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thismamacooks200My, bluetooth adapter works on my laptop but not on my desktop, both jaunty00:38
DeusSolInvictusdoes anyone know if 9.04 when run as LiveCD can read/write on ntfs?00:39
zoredacheprobably... you may need to install ntfs3g00:39
thismamacooks200My, bluetooth adapter works on my laptop but not on my desktop00:50
thismamacooks200oops, sorry00:50
mib_ftk7r88cNew to Linux...how does this support work?  Do I just type my question & wait for an answer?01:39
zoredache!ask | mib_ftk7r88c01:42
ubottumib_ftk7r88c: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:42
DetroitLibertywhat's the easiset way to change my audio output device?01:51
DetroitLibertyI'v sucessfully paired my A2DP Bluetooth device with my LinuxBox, I just need to tell it to send all audio to it instead of the computer speakers01:52
Walzmyni'm trying to learn XFCE here, what's the file browser?02:21
iliketofrolic667applications->accesories thunar02:29
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forceshttp://4gifs.com/gallery/d/66946-2/Scorpion_escalator.gif <<--- LOL!04:40
DetroitLibertyHow do I set it to lock the edge of the workspace, so that when I mouse to the edge of my workspace it doesn't keep going to desktop #205:05
DetroitLibertyI changed it yesterday, now I can't remember how to change it back05:06
JackVermicelliHiyas. Just installed xubuntu alongside XP on a machine with a second HDD that I use for media. How can I get the second HDD to mount?09:44
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap09:45
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:45
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE09:46
SlonkieI'm guessing your media partition is ntfs, check the last link :).09:46
JackVermicelliIt is.09:46
JackVermicelliI mounted my xp partition as /windows during gparted in setup, kind of winging it.09:46
Slonkiedid you check your /media/ folder ?09:47
JackVermicellicdroms, floppies.09:48
JackVermicelliUbiquity I meant, not gparted.09:49
Slonkietry mounting it then09:49
JackVermicelliIs the command just "mount"? I think I tried that.09:51
JackVermicelli"mount /dev/sdb1" I mean.09:51
JackVermicelliGot it mounted. Now just tracking down how to have it more handy (desktop icon?) than /dev/media/mediadrive/.10:05
SlonkieTry checking this out: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-121090.html10:07
SlonkieSeems pretty easy tbh10:08
JackVermicelliExcept that I goofed it up. >.<10:09
JackVermicelliClicking to launch it now gives me its .desktop fie.10:10
Slonkiedoes it work when you double click it?10:11
SlonkieSuspecting it should be placed in another dir.10:11
JackVermicelliI'm guessing that means "/media/mediadrive/" is not a valid command.10:11
Slonkiewell. try opening the desktop dir with thunar10:12
Slonkiethe shortcuts doesn't show, i think it might have to be placed in another dir to work as a desktop link.10:13
JackVermicelliah. It shows it, but I dont' have permission to open it.10:13
SlonkieI'm thinking /usr/local/share/desktop-directories/10:14
JackVermicelliBut sudo thunar doesn't have permission either.10:14
Slonkienot sure tho.10:14
JackVermicelliNo such place.10:15
JackVermicellioh. No local in tha tchain, but right otherwise.10:15
Slonkieask SiDi !10:16
SlonkieSurely he knows it :D10:16
* SiDi wonders where Slonkie has seen a SiDi !10:16
JackVermicelliHiya, Sidi10:16
SiDiwell, hello10:16
JackVermicelliOr SiDi, rather.10:16
JackVermicelliWould you happen to know how I can create a desktop launcher to the root of sdb1?10:17
SiDiSlonkie, i'm out of strawberries. Drama.10:17
SiDiJackVermicelli: that would open thunar to /dev/sdb1's mount point ?10:17
SiDitype in a terminal :10:18
JackVermicelliah! I left thunar out of my command...10:18
SiDisudo cp /usr/share/applications/thunar.desktop ~/.local/share/mydevsd1thunar.desktop10:18
JackVermicelliThat did it.10:18
SiDiand then open mydevsdb1.desktop with a text editor10:18
SiDi(or not, if it's already done :P)10:19
* SiDi goes back to his tasty food.10:19
* JackVermicelli points at his brain and shakes his head10:19
SiDiIf it can make you feel better about what your brain forgets, I've got a friend who forgot this morning's exam today.10:19
