ds305Is there an offline editor for editing/creating wiki pages?04:27
nhasianhey you beat me to the question04:27
ds305Ok, it's nhasian's question.  I just typed faster...04:27
nhandler_ds305: There is editmoin04:28
nhasiani created a brand new How-To that i want to add to help.ubuntu.com but i really dont want to have to do all the wiki editing by hand04:28
ds305ty nhandler. looking to see if it's in the repos.04:28
ds305Yes, in synaptic. Thanks.04:29
nhandler_You're welcome ds305. Just make sure your environment variables are correctly set so that it uses the correct editor04:29
ds305I'm dl'ing it now.04:29
nhasianme too04:29
ds305I'm reading the man page but I'll have to spend some time tomorrow figuring it out.04:31
nhandler_ds305: It can be a little confusing at first when you are getting it configured. After that, it is really easy to use.04:32
ds305nhandler_: can you view the page or only see the code?04:33
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
duanedesignnhandler_: have you,, or anyone you know, ever succesfully made a DocBook file from a wiki page?04:33
duanedesignmore specifically from the ubuntu wiki04:33
nhandlerduanedesign: There are tools that can go from moinmoin -> docbook, but afaik, none of them work too well. There is a discussion on the mailing list about this04:34
nhandlerds305: You can only edit the source04:34
ds305Ok, I'll play with it tomorrow.  I've got a lot of the formatting down - except for tables.04:35
nhandlerThat is what I just suggested nixternal ;)04:36
nixternaloffline editor for moinmoin04:36
nixternalyour name is to close to nhasian's so I didn't see it04:36
* nixternal goes back to work04:37
nhasiani think it will just be faster to edit the wiki page online than trying to figure out how to get editmoin to use my openID to edit the page :-/04:42
nhandlernhasian: It doesn't use OpenID. You enter your session id one time in a configuration file. After that, it is very easy to edit the pages. It also works for any moinmoin wiki, so that means it will work on both wiki.ubuntu.com and help.ubuntu.com04:46
nhasiannhandler, cool thanks04:46
nhasianalright check it out guys: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NX_Web_Companion05:14
nhasianI'm not sure i put it in the right area though...05:19
Madpilotorange-wedge, ?06:21
nixternalgreen-wedge! what's up Madpilot06:22
Madpilotnot much. thinking I should actually get up to speed on things docteam sometime...06:23
Madpilotbashing away at flight training is leaving me with much spare time. Might as well do something useful with it.06:23
orange-wedgemaybe i'm just a picky speller06:23
nixternalsounds fun06:23
rufongne1 'live? hehe08:05
mdkenhandler: where does one get the session id for use with editmoin? I couldn't figure it out from the man page19:42
nhandlermdke: In Firefox, right click and go to 'Page Info'. Then go to the 'Security' tab and click on 'View Cookies'. You can then search for 'wiki.ubuntu.com' or 'help.ubuntu.com' (they have different Session IDs). You want to click on the cookie that has a name of 'MOIN_SESSION'22:35

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