Slick666Hey all, I have a wierd install problem I can't seem to find on any of the forums00:14
Slick666I just did an upgrade00:14
Slick666and my blocks used and blocks available in df don't agree00:15
cjwatsonthat happens when you have deleted files that are still in use by running processes; it may well go away after a reboot00:15
Slick666df shows that I'm not using all my 1k blobks but still I have 0 free00:15
cjwatsonthat said, this channel is more for initial installation ...00:15
Slick666I've rebooted a coulpe times00:16
Slick666I've also deleted files after using rm00:16
Slick666the used blocks reduce but I never get any available00:16
cjwatsonoh, there's 5% reserved for root00:16
Slick666Ive also forced an fsck but I'm stuck it seems00:16
cjwatsonsorry, I thought you were talking about df and du disagreeing00:17
Slick666yea, that what I keep comming up with on google00:17
cjwatsonyou can adjust the reserved percentage with tune2fs's -m option; see its manual page. I don't know offhand whether you can do that while the filesystem is mounted, and would be inclined to recommend using recovery mode to change it if you need to.00:18
Slick666ah, yea your right00:18
cjwatsonbut bear in mind that if you reduce it too much then you'll have fragmentation problems00:18
Slick666I don't remember that being set before00:18
Slick666I think thats what was causing so many things to go wrong00:19
cjwatsonyou probably just didn't notice - it's been set by default forever00:19
Slick666thanks for the heads up00:19
RicardoPerezRiddell: Hi! I recently noticed that an old Ubiquity issue has reappeared in the Kubuntu 9.04 installer (only in Kubuntu, not Ubuntu). It's bug #225876. May I need to reopen it, or to open a new one?10:34
cjwatsonRicardoPerez: please file new bugs for recurrences rather than reopening the old one; it could well be a new underlying cause with similar symptoms and it gets pretty annoying when people reopen ancient bugs for that kind of thing13:01
cjwatsonjust refer to the older bug in the description13:02
cjwatsonif it turns out to be the same bug, we can mark it as a duplicate, which is a lot easier than trying to split out stuff from an existing bug13:02
* cjwatson goes to do weekend things13:02
RicardoPerezcjwatson: ok, thank you very much!13:07
ashen_sharugaHey I see this is a channel for the development of ubiquity - so maybe this isn't the place to ask questions about not being able to install ubuntu?  if that's the case can you point me to a place that can help me.  I've been able to install numerous distros on my computer.  But just recently I tried to install and tryout Jaunty.  I'm able to load the liveCD, it can 'see' all the partitions under the Places menu, however whe22:47

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