SiDiI managed not to laugh when phoning him and asking him why he didn't come :d10:20
JackVermicelliAnything particularly gruesome in the way or repercussions?10:20
SiDihe'll go to the second session cause he'll have 0/20 :/10:21
SiDithe problem is that, with his current marks, he couldn't really afford that. If he doesnt have over 10 at all his other exams he's likely to fail his degree10:22
JackVermicelliThanks again Slonkie, and I appreciate the brain jog, SiDi.10:23
SiDino problem10:24
SlonkieI'm trying ti add an application to be default for an filetype, but when i do, i doesn't open the file when i press the file, it just opens the applications - should i add something special to the launcher to make it open the file in the application? :P10:25
SiDiif i'm right it's %f10:25
SiDior %F10:25
Slonkiedoesn't work, i guess it's just the application which is rubbish10:26
JackVermicelliI've got mp3s on that second drive, and I can play them with vlc, but by default they're associated with Listen. Listen will launch directly, but not by clicking an mp3. Can I make fix that?10:27
SiDiit'll add the name of the file to the command10:28
SiDibut the app has to support opening files via arguments10:28
SiDifor instance if you do this with my bt client, it'd be "reztorrent --add %f"10:28
* SiDi was disconnected10:28
SiDiright click the mp3 -> open with -> listen10:28
SlonkieJackVermicelli afaik that's a know problem which is being fixed10:28
JackVermicelliAlright. Thanks.10:28
JackVermicelliThat doesn't work either, SiDi.10:29
SiDiIt works with Exaile10:29
JackVermicelliI'll try something else.10:29
Slonkieyea it works with anything else than Listen10:29
SiDiprobably listen can't take files in argument ;)10:30
ramrodstrange im runngin 8.10 and some updates are held back10:30
ramrodlinux generic, headers, restricted modules generic10:30
ramrodand a lot of open office updates10:30
JackVermicelliIs Exaile something you'd recommend?10:30
SiDiJackVermicelli: not if you're low on RAM, it's hungry10:30
SiDibut apart from that it's a lovely player10:30
SiDiits still on version 0.2.14, under development10:31
JackVermicelliI'm a fan of foobar2000, but I haven't found anything quite in that vein yet.10:31
SiDithe 0.3 should land in october *hopefully*10:31
SiDiI used to use Winamp10:31
SiDifrom ~2.9 to the 5.xx10:31
SlonkieBanshee ftw10:31
SiDitill i quit windows actually :p10:31
SiDiSlonkie: Banshee = Mono, right ?10:31
JackVermicelliNever used winamp. I get funny looks for saying that.10:31
SiDiMono, c#, .net, microsoft10:34
Slonkieno idea :O10:35
SiDiyeh, Banshee = gnome + mono libs10:35
* SiDi prefers Exaile ! :O10:35
SlonkieI just use it basicly because it's capable of syncronising with my iPod :(10:35
SlonkieI would prefer Amarok, but it just wont work for me :(10:36
* SiDi would never buy an iPod :P10:36
SiDioh, why ?10:36
Slonkiewell kinda hard to explain.. but i'm not able to see the anthing else than volume control and play/pause buttons10:36
SiDiexaile got an ipod plugin btw :p10:36
SiDiSlonkie: try to install Qt then :d10:36
Slonkiei tried #amarok and tried 3 different methods they told me10:37
SlonkieI did try10:37
JackVermicelliIs xubuntu pretty trim of gnome/kde dependencies, OOB? Or, should I let that concern influence what I install at all?10:42
SiDiThere wont be any KDE deps10:45
SiDithere are a few "gnome" apps, but there isnt any libgnome dep, afaik10:45
JackVermicellithanks again.10:46
JackVermicelliLeaning toward quodlibet or lxmusic, from what I'm seeing.10:54
SiDiNot exactly like there's a lack of choice :D11:02
JackVermicelliLX was my first choice after briefly doing some research, but it's not in the repos.11:03
JackVermicelliI'll look into tomorrow. Up way too late.11:03
FelineMonstrositHi. When I switched on my computer yesterday my resolution was fine. I went to the Display Settings window to check and it was 1024*768 as it was meant to be. Now today when I switch it on everything's gone all funny so I checked out my resolution and it's at 960*540 and there is no option to set it back to 1024*768! How do I get it back??11:22
SiDiDid you have system updates by the meanwhile ?11:29
SiDiWhich ?11:30
SiDiAny kernel / driver updates ?11:30
