EvanlecWould anyone mind pointing out some of the advantages of Bazaar over other dvcs's ? I primarily use Git, but due to its lack of Windows compatibility options I've been experimenting with Mercurial (and not liking it very much)...will Bazaar give me a workflow similar to Git ?01:05
bob2the major difference is that bzr doesn't bundle checkouts, branches and repositories into one thing01:11
Evanlecbob2: and git does? can you elaborate on that?01:12
Evanlecbob2: hmm, i'm just reading now, it appears that branches want to go in seperate directories...this is one thing about mercurial i didn't like01:14
bob2mercurial does it in a bizarre way, afaict01:15
bob2bzr's is very simple: a branch is a directory with some stuff in it01:15
davidstraussbob2: I don't think that's an accurate depiction of bzr vs. git01:15
bob2davidstrauss: fair enough01:15
Evanlecbob2: well people in #mercurial tell me they prefer a workflow where you have multiple clones of a reposiitory (each in their own dir)01:16
davidstraussbob2: Using shared branch storage with branches in immediate subdirectories is basically the same01:16
bob2except more annoying01:16
davidstraussbob2: the depends on what you're doing01:16
EvanlecI kind of liked git's "transparent" branches, where you could do everything from only 1 dir01:16
bob2bzr has repositories, and bzr switch01:17
davidstraussMultiple branches per directory support will likely be in core eventually because it's a foundation of the Looms module.01:17
Evanlecin fact thats the major thing keeping me from liking mercurial, i dont want my project folder littered with extra dir01:17
bob2well, that's unrelated to bzr01:18
bob2repository can go anywhere01:18
bob2one checkout can move amongst branches with 'bzr switch'01:18
Evanleci run my development server out of the folder i'm using, so if i switch branches, i would have to restart the development server in that other folder, which is not ideal01:18
davidstraussbob2: Yes, and you can bzr switch using local branches as the source, which keeps your working tree in one directory01:18
Evanlecif that makes any sense01:19
bob2yup, which works well01:19
bob2Evanlec: nope01:19
Evanleci do web development01:19
bob2Evanlec: bzr switch is the same as git co - change this working copy to point at another branch01:19
Evanlecbob2: oh01:20
bob2Evanlec: the only difference is the branches aren't hidden in .git01:20
davidstraussEvanlec: The more fundamental differences between bzr and git are the commit interface, the merge model, and file vs. content tracking01:20
Evanlecbob2: what do you mean hidden ?01:20
bob2Evanlec: might be easier to just try out bzr01:20
Evanlecbob2: yea, i spose01:20
Evanlecdoes bzr have an equivalent of the git rebase command?01:21
Evanlecthat is also something sorely lacking in mercurial01:21
davidstraussEvanlec: yes, though an extension, though i argue it's unnecessary01:21
Evanlecthey made an extension that does it, but its really not as good as gits01:21
davidstraussEvanlec: http://fourkitchens.com/blog/2009/04/20/alternatives-rebasing-bazaar01:21
Evanlecdavidstrauss: i don't understand how it could be unnecessary01:21
davidstraussEvanlec: then read my post :-)01:22
Evanlecdavidstrauss: the link you just posted u mean?01:23
davidstraussEvanlec: yes01:23
bob2davidstrauss: I don't find the latter two matter much ime, but the index is an important difference, true01:23
bob2Evanlec: anyway, in bzr, a branch is a directory, not a magic file in .git/refs01:23
davidstraussEvanlec: also, bzr supports the checkout workflow, which git does not01:23
bob2Evanlec: a checkout points at a branch (and can move amongst them with bzr switch)01:24
bob2Evanlec: sometimes the checkout and branch are the same dir, sometimes not01:24
Evanleca branch is a directory...but i can use bzr switch in the same dir and not notice any directory 'change', like as if i didn't 'cd /some-new-branch'01:25
davidstraussEvanlec: yes, though you would do so on a checkout directory01:25
bob2branch != checkout01:25
bob2checkout = working set of files01:25
bob2branch = pointer to a particular revision01:26
Evanlecah k01:26
bob2repository = big bag of revision data01:26
Evanlecso a branch is just a modified version of the same checkout ?01:26
Evanlecso to speak01:26
bob2they can all be in the same dir (e.g. when you do 'bzr branch http://blah/blah') or not01:26
davidstraussbob2: checkout is possibly the most poorly named command. checkout can create a checkout or it can populate the working tree of a branch01:26
