unopzanberdo, right, so  touch "$foo"  or  touch "${foo}baz"00:00
zanberdounop, and I should lean to just shut my pie hole otherwise...00:00
younderMirux: You need samba to be continously mounted to your Windows disk00:00
ichatbroken - yw ;)00:00
Vixen_filthpig, I know mate, I would just jack in windows right now, but I'm not brave enough xD00:00
DarkRavinok i need help i installed the supybot and now i cant find it can someone help00:00
mzzLinux-User: not sure. Blacklisting that module (assuming you don't use it) might help. There's a file under /etc/ for that.00:00
Dr_Williszanberdo:  the advanced-bash-scripting guide - is worth reading a few dozen times. :)00:00
Miruxyounder, can't i do this over lan?00:00
Vixen_Besides, I'm sticking around here until all my files have been replicated00:00
unopDr_Willis, the ABS is quite flawed .. to be honest.00:00
zanberdoDr_Willis, amen brother00:00
* molinero Ubuntu lives!00:01
RHorsedoes anyone have a copy of bxmenu.bx they can send me?00:01
Miruxyounder, I have internet on win xp virtualized, so do I have network.00:01
Linux-Usermzz thx, where exactly i've to search for?00:01
amanda-bfunkyHat, messing with initramfs ... is doing so well documented? i'm using a stock 9.02 kernel. the last thing i need is to spend three hours jacking with a system that won't boot.00:01
younderMirux: Sure But you need WINS00:01
zanberdoI trust I can get a swift kicking in #bash were I to suggest I knew a fraction of what they seem to know... heh00:01
kesiodesince upgrade to 9.04 my emacs fg and bg colors are back to the defaults.. Does anyone know how to change it?  I think it used my theme by default before nad I'm not sure why it isn't now.00:01
Miruxyounder, what do you mean? I don't get it, sorry.00:01
mzzLinux-User: probably /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf but check00:02
younderMirux: Which meansthe product package Samba00:02
younderMirux: sudo apt-et intsall samba00:02
Miruxyounder, I do have samba installed on my ubuntu system00:02
GARRETTNsomeone say norris g00:02
Miruxyounder, configured as well.00:02
ichatafk - (unless  higlighted ) - brb - ;00:02
funkyHatamanda-b: it's quite easy, but I can't talk you through it as I'm chatting on my phone. googling ubuntu initramfs modules will probably help :)00:03
DarkRavinok i need help i installed the supybot and now i cant find it can someone help00:03
Dr_Willisunop:  write your own then. :)00:03
Vixen_I'm such a bad open-source user. I'm even using mIRC on the #ubuntu channel =[00:03
younderMirux: Then you have to SHARE your dis.00:03
rob0917If you run windows xp in virtual box in ubuntu ,do you need to run antivirus on the virtual windows/?00:03
Dr_Willisunop:  i just rember examples from it.. and go backto 'borrow' the code00:04
funkyHatamanda-b: if you get stuck ask anyway, I may still be able to help00:04
unopDr_Willis,  i contribute to  http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide00:04
Miruxyounder, then I do not need to use svn?00:04
CakkCan someone help me i cannot write in my ntfs external drive00:04
Dr_Willisunop:  you are the Bash-master! :)00:04
Miruxyounder, I thought svn would be a better way to keep track of my versions, and at the same time, backing up changes and stuff.00:04
Linux-Usermzz ok thx now i'll check. thx very much for your help.00:04
unopDr_Willis, i wouldn't say that - i just like it :)00:04
Miruxyounder, I can do that like... share a folder and copy the whole project folder from win xp to ubuntu but..00:04
younderMirux: Just share the directory with the svn source00:05
Miruxyounder, i thought having a svn server on my ubuntu and comitting the changes via lan would be better.00:05
funkyHatrob0917: my solution is to make a snapshot and boot from that every time, but if you need to update it I would install anti-virus yeah00:05
MiruxAnd then?00:05
ownedif I have a RAID 1 (fake raid) array set up with XP installed on it, is it possible to just disconnect one of the HDs and still have my same XP on a single hard drive?00:05
Vixen_Cakk, what're you trying to do?00:05
rob0917thank you00:05
younderMirux: Set up the firewall so it is not accessible from the internet though00:06
Cakkwrite files to my external hard drive00:06
ninzaanyone else having an ATI radeon graphics card on dell studio have trouble with maximizing/minimizing windows when they ugraded ubuntu to 9.04?00:06
Cakkit keeps saying read only00:06
linxeh"fake raid" ?00:06
AmnesiaUKcould someone help me with a simple question?00:06
amanda-bfunkyHat, aye, docs are sufficient usually :-)00:06
AmnesiaUKHow can I view php files in firefox?00:06
ownedfake raid means it has some hardware raid but requires software for it to work00:06
AmnesiaUKI installed php5 and apache00:06
AmnesiaUKits running00:06
Vixen_Cakk, right click and have a look if the device is set to read only00:06
AmnesiaUKbut now firefox downloads it and doesn;t display it00:06
AmnesiaUKapache says: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart00:07
Vixen_Cakk, I think I'm able to write to NTFS when I run ubuntu00:07
funkyHatAmnesiaUK: you need to install libapache2-mod-php00:07
AmnesiaUKfunkyHat, I did00:07
Cakki typed cat /etc/mtab and i get /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1 ntfs rw 0 000:07
AmnesiaUKfunkyHat, Apache/2.2.11 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.6-3ubuntu4.1 with Suhosin-Patch Server at localhost Port 8000:07
ichatAmnesiaUK:  and install php as an aplication- thing you your httpd.conf -  rtm00:07
zanberdolinxeh, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redundant_array_of_independent_disks (search "fake")00:07
liox_good night, I have a notebook with ATI Xpress 200 someone has a solution to ubuntu ati drivers and 9:04?00:08
Vixen_Cakk, to be honest, I probably know less than you, ask one of the others here xD00:08
AmnesiaUKichat, how?00:08
youndera web server is totally irrelevant to the display of a web browser00:08
DarkRavinok i need help i installed the supybot and now i cant find it can someone help00:08
ichatRTM -   im sorry to say im not sure i remember correctly00:08
Cakkdo you know how to unmount drives00:08
esdeok so i have a problem with terminal in the desktop00:08
linxehzanberdo: why not just say "software raid" then ?00:09
Vixen_Cakk, uuhh, should just be right click > unmount00:09
ownedb/c its not software raid00:09
ownedits like a mix of both00:09
zanberdolinxeh, not really the same thing00:09
esdei need to hide everything around the window00:09
esdeLIKE conky00:09
baserangerI NEED SOFTWARES00:09
ciccio85ho bisogno di aiuto00:09
liox_good night, I have a notebook with ATI Xpress 200 someone has a solution to ubuntu ati drivers and 9:04?00:09
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ownedsoftware raid is really easy w/ linux.. unfortunately fake raid is very hard00:09
linxehit is00:09
zanberdolinxeh, sf raid is raid provided by means of sw, such as madam, however, fakeraid is raid provided by a bios that is not true "raid" and is therefore fake00:09
funkyHatichat: you are confusing ubuntu for a distro that doesn't set up apache to work for you00:09
baserangerI NEED A TEACHER00:10
zanberdolinxeh, it's confusing until you run into it.00:10
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younderlinxeh: Take some ggod advice and don't use it. It is not stable.00:10
RHorseany BitchX users out there? I need bxmenu.bx, please00:10
funkyHatAmnesiaUK: try this: sudo a2enmod php00:10
zanberdolinxeh, fake-raid = bad00:10
linxehzanberdo: the hpt370 cards were "fake raid"00:10
unop!ops | jake_ flooding the room00:10
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linxehzanberdo: I know. I don't use it00:10
ichatifunkyhat im sorry - not used to auto config apache :blush)00:10
zanberdolinxeh, ah, well, there you go. :)00:10
ownedif I have a fake raid array set up with XP on it can I just get rid of a HD and use it as a single drive, no raid, keeping the same XP install?00:10
AmnesiaUKfunkyHat, module php5 already enbabled00:10
zanberdoowned, nope00:11
jake_[19:06] <jake> <amanda-b> funkyHat, messing with initramfs ... is doing so well documented? i'm using a stock 9.02 kernel. the last thing i need is to spend three hours jacking with a system that won't boot.00:11
jake_[19:06] <jake> <younder> Mirux: Sure But you need WINS00:11
jake_[19:06] <jake> <zanberdo> I trust I can get a swift kicking in #bash were I to suggest I knew a fraction of what they seem to know... heh00:11
jake_[19:06] <jake> <kesiode> since upgrade to 9.04 my emacs fg and bg colors are back to the defaults.. Does anyone know how to change it?  I think it used my theme by default before nad I'm not sure why it isn't now.00:11
FloodBot1jake_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:11
jake_[19:06] <jake> <Mirux> younder, what do you mean? I don't get it, sorry.00:11
funkyHatichat: :) a2enmod, a2ensite etc. are nice00:11
zanberdoowned, rather, "I doubt it"00:11
ownedis there anything I can do to get rid of fake raid w/o reinstalling XP00:11
ichatown you MAY not to than repair your windows and  remove the raid driver (00:11
javynis there a video editor in linux?  like vegas?00:11
zanberdoowned, hmmm.... let me think... I don't believe there is.00:11
esdei followed the tut http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202249&highlight=terminal+desktop and my terminal has a window border and top bar still. can someone help me remove it??00:11
zanberdoowned, but you can always google! :)00:11
FlannelRHorse: BitchX hasn't been in Ubuntu for a bit now, due to the poor security record.  It's recommended that you switch to a more secure client.00:12
funkyHatAmnesiaUK: what have you named your php file?00:12
DisabledDucki have 9.04 hooked up through hdmi on one of my PCs, i have tested to verify that the system is capable of playing audio through HDMI (i did a test through terminal) but how do i set it so that all sounds from my system are outputted through HDMI?00:12
AmnesiaUKfunkyHat, test.php00:12
ichatowned - ar you using  mirrored raid i hope?00:12
kesiodeanyone know why emacs under 9.04 doesn't use my theme?   It does under the older dists..00:12
esdei followed the tut http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202249&highlight=terminal+desktop and my terminal has a window border and top bar still. can someone help me remove it??00:12
ownedyes ichat00:13
AmnesiaUKfunkyHat, it tells me httpd isnt enabled00:13
ownedI'm using raid 100:13
RHorseFlannel thanks for the heads up. I just started trying it out in Feisty!00:13
AmnesiaUKoh nvm bout that00:13
furythorHello, is there some game related community channel ?00:13
FlannelRHorse: Feisty isn't supported anymore either, for what its worth.  I suggest upgrading to Hardy, and for a client, try irssi.00:13
jake_[19:06] <jake> [19:06] <jake> <-- goshawk has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))00:13
jake_[19:06] <jake> [19:06] <jake> <GARRETTN> someone say norris g00:13
jake_[19:06] <jake> [19:06] <jake> <Mirux> younder, configured as well.00:13
FloodBot1jake_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:13
Miruxyounder, when i try to commit it says the repository has uuid?00:13
MiruxI've disabled authentication00:13
jake_[19:06] <jake> [19:06] <jake> <-- xavier (n=xavier@tru75-4-82-227-169-40.fbx.proxad.net) has left #ubuntu ("Ex-Chat")00:14
funkyHatAmnesiaUK: and you put test.php in /var/www/ and browsed to http://localhost/test.php?00:14
RHorseFlannel tnx fer the info, man.00:14
ichatowned - youll be able to do it - but it WIL recure some efford as windows WILL make life hard to you until youve been able to remove the raid i/o driver00:14
jake_[19:06] <jake> [19:06] <jake>  redwyrm (n=nil@pool-96-249-196-155.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) has left #ubuntu ("Leaving")00:14
jake_[19:06] <jake> [19:06] <jake> <funkyHat> amanda-b: it's quite easy, but I can't talk you through it as I'm chatting on my phone. googling ubuntu initramfs modules will probably help :)00:14
jake_[19:06] <jake> [19:06] <jake> --> katakaio (n=katakaio@x-134-84-51-184.uofm-secure.wireless.umn.edu) has joined #ubuntu00:14
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AmnesiaUKfunkyHat, yep done that00:14
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younderMirux: You can't disable authentifification.00:14
funkyHatAmnesiaUK: sorry if I'm being patronising, just want to check everything00:14
AmnesiaUKfunkyHat, np:)00:15
zanberdounop, thank you! that was getting down right annoying.00:15
unopi was wondering if i was the only person seeing that..00:15
AmnesiaUKfunkyHat, I've got it working00:15
AmnesiaUKapparantly it doesn't take spaces00:15
esdei followed the tut http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202249&highlight=terminal+desktop and my terminal has a window border and top bar still. can someone help me remove it??00:15
AmnesiaUKsince another file was called special symbols.php00:15
funkyHatAmnesiaUK: :) what was it?00:15
AmnesiaUKfunkyHat, is it impossible to have spaces in the filenames?00:16
hou5tonSynaptic says that ImageMagick is installed, but I can't find it anywhere???00:16
youndernop just use \<space>00:16
DarkRavinok i need help i installed the supybot and now i cant find it can someone help00:16
Miruxyounder, thanks but i'll find another way to acomplish what I want.00:16
DisabledDuckhow do i change my systems sound settings to go through HDMI?00:16
MiruxMaybe a dirsync00:16
reya276is there a firefox help channel?00:16
lstarneshou5ton: it's several separate executables.  display is one of them00:16
ciccio85qualcuno scrive ITALIANO???00:17
funkyHatAmnesiaUK: you can, not usually sensible though, and you have to escape them properly00:17
AmnesiaUKusing \?00:17
RHorsehou5ton import is another00:17
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)00:17
reya276I'm running ubuntu 9.04 and my firefox is acting up, like the darn thing is opening poups in new tabs rather than as popups00:17
ciccio85GRAZIE A TE00:17
ubottuHvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!00:17
hou5tonlstarnes:   RHorse :   ok thanks, I'll poke around and find that components00:17
funkyHatreya276: #firefox on irc.mozilla.org00:17
younderThought so00:18
funkyHatreya276: but if it's on ubuntu, then here00:18
esdei followed the tut http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202249&highlight=terminal+desktop and my terminal has a window border and top bar still. can someone help me remove it??00:18
reya276oh man my notifications are not working either00:18
Vixen_Hi there.00:18
reya276how can I get those back, I must've remove something00:18
RHorsehou5ton try man imagemagick00:18
IntelliThe twin package is buggy.00:18
reya276funkyHat: its on Ubuntu00:18
IntelliIt doens't work right.00:18
IntelliFor Hardy Heron.00:19
reya276funkyHat:  also my notifications are no longer showing up either00:19
Dr_WillisIntelli:  youmean the 'twin' terminal emulator?00:19
funkyHatreya276: there is a setting about how popups should be loaded, sure you haven't set it?00:19
Dr_WillisIntelli:  its been 'goofy' for ages..00:19
IntelliHow do I fix it?00:19
liox_3d acceleration and turning in ubuntu ati Xpress 200 in 9.04?00:19
Dr_WillisIntelli:  ive not tried it in ages..last time i recompiled from soure to get it working how I wanted.00:19
mzzreya276: see http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction (I don't think there's ui for that one)00:20
IntelliI tried that, it wouldn't make.00:20
omnydeviGreetings! Anyone have a link i can use perhaps for having windows installed on sda and ubuntu on sdb, with grub on sdb? it is completely overlooked by windows bootloader, i need it to see KDE on sdb, thanks!00:20
younderit will now00:20
mrwesIntelli, it configured, but wouldn't make?00:20
hou5tonRHorse:   I have done that ... and of course it tells me all about the application .... but I don't know why all the components are not installed.00:20
Dr_WillisIntelli:  for X now a  days i tend to use 'terminator' for   a similer type effect.00:20
IntelliYeah, it configured, but wouldn't make.00:20
funkyHatomnydevi: you need to install grub on the drive that is booted from00:21
younderIntelli: fuck!00:21
reya276funkyHat: no I have not seen that00:21
omnydevifunkyHat: can i reinstall kde and just make like a 10gb partition on sda and put grub on that?00:21
funkyHatomnydevi: it's fine installing it on sda even though windows is on there00:21
reya276funkyHat: I think my major concern is the notifications00:22
omnydevifunkyHat: what i was looking for mate, thank you!00:22
=== biopotz is now known as Biopotz
funkyHatomnydevi: grub, that is, no need to move ubuntu00:22
omnydevifunkyHat: hrm, there is just a grub installer?00:22
funkyHat!grub | omnydevi00:23
ubottuomnydevi: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:23
IntelliThe configure thing doesn't seem to like the fact that it can't use gtk.h though.00:23
reya276 funkyHat: they are not available anymore00:23
omnydevifunkyHat: thanks mate :D00:23
funkyHatoh what is that other factoid?00:23
mzzIntelli: what are you trying to install again?00:23
Dr_WillisIntelli:  i perfered tojust use it on the console. so i dident even want the X gui features00:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fixboot00:23
RHorsehou5ton that *is* weird. They should be in your path00:24
LiquidAirWhen I run apt-get install links, I get a bunch of 404 errors; is there any way to change the mirrors being used?00:24
IntelliIt doesn't make though. I think it can't find various libraries.00:24
IntelliLike libTutf.00:24
omnydevifunkyHat: i got it mate, thanks :D00:24
omnydevicheers all!00:25
funkyHatreya276: which notifications in particular? the new fancy black ones?00:25
Dr_WillisIntelli:  theres some command to auto install all the source-dev depends for a program.. but i forget the command.00:25
reya276 funkyHat: nevermind they are still there00:25
usserIntelli, sudo apt-get build-dep packae00:25
funkyHatreya276: :)00:25
IntelliI downloaded the twin-dev package.00:25
the1corruptedHello everyone, I was wondering how I could get Ubuntu to read my S-Video output on my laptop?00:25
Dr_WillisIntelli:  like usser  said. :) that should get ALL teh needed -dev packages for it.. it makes it easier to recompile since the thing is in the repos in the first place00:25
mzzIntelli: looks like the gtk usage there is gtk 1, which may not be desirable00:26
Dante123okay, I am seriously frustrated. First I installed 9.04 64 bit (with separate home folder on its own partition)....random freezing and a certain app I need for work would not work.  Then I reinstalled 32 bit 9.04....app now worked...but random freezing continued.  Also, sound was really weird....if you turn down the volume slider on panel, it actually turns down the front mic slider on volume and in alsamixer.  Then I went back to 8.00:26
ichatbtw - gotta go its  1.30 am - needs sleep00:26
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as cpudan80
funkyHatthe1corrupted: that doesn't make sense00:26
Dr_Willisthe1corrupted:  svideo OUTPUT is 'output' you plug into a tv..  You wish to have  ubuntu show a picture on the tv?00:26
ownedafter looking around it seems you can just get rid of RAID 1 and keep your data.  Should I just unplug the power to one of my HDs?  Or is there a better way to do it?00:26
=== cpudan80 is now known as Cpudan80
pwnguinwhat's the package name for the old gnome layout?00:26
funkyHatpwnguin: gnome-straticella00:27
the1corruptedDr_Willis I already have the picture.  (use of TV as monitor), I was just wondering how I could config the best resolutrion...00:27
pwnguinfunkyHat: thans00:27
funkyHatpwnguin: or something like that00:27
[k]laxonHey guys, problem. When i go to install Xubuntu from disk, it comes up with the funky boot menu where you have options, but NOTHING works! I can choose the language, but after that, i can move up and down the list, but not select anything. I don't know what to do.00:27
Dr_Willisthe1corrupted:  for my nvidia cards i use the nvidia-settings tool00:27
Dr_Willisthe1corrupted:  svideo is not going to be super-great any way. :)  you have to toy with the settings/res/modes to see what the tv canhandle00:28
reya276funkyHat: thanks00:28
reya276mzz: thanks00:28
Dr_WillisHmm.. idont even see 'twin' in the repos any more00:28
kosharidyess002 use kill00:28
funkyHatdyess002: pkill -9 program00:28
the1corruptedDr_Willis So how do I toy with them then?  I've tried the presets but they all suck...  I can't go above 1024 x 76800:28
RHorsehou5ton try apt-cache search imagemagick00:29
funkyHatdyess002: might work without the -9 too00:29
[k]laxonAnyone have any idea?00:29
Dr_Willisthe1corrupted:  your tv prberly cant handle any more then that anyway. it has to convert it down to a signal the tv can use.00:29
the1corruptedDr_Willis Oooh, I see.00:29
hetaumahi, how can I set up my mouse so back and forward keys would work on nautilus?00:29
lstarnesdyess002: could you please stop using caps?00:29
funkyHatdyess002: yep00:29
supernixI installed mysql but now I can get to it via the terminal00:30
hetaumaalso I want to be able to go back on firefox using backspace00:30
mrwesdyess002, sudo killall programname00:30
supernixjust keeps giving me access denied00:30
dyess002curious, what is caps doing00:30
mrweshetauma, in your browswer address type about:config, and then search for backspace00:31
[k]laxondyess002, its like shouting on the internet, not to mention its... aesthetically displeasing.00:31
funkyHatsupernix: are you using the -p switch?00:31
RHorsedyess002 it's bad form00:31
hetaumamrwes, ty00:31
mrweshetauma, browser.backspace_action and change the value to 0 (zero)00:31
funkyHatsupernix: and the password you set in debconf when you installed?00:31
hou5tonRHorse:   It brings up a whole long list of things00:31
dyess002ok, thanks didn't have a idea00:31
supernixthat is funny I did set a password but honestly funkyHat I can't recall what it was I was trying to answer the phone and do an install all at once00:32
RHorsehou5ton yes, you'll need to install some more pkg's for the full suite prolly00:32
funkyHatsupernix: dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server00:32
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
hetaumamrwes, worked fine thanx00:32
mrweshetauma, of course :) -- your welcome00:32
amokk¿does anyone know how to play audio cds without silence between tracks properly in ubuntu?00:34
dyess002wow, it worked00:34
IntelliArgh, this program worked just fine under Dapper Drake.00:35
Vixen_amokk, have you tried all the stuff like looking over the program settings for delay between tracks?00:35
ransomis anyone else having trouble with periodically losing your wireless connection?  i don't know if this is a known issue or if it is a problem with my network.  I'm on an Eee PC 701.00:35
funkyHatsupernix:or  dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-*version* - i forget00:35
amokkVixen_ yes00:35
Vixen_amokk, in that case mate, you'll need to ask someone else, sorry =300:36
RHorseransom try a different encryp protocol?00:36
ransomRHorse: i'm on an open network00:36
RHorseransom strong signal?00:37
SeaPhorcan someone give me the cmd to output the UUID's of all the system partitions? as shown in fstab?00:37
homeskilli dont have man pages for c functions like malloc(), how do i get them?00:37
amokkok don't worry thanks00:37
hetaumahow can I set up my mouse so back and forward keys would work on nautilus?00:37
sh4d3sl4y3r_is there a site which provides the ubuntu kernel configuration files from version to version00:38
supernixfunkyHat: I have done the dpkg reconfigure via terminal and even did a reinstall via Synaptic either way I get no option to reset the password00:38
thismamacooks200My, bluetooth adapter works on my laptop but not on my desktop, both jaunty00:38
liox_someone help me how to turn 3d acceleration on ATI Xpress 200 at 9:04 ubuntu?00:38
ownedanyone have experience with raid?00:38
hetaumash4d3sl4y3r_, I think that when u downlad the kernel source from the repositories the config is included00:38
dtchensh4d3sl4y3r_: see /boot/config-$(uname -r)00:39
koshariowned unless your considering real ahrdware raid i say forget it00:39
=== [ifroog] is now known as d^-^b[zzz]
ownedno I want help with breaking my fake raid :P00:39
sh4d3sl4y3r_no incase i download from kernel.org... and load the configurations and make a few modification myself00:39
kosharisoftware/soho raid is rubbish00:39
funkyHatsupernix: try a purge00:39
sh4d3sl4y3r_thats why00:39
dtchensh4d3sl4y3r_: if you want browseable source, use kernel.ubuntu.com/git00:39
decowho here uses ctwm?00:39
sh4d3sl4y3r_thanks a lot man00:39
lstarneshetauma: install manpages-dev00:39
ownedi have raid 1 (fake raid) and I want to know if I can just remove an HD and then have the comp boot like normal00:40
ransomRHorse: yeah.  my thinking is that i have switched from 3rd party drivers to the built-in ones to 9.04 .  I don't know if others have had the same problem or not.00:40
CakkIs it possible to have a new terminal go to a lan network computer?00:40
lstarneshetauma: oops, wrong person00:40
dtchensh4d3sl4y3r_: then look in ubuntu-release.git/debian/config/00:40
Cakki tried00:40
lstarneshomeskill: install manpages-dev00:40
hetaumalstarnes, I though sto  :D00:40
Cakkcd smb://***.***.*.*00:40
blindFor some reason I have no sound. My speakers are functional, I've tried rebooting and I've tried reloading alsa.00:40
Cakkno sucess00:40
dtchenblind: wget -O ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh00:40
dtchenblind: then, please tell me the generated url00:41
lstarnesCakk: you will have to mount the remote smb share somewhere00:41
lstarnesCakk: for that, you need smbmount00:41
Cakkhow do i do that00:41
supernixhmmm funkyHat how do I do a purge ?00:41
blindis that 0 or an O?00:41
lstarnesblind: the letter00:42
RHorseransom if ur using a gui, U could try cli commands00:42
blind http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=4ce2fdb401a43e3aa2cfa72e82164d0b41c7237700:42
Cakklstarnes how doi use smbmount ?00:42
funkyHatsupernix: sudo aptitude purge mysql-server mysql-server-*version*00:42
FireHopperanyone have a bit of help for a linux newb?00:42
funkyHat!ask | FireHopper00:42
ubottuFireHopper: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:42
dtchenblind: which card do you want to use - the onboard or the usb one?00:43
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto00:43
lstarnesCakk: check its manual page (man smbmount)00:43
blinddtchen: I don't have a USB one O_o00:43
supernixSo after the purge is done just do another install?00:44
supernixSo after the purge is done just do another install? funkyHat00:44
ownedanyone have any experience with raid 1 arrays?  Can you just break the array and have a single HD that you can boot from?00:44
decoi guess nobody uses ctwm :-(00:44
dtchenblind: sure you do. see the "!!Soundcards recognised by ALSA00:44
robdigSeaPhor: maybe vol_id does what you want00:44
FireHopperI am running ubuntu 8.10, and tried to upgrade using the software in the installation, but it fails.. says something about running dpkg and when I do that it says theres some kind of error..00:44
funkyHatsupernix: after the purge check that /var/lib/mysql is empty00:45
blinddtchen: I have a bluetooth dongle and a wireless keyboard/mouse in my USB, nothing else. Is it trying to use the usb? how do i make it use the onboard?00:45
funkyHatsupernix: then reinstall00:45
dtchenblind: the onboard is the default one. let me check your mixer settings again.00:45
=== jamie is now known as Guest59279
supernixok thank you for the information funkyHat00:45
maynards-girlwhat do i install so i can play and rip mp3's?00:45
funkyHatsupernix: there are ways of resetting the password without reinstalling, but as you've not used it yet this is easier00:46
dtchenblind: PCM, Surround, Center, LFE are all muted and set to zero. you might want to fix that.00:46
=== mheath_ is now known as mheath
=== Guest59279 is now known as jcuk
blinddtchen: in alsamixer, it just shows me card "PulseAudio"00:46
blindWhat is that? I have nothing by the name pulseaudio.00:47
hacktolivemaynards-girl: install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:47
nztalwhen i make room for ubuntu on a laptop, i have to make space at the beginning of a drive because a recovery partition is at the end of of drive (laptop), anyway, when i adjust the size of the partition, if i try and boot into a non-ubuntu partition, windows seems to notice that the size of the partition is not standard, it activates a recovery mode, which renders that vista installation useless, anyone have any ideas on how to get ubuntu, and00:47
nztal my windows to exist together peacefully?00:47
supernixhmmm var/lib/mysql is not empty so what do I do? funkyHat00:47
dtchenblind: use "alsamixer -Dhw:0"00:47
funkyHatsupernix: empty it00:47
funkyHatsupernix: actually delete it entirely00:47
hacktolivemaynards-girl: that will install the mp3 codecs00:47
blinddtchen: thank you00:47
supernixjust rm -f *.*00:47
funkyHatsupernix: no00:48
maynards-girlthanks hacktolive. i'll try that right now00:48
BigMoopieshow do I get the nVidia driver in Jaunty?00:48
funkyHatsupernix: rm -r /var/lib/mysql00:48
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:48
funkyHatsupernix: rm commands with *s in them aren't sensible00:48
BigMoopiesso I want nvidia-glx-177 ?00:48
SeaPhorrobdig, says error opening volume00:48
robdigSeaPhor: use sudo00:49
stewsupernix: you are trying to remove all the mysql databases as well? or just the mysql configuration?00:49
SeaPhor$ sudo vol_id --uuid sda300:49
robdigSeaPhor: full path to dev, so /dev/sda300:49
FireHopperso no one has a idea on how to get mine to upgrade?00:50
supernixOk I did it sudo style but they are gone now00:50
SeaPhorrobdig, lol, duhhhh, my bad00:50
funkyHatstew: there aren't any, just trying to reset mysql root password, and I'm telling him the lazy way00:50
supernixSo now I do the reinstall?00:50
robdigSeaPhor: :)00:50
funkyHatsupernix: yep00:50
Cakkagh still dono how to use smbmount00:50
SpeckzAnyone here use Wubi with Windows 7 RC?00:51
Cakkcan anyone help me with smbmount mounting my network computer00:51
supernixOk thanks will try again funkyHat and stew00:51
maynards-girlhacktolive, how do i install the ubuntu-restricted-extras?00:51
stewthere is no reason to remove anything just to change the mysql root password, but i guess its too late now anyway00:51
FireHopperI am running ubuntu 8.10, and tried to upgrade using the software in the installation, but it fails.. says something about running dpkg and when I do that it says theres some kind of error..00:52
Cakkanyone kno about smbmount?00:52
dino__hey peeps00:52
lstarnesCakk: smbmount smb://***.***.*** directori00:52
Gaming4JChey guys I am on 9.04 and I'm having some trouble getting a Lexmark  3100 printer to work.00:53
dino__imma noob on linux and just reading up on it00:53
funkyHatstew: yeah, I guess it's only lazy in the sense that I can explain it without having to look anything up... oops00:53
Cakkok where do i add the pw00:53
lstarnesCakk: the directory in that command should be empty00:53
Gaming4JCI tried using a generic driver and it didn't work.00:53
dino__where do u get the command line at ?00:53
Gaming4JCAlso I tried using 3200 driver. It works by simply pushing a paper through, but no color or printing is actually done... :P00:53
lstarnesdino__: applications > accessories > terminal00:53
supernixThank you so much funkyHat and stew00:54
lstarnesCakk: wait, I think I'm wrong00:54
maynards-girlhow do i install the ubuntu-restricted-extras?00:54
supernixI just did a test and it works now00:54
funkyHatsupernix: :)00:54
mrweslstarnes, I believe Ubuntu is moving towards cifs mounts for samba shares00:54
supernixI could not find a gui to manage the server though any ideas funkyHat?00:54
dino__damn i thought that was note  pad like on windonts00:54
maynards-girlnevermind i figured it out00:54
khaije1hiya folks, is there a picture pastebin?00:55
Gaming4JCanyone? (printer problems...)00:55
funkyHatdino__: :). 'text editor' is the one that's most like notepad00:55
Gaming4JCI am setting it up at a friends house so. xD00:55
dino__ok so im still learningim on ubuntu running dual with slackware00:55
Gaming4JCthis is making ubuntu look bad :P00:55
dino__im ditchs morcosoft00:55
Gaming4JCthey just switched from windows where the printer worked,lol.00:56
jman5555ok I am having some serious resolution problems.00:56
jman5555can anyone help?00:56
luisubuntu has any cd copy software?00:56
dino__only problem im having is learn that command for the terminal00:56
=== bruno is now known as Guest10315
funkyHatjman5555: which version of ubuntu, and what graphics card?00:56
jman55558.10 and Nvidia tnt200:57
dino__9.04 what i have i think00:57
dyess002  I am trying to maybe swap to Ubuntu slowly, I have it on mine and my daughters and the wireless works fine, I put it on my wife's and it won't show her card. I click on the wireless and it doesn't give the wireless networks availible00:57
funkyHatluis: yes, brasero, or k3b00:57
dino__whats a good   messenger client  that can run on yahoo messenger servers ?00:58
RHorsedyess002 do you know what device the card is: ath0...?00:58
dyess002i have a submission file for that computer00:58
thismamacooks200dyess002:in the past a slow switch to ubuntu had advantages, but now its better to quit cold turky00:58
Gaming4JCdyess002: try searching the make and model of the wifi card on google next to the keyword ubuntu. That's how I got a linksys to work.00:58
jman5555NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 Graphics card00:58
jman5555thats all I know00:58
dyess002thanks i'll try that00:59
Gaming4JCAnyone on meh Lexmark 3100 printer?00:59
funkyHatsupernix: there are a few. phpmyadmin is one, or mysql-admin00:59
sarujirequest for general direction on how to setup a linux box for running two things 1) file server 2)  ssh proxy00:59
lstarnesCakk: try smbmount //<ip>/<sharename> directory user=<name>01:00
tyeDino__ i think pidgin is a decent multi-char client.01:00
lstarnesCakk: without the <'s and >'s01:00
pop4ineed  wemn01:00
funkyHatsupernix: phpmyadmin is wab-based, mysql-admin is a regular program01:00
d3c3pt10ni have issues after dist upgrade from 8.1001:00
supernixfunkyHat: that notification went off and scared me to death01:00
funkyHatsupernix: hehe01:00
funkyHat*web based01:00
dyess002which one is my card                 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4318] (rev 02) Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device [103c:1355] Control: I/O- Mem+ BusMaster+ SpecCycle- MemWINV- VGASnoop- ParErr- Stepping- SERR- FastB2B- DisINTx- Status: Cap- 66MHz- UDF- FastB2B- ParErr- DEVSEL=fast >TAbort- <TAbort- <MAbort- >SERR- <PERR- INTx- Latency: 64 Interrupt: pin A ro01:01
* Gaming4JC is googling...01:01
thismamacooks20050 new people enter. My, bluetooth adapter works on my laptop but not on my desktop, both jaunty01:01
salamandrajoin #ubuntu-es01:01
dino__tye  i get a server connection error on it lately01:01
dino__im not sure what the deal is01:01
meoblast001i'm having some trouble with evolution01:02
d3c3pt10ncan we pm for help in here01:02
meoblast001when i hit the new button, it locks up, and if i click an email link in firefox, nothing comes up01:02
supernixDo they install the Innodb version of MySQL ?01:02
dyess002which  one  AirForce One 54g or Broadcom Corporation BCM431801:03
funkyHatd3c3pt10n: it's best not to,you're unlikely to pick the right person for your question01:03
dattai have a swf file in my computer01:03
dattai want to play it but it plays with vlc and vlc can't play it01:03
dattawhat should i do?01:03
dino__shit i need a teacher  anyone care to help ?01:04
d3c3pt10nfunkyHat, i done dist update to 9.04 from 8.10 and it said it was blocking some sources, now i cant get them back i've checked sources.list and there not commented out in there01:04
jman5555can anyone help me one on one with a resolution problem?01:04
d3c3pt10ni need to add some new ones and they wont add either01:04
dattaalso does anyone know how to insert a swf movie in openoffice01:04
d3c3pt10ntrying to install gtk+201:05
dattai cant insert it, im trying01:05
lstarnesd3c3pt10n: the libraries for it should be installed automatically01:05
lstarnesd3c3pt10n: for the development files, install libgtk2.0-dev01:05
milo2361does anyone know of a sound driver for an Intel 82801H (ICH8) sound card compatible with ubuntu?01:05
d3c3pt10ni need my sources fixin01:05
* Gaming4JC awaits lexmark printer support... :P01:06
funkyHatd3c3pt10n: check any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/01:06
jman5555could anyone please help me with a resolution problem?01:06
d3c3pt10ni'd quite good at messing about, i've removed gnome with openbox and i'm using sickboy kernel on a aspire one01:06
d3c3pt10nbut this has me stumped01:07
chaorainI am having problems with windows ans I think that Ubuntu might be causing them. How can I get Ubuntu to Ignore sda and sdb completely? i.e. Ubuntu won't even look at them?01:07
funkyHatjman5555: best to give details - "can anyone help me with my resolution problem, I have a nvidia tnt3 on ubuntu 9.04"01:08
amanda-bnote to self: boinc chews the holy living hell out of an already-under-powered system (mac mini).01:08
=== bk is now known as bk|wtf
amanda-bis there a command line utility that will give me just a raw file/directory count? i'm using rsync to shuffle files around, which is great, except the count doesn't work right.01:09
funkyHatamanda-b: du might help01:09
jman5555‪‎can anyone help me with a resolution problem. I have a Nvidia tnt2 graphics card and I can only get an 800 by 600 resolution. Im running Ubuntu 8.1001:10
milo2361Hello.  I need some help with sound - i google/ubuntu forum searched for ways to fix sound, and i am stumped.  i am also an ubuntu noob so this might just be my problem.  I am running a Gateway p-173X FX edition with an intel 82801H(ICH8 family) sound card and cannot make it cmpatible - yes i made sure the volume controls are all up01:10
_CommandeR_Hi, i need a good music player somewhat compared to new Winamp. anyone ?01:10
Dr_Willisamanda-b:  perhaps ls | wc -w    :)01:10
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  audacious is ok.01:10
_CommandeR_Dr_Willis, is there an equalizer there ?01:11
_CommandeR_Dr_Willis, and for gnome ofc :)01:11
funkyHatmilo2361: did you go to preferences and enable the controls for everything?01:11
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  no idea. not a big feature i need.01:11
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  try it and see01:11
