xteejxThat pedro guy that I see setting a lot of bug to Invalid from Incomplete is gonna have a lot of work to do soon after I'm through with all these package-assigned "New" bugs over a year old!!00:16
BUGabundoxteejx: pedro_ does a lot of bug triage00:16
xteejxBUGabundo: ohh right ok :)00:17
charlie-tcaThat pedro guy works for cannonical, doesn't he?00:17
BUGabundocharlie-tca: not sure00:17
xteejxdunno charlie, he's around a hell of a lot for a volunteer though00:17
charlie-tcaHe is one of the top qa guys, I think.00:18
xteejxwell canonical got a few to look at when they get back from UDS then hehe ;)00:18
charlie-tcakarma is 6231000:22
xteejx:o bloody hell00:22
BUGabundobeats me!!!00:23
BUGabundogets close to seb128 and pitti00:23
xteejxim on 2-3k :) woohoo00:23
* micahg is close to xteejx00:25
* xteejx slaps micahg down lol00:25
xteejxcharlie-tca: Pedro is canonical just checked00:26
* micahg is trying for the top 20 bug contributors :)00:27
charlie-tcaThought he might be. He does know what he is doing with bugs00:27
xteejxanyway peeps im off for the night...laters :)P00:27
hggdhyes, pedro is canonical00:53
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micahgI missed it..is dapper no longer supportd?02:21
micahg...I guess it still is02:21
micahgjumped the gun...02:21
HellowI think they dropped support for it (I think)02:22
micahgnope, desktop support until June 0902:23
Hellownext month :P02:23
micahgIt wasn't on the wiki homepage, so I was curious02:24
micahgbut server support is for 2 years beyond that02:24
hggdhits linked from the wiki (for the FULL release schedule, etc, etc)02:54
micahghggdh: yeah, I saw that02:55
micahgafter I already commented though02:55
hggdhover and out for the night, then. You all have a good one02:55
micahgnight hggdh02:55
hggdhnight, micahg02:56
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YoBoYgood morning06:35
micahgYoBoY: are you member or bug control?06:40
YoBoYmember only06:40
YoBoYnot ready in my mind to apply to bug control06:40
micahgthat should have been of :)06:40
micahgcan someone mark 228852 as triaged please06:40
YoBoYbug 22885206:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 228852 in firefox-3.0 "Mozilla Firefox F6 is buggy" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22885206:41
micahgmeant to do that06:41
* micahg needs sleep06:41
micahgI'll check in morning06:42
YoBoYthe F6 key work like expected with the bookmark pannel :O06:43
YoBoYmicahg: can you confimr that ↑↑ ?06:44
xteejxMorning all07:46
xteejxIs it possible to change Launchpad so that the reporter can select their version of the program, or apport gets invoked to collect it automatically, as there are so many bugs that could've been fixed in a newer version, every single person with XXXpackage-0.8.1 could be notified to update and test their bug in XXXpackage-0.8.2 ??08:07
thekornhi xteejx08:12
xteejxhey thekorn08:12
thekornxteejx, I think apport does exactly what you are looking for08:13
thekornxteejx, it checks for obsolete packages and fails to report the bug if an obsolete packes is found08:13
xteejxthekorn, does it?08:14
xteejxdidnt know that08:14
xteejxthekorn, would still be helpful if the info was put in when it was reported, with info showing how to choose which version you have, then the janitor can notify people that the package is obsolete, they update, test again and re-open if its still a problem08:15
xteejxmake sense?08:15
xteejxor WHEN it becomes obsolete if the bug report is missed for whatever reason08:15
thekornxteejx, launchpad does not know anything about the package version for a bugreport08:16
thekornthere is no packageversion<->bug mapping in launchpad08:17
xteejxthekorn, exactly.....if it did, the janitor could sweep out or set incomplete to the "new" bugs, notify theres a new version and they need to update and re-open the bug report08:17
xteejxin other words test the newer version08:17
xteejxsru? that isn't what i mean08:18
xteejxjust thought it would be a good idea if launchpad was "aware" of package versions/statuses - janitor could then automate a lot of simple repetitive tasks08:19
xteejxor at least be able to select which version you're running, 7.04, 8.10, 9.04, whatever08:21
xteejxjanitor >>>>> 7.10 bug >>> mark incomplete >>>> notify user the product has reached EOL and to uprade and retry bug >>>>>  have they replied yes/no >>>> usual 60 day removal if no >>>>> let them set status to new if yes08:23
thekornthe lack of features like this is a design decision by the launchpad team, I'm sure there are/were bugreports open about it08:23
xteejxi looked and haven't seen any reports about it08:23
xteejxoh well, was just an idea :)08:24
thekornxteejx, bug 424 is one08:25
