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durthey folks, If I start testing karma, will jaunty packages (universe et al) work?00:55
durtsry karmic00:55
Teknonot recommended00:58
durtmy understanding is that there are no universe till later, is this correct?00:59
RoastedAnybody running 9.10 in a VM? I can't boot the ISO in Virtualbox without it erroring out at the initramfs command screen, or whatever..01:00
arandRoasted: you could always go the upgrade route.01:02
maxbNope. Running 9.10 on real hardware, though01:02
Roastedarand - I wasn't aware I could upgrade distros to a beta version.01:02
arandRoasted: "update-manager -d" should work by now, I think...01:03
arandRoasted: I went the upgrade route, but that was before even the update manger thing worked (just changed my sources list)01:04
charlie-tcaRoasted: is that the desktop cd iso?01:04
charlie-tcaThe alternate works good for me01:04
durtarand: will that keep the jaunty packages that aren't built for karmic, or is my understanding of this way off?01:05
Roastedit's the i386 iso from daily build01:05
Roasted32 bit01:05
RoastedI tried throwing it in a VM with Virtualbox and it just crapped out.01:05
aranddurt: I think so...01:05
thiebaudehi arand01:05
arandthiebaude: helloo:)01:05
charlie-tcathere is a desktop iso and an alternate iso.01:05
Roastedlike I can hit the main screen and when I select boot to liveCD or install ubuntu, I get (initramfs)01:06
arandthiebaude: btw, I was formerly "ienorand"01:06
RoastedI'll try the alternate a while. I was hoping the iso would work01:06
thiebaudei didn't even know that,lol01:06
thiebaudeno wonder i was looking for you earlier01:06
arandyea, I changed recently...01:07
charlie-tcaThe live cd is not any good yet. There is still a problem with aufs01:07
thiebaudei'll bbl going to watch Idol01:07
Roastedahhhh okay01:07
Roastedthanks for that tid bit charlie-tca01:07
arandThere really doesn't seem to be any good way to tell ppl about nick changes on irc...01:07
Roastedalternate CD installing now01:07
charlie-tcano problem01:07
Roastederr, downloading01:07
arandRoasted: That would've been a blazing connection otherwise01:08
Roastedarand - one could only hope, right?01:08
Roastedbut naw, I have comcast, and I live in an area where everybody is about 110 and watches TV all day. My speeds now are kinda poor.01:08
arandouch, at least I get good speeds ~1mb/s, on the other hand, everything from irc to gaming ports are blocked at uni here01:10
Roastedaight, I'm out fellas. Thanks again.01:12
arand /sbin/ldconfig.real: libraries libpng.so and libpng12.so.0.15.0 in directory /usr/lib have same soname but different type. << I get this message whe I run apt, any ideas what could be the cause?01:15
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DanielRMAnyone finding that yelp segfaults on startup?03:02
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fljohngood morning afternoon06:00
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Le-Chuck_ITAHi there, AFAYK if I install only the kernel from jaunty, will the radeon driver work or should I also upgrade the entire xorg?12:02
BluesKajHowdy all14:12
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ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore14:39
BUGabundook i'm alive... still14:39
BluesKajwhat's happening ?14:42
hggdhBUGabundo, hi14:44
BUGabundoBluesKaj: hggdh hey guys14:44
BUGabundoBluesKaj: nothing special... just checking in... calm day at work14:45
BUGabundotrying to group my personal nick and my work nick, but FAILed14:45
BUGabundoseems i cant group already registered nicks :\14:45
hggdhBUGabundo, I am now a member :-D14:46
BluesKajyeah, BUGabundo I haven't bothered registering and cloaking my laptop nick ..too lazy14:47
BUGabundohggdh: congrats! FINALLY14:48
BUGabundotook u long14:49
BUGabundoany trouble?14:49
BUGabundoor all your triage skills helped?14:49
hggdhtook me longer to decide to do it ;-). And no, no issues -- was pretty much a walk in the park14:50
hggdhyes they did14:50
hggdhand the testimonials also14:50
hggdh(thanks, BTW)14:50
BUGabundoi think u have one of me, right?14:50
BUGabundonext step: MOTU?14:51
BUGabundofunny how u got into bug squad before Member14:51
hggdhyes, but this will take a bit longer...14:51
BUGabundou are in no hurray14:51
hggdhanyone can be -control, as long as they show experience on bug handling14:51
BUGabundoanyone can be a Member14:51
BluesKajwhat's required to become a member? Someone was bugging me to , but I don't think I have the skills.14:52
BUGabundoBluesKaj: doing a great job to and for the Community14:53
BUGabundoadvocating, helping, etc14:53
BluesKajsounds arbitrary :)14:53
BUGabundoi do bug filling, advocating, promotion, user support, so on so on14:53
