dtchenfta: glitch-free enabled or disabled?00:16
ftadtchen, how do i know?00:16
BUGabundodtchen: that's the common question00:17
micahganyone wanna take a stab at my problem ^^^^00:19
dtchenfta: grep tsched= {/etc/pulse/default.pa,~/.pulse/default.pa}00:19
dtchen(eh, not the most efficient set, but whatever)00:20
BUGabundo/etc/pulse/default.pa:load-module module-hal-detect tsched=000:21
BUGabundogrep: /home/bugabundo/.pulse/default.pa: No such file or directory00:21
fta/etc/pulse/default.pa:load-module module-hal-detect tsched=000:22
ftagrep: /home/fta/.pulse/default.pa: No such file or directory00:22
dtchenfta: ok, so i presume pkill pulseaudio works around that?00:23
fta1st thing i tried00:24
dtchenok, what if you disable autospawn, pkill pulseaudio, and just use alsa directly?00:25
BUGabundofta: is the volume at 100%?00:26
BUGabundomine tends to get muted or low00:26
dtchenor at 0%00:26
dtchennearly all HDA controllers have this gpio screwery that i haven't figured out how to work around00:26
dtchenit manifests itself as crackling when the Master/PCM/Front widgets are powered down00:27
dtchenaka "muted"00:27
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BUGabundoor change from analog to digital00:28
BUGabundoor alsamixer gets out of sync00:28
BUGabundojust so many bugs.... poor dtchen00:28
BUGabundoasac: ping. are you around! want to clear a bug/feature on NM and 3G00:29
ftahow do I disable autospawn?00:29
dtchenfta: change /etc/pulse/client.conf's "autospawn = yes" to "autospawn = no", or do so in ~/.pulse/client.conf00:30
dtchen(anything in /etc/pulse will be overridden by ~/.pulse)00:30
ftayep, better00:32
dtchenok, so the plot thickens00:32
dtchenthere are a few things to consider, and i'm working with the speex developer on the resampling00:32
dtchenthe resampler is one culprit00:32
dtchenanother culprit is the use of shm00:32
dtchenyou can try disabling shm in daemon.conf00:33
ftabut it was almost fine in jaunty00:33
dtchenyou can also adjust default-fragments and default-fragment-size-msec00:33
dtchenjaunty and karmic have _very_ different audio stacks00:33
ftahow come?00:33
dtchenin fact, the audio stack has changed significantly between each of gusty, hardy, intrepid, jaunty, and karmic00:33
dtchenit's like having five separate stacks, really00:34
dtchenwell, for starters, every release brings a newer section of the stack (alsa-kernel shipped in linux-image-$(uname -r) - and alsa-lib)00:34
dtchennot to mention the glue layer shipped in alsa-plugins changes00:35
dtchennot to mention pulseaudio itself changes00:35
dtchennot to mention the compilation options have changed00:35
ftawell, i trust you on this ;)00:37
dtchenno need to trust me00:37
ftadefault-fragments = 800:40
ftadefault-fragment-size-msec = 1000:40
ftawhat do you recommend?00:40
dtchenit's extremely controller specific00:41
BUGabundofta: I went up to 12800:41
BUGabundoabove 16 didn't notice any diference00:41
dtchenthere is no "one size fits all"00:41
dtchenBUGabundo: then you're just spinning the cpu more than you need to00:42
BUGabundoI'm back on 800:42
ftamplayer randomly pauses itself00:43
ftatried 8/10, 16/10, 32/10, 8/20, 8/40(=unusable)00:45
BUGabundoI just changed frag.... not size msec00:46
dtchenfta: they're frame-aligned on powers-of-two00:48
fta8, 16, 32...00:48
dtchenlet me work on the git snapshots of pulse and get back to you00:49
dtcheni would, in the meantime, reset those values to 8 and 10, respectively, and try changing the resampler00:50
dtchen(i'm currently using ffmpeg, but some people use trivial)00:50
BUGabundodtchen: how can we do that?00:51
ftahhmmm;, excellent00:52
ftawith ffmpeg00:52
dtchenBUGabundo: daemon.conf00:52
dtchen"resample-method = ffmpeg"00:53
dtchenyou'd think it would be straightforward to adjust these parameters, but the permutations of HDA controllers really make things horrifically complicated00:53
ftaif i pause in mplayer for more than a few secs, when i unpause, it plays just 3 secs and stops00:54
dtchenusing either -ao alsa or -ao pulse, correct?00:54
ftait's ao=alsa now00:55
dtchengrr, that's more complicated (need to look at both linux and pulseaudio)00:55
dtchenif you're brave, can you reproduce the symptom using http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.30-rc5/ ?00:56
dtchenneed to know where to start the git-bisect :/00:56
ftait's 2am, will try tomorrow00:58
BUGabundoyeah, im wit fta00:58
BUGabundoto late for me00:58
ftadtchen, will those kernels work with my nvidia blob?00:59
nhandlerWould someone here be willing to review a FF extension I tried packaging following the guide on the wiki?01:00
dtchenfta: the nvidia blobs are DKMSised; you just need to ensure that you also install the linux-headers* mainline debs, too01:01
nhandlerLP Bug #375753 if anyone gets a chance. The bzr branch is linked to the bug report.01:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375753 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] NoScript (Firefox extension)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37575301:07
kklimondanhandler: I've asked debian maintainer of mozilla-noscript about update and he said that he'll try to do it soon (He had a child some time ago and it took his whole free time :) ).01:11
nhandlerkklimonda: Ah ok. I missed that we had mozilla-noscript. Shouldn't it be listed on https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozilla-extensions-dev ?01:14
kklimondanhandler: it isn't maintained by Mozilla Extensions Team so I guess they don't list it on their page.01:16