guptach|eequick question, how do i make it so that when ever i close my laptop screen, it only turns my screen off. It does not disconnect from my network?01:11
milo2361funkyHat: yes. i also forgot to mention its ubuntu 9.04  and i dont really want to have to go back to vista01:11
funkyHatmilo2361: did you make sure they are all unmuted? and have you played with the options and switches?01:13
robert__1I need help idk what happened01:13
=== robert__1 is now known as metal
metalI can't get permission to chown on my system01:13
metalI can't run wine becasue it says "not owned by you"01:14
milo2361funkyHat:  nothing is muted but i still dont get sound.  from searching i found things to add on to some of the alsa code lines but all of my alsa files are locked.01:14
FlynsarmyDoes jaunty not switch system settings to use the msttcorefonts the way older distros did when you install it?01:14
unopmetal, use sudo01:14
metalrobert@RaptorJesus:~$ sudo chown -R robert:robert /home/robert/01:14
metal[sudo] password for robert:01:14
metalchown: cannot access `/home/robert/.gvfs': Permission denied01:14
chaorainI am having problems with windows ans I think that Ubuntu might be causing them. How can I get Ubuntu to Ignore sda and sdb completely? i.e. Ubuntu won't even look at them?01:15
funkyHatmetal: what error message so you get? (just 1 line please)01:15
funkyHatoh my bad for being slow01:15
metalchown: cannot access `/home/robert/.gvfs': Permission denied01:15
guptach|eemetal, use sudo01:16
metalI did, guptach|ee01:16
eseven73that's one file that cant be changed, I think it's the gnome virtual file system01:16
metalWhen i try to chown to ~/01:16
unopmetal,  .gvfs is special, you can't adjust it .. try something like this.   find ~/ ! -iname ".gvfs" -type d -exec sudo chown -R robert.robert {} +01:17
metalit doesn't work because permission denied01:17
zaccour where can i find the ubuntu iso for the style Dell tweaked? I have Ubuntu installed, just wanna try it out though to see what its like01:17
unopmetal, or better.  find ~/ ! -user "$USER" -a -type d -exec sudo chown -R robert.robert {} +01:17
eseven73better off leaving that file alone01:17
metalunop: what does that do01:18
zaccouris there an iso for the Ubuntu that Dell came up with? just wanna try it out01:18
unopmetal, change the permissions of all directories within ~/ that you _don't_ own01:18
salamandrahi every body! i've got a problem with alsa, when i connect an earphones the speakers still sounds. any one know how to repair this??01:18
unopmetal, s/permissions/ownership/01:18
metalfind: `/home/robert/.gvfs': Permission denied01:19
RHorsesalamandra this is common with 9.04. google it01:19
salamandrabut im in ibex01:19
zaccoursalamandra, did you try right click on the speaker icon and see if headphones is checked?01:19
salamandrayes i did it01:19
wasutton3i have successfully set up a fakeraid array using the instructions online. whenever i try to mount it using either ext2IFS or ext2fsd in windows 7 it breaks the array according to the motherboard01:19
metalunop: find: `/home/robert/.gvfs': Permission denied01:19
wasutton3it doesnt mount it either01:19
zaccouris there an iso for the Ubuntu that Dell came up with? just wanna try it out01:19
chaorainsalamandra, On some computers it has to do with the hardware01:20
unopmetal, which command did you try? first or second?01:20
chaorainmetal, what are you trying to do?01:20
zaccouris there an iso for the Ubuntu that Dell came up with? just wanna try it out01:20
salamandrabut last week this still works01:21
RHorsesalamandra try the mixer settings01:21
Juzman-EeePCzaccour: Ask once, await reply. If no reply presume no one knows. :-)01:21
salamandrai have "googled" a lot, also i recompiled alsa01:21
zaccour3 times a charm, 4 times is a restraining order01:22
guptach|eesalamandra, what computer model?01:22
guptach|eeis it a laptop ?01:22
metalchaorain: trying to get ownership of wine01:22
djyoung4quit your mom01:22
rjbankerzaccour: see this: http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_8.04#Dell_OS_Factory_Recovery_8.04.1_DVD_ISO  there is a small download link on that page01:22
guptach|eesalamandra: oh, i had alsa problems01:23
FlynsarmyDoes jaunty not switch system settings to use the msttcorefonts the way older distros did when you install it?01:23
brand0conwondering what you folks use to backup your home directory to external media?  ive looked up several scripts and tried a program called backintime but nothing is really suiting my simple need.  any suggestions01:23
guptach|eesalamandra: did you check this file " sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf "01:23
maynards-girlam i able to stream my music to my airport?01:23
guptach|eesalamandra: look at the bottom01:23
guptach|eethere should be some options01:24
Dr_Willisbrand0con:  i just drag my files over.. :)01:24
salamandraguptach..: and what does i have to confirm?01:24
guptach|eeoptions snd-hda-intel model=lenovo # options snd-hda-intel model=3stack01:24
RHorsebrand0con rsync01:24
guptach|eesalamandra:  http://mibbit.com/pb/yHhgqf01:24
Dr_Willisbrand0con:  or i use sshfs and copy the stuff over to a remote box every so often with a script01:25
brand0conDr_Willis: good but not that good.  i could just as easily use cp for the same use.  I'd like to use something that creates links instead of files01:25
guptach|eelook at thay01:25
guptach|eetry adding one of those lines01:25
Dr_Willisbrand0con:  whats the point of backups with links?  somthing is not clear here.01:25
unopmetal,   cd ~/ && find .  -iname ".gvfs"  -prune -o -exec sudo chown -R robert.robert {} +01:25
brand0conwell if you already have a file backed up01:25
guptach|eerestart and see if that fixes the problem01:25
guptach|eeif not01:25
brand0conyou dont really need to erase it and back it up agai01:25
meth0dhey all01:25
guptach|eetry the other one [but un coment it by removing the #]01:26
Dr_Willisbrand0con:  rsync can do that. actually i think theres other copy tools that can do it also if size different01:26
guptach|eeit worked for me01:26
metalunop: sudo: unable to execute /bin/chown: Argument list too long01:26
lolololohey fellows01:26
salamandraok thanks im doing01:26
guptach|eebut i have a difrent computer01:26
guptach|eemight work for you01:26
lolololoi'm thinking about using a ramdisk to speedup a 60Gb rsync and use it as --temp-dir, would that be of any good? and if yes, what can i do with filesizes > ramdisk size? any thoughts?01:26
kosharibrand0con i second rsync01:26
metalchown: cannot access `./.gvfs': Permission denied01:26
unopmetal,   cd ~/ && find .  -iname ".gvfs"  -prune -o -exec sudo chown -R robert.robert {} \;01:26
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chaorainwill ubuntu do anything to sdb if I don't mount it?01:27
wasutton3brand0con: rsync is good, i use it as well, but if you are looking for a gui you can try this http://lifehacker.com/software/featured-linux-download/timevault-time-machine-for-linux-275399.php01:27
mzzunop: err, that recurses twice :P01:27
brand0conthanks ill go read some man pages01:27
unopchaorain, not really01:27
mzzunop: I think you want to drop the -R on that chown01:27
kosharilolololo who has 60g of ram to spare?01:27
unopmzz, errm, yep, good catch01:27
lolololokoshari: i'm not transferring on 60G file, total transfer is 60G, the files are smaller01:27
ienorandzaccour: http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_8.04#Dell_OS_Factory_Recovery_8.04.1_DVD_ISO01:27
kosharichaorain generally no, yu could still delete the partition if you wanted to however01:28
chaorainunop, not really? I think Ubuntu is toying with XP and breaking it. would not mounting sdb prvet this?01:28
brand0conwasutton3: thanks.  I didn't really care for the backintime gui all that much but I'll give time machine a whirl I suppose01:28
* ienorand drat--01:28
kosharilolololo i doubt a ramdic will mke it any faster then01:28
salamandraerr..guptach, i have a blank file. is it normal?01:28
unopmetal,   cd ~/ && find .  -iname "*gvfs"  -prune -o ! -user "$USER" -exec sudo chown robert.robert {} \;01:28
mzzchaorain: err, why do you think ubuntu has anything to do with them? It will read those partitions but it won't write to them (iirc it won't even mount them by default)01:28
kosharilolololo likely slower as you will need to move it twice01:28
wasutton3brand0con: good luck, but good to see you are backing up01:29
the1corruptedHey, everyone.  I was hoping to get help with my ALPS Touchpad.  Right now, it's disabled, but I want to enable it and so far, nothing has worked.01:29
metalunop: your last command never went through yet01:29
chaorainthanks, mzz, unop, koshari01:29
unopmetal, ok, let it finish if its still running and you should be set01:29
lolololokoshari: i was thinking maybe it will, i mean: rsync must create every file it transfers in the destination dir, even if the file exists, and then rename it. Maybe if the file creation and writing is done on a ramdisk it will be faster...(just wondering tho)01:29
ownedif i remove the power to one of the HDs in a fake raid 1 array can I boot the computer using a single HD without losing the data01:30
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kosharilolololo it doesnt have to create files that exist, run it with --progress and you will see what happens01:30
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kosharilolololo the real value with rsync is when you do repetitive backups and can use switches that only update new timestamped files ect,01:31
chaorainIs there a way to compare (quickly) the contents of two directories. i.e. find all differences?01:32
bigjaydiff it ;-)01:32
lolololokoshari: but if i'm mirroring two computers, it will have to create files that exist, that is in case they are modified at the source01:32
FlynsarmyDoes jaunty not switch system settings to use the msttcorefonts the way older distros did when you install it?01:32
[[thufir]]I'm on ubuntu 8.10 I used to have svn, but now cannot seem to install from apt-get :  http://pastebin.com/m631e8da801:32
bigjayrsync it :-)01:33
lolololoit will have to transfer the new version of the file (i'm using --whole-file, and i need to use that) and then overwrite the existing one01:33
kosharilolololo if your looking at mirroring 2 computors partimage may be a better tool01:33
[[thufir]]bigjay: rsync?  was that for me?01:34
unop[[thufir]], you want subversion .. it provides svn01:34
rjbankeranyone running 9.04 on a dell 1545? how is i working for you?01:34
ownedanyone know about remove an HD in a fake raid 1 array?  Can I jst use a single HD w/o raid and keep the data that was on it?01:34
[[thufir]]unop: subversion fails to install from apt  http://pastebin.com/m631e8da801:34
caretahow do I change the hostname in my ubuntu pc?01:34
unop!hostname > careta01:35
ubottucareta, please see my private message01:35
koshari[[thufir]] no rsync wont solve your issues, nearly all others though ;-001:35
unop[[thufir]],  dpkg -l | grep -i subversion   #??01:35
lolololokoshari: will check it, thx anyway01:36
caretathanks unop01:36
unop[[thufir]], hmm ..01:36
unop!info subversion01:36
ubottusubversion (source: subversion): Advanced version control system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.5.4dfsg1-1ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 332 kB, installed size 4172 kB01:36
[[thufir]]unop:  it used to be installed, I wonder if it's a multiverse thing.01:37
unop[[thufir]],  make sure you have the main repository enabled01:37
[[thufir]]unop: http://pastebin.com/m788338cf01:37
_CommandeR_hi, anyone know how to install songbird ?01:37
thecras /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version /ctcp version01:38
unop[[thufir]], yea, it looks like you had it installed at one point .. but aptitude can't find it anymore, make sure you have the repository enabled then update aptitude01:38
unopthecras, why ?01:38
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caretahow do I install the nvidia driver? i tried installing nvidia-glx-180 through synaptic but it doesnt work01:40
linux_noobbasic apache http/https question... I have Trac (SVN web interface) installed on my box and it is accessible from http:/localhost/trac... now I would like to use SSL (i have it all setup, working, and tested!)  Will moving the <directory /trac> entry from /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ssl-default accomplish my goal??01:40
thecrashi unop01:41
unoplinux_noob, should do, yep01:41
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  just go to the songbird homepage and download the latest?01:42
rafikhi Rohff13901:42
[[thufir]]unop: I'm not quite sure what's wrong with the repos file:  http://pastebin.com/m50177064  but I'm still researching it01:42
thecrasunop where your from???01:42
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eseven73!ot | thecras01:42
ubottuthecras: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:42
unop!ot | thecras,01:42
ubottuthecras,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:42
linux_noobunop, thanks01:42
_CommandeR_Dr_Willis, they dont have a .deb pakage only an folder that you start it from, but nwm i downloaded a installer from get-deb01:42
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  the tar.gz can work for a single user if you want.01:43
enovativcan anyone tell me exactly what is subversion 1.601:43
unop[[thufir]],   apt-cache policy subversion01:43
r3c0n  The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)........... in wvdial whats the way to repair this error ??01:43
thecrasunop where are your from01:43
the1corruptedHey, everyone.  I was hoping to get help with my ALPS Touchpad.  Right now, it's disabled, but I want to enable it and so far, nothing has worked.01:43
lstarnesenovativ: it is version 1.6 of the subversion version control system01:43
_CommandeR_Dr_Willis, thanx anyway, Tried audios* but its to tiny for my display (1680*1050) could hardly see anything :P01:43
r3c0nits a huawei E170 mobile broadband modem01:43
r3c0n  The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)........... in wvdial whats the way to repair this error ??01:43
vertixoh, finally quiet here more or less01:43
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  the tar.gz from songbird homepage works here for me.01:44
unopthecras, stop .. this isn't a chat channel. if you have an ubuntu question, ask.01:44
FlynsarmyDoes jaunty not switch system settings to use the msttcorefonts the way older distros did when you install it?01:44
enovativistarnes : but what exactly is the version control system01:44
[[thufir]]subversion is listed, but has a "500" for the policy:  http://pastebin.com/m5434fd2601:44
th0rthe1corrupted, have you tried tpconfig?01:44
_CommandeR_Dr_Willis,  but how do you install it ?, i only got an folder "songbird" with all the contents.01:44
ownedif I have 2 HDs in a fake raid 1 array, can I just remove the power from one and use a single HD w/o raid and w/o losing any data01:45
Steveyshello - i am connecting via openvpn and got the following error when connecting "WARN: could not open database for 4096 bits. Skipped" any ideas what this means? thanks01:45
enovativi read that if changes are made in code the SVC is used01:45
the1corruptedth0r I don't know how to configure it...01:45
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  cd to the dir.. run the program01:45
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  no need to 'install'01:45
unop[[thufir]], i take it you have run.    aptitude update   #?01:45
_CommandeR_but how do you add it later to the app / sound...01:45
linux_noobi just noticed that my default-ssl file has <directory> tags rather than <location> tags... can I still declare a site in my default-ssl file?01:45
vertixI've been struggling with trying to get Ubuntu 8.10 booting for a week now. anybody knows much about grub boot sequence at the point where root parition is being mounted?01:45
unoplinux_noob, yes01:45
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  put it somewhere  like /home/username/songbird and use the menu editor tool01:45
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  or make an icon on the desktop01:45
linux_noobunop, would i use a location tag or a directory tag in that case?01:46
IntelliHow do I make raggle read RSS feeds inside the program, and not open them in a browser?01:46
unoplinux_noob, there is a difference between the two .. if you are referring to a location on disk then <directory> ..01:46
_CommandeR_Dr_Willis, Is make a link (icon/shortcut ?)01:46
KB1JWQvertix: grup config to a pastebin pls01:46
[[thufir]]unop: yes, I ran aptitude update, will do that again.   I forget, something about clearing the cache, too?01:46
KB1JWQgrub, even.01:46
vertixKB1JWQ, just a sec01:47
Dr_Willis_CommandeR_:  try it and see..01:47
unop[[thufir]], you shouldn't need to but   aptitude autoclean01:47
kosharicareta how do you mean it doesnt work?01:47
dedinjedoes anyone have any ideas on why internet browsing is veryyyyy slooow on Ubuntu x86_64 (its not just firefox!)01:47
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.01:47
vertixKB1JWQ, here it is: http://pastebin.com/m6914361601:48
profchaosmonodevelop wouldn't start on my machine. any suggestions what could be the cause?01:48
r3c0n  The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)........... in wvdial any ideas  ??  details : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5f2336a901:48
[[thufir]]unop: that seems to have done the trick, it's installing (hopefully) niow01:48
vertixKB1JWQ, i have IDE and SCSI drives and a separate /boot partitions, and drives switch as seen from grub compare to live CD01:48
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caretakoshari, i didn't do nvidia-xconfig command. now it asks me to restart xserver but ctrl + alt + backspace doesn't do anything?01:50
dino__i get an unknown error number 29   on pidgin01:50
dino__anyone know about this ?01:50
vertixKB1JWQ, you only need to look at 1st boot entry01:50
r3c0nmy nvidia is a nightmare as well01:50
[[thufir]]ok, svn is installed.  netbeans needs to be pointed to binary.  where is the subversion binary, pls?01:50
acfrazierI can't get the Ubuntu 9.04 LiveCD to boot off USB on my laptop. It drops to busybox after repeated reading of the filesystem, and when I blank the hard drive, it loads the USB driver then drops to busybox. I can't use the CD because my DVD drive is failing, so what can I do?01:51
kosharicareta you can restore cont alt backspace by placing a line in fstab. beats me why it was removed01:51
r3c0n  The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)........... in wvdial any ideas  ??  details : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5f2336a9 a Huawei E170 GSM modem01:51
dino__Unknown error number 29. Logging into the Yahoo! website may fix this.01:51
caretakoshari, in /etc/fstab? can you specify this entry please?01:51
dino__anyone know about this on the pidgin app ?01:51
kosharicareta http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=110897101:52
macodino__: check launchpad.net. i think there's a bug about that and it turned out that yahoo's servers moved or something01:52
dino__checking now maco  thanks01:53
[[thufir]]point netbeans to /usr/bin/svn for subversion?01:53
[[thufir]]nm, it found it automagically01:54
dedinjedoes anyone have any ideas on why internet browsing is veryyyyy slooow on Ubuntu x86_64 (its not just firefox!)01:54
caretathanks koshari01:54
vertixis there a better IRC client than xchat nowadays?01:54
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[[thufir]]vertix: pidgin.im01:55
acfrazierGuess nobody knows, ah well, it's more than likely a kernel issue01:55
vertix[[thufir]], thanx, never heard of it. I am off liveCD right now cause i still can't boot ubuntu after spending a week on it after fresh install01:56
r3c0n  The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)........... in wvdial any ideas  ??  details : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5f2336a9 a Huawei E170 GSM modem01:56
vertix[[thufir]], there is some pigin on ubuntu live cd 8.10, but that is not an irc client from what i recall01:57
quintenhi, since i upgraded to jaunty, my wine applications all have the graphics replaced by a grey screen01:57
quintenand on the commandline i see a bunch of errors about an unimplemented gl function01:57
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Stupendousstevevertix: Pidgin can connect to irc01:57
quintenis this a known error? any suggestions on what package to look at downgrading, possibly?01:57
vertixKB1JWQ, are you there?01:58
quinteni don't want to switch back to intrepid as i like the other upgrades01:58
dino__ok no luck on the bug      anyone know how to change the yahoo messenger server in the pidgin app ?01:58
Crash1hdWhat is the best program in ubuntu to use that will undelete a deleted file(s)?01:58
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Dr_WillisCrash1hd:  good luck with Undeleteing  stuff from a ext2/3 filesystem :)01:58
Stupendousstevedino__: Yes... modify accounts and hit the advanced tab01:58
SteffyCrash1hd: just check your wastebasket?01:58
Dr_Willis!undelete | Crash1hd01:58
ubottuCrash1hd: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel01:58
StupendoussteveI think, at least01:58
vertixStupendoussteve, i tried this pigin thing and it asks for some account and i did not figure out how to set it up. can you tell me? cause i hate this mibbit thing i am using right now01:59
Stupendousstevevertix: Hit add in the pidgin accounts window and select irc from the pulldown01:59
Dr_Willisvertix:  i perfer xchat to pidgin. :) or go hardcore and use irssi.01:59
Crash1hdDr_Willis: thanks for the info :) I dont have anything I need to undelete (But I know its inevitable that it will happen lol)01:59
Stupendousstevehardcore is telnet :P01:59
ssmyhow can I install a command-line only system from the jaunty alternate CD? I remember this use dto be an option, but I don't see it now.02:00
Stupendousstevevertix: Then just enter a nickname in the username field, you shouldn't need to use a password02:00
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tzar04Could someone help me get gsynaptics working? I've made an fdi file to enable SHMconfig, but it's still complaining that SHMconfig isn't enabled02:00
HorizonXPhey, i installed VLC, and I'm trying to stream some video, but it's complaining about not having the codec for MPEG-2. but libavcodec is installed. any ideas?02:00
vertixcause i need to get my ubuntu booted REAL bad. i got infected with the latest and greatest version of rootkit while running Windows, and that is a killer thing. So now i need to back up all sorts of stuff, not time to play with pigins02:00
Cakkif someone can help me with network drives in linux please private msg me02:00
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dino__Unknown error number 29. Logging into the Yahoo! website may fix this. is what i get when i try to log in to pidgin  and also wehn i try to make a new account02:00
vertixStupendoussteve, well, i entered some nick name but it complained i recall.02:01
Stupendousstevevertix: It may have been in use, try the one you're using now with a 1, maybe02:01
GARRETTNHello, im back02:02
GARRETTNanyone have problems02:02
vertixi am waiting for KB1JWQ to tell me if he can see anything wrong with my grub setup on dual IDE/SCSI boot configuration02:02
dino__Unknown error number 29. Logging into the Yahoo! website may fix this.  on pidgin  when trying tolog on YIM02:02
Mike_lifeguardif I want to try out KDE, what would I need to install on ubuntu?02:02
geniiMike_lifeguard: kubuntu-desktop02:03
vertixk, lemme try that pigin now. cause this mibbit thing sux full time02:03
zvacetMike_lifeguard : sudo apt-get install kubuntu -desktop kde02:03
Mike_lifeguardAnd then when booting (or whatever), how would I enter kde instead of gnome?02:04
StupendoussteveMike_lifeguard: If you install kubuntu-desktop, you don't need to install kde separate02:04
StupendoussteveMike_lifeguard: There is a sessions button on the login screen, just choose kde02:04
Mike_lifeguardI guess that's a metapackage?02:04
StupendoussteveMike_lifeguard: Correct02:04
zvacetMike_lifeguard : bottom left on login under options02:04
Mike_lifeguardoh, right.02:04
Mike_lifeguardok, sweet, let's give this a roll... :D02:04
RHorseStupendoussteve it's a *huge* install BTW. Make a cup of coffee. ;)02:06
RHorsesorry, for Mike_lifeguard02:06
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Mike_lifeguardthanks for the warning :P02:07
Mike_lifeguardBTW, anyone know how people get the mac-ish launch bar thing instead of a "normal" panel?02:07
Dr_WillisMike_lifeguard:  with one of the many 'dock' apps out. (i hate them all)02:07
ubottuAvant Window Navigator is a dock-like navigation bar for the Linux desktop that positions itself at the bottom of the screen. Homepage http://wiki.awn-project.org/ Awn-Manager can be found the Gutsy !backports repository and in Universe in Hardy02:07
Mike_lifeguardDr_Willis: just testing things, promise :P02:08
Dr_WillisMike_lifeguard:  i find them more hassle  then they are worth02:08
unkuiriHi, I need some help with wine program...02:08
KB1JWQDr_Willis: You just described my perspective on GUIs. :)02:08
r3c0n  The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)........... in wvdial any ideas  ??  details : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5f2336a9 a Huawei E170 GSM modem02:09
Mike_lifeguardthere was some other awesome lauching thingy I saw a while back too... but I forget where, and I can't really describe it well02:09
r3c0nany advice ?02:09
norrisg1Anyone need some help?02:09
r3c0n  The PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)........... in wvdial any ideas  ??  details : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5f2336a9 a Huawei E170 GSM modem02:09
Mike_lifeguardunkuiri: it's normally best to simply pose your question; if someone can help you then they'll do so02:09
Dr_WillisKB1JWQ:  also describes my wife... *DOH*  did i say that?02:10
vertixStupendoussteve, i am trying to connect to irc.freenode.net with pigin, but it just hangs and times out. any idea what that is?02:10
ray66Downloaded sun-java6-jre and sun-java6-bin and sun-java6-plugin I cannot get verification that it is installed Getting missing jre from firefox 3.0.10 error02:10
lstarnesvertix: do you get any error messages?02:10
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r3c0nvertix use mibbit.com instead of pidgin maybe ?02:10
Dr_Willisray66:  some reason you dident use the java in the package manager listings?02:11
vertixerror: closing link, connection timed out02:11
RHorsevertix port no?02:11
r3c0n6667 ?02:11
unkuirihow can I remove a program installed in wine? I've tried the normal things like using thw wine uninstaller but the programs remain there...:(..can somone help me?02:11
ray66dr willis ... downloaded from synaptic02:11
zvacetray66 : g oto the synaptic and reinstall java6-jre and you will get gui for accept licence agreement02:11
lstarnesvertix: which nick are you using?02:11
vertixRHorse, i bet you are right. i did not even set port. thought it knows it02:11
RHorsevertix, it might...02:12
ray66zvzcet.. got all of that done02:12
RHorsevertix, should be 666702:12
vertixactually, it was already preset to 666702:12
zvacetray66 : wit hno luck or what02:13
aixenvhey guys hoping someone can help me out here02:13
ray66zvacet...I have no files listing for jre02:13
RHorsevertix I wouldn't use it for irc, I'd use irssi or xchat or something. Or even chatzilla02:14
aixenv9.04 , works great, using ati drivers - kernel mod 'fglrx' ; trying to get xenserver running so i can boot up an xp virtual machine, so i understand xen installs a new kernel, and this kernel when it boots has hosed up graphics, i did a diff of the xorg.conf and the kernel mod isnt being loaded or the driver, any ideas?02:14
zvacetray66 : di you try t oinstall that packages with synaptic or cli02:14
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orange-wedgeaixenv have you tried vmplayer?02:15
ray66zvacet...Download from synaptic02:15
Canaenok, so I have a live cd of ubuntu, and I want to format my hard drive and upgrade to ext4. Where do I select this? There doesn't seem to be an option in the partitioning section of the install02:15
aixenvorange-wedge: no i havent.. apt-cache searching now...02:15
macOutIs it possible to create a metapackage that removes its dependencies when it is removed?02:16
croddyhello, is there a way to configure command-not-found so that it is inactive as i type commands at the bash prompt, but so that i can still search its database when i want?02:16
zvacetray66 : and you can not accept licence is that reason why you can not see java02:16
vertixoh, looks like that pigin got connected finally, what a trip!02:16
orange-wedgeaixenv you have to download it from their site02:16
ssmymacOut: i believe aptitude removes dependencies when you remove meta-packages02:16
coolkourtne good ubuntu 9.04 tutorials or sites02:16
^joules^yikes, this place is pretty busy. anyone know anything about ndiswrapper?02:16
vertix1yep, this pigin thing seems to be working, but it looks funny02:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext402:16
aixenvorange-wedge: ok ill do some goodling for it02:16
unkuirihow can I remove a program installed in wine? I've tried the normal things like using thw wine uninstaller but the programs remain there...:(..can somone help me?02:17
mrwesCanaen: there should be a small block or square in which you put a check to format that particular partition02:17
orange-wedgeaixenv... i installed v2.5 using the .bundle02:17
ray66zvacet...I have accepted the licence and progressed through the rest of the download02:17
vertix1is there a way to log the channel on pigin thing?02:17
vertix1actually i like fonts on it02:17
macOutssmy: But not Synaptic? What about the command line? I know removing "ubuntu" does not remove dependencies. Is that a specially crafted metapackage?02:17
StupendoussteveCanaen: I think you can mkfs.ext4 through the cli on there, or use the alternate cd and it does have the option02:17
Canaenmrwes: I can format a partition or the entire drive (which is my goal), but I can't seem to select ext4 anywhere02:17
orange-wedgeyou can create the vmx file you need from easevmx.com02:18
zvacetray66 : so in synaptic you see it as installed but you can not use it is that situation correct02:18
Canaenstupendoussteve: what is mkfs? what is the alternate cd?02:18
vertix1hey, this pigin thing is not that bad, MUCH better than that mibbit!02:18
StupendoussteveCanaen: In fact I would suggest the alternate cd, as doing ti manually is liable to leave broken fstab and such02:18
^joules^Canean: i think it's automatic i don't remember setting it for my install02:18
oluumkfs make filesystem02:18
lstarnesvertix1: xchat is even better for itc02:18
StupendoussteveCanaen: mkfs is a command to make a filesystem, the alternate cd is the text mode installation (it still installs the graphical system though)02:18
oluuext4 alot faster than ext3?02:19
ray66zvacet...Synaptic shows it to be installed in both the status report of all and installed but java will not verify and firefox tell me I need to download jre02:19
StupendoussteveIt performs better02:19
Canaenstupendoussteve: so the only difference in using the alternate cd is that it is a text-based cd, and I can select ext4?02:19
mrwesCanaen, http://www.dougjaworski.com/blog/how-to-install-ubuntu-904-juanty-with-the-ext4-filesystem/02:19
oluuhm okey02:19
midknihtbut not faster than ext202:19
vertix1lstarnes, i know. I used to use xchat all the time when i was more on linux box, but lately i had to do a lot of development work on windows, even though i could do it on linux, but linux ide suck real bad compared to VS02:19
StupendoussteveCanaen: Yes. It also has some other "advanced" options available02:19
Canaenmrwes: thank you02:19
Canaenstupendoussteve: thanks02:19
mrwesCanaen, yo uhave to use the manual partition02:20
linux_noobIn my VirtualHost:80 whcich i want to redirect to my VirtualHost:443, what exactly should my ServerName be?02:20
oluuis it stable ? gonna build a new fileserver soon, should i go with ext4 or stick with ext3?02:20
Stupendoussteveoluu: It is stable but still evolving, you could say02:20
StupendoussteveThere aren't a ton of tools for it02:20
the1corruptedCan someone please help me with my non-working touchpad?02:21
meoblast001does anyone know how to make a Kodak EasyShare C813 work with Ubuntu?02:21
^joules^ndiswrapper? anyone? i've been at it for hours and no luck02:21
unkuirihow can I remove a program installed in wine? I've tried the normal things like using thw wine uninstaller but the programs remain there...:(..can somone help me?02:21
meoblast001looks like i'll be wasting yet another night02:21
Dr_Willisunkuiri:  theres some directoryin the users home that has .desktop entries for them.. or use the menu editor (i think)02:21
meoblast001if i can't figure this out soon, i'll just tell my mom she can get XP because obviously none of her stuff is working02:22
zvacetray66 : i will try to find something if I can just a min02:22
vocketAll progams installed in wine go to .wine/drive_c02:22
meoblast001nor anyone else who i convert to ubuntu02:22
Dr_Willisunkuiri:  .config/menus/applications-merged02:22
aixenvhah u tried to convert your mom to linux, that's classic02:22
aixenvwishful thinking02:22
Canaenwhat is the use in having a separate /boot partition and a swap partition?02:22
the1corruptedmeoblast001 Why does it have to be kodak?02:22
meoblast001the1corrupted: because i don't have the physical capabilities to turn it into a nother brand02:23
meoblast001the1corrupted: i don't do magic02:23
zirodayCanaen: many, but if your just a home user its fine without a seperate /boot partition02:23
Dr_Willismeoblast001:  every digital camera ive ever had. show up as a usb drive. some may have a menu item you have to enable to be 'usb storage' mode02:23
KB1JWQCanaen: A separate /boot partition means you can still boot the box in theory even if / gets trashed.02:23
zirodayaixenv: there are many mum's using linux and ubuntu02:23
Canaenziroday: thank you.02:23
KB1JWQCanaen: Swap partition grants you improved access times in some instances.02:23
meoblast001Dr_Willis: Error initializing camera: -60: Could not lock the device02:23
aixenvziroday: and many mums wishing their PnP apps worked02:23
=== nick_h is now known as nick_h_
the1corruptedmeoblast001: Yeah, there are many ways of getting photos off cameras.  One is to get a MicroSD reader and physically pull the card out of the camera.02:24
=== nick_h_ is now known as nick_h
CanaenKB1JWQ: mmk. that sounds like a good idea02:24
meoblast001the1corrupted: do they give those away like the AOL discs?02:24
zirodayaixenv: err PnP is a) outdated and b) not an app02:24
aixenvor wondering why their games dont work ..02:24
aixenvziroday: there's apps for pnp devices..02:24
orange-wedgeis there anyway to suppress these text events in xchat?02:24
the1corruptedmeoblast001: Go look at your local Wal-Mart.  They're sure to have one or two laying around.  Just ask for a photo card reader.02:25
aixenvif someone is used to windows.. that takes transition02:25
zirodayaixenv: you might want to read up on what the term PnP means http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legacy_Plug_and_Play before tossing it around02:25
meoblast001the1corrupted: should i ask them if i can have it for free?02:25
Dr_Willisorange-wedge:  it has settings for a lot of that..   and customizable  event text also02:25
norrisg1can someone help me02:25
aixenvi know what PnP is02:25
CakkCan someone help me change the permissions on my external hdd so i can write to it02:25
the1corruptedmeoblast001: o.o  It's not gonna be free, but it's gonna cost less than $2002:25
norrisg1why cant i play games that i installed with wine??02:25
meoblast001the1corrupted: well... in a moneyless society, everything would be free02:25
lovegrowsanyone know what the cost is for ubuntu on amozons ec2?02:26
vertix1does anybody know where do i set the log directory in pigin? I don't know where is it logging to02:26
meoblast001but sadly we can't have that02:26
linux_noobdoes a VirtualHost need a ServerName?02:26
mrwesCakk, what is the mount point?02:26
meoblast001actually, in a moneyless society, this damn thing would work02:26
bandyoanyone knows if the problems with ATI x1200 drivers in 9.04 has been sorted out?02:26
the1corruptedmeoblast001 No, in a moneyless society, things would actually cost a whole lot more.  Just not money.02:26
Canaenin there an advantage in having your boot and swap paritions formatted as ext2 or ext3 rather than just having everything ext4?02:26
zirodayvertix1: somewhere in ~/.purple/logs02:26
zvacetray66 : http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-java-runtime-environment-jre-in-ubuntu.html   https://help.ubuntu.com/search.html?cof=FORID%3A9&cx=003883529982892832976%3Ae2vwumte3fq&ie=UTF-8&q=java&sa=Search02:26
zirodayCanaen: swap partitions are formatted as swap, they have no filesystem02:27
meoblast001the1corrupted: well.. this conversation isn't changing the fact that this camera won't work02:27
Canaenziroday: what about /boot ?02:27
zirodayCanaen: its best to have /boot as ext3 if you are going to have it seperate02:27
vertix1ziroday, i am running off liveCD now. can i change the log directory in pigin?02:27
the1corruptedmeoblast001 Well, I'll tell you right now, a microSD reader is cheaper than a $100 XP license.02:27
ray66meoblast001...I went thru all kind of fixes and configurations and a $10.00 card reader from walmart fixed the problem02:27
zirodayvertix1: I would presume so, but don't know how sorry02:27
meoblast001the1corrupted: no one i know likes Ubuntu except for my sister and she's starting to not like it02:27
Sergeant_Ponyis there a way to have on boot-up the machine show what's it's loading without me having to hit a key combination?02:28
zirodaymeoblast001: if you felt like ranting about ubuntu please do so in #ubuntu-offtopic02:28
meoblast001the1corrupted: i can't keep up with the demands of people and the fuckups of all the companies that aren't supporting major operating systems02:28
unkuiriAnyone knows of a way to monitor signal strenght using a mobile broadband modem?02:28
meoblast001ziroday: i'm baned from that channel02:28
orange-wedgeDr_Willis,   thanks i was getting annoyed at seeing all the joins and quits this much nicer02:28
jlgshsfjoidwhen are you developers going to fix Ubuntu to play Flash videos over bluetooth headphones and headsets?02:28
