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shadeslayerhi i was wondering if ubuntu-mid would run on my laptop,i would just like to try out the GUI 15:45
shadeslayerits a XPS M153015:45
shadeslayerand one more thing,the UNR and MID are 2 different things right?15:47
ograshould be possible, yes ... 15:47
ograUNR and MID are different, yes15:47
shadeslayerogra: ok thanks,just wanted to give it a shot and see if it improves battery life ;)15:48
ograMID rather targets the smaller screens and doesnt use any GL stuff in the UI while UNR fully relies on GL capable hardware and rather targets resolutions like 1024x60015:48
shadeslayerogra: ok15:48
shadeslayeri have 1440X90015:49
jussi01Is this the correct channel for UNR? if not, could someone direct me to the correct channel?16:39
ian_brasiljussi01: maybe just ask your question?16:46
jussi01ian_brasil: just trying to make sure Im on topic. 16:47
jussi01Hrm, never mind, my issue fixed itself. sorry to have bothered.16:49
shadeslayerhow do i switch b/w gnome and the MID UI ?17:42
shadeslayeri feel like i wasted 1 hr in dowloading this thing :(17:56
ograthe MID image doesnt have any gnome packages 17:57
ograso there is nothing to switch to17:57
shadeslayerogra: apt-cache search ubuntu-mid gave me ubuntu-mid - The Ubuntu MID system17:57
ograoh, no idea how you make that work at all17:58
shadeslayerogra: so what about the clutter interface?17:58
ograthats UNR17:58
ogranot MID17:58
shadeslayerogra: no i *mean* the clutter interface of ubuntu MID17:58
ograthere is no clutter interface of ubuntu MId17:59
shadeslayersorry for the flood17:59
ograthat was mobile-basic-flash i think, it doesnt exist anymore17:59
shadeslayergah... ok no problems then...ill remove this,since i have no use for it18:00
ograits a fullscreen flash app, not clutter afaik18:00
shadeslayerogra: ok,gotcha18:01
ian_brasilshadeslayer: that was a clutter mock up done upstream which was never pursued further18:14
ian_brasilthe flash interface was different - blue with sort of scroll handles either side http://ianlawrence.info/images/ume_flash.png18:15
ian_brasilneither exist anymore18:15
loolI think the clutter version worked to some extent, but was not really completed and needed porting to clutter 0.818:17
ian_brasili would like to see an updated clutter interface for MID18:24
GrueMasterThe clutter-ui in the link above was in moblin1.0 as a preview.19:46
GrueMasterUnfortunately, clutter requires working GL driver support, something severely lacking for the target MID platform.19:47
GrueMasterClarification:  It will run with the vesa driver and software GL, but it will be very slow.  Like playing doom3 in vista on a 386.19:49
GrueMaster(if it were possible).19:49

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