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shtylman_lex79: link?00:05
shtylman_and will qt 4.5.1 be backported?00:05
JontheEchidnaOooh, edge.launchpad.net got ajax goodness for setting bug privacy00:17
bokeyhi guys trying to load up kwin manually on 8.10 gives me kwin: error while loading shared libraries: libkephal.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:42
bokeywhere is this libkephal?00:42
nixternalneed to make a note to add xz-utils into the repo for karmic otherwise kdelibs won't build :)00:42
* nixternal should probably get started on that00:42
nixternallet me take that back, it will build, just w/o lzma support, and we don't want to do that to people who love lzma :)00:43
neversfeldedoing an lzma package is difficult00:47
neversfeldedo I only have to compress it and give a special debian /rules?00:48
Riddellyou need to set a variable in debian/rules as I mind, that's about it00:56
Riddellor pass the relevant argument to dpkg-thing directly00:56
Riddellalso pre-depend on the dpkg version with lzma support00:56
JontheEchidnayou don't need to pre-depend anymore00:58
JontheEchidnasoyuz dropped that requirement recently00:58
neversfeldeha, not easy. I am packaging rekonq, MOTUs will have fun with it, I hope00:58
JontheEchidnais rekonq that big?00:59
neversfeldemy first package without cdbs00:59
JontheEchidnaUsually we only bother with lzma if the generated packages are huge, in which case we can save a few MB of space00:59
neversfeldemhh, so small package are not allowed to use lzma01:00
JontheEchidnawell, it's not that they aren't allowed01:00
JontheEchidnabut usually it's not worth it for small ones01:00
JontheEchidnain some cases debs can actually increase in size when using lzma01:01
JontheEchidna(usually when they are less than 1MB)01:01
neversfeldeit is a practice for me01:01
neversfeldeso I think I can upload a version without it01:02
neversfeldeto revu01:02
JontheEchidnaOh, yeah. Practice it by all means :)01:03
JontheEchidnaoh, also lzma is more cpu intensive to extract/compress01:05
JontheEchidnaso while lzma is definitely useful, it's not the right choice for all situations01:06
JontheEchidnaalso I've found that packages that are mainly images (wallpapers, icons, etc) don't really compress better with lzma :(01:07
neversfeldemhhh, I will use it for this package and if it is not so good I will revert01:07
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* txwikinger is wondering where quanta-kde4 is02:11
Daskreechseele: plasma focus group was today?02:17
neversfeldenixternal: are you able to publish to the fridge?02:39
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ScottKshtylman_: Qt affects a lot of packages and a lot of people beyond core KDE.  It'd take a lot of testing to convince me it was a reasonable backport.03:36
shtylman_ScottK: makes sense :)04:23
bokeywhere should i ask question about backports?05:07
bokeyhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid-backports/konqueror has 4.2.0. can we have the 4.2.2 in it instead (that'd imply having KDE4.2.2 as well). thanks05:08
bokey(and i thought backports had bleeding edge :P)05:09
ScottKbokey: It takes someone willing to test it.05:17
bokeyScottK: what exactly is involved in testing?05:17
bokey!testing > bokey05:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about testing05:17
ScottKAre you running the 4.2.0 version on Intrepid now?05:18
bokeyScottK: yes05:18
ScottKWhat I really need is for someone to use the kubuntu-experimental PPA to upgrade to 4.2.2 and take careful notes on any errors in the upgrade.05:19
bokeyi think i can do that.05:19
ScottKThese are generally going to be package conflict errors.05:20
ScottKWe can fix those and then I think it'd be OK to update backports.05:20
ScottKThe problem is all the devs are running Jaunty now, so no one to test for Intrepid backporting.05:21
bokeyScottK: the dl has commenced.. PPAs are a bit slower than my mirror. will take some time.05:32
ScottKIt's past midnight here, so take careful notes and we can discuss it tomorrow or Sunday.05:32
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kb9vqfFinal KDE3 LiveCDs are now up!08:28
* kb9vqf breathes a very large sigh of relief08:28
kb9vqfdaskreech: If you want to help seed, I think there's going to be a huge demand tomorrow... :-)08:30
Quintasankb9vqf: count me in also :P08:30
kb9vqfSounds good!08:31
