j1mcmdke: would the "draft" watermark issue on the serverguide be modified in the jaunty branch?00:14
mdkej1mc: I think we're going to need to do a SRU for that, yes00:28
j1mcah, ok00:32
mdkeit's a bit of a silly bug :(00:32
mdkeI shouldn't have missed that00:33
j1mcin those cases, how would that work in terms of when we push to the branch, and when the package gets updated?00:33
j1mcyeah - :/ I think I missed that in the last set of Xubuntu docs I worked on.00:33
j1mcI guess I'll have to look at SRU procedures.00:33
mdkej1mc: for something like that, in theory it is easy because it has no impact on translations; we could just upload it and do the regular SRU procedure00:33
j1mcWe'll need that for Xubuntu00:33
mdkehowever, in practice, I think it makes sense to bundle it with any other bugs that we think are worth fixing in jaunty00:34
j1mcright - the Xubuntu change affects translators, so we'll need to do things a little differently.00:34
mdkeI'd like to draft up a scheme we can follow for these situations00:35
mdkePhil gave it a go here - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/ServicePacks00:35
mdkebut we haven't followed it yet00:35
j1mcThe Xubuntu team was just talking yesterday about release procedures. Maybe we could write up the same for Ubuntu-docs.00:35
mdkelaunchpad has a good way we can target bugs to releases to remember them, so we can use that effectively, I think00:35
mdkeI don't know whether we should stick to the "3 month" idea on that page00:36
Rocket2DMnhmm service packs00:37
mdkefor a bug like the draft thing, we might want to fix that quickly, whereas we could wait for other bugs00:37
mdkehere I am, advocating flexibility again, ugh00:37
mdkeRocket2DMn: the name reminds you of Windows, eh?00:37
* Rocket2DMn shudders00:38
mdkeperhaps we could change that name00:38
j1mcdidn't Suse start using the phrase Service Packs? :)00:38
mdkeI don't know00:38
mdkeI bought a netbook for a friend recently, with Suse on it00:39
Rocket2DMni would think of a service pack as a dot release of an ubuntu version, not something for a specific package00:39
mdkeit was totally unusable00:39
mdkeRocket2DMn: yes, that makes sense00:41
dsas_one of my friends had one, installed windows xp within a day and hasn't looked back00:41
mdkethat's the fear I had, that it gives Linux a bad name00:42
mdkeI couldn't install anything, couldn't type proper sentences without SCIM coming in and blocking me, couldn't do anything00:42
mdkethank goodness for UBuntu00:43
* dsas_ nods00:43
j1mcwhat type of netbook was it?00:44
mdkeyes, 213300:44
Rocket2DMnis bug 357389 fix committed now?00:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 357389 in ubuntu-docs "Typo in internet" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35738900:45
Rocket2DMni see it fixed in the karmic branch00:45
dsas_Service pack is just a name, really it'd just be a SRU of ubuntu-docs.2009.04.10 or whatever00:45
mdkeRocket2DMn: unclear from the bug, feel free to post there if it's fixed00:46
mdkeRocket2DMn: I haven't seen any commits from Dougie on the karmic branch though00:46
Rocket2DMnmdke, im looking in buntu-doc/internet/C/connecting.xml and it is correct00:46
mdkeRocket2DMn: ok00:47
Rocket2DMndo typos like this qualify for SRU?00:47
Rocket2DMnit appears that the same patch should apply to the jaunty branch00:48
dsas_Rocket2DMn: the guidelines for SRU aren't great, the intro says "hi impact bugs" but a bullet point says 'obviously safe patches to applications'00:50
Rocket2DMndsas_, i agree, it should fit the latter00:50
Rocket2DMndoesnt affect translations00:51
mdkesure it does00:51
mdkeany change to a string affects translations00:51
Rocket2DMnits a mispelling00:51
Rocket2DMnhow does that affect translation?00:51
mdkewhen you change a string, the translations for every language have to retranslate it, because it shows up as a new string for them00:51
Rocket2DMn"concfigured" -> "configured"00:51
mdkeotherwise, it will show in English in their locale00:52
Rocket2DMnoh, i wasnt aware that it worked like that00:52
mdkeyeah, fraid so00:52
Rocket2DMnok, thanks00:53
mdkewe should expand the documentation of this aspect too00:53
mdkeit's not so clear from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationStringFreeze00:53
mdkeand it's also part of the "service pack" (or whatever we call it) idea so we could have a single clear page explaining these issues00:54
Rocket2DMnok, should i mark that bug as fix committed though, since it appears fixed in the karmic branch?00:54
mdkeyes please00:54
dsas_ we could possibly get an SRU exception granted if we didn't meet the criteria anyway,00:55
mdkeabsolutely, but we need a system that allows for translation00:56
mdkeI don't know if it's worth it for typos00:56
mdkedefinitely for actual errors in instructions thoguh00:56
Rocket2DMnI would say its worth typos for LTS releases at least, not sure about regular versions though00:56
mdkewe could adapt the process for LTS releases00:57
j1mcis it only because of the xml that we get typos? we get too many of them - wish we had better spell-checking.00:58
mdkehmm, I wonder if we could get some spell checking00:58