FelineMonstrositI'm not sure. There were a lot of updates so I just installed them all at once (I only recently installed Xubuntu onto this computer)11:33
FelineMonstrositI expect there were some kernel or driver updates.11:34
FelineMonstrositIs there any way I can manually set the resolution, i.e. using terminal?11:38
SiDiFelineMonstrosit: was it an update or upgrade ?11:47
SiDiyou can modify /etc/X11/xorg.conf for that11:47
FelineMonstrositAn update. I'm going to upgrade to 9.04 today.11:48
FelineMonstrositI've opened xorg.conf but I see no values I can edit11:49
FelineMonstrositthere is this:11:50
FelineMonstrositSection "Device"11:50
FelineMonstrositIdentifier"Configured Video Device"11:50
FelineMonstrositSection "Monitor"11:50
FelineMonstrositIdentifier"Configured Monitor"11:50
FelineMonstrositSection "Screen"11:50
FelineMonstrositIdentifier"Default Screen"11:50
FelineMonstrositMonitor"Configured Monitor"11:50
FelineMonstrositDevice"Configured Video Device"11:50
SiDialright, upgrade to 9.04 first11:51
SiDiit'll likely change your kernel/drivers/xorg.conf anyways11:51
FelineMonstrositOK then11:52
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HeimTest/join #ubuntu12:25
SiDi!info dbus-113:52
ubottuPackage dbus-1 does not exist in jaunty13:52
SiDi!info libdbus-1-313:53
ubottulibdbus-1-3 (source: dbus): simple interprocess messaging system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.12-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 121 kB, installed size 312 kB13:53
Pres-GasWhoops, don't accidentally close your vmware workstation window whilst deleting a snapshot13:54
Pres-GasFortunately, I have a backup of the vm13:55
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cheesawhat is the commando in terminal to get system info?15:26
vinnlcheesa, which info?15:27
cheesaGraphics Card15:28
vinnlcheesa, see the first hit at http://www.google.com/search?client=googlet&btnI=Im+Feeling+Lucky&q=find+out+graphics+card+linux15:30
cheesai had via card15:39
cheesahow will i get in via drivers15:41
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:41
vinnlPerhaps Applications->System->Hardware Drivers?15:42
ablomenvinnl, there shouldnt be via closed source drives15:42
vinnlAh OK15:42
cheesagrr can not get the drivers to  works16:21
cheesawill not aubuto have auto drivers for unichrome pro16:26
ablomenxserver-xorg-video-openchrome << thats the unichrome driver, should be installed by default16:27
cheesai can onley get 800^600 screen16:28
cheesadunno how to do now?16:28
ballbrb, rebooting16:29
cheesathe packet manager say its installed16:31
cheesabut i can onley get 800^600 screen16:32
cheesaablomen do you know why?16:37
cheesaany one knows other drivers then openchrome for via?16:43
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Voodoanyone here? :)17:52
Voodoive got some problem with xubuntu 9.0417:52
Voodonamely, how can i set the video driver to vesa17:52
Voodoi get black screen after the loader finishes17:52
ballWhat is your display adaptor?17:53
Voodos3 savage417:53
Voodoits a laptop17:53
Voodoamilo d17:53
ballbrb, phone17:53
Voodoi used the cd to install coz i have only 128 mb on it17:53
Voodoram , i mean17:53
Voodotried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , but it only configures the keyboard layout and stuff like that, couldnt change the video driver17:54
Voodoalso tried from the recovery menu the repair brokken packages and try to auto repair graphic problems17:55
Voododidnt work17:55
ubottuFor installing on low memory systems, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems.  See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements.17:56
Voodoye, i have it installed17:56
Voodoits ok, without any error message17:56
Voodothe only problem seems to be with the video driver17:56
Voodoblack screen after loading17:56
Voodowhen i put it to a crt, it works perfectly17:56
charlie-tcathen what is the black screen on?17:57
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:57
Voodonothing, complete black screne after the loading bur completes17:57
Voodobar not bur17:57
Voodoits on the laptop screen's17:57
Voodoso i guess that the problem is with the vga driver for the laptop, or something wrong with the laptop screen (which i doubt coz i saw the install all the time)17:58