kb9vqf Hopefully my Internet connection will stay up with the storms coming in tomorrow08:31
* kb9vqf crosses his fingers08:31
kb9vqfThe patch files are not yet available; bsdiff is still processing the ISOs (using 14GB of RAM in the process!)08:33
kb9vqfI'll have those up tomorrow08:33
Quintasanargh why those guys at Opera can't make a Qt4 build for amd64?08:34
daskreechkb9vqf: Shoot me the torrent when ready08:38
kb9vqfdaskreech: http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/cdimages/kubuntu-9.04-kde3-desktop-i386.torrent08:41
kb9vqfdaskreech: and http://apt.pearsoncomputing.net/cdimages/kubuntu-9.04-kde3-desktop-amd64.torrent08:41
* daskreech sighs08:42
daskreechKDE is so much nicer than GNome08:42
* kb9vqf agrees08:42
kb9vqfFYI, several people found the torrent two minutes after I published it, so the speed isn't terrible08:43
daskreechYeah I'm seing quite a few peers08:43
kb9vqfThis is probably the highest traffic site I have ever had ;-)08:43
kb9vqfThanks again for seeding; I do appreciate the help with bandwidth08:44
* kb9vqf stumbles off to bed...2:45AM local time08:45
daskreechSame here :)08:45
Quintasankb9vqf: night08:45
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QuintasanHmm, Will we use Shaman in Karmic if it's stable *and* usable?10:43
milianwhat package do I need so I can use kde-widgets inside designer?10:58
milianor where are they stored?11:04
Quintasana|wen: hiho, got a second?11:07
a|wenhey Quintasan11:07
MamarokQuintasan: the fglrx driver in Jaunty is not the problem, it's Xorg, read dfaure's blog on planetkde...11:07
a|wenhow's it going?11:07
affluxhi there. Someone complained about kubuntu not identifying itself as kubuntu in grub's menu.lst (bug 366535). Any hints on what package I should assign it to?11:07
QuintasanMamarok: thanks, It doesn't works anyways :P11:08
a|wenQuintasan: go ahead?11:09
Quintasana|wen: Are we going to include Shaman as a package manager in Karmic if it's usable *and* stable? There was a small discussion but I don't know what was the result :P11:09
milianNarf why are the ___KDE___ widgets installed to /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/designer?!!!11:11
milianthey belong to /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/designer11:11
a|wenQuintasan: i don't think any conclusions were made ... i think a spec for it and a UDS discussion is the right way to go; preferably with pros/cons of the different package managers and their state11:11
a|wenafflux: what does it identify itself as? ubuntu, right?11:12
Quintasana|wen: okay, I added it to wiki, I'm going to monitor upstream for now :)11:13
affluxa|wen: not entirely sure it's a valid bug - but somehow I remember seeing a "kubuntu" entry somewhere. Could have changed that manually though.11:13
a|wenafflux: not surprising as we use all the same packages at "that level" of the system ... it will in any case be a wishlist bug i would say; but i'm actually not sure where the grub-updater/grub gets the info from11:13
affluxa|wen: is it okay if I just remove the package info and set it to wishlist?11:14
a|wenQuintasan: okay :) ... at least we need to get a package manager that rocks a bit more as soon as possible11:14
a|wenafflux: then rather have it against grub for now until we know where it actually belongs11:16
affluxalright, thanks11:16
Quintasanw00t inital packagekit support?11:16
Quintasanok, it' woking but it's not working as expected11:54
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OceanwatcherAnyone here that can tell me about the dual monitor interface in Kubuntu? Seems some buttons are missing compared to the standard KDE 4.2.2 ...15:34
a|wenOceanwatcher: jaunty or intrepid?15:45
a|wenmilian: i take that you were talking about /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/designer/kdewidgets.so ?15:48
seeleScottK: you going to fudruckers?15:49
ScottKseele: No.  Way too much going on today.15:49
ScottKPlus last night was prom night and so I was up @ midnight to chauffeur from the prom to the after prom party and then up again to pick up at 4am.15:50
seeleScottK: hah.. sounds like fun :P15:52
a|wenOceanwatcher: afaik it should be the upstream tool ... with an added checkbox for ctrl-alt-backspace behaviour; what is missing?15:52
ScottKYeah.  That's one word for it.15:52
miliana|wen: yes15:52
eagles0513875what has become of ctrl-alt-backspace in jaunty15:52
