davmor2cjwatson: I thought the default FS for karmic was going to be ext4 not 3?08:55
cjwatsondavmor2: I believe we said something along the lines of "we may consider ext4 as the default filesystem after jaunty"09:15
cjwatsonpretty sure nobody ever committed to it09:15
davmor2cjwatson: Ah okay :)09:15
cjwatsonext4 was a bit rockier than expected in jaunty, what with all the filesystem semantics debates09:16
cjwatsonso I'm not sure I want to take a unilateral decision about giving it a free pass as the default :)09:17
evandsurely we should just go straight to btrfs :)09:18
davmor2evand: hell yes we can be the kernel lab rats.  Oh wait we are Ubuntu/Canonical and don't help the kernel right ;)09:24
cjwatsonhmm, that's a point, we have btrfs in the kernel now09:32
cjwatsonshould definitely add installer support for it09:32
cjwatson          Btrfs is highly experimental, and THE DISK FORMAT IS NOT YET09:33
cjwatson          FINALIZED.09:33
cjwatson... or maybe not09:33
davmor2cjwatson:  :D09:34
davmor2kernel lab rats like I say :)09:34
evandWe could always do what Redhat did and enable it only when ICANTBELIEVEITSNOTBTR is in /proc/cmdline10:04
davmor2Lol  :D10:10
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DogWatercjwatson: are there any plans for a new spin of the 9.04 netboot install? so far i've noticed several issues with it ranging from partition problems to it locking up, etc.13:46
cjwatsonerr, that would depend on whether anyone knows how to fix those problems13:46
cjwatsonwe respin the netboot installer for kernel ABI changes, not much else13:46
cjwatsonlockups sound like kernel bugs to me13:47
cjwatsonother than that ... too vague, sorry13:47
DogWaterWell, its still randomly saying that the partition table/filesystem is locked on brand new never used hard drives, stuff like that13:47
cjwatsonbug number?13:51
cjwatsonFWIW just asking for a respin is totally the wrong way round13:51
DogWaterActually I was just trying to determine if there was a scheduled release for a newer version i could try, is all. I wasn't intending on offending you or anyone else.13:52
cjwatsonyou didn't offend me, just saying that it's usually more productive to get the bugs fixed first :-)13:55
DogWaterIs there a list of the new options for preseeding listed somewhere?13:55
cjwatsonthere is no *scheduled* release, but sometimes releases happen13:55
DogWatersuch as use_weak_password ?13:55
cjwatsonthere's no change summary for preseeding, perhaps unfortunately13:56
cjwatsonI'm happy to look at incorrect locking claims given a bug report with the usual logs attached13:56
DogWaterWell, my point is, I dont understand how a partition/filesystem could possibly be locked if the OS isn't running13:57
DogWaternothing is using the partition/filesystem until partman (or whatever mechanism you guys use) tries to partition it, so its kind of like chicken -> meet egg13:58
cjwatsonI need a bug report13:58
cjwatsonI can't make any even educated guesses without the logs13:58
DogWaterokay, didn't you tell me once there was a way to find out what option the installer stopped on in preseed? Its asking me to confirm a weak password and rather than outright ask you how to do it automatically i'd much rather see if you could tell me how to answer that question in the future13:59
cjwatsonI believe it's documented in the installer guide13:59
DogWateroh, well thats easier.13:59
DogWaterthats what i meant by 'are preseed changes documented, etc'13:59
DogWaterit didn't do that on 8 or 7 so I assumed it was new in 914:00
cjwatsonthe changes aren't, but the documentation should cover what you need to do with the current state14:00
cjwatsonhmm, but apparently doesn't. blah14:00
cjwatsonDEBCONF_DEBUG=developer as a boot parameter will get you full debconf logs14:00
cjwatsonFWIW 8.04 and 8.10 are just as different as 8.10 and 9.04 - the 9 is just a year not a series14:01
DogWaterjust as a general suggestion it would be cool if you guys could maybe have a page somewhere that lists new options/changes to kickstart/preseed. It would be cleaner if i could tell it to ignore weak passwords in kickstart but i'm not sure how i'd do that (without using the preseed/user-config, etc option14:02
DogWatermaybe a little -ignore-weak flag on the password directive, or something in KS14:02
cjwatsonI'd like to but it needs to be done in Debian14:02
cjwatsonno point just listing the ones that change in Ubuntu14:03
DogWaterwell, debian doesn't have KS so its even more important that the KS docs are updated, no?14:03
cjwatsondocs? kickstart doesn't have this *facility* (except using the general preseed command)14:04
DogWaterokay, thats cool that is what i was suggesting, maybe trying to keep KS updated to match new stuff in preseed, etc14:04
CIA-4installation-guide: cjwatson * r459 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog en/appendix/preseed.xml): Document how to override the weak password check.14:04
cjwatsonI'm reluctant to add options to kickstart because it could easily conflict with later changes in Red Hat14:04
cjwatsonKickstart's syntax is not owned by us14:04
cjwatsonso we're constrained14:04
DogWaterright, I see.14:05
cjwatsonI reckoned we were OK with the new preseed command, but I don't want to stretch it too far14:05
DogWateris there a URL to that thing you just updated? :D14:05
cjwatsonyeah, I'm just getting it for you14:05
DogWaterthanks sir14:05
DogWaterWith the rate of development I'm surprised a bit that more people aren't using Ubuntu in our datacenter.14:07
DogWaterPeople love their CentOS I guess...14:08
sorenDogWater: IME, they don't actually. They're just stuck on it for some reason.14:14
DogWaterIts probably that whole "we used redhat until it cost money (rh9) then we scrambled to find something, and CentOS pretty much worked for us" thing14:15
DogWaterWhat really surprises me is how many people put fedora on servers14:15
DogWaterthats nuts to me14:15
DogWaterPeople sometimes request Fedora 3 or The old Redhat 9 on machines and we just have to put our foot down somewhere. that is just irresponsible.14:19
evandcjwatson: Do you think (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MergeOEMConfig) is worth scheduling for this UDS?  I think this was discussed earlier this month but I was offline for most of the context.  I'm not sure if either of us will have the time to take it on, but perhaps someone else would be interested.15:51
evandah: "(07:52:08 PM) shtylman: evand: cjwatson_: ive started moving things around and trying to merge oem-config and ubiquity :)... man... I think I need a shield and broadsword to fight this beast..."16:00
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shtylmanevand1: yea..I have been working on some major re-org stuff, but nothing yet finished or buildable18:09
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geiserihi, im having problems with a custom package repo on my CD, when i try to run the debootstrap step i get the error: "Invalid Release file: no entry for custom/binary-i386/Packages" but the entry is there in my release file as well as the file is actually there.19:00
geiseriis there some part i am missing with respects to my release file for multiple components?19:13

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