TheDraclematrix_, System->Administration->Hardware Drivers00:00
Nullifi3di seem to have a problem with my eth000:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about notify00:00
Nullifi3danyone available to help?00:00
crdlbrussianzilla: it has no options00:00
qbrixIs it me or is downloading from ubuntu for packages really slow00:00
gvfaewgrgasus eah2600 pro AGP00:00
crdlbqbrix: the mirrors are overloaded00:00
h00k!slow | qbrix00:00
ubottuqbrix: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the latest edition. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.00:00
jdu!slow | qbrix00:00
FirefisheNullifi3d:  What seems to be your primary issue?00:00
corhereDue to limitations in my video hardware, for me to have a multi-monitor configuration, I need to set it up so that the two monitors are virtually placed vertically. Is there any way to set up X so that it can act as if it were set up so that the two monitors are arranged horizontally? i.e. I could move my mouse to the second screen from the right side of the first, instead of the bottom00:00
xmrkitejdu: no, actually, none of the files are larger than a single dvd00:00
Nullifi3dwell it drops every now and then for unknown reasons00:00
xmrkitejust bunches of small files00:00
russianzillacrdlb: Oh, ok, just wondering. Thanks for all your help!00:00
gvfaewgrgit worked fine under 8.1000:00
TheDraclecorecode, I have twin-view...00:00
qbrixah, thought so00:00
Nullifi3dill have to either go into terminal and type ifconfig or disable/enable to get it to start working again00:01
FFEMTcJI got this error: Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "globalmenu-gnome": libglobalmenu-gnome.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory when I tried to run gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list - Any idea?00:01
loshercougarten: unless you can reproduce it, it's hard to justify filing a bug. If you're willing to keep the corrupted partition around in case an ext4 developer decides they'd like to look at it, I know what I'd do (reinstall with ext3 and leave it to the more skilled filesystem gurus to work out)00:01
TheDraclecorecode, Are you sure your hardware can't support it?00:01
matrix_h00k: it shows nvidia version 180 recommended is activated00:01
FirefisheNullifi3d:  Hmm.  Are you connected to a router/switch?00:01
Nullifi3dim on a switch behind who knows what00:01
h00kmatrix_, if it's active, you'll see a green light, have you restarted since you've activated it?00:01
Nullifi3dim at an appartment complex00:01
TheDraclematrix_, ctrl-alt-backspace will do the trick too.00:01
corhereTheDracle: i am assuming you are talking to me, and yeah, the hardware cannot support it. Max virtual resolution is 2048x2048 with DRI00:01
wall-ei annoyed because when i installed jaunty 9.04 it froze my pc00:01
FirefisheNullifi3d:  *That* can be problematic.  Cable connection?00:01
h00kTheDracle, ctrl+alt+backspace is disabled by default in 9.0400:02
Nullifi3dits prob fiber00:02
gvfaewgrgminime: any ideeas ?00:02
TheDracleh00k, ... That's retarded.00:02
Mint`!dontzap | h00k00:02
ubottuh00k: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable »00:02
FFEMTcJTheDracle: http://chrisjohnston.org/2009/re-enable-ctrl-alt-backspace-90400:02
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Nullifi3di dont have problems otherwise00:02
h00kMint`, I'm aware.00:02
BY-0_Sorry but i m french00:02
wall-eso i restarted and had no working gui so i booted into safe mode and fixed the broken pachages! now runns shafty00:02
Nullifi3dmy windows box never has issues00:02
losherall: to all who recommended dvd progs, I actually meant progs that would take avi files and let me convert to DVD adding my own menus.00:02
JordanCHoi folks :)00:02
matrix_h00k: you mean to restart ubuntu to activate nvidia i did that when i installed ubuntu00:02
h00k!fr | BY-0_00:02
FirefisheNullifi3d:  I see.  I would, at the very least, call your ISP and tell them you have drop issues.  Are you also using win, or straight ubuntu?00:02
ubottuBY-0_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr00:02
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Nullifi3dno no00:03
jduxmrkite: http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/ I have heard is good.  For your situation though with dvds, I do not know of a proper program (google a bit?)  However, as I said a script that generates iso images of directories and burns them (both easy to do with script) would solve the problem.00:03
Nullifi3dubuntu is the only os with problems00:03
TheDraclematrix_, What does, from commandline, 'xvinfo' output?00:03
Nullifi3di have windows running right next to my ubuntu, its fine00:03
FirefisheNullifi3d:  Okay, so we can rule out other OS issues.,00:03
cougartenlosher: oh I almost forgot, I was changing rights on files on my external drive when I lost all acess rights to many things (even all system icons where gone) that was the reason for my restart00:03
TheDraclematrix_, A bunch of info? Or like, nothing?00:03
JordanCIs there any page or resource that outlines issues with firefox and flash after updating from 8.10 to 9.04?00:03
Plightwhat's wrong with the new firefox udate?00:03
notknowuhey all... hope some1 can quickly help me.... im in kubuntu and i want 2 know.... what is ubuntu app installer called?00:03
Nullifi3dmy assumption is its a driver issue00:03
PlasmaSheepmeoblast001: I have written with brasero.00:03
xmrkitejdu: unless the directory is larger than the dvd can hold00:03
h00kPlight, you'll have to be more specific.00:03
xmrkitejdu: then it'd have to be split up00:03
cougartenlosher: but I really didn't change rights on my root partition00:03
corherenotknowu: synaptic00:04
FirefisheNullifi3d:  Perhaps you might try a new module for your ethernet card?00:04
notknowucorehere thanks00:04
matrix_TheDracle: http://www.pastebin.ca/1402373  my xv00:04
FirefisheNullifi3d:  What kind of ethernet card do you have?00:04
Nullifi3dim willing to try but i dont know how or what to get00:04
loshercougarten: that's a suspicious coincidence. No chance you mistyped and changed the wrong thing?00:04
Plighti have an error message00:04
Nullifi3dgive me a sec im gonna move irc to my other comp00:04
t1m2bafter upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04, sound playback crackles and it seems like it is sped up. anyone have similar problem/know a solution?00:04
matrix_*my xvinfo00:04
TheDraclematrix_, Looks good.00:04
histot1m2b: remove pulseaudio package00:04
h00kPlight, and the error says?00:04
t1m2bcool, thanks00:05
wall-emy 9.04 isnt working properly atall00:05
PlightAssertion failed00:05
Guest70165where to find info on useing ( tune2fs ) to trun ext3 to ext400:05
wall-eim going to try to reinstall it somehow00:05
FFEMTcJI got this error: Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "globalmenu-gnome": libglobalmenu-gnome.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory when I tried to run gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list - Any idea?00:05
Firefishe!modules | Nullifi3d00:05
jduxmrkite: unfortunately.  Unless you want to have the program mess with the directory tree there is no way around that.00:05
ubottuNullifi3d: To compile modules and drivers that are not bundled with the standard kernel,  for more info /msg ubottu kernel  , install the relevant package, usually called "<modulename>-source", and run « sudo module-assistant » (you will have to do this again after kernel updates). To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist00:05
h00kwall-e, what seems to be the problem?00:05
TheDraclematrix_, Okay, can you do System->Administration->System Monitor?00:05
Bo7what's a good vnc-viewer for XP?00:05
matrix_ThDracle so why when i play movies on my vlc they are choopy but viavable00:05
TheDraclematrix_, And then play VLC?00:05
cougartenlosher: I used gksudo nautilus and I'm very shure I just used it on the external drive. And I just gave rights, I didnt restrict them00:05
histoBo7: you may want to ask in #windows00:05
ha1331Any ideas why brand new Proliant ML350 G5 gets drasticly slower transfer speeds than proliant ML110 on exact same disk?00:06
TheDraclematrix_, Also, what is the source for the video clips? Just the HD?00:06
kholerabbiI'm having problems burning jaunty alternate. Would someone look at this pastebin and make a few suggestions?? thanks00:06
FirefisheNullifi3d:  Does that help at all?00:06
wall-ewhen i upgraded it froze my pc then restarted to no gui00:06
Nullifi3dill give it a shot00:06
loshercougarten: Well, I'm not a betting man, but ext4 _is_ new and you have what sounds like a filesystem corruption, so....00:06
h00kwall-e, did you have the ATI drivers installed?00:06
wall-e so i booted in safe mode kinda fixed everthing00:06
FirefisheNullifi3d:  Altnernatively, you might check the manufacturer's website, if any, and see if there might be a module, or module source code there.00:06
wall-eati drivers?00:06
cougartenlosher: yea, I'm just reformating at the moment00:06
petafilegnome-settings manager has die after upgrading to jaunty.  I reinstalled the package, but it still fails with  WARNING **: Failed to acquire org.gnome.SettingsDaemon and failed to acquire name00:06
matrix_TheDracle: i dont have vlc on system monitor, and i am watchin normal dvd movies00:06
histokholerabbi: did you check the md5?00:07
ha1331dd if=/dev/zero of=/serverData/fast/d1p0/vm8.img bs=1024k count=1000 Iget 80-105MB/s on ML350 but when I had it on ML110 I got ~250MB/s00:07
h00kwall-e, I've seen people have problems if they had the ATI drivers installed before upgrading00:07
cougartenlosher: thx anyway00:07
Nullifi3dhow do i find out what nic i have?00:07
cypher1i am just wondering is there any counts of how many downloads happened for 9.0400:07
Nullifi3dits a laptop00:07
Nullifi3drealtek something00:07
histoNullifi3d: lspci00:07
loshercougarten: if this doesn't solve the problem, I'd like to hear about it00:07
TheDraclematrix_, Any luck with that?00:07
PlasmaSheepOk, burning the image to disk.00:07
cougartenlosher: shure :)00:07
matrix_thedracle: with what i dont have vlc on my system monitor options00:07
jimmyyeahwhat's the ubuntu equivalent of dir /s file* - I've tried various permutations of ls -R file* but can't make it work00:07
losherPlasmaSheep: so you fixed something?00:07
Plightwhat's the process for sending error messages in irc?00:08
TheDraclematrix_, The system monitor will just show CPU usage.00:08
lstarnesPlight: what kind of error messages?00:08
gvfaewgrgok then so i'll get the 8.10 ISO, install, get ATI drivers and configure resolution/refresh rate and then update 8.10 to 9.04 ... just for the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace dumb feature (doesn't work with dontzap)00:08
FFEMTcJPlight: pastebin00:08
histojimmyyeah: locate00:08
h00kjimmyyeah, check the man page for locate00:08
histojimmyyeah: locate <searchterm>00:08
kholerabbihisto: actually no :P00:08
TheDraclematrix_, Then you start VLC, and check to see if it's something like memory or CPU spike that causes the breakage.00:08
lstarnesjimmyyeah: or find . -name file*00:08
m0|linuxHello, ever since i installed jaunty, my X is crashing X Error of failed request:  GLXBadDrawable, is there a way I could install the Nvidia 8800GTS drivers from nvidia website instead?00:08
Plightit's a firefox problem00:08
histokholerabbi: give that a try make sure the iso is good00:08
Plightit says assertion failed and a bunch of lines of code00:08
histo!md5sum | kholerabbi00:08
ubottukholerabbi: To verify the integrity of a download, use the md5sum - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM for more00:08
dkulchenkoI've just upgraded to Jaunty, and on boot, the boot stalls at "Starting up..." for about 60 seconds before booting. If I check dmesg after booting, it says: "ata1: link online but device misclassified, retrying", then "ata1: reset failed (errorno=-11), retrying in 10 secs" then 10 again, then 35, after which it boots. Any ideas?00:08
matrix_thedracle:now iam following what you are saying00:08
h00k!pastebin | Plight00:09
ubottuPlight: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:09
FirefisheNullifi3d:  Probably one of the best ways I've found to have a nice, neat listing of all hardware is the following:  sudo lshw -html > filename.htm00:09
crc-errorHi all, I'm having a video card Intel 945GM on my laptop Core2Duo 1.8Ghz, is there any driver updates I should do to the graphic\video card? because on ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty the system run slower than on the 8.1000:09
crc-errorI tried both 32 & 64 bit editions.00:09
PlasmaSheeplosher: not yet. I'm in the process of writing the downloaded image to a disk.00:09
loshergvfaewgrg: before you do, have you tried editing xorg.conf per google00:09
m0|linuxWhen I open Nvidia XServer Settings from control panel, it thinks its running it non privelege mode, I can't edit any settings cause it can't save xorg.conf file. How can I run that software as "root" ?00:09
histocrc-error: read the release notes about EXA00:09
Mike_lifeguardTransmission torrent client wants to use port 51413 & reports it is closed. How do I open ports for it to use? (& how did that get closed, or is it closed by default?)00:09
histo!sudo > m0|linux00:09
ubottum0|linux, please see my private message00:09
histoMike_lifeguard: are you behind a router00:10
Mike_lifeguardyes, a wireless router00:10
histoMike_lifeguard: then you need to opne the port on your router00:10
matrix_thedracle:my cpu processor shows 42 % then when i play movies on vlc it shows 77%, 82 %00:10
Catwoman69y2kany idea if there is a channel for command line support.  My problem is likely not ubuntu specific00:10
histo!ask | Catwoman69y2k00:10
ubottuCatwoman69y2k: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:10
Mike_lifeguardhisto: any hints? :)00:10
histoCatwoman69y2k: there is #linux-help00:10
losherPlasmaSheep: ah, when you said burning a dvd, I thought you mean from kdenlive00:11
h00kmatrix_, how high quality of movies are you playing?00:11
histoMike_lifeguard: usually you open a web page and navigate to the ip of your wireless router.  Probably
gvfaewgrglosher: i rather do the 8.10-> 9.04 thingie than terminal-ing myself to death to get de xorg.conf right... i'll have to constantly move between this PC and the problematic one and remember countless settings00:11
histo!port > Mike_lifeguard00:11
jduMike_lifeguard: or
ubottuMike_lifeguard, please see my private message00:11
h00kmatrix_, I've seen that with movies that are in 1080p and the processor simply cannot handle it00:11
Catwoman69y2kthanks.  I just realized that it was likely the I am not typing this command right so that would be more human error than ubuntu's problem00:11
TheDraclematrix_, No spikes though, when the breakage starts to occur?00:12
wall-e heres a stupid question! i got a netbook with jaunty 9.04 and whenever i open any windows it automaticly maximizes ! anyone know where to change this setting?00:12
kholerabbihisto: yes thanks. the md5sum checks out OK00:12
matrix_Quantum.Of.Solace.2008.SWESUB.DVDRip.XviD-Oliver CD1.avi 700,0 MB (733993082 byte00:12
histokholerabbi: hrm.. try burning slower or different media00:12
Mike_lifeguardyep, the IP was basically what I needed; thanks00:12
cougartenlosher: omg, I think my external drive is corrupted to, thats ugly. I had my former home there00:12
Plightok, so since the firefox update yesterday i've been getting this error http://past.ubuntu.com/1574600:12
histoMike_lifeguard: np00:12
h00kmatrix_, so, its only an avi.  what do you have for a processor and how much memory do you have?00:12
matrix_dunno how high quality is but its choopy when i play and i am playin even other same thing happens00:13
FFEMTcJI got this error: Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "globalmenu-gnome": libglobalmenu-gnome.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory when I tried to run gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list - Any idea?00:13
crc-errorhisto, What is it EXA? & where can I found the release notes related to it?00:13
cougartenlosher: not very important stuff but I'd like to get it back. can't even find the partition on the external drive now00:13
kholerabbihisto: Should it work burning cd iso to dvd? Because that is what I have been trying.. yes, and at the slowest speed.00:13
histoPlight: links no good00:13
loshercougarten: that's nasty. /home was never ext4 was it?00:13
h00khisto, add an e to paste00:13
histocrc-error: the release notes for jaunty00:13
dkulchenkoFFEMTcJ: i assume you were trying to make your system look like a Mac, right?00:13
crc-errorDo you mean to the http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904, Performance regressions on Intel graphics cards chapter?00:13
histokholerabbi: I don't think that works.00:13
matrix_i have amd athlon 1.8GHZ , 512ddr, 80gb hardrive00:13
Plighthisto: http://past.ubuntu.com/15754600:13
wall-ei will click around!00:13
cougartenlosher: I copied the home from ext3 to ext300:13
FFEMTcJdkulchenko: no..00:14
histoh00k: I did its the wrong paste thouhg.00:14
TheDraclematrix_, It's possibly the source clip.00:14
wall-ethis netbook remix  is pretty nice!00:14
jduFFEMTcJ: have you tried installing the lib?00:14
TheDraclematrix_, You may want to try mplayer00:14
Mike_lifeguardah, damn, that's /not/ the IP... but I'll find it00:14
dkulchenkoFFEMTcJ: try "sudo apt-get erase globalmenu-gnome"00:14
histoPlight: h00k I got it now00:14
h00kmatrix_, try mplayer, it also might be the file itself00:14
dkulchenkoFFEMTcJ: sorry, apt-get remove not erase00:14
histoPlight: I would sudo aptitude reinstall firefox00:14
loshercougarten: still, scary enough that we think ext4 trashed root, but to take /home with it is a nightmare00:14
dkulchenkoI've just upgraded to Jaunty, and on boot, the boot stalls at "Starting up..." for about 60 seconds before booting. If I check dmesg after booting, it says: "ata1: link online but device misclassified, retrying", then "ata1: reset failed (errorno=-11), retrying in 10 secs" then 10 again, then 35, then it continues with: "ata1: link online but device misclassified, device detection might fail", after which it boots. Any ideas?00:14
histocrc-error: yes00:14
matrix_ok iam isntallling mplayer now00:14
TheDraclematrix_, I could analyze the source clip for you- but, the content you're trying to play doesn't sound exactly legal ;)00:15
FFEMTcJdkulchenko: no package found installed by that name00:15
crc-errorhisto, thank you, will try those 2 settings asap.00:15
Plighthisto: i've been using apt-get,00:15
matrix_i dont think its source 'cuase all dvd's can not be bad quaility i can play them on my dvd player it plays awesome00:15
JordanCmatrix_: I had the same problem with VLC. You need to uninstall VLC using Synaptic, download the source tarball, then edit qt4.cpp (changing #if 0 to #if 1)00:15
ReL1Kthere any way to roll back from 9.04 back to 8.10 from a shell? i updated and vmware fusion is not playing nice00:15
reeni have still no clue how to get the middle mouse button to work with my logitex mx1000. all the other buttons work (that totals 11))00:15
TheDraclematrix_, Well, whatever ripped it must have transcoded it.00:15
JordanCThen make and install, of course00:15
reenany clue00:15
ReL1Kkeyboard and mouse doesn't get recognized00:16
TheDraclematrix_, And the transcoding could have messed up the elementary stream.00:16
histoPlight: then use apt-get reinstall firefox00:16
Guest70165where to find info on tune2fs to trun ext3 to ext400:16
m0|linuxnice xinerama support doesn't work with linux for nvidia drivers00:16
histoGuest70165: google links to the ubuntu forums.00:16
Mike_lifeguardI guess ubuntu's servers are being stressed today :)00:17
Mike_lifeguardHave there been any reviews of the actual jaunty release?00:17
Plighthisto: reinstall is an invalid operation?00:17
h00kMike_lifeguard, quite a few;)00:17
kholerabbihisto: OK, it's obviously not working on any burning ATM.. So would the Archive Mounter work :D?00:17
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
losherdkulchenko: a quick google shows you're not the only one. If the live cd sees your drives ok, I'd say your next move is to re-install from scratch00:17
h00kMike_lifeguard, for instance: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1001_3-10226746-92.html00:17
histoGuest4419: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111829500:18
h8redwould anyone help me with a rather stupid problem...i need to change boot order to reinstall, but my bios screen flashes by too fast lol.  i couldn't hit whatever key i need to in time even if i knew what it was00:18
Abedhey guys i have an issue,i wanna install or even live boot ubuntu 8.10 on my Desktop but after choosing the language and hit try ubuntu or install ubuntu,it gives me black screen on it busy box then i get buffer I/O error on device sr1,logical block , but when i try it on my laptop it works fine00:18
wolterhave any of you heard about the prey script?00:18
pepperjackh8red: usually del or f1 or esc.. i normally just slap the keyboard like a madman00:18
h00kh8red, your BIOS flashes too quickly?00:18
PlasmaSheepOK, rebooting.00:19
dkulchenkolosher: but if the system boots fine...00:19
h8redi just put in 2 gigs of ram, and now the damn thing flies by00:19
h00kh8red, F1, F2, or del, esc, or just slam keys until you get into BIOS.  What kind of computer?00:19
dkulchenkolosher: it's an inconvienence to wait 60 seconds before each boot, and a pretty big one, but it doesn't stop the system from booting00:19
Plighthow do you chane directories in the console?00:19
lstarnesPlight: cd00:19
histoPlight: cd00:19
skierpageI downloaded the .iso from BitTorrent, now what?  "After your download begins you'll be given additional instructions on how to create and use your Ubuntu CD.", but not for BitTorrent.00:19
matrix_thedracle:its vlc that does not play illegal files, but Mplayer is playin fine hahah there is allways a solution to play movies00:19
* Froad whacks wubi00:19
h8redh00k:  AMD XP2800+ 2.07 ghz00:19
Steven10172can I use a DVD-RW for the ubuntu boot disk im making?00:20
* dkulchenko is highly regretting the upgrade to Jaunty.00:20
daftykinsskierpage, you need software capable of burning an ISO to CD-R. are you running windows? grab the free program "imgburn" which is great00:20
skierpageFroad, FWIW wubi timed out twice at the metalink/.iso stage for me.00:20
h8redmobo is a Gigabyte or Gygabyte or something.  I was given this computer I don't know00:20
h00kh8red, in specific, is it a homebuilt machine or branded00:20
histoPlight: sudo aptitude reinstall firefox      do that in a terminal00:20
TheDraclematrix_, mplayer just uses a different audio-video sync that probably works with however your stuff was muxed.00:20
skierpagedaftykins, thanks!  Surely there's doc somewhere...00:20
TheDraclematrix_, VLC uses FFMPEG- which is more accurate.00:20
dkulchenkoh8red: try lspci -vvvv. it might give you the mobo name00:20
h00kh8red, yeah, try f1, f2, esc, del until you get into bios setup00:20
losherdkulchenko: a slow boot is better than no boot at all, but any kind of unexplained disk anomaly is worrying, frankly. Continue at your own risk....00:20
matrix_thedracle: fsck vlc i think i will remove it 4 ever00:20
Abedhey guys i have an issue,i wanna install or even live boot ubuntu 8.10 on my Desktop but after choosing the language and hit try ubuntu or install ubuntu,it gives me black screen on it busy box then i get buffer I/O error on device sr1,logical block , but when i try it on my laptop it works fine00:20
h8redman it goes way too fast00:20
TheDraclematrix_, VLC is nicer :p00:21
dkulchenkolosher: is it a driver issue?00:21
TheDraclematrix_, It's really just that clip.00:21
Plighthisto: i tried to reinstall firefox; sudo: unable to resolve host ... E: Invalid operation reinstall00:21
TheDraclematrix_, mplayer just uses a simpler A/V synch mechanism that just so happens to work better with messed up clips.00:21
daftykinsAbed, sounds like your CD drive may be faulty - have you tried running the disc check feature?00:21
matrix_no all dvds that iam tryin to play they play extremly choopy on vlc00:21
TheDraclematrix_, I would keep VLC for everything else.00:21
histoPlight: you have to type it in like I did. Using aptitude00:21
neal__i'm trying set up a dual monitor rig with Separate X-Sessions but apps will only appear on one monitor, anyone have any ideas?00:21
twanjskierpage: you can always download the ISO w/ another metalink client. that might be faster00:21
harpreetAbed: hard drive error00:21
Steven10172can I use a DVD-RW for the ubuntu boot disk im making?00:21
miramardesignso is there a way to upgrade to ext4?? i guess reinstall?00:21
losherdkulchenko: sorry, dunno. But are you willing to trust your data to it?00:21
arkanabarI've heard that jackalope is supposed to be snappier than ibex, both booting and running stuff.  has that been the case for any of you?00:21
TheDraclematrix_, Well, whatever you're doing your ripping with is f'n them up when it remuxes the audio and video together.00:21
Flannelmiramardesign: There is.00:21
Froadcan anyone help me install using the alternate disk?00:22
miramardesignFlannel how ?00:22
h00karkanabar, I've definitely noticed this, yes.00:22
histoPlight: or you can use apt-get --reinstall firefox00:22
h8redcouldn't i like add the cdrom drive to the grub menu or something, then force it to come up00:22
TheDraclematrix_, VLC is playing it back faithfully- and mplayer is just calculating the presentation time stamps from the number of bytes obtained from the audio channel, and then synching it to the video.00:22
miramardesignFlannel is it faster??00:22
histoPlight: with sudo ofcourse.00:22
h8redand boot to the cd from there?00:22
Flannelmiramardesign: Here's one thread about it.  I haven't verified it personally.  Definately read the full thread before starting: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111829500:22
harpreetAbed: can you paste full error?00:22
dkulchenkolosher: well, i dont know. it seems that both drives mount fine.00:22
skierpagetwanj, yup Torrent of the kubuntu amd64 iso worked great.00:22
h00karkanabar, with ext4, bootchart is reporting booting in 20 seconds00:22
matrix_thedracle: so you never play movies on vlc00:22
TheDraclematrix_, I play movies all the time with VLC.00:23
TheDraclematrix_, I use ripping software that doesn't mangle the clips.00:23
arkanabarFroad, did you read http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20081215#feature00:23
miramardesignvlc roxx00:23
Wyzardmiramardesign: You can use tune2fs to enable the extents feature on your ext3 filesystem, which effectively turns it into ext400:23
h00kh8red, you want to change your boot order to CD first in your BIOS00:23
Steven10172can I use a DVD-RW for the ubuntu boot disk im making?00:23
histoFlannel: miramardesign I notice a difference on a machine that I installed as ext4. Converting will only bennefit files that are newly written to disk.00:23
Wyzardmiramardesign: It won't reallocate your existing files to use extents, though00:23
harpreetAbed: you can try connecting external drive and install ubuntu or you can try installing over the internet just like live cd00:23
Abedharpreet :can't it is on the desktop and i am using the laptop , but the error is the same as i wrote00:23
Froadcan anyone help me install using the alternate disk?00:23
arkanabarh00k, I'm more interested in faster processes.  I want better framerates in WoW.00:23
FlannelFroad: What do you need help with?00:23
Wyzardmiramardesign: Eventually there'll be a defrag tool that can do that, but it doesn't exist yet00:23
matrix_thedracle:what software do you use00:23
chickenfuego2Wireless issue on Hardy (after kernel update): Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG not starting up automatically (not connecting to router) anymore. After stop/startstop with the network manager, it connects.. Why??00:23
Abedharpreet i don't have one00:23
TheDraclematrix_, VLC.00:23
histoSteven10172: I thought you couldn't burn cd isos to dvd. but you can try.00:23
TheDraclematrix_, Oh, to grab clips?00:24
FroadFlannel what should i expect when i put in the alt disk00:24
histoSteven10172: its rw anyways.00:24
losherdkulchenko: ok, just be sure to backup anything you absolutely can't afford to lose...00:24
arkanabarFroad, there's a howto at http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20081215#feature00:24
h8reddamn it00:24
TheDraclematrix_, I use mac based software for DVDs.00:24
ReL1Kthere any way to roll back from 9.04 back to 8.10 from a shell? i updated and vmware fusion is not playing nice00:24
Froadty arkanabar00:24
Wyzardmiramardesign: Newly-created files will use extents though00:24
chickenfuego2I could find dozen of issues with the Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG, but nothing like this..00:24
h00karkanabar, I don't emulate WoW but I've definitely noticed a speed difference00:24
FlannelFroad: It asks the same questions the Desktop CD does.  It's really straight forward.00:24
dkulchenkolosher: got it. thanks00:24
harpreetAbed: what dont you have? external drive or internet?00:24
TheDraclematrix_, Mostly I use studio provided transport streams- I work doing embedded media processor programming for a living.00:24
Abedexternal HDD00:24
unkmarwpa_supplicant is restarting.  I have been unable to set the wireless via the network-manager.  How do I stop network-manager from restartin wpa_supplicant?00:24
h00kReL1K, what exactly is it doing?00:24
morddkulchenko: do you have an intel d945 mobo?00:24
Plighthisto: i already used aptitude, can you tell me what the "sudo: unable to resolve host" thing is about?00:24
Abedharpreet External HSD00:24
harpreetAbed: you have internet on desktop? try isntalling direct00:25
ReL1Kh00k: when i boot up into X, i don't get a mouse and keyboard00:25
lstarnesPlight: did you try to change your hostname?00:25
dkulchenkomord: nope. i got a winfast.00:25
Abedharpreet try to install a new ISO image?00:25
ReL1Kh00k: tried copying the xorg.conf from a 8.10 install to try and fix, reinstalled vmware-tools, all to no avail00:25
matrix_thedracle: k so how do you like the new ubuntu 9.04 it lloks cool desktop00:25
Plightlstarnes: no, i haven't00:25
histoPlight: it couldn't reach the internet most likely00:25
ReL1Kh00k: also did a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, no lucks00:25
h00kReL1K, that was going to be my next suggestion,00:25
TheDraclematrix_, Haven't used 9.04 yet.00:25
Froadalso does anyone have experience with wubi?00:25
harpreetAbed: no iso image, what you trying to do? install dual boot?00:26
histoPlight: or I should say it wasn't able to resolve a hostname.00:26
chickenfuego2issue with Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG after a kernel update on Hardy, someone??00:26
Froadi'm trying to install the new one and it gets held up when making virtual disks00:26
h00kReL1K, perhaps this will help: http://swearingscience.com/2009/04/04/ubuntu-904-beta-in-vmware-fusion/00:26
morddkulchenko: ok, thought your prob might've been related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/29015300:26
matrix_thedracle:well try to upgrade over weekend its really much better and faster00:26
Abedharpreet yes, but i can't even get the live mode running00:26
harpreetAbed: it is your cd drive error00:26
Plighthisto: well should i do something about that?00:26
h00k!ask | chickenfuego200:26
ubottuchickenfuego2: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:26
Abedharpreet wut do u mean?00:26
TheDraclematrix_, I'm going to try to install it on a server I have here- it's having issues with the CD/DVD rom though, keep getting squashfs errors.00:26
TheDracleI think either the DVD hardware is faulty.00:26
wolterwhich is the default port for smtp ?00:27
Plighthow do i close a process?00:27
TheDracleOr, there's something deeply wrong with the server setup.00:27
Wyzardwolter: 2500:27
ReL1Kh00k: lemme take a peek, thanks for the help00:27
wolterPlight System > Administration > System Monitor00:27
wolterthanks Wyzard00:27
matrix_thedracle:why not just upgrade it from terminal00:27
histoTheDracle: try burning it at a slower speed00:27
TheDraclematrix_, Doing a fresh install :p00:27
xemacs4321I have grub fragment from menu.lst , not working to boot sdb2 ? please help00:27
TheDraclehisto, Do you think the CD image is messed up?00:27
arkanabarplight, you can also run top in the terminal, it has a kill command.00:27
harpreetyou can try 9.04 if you want , or you can open the box and check your IDE00:27
TheDraclehisto, I tried doing a disk check- and it seemed happy with it.00:27
Wyzardwolter: Take a look at /etc/services btw00:28
TheDraclehisto, Is the disk check crap?00:28
harpreetAbed: you can try 9.04 if you want , or you can open the box and check your IDE00:28
xemacs4321I have grub fragment from menu.lst , not working to boot sdb2 ? please help http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/157550/00:28
TheDraclehisto, I'm thinking of just doing an install from a USB disk.00:28
Plightarkanabar: how do i use top in the terminal?00:28
matrix_thedracle:well formatin you drivers often will get you squashfs errors00:28
dftwhat's the option in synaptic to have it grab the update from 8.04 to 8.10..if that is still possible00:28
histoTheDracle: no no I've noticed issues with drives and disks being burned at certain speeds. But if you runa  disk check on the machine you are installing on then all is good.00:28
ReL1Kh00k: no go :( i might just start from scratch00:28
ReL1Kand rebuild00:28
arkanabarplight, system => terminal , and at the command line, type "top" without quotes, & hit enter.00:28
h00kReL1K, do you have your /home partition separate?00:28
histo!upgrade > dft00:29
ubottudft, please see my private message00:29
dfthisto: ty00:29
ReL1Ksame partition space00:29
Plighthisto: thanks for the suggestion I'm able to browse again00:29
Abedharpreet i exceeded the limit for this month for DSL usage so downloading 9.04 is not an option,  and what shall i check in side the box?00:29
h00kReL1K, that should make reinstalling and reconfiguring easier, perhaps think about doing that00:29
ReL1Kyea, was dreading but really wouldn't loose that much00:29
ReL1Ksince i got a shell can just trans over00:29
Abedharpreet i am trying another cd drive and waiting for the result00:29
histoReL1K: if you maek a seperate home then you can just blow out the / and all your files and settings will still be there.00:29
histo!home | reli00:30
ubottureli: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome00:30
h00kReL1K, yeah, I wish I knew about your problem more to help you00:30
histoReL1K: ^^^^^^^^00:30
Plightarkanabar: more specifically how do i use the kill command?00:30
Abedharpreet i have the same issue with the second cd drive00:30
harpreetAbed: then its your hard disk drive00:30
cmroddyis there a way to disable dragging links in firefox? i would like to select text in the link title (to copy and paste the text, search google for the text etc) and i never need to drag a link from one place to another. i searched google but it's all people complaining of the same problem and nobody with an answer.00:30
histoPlight: kill <proccessid>  or killall <name>00:30
matrix_thedracle:time to go to watch some movies thank GOD its friday00:30
arkanabarPlight, once top is running, find the PID of the process you want to kill.  hit "k" and it will ask for the PID; give that to top, and it'll do its best to kill the process.00:30
histocmroddy: right click on link in firefox and select copy url00:30
Abedharpreet wut's wrong with my HDD?00:31
cmroddyhisto: i want to select the link title text, not the URL. i can get the URL easily.00:31
harpreetAbed: inside the box IDE connections00:31
histocmroddy: just hilight one space to the left or right and drag accross the link.00:31
harpreetAbed: may be your drive is not compatible with kernel or there is bad connection00:31
ElNerdoDegeekI want to uninstall Ubuntu and install the netbook remix. Do I have to reset the MBR to get rid of grub or can I just formatmy Ubuntu side and install the new copy without fear?00:31
Abedharpreet ok i will check them, btw i have two hard disk drives so is that a problem?00:31
harpreetAbed: you mean two physical hard disks?00:32
cmroddyhisto, i only want part of the text, not the entire link. this comes up about 20 times a day for me. i end up retyping a lot of unselectable link text. if you don't know of a solution, that's fine.00:32
Abedharpreet yes , a master and a slave00:32
histocmroddy: np00:32
mysphytHey, folks.  Not sure if this is the best channel to ask in or not, but I just installed Jaunty, and I'm having difficulty configuring TV-out through my nVidia card to my 1080i tv.  Anybody around here who can help out, or should I look elsewhere?00:32
unkmarElNerdoDegeek: you will have to reset the MBR.00:32
FFForeverHi people XD00:32
h00kElNerdoDegeek, if you're using the installer and you reformat, it will replace Grub by itself00:32
harpreetAbed: option 1, go to bios and identify primary hard disk and check settings, option 2, remove one hard disk, you can install later00:33
DvyjonesIs there a changelog for 9.04 somewhere?00:33
arkanabarmysphyt, depends on whether you're trying to play HD content.  If so, computers really aren't for you.00:33
histoDvyjones: on the cd and on the download servers00:33
histoDvyjones: there are releasenotes also00:33
PlasmaSheepOK, I booted in knoppix.00:33
Abedharpreet ok i will try the two options but what do00:33
FFForeveranyone know how i can get my internal mic working in 9.04?00:33
histo!jaunty > Dvyjones00:33
ubottuDvyjones, please see my private message00:33
ElNerdoDegeekh00k unkmar: Ah! k then. So I should just format the partitions and let it install all in the live?00:33
PlasmaSheepBut there aren't any directories in /boot00:33
mysphytarkanabar: How so?00:33
Abedharpreet what about the primary00:33
Ddordahow do i start a shall script?00:33
histoPlasmaSheep: are you looking on the knoppx drive or your harddrive and what are you trying to do?00:34
histo!who | PlasmaSheep00:34
ubottuPlasmaSheep: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:34
harpreetAbed: check your bios for settings on what drive to boot from and where to locate the operating system00:34
h00kElNerdoDegeek, you could do that, you can just use the liveUSB to format it for you, it'll take care of all of it00:34
Dvyjoneshisto: That had a typo00:34
Abedharpreet  ok wait plz00:34
Dvyjoneshisto: Linked to 8.10 release notes.00:34
PlasmaSheepOK, they guy who was helping me left.00:35
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:35
ElNerdoDegeekh00k: ok then! I have a MBR changer ready just in case but I'll try that. Thaks!00:35
arkanabarmysphyt, see http://defectivebydesign.org/00:35
h00kElNerdoDegeek, good luck, I hope it works for you00:35
skierpagehisto, http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904 doesn't actually say anything about changes in release 9.04.  Where should I report web site content bugs like this.00:35
h00kskierpage, that is the release notes, not necessarily the changelog00:35
Flannelskierpage: You want: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904tour00:36
Flannelskierpage: er, sorry: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904overview00:36
Froadcan anyone help me with partitioning an external hard drive for install?00:36
sebsebsebFroad: yep probably00:36