kklimondaWhat has been bothering me is the fact that there is no standard in naming extension packages.. we have mozilla-noscrtipt, adblock-plus, firefox-greasemonkey, iceweasel-imperator.. it's easy to miss something.01:19
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Jazzvakklimonda: I think we discussed a while ago (few months ago or so) and decided to not use mozilla, firefox and similar in packages' names. The reason would be not to get an impression that the software is produced by Mozilla, and also because we ship debranded version of Firefox (abrowser).01:30
Jazzvakklimonda: IIRC, mozilla-noscript and firefox-greasemonkey were packaged way before that discussion was held.01:30
Jazzvakklimonda: though, I'm not sure if we should rename those specific few packages now. You should check that with asac.01:31
kklimondaJazzva: I've already seen one or two packages that had both "branded" dummy package (used for transition) and clean one.. I think we could at least rename iceweasel-vimperator to vimperator as we don't ship iceweasel at all01:33
kklimondaI'll ask asac about it. asac? :)01:34
nhandlerJazzva: I know that we won't be using my packaging, but if you get a chance, could you please look at my version of noscript to let me know if it looks ok (so I know for next time)?01:34
Jazzvaalso, mozilla-noscript is in the wiki list... I'll update ~mozilla-extensions-dev page to link to that list. I suppose most of the extensions need to be updated... I'll give my best to help (after I finish another school project, which is going to be on Saturday)01:34
Jazzvanhandler: sure, I'll take a look now :)01:35
kklimondaJazzva: I think it was added by nhandler01:35
nhandlerkklimonda: mozilla-noscript was already there. I added (and removed) noscript01:35
kklimondaah, i see01:35
Jazzvakklimonda: it was also unknown if that's the NoScript as distributed on addons.mozilla.org, IIRC01:36
Jazzvanhandler: "firefox | firefox-3.0 | ..." should be "firefox | ...". seems like I should also rework extensions' packaging page...01:39
Jazzvanhandler: that's from the period when "firefox" was FF2, and firefox-3.0 was FF301:40
nhandlerJazzva: Then should XPI.TEMPLATE be updated to reflect that?01:40
Jazzvanhandler: also, we don't ship iceweasel and icedove01:41
Jazzvanhandler: I'll update it. I didn't know it wasn't updated.01:41
nhandlerYeah, those Dependencies are from XPI.TEMPLATE01:42
Jazzvanhandler: sorry for the mess :)01:42
nhandlerNo problem01:42
Jazzvanhandler: other than that, looks good01:43
Jazzvanhandler: it builds and installs correctly, right?01:43
nhandlerYeah, it built fine. It looks like it is installing the files properly, but I did not test that yet (I am not ready to restart firefox and close mibbit)01:44
Jazzvanhandler: Ok, I'll give it a testdrive then :). Does it work with Thunderbird too?01:44
nhandlerJazzva: The website did not list it as working with Thunderbird01:45
Jazzvanhandler: You missed to point Vcs-Bzr field in debian/control to the right branch. Also, one little typo, you wrote "mozilla" in the description. I think it would be better to write "Mozilla"01:46
Jazzvanhandler: the idea is to provide template, and then to remove, or add dependencies as needed (and also to reflect that in MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_DIRS in debian/rules), so you should probably remove thunderbird (and I'll remove icedove and iceweasel from the template :))01:48
nhandlerJazzva: I thought about adding the Vcs-Bzr, but the wiki guide didn't mention it. I also didn't think having it linked to my personal bzr branch would be very beneficial (it would be better to have it point to a team maintained branch). As for the description, you are right, it should be mozilla.01:49
nhandlerJazzva: As for the dependencies, wouldn't it make more sense to not have it depend on Thunderbird by default since MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_DIRS does not include Thunderbird by default01:50
Jazzvanhandler: I'll check with asac for tbird dependency. For now, I'll add a comment in debian/rules to reflect changes made to MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_DIRS in dependency line.01:52
Jazzvanhandler: As for the Vcs-Bzr, it should link to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/firefox-extensions/<your-extension>.ubuntu01:52
Jazzvanhandler: since your branch will be merged into that branch. I'll add that to the packaging page on wiki01:53
Jazzvaasac: do you know why gnomefreak added iceweasel and icedove to XPI.TEMPLATE branch?02:08
Jazzvanhandler: looks like noscript is installed correctly02:10
nhandlerAwesome! Now I just need to find a package another package that is actually properly licensed and is not already in debian/ubuntu02:11
Jazzvanhandler: if you want, you can also update some of already packaged extensions...02:12
Jazzvanhandler: if in doubt if the maintainer mentioned on the wiki page will complain, then feel free to take some of mine :)02:13
nhandlerJazzva: That isn't a bad idea. Also, do we track which of our extensions are in Debian, and which are not?02:14
Jazzvanhandler: we have different (and IMO easier) packaging. Feel free to take some of the extensions mentioned in the first list, I'm 99% sure that they're all packaged using mozilla-devscripts (that's the thing in which we differ for now)02:16
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nhandlerJazzva: Unless you have any objections, i'll try and update GreaseMonkey02:22
