armegadonwould this be the place to get some help with a gtk theme?01:10
SiDinot likely, but go ahead :p01:12
armegadonwell i'm using this theme as the base http://lassekongo83.deviantart.com/art/NOOTO-GTK-11591161101:12
armegadonand i'm trying to get the panels and scrollbars from the jaunty dust sand theme01:12
armegadonalso, the base theme requires the aurora engine, i got it from getdeb01:13
SiDithats a lot of tweaking in the gtkrc file of the theme :P01:13
armegadonyea :(01:13
armegadoni'm used to pixmap themes where its images not settings01:14
SiDii'm used to css 2.1 :$01:14
armegadonso you wouldn't be able to assist me?01:14
SiDiwell, i guess you'd have to grab the style block responsible for the panels in dust sand's gtkrc01:14
SiDiand copy it to yours01:14
SiDifor the scrollbar, i suppose its linked to the used engine, and i dont know how to do01:15
armegadoni can't find exactly where it gets the panel part :s01:15
SiDiyou'll also have to pick dust's colours and redeclare them inside the panel's block01:15
SiDiAh, i don't know either ;)01:15
armegadoni would have stuck with the pixmap engine, but i find the murrine and aurora ones are a lot prettier01:16
blindskull13how long has it been since Ubuntu's art page had an overhaul02:03
ryanpriorblindskull13: There's a thread re: an alternate on the mailing list right now.02:10
ryanpriorblindskull13: If it gains wide acceptance it might become the default.02:11
blindskull13yeah i know about that02:12
blindskull13i was just wondering when the last time was02:12
ryanpriorblindskull13: Well, wikis are sort of an incremental theme. Go back step by step through the history and decide when the change is big enough to be considered an "overhaul" by your standards. :-)02:16
blindskull13ok, thanks02:17
* thorwil waves from a fresh jaunty install15:42
SiDiHeya thorwil15:59
SiDiYou made the good choice xD15:59
thorwilso far it's alright16:00
thorwilnot using nvidia drivers or my wacom, yet :)16:00
SiDimine went all wrong, lots of troubles with xfce's settings :(16:01
SiDiah damn ! i sent a mail to the ML without editing the object again T_T22:43
Skiessiwhy is warty-final-ubuntu.png with a png extension even though it's in jpeg format?23:55
kwwiibecause of a problem with updating23:58
kwwiiwe point the default pic to a certain name so it has to stay that way even though jpeg is better at ccompressing the pic23:59
kwwiinautilus still handels it correctly so there is no real problem23:59
kwwiithe problem is in the update process and changing gconf settings23:59

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