sebsebsebFroad: it's like a internal hard disk, excpet it's external, and you would need to get the computer to boot from it00:36
mysphytarkanabar: I appreciate the argument, and am well aware of the problems DRM represents for free software and accessible content, but mine is more of a configuration problem than an ideological one.00:36
Froadi'm _Brian__ from before >..00:37
PlasmaSheepNevermind, looked in the wrong place.00:37
sebsebsebFroad: oh you again00:37
Froadbut in any case i found out a lot of things00:37
Froad1. wubi won't work for unexplained reasons00:37
sebsebsebFroad: such as?00:37
Froadit gets caught up when making virtual disks00:37
histoDvyjones: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/jaunty-changes/00:37
sebsebsebFroad: ok a little odd maybe00:37
Bo7Can I connect to ubuntus default vnc server (vinagre) from windows XP?00:38
Froad2. the alternate disk works00:38
skierpageBug: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/ doesn't list 9.04, general lack of links to changes.  I repeat, how to report web site content glitches?00:38
Froad3. I have no idea how to partition the drive00:38
UbbyCDIm now a jaunty jackalope!00:38
PlasmaSheepHow can I get the uuid of my linux partition from knoppix?00:38
h00kUbbyCD, welcome, welcome00:38
histoskierpage: I don't think they want it to.00:38
Froad4. I have no idea how to get it to boot from the external hd00:38
cyberspliceBo7: Yes.00:38
r_s___hi all00:38
FlannelPlasmaSheep: try blkid00:38
Froadsebsebseb  ^00:39
Bo7cybersplice: with what program?00:39
r_s___i have a problem with sound buffer,, it's not pure00:39
histoskierpage: right on the ubuntu homepage under the community tab00:39
UbbyCDDid the desktop change at all or theme00:39
sebsebsebFroad: ok so install to external with alternate disk,  or use the virtual machine?  or do both00:39
Bo7cybersplice: will tightvnc work?00:39
PlasmaSheepFlannel: That returns two 'KNOPPIX_FS' entries, an 'msdos' entry, and an 'ntfs' entry.00:39
Froadsebsebseb: I"d like to use the alternate to get it onto the external, but would it not overwrite the contents of the disk without partitioning00:40
FlannelPlasmaSheep: Why do you need the UUID?/00:40
histoPlasmaSheep: What are you trying to fix?00:40
=== carlos is now known as Guest75852
r_s___ i have a problem with sound buffer,, it's not pure00:40
r_s___any help ?00:40
UbbyCDb/c i still have my customized theme and was wanting what if anything they changed about the appearance / default theme00:40
histor_s___: are you using jaunty?00:40
sebsebsebFroad: is your external blank now or not?00:40
cyberspliceBo7: Yes. I believe the syntax is server:1 for example00:40
r_s___it's the same on 8.04 8.10 and jaunty00:40
h00kUbbyCD, do you have a separate /home partition?00:40
Froadsebsebseb, no00:40
sebsebsebFroad: ok00:40
UbbyCDno seperate home00:40
h00kUbbyCD, if you do, your settings/themes should stay the same00:41
ghirohi of all00:41
PlasmaSheepFlannel, histo: ubuntu doesn't get past the "waiting for root filesystem" stage on boot. I was told because it has the wrong uuid in /boot/grub/menu.lst00:41
Froad180/250gb free but not empty sebsebseb00:41
UbbyCDthey did00:41
h00kUbbyCD, if you don't, I might suggest doing that00:41
histoUbbyCD: they changed gdm screen bakcground and stuff.00:41
UbbyCDmaybe i do and dont know it00:41
sebsebsebFroad: normalley partitioning works well, always slight chance of data loss though, never happended to me though.  and the amount of partitining I have done00:41
ghirohow are u?00:41
h00k!home | UbbyCD00:41
ubottuUbbyCD: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome00:41
FlannelPlasmaSheep: Just change it to /dev/sdXY for the time being00:41
Froadsebsebseb: I backed it all up on a dvd in case of that00:41
macman_how can i unrar multiple rar files from the cli ?00:41
Abedharpreet i checked the bios , my 80 GB HDD is the primary / master , and the 40 GB HDD is the secondary / slave ,00:41
Froador 3 dvds but w/e00:41
UbbyCDim kinna confused why i would want to do that as it kept my theme anyways00:41
UbbyCDim probably already like that00:42
Abedharpreet i will try to disconnect the slave and live run it00:42
sebsebsebFroad:  i assume the partition it has on there right now, is a NTFS or something like that00:42
UbbyCDwhat i would like is to see the default theme00:42
histomacman_: unrar rar1 rar2 etc...  if it s a multipart rar just unrar rar00:42
r_s___histo : the sound buffer problem on 8.04/8.10 and jaunty00:42
r_s___i tried them all00:42
PlasmaSheepFlannel: Here's the output: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/157560/00:42
histor_s___: hrm.. what type of sound card?00:42
UbbyCDas i have mine customized and it kept the customized stuff]]]00:42
h00kUbbyCD, http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-9-04-039-s-New-Themes-106961.shtml00:42
Froadsebastien: fat3200:42
r_s___my laptop is thinkpad r6100:42
UbbyCDlemme see00:42
histoPlasmaSheep: what is the output of fdisk -l00:42
mysphytHere's the problem I'm having, folks: using 9.04 with the 180.44 nvidia driver, I'm trying to output to my HDTV via 1080i.  I'm getting a signal, and I'm able to use the second screen to run applications, *but* my screen only fills 2/3 of the physical display.  Any suggestions?00:43
Froadsebsebseb: fat3200:43
PlasmaSheephisto: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/157561/00:43
histor_s___: No idea there did you try searching hte forums for your laptop or launchpad for bugs?00:43
sebsebsebFroad: ok00:43
sebsebsebFroad: and sometimes you want to share that data with Windows?00:43
Wyzardmysphyt: What type of connection to the TV?  (DVI? HDMI? S-Video?)00:43
Froadsebastien: definitely00:43
Froadsebsebseb: definitely00:44
mysphytWyzard: component.00:44
sonofthor12My update Manager get this error ------ W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox-3.0/firefox-gnome-support_3.0.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.04.1_all.deb00:44
sonofthor12  404 Not Found00:44
r_s___histo: thx, i'll try00:44
sonofthor12any ideas00:44
h00kUbbyCD, does that help you at all?00:44
sebsebsebFroad: Fat32 instead of NTFS,  NTFS is better really, but  used to be that  not everything coud read and wirte to NTFS, I guess that's why it's Fat3200:44
Wyzardmysphyt: I'm not sure if you can do 1080i over component00:44
histoPlasmaSheep: looks like /dev/sda500:44
TheFunkbombokay, let's fix some computers!00:44
sebsebsebFroad: I think I heard that files  even take up more space on Fat32  rather than NTFS00:44
Wyzardmysphyt: and the video card is almost certainly unable to detect the TV's parameters through that00:44
affan001Hello everyone... i upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04 and my wireless card stopped working.... actually it works as in it detects/connects to the network but cant open the page.... i am using Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4320] (rev 02)00:44
PlasmaSheephisto: /dev/sda5 doesn't show on blkid.00:45
histoPlasmaSheep: does /dev/sda3?00:45
sebsebsebFroad: ok this is easy you make  another partiton for Jaunty  as well as a swap partitoin00:45
UbbyCDI have to ask .. What the heck is the default background picture.. My granma thought it was a demon when I installed it on here computer00:45
PlasmaSheephisto: just 1 and 2.00:45
Wyzardmysphyt: Use DVI or HDMI if possible (you can get a DVI->HDMI adapter if needed)00:45
Froadsebsebseb: thanks00:45
sebsebsebFroad: then of course your computer needs to be able to boot from the external00:45
histoPlasmaSheep: thats wierd00:45
PlasmaSheepUbbyCD: It's an ibex.00:45
TheFunkbombaffan001, try plugging into an ethernet port and running an update00:45
UbbyCDkinna took some of the legitimacy out of it.. lol : )00:45
UbbyCDill google it thanks00:45
PlasmaSheepIntrepid Ibex00:45
Wyzardmysphyt: or VGA (but that's less preferable since it's analog)00:45
sebsebsebFroad: so similar to when I helped you make that virtual machine00:45
histoUbbyCD: intrepid00:45
affan001TheFunkbomb: update the package repo?00:46
sebsebsebFroad:  or not00:46
FeisarI don't believe it, I just installed 9.04 and my rt2500 wifi card STILL runs at 1mb/s. I have had this trouble sinse 8.04 and everytime it is reported as a bug - does anyone know if it can be fixed?00:46
mysphytWyzard: Sadly, my TV only has component inputs.  I have several other devices using 1080i over component, so that's not a problem.  What settings do you think it might be having difficulty detecting?  HSync/VSync?00:46
TheFunkbombjust sudo apt-get update00:46
sebsebsebFroad: hummmm  your using the alternate not the desktop cd00:46
mysphytWyzard: Trust me, I wish I could use HDMI.  :P00:46
PlasmaSheephisto: so what should I do?00:46
Wyzardmysphyt: yes, frequency ranges00:46
FirefisheIs there any excruciatingly necessary reason to upgrade to Jaunty from a nicely working Intrepid?00:46
PlasmaSheepFirefishe: nope.00:46
Froadsebsebseb: yes, regular won't work00:46
UbbyCDoh i see.. lol00:46
TheFunkbombFirefishe, I haven't found one :/00:46
Froadsebsebseb: it worked on my friend's comp but not mine00:46
Wyzardmysphyt: though for a TV the frequencies should be predefined and fixed...  there might be some way to specifically tell the nvidia driver that it's a TV rather than a generic monitor00:47
FirefishePlasmaSheep, TheFunkbomb:  I see. Guess I'll keep Intrepid for a while, then.00:47
Froadhttp://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20081215#feature sebsebseb00:47
Wyzardmysphyt: Take a look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log for messages from the driver that might tell you a bit about the signal it's putting out00:47
TheFunkbombFirefishe, at least until the servers calm down00:47
histomysphyt: you might want to check with the #mythbuntu people they are great at getting tvs working etc...00:47
FirefisheTheFunkbomb:  I just switched to the Swedish (bork bork) repositories ;)00:47
mysphytWyzard: There is, and I have.  Newer nVidia drivers have TV specific settings, which I'm using in xorg.conf.  Based on what I'm seeing in xorg.0.log, the signal looks right, but on the TV, still borked.00:48
mysphythisto: Thanks, good idea.00:48
deepbluegeneHi. i am upgrading to ubuntu 9.04 from 8.04 by using update manager. my internet speed is little bit slow today. it is taking more than expected time to download packages. can i cancle downloading of packages ?00:48
histomysphyt: by the wya how did you go from nvidia card to components?00:48
SpendiusI've a question: Is Jaunty worth it?00:48
sebsebsebFroad: I haven't used the alternate yet myself, but  you should be able to figure it out  I think.   ok you can keep your fat32, or remove it and put a ntfs there instead,  or even a Ext3 partition :)  and  put a driver in Windows so it can read and write to Ext300:48
FirefisheTheFunkbomb:  the listing at the bottom beginning with 'se' is a fast one00:48
histo!worksforme | Spendius00:48
ubottuSpendius: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/00:48
sebsebsebSpendius: depends00:48
thiebaudeSpendius: yes00:48
mysphythisto: It's an 8800 GTS; their newer cards come with adapters.  There's a special HDTV output that looks kinda like S-Video next to the DVI ports on my cards.00:48
chickenfuego2Wireless issue on Hardy (after kernel update): Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG not starting up automatically (not connecting to router) anymore. After stop/startstop with the network manager, it connects.. Why??00:49
sebsebsebFroad: do jaunty with a / in Ext4 :)  ,but as far as I know no drivers for Windows yet that  can read and write to a Ext4 partition00:49
UbbyCDif none of you have tried the dust theme included with ubuntu you should.. I really like the minimize and maximize buttons there slick but not overdone and its not gimmicy like a vista or mac clone..00:49
PlasmaSheephisto: what am I to do?00:49
histomysphyt: hrm.... Might have to pick one up then. for the component out.00:49
sebsebsebFroad: Linux file systems are better than the Windows ones00:49
Firefishehow does one do a distro upgrade using synaptic only?00:49
histoPlasmaSheep: use /dev/sda5 in your menu.1st instead of the uuId temporarily00:49
UbbyCDis it possible to grow a vdi file00:49
histo!upgrade | Firefishe00:49
ubottuFirefishe: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading00:49
snipdHi, im trying to access a nfs share, but the folder's permission's are 700 and im getting "mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting". how can i both access this folder from my laptop, while maining those permissions on the server?00:49
deepbluegeneit only downloaded 100 out of 1150 packages and showing that it may take more than 8 hrs. can i cancel it?00:49
Firefishehisto:  danki00:50
mysphythisto: Well, wait 'til I get it working.  :P00:50
rahmathi - i have an emergency situation - i've NEVER used linux before and I wanted to try it out. so I installed xubuntu but I think it removed windows XP - how do I get windows XP back? i need to run MatLab off of it. Please help. Thank you.00:50
histodeepbluegene: repos are getting hammered after new release.00:50
sebsebsebrahmat: ok yeah maybe xp is gone00:50
simNIXrahmat, if you accidentely told Ubuntu to wipe it its gone ...00:50
PlasmaSheephisto: kernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-19-generic root=UUID=9c179172-81a9-49ff-98f5-c2eec2979a5e00:50
sebsebsebrahmat: I assume you used the guided install, but which one was it?  the use the whole hard disk one?00:50
cougartenrahmat: did you reduce the partition of XP or did you just instal over it?00:50
Wyzardrahmat: If you installed over your Windows partition then you can't recover it, short of *maybe* sending the drive to a data-recovery service00:50
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UbbyCDyou did look as it was booting up to see if it asked which to boot00:51
Wyzardrahmat: but the installer doesn't overwrite existing partitions by default; you would've had to tell it to00:51
PlasmaSheephisto: that's the line in menu.lst. I don't think it'll accept anything else than a uuid.00:51
platiusdeepbluegene;  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-select-fastest-mirror-in-ubuntu.html00:51
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UbbyCDlike right when the computer comes up it should ask you which one to boot into00:51
sebsebsebFroad: still here?00:51
cougartenWyzard: datarecovery was much t costy just to get mathlab to run ^^00:51
deepbluegeneplatius: thanks00:51
UbbyCDif you have valuable information all is not lost00:51
rahmatoh man. i just went with the default option. i really am only beginning to use linux and i have no idea what i did.00:51
platiusdeepbluegene;  worked for me00:51
UbbyCDI overwrote partitions and fully recovered the data00:51
UbbyCDeven deleted stuff00:52
thiebauderahmat: the installer gives you options00:52
PlasmaSheephisto: I got the uuid for /dev/sda5 (sudo blkid)00:52
simNIXrahmat, sorry to hear your first Linux didnt went right ... its not Linux specific - if you install windows and tell it to use the whole disk you'de have the same ...00:52
sebsebsebFroad: still here?00:53
Wyzardrahmat: How do you know you overwrote your Windows partition?00:53
UbbyCDDid you have important files you need to recover00:53
cybersplicerahmat: I don't mean to be patronizing, byt you did remove the cd yes? Do you get a menu when you boot? Ubuntu doesn't overwrite other os by default.....00:53
cougartenrahmat: have you considerrt using wine for matlab?00:53
rahmati'm not sure how to check if I overwrote the partition00:53
thiebauderahmat: how did you install it00:53
UbbyCDor if your ubuntu installation is not important at the moment you could revert your hard disk back to the old system00:53
InvisiblePinkUniAnyone have problems with Flash Fullscreen after upgrade?00:53
cougartenrahmat: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=49 it should work with wine00:53
UbbyCDtheres an option in one of those recovery programs that saved me00:53
Wyzardrahmat: What I'm asking is, what makes you think that you did?00:53
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:54
cyberspliceDamn damn.00:54
InvisiblePinkUniI'm having problems with choppy flash video on full screen00:55
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rahmatokay here's what i did: i placed the CD into the laptop and then it booted and asked me if I wanted to run the demo version or install xubuntu.  i selected install. then it gave me options about partitioning and I just went with the default.  I assume it overwrote XP because when I check the amount of disk space I have left, it doesn't look like I have anything else installed except xubuntu00:55
jylinCan anyone answer this quick question about Wubi: Is Hibernate not supported because of a limitation in the technology or simply because it hasn't been worked on yet?00:55
phantomcircuitim installing 9.04 and it seems like it's been stuck on 97% done for about an hour now00:55
faileas_asleepjylin: i believe its the former00:55
mysphytrahmat: Make sure the CD is out of your computer, reboot, and watch carefully as your computer starts up.  If you're lucky, either your computer will boot back to XP, or you'll see an option to boot to XP on the Grub menu.  It's very possible that you've overwritten your partition accidentally, but it's also very possible you did not.  If it boots straight to Ubuntu without giving you the...00:55
mysphyt...option to go to XP, you're probably out of luck.00:55
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. I am pretty screwed.00:55
Torturedall the drama .. RCs and all people should know better than jump on a new version right out of the gate ;p00:56
rahmatwhen I reboot the computer, I don't get an option to boot from xubuntu or XP. it just goes straight to xubuntu00:56
deepbluegeneplatius: thanks again. it is working superfast now.00:56
sebsebsebjylin: I think hibernation may not even work at all, with wubi00:56
phase_shift314look up grub00:56
vapvapsome of us cant wait00:56
sebsebsebjylin: since  it puts Ubuntu inside your Windows partition00:56
Wyzardrahmat: There's a pause for a few seconds with a message that says to press Esc for the grub menu00:56
lucien_buona serata a tutti , ho fatto l'aggiornamento nel so dal 8.10 al 9.04 , e ho notato che l'avvio del sistema e un po rallentato !!!00:56
platiusdeepbluegene;  welcome00:56
thiebaudeWyzard: yea, i was about to say that00:56
Wyzardrahmat: Press Esc there to get the menu, and see if there's a Windows option00:56
Bo7how can I check if the vnc viewer vino/vinagre is up and running and listening on ports?00:57
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.00:57
Wyzardrahmat: If you don't press a key it'll go straight to Ubuntu without showing the menu00:57
jylinsebsebseb: yea, the00:57
rahmatWyzard: I did press Ecs. there is no XP option.00:57
phase_shift314ubuntu is the best os right now00:57
jylinsebsebseb: yea, the faq says it doesn't work00:57
lucien_ciao a tutti !!!00:57
deepbluegeneplatius: it was 15KB/s now it 1350KB/s00:57
PlasmaSheepphase_shift314: I've never had this problem with windows, so I don't know.00:57
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:57
sebsebsebjylin: well wubi is only good for testing really00:58
sebsebsebjylin: you should partition your hard disk and do a real install of Ubuntu00:58
jylinsebsebseb: but I'm just wondering why00:58
phase_shift314ive had all sorts of stupid problems with windows00:58
jordanlalsa and pulseaudio playback broke for me after upgrading to 9.04, but OSS works. can anyone help me out00:58
daftykinsPlasmaSheep, that sounds very bad indeed00:58
LeempQuestion: Is there a known problem with the Fglrx Driver and 9.04? I just fresh installed ubuntu, installed fglr & the control center, and my computer couldn't even boot up. I had to boot into root safe mode, and purge the driver. Any ideas?00:58
affan001TheFunkbomb: i tried to update the repositories but it didnt show any updates... do you know which package it was supposed to update?00:58
phase_shift314like getting ripped off to start with00:58
jylinsebsebseb: well, I don't really think it's worth the trouble00:58
stittelHi! I am using the 9.04 Netbook Remix. After doing some changes to services (disabling bluetooth and some other stuff that should not be related to the core functionality of the system) the system froze after entering the password in GDM. I took out the battery and rebootet: The X server couldn't get started anymore (I got this fail-safe dialogue that the X server cannot determine my resolution/graphics card). I tried starting X manually with "sudo00:58
stittelX". It said it cannot move X.org.log to X.org.log.old. I deleted X.org.log, now the X server starts again, but after entering username/passoword in GDM I get a freeze again. The system worked perfectely before that, any ideas?00:58
TheFunkbombaffan001, go into terminal and run sudo apt-get update00:58
daftykinsLeemp, i've heard fglrx is disabled in jaunty due to non-functioning or something, google may explain why00:58
TheFunkbombtry that first00:58
Wyzardrahmat: Open a terminal (should be under Applications->Accessories) and run "sudo fdisk -l"00:59
PlasmaSheepphase_shift314: Ripped off? Windows always booted. Right now, ubuntu doesn't/00:59
jylinsebsebseb: from what I read the only difference is that r/w is through 2 filesystems00:59
Wyzardrahmat: Could you put the output of that command on a pastebin?00:59
phase_shift314i'll admit xp is a pretty stable system00:59
DaveCocan someone help me with open office?00:59
PlasmaSheepAnd no one knows what the hell is wrong with my system.00:59
jylinsebsebseb: performance is not much of an issue for my computer, so why subject myself to the nightmare of partitioning; my partitions are already so neat00:59
daftykinsyou probably need an open office channel DaveCo00:59
thiebaudephase_shift314: it should be after 7 yrs00:59
sebsebsebDaveCo: I think #openoffice or  #ooo  exists00:59
Wyzardrahmat: That'll list what partitions you have on your system00:59
phase_shift314ubuntu requires some reading to find out what to do, it is very very different from windows in the way it operates00:59
DaveCook thanks00:59
minimecLeemp: I have no ideas... but you are not the first one. Some try to use fglrx with not supported cards, others have fglrx problems with supported cards.00:59
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.00:59
thiebaudein october of this yr ubuntu will be 5yrs old01:00
sebsebsebphase_shift314: there is a learning curve for any OS, people weren't born with the knowledge in how to use Windows either, in fact most people that use Windows can't even use it securely01:00
Leempminimec: I forget my card model, but its the mac pro ati, and i was using fglrx on 8.10 with no issues. I'll try to dig somethin up, thanks minimec & daftykins01:00
ekimmargniCan ext3 filesystems be converted to ext4 yet?01:00
rahmatWyzard: I ran the command - what's a pastebin?01:00
cybersplicethiebaude: Hopefully, there will be cake.01:00
sebsebsebekimmargni: yes, but only  for partial suppourt01:00
PlasmaSheepthiebaude: warty came out on 2004-10-20.01:00
PlasmaSheepthiebaude: That's not october.01:01
ekimmargnisebsebseb: so you have to start fresh to get 100% ext4 support?01:01
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:01
sebsebsebekimmargni: yes01:01
Wyzardrahmat: ^^^01:01
phase_shift314ok here is a stupid problem i've had with windows, a program installed directx 6 over my 9.c, windows can't uninstall the 6, now my opengl wont work01:01
sebsebsebekimmargni: and set up your self,  since guided will give you Ext301:01
ekimmargnisigh, oh well01:01
Leempminimec: Is there a secondary driver that i can use instead of fglrx? Or is that the default i already have installed?01:01
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.01:01
thiebaudeoct is the 10th month01:01
ekimmargniI don't really need it (& ext4 isn't ready yet anyways)01:01
PlasmaSheepthiebaude: yes. Warty was the first release of ubuntu.01:01
daftykinsPlasmaSheep, sounds really bad like hard disk fail01:02
sebsebsebphase_shift314: uhmmmm   we  are Ubuntu suppourt not  Windows supourt01:02
phase_shift314yes there is a learning curve indeed01:02
BIGSEXhey all01:02
mythmanRunning Ubuntu 8.10 with mythbuntu how do i get the normal ubuntu splash screen back during boot and login screen01:02
sebsebsebphase_shift314: you can ask the Windows fan boys in #windows for help with Windows01:02
thiebaudethen that makes it 5yrs01:02
PlasmaSheepdaftykins: so what do I do?01:02
affan001i tried apt-get update but it hangs on "96% [Connecting to archive.ubuntu.com (] "01:02
snipdHi, im trying to access a nfs share, but the folder's permission's are 700 and im getting "mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting". how can i both access this folder from my laptop, while maining those permissions on the server?01:02
phase_shift314lol i knew i was going to get that, i was merely stating please don't try and find out what the problem is01:02
minimecLeemp: the opensource driver is installed by default. there is another radeonhd, bur it's early stage.01:02
Flannel!usplash | mythman01:02
ubottumythman: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork01:02
Wyzardaffan001: That's because the mirrors are busy with everyone upgrading01:02
PlasmaSheepthiebaude: but warty didn't come out in october, so ubuntu won't be 5 in october.01:02
Leempminimec: K thanks01:02
Wyzardaffan001: should get better in a few days01:02
PlasmaSheepthiebaude: wait, fail.01:03
thiebaudeyou said 2004/10/20?01:03
phase_shift314my opengl in ubuntu works great01:03
minimecLeemp: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/legacy/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.7&product= For these card there is no fglrx driver in jaunty01:03
Leempbrb, rebooting trying to get the driver to work with my multi-monitor setup.01:03
oDeskhow to downgrade a package ex. gvfs ?01:03
BIGSEXi want to dual boot ubuntu 8.10 with a pre-installed XP, and i shrunk my hard drive to leave 20gb open for ubuntu, should i leave that space as unallocated when i attempt to install or should i format it beforehand?01:03
PlasmaSheepthiebaude: Sorry, spaced out a bit. You're right :p01:03
affan001ok thanks Wyzard01:03
FjssHow can I modify my HAL settings file?01:03
stittelI suppose something might be wrong with my file system after that crash. I also receive "Stale NFS file handle" for some files.01:03
Wyzardrahmat: There's no NTFS or FAT partition there, so it looks like you did choose the overwrite option01:03
sebsebsebBIGSEX: XP is on there already?01:03
DraccyHowdy. Probably a mess in here. Is there a quieter Ubuntu support channel I can hide in for wireless help?01:03
Leempminimec: Did this just take place in jaunty?01:03
BIGSEXseb:yeah, preexisting XP install01:03
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.01:03
thiebaudePlasmaSheep: i didn't know that until someone at categor5.tv told me01:04
russianzillaHas anyone had trouble with Pidgin in Jaunty not notifying for new conversations?01:04
BIGSEXseb: shrunk my C down 20gigs to hold ubuntu01:04
Wyzardrahmat: Other than possibly a data-recovery service, you're probably out of luck, unfortunately01:04
stittelIs there a way to force a file system check on the next reboot before the file-system gets mounted r/w?01:04
sebsebsebBIGSEX: yeah just leave it unallocated and   you use the Ubuntu Live CD to make 9.04's partition, and I would recommend Ext4 :)  which means you got to manually set that up01:04
Wyzardstittel: touch /forcefsck01:04
stittelWyzard: Thanks.01:04
thiebaudewait unti ubuntu is 7yrs old,:)01:04
PlasmaSheepBIGSEX: ext4 is experimental. Do what you will.01:04
minimecLeemp: Jaunty uses xorg 1.6 There is no driver for xorg 1.6 for the cards on the upper link.01:04
simNIXstittel, touch /etc/forcefschk if im not mistaken01:04
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.01:04
sebsebsebBIGSEX: and  backup really important data elsewhere to if you go Ext4,  because  it's pretty stable now, but may be a  few issues01:04
Wyzardstittel: (disclaimer, I haven't tried that specifically in Ubuntu, but it works in Debian)01:04
rahmatokay. thank you.01:04
BIGSEXseb: i'm using 8.10 live CD, as far as i know ext4 isn't an option in that, right?01:04
Rubin/usr/X11R6/bin/X: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//intel_drv.so: undefined symbol: drm_intel_bufmgr_gem_init  <-- after upgrade from 8.1001:04
sebsebsebBIGSEX: also the name, maybe you should name change,  it's not exactly funny01:05
sotec_prodPython still broken in Jaunty?01:05
PlasmaSheepDammit. I f'ed up good.01:05
Leempminimec: Any idea how to figure out what card i have? Eg, is there somethin in jaunty that can fix it?01:05
sebsebseb!language |  PlasmaSheep01:05
oDeskhow to downgrade a package ex. gvfs ?01:05
ubottuPlasmaSheep: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:05
Leempsotec_prod: !? python is broken!?01:05
sotec_prodThere are a few programs that are completely screwed in jaunty01:05
sotec_prodI keep getting python errors01:05
sebsebsebsotec_prod: Python broken in jaunty I doubt it01:05
BIGSEXseb: if you're actually offended, i'll change it. if you just don't appreciate my comedy, that's another issue01:05
sebsebsebsotec_prod: not now when it's stable01:05
DraccyI'm running a live session on an Acer Aspire One with an Atheros wireless card. Drivers loaded automatically but I can't connect to any networks. I can see them, but they just stall.01:05
sotec_prodWell, the internet is abound with this issue.01:05
minimecLeemp: Open a terminal and type 'lspci |grep VGA'01:05
PlasmaSheepsebsebseb: I'm only human. I can't help feeling frustrated when the OS I generally use doesn't boot, and no one knows why or is inclined to help if they indeed do.01:06
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.01:06
sebsebsebBIGSEX: in another channel it  could be a great name, but not here.  and I am not offended by it,  I am just pointing out01:06
oDeskDraccy: goto System -> Admin -> hardware  and activate it01:06
Leempminimec: Bah, yea i have the X1900 XT01:06
histosotec_prod: working here01:06
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: ok01:06
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: what are you trying to upgrade from?01:06
BIGSEXgreatness knows no boundaries01:06
DaveCodoes anyone know how to move a tool bar in ooo writer so it is next to the "file, edit, vew .... Help" tool bar?01:06
sh4d3sl4y3r_i have installed jaunty successfully... and done configuring .. no errors faced till now .. the japan mirrors seem to be faster right now.. will upload the screenshots01:07
sh4d3sl4y3r_: )01:07
PlasmaSheepsebsebseb: I have 8.10. I didn't make the jump yet (but there were a few failed upgrade attempts)01:07
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: ok01:07
Leempminimec: So this is permanent? There will be no fglrx? Or is it just a delay, in releasing it?01:07
minimecLeemp: So you can use the opensource driver (you are probably using it right now), or switch back to intrepid.01:07
sotec_prodDeluge, cairodock, the shutdown/IM status app on the panel isn't even there, and I can't install games, etc. due to python breakage.01:07
Leempminimec: bummer, k thanks01:07
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: 9.04 may not really be worth it for you anyway01:07
Leempminimec: I think i just need to buy a new graphics card :D01:07
PlasmaSheepsebsebseb: why?01:07
sotec_prodLet me try it again and I'll pastebin it.01:08
cybersplicePlasmaSheep: Sounds like a mucked up grub config, or potentially partitions!01:08
intxanyone here ever used the hd-media bootloader to install ubuntu?01:08
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deepbluegenei am developing a site on loacl system. i have stored my files in webproject folder in my home folder. how i can make thier copies in apache folder01:08
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: i'll tell you in pm01:08
minimecLeemp: Step back to intrepid, if you have problems and wait some month. The driver will improve, because ATI gave the source to the community.01:08
deepbluegenewhen i try to create files in htdocs it does not allow me01:08
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: and also with 8.10 you get another years of suppourt01:08
LeempQuestion: Anyone know hw you can move the bloomin panels in jaunty? I can't drag mine, and i see no lock/unlock panel problem01:08
Leempminimec: Ooo01:08
AakashPatelADP1on the macbook pro 4,1...will the keyboard backlight and screen backlight be as smooth fading in and out?01:09
Bo7cybersplice, Loesh: I cant get tightvnc to connent to ubuntus vinagre server, what should I do?01:09
oDeskNautilus cannot handel "network" locations ... i know it's gvfs package problem .. but how to downgrade ?01:09
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: with Ubuntu it's about what is suppourted, not what is new01:09
Leempminimec: Well if i dont have issues, im fine. As long as it works well with my multiple monitor setup. Thats the main priority.01:09
cyberspliceBo7: Hang on.01:09
phase_shift314where can i configure Gnome-volume-manager to auto mount a drive?01:09
PlasmaSheepsebsebseb: This is my first major issue with ubuntu (I think I started with 7.10)01:09
DraccyWell, no help here but docs say the card should work. I sure as hell hope it does in the end.01:09
DraccyI'll keep a dual boot of Windows in case of emergency.01:09
histoPlasmaSheep: did you get going again?01:10
minimecLeemp: Good luck. I have a two screen system with a nvidia 7600gt. Really painless... ;)01:10
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: what that 7.10 is no longer suppourted?  indeed 7.10 was rather nice01:10
DaveCol;/=-NMJ,`3=cvb xzAa21`21zac01:10
DaveCo.l/k,i have low screen space, and i want to make the most of it /.,mnb cvxzzxcvgbhnjkl';01:10
sotec_prodyea, my laptop upgrade perfectly, and infact, gave me sound AND wifi. But my desktop is all screwed up.01:10
dariocarusocan anyone help me and explain how i have to install radeonhd driver?? i have to format 3 3 times with fglrx....01:10
PlasmaSheepsebsebseb: I meant that I started using ubuntu with 7.10 and then upgraded asap after that.01:10
histoPlasmaSheep: State your problem again the error that you are getting when you boot and perhaps someone will help you.01:10
minimecdariocaruso: a moment please...01:11
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: well you need to clean install for one of the major  9.04  features anyway01:11
dariocarusook thanks01:11
histo!worksforme > PlasmaSheep01:11
ubottuPlasmaSheep, please see my private message01:11
Leempminimec: Well it didnt work in intrepid, i had to use fglrx. So far its not working, but it wants me to restart the desktop, so we'll see once i do01:11
mysphytWyzard: it gets weirder.  When I restart X, my TV screen comes up at 2/3 width.  It flashes to full width--like you'd expect--for just a second, and then goes back to 2/3 width.  I'm poking through the Xorg log again, b ut it insists it's normal.  :/01:11
sotec_prodcrap, I can't reproduce the printout.01:11
intxI have the normal ubuntu 9.04 iso in the root directory of an ext2 filesystem and I have grub installed, how do I install ubuntu from it?01:11
PlasmaSheepsebsebseb: You mean ext4? meh. I don't want it.01:11
Wyzardintx: burn it to a CD or DVD01:12
Wyzardintx: You can't boot from an .iso file01:12
cyberspliceBo7: The syntax I gave you was right. Is the vnc server running? Is the firewall blocking it?01:12
intxyou can't?01:12
intxis there some way around it?01:12
pinionAnyone else having a problem with flashplugin-nonfree01:12
DaveCoi have a question: how can i move a tool bar so it is inline with the "file, edit.... Help" tool bar?   in open office?01:12
intxburning to a cd/dvd isn't an option for me01:12
PlasmaSheepOk, restating error message. When booting, I don't totally boot. It hangs on 'waiting for root file system' and then gives me a prompt.01:12
cyberspliceintx: Burn the ISO to cd. :)01:13
LeempQuestion: How do you restart the desktop environment in jaunty..? Ctrl+Alt+Delete isn't working anymore :o01:13
sebsebsebPlasmaSheep: that was one thing yeah01:13
stittelWyzard, simNIX: Well, OK, it kinda works. fsck fixed some errors and I can login again after renaming my home directory and creating a new one.01:13
russianzillaHey, has anyone had issues with Pidgin notifying on new conversations in Jaunty?01:13
cougartenleevi: it's just disabled01:13
minimecdariocaruso: install the xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd package..., then modify your xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/157579/01:13
Wyzardintx: If your computer supports booting from USB storage devices, you may be able to create a bootable USB device to install from01:13
stittelWyzard, simNIX: Any idea which broken file could prevent my original home directory from making me login?01:13
mysphytLeemp: there's an option in xorg.conf that'll reenable the shortcut.01:13
Bo7cybersplice, Loesh: yeah it should be running, I enabled all options in ubuntus settings from the desktop (vineagre) and the firewall is set01:13
intxthere has to be a way to install without moving it01:13
Wyzardintx: I know that's possible with Debian; I think Ubuntu supports it too, but I've never done it and don't know offhand where to get the necessary files01:13
dariocarusominimec: i have to compile somthink?01:14
Leempmysphyt: How do you do it without?01:14
minimecdariocaruso: no01:14
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.01:14
phase_shift314dariocaruso: this was a great guide to help me install my radeon drivers, its not exactly the same drivers but it helped to understand the process ---> http://scienceonlooker.blogspot.com/2008/05/newer-ati-driver.html01:14
LiquidBSDdo ubuntu developers have a hissy fit over top posting the way so many linux and BSD developers do?01:14
Wyzardintx: look for info about doing an "hd-media" install01:14
FunnyLookinHatHere's a sweet problem - on Parallels - I installed 9.04 - it boots up and logs in... as soon as the desktop appears and is fully loaded Xorg restarts and I'm back at the login...  Ideas?01:14
Leempmysphyt: Im assuming they have a good way to do it, if they make you edit the xorg.conf to do it the ctrl+alt+del way..01:14
cyberspliceBo7: were you using the server ip or hostname?01:15
UbbyCDhey how do i resize a vdi file?01:15
Wyzardintx: It should be possible from a hard drive too, actually, but it involves doing some special setup on whatever drive you're booting the installer from01:15
UbbyCDi made another disk image01:15
AntiNekoHey all. I'm trying to resize my filesystem-drive but it's pretty confusing. I've got my filesystem on my sda1-drive but Gparted only lets me resize sda1, not filesystem itself.01:15
dariocarusoi have simply to do sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd ????01:15
UbbyCDbut im not sure how to transfer the guest os to the hd01:15
dariocarusoand change my xorg.conf?01:15
mysphytLeemp: I think restating X is just disabled by default.  Either you can add the line Option "DontZap" "False" to the ServerFlags section of xorg.conf, or you can sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart (I think).01:15
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.01:15
Bo7cybersplice, Loesh: when connecting the client? the hostname.01:15
minimecdariocaruso: install the xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd package..., then modify your xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/157579/01:15