bob2not at all01:26
davidstraussbob2: so, "checkout" in a branch creates a working tree, but you run "bind" if you want to turn it into a checkout :-/01:27
davidstraussbob2: I think the former usage needs to go away01:28
bob2a branch is like a branch in git - it points at a partinaclr revision in the repository01:28
Evanlecin git you just 'checkout' branches01:29
Evanlecand thats about all checkout does01:29
Evanlecaltho, you can also check out a revision01:30
Evanleci dont understand why this is saying that gits rebase throws away history01:33
Evanlecto me, it seem like ti just adds to history01:33
Evanlecand then sticks your commits in that branch on top01:34
Evanleci'm only doing primarily 2-person workflow here, i've no need to share my local branches01:36
Evanlecso rebase works fine for me01:36
bob2outside of git-land, people just don't bother01:38
bob2you commit, commit, commit, then merge01:38
Evanlecwhat if the mainline trunk moves ahead while you're commiting ?01:38
lifelessEvanlec: you merge it in and commit01:38
Evanlecmerge the mainline into your exp branch ?01:39
lifelessEvanlec: naturally01:39
Evanlecbut then when you merge your exp branch into mainline you get these out-of-place commits (of the merges in the toher branch)01:39
lifelessEvanlec: so, bzr has rebase, and you can use it.01:40
Evanlecdoes it behave exactly teh same as git rebase ?01:40
lifelessclose enough, as I understand it01:40
lifelessI don't rebase in either tool, so I can't really say01:40
Evanleci was dissapointed with mercurials rebase01:40
lifelessto understand the concern some people have with rebase, consider a change in mainline that breaks your code01:41
lifelessif you rebase on top of mainline, your commits are now broken01:41
lifelesseven though they may not have conflicts01:41
Evanlecyou mean when i merge back into mainline from my branch ?01:41
lifelessif instead you were to merge mainline into your branch, and fix it as you merge, you don't have that problem - every commit still works.01:42
Evanlecor just when i rebase from mainline01:42
Evanlecah i see01:42
lifelessEvanlec: when you rebase from mainline01:42
Evanlecyea that makes sense now01:42
lifelessso when you rebase, and this happens, you have to go back to your first commit and rewrite it to work against whatever rev of mainline you grabbed01:43
lifelessand the next and so on01:43
Evanlecso you dont haev any problem with these extra 'merge' commits when you merge mainline into your own branch ?01:43
lifelessthis is neither good or bad, its just something you have to do with a rebase workflow.01:43
lifelessEvanlec: no problem at all; bzr puts them off to the side and [in recent versions] doesn't show (any commit that isn't itself a mainline commit) by default01:44
Evanlecwell the case you speak of sounds bad to me01:44
Evanleclifeless: interesting01:44
Evanleci was thinking that mercurial was going to be a 'simpler' version of git01:45
Evanlecbut come to find out, its actually more complex for me because of the strange way i have to do things im used to doing in git01:45
lifelessbzr is also quite different to git01:47
lifelessand trying to use your git workflow in bzr won't be the easiest thing01:47
Evanleci guess i was hoping i could find a git clone (no pun intended) that was easier to use on Windows (for my new partner)01:47
lifelessbut the workflow people use with bzr is very easy and natural01:47
lifelessjust different01:48
Evanleclifeless: thats what mercurial people said, but it didnt seem very easy, and certainly not natural, to me01:48
lifelesswas git your first DVCS?01:48
Evanlecin fact my first vcs really01:48
Evanlechavent even used svn really01:48
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lifelessso with bzr the general thing is to just do your development01:51
lifelessand not to spend a lot of time making the history pretty01:51
Evanlecwell not that my git history was very pretty01:51
lifelessrather we try to have bzr report effectively01:51
lifelessbut thats what trying to not record merges and so on is all about ;)01:52
Evanleceverytime my local branch diverged from the remote, would get these merge commits (without asking for them) for a silly merge when they diverged by only 1 or 2 commits01:52
Evanlecso someone suggested i just use rebase instead of merge01:53
Evanlecand that seemed to solve that problem01:53
