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aramorning all :)06:59
arabuenos días jcollado07:24
jcolladoBuenos días ara07:24
davmor2Morning all10:15
aramorning davmor2 :)10:16
* ara -> lunch12:39
davmor2cgregan: how's sunny, sunny boston?14:17
cgregandavmor2: nice! A little cold still, but we are getting there. Plan to work from the garden today14:18
davmor2I thought you worked at the lex office or is this just an excuse to skive off14:19
faderdavmor2: I think he's lying to you -- everyone knows you can't have a garden in Boston.  Plants are those things we see in books and in supermarkets.14:20
faderSupposedly they grow in some sort of mythical layer of material you find if you dig under the snow enough. :)14:21
cgregandavmor2: hehe....Lex office is closed for renovation so we are all home14:21
davmor2fader: No they's the things on TV on the gardening shows surely14:21
cgreganfader: you've got me....I have a plastic plant in the window of my home office which overlooks a railway depot! ;-)14:22
davmor2Hmm Nice.....14:22
fadercgregan: Ah, must be nice to live close to the T :)14:22
davmor2From my window I see steam trains, trains, tops of trees, birds etc etc etc etc etc14:23
* fader tries to figure out if this is 'birds' in the British slang sense or not.14:25
davmor2No, things with wings (look to the sky and not the gutter)14:26
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araeeejay: hey hey14:51
eeejayara: yo yo14:51
araeeejay: don't worry, I answered the question myself :D14:52
eeejayara: i will stop holding my breath :)14:52
araeeejay: hehehehe14:52
charlie-tcaCan we get xubuntu images turned on in the qa tracker?16:06
davmor2charlie-tca: that's down to pitti or cjwatson_ if they are incharge of the builds16:08
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cjwatsonI'll have a look in a moment16:16
valyaHello, i'm having trouble with ubuntu 9.04 desktop install. My laptop overheats and reboots during installation. There was no such problem with previous release (8.??). I'm tried to find module "thermal" and remove it but there is no such module. Can someone suggest solution?17:11
davmor2valya: ubuntu will probably be better for this17:19
davmor2sorry #ubuntu17:19
cjwatsoncharlie-tca: done18:05
charlie-tcaThanks again18:05
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