intxWyzard: yeah.. any idea how I can do that? or find information on installing from a hard drive?01:15
cougartenAntiNeko: boot from a live CD01:15
minimecdariocaruso: yes01:15
Wyzardintx: (hd-media install actually involves making a custom bootable hard drive or flash drive which loads the installer and then loop-mounts the .iso file to get packages out of it...  you *cannot* boot the .iso file directly)01:16
dariocarusominimec: ok now i try! thanks01:16
mysphytLeemp: Another option is sudo apt-get install dontzap && dontzap -d .  Essentially it's just a little utility that does the edit for you.01:16
cougartenAntiNeko: you can't resize the partition when it's in use01:16
AntiNekocougarten: Yeah, I was gonna try that. :) Will it pop up in the menu then? Cause I can't see filesystem in Gparted01:16
Leempmysphyt: Nice01:16
cyberspliceAntiNeko: sda1 is the first partition on the drive. If it's presently windows, it's likely the only partition.01:16
AntiNekocougarten: Yep, but will it show when not in use?01:16
Crayboffi have a widgit I leave on the desktop, is it possible to make sure that shortcuts do not appear there? like if I insert a CD, I don't want the cd shortcut appearing under the widgit01:16
cyberspliceBo7:  try the ip01:16
AntiNekocybersplice: I'm dual booting01:16
Wyzardintx: I'd recommend using Google to look for info about hd-media installation...  but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere on the jaunty download page, so I don't know if it's supported by Ubuntu these days01:16
cougartenAntiNeko:  I think gparted is on the liveCD. you can find it under System - 2nd menuething (have another language) - partitioneditor01:17
phase_shift314when i installed my ati radeon driver when i rebooted i got a black screen01:17
sh4d3sl4y3r_a screenshot of my jaunty http://img49.imageshack.us/img49/6876/screenshott.jpg  .... with the ubuntu studio theme01:18
sh4d3sl4y3r_: )01:18
Bo7cybersplice, nope, doesn't work01:18
phase_shift314no big deal though01:18
AntiNekocougarten: Could I get the Gparted LiveCD?01:18
FjssHow can I modify my HAL settings file?01:18
phase_shift314who needs a monitor anyway01:18
mezysh4d3sl4y3r_: how do it get that wigdet bar?01:18
intxWyzard: that's what I'm trying to do, but it coudln't find the iso file01:18
cyberspliceBo7:  ip:1 ?01:18
cougartenAntiNeko:  yes, but the ubuntu CD works too01:18
sh4d3sl4y3r_avant window navigator01:18
UbbyCDwhere did you get that theme01:18
Sergeant_Pony_I just setup ubuntu on a acer aspire laptop and I have no sound? everything installed correctly... any ideas on where I can start?01:19
AntiNekocougarten: I actually installed through Wubi - dual booting with Windows (not using Windows at the moment, though)01:19
tgri am going to be upgradin i have a turion amd64 x2 i was wondering if i should use the 32 bit or 64 bit version of ubuntu01:19
admin_masu3701how do you save on vim?01:19
Wyzardintx: What couldn't find the iso file01:19
intxhd-media files booted off grub01:19
intxit said it couldnt read the cd rom and to make sure it was inserted01:19
intxi had the ubuntu standard iso sitting in /01:19
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.01:20
cougartenAntiNeko: I don't know anything about Wubi, but if yu installed it to an own partition any LveCD with gparted should work01:20
Crayboffhow can i make the volume louder, the volume bars are all the way up  9.0401:20
AntiNekocougarten: Oh my, Gparted Live is only avalibale in i38601:20
Jadihey evtybody here01:20
Wyzardintx: You had the .iso file on the partition that you passed as the root= option to the hd-media kernel?01:20
kaiyilenhow do I disable IPv6 in 9.04, all the guides I've found online are for 8.10 and below.01:20
mikechelenAntiNeko, ask in #wubi01:20
genikru123Hello, i just installed 9.04 and sound isnt working, can anyone help01:21
FFForeverwhat is the difference from ubuntu source of xchat and the official xchat source besides the dcc version change01:21
intxWyzard: no i didn't.. I need to do that?01:21
Crayboffi have a widgit I leave on the desktop, is it possible to make sure that shortcuts do not appear there? like if I insert a CD, I don't want the cd shortcut appearing under the widget01:21
intxis there a help file on hd-media somewhere?01:21
intxand was that all I was missing?01:21
bryani am having a hard time getting the network manager to come up. so the machine can connect wirelessly01:21
phase_shift314Sergeant_Pony_: under System-->Preferences-->Sound, On Device tab, what is selected under sound playback01:21
BlackCoffeehi,i'm having trouble connecting my mp4 player,i plug it with the proper cable,it recharges the battery but i can't see the files on Nautilus,any hint of might be going wrong?it used to work01:21
CrayboffFFForever: are you talking about the windows xchat?01:21
Saosinhello. any ideas why rhythmbox won't play mp3 files?01:21
Jadii need help plz the screen is so dark when i instaled ubuntu 9.04 :S01:21
mikechelengenikru123, look in system prefs -> sound and try picking other devices, use test sound01:22
FFForeverCrayboff, no the one on ubuntu01:22
jv_bryan: ifconfig and iwconfig01:22
cougartenhow to play fullscreengames only on one monitor of two set up in "twinview" (nvidia)01:22
vocxSystem > Administration > Login Window, after putting in the password, the Login Window Preferences seems like it is not using modern widgets, it looks like it is using plain old GTK 1.0 widgets.01:22
Wyzardintx: I'm sure there's hd-media documentation somewhere, but I don't know where; wherever you got the hd-media files from would be a good place to look01:22
TUplinkguys my Reiserfs system has flaked out... im running reiserfsck --rebuild-tree   but it keeps freezing any ideas?01:22
mikechelenSaosin, try install ubuntu-restricted-extras, might have to enable other software sources01:22
Saosinjust installed ubuntu 9.04 and rhythmbox won't play mp3 files. it says it needs a plugin but can't find it01:22
bryanwas the network tool rmemoved?01:22
FFForeverCrayboff, the one on ubuntu reports it with ubuntu at the end of version (Xchat version number Ubuntu) it reported on a ctcp version was wondering if there was a difference01:22
sh4d3sl4y3r_Saosin : use audacious for mp301:22
crc-errorIs there any known issues related to Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty & Intel HDA sound card?:\01:22
crc-erroron notebooks.01:23
VesaythHello! I'm having a little problem with running multiple websites on one apache2 server. One of my websites I am able to view from another machine, however I am not able to with the other. I can view both websites on the local machine by typing in their domain names. The one that is not working previously used another domain name, and I've changed it over. The only thing I edited in their apache2 sites-available config files was the server na01:23
doleybSaosin: did you try medibuntu?01:23
Saosinso it won't work with rhythmbox?01:23
Saosinwhat is medibuntu?01:23
AntiNekocougarten: Could I use Knoppix instead?01:23
Saosini installed ubuntu 9.04 desktop01:23
ubottuSaosin: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:23
genikru123When i test sound, some devices show an error, others open the test window but i hear no sound01:23
CrayboffFFForever: well the ubuntu one and the xchat2 for windows are not officially maintained for what i know, sort of a side project for the xchat creator01:23
mikechelenAntiNeko, probably not, because the virtual linux file system exists inside the real windows filesystem01:23
DoubledoseI installed wubi on a second harddrive and I didnt like it so i just took out the harddrive and gave it back to my friend, well the boot screen still asks me if i want to load windows or ubuntu anyone know what I have to delete to get it to stop asking me if I want to boot ubuntu01:23
Saosinoh. so i'm stuck with the faggy ogg plugin then...01:23
CrayboffFFForever: if that answers yoru question01:23
FFForeverCrayboff, i never said windows....01:23
bryaniwconfig - retru nno wireless extensions01:23
AntiNekomikechelen: So I can't resize it?01:24
Crayboffya i know, nvm, then i cant help you, FFForever01:24
doleybSaosin: the purpose of medibuntu is for you to easily add those other plugins you want01:24
FFForeveri was just wondering what changes ubuntu made to the xchat source XD01:24
Jadimy screen is so dark what can i do to adjust darkness i have a dekstop pc not a portable01:24
mikechelenAntiNeko, look for wubi-specific instructions01:24
doleybSaosin: it's not some other distribution, its a package source you add to get those things.01:24
cougartenAntiNeko: if it comes with Gparted yes. but i dont know01:24
CrayboffAntiNeko: you can't resize wubi installs01:24
phase_shift314where can i configure Gnome-volume-manager to auto mount a drive?01:24
FlannelAntiNeko, Crayboff: you can01:24
cougartenmikechelen is right AntiNeko01:25
daedraah! I deleted my partition table on a harddrive, is it possible to recover the data it was pointing to?01:25
Saosinwhy is so complicated these days? i remember installing several linux distros years before and every one of them had libraries for mpeg decoding01:25
davygrvy9.04 BUG: "Error failed to fork pty" from Add/Remove and unable to open any terminal01:25
PlasmaSheepAfter doing an apt-get upgrade, the system boot hangs on "waiting for root filesystem", and gives me a prompt. Help please.01:25
Crayboffwha? Flannel how? i looked for this but it told me that it had to be moved to its own partition01:25
sh4d3sl4y3r_mp3 is a proprietary codec01:25
sh4d3sl4y3r_that's why its not included01:25
Saosinit wasn't before?01:25
AntiNekoI can't connect to #wubi01:25
mikechelenAntiNeko, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How%20do%20I%20resize%20the%20virtual%20disks?01:25
sh4d3sl4y3r_it was. but those distros were not FOSS compliant01:25
mikechelenAntiNeko, yeah sorry that is the wrong chan01:25
doleybSaosin: Those distros must have been more willing to skirt the law.  But medibuntu is NOT hard to use.01:25
Kr0ntabAntiNeko: you're in there... but no one else is01:26
Saosinmedibuntu is just a source, right?01:26
AntiNekomikechelen: Thanks alot! Will check out that link01:26
FFForeverwill wubi work with any linux live cd?01:26
genikru123someone help me with the sound :(01:26
intxWyzard: i got it from here, no documentation: W_McL01:26
intxWyzard: http://no.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/installer-i386/current/images/hd-media/01:26
doleybSaosin: The instructions are pretty easy http://www.kubuntu.org/news/9.04-release01:26
phase_shift314if you want media get medibuntu repository01:26
daedraah! I deleted my partition table on a harddrive, is it possible to recover the data it was pointing to?01:26
FlannelAntiNeko: Crayboff https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How%20do%20I%20resize%20the%20virtual%20disks?  Oh, mikechelen already linked.  That use to be in the FAQ on the wubi site01:26
Jadisomeone can help me with the darkness :S01:26
TUplinkis there a way to disable the monotor from blanking to save power... i dont have X instale01:26
jv_anyone here uses lives?01:26
davygrvyunable to open a pty, help01:26
doleybSaosin: oops these are the instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu01:26
Sergeant_Pony_phase_shift314, 1 sec01:26
Saosinif only everyone could stop typing so i can copy the link...01:26
mikechelenAntiNeko, might want to migrate to "real" dual boot in the future, that should work for now though01:27
genikru123mikechelen: when i test sound, some devices give errors, others load the test window but i hear no sound01:27
=== noodlesgc_ is now known as noodlesgc
Sergeant_Pony_phase_shift314, it's got autodetect selected01:27
mondois there any bug about cpu freq on 9.04? because my frequency is 800MHz but there is too much noise from cpu fan ?01:27
daedraah! I deleted my partition table on a harddrive, is it possible to recover the data it was pointing to?01:27
doleybmondo: I have felt similar problems to you...01:27
mikechelengenikru123, ok which one shows no error? and what sound card do you have01:27
AntiNekomikechelen: Didn't think I'd be this amazingly pleased with Ubuntu! Was just checking it out. Will run Ubuntu solo in future01:28
AntiNekomikechelen Flannel cougarten Thanks alot, will check out link01:28
Wyzarddaedra: The data isn't gone; if you recreate the partition table (just create partitions again with the same starting/ending cylinder numbers) you should be able to access it just fine01:28
mondodoleyb: no solution yet ?01:28
Saosinso after i add the medibuntu source all i need is to restart the "add/remove applications" window, right?01:28
mikechelenmondo, you could check system monitor and see if cpu usage is high01:28
doleybSaosin: Most likely.01:28
daedraWyzard: ah that's what I thought. What is this process called so I can google it01:28
Saosinok great01:28
davygrvyunable to open a pty, please help01:28
Wyzarddaedra: fdisk01:28
Saosinit was way easier with slack 7 :D01:28
phase_shift314Sergeant_Pony_: i don't understand, i want to configure a drive to be mounted when i boot, right now i have to go to the drive before my shortcuts become linked01:28
Wyzardintx: Debian's hd-media documentation is here:  http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch04s03.html.en01:29
genikru123mikechelen: i have the onboard soundcard from nvidia 790i, when i select ALSA it shows no error but no sound either01:29
CrayboffFlannel: that's not resizing the wubi install, that's giving wubi it's own actual partition01:29
sh4d3sl4y3r_can anyone provide me a good guide for sun-java6-jdk installation ? like setting the path and stuff01:29
sh4d3sl4y3r_would be helpful :)01:29
mondomikechelen: interesting thing is mo cpu usage, 800MHz freq. but too much noise, i hadnt such that problem 8.1001:29
Wyzardintx: It may apply to Ubuntu as well, but you're on your own; #debian doesn't appreciate questions about Ubuntu01:29
doleybphase_shift314: Maybe you want to edit /etc/rc.local and add "mount /media/MYDISK"01:29
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FlannelCrayboff: http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html and scroll down to "Resizing virtual disks using LVPM" or whatever01:30
Kr0ntabbuncha haters01:30
Saosinand another question. do i need to edit /etc/fstab to add my other partitions on the drive for auto mounting or is there a graphical app for this?01:30
sunny_anyone knows of any sitemap genetator software for ubuntu?01:30
doleybmondo: I wish I had too much noise!  I think its not putting on the CPU fan enough, and then it decides its overheating and shuts off.01:30
VesaythHello! I'm having a little problem with running multiple websites on one apache2 server. One of my websites I am able to view from another machine, however I am not able to with the other. I can view both websites on the local machine by typing in their domain names. The one that is not working previously used another domain name, and I've changed it over. The only thing I edited in their apache2 sites-available config files was the server na01:30
phase_shift314doleyb: thank you, i think that is what i needed, i was trying to find an app that had configurations but that will do01:30
mikechelengenikru123, does it have analog and/or digital outputs? do you see that card listed with (ALSA) or (OSS)?01:30
dariocarusohi! i've do this: install by apt radeonhd driver and modify my xorg, but after the reboot is the same and my glxinfo not show radeonhd driver01:31
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dariocarusocan anyone help me, please?01:31
WyzardVesayth: You have to change the ServerName directive in the config file's <VirtualHost> block01:31
mikechelenmondo, is that from variable speed cpu fan? maybe search for your mobo model01:31
VesaythWyzard: I have01:31
WyzardVesayth: The name of the config file in sites-available doesn't actually mean anything to apache01:32
Saosinany time now. about that mounting issue i have. and don't get it out of context :D01:32
genikru123mikechelen: actually when i test in OSS it plays a noise but i still dont hear sound in web players01:32
VesaythWyzard: That's not what I changed01:32
Sergeant_Pony_<phase_shift314> Sergeant_Pony_: under System-->Preferences-->Sound, On Device tab, what is selected under sound playback01:32
Kr0ntabVesayth: you say your local machine can view the new URL's... do you have the host names defined in your /etc/hosts file?  or DNS?01:32
mikechelendariocaruso, maybe envyng would help download & install the proper driver?01:32
Saosinoh great. more errors - W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278301:32
Saosinis this bad?01:32
cbk486Hello,  I just installed the x64 bit version of ubuntu 9.04 on my pc, but my nvidia gtx260 is not showing up in the driver manager. How can I fix this and install the driver?01:32
VesaythWyzard: The file name is still the same. I went into those files and changed the ServerName from old.domain to new.domain01:32
vixwhere do i set the labels for the partitions mounted ( for the icons on the desktop)01:32
mikechelengenikru123, you mean flash?01:32
WyzardVesayth: That should be all you need to do (other than restarting apache, of course)01:32
WyzardVesayth: Are you sure the domain name actually points to your server in DNS?01:33
dariocarusothe fglrx have a bug with my card, if i install it after reboot i can't log in01:33
VesaythKr0ntab: Yes. I edited my /etc/hosts file01:33
Crayboffi have a widgit I leave on the desktop, is it possible to make sure that shortcuts do not appear there? like if I insert a CD, I don't want the cd shortcut appearing under the widget01:33
ProMaxhi ppl01:33
genikru123mikechelen, i havent tried any other method tho, just flash players01:33
davygrvyunable to open a pty, please help.  I just updated to 9.04.  It looks just like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/338071 but the solutions there don't fix it01:33
Kr0ntabVesayth: how about on your other machines?  Did you change them as well?01:33
=== osxdude_ is now known as osxdude
phase_shift314Sergeant_Pony_: oh sorry, try on oss and test01:33
mikechelengenikru123, you can check others, most should work, flash needs to be set to use OSS01:33
VesaythWyzard: I'm not entirely sure. The domain was just transferred today, so it may be an issue with the domain transfer not syncing up yet (even though it appears in my new registrar's list)01:33
VenteroHey there, got a question: What could cause the issue that my gnome-panel doesn't start automatically when I log in?01:34
dariocarusoso i had to install radeonhd but i think that are not installed01:34
ProMaxhow to update distrib  8.10  to 9.04  console ?????01:34
RoastedAnybody having the trash icon bug with Jaunty? I can't seem to get it to look full when stuff is in it.01:34
WyzardVesayth: DNS changes typically take a little while to propagate through the system; try again tomorrow01:34
Sergeant_Pony_phase_shift314, I did, nothing came out.01:34
genikru123mikechelen, i set it to OSS i still dont hear flash sound01:34
mikechelenProMax, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:34
sh4d3sl4y3r_is there an automated bot here?01:34
VesaythKr0ntab: I'm trying not trying to access the website locally through my other machines01:34
sh4d3sl4y3r_for general queries01:34
CrayboffProMax: update manager?01:34
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:34
minimecvix <alt>f2 gconf-editor you find the settings in /apps/nautilus/desktop01:34
Jadii have a intel graphic controller and the screen is so dark pleeeeeeeeeeeez help me01:35
ProMaxno Crayboff   console01:35
majorwhy isnlt flkash smooth01:35
mikechelengenikru123, it is a flash setting01:35
Crayboffoh my bad01:35
VesaythWyzard: That's what I was afraid of. I'll see what happens tomorrow and will come back in here if I still have issues.01:35
genikru123mikechelen, what do you mean, what is?01:35
ProMaxmikechelen:  i type  that not work  ,  you know why ?01:35
phase_shift314Sergeant_Pony_: have you looked at your preferences under the volume control?01:35
Jadii have a intel graphic controller and the screen is so dark pleeeeeeeeeeeez help me            brothers01:35
davygrvyunable to open a pty, please help.  I just updated to 9.04.  It looks just like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/338071 but the solutions there don't fix it01:35
cbk486cbk486: Hello,  I just installed the x64 bit version of ubuntu 9.04 on my pc, but my nvidia gtx260 is not showing up in the driver manager. How can I fix this and install the driver?01:36
Saosinwhat is the ubuntu 9.04 version called?01:36
cypher1Jadi: what do you mean by screen being dark ?01:36
mikechelengenikru123, flash uses ALSA by default and needs to be set to use OSS for your sound card01:36
sebsebsebJaunty |  Sasosin01:36
linduxedSaosin: jaunty jackalope01:36
genikru123mikechelen, how do it set it to OSS01:36
mikechelenProMax, what is the error? might need to do "apt-get update" first01:36
Saosinthank you01:36
sebsebseb!jaunty |  Saosin01:36
ubottuSaosin: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) is the current release of Ubuntu.  Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/810 - Please use !torrents01:36
mikechelengenikru123, im looking to see, maybe http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=781205 will help?01:37
sebsebsebwhy does the bot have the 810  page for  release info for jaunty heh heh01:37
genikru123mikechelen, why cant i just make ALSA work01:37
davygrvyunable to open any terminal (pty), please help.  I just updated to 9.04.  It looks just like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/338071 but the solutions there don't fix it01:37
ProMaxmikechelen: hm..01:38
mikechelengenikru123, do you see your sound card listed with (ALSA) in sound prefs?01:38
daedraWyzard: so do I just do fdisk from the beginning of the partition to the end with the same filesystem as before?01:38
ProMaxno error01:38
genikru123mikechelen, yes01:39
Wyzarddaedra: use fdisk to create partitions with the same starting and ending cylinders and the same type codes01:39
dariocarusoplease anyone can tell me if when i install radeonhd driver i have to remove somethink?01:39
blbrownif I just want to do an upgrade, I get the 'alternate' iso, right?01:39
linduxedi just installed jaunty, and while i had sound without issues in intrepid, i have no sound at all here01:39
linduxedi can start music and pulseaudio has a bar thats bouncing left and right (all alsamixer sliders at max too), so apparently the music is playing and something is happening, but i hear nothing01:39
ubuntuserI'm on 9.04 release candidate.  how do I update to 9.04 final?  do I just let update manager do its thing and that does it?01:39
mikechelenpinion, yeah, ever since recent firefox updates01:39
dariocarusoi have just installed but nothings is changed01:39
minimecdavygrvy: That line didn't fix it? It di for me devpts /dev/pts devpts (rw,noexec,nosuid,gid=5,mode=620)01:39
Wyzarddaedra: (actually, the type code is only a hint to the OS, and doesn't actually have anything to do with the contents of the partition)01:39
ProMaxmikechelen:  thanx01:39
daedraWyzard: what are type codes?01:39
mikechelengenikru123, what happens with test sound?01:39
ProMaxthat true  =)01:40
blue112Hello here :)01:40
Wyzarddaedra: the byte in the partition table that indicates what the partition is for, e.g. 0x83 for Linux01:40
daedraWyzard: ah I think I know what you mean. 82 for Linux :D01:40
blue112How can I access my "Private" folder I had on ubuntu 8.10 ?01:40
ProMaxmikechelen:  now  work =)01:40
blbrownwhat iso do I need for just an upgrade01:40
Wyzard0x82 is swap01:40
daedraoops thats swap01:40
genikru123mikechelen, i had a USB sound card plugged in, i unplugged it and i think the driver for my onboard card isnt installed, how can i install drivers01:40
daedraWyzard: thanks for that I'll play around on a test drive01:41
Wyzarddaedra: but it has nothing to do with the partition's contents; you could make a partition labeled 0x82 and put NTFS in it01:41
sirjoebobdoes anyone know if amarok 2 is capable of burning cds?01:41
genikru123mikechelen, i get this error when i test my onboard soundcard with ASLA or OSS audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink profile=chat: Could not open audio device for playback. Device is being used by another application.01:41
mikechelenProMax, good to hear, you might want to enable automatic updates too01:41
Wyzarddaedra: Windows probably wouldn't "notice" it, but you could still mount it with ntfs-3g or whatever01:41
GBGamesI just upgraded to 8.04 TLS and then to 8.10. I see Network Connections in Preferences, but I don't understand what I need to do to get the network connection to activate once I set one up.01:41
daedraWyzard: oh ok, and would that be able to boot?01:41
blue112How can I access my "Private" folder I had on ubuntu 8.10 ?01:41
daedraWyzard: oh I see... probably lazy windows coding01:41
ubuntuseranyone know how to go from 9.04rc to 9.04final?  is it a reinstall?01:41
kholerabbiI need to mount the jaunty alternative iso as a cdrom.. anyone know how to do this?01:41
davygrvyminimec:  I switched to the aux terminals with ctrl+alt+f2 and ran mount and saw that it errors on devpts saying it has bogus options01:41
mikechelengenikru123, no driver installation should be required, might have to change some settings though01:41
mikechelengenikru123, do you want to use the usb or onboard?01:42
maddingreetings, everybody!01:42
davygrvyminimec:  sudo mount -a01:42
GBGamesIf I setup a wireless network in Network Connections, how do I tell Ubuntu to actually start using it?01:42
Wyzarddaedra: I don't know what Windows' policy is on detecting filesystems in partitions...  the point is that the type code in the partition table is just a hint to the OS that it *can* use to decide which partitions to look at and which to ignore01:42
shiznebitubuntuser: just update normally nothing more has to be done01:42
ripps!beta | ubuntuser01:42
ubottuubuntuser: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Jaunty. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.01:42
ZanQdohi, Im using ubuntu netbook remix,  how can I get rid of the "maximize everything on load" behavior01:42
Saosinok so i added medibunto, but rhythmbox still can't find the mpeg libraries to play mp3 files. any ideas?01:42
minimecdavygrvy: All I did was to add that at the and of my /etc/fstab fils 'devpts /dev/pts devpts (rw,noexec,nosuid,gid=5,mode=620)'01:43
genikru123mikechelen, i dont mind, but ALSA isnt working with any, and only OSS is working with the usb sound card01:43
sanguisdexso has any one else been having the time out issues with upgrading?01:43
davygrvyminimec:  doesn't work for me01:43
Paddy_EIRESaosin: you may have added the medibuntu repository but did you actually install anything from it?01:43
phantmii have a mirror site for hardy and when i use debmirror to try and update keeps giving an error ...01:43
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: all i could find was non-free-codecs. i installed this package but still can't play mp301:43
minimecdavygrvy: sorry to hear that. I have no idea what else to do...01:43
davygrvyminimec: i'm lost01:44
LeempQuestion: How do you move a panel in jaunty? They seem to be locked.. but i dont even see an unlock option01:44
Paddy_EIRESaosin: you do not need medibuntu for mp301:44
Wyzardsanguisdex: That's kinda normal in the days after an Ubuntu release because everyone's downloading upgrades01:44
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: then what do i need?01:44
evantanderseni'm having trouble with a shell script. I need to take this string "+XX.0C" (Where , turn it into01:44
Paddy_EIRESaosin: you just need to install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' from add/remove01:44
mikechelensanguisdex, could try using debtorrent01:44
sanguisdexWyzard: its odd it's the forst tiem I have had these issues01:45
biochip2khello, I have two machine with jaunty and in neither works nautiulus's typeahead search. It works on liveCD. it works on any other gnome widget. Anybody an idea?01:45
evantandersen i'm having trouble with a shell script. I need to take this string "+XX.0C" (Where X is a number) , turn it into a pure number so i can add it to a sum01:45
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: i can't find that. perhaps you can guide me where to look for it?01:45
Paddy_EIRESaosin: warning this will also install several other restricted "proprietary" apps and microsoft fonts01:45
blue112How can I access my "Private" folder I had on ubuntu 8.10 ?01:45
=== mondo is now known as CorpusCallosum
mysphytevantandersen: Have you tried sed?01:45
mikechelengenikru123, is your onboard sound card listed multiple times in sound prefs?01:45
=== cybersplice__ is now known as cybersplice
evantandersenmysphyt no01:45
=== erthery is now known as erth
LeempAh hah, im guessing you can't move them :o, they just give you an option on where to put it01:45
sanguisdexmikechelen: I am aboit scared of thined like debtorrent and aptp2p01:45
mysphytevantandersen: Can you pastebin the script?01:45
mikechelengenikru123, for using flash with oss, might try flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound01:45
Paddy_EIRESaosin: Applications > Add/Remove (then choose show all applications) after that search for restricted01:46
genikru123ok ill try01:46
Froadsebsebseb: sorry had to go unexpectedly01:46
sanguisdexis debtorrent better then apt-p2p?01:46
sebsebsebFroad: ok01:46
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: already did that. nothing found01:46
rippsblue112, it should work the same as before, mine hasn't changed01:46
kholerabbihow can I upgrade from the alternate cd?01:46
sebsebsebFroad: so you missed my messages?01:46
sanguisdex!more stable01:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about more stable01:46
maddini'm running ubuntu 8.10 and set up a raid 5 with mdadm over three devices. i deliberately left some space on each of the three devices to try to set up a raid 0 with windows xp. well, cardinal question, does anyone know how to do this, without loosing data an still being able to access my raid volume from linux, or even better, can i use one and the same raid array on both systems? Very interested in ideas.01:46
Paddy_EIRESaosin: which version of ubuntu are you using?01:46
blue112ripps: I have changed my hd :/01:46
Saosinlatest. 9.04 desktop01:46
Saosinjust installed it01:46
mikechelensanguisdex, only downside is somewhat high (~100mb) mem usage, otherwise debtorrent works fine on home cable01:46
blue112ripps: When I mount the old one, I can't find my datas01:47
Paddy_EIRESaosin: go to 'System > Administration > Software Sources'01:47
disismthi guys01:47
Linuz2009I don't have a sound card configured in my computer01:47
Paddy_EIRESaosin: look to make sure that the "restricted" repository is enabled01:47
rippsblue112: no clue, I suppose it might have been erased01:47
Wyzardmaddin: I don't think Windows XP supports software RAID, so you'd have to use motherboard fakeraid to combine the drives together at the whole-disk (rather than partition) level01:47
Wyzardmaddin: which would break your mdadm array01:47
mikechelenmaddin, idk about reusing the raid config, if there is blank disk space linux does not mind what else uses it01:47
=== zhanx is now known as Zh[a]nx
Saosin"proprietary drivers for devices (restricted)" is checked01:48
* Zh[a]nx is away: Gone away for now01:48
Linuz2009some help here01:48
Paddy_EIRESaosin: this is also called the mulitiverse01:48
sebsebsebLinuz2009: with?01:48
davygrvy!ptys missing01:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ptys missing01:48
genikru123mikechelen, not woRkin01:48
mikechelenWyzard, it can be done with windows-based applications01:48
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: everything is checked01:48
evantandersenmysphyt http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m5d67981701:48
Linuz2009my sound card isn't configured01:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about devpts01:48
rroblakdoes anybody know what protocol the loopback interface uses?01:48
rroblakI'm trying to understand my iptables01:49
Paddy_EIREok.. then close and reload the package lists if it asks01:49
Paddy_EIRESaosin: ^01:49
Linuz2009my volume control is unable to detect any control devices01:49
sebsebseb!iptables |  rroblak01:49
ubotturroblak: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist01:49
Wyzardrrowell: If it has an IP address then it uses IP01:49
genikru123mikechelen, do you know if i can reset everything to default settings?01:49
Froadsebsebseb just read em01:49
Paddy_EIRESaosin: or you could try via a terminal! If you would like01:49
maddi3@wyzard I will find out if its software or fake raid then first thanks so far01:49
rroblaksebastien, yes I'm reading that right now01:49
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: ok i restarted "add/remove programs" i found "ubuntu restricted extras" and it is checked. so i must have mp3 player. but why rhythmbox can't play mp3 files?01:50
Froadsebsebseb: still it's like what commands should I use :/01:50
sebsebsebFroad: ok what you want to do regarding the data partition?01:50
Paddy_EIRESaosin: it can01:50
Froadsebsebseb: idk really01:50
Linuz2009anybody respond to my question01:50
vocxWhen the refresh frequencies are not detected for a given LCD monitor, is it the fault of the video driver (kernel module) or the whole of Xorg?01:50
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: ofcourse i can do this in the terminal, but it was long ago when i used apt (on debian) and i forgot most of the arguments01:50
mikechelengenikru123, it should be at the default currently01:50
Paddy_EIRE!patience | Linuz200901:50
ubottuLinuz2009: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:50
Froadsebsebseb: my mother may need to use it, so maybe using a share partition?01:50
Wyzardvocx: driver and/or hardware01:50
rroblaksebsebseb, I'm trying to understand why my loopback is not being blocked since I don't have any rules specfically allowing it01:50
SteffyLinuz2009: Patience, there's a lot of us here. Also, give us a bit more information on your problem01:51
Linuz2009I'll wait01:51
mikechelengenikru123, use test sound with autodetect option01:51
mikechelengenikru123, which device did you get some audio from, onboard or usb?01:51
Wyzardvocx: some (mostly old) monitors just don't provide that information01:51
cypher1Linuz2009: what does your System->Preferences->Sound says01:51
Paddy_EIRESaosin: hmm.. perhaps the installation of ubuntu-restricted-extras was messed up... open up synaptic package manager01:51
sebsebsebFroad: I think do a Ext3 data partition, and put the driver in Windows so  Windows can read and write to it.01:51
VenteroAnyone has an idea how to make my gnome panel to start up automatically again (as it should do)?01:51
genikru123Mikechelen, USB01:51
InvisiblePinkUniHi sebsebseb01:51
Paddy_EIRESaosin: You know where that is right?01:51
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: nope. restarted rhythmbox now, and still can't play mp3. but the tags are read. is this progress?01:51
vocxWyzard, how old is old? Mmm... 4 years for an LCD?01:51
Linuz2009there's none default mixer device01:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext401:52
phantmianyone do anything with mirror either debmirror or apt-mirror01:52
ubottuext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org01:52
maddi3@mikechelen what do you mean with reusing the raid config?01:52
sebsebsebInvisiblePinkUni: who are you?01:52
Victorrhi, does someone know if the install disk will boot an intel iMac?01:52
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: yes i know. done01:52
Wyzardvocx: That should be OK, probably01:52
InvisiblePinkUnisebsebseb: I upgraded to 9.04, but am not happy :(. Flash is choppy in full screen.01:52
sebsebsebFroad: yep ,but your install will be Ext4 :)01:52
Paddy_EIRESaosin: ok then search for ubuntu restricted01:52
SteffyVentero: check System -> Preferences -> Sessions and see if "gnome-panel" is there?01:52
sebsebsebInvisiblePinkUni: who are you?01:52
Linuz2009there's only sound events and music and movies and audio conferencing01:52
mysphytevantandersen: I'm installing lm-sensors so I can see what your input's like.  :P01:52
jv_a ghost01:52
jv_I mean, me01:52
InvisiblePinkUnisebsebseb: I'm planning to do a clean install from scratch.01:52
rippsInvisiblePinkUni: What is you video card and driver?01:52
BePhantomim so going back to 8.10 :D01:53
Paddy_EIRESaosin: and then right click it and mark it for reinstall... this may take some time depending on your connection.01:53
VenteroSteffy: Does it have to be there? I thought it should get started as part of the default gnome-session01:53
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: nothing found01:53
sebsebsebInvisiblePinkUni: yeah, but your using a differnet name, so remind me who you are01:53
davygrvyminimec: ok, got it.  alt+f2 then ran "gksudo mount -a" rather than the aux terminals01:53
InvisiblePinkUniripps: I think its Intel X310001:53
SteffyVentero: good point.01:53
Froadsebsebseb: soooo I'll want two partitions: one ext4, and one ext3 share partition?01:53
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: there were some results but not the one i am looking for01:53
sebsebsebBePhantom: yeah ?01:53
BePhantomsebsebseb, too many bugs in 9.0401:53
tanathanyone else unable to change pop notification settings? settings (theme & position) have no effect.01:53
InvisiblePinkUnisebsebseb: We talked briefly on #ubuntu-release-party yesterday.01:53
sebsebsebBePhantom: such as?01:53
sebsebsebInvisiblePinkUni: what was your name there?01:53
BePhantomsebsebseb, intel video problem01:54
rippsInvisiblePinkUni: the intel driver in jaunty is buggy due to dri2/uxa stuff, you need to either upgrade your kernel + driver with unofficial packages or downgrade the driver01:54
Paddy_EIRESaosin: then specifically search for ubuntu-restricted01:54
InvisiblePinkUnisebsebseb: InvisiblePinkUnicorn.01:54
vocxWyzard, so I should talk to the guys developing the driver? Or how can I tell, or probe my monitor for this info. I know the refresh rates but because they are in a sticker in the back.01:54
rippsInvisiblePinkUni: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/intel-graphics-performance-guide-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html01:54
sebsebsebBePhantom: yeah that01:54
evantandersenmysphyt well that grep command gives me +66.0*C +67.0*C (Degrees sign, i can't do it) I have a dual core macbook01:54
InvisiblePinkUniripps: ok cool thanks.01:54
genikru123mikechelen, i might have messed up some settings, is there a command to reset to default01:54
sebsebsebInvisiblePinkUni: what did we do?01:54
rippsripps: welcome01:54
sebsebsebBePhantom: intel proccesor good, intel graphics bad01:54
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: nothing01:54
BePhantomsebsebseb, i'll stay with 8.10 till 9.04 gets fixed01:55
mikechelengenikru123, depends what settings did you change?01:55
InvisiblePinkUnisebsebseb: Nothing.01:55
Paddy_EIRESaosin: you tried ubuntu-restricted-extras01:55
Wyzardvocx: Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log; the driver may have logged some messages saying whether it succeeded or failed to detect, and what info it got01:55
Linuz2009I don't have a sound in my computer01:55