Jazzvanhandler: no problem. Thanks :)02:22
nhandlerJazzva: Do we not have $EXTENSIONNAME.upstream branches?02:26
Jazzvanhandler: If you think on .upstream branches in ~ubuntu-dev's bzr, no, we don't have them02:28
Jazzvanhandler: here's mine https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jazzva/firefox-extensions/firefox-greasemonkey.upstream02:28
nhandlerJazzva: Why don't we keep the .upstream branches with the .ubuntu branches?02:29
Jazzvanhandler: we actually moved nspluginwrapper (and maybe some other packages) to use the same branch for upstream and ubuntu branches. I'm not sure if that's the way we decided to maintain extensions. You're probably right. asac will know more than me.02:30
nhandlerJazzva: For firefox-greasemonkey, it Depends on: firefox | abrowser | firefox-3.0 | firefox-2, should the firefox-3.0 and firefox-2 be removed?02:41
Jazzvanhandler: yes02:42
Jazzvanhandler: have you checked the current packaging in ~ubuntu-dev branch?02:42
nhandlerJazzva: Yes. That is the one I am working with. Did you have any other changes in your person branch that I should merge in?02:45
Jazzvanhandler: no.02:45
Jazzvaok, sleep time over here. good luck with packaging :)02:47
nhandlerThanks a lot for your help Jazzva. I should have an upgrade ready by the end of the night ;)02:51
nhandlerGood night02:51
Jazzvanhandler: no problem. good night :)02:52
supernixHiya gang03:07
supernixYall do cover the Thunderbird as well?03:07
nhandlerYes supernix03:08
supernixI was having an issue with getting Thunderbird to connect to a server to smtp email03:09
supernixI had to switch to Evolution to get it done03:10
supernixFunniest thing never had that issue before03:10
supernixI tried switching to SSL and no authentication and even TLS all would not connect03:11
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asacJazzva: no i dont know ;)09:50
asaci think i told him not to ;)09:51
asachi fta10:06
asacgrr ... gwibber is unreliable10:06
ftahow so?10:06
asaci posted that i was at metallica concert and its not there ;)10:06
ftaindeed, annoying10:09
ftaooo is still uninstallable for me10:09
asacat least the rest is now good ;)10:16
asacfta: aptitude dist-upgrade will tell you more why its a problem10:17
ftait's related to the lang packs10:17
fta_asac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/171398/10:23
asachmm ... quite a lot of removal10:25
fta_hopefully, it's fixed in https://edge.launchpad.net/builders/vernadsky10:26
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ftaasac, [Tue 12 23:16] <fta> http://paste.ubuntu.com/170976/10:30
ftaasac, [Tue 12 23:22] <fta> ok, got it, it was javascript.options.jit.chrome=true10:30
asacfile a bug ;)10:36
asacjust enable jit chrome?10:36
ftai asked on #developers yesterday if it was a known bug, someone said yes but failed to give me a bug #10:37
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asacmozillla bug 49202810:51
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 492028 could not be found10:51
asacmozilla bug 49202810:51
ubottuMozilla bug 492028 in JavaScript Engine "TM: Crash [@ nsEventReceiverSH::AddEventListenerHelper]" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49202810:51
asacfta: ^^10:52
gnomefreakdoes anyone care to add latest patch to tbird3 for the reply all actions? I have no issue building it with patch but i wouldnt have daily11:04
asacgnomefreak: is that an upstream patch?11:06
gnomefreakasac: yes that is where i would grab it from. I will see if i can find upstream bug for you in a few11:07
asacgnomefreak: once it lands upstream we will get it in dailies11:08
gnomefreakmozilla 4571511:08
ubottuMozilla bug 45715 in Composition ""Reply to List" [button/(context) menu item]" [Enhancement,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4571511:08
gnomefreakso you mean if i wantede it now i would have to build it and just not upgrade the daily builds until it is released11:09
asacgnomefreak: i think that patch will take a while. doesnt the extension just work?11:11
gnomefreakasac: dont know i know it did not work when this problem sufaced. I might have miss the commant about the extension if it in that bug report11:12
asacgnomefreak: story is that at some point nothing worked ... then we added a patch that supports reply to list in the backend ... from there on the extension works11:13
asacnow it seems they want to do the UI on their own11:13
asacimo there is nothing to do here for us11:13
asacjust wait until this gets committedd11:13
gnomefreakdesending == in order of newest part of bug is first than the re: is after that. but tbird dorsnt understand that at all11:14
asacconfirming that the extension still works would be good i guess and maybe contacting the extension author if it doesnt work anymore11:14
asacgnomefreak: what is your "descending === ..." line about? is that a new bug yo11:15
gnomefreakasac: the problem that started this bug IIRC was that using replt all would reply to the commenter and the bug, they/we are looking more for a way to reply to newgroups/mailing list posts without using the commenter as a reply11:15
gnomefreakthe "NEW" bug line is after the responces bug comments11:16
asacyes, thats the nature of "reply to list"11:16
asacgnomefreak: the NEW bugline thing is something different11:16
asaci submitted a patch for that at some point ... seems it got not accepted11:17
gnomefreakasac: than no extension doesnt work and either did our attempts to fix it to work that way11:17