ravagerOk, look...I REALLY like ubuntu02:28
zirodaymeoblast001: then you shouldn't be discussing it here, there are plenty of other offtopic channels. Also watch your language02:28
Dr_Willisorange-wedge:  it pays to read the docs for irc clients. :)02:29
ravagerI WANT to use it, but I updated and my sound isn't working AGAIN02:29
meoblast001i'll just go tell my mom i can't get it to work02:29
lovegrowsmmmmm bluetooth audio to my headphones, those have been a big FAIL thus far in my gadget life02:29
vertix1anybody knows how to change the log directory in pigin?02:30
the1corruptedlovegrows It really isn't worth it unless you have bluetooth in your computer somewhere.02:30
jlgshsfjoidlovegrows: what02:30
Canaenravager: try using pulseaudio02:30
linux_noobhow do i make <VirtualHosts> so that I can have multiple sites use port 443 without it saying that my VirtualHosts are overlapping? Do they all need to be in the same file? is there some sort of equivalent to a "partial class" for virtualhusts?02:30
Canaenravager: 9.04 has problems with a buncha sound cards02:31
th0rvertix, the logs go to ~/.purple/logs and I think that is hardcoded02:31
RHorsevertix1 you could always make a link :)02:31
lovegrowsI have bluetooth on my computer, and they even show they are connected, with the name and everything. "airbirds connected" but I haven't gotten sound from the computer to go through them:(02:32
jlgshsfjoidok i have an idea. why dont you do this. instead of making all kinds of new fancy features for your new versions, why dont you fix the bugs in the current version?02:32
unoplinux_noob, different virtualhosts are identified by the 'hostname' sent in the HTTP request e.g. you'd have something like <VirtualHost www.example.com:443>02:33
ray66zvacet...I have tried the first http the version is bi.6._07-b06 hot spot 10.0-b23 there are no plugins in the firefox about plugins directory will have a lok at the second suggestions02:33
jlgshsfjoidcan anyone tell me how to get my bluetooth headset working for flash. is that at all possible?02:33
dsabeckyjlgshsfjoid: They did an amazing job with X.org and Wireless devices.02:33
vertix1i need help on a really weird boot problem with grub under ubuntu 8.10. I have 2 drives, IDE and SCSI and separate /boot paritions. Grub starts booting the kernel, but when it tries to mount the root filesystem it gives me this error: [2.023879] VFS: Cannot open root device "sdb8" or unknown block (0,0)02:33
supernixI /j #thunderbird02:33
the1corruptedSo anyway...  I got this issue right now that has been plaguing me for the last week or so...  And it's been torture trying to get my laptop's ALPS GlidePoint touchpad to work.  This is starting to drive me up the wall.  But right now, Linux can't even see my touch pad (it doesn't show up in the mouse options) and even though I enabled it in an fdi file, SHMConfig is still disabled...  Help?02:33
unoplinux_noob, http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/vhosts/name-based.html02:33
vertix1before that, i get this error: [1.959688 crc error02:33
jlgshsfjoiddsabecky: whats that?02:34
ravagerIf I install pulse should i uninstall anything?02:34
dsabeckyjlgshsfjoid: The Ubuntu dev.02:34
vertix1and before that, i get this: [1.536064] RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0.02:34
jlgshsfjoidbut im talking about bluetooth, dsabecky02:34
Canaenravager: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/sound-solutions-for-ubuntu-904-jaunty-users.html02:35
vertix1but the root partition is clean and is located in the right place and device file is correct02:35
dsabeckyjlgshsfjoid: You did mention bluetooth, but then you said they fix bugs. They do, bluetooth isn't a priority.02:35
Cryptic_Bat !pastebin | the1corrupted02:35
ubottuthe1corrupted: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:35
vertix1i even reinstalled 8.10 again, just to make sure, but it still isn't booting, even thou it created new partitions for new install02:36
jlgshsfjoiddsabecky: why isnt bluetooth a priority?02:36
dsabeckyvertix1: Did you try installing 9.0402:36
* ravager sighs02:36
Dr_WillisIf everythingis a priority then nothing is. :)02:36
ravagerI give up. When the sound issues are fixed i'll try again02:36
dsabeckyjlgshsfjoid: Because there are more important things to fix, which is what they've been doing.02:36
dtchenravager: what sound issues?02:36
vertix1dsabecky, nope, I can't, my windows box got rooted and i am running off liveCD, so i can't even fry anything02:36
orange-wedgevertix1 so you ran fsck on the partition?02:36
ravagerI am using 9.04, worked fine till I installed updates.02:37
ravagerNow I have no sound again.02:37
|freddy|hey, I have this question, if I burn ubuntu on a dvd, will it boot normally?02:37
|freddy|is just that I have no cd's around02:37
jlgshsfjoiddsabecky: why spend time on all these new features when there are still bugs to fix though?02:37
dtchenravager: wget -O ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh02:37
=== tempest is now known as tempest_
dtchenravager: please tell me the url that script generates02:37
vertix1is 9.04 big?02:37
dsabeckyjlgshsfjoid: As I said, they are fixing things, like major issues with sound, video, and wireless. There are more important things than Bluetooth. They are doing the best they can.02:38
coz_|freddy|,  if you mean burn the iso as a dvd iso yes it will work .. it will be a bit slower but it will work02:38
vertix1is there a minimal install of 9.04 so that i could download it and install from liveCD i am running on right now?02:38
orange-wedgevertix1 do you have a spare thumb drive?02:38
ravagerThat opened up my open office writer02:39
jlgshsfjoiddsabecky: but from what it sounds like the bluetooth compatibility has actually gotten /worse/02:39
vertix1orange-wedge, no, i dont02:39
MarcNMy SheevaPlug arrived today with Jaunty pre-installed!  Anyone know if there is an IRC channel for these?02:39
Dr_Willisvertix1:  unetbootin tool, or the usb-disk creater tool can install to a thumbdrive easially enough. :)02:39
dtchenravager: it shouldn't have. i presume you ran that whole command string in a Terminal emulator?02:39
vertix1all i have right now is 2 drives, not even flash02:39
Dr_Willisvertix1:  Hmm..02:39
Dr_Willisvertix1:  the live cd  - has an installer.02:40
lovegrowsBluetooth isn't a priority because you buy it separately from the rest of your computer, and only some of us have bluetooth, but to you and me it is a big deal02:40
|freddy|coz_: really? slower?02:40
coz_|freddy|,  yes I have dont this many times  it  installs just slightly slower but it works fine :)02:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about news02:41
jlgshsfjoidis there another linux distro that works with bluetooth better?02:41
vertix1Dr_Willis, ok, so what do i do from live cd to try 9.04. who knows, may be that one will make my box boot. but i still don't understand why i can't boot this one? its been a solid week of suffering and i tried everything imaginable02:41
dsabeckyjlgshsfjoid: They are more than likely all going to use the same core software, so no. Look around online for fixes or different manager programs.02:41
tzar04on a new installation of ubuntu 9.04, hal isn't reading fdi files - can someone help me please?02:41
=== maria_ is now known as Jose
jlgshsfjoiddsabecky: ok. thanks. :(02:42
dtchenravager: does pkill pulseaudio (and then allowing it to autorespawn) help?02:42
belchplease, help, do you guys know if IP fragments packets always like MTU size, MTU size, MTU size, remaining data or in may it in some situation make all the fragments be of the same length?02:42
mib_1zon7ohi everyone, I installed the restricted ati drivers on JJ and now it won't boot and throws up a black screen with green bars, can I fix this from the live cd ?02:42
vertix1anybody around who is good at linux booting off of dual drive system IDE/SCSI at the point where root partition is getting mounted?02:43
orange-wedgevertix1 can you run sudo fsck -Fy /dev/sd02:43
lovegrowsthe distro isn't the problem in bluetooth, I dought there is a bluetoothbuntu, or arch for bluetoothers, Unfortunatly you will probably have to command-line it in:(02:44
=== tempest_ is now known as tempest__
ravagerim afraid not.02:44
orange-wedgeand insert the physical drive for the / partition02:44
chuck_mib_1zon7o,  did you run aticonfig --initial from the terminal02:44
jlgshsfjoidi dont mind command-lining02:44
vertix1orange-wedge, yep, i ran fsck on all partitions, all clean, no problems of any kind, but i noticed drives get swapped around compared to live CD and grub when it is booting the box02:44
quit_Hey, is there any equivalent to the "import this" library in Python for the command line in Ubuntu?02:44
ray66zvacet...The alternatives are all showing correctly The one thing I do not have is the plugin in firefox The link from java to firefox shows the plugin oji.so file but not as a link02:44
jlgshsfjoidhow do i do it though?02:44
jlgshsfjoidis there a solution02:44
vertix1orange-wedge, but i have a feeling that scsi drivers are not loaded. but i tried to add initrd and even that did not help02:45
tzar04I know that the fdi file works and is in the right place because I'm using it on an archlinux laptop properly02:45
mib_1zon7ochuck_, I installed the driver and rebooted and now I am stuck, how do i get to terminal ?02:45
orange-wedgevertix1 that should be normal with the drive letters02:45
jlgshsfjoidi cant command line very good so can you do it for me possibly?02:45
Jason2gsHello. [Skipping boring monologue...] can something on Ubuntu load a Microsoft Works Calendar .wcd file?02:45
vertix1orange-wedge, but i recall running ubuntu after fresh install at least once02:46
coz_MINNIE,  hey02:46
vertix1so it SHOULD boot, but it doesn't. grub was overwritten with XP and my xp got rooted02:46
Cakkdoes anyone know how to make a network folder with a windows pc that has a password?02:46
kesshello, good night02:46
orange-wedgevertix1 the next thing to check is possibly your bios SATA settings02:46
kessi've got a strange problem02:46
jlgshsfjoid!caps | MINNIE02:47
ubottuMINNIE: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:47
ray66Hey coz02:47
kesseverything works here (just installed now), except wireless02:47
kessthe card is a Ralink RT250002:47
vertix1orange-wedge, what kind of sata settings do i need to check?02:47
kesssomehow udev is confused about it02:47
coz_MINNIE,  make sure you caps lock is not one :)02:47
th0rvertix1, did I understand taht correctly....you reinstalled xp after installing ubuntu?02:47
kessand loads the wrong modules for it at the start02:47
* Dr_Willis takes a hammer to MINNIE 's caps lock02:47
kess(named: rt2x00...)02:48
* ravager bangs his head against his desk and considers going postal02:48
chuck_mib_1zon7o,  reboot into rescue mode and open root terminal and run that command then reboot02:48
kessby blacklisting those in the modprobe configuration, it works02:48
coz_MINNIE,  well it is distracting  so please turn it off :)02:48
kessusing the good modules (rt2500)02:48
quit_ravager: Do it!02:48
Cakkcan someone help me setup a network folder on linux using a windows share with a password?02:48
kessbut i suspect this is a bad way to fix it02:48
kessany tip on it?02:48
orange-wedgevertix1 sometimes you need to specify ahci02:48
mib_1zon7ochuck_, i'll try that, thanks02:48
vertix1th0r, yep, after my box got rooted, i reinstalled xp and that wiped out grub, i reinstalled grub, and nothing would help, no matter what i do02:48
RHorsemebbe MINNIE has a bad keyboard.02:49
coz_Cakk,   I would but I have little experience with that  but I am sure someone here can or go to #linux  channel   I am sure someone there can do it also :)02:49
Cakkhmm k02:49
dedinjeinternet browsing extremely slooooow in Ubuntu Jaunty (x86_64) and its not firefox...its every browser02:49
dedinjeany ideas02:49
vertix1th0r, i am not sure the rootkit infected some bios or boot sectors cause it progressed really far, down to bios i am afraid02:49
mib_1zon7ochuck_, btw, what does a -f flag do in the aticonfig command ?02:49
functionofxyhey, did anyone mange to install dnuos?02:49
=== tempest__ is now known as tempest
rbanffyHi folks. I am using jaunty on an Acer Aspire One. Would there be any advantage if I reinstalled it using the lpia alternate installer?02:49
vertix1orange-wedge, ahci?02:50
orange-wedgevertix1 just a brainstorm which disk are you trying to load ubuntu onto?02:50
mattwj2002hi everyone02:51
Talkradiotard speak wow02:51
chuck_mib_1zon7o,  forces it to write to the xorg.conf file02:51
vertix1orange-wedge, do you know what specifically do i set in bios for this ahci thing?02:51
rbanffyAnyone using the lpia builds?02:51
merkoenHi. Will it help to install graphic drivers when im running ubuntu on VirutalBox ?  :)02:51
=== rachel is now known as Guest93996
mattwj2002Ubuntu 9.04 is giving me a huge headache with my video driver02:51
Jason2gsHello. Can something on Ubuntu load a Microsoft Works Calendar .wcd file?02:51
mib_1zon7ochuck_, thanks02:51
Juzman-EeePCAnyone know how to (successfully) get Artwiz fonts working in jaunty? I symlinked yes-bitmap to /etc/fonts/conf.d/ edited local.conf and fccache -fv02:51
mattwj2002I have Integrated ATI Radeon X1150 graphics02:51
Juzman-EeePCI have the fonts in ~/.fonts/02:51
vertix1orange-wedge, i have separate /boot partitions on both drives, so no matter how it swaps drives, i should be able to boot cause both of those partitions have kernels and all other boot stuff02:52
orange-wedgetry booting without the ide02:53
=== uvacav is now known as snowcavalier
geniiMINNIE: /join #channelname                  You may want to fix your capslock at some point02:53
jigphello guys how to install other good and safe browser?i have only firefox..i want to have another one so that i can check my 2nd yahoo email in other browser.i cannot check 2 accounts of yahoo at the same time at the same firefox browser or is there other way to open the 2 account of yahoo mail in one browser?02:53
swiftarrowMINNIE please see my private message02:53
dedinjeis there a help channel in which I can get Ubuntu related help?02:53
vertix1orange-wedge, that is what i was thinking about, except i needs to save lots of data off IDE drive02:53
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:53
swiftarrow\msg MINNIE to switch channels use \ join #channel name02:54
ray66zvacet....Are you still with me?02:54
lovegrowsI wish I could get your bluetooth working, but I haven't got mine working yet either. I bet you really want it to work right now but it isn't going to happen. I suggest ubuntuforums.org and a search for bluetooth audio and just go to town command-lineing:)02:54
orange-wedgeyeah i've had an ide drive working with my sata before02:54
=== maria_ is now known as Salcedian
vertix1orange-wedge, ok, assume i'll make it boot without IDE. what do i do then to get my data off ide drive and make it boot eventually?02:54
Sergeant_Ponyis there a way  to monitor what's being loaded on boot-up without having to hit a key combination? I'm running ubuntu 9.0402:54
rbanffyNobody using lpia then...02:54
binarymutantthen why type?02:55
orange-wedgei would say get it booting and working...  having two boot partitions is suspect02:55
orange-wedgeyou could possibly boot from the disk you are now later02:55
orange-wedgethen backup all the files you need02:55
swiftarrowSergeant_Pony, in /boot/grub/menu.lst, remove quiet from the kernel options02:55
MINNIEio i turned off da caps lock02:56
SalcedianI guess everybody is pretty much happy running 9:0402:56
orange-wedgeis your sata completely full?02:56
Dr_WillisSalcedian:  ive had very few issues with it.02:56
vertix1orange-wedge, well i have 1 /boot partition per drive. i don't see a problem with that, especially that both have exact same data. what kind of problems do you expect?02:56
SalcedianDr_Willis: like what will that be02:57
Dr_WillisSalcedian:  other then having todo a little tweaking on my Multimedia keyboard.. no issues at all.02:57
vertix1orange-wedge, well, sata is not completely full. i could make some space on it. how much?02:57
Sergeant_Ponyswiftarrow, thanks :)02:57
RHorseMinnie, how ya doin'?02:58
RHorseminnie, no don't go!!!02:58
SalcedianDr_Willis: what about ext402:58
Sergeant_PonySalcedian, I'm running 9.04 on an Acer Aspire and it runs great, Best version yet.02:58
Dr_WillisSalcedian:  no hassles with that.. not really noticed any differaances with ext3 and 4. I got a box or 2 with ext4 and one with ext3.02:58
vertix1orange-wedge, actually, you might have a point with trying to boot without ide. at least i'll know that it CAN boot, then i'll have to figure out what is going on with ide02:59
CirosMINNIE:  you dont need to type in all caps ;)02:59
geniiCiros: Their capslock is broken, apparently02:59
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:59
spencehi #ubuntu, i purchased a new graphics card and my screen resolution has been capped. i believe i need to install drivers but i've had no luck following ATi's instructions02:59
geniiOr not, perhaps02:59
spencecan anyone here advise?02:59
SalcedianSergeant_Pony  Dr_Willis that is nice to hear ...03:00
Ciroswow Matrox, there is a company I havent heard of in forever.03:00
MINNIEgenni: u need to hut up with your smart ass mouth03:00
lovegrowsdo you have an older ati card?03:00
q_Dr_Willis: when do you sleep and what do you do appart from beeing here?03:00
chaorainI'm using meld to compare two MythTV media backups and Meld wont show any files. Help?03:00
vertix1orange-wedge, any other ideas? what about it swapping drives around? from liveCD, sata is sda, but when grub is booting, it is sdb. But there is a drive mapping in grub. I could change that map. i recall reading about it somewhere03:00
Dr_Willisq_:  right now i got 30 to 60 days off work. :)03:00
RHorse!language | MINNIE03:00
ubottuMINNIE: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:00
vertix1orange-wedge, do you have any idea about the drive map and drive swapping by grub?03:01
spencelovegrows: not especially, it's a 4800 series card purchased in November03:01
SalcedianSergeant_Pony- that distro came with it in you aspire one03:01
q_Dr_Willis: if you still get paid that sound awesome03:01
orange-wedgevertix1 yeah not too familiar with the syntax03:01
Dr_Willisq_:  unemployment checks03:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about meld03:01
vertix1Ciros, Matrox is pro grade stuff, much better than what you use i bet03:01
Sergeant_PonySalcedian, I started out with 7.04 and kept going on up to 9.04 and I'm very happy with the progress Ubuntu has made.03:01
q_Dr_Willis: money is money :)03:02
MINNIEGenni : wat did u say03:02
jigphello guys how to install other good and safe browser?i have only firefox..i want to have another one so that i can check my 2nd yahoo email  in other browser.i cannot check 2 accounts of yahoo at the same time at the same firefox browser or is there other way to open the 2 account  of yahoo mail in one browser?03:02
unkuiriHi, Is there a away to monitor signal strenght from a mobile broadband conection?03:02
MINNIErhorse : wat did u say03:02
Cirosvertix1:  I was just saying i havent heard of the company spoken as far as video cards in a while.  you dont need to get defensive  nor hostile03:02
unkuiriin jaunty03:02
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orange-wedgevertix1 what does the output of sudo fdisk -l look like?03:03
vertix1orange-wedge, well, syntax is not a problem. you just change the letter names, i just don't quite get how exactly it is working and at which exact point drives get swapped, at the point of creation of grub or at the point of actually booting from MBR03:03
RHorsejigp I like seamonkey and dillo03:03
SalcedianSergeant_Pony that is nice to hear  I have an acer one too...that I am thinking installing another distro like CentOS....but I have one box with ubuntu already on it03:03
=== tempest___ is now known as tempest
mattgyverCould anyone help me setup xchat to connect to a psybnc?03:03
th0rjigp, you could install opera via synaptic, but I am not sure you could do what you want to do03:03
MINNIEtempest mothershed is dat u03:03
vertix1Ciros, well, i like matrox a lot. i am not defensive, trust me.03:03
q_RHorse : dillo is ultra-light but you can feel that03:03
Sergeant_PonySalcedian, I'm also running the Server version of Ubuntu as well. Very happy with it's performance under heavy load.03:04
chaorainMeld just shows directories. I need it to show files. Help?03:04
unkuiriHi, Is there a away to monitor signal strenght from a mobile broadband conection in jaunty?03:04
RHorseq_ very. But good for google mail03:04
jigpRHorse how to install?i look for it in synaptic and there was no file of seamonkey and dillo03:04
q_are there smartphones that can remote control a terminal via bluetooth?03:05
unkuiriIs there a away to monitor signal strenght from a mobile broadband conection in jaunty?03:05
q_that was a warwalkers dream :)03:05
vertix1Ciros, actually, i am running matrox card right now because color and saturation and font rendering is WAY much better than the video chipset i have installed.03:05
drmrhorse_jigp: try seamonkey-browser03:06
jigpdrmrhorse_ : in synaptic?03:06
Cirosjust saying you dont hear of them much in consumer electronics anymore.03:06
orange-wedgevertix1 can you run  more /boot/grub/device.map03:06
vertix1btw, i am looking for web programmers with SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP type of experience and site design for a very interesting project with potential to make lotsa bux. if anybody interested, just pm me03:07
vertix1also, java would be helful03:07
kerini have a second display set up through nvidia-settings - it doesn't work.  the screen is black, but when I move my mouse to the other screen I can see the pointer on the second screen.03:07
coz_kerin,  ok which nvidia card specifically and which driver version03:08
RHorsejigp sudo apt-get install seamonkey dillo03:08
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
Dr_Williskerin:  just drag a window over to the 2nd screen?03:08
vertix1so, before i reboot, anybody can help me out to figure out this weird boot problem of not being able to mount a clean root file system on right device and partition?03:08
kerincoz_: gtx260/driver 180.03:09
Dr_Williskerin:  if you can see the pointer move to the 2nd monitor..its working...03:09
supernixI was lucky enough to make it through c with a b hopefully I will have better luck with PHP and other web languages03:09
kerinDr_Willis, that never works - doing so just puts it on the second Compiz screen.03:09
coz_kerin,  also when you open nvidia-settings and go to xserver display configuration are both monitors shown?03:09
orange-wedgewhat does the device map look like?03:09
coz_kerin,  do you have a background image on the desktop?03:09
Dr_Williskerin:  try disabling compiz. I drag windows to the 2nd moniotor all the time here.. ive never ntoiced compiz affecting that03:09
kerinDr_Willis, incorrect.  if it was working my wallpaper'd be visible and i'd be able to open windows there.03:09
vertix1orange-wedge, are you asking me?03:09
kerincoz_: i do not.03:09
jigpRHorse : what is the best dvd burning in gnome 9.04?i have here brasero.is it ok?i dont want to waste dvd cd blank.i have problem with brasero in 8.04.wasted 6 blank dvd blank03:09
vertix1just a sec03:09
Dr_Williskerin:  you did enable twinview? using an extended desktop? or did you use 2 seperate X server setting?03:10
kerinDr_Willis, no.  on my previous 8.10 install compiz + the second monitor worked fine.03:10
coz_kerin,  ok  first open a terminal  and paste this     glxinfo -l |grep MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE03:10
kerinDr_Willis, it's configured as a separate display.03:10
coz_kerin,  just tell me the max texture size on the readout03:10
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kerincoz_, 819203:10
=== DrMrHores is now known as DrMrHorse
RHorsejigp gnomebaker?03:11
coz_kerin,  oo nice  you really shouldnt have too much issue with max texture size then03:11
coz_kerin,  in terminal   lspci | grep -i vga03:11
vertix1that link was for orange-wedge03:11
kerincoz_, since i can move my pointer over there at all - and because it worked flawlessly in both 8.10 and the same install dist-upgraded to 9.04 - it isn't a hardware issue.03:11
kerin01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT200 [GTX260-216] (rev a1)03:12
Dr_Williskerin:   i never use it as a seperate display. thats how i though it was supposed to work. Like you describe. I always use it as 'twinview' so i can just drag windows over.. its working that way here. with compiz, 2 dvi monitors, nvidia 8800gtsxxx ,  nvidia drivers 180. Want my xorg.conf ?03:12
coz_kerin,  no but I wanted to check exact card version before searching03:12
vertix1orange-wedge, you only need to look at 1st boot entry03:12
kerinDr_Willis, it's been working as a separate display for months.  I'm even using the same (functional) xorg.conf.  the issue is originating elsewhere, probably with gnome since my pointer still works.03:13
vertix1anybody else knows much about booting grub on dual ide/scsi arrangement?03:13
coz_kerin,  are you setting the dual monitor manually via nvidia-settings?03:13
Dr_Williskerin:  no idea then. heres my xorg.conf if you want to compare. http://pastebin.com/f4697d30d03:13
coz_kerin,  and you do need to run this as twinview03:14
kerincoz_: yes.  although, again.  i'm using a known good con-03:14
merkoenIs there anyway to get better performance in VirtualBox on ubuntu? : ) Video performance..03:14
Dr_Williskerin:  Im confused then as to what 'a seperate' display and 'twinview' differ then.03:14
kerincoz_: no, i do not.  twinview is not what i'm looking for.03:14
kerinDr_Willis, then you are not qualified to help me.  thank you.03:14
doleybDr_Willis: a separate display would mean you can't move the mouse or windows from one to another.03:14
coz_kerin,  ok then you will have some issues with separate xscreens  and I never use separate xscreens so I wont be able to trouble shoot this03:15
vertix1what is ex-chat? is it a new version of xchat?03:15
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  which is what hes describing as being able to do.. so somone is confused here.03:15
q_merkoen: give it some more mbs from you grafic card, could help03:15
dsabeckyvertix1: It's an XChat joke.03:15
kerincoz_: this is apparent.  thank you anyway.03:15
coz_kerin,  although with twinview  windows will open only on the primary monitor  until you drag them to seondary monitor03:15
coz_kerin,  they will also maximize only on the primary03:15
coz_kerin,  that can be changed in xorg.conf03:15
vertix1dsabecky, oh, i see. what kinda joke is this? meaning xchat sux?03:16
cdaviswhen I do vconfig add eth1 4 it tells me that I cannot do so becauase eth1 is down? do I have to ifconfig eth1 up first?03:16
steven_Where can I find instructions on installing the 64-bit version of Ubuntu 9.04?03:16
dsabeckyvertix1: No, it's just a play on words.03:16
Dr_WillisHmm.. with twinview i definatly CAN maxamize windows on the 2nd monitor.. and they can rember/open on the 2nd monitor.03:16
gyaresuCan someone suggest a GUI firewall app that can give popup notifications? I've looked at Firestarter but that's kind of sucky.03:16
kerincoz_, again.  you don't understand the problem.  evidently i have come to the wrong place.03:16
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist03:16
coz_Dr_Willis,  yes but not unless you put them there03:16
coz_oh boy03:16
coz_short temper there03:17
Dr_Williscoz_:  actually you can set the DISPLAY variable :) and make them go there first.03:17
vertix1dsabecky, i see. did they improve much on xchat lately? cause i used it a while back and it was not really upto snuff, at least compared to mirc on windoze03:17
Dr_Williscoz_:  shame on us makeing him mad with our imcompantance..03:17
owhI'm in need of opinion. I'm needing to upgrade my laptop and I'm thinking of virtualizing it. I wrote it up here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7268106#post7268106 - any comment or insights?03:17
Dr_Williscoz_:  i think he was a tad confused.03:17
coz_Dr_Willis,  I agree  but  most users are not going to think of that at first except kerin who didnt have patience enough :)03:17
dsabeckyvertix1: mIRC is the best IRC client I've ever used. To be fair though, I wrote a ton of scripts to modify it, which you can do in XChat03:18
vertix1orange-wedge, did you have a chance to look at my grub config?03:18
Dr_Williscoz_:  gonna try 'seperate displays' to see what happens. :)03:18
coz_Dr_Willis,  I dont think you will like separate xscreens if you are used to twinview :)03:19
q_why are so many applications KDE or Gnome specific?03:19
vertix1dsabecky, yep, mirc is pretty powerful, but some stuff is kinda confusing in the menus, but that's ok, if ANY linux irc client would be as good as mirc, that would be great. i wonder why he did not port it to linux03:19
Dr_Williscoz_:  what he was describing doing was exactly how twinview works for me.03:19
orange-wedgevertix1 yeah is it identical for each /boot partition?03:19
vertix1that is where Java rocks. You don't even have to port anything, it just runs binary compatible on any os that runs jvm03:19
coz_q_,  they are written as separate desktop environments  and gnome is written in C  and kde is written in C+=03:19
orange-wedgevertix1 you mentioned you have tow03:20
coz_Dr_Willis,  but with twinview your dekstop background should stretch across both monitors03:20
vertix1orange-wedge:, yep, i just tried to play with different things so i dont' have to reboot all the time into live cd, but nothing would help03:20
vertix1orange-wedge, do i have to use initrd to make sure scsi drives are loaded?03:21
SineDeviancei have installed ubuntu 9.04 using wubi. i want to go to a real install. is there a good way i can keep all my gnome/compiz settings?03:21
q_: SineDeviance copy aor home folder03:21
doleybSineDeviance: especially .gnome and .gnome2_*03:21
SineDevianceq_, thats all i gotta do?03:21
vertix1btw, how big is 9.04 download?03:21
Dante123hi all, I have a dual-boot windows xp and ubuntu system.  The ubuntu side sees and can use the dvd and cd drive.  Neither shows up under windows, and yet i used cd to install windows in the first place.  Any ideas???03:22
SineDeviancevertix1, about 700meh03:22
q_SineDeviance: yea, back it up and overwrite it later (espaccially the hidden folders!)03:22
Dante123When I check the bios at boot up, it shows hard drive, but neither cdrom shows up....yet they work under ubuntu?  What gives?03:22
orange-wedgevertix1 i doubt it is your scsi modules03:22
vertix1i wonder if what i am having problem with booting isn't a bug that's been fixed in 9.0403:22
q_SineDeviance: you'll have to reinstall all packages that you installed now, but the settings will be kept03:22
SineDevianceq_, okay. but aren't there settings in those folders that correspond to the wubi setup and wont work on a real one? (i'm talking like drive paths and such)?03:22
Dr_Williswith seperate displays I got a Gnome Panel on both :) and the same wallpaper on both03:22
joanki123geordi {int test =5; cout << test; }03:22
vertix1orange-wedge, but what it could be then? i tried every single conceivable combination of things and root partition is clean. i can't be boot sector on that partition, could it?03:23
geniiDante123: Sounds more like a Windows issue than an Ubuntu issue. But if I had to guess, install your drivers for whatever chipset controls the cd/dvd. May get more help in ##windows03:23
q_SineDeviance: I'm no Pro, but copying /home/ is a common thing to do and most path in linux are standard paths (wubi has the same structure like you final install will have)03:23
SineDevianceq_, ok03:24
=== ZSV[AFK] is now known as Zwemshortventje
orange-wedgevertix1 i think it just might be the ide drive03:24
Dr_WillisI really dont see aht one gains by seperate displays vs 'twinview' :)03:24
vertix1orange-wedge, IDE drive? how so? it is a perfectly working drive. never had a single problem with it. what could be a problem with it?03:25
doleybDr_Willis: it's an entirely different thing.  For example if you wanted to run gnome and kde at the same time.  If you wanted two people (with 2 mice and 2 keyboards and 2 monitors) sitting at one PC.03:25
orange-wedgevertix1 did you have that drive as boot drive before?  does it have a boot sector?03:25
vertix1orange-wedge, and it is a pretty old maxtor drive, so the drivers are there for years03:25
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  some how i got the gnome desktop across both.03:25
radixori was wondering why does amarok work in gnome, i thought it worked only in kde? isn't it qt based?03:26
maxagazhow to prevent a process to use more than x% of the CPU and y% of the RAM ?03:26
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  they are 2 copies of gnome i guess is what i am looking at.03:26
radixori have both desktops installed, but i can run most kde apps seamlessly in gnome too03:26
orange-wedgevertix1 you may have clashing boot sectors03:26
vertix1orange-wedge, yep, i had it as a boot drive b4 and it was ok03:26
geniimaxagaz: renice may work for at least the cpu usage03:26
vertix1orange-wedge, i even swapped drives in bios and still no luck03:26
doleybDr_Willis: Yeah, that would be a common result.   But there are many other things that could be done.03:26
Dante123genii problem is I think I need cd drive working to install drivers...but I will see if I can dl from web.  Thanks.03:26
orange-wedgevertix1 theres a way to delete the boot sector in linux recovery mode03:27
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  but its working exactly as he described.. :) i think he was actually using twinview by mistake... and dident realize it03:27
vertix1orange-wedge, what do you mean clashing boot sectors?03:27
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  but what do we know... We are just morons i guess. heh03:27
luminosowhere is menu.lst in kubuntu 9.04?03:27
fornixradixor: there is nothing to stop kde applications from running in gnome if the appropriate libraries are present03:27
chaorainis there a ubuntu program that can scan windows for viruses?03:27
orange-wedgevertix1 well they both probably have boot records03:27
q_is it easy to set up a dual-screen dual-system (2 mice 2 keyboards 2 monitors 2 useres)?03:27
Dr_Willisq_:  i dont thinkits 'easy'03:28
doleybq_: No it isn't easy yet.  It still requiress some low-level nastiness.03:28
vertix1orange-wedge, well why would i need to delete a boot sector for root parition? the MBR was overwritten with grub on both drives anyway03:28
Dr_Willisq_:  and i did see some app/program that was supposed to let you do it easier..but it was comercial.. and i dont rember its name03:28
radixorfornix: super cool:) thanks a lot fornix!03:28
doleybq_: Back in the 80s you could buy computers set up for 16 at a time like that, pre-setup.03:28
q_doleyb: the good old days...03:28
Dr_Willisq_:  use serial terminals! :)03:29
WebcamWonderHow much time does the Intrepid -> Jaunty upgrade take? (considering I'll be upgrading from the alternate ISO)03:29
vertix1orange-wedge, yep, they do both have boot records because it is MBR, so it MUST have it. on the first partition of a drive at least03:29
q_Dr_Willis: whats that?03:29
doleybDr_Willis: I had a large cube Wang computer with 10+ serial ports for the terminals... I lost it somewhere.   I don't know how I lost it, because its huge.03:29
spencegetting an error when i try to install ATi drivers vcdk missing, aborting install.03:29
luminosowhere is menu.lst (grub) in kubuntu 9.04??03:29
Dr_Willisq_:  a way to hook up a lot of terminals to a server.. to allow dozens of people access03:29
spencei googles but i don't know how to get that03:29
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  its under the couch.03:29
orange-wedgevertix1 so yeah i'm not sure how a system woudl behave two MBRs03:29
owhluminoso: That would be in /boot/grub03:29
jigpRHorse : ok ill install that too (gnomebaker)03:30
luminosoowh, no file there. boots directly to windows03:30
* spence is reminded i need to clean up my grub file03:30
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  so as far as i can tell.. without a lot of tweaking the seperate displays is a tad useless..  :)03:30
vertix1orange-wedge, and that ide drive does not cause any conflict with my redhat linux (installed on ide) and sata drive being used in the same configuration03:30
luminosoowh, i think it's because vista loader. but i cant edit menu.lst to change that03:30
jigphello how to install shackwave and adobe flash player in ubuntu 9.04?03:31
WebcamWonder!flash | jigp03:31
ubottujigp: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash03:31
doleybDr_Willis: Yeah fairly, although if you run DISPLAY=:1 mplayer -fs dvd://103:31
vertix1orange-wedge, there is no problem with 2 MBRs, you MUST have an MBR on the 1st partition of a drive03:31
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  allready figured that out. :)03:31
q_is there a shockwave for linux?03:31
vertix1otherwise that drive is not bootable03:31
orange-wedgevertix1 so you can choose the redhat ant it boots03:31
WebcamWonderq_: Nope03:31
geniiq_: No03:31
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  i did notice the gnome panels on the 2nd display launch stuff.. that then appears on the wrong display heh03:31
WebcamWonderHow much time does the Intrepid -> Jaunty upgrade take? (considering I'll be upgrading from the alternate ISO)03:31
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  and with the gnome desktop i can drag icons to the 2nd display.. they then launch onthe first display also.. heh03:32
mauhurHow can I modify my keymap to do this: ' + c = ç ?03:32
vertix1orange-wedge, yep, when i chose redhat, it boots ok03:32
vertix1the ide drive is 1st bios drive03:32
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  exactly like we was telling that guy.. but i guess he knows best.03:32
linux_noobWhat risks are associated with upgrading Ubuntu distrus?03:32
vertix1if i chose sata as 1st bios drive, then redhat does not boot because grub config for it is incorrect03:32
Gnealinux_noob: you could lose all of your data03:33
Dr_Willisdoleyb:  yea with out using a custome .xinitrc or somthing.. this is a bit annoying. :) time to reset it back to twinview.03:33
q_damn, how to send pms?03:33
linux_noobgnea how likely is that :x03:33
vertix1anybody else might have some idea about this boot problem?03:33
vertix1cause i am swampted with it for a week now03:34