davidfx0hello all01:55
sebsebsebBePhantom: it's not 9.04's fault that Intel do bad graphics cards01:55
Linuz2009unable to detect any sound modules01:55
Paddy_EIRESaosin: in synaptic I mean01:55
sebsebsebBePhantom: and don't suppourt Linux properly01:55
davidfx0i have a ubuntu partition on my hard drive right now but i want to use xbuntu01:55
Wyzardvocx: If necessary you can add a Monitor section to your xorg.conf containing HorizSync and VertRefresh lines with the numbers from that sticker on the monitor01:55
genikru123mikechelen, im not sure, i tried a few solutions i found on forums01:55
davygrvywhy is my /etc/rcS.d/S11mountdevsubfs.sh missing?  How do I recreate that link in the appropriate manner?01:55
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: yes. i am in synaptic, searched for restricted, ubuntu restricted, ubuntu-restricted-extras and no results01:55
davidfx0when I run the installer will it ask me which partition to install on01:55
petafileIs there a command to do a "full reinstallation" of a package, that is a package and its dependencies?01:55
rippssebsebseb: intel is usually the paragon of stability in linux, but theyre doing bleeding edge stuff with gem and dri2, so their working out the bugs in these new archetechtures01:55
dexterrAnyone here think they are an expert with ubuntu wireless setup?01:56
dexterrand want to help me?01:56
jh_ubuntuwho can tell me how to use the "make"01:56
Linuz2009need to get a my sound card configured01:56
mikechelen!ask | dexterr01:56
ubottudexterr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:56
BePhantomsebsebseb, well, 8.10 worked just fine with my video, i dunno what happened in 9.04 nor why was released with such a problem01:56
vocxWyzard, I already looked at the logs, that's why I know what to add to xorg.conf, but I'm trying to determine if this is a bug, that is, if the monitor should have been detected by the driver or xorg.01:56
Linuz2009there's no sound playing in my computer01:56
dexterrlol, ok, thanks01:56
evantandersenjh_ubuntu cd into the dir where you unzipped the file, then type "make"01:56
sebsebsebBePhantom: well use 8.10 if you want,  it has another year of suppourt on the desktop01:56
Kr0ntabSaosin: do you have universe and multiverse repos enabled?01:56
Linuz2009that includes the internet and the computer01:56
mysphytevantandersen: So are you trying to get an integer, or just trying to get rid of the + and the degrees celsius?01:56
Wyzardvocx: You could look up the monitor's model number on Google to see if others have had problems with it01:56
rroblakcan anybody explain how this iptables list allows the loopback interface to work? http://privatepaste.com/1dexD2tkCI01:57
sebsebsebBePhantom: newer is not always beter01:57
Linuz2009only when I boot up can it play a sound01:57
Wyzardvocx: or try a newer monitor to see if that's detected01:57
dexterrI am on a bootable Xubuntu right now, on my laptop.  I have been thinking of installing.  I have never used wireless in linux, and am having problems.  Can anyone help me?01:57
rippsBePhantom: what's your video card01:57
tanathanyone else unable to sign on here with SSL enabled?01:57
SaosinKr0ntab: where can i check for these?01:57
evantandersenmysphyt yes i want an interger. The number after decimal place is always a 0, so yeah an interger01:57
BePhantomsebsebseb, true, i mean it boots slower but everything works fine01:57
BePhantomripps, intel 94501:57
Linuz2009it seemed that my sound card isn't supported by Ubuntu01:57
Kr0ntabsystem... administration... software sources...01:57
Steffyjh_ubuntu: If you're installing something then usually it's type "./configure", then "make", then "make install". There should also be a README.txt. And for more info on make type "man make" in terminal01:57
SkapareLinuz2009: that or linux isn't supported by your sound card01:58
disismtIs there any way to /update/ my ubuntu to jaunty?01:58
rippsBePhantom: intel graphics is buggy due to new dri2/uxa, you need unofficial upgrades/downgrades to fix: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/intel-graphics-performance-guide-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html01:58
davidfx0can anyone help me01:58
SaosinKr0ntab: yes. everything is checked01:58
RayfordAnyone use BusinessMAP 5 from ESRI?01:58
Linuz2009how can I know if my soundcard isn't supported?01:58
Froadsebsebseb: any recommendations01:58
Wyzardrroblak: looks like the INPUT chain has no DROP rules that apply to lo except the one matching invalid packets, so lo traffic goes through the chain all the way to the end, and the chain's policy is ACCEPT so that's what happens01:58
vocxWyzard, this is a pretty generic-brand, cheap LCD, so I doubt a lot of people use it. And I have no other monitors to test.01:58
Dougshellhey guys..jaunty adds support for native nvidia drivers correct?01:58
Linuz2009its a intel 8 001:58
sebsebsebFroad: yeah01:58
Saosinin "add/remove programs" i see ubuntu-restricted-extras installed, but not in synaptic01:58
SkapareLinuz2009: what kind of sound card is it?  does it show up in the output of command "lspci"?01:58
sebsebsebFroad: reply to my pm01:59
Saosinand when i try to uninstall it from "add/remove programs" it says to do it in synaptic because other packages depend on it01:59
Dougshellback rocks..just saw them last year01:59
Dougshellband rather01:59
davidfx0if anyone gets a chance can someone pm me01:59
SaosinDougshell: :)01:59
rroblakWyzard, thanks for the wonderful explanation :)01:59
Steffydisismt: Yes, open update manager and there should be a "Upgrade Ubuntu" button in the top right corner. Visit http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading01:59
Paddy_EIRESaosin: open a terminal and type "sudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-restricted-extras" minus the quotes :)02:00
Linuz2009I don't see any sound device02:00
Skaparedavidfx0: just ask your question ... if someone here knows, they reply02:00
Linuz2009or audio device02:00
ripps!ask | davidfx002:00
ubottudavidfx0: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:00
vocxWyzard, by the way, once I've set the correct frequencies, according to the logs, it fails to detect the "virtual" size. So the login screen appears out of range. Once I log in, everything is fine. Do you know anything about this?02:00
Dougshelli have been having a lot of kernel panics lately, could this be jaunty related02:00
genikru123mikechelen, when i do "alsamixer" i see my headphone is at 0, how can i change that02:00
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: ok, reinstalling02:00
Dougshellare you on a vaio genikru02:00
Wyzardvocx: If it's failing detection then it doesn't get the monitor's preferred resolution either02:00
SaosinSetting up ubuntu-restricted-extras (31) ...02:00
SkapareDougshell: did it start with jaunty being installed?02:00
Wyzardvocx: You can specify that in a Screen section in xorg.conf02:01
ShivamDoes anyone know anything about aircrack?02:01
vocxWyzard, I actually have to set a Virtual width and height under the Screen Section, and within a Display subsection in xorg.conf02:01
Dougshellyes about a day later.02:01
disismtSteffy, it will just be an upgrade, I wont lose personal data?02:01
Dougshellyes what do you want to know shivam pm02:01
Paddy_EIRESaosin: this may take some time depending on your connection.. I am thinking its an incomplete installation of some of the packages that pulls down02:01
Wyzardvocx: that sounds right02:01
Shivamalright thanks02:01
davygrvyis insserv the correct tool to make a link in /etc/rcS.d/ from a script located in /etc/init.d/ ?02:01
Linuz2009no audio device detected02:01
SkapareDougshell: any hardware changes, like memory?02:01
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: it was pretty fast actually02:01
maxagazj'ai du arrêter la maj vers jaunty pendant le téléchargement des paquets, maintenant je n'arrive plus à la reprendre, ça freeze quand je clique sur le bouton pour lancer la mise à jour, comment faire ? y'a-t-il une ligne de commande pour lancer cette mise à jour ?02:01
evantandersendisismt you could screw up the comp, backing up is recommended. Like if the upgrade goes wrong, you could make the comp unbootable. In which case you have to something fancy02:02
Wyzardvocx: actually you probably don't need to specify the virtual size; it defaults to the largest size of the modes listed for the color depth you're using02:02
Paddy_EIRESaosin: great then you should try playing those audio files if its done02:02
SkapareDougshell: then I guess it could be ... the version of kernel in jaunty, more likely some driver in it02:02
ripps!french | maxagaz02:02
ubottumaxagaz: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr02:02
tanathdoes network manager work for anyone? has never worked for me...02:02
disismtevantandersen, ok thanks02:02
maxagazoops sorry...02:02
mysphytevantandersen: Try the updated version here: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m1478d00d02:02
vocxWyzard, it's weird though, why would the login section use the virtual size? If I use an extremely large virtual size I cannot longer see the textbox to enter the username and password, but once I log in, it's fine.02:02
evantandersendisismt prolly won't, but if you have an external drive, i recommend copying your home folder over02:02
Wyzardvocx: no need to specify it manually unless you want it to be bigger than that, which you probably don't02:02
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: still nothing :)02:02
Steffydisismt: It'll just upgrade. You won't loose any data however you should ALWAYS back up critical data before attempting any form of major change to the operating system. I recomend backing your data up to a CD/DVD/USB device before upgrading or installing a newer version of Ubuntu02:03
Wyzardvocx: everything uses the virtual size02:03
tanathsays i have no valid connections, and won't let me create one. fortunately my connection still works :P02:03
Paddy_EIRESaosin: ok.. gimmie a sce02:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about insserv02:03
Wyzardvocx: If you're thinking of virtual desktops in gnome/kde/whatever, those have nothing to do with the virtual size in xorg.conf02:03
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:03
Linuz2009when I enter aplay -1 no soundcard detected02:03
Wyzardvocx: those work by just hiding and showing groups of windows02:03
Linuz2009aplay -102:03
Linuz2009 no detection02:03
Linuz2009said invalid option02:03
Saosinwhat was the argument for purging after removing app? so it can delete the source02:03
Kr0ntabSaosin: sorry i was getting pizza02:04
Saosinor something...02:04
mysphytevantandersen: All I've futzed with is the loop itself; the sed command strips it down to just the integer.  There are more elegant ways to do it, but that regexp should work as long as the input doesn't change.02:04
vigoSteffy: You are wise.02:04
SaosinKr0ntab: no02:04
kim0Hi guys, can someone please paste me the default kernel boot line of Jaunty (I installed using debootstrap, and dont have it ) ?02:04
Linuz2009few days ago it shown something02:04
Steffyvigo: Thank you :)02:04
Saosin*np ^02:04
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* zhanx is back.02:04
Linuz2009respond ASAP02:04
Steffyvigo: I've lost enough data to HDD corruptions and OS installs going wrong to have learned that lesson enough02:04
Kr0ntabSaosin: did you reload / update the repo?  if so... are you then searching for the package in Synaptic?02:04
vocxWyzard, it's hard to explain the thing with the virtual size... My monitor doesn't support bigger than 1280x1024, that is the preferred resolution. Everything else looks crappy.02:04
SaosinKr0ntab: i'm reinstalling it right now02:05
kim0Jaunty kernel boot line pleassse ?02:05
Kr0ntabreinstalling the package?  or reloading?02:05
evantandersenmysphyt it says /usr/bin/temp: line 17: syntax error near unexpected token `done'02:05
vigoSreffy: I have three tapes and about 100CD/DVDs of backups , 20+ years of learning.02:05
SaosinKr0ntab: reinstalling02:05
Kr0ntabcool so you found it02:05
Wyzardvocx: virtual size in xorg.conf is for making the framebuffer larger than the monitor's resolution, so you can't see everything at once but you can pan around by moving the mouse to the edges02:05
vocxWyzard, according to the logs, if I don't specify the Virtual size in xorg.conf, it defaults to some virtual size like 1600x1400, which I assume is causing the out of range ONLY in the login screen.02:06
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Linuz2009sound driver is installed02:06
Linuz2009but not configured02:06
vigoSteffy: One thing that I learned, is that data CAN be replaced, if incremental backups are done.02:06
Linuz2009need to configured it at boot screen02:06
Linuz2009but don't know how02:06
Steffyvigo: Wow, that's very impressive02:06
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: i did apt-get remove ubuntu-restricted-extras, then installed it with "add/remove programs" and now i can see it in synaptic, but still can't play mp3 files with rhythmbox. any ideas?02:06
Wyzardvocx: The default virtual size is the dimesions of the largest mode on the Modes line02:06
Paddy_EIRESaosin: yeah02:06
mysphytevantandersen: Ah.  Get rid of the " ; done" at the end of the line I edited; it's redundant in the script.  In any case, the sed command should do what youw ant.02:06
Paddy_EIRESaosin: ok so open add/remove again and search for "gstreamer"02:07
Linuz2009unknown if my sound card is built in02:07
vaderHow do I search for multiple words with apt-cache search foo bar?02:07
Linuz2009or not built in02:07
Wyzardvocx: If you have any modes listed other than 1280x1024, you probably want to remove them02:07
biochip2khello guys, I have two machine with jaunty and in neither works nautilus's typeahead search. It works on liveCD. it works on any other gnome widget. Anybody an idea?02:07
kim0some please send me Jaunty kernel boot line ?02:07
Saosinok. just a sec. i did a reinstallation again from synaptic :)02:07
vocxWyzard, but I can't use those bigger modelines, they are all ruled out by the driver.02:07
Steffyvigo: I back up my data to a 1TB WD NAS device02:07
SaosinPaddy_EIRE:  ^02:07
Paddy_EIRESaosin: Gstreamer Extra Plugins is what you want02:07
UbbyCDis there a way to turn the backight even lower02:07
vocxWyzard, I don't have any modelines listed in xorg.conf, they are auto detected.02:08
tanath>.< well that's a helpful alert. i started rhythmbox & got: "Error while saving song information. Internal GStreamer problem; file a bug"02:08
UbbyCDits still kinna bright02:08
RayfordAnyone use ESRI BusinessMAP 5?02:08
UbbyCDand i have it on minimum02:08
evantandersenmysphyt now it says Unexpected end of file02:08
tanathfile a bug about what?02:08
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: great. i have it installed. still can't play mp3. :(02:08
Wyzardvocx: pastebin your xorg.conf?02:08
Saosinreinstall it perhaps?02:08
Paddy_EIRESaosin: will be right with you.. helping my niece too :P02:08
SteffyUbbyCD: please post your problem on 1 line. It makes it a lot easier to read with so many of us here.02:08
Kr0ntabSaosin: are you restarting rhythmbox?02:08
finnvader, try a 'apt-cache search word1 | grep word2'02:08
vaderfinn: Thanks, I'll give that a go.02:09
finnpiping through grep culls the list to only those items with word2, you can chain as many grep as you want02:09
mysphytevantandersen: Again, I was working on the line by itself, rather than the whole script.  The thing to pay attention to is the sed command I added--it'll do the processing you want.02:09
vocxWyzard, really simple actually, wait a sec.   Mmmm... to be honest you seem to know quite a bit, I didn't expect that. I should have saved some more logs, from a few moments ago that I was testing this stuff, so I don't have to log out.02:09
SaosinKr0ntab: for thousand time now :)02:09
TheRAtare there installation instructions online somewhere that guides me thru installing after creating a software raid on my machine ?02:09
evantandersenmysphyt yeah thanks02:09
Kr0ntabhehe had to ask02:09
finnie apt-cache search word1 | grep word2 | grep word302:09
Kr0ntabSaosin: just to be sure.. can you play mp3's through totem?02:09
test34the page title at: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading is wrong02:09
tanathUbbyCD: you might like the Negative plugin in Compiz. lets you invert colours. i find it easier to right light on dark, than vice versa02:09
Wyzardvocx: I've been using xorg since back when there was no autodetection and all this stuff *had* to be specified in xorg.conf  :-)02:10
tanathUbbyCD: *read02:10
kim0finn: I installed Jaunty using a non standard way, could you please send me the default ubuntu kernel boot line ?02:10
Wyzardvocx: (well, it was xfree86 back then, not xorg)02:10
ripps!raid | TheRAt02:10
ubottuTheRAt: raid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto02:10
vaderfinn: Yep, good ol' grep. Dunno why i din't see that, I use grep hourly.02:10
TheRAtthanks ripps02:10
doleybWyzard: ive been using it since before there was xorg.conf02:10
rippsTheRAt: your welcome02:10
SaosinKr0ntab: yes. i can play mp3 files with totem. so the problem is with rhythmbox then?02:10
Wyzarddoleyb: yes, it used to be XF86Config, and later XF86Config-402:11
Saosinis xmms still supported?02:11
sebsebsebSaosin: don't think so02:11
ripps!info xmms | Saosin02:11
ubottuSaosin: Package xmms does not exist in jaunty02:11
Kr0ntabyeah... something.  perhaps it's trying to use an audio device that's locked or insufficient.02:11
ripps!info xmms2 | Saosin02:11
ubottuSaosin: xmms2 (source: xmms2): Client/server based media player system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5DrLecter-2ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 14 kB, installed size 56 kB02:11
finnkim0, here is mine, but it's from UNR kernel/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic root=UUID=blahblah ro quiet splash02:11
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:11
vocxWyzard, back in Ubuntu 6.06 there was no autodetection, so I actually learned quite a bit too, but I have a fairly simple setup, so I've never have major problems. However for me the important transition has been the change from the "via" driver to "openchrome"02:12
Saosinor something similar to xmms?02:12
kim0finn: Thanks .. what's UNR :D02:12
finnnetbook remix02:12
finnreplace blahblah with the uuid of your drive02:12
Wyzardvocx: hmm, I have a machine with one of those, but it's a headless router so I've never used xorg on it  :-)02:12
buzzsawi am running into a bit of an odd problem.  If i plug my cable connection into my ubuntu gateway i only get 2-3Mbit   but if i go directly into my laptop i get the 7-8Mbit i should be gettting02:12
Kr0ntabSaosin: no... xxms is not.  you can also try Banshee... my personal fav.  but rhythmbox should work.02:12
ripps!info audacious | Saosin02:13
ubottuSaosin: audacious (source: audacious): small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.1-4ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 1139 kB, installed size 3868 kB02:13
Kr0ntabyou can reboot (gasp)... and of course you could close out RB.. delete its configuration files.. and relaunch as if for the first time.02:13
evantandersenmysphyt no matter where i place the "done"(s) i can't get it to work02:13
SaosinKr0ntab: just searching for files. it's not in ~/.rhythmbox. where can they be?02:13
Linuz2009anybody seemed to answer my question?02:13
vocxWyzard, http://paste.ubuntu.com/157606/    The identifiers are optional of course. If I omit the Virtual option, only the Login screen is borked, but once I log in everything is fine.02:13
Kr0ntabSaosin: ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox  ~/.cache/rhythmbox and ~/.gconf/apps/rhythmbox02:14
SaosinKr0ntab: and .local/share/rhythmbox :)02:15
Kr0ntabah yes02:15
tonsen_hi all togther02:16
dt3kanyone else having trouble with emerald? i cant get the installed themes to activate02:16
recauchutexashey is it true that there is an bittorrent'd apt-get?02:16
Froad_sebsebseb: pm me again02:16
Wyzardvocx: GNOME has its own screen-resolution preferences, changing resolutions with xrandr, so that's probably why the problem goes away when you log in02:16
mysphytevantandersen: I'm sorry to say that's a logic problem.  I wish I had time to debug the whole script for you, but unfortunately I have to leave--just make sure you've got all your loops correctly matched (that is, a "do" for each "done" and likewise).02:16
recauchutexas(for the dist-upgrade to jaunty)02:16
Daisuke_Ido!apt-p2p | recauchutexas02:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apt-p2p02:16
kim0recauchutexas: apt-p2p02:16
SaosinKr0ntab: still nothing. i'm reinstalling it02:16
recauchutexasDaiseuke: that's the name?02:16
Wyzardvocx: Try adding a Depth 24 entry with Modes "1280x1024" instead of that Virtual line02:16
evantandersenmysphyt thanks alot02:16
Kr0ntabyou da man02:16
Daisuke_Idorecauchutexas: yeah, but apparently there's still no factoid for it02:17
Saosindamn you rhythmbox02:17
Daisuke_IdoSaosin: sounds like me every day.02:17
recauchutexasthankyou kim0 Daisuke_Ido02:17
Linuz2009anybody assist me?02:18
vocxWyzard, I actually had a line like that, in the previous version http://paste.ubuntu.com/157610/      But don't remember what it did.02:18
Wyzardvocx: Also, "man openchrome" shows that there's a PanelSize option you can provide to the driver...  dunno whether that's relevant02:18
charlesatlasIs there a program to break up a large file into many smaller files so that they can be emailed and reassembled on receipients computer?02:18
Wyzardcharlesatlas: man split02:19
charlesatlasWyzard: thanks02:19
HuufartedAnybody here used Ubuntu Netbook on a eee 1000 yet?02:19
RxDxevery time I turn on my computer I have to put a password to enable wireless.. how can I save this password?02:19
vocxWyzard, it would be cool to use the Virtual option, but I just don't want it to apply to the login screen.02:19
mdl-unitI installed Jaunty when it was the RC, I don't have to do anything to be caught up to Jaunty actual, right?  Everything that changed should have come in via the updates, yes?02:20
Kr0ntabSaosin: sup?02:20
Adremelech|LaptoRxDx, probably using gnome-keyring02:20
finnmdl-unit, correct02:20
Saosinthis can't be true02:20
SaosinKr0ntab: i created another user, switched to it and played mp3 with rhythmbox!02:20
finnHuufarted, i'm using it on a toshiba nb10002:20
Kr0ntabthis was an upgrade right?02:20
CounterspellIn the Update Manager I got a message saying a new upgrade is available for Ubuntu 9.04. I clicked "upgrade", went through the process, and everything seemed OK. Now today update manager tells me again that the 9.04 upgrade is available *and* it also shows me 884 updates for my current configuration. I'm confused.02:20
gm|lapi remember trying out an nb10002:20
Huufartedfinn, what wifi chipset does that use?02:20
SaosinKr0ntab: an upgrade?02:20
gm|lapthe keyboard is horrible on that thing02:21
Kr0ntabfrom 8.10 to 9.04?02:21
finnHuufarted, ath5k_pci02:21
GodfatherofEireAnybody have any ideas as to how one would disable the BIOS-based volume & brightness display?02:21
gm|lapi have about 2xx upgrades02:21
tgr hi i am about to upgrade ubuntu 8.04 to 9.04 and i was wondering if i should use the 32 bit or 64 bit i have an amd turion 64 x2 is there much of a performance difference?02:21
werscan someone pastebin me the default /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/11-x11-synaptics.fdi? I adjusted mine. Now, my touch pad doesnt work at all. hehe02:21
gm|lapin my current config02:21
Huufartedfinn, I mean what chipset in the wifi itself? Atheros?  5007?  5008?02:21
rippsCounterspell: You might have gotten that if the installation was insterrupted, try the upgrade again02:21
SaosinKr0ntab: no. i was browsing the net with my win and saw news article about the new ubuntu distro. so i decided to download it, burn it and try it. haven't tried the new distros :)02:21
gm|lapthis is from a CD install02:21
finnworked straight away with no configuration, but there is an option for a closed driver as well.  hang on let me find out02:21
Kr0ntabah okay...02:22
doleybtgr: The main performance benefit is if you have over 4 gig ram.02:22
gm|lapthe closed driver kinda lost its purpose after ath5k was released and atheros released ath9k02:22
DouglasKQuestion: I need to check if a patch has been applied to one of the drivers in the kernel of Jaunty.  Is there anywhere I can browse the source online?02:22
vocxWyzard, if I understand correctly, the Virtual option applies globally, that is, it will affect the Login screen. However the window manager will do magic with that option once we are logged in, to create the panning effect.02:22
finnHuufarted, AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)  that's what lspci says, not sure which particular chipset02:22
Huufartedfinn, thanks.  :)02:22
Huufartedfinn: did the wifi work immediately after install of UNR?02:23
tgrdoleyb: how much benefit is it02:23
rippstgr: linux hasn't been highly optimized, you can see a great deal of performance using a 64bit OS with a 64bit cpu02:23
finnit even worked in the live session02:23
Paddy_EIRESaosin: I badly need my nicotine fix right now.. :P  I will be straight back to you02:23
SaosinKr0ntab: lol i can't believe it. i actually never restarted rhythmbox! it always went to tray!02:23
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: great idea!02:23
rippstgr: ^I mean HAS been optimized02:23
doleybtgr: Well it's important if you want more than 4 gig ram, that's the big reaason.02:23
Huufartedfinn: I looked up the AR242x.  That uses the AR5007EG chipset, identical to mine.  :)02:23
Kr0ntabI was gonna ask you that... but man I just figured you did...02:23
doleybtgr: If you're upgrading though, probbably should stay with what you have.02:23
Wyzardvocx: no, the Virtual option affects how big applications think the monitor is, which affects everything (not just the login screen), and the window manager's virtual desktops are completely unrelated02:23
Kr0ntabSaosin: good job mate02:24
finnaccording to a quick google the nb100 has the Atheros AR5007EG, same as you02:24
Rubinhttp://pastebin.ca/1402451 anyone any idea how to debug this?02:24
tgrsome packages in 8.04 were not running well for me when i tested 64 bit02:24
Wyzardvocx: the "panning effect" is done by xorg itself and the window manager can't even tell you're doing it02:24
SaosinKr0ntab: i went suspicious when saw the rhythmbox process after i closed the app :D02:24
tgrdoleyb: i am doing a new install02:24
meoblast001can anyone here help me get DVD writing to work with KDenLive?02:24
Saosinso i killed it (with -9 ofcourse)02:24
MrVampycan any one suggest a version of Ubuntu that an older i386 400 mhz would run with02:24
dt3kanyone else having trouble with emerald? i cant get the installed themes to activate02:24
Huufartedfinn, aye.  :)  Just found that out.  Did it work immediately after you installed UNR or did you have to get the ath5k from the web first?02:24
Kr0ntabSaosin: well I like it when problems make sense.02:24
tgrhow do i find out how much ram i have i don't remember02:24
Kr0ntabSaosin: I can sleep better that way.02:24
SaosinKr0ntab, Paddy_EIRE sorry to loose your time. it was really my mistake. thank you guys for the help02:24
rippstgr: there will always be some packages that don't work right, so you make the choice whether a few apps are worth overall gains in performance02:25
Kr0ntabSaosin: no sweat.  happens to the best of us.02:25
Saosinmaybe i need some sleep :) it's 4:30am here02:25
finnHuufarted, it worked even in the live session before installing to hdd. After installation no action required, it just worked. The only bit of the NB100 that required some manual config was the microphone, but that02:25
szfMrVampy: mother-in-law ran plain-jane gnome ubuntu 8.04 on a pentium II 350 until recently02:25
finnis toshiba for you02:25
DouglasKCan one browse the source for packages online?02:25
Kr0ntabSaosin: hehe probably02:25
Saosinbut first that nicotine fix... }:)02:26
Saosini deserve it02:26
MrVampykk.. i'll have to prolly reburn the iso for 8.04.. would 8.10 run as well?02:26
Huufartedfinn, that rocks.  Does UNR come installed with netbook-launcher and Maxium already installed and running?02:26
szfMrVampy:  I assume so - its not so much the distro as the window manger02:26
vocxWyzard, by using the Modes options we absolutely restrict the possible size of the screen then? But then, how do we create an additional panning, which is cool?02:26
wersmy touchpad stopped working. i already dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg but it still isn't working. the last thing I did that could have caused it is adjust /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/11-x11-synaptics.fdi. I think, i already reverted the changes, though. any idea what could stop the touch pad from working?02:26
meoblast001can anyone here help me get DVD writing to work with KDenLive? i have grey X's next to all DVD export formats02:26
szfMrVampy: btw, Hardy was chosen b/c it was LTS02:27
MrVampythe pc actually as more RAM then proc.. but seems to stale after the ubuntu loader with progression bar leavees02:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Twitter02:27
Wyzardvocx: The Modes line specifies what video modes may be used to drive the monitor, which is independent of the size of the framebuffer (the virtual size)02:27
musikgoat|maingood ubottu, stay that way :-P02:28
szfMrVampy: same here, is (was) a 305MHz with 512 RAM02:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gwibber02:28
Wyzardvocx: Initially the monitor uses the first mode listed; you can use ctrl-alt-KP+ and ctrl-alt-KP- to cycle through the other modes in the list02:28
ripps!info gwibber | FiremanEd02:28
ubottuFiremanEd: gwibber (source: gwibber): Open source microblogging client for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-0ubuntu5 (jaunty), package size 185 kB, installed size 1360 kB02:28
MrVampykk szf ty for your advice.. just cant figure why the grub and installer are staling02:28
finnHuufarted, not sure about Maxium, but it's got the netbook launcher thing02:28
loshermeoblast001: doesn't Kdenlive have it's own support forums. It sounds like you need specialist help...02:29
Wyzardvocx: This was useful back when everyone used CRTs; on an LCD, you probably don't want to change resolutions anyway02:29
szfMrVampy: maybe ACPI?02:29
meoblast001losher, i'm on their IRC channel... no one is responding02:29
MrVampythru the bios?02:29
meoblast001losher, i need to ahve this working by Sunday02:29
vocxWyzard, I think I get it, but damn, I need to try this stuff... okay thanks, need to do a series of logouts to try this... yeah, there are a bunch of X commands that are actually disabled.02:29
Paddy_EIRE!patience | meoblast00102:29
meoblast001losher, and i won't be here tomorrow02:29
Huufartedfinn, every time you opened a window, did it max out the screen or did it have the standard title bar with the Maximize, Minimize, and Close buttons?02:29
ubottumeoblast001: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:29
Wyzardvocx: and panning becomes much less fun when you try to something like watch a full-screen video ("full screen" means the virtual size, so you'll be panning around on that too)02:29
vocxWyzard, have you noticed that in 9.04 they have dissabled Ctrl+Alt+Backspace?02:29
Paddy_EIRESaosin: so where did we leave of?02:30
loshermeoblast001: it seems you like a challenge...02:30
szfMrVampy: kernel argument in /boot/grub/menu.lst02:30
Huufartedfinn, I'm wasting your time lol...  I can just as easily boot the .img and find out myself off of the live image.02:30
finnHuufarted, no problem, yeah, it has maxium02:30
Wyzardvocx: yes, the xorg developers disabled it by default because apparently it was unpopular -- people must've done it by accident or something02:30
meoblast001losher, it seems that i either do this or get my team a 0/60 on a project we have to do in school02:30
szfMrVampy: check self - is it menu.lst?02:30
meoblast001losher, we have to make a video, then edit it and have it on DVD02:30
hatahthere's a new version?02:30
phiqtionguys, ext3 or ext4 when installing 9.04 x64?02:31
finnall the windows pop up full size.  All i really needed to do was much about with firefox to add pesonal toolbar to make it take up less real estate02:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about donotzap02:31
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable »02:31
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: fixed it. thanks02:31
Paddy_EIREphiqtion: there is no reason not to use ext4 anymore02:31
Wyzardmusikgoat|main: It's DontZap, IIRC02:31
vocxWyzard, "hey I have a problem" .... "dude use Ctrl+Alt+Backspace" .... (minutes later) "dude, that rebooted my PC, I was downloading gazillion stuff"...02:31
MrVampyi'm like super noob when it comes to ubuntu and linux.. so i'm not sure02:31
Paddy_EIRESaosin: ah cool02:31
szfphiqtion: depends how much u value the data02:31
musikgoat|mainthanks Daisuke_Ido02:31
Paddy_EIRESaosin: anything obvious?02:31
Daisuke_Idomusikgoat|main: np02:31
loshermeoblast001: well it's not like people are deliberately withholding support. Maybe you should explore other options?02:31
Kr0ntabsuper noob!  sounds like a hero.02:31
phiqtioni value it alot02:31
etzerdhello all02:31
meoblast001losher, i threw away my windows CD02:32
MrVampylol kron02:32
mirakdoes jaunty have the lastest v4l-dvb s2api ?02:32
Wyzardvocx: not much different from the people who posted "ctrl-alt-delete is a cheat code for (some game)" on BBSes in the DOS days02:32
vocxWyzard, That actually happened to some guy I was giving advice to. But hey, every X problem is solved by killing X and restarting it, right?02:32
phiqtionhow much swap is it recommended for 2gb x64 machine?02:32
andrilcan someone help me recover a file?02:32
sebsebsebMrVampy: so much stuff here,  hard to scroll up to where you  said your issue, what is your issue? something to do with Grub?02:32
nerudahey is ubuntu as good as windows ME yet?02:33
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: guess it was rhythmbox problem. i restarted it several times but i found it's process and killed it. after that it played mp3. thought i restarted it last time but i guess it wen't to tray or something. which is strage because when i close it now it doesn't go there.02:33
hotdoghmm while trying to use the ubuntu usb start up disk creator i got an installation fail...02:33
szfMrVampy: i was suggesting to look at sending power configuration parms to the kernel at boot - i.e. shut the advanced ones off02:33
finnphiqtion, if you want it to suspend you need at least 2gb02:33
etzerdI have a broken repositorie or file or broken file name "splashy" I tried at the command prompt " sudo apt-get -f install" it doesn work. how can I remove that broken file? please someone help me02:33
Saosin*went ^02:33
Paddy_EIRESaosin: I was going to suggest you logout and back in to :P02:33
MrVampywell SZF.. not sure if it's grub or soem loader..02:33
Kr0ntabphiqtion: 1G should do nicely...  :-)02:33
phiqtionthx ppl02:33
szfphiqtion: i just went thru these Q myself - use a swap file and dont worry about it02:33
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
SaosinPaddy_EIRE: i did something similar :) logged it with another user and when i played mp3 i got suspicious :)02:33
sebsebsebSaosin: I used to use Rythombox,  when  Ubuntu 8.04  had a rubbish version of Banshee, but   8.10 and 9.04 have a great version :)  also Banshee does video as well as music02:33
user15ko anjing02:33
=== doglinox is now known as doglino_
Paddy_EIRESaosin: hehe02:34
AlienX_anyone know if there is a fix out for pidgin crashing with gtalk?02:34
=== zachtib_ is now known as zachtib
Kr0ntabSaosin: I love me some banshee...02:34
MrVampySZF should i restate my questions and issue?02:34
Saosinsebsebseb: i'm with 9.04. looks like a fine distro, but it's really annoying this legal shit. you have to install everything manually02:34
javynwow jaunty is nice.  can someone tell me how to get the cube in it?  i can't find compiz in the applications > add/remove02:34
szfMrVampy: sure. the orc is flying02:34
doleybSaosin: not manually, its like 2 lines.02:35
Saosinguess things changed in the last few years02:35
sebsebsebSaosin: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras  there you go, that takes care of most of the propritary stuff02:35
szfMrVampy: s/orc/irc/02:35
AlienX_Saosin: apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras and quit complaining02:35
Kr0ntabSaosin: eh... you have to do that with Windows too though.02:35
Paddy_EIRESaosin: use rhythmbox if it fits your needs.. for something a little different you could try banshee or quod-libet (with all the plugins/extensions ofcourse)02:35
Saosindid that already :)02:35
Wyzardquodlibet is nice02:35
szfphiqtion: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq02:35
hatahwhat's new in 9.04/02:35
AlienX_Saosin: so why are you whining?02:35
VenteroSame question as before (still unresolved ;X): How do I get gnome-panel back to the gnome default-session? (As far as I can see all the configs in gconf-editor are set to the right value)02:35
rippsMy favorite way is to use mpd+gmpc02:35
sebsebsebPaddy_EIRE: what's  quod-libet?02:35
Kr0ntabSaosin: I would go on record that more stuff works right out of the box than any other platform.02:35
SaosinalienX_ because i can?02:35
Paddy_EIRE!info quod-libet | sebsebseb02:36
sebsebsebKr0ntab: same here :)  since the amount of drivers and so on done in the Linux kernel02:36
ubottusebsebseb: Package quod-libet does not exist in jaunty02:36
Horusofoz1Hi all02:36
Paddy_EIREname change02:36
MrVampyok.. running a 400 mhz 485ish ram pc and tryin to get ubuntu to install.. after the ubuntu progression screen leaves, i get staled at a blank blinking cursor screen, any thoughts why??02:36
StevenC68Question about Virtual box & 9.04.  I am currently unable to get to my 1900x1200 resolution.. it doesn't seem available to set...  Anyone have a suggestion?02:36
Paddy_EIRE!info quodlibet02:36
ubottuquodlibet (source: quodlibet): audio library manager and player for GTK+. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0-1ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 12 kB, installed size 116 kB02:36
sebsebsebStevenC68: and Windows is your host?02:36
phantomcircuitThe google plugin for evolution doesnt work02:36
phantomcircuitwhat gives02:36
Paddy_EIREsebsebseb: above your message02:36
StevenC68yes- Vista unfortunately - I"m testing an upgrade in virtual for our automation platform02:36
szfMrVampy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions02:36
sebsebsebStevenC68: trying  Ubuntu in virtualbox is a nice idea, but  you should partition your hard disk for it later on :)   and yeah that kind of issue is common ask in #vbox02:36
SuperMiguelany one know an easy way to create a background when using an laptop screen and a external monitor so it doesnt look ugly and cut???02:37
Paddy_EIREsebsebseb: it takes some getting used to but I love the approach they have02:37
Juanhaving sound problems, how do i set the env var sdl_audiodriver permanently?02:37
sebsebsebPaddy_EIRE: ok i'll try it02:37
sebsebsebPaddy_EIRE: not now though02:37
hatahquestion, will upgrading to 9.04 from 8.10 make me loose any settings, ie; gnome desktop, conky etc...?02:37