ScottKeagles0513875: Support questions in #kubuntu.15:53
ScottKeagles0513875: Alternatively I suspect Google has a lot to say on the matter.15:53
Oceanwatchera | wen: Take a look at the screenshots in this link: http://forum.kde.org/ati-radeon-9550-dual-monitor-setup-not-working-kde-4-2-2-t-47263.html15:53
eagles0513875ScottK: will look on google15:53
ghostcubehmm is there anything about the anjuta dist-upgrade problem known ?15:54
Oceanwatchera | wen: The conclusion there is pretty much that some buttons must have been removed by Kubuntu.15:54
ScottKeagles0513875: This is your third off topic support request on this channel in the day or two since you got unbanned.  You've already got three strikes.  Don't get a fourth.15:54
a|wenmilian: we don't move around with the file; so it is installed where the upstream cmake-files wants it ... that might be wrong though; but i'm no kdelibs expert in that regard15:54
ScottKOceanwatcher: Not on purpose.15:54
miliana|wen: so why is there kde4/plugins/designer at all? and at least it would be an upstream bug15:55
a|wenmilian: i have a few files in that folder as well, and you're probably right that it is places wrong ... i think Riddell or JontheEchidna would be the persons to settle that15:58
milianimo kdewidgets.so needs to be moved to kde4/plugins/designer15:58
ScottKghostcube: I'd look for bugs and if not, file one.15:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 343076 in anjuta "package anjuta 2:2.24.2-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/gbf-am-parse', which is also in package libgbf-1-2 (dup-of: 338464)" [Undecided,New]15:59
ghostcubeiuts this one ScottK #15:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 338464 in anjuta "[Jaunty] anjuta >2.25 needs Conflicts: libgbf-1-2" [Undecided,Triaged]15:59
ScottKIs that what happened to you?16:00
ghostcubeits kept back for dist-upgrade16:00
ghostcubeand then its not installable for the overwrite problem16:00
ScottKghostcube: This is more of a #ubuntu-motu topic in any case.16:00
ghostcubeok no prob :) just thought anything is planned i dont really need it i only noticed, thx ScottK16:01
ScottKYeah, well this probably isn't the best channel for a Gnome based IDE.16:02
ghostcubeyeah thats right hehe but i must say qt 4.5 is smooth till now and faster with 180.44 drivers for nvidia16:02
ghostcubeand the update from 8.10 to 9.04 worked much better then from 8.04 to 8.10 :)16:03
OceanwatcherScottK: Yeah, I did not think so. Would be good though to get hold of a person involved in that project to find out what is going on. At the moment, dual monitors in Kubuntu 9.04 is a total no-no if you are not using proprietary drivers.16:15
OceanwatcherHave to go out for a little while16:15
ScottKOceanwatcher: Please file bugs if you haven't.16:18
OceanwatcherScottK: Have not done yet. Will do.16:20
a|wenOceanwatcher: the "multiple monitors" tab is for configuring xinerama ... and from the upstream code it is set to only be there when it makes sense16:24
ScottKa|wen: Oh dear.  Does that even make sense anymore?16:25
ScottKI thought that was nearly completely deprecated even in Hardy.16:26
a|wenScottK: i think some of the old old drivers does still support it ... but luckily it is "hidden" most of the time that tab16:26
metelliusbad bug: kubuntu just auto-installed a packaged from the xorg-edgers ppa, with "security only" enabled in system settings. I am usually very careful about what I install from xorg-edgers, so this is not good16:30
a|wenmetellius: if you add the a ppa to your sources.list it will use those packages if they have a newer version ... if you don't want that you should download the individual .deb files and install them16:31
a|wenmetellius: if you look under "third-party" you can see it there16:32
metelliuswhat do you mean third-party?16:33
metelliusand I disagree, I was told earlier here that kpackagekit set to "security only" will only install official jaunty packages, and that's why I reacted when it installed this package from the ppa16:34
metelliuswhether I mistakenly upgrade the packages outside kpackagekit is definitely my own problem16:35
a|wenmetellius: if it is set to security-only it will only install the security-updates from the official software channels ... but any extra/3rd-party repositories added will be checked as well16:35
metelliuscan you elaborate what you mean by "will be checked as well"?16:36