BUGabundoBluesKaj: check my LP profile and my wiki14:53
BUGabundothen tell me its _arbitary_14:54
BluesKajI said it "sounds" arbitrary :)14:55
hggdhBluesKaj, in fact it is not -- a member has to show commitment14:55
BUGabundohggdh: and pass Membership meeting.... not always easy14:55
hggdhwell, yes, there is that. But it is similar to passing muster to bugs-control14:57
BluesKajguess I'm commited , but prolly not to the degree required , altho I'm on one of the kubuntu chat's almost every day, helping out.14:57
BUGabundogreat BluesKaj14:58
BUGabundoif u have the guts to handle a denial, you could apply14:58
BUGabundou never ~know14:59
hggdhthere was a recent blog from seveas that talks about membership -- I will find it14:59
BUGabundowith the +1 of some of kubuntu ninjas, it should be easier14:59
* ikonia points to the topic14:59
BUGabundohggdh: WHAT? one link u dont have on hand?14:59
* Pici was about to do the same ^^ topic14:59
BUGabundoguys lets move this to anotjher place14:59
PiciDon't forget that #ubuntu-offtopic exists, and you're all free to join15:00
* BUGabundo some one should mantain this # active... silence is death15:00
* hggdh begs pardon15:00
ikoniaBUGabundo: no it's not15:00
PiciBUGabundo: It shouldnt be active if its not Karmic related15:00
BluesKajyeah, I know about being denied, handled a few lost promotions over the yrs :)15:00
BUGabundoBluesKaj: hggdh #ubuntu-pt15:00
BUGabundoBluesKaj: ping15:01
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blueyedALSA broken for anyone else? (this falls back to all-non-KDE apps then, since pulseaudio appears to use ALSA). Is there a workaround?16:00
rskisounds works everywhere except in youtube for me16:01
BluesKajblueyed, what model soundcard  ?16:01
BUGabundoblueyed: KDE does not use PA16:01
blueyedrski: youtube or flash?16:02
rskiflashmovies found on youtube16:02
blueyedBluesKaj: some old SB16 (snd_emu10k1)16:02
blueyedrski: but others work?16:02
blueyedBUGabundo: I know.. which is actually really nice currently.16:03
rskifor example google video16:03
rskiyouporn etc16:03
blueyedrski: odd.. :)16:03
BUGabundocouch couch16:03
BluesKajBUGabundo, wonders why pulseaudio is listed as 3rd preference in audio output devices16:04
BluesKajer I wonder why16:04
rskiso i have to use youtube-dl to watch them in mplayer all the time16:04
blueyedodd. now it works again, after restating pulseaudio..! previously it would complain about "snd_pcm_avail() returned a value that is exceptionally large" during startup.16:05
BUGabundoahhh pulseaudio -k16:06
BUGabundothats lovelly magic words16:06
BUGabundoblueyed: do u have both gnome and kde WM?16:07
blueyedBUGabundo: yes. only using KDE though.16:07
BUGabundodoesnt matter16:07
BUGabundoinstalling the other will get u both packages16:08
BUGabundoin this case PA16:08
blueyedyes. bad thing? would e.g. firefox/flash not use PA if I hadn't it installed? (guess so..)16:08
BUGabundonot bad thing. Should work (TM)16:09
blueyedwell, after all, I could purge pulseaudio.. will try that the next time it causes problems.16:09
BUGabundono idea what flash does16:09
BUGabundoits Closed Source16:09
blueyedif Kubuntu does not install PA, it should work without probably.,16:10
BUGabundoAFAIK kiling and re-spwaing PA, doesnt work very well for FLASH16:10
BluesKajlocate pulseaudio : /usr/lib/xine/plugins/1.26/xineplug_ao_out_pulseaudio.so16:17
BluesKajI don't have gnome installed , so where did that come from , obviously a plugin for xine16:18
PiciBluesKaj: Its in the libxine1-misc-plugins package.16:20
Picisee: apt-file search /usr/lib/xine/plugins/1.26/xineplug_ao_out_pulseaudio.so16:20
FLjohncan not get into buzzen chat18:43
Piciokay then18:45
RichardWolfVIit seems I messed up my packages19:53
RichardWolfVII guess I have to reinstall all ubuntu-desktop19:53
RichardWolfVImain problem, mi coonection doesn't work19:53
RichardWolfVII'm using my old Intrepid Live CD in order to download the Alpha 1 iso19:54
RichardWolfVICan you give me instructions on mounting the ISO and using apt-cdrom to repair my packages?19:55
maxbRichardWolfVI: You'll need to be a lot more specific about the nature of your breakage if anyone is going to be able to help.19:58
BluesKajRichardWolfVI, alt+f2 kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list , and take out the # thats' in front of the deb cdrom ...source , save and then in the terminal do : sudo apt-get update19:59
RichardWolfVImaxb: I noticed a lot of packages in the local/obsolete section20:00
RichardWolfVII removed them20:00
RichardWolfVINow I know I shouldn't20:00
RichardWolfVIBluesKaj: I'm not using KDE20:00
RichardWolfVIGDNM is gone20:00
RichardWolfVII can't even have a graphical session20:01
maxbRichardWolfVI: You are getting the alternate iso, not the desktop one, right?20:02