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/03:34
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.03:34
behappyHello what command give me 20 process make high load sort by cpu usage ? same top stat output03:34
mauhurHow can I modify my keymap to do this: ' + c = ç ?03:34
vertix1orange-wedge, what was that ahci thing you were talking about in bios? can you tell me how to try to set it?03:35
Dr_WillisYea  - can say twinview beats seperate displays. :)03:35
luminosoowh, any idea?03:35
Gnealinux_noob: it depends on many things: a) how good your hardware is, b) if you have backed up your data already, c) if you perform all of the required steps, in the proper order, your chances of losing your data are slim, d) if lightening strikes and takes the system down in the middle of the upgrade, and the surge is so strong that it destroys your hard drive motor03:35
owhluminoso: Idea of what?03:35
behappyI would like to logger 20 higher ps stats , how to do that ?03:36
spencehow do i find current installed version of ubuntu?03:36
Dr_Willisspence:  $  lsb_release  -a03:36
xanguahello, is there something i can do to be able to use live cd in my onld pc/pentium4/1GBram ¿¿03:36
vertix1Gnea: I like that one! makes me very confident03:36
spence8.04, cheers03:36
luminosoowh, how to mix ubuntu and vista loader03:36
Dr_Willisxangua:  that should run on that system.03:36
Gneavertix1: thanks! i'm a firm believer in surge protectors and UPSes03:36
multi_iolooks like the / (root) filesystem for an Ubuntu 9.04 installation must be at least ~2GB, or otherwise the installer complains? Is that true?03:37
xanguathe LTS versión is what i have installed before but the nev ubuntu jaunty does not load, it stays in a black screen after the 'loading bar' is full03:37
owhluminoso: Well, may I suggest that you ask the channel that question?03:37
linux_noobgnea given my luck, i think i'll hold off on that update :/03:37
vertix1Gnea, in the place i am in right now, if i did not have UPS, i'd be rebooting 20 times/day03:37
Dr_Willismulti_io:  ive never noticed.. i would think 6GB would be the min id want to use.03:37
xanguaDr_Willis: but it soesn't03:37
vertix1i can't even imagine booting without UPS03:37
Dr_Willisxangua:  perhaps state what it is doing/not doing exactly?03:37
Gneavertix1: ouch03:37
Dr_Willisvertix1:  I got my fileserver hooked into the same outlet as the dishwasher. :)03:38
multi_ioDr_Willis: I have /home, /tmp/, /usr/, /var/ on separate volumes. / shouldn't require that much space then, should it?03:38
Gnealinux_noob: if you're not familiar with the process, then yeah, I recommend holding off as well03:38
vertix1and i used to drive a very nice cadi in da silicon valley, consulting the biggest and baddest of them all, like Intel and HP03:38
xanguaDr_Willis: i select to start using without install and when the ubuntu menubar is full it stays in a black screen03:38
Dr_Willismulti_io:  ive found lately that other then a seperate /home   using lots of other  partitions can cause more hassles then you gain.03:38
Dr_Willismulti_io:  at least you dident try to put /etc/ on its own partition.03:39
q_Dr_Willis : partitions or Drives?03:39
vertix1and now i can't even boot ubuntu after perfectly clean installation without ANY errors03:39
Dr_Willisq_:  i tend to use 3 partitions on a normal install  / /home and swap. thats about it. :)03:39
vertix1what do you call this?03:39
orange-wedgeDr_Willis...  yeah and i will never use LVM for my root or boot partitions ever again03:40
Dr_Willisq_:  i do have one box with /home on its own drive :)03:40
Gneavertix1: bad hardware03:40
vertix1spending a WEEK trying to boot after clean install?03:40
vertix1never heard of anything like this in my whole life03:40
Dr_Willisorange-wedge:  yea. i found a lotof that stuff just cuses way too many complications.03:40
Dr_Willisorange-wedge:  i dont even play with raid any more :)03:40
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pragi got dual boot with windows xp and ubuntu 8.10 . now i want to replace ubuntu 8.10 with kubuntu 9.04. how do i do that without having to reinstall windows XP because i dont have the xp cd.03:41
vertix1Gnea, nope, my hardware is perfectly good. yes, i got rooted under windoze and that could have screwed some things up, but that should not prevent it from booting03:41
orange-wedgeDr_Willis  i do like LVM for my massive partition /storage03:41
BePhantomprag, boot into ubuntu and upgade03:41
Gnea!upgrade | prag (you don't, you can simply upgrade your 8.10 installation to 9.04)03:41
ubottuprag (you don't, you can simply upgrade your 8.10 installation to 9.04): For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading03:41
Dr_Willisorange-wedge:  i got external TB sized usb drives for that. :)03:41
Dr_Willisorange-wedge:  but myneeds are simple.. More space for the wifes videos.03:41
linux_noobthanks for the help, bye everyone03:41
what_ifim having a problem removing my soudcard module... see error here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/171220/03:42
what_ifI think its just a matter of order... but don't know03:42
Gneavertix1: well, if the rooter managed to overload the system in some way, a hardware failure would certainly cause it to not boot right...03:42
vertix1Gnea, is there any way i can upgrade to 9.04 from liveCD without frying anything cause my fryer won't word while i am on livecd?03:42
Naynaywhy is my USB memory being mounted as read-only? I want to wipe the contents off? How do I format it in vfat for reuse?03:43
pragbut i downloaded the iso image for kubuntu. how do i do with that03:43
geniiwhat_if: You need to clost things that may be using it. Like mixers03:43
Gneavertix1: i don't understand what you're asking.03:43
Dr_WillisNaynay:  is it ntfs filesystem? you  want to format it to what filesystem?03:43
chuck_prag, try this http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde then upgrade oor the other way around03:43
NaynayIt's a vfat filesystem. 9.04 is mounting it readonly for reasons I don't understand03:43
vertix1Gnea, well, i dont see any indications of anything not working properly as far as hardware goes03:43
orange-wedgeyou can mount it manually03:43
NaynayI could but....03:43
vertix1Gnea, i don't think their goal was to destroy my box. i have big logs of their network all saved03:44
vertix1i'll publish those logs03:44
Gneavertix1: well "it doesn't boot" could mean any number of things, which you haven't pointed out03:44
Dr_WillisNaynay:  you have to mountthem with the proper options normally.   you can format it with  the gparted tool if you want.03:44
geniiwhat_if: Also you might want to use sudo modprobe -r modulename           instead of rmmod. modprobe will also remove all sub-dependant modules where rmm doesn't03:44
superboyis there a way to upgrade to ultimate edition from terminal?03:44
Dr_Willissuperboy:  i would avoid most of those fancy named ubuntu variants03:44
Dr_Willissuperboy:  for that one..basicially just start installing EVERYTHING.. :)03:45
owhsuperboy: Ultimate edition of what?03:45
Naynaygparted in the repositories, right?03:45
Gneavertix1: well, if you let them root you, then perhaps you should concentrate more on making sure it doesn't happen again before taking any sort of retaliatory action03:45
vertix1it is a big time case actually, i have logs of one of the biggest names in recording industry involved with this rootkit global network of sabotage. this could be a pretty big story. i just did one google search and felt on my arse03:45
Dr_Willis!info gparted03:45
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.4.3-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 858 kB, installed size 3536 kB03:45
superboyits not worth it?03:45
Dr_Willissuperboy:  proberly not.03:45
superboyok thats good enough for my thanks03:45
vertix1and i looged every single rootkit network packet for a week!!!!!03:45
NaynayI don't know why a partition editor isn't in the main distribution.... but whatever03:46
Gneavertix1: great, now don't lose it :p03:46
Dr_WillisNaynay:  space space and space...03:46
vertix1so i got all their host logged to the millisecond precision, on all ports, including port 80, 81, icmp type for and file share udp03:46
millerI need a little help geting wireless drivers working03:46
millermiller@miller-laptop:~$ uname -r03:46
Naynayfigures.... still just about any other GUI based operating system has a drive formatter somewheere in the default install03:46
vovkhey guys... I'm kind of new to Xchat (irc in general) and am trying to join the python channel. It's telling me that i have to be identified in order to join... anyone know how to go around doing that?03:46
what_ifgenii: is there any way to see what is using the module? it just says in use, not by what03:46
Gneavertix1: got a problem with your ubuntu that you need solved or are you gonna keep bragging?03:47
millermiller@miller-laptop:~$ lspci | grep Atheros03:47
miller17:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)03:47
doleybvovk: You can ask nickserv how03:47
millerand im working on ubuntu 8.0403:47
Gnea!pastebin | miller03:47
ubottumiller: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:47
geniiwhat_if: Something like:  lsof | grep sound                   might03:47
IndyGunFreakmiller: that device should wkr out of the box w/ Jaunty (32bit, not sure on 64bit)03:47
orange-wedgenaynay you could also use fdisk03:47
vertix1Gnea, i won't loose those logs now. i made so many copies on floppies in .gz format, that i don't care if i can't boot for another week. but once i publish those logs, some heads are going to roll in recording industry, the BIGGEST names03:48
miller32bit 8.04?03:48
SeViLLahow do i change my upsplash theme03:48
weternalhello, I cannot get a second monitor to work with ubuntu 9.04.  I would not mind if a solution to this problem merely cloned my primary screen03:48
millerit doesnt03:48
q_vertix1: what search made you fell on your arse?03:48
millerim using hardy heron03:48
IndyGunFreakmiller: 32bit 8.04 is different, it requires significant patching to make it work.03:48
Gneavertix1: floppies?!03:48
vovkdoleyb: nickserv is a bot, yes?03:48
NaynayI could use a lot of things. I'm just whining about the usability here of a GUI based Linux distro ;)03:48
doleybvovk: Yes, nickserv handles your registering.  Ask him for help.03:48
coolkourtdoes anyone have a good resource on web dev on ubuntu 9.04?03:49
SeViLLaDoes anyone know how to change the upsplash theme???03:49
IndyGunFreakmiller: did you just install 8.04?03:49
vovknickserv: help03:49
vertix1Gnea, i wish i can solve this boot problem. but i was trying for the last 16 hours to find someone who might now about it and so far, not much luck and i don't even know what to think about it03:49
doleybcoolkourt: You can read any of the usual LAMP web guides.03:49
vovkdoleyb: i suppose i am quite new at this :(03:49
IndyGunFreakmiller: why didnt you just install 9.04?03:49
Gneavertix1: it sounds more like you've spent more time publicizing your case against the riaa than trying to get the problem solved03:50
milleri tried to install kubuntu 9.04 but it absolutly hates my graphics card03:50
vertix1Gnea, do YOU have an idea what this might be?03:50
coolkourtok, i just thought there might be some ubuntu related threads or tutorials, i just wanna edit on my ftp server03:50
millerit flickers03:50
millerand apparently there is no fix03:50
vovkmiller: that's odd. which card are you using?03:50
IndyGunFreakmiller: what graphics card?03:50
WebcamWonderQuestion: To upgrade to Jaunty, do I have to install all the Intrepid updates?03:50
doleybvovk: /msg nickserv help03:50
millerati radeon x120003:50
vovkWebcamWonder: aye03:50
vovkdoleyb: thanks :D03:50
Gneavertix1: nope, you haven't tried to work with me, so i can only do nothing03:50
WebcamWondervovk: even the ones that were published today? :D03:50
IndyGunFreakmiller: well, maybe try 8.10...03:50
millerthe wirless worked at first but after a restart it stopped working03:50
milleron 9.0403:51
millerwho knows03:51
Naynayeehh, gparted formatted the USB stick, so I closed gparted. Now I'm trying to start it up again to mount the drive, and gparted won't start up03:51
IndyGunFreak9.04 it should work fine... it has fo rme on 3 PC's03:51
vertix1Gnea, just relax. first you get into my shoes and see hnow it feels not being able to boot a clean install for a week when you have 2 years of worked piled up, and THEN you come with your moral judgements :)03:51
Matsonhow do I find which package installed " /etc/init.d/ondemand "03:51
Gnea!attitude | vertix103:51
ubottuvertix1: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:51
weternalhey I'm trying to get a second monitor to work with ubuntu 9.0403:51
=== danopia` is now known as danopia
millerI have been able to get it working before under 8.04 but of course i dont remember03:51
IndyGunFreakmiller: typically it required a fair amount of patching w/ madwifi,t hats how i always got it to work.. not sure how it would go nowdays03:52
Gneavertix1: I have a better idea: step away from the computer and go relax yourself and come back when you can stick to the topic of your boot problem. unless, of course, you're ready to tell us what the boot error actually is.... ;)03:52
vertix1Gnea, you don't have to bother with this. it is YOUR "attitude" that sux so far, cause you are getting into something that has nothing to do with you and your judgments are totally off the wall03:52
vertix1you just have nothing better to do but instill guilt into ppl?03:53
darrellsmithi cant install frostwire03:53
Gnea!ot | vertix103:53
ubottuvertix1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:53
darrellsmithcan someone help me03:53
Matson apt-file search03:53
RHorse!question | darrellsmith03:53
ubottudarrellsmith: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:53
Matsonfound it03:53
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: doy ou mean you can't install it, or you can't get it to run?03:54
darrellsmithcant get it to run03:54
vertix1i am talking about boot problem and not interested in anything else, not fear, not guilt not moral judgements03:54
chuck_vertix, dude take another prosac03:54
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: go to system/admin/synaptic package manager03:54
=== spence is now known as spencer
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about guilt03:55
Gneavertix1: I wasn't trying to instill guilt - if you are filled with guilt already, then that is your problem. now, if you're done, what is the boot problem?03:55
NaynayI guess gparted killed the process that automatically mounts USB deivces03:55
Matsondpkg -S too03:55
spencergrrr, i install the ATi drivers and now my boot up is completely fucked even when i disable the drivers.03:55
Matsonworks better03:55
vertix1ubottu, ot! :)03:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ot! :)03:55
Dr_WillisNaynay:  you dont want to  partition mounted drives. they gotto be unmounted.03:55
NaynayI know that03:55
orange-wedgeok guys i've got to go to work... but i'll only be an alt-tab away03:55
IndyGunFreak!msgthebot > vertix03:55
ubottuvertix, please see my private message03:55
ubottuLove is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.03:55
vertix1ubottu, what DO you know :)03:55
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:56
IndyGunFreak!msgthebot > vertix103:56
ubottuvertix1, please see my private message03:56
Naynaygparted won't let you format a mounted usb drive anyway03:56
darrellsmithfrostwire isnt there idygunfreak03:56
ubottutrolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubotu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel03:56
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: no kidding...03:56
vertix1ubottu, at least you smile all the time!03:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:56
Dr_WillisNaynay:  you dont formated mounted partitions  anyway03:56
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: do you have a frostwire in appliations/internet?03:56
NaynayI unmounted, formatted, quit gparted ... styarted gparted again, but gparted died. I unplugged usb drive, plugged it back in again, refuses to mount03:56
weternalhello, can someone please help me set up a dual monitor in ubuntu 9.04?03:56
orange-wedgenaynay run sudo fdisk -l03:57
NaynayI can mount the drive manually, but why should I ;)03:57
Dr_WillisNaynay:  err.. if you formated.. why doyou need gparted then?  you can just format without gparted.03:57
orange-wedgedo you see the drive there03:57
darrellsmithi tried to install it from the website03:57
Gneaweternal: what video card?03:57
Naynaythat's not the point03:57
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: how did you try to install it?03:57
darrellsmithi liked on the one that says ubuntu03:57
Dr_WillisNaynay:  ifyou unplugged a drive while its mounted..it may be confsing the system a bit.03:57
darrellsmithit was a deb file03:57
Jack_Sparrow!who > darrellsmith03:57
ubottudarrellsmith, please see my private message03:57
NaynayI never did that03:57
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: did you double click it to run it?03:57
Naynaythe point is, while I can fix this from the command line, I can't see why anyone else should have to03:57
Jack_Sparrowdarrellsmith NOT all Debs are suitable for Ubuntu03:57
MatsonI installed and then removed smokeping, but it did not remove the config files03:58
pinkeyhi.  After upgrading to 9.04, when I boot my machine, the wireless indicator starts blinking (annoying).  I don't use wireless, and it's unwanted.  I can stop this by doing "sudo /sbin/ifconfig ra0 down" but why should I have to do this?  Is there a way to stop it at startup?  Adding that command into /etc/rc.local doesn't seem to work.03:58
MatsonI am trying to use apt-get purge and it won't remove the rest03:58
vertix1so, anybody around knows about ide/scsi boot issue with not being able to mount a clean root partition in the right device?03:58
darrellsmithi think so03:58
IndyGunFreakJack_Sparrow: frostwire's deb is an ubuntu .deb03:58
Gneaweternal: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22117403:58
Matsonhow do I remove config files for a package already removed?03:58
darrellsmithi tried to install it the first time but then when i rebooted it screwed up the system03:58
darrellsmithso i had to do a fresh install so i know it was worker03:58
Jack_SparrowIndyGunFreak Understood, just pointing out what should be obvious03:58
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: open a terminal (application/accessories/terminal) and type frostwire , then hit enter and see what it says03:58
IndyGunFreakJack_Sparrow: roger.. ;)03:58
weternalgnea would it be ati radeon 9000?03:59
Jack_Sparrowdarrellsmith Use the persons name that you are talking with.. it makes everyones life easier03:59
Gneaweternal: it's your system, you tell me - open a terminal and type:  lspci | grep VGA03:59
=== tomp is now known as tomp3
weternalgnea yeah here's the response from the vga line of lspci: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV250 [Mobility FireGL 9000] (rev 02)04:00
Gneaweternal: so you've got a laptop?04:00
weternalgnea, yes dell inspiron 600m04:00
darrellsmithi hit enter it says command not found04:00
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org04:00
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: so it didn't install04:00
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: go back to frostwire.com and download the .deb, and double click it04:01
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tomp3when i click on a pane in the pager, the pane goes grey, and doesnt switch desktop. whats happened? ( ctrl alt rt arrow is ok )04:01
=== Ixion is now known as Sedna
=== Sedna is now known as Chiron
ubuntu92всем утра)04:02
=== Chiron is now known as v3breaker
Gneaweternal: hard to say, not sure if it'll do an external monitor at the same time.. does it work in windows?04:02
Jack_Sparrow!ru > ubuntu9204:02
ubottuubuntu92, please see my private message04:02
pinkeyHow can I disable my wireless interface?04:02
ubuntu92vsem utra)04:03
darrellsmithit says you tried to install a  file that does no longer exist04:03
weternalgnea, yes It did work in xp... however since then I have lost the XP partition04:03
Jack_Sparrowubuntu92 Please stop04:03
darrellsmithand i downloaded it from the net04:03
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: well, that explains that.. you're not downloading the file.04:03
ubuntu92how do autostart compiz in ubuntu 8.10?04:03
coolkourtdoes aptana work with ubuntu?04:03
darrellsmithindygunfreak will i download it from the web04:03
Jack_Sparrowdarrellsmith Stop using enter for punctuation and use the persons name when you write04:04
darrellsmithindygunfreak it says it downloaded04:04
weternalGnea, I'm trying to get it to output video through an s-video cable04:04
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: do you see the .deb file on the desktop or in your home folder?04:04
darrellsmithindygunfreak no i dont but i ma using firefox and it says it dowloaded04:05
snowrichardI just installed the ubuntu 8.x in a Virtual box. Went to do the updates and it offered to dist upgrade so i'm doing that now.  That is pretty cool.04:05
Dr_Willisubuntu92:  i find that installing/using/running 'fusion-icon' makes that task a lot easier.04:05
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: is it in your home folder?.. or perhaps in /home/username/Documents04:05
frewsxcvi accidentally wiped my grub install from my wubi install from within ubuntu....now i can't access windows04:06
darrellsmithindygunfreak nope isnt there04:06
snowrichardI killed my grub by accident today too.04:06
snowrichardlucky I had an XP cdrom04:06
Gneaweternal: you can't do dual-monitors using s-video04:06
Jack_Sparrowfrewsxcv First off I wont recommend wubi installs. I dont feel they are safe.  second  fixmbr will get you windows.. or should04:06
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:06
Gneaweternal: it would have to be vga or dvi04:06
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: i dunno, doesn't make any sense.... in firefox.. click edit/preferences.. and where it says "Save Files To".. where does it say its saving files to?04:06
tomp3darrellsmith: you can find where firefox stores files under Edit | Preferences | Main | Save Files To04:07
frewsxcvJack_Sparrow: what do i do? recovery disc -> fixmbr?04:07
weternalgnea thanks for the help04:07
Jack_Sparrowfrewsxcv any windows cd will do04:07
Gneaweternal: do you have the aticonfig tool installed?04:07
frewsxcvJack_Sparrow: can i use an xp on a vista you think?04:07
darrellsmithindygunfreak it says my desktop but the file isnt there04:07
Jack_Sparrowfrewsxcv after that then you should do a real install of ubuntu04:07
weternalgnea no04:07
superboyhow do i upgrade to beta version?04:08
frewsxcvyeah okay Jack_Sparrow04:08
Jack_Sparrowfrewsxcv Yes an XP cd should be fine04:08
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: wellt hatm akes absolutely zero since, if you're sure you downloaded it.04:08
darrellsmithyes it saus it downloaded04:08
Jack_SparrowIndyGunFreak "Locate"04:08
weternalgnea what's the package name for aticonfig?04:08
eseven73what is imagemagick's path? I've tried locate imagemagick, and whereis imagemagick, no luck though04:08
tomp3 when i click on a pane in the pager, the pane goes grey, and doesnt switch desktop. whats happened? ( ctrl alt rt arrow is ok )04:08
darrellsmithindygunfreak yes i am sure it  says it downloaded04:09
coolkourthow do you find windows serial from ubuntu instalation04:09
myk_robinson1anyone else here got an HP Pavilion dv2300 series laptop? trying to figure out how to improve battery performance04:09
superboyhow do i upgrade to beta version?`04:09
Gneaweternal: iirc, it comes with the fglrx drivers04:09
vertix1last question: do i need initrd.img on dual boot ide/scsi system?04:09
Gnea!ati | weternal04:09
ubottuweternal: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:09
Gneaweternal: and http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Feisty_Installation_Guide#Additional_configure_with_aticonfig_tool04:09
darrellsmithindygunfreak i had it on open i hit the save button i04:09
darrellsmiththat it probably why04:09
Gneaweternal: it's a bit dated, but should still work to a point04:10
darrellsmithinddygunfreak i am going to try it now04:10
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: well you did something that doesn't make sense because if it downloaded, it should be there04:10
darrellsmithindygunfreak  it worked when i his the file to download it firefox has open with geb or something like that and underneth it has save so it works now04:11
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: ok, double click it to install it04:11
darrellsmithindygunfreak already done04:11
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: so go to applications/internet/frostwire04:11
darrellsmithindygunfreak if someone has the same problem it says it open with geb or something like that04:11
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: well, i thought when i told you to "download it".. you'd understand that04:12
IndyGunFreakespecially considering i told you to look in home and desktop for it04:12
max_I was wondering if anyone could help me with installing Syntek drivers, as described in this guide (Spanish) http://crysol.esi.uclm.es/es/node/110304:13
darrellsmithindygunfreak firefox autmatically chooses open with the tool and i had to click the save button undeneth04:13
max_I fail when running "patch -i stk0408-1.patch"04:13
darrellsmithwhat firewall should i be running with linux04:13
max_When patching the file stk11xx-v4l.c I get an error on row 48 ("Hunk #1 FAILED at 48.")04:13
cdavisAnyone have any experience with vlans and can tell me why I might not see any TX packets on my interfaces?04:13
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: i only use my router, but theres software firewalls available04:13
Jack_Sparrowdarrellsmith None in addition to the iptables that are already in place04:13
max_"1 out of 18 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file stk11xx-v4l.c.rej"04:13
=== anurag is now known as assembler
Jack_SparrowIndyGunFreak there is actually a decent one now..  let me look04:14
darrellsmithi use a  wireless router so does that seem to protect me04:14
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: if its properly set up, iw ould consider that adequate protection under linu04:14
darrellsmithindygun what if i have firestarter and  a router is that good enough04:15
Jack_SparrowIndyGunFreak https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw04:15
IndyGunFreakdarrellsmith: i would certainly hope so.04:15
Jack_Sparrowdarrellsmith People that dont understand the iptables are more likely to LESS secure than if they had done nothing04:16
QuadCoreHow do I exclude certain apps from bering installed by apt-get update/upgrade?04:16
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto04:16
juninhoguitarralgum brasileiro no site04:17
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:17
knoxvillehow do you add friends in IRC?04:17
max_What is linux-image-2.6.28, and how do I know if I have it?04:17
darrellsmithi had this problem earlier today where i installed ubuntu everything went fine and when i rebooted it got stuck at the ubuntu prompt04:17
darrellsmithand it was a  fresh install04:17
max_Same goes for linux-headers-2.6.28. What is it?04:17
Jack_Sparrow!irc > knoxville04:17
ubottuknoxville, please see my private message04:17
Jack_Sparrowmax_ fromn term  uname -a04:17
panglossdarrellsmith, where you able to log in?04:18
Jack_Sparrowjuninhoguitarr /join #ubuntu-gr04:18
darrellsmithnope it just showed the ubuntu screen then it went to a green logo  and purple writing that said ubuntu04:19
darrellsmithand i did the recovery and it wouldnt work04:19
myk_robinson1how do i determine what module is running the bluetooth in my laptop? I want to disable it so as not to consume so much battery power04:19
panglossdarrellsmith, were you able to switch to another terminal and log in04:19
max_Jack_Sparrow: So, If I have that kernel version it means that I also have linux-image and linux-headers?04:19
panglossmyk_robinson1, just disable bluetooth from startup programs04:19
Jack_Sparrowmax_ no04:19
darrellsmithi couldnt get no command prompt]04:19
darrellsmithdidnt ask for my username or password04:20
myk_robinson1pangloss: will that actually disable the device, or just the applet for the taskbar?04:20
spencerguys i'm trying to follow these instructions: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Hardy_Installation_Guide#1._Install_necessary_build_tools_and_libraries04:20
spencerand it's just too complicated for me04:20
max_Jack_Sparrow: What do you mean then? :S04:20
Jack_Sparrowmax_ sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r`04:20
darrellsmithand i verfied my cds and i did a  live boot everyone worked some guy told me the grub got corrupted04:20
|freddy|anyone know a good free windows application to burn the ubuntu iso?04:20
panglossmyk_robinson1, it will cause bluetooth to not startup on boot04:20
darrellsmithimgburn is free04:21
Jack_Sparrow|freddy| isorecorder04:21
coolkourtwhats the best JRE greater than 1.5 for aptana for eclipse?04:21
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto04:21
LaurencebI have a program running under wine that expects a com port04:21
myk_robinson1pangloss: thank you. Do you think I will see any significant change in battery use?04:21
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup04:21
darrellsmithdvdflick is a  good dvd authoring tool for windows and it free04:21
Laurencebhow can I connect to usb0  ?04:21
coolkourtthats usb04:21
|freddy|for windows :D04:21
Jack_SparrowLaurenceb /join #winehq04:21
tomp3when i click on a pane in the pager, the pane goes grey, and doesnt switch desktop. whats happened? ( ctrl alt rt arrow is ok )04:22
panglossmyk_robinson1, it depends, bluetooth is a low-power protocol so probably not by much04:22
radixorhmm, is it possible to have nautilus extended with a terminal shell? file manipulations is much easier when using cli04:22
Jack_Sparrowtomp3 You keep asking the same question.. give some details.. what app, what version of ubuntu ..04:22
radixorplus you can launch python, perl, etc, possibly even manage a set of scripts04:22
panglossmyk_robinson1, you're probably better off just lowering your LCD brightness until you cant see the screen any more =)04:22
max_Jack_Sparrow: Okay, I already had the newest linux-headers, but what about linux-image?04:22
myk_robinson1pangloss: got it lowered now. Does disabling desktop efects make a diff?04:23
Jack_Sparrowmax_ fire up synaptic04:23
tomp3ubuntu 8.04 & app is the desktop, the pager doesnt work like it used to. the panes go grey and it doesnt switch04:23
myk_robinson1pangloss: I think it may be this damn AMD Turion X2 64 cpu. Fan never stops running..It does stay cool though04:23
darrellsmithi hoe it doesnt happen again04:23
max_Jack_Sparrow: Are they not included when I update to a newer kernel version?04:23
darrellsmithi installed ubuntu again and i hope it works fine04:23
panglossmyk_robinson1, well sure, anythign that causes your cpu to be used less will save you battery life04:23
Jack_Sparrowmax_ not the source etc04:24
h00kI'm installing 9.10 on a friends laptop, he has the BCM4328 wireless card, I /cannot/ get it  to work, even if I enable it through the restricted drivers manager, I've restarted, I've tried through the NDISWRAPPER front-end package, (yes, the radio kill switch is set correctly)04:24
panglossmyk_robinson1, the big killers are the LCD screen and the programs you run04:24
myk_robinson1pangloss: running it at 800MHz doesnt seem to change it. I think this laptop performs about the same running Windows. I guess its just a power hungry laptop. HP dv2310us04:24
darrellsmithwill thanks guys take care04:24
myk_robinson1pangloss: perhaps my solution is just to buy a 12 cell battery04:24
panglossmyk_robinson1, the battery could just be dying04:25
panglossmyk_robinson1, you would probably be better off, and get more functionality out of your laptop04:25
myk_robinson1pangloss: its relatively new, about a year old. I got it used yesterday and repaired it04:25
myk_robinson1nice laptop, just the battery life sucks04:25
max_Jack_Sparrow: I don't get what linux-image is, and what do you want me to do with synaptic?04:26
panglossmyk_robinson1, my girlfriends laptop ate 3 batteries in her first two years of owning it. Those HPs get so damn hot04:26
panglossmyk_robinson1, heat is another real killer of battery life04:26
QuadCore /exit04:26
myk_robinson1pangloss: I thought about a laptop chill pad, but that would just eat more battery to power it04:26
h00kI'm installing 9.10 on a friends laptop, he has the BCM4328 wireless card, I /cannot/ get it  to work, even if I enable it through the restricted drivers manager, I've restarted, I've tried through the NDISWRAPPER front-end package, (yes, the radio kill switch is set correctly), I'm browsing the forums now and haven't had any luck.  Any ideas?04:26
Jack_Sparrowpangloss myk_robinson1  Please take the OT to private channel  thanks04:27
weternalgnea well it didn't work04:27
myk_robinson1pangloss: I thought about buy a laptop cooler, but that would just eat more battery to power it through the USB bus04:27
weternalgnea but thanks for the advice04:27
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:27
myk_robinson1Jack_Sparrow: ?? Looking to tweaks to improve battery life with ubuntu. Still need to go off topic?04:27
Jack_Sparrowmyk_robinson1 the conversation degenerated to chat.. hot ubuntu support04:28
Kurai have a question is there a current compatibility issue with ati radeon 3870x2?04:28
myk_robinson1Jack_Sparrow: sorry04:28
panglossh00k, you enabled the b43 driver in restricted and you still could not find any wireless networks?04:28
h00kJack_Sparrow: I appreciate it, but those links are only updated to  Hardy04:28
h00kpangloss: yep.  The card shows up in network manager, just doesn't show any networks04:29
melikhow can i reconfigure X-server04:29
Jack_Sparrowh00k too many different versions of the bcm43xx for me..  I have 4 differnet ones04:29
RichiVh00k: are you trying to connect to the internet wirelessly?04:29
h00kRichiV: yeah.04:29
RichiVh00k: first try using ethernet and connecting to the internet.... then do a normall update for your system04:30
=== D is now known as Guest54320
h00kJack_Sparrow: Yeah, this is the 4328 to be specific04:30
h00kRichiV: yes, I've tried thata04:30
scunizimelik: install the propiatary driver, check out xrandr and randr for control.. do you have nvidia or ati or ?? with bad resolution?04:30
RichiVh00k: then have you restarted your computer?04:30
h00kRichiV: yes04:30
bcJack_Sparrow: arrrr04:30
danno9how do you stop the connected drives from showing on your desktop?04:31
RichiVh00k: arrrg... lol have you searched to see if the driver is compatable04:31
melikscunizi: its a netbook, intel 94504:31
panglossdanno9, what do you mean?04:31
h00kRichiV: yes, people have gotten it to work, I've tried the same steps  and no luck.04:31
largeglassmug439i'm trying to install 9.04 and am using a standard def tv as display device, the install cd loads up fine and shows me the first screen of options, but when i choose to install.. it works for a bit, then spits out some errors from ubiquity.. then sends me to a command line.. any way to manually specify something so X will load?04:31
scunizimelik: check /etc/X11/xorg.conf and see if "intel" is listed as the driver..04:32
RichiVh00k: have you also tried to go to System -> Administrationg -> Hardware Drivers04:32
h00kRichiV: yes.04:32
RichiVh00k then ENABLE it04:32
h00kRichiV: yes.04:32
Jack_Sparrowh00k http://www.ask.com/bar?q=ubuntu+bcm+4328&page=1&qsrc=19&ab=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D97972804:32
RichiVh00k: hmmm might I get what Wireless card you are usuing? I might have the Same Broadcom Driver04:32
h00kJack_Sparrow: Yeah, I've tried this link also, no-go but I'll try again04:33
appleiiguyI have a question When I switch to Nvidia drivers thee screen appears to be over-scanninghe t lcd tv i have my pc hooked to via hdmi04:33
RichiVh00k: oh and it's be helpful to know what Version of Uubntu you are using04:33
chuck_ largeglassmug439 from the install screen press f4 chose safe graphics mode04:33
Jack_Sparrowh00k that feisty no fluff seems to work for most04:33
Cpudan80h00k: did it ever work ?04:33
h00kCpudan80: yah, it did04:33
takumohello everyone i have a small question to ask. if i am running 8.04 now and update to 9.04 will i lose all my information?04:33
h00kRichiV: all of the questions you've asked me I've covered in the original question04:33
Cpudan80h00k: I had a similar problem - I had to run a fsck on the HDD to get it to work again04:33
Cpudan80with a broadcom chipset too04:34
omnydevile sigh04:34
h00kRichiV: 9.04, BCM 432804:34
Cpudan80err maybe it was Atheros04:34
Jack_Sparrowtakumo you cant go from 8.04 to 9.04// I dont think04:34
h00kJack_Sparrow: lemme try this NoFluff link again04:34
Kuraumm, is thereanyone that's had the graphic desktop die after installing the graphic drivers that say they were tested by unbuntu staff?04:34
melikno scunizi04:34
melikit doesnt04:34
panglossJack_Sparrow, takumo you cannot upgrade directly from 8.04 to 9.0404:34
Jack_SparrowKura Only when they do it wrong04:34
scunizimelik: what's listed there?04:34
RichiVh00k: sorry ive only just got on, so i didn't know that oricinal Question... I also had the same problem, and for me I am using a laptop, so I Plugged my laptop in while updating and such... amybe its the power... It worked for me.04:34
simoncpui've just installed 9.04... i can't seem to unhide the system tools menu04:35
omnydeviok, i tried installing windows on sda, and ubuntu on sdb, installed grub on sda, sda1, sda2, sda5, all error 15. now i want to install jaunty on sda with windows on sda, what is the best way to do this so grub can detect winblows and jaunty?04:35
takumoJack_Sparrow, so i can only update from lts to lts?04:35
simoncpuis it stored as a folder? if so, where is it located?04:35
appleiiguyCan anyone explain after I install the Nvidia propiertaty drivers the edjes of my screen seem to be missing04:35
simoncpui need to check the read permissions04:35
KuraXD ok well i don't know what i did wrong then i just activated the drivers the system told me were tested and right for me04:35
h00kRichiV: yeah, its alright, I'm going to try something else again04:35
