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[HU]gnanetHi i have this repeating in my kern.log on Ubuntu Hardy Kernel 2.6.24-24: http://pastebin.com/m24f9631b , it also happens with apache, what i can think of there is a paging problem what is related to networking, but i cannot find any solution. i only found a clue to raise /proc/sys/vm/min_free_kbytes to 819212:12
elmo[HU]gnanet: if you run slabtop, how many 'files_cache' objects do you have?12:19
elmo[HU]gnanet: also, which architecture?  i386 or amd64?12:19
[HU]gnanetnever knew slabtop12:22
[HU]gnanetOBJECTS column shows 24012:22
[HU]gnaneti have to add i am using ocfs2 on these 3 machines 12:24
[HU]gnanetelmo: OBJECTS column shows 240, on i38612:26
elmo[HU]gnanet: ah, ok, different problem to mine then13:00
[HU]gnanetelmo: maybe yes. 13:12
gorgonzolahello. i'm having issues with libata's ahci controller, s i had blacklisted it in previous kernle versions... since in newer kernels libata mods are built-ins, how can i disable ahci, apart from recompiling the kernel ?18:14
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mnemocan I install kernel debug symbols using apt-get ?19:49
SebbohHi.  I'm compiling a kernel and got a failure at the debian/rules updateconfigs step. It failed with permission denied around splitconfigs.pl .. see: http://pastebin.ca/1421927 (sorry, I only got the tail of the output.) What am I doing wrong here?21:20
SebbohI checked out line 65 of that file.  It's a single right curly brace. :P (And I don't speak perl.)21:21
Sebbohnevermind, cheers.21:53

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