StevenC68Agreed Sebsebseb.  I have attempted to shrink my partition - but - Vista's "unmovable" files ahve been giving me an issue -02:37
javyndoes compiz come built into jaunty or something?02:37
Paddy_EIREsebsebseb: yeah sure of course :)02:38
Horusofoz1Can anyone here tell me about there experiences using an Ubuntu netbook intandum with a home winds xp desktop and office windows xp desktop. by that I mean are there any particular difficulties transferring files or having a portable hard drive recignised?02:38
Horusofoz1Also does ubuntu have ntfs support yet?02:38
sebsebsebStevenC68: yeah and really your meant to use VIsta's tools to  resize Vista, but Vista's tools also suck really02:38
MrVampyahh ok.. change the bootoptions.. dont ask why i didnt think of that02:38
sebsebsebHorusofoz1: yes goo read and write suppourt since Ubuntu 7.10  (October 2007)02:38
sebsebsebgood above02:38
Wyzardhmm, reading and writing goo, sounds interesting02:39
StevenC68You're so right Sebsebseb!  :) - tell ya what though, I'll give another shot... I might try an external drive and just boot to it.....02:39
=== ^Blizzerand^ is now known as Blizzerand
sebsebsebStevenC68: you could  try Gparted, but  that might cause dataloss since it's a Vista partition02:39
sebsebsebStevenC68: and  maybe even currupt Vista :d  since it's  Vista02:40
StevenC68Ya - Hmm - it's worth a try - maybe I should install 9.04 first - wipe out vista - and put vista in the virtual box?02:40
sebsebsebStevenC68: can't you just  virtual machine a few Windows apps?  or you need a psyical  Windows install for 3D gaming or something?02:40
Horusofoz1is it reliable?02:40
mikechelenStevenC68, standard dual-boot works pretty well too02:40
DouglasKhow does one unpack (not install) a .deb package?02:40
carlomagnohello im trying to install a program but i need a librarie. i dont remember how to search and install it. can you help me please?02:41
Horusofoz1I'm considering buying a ubuntu netbook at the end of the year when the updated hardware comes out. I'll be using it full time for the first time (Experimented with wirtualboxes) so are there any resources you could direct me to for the change over?02:41
maodunI deleted my Desktop folder (well, renamed it because it was in a language I didn't want) and now the files in home directory are being displayed as my desktop (including a 'Desktop' folder I've created). Any ideas?02:41
sebsebsebHorusofoz1: our virtual machines reliable?  yes  very much so, for a few Windows apps, that won't work in Wine, and that aren't say  3D games.02:41
rippsDouglask: I believe that .debs are actually .tar.gz02:41
mikechelencarlomagno, what program?02:41
deepbluegenehi . how i can uninstall netbeans from ubuntu 9.04?02:41
DouglasKripps: thanks!02:41
happyfaceCan someone help me install a /boot partition to a floppy disk?02:41
maodunAnd by 'any ideas', I mean, how can I set up 'Desktop' to actually be my desktop folder02:41
ErgyJBjupiterbroadcasting.com to watch Lunix Action Show02:42
sebsebsebHorusofoz1: I read that  with enough space on a EEPC  virtualbox will run on that to :)02:42
DouglasKripps:  I need to check if an upstream kernel patch made it into jaunty before I bother installing.  :-)02:42
sebsebsebhappyface: why?02:42
sebsebsebhappyface: why a /boot on a floppy?02:42
happyfacesebsebseb: unbootable PCI SATA card02:42
carlomagnomikechelen its a game: pro evolution chapping and its not in repos02:42
StevenC68Sebsebseb: not much of a gamer any more.... work, school, family, self linux education, ruby, rspec, cucumber, rake, all new to me in the past 5 months -- so I study most the time and experiement...02:42
TopBunny88How Do ni upgrade  on an inplace system?02:43
gm|lapdebs are .tar.gzs02:43
sebsebsebStevenC68: how much RAM you got?   not sure if Vista in a virtual machine will work with 1GB RAM02:43
StevenC68I'll be back - going to try some tthings - (very active IRC - wow)02:43
szfhappyface: i dont think that that is possible02:43
gm|lapwith a certain directory tree02:43
phiqtionswap space should be primary or logical?02:43
Flannel!upgrade | TopBunny8802:43
ubottuTopBunny88: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:43
StevenC68I'm 3gb RAM - duo core 2.6 ....02:43
hotdoghow do i download unetbootin on ubuntu?]02:43
PhotoJimhmm.  "This computer is currently using the AMD 'fglrx' graphics driver.  No version of this driver is available that works with your hardware in Ubuntu 9.04."  Intel Rage 200M laptop video card.  Seems hard to imagine it isn't fully supported under Jaunty, it's a common chipset.  anyone know anything about this?02:43
Horusofoz1cool. Thanks guys:)02:43
happyfaceszf: well, there has to be a way to tell the PC to boot from the SATA hdd, through a floppy02:43
gm|lapthey have control.tar.gz, data.tar.gz (? can't remember the name) and another file which isn't a tarball02:43
sebsebsebStevenC68: with 8.10 some guy had an issue with 3GB RAM.  he got really slow and laggy02:43
jschalli thought java was gpl now, why do i have to accept some random license?02:43
Horusofoz1Any info on switching from windows to ubuntu? PDFs?02:43
gm|lapi think that other file is just .deb info02:43
sebsebsebStevenC68: hope you don't get such issues with 9.0402:43
MrVampyszf you still here02:44
szfhappyface: yes, but only the boot loader02:44
gm|lapHorusofoz1: what do you use your computer for, mostly?02:44
szfMrVampy: yes, i may miss posts02:44
StevenC68 sebsebseb: Ya - :) - ok I'll be back - going to try some stuff - then I'll be back to contribute02:44
PhotoJimhappyface: a modern kernel won't fit on a floppy.  but if you have an IDE drive in the machine, you could have grub on it, then have it transfer control to the SATA drive.02:44
jschallHorusofoz1: what about pdfs?02:44
MrVampyno prob.. havent posted since your weblink02:44
maodunoh, looks like I need to mess with .config/user-dirs.dirs. nm!02:44
sebsebsebjschall: I guess since the version Ubuntu has is not the GPL one02:44
histoPhotoJim: they have kernels that will fit on floppies. Just not in this distro02:44
mikechelencarlomagno, is that library included in any ubuntu packages?02:45
gm|lapmost linux distros have programs which read pdfs02:45
andres_hey guys anything big as to why i would update distros... running 8.10?02:45
MrVampySZF :using the boot option changing will work even though i'm instal correct02:45
sebsebseb!pdf |  jschall02:45
PhotoJimhisto: it would be tough to make a 2.6.2x kernel fit.  not impossible I suppose.  very hard though.02:45
ubottujschall: pdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/okular/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)02:45
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:45
happyfacePhotoJim: I had an IDE drive but it broke, that WAS my setup... there must be a way to do this with a CD or floppy, with a fresh jaunty install02:45
mikechelenanyone else having problems with flash in firefox?02:45
A3Kwhat would cause application audio to not work? Startup sound works, as does test audio device...but applications dont.02:45
szfMrVampy: i dont understand the question02:45
jschallsebsebseb: send that to Horusofoz1, not me...02:45
coolguy4Hi, I'm trying to install a package that can't install while 'xdm' is running. Since xdm is part of X, I assume I need to close X somehow and get to a commandline-only situation.02:45
rippsmikechelen: what's your video card02:45
sebsebseb!pdf |  Horusofoz102:45
ubottuHorusofoz1: pdf is the Portable Document Format created by Adobe; viewable in GNU/Linux with xpdf/kpdf/okular/evince, and also adobe reader (free download, but closed source)02:45
carlomagnomikechelen,  i already check in synaptic and nothing02:45
histoPhotoJim: absolutely very difficult. I've only seen it used for diskless systems that act as routers etc..02:45
PhotoJimhappyface: it can be done but it's a lot of work.  might be easier to just find someone who has a spare IDE drive they don't need.  even a one- or two-gig drive would do.02:46
Horusofoz1At work, administration and soon web authoring. A bit of multimedia. Same at home with a fair bit of net and email. Oh and a few games. But I'll have my desktop xp for that. I want ubuntu more for productivity. admin/design work. Maybe a low end game or 2 for when travelling02:46
MrVampySZF: you posted a link for the boot options changing, will these changes work the same during a fresh install of Ubuntu02:46
szfMrVampy: once installed you can optimize (or de-optimze) the kernel02:46
UnknownGurlcan anyone tell me the Ubuntu equivalent of kernel-hugemem?02:46
mikechelenripps, geforce 6600 gt agp02:46
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:46
PhotoJimhisto: I had a 486 (still have it) that I had booting off a floppy (2.2.20 kernel) for a long time.  I eventually learned the trick to make a modest /boot partition and it happily boots off hard disk now.02:46
happyfacePhotoJim: so it's not as easy as installing grub on the floppy?02:46
gm|lapMrVampy: i think they would02:46
gm|lapif i understand correctly02:46
szfMrVampy: yes. you can adjust02:46
=== zhanx is now known as Zh[a]nx
* Zh[a]nx is away: Gone away for now02:46
andres_why upgrade distros? n e thing particularly great about 9?02:46
=== hatah is now known as brEz_
szfMrVampy: post-install02:47
mikechelencarlomagno, maybe try advanced search on ubuntu packages website to locate it02:47
sebsebsebandres_: nope02:47
PhotoJimhappyface: hmm.  good question. I don't think you can boot grub off a floppy.  I think you could only boot a kernel off floppy and it'd have to fit in 1440 megabytes.02:47
MrVampySZF : preinstall not post02:47
gm|lapandres_: i'm waiting for the apc magazine to put it on their dvd02:47
gm|lapthe onboard wireless doesn't work on this as the drivers are too old02:47
protowoxHey folk whazup02:47
jschallanyone have an epson stylus NX105 working? considering buying one02:47
gm|lapso i'm using external USB wireless02:47
szfMrVampy: ive never done that - never had to02:47
StevenC68sebsebseb: You won't believe it!  - if I ctrl+host key thingy - it goes full screen and self adjusts resolution!  it's so n00b I shouldn't even type it!02:47
A3Kjschall I use the N300 and it works well02:47
rippsmikechelen: I don't know, I don't have an nvidia on either of my computers02:47
carlomagnomikechelen, ill see thanks mike02:47
gm|lapi've had a canon i865 working on debian before02:48
=== Zh[a]nx is now known as zhanx
sebsebsebStevenC68: no I think that's probably a good find02:48
* zhanx is back.02:48
coolguy4In my login menu I have the option to boot to failsafe terminal, but I don't think that would work for me because I need an internet connection to run sudo aptitude...02:48
MrVampyon the newer systems neither have i.. but this one is very old02:48
NOD62I'm upgrading from 8.10 to 9.04..... It's been "Getting new packages" for 4 hours now... it hasn't moved from Fetching file 1102 of 1232... Does anyone have an idea of why this might be?02:48
gm|lapi don't know about the NX105 though02:48
pipegeekoh boy... busy in here tonight02:48
szfMrVampy: adjusted the default grub lines in an attempt to prevent strange behaviors (like sleep)02:48
TopBunny88Do i have to download the 9.04 cd image/02:48
yubinjiei upgrade  to 9.04 , but   my sysytem doesn't work02:48
gm|lapNOD62: it could be openoffice02:48
rippsNOD62: The severs being flooded by users upgrading?02:48
sebsebsebStevenC68: on the subject of noob though,  running  Ubuntu  for a long time inside Virtualbox  inside WIndows, now that's noob02:48
A3KI dont think my problem is a major one, I just don't know how to fix it02:48
mikechelenripps, maybe trying different version of proprietary driver would help?02:48
NOD62gm|lap: I haven't opened openoffice?02:49
jschallthere are about 4-5 printers in my house. not a single one of them works with ubuntu.02:49
rippsmikechelen: worth a shot02:49
sebsebsebStevenC68: same thing for wubi  if people run that for ages, instead of a real proper partitioned install02:49
NOD62ripps: Really?02:49
hotdogIm trying to create a bootable usb with USB startup disk creator but i get errors.. can anyone tell me what they mean?02:49
storrgieIf I installed 9.04 beta, and updated to the most recent releases... then should i do a reformat now that the full release is out or am I already using that?02:49
A3Kjschall name one of your printers02:49
gm|lapNOD62: i mean it could be downloading it02:49
pipegeekI just did a fresh install of jaunty (64bit), with the root filesystem on an lvm lv.  After the install finished, I chrooted to /target and installed lvm2 (and watched it regenerate the initrd).  However, lvm is not in the initrd, so I can't mount /.  Is this a known problem?02:49
TopBunny88Do i have to download the 9.04 cd image?02:49
gm|lap8.10 comes with openoffice02:49
PhotoJimjschall: any decent laser printer will work with any Linux distribution.02:49
mikechelencarlomagno, what is the library name?02:49
gm|lapunless of course you're using the server version02:49
JK3mp@Topbunny do you wanna just update?02:49
A3Keven a cheap laser like the brother HL2140 works well02:50
JK3mpYou  could just update through the normal update manager.02:50
fredericmartinsalut c fred02:50
UnknownGurlAnyone having issues with sound not working with 9.04 Jaunty?02:50
NOD62gm|lap: Well, I already have it, and i don't know why it would take 4 hours to download openoffice. >_> I think the other guy had a morel likely choice...02:50
A3KI am UnknownGurl02:50
mikechelenripps, yeah except with these drivers 3d accel is finally working :P02:50
storrgieIf I installed 9.04 beta, and updated to the most recent releases... then should i do a reformat now that the full release is out or am I already using that?02:50
szfA3K: props to that 50$ laser02:50
JK3mp@UnknownGurl whats your sound card?02:50
JK3mpi don't have issue's but ive heard of others having issue's02:50
bensterHey guys. Does anyone know how I could copy data from a CD when it tells me I do not have permission to do so on Ubuntu 8.10?02:50
PhotoJimstorrgie: updates will make your system a full 9.04 release system.02:50
mikechelenstorrgie, are you experiencing any problems?02:50
A3Kmy sound works - startup sounds and test device, but applications will not work02:50
gm|lapNOD62: the thing is, openoffice is pretty huge... are you sure you have the updated version of openoffice or just the one which came with it?02:50
ripps!beta | storrgie02:50
ubottustorrgie: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Jaunty. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.02:50
JK3mp@benster .. can't you access root ? Or su -02:51
A3KEternal Lands crashes when I try to change settings02:51
storrgiemikechelen: no, im a little dissapointed with brasero though.02:51
meoblast001oh no... how do i tell my system that /usr/bin is where it hsould look for ffmpeg?02:51
UnknownGurlJK3mp:  On-boardRealTek ALC120002:51
mikechelenbenster, check user permissions?02:51
NOD62gm|lap: The one that came with it, I haven't updated it.02:51
jschallA3K: well there's an ancient xerox which is a winprinter02:51
Horusofoz1is it possible to remove evolution completely and set Thunderbird up as default browser in it's place?02:51
JK3mpYeah Realtek in general have been having issue's...check the forums i believe theres answers there02:51
A3Kjschall model number?02:51
jschallA3K: and then there's an oki color laser that doesn't work02:51
gm|lapthen it could quite possibly be updating it.02:51
JK3mpubuntuforums.org forums...to be specific i guess02:51
UnknownGurlJK3mp: ok thanks02:51
jschallA3K: don't remember, i can go look though. it's listed as a paperweight on openprinting02:52
JK3mpThere are several with that problem and several people have solved it for them.02:52
NOD62gm|lap: So you're suggesting that this open office update is causing what appears to be a freeze up during the upgrade?02:52
gm|lapafter all, openoffice 3.0 was released last october, apparently02:52
JK3mpIm about to get off or i'd look up how they did it myself xD02:52
szfHorusofoz1: remove Evo? there be dragond02:52
A3Kthat would be an indicator it doesnt work.02:52
jschallA3K: duh.02:52
gm|lapNOD62: i'm not saying it's frozen, i'm saying it's still downloading it...02:52
JK3mp@UnknownGurl Good luck02:52
gm|laphow fast is your internet?02:52
A3Ka lot of old printers dont work with windows though...CUPS and Gutenprint support a TON of printers02:52
meoblast001oh no... how do i tell my system that /usr/bin is where it hsould look for ffmpeg?02:52
happyfacePhotoJim: I'm gonna install GRUB to floppy using a tutorial I found and tell you the results02:53
mikechelenstorrgie, you can remove brasero if you like, seems no need for reformat02:53
gm|lapwait... what are you using to update it?02:53
A3Kanyone have any ideas on my audio problem? Sound works but not with applications02:53
jschallA3K: why can't there just be one single standard protocol for talking to printers?02:53
jj__I am having an interesting problem connected to my wifi in 9.04 on a macbook 4.1  Is there someone well versed in broadcom pain?02:53
PhotoJimhappyface: yeah, you can't break anything trying. :)02:53
storrgiemikechelen: is there a way to remove evolution?02:53
Horusofoz1sfz: What??02:53
rippsLeaving to watch some TV02:53
A3Kjschall ask the manufacturers... :/02:53
szfA3K: theres a lot on ubuntuforums posts on that02:53
DarkningHey guys - quick question if I'm not interrupting. Can I upgrade to 9.04 from my 8.10 with the 9.04 live cd without losing my stuff?02:53
A3Ksfz I will look again02:54
jschallA3K: the manufacturers are dumb.02:54
gm|lapstorrgie: considering that it's linux, of course there's *some* way. i'm not sure if apt will do it though02:54
FlannelDarkning: You need the 9.04 Alternate CD to upgrade.02:54
gm|laplemme have a look02:54
FlannelDarkning: (or you can upgrade without the CD, just over the internet)02:54
DarkningWell yeah its downloading now but at a really slow rate.02:54
szfA3K: the only thing that worked for me was to be very sure I was a member of all three audio groups02:54
Froad_sebsebseb: i'm back02:54
storrgiegm|lap: yea it wants to remove a bunch of extra stuff, i think there is an issue02:54
DarkningSo I wanted to use a download manager to get it more quickly.02:54
gm|lapstorrgie: have you tried this? apt-get remove evolution02:54
gm|lapwhat does it try to remove?02:54
storrgieI just really dont want the processes running... like evolution data server02:54
mikechelenstorrgie, default mail can be switched to another app, or evolution can be uninstalled from package manager02:54
storrgieyes i have02:54
gm|laperm, sudo apt-get remove evolution02:54
gm|lapthat is02:54
storrgieno it cannot02:54
gm|lapbut yeah02:54
gm|lapoh, right02:55
doleybjschall: lol there was one protocol, but they made more money splitting it up02:55
terrestresomeone using UsbAdslModemManager or UbuDsl in 9.04?02:55
gm|lapall i have is evolution-alarm-notify02:55
|PiP|is there an ubuntu dvd that includes both 32-bit and 64-bit editions?02:55
mikechelenstorrgie, change startup preferences and deselect the service02:55
szfA3K: did you start w clean install (incl. /home/$USER) or not?02:55
jschalldoleyb: why?02:55
storrgiemikechelen: which one do i want to disable02:55
gm|lapstorrgie: System -> Preferences -> Session02:55
storrgiegm|lap: im not a basic sorry user, i know all these things. there is nothing for evolution other than the notification thing for events02:56
doleybjschall: Because by introducing incompatible protocols, they made it harder for customers to change to a competing vendor.02:56
storrgiethat still does not disable the data server02:56
A3Ksfz I did an upgrade of 64 bit. It worked fine before02:56
PlasmaSheepsebsebseb: what was that channel again?02:56
gm|lapstorrgie: desktop or server, what version, what arch?02:56
gm|lapi have desktop 8.10 i38602:56
A3Kit still works, but not in applications.02:56
DouglasKbtw, to extract a deb: dpkg-deb --extract <source.deb> <target path>02:56
jschalldoleyb: but then they also made it harder for customers to switch from a competing vendor02:56
gm|lap(despite this being a 64-bit arch, i just don't have the x86-64 version)02:56
jschalldoleyb: so i don't buy that.02:57
szfA3K: ok - youre out of my k-base02:57
MarkJonesIf I go to the CLI and type "cd ./Packages". Am I corrent in thinking that the "./" part of that is filled in by the shell with the current directory name?02:57
A3KI can test the sound device and it plays the start sound...it plays it when it starts...but no sound in games/browser/multimedia apps02:57
szfA3K: ive just completed a 64-bit install, but server only - no X, no sound02:57
gm|lapstorrgie: have you checked /etc/rc?.d ?02:58
gm|lap/etc/rc2.d is probably the one you want to have a look into02:58
TopBunny88Recount rocks02:58
histoMarkJones: yes.02:58
A3KI dont see that problem on forums. They seem to be complete failure. Mine is no application sound02:58
mikechelengm|lap, is there a gui editor for that?02:58
gm|lapif there's an S??evolution-whatever, change the S to a K02:58
histoA3K: killall pulseaudio02:58
gm|lapmikechelen: there might be, they're called runlevels02:58
unkmarMarkJones: correct.02:58
vaporhow do i upgrade release candidate to the full release?02:58
histoA3K: youc an also remove the pulseaudio package fro now to fix the issue.02:58
histovapor: if you have all the updates it is full release.02:59
gm|lapSystem -> Administration -> Services, perhaps?02:59
histo!who | gm|lap02:59
ubottugm|lap: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:59
UnknownGurlJK3mp:  Fixed it.  :)02:59
LukeBi need help02:59
gm|lapi know02:59
scott9876I want to update from Hardy to Jackalope do I have to upgrade to Ibex first02:59
DarkningFlannel, where is the alternate CD download location on the web site?02:59
MarkJonesSweet thank you. Man I realy like shell scripting for stuff like installing an offline set of deb packages.Made a simple install.sh script for each folder of packages and I just run the script.No manual changeing directories or manually typing in the dpkg commands.Nice.02:59
PhotoJimvapor: just run update-manager.  very little will need to be updated depending on when you last updated.02:59
LukeBcan anyone help me here?02:59
UnknownGurlscott9876:  nope.03:00
PlasmaSheep!ask | LukeB03:00
ubottuLukeB: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:00
gm|lapmikechelen / storrgie: System -> Administration -> Services, perhaps?03:00
scott9876unknown how do I made the hop03:00
szfvapor: i looked up that info myself - the goog says to run update-manager -d (if it makes u feel better) ;-)03:00
MarkJonesok thank you.later!03:00
LukeBalright, it will not let me enable desktop effects, butin 8.10 it worked just fine03:00
vaporthanks for the help guys03:00
szfvapor: otherwise, what the other guy said03:00
UnknownGurlscott9876:  When you check for updates it should tell you at the top "New version available"03:00
A3Khisto I am going to restart my server and see if that fixed it. I removed pulseaudio03:00
DouglasKAnd they didn't bother to bring in the upstream fix for b43legacy into the kernel they're shipping with Jaunty.03:01
A3Kbe back if still dead03:01
scott9876no it have 8.1003:01
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:01
mikechelengm|lap, that has a bunch, yet does not include common services such as tor and mpd03:01
LukeBanyone going to help me?03:01
UnknownGurlscott9876:  odd... maybe check in the ubuntu forms then03:01
vapori can't believe people still use irc, i haven't used irc since like 199803:01
mikechelen!offtopic | vapor03:02
ubottuvapor: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:02
unkmarLukeB: so your pbolem is that compiz isn't working.03:02
gm|lapmikechelen: looks like they half-assed the services thing... i remember mandrake 8.1 / redhat 7.1 in about 2003 or 2004 or something03:02
mikechelen!repeat | LukeB03:02
ubottuLukeB: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:02
gm|lapthey had a runlevel editor03:02
histomikechelen: you can use update-rc.d for system services. for things that startup in your session you go to System > Preferences > Session03:02
histogm|lap: update-rc.d03:02
gm|lapyou could enable/disable ANYTHING03:02
hotdoghow do I get mp3 support?03:02
histo!mp3 > hotdog03:03
ubottuhotdog, please see my private message03:03
gm|lapdoesn't have it here as i haven't updated03:03
LukeBunkmar: basicly, it searches for the hardware then it gives me a error saying "Can not enable desktop effects"03:03
histogm|lap: yes you do.03:03
A3Khisto that worked03:03
A3Kthanks a lot03:03
histoA3K: np03:03
scott9876UnknownGurl: your referring to update manager correct?03:03
mikechelenhisto, system -> prefs -> startup applications?03:03
henryChow much trouble would I be asking for if I attempt to upgrade ubuntu intrepid to jaunty?  What if my one of my intrepid installs is xubuntu?03:03
histomikechelen: what do you want to disable?03:03
gm|lapben@95lx:/etc$ cat /etc/update-rc.d03:03
gm|lapcat: /etc/update-rc.d: No such file or directory03:03
NOD62I wouldn't feel as bad if this upgrade manager told me the status of whatever it is that's taking over 4 hours in the same spot. +_+03:03
=== nicholas__ is now known as tacosarecool
gm|lapi have 8.10.03:04
A3Khopefully I wont have to darken the door here again :)  I do wish my pinnacle tv card worked though03:04
mccord421Has anyone ever seen System Monitor CPU usage jump only when it is being actively watched?  What I'm seeing is 90-100% CPU usage if I am watching the Resources tab, but the historical data line shows 10-20% usage for the time I was looking at the other tabs.03:04
histogm|lap: its an application you can use03:04
gm|lapi am waiting until someone has 9.04 on a CD before i use it03:04
gm|lapoh, right.03:04
histogm|lap: try which update-rc.d03:04
NOD62gm|lap: Why's that?03:04
LukeBunkmar u there?03:04
neo644Yay, im almost done upgrading :D03:04
gm|lapNOD62: not much bandwidth03:04
mikechelenhisto, storrgie wants to disable evolution data server03:04
doleybneo644: you have only begun!03:05
hotdogDoes anyone have experience with USB Startup Disk Creator?03:05
neo644no im cleaning up03:05
DouglasKQuestion: why do they label a kernel as "2.6.28" when it has at least some modules that are pre "2.6.26"?03:05
gm|lapthe main thing you want to do is find where it spawns it03:05
DarkningNeo, is the download going slow for you too?03:05
A3Kit would be nice if the connexant based pinnacle digital TV tuner cards would "just work" but we cant haver everything I suppose03:05
jj__has anyone seen where the Broadcom card is installed and recognized but the network manager plasmoid doesn't see the wifi connection?03:05
histomikechelen: the evolution alarm server?03:05
histomikechelen: what version of ubuntu?03:05
gm|lapDouglasK: sometimes there's no point in updating EVERYTHING03:05
histojj__: yes you need the firmware if you are using an old version of ubuntu.03:05
histo!broadcom > jj__03:05
ubottujj__, please see my private message03:05
LukeBunkmar u there??03:06
doleybjj__: does it appear in iwconfig? (ps plasmoids are kde)03:06
NOD62Darkning: Has the download slowed down to the point that it doesn't look like it's going anywhere?03:06
DouglasKgm|lap, ah.  Well, in this case, they pruned out the fix that lets some broadcom wireless G cards go over 1Mb/s.03:06
DarkningNah it's just slower than my 5mbps internet. :B03:06
mikechelenhisto, idk storrgie left :|03:06
LukeBso does anyone else know what i have to do? please help :-\03:06
NOD62Darkning: Wholey shit.03:06
jj__doley: no, it doesn't03:06
Darkningmegabits btw, just a standard line03:06
AZMel_HomeWhen I upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04 my cpu is spiking at 100%.  If I create a new account and log in the cpu is fine.  Is there a know config file that causes this?03:06
DouglasKgm|lap, I guess if I upgrade, it's back to custom kernels.03:07
NOD62Darkning: That's a buisness line speed, is it not?03:07
jj__doleyb: no wlan003:07
FlannelDarkning: Same place as the regular one.  Check Alternate Cd.  Or, releases.ubuntu.com03:07
SuperMiguelany one knows how long vmware page has been down?03:07
histomikechelen: ahh thought it was you that needed the help.03:07
gm|lapsomeone should turn around and say "that's not really fair, if you're not happy with it, stick the limit in your hardware or on the receiving end."03:07
histoSuperMiguel: working here03:07
Darkningpardon me if I'm blind I just don't see the check option03:07
SuperMiguelhisto, to download the the server edition03:07
Darkningthere's a 32/64 bit03:07
gm|lap30 minutes of battery left03:07
SuperMiguelhisto, http://www.vmware.com/products/server/03:07
gm|lapwhen it gets down to 10 i plug it in.03:08
hotdogHey I booted into a live cd... but  i the cd has errors on it.. i download a new iso.. is there a way to make the installer use the new iso?03:08
aAnuVizZsomeone can help me, NotifyOSD to be off03:08
DouglasKgm|lap, 30 mins is more than my laptop has total in it's old battery.  :-)  Ah well.  Maybe I will update and just recompile the kernel.  It's just a PITB.03:08
histoDarkning: scroll down the page for the alternate isos.03:08
NOD62still fetching file 1102 of 1232... what's everybody else's status?03:08
histo!alternate > Darkning03:08
ubottuDarkning, please see my private message03:08
poseidonwhy is #ubuntu+1 now forwarding to #ubuntu?03:08
LukeBit will not let me enable desktop effects, cna anyone help?03:08
histoposeidon: because jaunty is out.03:08
DouglasKLukeB, what kind of video card do you have?03:09
Flannelposeidon: Because Karmic won't open for a few weeks at least.03:09
LukeBhow do i find that out?03:09
histoLukeB: hit alt+f2 and tyep in metacity --replace03:09
DarkningI got it, thanks.03:09
histoLukeB: lspci will show you what video card you have.03:09
Darkningthe 'alternate text' option on the download page was throwing me off.03:09
histoDarkning: what are you looking for?03:09
=== fdemocracy is now known as tty
histoLukeB: lspci03:10
DarkningAlso, one more question. I have the supposed 'amd64' version installed on this computer, but I have an Intel Q6600, is the amd64 a tech specific or just the title?03:10
LukeBwhats that?03:10
=== zhanx is now known as Zh[a]nx
histoLukeB: in a terminal will list your pci devices to see what video card if you still need to.03:10
Darkning@histo the alternate cd download link, I found it now.03:10
* Zh[a]nx is away: Gone away for now03:10
andrew_hey , my firefox wont start03:10
histoDarkning: k03:10
histo!away > Zh[a]nx03:10
ubottuZh[a]nx, please see my private message03:10
FlannelDarkning: "amd64" is the generic term for 64bit intel-ish computers.  just like "i386" was the generic name for 32bit (not just *i*ntel processors)03:10
=== Zh[a]nx is now known as zhanx
* zhanx is back.03:10
andrew_any help..?03:10
Darkningaha alright. That's what I thought but I wasn't sure.03:11
SuperMiguelhow can i lunch the compiz manager in 9.04?03:11
histoSuperMiguel: install compizconfig-settings-manager03:11
LukeBalright which part do you want me to give u03:11
histoLukeB: did you do the metacity command?03:11
LukeBthe graphics device?03:11
geniehostandrew_, run this : sudo firefox -p03:11
histoLukeB: then desktop effects are disabgled.03:12
Saosinanyone knows in what package are the xorg development files?03:12
LukeBvisual effects03:12
histoLukeB: if you want to permanently disable them you have to go to System > Preferences > Appearance to the effects tab.03:12
histoSaosin: the -dev packages03:12
usserSaosin, xorg-dev03:12
LukeBno histo u miss understood me03:13
LukeBit will not let me enable the effects03:13
LukeBits set to none right now03:13
Saosinusser: thanks. couldn't find it in the "add/remove" window03:13
histoLukeB: kk lspci | grep VGA03:13
aAnuVizZsomeone can help me NotifyOSD to be off03:13
histoLukeB: do that in a terminal03:13
Saosininstalling it manually now with apt-get03:13
LukeBif i try to set it to normal or extra, it says can no enable effects03:13
LukeB00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)03:14
charlesatlasWow, 9.04 is fast, polished, stable....works wonderful.03:14
zeeblehi.. what's the meta package to install xfce packages and get a xubuntu like feel after installing ubuntu? - apt-get install xfce or apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ?03:14
Darkningalright one last question, upgrading won't reset my graphic drivers will it?03:14
histoLukeB: what is the result of glxinfo | grep render     You are looking for the direct rendering:  Yes line.03:14
histoDarkning: did you install third party drivers?03:15
tofu_logichey ubuntu community, you guys are cool; you open source and isn't afraid of anything03:15
histo!hi | aAnuVizZ03:15
ubottuaAnuVizZ: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:15
DarkningYeah, I have 2 nvidia 8800GTs so I downloaded the proprietary drivers for them.03:15
LukeBhisto, for that i got Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".03:15
LukeBXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".03:15
LukeBXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".03:15
LukeBXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".03:15
LukeBXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".03:15
LukeBError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig03:15
FloodBot1LukeB: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:15
MarkJonesOk Im back with another scripting question. Is there any CLI command that can perform a CTRL-ALT-F1 from a script?03:15
aAnuVizZ NotifyOSD as an asset in ubuntu 9.0403:15
StevenC68found a bug03:15
histoLukeB: hrm... you need to find a proper video driver for the intel card. What version of ubuntu are you using?03:15
LukeBhisto: i'm using 9.0403:16
aAnuVizZhow active NotifyOSD in ubuntu 9.0403:16
MarkJonesTrying to make a script to automate nvidia driver install.03:16
sOpenCan aptitude/apt-get retrieve and unpack (but not install) source packages for me? I want to examine some code and if apt can do this, I will always use that instead of downloading tarballs from an individual project.03:16
Darkningatm I have 8.10, the driveres are installed and working fine.03:16
histoLukeB: ugh... there are issues with your card and compiz.03:16
histoMarkJones: why?03:16
FlannelMarkJones: chtty03:16
LukeBhisto: how do i fix it?03:16
Linuz2009I need help with my computer03:16
DarkningJust wondering if I would have to download them again once I upgrade.03:16
Linuz2009I had this issue for weeks03:16
MarkJoneschtty is a command to do that?03:16
MarkJonesill check it out.03:16
Crayboffcan someone here help me fix the built in mic? I can record laggy video, but no sound03:16
Linuz2009I'll respond for those who respond back03:16
Crayboffthe mic works in windows03:17
etzerdhello all03:17
evilbugif i start updating my system now will it take a long time to update?03:17
MarkJonesoh guess not03:17
etzerdis anyone install the new version yet?03:17
Darkningit seems to download a little slow(few hours) evilbug03:17
GodfatherofEireLinuz2009, first we have to know what the problem is03:17
Crayboffi have, etzerd03:17
Linuz2009its a sound problem03:17
FlannelMarkJones: Hmm?  did I remember the wrong command?  `sudo chtty 1`?03:17
etzerdCrayboff: how you like it?03:17
LukeBhisto: how do i fix it?03:17
etzerdI have a problem with "blackport"03:17
subrandom_hey guys where is the best place to put a fresh upgrade jaunty bug report, dealing with vlc/mplayer03:18
Craybofflast night the servers were dead, so downloading took a while, I love this version, it fixed my graphics problems and stuff03:18
Linuz2009thank you for responding GodfatherofEire03:18
ULFfuntu<install tomorrow, kickback tonite03:18
SuperMiguelany idea how long has http://www.vmware.com/products/server/ been down??03:18
aAnuVizZpls how active NotifyOSD in ubuntu 9.0403:18
etzerdshould I remove it from the repositorie03:18
GodfatherofEireLinuz2009, you're going to need to be a little more specific, because a sound problem doesnt tell us enough to help you03:18
tom_help e232 printer on local network works on win xp not ubuntu 8.0403:18
evilbugDarkning: thank you.03:18
evilbugDarkning: i'll do that later then.03:18
etzerdI mean backport03:18
Linuz2009My mixer device is gone, complete balck03:18
Crayboffanyone here who can help me record sound? the mic doesn't work in ubuntu, it does in windows03:18
LukeBhisto: how do i fix it mate :)03:19
etzerdthe Ubuntu servers are very slow today?03:19
histoSuperMiguel: just call their toll free03:19
Linuz2009No sound, no control device03:19
histoetzerd: yes because of the new release.03:19
Crayboffetzerd: they were yesterday evening03:19
Flannel!slow | etzerd03:19
ubottuetzerd: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the latest edition. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.03:19
histoLukeB: you need to install proper video drivers03:19
=== tty is now known as facta
Linuz2009Sound Card: intel 8x003:19
LukeBhisto: judging on my graphics card, were would i download it?03:19
GodfatherofEireLinuz2009, what occured prior to the problem? did you update anything?03:19
jedimindi cant seem to get nvidia drivers running in 9.04 - any ideas?03:19
tom_linuz use windows03:19
Fjordsideanyone else here with a lenovo x200 computer?03:20
=== jedimind is now known as Guest27595
Linuz2009right now I'm updating to verison 9.0403:20
histoLukeB: i'm looking some stuff up. Do you have more than one video card? Like two places to plug your monitor in?03:20
Linuz2009still waiting to complete installation03:20
Crayboffanyone here who can help me record sound? the built in mic doesn't work in ubuntu, it does in windows03:20
LukeBhisto: no03:20
GodfatherofEireLinuz2009, when did the problem start? and what happened prior to it occuring though?03:20
=== Guest27595 is now known as jedimind
etzerdubottu: my system was crashed after I install the new version. I have the backport repositorie check, should I unchecked?03:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:20
Linuz2009last week, when I switch from window xp03:20
charlesatlasIs there a way to echo a terminals output to a line printer?03:21
Linuz2009which means that when I install Ubuntu 8.10 the sound stopped working03:21
tofu_logicLinuz2009: before we get too technical, check your sound manager and see if PCM is set to an audible volume03:21
=== mrlolplx is now known as mrlol
Linuz2009Can't open volume. no Gstream plugin/device control03:21
Crayboffoh i need help with sound too, tofu_logic, my sound is very low03:21
* DouglasK makes a post to the forums to let others know how to get >1Mb/s with their BCM4306 wireless card.03:22
histoLukeB: i'm looking some stuff up I know there are issues with you cards.03:22
Crayboffwell low enough to be annoying03:22
LukeBhisto: so does that mean Im going to have to get a completly new graphics card?03:22
histoLukeB: no it means you have to be patient while I look.03:22
tofu_logicCrayboff: please check your levels, I am a total neophyte when it comes to Ubuntu but after updating I had no sound and had to tinker with my audio levels to get it back03:22
LukeBhisto: oh, alright mate take your time :)03:22
etzerdhow to remove a broken file?03:23
DarkningAlright my questions are answered, thanks everyone.03:23
geniehostetzerd, what do you mean by broken file?03:23
coderhow can i start up the sound daemon03:23
sOpenapt-get source is the answer03:23
gm|laphey, how do i configure my firewall?03:23
tom_me printer?03:23
GodfatherofEire1Linuz2009, did it work under the live CD or was it absent there as well?03:23
TBotNikall: Anyone installed on a RS600 B50 before?03:23
histoLukeB: can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:24