lifelessit does remove the merge commits01:53
lifelessbut it has other tradeoffs01:53
lifelesswe have rebase01:54
lifelessI have to head off for a while01:54
Evanlecalright thanks01:55
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davidstraussEvanlec: So, did you get your question adequately answered?04:40
Evanlecdavidstrauss: yes i suppose, thank you04:54
AnAntHello, is there an impact if I upgrade the bzr branch format to --rich-root-pack or --rich-root ?04:58
xiaohuihey, I have a question about the bzr push05:02
xiaohuiI am working behind the firewall , I need a proxy to access the web05:02
davidstraussxiaohui: ok05:03
xiaohuiwhen I solved the problem of using ssh through the proxy and bzr push it05:04
xiaohuiI use *bzr push bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~MY_LAUNCHPAD_ID/PROJECT/name* and it show the progress bar05:05
xiaohuiBut it always stopped at the "coping inventory texts 2/5"05:06
xiaohuiand some minutes later , it said that *connection was closed by the remote host , pipe broken ERROR*05:08
bob2does ssh reliably work otherwise?05:11
lifelessAnAnt: yes there is, its a one way upgrade *and everyone that pulls or merges from you has to do it too*05:38
AnAntlifeless: doesn't the upgrade happen if they pull ?05:38
xiaohuinow, the progress show that *coping content texts*05:44
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=== Guest22735 is now known as bob2
mwhudsonwill be life fail to be enriched in any way if i don't read that huge rebase thread?06:57
Peng_I just moved the VM I run Loggerhead on from UML to a faster machine with Xen. I should've done some benchmarks beforehand. :\07:01
mwhudsonPeng_: did you see my branches targeted at using less ram?07:02
Peng_mwhudson: Yeah.07:03
Peng_Well, one.07:04
Peng_My eyes glazed over at the tuple unpacking and I didn't try it. :P07:04
Peng_Oh, right, the other was already merged.07:04
Peng_Hmm. Your other changes might've brought my normal memory usage from almost 125 MB to almost 115.07:07
Peng_But it's only been a day or two, and I've crashed the machine twice and rebooted it two more times, so I can't say anything for sure.07:07
Peng_mwhudson: So, do you want me to test anything? If so, what?07:10
robin_dewdsaved for posterity. I found it a pretty good short discussion07:10
xiaohuicould some one of you  give an URL of ssh server  for testing my ssh is work behind the firewall? Thank you07:32
mwhudsonPeng_: i guess testing the branch works would be cool07:36
mwhudsonPeng_: have you had problems with memory consumption?07:36
Peng_mwhudson: Define "problems". I've never woken up to find it swapping to death.07:40
mwhudsonPeng_: well we have on launchpad, so i guess you haven't :)07:40
Peng_mwhudson: Which branch? less-stupid or persist-_rev_info?07:40
mwhudsonPeng_: persist-_rev_info contains less-stupid, so testing it would be more revealing i guess07:41
* mwhudson afk07:41
mwhudsonPeng: email me any problems you find :)07:41
Peng_mwhudson: Oh god. The AbsentContentFactory exception attacks.07:45
Peng_Anyway, unimportant.07:45
Peng_mwhudson: Well, I'm running persist-_rev_info now. So far, nothing is exploding. :)07:51
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mlh_you've made reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/8fbk6/to_rebase_or_not_to_rebase_bzr_irc_log/11:48
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WaldirHi there. I never used version control before, and after some investigation I'm now deciding whether I should try bazaar, mercurial or plain svn. I wanted to try out each before deciding, and found out that bazaar is already installed in my ubuntu machine. can someone help me getting started? note: I'm new to linux as well12:07
dereineWaldir: do you have a project or do you want to start from scratch?12:07
* dereine also startet only a short time ago12:08
WaldirI was wondering whether I could test it on my website12:08
dereineok then you have a folder?12:08
Waldirer... where, on the server, on my machine? i currently have the site both online and in my machine12:09
dereineyou can do both12:09
dereineits decentral so you don't have to worry about remote, you can work offline without knowing anything about the www12:10
Waldirso I read. I don't know how to put that theory in practice though :P12:10
dereineso you have a folder12:11