metelliuswill they be installed, or just refreshed and their presence notified?16:36
a|wenmetellius: it will check if a newer version exist, and if you apply all updates those will be installed as well16:36
metelliusa|wen: I think that's another path than what I am describing, I am talking about the "automatically install" feature in kpackagekit16:38
metelliuswhich, when set to "security only", I would certainly not expect to install 3rd party packages16:38
ScottKmetellius: Security only is about which Ubuntu repos are enabled.16:39
a|wenmetellius: so under "automatic updates" it is set to security only? and it installed a new version from a PPA in the background?16:40
metelliusa|wen: yes, I doublechecked it in dpkg's log even16:40
metelliusScottK: I'm afraid I don't understand how the "automatically install" setting changes which ubuntu repos are enabled... could you explain? I really want to get to the bottom of this16:42
ScottKmetellius: It may be that I'm thinking of a different setting that you were describing.16:43
a|wenmetellius: there should be a log in /var/log/ from the automatic updates IIRC16:43
ScottKThere is one (IIRC) for which Ubuntu updates you want (-security, -updates, -backports).  That's what I thought we were discussing.16:44
metelliusa|wen: wouldn't that we dpkg.log then?16:44
a|wenmetellius: there should be another one ... but i'm wondering if kpackagekit has it's own infrastructure to do those updates16:47
metelliusScottK: that sounds different then, yes.16:50
a|wenmetellius: hmm, the one i'm sure would know that is not here ... can you file a bug-report and give as much info as possible; also attach a screenshot and mark the setting you're referring to16:52
metelliuswill do16:55
metelliusa|wen: where should I post it?17:03
metelliuslaunchpad? bugs.kde.org?17:03
ScottKmetellius: Launchpad.17:04
a|wenmetellius: running "ubuntu-bug kpackagekit" should get you started17:05
a|wenmetellius: it will collect a lot of information automatically and your bug will end up in launchpad17:05
metelliusan Idea would be to add a shortcut somewhere (for rexample the default desktop) for report bug, showing alist of installed packages and executing ubuntu-bug theselectedpackage17:08
a|wenmetellius: in many applications a "report bug" menu-entry that does that has been added ... but i can see that kpackagekit isn't one of them though17:10
a|wenbut adding the option in the help-area or something might not be a bad idea17:12
jefferaiapachelogger: halp17:14
jefferaitimely halp17:14
jefferairunning kubuntu, going to be giving a demo in a few hours17:14
jefferaiand mysqle is apparently broken17:15
jefferaiI have amarok-common installed as well as amarok-mysql-data17:16
jefferaiand the files are created fine in the mysqle directory17:16
jefferaiwait, no they aren't17:16
jefferaithis is 32bit17:16
Oceanwatchera | wen: Ok, makes sense. But there are more buttons missing. notice the placement buttons on each monitor on one screentshot?17:17
metelliuswhy are most buttons in system settings in Title Case?17:18
a|wenOceanwatcher: you mean the "Position"?17:19
a|wenOceanwatcher: i have those here17:23
Oceanwatchera | wen: At the moment, on a pc with ATI Radeon 9550 and open drivers, no xorg.conf, both monitors are working, but mirrored. And there are no ways to get it out of mirror mode. Have been working a whole day (literally) editing xorg.conf manually to no avail.17:25
Oceanwatchera|wen: Also worth mentioning: The displays need different resolutions.17:26
OceanwatcherBut I can not see why something that works so easily in MSWin should not work at least as well in Kubuntu...17:27
a|wenOceanwatcher: it should be possible ... at least i have it working on my desktop with radeon 960017:27
OceanwatcherDo you have an xorg.con that you could put in the before mentioned thread? I might be able to use it as the two cards are very close.17:28
a|wenOceanwatcher: i'm not really able to tell you how i did it, as my desktop computer is 6000 km away atm17:29
Oceanwatchera|wen: Ah - ok :-) I suggested something in KDE brainstorming on that. A way to connect two computers even if both are behind firewalls. Would make a HUGE difference for me when I help friends install Kubuntu. And to access your own stuff from far away...17:30
a|wenOceanwatcher: you have increased the "virtual desktop size" in your xorg.conf to be large enough for both monitors ... if you don't do that you have no chance of getting it to work17:32