gnomefreakasac: i know its not the same11:17
gnomefreakasac: here is what i mean: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26378196@N05/3528186214/11:22
gnomefreakand yes that is decending order11:22
asacgnomefreak: why dont you use a threaded view?11:23
gnomefreakthreaded doesnt put them in groups AFAIK (what i mean is group bugs together11:25
gnomefreakoh maybe it does11:26
asacthreaded groups ;)11:26
asacthats the idea of threaded11:26
gnomefreakah i just changed it to that it looks helpful ;) thanks11:26
gnomefreakshit i have to go im later already :(11:31
asacfta: chromium daily doesnt work here11:53
asaci always get "Aw, there is something wrong with displaying this site"11:54
asacfta: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/tmp/chromium1.png11:56
asaci think its a regressoin11:56
asaci definitly was able to use it11:56
asacthis is 32bit11:56
asachavent tested here for 2 weeks or so11:56
asacon amd64 i tested a more recent and it worked11:56
asace.g. the build after fixing gconf i think is what i tested11:56
ftaworks for me on 32b11:57
asacthe tabs are a problem with compiz afaik11:57
ftanope, the tab corruption is known. it's about transparency. it's been fixed yesterday11:57
asachmm ... but it worked on my ati card ...11:58
ftaare you up-to-date?11:58
asacfta: i just updated to latest of today11:58
asacso yesterdays nightly i guee11:58
asacii  chromium-browser     Chromium browser11:58
ftai changed one thing: i dropped sse2 from the build flags11:58
asacfta: todays i386 build failed in karmic ;)12:00
ftai know12:00
asacah ... yeah. so you dont have latests ;)12:00
ftai do12:00
asaclets see if i get that with older build too12:00
ftai have both jaunty and karmic ppas for ucd12:00
ftawhat do you see in the console?12:01
asacok trying apr 29 now12:01
asacso apr 29 the tabs look good ;)12:03
asacbut rendering aint working either12:03
ftado you have msttcorefonts ?12:05
asacdid you drop the depends?12:06
asacthen how can i not have it?12:07
asacand yes, i dont have it12:07
asacpleeeaase add the Sans patch ;)12:07
asacits a bit odd ... not sure what they use, but Arial maps to a font here using fontconfig12:07
asacso it would be really interesting if the patch you showed me helped12:08
asacfta: do you have the url for that patch again?12:08
asacfc-match Arial12:08
asacDroidSans.ttf: "Droid Sans" "Regular"12:08
asaci have those nice great droid fonts ;)12:08
asacactually are google fonts12:08
asacii  chromium-browser     Chromium browser12:10
asacpn  msttcorefonts                 <none>                        (no description available)12:10
asacnhandler: Jazzva: yes, we prefer to use .bzr-builddeb/*.conf so we can just have .ubuntu branch as baseline12:11
Jazzvaasac: ok.12:11
ftaasac, http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=9100 ?12:12
Jazzvaasac: just wanted to ask you that to... and are we gonna rename packages as firefox-greasemonkey and mozilla-noscript to greasemonkey and noscript (though, the second exists in debian under that name, maybe the first too)12:12
Jazzvas/that to/that too/12:13
asacfta: so our chromium-browser is the test_shell =?12:13
ftanope, not anymore12:13
ftawe have both12:13
ftatest_shell is in -testsuite12:14
asacfta: do they have codebrowse or something so i dont need to ge tthe full orig?12:14
asaci want to check what they do in getCachedFontPlatformData12:14
asacin general Arial should resolve properly ... unless they reinvented the wheel... which as it seems they did12:14
ftano public mxr :(12:14
ftabut a svn web12:15
asacJazzva: yeah. removing those prefixes is good. we should check though that we dont end up having a different source package name as debian12:15
asacotherwise they will get synched here and we will have it twice12:15
Jazzvaok, so there's iceweasel-greasemonkey, I suppose we could remove firefox- then12:15
asacso source package should stay the same12:15
asacbinary package should be renamed12:15
Jazzvaasac: ok12:15
asacand a bug filed against debian asking politely to consider to rename12:15
asacfta: thanks. thats not that helpful for my case ;) ... i guess i have to branch whole stuff12:16
asacfta: ok back to eliminating third_party stuff ... i think we have to accept that we wont have system webkit for some time12:17
ftaor grab the orig if you want it faster12:17
asacwhat i want is to get rid of everything else12:17
asacfta: do you know which subdir all that code is in?12:18
ftai introduced a SYSTEM_LIBS feature a while ago, it's in.12:18
asacso looking at http://src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/src/third_party/12:18
asacwhat works with our system libs?12:18
ftasrc/third_party/WebKit/WebCore/platform/graphics/chromium/FontCacheLinux.cpp ?12:18
asacdidnt they say they sync without patches from trunk?12:19
asacso thats an issue in webkit?12:19
asacok thanks12:19
asaci will check that12:19
asacerr webkit isnt in third_party12:20
asacso they also use skia ... i think we should package that12:21
asacits also needed by gears12:21
ftanot sure where my SYSTEM_LIBS is since they migrated to gyp :P12:22
ftalost in the battle?12:23
asacno scons anymore?12:26
ftayes, scons, but scons rules are auto updated by gyp12:26
ftasort of12:27
asacis that innovation or just over-engineering?12:27
ftait's yet another layer but it helps12:28
asacok lost my changes ... synching chromium from svn13:06
ftause my local branch feature13:07
ftait will create and keep up to date for you the full svn tree13:08