ubot4`Launchpad bug 424 in malone "Bugs have no fields to specify package or product versions" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42408:25
xteejxthekorn, must have missed that, but nice to see its at least being considered :)08:26
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xteejxhggdh lol14:11
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xteejxanyone noticed that you cant play dvds without getting an error in totem-gstreamer in Jaunty?15:02
xteejxhggdh, have you seen this?15:02
hggdhxteejx, no, I do not play DVDs...15:04
xteejxhggdh, ahh ok15:04
* BUGabundo wonders if hggdh plays guitar15:04
xteejxcan anyone confirm this, i just wanna know i'm not going mad15:04
davmor2xteejx: what's the fault15:04
BUGabundono me15:04
xteejxplaying dvds in totem crashes it15:05
xteejxnormal install with restricted-extras nothing else15:05
davmor2xteejx: Are they encoded dvd's ie bought ones?15:05
xteejxyeah, macrovision copyright15:05
davmor2xteejx: I think dvdcss2 got dropped15:06
davmor2so you may have to install it manually15:06
xteejxPackage libdvdcss2 is not available, but is referred to by another package.15:06
xteejxThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or15:06
xteejxis only available from another source15:06
ubot4`medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:07
davmor2xteejx: Ubuntu is starting to err on the side of caution, due to MS's latest round of patent claims15:07
BUGabundoor being built with a script available on /usr15:07
xteejxwhat about all the people coming from M$?15:07
davmor2BUGabundo: script is removed now15:07
BUGabundodavmor2: that too? damn15:08
xteejxi was confused....but it shouldnt crash totem15:08
BUGabundodidnt see anything on any ML i'm in or release notes15:08
davmor2that was a debian thing though I believe instead it points you to where you can go and download it15:08
xteejxwho are you 2 talking to i'm confused?15:09
BUGabundoit was a scritp with a wget15:09
BUGabundoand then a build sequence15:09
BUGabundoto an external server15:09
BUGabundoxteejx: davmor2  is talking to me15:09
BUGabundoso the same subject15:09
xteejxoh right hehe15:09
davmor2BUGabundo: I know I used to use it now medibuntu to the rescue15:10
xteejxpidgin is allowed to use the MSN butterfly logo, whats the harm in a little dvd decryption??15:10
hggdhlegal issues15:11
BUGabundoits not ilegal in portugal15:11
xteejxi.e. canonical not paying for patent??15:11
hggdhwell, it is illegal in a series of countries15:11
hggdhso there15:12
xteejxsimple way round that though isnt there, put a notice on with agree/disagree15:12
xteejxits illegal here in the UK I know that much15:12
davmor2xteejx: you can't patent a logo that's copy right.  However you can patent a dvd encryption method15:12
BUGabundowe have codec buddy15:12
BUGabundoppl can legally buy it15:12
xteejxits just an annoyance, it crashes with no explanation, or workaround instructions :(15:13
xteejxps no flaming me i HATE M$15:14
hggdhthen *this* is a bug -- it should state it is missing a library15:14
hggdhand this is not MS, but the recording industry & their offshots15:15
xteejxi doubt microshaft are helping....15:15
hggdh(and the DCMA, in the US)15:15
BUGabundohggdh: it used to alert to missing the codec on hardy15:15
BUGabundobut its missing on ii and jj15:15
xteejxBUGabundo: i remember that15:15
hggdhso... regression15:15
davmor2xteejx: MS can't legally play a dvd either you need a third party app or mediacenter which is an extra cost due to the extra patent stuff MS have to buy in15:15
BUGabundoan one year regression?15:15
BUGabundothere's a already a bug for II15:15
BUGabundonot sure for JJ15:15
xteejxtere are aport reports for it15:16
hggdhthen we need an "also affects" for the current bug15:16
xteejxdamn keyboard **apport reports15:16
xteejxitll probably affect karmic as well15:16
xteejxi know it doesnt look like a big bug, but it is a regression nonetheless, and ok its not a core feature i suppose, but its something that should deinitely be addressed methinks :)15:17
davmor2xteejx: you can always go down this route http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=243&osCsid=c39d7eced0a1b9d232032dfd49a4ef4c15:18
xteejxpage not found lol15:18
xteejx£31.55 for a dvd burning app? i left windows for a reason lol15:19
davmor2xteejx: works here.  It's not it's a dvd player :P15:19
xteejxno worries medibuntu it is then15:20
xteejxohh hehe15:20
xteejxi have a dvd player under my telly, cost me £12 in tesco ;)15:20
davmor2in fact the same one that is bundled on most pcs including I believe laptops from Dell with Ubuntu on to get round this very issue :)15:20
xteejxi assume dell pay for the licensing15:21
* BUGabundo i wonder how long medibuntu will keep it up until cease and decease....15:23
