ftalooks like the dep-waits are no longer requeued :( https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa01:47
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HellowBeen getting a lot of errors from Launchpad02:33
tansellStill no one able to help me with https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/69460 ?02:50
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tansellso are all the devs off to a conference this week or something?04:54
wgranttansell: Yes - Canonical AllHands starts today or tomorrow, and UDS is next week, so lots of people are in transit to Barcelona or in conferences.04:56
tansellUDS = Ubuntu Developers Summit?04:56
wgrantWhere there's normally quite a few LP devs as well.04:56
tansellmakes sense04:57
tansellexplains why I was getting nice fast response to my help requests a week ago and now nobody is about :(04:57
wgrantIt's also only 6am there, so nobody should be awake anyway.05:01
Hellowits 12:13AM here05:13
bogneris there a way to cancel a build that's currently running, in my ppa?06:27
bogneri can see in the log that it's repeatedly trying to access a webserver and timing out, which is obviously a waste of cpu time06:28
bognernevermind, it finished06:44
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HellowHow would I create a sort of "umbrella" project that covers two different projects?07:21
wgrantHellow: Launchpad has this concept of a 'project group.' See https://launchpad.net/launchpad-project, for example.07:22
wgrantHellow: You have to ask an admin to create one for you.07:22
Hellowwgrant: Any admins in here right now? lol07:23
wgrantProject groups can't have much done directly on them (they don't have bugs, branches, blueprints, translations), but they're good for showing associations and sometimes granting privileges.07:23
wgrantHellow: Probably not - ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion07:23
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* wgrant laments the lack of LP devs.10:24
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tansellstill no LP devs around?11:32
Ursinhatansell, any problems?11:32
tansellI'm trying to get help with https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/6946011:32
tansellI would really like to combined the three ppa's and finish this packaging11:45
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Laneyis there any way to get a PPA which builds on PPC for the purposes of debugging?14:11
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zoobab01how do I specify to compile a PPA package for hardy+intrepid+karmic?15:03
zoobab01in my debian/changelog file?15:04
lifelesszoobab01: yes15:08
zoobab01what kind of syntax?15:10
VK7HSEzoobab01: here's an example of one...   me-tv (0.8.13-0ubuntu1~ppa1) jaunty; urgency=low15:10
zoobab01me-tv (0.8.13-0ubuntu1~ppa1) jaunty intrepid karmic; urgency=low15:11
VK7HSEzoobab01: ok the line reads as follows...15:11
VK7HSEprogram version dist urgency15:11
hggdhit is one dist per package15:12
VK7HSEno you can only specify one distribution only..15:13
zoobab01so I have to upload 3 times for 3 distribs?15:13
VK7HSEand your ppa will only allow one copy of source for that build too!15:14
VK7HSEclear as mud? ;)15:15
zoobab01I could be more clear15:17
zoobab01like upload one .changes file for each distrib15:17
zoobab01which only differ because of their debian/changelog file15:17
xnox`launchpad just went crazy on me. Decided to email ~10 commit messages which are about 15 hours old.....15:18
VK7HSEzoobab01: I'm not sure! as I only build for one dist release at a time...15:18
* VK7HSE (I'm still learning!)15:19
xnox`Can someone please help me use launchpad email interface? I keep emailing and it always fails on the first command "affects pytlm"15:37
xnox`I've tried even case sensetive name "affects PyTLM"15:37
xnox`what am I doing wrong?15:37
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BUGabundosince i cant find anywhere else to ask this:17:55
BUGabundowhere can i get help for the fw of my alias @ubuntu.com?17:55
BUGabundoi sent an email to rt@ubuntu.com but got nothing back17:56
staniis it possible to undelete a package?18:16
staninever mind18:21
serviliohi! is it possible to use markup in the information [text]area of a bug report?18:44
jelknerany here who could ask a question about how to organize a translation of a series of tutorials on launchpad?18:58
jelkneri'm a high school teacher who has been working for years with my students on a series of small tutorials18:59
jelknerwe now want to translate the series into spanish19:00
jelknerand i could use help figuring out how to set that up19:00
jelkneris this the right place to ask a question like this?19:06
jelkneror should i be asking elsewhere?19:06
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maxbLaney: doko has an all-architectures PPA, you could ask him how to request it19:26
ftasomething's wrong with the builders, they no longer retry the dep-waits. Started 3 or 4 days ago19:48
ftaprobably due to the huge queue created by cjwatson/test-rebuild-20090513.. a manual retry fails too, build score = 0 :(19:55
maxbfta: That wouldn't affect the lpia builds, though?19:57
ftahm, right20:02
maxbToday's build seems to be a genuinely correct depwait, though20:04
aboudreaultI'm trying to copy binary (via the web interface) from jaunty to intrepid. but the upload fails: The following files are already published in my-ppa:..... the-file_x.deb20:06
aboudreaultShould I not be able to copy like that ?20:06
maxbThat sounds like you have not actually selected "Copy binaries"20:07
aboudreaultI' pretty sure that yes. (did it twice)20:08
aboudreaultstrangly... the package have been rebuild o_O20:08
ftamaxb, they are all genuine. i push xulrunner and firefox at the same time, with a dep forcing ff to wait for xul to be complete. so the dep is bumped daily20:28
maxbtodays xulrunning FTBFS though20:28
maxberm, *xulrunner20:28
ftayes, i fixed it, i just need to push it20:28
maxbIt would probably be more efficient to push xulrunner and firefox in order20:29
maxbin terms of saving overall buildd time20:30
ftai do that in the right order, but the builds start in parallel so i can't avoid the dep wait20:30
maxbah, there's a soyuz bug open on that20:30
maxbOh, no, I misunderstand20:31
ftai already hit bug 371640 but it's different20:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 371640 in soyuz "Upload processing order is unstable" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37164020:31
ftai worked around that one20:31
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ftamaxb, i just filed bug 37882822:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 378828 in soyuz "DepWaits no longer processed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37882822:06
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