Voodofrom what i understood from forums and wikis it says i'd have to change the video driver to vesa17:58
Voodook sry ubottu, reflex17:58
Voodoso, anyone knows the answer for how to change it? :)18:01
zoredache!x | Voodo18:02
ubottuVoodo: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution18:02
zoredachehave you seed that page?18:03
Voodono i havent18:03
Voodothats why i came here18:03
Voodoand still black screen18:04
ballVoodo: don't change it to VESA if you can avoid that.18:07
ballI would install Xubuntu 8.10, it may work better.18:07
ball9.04 seems to have introduced some problems.18:07
Voodoi am kinda new to linux, and it was the only solution i saw18:07
ball(at least on my box)18:07
Voodothanks, i'll try18:07
zoredachethe fact that it works on your crt should be telling you that the video card is supported...  The problem is that you are trying to use the wrong resolution for the display18:12
Voodoif the resolution is higher than the screen can provide, than shouldnt it be just a part of the screen showing, not completely black?18:13
ballzoredache: sadly Jaunty does that by default on some monitors.18:18
ballzoredache: though that may vary with display driver.18:18
ballVoodo: 8.10 may fix that for you.18:19
Voodoim downloading it right now, altho i'll try to set the resolution first18:21
ballVoodo: how can you do that if the screen's black?18:21
Voodogot it on a lcd now18:22
Voodo+ i can go into root18:22
Voodoright now im downloading the updates for xubuntu by itself, and see what it does to it18:23
ballAh, well if it can remember your choice of display mode, then you're onto a winner.18:24
ballWhat's the visible diagonal of your CRT?18:24
ball(of the picture)18:24
Voodowell its a full screen, max resolution on the crt18:25
Voodoand its a low-res on the lcd right now18:26
ballVoodo: that's not what I asked.18:26
ballDo you have a tape measure to hand?18:26
Voodoim affraid i dont understand what ur asking18:27
Voodoyou mean a ruler?18:27
ballA ruler would work too, at a push.18:32
balljust measure the hight of the picture.18:33
Voodothe laptop's screen is 14" if thats what u ask18:33
ballAh okay, hang on then.18:33
ball(I forgot this was a laptop)18:33
Voodoabout 20 cm18:33
ballVoodo: do you have the laptop's manual?18:34
Voodosadly no18:34
Voodobut if u wanna know the max resolution it can handle its 1024x76818:34
ballThat was my guess.18:35
ballSet it to 1024x768 at 60 Hz and reboot18:35
ballif it works, great.18:35
ballIf not, fall back to 8.1018:35
Voodoits a very old one, at least 7 years old18:35
ballI suppose that is old for a laptop18:35
Voodowell, 1ghz celeron+128mb ram :)18:36
ballCan you upgrade the RAM?18:36
ballI wouldn't try Xubuntu on a machine with less than 512 Mbytes18:37
Voodoproblem is, even if i could get SD, i dont know where is it exactly located inside18:38
Voodootherwise i would18:38
charlie-tcaball, it works fine even on 25618:38
charlie-tca128 is kinda slow18:38
ballcharlie-tca: wouldn't leave much room for apps though.18:41
Voodonah, only thing i wanna use this laptop for is online poekr18:41
ballAh, that might work then :-)18:41
Voodogot tired when win xp crashed on media player and poker18:41
jihoHI everyone. I am having trouble with thunar in Jaunty. On a folder with only many numeric names, the order seems to be kind of random when I sort by name18:55
jiho=when I swicth to another sorting method and then go back to name, everything is OK. but then when I navigate out of the folder and then back in the order is scrambled again18:55
jihoanyone seeing something similar18:56
ballI hadn't noticed.18:56
ball...but I don't use thunar intensively18:56
charlie-tcaif it is numeric, it should be sorting either high to low or low to high?18:57
jihowell, by name it sorts low to high18:57
jihobut htne when I come back to the folder it does not seem to be sorted at all18:57
jihoalthough the order is not random (it is the same each time I come back)18:57
charlie-tcaIs the arrow on name?18:58
charlie-tcaor is it on some other column?18:58
jihoI am using compact view18:58
jihoso no arrow18:58
zoredachejiho: can you switch it and look and see if the same behavior happens in the detailed view18:59
charlie-tcaclick view, select detailed, see where it is. Maybe that is affecting the order?18:59
