pace_t_zuluhello hello01:54
pace_t_zuluany one around?01:54
pace_t_zulucan somebody answer my questions/02:03
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pace_t_zulusavvas: hello?02:19
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SiDiew, sweet12:54
thorwilSiDi, drop everysthing from the ? off the url to see the page, if you havn't already12:57
thorwilkwwii, what to do about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Karmic/Alternate_Themeandpanel?12:57
thorwilkwwii, i guess we rather don't want all themes on one page, right?12:58
SiDithorwil: i went there too. Just there wasnt this one last time :p13:05
elkythorwil, the under-arm fur looks odd from a gravity perspective.13:29
thorwilelky, hmm, true. do you feel like adding such a comment to the wiki?13:30

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