Linuz2009I installed from a live CD03:24
histo!paste | LukeB03:24
sam0ubuntu has iptables as a default firewall i believe03:24
ubottuLukeB: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:24
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Linuz2009after installation the sound stopped working03:24
sam0if you want a more graphical firewall install Firestarter03:24
Linuz2009my last operating system I used SoundMAX as my mixer device03:24
GodfatherofEireLinuz2009, so it was working while you were running the live CD?03:24
Craybofftofu_logic: got it03:25
gm|lapsam0: how would i open a port, then?03:25
Linuz2009no, I didn't hear any sound03:25
Buttons840Question:  What happened to CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE to reset the x-server (is that what it's called?)?03:25
lstarnes!dontzap | buyaka03:25
ubottubuyaka: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable »03:25
histoButtons840: been disabled in jaunty03:25
etzerdgeniehost: it seems like a file name "splashy" has a broken repositorie the error said.03:25
lstarneser, Buttons84003:25
buyakaany repo mirrors on the west coast getting decent speeds?03:25
geniehostetzerd, do this: sudo apt-get update03:25
Buttons840Istarnes, what you going to say?03:26
Kr0ntabmy internal apt-mirror is great03:26
LukeBhisto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/157633/03:26
dorihow do you get ubuntu to start at runlevel 2 (X won't start on newly installed 9.04)? I can't even find inittab?03:26
Kr0ntabgeniehost: they're all gonna be slammed...03:26
Crayboffanyone here who can help me record sound? the built in mic doesn't work in ubuntu, it does in windows03:26
reinismy internal bleeding is great03:26
sam0gm|lap https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:26
GodfatherofEireLinuz2009, try this: http://www.nabble.com/SoundMax-HD-Audio-on-T60-(Ubuntu-8.10)-td21665903.html03:26
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lstarnesButtons840: I accidentally addressed a message meant for you to another user03:26
etzerdgeniehost: it take so long now to use apt-get update because of the release. I did that before It take more than an hour.03:27
lstarnesButtons840: read what ubottu said about ctrl+alt+backspace03:27
jonathonthis update gna take ahwile to download03:27
geniehostKr0ntab, what do you mean?03:27
packetwhackerHi all.  Anyone seen a problem with the new VNC server in 9.04?  I can't get any VNC client to play nice.  The standard "Remote Desktop Viewer" pops up a display, but the display won't update; UltraVNC won't even connect, throwing an error..03:27
TBotNikI see latest release has caused lots of chatter.  I'm trying to install 8.x but hardware (RS6000 B50 2U rack mount server) is unwieldy.  Can use some help, if anyone has experience here.03:27
gm|lapcrap nearly ran out of power03:27
geniehostetzerd, try it some times later - but this will fix the problem for you03:27
tonyyarussoTBotNik: a) Which release?  (8.04 or 8.10?), b) Is there a specific problem with the hardware that you can elaborate on?03:28
histoLukeB: hold up looking some more.03:28
geniehostetzerd, I have same issue last night -- now it's fixed when I run : apt-get update03:28
Buttons840does ext3 or ext4 offer performance (and when I say performance, I mean speed) improvement over ext2?03:28
LukeBhisto: ok that's fine :) Thank you so much for the help btw03:28
Paddy_EIREMyrtti: Hello there.. long time no see/speak.. My head is demented trying to get xchat-gnome to automatically identify me as Paddy_EIRE when connecting... I have to do the '/msg NickServ identify <password>' command each time :-/03:29
etzerdgeniehost: where can I get libdvdcss?03:29
Paddy_EIREMyrtti: any ideas?03:29
ULFfuntuButtons840: and god made wikipedia03:29
sunny_hey guys im having a bit of trouble installing skype on my ubuntu 64 bit can anyone help me please?03:29
mikechelen!medibuntu | etzerd03:29
ubottuetzerd: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:29
Kr0ntabetzerd: medibuntu.org03:29
Buttons840I already read the wiki, it don't recall reading of any specific improvement.s03:29
T_so i got my resolution stuck on ubuntu ff and showes like 8 of same thing.. have no on board vid so cant change03:29
histoLukeB:  here you go http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113498403:30
sam0buttons... Speed = ext403:30
ULFfuntuButtons840: well, for me ext3 is hard to resize (speed I guess is YMMV)03:30
histoLukeB: you may want to follow the directions for reverting to the 2.4 intel drivers.03:30
mikechelenhow do you convert ext3 -> 4?03:30
histoButtons840: there are plenty nofication thingy speed ext4 etc...03:30
tonyyarussoButtons840: ext4 has performance advantages over ext2, but ext3 doesn't really.  ext3's improvement over ext2 is reliability, due to the journal.03:30
LukeBhisto: ok thank you, ill tell u how it goes :-P03:30
swoodyIs there any way to make acpi temperatures more accurate? It only detects 48* and 55* - or is this a hardware/BIOS issue?03:31
DangerIsGohey, im having an issue installing ati drivers for my 4870x2 on jaunty, would anyone be able to assist me?03:31
geniehostetzerd, not sure but try here: http://www.videolan.org/developers/libdvdcss.html03:31
histomikechelen: you have to boot of the install cd so the drive isn't mounted and run tune2fs command.03:31
Buttons840ic, thanks tony03:31
histomikechelen: then fsck and mount and edit fstab to ext403:31
LukeBhisto: so you want me to do everything they did?  including to remove xserver-xorg-video-i74003:31
sam0to make ext3=ext4 check the ubuntu forum i saw a thrad there a hoir agoç03:31
packetwhackerVNC Server....9.04...anyone?  :'(03:31
TBotNiktonyyarusso: 8.04  Box has no VIC so no video.  Added one, but still nothing.  Appears was using TTY video on COM port, not sure how to connect to that.03:31
histoLukeB: that shouldn't matter.03:31
mikechelenhisto, how do you mount root encrypted drive from livecd?03:32
geniehostcan I update 8.04 (hardy) file system to ext4 ?03:32
histoLukeB: but the one person said that going to the 2.4 driver helped his issues.03:32
sebsebsebpacketwhacker: nope and  8.04 is still recommended for servers03:32
kdaskcould anyone please tell me how to force i386 architecture on a 64 bit system?03:32
sebsebsebgeniehost: no03:32
histomikechelen: you encrypted /03:32
tonyyarussoTBotNik: Are you using the "Desktop", "Alternate", or "Server" CD image to install?03:32
lstarnesgeniehost: ext4 isn't in any versions earlier than 9.0403:32
sebsebsebgeniehost: don't think you can anyway03:32
T_can i reset the video settings in the recovery you can select to get terminal command prompt?03:32
mikechelenhisto, using alt cd install option03:32
packetwhackersebx3 Nah, It's desktop, but I'm having issues with the "VNC Server" vino-server...03:32
LukeBhisto: so you want me to follow the directions to revert to an older driver?03:32
lstarneskdask: just install the i386 version from the i386 cd03:32
geniehostsebastien, why?03:32
sebsebsebgeniehost: other guy just answered that03:33
fen_ext4 is still not recommended for production.03:33
DangerIsGoafter installing my drivers, either from AMDs site or from the restricted drivers, and upon rebooting, the ubuntu logo would come up and progress bar go all the way to 100%, then it would flash black, and up comes the booting progress, then it goes black, and booting progress comes up again, then black, then two smaller ubuntu logos, somewhat faded out on top of the screen, kinda pixelated, and it just hangs there03:33
sebsebsebfen_: lol03:33
tonyyarussogeniehost: If you update the OS, you can then also update the filesystem, but you can't have ext4 while still running 8.04.  (At least not in a supoorted fashion.)03:33
sebsebsebfen_: blah de blah at that03:33
sam0geniehost ext4 comes only in newer versions of the kernel03:33
sebsebsebfen_: Ext4 works rather well for many people that have used it03:33
histoLukeB: if you want to it sounds like it fixed their issue. Unless someone else has an idea. I think there was mention of something else on the release notes. Let me forward you that link also.03:33
kdasklstarnes: but i have a 64 bit system, wont i lose some advantage if i install the i386 version?03:33
mikechelenDangerIsGo, what video card?03:33
sebsebsebfen_: and important data should be backed up elsewhere anyway, just to be sure03:33
aAnuVizZhi helpme  notify-osd missing03:33
gm|lapok, i've added a rule to allow port 16001 and it's still filtered >_>03:33
TBotNiktonyyarusso: Using DT livecd.  Init takes a while, then CD spins, but with no video can not determine what box is doing.  Was POS (Kash-N-Karry) dedicated appliance, when I bought it.03:33
tonyyarussofen_: I think once the kernel maintainers call it stable, that's good enough for production.  :)03:34
lstarneskdask: wait, are you trying to run 32-bit binaries on a 64-bit system?03:34
gm|lapaccording to nmap03:34
space_cadetyahoo voice in ubuntu?03:34
syntax\whats new on 9.04?03:34
fen_but generally, you don't want to have to have your server down for an hour while your restore from backup because your fs crashed.03:34
NOD62gm|lap: One hour later, and still in the same spot... 5 hours in the same spot.03:34
tom_ 03:34
gm|lapNOD62: ouch.03:34
tom_ 03:34
kdasklstarnes: im trying to run 32 bit programs on a 64 bit system, if thats what you mean.03:34
FloodBot1tom_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:34
gm|lapNOD62: what are you using to update ubuntu?03:34
TBotNiktonyyarusso: I put up forum post at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=113352703:34
zhanxafter upgrade file operations are taking forever to open the dailog box to open a file03:34
histoLukeB: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/UxaTesting03:34
NOD62gm|lap: the update-manager.03:34
Wyzardkdask: You don't need to do anything special for that to work03:34
LukeBhisto: ok thank you03:35
sam0i have the same problem that dangerisgo, because of the ATI driver... i use sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg but it doesn't work like it used to... it only ask for keyboard stuff.03:35
Wyzardkdask: but you need to have whatever 32-bit libraries the 32-bit program depends on03:35
DangerIsGothere was some wiki entry that i found to install the 9.4 drivers on jaunty, and i followed them to the T, and sitll nothing, here is the link:  http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Jaunty_Installation_Guide#installing_the_restricted_drviers_manually03:35
tonyyarussoTBotNik: It's quite likely that the DT disk doesn't play nice with your server video hardware, since that sort of configuration isn't really tested generally.  I would suggest trying one of the other disk images, which will use a text-based installer method.  (Still super simple, just easier on the graphics.)03:35
fen_ok does anyone know much about the new postfix-dovecot package, does its allow for virtual mailboxes?03:35
DangerIsGosam0: is it working for you?03:35
space_cadetyahoo voice in ubuntu?03:35
DangerIsGoor did you keep them removed?03:35
space_cadetor yahoo mail on evolution?03:35
bill102299hey yall.03:35
lstarnesspace_cadet: what about it?  You aren't asking an actual question03:36
smokinjoeHas anybody in here had any problems with ubuntu 9.4?03:36
aAnuVizZhelpme  how to activate notify-osd in ubuntu 9.0403:36
space_cadetany howto's on either lstarnes03:36
histosmokinjoe: yes03:36
harrimann_Hello. If i have ubuntu and xp installed on same computer and the disk crashes do i use windows recovery or ubuntu recovery?03:36
kdaskWyzard: i get the error message "Wrong Architecture: i386" when i try to install it.03:36
histosmokinjoe: its a support room.03:36
LukeBhisto: one more quick question, were can i find  xorg.conf03:36
histoLukeB: its in /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:36
NinesvnsicksHow do I turn the notifications that keep poping up from pidgin in 9.04?03:36
lstarneskdask: what are you trying to run?03:36
LukeBhisto: ok ty03:36
Roman__Does anyone know where I can find the service tag???03:36
space_cadetlstarnes, i thought both were valid questions though.03:36
danbhfiveaAnuVizZ: isnt it active by default?03:36
DangerIsGosam0: is it working for you? or did you keep them uninstalled?03:36
NOD62gm|lap: Update-manger is the way to do it, correct?03:37
kdasklstarnes: flash player03:37
tonyyarussoRoman__: What do you mean by "service tag"?03:37
Wyzardkdask: you can't install a package built for i386 Ubuntu on amd64 Ubuntu03:37
gm|lapNOD62: i'm not familiar with it.03:37
smokinjoeWell support me and just tell me if there are any major problems with it;-)03:37
lstarneskdask: I think there's a 64-bit alpha of the flash player03:37
sam0dangerisgo after installing the ati driver with envy-ng it is still having that error03:37
gm|lapi'm not familiar with much of that stuff really03:37
lstarneskdask: also, there's the flashplugin-nonfree package in the repos03:37
histoharrimann_: depends what you want to recover? If you have serperate partitions you could recover each individually. You also have to keep in mind if you use grub boot manager from ubuntu then you may have to recover grub to recover your windows partition.03:37
Wyzardkdask: The kernel has the ability to run 32-bit programs, but installing packages built for another architecture isn't supported03:37
DangerIsGoso is this a driver issue? a jaunty issue? or a driver/jaunty issue? have you tried this driver on ibex?03:37
histolstarnes: I don't think its alpha03:37
zhanxany clues on why after the upgrade open dialog boxes takes forever?03:37
TBotNiktonyyarusso: Do I need to add more info on the forum post?03:38
histo!who DangerIsGo03:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about who DangerIsGo03:38
histo!who | DangerIsGo03:38
ubottuDangerIsGo: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:38
harrimann_histo: thanks. i did use grub. so i have to restore grub?03:38
DouglasK!who douglask03:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about who douglask03:38
tofu_logicLukeB: /etc/lib/x11/xorg.conf03:38
detratezhanx: have you rebooted yet/03:38
sam0dangerisgo i haven't tried adding lines to the xorg.conf, i tried with the safety mode and a previous version of the xorg.conf, but it still doesn't work03:38
histoharrimann_: what happened and what is the computer doing?03:38
NinesvnsicksI am so glad that the Ubuntu installer sata + ide problem got fixed :)03:38
zhanxdetrate yes, gonna try it again03:38
kdasklstarnes: the alpha version is total s*** and i have already installed the one in the repos03:38
GodfatherofEireHas upgrading to 9.04 from 8.10 been known to break binary compatibilities like 8.10 from 8.04LTS?03:38
harrimann_in windows, got stupid blue screen. then reboot and get SYSTEM DISK ERROR PUSH KEY TO CONTINUE03:38
bill102299what is the keyboard command for "go" in firefox? *important*03:38
mattgyverAnyone know how to move docky's position on the screen?? (v0.8.1.3)03:38
DangerIsGosam0: have you tried older driver versions w/ jaunty?03:38
tonyyarussoTBotNik: If you have any more info, by all means add it, but I think the bigger reason you haven't gotten a response yet is that it seems like a fairly obscure problem.  Hopefully you'll find something that works.03:39
Wyzardkdask: (You could use dpkg --force-architecture but depending on the package that may break things, possibly overwriting 64-bit programs/libraries with 32-bit ones, or thinking the 32-bit package's library dependencies are satisfied when the libraries are actually 64-bit ones that a 32-bit program can't use)03:39
detratectrl+l or alt+d to get to the address bar03:39
histoharrimann_: did you install ubuntu on its own partition or did you use wubi?03:39
tonyyarussoTBotNik: You could also try sending a note to the ubuntu-users mailing list as well.03:39
happyfaceInstalling Jaunty w/ alternate gives me "Install the base sytem: debootstrap warning: failure trying to run .....deb"03:39
Its_meOne of my friend said whenever their is a new Ubuntu release, Ubuntu developers will conduct an introductory session about the new release, where can I get this Introductory session?03:39
harrimann_own partition and own disk03:39
histoIts_me: there is a tour on the home page03:39
tonyyarussoGodfatherofEire: Every release needs to upgrade packages - what exactly do you mean?03:39
bensterdoes anyone have experience installing world of warcraft wrath of the lich king off the dvd that can help me?03:40
TBotNiktonyyarusso: Mailing List?  What/Where/How?03:40
doleybbenster: have you read wowwiki on it?03:40
tonyyarussohappyface: It's possible that either your download image or burn was defective.  Try checking the CD with the "CHeck CD for defects" boot option if you haven't already.03:40
space_cadetanyone have a solution for yahoo voice?  i need to be able to call one user from within linux.  ekiga does not work03:40
danbhfiveIts_me: maybe the release notes?  try: /msg ubottu !notes03:40
bensterdoleyb no do you have the link?03:40
tonyyarussoTBotNik: http://lists.ubuntu.com/ - look for the one called "ubuntu-users", general support list.03:40
keystr0kI'm selling my laptop and need to wipe it. I have a Windows Vista partition (untouched by me, system default) and an Ubuntu partition. I planned to boot a live cd and use shred to wipe the ubuntu partition.  Is this what I ought to do?03:41
kdaskWyzard: so will dpkg --force-architecture affect other programs ?03:41
LukeBhisto: when i try to save sources.list it won't let me03:41
RustAUhey lads03:41
GodfatherofEiretonyyarusso, remember how at first people were advised not to update to 8.10 but to do a fresh install instead, especially when considering wireless/network functions03:41
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doleybbenster: http://www.wowwiki.com/Wine#Installing_WoW03:41
space_cadetor does anyone know how to get pop access to yahoo with evolution?03:41
danbhfivekeystr0k: you only really need one pass with those kinds of programs03:41
happyfacethanks tonyyarusso but I have already done so... looking in console 4 gives me "WARNING: configuring 'bootstrap-base' failed"03:41
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bullgard4Ubuntu 8.04.2: The DEB program package cdrkit-doc is installed. But 'man cdrecord' does not produce any output. Why?03:42
keystr0kdanbhfive, yeah:    sudo shred -n 1 -z -v /dev/sda1   ??03:42
mikeypizanohey, i have an issue with desktop effects not running03:42
LukeBhisto: hello?03:42
kdaskWyzard: so will dpkg --force-architecture affect other programs ?03:42
mikeypizanoi have compiz icon installed, and if i click "reload" it works fine, but wont work otherwise03:42
histoLukeB: you need to use sudo to edit hte file03:43
histo!sudo | LukeB03:43
ubottuLukeB: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)03:43
doleybspace_cadet: fetchyahoo package?03:43
mobi-sheepI'm having issues with a broken package -- mobloquer -- in Jaunty.  I'd like to resolve this asap.  I tried the purge command and it seems to be locked up in the terminal.  What gives?  Any suggestion / references would be nice.03:43
RustAUhow can I disable having mounted disks shown on my desktop?03:43
Wyzardkdask: possibly, depending on what exactly the package does03:43
bullgard4mikeypizano: Just put your question. Please do not introduce it. This will clobber the channel unnecesarily.03:43
danbhfivekeystr0k: I dont know, never used shred03:43
mikecbAnyone else having intel issues?  I'm stable under UXA, but visual effects cannot be enabled.  Whats the deal?03:43
Wyzardkdask: I don't recommend doing it03:43
space_cadetdoleyb, tried that and got confuzzled03:43
keystr0kdanbhfive, cool... thanks.03:43
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RustAUhow can I disable having mounted disks shown on my desktop?03:43
space_cadetdoleyb, plus ive read of people getting denied web login after using fetchyahoo03:43
mikeypizanomine is intel too03:43
TBotNiktonyyarusso: Thanks!  Never used before, so will try.03:43
kdaskwyzard: then how the heck am i supposed to play flash?03:43
mikeypizanomikecb, is yours a laptop too?03:44
bill102299nick what is the go keyboard shourtcut in firefox03:44
space_cadetdoleyb, basically im looking for the ypops that tsakriah ? (did i spell that right) compiled for debian03:44
mikecbmikeypizano: A thinkpad T6103:44
Mulderi wonder if the ext4 file deletion bug has been backported into jaunty kernel03:44
mikeypizanomine is a toshiba a205-s585903:44
doleybkdask: how does that relate to flash at all?03:45
mikeypizanomikecb, try installing the compiz icon and hitting "reload window manager"03:45
acorn1hello everyone, i just upgraded to jaunty, but i cannot seem to install tor. what's up?03:45
histoacorn1: are you using hte ubuntu package?03:45
histo!info tor | acorn103:45
ubottuacorn1: Package tor does not exist in jaunty03:45
Wyzardkdask: Installing the i386 flash package on an amd64 system with --force-architecture definitely will not work03:45
syntax\got a question, im currently downloading 9.04, i currently have 8.10 installed. would it be better or ok if i upgrade using the cd?03:45
syntax\pls advice03:45
TBotNiktonyyarusso: brb, going to get null moden DB9 com cable and laptop to see if I can see anything.03:45
GodfatherofEiretonyyarusso: do you remember that or...?03:45
geniehostbill102299, http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/keyboard+shortcuts03:45
Wyzardkdask: a 64-bit process (your browser) cannot load a 32-bit library (the flash plugin)03:45
TopBunny88How do I remove pulse audio and replace it with open sound system?03:46
baz_i want to move all files and folders from one folder to another, so I tried "mv /folder/subfolder/* /home/baz/newfolder" but that only moved the files - i cant see how to include the folders?03:46
mikeypizanoalso, gotta ask ya bout my averatec, touchpad is not working on 9,04, worked on 8.10 tho03:46
acorn1darn... is there any way to find a software source that'll allow me to install tor?03:46
python_userHi, quick question: just installed jaunty, it detects my 15.4 laptop screen as 15 and refused to allow the widescreen resolution.. any ideas?03:46
tonyyarussoGodfatherofEire: I'm afraid I don't actually...  (I sort of ignored the 8.10 release for the most part.)03:46
lstarneskdask: there is nspluginwrapper, which can run 32-bit plugins in a 64-bit firefox03:46
histoTopBunny88: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio03:46
kdaskWyzard: my browser is 32 bit03:46
histoTopBunny88: alsa is installed as for isntalling oss i'm not sure on that one.03:46
GodfatherofEiretonyyarusso, no problem03:46
Wyzardkdask: not if you're running amd64 Ubuntu03:46
bullgard4syntax\: Yes.03:46
tonyyarussoGodfatherofEire: I haven't heard of anything like that this time around though - the only upgrading issues I've seen have been from alpha/betas of jaunty to final.03:46
sam0baz_ i think it is mv -t /asdf  /asdfasdf03:47
intxhas anyone here installed ubuntu on a netbook (or a cd-rom-less computer?)03:47
syntax\bullgard4: would my files still be ok? even if i chose upgrade from cd?03:47
kdasklstarnes: Thanks!03:47
syntax\would i be downloading files again or not?03:47
Wyzardkdask: anyway, I believe there's a flash package for amd64 -- it's either loads the 32-bit plugin with nspluginwrapper, or it's the beta native 64-bit one that Adobe released awhile back03:47
lstarneskdask: it can be a little bit tricky to get working though03:47
kj4intx i have03:47
acorn1intx: there is a netbook remix version of ubuntu03:47
intxkj4: what did you use?03:47
pisecxHi. My keyboard is broken on laptop. Now I've just connected external keyboard, so no problems. But is there any virtual keyboard in 9.04, that I can use?03:47
python_useranyone else had jaunty not allow laptop to go to widescreen resolution 1280x900?03:47
kdasklstarnes: is it long and complicated?03:48
Wyzardkdask: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1128497 suggests (in the last post on the first page) that ubuntu-restricted-extras should be all you need03:48
mikeypizanoi have mine working at 1280x800, does that help Python_user03:48
kj4the .img file on the ubuntu site03:48
SubboomEEEbuntu NBR03:48
intxkj4: .img file?03:48
scott9876question: can i skip intrepid and jump hardy to jackalope and how? update manager wants to upgrade to intrepid03:48
lstarneskdask: it should require only a couple commands03:48
python_usermikeypizano: so do I but thats not widescreen and it makes the font look a little weird03:48
python_userneed to be x90003:48
acorn1so nobody knows about getting tor on jaunty?03:48
lstarnesscott9876: I think you have to update to 8.10 first03:48
kj4yep, use dd to create it on a USB drive, then boot from that03:49
kj4worked perfectly on my dell mini 903:49
mikeypizanowell, ill bbl, i got to fo get this compiz thing sorted out03:49
lstarnesacorn1: for some reason the packages were removed.  I'm not sure if the packages were supposed to be re-added03:49
scott9876lstarnes: things break will they resolove themselve with the next jump03:49
Wyzardscott9876: trying to skip a release isn't a good idea; the upgrade process isn't designed or tested for that03:49
scott9876cause running a live jaunty is perfect03:49
happyfacedoes the jaunty alternate installer download packages from the internet when it runs03:49
python_userSince when does ubuntu not support common resolutions out of the box?03:49
space_cadethas anyone gotten this working??   http://www.geocities.com/t_skariah/ypops/03:49
lstarnesacorn1: it is possible to compile tor from source03:49
bullgard4syntax\: Not necessarily. If you had installed in the past some more packages (and thus programs to use), their configuration may go lost unless you backup them first (and thus can reload them after your upgrade).03:50
acorn1lstarnes: would i be able to add an 8.10 repository to the package manager to get it?03:50
lstarnesacorn1: that is not a good idea03:50
UbbyCDis it possible to turn the backlight off on my laptop?03:51
UbbyCDor turn it down past 10%03:51
space_cadet!hi | UbbyCD03:51
ubottuUbbyCD: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!03:51
lstarnesacorn1: there may be a repository that works with 9.04 that has tor in it03:51
python_useranyone notice jaunty doesnt do laptop widescreen out of the box anymore (intel)?03:51
UbbyCDhi bots : )03:51
space_cadetUbbyCD, have you tried the fn f7 key?03:51
mobi-sheeppython_user: It worked for me.03:51
python_usermobi-sheep: what res?03:51
UbbyCDim scared of that key what does it do03:51
space_cadetUbbyCD, fn + F7 sorry03:51
sam0Anyone knows how to set the "vesa", "nv", "ati" Video drivers in the recovery section??? In previous versions the dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg did the work, but now it only asks for keyboard stuff... Even changing the xorg.conf for the one that worked before doesn't work... Anyone knows?03:51
mobi-sheepI don't remember specifically but I know it's running native.  1440 x something.  Let me check.03:52
UbbyCDis this some kinna trick?03:52
NOD62This is rediculous.03:52
space_cadetUbbyCD, on my asus it turns the backlight on my screen off.03:52
python_usermobi-sheep: I'm looking for default 1280x90003:52
pisecxis there any virtual keyboard in ubuntu? didn't find it through menu03:52
UbbyCDok lemme try03:52
python_usertahts the most common for a 15.4 screen03:52
UbbyCDdang .. nada03:52
space_cadetUbbyCD, fn F5-F6 controls brightness..  F5 down  F6 up03:52
space_cadeton my asus03:52
bullgard4Ubuntu 8.04.2: The DEB program package cdrkit-doc is installed. But 'man cdrecord' does not produce any output. Why?03:52
geniehostpython_user, any good chat room for python?03:53
jeeva11could not open the file /home/t.txt character coding:current locale(UTF-8) any one help me to display t.txt file03:53
mobi-sheeppython_user:  1680 x 1050.  That's my laptop's widescreen resolution.  You may have to configure the Xorg file manually to get your resolution.03:53
PenguI have a problem. Gparted says I'm taking up far more space than I actually am. Here's a screenshot: http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa24/LordPengin/Screenshot-4.png (the 80gb under 'media' are in an external drive, sda5 is my ubuntu partition)03:53
UbbyCDmines entirely diff i have a dell d60003:53
UbbyCDim trying to get better battery life03:53
TBotNiktonyyarusso: Can not do it tonight, took the null modem cable out of the tool bag, so have to go to shop to get it tomorrow.03:53
lstarnesbullgard4: you need cdrkit-doc03:53
space_cadetbullgard4, is cdrecord a valid command?03:53
GodfatherofEirescott9876, I would advise against that03:53
acorn1perhaps i should add a debian repository source. would that cause any problems?03:53
python_usergeniehost: I wouldn't know, I only ever use IRC when all other options fail03:53
lstarnesacorn1: it likely would03:53
NOD62I have a greater highspeed line..... I am not downloading anything else and yet... I'm still at the same place for 6 hours.03:53
space_cadetUbbyCD, does your laptop have keys marked for these functions?03:53
lstarnesacorn1: unless the repos contained only tor03:53
UbbyCDit seems my screen on the lowest brightness is still bright03:53
lstarnesacorn1: check for a PPA first03:53
UbbyCDyeh i used the hot keys to get it to the minimum03:53
geniehostPython1320, any good chat room for python?03:54
python_usergeniehost: I wouldn't know, I only ever use IRC when all other options fail03:54
lstarnesgeniehost: #python03:54
python_usermy bad03:54
PenguI have a problem. Gparted says I'm taking up far more space than I actually am. Here's a screenshot: http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa24/LordPengin/Screenshot-4.png (the 80gb under 'media' are in an external drive, sda5 is my ubuntu partition). Help, please?03:54
raghavanHi ! I'm new to ubuntu.. i installed ubuntu 9.04 3 hours back.. it was working just fine... suddenly the sound became crackles... i cant hear any music except crackles.. I got an Acer aspire 552003:54
raghavan could someone plz help me out03:54
bullgard4lstarnes: I said that cdrkit-doc is installed.03:54
acorn1lstarnes: ppa?03:54
geniehostlstarnes, cannot join it03:54
* python_user looks for the ubuntu 8.10 iso03:54
historaghavan: hit alt+f2 and type in killall pulseaudio03:54
lstarnesacorn1: personal package archive03:54
* DouglasK passes nosebleed a pack of Kleenex03:55
lstarnesgeniehost: you need a nick registered and verified with nickserv.  see /msg nickserv help register03:55
acorn1lstarnes: ah, third party sources. ok i'll try that03:55
raghavanone second, will try now03:55
acorn1lstarnes: thanks very much for the help03:55
TBotNiknosebleed: YOu too high altitude?  Is that how you got the handle?03:55
vocxWyzard, hey, it's weird!03:55
UbbyCDhard drive failurezz03:55
lstarnesacorn1: or you could just get the tor sources from their site and compile them yourself.  It should be fairly easy03:55
bullgard4space_cadet: Issuing the command 'cdrecord' produces some output. Do you call this "a valid command"?03:55
python_useranyone know why jaunty detects 15.4 screens as being 15" ?03:55
eagoI want to install kde03:56
UbbyCDbecause few people care about the .4?03:56
reiniseago: you can't03:56
nosebleedNo, just a random nick I wanted to use about 7 years ago03:56
space_cadetbullgard4, then try cdrecord --help03:56
eagobut the on I find in synaptic says won't work on my system... amd6403:56
nosebleedAnd it stuck03:56
DouglasKpython_user, int(screen_size)?03:56
reiniseago: it's impossible03:56
histoeago: then install it03:56
acorn1lstarnes: if there's no plans to include tor in the future, i'd rather do that, yeah03:56
histo!kde > eago03:56
ubottueago, please see my private message03:56
losherPengu: I'd like to see the output of 'df -h'03:56
space_cadetbullgard4, what's the package name?03:56
intxhas anyone installed ubuntu (non-netbook remix) on a netbook?03:56
intxwithout a cd-rom drive?03:57
reiniseago: don't see his message, he's a GayPal03:57
TBotNiknosebleed: Oh, thought maybe you were a BBT Sheldon or something! LOL!03:57
mobi-sheeppython_user: Google on configurating your Xorg -- It's something similar to this http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/books/handbook/x-config.html03:57
histo!anyone | intx03:57
ubottuintx: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:57
python_userDouglasK: ?03:57
danbhfiveintx: yes03:57
vocxWyzard, here is a description of the problem http://www.insidesocal.com/click/2008/06/ubuntu-fix-login-screen-too-bi.html    Setting the "Virtual" size to your desired size IS the solution, but then it is useless, since you cannot use the "extra" space the Virtual desktop would provide.03:57
zhanxintx running jaunty on my msi wind right now03:57
bullgard4space_cadet: The name of the package is cdrkit-doc.03:57
lstarnesacorn1: you could file a bug report related to it or look for an existing one03:57
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:57
DouglasKPython_user: aka, it prolly rounds down.03:57
mobi-sheepSee above | python_user03:57
UbbyCDarent we all a bit jaunty tonight03:57
raghavanHi HISTO, i did that, it says 'no process killed'. I did a restart couple of times and the problem still exists03:57
reiniseago: he just wants you to start using bGay03:57
acorn1another question, i'm also on a netbook and would love to use the netbook remix of ubuntu. how would one migrate?03:57
steltzi installed gimpshop and i can't find it. any ideas?03:58
intxzhanx: what was your method of installation?03:58
intxi can't seem to get anything to work03:58
=== Anomaly is now known as Guest72149
NOD62Is there any way I can check the progress of this update?03:58
zhanxintx usb drive03:58
python_userDouglasK: yeah, but why would it do that? that means you cant use the widescreen resolution?03:58
python_userit always detected it as 15.403:58
python_userfor the last 4 versionds03:58
space_cadetbullgard4, no manual entry?03:58
vocxWyzard, Essentially, this only affects the login screen. Considering that we can boot directly to one account that is no problem, but it's still annoying.03:58
steltzi sudo-apt get installed it and it said it was allready installed and up to date03:58
intxzhanx: did you download an iso and use unetbootin?03:58
SteffyHey all, I have a few partitions mounted under Ubuntu. But how do I name them? For instance one of my partitions appears on the desktop as "DATA" yet another appears as "76 GB Media".03:58
zhanxintx yes03:58
Wyzardvocx: That article is about an xorg.conf that already had a Virtual line with the wrong numbers on it03:59
space_cadetintx, unetbootin here as well (not a netbook though)03:59
DouglasKPython_user: Can't say for sure about that, I'm running widescreen on Intrepid now.03:59
danbhfiveintx: I just used the usb-startupcreator03:59
lstarnesacorn1: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tor should have some info about what happened to the tor package03:59
python_userDouglasK: yeah I had no problems with Intrepid03:59
Wyzardvocx: which is different from having no Virtual line at all, and just using the default03:59
bullgard4space_cadet: 'cdrecord --help' produces a help text just as other command-line commands do. Why is ther no man page?03:59
zhanxdanbhfive the usb-startupcreator has yet to work one bit for me04:00
vocxWyzard, it's not the wrong numbers. That's my exact behavior. It's having a virtual size that produces a big login screen.04:00
space_cadetbullgard4, http://cdrecord.berlios.de/private/man/cdrecord-2.0.html04:00
bullgard4space_cadet: There is no manual entry.04:00
danbhfivezhanx: what happens?04:00
zhanxcrashes with a segement fault04:00
DouglasKpython_user, what video card?04:00
Wyzardvocx: It's having a virtual size that's bigger than your monitor's resolution that's the problem04:01
igor1121Good evening. I have a question. I just upgraded from 8.10 to 9.04 on my Lenovo T60p laptop. Now when I boot up the system seems to boot fine until X.org start at which point the screen is garbled and the machine seems frozen. When this happens I cannot switch to a different virtual console and the machine does not respond to CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE. Any ideas on what to do?04:01
Wyzardvocx: that person had a 1024x768 screen, but had somehow gotten "Virtual 1280 960" in xorg.conf, producing the problem04:01
vocxWyzard, as you say, the Virtual size fools the login screen into thinking there is more room. But since you cannot pan in the login screen, you are screwed. But once you login, then everything is fine, because you can now pan.04:01
acorn1lstarnes: thanks again04:01
TBotNikAll: Sound Q: Why is sound OK on my box but disabled in Pidgin?04:01
jschalligor1121: ctrl alt bksp is disabled by default04:01
Wyzardvocx: hmm, didn't know panning doesn't work on the login screen...  I don't see why it wouldn't04:01
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danbhfive!dontzap | igor112104:02
ubottuigor1121: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable »04:02
python_userDouglasK: intel04:02
space_cadetigor1121, boot to live cd, backup your stuff and install clean?04:02
igor1121BTW, I switched to using vesa driver in xorg.conf and it's still the same result. It's not a hardware issue since the livecd works fine.04:02
Wyzardvocx: but the whole virtual thing is a legacy feature as far as I'm concerned; I haven't seen it used in years04:02
ttoniHello, I have Ubuntu 8.10 installed on my system with an ATI graphics card and I frequently have problems. Some Ubuntu friends told me 8.04 might work better for me, what you folks think?04:02
vocxWyzard, well, that's the problem: panning doesn't work in the login screen.04:02
DouglasKpython_user, maybe I'll be lucky ... I'm on a slightly older nvidia.04:02
igor1121space_cadet: that's what I gues I have to do.04:02
igor1121ttoni: same problem here. Interesting...04:02
python_userDouglasK: irony... the intel driver is opensource so intrepid has excellent support, seems like they messed that up with jaunty04:03
doleybttoni: maybe they really wanted you to get 9.0404:03
Wyzardvocx: I'd say the problem is that you shouldn't have a virtual screen size bigger than the real screen size in the first place04:03
pc1oad1etterCan anyone help me send print jobs from Mac OS X to Ubuntu?  I have local printing working, and I have the printer set to share (port scan is showing 631 open)04:03
vocxWyzard, I like the ability to pan. Because then I can put more things in a single workspace, instead of creating more workspaces which is also a solution.04:03
geniehostXChat 2.8.4 how to save my room list, so every time I open xchat open my room list too?04:03
mayuyahi Wyzard04:03
pc1oad1etterBut I can't seem to get the printer to add (and send jobs) correctly04:03
TBotNikAll: REPEATING ==> Sound Q: Why is sound OK on my box but disabled in Pidgin?  Have had this happen on other U-Boxes and can not find an answer online.04:03
bullgard4space_cadet: Excellent! Thank you very much for your help.04:03
space_cadetbullgard4, yep! :)04:03
Wyzardvocx: Window manager virtual desktops are a much better solution to managing lots of windows04:03
coolguy4hi, I want to put an item in the gnome menu (the 'start menu'). The gui is not working for me. I think I need to create a .desktop file, but I'm not sure where I should put it.04:03
Steffyttoni: 8.04 works better for me though I had networking issues with 8.10. 8.04 is a LTS edition and will be supported for longer and in theory is more reliable :)04:03
coolguy4is ~/.local/share/applications/ the right place?04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about biorhythm04:04