dsas_j1mc: use an editor that has a spell check?00:58
mdkeare there any services that could notify us of typos from (say) doc.ubuntu.com?00:59
mdkelike a spider spellchecking service00:59
Rocket2DMncould be difficult to get valid spellchecking with all the strange terms that float around01:01
Rocket2DMnpackage names, directories, etc01:01
j1mci do not use an editor that has a spellcheck01:02
dsas_j1mc: Really? What do you use?01:03
j1mci used geany during the last cycle01:04
dsas_hmm, looks like most spelling mistakes spellingbot.com finds are valid technical terms,01:04
j1mci am going to check out oxygen-xml editor. it's proprietary, but works on linux and seems to offer some great features.01:05
j1mcit is not even free as in beer tho01:05
j1mci'm also going to start using a great new tool called, "get someone else to help me with xubuntu docs." :)01:06
dsas_j1mc: You can't call fresh blood "tools"!01:06
j1mcdidn't mean it in that way. :)01:07
* j1mc goes to take a brief nap01:08
dsas_I don't think it's worth the translation effort fixing typos in stable releases. Not unless we're going to change that string anyway or the typo has bad consequences.01:09
mdkeI agree01:15
mdkea nap sounds like a pretty good idea01:17
Rocket2DMnhehe i napped earlier, and i never do that01:17
mdkeit's been a long week01:18
mdkecya all :)01:18
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skierpageShould I use bugs.launchpad.net to report bugs about the generally-excellent ubuntu.com web site?04:05
skierpagehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam doesn't say, it only mentions System Documentation and Wiki Documentation.04:06
ubot4Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/04:08
ubot4If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots04:08
Flannelskierpage: http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-website04:08
Flannelfile bugs against that04:08
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HattoryHi all.... there is a page in help.ubuntu.com/community/ where I can do some style-test? If not, can I make a new one?12:50
popeyHattory: you could use wiki.ubuntu.com as that runs the same engine14:48
Hattorypopey: I know, but the help layout is a bit better :D I'm working for a new type of "menu", and I would try it on help.ubuntu.com.... something like this http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/NaldiniPaolo/Prove014:54
Hattorypopey: anyway it's only a personal experiment ;)14:54
popeyI dont think thats a problem14:55
Rocket2DMnIsn't there supposed to be a meeting or something going on right now?15:10
DougieRichardsonTommorow I thought15:11
Rocket2DMnah i guess you're right15:23
Rocket2DMnthe email did come in today15:23
philip_DougieRichardson: i am unsure what this means "Back on Launchpad, post your patch, let us know what it amends and we'll push it! " -- makes me think a form exists there that'll send to the mailing list17:19
philip_duh, i just realized this is specific to bugs17:20
DougieRichardsonSorry was away from the keyboard, is this line still accurate if its just for bugs?17:23
philip_yeah, it's fine... but i guess it could specify like "Find the bug back on launchpad" and/or use the actual lingo from launchpad which appears to be "Add a comment/attachment"17:36
philip_fine line between writing a simple guide and ending up with a wordy 30 page document i suppose  :)17:38
DougieRichardsonYou're telling me17:42
xboy908I'd like to take part in the documentation20:35
philip_sounds like a good idea :)20:36
xboy908@philip: thanks, are you part of the process too?20:37
philip_not really, well, i've made one patch20:38
xboy908about what?20:40
philip_fixed a simple typo20:41
philip_are you looking for something to write or how to write or ... ?20:42
xboy908for something to right, i'm basically interested the whole idea of open-source20:43
xboy908i mean to write, sorry mis-spelled that20:43
philip_this was posted today, maybe you would be a good test subject: http://www.lynxworks.eu/files/BugsPlaybook.pdf20:43
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xboy908but who do i start?20:47
philip_wherever you want20:48
philip_do you look foo? write about. do you like bar? write about it...20:48
philip_do you think foo could use a better example or description? write about it20:49
xboy908sorry, but what is foo and what is bar?20:49
philip_oh, foo and bar are typical words people use that can mean anything20:50
xboy908umm, i get it, u mean x or y20:50
xboy908so, who reviews what i write20:52
philip_people like you, except they've been here a little longer so now commit directly20:53
xboy908how long have u bean here?20:53
philip_open source is heavily based on peer review... a lot of eye balls20:54
philip_not long, i mainly work on the php project but like ubuntu too so am lurking here for now20:54
xboy908what do u on in the php project?20:56
philip_mostly work on the manual but dabble in most everything20:56
xboy908umm, u're into programming then?20:57
xboy908have u written any open-source application?21:02
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