Waldirok, i'm installing the bzr-gtk so I have a GUI. huf, thanks, but I prefer not using the command line because the other people who will be working on this are even less familiar with the vcs than I am... I want the easiest possible, painless way to get started (assuming there is one :) )12:13
Waldirdereine: yes, please continue12:13
dereineWaldir: uh, not commandline ;) thats hard i will start bzr-gtk12:14
hufWaldir: that is the command line12:14
Waldirlol... it's not for me, its more for the others. even though most of them will probably be using windows anyway..12:14
hufsee, you have to understand what you're doing, and the gui tools only help to hide that12:15
hufoh, well... is there a better client for windows than tortoisebzr?12:15
dereineshouldn't the gtk and the qt version also works?12:15
Waldirhuf: I know but I was given very little time to choose a vcs and I can't have them wasting too much time learning to wotk with it. some have already used svn+tortoise (including me) but that's all12:16
Waldirhuf: anyway I read a lot about vcs in the last two days so I do understand the basics12:17
Waldir(i guess, lol)12:17
dereineclick to your folder12:17
dereinethen menu -> branch -> intialize12:17
dereinecurrent folder12:17
Waldirit's something like /var/www/mysite.com right?12:18
dereineyou can use every folder12:18
dereineso if you did this you can add files12:18
Waldirjust making sure :)12:18
dereinearg gui, its so "hard" to use ^^12:18
Waldirlol :(12:19
Waldiryou mean the context menu, with right-click?12:19
dereinethere you can add files12:20
Waldircause I can't find "branch" anywhere...12:20
dereineif you are ready with adding some files12:20
dereinesee http://imagebin.ca/view/x8PyaX.html12:21
Waldirthanks. but that's not the context menu, it's the menu bar on top, right? (on eihter case, there's no "branch" anywhere... sould I start bazaar somehow first?)12:23
dereinedo you have olive?12:23
Waldiri found it now12:23
Waldirlol I thought it integrated with nautilus somewhat like tortoise12:24
Waldirhmm I clicked the applications -> programming -> olive menu item it but nothing happened..12:25
Waldirnevermind i tried again and it worked this time :/12:26
Waldirok, I initialized the directory. the files that are inside it are added by default? or do I have to add them manually?12:29
dereineno you have to add them12:29
Waldiroh, there's no multiple selection! I have to add them one by one right?12:29
Waldirok, I added three files. there are some folders, can I add them as well or do I have to open them and add each file?12:30
LarstiQno clue, I just do bzr add; bzr ci -m 'Initial import'12:31
LarstiQWaldir: you should be able to add folders12:31
LarstiQdereine: commit12:31
dereineah i have to learn the shortcuts12:31
WaldirLarstiQ: thanks :)12:31
Waldirok, what now?12:31
LarstiQWaldir: commit it12:33
Waldiram I supposed not to see the output of individual files inside the folders I added?12:35
* LarstiQ blinks at Waldir 12:37
LarstiQWaldir: what do you mean?12:37
Waldirthe files and inside the folders are showing status "unknown". the others in the root level had "added", and after the commit, "unchanged"12:37
LarstiQWaldir: ah hmm, that seems to mean the gui does not recursively add files in a dir if you add the directory.12:38
WaldirI mean that the commit dialog showed something like "=== added file 'index.php' and then a diff, for each file in the root level. but for folders only showed "=== added directory 'app'" and nothing else12:39
Waldiryes, it seems so12:40
Waldirthe tortoise client is able to do the recursion, I hope?12:40
WaldirI believe I'll be the only one using linux for this project so if I have to use command line it shouldn't be too much of a problem12:41
dereinetry it out :)12:45
LarstiQWaldir: I don't know if it can. If you could try it out and report bugs that would be nice.12:45
LarstiQWaldir: it should, imho.12:45
WaldirI would love to submit bugs, it's just that I have external pressure to do this fast :)12:46
WaldirI'll try it in my windows VM12:47
Waldiroops.. it seems this version of virtualbox wont work with jaunty :(12:49
Waldiri'll ask my colleague to do it on his win machine12:50
dereinehow can i checkout a branch to a ftp?12:55
LarstiQdereine: it isn't clear to me what that would mean. Can you elaborate?13:03
WaldirLarstiQ, dereine: ok, we installed bazaar+tortoisebzr on the win pc. how can i update my own files here with what he has there? (note: they are exactly the same)13:04
LarstiQWaldir: for sharing committed revisions, pull/push/merge13:05
