ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots, LjL said: !compiz =~ s/#compiz-fusion/#compiz/00:02
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz-fusion00:03
Seeker`!compiz =~ s/#compiz-fusion/#compiz/00:03
ubottuI'll remember that Seeker`00:03
ubottuAmpelbein called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:22
ubottuoppp7762 called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:28
ubottuoppp6994 called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:29
LjLgnnnn with sebsebseb having to have the last word00:31
Seeker`mathyboy is a troll i think00:31
LjLi got a PM from qubits, fwiw00:39
Seeker`what did it say?00:39
LjLasked me how i am, and whether i'm a chanop.00:39
FlannelHe's also advertising another IRC channel01:00
Flanneler, network01:00
Flannelwell, was.01:01
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FlannelHowdy Ampelbein, how can we help you today?01:47
Ampelbeinhello again. i think nuku-nuku in #ubuntu-motu is a bot.01:47
AmpelbeinFlannel: i think we don't need two bots in one channel and considering that nuku-nuku seems not to be an "official" one, it should be removed01:49
AmpelbeinFlannel: or should i go to #ubuntu-bots for that?01:49
FlannelAmpelbein: No, this would be an appropriate place.  I just don't have access to -motu01:50
LjLi muted it.01:50
AmpelbeinLjl, Flannel thanks for the fast reaction.01:50
Ampelbeinbye then.01:51
FlannelI don't see who it belongs to01:52
LjLno idea here either. i went for a mute in case it's benign.01:53
* Pici is asking in -women, as it seems to be there too01:54
LjLPici: i should have guessed from the realname01:55
elkyLjL, you still have access in -motu?02:08
elkyso you do...02:08
LjLelky: yes i have access by nickname02:08
Picielky: you're on early...02:13
elkyPici, wagged work since i had a plumber coming to fix a toilet.02:13
Picielky: is its birthday?02:13
elkyban evading again.02:21
LjLfyi, "l0wrd" expressed the intention to ban evade after ctcp versioning the channel02:21
elkyvertix, are you going to speak comprehensibly today?02:23
vertixfor what?02:23
elkyyou know why02:24
vertixcan you tell me why ikonia is following me around and joining all  the channels I join?02:24
elkyvertix, he's always been in those channels.02:24
vertixwhat seems to be his concern since I started speaking about this rootkit thing?02:24
vertixand I know that for fact02:24
vertixcause I did some testing :--(02:25
elkywe already know you're a liar.02:25
vertixHOW do you know?02:25
elkysince we were not born yesterday.02:25
vertixso far, I know YOU are liars02:25
vertixso, what's is happening in the lands of "power"?02:26
LjLgot any on-topic questions?02:26
elkyLjL, i doubt it.02:26
vertixwhat would you like to discuss?02:26
vertixmay be Osho?02:27
PiciExcuse me?02:27
vertixI see02:27
vertixnot surprising02:27
elkythis is not a chat channel.02:27
vertixwell, then tell me the results of that investigation of yours on that totally phony ban02:27
vertixyou know what you did?02:28
vertixyou prevented discussion of the most lethal rootkit to date02:28
vertixand in these couple of days it spread to tens if not hundreds of thousands of machines02:28
elkyvertix, irregardless of the reason for the original ban, your behaviour network-wide is the reason it's not lifted.02:29
vertixand I spoke to some av scanner teams02:29
vertixwho told you that?02:29
elkyi did.02:29
vertixand what kinda behavior are you talking about?02:29
vertixI am kinda curious02:30
elkyvertix, the defamation behaviour against both us and redhat and whoever else you find convenient.02:30
vertixlike what?02:30
elkywell, in one channel you accuse us of infecting you, in another channel you accuse redhat of infecting you. one of those has to be a lie.02:30
vertixseems to be it is just the other way around02:30
vertixin which channel and when did I accuse you of infecting me?02:31
vertixwho concocted this lie?02:31
vertixikonia? that spy?02:31
vertixI accuse of REDHAT infecting me?02:31
vertixare you in your clear mind?02:31
vertixcan I see that log?02:32
vertixactually, THOSE logs?02:32
vertixwhat are you concocting here?02:32
vertixactually, redhat is about the only thing that works with any degree of stability so far02:33
vertixeverything runs like a champ actually02:33
vertixnever had problems with redhat so far02:33
elkythen why accuse them in ##security?02:33
vertixit is a bit dated, but kernel is kernel, and 2.6 kernel is good enough for a poor guy like me02:34
vertixdon't you think?02:34
vertixso I am just curious what makes you guys concoct all these lies and fabrications?02:35
vertixbtw, with every minute ticking, I estimate there are > 100 infections, at the very least02:35
