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thewrathis anyone here?03:59
boredandbloggingthewrath: hola03:59
thewrathidd the ubuntu news team need a php form that people can submit news stories?04:00
thewrathhola boredandblogging04:02
nixternalthewrath: #ubuntu-news :)04:30
nixternalerr, I was in the wrong channel04:30
nixternalI am a tard, I thought you were in another channel :p04:31
boredandbloggingnixternal: the cold weather up there must be getting to you04:34
nixternalit is 80+ degrees out homeboy, chill out now :p04:34
boredandbloggingblah, it was like in the 60s here today04:35
boredandbloggingkilling me04:35
nixternalit is actually hotcago04:44
nixternaldoesn't work like hotlanta04:45
boredandbloggingwould like to hear someone say that out loud though04:46
boredandblogging"welcome to hotcago!"04:46
nixternalnhandler just did in #ubuntu-chicago :p05:01
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=== MaWaLe1 is now known as MaWaLe
thewrathnixternal: what?12:06
thewrathnixternal: i was curious to see who had needed a php form for things to be submitted12:06
thewrathi know it was on a team that i am in their irc channel to do list and i just forget who it is12:06

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