Waldiryes but he heas to put that on somewhere I can access from my machine, right? he has his own website, can we use that, via ftp or http?13:06
LarstiQWaldir: yes, any place you can both reach should do13:13
LarstiQWaldir: sftp is preferable to ftp though13:13
LarstiQWaldir: (you could also use `bzr send` to email revisions across)13:14
WaldirLarstiQ: I think the centralized workfow could work best, since we are more than two13:14
LarstiQWaldir: he could do something like, `bzr push sftp://webhost/~/public_html/branch` and then you could `bzr pull http://webhost/~friend/branch`13:14
LarstiQWaldir: ok, then you will need a location all of you have write access to13:15
LarstiQgah, running out of power already13:15
Waldiryes, that can be arranged. but doesnt sftp require authentication? will those commands work just like that?13:16
LarstiQWaldir: you'll need credentials. If you have an appropriate ~/.ssh/config or remote user same as local, and a key, it will work just like that.13:19
LarstiQotherwise it will prompt for a password13:19
LarstiQWaldir: you can also include the username in the url if you want13:19
LarstiQit isn't needed per se13:20
WaldirLarstiQ: ok :) now, does the push command need to be done from the directory where the repository is right now in the window machine? that is, do i have to cd there first?13:22
Waldirby the way, tortoise does the recursive add and commit ^^13:22
LarstiQah, good about the add13:23
LarstiQWaldir: bzr needs to know which branch you are pushing. Doing the push from within the branch would do that, or you could use -d to designate another branch.13:24
LarstiQFrequently you want to push after a bunch of commits, so that then turns into `bzr ci; bzr ci; bzr push;` from the same branch.13:24
Waldirok i didnt get this last one13:25
Waldirwhy would i commit twice?13:25
LarstiQWaldir: `*hack hack*; bzr ci; *hack hack*; bzr ci; *decide to publish*; bzr push` would be less terse.13:26
Waldirok, I got it :)13:27
WaldirI'll try this13:27
WaldirLarstiQ: i just connected to my ftp server using the places menu (connect to server). However, using olive it keeps asking for my password. Can it be because I am already connected with this username?13:34
WaldirLarstiQ: ok, I signed off from the ftp in nautilus, then tried the command line. the error returned was: bzr: ERROR: Target directory ftp://my-web-host/~/public_html/branch  already exists, but does not have a valid .bzr directory. Supply --use-existing-dir to push there anyway.13:37
LarstiQWaldir: I pretty much only know the commandline interface well enough.13:38
LarstiQWaldir: for that last error, it is saying the directory already exists while it didn't expect that. You can tell it to go ahead by supplying that option.13:39
Waldirperhaps it already existed because of the previous attempt using olive? even though it didnt accept my password :/ I'll try with that option13:39
WaldirLarstiQ: FTP temporary error: 451 /httpdocs/branch-name/.bzr/repository/upload/7wwumk8piyp4jgva3o2k.fetch: Append/Restart not permitted, try again. Retrying.13:41
LarstiQWaldir: ick, you have a terrible ftp server there.13:41
Waldirtoo bad my friend went to lunch, I can't try his ftp server :/13:42
Waldirbut this was already good for a start. I suppose tortoise will allow push and pull from the GUI so i should be able to convince the rest of them to use this :)13:43
LarstiQWaldir: it certainly should.13:43
Waldirperhaps I can try via http?13:43
LarstiQWaldir: note that with more people working on the branch, divergence will start to occur. At that point you will also need the merge command next to pull.13:44
LarstiQWaldir: pulling, yes. But http itself is not a writable transport so push doesn't work on that.13:44
Waldiryes, i was afraid you'd say that :) about the merge, doesnt push/pull try automatic merge?13:45
LarstiQWaldir: if your http server supports WebDAV you can use the webdav plugin13:45
LarstiQWaldir: no, they do not.13:45
Waldirbut they'll tell me that I need to use merge if there is a conflict, right?13:45
LarstiQWaldir: yes.13:46
LarstiQWaldir: since you're going with a centralized style, you may also consider using checkouts instead: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/user-guide/index.html#team-collaboration-central-style13:46
WaldirI will try this out later when I get the pull and push working. about the WebDAV, I don't even know what that means :P13:46
