stefanlsdasac: you make it to spain alive?08:38
asacstefanlsd: yeah ;)10:25
asacfta: Jazzva: pong ;)10:26
stefanlsdasac: cool.  I compiled gears again without libpng and libjpeg and checked console, as well as error console. nothing on either of them...10:26
asacstefanlsd: ok. do you have a bzr branch for that?10:27
stefanlsdasac: as far as the linking, did you have something like this in mind - http://paste.ubuntu.com/175698/10:27
asacstefanlsd: yeah. did that work?10:29
stefanlsdasac: yeah. works :)10:29
stefanlsdwe dropped our big patch...10:29
asacfantastic ;)10:29
asacstefanlsd: could you mind making a bzr branch out of the packaging?10:30
stefanlsdasac: yeah, do have one.. https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~stefanlsd/+junk/gears10:31
stefanlsdmerging between myself and rail10:32
asacstefanlsd: note that you dont use the right email for committing ;)10:33
asac Stefan Lesicnik <stefan@lsd>   10 minutes ago10:33
stefanlsdasac: ack. (reinstalled, thanks will fix)10:33
asacare you or rail ubuntu-dev?10:34
stefanlsdmm. not sure... i am uuc (ubuntu member)...10:36
stefanlsdactually, got my motu application on the 28th :)   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/stefanlsd/MOTUApplication10:36
stefanlsdasac: http://paste.ubuntu.com/176287/   is the README.google for libpng and libjpeg.    cant really see why it wouldn't work...10:47
asacstefanlsd: trying get-orig-source ... wonder if it would be better to only get the stuff we want instead of getting everything and remving10:47
asacstefanlsd: do you have the tarball uploaded somewhere - maybe PPA? wifi isnt that great here ;)10:49
asacok i got your ppa10:50
asaclet me check10:50
stefanlsdyou can wget http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/gears-0905172124/gears_0.5.21.0~svn3334+dfsg.orig.tar.gz10:50
stefanlsdthe only change from there is the new change of deleting third_party/libjpeg/config.log10:51
stefanlsdbrb. meeting10:51
fta2asac, hi, how's spain?10:58
asacquite great so far11:03
asacwe are in a remote area though ... till sat when we move to city centre11:03
fta2asac, oh? you're not in the Rey Juan Carlos?11:05
fta2it's still far from the center though, about 5km11:05
asacfta2: no wait a sec11:07
asacthats a good way to say it11:08
asachere is _nothing_ but a golf course11:08
asacand they dont even have a cigarette machine anywhere in the proximity11:09
asacand next store to buy something is 18 EUR by taxi11:10
asacJazzva: so the extension sync thing is basically blocked on the fact that there are very few extension .xpis that have a proper LICENSE file11:11
asacJazzva: besides from that volans did some awesome work on scripts that would allow do run such a bot11:11
asaconly thing missing is one main script that puts together the pieces11:11
asacfta2: when will you arrive? sat or sun?11:14
asacok lets see what is going on with gears11:16
asacok going to some session11:23
fta2asac, I arrive on sunday, ~14:2012:53
Jazzvaasac: can we use the bot for extensions that include license file? can you point me to the place where the scripts are? i would like to try and finish the bot.13:11
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BUGabundohey asac !14:36
BUGabundoalready at barça?14:36
BUGabundofta2: ping14:48
BUGabundofta2: http://www.blog.amrlima.info/images/CapturaEcra-Planet%20Ubuntu%20-%20Minefield.png14:49
BUGabundofta: back??14:54
BUGabundofta2: hey15:13
BUGabundofta2: http://www.blog.amrlima.info/images/CapturaEcra-Planet%20Ubuntu%20-%20Minefield.png15:13
BUGabundono yellow on daily FF 3.5 and 3.615:13
fta2the search highlight is pink here15:19
BUGabundoi see it15:24
BUGabundobut no colour on the images15:24
BUGabundofta2: i've asked the user to come here15:34
BUGabundolets see if he can15:34
fta2i'm at work, i don't have time to troubleshoot anything :P15:35
BUGabundono worry15:35
BUGabundoprob he wont even show up15:35
BUGabundoamrlima: welcome!16:30
BUGabundofta2: are u available now?16:30
amrlimaBUGabundo: thanks, brb16:35
amrlimaBUGabundo: back, crazy day at work16:43
BUGabundoi bet16:51
BUGabundohere is calm amrlima16:51
BUGabundoseem fta is having a busy day too, at the office16:51
amrlimaok, I'll be here for an hour more or so16:51
asacJazzva: yes. let me check something.17:44
Jazzvano problem17:44
asacJazzva: lp:~mozillateam/firefox-extensions/med-auto-scripts17:52
Jazzvaasac: thanks, I'll check them out.17:52
asacJazzva: wait for rev 517:52
asacnow there17:53
