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naliothubuntu-tn: can you turn that off when you get back?  thanks00:49
tempesthello, I am looking for a cloak03:26
tempestany admins here?03:27
naliothtempest: waht kind of cloak?03:28
tempestubuntu member03:28
naliothwhat's your launchpad page?03:30
naliothubottu: tell tempest about member03:31
ubottutempest, please see my private message03:31
ubot4In #Ubuntu-US-AZ, scott_ev said: ubot4 is not very well trained, now is it?03:58
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primes2hHello all, I'm here to ask for a member cloak. It should be the right place I guess. :-)  My launchpad profile is https://edge.launchpad.net/~primes2h08:47
jussi01primes2h: have you set up your nick with the following steps? http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml08:52
jussi01err, I meant http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup08:54
jussi01sorry :)08:54
primes2hjussi01: yes :-)08:57
jussi01nalioth: Pricey^08:58
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tsimpsonubuntu-tn: you have been asked before, please disable that away message09:56
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primes2hjussi01: Is it ok for the cloak request? :-)11:23
jussi01primes2h: you need to now wait for Pricey or nalioth11:24
primes2hjussi01: Do I need to ask them or just wait?11:24
jussi01primes2h: just wait, they will come at some point today11:26
primes2hjussi01: ok, thank you. :-)11:26
elkyyou can also find another freenode staffer and get them to poke one of us for confirmation.11:31
elkybut waiting here is the preferred way11:31
ubot4In #ubuntu-uk, daubers said: ubot4: banana is bananas evolved from fish12:53
nikoso amazing13:12
primes2hPricey: nalioth: As an Ubuntu Member I would like to have an Ubuntu cloak. my launchpad profile is: https://edge.launchpad.net/~primes2h15:42
primes2hHello, as an Ubuntu Member I would like to have an Ubuntu cloak. My profile is http://edge.launchpad.net/~primes2h . Is there anyone that could help me, please? :-)22:43
jussi01nalioth:  you around now? or Pricey?22:44
Priceyprimes2h: please add your irc nick to your launchpad page23:03
* Pricey runs off again23:04
primes2hPricey: Done. :-)23:17

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