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LarstiQWaldir: that way you would not use pull/merge/push but update/commit for regular operation13:47
LarstiQWaldir: I'm guessing no then ;)13:47
Waldirthanks for the link, I'll read that13:47
LarstiQWaldir: your host does probably support sftp instead of ftp, sftp is a waaaay nicer protocol13:47
Waldirhmmm. let's see then13:47
Waldirssh: connect to host ftp.webhost.com port 22: Connection refused13:49
Waldirbzr: ERROR: Unable to connect to SSH host ftp.webhost.com; EOF during negotiation13:49
LarstiQWaldir: perhaps another hostname than ftp.webhost.com for ssh access? But maybe they don't offer ssh (boo!)13:50
Waldir(obs: I'm editing off my website's url cause it's so embarassing right now :P I have a redesign almost ready that will hopefully not make eyes bleed xD)13:50
WaldirI'll check the email they sent me when they set up my hosting13:50
LarstiQhah, I have a high tolerance for eye bleedage ;)13:50
Waldirperhaps there's something there13:51
LarstiQWaldir: if you're going to deploy websites with bzr, I suggest you look into the bzr-upload plugin. (http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrPlugins)13:51
Waldirthere seems to be something right for the needs of everyone :) I am guessing this could be put in an easier to find location, perhaps in the main page have a set of common "I am a xxx and I want to use bazaar for xxxx" with links that have all the correct instructions and resources... do you think it would be a good idea?13:53
Waldir(just the most common combinations, especially newbies, experts, svn/cvs guys, something like that)13:54
LarstiQWaldir: does http://bazaar-vcs.org/Scenarios fit what you're thinking of?13:54
WaldirLarstiQ: more or less. perhaps the entries could be grouped to allow easier browsing, and the "newbie getting started" guide is missing there :P13:57
LarstiQWaldir: would you like to contribute that guide?13:58
Waldirlolol I really think I should first be able to get my project working :P13:59
LarstiQWaldir: well, the good thing is that you can note things as you encounter them13:59
LarstiQalthough, looking at the scenarios, 'newbie' isn't really a scenario14:00
WaldirI suppose so. I think I'll save this first conversation for future reference14:00
Waldiryes, it doesnt fit very well there, but such a guide would be really good14:01
LarstiQWaldir: how does http://bazaar-vcs.org/BazaarForWebDevs compare?14:01
WaldirLarstiQ: it's pretty nice. However I think something specific for say windows users with tortoise, using minimal (if at all) command line instructions, with screenshots, would really help the, you know, hardcore newbies (or people not very much wanting to learn to use a new tool). I'm not one of these but I know many, many people who are14:08
WaldirIt's nice having something powerful that an experienced user can use and learn really fast, but we all have to start sometime, and by then we're kinda clueless14:09
LarstiQWaldir: yes, I agree.14:10
Waldirmy friend is back, we'll try his ftp server now14:11
LarstiQWaldir: launchpad.net might also be appropriate space for hosting your branch14:12
WaldirI thought it wasnt possible to host closed projects there14:14
LarstiQWaldir: ah, that would count as not appropriate then :)14:14
LarstiQcarry on, nothing to see here! ;)14:14
* LarstiQ frowns at his bike keys still being lost14:14
Waldirwell, the ftp server accepted the push, but the files don't seem to be there. does push only save the .bzr branch there?14:28
Waldirhmm, pull seems to be working, so I'm assuming that's the case14:29
WaldirLarstiQ: I got this with pull: bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the merge command to reconcile them.14:31
Waldirand then, running merge: bzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified.14:32
WaldirI suspect this might have something to do with the fact that we both created a repository in our machines, so they don't recognize each other as the same even though the file contents are indentical... is that right?14:33
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LarstiQWaldir: exactly14:37
WaldirLarstiQ: "Subversion and CVS are good choices for implementing this [centralized] workflow because they make it easy." on http://bazaar-vcs.org/Workflows#head-22b1dac636e54e501e9b5a0a235f21bb686b80ac I wonder if I really should be trying to set up bazaar... 9.914:37
Waldirbut still what should I do then, to fix that 2 repos problem?14:38