jihoyes the issue is the same even in detailed view19:00
jihowith the arrow on name and sorted correctly19:00
jihoit is very sctrange. I was trying to put up a script so that you could test that19:03
jihobut it seem to work OK on my dummy test folder19:03
jihoit is just a problem with the real one19:03
jiholet me do some more testing and I will get back to you. Thanks for the answers so far anyway19:05
zoredacheyou mentioned the names where mostly numeric..  are you seeing something like 10.a 100.a 1.a 2.a 21.a 22.a 23.a 3.a perhaps?19:06
zoredachesorting files that have numerical names is a bit tricky if you expect to sort by the numerical value19:07
jihozoredache: no they are only numeric actually: 1,2,3,4 etc.19:10
jihoand the ordering works when I as for it19:10
jihoit's just that it does not stick19:10
jihoso I think I have "pinpointed" the problem19:11
jihoit happens (at least) when the directories names are all numeric and go over 10019:11
jihotry this :19:12
jihofor (( i = 1; i < 140; i++ )); do mkdir -p $dir/$i; done19:12
jihothunar $dir19:12
jihoexit 019:12
jihonow sort by name (it should be the case already)19:12
jihonavigate out (with the path bar on the top for example) and back it19:12
jihothe dirs from 1 to 9 are OK and then the order is garbled19:13
jihoback it -> back in19:13
jihois it a problem on my system or is someone else seeing it?19:14
zoredachewow, I am seeing it, given a folder created by that script... that is bizaree19:15
jihoahh glad I am not the only one ;)19:16
jihoso that's abug in thunar I guess19:16
zoredacheit seems to be repeatable, you probably need to submit a bit19:16
jihoI am looking for bug reports now19:18
jihoOK I don't find anything with "thunar order" or "thunar sort"19:19
jihoso I'll report it19:19
artistxehey :) an alternative to synaptic package manager for xubuntu. is there a decent one ?19:19
jihoand in the mean time use nautilus19:19
jihothanks for your help in testing it19:19
zoredacheartistxe: apt-get + apt-cache  or aptitude19:20
jihoartistxe: you have the "add and remove software" thingy, which is supposed to be more user firendly19:20
artistxewell. apt-get is terminal. I know that alternative. the problem is when I use synaptic to search for anything it shows no results. I have all of the repos enabled .19:21
artistxethis I know because of apt-get19:21
artistxesearch function works perfectly on my other laptop , but not here ( same version 8.10)19:22
titan_arkhey, got a small noob doubt19:22
titan_arki need to format and install win xp19:22
Voodoahahhaa, ball, i succeded, set the resolution to fix 1024x768, 60 hz, and now even the crt wont show it :D19:22
titan_arki found this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows , but is there another way?19:23
artistxeokay. how to search in aptitude then ???19:25
artistxeweird. double clicking in terminal....19:26
jihozoredache: what's you ubuntu version for the bug report please?19:27
jihozoredache: ok, if it is different from mine (jaunty). you can add it to this bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunar/+bug/37615619:31
jihothanks again19:31
artistxeokay. different question. how to rebuild the search index in synaptic ?19:35
zoredachetitan_ark: put in your windows xp disk and boot it up?  When you get to the disk partitioner portion of the install delete everything19:36
artistxeabove the search box it says "rebuilding search index" but does not seem to be doing anything19:36
charlie-tcawell, all on one line, in a terminal19:37
ballVoodo: any luck?19:37
titan_arkzoredache: i already have xo installed on a separate partition. I want to format it and then re-install it19:37
artistxecharlie-tca, thanks. but got it working somehow ...19:37
artistxecharlie-tca, xapian ???19:38
charlie-tcaThat rebuilds the index in synaptic19:38
* artistxe save command anyway for possible future use . thanks again19:38
charlie-tcano problem19:38
Voodoi've set it to 1024x768, and now even the crt wont work19:38
Voodotried mode3 with svgalib19:38
Voodoblack screen also19:38
zoredacheput in the disk and reinstall then.  When the system is done installing you'll need to reinatall the grub bootloader.19:39
Voodoso im bringing the heavy magnets and installing xubuntu 8.04: )19:39
zoredache!grub > titan_ark19:39
