiDiNope, since it works here23:52
SiDi!google cpu governor xubuntu ondemand23:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:52
SiDiDamn bot23:52
SiDiand obviously googling didnt help. let me check bug trackers23:55
SiDithere are no bugs registered on launchpad23:56
SiDii suggest you report one23:56
Brad777SiDi, i'm not even sure what the bug is lol23:59

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