RichardWolfVImaxb: Well, it's the only one I see from the site20:04
maxbWhat is the filename you are downloading, then?20:04
RichardWolfVIapart from server20:04
aciculacant get a prompt in rescue mode either?20:05
RichardWolfVIacicula: yes, I can20:05
maxbloopmount it, add a source to sources.list using a file: URL, and apt-get update20:05
aciculathen why mess around with a cd?20:06
RichardWolfVIwell, I need more precise instructions for it20:06
RichardWolfVIhmm, I'm on a LiveCD right now20:06
RichardWolfVIacicula: Network. Dead.20:06
RichardWolfVIacicula: yes20:07
aciculaah yeah that's a pain, dunno if you can work networkmanager via a cli20:07
RichardWolfVIis a desktop computer, so I'm not moving it20:07
RichardWolfVIis there a way to burn the iso easily?20:09
RichardWolfVIfrom commandline, I mean20:09
spaceBARbarianis there anything new over jaunty in the dail builds ?20:09
aciculasome updated software20:09
RichardWolfVIGnome 2.27 and Kernel 2.6.3020:10
RichardWolfVIOh, and the intel driver20:10
aciculaappearantly that's been backported to jaunty as well20:10
maxbRichardWolfVI: why would you burn the iso?20:10
RichardWolfVI maxb: I though on using apt-cdrom20:11
spaceBARbariank thks20:11
maxbThat shouldn't be necessary.20:11
RichardWolfVII guess I'm saving the iso to the thumbdrive20:12
RichardWolfVIor is there a way to save it directly to the HDD?20:12
maxbYou can mount an iso as a directory20:12
RichardWolfVIyeah, but I'm not command savvy20:13
RichardWolfVImount image.iso /directory -o loop, right?20:13
RichardWolfVIthen I add to /etc/sources.lst the line file://directory20:14
RichardWolfVInothing else?20:15
maxbwhy, what did you expect? :-)20:15
RichardWolfVIwell, if these are the exact commands20:15
RichardWolfVIWhich directories in the Ubuntu filesystem are not restricted?20:46
hggdhRichardWolfVI, what do you mean by "are not restricted"?20:47
RichardWolfVIhggdh: I'm downloading a file from a LiveCD20:48
RichardWolfVIi need to copy that File to my Hard Drive20:48
RichardWolfVIwhich has ubuntu20:48
hggdhah, OK. /tmp is always a good place20:48
RichardWolfVIhggdh: It won't be gone at restart?20:50
hggdhwell, yes. Then you should use your own home directory, for example20:51
RichardWolfVIhggdh: I mean, I'm on LiveCD right now20:52
RichardWolfVII need to copy a ISO file to my hard drive20:52
RichardWolfVIso I can get to start Karmic from there and mount that ISO20:52
hggdhthen you first of all need to find out if your HD is already mounted, and then find a directory there where you can copy the files in (or create one such)20:52
RichardWolfVIThe drive is mounted20:53
RichardWolfVII don't know which directory is free tio ude20:53
RichardWolfVImy /home/me directory in my HDD is not20:54
hggdhRichardWolfVI, run na 'ls -l' on your hard drive20:58
RichardWolfVIhggdh: I don't where it's locates21:00
hggdhRichardWolfVI, *probably* under /media, somewhere21:00
RichardWolfVInope, it isn't21:01
RichardWolfVInm, I found it21:01
hggdhalso "mount" should show it, if it is mounted21:01
RichardWolfVIOK, what shoul I look for21:01
setuidWhere is the place where I specify modules which must get unloaded at suspend/hibernation time, and reloaded when coming out of suspend/hibernation?21:02
setuidI have to make sure ath_pci and sierra get unloaded before I go down, and reloaded when I come back up21:03
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RichardWolfVIhggdh: what should I look for in the output?21:06
hggdhRichardWolfVI, run a 'ls -l ' on your hard drive, and look for a directory with permissions compatible for your usage (something like 777, rwxrwxrxw)21:06
hggdhOK. Try to create a file on your HD - for example, on a command line, run 'touch /<your HD mount point>/test21:08
RichardWolfVIhmm I'm using /var/tmp21:11
hggdhtouch a file there, then run a 'ls -l' and see who owns the file21:11
RichardWolfVIOK, I found aproper directory21:13
hggdhgood, and good luck now ;-)21:13
maxbSo, is all mdraid currently a bit broken in Karmic?21:35
maxb(bug 377395)21:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 377395 in util-linux "[karmic] software RAID not assembled at boot - blkid hangs using 100% CPU" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37739521:35
maxbIt sounds like it should apply to all mdraid, but if so I am surprised there aren't more people talking about it.21:35
charlie-tcaNot that many outside of servers use it, maybe21:37
charlie-tcaI doubt that many servers are going to test the development version21:38
maxbHuh. I use it for my homedir21:41
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yoasifwhat package do i report against if my changing my brightness uses the old notifications?22:16
BUGabundoholla UDSistas22:46
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