melikscunizi: section device correct?04:35
honk1how does one share a ntfs folder using samba without getting Ask the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = false" ???04:35
panglosstakumo, you need to first upgrade to 8.10, then to 9.0404:35
Jack_Sparrowomnydevi the installer last run will have grub for the two previous installs04:35
melikit says "Configured Video Device"04:35
omnydevihonk1: i think its allow guest = true04:35
scunizimelik: yes if I remember correctly.. should be a line labeled "Driver   "intel"04:35
RichiVh00k: oh also the new Jaunty has nummerous bugs, and downgrading to the 8.04 Hardy LTS then upgrading to 8.10 Intrepid might be of help as well04:36
Steveyshello - i am connecting via openvpn and got the following error when connecting "WARN: could not open database for 4096 bits. Skipped" any ideas what this means? thanks04:36
simoncpusystem menu is now displayed04:36
omnydeviJack_Sparrow: so if I just install Ubuntu on the same drive as windows all should be well?04:36
simoncpuweird ubuntu04:36
meliknope i dont have that :s04:36
honk1omnydevi i added the line in smb.conf ans it makes no difference04:36
scunizimelik: you might need to add the driver line.. the other thing you can try is to boot to the recovery kernel and in there, there is an option to reconfigure or fix X04:36
RichiVh00k: 8.10 got all of my drivers to work, ecspecially my GFX driver the ATI mobi radeon x600, which is not supported in Jaunty or Hardy04:36
panglossomnydevi, you need a partition for ubuntu, but yes you can install it on the same physical drive04:36
Jack_Sparrowomnydevi It does not even need to be on the same drive.. but yes.. it should be fine04:36
melikhm ill give that a shot ill brb scunizi04:37
omnydevii just want windows for cod4, i used crossover and cedega, just sadly...i am a gamer and this is the best way i can game and still get the linux i love so much :D04:37
radixorinteresting, there's no command-line plug-in for nautilus and a quick google search shows that they don't really exist (think terminal+filemanager)04:37
simoncpuanother question: where is the post install script located?04:37
takumopangloss, how do i update to 8.10?04:37
danno9how do you stop the connected drives from showing on your desktop?04:37
radixori might start my own project, but before i do that, does anyone know of one already existing?04:37
h00kRichiV: 8.10 might be an option for him if that will work better04:37
scunizi!update | takumo04:37
ubottutakumo: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading04:37
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate04:37
RichiVtakumo: go to your update manager and do upgrade to 8.1004:37
RichiVtakumo: I think the line is somewhere around install update -d04:38
snowrichardI'm upgrading to 9.0404:38
Jack_Sparrowdanno9 gconfig editor will let you do that04:38
omnydeviJack_Sparrow: yeah, i tried ubuntu (well, kde) on sdb, winblows was on sda, i installed grub on sda, kept getting error 15. will try to install both on sda and see if i have more luck. just stinks cause vista takes like 90000000 hours to update04:38
RichiVsnowrichard: i do not suggest b/c of the bugs04:38
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snowrichardI've already tried it04:38
largeglassmug439chuck_: thanks.. i'll try that.04:38
snowrichardthis is in a virtual machine though04:38
RichiVsnowricard: but if your computer is fairly new, it might work better than most04:38
Jack_Sparrowdanno9 To Remove Drive Icons from Desktop Use Terminal and type gconf-editor browse to /apps/nautilus/desktop and uncheck volumes_visable..  http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/hide-removable-drive-icons-from-your-ubuntu-desktop/04:38
takumojust wondering if the update would get rid of my information04:39
danno9Jack_Sparrow: thanks04:39
=== eus is now known as eusu_kefuin
omnydeviyeah, thanks Jack_Sparrow, all input is always greatly appreciated :)04:40
jbmigelwow... just wow04:40
Jack_Sparrowjbmigel welcome to Ubuntu04:40
jbmigelJack_Sparrow: d00d im sitting here on my couch, talking to you in irc, with ubuntu running on my ps3... plugged into a 42" tv... this has to be the coolest thing ive seen in a long time04:41
appleiiguyDoes anybody know why the Nvidia driver causes my lcd to overscan but the non proprietary one doesn't04:41
Jack_Sparrowjbmigel And you are just getting started with the fun stuff04:42
Jack_Sparrowjbmigel Do you have effects like wobbly windows etc?04:42
jbmigelJack_Sparrow: heh I've been a user for a couple years, on my laptop... but this big screen stuff is blowing my mind!04:42
Jack_Sparrowjbmigel 64" here.. yea.. overwhelming04:43
jbmigelJack_Sparrow I havent tried to turn on that crazy stuff, the ps3 runs a little slower than i hoped... but its totally worth it04:43
jbmigelomg are you serious!? thats awesome!04:43
omnydeviooh, one more, is there just a plain GRUB installer, that has (somewhat) easy edit features, using either gedit or vi?04:43
panglossjbmigel, Jack_Sparrow Please take the OT to private channel  thanks!04:43
Jack_SparrowTIme to get some work done.. Play nice, I will be lurking if needed04:43
omnydevithat way i dont have to reinstall the OS everytime just to get to grub?04:43
eseven73dang I only have a 19", having screen envy here!04:43
appleiiguyomnydev I use nano04:44
omnydeviappleiiguy: what is that mate?04:44
omnydevijust google it, i presume?04:44
appleiiguyI use Nano for text file editing in the terminal at least or Abiword for other stuff04:44
jbmigelpangloss sorry for praising ubuntu in an ubuntu channel... i guess i should goto offtopic lol!04:44
omnydevii never heard of nano before :(04:44
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code04:44
panglossjbmigel, I am just paying back Jack_Sparrow for doing it to me before04:44
Jack_Sparrowpangloss Dont fault me for dong my job thanks04:45
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans04:45
omnydeviahh, i see, thanks! but i was just wondering if there was a iso or something just for grub editing grub04:45
appleiiguynano is a clone of pico04:45
largeglassmug439chuck_: so with safe graphics mode, it shows splash screen with the progress bar before the main installer comes up.. but i'm guessing when it tries to switch to the main installer the screen basically looks scrambled.. and my tv drops the connection and puts up an unusable signal error.04:45
Jack_Sparrowomnydevi any live cd will work04:45
ee99eeif I have many (many thousand, no more than 500,000) files, will it make anything (other than directory listings) faster by putting them across multiple directories?04:46
danno9interms of overhead CPU usage is Fluxbox pretty good? Alternatives. Really looking for a light system.04:46
=== Quendor is now known as Dagless
omnydeviJack_Sparrow: i have kde normal install for x64, and ubuntu, and the ubuntu alt install cd. I am still unsure of anyway to just get straight to grub. Unless you mean by booting into a live cd and mounting the volume and editing the grub......i just answered my own question huh?04:46
simoncpufluxbox ftw04:46
jbmigeldanno9 fluxbox is wicked and small... but maybe to light? why not try that mousey one04:47
Jack_Sparrowomnydevi yep04:47
omnydeviJack_Sparrow: thanks mate, I greatly appreciate it.04:47
panglossJack_Sparrow, you PMed me... I really dont see where you are going with this04:47
Jack_Sparrowany time04:47
omnydevii owe ya :)04:47
danno9jbmigel: mousey...never heard of it.04:47
Frem_Question: Where does cups-pdf save generated PDFs?04:48
jbmigeldanno9 its xfce... based on gtk but with alot of the bulk cut out...04:48
DeathhuntI'm a brand new user having a stuttering audio issue on a toshiba satellite L25-S121 using jaunty... can anyone help me? I'm going out of my mind.04:49
scuniziFrem_: in ~/PDF04:49
danno9jbmigel: oh so a lighter version of Xfce...hmm, I will have to look into it.04:49
Frem_scunizi, It's not there.04:49
chuck_ largeglassmug439 what kind of cable are you using to connect your comuter to your tv04:49
largeglassmug439chuck_: svideo04:49
scuniziFrem_: I've seen two different cups-pdf on my system.. or 2 different implementations of it.. one went into the directory mentioned and the other allows you to set the name and save location04:50
scuniziFrem_: if your's is the latter then try to create the pdf again and look closer to the pdf print option box04:51
Frem_scunizi, I've found the one that lets you select the directory. When printing from a flashpaper document, it's using the other one.04:51
scuniziFrem_: /home/<login name>/PDF and there's nothing there?04:52
Vissudi know this isn't the channel for it, but since #oss is dead, anyone here use OSS 4.1 successfully with jaunty?04:53
slestaki want to ssh into my house, vpn into work (which works), then from the coffee shop, port forward through to work04:53
slestakcan this be done simply with port forwarding, or do i need openvpn or sth to connect to home from wifi location04:53
chuck_ largeglassmug439 I am not sure and maybe someone can correct me but i do not think that will work for an install.04:53
andrewfreeHey, I installed ssh-server and tried to change ports in the conf file, however when I ran namp on the computer, it says its running in port 22 I set it for  Port    100104:54
omnydevi1slestak: most likely you will need openvpn, unless this is all on a open IP network04:54
omnydevi1so to speak04:54
Frem_scunizi, yes04:54
PhotoJimandrewfree: did you restart the ssh-server?04:54
panglossandrewfree, did you restart ssh-server?04:55
andrewfreerestart and reload04:55
h00kwell, Jack_Sparrow, I went through that WifiDocs again, followed exactly (I've compiled plenty from source, etc), didn't work so it said to try compiling ndiswrapper from source and that fails.04:55
screamsayonarawhy could youtube be making my browser crash?04:55
h00kscreamsayonara: flash.04:55
scuniziFrem_: weird.. I don't have an answer for that one.04:55
PhotoJimandrewfree: and you changed the port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (not /etc/ssh/ssh_config) ?04:55
screamsayonarah00k: how do i check if it is that?04:55
Frem_scunizi, is there some random system-wide place it could be dumping these things?04:56
screamsayonaracause im pretty sure i got the flash plugin for mozilla through synaptic..04:56
h00kscreamsayonara: check about:plugins and see which flash plugin you're using04:56
slestakomnydevi1: think there will be an issue stringing two vpn'stogether, openvpn from wifi loc to home, and cisco vpn from home to work?04:56
h00kscreamsayonara: also, I've had better luck with the Adobe plugin rather than the libmozillaflash04:56
Deathhuntnew user having a stuttering audio issue on a toshiba satellite L25-S121 using jaunty... can anyone help me? I'm going out of my mind.04:56
scuniziFrem_: you could "sudo updatedb" then "locate *.pdf" to find it..04:56
omnydevi1slestak: most likely04:56
andrewfreePhotoJim: umm...04:57
omnydevi1slestak: from what little i know of vpn's, you can only have really 1 at a time, from my understanding04:57
Frem_scunizi, That is an excellent idea.04:57
PhotoJimandrewfree: ssh_config is for outbound connections.  sshd_config is for inbound, which is what you want.04:57
andrewfreePhotoJim: ohhh I see thanks I was like WTF04:57
omnydevi1slestak: cause its merging networks pretty much, 3 would get a little crazy04:57
PhotoJimandrewfree: computers are very much about WTF. :)04:58
andrewfreePhotoJim: ha XD04:58
PhotoJimandrewfree: to help you remember, you use ssh to connect to other machines.  but the ssh daemon that runs in the background, listening for inbound connections, is called sshd.  (nearly all, if not all, Linux daemons are blahblahd... d on the end.)04:59
kosharia new mnemonic  alt grrrrr print oK!04:59
omnydevi1i deal a lot with esx and virtual center server, thus far we haven't had a need for multi-vpn....requirements. they might exist, but if they do, i never heard of it04:59
scuniziFrem_: where did you find it?05:00
Frem_scunizi, Well, I found every single PDF on my system, on all partitions. still sorting through it.05:01
panglossomnydevi1, you should be fine, as your packets will only be travelling on one VPN at a time05:01
Frem_scunizi, Is there a way to restrict it to stuff created today05:01
omnydevi1pangloss: you can have say...5 vpn's up at once?05:02
scuniziFrem_: :)  there is but I don't know how05:02
omnydevi1pangloss: i just never bothered to try...no need really. it is interesting though.05:02
panglossomnydevi1, what do you mean? You would need 5 separate ethernet interfaces to have 5 vpns05:02
Frem_scunizi, Ok, thanks. :-) My man skills obviously need honing.05:02
omnydevi1i can see a lot of confusion and .... chaos though05:02
omnydevi1pangloss: thanks, what i wanted to confirm :)05:03
panglossomnydevi1, the way you are describing is chaining vpns together05:03
panglossno vpn in a vpn05:03
panglossipsec doesnt work that way =)05:03
Brando753guys my memory card reader just stoped working on me, suggestions?05:03
scuniziFrem_: grep? awk? something like that or a combo.. my skills there are lacking as well05:03
bcBrando753: disk full? :P05:04
omnydevi1Brando753: it died?05:04
Brando753no i mean it wont read cards anymore, or recognize them anymore ;(05:04
Brando753its not old its maby 3 months old05:04
Brando753i doubt it just died05:04
thearthuropening the applications menu has a one second delay (and any other menu for that matter)05:04
panglossBrando753, is it external to the computer or integrated?05:05
thearthurthis is driving me crazy05:05
jbmigelBrando753 have you tried it in a couple different machines?05:05
Brando753its the reader not the card05:05
Brando753and its in a laptop05:05
thearthuris there some way to remove the delay in opening menues?05:05
balrog__I am upgrading from Intrepid to Jaunty, and I got this message: "Cannot stat: No such file or directory, update-initramfs: failed" How do I fix this?05:05
panglossBrando753, blah, maybe the cord connecting it to the mobo is loose05:05
Frem_scunizi, Yeah, I don't think it's actually dumping PDFs anywhere. I printed like 15 test pages, so they should have showed up in the locate result.05:05
jbmigelthearthur maybe you just have a slow machine... is 1 second really so bad05:06
thearthurits exactly one second05:06
bcBrando753: look in dmesg and see if you see any 'obvious' errors with the card reader (I used quotes because I dont own a card reader)05:06
scuniziFrem_: look at it's setup in http://localhost:631 and see if there is something that doesn't look right.05:06
thearthurjbmigel,  quad core, 8 gigs of ram .... not slow05:06
thearthurhow do i find GTK settings for menues?05:06
panglossthearthur, maybe there is something wrong with your video driver05:07
Brando753bc: now thats not a long list, no idea what im looking for ;(05:07
bcBrando753: does it normally pick it up like a USB disk? e.g. sde1 or the like?05:07
Brando753no idea "P05:07
=== shadeslayer is now known as Guest91645
bcBrando753: nothing else I can suggest other than reboot, and you've probably tried that05:08
Frem_scunizi, It says all the test pages were printed, and shows the sizes and such05:08
Brando753bc: three times to be exact :P05:08
q0_0panyone here use bluefish?05:08
jbmigelthearthur goto SYSTEM>>PREFERENCES>>MAIN MENU and set the DELAY variable to >1sec05:08
bcBrando753: dmesg | grep -i reader (or dmsg | grep -i disk (or dmesg | grep -i <manufacturer if you know it>))05:09
creature_whats the password for comman: newgrp fuse05:09
scuniziFrem_: you could "locate *.pdf > foundpdf.txt" then import into a spreadsheet and sort by date05:09
creature_it asks for a password05:09
scuniziFrem_: or .. locate *.pdf > ~/Desktop/foundpdf.txt05:10
Vissudi know this isn't the channel for it, but since #oss is dead, anyone here use OSS 4.1 successfully with jaunty?05:10
creature_newgrp fuse asks for a password, what is it?05:10
Silveira_NetoGuys, I'm ready to install Ubuntu 9.04 here, but I just noticed that I have only the Ubuntu Alternate 9.04 CD with me. Can I install it? Is the same Ubuntu after installed?05:10
scuniziSilveira_Neto: it's the same05:11
Silveira_Netoscunizi, Thanks.05:11
panglossSilveira_Neto, sometimes better, because you can encrypt your filesystem with the alternate CD =)05:11
Silveira_Netopangloss, I'll try that. Thank you very much.05:12
panglossSilveira_Neto, welcome05:12
Frem___scunizi, Ah ha!05:12
appleiiguyQuestion: is there any utility that lets you adjust screen size NOT resolution in Ubuntu05:13
Vissudhey pangloss05:13
scuniziFrem___: found them?05:13
jbmigelappleiiguy why dont you use your monitor settings for that?05:13
Frem___scunizi, The following line is at the end of dmsg several times. [184722.123404] type=1503 audit(1242187006.261:26): operation="inode_create" requested_mask="a::" denied_mask="a::" fsuid=1000 name="/home/james/Desktop/Test_Page.pdf" pid=27021 profile="/usr/lib/cups/backend/cups-pdf"05:13
appleiiguyits a LCD TV05:13
Vissudhas anyone gotten skype to work reliablely under 64 bit jaunty?05:13
appleiiguyno settings for it05:13
shadeslayerVissud: yes05:13
Vissudshadeslayer, do tell05:14
jbmigelappleiiguy maybe there is a refresh for it to autoconfig... all lcd have something05:14
Vissudi've tried every configuration I can think of05:14
shadeslayerVissud: in the sound settings change input,output to pulse05:14
scuniziFrem___: not sure if that's useful or not.. doesn't look like there's an error there.05:14
panglosshi Vissud05:14
appleiiguywhen I use the opensource drivers it displays fine05:14
shadeslayerVissud: or use the OSS skype05:14
appleiiguybut with Nvidia it doesnt05:14
Vissudshadeslayer, in 64 bit?05:14
appleiiguyneed nvidia for XBMC05:14
shadeslayerVissud: yes05:14
Frem___scunizi, It says denied_mask. Meh. I don't know. It's not at ~/Desktop/Test_Page.pdf05:14
Vissudshadeslayer, when you use skype-oss you're doing the padsp before right?05:15
shadeslayerVissud: um... i open skype oss with padsp05:15
Vissudshadeslayer, i tried that, but the mic input sound was horrible, unusable05:16
paintedgo lakers05:16
jbmigelappleiiguy maybe a different resolution would change how much of the screen it fills?05:16
shadeslayerVissud: oh.. you mean you have very low volume?? same problem here..have to shout at it ;)05:16
scuniziFrem___: ah.. missed that.. well, you're a little closer to the answer.  perhaps restarting cups .. although that should have happened after installing the driver.05:16
Frem___scunizi, Bingo! It's a bug. I changed the default printing location, and it wasn't updated in AppArmor. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups-pdf/+bug/14755105:17
Vissudshadeslayer, no it's heavily distorted05:17
Vissudand the "pulse" option doesn't work very well05:17
Vissudso I tried OSS 4.105:17
scuniziFrem___: tadaa.. does it mention how to fix it?05:18
Vissudbut it doesn't work with my external mic jack05:18
shadeslayerVissud: oh and btw i edited my .skype directory,the .cofig file..... havent tested it yet so can tell if itll work..... there was a option to boost mic input and mic volume there05:18
firefly2442Does anyone know of an application that lets you specify folders and data that you want to mirror across a network and then automatically sync with other machines across a network to share this information at the application level? (not filesystem level)05:18
shadeslayerVissud: does the soun recorder work?05:18
Vissudshadeslayer, didn't try that.i get sound, it justy sound shorrible through padsp05:19
shadeslayerVissud: so maybe the mic is damaged,just ccheck through sound recorder05:19
Circsfirefly2442: Depends upon the application05:19
shadeslayerdamn this keyboard!!!05:19
q0_0panyone know how to get gedit autocompletion to work?05:20
creature_how do you see what X graphics driver you are using?05:20
q0_0pbluefish cannot do this05:20
firefly2442Circs: sorry, not quite sure what you mean05:20
Circsfirefly2442: Didn't you ask how to share app data over the network? I05:21
Vissudshadeslayer, no works fine in windows05:21
shadeslayerVissud: then maybe its a problem with either the config/drivers or its skype05:22
Dial-UpHey guys. I was wondering if it is possible to run a script automatically when I connect to a wireless network.05:22
firefly2442Circs: well, I want to make sure my files are mirrored across multiple machines but I want all the synchronization issues to be dealt with by the program, are there alternatives to things like rsync and others?05:22
Frem___scunizi, It's fixed! :-)05:22
shadeslayerVissud: so....does sound recorder work?? if its horrible too then get the appropriate drivers05:22
Circsfirefly2442: Oh, you're going deeper than my knowledge. I'm sorry05:23
Frem___scunizi, I followed the instructions on that link and restarted apparmor, and it just printed. Thank you for you help. :-)05:23
firefly2442Circs: np, thanks for the time05:23
shadeslayerVissud: got to dash in 5 min,  youll have to ask someone else05:25
Amarok__guys when will the vlc rc be made ready for linux05:27
shadeslayerAmarok__: VLC is in the repo05:27
shadeslayer!vlc | Amarok__05:27
ubottuAmarok__: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs05:27
steven_Is there a free C++ or C compiler available for Linux?05:28
Amarok__i mean the newst rc for version 1.0005:28
panglosssteven_, gcc05:28
shadeslayer!compile | steven_05:28
ubottusteven_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)05:28
panglossAmarok__, you'd have to ask the VLC guys when the release candidate will be available05:28
CavalierPrimevlc is 1.0 now05:29
Amarok__ok thanks anyways guys05:29
panglosssteven just install build-essentials and then use gcc at command line05:29
th0rsteven_, install build-essential, it will install all the necessary pieces05:29
steven_install build-essential all by itself? Nothing else after?05:29
panglosssteven_, yup05:29
th0rsteven_, build-essential is a meta-package05:29
steven_Whatever that is :)05:30
th0rsteven_, it is one name for a collection of packages05:30
firefly2442steven_: sort of a "dummy" package05:30
panglosssteven_, it basically just depends on everything you need to compile things05:30
th0rsteven_, it simplifies installing things like gcc05:30
cs475xis the reason the livecd boot has almost a "scan-line" presentation because it is funning from a disc and it takers longer for windows to show?05:30
Cryptic_Bat...................................................../j #bshellz05:30
maxagazis there a command to see /var/log/syslog while it's filled ?05:30
Matt1360maxagaz, tail -f /var/log/syslog05:31
steven_install build-essential does not work05:31
cs475xwow, i screwed up that message05:31
th0rsteven_, how about 'sudo apt-get install build-essential'05:31
panglosssteven_, at prompt $ sudo apt-get install build-essential05:31
warnetcEwEk aZha05:32
panglossmaxagaz, you can also just look at System>>Asdministration>> system log05:32
steven_build-essential is already the newest version05:32
steven_If so...where the hell is gcc lol05:32
netstarHey how can i switch from gnome-netbook-remix edition to standard gnome, from a UNR installation?05:32
Matt1360steven_, run "gcc -v" without quotes, does that return anything?05:32
maxagazMatt1360, thanks05:32
Matt1360maxagaz, no problem05:32
steven_One sec. I am removing all this stuff that it says that I can remove05:33
balrog__I am upgrading from Intrepid to Jaunty, and I got this message: "Cannot stat: No such file or directory, update-initramfs: failed" How do I fix this?05:34
mrhHi all - Bittorrent keeps crashing my system. What should I do?05:34
steven_Returned a bunch of stuff05:34
maxagazMatt1360, is it possible to add a grep to this ?05:34
firefly2442mrh, are you using transmission?05:34
Matt1360maxagaz, tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep -i "search term"05:34
mrhfirefly2442: I was, and switched to ktorrent, but, it has done it again05:35
maxagazMatt1360, thanks05:35
Bigshot_hello my keyboard stops working when inside of X server gnome, kde, xfce what should i do?05:35
Matt1360steven_, you have gcc installed.05:35
spencerfffffffffffff ATi suck05:35
panglosssteven_,  you haev gcc installed, now just $gcc filename05:35
steven_Yeah, looks that way05:35
Bigshot_in virtualbox05:35
firefly2442mrh: does it give a specific error message?05:35
Bigshot_no error messages05:35
steven_gcc: no input files05:36
mrhfirefly2442: No, the system simply locks up all the way, even the clock05:36
Matt1360steven_ are you trying to compile something you've written?05:36
panglosssteven_, what are you trying to compile....05:36
firefly2442mrh: for any torrent?05:36
mrhfirefly2442: yeah05:36
steven_Nothing. I want to open it and start coding05:36
spencercan someone please take me through ATi driver installation? i can't work at this resolution, i'm not getting any work done05:36
mrhfirefly2442: or it seems that way anyway, real hit and miss05:36
steven_then compile when I am done. It has been awhile, but isn't that how it is done?05:36
steven_I haven't coded C in 10 years05:37
panglosssteven_, all you do is open gedit, code whatever you wan and then save the file05:37
panglosssteven_, then, when you want to compile, $gcc filename05:37
steven_that lame huh?05:37
panglosssteven_, and your output will be at a.out05:38
Matt1360Assuming your code is good, that is05:38
panglosssteven_, to run your program after its compiled, at prompt $ ./a.out05:38
insta1hey guys, are there any install ISOs (hopefully of server) that use /dev/ttyS0 as a console for installing?  i'd like to install to a headless box05:38
omnydeviis there a program that will let windows see a ext3 internal hdd without wanting to format it and lose all my data?05:38
panglosssteven_, you can give your program a proper name using the -o switch to gcc05:38
firefly2442mrh: you could try uninstalling and reinstalling maybe? sudo apt-get --purge remove ktorrent (this purge will remove all configuration files too)05:39
omnydeviit has my cod4 install...thats a long download05:39
Matt1360Ookay... My turn...05:39
insta1omnydevi: yes, look to ext2ifs05:39
mrhfirefly2442: I have considered it, however, I did just that for transmission, and . . .05:39
ga_bashhi guys. i was trying to compile an ubuntu kernel but when i invoked #make I got this this error scripts/kconfig/conf.o error05:39
mrhfirefly2442: I guess it is one of its components05:39
Matt1360I have a board with onboard graphics, it's being pesky with performance. It's a GeForce 6100 chipset. I'm running the 180.41 drivers retrieved through envy.05:39
spenceranyone for some ATi driver help? it's not like i haven't googled it05:39
ga_bashand silent/oldconfig error 205:40
Matt1360Is there anything I can do to increase performance? I'm attempting to run "StepMania" at 640x480.05:40
omnydeviinsta1: thanks mate, i just installed a winblows parition to play a game. other than that its all linux, just hate how windows handles anything outside of what they make/steal/monopolize05:40
mrhspencer: wish I could help05:40
omnydeviby deleting05:40
Matt1360I'm getting a consistent (almost seemingly capped) framerate of 5fps.05:40
steven_Alright. Thanks. Sorry for the super noob questions05:40
warnetceWEk aZha05:40
superboyneed help my brasero burning software says "it is not posible to write with the current plugins "what does this mean?05:40
firefly2442mrh: did you try removing the hidden files/folders that it uses for your account (then when it launches it will recreate them)05:41
panglossMatt1360, you dont have another video card lying around? even a crappy one will improve performance..05:41
arunreddyHello everyone. My laptop integrated cam is not working with skype. Am using Ubuntu 64 bit Jaunty. Any help please...05:41
Matt1360pangloss: No, unfortunately.05:41
omnydeviinsta1: It provides Windows NT4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 with full access to Linux Ext2  volumes. Know if that is the same for ext3?05:41
mrhfirefly2442: hmmm, well, I used the CL command you suggested when I removed transmission05:41
panglosssteven_,  no problem, dont eb afraid to ask more questions05:41
OpenSorceI seriously need help, my Nvidia driver has decided I can only get 640x480 resolution. Even when I edit xorg.conf adding a Modes section it ignores it.05:41
insta1ext2 IS ext305:41
insta1just with a journal05:41
superboyneed help my brasero burning software says "it is not posible to write with the current plugins "what does this mean?05:41
Matt1360pangloss: I fail to see that this chipset should be running this poorly on a game requiring very limited resources.05:41
omnydevithanks mate, sorry for spamming if I did05:42
mrhfirefly2442: think I will check and see if those are gone05:42
steven_I still cannot mount a drive. I cannot look at what is on a DVD and it sucks05:42
aurillianceIf I download a pre-comiled program, where do I put it, there is no 'program files directory'05:42
superboyneed help my brasero burning software says "it is not posible to write with the current plugins "what does this mean?05:42
insta1aurilliance: what's the extension?05:42
firefly2442mrh: well, there's a difference between the configuration files that the app stores in /etc/ (usually) and the files it stores for your account username (usually /home/username/.hiddenfolder  ) or whatnot05:42
steven_Unable to mount location.  No media in the drive.  There is too something in it lol05:42
billybigriggeraurilliance::: /usr/local/bin?05:42
steven_How do I fix this?05:42
billybigriggeraurilliance::: /usr/bin05:42
OpenSorceaurilliance, have you tried finding the .deb for the program?05:43
arunreddyHello everyone. My laptop integrated cam is not working with skype. Am using Ubuntu 64 bit Jaunty. Any help please...05:43
superboyneed help my brasero burning software says "it is not posible to write with the current plugins "what does this mean?05:43
mrhfirefly2442: I see, I thought purge would take care of all those,I will look into this05:43
billybigriggerarunreddy::: does it work with other cam software? cheese?05:43
firefly2442arunreddy: is it enabled in the BIOS?05:43
aurillianceinsta1: there is none. I donwloaded scilab-5-1-1 in inside the folder /bin there is a (linux) executable05:43
panglosssteven_, thats what it says when you put it in the cd drive?05:43
mrhfirefly2442: thanks friend05:43
arunreddyi dont know05:43
arunreddyhow to do it05:43
firefly2442mrh: np, good luck05:43
billybigriggerarunreddy::: sudo apt-get install cheese05:43
arunreddyit worked fine with 8.10 32 bit last time05:43
billybigriggerarunreddy::: see if it works in there05:43
aurillianceinsta1: there is none. I downloaded scilab-5-1-1 in inside the folder /bin there is a (linux) executable05:44
mrhsee you all later05:44
insta1aurilliance: heard you the first time champ :)05:44
superboyneed help my brasero burning software says "it is not posible to write with the current plugins "what does this mean?05:44
steven_I click on Computer under placed and dbl-click on CD-RW/DVD+-RW Drive05:44
aurillianceinsta1: srry lag :P05:44
arunreddythanks i shall try it05:44
insta1aurilliance: what happens if you double-click the executable?05:44
billybigriggerarunreddy::: ok, then type lspci or lsusb in the terminal and see if its recognized05:44
aurillianceinsta1: It runs fine05:44
insta1*dusts hands* problem solved.05:44
steven_All I want to do is browse the files on my DVD and it will not let me lol05:44
aurillianceinsta1: I just want somewhere to put it other than my desktop :P05:44
insta1so put it in your home folder05:44
insta1lots of people have ~/bin/05:45
superboyneed help my brasero burning software says "it is not posible to write with the current plugins "what does this mean?05:45
insta1no reason you can't have ~/bin/scilab/05:45
aurillianceI'll use /bin then05:45
aurillianceinsta1: thanks05:45
aurilliancesuperboy: no need to flood. If someone knows the answer, they will answer05:45
Vissudbleh, not being able to use skype is going to drive me to windows at this rate05:45
swiftarrowaurilliance, another place is /opt lots of things go in there05:45
firefly2442aurilliance: I think insta1 means /home/username/bin not /bin/ just to clarify :)05:45
steven_I click on Computer under placed and dbl-click on CD-RW/DVD+-RW Drive05:45
insta1aurilliance: don't put it in /bin of your root drive05:46
aurilliancefirefly2442: Yeah, that's what I meant too :P lol05:46
firefly2442aurilliance: the ~/ (tilde) means your home directory05:46
panglosssteven_, does your dvd work in another computer?05:46
DILsuperboy: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/32276905:46
aurilliancefirefly2442: thanks tho05:46
arunreddybillybigrigger: Bus 001 Device 002: ID 05a9:2640 OmniVision Technologies, Inc.05:46
swiftarrowsuperboy download k3b.  It solved all my brasero problems ;)05:46
steven_Ubuntu is not letting me watch Transformers and drool over Megan Fox and that is just not cool. I need to fix this05:46
swiftarrowsteven_, download vlc05:47
firefly2442steven_: yeah, VLC should let you play DVDs05:47
panglossswiftarrow, his computer is not recognizing that there is a dvd in the drive05:47
swiftarrowpangloss, oh thanks for clarification.05:47
steven_I also want to be able to browse my DVD like I would a folder and it is not letting me. I keep getting this no mounted and no media in drive crap05:47
swiftarrowsteven_, try cleaning your lense?  do other dvds work?05:47
arunreddybillybigrigger :  i dont find it when i run lspci05:48
insta1steven_: what happens when you try to mount it from the command line?05:48
steven_But some autoappear on the desktop05:48
steven_I dunno how to do that05:48
spencerwhy don't the open source ATi drivers work?05:48
spenceri don't get that.. higher than 1024 for an open source driver isn't unreasonable05:48
|freddy|hello, my usb keyboard is not being detected....anyone know something about this?05:49
OpenSorceAnyone have Nvidia drivers decide they can only have 640x480 resolution?05:49
firefly2442steven_: are you unmounting your DVDs before you eject and remove them? sometimes I have issues with that where it can't mount the new disk because I didn't properly unmount the previous one05:49
swiftarrowsteven_, then it's probably a drive problem.  I'd start with cleaning the lense.  You can usually buy lense cleaners (they are normal cds with brushes on them) from normal hardware stores05:49
spencerOpenSorce: yeah but with ATi, it's shit05:49
dsnydersHi all.  Is the Geforce2 Mx400 capable of wide screen resolutions.05:49
steven_I have to unmount dvds before I eject them? heh05:49
steven_I guess that could be it05:49
steven_Cuz it used to work lol05:49
insta1steven_: click Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal05:49
steven_Yeah, I am there now05:49
superboyn writing mode for k3b do i put auto?05:49
insta1steven_: from there, 'sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/'05:49
|freddy|hello, my usb keyboard is not being detected....anyone know something about this?05:50
swiftarrowsteven_, hope that's it.  would be happy to be wrong here.05:50
insta1pastebin the results05:50
firefly2442steven_: yeah, just right click on the disc on your desktop and goto unmount, easy :)05:50
panglosssuperboy, yes05:50
superboyok thanks05:50
|freddy|all other USB stuff I stick in is detected05:50
|freddy|but the keyboard is a no no05:50
steven_Typed it. It is taking awhile now05:50
steven_unknown device05:50
swiftarrow|freddy|, does the kbd work with other computers?05:50
insta1pastebin the results of 'dmesg | tail -n20'05:51
firefly2442insta1: could it be /dev/cdrom0 or something?05:51
swiftarrow|freddy|, does it work with other ubuntu versions?05:51
insta1firefly2442: perhaps, but i'm concerned that he said it took awhile05:51
|freddy|i have no idea05:51
steven_I just usually eject05:51
insta1unknown device should fail immediately05:51
|freddy|im testing the live cd05:51
steven_Why mount and unmount at all?05:51
steven_Windows does not seem to do that05:51
insta1steven_: ubuntu will usually unmount the CD behind the scenes when you press eject05:51
insta1windows does too, for that matter05:52
insta1it just complains less05:52
swiftarrow|freddy| then I'm not sure.  if it's some consolation, I've had some things not work in livecd, but work after install / update.05:52
steven_The CD does not always pop an icon up on the Desktop either05:52
steven_that varies widely05:52
|freddy|oh well, lets see then05:52
firefly2442is there a technical difference between unmounting versus ejecting a device?05:52
steven_I cannot mount it. says no media in drive when there is05:52
insta1firefly2442: one has to happen before the other ... kinda like turning off your engine before removing your keys.05:52
ga_bashhi guys. i am trying to compile a kernel but with no luck..05:52
swiftarrow|freddy|, no garuntees tho... ;)05:52
dsnyderssteven_, the idea behind unmounting is to ensure that all the buffers are written to the disk.05:53
steven_What does that mean? lol05:53
insta1dsnyders: and to send the message that the filesystem is going to disappear, so programs using it can be shut down cleanly before it's unmounted05:53
swiftarrowsteven_, it means that the computer is done with it, and doesnt need it anymore05:53
malvhow on earth do you set up samba to respect the guest access feature in gnome?05:53
xiongi regularly unmount my usb thumb drive before physically unplugging it -- am i wasting my time?05:53
malvit just gives me errors05:53
panglossxiong, noooo keep unmounting05:54
insta1xiong: noooo05:54
insta1dang it pangloss05:54
ga_bashhey can anyone help me with my kernel build.  :)05:54
firefly2442xiong: usually it writes the data to the device before unmounting no?05:54
xiongyah, it seems wise enough and not excessive work on my part05:54
steven_Vlc doesn't want to seem to play my movie05:55
firefly2442xiong: I would just get nervous that it wouldn't write the data correctly or something05:55
panglossga_bash, there are some pretty good tutorials online http://www.howtoforge.com/kernel_compilation_ubuntu05:55
xiongi can't figure how to unmount under windoz tho so i just pull it out -- i cross my fingers, i'm not writing to the drive under windoz, only reading to printer05:55
panglossxiong, typically there is a safely remove hardware icon in the try on win05:55
insta1steven_: wait ...05:55
dsnydersxiong, under windows there is an icon in the system tray.05:55
insta1steven_: have you installed libdvdcss?05:56
fluvvellIn a fresh Jaunty install, the spelling dictionary in Openoffice is not working, any pointers?05:56
ga_bashpangloss, thanks but i am pretty much accomplished with the process as i have compiled a lot before but in ubuntu it pops up an error that i can figure out.05:56
steven_I just autoremoved a bunch of stuff after build-essential told me to05:56
