n0s0r0gHi, all. I'm trying to install ubuntu-9.04-umpc on asus eepc 900. Md5sum - correct. CD Test reporting error in 1 file (try on 2 flash drives). UNR work very slow. Glxgears - 18 fps.07:18
n0s0r0gI put ubuntu-umpc to flash and and run md5sum: ./pool/main/p/ppp/ppp_2.4.5~git20081126t100229-0ubuntu2_i386.deb: No such file or directory08:06
thekornn0s0r0g, this is a known bug, let me find the bug number08:29
thekornn0s0r0g, bug 36092508:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 360925 in mobile-meta "md5sum check of UNR image fails in one file" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36092508:30
n0s0r0gthekorn, so the image is "correct"? I can install it?08:31
thekornn0s0r0g, yes it has been verified that the image is correct08:32
thekornit's the md5sum.txt which has the "wrong" path for this file08:32
n0s0r0gthekorn, What about very slow graphic perfomance on asus eeepc 900? glxgears = 18-20 fps. UI is very slow.08:33
thekornn0s0r0g, soory have not seen a bug about it, what graphic card is this device using?08:36
thekorngraphic performance on my eeepc 1000 is ok08:36
n0s0r0gthekorn, Intel 915GM08:36
thekornn0s0r0g, ah ok,afaik there are known issues with intel graphic chips, and I'm sure a lot of bugreports about it on launchpad.net08:38
thekornthis is also mentionened in the release notes08:39
n0s0r0gthekorn, Boot from ubuntu-i386 LiveCD on eeepc900: graphics works fine. Glxgears ~130-140 fps.09:09
n0s0r0gthekorn, So, slow graphic perfomance on Intel i915GM is only in ubuntu-UMPC...09:13
thekornn0s0r0g, ok, that sounds good, why not using this on your eeepc?09:19
thekornmaybe you should talk to the people at #ubuntu-mobile about your experiences09:20
n0s0r0gthekorn, ok, thanks.09:20
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