a|wenOceanwatcher: and if you want to set it up using xorg.conf so the settings are there for all users debian has _the_ guide to it http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1217:33
Oceanwatchera|wen: Is it ok to discuss this here? I am a little afraid someone will get mad if I go to deep and it becomes more like a support disussion.... I tried setting up virtual desktop, but every time I did, X would not even start...17:34
OceanwatcherOk. I will take a look at it. Could not hurt. Feel like I have been trying all other tutorials on the net, so one more is fine :-) Thanks for the tip!17:35
OceanwatcherOne question: As the card has two heads, VGA and DVI, I set up two devices, two monitors and two screens. Is this correct? And do I then have to have virtual desktop option for both?17:36
a|wenOceanwatcher: only the monitor part needs to be duplicate ... both device and screen should only be there once17:37
OceanwatcherThanks! Will try it today :-)17:38
a|wenOceanwatcher: we at least know, that it's not because kubuntu has disabled anything now :) ... but you should probably move the "making it work for me" discussion to #kubuntu17:38
a|wenOceanwatcher: the "III.6. Example of modern configuration" part in the guide gives a good overview of approximately what you should have17:39
Oceanwatchera|wen: Hmm... well, if the buttons suddenly appear, it is ok, I guess. But they should have appeared when I removed xorg.conf? Anyway - I will check the guide and hopefully get things to work. Thank you very much for the help. Have a nice day!17:42
a|wenOceanwatcher: i think it is dependent on the driver that is loaded, if virtual size is set, and some other stuff ... there are some checks in the code at lease17:46
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OceanwatcherOk. Thanks again :-)17:50
a|wennp, hope you get it to work17:51
apacheloggerjefferai: ping17:57
jefferaiapachelogger: pong18:08
apacheloggerjefferai: what version of kubuntu?18:09
apacheloggerjefferai: amarok-mysql-data is from intrepid18:10
apacheloggerthat is weird18:10
apacheloggerjefferai: sudo apt-get purge amarok* && sudo apt-get install amarok18:11
jefferaiso what do I use on jaunty?18:11
apacheloggernone, the data should be shipped within amarok-common18:11
jefferaiboo, but installing amarok-common installs amarok18:12
* jefferai uinstalls18:12
apacheloggerjefferai: jsut run the command I told you :P18:15
jefferaiyeah, I di18:15
jefferaithen uninstalled amarok18:15
apacheloggerthe command should install everything amarokish and reinstall amarok18:15
jefferaiapachelogger: still same issue18:16
apacheloggerjefferai: run kdebugdialog and select all18:17
apacheloggerthat should make it easier to find the problem18:17
jefferaiapachelogger: ok, using the ubuntu package worked18:18
jefferaiusing svn did not18:18
* jefferai retries, cleaned out cruft18:18
apacheloggerfor svn it's a whole different story18:19
jefferaiit's been working18:19
jefferaialthough I haven't used it on this computer in a bit18:19
jefferaibut it worked a month or so ago18:20
apacheloggerjefferai: you built mysql yourself?18:20
jefferaimaybe two months18:20
apacheloggerwell, then you need to install the mysql 5.1 stack18:20
apacheloggerlibmysqlclient16-dev and alikes18:20
jefferaidoing so18:20
apacheloggerjefferai: also, why don't you just use the beta1?18:21
jefferaicause a lot has been fixed in trunk since18:21
apacheloggerjefferai: for runtime you'll need mysql-server-data-5.118:22
apacheloggerthat shoudl be about it18:22
jefferairoot@macncheese:/usr/local# apt-get install mysql-server-data-5.118:27
jefferaiReading package lists... Done18:27
jefferaiBuilding dependency tree18:27
jefferaiReading state information... Done18:27
jefferaiPackage mysql-server-data-5.1 is not available, but is referred to by another package.18:27
jefferaiThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or18:27
jefferaiis only available from another source18:27
jefferaiHowever the following packages replace it:18:27
jefferai  amarok-common18:27
jefferaiE: Package mysql-server-data-5.1 has no installation candidate18:27
apacheloggeroh well18:29
* apachelogger looks18:29
jefferaiapachelogger: should amarok-common work?18:33
apacheloggertrying to find out right now18:33
apacheloggerit is possible18:33