BUGabundoxteejx: yep dell pays for it15:23
BUGabundoas do many others OEMs15:23
mr_pouitBUGabundo: 3 years already...15:24
BUGabundomr_pouit: already?15:34
BUGabundodoes anyone have the bug ?15:34
BUGabundoi'm not on my laptop15:34
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bencrisford_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/378692 - can anyone here translate that please?16:52
ubot4`Launchpad bug 378692 in firefox-3.0 "componenti aggiuntivi" [Undecided,New]16:52
BUGabundohumm italian?16:53
BUGabundolet me see if i can help16:53
BUGabundobencrisford_: just asked on #ubuntu-it for some one to help out16:54
YoBoYit's saying the browser bother him with the install of the flash plugin... i think it's a support request16:54
bencrisford_google thought it was portugese BUGabundo16:55
YoBoYbut i'm not italian :p16:55
BUGabundosend to answer then ?16:55
BUGabundobencrisford_: it isnt16:55
bencrisford_oh :P16:55
BUGabundoboth me and YoBoY can state that16:55
bencrisford_im thinking of different bug16:55
YoBoYyep i can state it's not portuguese :)16:55
bencrisford_i had a portugese one earlier16:55
YoBoYi can state it's not french also :D16:56
YoBoYby the way the " LANG=it_IT.UTF-8" is a good indicator...16:56
BUGabundoalmost got kicked from #-it .... lol16:57
YoBoYawesome :D16:57
BUGabundothey redirected me to #ubuntu16:57
YoBoYgood community :D16:57
bencrisford_ah :P16:57
* bencrisford_ can state it isnt english :D16:57
YoBoYi want to see that :D16:58
unutbuAccording to google translate: when you open a browser window containing images to esempi0 www.libero.it is required that you must install add-ins (flash player), even after I installed and you go on other pages again is always required that the page requires additional components. If one installs them is the inscription segenti the components are already installed! Ubuntu 9.417:00
BUGabundohere is the translation bencrisford_17:01
BUGabundoahhh old bug on FF17:01
BUGabundothose lazy guys on #ubuntu-mozillateam never fix stuff17:01
BUGabundook, commented on the bug17:03
BUGabundonow to find the original and dupe it17:03
BUGabundobencrisford_: want to finish up ?17:03
bencrisford_finish the bug?17:04
bencrisford_youve done most of the work, you might as well take the credit :)17:04
bencrisford_unless you want me to?17:04
bencrisford_BUGabundo: ?17:05
BUGabundobencrisford_: dont care17:05
BUGabundolooking for the dupe will take u some time17:06
BUGabundoand u will find many extra to dupe toghere17:06
BUGabundolast time i did it, got 417:06
BUGabundonot on my laptop, dont know the Master bug17:06
bencrisford_lol we could get the #ubuntu-mozillateam to do it17:07
bencrisford_its down to them there is a bug17:07
bencrisford_so its their fault BUGabundo :P17:08
BUGabundobencrisford_: none of them are there17:08
BUGabundoasac: is travelling, fta is busy, gnomefreak is having surgery17:08
BUGabundonot sure micahg  is avaliable17:08
bencrisford_maybe their ChanServ could help us?17:08
BUGabundoi'll help ok!17:08
micahgwhat;s the bug @?17:08
BUGabundolet me see if google know the master17:09
BUGabundomicahg: hey. trying to find the master bug for flash failing to install and request over and over17:09
micahgah, was looking for that myself actually :)17:09
bencrisford_we should all race :P17:10
bencrisford_put bets on who'll find it first17:10
BUGabundogoogle is empty for me17:10
BUGabundobut i lack the google search mojo17:10
micahgare we looking for bug 326609?17:14
ubot4`Launchpad bug 326609 in ubufox "[MASTER] No flash in firefox after upgrade from intrepid to jaunty" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32660917:14
BUGabundonot sure17:14
BUGabundousers doesnt mention upgrade17:14
BUGabundowe could ask17:14
bencrisford_BUGabundo: How's your C++ skills btw?17:15
BUGabundojust asked for it17:15
BUGabundobencrisford_: humm why ?17:15
micahgwhat's' the original bug?17:15
ubot4`Launchpad bug 378692 in firefox-3.0 "componenti aggiuntivi" [Undecided,New]17:15
BUGabundoLP is slow17:16
BUGabundoit should be incomplete17:16
bencrisford_BUGabundo: I drifted onto your wiki page to find you have an interest in networking and voip, which leads me to believe you might be able to assist with spux project...17:16
micahgBUGabundo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubufox/+bug/326609/comments/717:17
ubot4`Launchpad bug 326609 in ubufox "[MASTER] No flash in firefox after upgrade from intrepid to jaunty" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:17
BUGabundolets wait for the user17:18
BUGabundoif its upgrade, then mark as dupe17:18
BUGabundobencrisford_: are u subed to it already?17:18
micahgI think that the problem might be the flashplugin package17:21