asaclocal branch?13:09
asacbetter tell me now as the sync is already running ;)13:09
asacshall i abort that?13:09
ftamy get-orig-source supports a LOCAL_BRANCH variable13:10
asaci want to work on upstream sources for now though13:10
asaci guess you dont have the .svn packed uploaded somewhere ;)?13:10
ftawant them?13:11
ftai can do that easily13:11
asacnot today ... i think providing baselines would be nice ... but should be done upstream imo13:11
asacdidnt they put a "get started svn thing" somewhere?13:11
ftaasac, i have a tar, want it?13:22
asacwhat size?13:22
asacis that with .svn files - like i want?13:23
ftayes, my full upstream branch13:24
asacnot sure ... this checkout is running for quite some time already13:29
asaccant be that much longer ;)13:29
ftafta@cube:/data/bot/upstream/chromium-browser.svn $ du -sm .13:29
fta3119    .13:30
asacok i am at 3.1G13:31
asacso it should really be ending soon ;)13:31
asachmm. odd that you had 3111913:33
asacerr 311913:33
asacgood ... it finished ;)13:33
asacfta: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Build doesnt even say how to build the upstream way ;)13:35
ftahm, right :)13:36
asacfta: ok updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Build13:41
asacfta: so do you know how i can use a different directory for producing all the .o files and so on?13:42
asaci dont really like to clutter the source tree with those things13:42
asacsimilar to MOZ_OBJDIR=...13:42
ftait's already in a subtree13:42
asacah yeh13:43
asacse OBJ_DIR=$TOPSRCDIR/obj13:43
ftaby default, all files end up in $(SRC_DIR)/sconsbuild/13:44
asacso this uses some magic to figure the CHROME dir?13:45
asaci mean i checked out in /tmp13:45
asacand moved to some other place13:45
asacnow it complains that it cannot find the /tmp page13:45
ftasort of, it's ..(/..)*13:46
asacfta: so where is that directory written?13:46
ftaDEB_TAR_SRCDIR := src13:47
ftaSRC_DIR        := $(CURDIR)/build-tree/$(DEB_TAR_SRCDIR)13:47
asacbase/base.scons: '/tmp/chromium-browser-',13:47
asacbase/base.scons: '/tmp/chromium-browser-',13:47
asacseems depot_tools sync does that13:47
asacok seems its generated from .gyp13:48
asacany clue how i can recreate all .gyp stuff?13:48
ftacd $(SRC_DIR) && python tools/gyp/gyp_dogfood build/all.gyp13:48
asacfta: when is that run? in depot_tools really?13:49
ftai use it in the configure rules13:50
ftait must be used in src/13:50
asacin src/ it worked13:50
asacfta: but who did run that for me during sync?13:51
asacany clue?13:51
asacthat shouldnt be run on a checkout, but during build13:51
ftai don't use gclient by default in the package, it's doing too many things13:52
ftai have USE_GCLIENT13:52
asacyeah figured that13:52
asacnow its building ... which is a good feeling ;)13:52
asacmaybe we should fix gclient upstream to only do the minimal things needed ;)13:53
ftait's a multi platform multi purpose script so good luck13:53
asacg++: Internal error: Segmentation fault (program cc1plus)13:53
asacPlease submit a full bug report.13:53
asacSee <file:///usr/share/doc/gcc-4.3/README.Bugs> for instructions.13:53
ftanot enough memory?13:54
asacso do i need to re-gyp stuff after setting CXX=g++-3.2 ?13:54
asacerr g++-4.2 ;)13:54
=== rickspencer3-afk is now known as rickspencer3
asacso my mem is the problem or what14:16
asacsystem hange14:16
asacanother attempt .... lets hope it doesnt hang up during lunch ;)14:17
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asachmm ... now chromium built15:21
asacmaybe i ran 2.6.30 kernel?15:21
ftafunny, people still care about projects i created more than 10 years ago15:27
asacyeah thats freesoftware ;)15:36
ftaapparently, 1999 was my CPAN year15:37
mbanai'm using a 64bit machine15:38
mbanaand i'm wondering if it's possible to get 32bit ver. of firefox on my machine15:38
asacmbana: not from the archive. mozilla 32bit build will probably work15:40
asacmbana: well, you could unpack the xulrunner .deb and the firefox .deb and then hope that ia32libs has everything needed15:41
mbanawhat do you mean not from the archive?15:41
mbanayeh the just binaries?15:42
asacfta: so i changed something in third_party WebKit, but hammer app doesnt build this ... can i just do hammer WebKit ?15:42
asacmbana: not by apt-get == from the archive15:42
mbanaso you want me to get the builds from mozilla?  i've been trying to avoid that because something is wrong with the font rendering --- it's terrible15:43
asacmbana: i fail to see why font rendering would be different for our builds; you sure thats the case?15:45
mbanano the mozilla ones are messed up15:45
mbanaif i download it directly from their site15:45
asacah yeah. they probably have an inferior in-source cairo15:45
asacmbana: is there a libcairo* in it?15:45
asactry to remove it ... not sure if that causes instability15:46
mbanaalso, do you know if it'll use my .firefox or will it create a new one?15:47
asachere aint no .firefox15:47
asacjust .mozilla/firefox15:47
asacand yes, it will use that15:48
asacfta: it doesnt build my WebCore changes ... tried hammer webcore ;)15:51
mbanawould this work.  remove firefox 3.5 and install the 32bit version of it somehow from one of the ubuntu's repo15:52
asacdo what i said above15:53
asactry remove libcaio from upstream buld15:53
asacwe simply dont support 32-bit on amd64 for our packages15:53
mbanacan't linux run 32bit binaries?  i'm sure it can15:55
asacdoesnt really matter ;) ... ffox32 from packages is not supported. thats it.15:58