stefanlsdasac: is there a plan to get mozilla-devscripts into debian?17:54
asacstefanlsd: yes. i opened a ITP for that18:18
asacnext is the upload ;)18:18
stefanlsdasac: that will be great :)18:19
asacok dinner19:07
ftamozilla bug 49246419:07
ubottuMozilla bug 492464 in General "Push NSPR_4_8_RTM to mozilla-1.9.1" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49246419:08
fta"Update NSPR from NSPR_4_7_4_RTM to NSPR_4_8_BETA1."19:08
ftaok, dinner time too19:09
dkg0asac: i just got a segfault while running icedove under gdb!20:28
dkg0so i have a better stack trace.20:29
dkg0(though there are still a few ?? lines.20:29
dkg0the last valid function reference is:20:31
dkg0    at ../../../dist/include/xpcom/nsISupportsUtils.h:11420:31
BUGabundoholla UDSistas22:46
ftanot yet22:49
BUGabundowas that for me, fta?22:52
ftaUDS starts monday22:53
asacdkg0: you should definitly copy the backtrace somewhere so we can see the full thing23:04
asacdkg0: but from the line you pasted it looks like its probably some mail message that gets this problem23:05
asacdkg0: so identifiying the message that causes this might be a  good step23:05
ftaasac, bug 37882823:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 378828 in soyuz "DepWaits no longer processed" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37882823:05
ftahurting us badly: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa23:06
asacyeah i can figure23:06
asacfta: i will (try to remember to) bug celso tomorrow moring23:07
ftai can work around it (sort of) by dropping my strict dep temporarily23:08
asacyeah ... or maybe do a one day offset for the moment23:08
asaclike today require at least from yestreday23:08
asacthough practically it probably wont make a big difference (until xul starts to fail for some reason)23:09
ftawell, it means more code, and computing dates backward is a pain. dropping the dep is just 1 line in the conf file23:09
mbanadid anyone get my message from yesterday about the differing in rendering?23:09
mbanai gave an image23:10
asacjust remember to readd that once the bug is fixed23:10
asacmbana: font stuff? i think i looked at that, but couldnt see the difference ... you can see what fc-match Sans gives you ...23:10
mbanahttp://img211.imageshack.us/img211/7454/screenshotcio.png.  look at the bleeding23:12
mbanathe fonts on the left are more blurry23:12
mbanaa sign of red hint i think23:12
asacmbana: so what does that fc-match give you?23:14
mbana$ fc-match Sans23:14
mbanaDejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book"23:14
mbanathe font used in each case is Tahoma not DejaVu23:15
asacmbana: you mean the html page rendering? or the chrome (menu)?23:16
mbanathe font23:16
mbanaon the wiki page23:16
asacmbana: what hinting type do you have in font appearence dialog?23:17
mbanajust hold on for second, do you see the difference?  and why do i even see different rendering?23:18
mbanacan i also ask23:18
mbanais appearance system wide?    what bout .fonts.conf?23:19
mbanaasac the default, i guess23:19
asacmbana: ffox 3.0 had bugs that made it ont properly honour fontconfig ... thats why its different23:19
asac3.5 is usually right. could be that you have a different hinting type in the gnome appearence dialog23:20
mbanabut in this case, FF 3.0 is doing it right23:20
mbanathe one of the left is showing redness on the outlines of the fonts ... ?  unless i got really bad eye sight23:21
mbanashall i try this ... create a new temp account and take a snapshot of each one?23:21
mbanais the appearance system wide?23:22
asacgnome settings are per-user-account ... .fonts.conf is per user23:23
asacthe rest is syste mwide23:23
asacmbana: "right" doesnt necessarily mean better ... e.g. if the config is not right its still right, but worse :)23:24
asacmbana: what kind of monitor are you using?23:24
asacmbana: so try to create  a new user account to rule out the per-user settings ... if that doesnt help, try to change the hinting in gnome appearence to see if that makes ffox 3.0 match what you see in ffox 3.523:25
asace.g. use slight/medium/full hinting23:26
mbanaok cool thanks23:26
asacred colors is either a wrong subpixel rendering (e.g. you use rgba on crt monitors)23:26
asacif thats not the case its usually too much hinting23:26
asacanyway ... i have to sleep ... just got a couple hours over the last few days ... today is ment to be recharging ;)23:27
asaccu tomorrow23:27

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