danes_need help. I updated and youtube is not playing anymore. What can I do?04:04
ttoniThey mentioned 9.04 but I hesitate to use it since it's testing04:04
braden_oh no... i just installed nVidia drivers and did the hack and they still won't run04:04
python_userdanes_: install flah?04:04
vocxWyzard, but I like having a super endlessly long stretched workspace. It's funny.04:04
lstarnesttoni: 9.04 has been fully released04:04
danes_python_user, I think I already have it04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about biorhythm04:05
=== braden_ is now known as meoblast
happyfacehelp I can't install Jaunty! Debootstrap warning when installing base system!04:05
pc1oad1etterAnyone have a suggestion for adding the printer in Mac OS X to print to the ubuntu print server?04:05
danes_python_user, I think I already have it. The thing is that it loads and plays about one to 2 secs and then it stops04:05
kevin009hello, I have 3 PCs here and all of them fail to burn and verify CDs/DVDs. is there any way to fix this?04:05
kavityCan someone help me with getting dual monitors using a laptop, and a regular monitor?04:05
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE04:05
kavityWith an fglrx graphics card.04:05
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:05
kevin009they burn disks just fine in windows04:05
histo!botabuse > pcloadletter04:05
histo!botabuse > pc1oad1etter04:05
ubottupc1oad1etter, please see my private message04:05
losherkevin009: what do you use to burn?04:06
python_userdanes_: I'm not surprised, jaunty is full of these types of problems04:06
LukeBhisto: i tried both things and i still can't enable desktop effects04:06
evonI can't even get it installed04:06
python_usermobi-sheep: the wiki link wasnt really helpful04:06
space_cadetdanes_, my youtube works..04:06
evonhow do i overcome the unmount cdrom problem?04:06
space_cadetLinux 2.6.28-11-generic [i686/800.50MHz/SMP]04:07
ttoniSo does 9.04 support ATI?04:07
python_userultimatly it told me to dual boot windows mobi-sheep04:07
histoLukeB: maybe someone else will be able to help.04:07
danes_python_user, space_cadet,  any suggestions?04:07
kevin009losher: i have used both k3b and brasero04:07
space_cadetdanes_, well my youtube worked out of the box.04:07
LukeBhisto: alright thanks for trying much appreciated04:07
space_cadetdanes_, clean install04:07
mobi-sheeppython_user: I was speaking of the xorg file.  The concept is there.  You need to use nano or text editor to change the resolution size to your native resolution size. ;)04:07
LukeBcan anyone help me? I can't enable desktop effects04:07
losherttoni: 8.04 seems to be the most stable release. Whichever release you try, make sure you can recover to the previous release04:07
danes_space_cadet, ???04:07
kevin009it seems like this became a problem when the change was made in the kernel from hda to sda for all devices04:07
danes_space_cadet, how?04:07
python_usermobi-sheep: yeah, xorg is pretty much blank, and I have no idea how to get the modeline04:07
python_userwithout using a windows app04:07
python_useras instructed by the wiki04:08
vocxWyzard, please inspect this log http://paste.ubuntu.com/157647/    By the way I used the driver's PanelSize option, but it is "not enforced", and this log was without no Virtual line, it defaults to 1600x1200 which is bigger than my native 1280x102404:08
ttonilosher, thanks04:08
space_cadetdanes_, well i did set up ubuntu-restricted-extras the usual way04:08
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:08
losherkevin009: and when you say it fails, what exactly goes wrong04:08
bmx2962Why do some programs install easily, but others I need to use the console, like I did with installing Adobe AIR??04:08
space_cadetadobe air?04:08
SteffySomething simple that I can't work out: I have a few partitions mounted under Ubuntu. But how do I name them? For instance one of my partitions appears on the desktop as "DATA" yet another appears as "76 GB Media".04:08
ttonithanks folks04:08
zhanxbmx2962 its the choice of the person who made it04:08
LukeBspace_cadet: can you help me?04:08
TBotNikAll:  Well since I don't have the null modem cable for RS6000-B50 box, I guess I finish my Amanda install on this box.  Is not working right.  Install Client first, then found HOWTO that had me install server, now have a conflict.  Any suggestions?04:09
steltz!GIMP i installed gimpshop, and now it won't launch04:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:09
space_cadetSteffy, one is named data the other isnt named.04:09
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zhanxsteltz run gimp from the terminal04:09
Steffyspace_cadet: I understand that, but how do I name it?04:09
space_cadetSteffy, so... i am thinking you named it in windows.04:09
vocxWyzard, "(WW) CHROME(0): Unable to estimate virtual size"   and then "(--) CHROME(0): Virtual size is 1680x1200 (pitch 1680)"04:09
kevin009dmesg reports all sorts of i/o errors too04:09
guest_42vigo, ping04:09
doleybbmx2962: because that's how adobe made it... and they made it that way because they wanted it to work on any linux, not only ubuntu04:09
bmx2962zhanx, thanks. So its just the file type right that determines how I'll have to install?04:09
steltzzhanx: thanks i'll try04:10
Steffyspace_cadet: Nope04:10
LukeBcan anyone help me? i can't enable desktop effects04:10
losherSteffy: the tune2fs -L "label" command can be used to name ext3 filesystems. Dunno if there's a gui way to do it...04:10
zhanxbmx2962 sure04:10
BlueEaglelukeb: install the drivers for your graphics card.04:10
bmx2962doleyb, thank you.04:10
raguis there tabuntu for 8.10?04:10
python_userLukeB: what grfx card?04:10
kevin009losher: sometimes it will simply say that verification failed. sometimes the drive will become locked/unusable until I reboot04:10
Wyzardvocx: I think if you don't have a Modes line, it takes the list of all modes it knows about and filters it by what it thinks your system can do04:11
antibodyhello. I'm trying to authenticate through fingerprint reader the pam lib works however 1. If I don't pass my finger it will end forever for it and I can't type password..2. So far I only made it that 1st I ahve to pass the finger and the type the password..is there anyways I can type only one ? fingerprint is with "sufficient"04:11
kevin009losher: i've tried different speeds and file systems and all04:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fingerprint04:11
space_cadetlosher Steffy and there's also reiserfstune for the reiserfs partitions04:11
LukeBpython_user: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)04:11
Wyzardvocx: I don't know why it thinks your system can do 1680x1200 but then doesn't actually use that resolution04:11
raguhow shall I install tabuntu for 8.1004:11
meoblast001my nVidia drivers wont work.. can someone help me?04:11
python_userLukeB: that card is blacklisted due to a software bug04:11
Steffylosher: how does tune2fs name partitions? Not used it before04:11
losherkevin009: I've never seen that particular failure mode. Which release of Ubuntu?04:12
Wyzardvocx: but if you put a line saying Modes "1280x1024" then it should use just that mode and no other, so you won't have 1680x1200 driving up the virtual size04:12
LukeBpython_user: so what do i do?04:12
space_cadetSteffy, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive04:12
evonanyone know how to fix the installation problem with regards to unmounting the cdrom?04:12
losherSteffy: sudo tune2fs -L "some label"04:12
space_cadetSteffy, it has info you want04:12
python_userLukeB: well, if you enable compiz, you could have unexpected side affects04:12
arHi guys can anyone offer me advise on hosting control panels04:12
vocxWyzard, the log I presented was without a Mode nor a Virtual line. That's what I'm telling you, it thinks about 1600x1200, it "tries" it on the login screen, but after logging in, it gets back to 12800x102404:12
brEz_any staffers around?04:12
Steffythanks space_cadet, losher: will give that a try04:12
Buttons840Is Python2.5 not in symnatic?04:12
Wyzardvocx: Are you using gnome?04:12
LukeBpython_user: i just want to enable visual effects,  to like normal04:13
lstarnesbrEz_: staffers of what?04:13
sprockets2000Hi, anyone have a mini 1000 (HP)04:13
vocxWyzard, yes gnome04:13
brEz_err, wrong channel :P04:13
Wyzardvocx: System->Preferences->Screen Resolution04:13
python_userLukeB: mkdir -p ~/.config/compiz/ && echo SKIP_CHECKS=yes >> ~/.config/compiz/compiz-manager04:13
python_userdont cry if it breaks04:13
steltzzhanx: thank yOU!!! it worked04:13
python_userI warned you04:13
vocxWyzard, tried that already...04:13
lstarnesButtons840: try python2.5 (case-sensitive)04:13
intxwhat file system does ubuntu netbook remix use?04:13
zhanxsteltz i know it did04:13
Wyzardvocx: gnome is probably applying that setting at login; that's why it switches to 1280x102404:13
sprockets2000intx prob etx3 disregarding its ssd04:13
ax57Do I need to install regular ubuntu  first before installing edubuntu?04:13
LukeBpython_user: ok i ran that in the terminal now what04:14
finnintx, you get to choose if you use the advanced partitioning04:14
kdasklstarnes: are you still here04:14
sprockets2000but i mean ssd have a long life time now further than the netbook itself so it doesnt really matter04:14
python_userWyzard: Hi, any idea why jaunty detects a 15.4 screen as 15 and wont allow the x900 wide screen res????04:14
lstarneskdask: yes04:14
Wyzardvocx: and that method of changing the screen resolution actually changes the virtual size too04:14
intxwhat file system does ubuntu support that is okay with a ssd?04:14
python_userLukeB: logout and in then enable your shizzle04:14
Buttons840Istarnes: I try searching for "python," but only get python 2.6. :(04:14
sprockets2000intx ext204:14
arCan anyone tell me how I would get this to my server via terminal Debian package suitable for Debian, Ubuntu or other derived Linux04:14
arhttp://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webadmin/webmin_1.470_all.deb 14M04:14
steltzzhanx: how do you know04:14
meoblast001i need nVidia drivers04:14
kdasklstarnes: it says it installed the version for i686 on my system04:14
LukeBpython_user: enable my shizzle? lol how do i do that04:14
vocxWyzard, by the way in 9.04 "Screen Resolution" is now "Display"04:14
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.04:14
zhanxsteltz had the same probem04:15
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tritiummeoblast001: System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers04:15
python_userLukeB:  I meant enable your compiz/what ever you were trying to do04:15
doleybSo I upgraded to 9.04 and now I guess the sound device is blocking!? (only one prog can use it at a time)04:15
steltzzhanx: i am steltz....04:15
Wyzardvocx: changing the virtual size when switching screen resolutions wasn't supported years ago; that's what the panning was for04:15
ax57Do I need to install regular ubuntu  first before installing edubuntu? its for my bosses kid, ive used ubuntu but not edubuntu04:15
LukeBpython_user: how do i enable it lol04:15
tritiumax57: no04:15
arbut ebox does not create emails or databases or other things that plesk or cpanel create, is that right?04:15
meoblast001tritium, that locks up while installing04:15
python_userLukeB: It's in the appearences menu04:15
glickexcuse me, what is the development tools package called? i thought it used to be called dev-tools04:15
python_useror close too04:15
zhanxsteltz i had the same problem that better for you04:15
glickyou kno what contains a compiler04:15
glicklinker, etc, etc04:15
FloodBot1glick: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:16
glickall that good stuff04:16
tritiumax57: http://edubuntu.org/news/9.04-release04:16
rippsUbuntuGeek.com has a new article on fixing some Jauntu sound issues: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sound-solutions-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html04:16
LukeBpython_user: ok so just log out? no need to restart?04:16
meoblast001tritium, i installed them directly off nvidia and now i'm prompted to go into low graphics mode every time i start04:16
python_userstfu repeating04:16
JohnFluxWhat happened to #ubuntu+1  ?04:16
python_useri already told you04:16
python_userlog out04:16
python_userthen in04:16
thothegI can't play dvd in Ubuntu 9.04. I have installed libdvdcss204:16
FloodBot1python_user: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:16
ax57tritum; could you kindly point me to a nice link to edubuntu, the one i have with linux pro mag is not working, oppps just seen you new msg i will check it out thanks04:16
kevin009losher: it has been happening to me since like 7.04 up to 9.0404:16
kdasklstarnes ?04:16
lstarnesJohnFlux: it isn't needed anymore as 9.04 is now officially supported04:16
lstarneskdask: so?04:16
Wyzardvocx: so if I understand correctly:  your video driver defaults to 1680x1200 for some reason, so that's the size of your login screen, but when you log in, gnome switches to 1280x102404:16
tritiummeoblast001: we don't support nvidia.com downloads.  Instead, we provide nvidia drivers in the repositories.04:16
MrFuzzyi need some help configuring alsa with my optical out04:16
JohnFluxlstarnes: ah04:16
lstarneskdask: i686 version of what?04:16
kdaski have i686 FF04:16
zhanxMrFuzzy razor card?04:16
JohnFluxlstarnes: I wanted to report that http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading   has the wrong title04:16
MrFuzzyATI onboard04:17
JohnFluxlstarnes: (and hence google headline)04:17
lstarneskdask: I'm not sure what to do there04:17
glickhow do i install standard devel tools in jaunty?04:17
space_cadetthotheg, i'm assuming you went through this \/\/04:17
zirodayJohnFlux: report it in #ubuntu-website04:17
python_userWyzard: Hi, any idea why jaunty detects a 15.4 screen as 15 and wont allow the x900 wide screen res????04:17
space_cadet!restricted | thotheg04:17
lstarneskdask: I use x86_64 firefox04:17
ubottuthotheg: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:17
joe262hi ppl04:17
rippsJohnFlux: try filing a bug report at launchpad, I don't know where else to put it.04:17
meoblast001tritium, yeah... well... it's not really supporting them if they won't even install04:17
tritiummeoblast001: they do04:17
losherkevin009: doesn't ring a bell. In your place, I'd do a google search on the dvd model name and see if it's a known incompatibilty04:17
sprockets2000python cant you just configure the xorg.conf04:17
sprockets2000to your liking04:17
glickahh build-essential04:17
zhanxMrFuzzy there a second set of the same options but number 2 in the sound? for my razor there was and the second one was optical04:17
vocxWyzard, yes, it errors, Out of range, in the login screen, but then it goes back to notmal.04:17
meoblast001tritium, no they don't04:17
Wyzardpython_user: The physical screen dimensions aren't really related to the pixel dimensions04:17
JohnFluxripps: ah there's a webmaster@04:17
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kdasklstarnes: apparently mozilla didnt detect my system as being 64 bit04:18
=== test32767 is now known as jnykiel
tritiummeoblast001: no, really.  You can also install them via apt-get, aptitude, or synaptic.04:18
MrFuzzyzhanx - yea i set the iec958 switches but there is still no light coming out from it04:18
python_userWyzard: yeah but losing that .4" made ubuntu think my laptop doesnt do widescreen04:18
Templa[mobile]Ah! I upgraded to 9.04 how do I turn on my ati card???04:18
shiloh7meoblast001, i recomend reading n the forum, the answers are there04:18
meoblast001tritium, can't find them in synaptic04:18
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lstarneskdask: by default packages for 64-bit firefox are installed if you use 64-bit ubuntu04:18
meoblast001shiloh7, already tried that hack.. didnt work04:18
sprockets2000Configure the xorg file Python...04:18
tritiummeoblast001: search for nvidia-glx04:18
zhanxMrFuzzy check the bios also, i had to disable the onboard and it worked04:18
meoblast001shiloh7, worked the first time but i had to reinstall because my system pooped on me04:19
shiloh7meoblast001, hack?????04:19
rippsTempla[mobile]: if you have an rv600+ card you can use fglrx, if not, you have to use the opensource driver04:19
guest_42vigo, i guess your not around04:19
Wyzardvocx: Modes "1280x1024" should stop it from creating a 1680x1200 framebuffer and trying to use 1680x1200 video mode, and instead create a 1280x1024 framebuffer and use 1280x1024 video mode04:19
vocxWyzard, in this log, I enforce the Virtual line, but I don't specify Modes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/157653/    It works perfectly, but I can't pan, of course.04:19
space_cadetmeoblast001, hacking is something you do in windows to get a program illegally04:19
meoblast001shiloh7, there's a hack you need to do to use nVidia drivers in Jaunty04:19
space_cadetmeoblast001, we are better than that04:19
MrFuzzyzhanx: it is an onboard optical out - ALC1200 is the driver it uses, it just outputs to null04:19
Templa[mobile]ripps: Radeon?04:19
meoblast001space_cadet, hacking is when you modify things to make them work04:19
kdasklstarnes: can i install 2 versions of ff?04:19
shiloh7meoblast001, ummm, no04:19
lstarnesspace_cadet: you're thiking of cracking, not hacking04:19
lstarneskdask: yes04:19
tritiummeoblast001: no, there is no hack required04:19
python_usermeh, back to intrepid for me04:19
rippsTempla[mobile]: yes, It is quite good these, about as good as the closed source04:20
mobi-sheeppython_user: Did you look at this?04:20
space_cadetmeoblast001, actually hacking is modifying things to make them do what they are not marketed to do04:20
zhanxMrFuzzy thats as far as i can help man04:20
devin_does anyone know or where I can find out the vga parameters for menu.list for a 1600x900 20" monitor? tried hwinfo --framebuffer but it doesn't list my res04:20
tritiumpython_user: what's the issue?04:20
mobi-sheep!xorg | python_user04:20
space_cadetif you want to get technical04:20
ubottupython_user: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:20
shiloh7does jaunty have envy?04:20
meoblast001tritium, ok... well.. i found it on Ubuntu forums.. fixed the problem last time... not this time04:20
python_userTristam: jaunty doesnt detect my widescreen therefore wont make the widescreen res available04:20
meoblast001tritium, can't find nvidia-glx* in there04:20
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=== brEz_ is now known as brEz
adrian_2002cahi all, I'm on Jaunty and I have an old sys card, is there a way to be able to play movies(so at least theyre watchable)?04:20
Buttons840Can someone check symnatic for me?  Why is python 2.5 no longer available?04:20
MrFuzzyanybody with an ALC1200 chip with optical out working/04:20
python_usertritium:  jaunty doesnt detect my widescreen therefore wont make the widescreen res available04:20
rippsTempla[mobile]: I recommend adding 'Option "AccelDFS" "True"' to your xorg.conf, it really speeds up things like flash with exa04:20
lstarnesButtons840: pythin2.5 should be in there04:20
tritium!info nvidia-glx-18004:20
losherpython_user: back to 8.04 for me...04:20
ubottunvidia-glx-180 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 180.44-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 8682 kB, installed size 26188 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)04:20
sprockets2000Python_user: the great thing about linux is you can configure it to your needs04:20
lstarnesButtons840: *python2.504:20
tritiummeoblast001: ^^04:20
tritiummeoblast001: it's there.  You're doing something wrong.04:21
python_userlosher: lol, one version further back than me hahah04:21
Buttons840I can't see it :(04:21
tritiumpython_user: intel?  Did you read the 9.04 release notes?04:21
meoblast001tritium, ok... nvm... it just cant search... i have to do it all manually04:21
Templa[mobile]ripps: Any chance we get fglrx soon? Does ati have plans?04:21
python_usersprockets2000: yeah, and sometimes you cant, because it just doesn't work04:21
llamahow can I get rid of this indicator applet04:21
lstarnesButtons840: close synaptic, open a terminal, and run aptitude show python2.504:21
sprockets2000python, it will work if you go read a little bit04:21
tritiummeoblast001: then, sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18004:21
MrFuzzyfglrx is released every month04:21
sprockets2000Python, go learn about xorg and configure your xorg.conf to your needs04:21
python_usertritium: I did, and they provided no real help in getting widescreen to work (intel)04:21
MrFuzzythe new one came out last week04:21
Buttons840i believe my symnatic filters are messed, up, let me look at it a bit, thank you04:21
rippsTempla[mobile]: AMD discontinued support for older cards, your stuck with opensource for r300-r500 or lower04:21
lstarnesButtons840: if that works and you want to install it, use sudo aptitude install python2.504:22
tritiumpython_user: just pointing out that there are plenty of issues with the intel driver04:22
space_cadetButtons840,  check your software sources > download from and choose other.   then click the choose best button04:22
llamahow can I get rid of this indicator applet?  Ive disabled it and uninstalled it, but the messages just never stop.04:22
TopBunny88python_user: IMHU every man ought to have a choice of which software anbd version of oftware he uses04:22
Templa[mobile]ripps: I forget what model I have, I'll check04:22
space_cadetButtons840, it seems i have had to do that a couple of times today even because some mirrors went down04:22
Wyzardvocx: I don't think it's possible to use a virtual size larger than your monitor's resolution when logged in without having it on the login screen too04:22
tritiummeoblast001: you should have the "restricted" component enabled, which is where the nvidia-glx-* packages are located.04:23
mobi-sheepllama: Remove it from the panel?04:23
llamaI did04:23
llamaI even removed and ourged it04:23
python_usersprockets2000: I would but I have no idea how to create a modeline, only adive I found so far was to dual boot ti vista and vista do it for me (advice from ubuntu wiki)04:23
llamait just keeps coming up04:23
vocxWyzard, and in this other log, I enforce the Mode just like you say, I actually give "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600", http://paste.ubuntu.com/157655/    It also works like a charm. But no pan.04:23
MrFuzzyis there an alsa or sound irc?04:23
meoblast001tritium, now should i just restart now that i have it installed?04:23
TopBunny88space_cadet: u tried the xmissiion,com mirror04:23
mobi-sheepllama: Then I don't know why.04:23
Wyzardvocx: and I think it's very strange that you actually *want* to use a panning virtual desktop; that's a legacy feature from years ago when xorg wasn't capable of changing resolutions properly04:23
tritiummeoblast001: no need.  You can switch to a virtual console, and sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart04:23
python_userhow on earth is a human being supposed to come up with a valid modeline??04:23
Geinepython_user, what is the editor you can use to pogrom GUI for python04:23
vocxWyzard, "I don't think it's possible to use a virtual size larger than your monitor's resolution when logged in without having it on the login screen too"  <--- apparently.04:23
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
sam0Anyone knows how to set the "vesa", "nv", "ati" Video drivers in the recovery section??? In previous versions the dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg did the work, but now it only asks for keyboard stuff... Even changing the xorg.conf for the one that worked before doesn't work... Anyone knows?04:24
space_cadetTopBunny88, nope, it usually chooses wisconsin or chicago for me04:24
tritiumpython_user: modelines are not typically required any more04:24
losherMrFuzzy: apparently there is a #alsa. I've never used it04:24
python_userGeine: I use emacs04:24
Geinepython_user, emacs is the text edit right?04:24
rippssam0: what card do you have?04:24
losherMrFuzzy: 9.04 is notorious for sound problems04:24
python_usertritium: correct, but in this case I need a modeline. If I didn't need one then this would of been working hours ago04:24
billybigriggeris x-sane the only image scanner program i can use in ubuntu? my epson nx200 all in one printer gets recognized as a printer but not as a scanner in xsane, is there another alternative i can try?04:24
space_cadetlosher, i'm glad i have a solid asus.04:25
space_cadetlosher, everything worked oob04:25
MrFuzzythe sound hasn't worked in any distro yet04:25
Wyzardpython_user: Video drivers don't give a hoot about "widescreen" vs. "not widescreen"...  they ask the monitor what its preferred resolution is, and use that04:25
ShivamI need help with Ubuntu settings, my mouse keeps moving in the center when a new window opens04:25
sam0ripps Ati04:25
evilGUII made a backup of my home directory then when I did mv /home_backup home it disappeared.04:25
MrFuzzyi have asus and the optical out does not work04:25
Geinepython_user, my question is how to do Graphic User Interface (GUI) to be used for python04:25
Wyzardpython_user: afaik the only thing the monitor's physical dimensions are used for is calculating the monitor's DPI, which affects the size of your fonts04:25
python_userWyzard: so how can I fix this?04:25
python_userhow can i make jaunty let me use 1280x900?04:25
usserGeine, try eric or idle, python is very picky about indentation, idle or eric auto indent and emacs is just to harsh for a novice04:25
python_useri read the wiki04:25
python_userdidnt really help04:25
vocxWyzard,  "that's a legacy feature from"  <----  yes, maybe a legacy feature. But for someone who has never seen it in use, it is kind of exiting. It's kinda like marveling with a wheel when we are all using hovering cars... or something.04:26
Wyzardpython_user: What kind of monitor do you have?04:26
ShivamI need help with Ubuntu settings, my mouse keeps moving in the center when a new window opens04:26
rippssam0, your card should automatically use the radeon (ati) driver. What exactly is going wrong?04:26
evilGUIWhere would my home directory have gone?04:26
python_userWyzard: laptop lcd 15.4"04:26
space_cadetPython_user yah, it's the video card that determines the resolution capabilities.04:26
Wyzardpython_user: and what type of GPU?04:26
python_userthis has always worked right back to 7.0404:26
losherspace_cadet: I have a Q6600/ECS intel mobo and it took me hours to get sound working on 9.0404:26
space_cadetpython_user, again... the lcd has no matter.04:26
python_userout of the box04:26
meoblast001tritium, doesnt work04:26
ShivamI need help with Ubuntu settings, my mouse keeps moving in the center when a new window opens04:27
Wyzardspace_cadet: the video card has upper limits on what resolutions it's capable of outputting, but the driver uses EDID data from the monitor to decide what video mode to make the video card actually output04:27
Buttons840Is there anyways to start something in the terminal and then close the terminal without killing the process?  I like that new feature, but sometimes I want to override it.04:27
billybigriggeris there a spanish speaking channel for ubuntu?04:27
tritiummeoblast001: what does it do, then?04:27
tritium!es > billybigrigger04:27
ubottubillybigrigger, please see my private message04:27
space_cadetpython_user, you could have a 13" and get 1900 x 120004:27
askvictorHow can I get wvidal to start automatically when the system starts?04:27
python_userintel gm96504:27
meoblast001tritium: first it tells me display 0 is already being used and i'll have to use display 104:27
llamahow can I get rid of this indicator applet?  Ive disabled it and uninstalled it, but the messages just never stop.  Ive restarted and removed it from startup applications also.04:27
meoblast001tritium: then it tells me that i'll have to use low graphics mode04:27
sam0ripps i downloaded the ATI driver with envy-ng, and at the restart it broke... Using dpkg-reconfigure did the work, but now i can't go back04:27
evilGUImeoblast001: Hey.04:27
guest_42Buttons840: use & at the end of the command or hit xrtl-z and then type bg04:27
devin_how can I figure out what vga mode to use for adding a usplash on a widescreen monitor?04:27
tritiummeoblast001: probably due to your installation of non-ubuntu-packaged drivers.04:27
meoblast001evilGUI: i hate nVidia04:28
evilGUIFound it, it got moved to ./root04:28
evilGUImeoblast001: Why?04:28
meoblast001evilGUI: cuz i do04:28
tritiummeoblast001: rebooting is rarely required, but if you choose to, that is fine04:28
usserButtons840, hm a new feature? nohup command &04:28
python_userscrew it, I'll go compile a kernel with an older xorg and intel driver versions04:28
space_cadetmeoblast001, i love nvidia04:28
ShivamI need help with Ubuntu settings, my mouse keeps moving in the center when a new window opens04:28
rippssam0, envy-ng isn't supported for jaunty. What model card do you have, AMD discontinued support for older cards04:28
TopBunny88space_cadet: Please try the xmission mirror  here is the link for my sources.list > http://paste.ubuntu.com/157659/04:28
meoblast001tritium: i think i'm going to check if it's too late to return my card and get an ATI04:28
billybigriggertritium, roger, thanks04:28
python_usermake the thing quicker and purge those popups (notifications) all in one sweep04:28
tritiummeoblast001: ok04:28
evilGUImeoblast001: In Jaunty ATI users have had worse issues.04:29
danes_guys, what is the name of the online game that is a virtual world?04:29
tritiummeoblast001: which card do you have?04:29
rippsevilGUI: I have rv350 ati card, and my Jaunty experience has been great04:29
meoblast001tritium: 9600GSO04:29
sam0ripps ati radeon Xpress 200, pretty old04:29
doleybdanes_: world of warcaft? second life?04:29
tritiummeoblast001: ah, extremely new04:29
joe262danes_: second life?04:29
danes_yeah second life04:29
manuel__is anyone else experiencing very long waits for installing packages?04:29
meoblast001tritium: it worked before this 9.04 bullspit04:29
stryd_onedoes anyone know how to disable a second display setup for multihead using randr?04:29
rippssam0: then your stuck with the opensource radeon drivers.04:29
evilGUIripps: Same here with my 8600GT.04:29
llamahow can I get rid of this indicator applet?  Ive disabled it and uninstalled it, but the messages just never stop.  Ive restarted and removed it from startup applications also.04:30
danes_anyone knows how can I install it in ubuntu?04:30
Steffyspace_cadet: I tried using the guide on the link you posted and it was helpful and appears to have worked. However after remounting the partition it still appears as "78.6 GB Media"04:30
Fjordsidewhere to put iwconfig vlan0 power on so it is automaticaly set when network i loaded?04:30
Buttons840Personally, the UI "Hardware Drivers" really screwed me over with my ATI card.  I downloaded the 9.4 Catalyst from ATI website, and did an automated install (real easy), and things are working much better now.04:30
vocxWyzard, what I'm going to do, is increase the virtual size just a little so the panning is not excessive, and so the login textbox is not "out of bounds". I will only stretch it horizontally.   Also I think it is useful for people like me, who still use a 5:4 ratio monitor, instead of the now more common 16:9. The gnome-panels tend to get full of things, so this will give it, a little more room.04:30
Wyzardmanuel__: yes, it's slow because lots of people are downloading packages in order to upgrade04:30
tritiumdanes_: they provide a linux .tar.gz04:30
manuel__ahhh ok04:30
JoesephI just got an old IBM thinkpad.  It has no hard drive, so I was planning on using my usb drive with ubuntu 8.1 on it with ssh to my desktop.  However, I cannot boot from my usb device.  I have tried using the 'boot from usb' cd from some pendrive website, but it does not work.   I was wondering if anyone knew how to boot a usb device with ubuntu 8.1 on it with super grub disk, or offer any other solution to my problem.  Thank you.04:30
mobi-sheepI have issues with the packages.  I'm trying to purge mobloquer but I face some kind of locked-up issues in the terminal.  What can I do to resolve this?04:30
space_cadetSteffy, check down the page just before the first section it tells about your fstab file04:30
lrojashi all04:30
sam0thanks ripps I guess I'll have to install from 0 again04:30
ShivamI need help with Ubuntu settings, my mouse keeps moving in the center when a new window opens04:30
maodunI just installed jaunty and I have no sound (I had sound on Hardy Heron)04:30
space_cadetSteffy, you are going to have to rename the mount point in fstab04:30
llamahow can I get rid of this indicator applet?  Ive disabled it and uninstalled it, but the messages just never stop.  Ive restarted and removed it from startup applications also.\04:30
russianzillaHey, a few hours after the upgrade to Jaunty, my ability to sudo broke. Now whenever I try to run anything with sudo, it gives me "segmentation fault".04:30
maodunAny ideas what I should be checking?04:30
rippsNewer ATI cards can, and probably should, use the Catalyst drivers, everyone else, just use the opensource radeon, they work great with the older models anyway.04:31
Templa[mobile]ripps: Is radeon mobility x1300 discontinued?04:31
Fjordsidewhere to put iwconfig vlan0 power on so it is automaticaly set when network is* loaded?04:31
usserripps, radeonhd is shaping up real nicely too04:31
russianzillaWould anyone happen to have any suggestions for sudo giving seg fault?04:31
evilGUImeoblast001: Nvidia will fix it at some point, just use 8.10 for a while with a home directory on another partition.04:31
rippsTempla[mobile]: I believe that's an r500, so yes.04:31
space_cadetarrgh... i just tried to enter commands here in the xchat window04:31
lrojascould somebody help me, i tried to active the propietary drivers for my ati card and now the xorg.conf is hosed, i cant load linux04:31
Steffyspace_cadet: My other partition that is named is identical to the unamed parition in my /etc/fstab04:31
meoblast001evilGUI: :(04:32
rippsusser: Yeah, but most of the good stuff it does gets into the radeon, anyway.04:32
neil_dIn 8.10 the sound has stopped.  How do I get it to work again?04:32
vocxWyzard, talking about upgrading, I finished after 30 something hours... some packages were unaccessible and the downloading failed twice... I had to wake up around 3:00 am to continue downloading the packages...04:32
meoblast001evilGUI: can i still get the new KDenLive?04:32
histolrojas: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg04:32
lrojastried that, still hosed04:32
evilGUImeoblast001: Dunno.04:32
histolrojas: well how did you try to load the ati driver?04:32
moparisthebesthow can I only allow my IP adress to connect to ssh on my server?04:32
JoesephOh yeah... When I boot from the live cd, I can see my usb disk, so the usb is working.04:32
moparisthebestI need to do it ASAP because it is being brute-forced as we speak04:33
solexious|netbkHello, I'm trying to get apt-cacher working on my 9.04 server but im getting errors in the log when I try to use it to update via apt http://dpaste.com/37616/ any ideas?04:33
histomoparisthebest: well you could do it key based and have just you having hte key.04:33
histo!ssh | moparisthebest04:33
ubottumoparisthebest: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/04:33
meoblast001evilGUI: i'm just going to play with drivers04:33
lrojasubuntu 9.02, just installed, a windoww pops up, there are propietary hardware drivers for your machine... <activate>, in the middle of it, it froze...04:33
blimemoparisthebest: change the port in sshd_config04:33
neil_dIn 8.10 the sound has stopped.  How do I get it to work again?  I have removed the pulse-audio and am using alsa.04:34
blimemoparisthebest: or look into iptables  :)04:34
moparisthebestis there a way to only allow my IP (which is dynamic, but mapped to a DNS name) to log into the server?04:34
vocxWyzard, Bear with me, I still have a few questions. Is there a way to get the old "dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" functionality directly. Currently, it only writes a plain xorg.conf, but it says that now everything is read from "databases", do you know anything about it?04:34
stryd_oneneil_d, you need pulse or OSS for system sounds to work04:34
NOD62neil_d: What's your Audio hardware?04:34
dgrantIs there any way to just download all the packages for the upgrade without running the upgrader utility? and then run the utility later and have it do the upgrade?04:34
histolrojas: and you ahve an ati card?04:34
r463dgrant: What?04:34
lrojasRADEON 485004:34
SeViLLahey i cant get jaunty to play any movies with totem anyone else have this problem04:35
Templa[mobile]ripps: What about the radeon xpress 1200?04:35
blimemoparisthebest: i don't know of any quick and easy way to do that04:35
JoesephThe error I get when I run the 'boot from usb cd' is an I/O error.  I have super grub disk.  Anybody know how to boot a usb ubuntu system from super grub disk?04:35
Wyzardvocx: video stuff is mostly autodetected by xorg (unless you want to override it, as you're doing) and input configuration comes from HAL now04:35
histolrojas: can you get to a command prompt?04:35
=== edgex-[a] is now known as edgex
neil_dNOD62: [SiS] AC'97 Sound Controller04:35
dgrantr463: well I don't want to do the upgrade just yet, because I'm using my computer right now, but I'd like to start the long download process04:35
=== z00m|away is now known as z00m
rippsTempla[mobile]: I pretty sure that's a discontinued as well, but you should google and find what chipset it uses.04:35
blimemoparisthebest: that's why i suggest just changing the port, as a changed port is less likely to be scanned04:35
NOD62neil_d: So it's only the system sounds that don't work?04:35
jpnubIs there anything wrong with putting the netbook remix on my laptop??04:35
Templa[mobile]ripps: Well my friend is using it with no problem04:36
moparisthebestwhat about hosts.deny and hosts.allow?04:36
vocxWyzard, but there is no way to edit exactly what goes in xorg, or edit what hal sends to it?04:36
neil_dNOD62: no sounds work.04:36
bmx2962How can I install .py file?04:36
russianzillaWould anyone know anything about sudo giving seg faults?04:36
lrojaswell, a command prompt when i use the .restore kernel04:36
NOD62neil_d: Ohh, okay.. One minute.04:36
SeViLLahey i cant get jaunty to play any movies with totem anyone else have this problem04:36
histolrojas: sudo apt-get --reinstall xorg-driver-fglrx04:36
Wyzardvocx: You can always customize xorg.conf by hand, as you're doing now04:36
RxDxplease, anyone that installed 9.04 on a notebook with intel graphics.. is your system slow?04:36
rippsTempla[mobile]: He's probably using the Opensource drivers, they work great with the discontinued models these days.04:36
histo!codec > SeViLLa04:36
solexious|netbkHello, I'm trying to get apt-cacher working on my 9.04 server but im getting errors in the log when I try to use it to update via apt http://dpaste.com/37616/ any ideas?04:36
ubottuSeViLLa, please see my private message04:36
lrojasok, i will try that and see what happens :s04:36
jpnubsevilla, i have no problems what so ever..maybe just get vlc?04:36
Wyzardvocx: and input devices can be configured by writing .fdi files that set the HAL properties you want04:36
joe262hi again04:36