asaccould be done in future i guess15:58
asacbut not for the time being15:59
mbanalibcaio ... are you sure it's not freetype?16:02
asacno libcairo16:06
asacmbana: in the tree you unpack from upstream ... is there no libcairo* ?16:06
mbanait's in the main dir right?16:11
mbanahere's the frep16:13
asacyeah. then keep using amd64 for now ;)16:15
asaci think we will have more discussion about 32bit during UDS16:16
asacbut most likely outcome is ... who cares ... 64bit flash is coming soon and then there isnt much reason to use 32bit anyway16:17
mbanacan you just walk me through what would happen if i attempt to download the 32bit .deb?16:17
mbanai use 64bit flash, it's the adobe plug-in that i need16:17
asacjust unpack stuff and create the proper gre.d file in /etc/gre.d16:17
asacand then hope that ia32libs has enough16:18
mbanaseems like they (mozilla) hard compile somrthing16:20
asacthey link cairo statically most likely16:20
asacbloody scons mess kills me16:23
asacthere is not even clean target ;)16:23
mbanawould what would a good workaround for that16:24
mbanai need to somehow force the install of branding16:25
asacffox is not th eonly package oyu need ... you need xulrunner-1.9 as well16:26
asaconce you have all deps just force install them16:26
asacensure there are not plugins installed, as those will not work of course16:26
asacyou have to install stuff by using dpkg -i ALLPACKAGES16:27
asacin the same line16:27
asacand probably also right order16:27
mbanayou're right16:29
mbanathis is a pain16:29
asacits the wrong way as i said ... the idea is that you UNPACK the .debs16:30
asacand put them to some place16:30
asacand add the gre.d file like i said above16:30
asacotherwise you will bust all the rdepends that need xulrunner16:30
mbana$ firefox-3.516:32
mbanaCould not find compatible GRE between version 1.9.1b4pre and 1.9.1b4pre.16:32
mbanacan't be asked16:32
mbanagood evening16:33
asacmbana: thats the gre.d16:34
asacrevert everything ... unpack all .debs you want to some directory using dpkg -x16:34
asacthen put the etc/gre.d file to /etc/gre.d and fix the path in there16:34
micahg1asac: wasn't that the same problem I had when I installed your original 3.5b4 pkg?16:44
=== micahg1 is now known as micahg
asacmicahg: same symptoms, but not same problem16:50
micahgasac: regarding someone having a problem with swfdec on a site, should I suggest trying the ADobe Flash plugin or rather submit problems to swfdec?16:51
asacmicahg: depends on how recent swfdev version is16:52
micahglatest AFAIK16:52
asacif its jaunty he probably should complain to swfdec folks16:52
asacmicahg: of course only if tits a swfdec problem16:52
micahgbut don't they say it's only compatible with like Flash 8?16:53
asacif swfdec doesnt work at all, e.g. its not even detected as a plugin, then it might be packaging/usersetup problem16:53
micahgnah, it's one site16:53
micahgbug 37578816:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375788 in firefox-3.0 "firefox very slow" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37578816:53
=== e-jat is now known as b
asacswfdec is known to be inherently slow16:54
asacso thats a known bug16:55
=== b is now known as e-jat
asacyou can just close it as invalid ... or move to swfdec16:55
micahgwell, it seemed that a new profile helped16:55
micahgbut flash is still flaky16:55
micahgso, can I comment to try Adobe flash and move to swfdec?16:56
asacmicahg: if the user prefers free flash he can use gnash16:58
asaci don tlike to recommend adobe flash16:58
asacyou can of course tell them that the option exists16:59
asacbut mozilla-plugin-gnash is the gnash package16:59
micahgbut I thought that the free flash version still don't support the latest features that some sites ues16:59
asacand perf is much better for that16:59
asacyou can switch back and forth using the plugin switcher in tools -> Manage content-addons16:59
asacmicahg: that might be true. if user complains about missing features you can tell them that we have adobe flash available, but usually its ok to have some sites not working if user wants free (and secure) flash17:00
asacmicahg: think about it like firefox when IE dominated the market ... lots of sites didnt work, but it often wasnt even ffox fault17:00
micahgasac: I'm not aware of a plugin switcher17:00
asacbest advice is: if a site doesnt work, complain to the site runner so they ask their flash designers to test it on gnash ;)17:01
asacmicahg: if ubufox is installed and you have flash on the site there is a Tools -> manage content-plugins menu17:01
asacthats the plugin switcher17:01
micahgtrue, but this time, it's OS Flash not supportting newer features, not sites following incorrect standards17:01
asacif you have multiple installed you get multiple options there17:01
micahgthat's why17:01
asacalso you can directly search for more plugins from there17:01
micahgI'm running Shiretoko and cant' see the ubufox goodies :)17:01
asactry it17:01
asaci should get to that soon17:01
* e-jat otw testing 3.517:04
micahghow did I do?17:04
micahgbug 37578817:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375788 in firefox-3.0 "firefox very slow" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37578817:05
asacmicahg: yeah. point is that that menu entry is only avaialble if you are on a website that has flash ... but thats just a nit17:05
asacactually i will change that behaviour17:10
asacthe idea is to always allo to manage content plugins ... and only allow users to hit a checkbox: "only show used content types"17:14