LarstiQWaldir: two main approaches: 1) drop one of them 2) graft them together14:39
LarstiQWaldir: seeing as you have just started, I would go with 1)14:39
LarstiQWaldir: the reason CVS/svn make the centralized workflow easy to set up is because you can't do anything else with them.14:42
LarstiQWaldir: given a svn setup and a centralized bzr setup, I find bzr easier to work with.14:42
LarstiQWaldir: YMMV14:42
WaldirWell, I'm taking some time to get started, but that is not the problem. I think I won't be able to convince the rest of the guys to use this if they have to fiddle with the command line...14:44
LarstiQI see.14:44
LarstiQWaldir: Tortoise svn is certainly more mature than Tortoise bzr.14:44
WaldirI'm afraid we'll have to go with that one for this project, then. I'd use bzr myself for my website if my host's ftp support was better :(14:46
LarstiQwhich sorely needs people using it and improving it if it wants to get to the TSVN level, but I digress.14:46
LarstiQWaldir: you can also use bzr with svn as a backend btw14:47
Waldirmy concern is just the interface. I'd rather use tortoisesvn with bzr as a backend instead, since it seems to be better for merging and stuff :P14:49
* LarstiQ shudders14:50
LarstiQI really don't think so, but feel free to try :P14:50
WaldirI don't know, I was just guessing :P14:52
WaldirLarstiQ: Your solution worked btw: I just tried doing a change then commit then push and then pull on the windows machine (which is called "update" in the tortoise interface), and it worked. We were able to see the diff there, of the change I did here :) Only question now is how to revert a change, but that will be another day's lesson :) anyway, I already got started with this. Thanks a lot for helping with that.14:56
WaldirI gotta leave now. See you next time!14:56
LarstiQWaldir: `bzr revert`?14:57
LarstiQWaldir: ciao!14:57
WaldirLarstiQ: thanks :) bye!14:57
dereineLarstiQ: can i use bzr push for ftp to have a current version of a repo as checkout on ftp14:58
LarstiQdereine: in bzr terminology, push will not create or update working trees on ftp15:02
LarstiQor any remote transport15:02
LarstiQdereine: if you want to do something like deploy a website, the bzr-upload is a better choice ime15:02
LarstiQdereine: if you don't actually want a checkout, but just publish your branch so others can use bzr to interact with it, `bzr push` is all you need.15:03
LarstiQand it will work with ftp, presuming the ftp server isn't broken.15:03
dereineLarstiQ: no i need exact the checkout15:03
LarstiQdereine: sftp or bzr+ssh:// are usually better choices if available15:03
dereinei know :(15:03
LarstiQdereine: what do you need a checkout for?15:03
dereinethe designer there don't use bazaar15:04
dereineso he edits the file with ftp15:04
dereineand i work on a local branch15:04
dereinethx anyway for the links15:05
* SamB thiinks dereine should delette some of his files "by accident"15:07
dereinei'm just wondering if its possible15:08
LarstiQdereine: ouch15:09
dereineok i will force him to use bzr :)15:10
LarstiQdereine: it is possible, but very awkard.15:10
LarstiQdereine: you'll need ssh access to the ftp machine, and bzr installed on it15:10
dereinemh this will be hard :) i asced the support yesterday evening they don't support ssh even for really business accounts which costs too much :)15:12
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nadavoidHello, I set up bazaar on my mac for a project a couple of weeks ago. I'm still very much a bzr noob. When I initially set it up, I checked in the whole project. Since then, I've done a lot of work - added a lot of directories and files, edited a lot of files.20:19
nadavoidWhat's a recommended way for me to update my repository?20:19
nadavoidIt's just a local repository. .bzr directory inside my top level directory. nothing more.20:20
nadavoidShould I just do "bzr add" then "bzr commit"20:21
nadavoidOK, well, that's what I did. And it seemed to work. bzr seems very simple and straightforward. I'm glad I met it. :)20:29
knielsenwhen I bzr branch a copy of lp:maria, bzr 1.13 uses up >600Mb of memory during the process, which is a bit of a bummer. Any way to reduce this?21:49
knielsen[this is a branch of the MySQL server tree. which has a lot of history, around 500Mb or so]21:50
mwhudsonknielsen: you can probably pull in stages, bzr branch -r1000 lp:maria, cd maria; bzr pull -r 2000 etc22:38
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