JoesephI get the I/o errors right after the uniform cd-rom driver Revision: 3.20 pops up.04:36
vocxWyzard, but many things are also ignored, I believe.04:36
Templa[mobile]ripps: No, the catalyst04:36
neil_dNOD62: using the Sound Preferences to test.04:36
rippsRxDx: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/intel-graphics-performance-guide-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html04:36
lrojassadly i have to reboot aslinux is in the other partition04:37
losherneil_d: welcome to ubuntu upgrade sound hell. You might start here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=789578 but you'll find there'04:37
histoJoeseph: did you verify the media?04:37
Templa[mobile]ripps: 9.4 version04:37
=== GodfatherofEire1 is now known as GodfatherofEire
RxDxripps, ill see.. thanks04:37
Wyzardvocx: It's also possible to disable the HAL-based input configuration and use xorg.conf for those things instead, though I don't recommend that04:37
losherneil_d: welcome to ubuntu upgrade sound hell. You might start here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=789578 but you'll find there's no shortage of pages on broken sound after an upgrade if you google04:37
Joesephhisto: which media? the cd?04:37
rippsTempla[mobile]: Then it's either a supported chipset, or he's not using ubuntu04:37
histolrojas: well reboot and give that a try that should reinstall whatever the restricted manager was doing.04:37
histoJoeseph: yes04:37
jpnubIs there anything wrong with installing the netbook remix on my laptop??04:37
NOD62neil_d: run "alsamixer" in terminal and search for any components displaying "MM" -> they are muted. Just click the key "m" on them, and they will be unmuted.04:37
rippsTempla[mobile]: I meant ubuntu 9.0404:37
NaywranglerATI driver in amd64 won't work. I have Crossfired ATI 3870 HDs. X server crashes saying "no device"04:37
histolrojas: if not you can try removing that package04:37
RxDxripps, invalid website..04:37
TopBunny88When do i have to upgrade to jaunty04:38
Joesephhisto: I suppose not... I don't know how.04:38
zhanxTopBunny88 never if you choose not too04:38
rippsRxDx: are you sure, I'm getting it fine here: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/intel-graphics-performance-guide-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html04:38
histoJoeseph: right on the installation cd menu is a check media option04:38
drlecterneil_d: I had the same problem...04:38
doleybjpnub: no its fine, go ahead04:38
bmx2962can anyone help with installing a .py file?04:38
RxDxill try to proxy it04:38
cfeddewhat you're running will be "unsupported" in a couple years.  But then what does "supported" mean for opensource?04:38
Steffyspace_cadet: I'm wondering if I need to reboot? blkid shows the Label has been set04:38
jpnubdoleyb, awesome thanks man...just wanted a simple interface, better battery performance04:38
vocxWyzard, well, I guess I can't mess with HAL directly then...04:38
space_cadetSteffy, maybe...   worth a try04:39
doleybbmx2962: you can put the py file anyplace you want, just click it or type ./file.py or whatever04:39
NOD62neil_d: The solution I gave you is a common fix for that sound card.04:39
lrojashito: i just someone else with issues by trying to get the drivers on ubuntu-64bits04:39
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:39
space_cadetvocx, i'm afraid you cannot do that04:39
SteffyOkay, cheers space_cadet. Been a real help! :)04:39
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P04:39
TopBunny88zhanx: When does 9.10 go eol?04:39
mattgyveris there a way to force gnome-do to an 'always on top' mode?04:39
TBotNikAll: Quick Q before I go off to snooze land:  What is best ISO recovery/backup for Ubuntu?04:39
drlecterneil_d: I ran alsamixer kept pushing to the right, and turned off independent hp04:39
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Jaunty, and help keeping the servers' load low!04:40
solexious|netbkHello, I'm trying to get apt-cacher working on my 9.04 server but im getting errors in the log when I try to use it to update via apt http://dpaste.com/37616/ any ideas?04:40
zhanxTopBunny88 check the site04:40
lstarnesTopBunny88: 8.10 or 9.10?04:40
meoblast001evilGUI: i've made up my mind04:40
ubottuJaunty can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ubuntu-9.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your archieecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).04:40
TopBunny88lstarnes: 8.1004:40
TopBunny88link please zha04:40
TopBunny88link please zhanx04:40
anervoustwitchi just finished the upgrade to 9.10, and it looks like somethings hosed with either xfs or dmraid - anyone know which it is?04:40
lstarnesTopBunny88: I think april 201004:40
Joesephhisto: I am talking about a 'boot a usb drive cd' I found here http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-boot-cd-for-ubuntu-810/ because my bios does not seem to recognize my usb device.  If you can tell me how to boot through super grub disk, that would be great too.04:40
zhanxTopBunny88 www.ubuntu.com04:40
TBotNikAll:  Got the default "Keep", but it doesn't burn to CD/DVD, and Amanda is bombing on me so need another easy to install/use with ISO burn capability.04:41
evilGUImeoblast001: ?04:41
meoblast001evilGUI: i'm switching to Fedora04:41
vocxWyzard, okay, one last question. Is it possible to start different X sessions in a straight manner? I believe, that init scripts, or however most Linux distros boot up, call some command such as X:0 that start the actual graphical desktop. So is there a way to have multiple of these, controlled by one user, like X:1, X:2, etc.04:41
Wyzardvocx: yes, startx -- :104:41
doleybTBotNik: did you try k3b?04:41
rippsvocx: what Wyzard said, but you need a pretty powerful systme to not get any slowdowns04:42
vocxripps, Wyzard, simple that like? No catch?04:42
evilGUImeoblast001: Lets talk on your IRC server.04:43
meoblast001evilGUI: ok04:43
Z3ro3XI want to be able to access my system from the internet with SSH.  That's easy to setup.  Doing the port forwarding in the router is also easy.  What I want to know is, is there software for Linux that can do the port forwarding automatically via the upnp in the router?04:43
TopBunny88zhanx: How do i force an dist-upgrade in package manager04:43
TBotNikdoleyb: No do not even have a good list of candidates.  Had downloaded a product called "Rescue Disk" at one time, but can not seem to find it now.  Found one copy, but was Win only and version I had was Linux.04:43
Steffyspace_cadet: Yep, rebooting worked :)04:43
billybigriggeranyone here use an all in one epson printer/scanner? i can get the printer working fine, but xsane doesn't recognize the scanner, any clues?04:44
solexious|netbkHello, I'm trying to get apt-cacher working on my 9.04 server but im getting errors in the log when I try to use it to update via apt http://dpaste.com/37616/ any ideas?04:44
NaywranglerATI driver is not working on 9.0404:44
hakuninHi folks. Afraid this has been overasked but can't find good info online. I am a web dev, and want to use my Aspire One on frequent flights. I have latest v8 installed atm. Is Netbook Remix mostly targeted at simple user or would it be beneficial for me to switch?04:44
rippsNaywrangler: what model card do you have?04:44
vocxbillybigrigger, check the model on the internetz. Check ubuntuforums for clues.04:44
zhanxTopBunny88 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:45
NaywranglerI have amd64, Radeon HD 3870 x2 in crossfire04:45
NaywranglerX.org is giving me errors04:45
NaywranglerNo device found04:45
NaywranglerDetected both cards04:45
NaywranglerSays no device04:45
FloodBot1Naywrangler: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:45
russianzillaSudo keeps throwing out segmentation fault every time I try to use it, plus Synaptic won't launch. Help lease?04:45
ShivamI need help with Ubuntu settings, my mouse keeps moving in the center when a new window opens04:45
hakuninLatest v8 desktop ed.04:45
TBotNikdoleyb: Is k3b in SPM or do I have to find on net?04:46
hakuninSo any advice on netbook vs. desktop as far as web dev concerned would be appreciated.04:46
Naywranglerdoes anyone remember the ATI config command? Will try toying around in the command line04:46
rippsNaywrangler: if have an older model card, AMD might have discontinued support with it's closed source driver04:46
halyconhey everyone I just downloaded and burnt a copy of jaunty and am just how do I start the upgrade and get it to use the cdrom instead of the internet04:46
ryanpriorhakunin: only get a netbook if you're going to use it to browse & travel. For web development, you need a full-sized screen and keyboard.04:46
losherZ3ro3X: why would you need this? As you say, it's easy, and it's a one-time setup since ssh doesn't change ports...04:47
ryanpriorhakunin: Beyond that, see !best04:47
Naywranglerit's a relatively new card04:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about x.oy04:47
anervoustwitchryanprior unless you love vi and lynx!04:47
doleybTBotNik: k3b is in ubuntu04:47
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:47
Z3ro3Xlosher, It's for two laptops.  My brothers and sisters.  Trying to talk them through stuff on the phone is a pain in the ass.04:47
NaywranglerWish I could paste the contents of X.orgs log here or somewhere04:48
ryanprior!pastebin | Naywrangler04:48
ubottuNaywrangler: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:48
anervoustwitchNaywrangler you mean like pastebin??04:48
TBotNikdoleyb: OK looking in SPM!04:48
Naywranglerthat will do04:48
vocxhakunin, some people get all excited about netbooks, because they are small and everything. Then they don't know how to accomplish a single thing. The novelty wears off.04:49
yaris1234567891hey guys how do i save and close file in crontab editor?04:49
ryanpriorThat's how you know the IRC team knows its stuff. Three simultaneous accurate answers.04:49
hakuninryanprior: ok, i'm somewhat used to it, i have macbook pro for normal dev, but my aspire's battery is 9hrs, so i switch when former runs out. speaking of "best" - afai understand there's no difference except better driver support and adopted interface. meaning that i should rather go with netbook. is my reasoning working?04:49
hakuninvocx: ^^04:49
hakunini'm talking about UNR vs. desktop ed.04:49
tacosarecoolWhat's the best size for home and root04:49
TBotNikdoleyb: Soo K3b requires KDE?  I'm on Gnome, not really ready to switch, unless there is good reason.  Do not want all the install issues.04:50
tacosarecoolshould they be the same size?04:50
histotacosarecool: how big is the drive?04:50
zhanxhakunin what netbook04:50
Z3ro3Xlosher, Because their laptops they might often change routers.  I need them to use upnp to forward SSH so I can can connect to them when ever they need my help.04:50
doleybyaris1234567891: I suppose crontab editor is probably vi, so save with !wq04:50
ryanpriorhakunin: Oh, I thought you were asking which hardware to invest in. For web development, I would tend to think that you want the desktop edition, but netbook remix might work.04:50
hakuninzhanx: aspire one, ssd, 512mb, atom04:50
Z3ro3XI mean they're  not their...04:50
tacosarecool100 something04:50
segidoes anyone here use ubuntu 9.04 in parallels04:50
histotacosarecool: I would only give / about 10 gigs max04:50
=== segi is now known as devslash
histotacosarecool: the rest for home04:50
solexious|netbkHello, I'm trying to get apt-cacher working on my 9.04 server but im getting errors in the log when I try to use it to update via apt http://dpaste.com/37616/ any ideas?04:50
losherZ3ro3X: I understand. What are they running on their laptops?04:50
ryanpriorsegi: I use it in KVM. Is your question parallels-related?04:50
devslashryanprior: yes it is04:50
gralcomy sound playback stopped working in 9.0404:50
Naywranglerwill come back with more details on ATI proprietary driver problem later04:51
Z3ro3Xlosher, Ubuntu.  I installed them my self.04:51
hakuninryanprior: sorry for confusion04:51
devslashryanprior: i get a weird error when i install parallel tools04:51
rippsgralco: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sound-solutions-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html04:51
zhanxhakunin i use the desktop on my msi wind. almost the same thing. d/l them both and try them on a usb drive you decide04:51
=== john is now known as Guest10763
nephiluswhat is the jaunty channel?04:51
MrFuzzycan somebody help me configure alsa to use my optical out on an ATI SB04:51
rippsnephilus: this is, because it's the current release04:51
ryanpriordevslash: Pastebin the error and see if anybody recognizes it as something we can help you with.04:51
Tr0gd0rmy server has 5 ips lets call them ip1 ip2...  Each is bound to its respective eth0:0 eth0:1.... How can I make outgoing connections default to ip2 instead of ip1?04:51
losherZ3ro3X: Hmm. Something like http://www.codingmonkeys.de/portmap04:52
ryanpriornephilus: This is the jaunty channel. You're in the right place.04:52
solexious|netbkHello, I'm trying to get apt-cacher working on my 9.04 server but im getting errors in the log when I try to use it to update via apt http://dpaste.com/37616/ any ideas?04:52
nephilusdoes anyone know how to install ifuse and libiphone?04:52
Guest10763 /server irc.inet.tele.dk04:52
Templa[mobile]ripps: Would anoth distro work? Or is it ati?04:52
nephilusthnx every1 btw04:52
hakuninzhanx: i have some wireless issues with latest v8 desktop core, as well as having to use pre-latest as latest was breaking wired networking too. aspire is listed first in compatibility list for UNR, so i thought these should have been fixed...04:52
rippsI doubt another distor would help, any distro that uses xserver 1.6 would share the same problems04:53
rippsTempla[mobile]: ^ forgot to say your name04:53
Templa[mobile]Do most?04:53
zhanxhakunin i had a few wireless issues also but fixed them myself04:53
ryanpriornephilus: Probably follow the installation directions. If you have any particular errors or need explanation, tell us specifically what we can help you with.04:53
hakuninzhanx: mine are unreproducable, just sometimes it doesn't negotiate ip, unless i restart04:54
rippsTempla[mobile]: Not sure, go around and check, check around the Launchpad.net bug reports, somebody has probably had your problem too.04:54
Templa[mobile]ripps: Do you think this is something that will get fixed if I wait? It's up to ati because ts closed source rght?04:54
mstonehello i was wondering if any one knew how to get the cube mode for xubuntu?04:54
loshergralco: welcome to ubuntu upgrade sound hell. You might start with http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=789578 but there's no shortage of web pages on broken sound after an upgrade if you google04:54
Z3ro3Xlosher, Thanks!04:54
mstonehello i was wondering if any one knew how to get the cube mode for xubuntu?04:55
stryd_onedoes anyone know how to disable a second display setup for multihead using randr?04:55
losherZ3ro3X: Just bear in mind that upnp is considered a huge security hole...04:55
ryanpriormstone: Install Compiz and simple-ccsm, then use simple-ccsm to enable the cube effect.04:55
rippsTempla[mobile]: AMD releases new drivers once a quarter, you might have to wait until summer.04:55
mstonehow do u get simple ccsm04:55
Templa[mobile]ripps: Ill stick with 8.1004:55
paradisaeidaeHaving installed Ubuntu 9.04 server from iso.image to virtualBox, how can I subsequently add apps, for instance gcc? ...(From the iso.image)...04:56
rippsTempla[mobile]: if fglrx is givin you issues, try the radeonhd drivers, they might have some better support.04:56
zhanxparadisaeidae software sources04:56
Templa[mobile]ripps: 3d support?04:56
formolQChi.  I guest that many of you, like me, install a fresh copy of 9.04 today.  one question : in the System menu, where is the "Quit" ??04:56
Templa[mobile]ripps: Thats a must for me04:56
rippsTempla[mobile]: doubtful, slow at best, but compiz should work fine04:56
hakuninryanprior: zhanx: gonna play live usb, see for myself...  thanks for pointers04:57
devslashryanprior: http://rafb.net/p/mz9Egk53.html04:57
ryanpriorformolQC: To shut down the system or log off, use the applet in the top-right corner of the top panel which has your name on it. When you click that applet, it will give you a useful menu.04:57
Templa[mobile]ripps: Not an option, I do 3d graphic stuff04:57
mstoneis there any other way to get the cube affect04:57
Templa[mobile]I'll stick with 8.1004:57
rippsTempla[mobile]: whatever works for you04:58
devslashif anyone can help me i'd appreciate it04:58
ripps!ask | devslash04:58
ubottudevslash: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:58
paradisaeidaezhanx: software sources?04:58
devslashripps:  i guess you didnt see the link i posted with the error04:59
losherTempla[mobile]: the same conclusion many of us have come to...04:59
formolQCryanprior : yeah, I know it's there, but it's the kind of thing I usually delete from the desktop toolbar04:59
Templa[mobile]ripps: Well, thanks for helping04:59
rippsTempla[mobile]: Your welcome04:59
rippsdevslash: don't post a link with your problem, people aren't likely to stop to read it.04:59
devslashripps i didnt04:59
Templa[mobile]losher: Keep your fingers crossed and your macros spamming04:59
devslashripps i pasted the error message i am geting05:00
millertimek1a2m3hey what do i type in the terminal to find out what my hardware is??05:00
zhanxparadisaeidae sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list comment out the ones you dont want05:00
devslashmillertimek1a2m3: you can find that out on /proc05:00
ryanpriormillertimek1a2m3: lshw will give you some info, lspci will give some more.05:00
devslashmillertimek1a2m3:  what do u want to find out05:00
mstonecan any one go to a new chat window and guide me thru geting the cube affect?05:01
rippsdevslash: just from a glance, it appears the modules don't support xserver 1.6 yet05:01
homeI installed ubuntu9.04 yesterday, but ubuntu often disconnected with internet.05:01
devslashripps:  i see... so im f'ed for now...05:01
ryanpriorformolQC: We've moved to one standardized place for logging out and shutting down the computer, so you'll have to add the buttons to the system menu manually if you still want the old behaviour.;05:01
homeWho could help me?05:01
doleybhome: Anyone can help, if you ask bigger questions.05:02
rippsdevslash: file a bug with the upstream developer, or see if they have a newer version available.05:02
nomasteryodahome, you mean wireless or wired?05:02
devslashwhats upstream ?05:02
formolQCryanprior : oh, it's doable this way, like adding a link in the menu, thanks a lot05:02
losherhome: was this while you were trying to download stuff from the ubuntu servers?05:02
devslashripps the problem has to be fixed by parallels ?05:02
ripps!upstream | devslash05:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about upstream05:02
mstonecan any one go to a new chat window and guide me thru geting the cube affect?05:02
devslashsee ?05:02
mstonecan any one go to a new chat window and guide me thru geting the cube affect?05:02
devslashubottu doesn't know what it is either05:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:03
stryd_onedoes anyone know how to disable a second display setup for multihead?05:03
rippsdevslash: parallels is a virtual environment, correct? Try out virtualbox or vmware until they update their software.05:03
zhanxunplug it05:03
devslashnah its not that important05:03
mstonecan any one go to a new chat window and guide me thru geting the cube affect?05:03
mstonecan any one go to a new chat window and guide me thru geting the cube affect?05:03
mstonecan any one go to a new chat window and guide me thru geting the cube affect?05:03
FloodBot1mstone: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:03
nomasteryodastryd_one, yes ... you can click the system, preferences, resolution and click it off05:03
stryd_onezhanx, then it stays active so windows can still open on the now invisible display05:04
devslashripps: unless, does virtual box support 3d emulation?05:04
mstonecan any one go to a new chat window and guide me thru geting the cube affect?05:04
nomasteryodadevslash, 3d yes05:04
nomasteryodalatest version is quite good... devslash05:04
devslashwow so i can use compiz fusion!05:04
Flannel!ccsm > mstone05:04
mstonecan any one go to a new chat window and guide me thru geting the cube affect?05:04
ubottumstone, please see my private message05:04
zhanxstryd_one disable it in the bios05:04
inasmu!patience | mstone05:04
rippsdevslash: upstream is term for the the people that develop the actual software ubuntu uses, Ubuntu doesn't write most of the software they take it from debian, and debian takes it from upstream05:04
yaris1234567891can google follow <a href=javascript_function_that_hides_link() /> ?05:04
ubottumstone: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines05:04
stryd_onenomasteryoda, thanks but I only see one display in that app05:04
nomasteryodaerrum... i would not know if it is that good..05:04
ryanpriordevslash: Support isn't 100% yet -- still experimental.05:04
doleybhome: you'll need to ask a question with more detail.  (And, what is your native language?)05:04
stryd_onezhanx, i want to do it while the box is running05:05
formolQCryanprior : in "edit menus", there is no option to make the Quit re-appear, I can add new item, but what is the command line for it05:05
nomasteryodastryd_one, you wanted more than one... ah05:05
ryanpriormstone: Did you try the suggestion that I gave?05:05
nomasteryodastryd_one, what video card?05:05
russianzillaIf terminal gives you a seg fault running sudo and the error logs have an error in libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0.1600.1, what can you do?05:05
stryd_onezhanx, the idea is, that the secondary display is my TV, and when i am done with watching movies, i'd like to turn off the TV and stay on the primary display (VGA monitor)05:05
zhanxstryd_one your hot key on the keyboard dont shutoff the second monitor?05:05
=== paradisaeidae_ is now known as paradisaeidae
mstonecan any one go to a new chat window and guide me thru geting the cube affect?05:06
stryd_oneit's a SiS650 card, currently using mergedFB to do the multiheading05:06
geniimstone: Just a friendly tip - the more demanding or annoying you become means less people who are likely to want to help you05:06
ryanpriorformolQC: I may have misled you: it looks like those aren't normal menu shortcuts after all. Let me take a look at something.05:06
Crash1hdWhat is LVM? in partitioning05:06
solexious|netbkmy bash history isnt saving, any ideas why?05:06
ubotturaid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:07
Crash1hdinasmu: thanks :)05:07
inasmuCrash1hd: LVM is "Logical volume Management." Its where you can set up multiple virtual partitions which span actual drives, and other complicated stuff like that05:07
FlannelCrash1hd: it allows (among other things) for you to use multiple drives as a single one, and also to grow/shrink partitions on the fly.  You can read more about it (including pictures) here: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/library/l-lvm/05:08
stryd_onezhanx, I'm not sure which hotkey you mean?05:08
devslashok gonna try ubuntu 9.04 on virtualbox05:08
=== ensarman is now known as afernandez
devslashryanprior: where are you located05:08
formolQCryanprior : thank you  (i will be around, searching on google for this....)05:08
FlannelCrash1hd: You don't need to compile it though.  Just use that article as an explanation of what it is.05:08
jimisrvroxwhere can I go to connect to a faster server to update to 9.04? my dl speed is sucking right now and I know it can go faster than what its doing...tried to look in software sources and thought I did all I could...05:08
ryanpriorformolQC: I figured out what you need to do.05:08
Flannel!slow | jimisrvrox05:09
ubottujimisrvrox: The Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of the latest edition. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.05:09
tjzcan i vnc from my winxp to my ubuntu server?05:09
Crash1hdFlannel: sounds cool (Just wondering what happens when a drive dies?) does it kill everything? or just what was located on that drive?05:09
inasmu!vnc | tjz05:09
ubottutjz: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:09
devslashryanprior: where are you located?05:09
ryanpriorformolQC: Launch gconf-editor, navigate to apps/panel/global, and un-check the boxes labeled "disable_lock_screen" and "disable_log_out".05:10
FlannelCrash1hd: notfun things.  Technically, it only kills stuff on that drive.  But that might be complicated.  You can also remove/add drives later, etc.05:10
tjzinsasmu , ThxQQ05:10
Cutterthe first time I tried to upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04, it downloaded some packages then asked me to reboot, then nothing05:10
FlannelCrash1hd: so, if you knew a drive was dying, you could replace it without much hassle (or if you want to add another one later, or whatever)05:10
CutterI had to launch update manager and click on the update button again05:11
Crash1hdFlannel: How would you know what was on what drive?05:11
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX05:11
Cutterwhy? was this normal?05:11
ubottuJaunty can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ubuntu-9.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your archieecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).05:11
FlannelCrash1hd: You don't.  Well, you can figure it out, but you've abstracted away the physical drives.05:11
Crash1hdFlannel: So to give the feeling of having one big drive basically instead of subdeviding the drives05:12
formolQCryanprior : thank for helping me, I appreciate, but those option seems to be un-check by default05:12
Crash1hdFlannel: and having things like movies on one drive and music on another05:12
losherI have met a Chinese user. Is there a Chinese support channel?05:12
ryanpriorformolQC: Try re-checking them then, perhaps? Or re-checking and un-checking?05:12
FlannelCrash1hd: You merge all your hardware together, and then can do whatever you want with it (most people make a few smaller partitions)05:13
ubottulosher: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:13
Crash1hdFlannel: alright thanks :)05:13
snurflequestion for any experts with a curious mind...  i updated 8.10 to 9.04 today; and suddenly: my login username (top right) changes to 'root' whenever i run firefox now, and my home directory and everything else changes to 'root.  Can't shutdown or launch terminal when this happens.  help!!!05:13
formolQCryanprior : i tryed, it didn't work05:13
FlannelCrash1hd: If I have two 100GB drives, I merge them into 1 "200GB" drive, and then if I want, I can have a 150GB partition, and a 50GB partition.05:13
* edgex AmaroX: NowPlaying: Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK - [KORAX OMFG DDOS LOL] [17:29/] [48]05:13
jerbearanyone know how ubuntu runs on the eee pc 1000he?05:13
sprockets2000anyone useing ubuntu netbook remix, is it possible to take this gui off05:13
sprockets2000back to normal05:13
Flanneledgex: Please turn that off.05:13
nathan_I have 9.04 and two ATI Radeon HD 3870 cards in Crossfire. The Restricted proprietary driver was downloaded and installed. Upon reboot, X resfused to start up and I was left at the CLI login screen. I have pasted the X.org config at http://paste.ubuntu.com/157675/05:13
ryanpriorformolQC: That is a bug, then, and we should fix it. Do you know how to submit a bug report?05:13
losherinasmu: thank you05:13
zirodayjerbear: one sec05:14
Cutterthe first time I tried to upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04, it downloaded some packages then asked me to reboot, then nothing05:14
CutterI had to launch update manager and click on the update button again05:14
edgexFlannel; Ugh, Script gone wrong..my mistake05:14
nathan_correction, not X.org config, but the X.org log05:14
doleybsprockets2000: yeah it's possible...05:14
nathan_no screens found apparently05:14
sprockets2000do I have to actually download the DE05:14
sprockets2000and edit .xinitrc?05:14
FlannelCutter: Likely because you weren't up to date with 8.1005:14
zirodayjerbear: read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks05:14
formolQCryanprior : yeah, i've an account, i'll do it now, (thank you for your time)05:14
jerbearziroday: thanks05:15
nathan_I have 9.04 on a eeepc 1000H05:15
nathan_works ok05:15
ryanpriorformolQC: Thank you for being brave and testing the new release. :-)05:15
inasmusprockets2000: you can probably just install ubuntu-desktop05:15
nathan_The wireless is the only thing that gave me trouble, although I manually inserted the driver before the officail release and updated05:15
nathan_I think the official release fixed that issue05:16
lrojashi all05:16
nathan_dunno about the webcam though. I never bothered with it05:16
tjzhow much diskspace do we need to install ubuntu?05:16
jimisrvroxFlannel: I have 9.04 on an iso already but I have 8.10 installed can I just burn it to a cd and upgrade w/o losing everything?05:16
rippsnathan_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks05:16
tjzdumb question05:16
tjzi think < 200mb ?05:16
lstarnestjz: at least 2 GB, iirc05:17
ryanpriortjz: No, more like 2-3 GB.05:17
lrojascan someone please explain to me, how the new xorg works? if the xorg.conf is no longer relevant, where do i specify my display drivers?\05:17
snurflebeen running 8.10, 8.04 for a year, no troubles at all.05:17
lrojasi am running on :05:17
tjzwhat about the ubuntu we have on our vps? why they are 200-300mb ?05:17
lrojasluis@Cortana:~$ uname -a05:17
lrojasLinux Cortana 2.6.28-11-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 17 01:58:03 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux05:17
mobi-sheepHelp --> I have experienced a terminal lock-up in commands.  I'm trying to remove/purge a package -- Mobloquer -- so I can reinstall it again.  However, it locked up in the terminal for too long enough to know that there are something wrong.  What can I do to resolve this situation?  Please do advise. :)05:17
rippslrojas: it will autmatically determine them, but you can still use xorg.conf if you want. It will just override the automatic detection.05:17
snurfleupdated to 9.04 today and firefox quit working... no history, no home pages (even though they were all listed in preferences)05:18
lstarnestjz: that is likely the jeos edition of ubuntu05:18
blbrownubuntu-9.04-alternate-i386  I just burned this CD, but I don't get an upgrade option.  It only says install05:18
snurfletried safe mode and everything else.05:18
lrojasripps: the issue is that when i try to install teh propietary drivers it sugest, activating xserv-drivers-fglrx, it renders the machine unusable05:18
ryanpriortjz: If you are looking for a light distro <200mb, you might try Puppy Linux or Damn Small Linux. There used to be a project called µbuntu which was a tiny ubuntu-based distroy, but I don't know whether they have updated lately.05:18
Crash1hdFlannel: Does setting up a system using lvm slow it down a bit?05:19
nathan_Anyone else having issues with the ATI propritary driver?05:19
lrojasnathan: i am going nuts05:19
snurflealso lost my lower panel contents (just a blank panel now)05:19
nathan_lrojas: same here05:19
karnamein 9.04 I have 2 monitor with unmirrored mode , my taskbar moved to monitor number 2 , how  can I move it to monitor number1?05:19
FlannelCrash1hd: It's negligible, but technically yes, it is "slower"05:19
rippslrojas: what card do you have, some older chipsets have been discontinued05:19
ProMaxMan's  1 question05:19
jerbeardoes jaunty support installing to an encrypted partition?05:19
snurfleended up wiping firefox thru synaptic,05:19
inasmujerbear: yes05:19
lrojasi have an ATI RADEON 485005:19
Taladan__what's the difference between the cd image (kubuntu) and the DVD image?05:19
blbrownubuntu-9.04-alternate-i386  I just burned this CD, but I don't get an upgrade option.  It only says install05:19
=== Taladan__ is now known as Taladan
Crash1hdFlannel: right :) cause now it has to read over all drives instead of just one05:19
mobi-sheepkarname: Hold ALT and drag the panel?05:19
nathan_I have HD 3870x2. No screens found.05:20
CutterFlannel:  quite possible05:20
ProMaxhow translete  video  in  flash05:20
jerbearinasmu: as in... the installer creates it and installs to it?05:20
mobi-sheepTaladan: Languages.05:20
snurfleand wiped the .mozilla folder from my user home folder05:20
lstarnesblbrown: vheck the instructions in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades05:20
inasmujerbear: you need to use the alternate install CD, but yes, I'm running on an encrypted parition right now05:20
ryanpriorTaladan: The DVD image includes more translations, I believe.05:20
CutterFlannel: thanks05:20
ripps!who | lrojas05:20
ubottulrojas: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:20
snurflereinstalled firefox from synaptic,05:20
Taladantaking it from 600+ mb to 4+ GB?  Jeeze...that's a lot of translations05:20
blbrownlstarnes,  I did, but there is no upgrade option.  Only "Install Ubuntu"05:20
zirodaysnurfle: sounds like your profile got borked, does doing mv ~/.mozilla/firefox/<stuffhere>.default/ /home/nick/.mozilla/firefox/<samestuffhere>.default.old make firefox respect your preferences again?05:20
rippslrojas: That should work with fgrlx... I don't know check some of the bug reports and see if someone else has your problem.05:20
lrojasripps: sorry\05:20
ProMaxcapture  screen  and translete  this  video   to site05:20
lstarnesblbrown: did you start the alternate cd, or did you mount its iso?05:21
karnamemobi-sheep : thank ;-)05:21
blbrownlstarnes, I burnt the CD05:21
=== eclipse_ is now known as eclipse[ume]
OxDeadC0decan anyone here tell me how to pipe the output from locate --regex ".*\(ttf\)$" into cp output ./ ?05:21
lrojasripps: where can i check if there is some compativility issues with the 64 bit version or the quad core intel processor ?\05:21
Danish989hey, all05:21
blbrown"Follow the on-screen instructions. "  wtf does that mean05:22
histoOxDeadC0de: you want to output to file?05:22
eclipse[ume]I am trying to get a program to run in full screen mode from command line ... I can start it up in windowed mode, then hit alt+f11. but is there a way to get it to auto-fullscreen from commandline?05:22
lstarnesblbrown: try hitting alt+f2 then entering this: gksu "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade"05:22
nathan_where do I drop bug reports?05:22
Danish989I have a problem! I just upgraded to ubuntu 9.04 from 8.10, and now the visual effects won't turn on. Can anyone help?05:22
paradisaeidaeHaving installed Ubuntu 9.04 server from iso.image to virtualBox, how can I subsequently add apps, for instance gcc? ...(From the iso.image)...05:22
snurfleit did, ziroday, but when i launch firefox now, my username changes to 'root', as does all my access... home folder frol 'places', etc.  but when that happens, i can no longer get terminal to launch, and the 'shutdown/logout/reboot' options do absolutely nothing.05:22
zirodaylrojas: they are the same compatibility issues as any other 64bit version of ubuntu05:22
lstarnes!bugs | nathan_05:22
ubottunathan_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots05:22
OxDeadC0dehisto i want to copy all .ttf files to ./05:22
rippslrojas: ati has an unofficial bugzilla: http://ati.cchtml.com/05:23
zirodaysnurfle: did you have root enabled on your previous install?05:23
kust0mparadisaeidae: isn't there an option to mount the image in the virtualbox menus?05:23
histoOxDeadC0de: then just | the previous command to cp05:23
snurfleziroday... no, i did not. i never login as root... NEVER.05:23
paradisaeidaemounted !05:23
ryanpriorparadisaeidae: to install gcc, open a terminal or synaptic within the virtual window and use it to install the build-essential package.05:23
histoOxDeadC0de: locate  --regex ".*\(ttf\)$"05:23
lrojasripps: thanks, let me check05:23
histoOxDeadC0de: then | cp ./05:23
rippslrojas: good luck05:24
Cutterwhat's the name of the MacOS-like screensaver?05:24
histoOxDeadC0de:  locate  --regex ".*\(ttf\)$" | cp ./05:24
paradisaeidaedo I use apt-get --file xxxx or summin'?05:24
OxDeadC0dehisto doesn't work05:24
snurflebut now, when i reboot, login as myself, all seems to be fine... but no lower panel,05:24
zhanxryanprior he wants to use the iso i think05:24
zirodaysnurfle: okay, so you get to the login screen, login as your user. And then when you actually login everything as if its roots desktop? So your not /home/username anymore but /root?05:24
lstarnesparadisaeidae: sudo apt-get install build-essential05:24
kust0mparadisaeidae: aptitude install build-essential05:24
histoOxDeadC0de: no nvm you would have to store them then cpo one at a time.05:24
OxDeadC0dehisto cp needs 2 params, orig location, and target05:24
Danish989I just upgraded to ubuntu 9.04 from 8.10, and now the visual effects won't turn on. Can anyone help?05:24
histoOxDeadC0de: yes my bad.05:24
kust0mparadisaeidae: or what he said.05:24
zirodaysnurfle: err okay. So what is not working _currently_05:24
ryanpriorzhanx: Does the ISO have build-essential on it?05:24
OxDeadC0dehisto so, I need to make a lil bash script then with the output from locate in an array05:24
snurfleziroday... i login as my user (greg), and everything behaves as it should.05:24
zhanxryanprior no05:25
zhanxdont think so05:25
snurflebut when i launch ff, it does not work...05:25
ryanpriorzhanx: How would he be able to do it using the ISO then?05:25
histoOxDeadC0de: nah I think you can do it without a script05:25
histoOxDeadC0de: i'm just trying to remember how.05:25
zhanxtried telling him that earlier05:25
snurfleif i exit ff, then suddenly my system thinks i am root,05:25
Cutterwhat's the name of the MacOS-like screensaver in Ubuntu?05:25
snurfleand nothing works... no terminal, no shut down or logout or reboot...05:25
zirodaysnurfle: okay, right. Can you do firefox -ProfileManager please05:25
Cutteris it Pulsar?05:25
* ripps is going to get a glass of cold water05:26
karnameI have a ait card and 2 monitor with unmirrored mode , in 8.10 i setuped this mode with ati catalyst center and in 9.04 it done with display setting of ubuntu , in 8.10 my mouse can not move to out of screen , but in 9.04 my mouse can move to out of screen 1 ( resolution of screen 1 is lower than 2 ), how can I  fix box of screen 1?05:26
snurflejust a sec... im on my lappy...05:26
IsmAvatarripps: I wish my water was cold05:26
zirodaysnurfle: then create a new profile05:26
eclipse[ume]I am trying to get a program to run in full screen mode from command line ... I can start it up in windowed mode, then hit alt+f11. but is there a way to get it to auto-full screen from command line?05:26
histoOxDeadC0de: find / -name "*.mp3" -exec cp {} /path/to/flat/dir \;05:26
lrojasripps: figures, the drivers do not work are incompatible with jaunty05:26
histoOxDeadC0de: well you want to find .ttf though05:26
zirodayeclipse[ume]: what program?05:27
histoOxDeadC0de: or you can use that syntax with your locate string05:27
doleybeclipse[ume]: add -fs to command05:27
histoOxDeadC0de: as long as its full path.05:27
fearthenofearalright,  I am having problems with my video card to the point that I can't see anything on the screen that is readable. I am at the recovery menu on my other computer. What do I do now?05:27
disismteclipse[ume], you can change settings in mplayer config file to do that. Goog