ubottutitan_ark, please see my private message19:39
ballsvgalib should be irrelevant19:39
titan_arkzoredache: yup i know that :)19:39
titan_arkoh oki shall have a look at that link :) thanks a ton19:40
ballVoodo: be aware that it may simply not boot because you have so little RAM19:40
Voodoit did boot on the crt, so ram shouldnt be the source of the problem19:40
ballWhy 8.04 instead of 8.10 ?19:41
Voodocoz i couldnt find 8.10 on xubuntu.com19:41
Voodoand right now i got another problem, i only got dvds, dont have any cd s :D19:41
Voodoimage wont burn to dvd19:41
Voodothe gods are against me :D19:42
titan_arkzoredache: well, i did see that link before. had a doubt. I do not have a 9.04 installer as i did an upgrade from 8.10. will i need the jaunty installer now?19:42
zoredachetitan_ark: your 8.10 cd should be fine to fix grub19:43
titan_arkok thats cool :)19:43
titan_arkneed to get a hang of what is to be done, its overwhelming!19:44
ballVoodo: try 8.04 then, iirc that was an LTS.19:44
zoredachetitan_ark: Remember, while  nothing should break, it would be best to have a backup of any important files if you don't already have one...19:44
charlie-tcaVoodo: the image should burn to a dvd, it just wastes most of it.19:45
Voodoye, i already downloaded it, but the problem is, i got shitloads of dvds, but not a singel CD, and image wont burn to a dvd sadly19:45
Voodonero said i need the same type19:45
Voodohm, altho i might just hard copy it19:45
ballVoodo: pop out to the shop, or put it on a USB flash stick?19:45
charlie-tcacopy don't work. It has to be burned.19:45
titan_arkzoredache: yeah il try to back up as much as i can. no more free space thats y i cant take the trouble of reinstalling xp and jaunty again :P19:46
Voodoshops are closed here at this time, and the biggest usb i have is 64 mb :)19:46
Voodothis isnt my day, i sense :)19:46
titan_arkzoredache: is it also possible to increase the 10 sec time to select the OS to boot?19:48
ballVoodo: set fire to your laptop.19:49
Voodonah i like a challange :D19:50
titan_arkzordaine: you there?19:55
titan_arkshall try this for now I guess. Thanks again. High time i get some sleep.19:55
zoredachetitan_ark: only somewhat here... I am at work... yes you can change the timeout19:56
zoredachetitan_ark: it is an adjustment to your /boot/grub/menu.lst I am not sure what off the top of my head search around a bit the grub docs will have the answer19:57
Voodowell, hard copy didnt work, so i got the task for tomorrow19:57
Voodothanks for the help anyway :)19:57
IamNoobOnLinuxWhen I open my laptop it says, A fsck failed, a manual fsck must be performed, then the system restarted20:02
IamNoobOnLinuxbut I have no idea how to do this lol20:02
charlie-tcaselect recovery mode in the menu, when the next menu comes up, select root. Then do what it told you to20:03
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot20:03
IamNoobOnLinuxperformaing this20:09
IamNoobOnLinuxseems liek codeblocks did somethign wrong to my os20:09
SlonkieI installed an application in xubuntu which isen't able to see that i have a printer installed, is there anyway to fix this?20:09
IamNoobOnLinuxBtw I have another question, I downloaded all updtae, then all my menu bars went away20:10
artistxeSlonkie : just a guess but the apps config file may need to be edited ?20:11
SlonkieI have no idea artistxe :/20:11
SlonkieIt's not an freeware/open source20:11
artistxewhat app , Slonkie ?20:12
SlonkieIt's Maple 1220:12
artistxewas that required by the course ( instead of MathLab) ?20:13
artistxealthough MathLab is very expensive...20:14
charlie-tca!panels | IamNoobOnLinux20:14
ubottuIamNoobOnLinux: Did your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/20:14
Slonkiewell artistxe, just the math application i prefer - and this one i get free from the school :)20:14
artistxeSlonkie. anyway. there must be a config file somewhere for the program.20:15
artistxehome dir , in .Maple12 maybe ?20:15
artistxelucky ppl. that get free programs from scholl and not just student discounts20:17
Slonkieyes there's one20:18
rip0i've got a xubuntu question: i installed xubuntu 9.04 on an eeepc 1000h, everything is fine so far. but it takes about 25 seconds to boot from grub to the login manager, but another 40 seconds until all panels are loaded20:21