L1nuxReignxiong, you are not wasting your time, notice that if you send a large file to the trash can and you try to unplug the device without unmounting, it will leave part of that file into the pen drive but it will be not visible, just an example05:56
steven_lemme check05:56
insta1steven_: dpkg --get-selections | grep libdvdcss05:56
xiongwell i'm not going to worry about windoz05:56
sdlwofapt-get install errors, http://pastebin.com/m5e40866505:56
steven_I got libdvdread405:56
sdlwofwhat's the fix for this?05:56
steven_that count?05:56
insta1steven_: are you trying to play an actual legit DVD?05:56
panglossfluvvell, go to Administration>> Language support05:57
fluvvelldid that05:57
Juzman-EeePCAnyone know how to (successfully) get Artwiz fonts working in jaunty? I symlinked yes-bitmap to /etc/fonts/conf.d/ edited local.conf and fccache -fv05:57
panglossfluvvell, make sure english is checked off05:57
fluvvellpangloss: we're in New Zealand, and it is selected correctly.05:58
insta1steven_: you might have a region mismatch05:58
Ademanwhat are *.desktop file's exec= section executed with? /bin/sh ?05:58
dsnydersI bought a wide screen LCD monitor.  Can the nvidia GeForce2 MX 400 do wide screen?05:58
panglossfluvvell, and you have openoffice language support installed correctly too?05:58
insta1steven_: check out the 'regionset' package05:58
insta1dsnyders: what resolution are you trying to actually hit?05:59
palluhello all of you05:59
swiftarrow!ask > pallu05:59
ubottupallu, please see my private message05:59
steven_I do not have regionset05:59
dsnydersinsta1, 1680*105005:59
steven_Should I install?05:59
palluwhat do i need to be able to view dvds05:59
fluvvellpangloss: its showing the same in options language, but I am about to dig down to see if the dictionary is installed. The old helpful wizard is not there now.05:59
KingKimiMy splash screen when ubuntu starts , is not working.. it says image not found ... and starting to run texts "reading files needed to boot [ok] >>>>>>>>>>> [ok] >>>>>> [ok] .......... "  how do i restore my usual loading screen ????05:59
swiftarrow!dvd > pallu05:59
ubottupallu, please see my private message05:59
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:00
insta1steven_: perhaps.  have you ever been able to play this specific DVD on that specific drive before?06:00
swiftarrowpallu, perhaps try vlc06:00
pallui did its not working06:00
dsnydersinsta1, However, even if I try a lower wide screen resolution, it comes out as 4:306:00
steven_I cannot get a single movie to work for Ubuntu.  This is frustrating06:00
panglossfluvvell, just go to http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/en_US-dict and download the dictionary you want, and then double click it on desktop06:01
insta1steven_: try installing the gstreamer-plugins-{good,bad,ugly} packages06:01
vertixorange-wedge, are you there?06:01
yaris123456789hey guys is there something like gui SCP, where I can browse through my web server and open up things and edit them in some sort of IDE, and when i hit save, it uploads it ?06:01
KingKimisteven_, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:01
dsnydersinstal, I can't seem to find any info on google06:01
steven_It is already the newest version06:01
panglossfluvvell, openoffice will do the rest for you, then make sure it is checked off in tools > language> for selection06:02
swiftarrowyaris123456789, it depends.  Do you have SSH to your server?06:02
dsnyderssteven_, have you tried mplayer?06:02
swiftarrowyaris123456789, if so, you could connect to server (i'm not clear on how to do this, but it's possible) using ssh06:02
KingKimisteven_, install ubuntu-restricted-extras from synaptic.....06:02
insta1dsnyders: you're not alone apparently06:02
panglossyaris123456789, just use gftp and sync with your server06:02
KingKimi!medibuntu > steven_06:02
ubottusteven_, please see my private message06:02
insta1steven_: without the output from dmesg | tail i can't diagnose further06:02
binskipy2uhey everyone, is it really worth going from a working 8.10 install to a new 9.04?  isnt 8.10 suppported with updates 1 year longer then 9.04?06:03
binskipy2uor is that 8.0406:03
binskipy2uthats supported 3 years?06:03
insta1it's 8.0406:03
panglossbinskipy2u, 8.04 is the lts release06:03
yaris123456789pangloss: gftp? okay. i found SecPanel, however it doesn't let me browse through my webserver and open and edit files in sync06:03
swiftarrowbinskipy2u, its 8.0406:03
KingKimibinskipy2u, 9.04 has a matrix screen saver B-) B-)06:03
insta19.04 is nice06:03
firefly2442yaris123456789: konqueror can do SFTP, I'm sure there are other clients out there too06:03
Juzman-EeePCNo one has any info on Artwiz fonts in Ubuntu 9.04?06:03
yaris123456789like do you guys know WinSCP ? im looking for ubuntu version of that06:03
dsnydersinsta1, I suppose I'll just live in vertical letterbox mode until I upgrade my hardware in a month or so.06:04
yaris123456789i'll google06:04
KingKimi My splash screen when ubuntu starts , is not working.. it says image not found ... and starting to run texts "reading files needed to boot [ok] >>>>>>>>>>> [ok] >>>>>> [ok] .......... "  how do i restore my usual loading screen ????06:04
=== mrlolplx is now known as mrlolplx-off
swiftarrowyaris123456789, have you tried running winscp in wine?06:04
insta1dsnyders: i've had good luck with the radeon x1300 actually, if you're not looking for performance06:04
yaris123456789swiftarrow: no i dont know how to run stuff on wine06:04
insta1quiet, fanless, no external power connection, supported by the open source drivers06:04
firefly2442yaris123456789: this might help too: http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/10/28/how-to-mount-a-remote-ssh-filesystem-using-sshfs/06:05
yaris123456789thank you06:05
insta1yaris: firefly's link is a good one ... sshfs rocks06:05
vertixi am still having problem booting 8.10 even without 2nd IDE drive. It does not even boot on a single sata drive, what could possibly be the problem? file system is clean but it can not mount the root partition06:05
swiftarrowyaris123456789, it's pretty easy: install wine, double click the installer in ubuntu, cross fingers, and pray.  If everythign is ok, it will install, and you can then open the program.06:05
swiftarrowyaris123456789, i recommend the link too.06:05
dsnydersinsta1, All I need is something that can do wide screen and play video files.  I don't do any 3D gaming (especially on my 800MHz box)06:06
yaris123456789swiftarrow: can i install even games like that? is it possible to run windows program from a mount ?06:06
KingKimiyaris123456789, even COD works in wine06:06
swiftarrowyaris123456789, see the wine website.  it has a list of programs and games that work.  There is a way to run windows programs from the windows partition, search google.  I found it once, but didn't try.06:07
panglossvertix, could be something wring with your fstab06:07
yaris123456789swiftarrow: thank you06:07
insta1still pimping the x1300, although i'm guessing you don't have PCIe06:07
binskipy2uim very happy with 9.04 i think its kick ass, and gnome seems to "flow" better then kde06:07
pangloss!fstab | vertix06:07
ubottuvertix: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:07
pragad7how do i upgrade from cd . i am dual booting with xp and ubuntu 8.1006:08
yaris123456789btw, i didn't have to mount. i can access all my windows stuff in /host/06:08
dsnydersinsta1, I don't think so.  I think my board is PCI+ISA+AGP06:08
yaris123456789is that normal ?06:08
fluvvellpangloss, *that* was very smooth06:09
pangloss!upgrade | pragad706:09
ubottupragad7: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading06:09
swiftarrowyaris123456789, are you using the wubi install?06:09
yaris123456789swiftarrow: wubi ?06:09
panglossfluvvell, did it work for you?06:09
dsnydersinsta1, I'll take a look at the x1300.  Is it fully supported under linux?06:09
swiftarrowyaris123456789, never mind.  Yes it's normal, if it works.06:09
fluvvellI've installed many dictionaries into openoffice since version 1, and that experience ran close to ephemeral.06:09
fluvvellpangloss, yes. Very much so.06:09
insta1dsnyders: won't work on anything but pcie06:09
panglossfluvvell, good word choice06:10
insta1pulls roughly 1000fps on my box with one06:10
insta1using the r300 driver06:10
insta1which is NOT fglrx, and therefore open source06:10
fluvvellpangloss, They've clearly done a heap of work on integration, using extensions. I Like It. Very Much.06:10
vertixBooting off sata single drive configuration, i get error: [0.700329 Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount fs on unknown-block (8,1)06:10
Amarok__ guys do i need a graphic card to enable growl like notifications in ubuntu 9.0406:10
yaris123456789amazing! hard drive is not getting hot running ubuntu vs. vista!06:10
vertixjust before it, i get this error: [0.700183] VFS: Can not open root-device "<NULL>" or unknown-block (8,1)06:11
KingKimipragad7, you will need alternate.iso of ubuntu 9.0406:11
panglossfluvvell, yes, treating the dictionaries as extensions was a good move by OO06:11
vertixanybody knows what these errors are?06:11
KingKimipragad7, and just mount it ..  it will start the upgrade06:11
Amarok__ guys do i need a graphic card to enable growl like notifications in ubuntu 9.0406:11
KingKimi My splash screen when ubuntu starts , is not working.. it says image not found ... and starting to run texts "reading files needed to boot [ok] >>>>>>>>>>> [ok] >>>>>> [ok] .......... "  how do i restore my usual loading screen ????06:11
nickolausI upgraded my laptop and I'm getting " kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown-block" when it boots. Any ideas?06:11
dsnydersinsta1, well, pcie is an option.  I'm planning to upgrade my entire machine.06:12
alsahas anyone managed to get alsa working correctly in jaunty?06:12
insta1fair warning: i don't know how high of a resolution they support06:12
vertixnickolaus, EXACTLY the same error i get on 8.1006:12
insta1i've used them successfully up to 1280x102406:12
insta1they're also dirt cheap06:12
krammer_what is a transmission blockfile?06:12
insta1i got mine for $1306:12
panglossKingKimi, have you tried system>>administration>>login window06:13
vertixnickolaus, which ubuntu version are you running?06:13
dsnydersinstal, well, at least the price is right :-)06:13
nickolausvertix i got it upgrading to 8.1006:13
Amarok__ guys do i need a graphic card to enable growl like notifications in ubuntu 9.0406:13
panglossAmarok__, no06:13
insta1dsnyders: well, i can't find them that cheap online anymore06:13
insta1i have one more laying around06:13
KingKimipangloss, what to do in that dialog box ?06:13
dsnydersAmarok__, wouldn't you need a sound card for growling?06:13
insta1i'll trade you x1300 vs. gf206:13
Amarok__you sure pangloss06:14
Matt1360Anyone be able to help me with a video performance issue? I've got an onboard GeForce 6100, running glxgears at ~2500fps. The game I'm trying to run (at 640x480) is running at a seemingly capped 5fps06:14
vertixnickolaus, looks like there is a bug in this version (8.10)06:14
panglossKingKimi, click local, and try changing the login screen06:14
Amarok__thats not funny dsnyders06:14
binskipy2ugforce 6100 idont think is a good enough card06:14
panglossAmarok__, yes...06:14
binskipy2uto run games at any "fun" rate06:14
vertixhere is what I get: [0.700183] VFS: Can not open root-device "<NULL>" or unknown-block (8,1)06:14
nickolausvertix is there a fix? i need to get it up and running asap.06:14
vertix[0.700244] Please append correct "root=" option; here are available partitions:06:14
vertix[0.700329 Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount fs on unknown-block (8,1)06:14
pangloss!pastebin | vertix06:15
ubottuvertix: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:15
pragad7so can i upgrade from cd by typing gksu "sh /cdrom/cdromupgrade" in the terminal in ubuntu. iam dual booting ubuntu and windows xp. dont want to reinstall xp.please confirm if this method is right06:15
Matt1360binskipy2u, the game I'm trying to run is "StepMania" - It runs flawlessly under Windows in a test environment.06:15
vertixnickolaus, can you read my errors and see if this is what YOU get?06:15
nickolausvertix kernel panic - not syncing : VFS: unable to mount root FS on unknown-block (0,0) not 8,106:15
vertixnickolaus, i've been screwing with this thing for a week without sleep06:15
binskipy2usorry matt, i just know from spec wise, 6100 is usually onboard and comes with many computers you buy at best buy etc06:15
dsnydersAmarok__, sorry.  It's late for me, and I'm getting a little punchy, I guess.  Seemed funny when I typed it.  Apologies.06:15
binskipy2ui have an onboard card, it's ati06:16
binskipy2uand i dont play any games at all,  never got into them06:16
binskipy2unot worth trying to keep up graphics wise to me06:16
Cryptic_Batnickolaus: Have you trieds using intrepid Ibex 8.10 lts06:16
vertixnickolaus, that's ok. i got that one also, block number does not matter, it comes in several flavors depending on how you are trying to but it06:16
panglossCryptic_Bat, 8.10 is not an lts release06:16
krammer_what is a transmission blockfile?06:16
Daremonaihow can I run something on startup after some delay06:17
pragad7kingkimi i dont have the alternate iso of ubuntu 9.04 i got the iso image forkuubntu9.04 can i still upgrade from the cd06:17
CPUFreak91Where can I find the kernel module for p4 frequency scaling?06:17
Amarok__its fine man its just that i have had a pretty rough day06:17
CPUFreak91I've got a Dell Inspiron 1150 that's running really slowly, and I noticed that cpu freq scaling isn't working.06:17
vertixnickolaus, what drive are you using? did you say you are trying to put it on laptop?06:17
binskipy2uanyone have a good ubuntu tweak site? guide? how-to.. for services, fstab, boot tweaks etc?06:18
panglossDaremonai, you mean, besides adding it to the startup programs in system>>preferences>>sessions ?06:18
vertixnickolaus, do you know the sata controller chipset brand and manufacturer?06:18
binskipy2usomething to really "streamline" your ubuntu install06:18
Cryptic_Batwops I meant to say 8.04 intrepid ibex06:18
nickolausvertix yeah. I was told it was because the kernal was never upgraded because it failed to complete the upgrade.06:18
dsnydersAmarok__, what is this growl notification thing you're talking about?06:18
WebDawghow do i search aptitude?06:18
Daremonaipangloss, I mean, i wanna be able to do smth like: sleep 5 && wine "application" &06:18
insta1WebDawg: heh, aptitude search06:18
WebDawgi did --search06:19
Cryptic_Batwoops I meant to say 8.04 intrepid ibex06:19
doink1212how do I install mac-on-linux?06:19
panglossbinskipy2u, http://ubuntu-tweak.com/06:19
kosharibinskipy2u i used to use ubuntuguide06:19
vertixnickolaus, i don't get what you mean about kernel upgrade06:19
Kalmidoink1212, :D06:19
panglossDaremonai, you can probably set a cron job to run 5mins after startup06:19
vertixnickolaus, who told you this and can you tell me exactly what they told you?06:20
pangloss!cron | Daremonai06:20
ubottuDaremonai: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm06:20
=== mrlolplx-off is now known as mrlolplx
Daremonaipangloss, ok06:20
krammer_what is a transmission blockfile?06:20
ja660kdoes anyone know xslt because #xml wont reply06:20
RoastedQuestion - If I set a crontab entry to run as the user "fred", will that script run as fred even if Bob is logged in?06:20
alsadoes anybody here have alsa working properly? because I would like to know what version06:20
nmvictor 06:20
panglosskrammer_, google it06:20
nmvictorhi all06:20
pangloss!hi | nmvictor06:21
ubottunmvictor: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:21
dsnydersg'nigh all!06:21
vertixnickolaus, the problem with kernel is that it boots off of liveCD, so there is something really funky with 8.10. it does not look that straightforward06:21
KalmiRoasted, sure... (but don't expect GUI apps to work with cron)06:21
krammer_pangloss, what is google?06:21
WebDawghow do i search aptitude online06:21
ketchjust upgraded to Jaunty from Intrepid and HP dv8000 AMD64 laptop is runnig 90*C, fan is on full.  Help please.06:21
Roastedkalmi - no, it's just an rsync script. That should work?06:21
KalmiRoasted, sure06:21
panglosskrammer_, lol06:22
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:22
Roastedkalmi - I just want to have both home directories of each user on this computer to be backed up on a 2nd drive in the computer. But fred can't rsync bob's stuff. I wasn't sure if using crontab (fred as fred, bob as bob) would execute even if the opposite user is logged in06:22
doink1212anybody, mac-on-linux, how do i install?06:22
pangloss!google | krammer_06:22
ubottukrammer_: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux06:22
nmvictorWebDwag:what do you mean?you want to search the word aptitude or what?06:22
pragad7i got ubuntu8.10 and windows xp .  i am trying to upgrade to kubuntu 9.04 with a cd iso image htat i burnt to a cd .how do i up.i was given a link her and it says i will need the alternate cd. so can i not upgrade with the regular cd image06:22
panglossWebDawg, http://packages.ubuntu.com06:22
KalmiRoasted, you could backup the whole home directory as root06:22
Roastedkalmi - I don't want to use root, though.06:23
Roastedkalmi - I just want to do this at the user level.06:23
KalmiRoasted, your approach should work fine06:23
vertixanybody knows if i can upgrade to 9.04 off of 8.10 live CD? cause i can't fry from ISO06:23
panglosspragad7, no, you need the alternate to upgrade from CD. you could alternatively just upgrade from aptitude06:23
Roastedkalmi - thanks dood06:23
alsathanks but I've been all over the forums. I am using a USB audio device that used to work and have been all over the forums, the prevalent solution is to use OSS and pulse. I am hoping for an older version of alsa that is not borked06:23
vertixnickolaus, do you have a sata drive?06:24
pragad7pangloss how do i upgrade with the regular cd. do i have to remove ubuntu 8.10and then install 9.0406:24
ketchBump on overheating Jaunty?06:25
panglosspragad7, thats one alternative.... i dont knwo why you would do that though06:25
w00tzthere's a terminal that displays 4 shells @ once, i forget what it was called. any ideas?06:26
pragad7pangloss because i got slow internet connection. cannot afford to download alternate cd06:26
CPUFreak91It seems that the CPU on my Dell Inspiron 1150 is throttled down to 133Mhz. How can I speed it up?06:26
CPUFreak91I'm on Jaunty06:26
pragad7i alredy downloaded the regular cd06:26
asdf_can someone tell me how to enable compiz fusion cube on ubuntu 9.0406:26
asdf_compiz settings manager is not an available package06:26
Matt1360CPUFreak91, what does cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i mhz report?06:27
Matt1360"cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i mhz" rather06:27
panglossasdf_, is compizconfig-settings-manager06:27
=== alsa is now known as ok
esrAn Ubuntu upgrade has rendered my maqin system unbootable; initramfs cannot find the root device by UUID. I'm seeking emergency help.06:28
CPUFreak91Matt1360: One sec06:28
vesaythHi, I don't know if anyone here can help me with this (if not, could anyone suggest a room to join for help on it?). I just flashed dd-wrt onto my router, and the Applications and Gaming section is missing on it so I can't set up port forwarding. Anyone have any idea what the problem is? Google searches turn up nothing.06:28
asdf_pangloss: no06:28
=== ok is now known as ALSA1
KingKimipangloss, No.. not that..06:28
insta1vesayth: PM me06:28
KingKimipangloss, what i ask is "the ubuntu logo with the progess bar loading from left to right"06:28
insta1i use dd-wrt, i can help you06:28
ketchanyone else hearing about Jaunty overheating?06:28
KingKimipangloss, that is not coming up .. instead some running text06:29
CPUFreak91Matt1360: It's returning 2597.78606:29
pragad7dual booting xp and ubuntu. how od i unistall ubuntu without losing xp06:29
CPUFreak91let me start gnome06:29
panglossKingKimi, =/06:29
panglossasdf_, what do you mean no?06:29
Matt1360CPUFreak91, I'm assuming you're running a laptop with a 2.6 in it?06:29
CPUFreak91Matt1360: yes06:29
Vissudwell, i give up06:29
Vissudback to windows for a while06:29
KingKimipangloss, ? :(06:29
asdf_root@ubuntu:~# sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager06:29
asdf_Reading package lists... Done06:29
asdf_Building dependency tree06:29
asdf_Reading state information... Done06:29
asdf_E: Couldn't find package compizconfig-settings-manager06:29
FloodBot1asdf_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:29
asdf_root@ubuntu:~# sudo apt-get install compiz-settings-manager06:29
ZencydeMan, I don't see how you can go back to Windows.06:30
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KingKimi!paste | asdf_06:30
ubottuasdf_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:30
Guest25119I just accidentally saved over a file, is there anyway to restore the old version? It's just an odt06:30
ZencydeI mean, repositories.06:30
Matt1360CPUFreak91, there is a thing called "CPU Scaling"06:30
Matt1360It will bump your CPU speed around as it's required.06:30
ZencydeC'mon. How can you not love "sudo apt-get"ing everything?06:30
pragad7how do i unistall ubuntu without having to reinstall xp . i am dulabooting xp and ubuntu06:30
superboyhelp it says "W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2836CB0A8AC93F7A06:30
asdf_E: Couldn't find package compiz-settings-manager06:30
CPUFreak91Matt1360: I tried adding the CPU scaling applet in gnome and it told me CPU scaling wasn't supported06:30
Kalmivertix, what do you mean  "i can't fry from ISO"?06:30
panglossasdf_, do you have the universe repositories enables?06:30
vertixesr, looks like several ppl have the same problem, and its been there at least since 8.1006:30
jessCan someone help me with a general hw question regarding RAM?06:30
KingKimiasdf_, sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins*06:30
Matt1360It may be built into the kernel and not configurable? - Don't quote me on this, though.06:30
asdf_E: Couldn't find package compizconfig-settings-manager06:31
=== mrlolplx is now known as mrlolplx-off
KingKimiasdf_, try that single line command06:31
arunreddylaptop integrated web cam not working with cheese,  Ubuntu Jaunty Amd 6406:31
KingKimipangloss, any help plz ?06:31
CPUFreak91Matt1360: I heard that 9.04 compiled cpu scaling into the kernel and that, yes, it wasn't configurable06:31
ketchnobody else overheating on Jaunty?06:31
vertixVissud, lucky you, you can go back to windows06:31
asdf_same result06:31
arunreddyNeed some help :  laptop integrated web cam not working with cheese,  Ubuntu Jaunty Amd 6406:31
panglossasdf_, you need to enable the universe repository, in System>>administration>>software sources06:31
Matt1360CPUFreak91, As required, it will speed up, you shouldn't notice any performance problems.06:31
ubottujess: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:32
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:32
jessubottu: thanks06:32
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)06:32
KingKimipangloss, :( are yoyu there ?06:32
CPUFreak91Matt1360: hrm, I wonder if it's something else then. Gnome and any apps running in the GUI are a real dog right now06:32
panglossKingKimi, beyond what ubottu knows in !splash, I cant really be of more help06:32
pangloss!splash | KingKimi06:32
ubottuKingKimi: To change the Gnome splash screen, use !gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.06:32
Kalmivertixvertix, what do you mean  by "i can't fry from ISO"?06:32
=== ALSA1 is now known as ALSA1018rc3islou
Guest25119I just accidentally saved over a file, is there anyway to restore the old version? It's just an .odt06:32
vertixKalmi, i am running off live CD and i can not boot windows cause it is infected, so i can only download non-iso version. is there non iso version of 9.04?06:32
CPUFreak91Matt1360: I'm always running at ~97% CPU06:33
jessI've been having problems with my computer trying to install 8.04. I ran memtest and got a bunch of errors - supposedly my RAM has been tested and it's fine. Could this be a mobo problem?06:33
KingKimipangloss, i have seen that already and installed gnome-splshscrn-manager from synaptic06:33
KingKimipangloss, what2 do now ?06:33
=== mrlolplx-off is now known as mrlolplx
Kalmivertix, you create a USB installer06:33
doc|workCPUFreak91: open up a terminal and enter "top" to see what's using that much cpu06:33
esrvertix: Is there a procedure for troubkeshooting this docuntede anywhere?06:33
Kalmivertix, you could create a USB installer06:33
KingKimivertix, try unetbootin06:34
panglossKingKimi, post to message boards and wait for someone more knowledgeable I guess06:34
orange-wedgevertix why can't you use your redhat partition?06:34
KalmiKingKimi, hey, you are stealing my suggestion :)06:34
CPUFreak91doc|work: well that's the thing, nothing really. 5.5%us 7.5%sys but 92%id06:34
orange-wedgeto dl a new copy and burn it?06:34
KingKimiKalmi, because for me , create a usb disk in system did not work.. but unetbootin is very easy and it worked perfect06:34
vertixesr, i've been trying to get some info on this on this chan for at least 24 hrs. no luck so far06:35
vertixKingKimi, what is unetbootin?06:35
doc|workCPUFreak91: look lower down, see the list that's constantly updating? there's a cpu column there06:35
superboyhelp it says "W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2836CB0A8AC93F7A06:35
ukishai apa kabar06:35
orange-wedgeunetbootin rocks06:35
panglossvertix, what exactly are you trying to do?06:35
vertixorange-wedge, user redhat partition for what?06:35
KingKimivertix, its in add/remove06:35
KalmiKingKimi, I dunno what you mean by "create a usb disk in system"... I was thinking of unetbootin06:36
esrvertix: You ran into the same problem?  (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/devmapper/+bug/238793 seems relevant.)06:36
CPUFreak91doc|work: the highest I see is the occassional 4% from Xorg06:36
h00kUbuntu 8.10 on this HP Dv9000 laptop will /not/ start unless I hold a key down on the keyboard.  Any key, doesn't matter.06:36
KingKimiKalmi, i meant  system > admin > create a usb startup disk06:36
orange-wedgevertix boot into redhat and then dl 9.04 and burn it06:36
jessCould errors found while running memtest prior to 8.04 installation be related to mobo or CPU, rather than RAM?06:36
Kalmivertix, "UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions from Windows or Linux, without requiring you to burn a CD."06:36
KingKimipangloss, what is message board ?06:36
doc|workCPUFreak91: try typing F K06:36
newmemberdoes the amd64 ver of ubuntu support intel64bit?06:36
doc|workCPUFreak91: in top06:37
vertixlemme see that page06:37
panglossKingKimi, http://ubuntuforums.org/06:37
doc|workCPUFreak91: then enter06:37
panglossnewmember, yes06:37
vertixKalmi, i dont have usb flash card06:37
ubUSBdoes a livesession from USB saves the configurations for the next session otr to install_06:37
omnydevii installed ext3IFS, and the drives show up in windows explorer, but when i click to access them it says the drive needs to be formatted. is that normal?06:37
vertixALL i have is 2 drives and internet06:37
pragad7how do unistall ubuntu 8.10 so that i can install kubuntu9.10 .dual booting xp and ubuntu8.10 at this moment and dont want to reinstall xp06:37
KingKimipangloss, oh ! you meant forums !06:37
Kalmivertix, booting redhat and writing a cd?06:37
panglossKingKimi, haha, sorry for miscommunication06:37
arunreddylaptop integrated web cam not working with cheese,  Ubuntu Jaunty Amd 6406:37
CPUFreak91doc|work: ok, the CPU column has dissappeared06:38
KingKimipangloss, :-)06:38
arunreddysays no device found06:38
Matt1360CPUFreak91, I'd like to help you but right now is not the best time, it might be a good idea to ask your questions again.06:38
chuck_superboy, https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Adding%20a%20PPA%27s%20keys%20to%20your%20system explains how you can add the public key to your system.06:38
KalmiKingKimi, isn't that about writing GRUB(and only GRUB) to an USB drive06:38
blah010111?DCC SEND "ff???f?ð‘¹ð‘°ð‘·ð‘³ð‘¶ð‘³ð‘ºð‘¼ð‘·ð‘®ð‘¼ð’€ð‘º" 0 006:38
doc|workCPUFreak91: then you did something weird06:38
Kalmi(never used it)06:38
CPUFreak91Matt1360: I understand. Thanks anyway :)06:38
doc|workCPUFreak91: then you did something weird06:38
vertixwell, usb, for one thing, is prolly twice as slow as sata or ide06:38
orange-wedgevertix... ive got it06:38
orange-wedgeyou could download the iso06:38
CPUFreak91doc|work: F and K just enable/disable the columns, right?06:39
orange-wedgeand mount the iso while running the from the cd06:39
KingKimiKalmi, what do you mean by "that" ?06:39
doc|workCPUFreak91: no, reorder sorting06:39
Kalmivertix, I'm running Ubuntu from an USB drive right now... all fine :)06:39
RHorsesup people?06:39
pangloss!hi | RHorse06:39
ubottuRHorse: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:39
doc|workCPUFreak91: crap, my bad06:39
doc|workCPUFreak91: one sec06:39
CPUFreak91doc|work: hehe, no problem06:39
KingKimiwhy flloodbot is setting too many bans ? :P06:39
RHorsepangloss you made my day :)06:39
vertixKalmi, i tried cd burner off of redhat, but it does not work for some reason, it is an old redhat, enterprise 4.006:40
KalmiKingKimi, system > admin > create a usb startup dis06:40
Kalmivertix, :)06:40
orange-wedgevertix... darn06:40
KingKimiKalmi, ??? arent we showing it to the iso or the Cd  ?06:40
nmvictoromnydevi:yea i think its normal but dont format.windows know only two file system,FAT and New technology File System(NTFS) so anything other than that means unformatted drive.thats windows foolishness,or shortcomings to be polite.06:41
vertixorange-wedge, you've got what? (i am still reading the stuff at 08:38:35 AM)06:41
Kalmivertix, what's wrong with your windows install? :p06:41
KingKimi.join #ubuntu-offtopic06:41
vertixorange-wedge, yep, i CAN download iso, but i need an ISO mounter program in that case06:41
orange-wedgevertix download the 9.04 iso while you are still on the livecd06:41
doc|workCPUFreak91: tried F (Capitalised)?06:41
orange-wedgevertix you don't need an iso mounter06:41
orange-wedgevertix you can do that by default06:42
vertixorange-wedge, well if i can mount the .iso image, that would be great06:42
CPUFreak91doc|work: ok, that works, K (CPU) is selected now06:42
doc|workCPUFreak91: ok, is whatever's at the top of the list using large amounts of cpu?06:43
CPUFreak91doc|work: no, barely anything at all. The highest I've seen is a 9.3% from Xorg06:43
doc|workCPUFreak91: then I've no idea06:43
orange-wedgevertix sudo mount -t iso9660 filename.iso /media/iso -o loop06:43
vertixKalmi, i've got the most sophisticated rootkit on my windows, i can't even dream of booting windows and for as long, as i can imagine, cause it looks like its gotten down to bios level, but i am not sure about that06:43
Kalmivertix, rootkits are fun :)06:44
doc|workCPUFreak91: short of a trojan/rootkit which has modified your top command to not display it (they exist)06:44
CPUFreak91doc|work: I doubt it, this is a fresh ubuntu 9.04 install ;)06:44
vertixorange-wedge, oh, cool. so i can just install off of .iso image without actually using the disk?06:44
orange-wedgevertix obviously you would probably need enough space to DL the iso... so you will need to mount one of your harddrives06:44
orange-wedgeyeah you should06:44
doc|workCPUFreak91: no idea then, sorry06:44
orange-wedgevertix let me find the command to start up the installer06:45
CPUFreak91doc|work: I had a similar problem on 8.04 too06:45
CPUFreak91doc|work: thanks anyway06:45
theunleet?DCC SEND "ff???f?ð‘¹ð‘°ð‘·ð‘³ð‘¶ð‘³ð‘ºð‘¼ð‘·ð‘®ð‘¼ð’€ð‘º" 0 006:45
vertixorange-wedge, that would save my day, and even week if that works06:45
vertixorange-wedge, i can find enough space no problem06:45
boghoghello, does anyone know how I should set a constant acceleration with the new Xorg server? (1.6.0) I used to be able to do it by setting motion_acceleration with motion_treshold at 1, but that doesn't seem to work any more06:45
vertixorange-wedge, that would be appreciated06:46
boghogon my pointer device that is06:46
ikoniaak theunleet06:46
boghogI can't set it in xorg.conf with the hotplugging stuff so im not sure where to set it now06:46
ubUSBdoes a livesession from USB saves the configurations for the next session otr to install?06:46
=== sleeping`dragon is now known as error404notfound
Kalmivertix... yeah... sure... getting a CD and writing it can take about a week..06:46
vertixoh, finally, i caught up reading all this fast scrolling jazz here06:46
panglossubUSB, as long as you have a partition for your files, yes06:46
vertixKalmi, well, it is going to take a couple of days, but now a week.06:47
vertixis there a torrent for 8.10 iso?06:47
panglossvertix, yes06:47
yaris123456789hey guys im having some weird issues trying to watch youtube. first theres a large grey area with a play button that i have to click inorder to view the youtube video player. when the video plays its very poor quality, like squares and stuff. same video showed fine in windows. also, the mute and volume button on youtube seems to not function06:48
Kalmivertix, you know... you could walk into any internet cafe and have it done under half an hour...06:48
vertixKalmi, i meant but NOT a week :)06:48
ubUSBpangloss: how can I create one, please?06:48
panglossubUSB, use portablelinux06:48
vertixpangloss. yes what?06:48
ubUSBthank you, pangloss06:48
panglossvertix, yes there is a torrent for 8.1006:48
Kalmiwhat the heck are these FloodBots doing?06:49
CPUFreak91doc|work / Matt1360: FYI Aha! The p4-clockmod module wasn't running, so CPU scaling should work now that I've started the module.06:49
panglosspwning some flooders06:49
vertixpangloss, do you happen to know the torrent link for 9.04?06:49
Matt1360CPUFreak91, I'm glad you figured it out!06:49
Kalmipangloss, but why are they playing with each other?06:50
=== Pasbar_Team|AWAY is now known as Pasbar_Team
rwwKalmi: It's complicated. Best to just ignore it.06:50
panglossvertix, http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#bt06:50
CPUFreak91Matt1360: well, not the slowness, but at least I can monitor the CPU speed to see if it's being scaled down too much06:50
vertixi hope torrent client on 8.10 works off live cd... :(06:50
=== Pasbar_Team is now known as Pasbar_Team|AWAY
panglossKalmi, b/c it feels good?06:50
=== Pasbar_Team|AWAY is now known as Pasbar_Team
vertixpangloss, thanx, appreciated06:50
=== \Pyro\_ is now known as \Pyro\
panglossvertix, n/p06:50
ikonia!away > Pasbar_Team06:51
ubottuPasbar_Team, please see my private message06:51
boghogdoes anyone know how to set constant acceleration for my mouse with ubuntu 9.04 ?06:51
boghogwith the new 1.6.0 xorg-server the usual way of setting it doesn't seem to work any more06:51
panglossboghog, there is nothign in system>>preferences>>mouse for you?06:51
boghogi used to just set the motion_acceleration gconf setting to the constant acceleration I wanted, and motion_treshhold to 106:52
vertixwell, i cross my finger this torrent client is not a dog off of live cd...06:52
vertixi just started it06:52
boghogpangloss, I can't seem to set constant acceleration there :(06:52
=== halfmind_ is now known as halfmind
fantasaiI have a laptop that's 1400x900 and I have connected it to an LCD monitor that is 1680x1050. I want to use the monitor at 1680x1050, but Ubuntu seems to insist on keeping it at 1162x864. How can I force it to use the correct screen settings?06:52
superboyhow do i upgrade to KDE 4.2.3 from the terminal?06:52
MylistoI'm wondering if there is a speech to text program for ubuntu?06:52
pangloss!xorg | fantasai06:53
ubottufantasai: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:53
Kalmifantasai, dumb solution: restart...06:53
fantasaiKalmi: tried that already06:53
panglosssuperboy, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop06:53
bingungajaanyone know download manager application that can save our id and pass (eg. rapidshare) ?06:53
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:53
bruceleemy girlfriend was asking me if her legs are too far apart, what do you guys think?06:53
boringpacketsubuntu is fantastic06:53
doc|workCPUFreak91: ah, I didn't realise it was that it wasn't throttling06:53
pangloss!offtopic | brucelee06:54
ubottubrucelee: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:54
superboywould that upgrade me to the curent version release?06:54
* boringpackets doesnt like offtopic nazi's06:54
panglosssuperboy, no, just for that release06:54
Kalmibrucelee, next time make it clear that it is NSFW...06:54
CPUFreak91doc|work: now I wish it would throttle/scale. This thing gets very hot at constant fullspeed06:54
orange-wedgevertix which version are you downloading?06:54
bruceleepangloss, she said ubuntu may have been the cause for her it, so it definately is on-topic06:54
doc|workCPUFreak91: :/06:55
panglossif you want KDE newer, you'll have to enable backports if you are on an old release06:55
unforgiven512Hello, would it be possible for anyone to help me with getting A2DP to work?06:55
nmvictorbrucelee:im sure #ubuntu-offtopic would have countless to say about that06:55
bingungajaanyone know download manager application that can save our id and pass (eg. rapidshare) ?06:55
vertixorange-wedge, i am trying to start 9.0406:55
panglossbrucelee, oic06:55
superboydo i got to download it off a torrent to get the latest KDE version release?06:55
vertixbut it does not look like bt is starting, i don't see any seeders yet06:55
pangloss!backports | superboy06:55
ubottusuperboy: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging06:55
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports06:55
CPUFreak91doc|work: oh, here we go. top reports huge cpu usage when starting apps06:55
vertixdo i have to set bt up somehow? i used utorrent b406:55
CPUFreak91doc|work gnome-appearanc and thunderbird-bin are each using 30% CPU06:56
panglossvertix no06:56
orange-wedgevertix you're going to need the livecd version06:56
CPUFreak91grr, now Xorg and thunderbird have eaten 94% cpu06:57
vertixpangloss, well, i don't see any traffic on bt. is there a proxy setting somewhere in bt and it is blocking the traffic?06:57
vertixi never used bt b406:57
orange-wedgevertix there should be transmission06:58
Buttons840Does APT come with a feature that will allow you to download a program, and all its dependancies and then build them into a little repository which you can then take around to other computers (of various configurations) which do not have internet connections?06:58