jefferaiapachelogger: nope :-(18:34
jefferaidoesn't work18:34
apacheloggeroi vei18:34
apacheloggerthey crippled the package again :P18:34
apacheloggerjefferai: you need mysql-server-5.118:34
jefferaidoing so18:34
jefferaiapachelogger: success!18:56
* jefferai hugs and kisses apachelogger18:56
* apachelogger blushes18:56
markeycould there be a problem with the packaging of Amarok's scripting bindings?19:00
markeywe get many crash reports related to scripts now19:00
markeyand that's really bad, as for some users amarok doesn't even start - tries to load a script on startup, crashes19:01
jefferaimarkey: I may end up giving an Amarok talk at LFNW here19:02
ScottKapachelogger: That wasn't supposed to needed anymore, IIRC.19:02
markeyjefferai: awesome :) will there be a video?19:03
jefferaidoubt it :-(19:03
Mamarokapachelogger: we keep getting reports about that last.fm scrobbling not working in 2.0.219:47
Mamarokwasn't that fixed already?19:47
neversfeldeMamarok: kast change was "Add kubuntu_07_lastfm_scrobble.diff from upstream to fix Last.fm19:57
neversfelde    scrobbling (LP: #355308)19:57
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Mamarokneversfelde: well, it says fix released a week ago, but we continue getting reports for it being not working :(20:29
Mamarokso either those 30+ reporters are all dumb or the package doesn't fix anything20:29
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a|wenMamarok: we'll need to know if they use the version with the fix20:40
Mamaroka|wen: seems so, if I understand the reports after the released fix...20:45
Mamarokbtw, does luanchpad subscribe automaticaly al posters to a bug?20:46
a|wenMamarok: then there is most likely a problem ... nope; there is a "please subscribe me" checkbox when posting a comment; you'll only be subscribed if you check that20:47
Mamarokwell, it should subscribe by default, else you will never get the required feedback if the poster is not subscribed...20:49
a|wenthe original creater of the bug is of course subscribed ... but random posters has a choice20:51
Mamarokhm, I like the default subscribing in Bugzilla20:53
a|weni have the fealing that most commenters do subscribe as well20:56
MamarokI hope so, else it would be tricky to get feedback, as sometimes the feedback should come from commenters too20:58
a|wenindeed; luckily you can take a look at the direct subscribers list ... but might make sense to have the checkbox checked as default21:01
MamarokI would say so, yes21:05
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neversfeldeshaman is a frontend for pacman, isn't it?22:37
DreadKnighthey guys22:41
DreadKnightwhere the heck can i get kubuntu 8.10 from the website?22:41
Quintasanneversfelde: yes it is, but Shaman2 is in development it will be shipped with PackageKit frontend22:42
DreadKnightbecause i don't want 8.04 and kde3... and i don't want 9.04 as well since it only brings regressions for most people (jaunty is friking awful, bad video card support for intel/ati)22:42
neversfeldeQuintasan: ah ok, thanks for that info22:42
* Quintasan wonders if he's the only one with no problems on jaunty22:43
neversfeldeno problems here, only bad localisation22:43
DreadKnightme and lots of people are downgrading, worse release ever...22:43
neversfeldehuuu :(22:43
* claydoh has no probs on 2 machines, both ati22:43
Quintasanneversfelde: np :D The packagekit plugins works, but not as it should work so frankly speaking it's useless in it's current state22:44
neversfeldeIn german forum we got positive feedback22:44
DreadKnightand the kubuntu website doesn't seem to allow me to get 8.10.. that's the issue i'm here for22:44
DreadKnightor im just confused22:44
DreadKnightok, thank claydoh22:44
QuintasanI got some positive and negative feedback but mostly on Ubuntu :P22:44
claydohyeah, esp notifications22:45
DreadKnightmy tablet pc has support ouf of the box.. except the button on the stylus doesn't right clicks.. and i can't do anything about it... lame22:45
DreadKnightso it's a regression for me22:45
Quintasanhmm that reminds me that I should try pluging mah wacom tablet22:46
DreadKnighti investigated launchpad... but i'll have to wait longer... too bad i'll miss kpackagekit in 8.10 i guess22:46
Quintasanomg it's alive :D22:46
DreadKnightQuintasan: does the stylus button right clicks for you?22:47
QuintasanDreadKnight: yeah22:47