rip0how can i find out what causes this long loading time?20:21
charlie-tcaMaybe bootchart?20:21
SlonkieBut this problem seems to apear after i updated to 9.04 :(20:22
rip0bootchart is not installed20:22
rip0i have installed preload, some eeepc-specific scripts and opera20:24
charlie-tcaInstall bootchart. It will give you details about what is starting and how long each thing takes.20:25
charlie-tcaIt might be preload causing it too20:25
charlie-tcapreload normally is not necessary anymore on modern Xubuntu20:26
rip0but it does only log until the window-manager is started, or am i wrong?20:26
charlie-tcaI don't remember. I thought it logged all the way to the desktop, but I might be wrong20:27
rip0Ok, I will give it a try20:27
rip0Bootchart only logs until the window manager starts, telling me 24 seconds20:37
charlie-tcawell, I can think of a lot of answers at this point, none of which should be here.20:38
rip0I will reinstall the whole system, and search for the problem-causing app20:41
rip0Thanks for your help and time20:41
SlonkieIs there a build in partitioner in xubuntu?20:43
charlie-tcaYes, it just is not installed by default. install "gparted"20:43
charlie-tcaSlonkie: don't forget, you can not partition or change a disk that is in use.20:44
Slonkieno heh20:45
SlonkieWhat filesystem should i use for a storage partition in linux?20:46
vojacekji have problem with20:46
Slonkiesomething that automaticly mounts preferably20:46
vojacekjLPT under pascal20:46
ballSlonkie: make it ext320:46
ballvojacekj: what's LPT?20:47
charlie-tcaYou can mount any automatically by adding it to fstab20:47
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions20:47
Slonkiewell that's not "automaticly" charlie-tca - then i have to do manual work :|20:47
SlonkieI guess there's no other way in xubuntu but to mount.20:47
charlie-tcaNo, the only manual work is adding it to fstab. Then it will mount when you log in20:48
Slonkieim aware of that20:48
charlie-tcaI do it all the time with NFS partitions20:48
ballSlonkie: right, but you only edit fstab once20:48
ball...and it works from that point forwards.20:49
ball(until your disk dies or cows fall from the sky)20:49
SiDicows fall20:49
SiDiwith a good catapult, indeed20:49
vojacekjcan somebody help me with printer port20:50
SlonkieAs i just said, i am aware of that ball.20:50
vojacekjunder pascal (Borland or freepascal)20:51
charlie-tcaYou might want to direct that to the program maintainers, vojacekj20:52
charlie-tcaIf the printer works in Xubuntu, it should work in any app20:53
vojacekjbut i have problem because i use for borland pascal DosBox and under it a can not send any data to port20:54
ballSlonkie: then I don't understand your complaint.20:54
charlie-tcavojacekj: does the printer work in xubuntu?20:55
ballvojacekj: that sounds like a DosBox question20:55
SlonkieI don't understand why xubuntu doesn't automaticly mount (WITHOUT adding to fstab) people say that ubuntu does20:55
SiDiSlonkie: thunar does afaik :O20:56
charlie-tcabecause we use different apps than they do, I think20:56
SiDiwhen i plug an usb key or hdd, it gets mounted20:56
vojacekji have program in pascal and us it to send data to port but under dosbox it doesnt run and in freepascal i dont know command to send data to port20:56
SiDiSlonkie: ps aux | grep gvfs ?20:57
vojacekjthe printer doesnt work corectly20:57
ballvojacekj: doesn't work correctly from Xubuntu applications?20:58
ball...or just from Pascal?20:58
ballSlonkie: it automatically mounts external drives.20:59
ball...might even do internal ones if you ask it nicely.20:59
vojacekjno i have printer on usb port but i have scanner on printer port and it doesnt work but it can be only in scanner because it is old20:59
charlie-tcavojacekj: does dosbox use old dos commands or linux commands?21:00
charlie-tcaDOS never had USB to try and use it.21:00
vojacekji think dos commands but dosbox i use for turbopascal only21:00
vojacekjno usb i use under xubuntu21:00
ballDosbox shouldn't know or care whether the printer's plugged into parallel, serial or USB though, surely?21:01
charlie-tcaDOS always cared about the ports, specifically21:01
ballIt's just a device file that accepts PCL, PostScript or whatever21:01