bingungajaanyone know download manager application that can save our id and pass (eg. rapidshare) ?06:58
orange-wedgei know i'm bad but i like to use utorrent through wine06:59
vertixi am downloading 9.04 alternate AMD is that the right version? i am using AMD processor06:59
Buttons840amd is 64 bit version i believe?06:59
panglossButtons840, yes, $apt-get source program06:59
vertixorange-wedge, i don't see any progress bar in bt, so i have no clue if it started. is there a progress bar and a list of seeders in bt?07:00
Buttons840there is i356 and amd6407:00
nmvictori need a good networks monitoring package for the terminal,i spend half my day at the terminal so having a nice network monitor for the terminal would help ...07:00
vertixcause i don't see any seeders and there is no progress bar. how do i know something Is happening?07:00
orange-wedgevertix i think you have to right click the torrent for details07:00
panglossnmvictor, $sudo tcpdump07:00
Madpilotvertix, most BT clients should show a progress bar of some sort.07:00
Madpilotvertix, I know Deluge does, it's what I use instead of transmission. Cleaner than transmission.07:01
orange-wedgevertix i would recommend using the i386 version07:01
Mylistoanyone know of a speech to text program for ubuntu?07:01
Buttons840thanks pangloss, is there a way to tell apt-get source where to save the files?07:01
orange-wedgevertix are you running the 64bit live cd?07:01
nmvictorpangloss:thats it,i just type that?you mean i already have tcpdump on my system?07:01
orange-wedgei doubt the installer is written in 64bit code anyway07:01
notdarkyethey all, what is the simplest way to mount a drive on my network (that also has ubuntu as an os).  I can transfer files no problem while using ssh ans scp but I would like to simply mount the drive07:01
panglossButtons840, just be in the folder where you want to download them to07:02
orange-wedgeyou can use samba07:02
panglossnmvictor, you should have it07:02
notdarkyeti did some searching and mot of the results were using samba07:02
sdlwofapt-get install errors, http://pastebin.com/m5e40866507:02
sdlwofwhat's the fix for this?07:02
notdarkyetyeah I assumed there was a simpler way if both pc's are linux based07:02
orange-wedgepersonally i've found samba to be very slow07:02
h00kUbuntu 8.10 on this HP Dv9000 laptop will /not/ start unless I hold a key down on the keyboard.  Any key, doesn't matter.  Any ideas?07:02
Buttons840ok, and is there a way to specify that i want 32 bit compatible packages even on 64 bit ubuntu?07:02
mzuverinkCan anyone post a link to a how to to make firefox run(ans install all its 32 bit goodies) on a 64 bit,  jave "Icedtea, is slower than the hills07:02
orange-wedgebut it is the most "cross" platform sharing method07:02
nmvictorpangloss:ok i typed that and its stuck at listening on eth0..any problem?07:03
orange-wedgeif you want to see it on a windows box as well07:03
vertixbt really sucks07:04
panglosswell, you are now monitorign your network traffic nmvictor07:04
orange-wedgevertix try downloading transmission07:04
orange-wedgeyou can do sudo apt-get install transmission07:04
bingungajahow can i detect my webcam whether my webcam is useable or not07:04
Madpilotorange-wedge, transmission is installed by default...07:05
orange-wedgethats what i thought07:05
vertixorange-wedge, sorry i donnow about transmission. what is it and how does it work?07:05
notdarkyeti mean what is the standard way to transfer files from linux-to-linux filesystems07:05
orange-wedgeits the default bittorrent client07:05
notdarkyeti mean theres got to be a way other than samba, right?07:05
Madpilotvertix, transmission is a bittorrent client07:05
nmvictorguys i cant launch phpmyadmin in my browser, i type http://localhost/<myusername>/phpmyadmin  at the browser combo and what i get is my browser launchimh a save-download dialogue box,the file downloaded is a .PHTML file.Thats obviously weird,any suggestions on what i should do?07:06
orange-wedgeyeah... theres nfs07:06
orange-wedgebut i would do samba07:06
orange-wedgeif you have friends come over with their windows laptops...07:06
Kalminotdarkyet, nowadays samba is considered the easy way with nice GUI and stuff....07:06
iamtechnoAnyone know off hand when was opengl 3.0 supported in X.org?07:06
notdarkyetrats, really?07:06
h00kUbuntu 8.10 on this HP Dv9000 laptop will /not/ start unless I hold a key down on the keyboard.  Any key, doesn't matter.  Any ideas?07:06
vertixorange-wedge, strange, if it is a default, then why did it start bt when i clicked on a torrent link? may be it is not default on livecd?07:06
notdarkyetwhat about the old days?07:06
orange-wedgenot sure07:07
Silveira_NetoGuys, I just instaled Jaunty and noticed a bad performace with my intel graphic card, http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904#Performance%20regressions%20on%20Intel%20graphics%20cards, the official documentation says to do some ajusts on xorg.conf but it doesn't exists anymore. I need to create a new one? There's a template?07:07
Kalminotdarkyet, I'm quite young, but I guess it was NFS and SCP07:07
iamtechnoAnyone know off hand when was opengl 3.0 supported in X.org?07:07
vertixorange-wedge, oh, sorry, transmission IS a default on livecd for 8.10. it did start, thanx god!07:08
notdarkyetyeah i have used scp before, I was just hoping I could mount the drive over the network07:08
Kalmiyou can...07:08
notdarkyet... with samba07:08
Kalmithere is sshfs..07:08
vertixhey, pumping good! :)07:09
notdarkyetoh? really07:09
RHorsenotdarkyet sshfs?07:09
CPUFreak91I've disabled Compiz special effects, but Xorg, Firefox, and Thunderbird are eating 90% of my CPU07:09
Kalmithere is even GUI for it in gnome07:09
iNutshellnotdarkyet: try sshfs07:09
notdarkyetthanks i will do some searching and reading07:09
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: what cpu are you running?07:09
h00kUbuntu 8.10 on this HP Dv9000 laptop will /not/ continue the boot process unless I hold a key down on the keyboard.  Any key, doesn't matter.  Any ideas?07:09
CPUFreak91iamtechno a P4 2.6Ghz07:09
panglossnmvictor, if you want some more general statistics, you could try iptraf07:09
Kalminotdarkyet, if you don't really need it to be permanent, use Places -> Connect to...07:10
pangloss!hi | schiggy07:10
ubottuschiggy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!07:10
Kalminotdarkyet, that will just work07:10
orange-wedgenotdaryet sudo mount -t cifs \\samba\share /mount/dir -o username=user,password=pass,noperm07:10
orange-wedgethat's how you mount a samba share07:11
orange-wedgepretty easy07:11
schiggyi have a problem with the ubuntu version 9.04 -> i had choosen that the runing programs will start at the next restart07:11
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: Which version of ubuntu are you running?07:11
Kalmischiggy, and?07:11
CPUFreak91iamtechno Currently 9.04, but I had the same problem with 8.0407:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about prompt07:11
schiggynow i can't disable this option07:11
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:11
orange-wedgei wrote a boot script to only mount if i can ping my samba server though07:11
schiggythis programs start always with the system07:12
nmvictorpangloss:ok,i asked something about phpmyadmin up their and no one responded yet,could yu be having an idea?07:12
Kalmischiggy, with gnome?07:12
notdarkyetthanks guys07:12
Kalmischiggy, why can't you disable it?07:12
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: So if you type in ps aux in your terminal, it is just Xorg, Tbird and Firefox that is eating up memory?07:12
Kalmischiggy, how are you trying to disable it?07:12
orange-wedgei don't think thats needed but i was hesitant to add the samba share to my /etc/fstab and it can't be reached07:13
CPUFreak91iamtechno: I was using top, but they only ate CPU, not memory07:13
orange-wedgei've seen thing go wrong during boot when drives in fstab can't be reached07:13
orange-wedgesuch as lvm07:13
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: This may sound a little odd but what video card are you using?07:13
Kalmiso did I...07:13
doc``im having problem running google web toolkit on ubuntu 9.04 http://pastebin.com/d2e8813c07:14
KalmiI prefer not to touch it :P07:14
CPUFreak91iamtechno: I'm not sure. I'm on a Dell Inspiron 1150, and it just now shut off from overheating thanks to all the CPU usage ;)07:14
CPUFreak91give me a sec07:14
error404notfoundmy mic hasn't been working since i used hardy. Its configured right, i am using front-mic, also tried alsa mixer, all mic boost are at full volume, using the right capture device.07:14
Kalmi-schiggy-, and? what prevents you from deleting it from that list?07:14
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: I almost wonder if something is using CPU instead of GPU. Since it is a laptop, I assume it is using integrated video.07:15
nmvictorpangloss:thanks for that IPTraf package,think i finally found what i've been looking for all this time..07:15
schiggynot in the list -> it is only a checkbox wich is disabled but the programs will also start at the next reboot07:15
panglossnmvictor, welcome =) the detailed interface stats is pretty informative07:15
CPUFreak91iamtechno: what's the command that will list my video card info? lshw?07:16
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: It almost sounds like possibly your computer is using software rendering instead of using your video card.07:16
Kalmischiggy, what program is it?07:16
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: glxinfo07:16
orange-wedgevertix my dl of 9.04 is almost done07:16
orange-wedgehow about you07:16
nmvictorpangloss:yea,how about the phpmyadmin thingy,know anything about it?07:16
schiggyskype, pidgin, nautilus07:16
orange-wedgepulling over 600kB though07:17
CPUFreak91iamtechno: the vendor string is SGI07:17
Kalminautilus? why?07:17
schiggyi don't know07:17
panglossnmvictor, not really, all I use is apache for my webserver, sorry07:17
=== mrlolplx is now known as mrlolplx-off
notdarkyetthanks for all your help before guys sshfs was exactly what i was looking for07:17
Kalmischiggy, why are you trying to disable nautilus?07:17
ManDayWhat is the difference between "Mark for Removal" and "Mark for complete Removal" in Synaptic pkgm?07:17
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: really??? How old is your laptop?07:17
Kalminotdarkyet, :)07:18
FlannelManDay: complete removal removes the config files and other misc files as well.  (Neither will remove the configurations/preferences you have set in your homedir)07:18
RHorseManDay config files prolly07:18
nmvictorpangloss:okee dokee07:18
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: run this command glxinfo | grep OpenGL07:18
panglossManDay, removes packages the program depends on as well07:18
iNutshellschiggy: there is a option "Automativally remember applications when logging out" in the sessions app07:18
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: what does it output07:18
ManDayah, whats the shortcut for marking a package as COMPLETE removal then? "Del" marks for removal07:18
iNutshellschiggy: is it checked ?07:18
schiggyno, it isn't checked07:19
=== silver is now known as Guest35106
CPUFreak91iamtechno: I have no idea, but it can't be pre-200407:19
orange-wedgevertix got to get back to work... but will check the iso file shortly07:19
CPUFreak91iamtechno: Tungsten Graphics07:19
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iamtechnoCPUFreak91: Just a second I got a hunch07:20
CPUFreak91iamtechno: OpenGL Renderer String: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 852GM/855GM07:20
chipgerihow do i enable 3d mode in inbuilt chess? it says no  python opengl support...how do i install it?07:21
iNutshellschiggy: oh...07:21
CPUFreak91iamtechno: hehe, I think you're right. The OpenGL renderer string has x86 MMX and SSE2 in it07:21
CPUFreak91iamtechno: well I turned off the compiz special effects settings before the computer overheated and rebooted07:21
CPUFreak91iamtechno: and it's not slowing down any more with several apps open like it used to07:22
CPUFreak91iamtechno: still though, I'm interested in your hunch ;)07:22
indian_munndahi guys, i have installed vitrualbox to run *.vmdk file in it. But when i start virtual box i gives a error "VBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED).". Can anyone help???07:23
doc``how do i install a 32bit java jdk ? trying to use gwt07:23
simplexioindian_munnda: no knowledge, but quess is that you need vmbox host drivers07:24
yaris123456789a windows software running in wine has frozen ...what to do ?07:24
indian_munndasimplexio: it says "The vboxdrv kernel module was either not loaded or /dev/vboxdrv was not created for some reason"07:25
arunreddyNeed some help :  laptop integrated web cam not working with cheese,  Ubuntu Jaunty Amd 64 , says no camera found.07:25
vertixorange-wedge, hey, bt looks quite allright, but the did not add the maximize title button, what a pity, otherwise looks like a reasonable client07:25
indian_munndasimplexio: i even install generic modules07:25
CPUFreak91yaris123456789: Wine has problably frozen. I press Alt + F2 and type xkill and click on the windows app07:25
CPUFreak91to free things up07:25
nmvictorindian_munnda:yea id like to get you off that but could you please give more details aboout the error07:25
albechwhat would be the easiest way to route all port 80 traffic of a network through a remote proxy?07:25
indian_munndanmvictor: yes dude why not wait a sec07:26
yaris123456789CPUFreak91: thanks!07:26
vertixmaaaan, they have 256 seeders! weow myau myau07:26
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:26
CPUFreak91vertix: A perfect power of 2 ;)07:26
vertixactually true :)07:27
vertixits called 2 of us07:27
yaris123456789hey guys im having some weird issues trying to watch youtube. first theres a large grey area with a play button that i have to click inorder to view the youtube video player. when the video plays its very poor quality, like squares and stuff. same video showed fine in windows. also, the mute and volume button on youtube seems to not function07:27
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: My hunch is that when you're laptop is defaulting to software rendering because your drivers are not installed correctly, using the wrong drivers, or DRI is not enabled07:27
indian_munndanmvictor: see this dude http://paste.ubuntu.com/171308/07:28
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iNutshellalbech: iptables ?07:28
CPUFreak91iamtechno: glxinfo tells me that direct rendering is enabled07:28
nmvictorindian_munnda:ok dude,im on it07:28
vertixmaaan, if this 9.04 does not weik as advertized, ima gonna release all those rootkits on you! grrr :)07:28
mzuverink32 bit firefox on a 64 bit insta, how to anyone, please respond with link or if not possible07:29
indian_munndanmvictor: when i run virtual box i get this error07:29
CPUFreak91iamtechno: but you're right the drivers are probably messed up. I'll try to remedy those tomorrow. Thanks for your help!07:29
CPUFreak91mzuverink: why do you need 32-bit firefox?07:29
albechiNutshell, can i tell iptables to forward all traffic width destination port 80 to be changed to port 3128 on my proxyserver?07:29
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: yw. Its only a hunch. you might try installing Intel's drivers.07:29
fantasaiI have a laptop that's 1400x900 and I have connected it to an LCD monitor that is 1680x1050. I want to use the monitor at 1680x1050, but Ubuntu seems to insist on keeping it at 1162x864: even when I manage to set the resolution correctly with xrandr, it insists on keeping the screen that size (thus using only part of the monitor).07:29
vertixhey, anybody wants a truckload of rootkits, top kwality?07:30
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: OOOOOOh almost forgot are you using UXA by chance?07:30
fantasaiThis worked fine with 8.0407:30
CPUFreak91iamtechno: alright. I'll start there and remember not to turn on anything OpenGL until I fix this ;)07:30
CPUFreak91iamtechno: UXA?07:30
iNutshellalbech: maybe, the 80 port is on localhost ?07:30
mzuverinkCPUFreak91, seems icedtea java is a slow slow monster, want to use sun java07:30
iNutshellalbech: or to remote host07:30
CPUFreak91mzuverink: Weird. I used 64-bit Ubuntu and never had a problem with the default Java07:31
CPUFreak91mzuverink: tho I don't know what kind of java it was that I was using ;)07:31
CPUFreak91mzuverink: I presume you mean the java packages for development, right?07:31
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chipgerihow do i enable 3d mode in inbuilt chess? it says no  python opengl support...how do i install it?07:32
vertixorange-wedge, hey, i am beginning to smell something different, thanx for your help, i owe ya07:32
mzuverinkCPUFreak91, the packages of the standard repos07:32
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: Its the newest acceleration arch from Intel. most if not all the rest have XAA, intel used to have EXA and now intel has UXA07:32
CPUFreak91chipgeri: start the package manager and search for python-opengl and see if it's installed07:32
mzuverinkCPUFreak91, Ill figure it out later, was just looking for a how to07:32
CPUFreak91chipgeri: or start a terminal and type sudo apt-get install python-opengl07:32
cpghi, i am trying to find out if a group of hard drives are sata 1 or sata 2 ... hdparm does not seem to do it (hear as i can tell). any way to do it?07:32
nmvictorindian_munnda:fine why dont you type this at the terminal sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup and tell me the output07:33
CPUFreak91iamtechno: hmm. I honsetly don't know07:33
CPUFreak91I'll check into it07:33
CPUFreak91thanks again :)07:33
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: pull up your xorg.conf file and check it for the words XAA, EXA, or UXA.07:34
CPUFreak91iamtechno: grep reveals nothing for any of those :(07:34
SkyNetMasterhi, does anyone can advace some advance caclulator with log and antilog etc07:35
chipgeriCPUFreak91:its installed...but when i open the game it quits automatically07:35
indian_munndanmvictor: it just gives this output yar  * Usage: /etc/init.d/vboxdrv {start|stop|restart|status}07:35
CPUFreak91how can I have a kernel module load at boot?07:36
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: Hmmm I'm just as stumped as you are. Best as I can say is try reinstalling your video drivers or switch to using the Intel propriatery drivers07:36
nmvictorindian_munnda: are you sure you typed that   sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup ?07:36
CPUFreak91iamtechno: I'll go to hell for that, but oh well ;)07:37
indian_munndanmvictor: just a sec dude let me pastebin it07:37
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: could you pastebin the output of ps aux07:37
Livingroomlisten up07:38
indian_munndanmvictor: see this dude http://paste.ubuntu.com/171312/07:38
Livingroomatheros wifi card in a laptop. shitty terrible throughput. runs great on wired connection but all wireless has dropped packets and lags like a bitch. what do i do07:38
CPUFreak91iamtechno: one sec07:38
xso232I've got some trouble ... o boy fresh install of ubuntu07:38
FlannelLivingroom: Please mind your language.07:39
Livingroomflannel: sorry, didnt know this was a family channel07:39
xso232what channel can I goto for support07:39
Mylistodoes anyone know if there is a speech to text program for ubuntu?07:39
tank-manmylisto, fistival (?) and flite07:40
CPUFreak91iamtechno: http://paste.ubuntu.com/17131307:40
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nelopi need some help to update ubuntu07:41
xso232I installed Ubuntu and vista is not showing up in the boot loader :o07:41
indian_munndanmvictor: you saw that?07:41
vertixis there any Usenet client for ubunto that can connect to multiple severs simultaneously (like hamster in windows)?07:41
akshayshahnelop: what, specifically, do you need help with?07:42
AchelisHi room, Could any one help me in creating gfxboot theme07:42
nelopi am using ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn07:42
nelopthanks akshayshah07:42
nelopthe thing is apt-get update07:42
nelopand synaptic don't work07:42
arunreddyNeed some help :  laptop integrated web cam not working with cheese,  Ubuntu Jaunty Amd 64 , says no camera found.07:43
akshayshahnelop: no problem. What are you trying to upgrade to?07:43
nelopi just need to install some packages07:43
SrEstronciohello everyone07:43
nmvictorindian_munnda:ok,type this at the terminal  uname -r,whatever the output,open sysnaptic and install a package linux-headers-<version-here>  where version here should be replace with what you uname -r gave.07:43
SrEstroncioi was wondering if someone could enlighten me on something07:43
nelopi am behind a proxy though and tried configuring it07:43
Mylistotank-man: I need a speech to text...not text to speech07:43
akshayshahnelop: what happens when you type "sudo apt-get update"?07:44
TheNanonelop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware07:44
nelopi get all the sources 404 Not Found07:44
nmvictorindian_munnda:after that,repeat sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup07:44
akshayshahnelop: Follow the link above...07:44
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: My be my hunch was wrong then because it seems IMHO tbird, firefox, and  especially xorg are relatively in spec.07:44
indian_munndanmvictor: already installed dude07:44
SrEstroncioI am using a HP Pavilion dv5 laptop with an AMD 64 bits processor07:44
Achelisarunreddy, Who is your cam manufacturer?07:44
chipgeriwhen i open chess it closes automatically..how do i fix it?07:45
SrEstroncioand it makes a reallly high pitched beeep when I run ubuntu on it07:45
SrEstronciokinda scares me07:45
indian_munndanmvictor: do i need to installed al headers of that version or just generic or main one.07:45
nelopthe thing is that apt-get doesn't work07:45
nmvictorindian_munnda:at the terminal07:46
nmvictorSrEstroncio:dont wonder if you should wonder,just wonder anyway whats the prob?07:46
nelopin ALL the sources it reads:07:46
TheNanonelop: sorry did't saw proxy thing , do you need to log in to the proxy also ?07:46
SrEstroncioRight now I am using windows07:46
SrEstroncioI installed ubuntu 8.10 a while ago07:46
SrEstroncioand 9.04 recently07:46
SrEstronciothe thing is07:46
Achelishi room, how to create gfx boot theme?07:46
SrEstronciomy laptop makes a really scary beeping sound when running ubuntu07:46
SrEstroncioit's not coming from the speakers, it comes from inside the case07:47
indian_munndanmvictor: installing.....07:47
nelopFailed to fetch http://.... 404 Not found [IP: 8080]07:47
SrEstroncionot to mention kinda gets into your nerves after a whle07:47
nelopin all of the sources07:47
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: I just ps aux'ed my machine at my firefox is at 0.5, 3.7 cpu, mem respectively. Of course I am running a waaaaaayyyy faster machine07:47
KillGutaHello all07:47
AchelisSrEstroncio, open volume control07:48
nelopand TheNano, nope... i don't need to login to the proxy07:48
KillGutaHow do I force an cd eject?07:48
vertixlooks like transmission bt client is a high performance client. I am impressed07:48
CPUFreak91iamtechno: yeah, this is an old, single core 32-bit clunker07:48
VesaythHello all. I just upgraded my router's firmware to DD-WRT v24-sp2 (micro version). I'm having trouble getting it to forward port 80 correctly to my web server. I'm running apache2 on Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit. It was running fine when I was using the stock Linksys firmware on the router. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is.07:48
vertixbandwidth utilization is about 99%07:48
AchelisSrEstroncio, select preferences and select check box pc beep07:48
nelopi tried to configure the proxy already in many different places07:48
TheNanonelop: I googled it and found if you don't need to, then you tell apt in /etc/apt/apt.conf to use you proxy server07:48
SrEstroncioCould someone give me an idea of what's causing my laptop to make a scary beeping sound when running ubuntu?07:49
SrEstroncioArchelis: Wait, what?07:49
nelopmy apt.conf is listing the proxy07:49
indian_munndaKillGuta: press button on the cdrom. ;)07:49
Livingroomany suggestions for very bad performance of an atheros internal wifi card on a laptop?07:49
vertixuggggh, scary beeping sounds = no good!07:49
TheShahFactorHello All!07:49
nelopbut it's like apt-get and synaptic do NOT read apt.conf07:49
KillGutaindian_munnda: LOL, that doesn't work07:49
KillGutaSays something that he can't unmount07:49
nelopmy apt.conf07:49
AchelisSrEstroncio, did u read my previous comments?07:50
nelopAcquire::http::Proxy "http://proxy.kuins.net:8080";07:50
TheShahFactorI am looking to make my Ubuntu desktop look really good...What a nice app for that?07:50
nelopand yet, both don't work07:50
Johnny_B_Goodhey, how can I update my firefox 3.0.10 to the newest version?07:50
nelopand i need to add packages07:50
SrEstroncioCould explain what's happening to me?07:50
TheNanonelop: if it is not working then maybe you could redirect your proxy by ntlmaps and use http://localhost:5865 as server in apt.conf07:50
iamtechnoCPUFreak91: As far as specs my old machine was a little bit worse. I really didn't have much of a problem until I tried to run a game. I must point out that it was a desktop not a laptop.07:50
SrEstroncioor what's supposed to happen?07:50
vertixTheShahFactor, this is something new. i wish i had that app myself07:51
AchelisSrEstroncio, what ver. u r using?07:51
Johnny_B_Goodhey, how can I update my firefox 3.0.10 to the newest version?07:51
nelophow do i use ntlmaps07:51
nmvictorindian_munnda:install both so you are sure you gave vboxdrv what it wants,i think the generic one is what it needs07:51
indian_munndaKillGuta: then i have one more option, there is a small hole in cdrom front side put a pin in that and press it in. cdrom will come out.07:52
vertixJohnny_B_Good, i thought that IS the latest version. or they got a new one last week?07:52
vertixJohnny_B_Good, you should be able to push help button i think07:52
indian_munndanmvictor: generic was already installed i m installing others now07:52
AchelisSrEstroncio, just open volume control then select mute the pc beep07:52
KillGutaindian_munnda: Wow, I never realised that little hole :O07:52
TheShahFactorvertix give me something man..I am  bored looking at my non fancy-desktop07:52
Johnny_B_Goodvertix, hmmm..ok...thank you anyway07:52
indian_munndaKillGuta: lol07:52
marlunHow can I enable DRI after it has been disabled? It has been disabled since there were a bug with Intel graphics but it seems as if the bug has been fixed in an older package then I haveb ut DRI is still disabled.07:52
TheNanonelop: google , you can download the package in firefox and install it by dpkg then use it ant see what happens07:53
nelopohhh yeap07:53
neloplet me try07:53
vertixJohnny_B_Good help -> check for updates07:53
maxagazIn which order the services are launched in Ubuntu ?07:54
indian_munndanmvictor: its not working yar07:54
TheNanonelop: yes. i will not be here but 1432 other will be to help you again if you need later .. bye07:54
SrEstroncioArchelis: Sorry for the delay in answering, not used to IRC07:54
SrEstroncioWhy is the PC beep intermitenly on?07:54
SrEstroncioand, I am using 9.0407:54
indian_munndanmvictor: same output of sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup07:55
nmvictorkillGuta:right click the CD on the desktop and select eject from the menu,you might have to unmount it first.07:55
nmvictorkillGuta:right click the CD on the desktop and select eject from the menu,you might have to unmount it first.07:55
VesaythI just upgraded my router's firmware to DD-WRT v24-sp2 (micro version). I'm having trouble getting it to forward port 80 correctly to my web server. I'm running apache2 on Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit. It was running fine when I was using the stock Linksys firmware on the router. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas?07:56
indian_munndanmvictor: u there dude?07:56
nmvictorwhats version of virtual box do you have,im sorry my prepaid modem will be disconnecting us in a while07:58
loshermaxagaz: it's complicated. It depends on the filenames in /etc/rc5.d among other things. Want to tell us why you need to know this?07:58
xso232Oh man, I've looked everywhere... all I can find is "Add Linux to Vista Bootloader" and I want to do the opposite07:58
vertixstrange, some ppl with mtorrent are downloading ubunto 9.04. Is there mtorrent for ubuntu?07:59
indian_munndanmvictor: 1.5.6_OSE07:59
nelopok, here i go again08:00
yaris123456789hey guys in firefox all the flash are grey boxes with gian play button in the middle...what gives??08:00
xso2329.04 update is about to finish and reboot - anyone have some quick tips they can tell me?08:00
nelopcan somebody help me with proxy settings in apt-get08:00
nelopapt.conf has ben set up08:00
indian_munndanmvictor: virtualbox version is 1.5.6_OSE08:00
maxagazlosher, i have a problem with mysql, i don't know why, but the owner of /var/run/mysqld is often changed from mysql to root (i suspect zoneminder), when this is changed, mysql can't run, and for some reason, the network service is not run too08:01
syntax\games menus disappeared? what should i do?08:01
maxagazlosher, if i could run the network serive before, at least i could have an access to the server from a remote computer08:02
loshermaxagaz: the easiest fix might be to chown /var/run/mysqld from /etc/rc.local. That always runs last. As for no network service, can you start it by hand? Does it say anything unusual when you do?08:03
nelopproxy solution?08:03
sacarlsonnelop: setup apt.conf like they tell you here?  http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/debian-linux-help/55599-configuring-proxy-synaptic-package-manager-ubuntu.html08:03
nmvictorindian_munnda;maybe you need to reinstall virtual box with the new sysem settings08:03
nmvictorindian_munnda;tell me the outpu of cd /dev  gedit vboxdrv  i hope my modem can  hold a while longer08:03
nmvictorindian_munnda: cd /dev then   gedit vboxdrv08:03
mib_s5fiwtmzhi all , i need to confirm if i can install compiz and use it properly with my config : dell inspiron 6400 laptop with 1gb ram and this graphics controller : description: VGA compatible controller              product: Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller              vendor: Intel Corporation08:04
nelopsacarlson i did that already08:04
indian_munndasyntax\: right click on Applications and click on edit menus and then select ayou game menu from there08:04
nelopit doesn't work08:04
chuck_indian_munnda, thats a pretty old version i have 2.1.408:04
nmvictorindian_munnda: sorry that wont work,thats a strict kernel file08:04
nelopapt.conf is correct08:04
sacarlsonnelop: does your proxy work for your browser?08:05
nelopand yet only 404 not found error08:05
indian_munndanmvictor: you mean the command u just gave me?08:05
nelopyes it works08:05
nelopeven right now that im using this irc08:05
nmvictorindian_munnda:did you receive any errors while installing virtual box?08:05
indian_munndanmvictor: nopes08:05
CoBaY_my name is cobay :x08:05
sacarlsonnelop: paste.ubuntu your apt.conf file08:06
maxagazlosher, when i start the network service by hand, it works fine08:06
mib_s5fiwtmzm using ubuntu 9.04 and i think compiz core comes by default with this version...so i've to install compiz-fusion, right? please guide me installing this...thanks08:06
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HasanNooriHi, i,m using ubuntu9.04 on Toshiba satellite pro s300-ez2501, but i cant hear any sound08:06
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CoBaY_vous parler french ?08:06
HasanNooriit seems that unknown sound device08:06
HasanNoorihelp me please108:07
indian_munndanmvictor: no dude i didn't get any errors while installation of virtualbox08:07
StuehHello. I've got a small problem I'm trying to find a fix for. to connect to the internet, my laptop connects to a linksys WAP54G access point. This laptop is on pretty much 24/7 downloading. thing is, seemingly randomly, the wireless drops out. Ubuntu will say it is connected, but I cannot even ping the AP. I cannot refresh the connection etc. and the only way to get a connection back is to reboot.08:07
StuehDoes anyone know of a way to automatically fix the connection without having to reboot? Perhaps a crontab entry as sudo that will do to the wireless card what happens during reboot?08:07
loshermaxagaz: what about the output on the console at boot time. Does it give any indication of why networking doesn't start?08:07
CoBaY_il y a quelqu'un des français ?08:07
losher!fr | CoBaY_08:08
ubottuCoBaY_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr08:08
maxagazlosher, so you think i should add "/etc/init.d/networking restart" before exit 0 in /etc/rc.local ?08:08
mib_s5fiwtmz@hasan may be you have to install driver fro your hardware from toshiba guys site...just google out or check out thshiba site for dirver support in linux...you might get one08:08
nmvictorindian_munnda:and chuck_  is right,get the latest version,probably that obsolete versions doesnt have its proper configuration settings in jaunty08:08
nmvictorindian_munnda:download the .deb file from their website,forget that one in the Add/Remove, its too old08:08
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nelopAcquire::http::Proxy "http://proxy.kuins.net:8080";08:08
maxagazlosher, i don't know, i didn't check it08:08
loshermaxagaz: it would be harmless to do so, but without knowing why it fails first time, there's no guarantee it will fix the problem08:09
HasanNoorii searched for it but no suggestion08:09
indian_munndanmvictor: u mean to download virtual box version?08:09
loshermaxagaz: no harm in trying it though...08:09
nelopthe other line is the same but with ftp08:09
nelopinstead of http08:09
HasanNoori@mib, can u help me?08:09
nelopand that is all08:09
sacarlson nelop: so it's just one line?08:10
neloptwo lines08:10
nelopone for http08:10
nelopthe other for ftp08:10
nelopnothing else08:10
nmvictorindian_munnda:download the latest .deb file from their website(should be http://www.virtualbox.org ) forget that one in the Add/Remove, its too old08:10
nmvictorindian_munnda:yea,the latest version08:10
chuck_Stueh,  There is an automatic connect button for wireless in network manager08:11
indian_munndanmvictor: but i m on HARDY i haven't upgraded to jaunty08:11
HasanNooriI'm playing some music but no sound08:11
vertixJohnny_B_Good, why did you suggest dloading ubuntu 9.05 i386 vs AMD?08:11
RHorseHasanNoori that's how I listen to it08:12
sacarlson nelop: well I asked to see them08:12
Bob_Doleanyone here successfully installed Unreal Tournament on Ubuntu 9.04?08:12
nelophow do i paste the whole file?08:12
vertixorange-wedge, why did you suggest dloading ubuntu 9.05 i386 vs AMD?08:12
Bob_DoleI'm trying to, but get: Verifying archive integrity...tail: cannot open `+6' for reading: No such file or directory08:12
nelop(although it's only two lines)08:12
sacarlson nelop: if you think it will come out ok08:13
nelop(one for http, the other for ftp with the same address and same port)08:13
HasanNooriRHorse, I'm using ubuntu 9.04 at toshiba satellite pro s300-ez2501, but no sound08:13
VesaythStill looking for help on this issue. I just upgraded my router's firmware to DD-WRT v24-sp2 (micro version). I'm having trouble getting it to forward port 80 correctly to my web server. I'm running apache2 on Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit. It was running fine when I was using the stock Linksys firmware on the router. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas? I've played with all the DNSMasq settings I could, and I'm fresh o08:13
nelopnelson@mex-station:/etc/apt$ more apt.conf08:14
nelopAcquire::http::Proxy "http://proxy.kuins.net:8080";08:14
nelopAcquire::ftp::Proxy "ftp://proxy.kuins.net:8080";08:14
indian_munndaBob_Dole: have ever installed half-life in ubuntu?08:14
RHorseHasanNoori have you flung it against the floor a couple of times?08:14
Bob_Doleindian_munnda, Nope. Don't own halflife08:14
sacarlson nelop: I'm not sure this is working I see some kind of a face in the text08:14
nmvictorindian_munnda: just get the latest version for your hardy,doesnt hurt to have the latest version of whatever package just like everyone else08:14
indian_munndaBob_Dole: ok08:14
neloplike emoticon?08:14
kj4Bob_Dole, hello, i voted for you in '9408:15
Bob_DoleBob Dole!08:15
ishmandoohey, i am using jaunty and scrolling in firefox is really slow08:15
ishmandoodoes anyone know how to fix that problem?08:15
kj4sorry your wife lost her seat08:15
Bob_DoleYeah :(08:16
indian_munndanmvictor: i have started downloading vbox of jaunty version, will it work in hardy08:16
RHorse!sound | HasanNoori08:16
ubottuHasanNoori: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP308:16
loshervesayth: I suggest you downgrade your router08:16
Bob_Doleishmandoo, what hardware do you have?08:16
kj4i voted for her a few months ago, now that i think about it08:16
ishmandooBob_Dole: an integrated intel chip08:16
ishmandooBob_Dole: do you want the exact chip?08:16
Bob_Doleishmandoo,  yeah08:16
kj4Bob_Dole, also, i enjoy your bananas and pineapples08:16
indian_munndaHasanNoori: do u hear the login sound of ubuntu when you login in ubuntu?08:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:17
ishmandooBob_Dole: intel corporation 82801G, thanks a lot by the way08:17
kj4Bob_Dole, how's the gimpy arm doing?08:17
Vesaythlosher: I upgraded my firmware so that I could put a stop to the maximum bandwidth usage my roommates use for limewire08:18
vertix!players | vertix08:18
ubottuvertix, please see my private message08:18
Bob_DoleSame as always. ishmandoo I get the impression support was dropped for that...but I'm trying to verify now08:18
Vesaythlosher: Unfortunately, the linksys firmware does not allow me to do that without blocking it alltogether08:18
JymmmEMCRunning 9.04 on a Thinkpad T60. Internal is fine, but when I try to use external (solo) or both displays, then it can't detect the ext display and max res is 1024x768 but ext is capable of 1600x1200. Suggestions?08:18
ishmandooBob_Dole: is there any solution if support was dropped?08:19
ishmandoocan i roll back the driver?08:19
xso232my life is over since I installed ubuntu08:19
d_OoO_bhi. the firewall filters the keywords, so i cannot go through it. any proxy software can go through it? or any help? thanks08:19