micahgthat's a nice feature17:15
micahgasac: when I find bugs upsteam,  do I need to add an ubuntu list to the cc's or should I just watch it myself?17:34
micahgthere's something in the docs about ubuntu.distro or something17:35
asacmicahg: yeah. unfortunately we never implemented that approach17:35
asacso for now just watch them yourself (if you want) ... more importantly tell ubuntu reporters that they can follow progress there17:36
micahgok, well I'm happy to watch and update the  LP bug if any developments happen17:36
micahgdone and done17:36
asacmicahg: you need to add the bugzilla bug as an upstream task17:36
asacin that way the bug will automatically be updated if upstream changes state to fix released or something17:36
micahgyes, but sometimes workarounds are posted without a status change17:37
micahgso I can update the LP bug with the workaround17:37
micahgso our user can benefit17:37
asacif you can deal with the load thats definitly a perfect way to do it17:37
micahgwell, we'll see how bad it gets17:38
micahgI got 20 e-mails this morning after shutting down abotu 8 hours before17:38
micahgif I don't let things pile up,  I should be ok17:38
micahgbut I might want to add some canned responses17:39
* asac sighs at doing a full rebuild after changing just one webkit file in chromium tree17:39
asacmicahg: there are multiple ways of doing things automated17:39
micahgyeah, after I have triaging down, I might try my hand at packaging17:39
asaci have some scripts that do some common tasks17:40
asacmight need improvement/update here and there17:40
asaclet me check17:40
asacmicahg: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/moztools/17:42
asaci think deny-bug should be called "invalid-crash" ;)17:43
asacso that and try-extdisable are probably useful17:44
asacthe re-report with bug menu could be improved to use apport-collect or something17:44
asacbut most likely we can continue to use that for bugs the user didnt submit through apport17:44
asacbut only if we think we want extension summary et al17:44
asacnote that you need to create a cookies.txt from the firefox cookies database17:45
asacand remember to replace "Alexander" with your name ;)17:45
asacfor the cookies.txt creation look at http://people.ubuntu.com/~kees/scripts/17:45
asacthere is a cookie-* script that does that17:45
asacbdmurray: hey can we talk here about the launchpad searches?17:49
asacbdmurray: another question, what are todays entry challenges for bugcontrol membership?17:51
bdmurrayasac: I've a meeting in 10 minutes so briefly17:51
asacis bugcontrol the group for triaging crashes at all?17:52
asacbdmurray: yeah thats fine. i just wonder if we really want to enable triager searchplugins by default in ubuntu17:52
bdmurrayyes, bug control has the ability to view private crash reports17:52
bdmurrayasac: the search plugin isn't so much for triagers as for being able to get to http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/package/+bugs17:53
bdmurrayThere is no easy way to navigate to that and it'll make it easier for people to find bug reports about a particular package17:54
asacbdmurray: do you know if there is a "find package" wizard or something in some apport UI tool17:55
bdmurrayasac: There is not one that I know of17:55
asacbdmurray: so micahg is doing great bug work on firefox for a while now ... i think it would be worthwhile if he could also help cleaning up crashes; what would be next steps for him to become bugcontrol member?17:56
asacbdmurray: so we already have a Help -> Report a Problem ... menu entry that currently opens the bug reporting page for firefox17:57
bdmurrayasac: being familiar with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage#head-f46ac7bd66be716a03d2d4fb0788725cc9cc7ba0 and your endorsement are sufficient17:57
micahgasac: sorry was afk17:57
asacbdmurray: thanks i will check the HowTo17:57
bdmurrayasac: right but it doesn't show you all the bugs already reported about firefox, which could reduce the quantity of duplicates being reported17:57
bdmurrayasac: The full documentation regarding joing bug control is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl17:58
asacbdmurray: what i could envision would be to either extend apport to become more of a bug reporting frontend that also has a package find thing or something17:58
asacand making the menu entry in firefox jus topen that17:58
asacthe other option would be to implement such a "find the package" wizard in firefox and make that accessible through that menu17:58
asacbut having that wizardry in apport would make that feature avaialble for other apps as well17:59
asacso might be the preferred way of moving forward if we think that changing the semantic of that menu entry would good enough for that purpose18:00
micahgso asac, should I petition for bug control?18:03
asacheh.so the chromium file i changed to add deugging code for font wasnt even used ;)18:24
asacso the font business is done by skia as it seems ;)18:36
asac8152 asac      20   0 1401m 1.4g  956 R   49 70.0   0:32.98 ld18:38
ftaskia is equiv to cairo18:38
ftayep, at link time, it sucks 1G per cpu/core18:39
asacthe joys of static linking of cpp18:39
ftaasac, http://identi.ca/lubindamaim18:57
jcastrohey did you guys try that gold thing to link it?18:58
ftagold thing?18:58
ftanever heard of that. i have enough ram apparently ;)19:00
BUGabundohi fellow ubunteros19:13
=== rickspencer3 is now known as rickspencer3-afk