micahgIt doesn't verify that the file is installed17:21
BUGabundodoes any one remember a bug, where installing a network card driver update on windows, left ubuntu not able to connect ?17:32
BUGabundoi recall something about realtek and W7 or vista SPs17:33
bencrisford__hggdh: Hi :)18:04
hggdhhi bencrisford__18:05
* bencrisford_ trying to sort his wiki page for membership meeting next month :(, dodgy internet dont help >:(18:09
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showard1Hi - can a BugControl member look at bug #378601 and set it to public (if it is clean)? I've been working with him on bug #368681 and asked him to use apport on a crash.21:27
ubot4`showard1: Bug 378601 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/378601 is private21:27
ubot4`Launchpad bug 368681 in openoffice.org "openoffice 2.4 - 3.0 crash after creating curve" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36868121:27
hggdhshoward1, a sec21:29
showard1thanks hggdh21:29
hggdhshoward1, done. There does not seem to be any private data there. Also, the stcktrace is a bit incomplete...21:31
micahghggdh: can you mark bug 228852 triaged?21:37
ubot4`Launchpad bug 228852 in firefox-3.0 "Mozilla Firefox F6 is buggy" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22885221:37
hggdhmicahg, getting there21:37
hggdhmicahg, done. You keep on making a dent on tomorrow's hugday ;-)21:38
micahgI'm trying :)21:38
micahgbut there's still a lot on that list21:39
micahgthere are probably a few that I touched that are still waiting on answers21:39
hggdhkeep on, keep on :-) we all thank you for your work21:39
micahgbut I don't think it's worthwhile for me to go back and try to find them all21:39
hggdhmicahg, you should now consider applying for -control21:39
micahgI figure the time is better spent traiging new stuff21:39
micahgasac said he was going to take care of it when he sees the people in charge21:40
micahgI need to make a wiki page now :)21:40
hggdhmicahg, you already have my +1. You should really consider it!21:40
micahgthank you hggdh, you've been a great help to me in learning the ropes21:41
hggdhyou are welcome. And thank YOU for the help. We really appreciate.21:42
micahgI can't seem to find anyone who wants to participate in the hugday though21:44
micahgthe last one didn't seem to go so well21:44
micahgat least from the ones listed on the wiki21:44
charlie-tcaand my announcement is hung awaiting moderator approval, too21:46
charlie-tcahappens every time I have to send to ubuntu-devel-announce21:46
hggdhbureaucracy is bureaucracy anywhere21:47
micahgwhich set of bugs am I better off leaving for others (New, Incomplete, or Confirmed)?21:48
hggdhmicahg, any of them. But the confirmed ones usually will require an upstream task, which may be more complex21:50
micahgah, so those are the ones that I'll try to tackle tonight21:50
micahgAlso, if I think something belongs in another package right now, I'm just moving it since I don't have the triaging knowledge for all of Ubuntu yet22:04
micahgis that bad?22:04
micahgI feel my time is better spent with the stuff I know22:04
hggdhno, not really. If you think the assigned package is wrong, reset it, and add a comment on why you did it22:05
micahgI've done that a few times over the past few days22:05
hggdhbug 37882622:07
ubot4`Launchpad bug 378826 in ubuntu "JAUNTY JUST DOESN'T WORK AT ALL" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37882622:07
charlie-tcaNow there's a bug...22:09
charlie-tcaanother one thinks launchpad bugs is the forums?22:09
hggdhI guess so... I actually think we should close it invalid...22:10
micahgConvert to Q?22:10
hggdhno, the reporter explicitly states "no contacts"22:10
charlie-tcainvalid is all you can do22:10
micahgConvert to Q and remove user as subscriber?22:11
charlie-tcano convert to question. Just becomes invalid. It is not a bug or a question. It is just a comment22:12
hggdhnope, don't think so. I am going to close it...22:12
micahgI'm itching to use that feature22:12
micahgwhen I started traiging I used it a lot22:12
micahgbut then I stopped22:12
micahgstill cordial, nice...22:14
hggdhyou are always nice -- remember it is (for all that matters) a mitzvah22:15
micahgI know22:15
hggdh:-) I knew you would22:15
micahgbut you seemed extra nice in that post22:15
micahgit's good22:16
micahgit's an attitude worth emulating22:16
hggdhI always try to be nice. There is always another side to any story22:16
micahgI think I found me a PHP bug though :)22:16
hggdhand -- we can hope -- by being nice, one day the reporter will return22:16
charlie-tcaNicer than me. I just state based on above comments, bug is closed22:17
BUGabundoholla UDSistas22:46

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