nmvictorindian_munnda:might,with a little "sysem patches",bit if their aint for hardy then i would recommend the one for intrepid,they are just 6 months apart unlike jaunty which is a year and two months ahead of hardy08:19
Bob_DoleThere's a new accel method for the older intel chips, I think it's not as good as the original support, but better than default... but has/had bugs.08:19
loshervesayth: sorry, but it doesn't sound like a Ubuntu problem. Try a different version of the firmware? Yours sounds broken. Port forwarding should just work, it's pretty damn basic08:20
GorlistMorning, trying to get suspend working on Ubuntu 9.04 - shuts down fine and recovers when I press the power button - how can get wake from keyboard working?08:20
Vesaythlosher: I'll try that. Do you know of any rooms that I can join for specific help with this stuff?08:20
GorlistI found some topics but very old08:20
indian_munndanmvictor: i think then upgrading the system is a better option. I'll update my system tonight. :P08:21
loshervesayth: google dd-wrt irc channel08:21
ManDayWhen I change my desktop on a freshly installed Ubuntu (!) I get an error:    "An error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for gnome-panel. Some of your configuration settings may not work properly. Failed to contact configuration server, some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due ti a system crash... Details - 1:Could not send message to gconf d08:21
ManDayaemon; Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus))"08:21
ManDayWhat is the issue08:21
ManDayI admit I removed some programs tho08:22
xso232u know something's wrong with ubuntu when the only documentation u can find on configuring the bootloader for linux says "Use the Vista bootloader"08:22
lexrhello fellow linux users08:22
HasanNooriindian_munnda, no! no sound any where08:22
nmvictorindian_munnda:to intrepid,right?08:22
xso232I must now restart to complete the update08:23
indian_munndanmvictor: wat if i update it to jaunty itself?08:23
nmvictorxso232:hey,just concerned,what the prob?08:23
indian_munndaHasanNoori: ok then check whether your hardware is ok or not.08:24
nmvictorindian_munnda:you cant do that,violation of protocol08:24
HasanNooriindian_munnda, but how?08:24
indian_munndanmvictor: sorry dude didn't get u?08:24
HasanNooriit worked at windows08:25
indian_munndaHasanNoori: was the sound working before with this soundcard08:25
indian_munndaHasanNoori: oh ok08:25
indian_munndaHasanNoori: wat is the name of your soundcard08:25
joemacMy CUPS is not working, can anyone help?08:26
HasanNoori i don't know, how can find it's name?08:26
nmvictorindian_munnda:you can only upgrade from hardy to interpid or intrepid to jaunty,not hardy to intrepid or even gutsy to interpid,you get that order,just the way they were released is the way to upgrading08:26
indian_munndanmvictor: oooo08:27
HasanNooriindian_munnda: how can identify sound card on ubuntu?08:27
nmvictorindian_munnda:sorry,not hardy to jaunty08:27
troopperiHasanNoori: type aplay -L to terminal08:27
loshervesayth: you're welcome, it was a pleasure...08:27
HasanNooribasiri@ali-laptop:~$ aplay -L08:28
Bob_Doleintel chips users might find this interesting: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance08:28
HasanNoori    HDA Intel, ALC268 Analog08:28
HasanNoori    Front speakers08:28
HasanNoori    HDA Intel, ALC268 Analog08:28
FloodBot2HasanNoori: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:28
indian_munndanmvictor: oh i got it now, it means we upgrade version wise in order.08:28
losheryou too, mazagaz. Does no-one even bother saying thank you any more?08:28
indian_munndaHasanNoori: | !pastebin08:29
HasanNooriok SORRY08:29
HasanNoori        Help -    Search -    Members -    Calendar      Full Version: HOWTO: Connect to IRC with Pidgin   Zantherus Community > Zantherus Activities > The Library > Tutorials              akiratheoni   Nov 1 2007, 08:15 PM       So first of all, download Pidgin here:08:29
HasanNooriAnd install it. I hope you guys know how to install it if you're on Windows. If not, I'll eventually make a guide for it. Ubuntu 7.10 users, Pidgin is already pre-installed.08:29
HasanNooriThis guide is done on Ubuntu 7.10 but I'm 99.999999999999% sure it's the same process on Windows.08:29
FloodBot2HasanNoori: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:29
joemacI am getting the following error "There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'httpConnectionEncrypt failed'" can anyone help?08:30
nmvictorindian_munnda:yea,their you are...do that tonight and we'll be sailing on the same bot.im still in intrepid,ive dealt with so much jaunty-upgrade issues on this channell,dont think i wanna face them right now.got quite enough to worry about08:31
paintedI'm trying to increase my mouse wheel scroll to six lines but I don't see the option can anyone help me please?08:31
HasanNooribasiri@ali-laptop:~$ aplay -L front:CARD=Intel,DEV=0     HDA Intel, ALC268 Analog     Front speakers surround40:CARD=Intel,DEV=0     HDA Intel, ALC268 Analog     4.0 Surround output to Front and Rear speakers surround41:CARD=Intel,DEV=0     HDA Intel, ALC268 Analog     4.1 Surround output to Front, Rear and Subwoofer speakers surround50:CARD=Intel,DEV=0     HDA Intel, ALC268 Analog     5.0 Surround output to Front, Center and Rear speakers surround51:C08:31
itai_hi, i played with vlc's skins and now getting an error whever it runs, i thought i would just purge and reinstall but i keep getting the same error, is there no way to start from the begining with vlc?08:32
zirodayitai_: what is the error?08:32
itai_ziroday, skins2 interface error: cannot find the skins DTD08:32
rickardI discoved that my mysql installation don´t support innodb.. can I run both myisam / innodb and how do I install it?08:32
zirodayitai_: you need to remove that skin to clear the error08:32
indian_munndanmvictor: ok dude i'll definitly update and let u know about vbox problm, When u come online here? i mean at wat time?08:33
indian_munndaHasanNoori: can u show me the output of lspci . Dont paste it here use pastebin08:33
itai_ziroday, which skin?08:33
HasanNooriindian_munnda: Sorry, did u see my message?08:33
zirodayitai_: skins2 I would imagine08:34
HasanNoorioh OK08:34
joemacI am getting the following error "There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'httpConnectionEncrypt failed'" can anyone help?08:34
nmvictorindian_munnda:now whats the time over their?its 10:30 AM here08:34
itai_ziroday, check out the full  error running from teminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/171348/08:34
indian_munndanmvictor: 1.11 pm here08:34
zirodayitai_: it appears to be the WMP11.vlt skin, I would imagine that #vlc would be more helpful08:35
zirodayitai_: err correction #videolan08:35
SkarpzCan anyone help me? my sound just stopped working08:35
itai_ziroday, thanks, but i wonder if i could just reinstall it08:35
zirodayitai_: no that won't work as it won't delete your settings (unlike in windows)08:36
nmvictorindian_munnda:when will 6pm here correspond to  ever their?thats when i might surface,but i can make it earlier if you insist.08:36
ManDayWhen I change my desktop on a freshly installed Ubuntu (!) I get an error:    "An error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for gnome-panel. Some of your configuration settings may not work properly. Failed to contact configuration server, some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due ti a system crash... Details - 1:Could not send message to gconf d08:36
ManDayaemon; Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus))"08:36
zirodayManDay: this is a fresh install? Nothing funky?08:36
ManDaynothing funky08:37
ManDaysome programs removed i admit08:37
ManDaybut gconf and everything else is still there08:37
ManDayplus, that has happend last time too, on a really fresh install08:37
zirodayManDay: please pastebin ps aux | grep gconf and what programs did you remove (gnome related?)08:37
indian_munndanmvictor: actually my day has just started and i update my system mostly in night. And night is atleast 10 hours away from now. So i can meet u tommorow here at around 10am to 2 pm.08:38
ManDayalot, but i made sure nothing essential08:38
SkarpzHow can I find out how to get my sound back?08:38
nmvictor10am t0 2pm over their or over here?08:39
zirodayManDay: can you pastebin it please08:39
ManDayone sec08:39
itai_ziroday, apparently it was  rm -rf ~/.config/vlc ,they told me in #videolan, thanks for help08:39
spencerhow do i install vcdk?08:39
zirodayManDay: err did you remove anything gnome related? (gnome-session would be helpful)08:39
spencer$sudo apt-cache search vcdk does nothing08:40
ManDayno, i didnt remove gnome-session08:40
zirodayitai_: well that is one way to reset your settings, next time you might want to do mv ~/.config/vlc ~/.config/vlc.old so if something breaks you still have your old config08:40
itai_ziroday, thanks for the tip08:40
zirodayitai_: have fun08:41
ankurwidguitarCan somebody tell me about Scribus alternative which can handle .sla file and supports Indic text too?08:41
ManDayzicho, http://manday.pastebin.com/m3fe803cd08:41
ManDayziroday, http://manday.pastebin.com/m3fe803cd08:41
ManDaysorry gotta go08:41
zirodayManDay: okay, gconfd is working08:41
ManDayill be back in a while08:41
ManDaythanks already08:41
zirodayManDay: I probably won't be here, but I'm sure someone else will be able to help you08:41
ankurwidguitarCan somebody tell me about Scribus alternative which can handle .sla file and supports Indic text too?08:42
SkarpzSo, my sound isn't working, what can I do about it?08:42
ziroday!repeat > ankurwidguitar08:43
ubottuankurwidguitar, please see my private message08:43
zirodaySkarpz: you checked to make sure PCM volume is up to the max?08:43
ankurwidguitarCan somebody tell me about Scribus alternative which can handle .sla file and supports Indic text too?08:43
zirodayankurwidguitar: that is a fairly specialised question, repeating it ever minute isn't going to get you far :)08:44
troopperiSkarpz: type alsamixer at terminal and check out if sound levels are down or muted.08:44
ankurwidguitarI am sorry! But I am desperate to know the solution08:44
Skarpzhmm yeah simple mistake sorry it went mute on me08:44
Skarpznew to this08:45
HasanNoori indian_munnda: Sorry, did u see my message?08:45
indian_munndaHasanNoori: no08:45
spenceria32-libs what is this and why should i care?08:45
indian_munndaHasanNoori: didn't gogt any08:45
zirodayspencer: its a library to get many 32bit apps to run on 64bit08:46
zirodayspencer: and you should probably keep it if you're on 64bit08:46
spenceri see, a tutorial says i should keep it/get it before i continue on this thing08:46
spencerhow do i ensure i have it because it doesn't explain08:46
paintedbeen using ubuntu for about a week now... i'd never use windows if it weren't for games now08:46
* painted pats self on back08:47
zirodayspencer: do sudo apt-get install ia32-libs it will tell you if you need it, what is the tutorial?08:47
HasanNoori00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Memory Controller Hub (rev 07) 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07) 00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07) 00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82567V Gigabit Network Connection (rev 03)08:47
spencermethod 2, it's a real pain in the ass08:47
Skarpztroopperi: Thanks about the alsamixer in the terminal08:47
zirodayHasanNoori: stop. Pastebin.08:47
troopperiSkarpz: np :D08:47
zirodayspencer: why are you installing it like that?08:47
spencerbecause nothing else works08:47
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
HasanNooriziroday, what can i do?08:48
zirodayspencer: you do understand that method is outdated and a bad idea right?08:48
zirodayHasanNoori: stick it in pastebin08:48
ziroday!pastebin | HasanNoori08:48
indian_munndaHasanNoori: use pastebin service or u will be kicked by the floodbot08:48
ubottuHasanNoori: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:48
spencerziroday: i understand that ATi are retarded08:48
techtonikWhere should bugs/usability proposals spotted at install time go?08:48
spencerand the open source drivers didn't work08:48
nmvictorpainted:cool linux games are out in the wild,you aint looking good,consult google always08:48
zirodaytechtonik: http://bugs.launchpad.com/ubuntu or http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com if it's a particularly ambitious idea08:49
paintednmvictor, yeah I know linux has games, but i meant more mainstream games, if you know what i mean08:49
zirodaytechtonik: and/or fancy one :)08:49
SkarpzI'll be back in the future I'm sure. Laterz08:49
zirodayspencer: what version of ubuntu?08:49
indian_munndaHasanNoori: your sound card is not in PCI08:49
zirodayspencer: and what card?08:49
Bob_DoleIt'd be nice if I could get Unreal Tournament GoTY to install.. but the .run from loki gives "Verifying archive integrity...tail: cannot open `+6' for reading: No such file or directory" and the --keep option I saw doesn't help.08:49
indian_munndaHasanNoori: check your hardware08:49
zirodayBob_Dole: sounds like a bad download08:50
HasanNooriindian_munnda: ok, help me08:50
spenceri don't remember which version. it's a HD485008:50
Bob_Doleziroday, That's 3 different downloads08:50
indian_munndaziroday: HasanNoori's soundcard is not showing up in PCI08:50
spencer8.10 probably08:50
Bob_Dolefrom 2 different sources. Am I that unlucky?08:50
zirodayindian_munnda: I don't know sorry08:50
zirodayBob_Dole: probably not, unfortunately I have no experience with loki or UT sorry08:51
HasanNoorisee the following again08:51
zirodayspencer: do lsb_release -a to see your ubuntu version08:51
techtonikziroday: thanks, there is nothing very special in install I guess, but still would be nice to see - like hint what combination changes keyboard layout on the page with proposal to test this layout08:51
spencerDescription:Ubuntu 8.04.208:51
HasanNoori indian_munnda: but wat i can i do now?08:51
zirodaytechtonik: well feel free to create a bug, and a brainstorm idea and then link the bug to brainstorm08:51
zirodayspencer: okay, go to System > Administration > Hardware Drivers08:52
HasanNoori ziroday: can you help me?08:52
zirodayspencer: and if you use a later version of ubuntu the open source drivers work great for that card08:52
zirodayHasanNoori: nope, sorry08:52
indian_munndaHasanNoori: give me the output of sudo cat /etc/asound/cards08:52
spencerziroday: i don't know how to upgrade, also Hardware Drivers is no longer present in my list08:52
paintednmvictor, i downloaded a lniux game, what's the terminal command to install a package?08:53
zirodayspencer: how about System > Administration > Restricted Drivers Manager?08:53
zirodaypainted: if its a package just double click08:53
spenceri'm sure they were there earlier..08:53
HasanNooriindian_munnda:  cat: /etc/asound/cards: No such file or directory08:53
zirodayspencer: okay, I recommend you either upgrade or reinstall08:53
spencergod damnit08:53
spencerlast time i tried to reinstall i lost access to windows08:54
zirodayspencer: well we can help you with that, after you reinstall08:54
paintedziroday, i did but it opens it with a text editor = /08:54
spencerhah funny, they said that last time and i couldn't boot into an OS08:54
zirodayspencer: or if you prefer you can upgrade, but that might be more likely to break08:54
nmvictorpainted:im not a dedicated gamer,so obviously i dont get what you mean,but no prob.what the package,.tar achirve or a .deb or a .bin package?depends you know08:54
zirodaypainted: what game and what does it end in?08:54
spencerwhy is it likely to break? i thought ubuntu was supposed to be better and modular..08:54
indian_munndaHasanNoori: oh sory it is sudo cat /proc/asound/cards08:55
paintedthe file's full name is supertux-0.1.3.x86.package08:55
spencerso what am i downloading?08:55
zirodayspencer: because do an entire system upgrade is extremely hard to test and can lead to bad results08:55
zirodayspencer: everybodies setup is different08:55
HasanNoori 0 [Intel          ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel08:55
HasanNooriHDA Intel at 0x92100000 irq 2208:55
zirodayspencer: yes, that is the latest version08:55
spenceri understand that but i never had issues on Windows doing a service pack update08:56
spenceri'm being unfair.. i just expected Linux to be so much cleaner08:56
zirodayspencer: this isn't a service pack upgrade, this is like going from XP to Vista to Windows 708:56
zirodayspencer: you have already been through to "service packs" on your current system08:56
spenceroh right, cool08:57
spencercan i install from memory stick again? i don't have a blank CD?08:57
zirodayHi, anyone know of an app that can take my extremely messy ~/Music dir and organize it into a nice new music dir, deleting duplicate songs, fixing tags and adding artwork?08:58
zirodayspencer: you can install from a memory stick, but cd will be easier08:58
indian_munndaHasanNoori: check this out may be it will help you http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=4739208:58
paintedwhat's the directory for desktop?08:58
spencerno CDs i'm afraid, i know my way around BIOS08:58
sacarlsonziroday: It won't orginize it but removes duplicates I think is called lint08:59
zirodaypainted: ~/Desktop08:59
indian_munndaHasanNoori: try all commands which have been used there08:59
zirodaysacarlson: thanks, I'll look into it :)08:59
indian_munndaHasanNoori: Are u on toshiba laptop?08:59
zirodaysacarlson: hmm, there is no package called lint, did you mean fslint?09:00
nmvictorziroday:maybe rhythmbox,exail music player or gmusicbrowser09:00
spencerziroday: do i just destroy this partition? or can i write over it easily?09:00
HasanNoorii'm on toshibasatilte pro s300-ez250109:00
zirodaynmvictor: none of those have to option to delete duplicate music files09:00
zirodayspencer: you can write over it easily09:00
HasanNooriindian_munnda: Thanks for all09:00
Bob_DoleOnly games I really play are Tremulous(in the repos already), Vendetta Online(has a nifty .sh file to install, doesn't need root, but also doesn't install "normally." I added it to my application's menu manually.) And games that run well under WINE, excluding UT:GoTY for some reason.. it's a DirextX...6-8(can't remember which for some reason) game, yet it doesn't "just work" like my other games. This -isn't- ubuntu's fault, but09:00
Bob_DoleWINE's I'd imagine.... if I can figure out what's going on with this installer for UT:GoTY I'll be all set.(and Unreal Tournament has issues on windows, too, with a default install if you have the ability to run more than 1 thread at a time. such as dual-core cpu's or hyperthreaded cpu's)..But overall, Gaming on Linux without windows isn't too difficult. Whoa, I think this is going to be absurdly long...sorry D:09:00
indian_munndaHasanNoori: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/how-i-fixed-sound-on-my-toshiba-alc268-567376/09:00
karl_i need support for driver install in ubuntu?09:01
indian_munndaHasanNoori: check this. It the same as your problm is09:01
indian_munndaHasanNoori: me gtg09:01
HasanNoorithanks bye09:01
Bob_Dolethat was even longer than I thought it was going to be. f$*k.09:02
Spremihi all folks.09:02
zirodaySpremi: Hi!, how can we help you today?09:02
paintedsupertux-0.1.3.x86.package is the name of the file and it's on the desktop but sudo aptitude install ~/Desktop/supertux-0.1.3.x86.package returns "couldn't find any package whose name or description matched"09:02
Spremihi ziro, I'm seeking help on a feature of the "diff" shell command09:03
zirodaypainted: that is not a debian package09:03
zirodaySpremi: sure, what confusing you?09:03
icerootpainted: sudo apt-get install supertux09:03
Spremiziroday: well I've to diff a bunch of HTML/PHP source file to track the changes. I want to ignore the whitespace, but the -w options doesn't really do the trick09:04
zirodaypainted: why not install supertux from the repo's?09:04
icerootpainted: use the one from the repos09:04
Ademansudo apt-get purge supertux09:04
paintedziroday, but it's downloading it again...09:04
paintedwhy should I get it from the repos when I already have the latest version?09:04
mmu_manhttp://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ 404  !??09:04
ziroday!latest | painted09:04
Ademanif you're looking for some mario business grab an emulator or super maryo chronicles from getdeb09:04
ubottupainted: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.09:04
bullgard4Klicking User Switcher applet > Suspend /var/log/pm-suspend.log: "success; performing suspend." After pressing the Power button of the laptop computer hard disk and fan start but the display remains dark. It is recommended to unload on trial some modules before Suspend. But with which should I start?  There are 57 loaded. My video driver is radeon_drv.so.09:04
icerootpainted: because you always have to use the paketmanager for a clean and safe system09:04
zirodaypainted: because installing from the repo's is easier, safer and better in the long run09:04
Ademanmmu_man: is SSE your game?09:04
mmu_manhmm ah no not this one09:05
mmu_manAdeman:  ?09:05
Bob_DoleI'm running jaunty, and have been running it since the beta...because I couldn't get 8.04 to boot. I Have a Radeon HD 3850, is it normal for the graphical live-cd to hardfreeze the moment X tries to display something?..and then the alternate install to do the same after being installed?09:05
zirodaybullgard4: wireless and video?09:05
Spremiziroday: in particular, a line like <p>Hello</p> is seen different from <p>[CR]Hello[CR]</p> where CR is a Carriage Return, any suggestion how to treat these two texts like equivalent with diff? Thanks in advance.09:05
zirodayBob_Dole: the 3850 might be a bit new for hardy09:05
Ademanmmu_man: nvm I thought mmu was a reference to the SIMD multimedia instruction sets (including SSE)09:05
Bob_Dole8.10 did the same thing, actually.09:06
zirodaySpremi: sorry, I don't I really don't use diff that heavily and when I do I use it with meld09:06
paintedgotcha... what's the difference between aptitude and apt-get09:06
mmu_manErr http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com gutsy-updates/main php5-cli 5.2.3-1ubuntu6.5 404 Not Found09:06
Bob_Dolemmu= Memory Management Unit, from all I've ever known.09:06
zirodaypainted: they maintain packages differently, they are interchangable and you can use whichever one you prefer09:06
bullgard4ziroday: There is no 'wireless'. But I will give 'video' a try.09:06
zirodaymmu_man: gutsy is EOL09:06
zirodaybullgard4: this is a desktop?09:06
Spremiok no prob ziroday :)09:06
bullgard4ziroday: No. A laptop computer.09:07
zirodaybullgard4: it has a wireless card, no?09:07
nmvictorgtg guys,life's calling.bye to all we've chatted with.thanks to all who've helped and anytime for those i've assisted in anyway.09:07
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bullgard4ziroday: It does not have a wireless card nor controller.09:07
zirodaybullgard4: ah right09:07
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AdemanBob_Dole: yeah, I'm silly late at night... all of the SSE functions are prefixed with _mm though, my brain removed the u and made a connection, rather than the obvious one lol09:09
* Bob_Dole goes to see if the netami project has any new news on their "modern" Amiga. which lacks an MMU09:09
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rossnixonI want to mount my hibernated Windows drive. When I try "sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/disk -o ro" it says "fuse: failed to access mountpoint /media/disk: No such file or directory"09:10
Ademanross:   ls /media    is disk in there?09:10
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Ademanrossnixon: ^^09:11
zirodayrossnixon: do sudo mkdir /media/disk ; sudo chown <youruser>:<youruser> /media/disk09:11
seginHow do I install the standard manual pages for the GNU C Library?09:11
rossnixonMy c: drive does not appear in /mount, but it is mounted automatically if I shut windows down before booting up in Ubuntu.09:12
seginIt is package glibc-doc?09:12
sacarlsonrossnixon: I think you must create the mount directory first09:12
Ademanziroday: why would he chown it?09:12
zirodayAdeman: because otherwise it belongs to root and he can't read it09:12
Ademancan't *read* it or can't write it?09:12
zirodayAdeman: both09:12
zirodayAdeman: if I create a dir as root, I can't read or write to it as me09:13
Ademanziroday: you should be able to read it, unless your mask is wierd...09:13
zirodayAdeman: sorry, read not write :)09:13
Ademanno problem, I was just wondering if there was something at play I didn't know/understand, maybe specific to mount points09:14
AdemanI rarely if ever mount things by hand...09:14
brodstaI'm having trouble connecting to a WPA2-PSK network using wpa_supplicant and the rt61pci driver, although networkmanager seems to work flawlessly.  When I connect using wpa_supplicant "ioctl[SIOCSIWENCODEEXT]: No such file or directory" seems to disrupt it and it reconnects and so on and so on.  Don't suppose anyone has ideas on this?09:15
rossnixonThanks heaps ziroday!!! I have mounted it with your help.09:16
zirodayrossnixon: great to hear09:16
Spremibye folks09:17
Kartagison any page, flash movies are replaced with a huge play button. what may cause this?09:17
amanda-bso i'm adding a bunch of usb drives (like, 12 of them) to a system. all are ext3. what are appropriate options in fstab?09:17
Chriss_hello, anyone has experience with MailScanner?09:17
rossnixonZiroday, now I want to put the two commands into a script. Do I need a certain file type? Sorry for newbie talk.09:17
joemacI am getting the following error "There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'httpConnectionEncrypt failed'" can anyone help?09:18
brodstaKartagis: flashplugin is installed properly?09:18
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zirodayrossnixon: not at all, are you trying to have this file mounted at boot?09:18
Kartagisbrodsta, yes09:18
Ademanrossnixon: no, you just open a file and put them in there, save it (.sh if you want it to be easily identifiable as a shell script)   chmod a+x whateveryourfileis09:18
Ademanthe extensions in linux basically don't matter09:18
ga_bashhi.. having trouble with #make in /usr/src. kernel build..09:19
rossnixonIdeally the script would run automatically if my c: drive was hibernated.09:19
zirodayamanda-b: well it depends on what you want, doing there UUID then filesystem then options then 0 0 is usually the best way to go09:19
Ademanrossnixon: oh right, and at the top you will need #!/bin/bash09:19
zirodayrossnixon: well you can add the force option to fstab and it will always mount the drive09:19
zirodayrossnixon: but mounting the ntfs partition whilst hibernated is dangerous09:19
Ademanyeah if you always want it to be mounted you want /etc/fstab09:19
amanda-bziroday i'm not doing uuid, actually, i'm doing /dev/disk/by-label. uuid is too big a pita for that many drives. :-)09:20
peerlesshi .. My cpu usage is hovering around 80% at most times.i use 8.10..any ways to reduce it?09:20
rossnixonOnly as read-only of course - hence the "ro"09:20
ga_bashmake: *** No rule to make target `include/config/auto.conf', needed by `include/config/kernel.release'.  Stop.09:20
Ademanpeerless: what's taking up all of the cpu?09:20
zirodayamanda-b: understandable, feel free to pastebin what you have so we can have a quick glance over it09:20
Ademanga_bash: have you run the kernel configuration utility?09:20
zirodayamanda-b: and out of curiosity, what are you doing with twelve usb drives?09:21
peerlessAdeman: x mostly.. and firefox at times09:21
Ademanshe's a klepto :-p09:21
ga_bashAdeman, i copied the config file to /usr/src from /boot/config...xyxyz09:21
ga_bashAdeman, the file i renamed to .config09:21
zirodayrossnixon: right, then probably easiest just to add the force option in your fstab file09:21
Ademanga_bash: are you following a tutorial or anything?09:21
zirodayrossnixon: and that way the drive will always be mounted09:21
ga_bashAdeman, no..09:21
ga_bashAdeman, i just want to know what the error signifies.09:22
zirodayrossnixon: or even better if there are errors it can remount it ro otherwise, rw09:22
Ademanga_bash: I've never built my own kernel, but I recommend running the config utility since it may touch other files09:22
zirodayga_bash: building your own kernel is not supported here09:22
Ademanga_bash: its missing that file include/config/auto.conf   that's all it means09:22
ziroday(and a really bad idea)09:22
Ademanziroday: well technically it's a gnu make question :-p09:22
ga_bashAdeman, to reduce the problem of configuration i took the configuration file from /boot/ which is a working kernel.09:22
amanda-bziroday, mostly a huge media collection, live recordings of my fav band. sizes vary based on when i bought the drives, 250 300 500 750 1t09:22
rossnixonOK thanks, will google command syntax - hopefully it will mount as read-write if not hibernated, and *only* mount readonly if hibernated.09:22
ga_bashziroday, its ubuntu kernel.09:23
ga_bashziroday, i am having trouble with ubuntu.09:23
Ademanpeerless: hrm, high X usage means something is doing alot of drawing.... have you tried logging out then back in? also are you using an intel graphics card?09:23
zirodayamanda-b: great, whilst UUID's are a good way to go "just in case" /dev's are just fine too09:23
zirodayga_bash: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile and its still not supported09:24
ga_bashziroday, all right i would see that09:24
amanda-bziroday, i learned the hard way that eg /dev/sdh1 can change between boots depending on the usb subsystem, ergo, why i went with drive labels09:24
zirodayrossnixon: feel free to pastebin your new fstab too, and we'll glance over it09:24
peerlessAdeman: No i dont have a separate  graphics card.. Log outs didnt help09:24
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zirodayamanda-b: personally I still prefer UUID's and they're really easy to see with a quick blkid09:25
sauvinuuids, however, are impossible to remember.09:25
peerlessAdeman: Gui apps like firefox vlc takes more of cpu often09:25
Ademansauvin: I would hope you don't go around remembering uuids :-p09:25
jameloni've problem :(09:25
amanda-bziroday but i can't remember them :-) i also have the drives physically labeled, so when one goes south on me, i know which physical unit it is :-) when 300a took a shit ... i knew which box to yank.09:26
sauvinAdeman, nope, but, lemme see... 17492738442714997497291687453, was that the library disk or the binaries disk...?09:26
bingungajahow to download file from rapidshare in ubuntu ?09:26
zirodaybingungaja: just click on the link?09:26
Ademansauvin: that's why fstab has comments :-)09:26
zirodayamanda-b: makes sense :), and watch the language please09:26
sauvinIt's also why I tend to mount by label :D09:26
Ademanpeerless: are you on jaunty? and if you don't have a separate graphics card, doesn't that mean you have an intel graphics chip?09:26
jameloni downloaded ubuntu, and at the end it is corrupted file , 4GB :(09:26
amanda-bokay my fstab at http://pastebin.com/m1c9d8f2309:27
bingungajaziroday: no, using rapidshare-dl or other download manager, seems it will only downloaded the html file09:27
Ademanjamelon: use torrents!09:27
jamelonlink please?09:27
Ademanjamelon: you're using the dvd i assume?09:27
zirodayamanda-b: looks fine to me09:27
Ademan4gb is a bit large for a cd ;-)09:27
GnosticAscension@bingungaja download managers not compatible with RS etc09:27
Ademanubuntu i386 desktop? (or alternate?)09:27
RaverWildhello guys. need help - i need to get basic understanding of what the mail spool is , how it works. what online stuff u reccomend reading? i tried with google last 30mins but looks i ask wrong questions. help please09:28
jamelonyes i38609:28
amanda-bziroday, my concern now is that, at boot, the usb subsystem will not be running and drive scans have settled, and so mounting fstab will cause the boot to hang.09:28
jamelondownloaded this   ubuntu-9.04-dvd-i386.iso09:28
Ademando we even have ppc anymore? I remember ppc was no longer officially supported but someone was still maintaining it...09:28
paintedademan, i use DVDs for ISOs, just because they write and read faster than CDs09:28
Ademanbut that was a few releases ago09:28
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:28
paintedwell ademan, PS3's still use PPCs09:28
zirodayamanda-b: it shouldn't do, if fstab can't mount something it should just continue on its merry way with the rest09:29
peerlessAdeman: I am with Intrepid .. I dont have a separate graphics card..but guess my intel mother board has an integrated graphics chip09:29
bingungajaGnosticAscension: i've been googling and found one console download manager called rapidshare-dl, others seems successfull using that, but not me09:29
bingungajaor anyone can tell me what's free download manager in windows works in wine ?09:29
GnosticAscensionbingungaja: hm, thanks for *that* info :P09:29
amanda-bziroday, would it be better, given my concern, to set all the external drives to noauto, and then mount them at the end of the boot process, through eg an S99mountallthedrives script?09:29
huepmchao cac pac09:29
Ademanpeerless: ah, alright, hrm, because I know intel graphics chips have been having issues with jaunty....09:30
GnosticAscensionAdeman: I heard Intel stuff was slower on jaunty09:30
GnosticAscensionthat true?09:30
zirodayamanda-b: AFAICT if fstab can't mount something it just moves on, but that can't hurt09:30
AdemanGnosticAscension: for some chipsets, yes09:30
jameloni downloaded this   ubuntu-9.04-dvd-i386.iso09:30
amanda-bziroday, even if the boot doesn't fail, if the drives aren't mounted because the usb subsystem isn't ready when it tries to mount them, it still defeats the purpose, which is to have the drives mounted and shared when the system comes up09:30
* jamelon waiting :(09:30
xukunduring the upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 I get a warning saying that there is no fglrx suport for may ati card. Can I ignore this and just install the drivers?09:30
Ademanjamelon: yeah, hold on09:31
zirodayamanda-b: fstab should mount the drives after the usb subsystem comes up09:31
jamelonsorry :D09:31
Ademanjamelon: no problem, I just don't normally download the dvd09:31
jamelonwhat's different between dvd and cd? i think dvd have alot of software, right?09:31
AdemanGnosticAscension: yeah there's a PPA with newer kernels with supposedly better intel drivers though, so the problems being solved, but right now, yeah, some intel chipsets are slower, like apparently horribly slower09:31
Ademanjamelon: I would assume, but like I said I don't use it :-p09:32
amanda-bi suppose now is the time to test it ... how do i turn off kdm at boot?09:32
amanda-bi just want a prompt on this box09:32
GnosticAscensionjamelon: there is a solution on this page [ http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?t=143658 ]09:32
GnosticAscensionit says09:32
GnosticAscensionjamelon : "I got a corrupt ubuntu .iso and fixed it thusly:  Get a torrent for the same .iso and point it's download dir to where you have your incomplete one (I used utorrent), it will go through the whole file and work out what it still needs to download, just let it do it's thing and you should have the full uncoorrupted .iso."09:32
GnosticAscension(this is what the site says)09:33
GnosticAscensiondunno whether it works, but worth a try i think09:33
AdemanO_o where the heck are the dvd torrents?!09:33
jamelonthanks GnosticAscension09:35
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Ademanjamelon: did GnosticAscension take care of you? otherwise  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/release/ubuntu-9.04-dvd-i386.iso.torrent   does that look right?09:36
Ademanfor some reason it wasn't in the main releases.ubuntu.com anywhere I saw...09:37
Ademanjamelon: here's the full list of options I found: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/release/09:37
farciarz84what is the checksum of ubuntu 9.04 32-bit?09:37
jamelonthanks Ademan09:37
farciarz84I mean iso image09:38
Ademanfarciarz84: it's in MD5SUM at releases.ubuntu.com09:38
jamelonfarciarz84, question for me?09:38
NativeAngelshow well are usb wireless cards supported by ubuntu 9.0409:38
Ademanfarciarz84: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/MD5SUMS09:38
AdemanMD5SUMS not MD5SUM apparently09:38
Ademanno problem09:38
jameloni checked MD5SUM and it is totally different with my iso09:39
AdemanNativeAngels: it all depends on which one09:39
Ademanjamelon: :-/ lol09:39
amanda-band sure enough, boot failed, CTRL-D to continue or root password. something's gorked. exactly what i wanted to avoid. good thing i'm here to fix it. :-(09:39
NativeAngelsits an old wanado one09:39
Ademanamanda-b: I don't mean to be "that gross geek" but its pretty awesome you're into this kinda stuff and capable to boot...09:39
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:40
NativeAngelsif i have the windows drivers can i use them in ubuntu ?09:40
AdemanNativeAngels: maybe with ndiswrapper09:40
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amanda-bademan: uh?09:40
Bob_DoleI'm disgusted. Yahoo sent me an e-mail telling me to "upgrade" to Internet Exploder 8.09:41
Ademanamanda-b: disregard that hah09:41
AdemanNativeAngels: it may not be necessary depending on whether there's a native driver09:41
amanda-bademan: only reason i'm hear asking for help was because i couldn't get debian squeeze to boot properly on my mac mini. the ubuntu installer can handle efi, but the debian installer can't yet. why escapes me.09:41
amanda-b<-- debian girl all the way09:42
CapitanAwesomewhats the "get deps" command for apt-get ?09:42
Ademanamanda-b: you can always drop into a terminal in the middle of the debian installer though, unless there's a new non-ncurses one lately09:43
maxagazis there any repositories for emacs on hardy ?09:43
amanda-bademan: and do what tho? (and yes, there is a gnome installer)09:43
sacarlsonBob_Dole:  just change your user agent to look like E8 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5909:43
Ademanmaxagaz: what do you mean repositories? what do you need that's not in an official package?09:43
maxagazAdeman, tramp in emcas doesn't work in hardy, but works in jaunty09:44
Ademanamanda-b: efi-install /dev/hda1 ? I don't know squat about efi, but I'm sure refit provides some relevant tools09:44
maxagazAdeman, but i have to use hardy at work09:44