DreadKnightadept 3 was so awful, it's good the dev killed it with fire22:47
DreadKnightQuintasan: nice :) if it would only be working for me as well... heh22:47
claydohkpackagekit has its own issues tho22:48
QuintasanDreadKnight: KPackageKit is not better IMO22:48
DreadKnightbut has nicer GUI22:48
DreadKnighti wonder if it's going to be replaced with shaman2 at some point22:48
DreadKnightlinux is so strange... lots of applications will get replaced with time... i hope things will settle down22:48
QuintasanDreadKnight: I submitted this idea to be talked about at UDS22:48
DreadKnightQuintasan: good :) shaman2 looked very nice; a bit too 'bloated' compared to kpackagekit, but at least it was good enough and has nice development progress and better name22:49
QuintasanDreadKnight: In it's current state Shaman2 is useless, I will take a look at svn from time to time22:50
neversfeldeI think it is not a good idea to change the package manager each release :)22:50
Quintasanneversfelde: It wouldn't hurt to change shitty package manager to a better one22:51
neversfeldekpackagekit is good imo22:51
neversfeldeor will be good22:51
* Quintasan uses aptitude22:51
* claydoh uses whatever is handy22:52
claydohkpackagekit just needs some more love22:52
claydohplus it fits the look and feel nicelly22:52
DreadKnightclaydoh: i agree... but i have the 'k' krap naming on stuff22:53
QuintasanWhat I miss is a category view like aptitude has.22:53
claydohthats the easiest thing to change22:53
DreadKnightit sort of has dropdowns..22:54
DreadKnightthe packagekit in latest fedora (11 perhaps, the one in development) is just perfect22:54
QuintasanDreadKnight: So I herd u lieK mudKipz? :322:54
Quintasandunno why but I think new apps will be named - Paladin, Warlock, Death Knigh and so on :D22:55
DreadKnightyeah... adept.. shaman... etc22:56
Monika|KGaming names? Why?22:56
Quintasanwhat DreadKnight said22:57
Quintasanok I'm starting a new project - WarlocK22:58
Quintasanoh well, It's Sunday here :P23:00
QuintasanI'm going to get some sleep23:00
* a|wen hates when people hi-jack a bug; and then doesn't even subscribe to it so it is worth giving them some advice23:01
DreadKnightQuintasan: night23:01
DreadKnightphail... could only find kubuntu 8.10 as dvd... WTF23:03
Monika|Kif torrent is okay: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/_attachment?target=Downloads%2FIntrepid_Ibex%2Fkubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent23:10
Monika|K8.10 Desktop 32bit Kubuntu23:10
DreadKnightwant 64 bits, thanks anyway23:11
Monika|Khere http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/_attachment?target=Downloads%2FIntrepid_Ibex%2Fkubuntu-8.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent23:11
DreadKnightis there any difference between 32 and 64 bits anymore?23:11
Monika|Kthere sure is23:12
DreadKnightheard 32 arhitectures just support 64 stuff as well23:12
Monika|Khttp://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-releases/kubuntu/intrepid/kubuntu-8.10-desktop-amd64.iso or without Torrent23:12
DreadKnightand they're more stable and better supported as well23:12
DreadKnightMonika|K: nice :) ty ^^23:12
Monika|Kwell, if you have a 64bit PC, you can use 32bit of course23:12
Monika|Kand it's indeed easier to use23:12
Monika|Ksome stuff like Flash is still not so easy on 64bit23:13
DreadKnightMonika|K: yes, but what about performance? 32 bit OS on a 64 bit machine will have same performances overall?23:13
Monika|Knot much difference23:14
DreadKnightyeah, flash or skype official binaries... or google docs... are only provided for 32 bit from official websites23:14
DreadKnightMonika|K: oh ok23:14
Monika|Kso far only people who do much video-editing have reported that 64bits was better for them23:15
Monika|Kand of course if you have (and need) more than 4 gigs of RAM23:15
DreadKnightwell i have 4 gigs of ram.. and don't do that much video editing23:16
DreadKnightbeen using 64 bit for quite a while now...23:16
Sputflash works fine and natively on 64 bits.23:29
Sputand in my humble experience, amd64 systems feel notably more responsive than 32 bit installs on the same hardware...23:31
Sputhaving a bunch of extra registers and optimized commands in the CPU makes everything benefit, not just video editing :)23:31
Monika|Kwell, it might be getting better, maybe more programs are able to use it23:59

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