ballcharlie-tca: I'm surprised Dosbox doesn't let you redirect lpt to a Linux printer though21:02
charlie-tcaMaybe it does allow it, I don't know.21:02
charlie-tcaI don't use dosbox21:02
charlie-tcabut I did do a lot of DOS programming21:02
vojacekjok but want to make program21:03
vojacekjand with it21:03
ballcharlie-tca: I remember DOS too, but once it's virtualised...21:03
vojacekji want to control thing pluged on port like some led or ect21:04
ballvojacekj: then unplug your scanner.21:06
ballWait, why use DOSBOX for that?21:06
vojacekjyes it is because i have just 1 port21:06
vojacekjbecause i am writting program in turbopascal in dosbox21:06
ballvojacekj: add another parallel port and consider using a native Pascal compiler.21:06
vojacekjand how?21:07
ballvojacekj: people in #pascal will probably suggest FreePascal.  There's also gpc21:08
ball...and probably others.21:08
ballI love Pascal.21:08
artistxehe was a great guy   ;)21:09
ballrocko: Illinois?21:11
rockoball why do you want to know?21:12
ballrocko: I'm near Kankakee.21:12
rockokankakee state park?21:12
rockohmm interesting that you say that ball21:13
vojacekji have just one question about pascal dont know someone command in freepascal in library x86 for printer port?21:13
vojacekjin library oldlinux it is i thing ioperm21:14
vojacekjor some thing like it21:14
SiDivojacekj: #pascal21:14
vojacekjthere is nobody21:14
=== danopia` is now known as danopia
SiDiwell, this nobody knows about pascal more than any people here ;)21:15
vojacekjoks thanks21:15
ballvojacekj: I'm usually in there.21:15
ball...but not today because I have dishes to wash.21:15
ballbye all21:15
SiDibb ball21:16
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot21:33
IamNoobOnLinuxI runned sfck manually21:34
IamNoobOnLinuxdid shutdow21:34
IamNoobOnLinuxbut not it tells me it's impossible to start server x21:34
IamNoobOnLinuxomg... I am confuse21:35
=== IamNoobOnLinux is now known as Ironicus
IronicusYa it is working again21:41
IronicusNow I need to reset panels21:42
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/21:42
Ironicusit does nohign when I do xfce4-panel21:44
charlie-tcaYou have no panels?21:45
IronicusI downloaded some update, when I rebooted21:45
charlie-tcaI would suggest clicking the link to help.ubuntu.com and delete the hidden files21:45
Ironicusno more panels21:45
Ironicusthen I constructed some panels by myself, but there missing some things21:46
charlie-tcawhat is missing?21:49
IronicusI had only a smallsquare for panels settings21:50
IronicusI am new to linux21:52
IronicusThen I tried to build somthing decent21:52
IronicusBut I just want to install xubuntu again21:53
charlie-tcaSee also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels21:53
Ironicusbut it doesn't start from my cd21:53
Ironicusmaybe hardware break21:53
jason__how do I mount my windows share folder?21:59
jason__I have hard time21:59
dsmith_I use /windows22:00
dsmith_edit fstab22:00
dsmith_create the directory22:00
dsmith_need to know the partition22:00
jason__well I prefer gui mode instead of text22:00
dsmith_that doesn;t make any sense22:01
jason__graphic mode SAMBA22:01
dsmith_ /etc/fstab is a config file22:01
jason__I used Samba program22:01
jason__it is gui mode22:01
jason__not via terminal22:01
dsmith_hmm run a seach on smaba shares or pickup a book on it22:02
dsmith_I thought you meant partitions sorry22:02
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.22:02
jason__networking silly :)22:03
Walzmynhow do i turn up the volume?22:09
charlie-tcause the mixer app on the panel22:10
Walzmynit comes up empty22:10
charlie-tcaselect controls, add master22:11
=== matt_ is now known as code08
code08alright this is a dumb question but i can't figure it out23:06
code08how do i get dvds to play23:06
code08i already have the gstreamer stuff and installed the dvdread4 thing23:07
code08when i put in a dvd it says that it cant open the location23:09
brandonban6hey guys, can anyone recommend a descent slideshow creator? I'm checking out dvd-slideshow and manslide23:22
WalzmynWhen I log in, I get a message asking if I want to make KDE my default session because XFCE is not installed on my system - but here I am running XFCE23:35

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