ftabouhhhouhhh https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa19:57
BUGabundowhat's up ?19:58
ftaall red19:59
BUGabundojust saw it19:59
ftahm, chromium is red too20:06
BUGabundoasac: ping20:23
BUGabundohow to disconnect from an Automatic 3G connection?20:23
BUGabundois it possible?20:23
BUGabundoor is it a bug?20:24
BUGabundoto have the disconnect, or to not allow it to happen!20:24
BUGabundoalso the Assistant runs on every boot.... shouldn't, if the connection is already established20:24
BUGabundowill file bugs on those 2 questions, but wanted to get them by you 1st20:25
asacBUGabundo: you cannot disconnect from a "connect automatically" setup 3g connection20:30
asacBUGabundo: assistant runs on every boot only if you have flagged it system connection20:31
asacthats a known bug20:31
asacdont use system connection for 3g ... which doesnt make much sense anyway imo20:31
BUGabundosure does20:32
BUGabundono need to click on NM20:32
BUGabundoit just auto connects after boot20:32
BUGabundoreally nice20:32
BUGabundojust having the disconect there feels bad20:32
asacthen you probably dont need to disconnect ;)20:32
BUGabundosince I can't use it20:32
asacthats a cosmetic bug20:32
BUGabundoand some times I want to unpplug the dongle20:32
BUGabundoI have to turn NM off20:32
asacotoh, it oculd be interpreted as "dont reconnect until next time i reboot or connect manuyll"20:33
asacBUGabundo: you can just unplug it20:33
asacthats ok20:33
asacno need to disconnect first20:33
BUGabundoah ok20:35
BUGabundoI was afraid to damaged anything, any app, configuration, or network countless time slots20:35
BUGabundobbl. dinner20:36
BUGabundoasac: fta: new bug: with updates, I'm being asked to install/upgrade flashplugin20:46
BUGabundobut I don't have it... I manually instal the 64bits from adobe site20:47
BUGabundowhy is it being upgrade?20:47
fta? which updates?20:48
BUGabundoon karmic20:50
BUGabundoits asking me for the tar location20:50
BUGabundoI don't want it to download it for me.... so I don't wast 3G trafic20:51
BUGabundobut Cancel, I think, will also terminate all updates20:51
BUGabundoSetting up flashplugin-installer ( ...20:51
BUGabundodpkg: error processing flashplugin-installer (--configure):20:51
BUGabundo subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 120:51
ftaapt-cache rdepends flashplugin-installer20:54
BUGabundoshould it ??20:55
BUGabundoI don't think so20:55
BUGabundo$ apt-cache rdepends flashplugin-installer | pastebinit20:56
BUGabundo$ apt-cache policy flashplugin-installer20:59
BUGabundo  Installed:
micahgBUGabundo: yes, that's the easy way for people to install flash and other restricted format21:09
BUGabundomicahg: but I'm on 64bits21:09
BUGabundoI removed flash version from archive21:09
BUGabundoI don't want it in!21:09
BUGabundoits the 1st time I get asked this21:09
micahgwell, then maybe you shouldn't install the extras package21:10
BUGabundoI guess21:10
BUGabundoits been there since hardy devel cycle21:11
micahgthe whole point of the extras package is for the people who can't be bothered with figuring out what they need21:11
BUGabundofta: did FF stop supporting svgs ?21:43
ftai hope not21:43
BUGabundoits not opening for me21:43
BUGabundolet me upload a few21:44
BUGabundofta http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/112892/BluBUG-karmic-20090510-1.svg21:45
ftaWe can't find the page you're looking for.21:45
BUGabundoyeah me too21:45
ftadoesn't look like a svg problem to me, more a hosting problem21:46
BUGabundook its wokrking21:46
BUGabundoyep my thoughs too21:46
BUGabundoguess I need to email my host admin21:46
=== rickspencer3-afk is now known as rickspencer3
nhandlerJazzva: If you are around, I think I have a working firefox-greasemonkey upgrade: lp:~nhandler/firefox-extensions/firefox-greasemonkey.ubuntu22:43
ftadtchen, looks like mplayer is fine with ao=pulse (and p-a with ffmpeg as resampler). no more unexpected pauses like with ao=alsa. using the last kernel from karmic22:45
mbanahas anyone got these index corrupt errors before?22:54
dtchenfta: ok, thanks.23:21
dtchenfta: i'm working with the upstream speex developer on several bugs (those glitches, cpu utilisation, etc.), so karmic's pulseaudio should be much better23:22
ftadtchen, a much better pa would be sure nice to have :)23:24
dtchenyes, and someone working on it full time, too23:24
ftadtchen, are you working for canonical?23:25
ftaso you're not full time on ubuntu then23:26
dtcheni have never been full time on Ubuntu23:26
mbanaasac: hi and thanks for helping earlier today.  how much work is needed now that i'm this far23:26
BUGabundodtchen: the level of your work for Audio has always impressed me! so thanks!23:27
dtchenno need to thank me.23:30
BUGabundodtchen: no, I really do!23:32
BUGabundoif not for you and the rest of audio team, and upstream of course, linux audio would not be as good as it is23:32
asacmbana: not sure ;) ... how far did you get in the end?23:44
mbanai had to use windows (for VS stuff) so i didn't do anything23:44
ftahttp://glitchtown.com/comics/2009-03-20.png  :)23:46
asac00:26 < mbana> asac: hi and thanks for helping earlier today.  how much work is needed now that i'm this far23:46
asacmbana: so do what i said (e.g. unpacking packages and adding gre.d entry manually etc)23:46
mbanais there much left after that23:47
asacif you do everything i said it will work23:47
asacwell could be that you dont have ia32libs23:47

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