vertixand av guys told me there is no way they can detect it02:35
PiciWhat does this have to do with #ubuntu again?02:35
vertixthey'd have to write a driver02:35
vertixwell, you prevented the timely informing of a very large number of potential victims02:36
vertixand for no reason at all02:36
vertixstrange, isn't it?02:36
vertixand there was not a single reason for the initial ban02:36
vertixyou understand?02:36
Pici#ubuntu is a support channel, its not a place to make announcements.02:36
vertixtell me about it02:37
vertixI know what kind of "support" you provide02:37
stewelky: hi03:05
elkystew, hi, can we please have an end to the harrassment and slander from vertix please.03:05
stewelky: yeah, i was going to try to mediate with him. though he says he is uninterested03:07
elkyhe's also into ban evasion03:07
stewelky: can you give me a very brief rundown of what has happened03:07
stewhe's currently banned in #ubuntu and here, is that correct?03:08
elkystew, he ruined his menu.lst file, and was ranting in #ubuntu and not listening to advice, so he was banned. since then he's launched a network-wide mission to convince the network that we here in #ubuntu-ops have given him an undetectable and lethal rootkit. he's also accused others of this. this is why he's banned here -- because it's just a cyclical discussion on the conspiracy we have against him.03:09
stewhow did he evade?  did he change nick? use a proxy?  different ip?03:10
elkystew, dynamic ip it seems03:10
* genii sips and ponders Osho03:16
stewelky: he's made it very clear to me that he has no intention of considering trying to resolve this short of an immediate complete change of all ops in #ubuntu03:35
stewelky: I've made it clear to him that he is not to enter ubuntu related channels unless he chanes his mind03:35
stewelky: he no longer has a reason to be here if you want to remove him03:35
elkystew, what about the spreading of malicious defamation about us. he needs to stop that too03:35
stewelky: let me know specifically what he is doing03:36
stewand where03:36
stewI'll try to keep an eye on it03:36
elkyhe was doing it in ##security at least.03:37
stewand please let me know immediately if he shows up in any ubuntu related channels03:37
elkyhe's in #ubuntu-kernel03:37
stewis he unwelcome there?03:39
elkyhe was pulling the same crap there by what i'm told03:40
elkyand it does count as 'any ubuntu related channel'03:40
geniitsimpson, Riddell, other Kubuntu folks... kubuntuforums.net seems to have been down for a quite a while now. Does anyone know if this is regular downtime or possibly something else?03:42
durocki neeed support03:48
durocktheres someone who can help me?03:48
geniidurock: This is not the support channel, but rather #ubuntu-ops . Did you try to enter #ubuntu channel ?03:50
durockthanks ill try03:50
geniidurock: Please do not remain in this channel03:54
stew<+elky> he's also into ban evasion04:31
stewi'm having trouble finding a ban he evaded04:31
stewdoes someone have a specific example?04:31
Flannelstew: I'm not sure if there's others, but joining here 3 hours ago was.05:18
* Flannel hasn't looked.05:18
stewok, i'll see if i can find that05:18
stewFlannel: as vertix?05:18
Flannelstew: Indeed.  Elky removed two bans (Well, a ban and a mute) 30 minutes ago, the ban there was one he was evading.05:19
stewoh, joining HERE05:19
Flannelwell, it was a ban set up, and he joined anyway.05:19
FlannelI'm not sure I'd personally call it evasion05:20
Flannelstew: like I said, I'm not sure re: others.05:20
FlannelI just used the powers of lastlog ;)05:20
geniiAccording to the logs his IP seemed to rotate on what you might expect of a dhcp connection...like once a day or so05:31
mneptokjussi01: http://woa2.com/hedgehog-with-big-ears/05:32
geniiMay14 seemed only single day he had different numbers05:32
geniimneptok: Wow, that thing is tiny05:32
mneptokif i had a nickel ...05:35
elkyFlannel, i call it evasion when a ban is placed and the user is informed they are banned for X time and they return before that time without leaving if it's really accidental.05:58
elkystew, he also has a nick ban in #u. usually that requires evasion.05:59
Myrttidoes anyone speak spanish better than I do? someone needs to tell artistx and songer that they're about to be kicked06:17
Myrttiok, thanks06:21
geniiMyrtti: Feel free. The "English only in #ubuntu Spanish in #ubuntu-es"    translation of babelfish obviously didn't impact06:21
Myrttigenii: which is why I didn't even try it06:21
geniiI do sometimes because they may only be oblivious and not purposely ignorant. But the effect varies.06:22
geniiMyrtti: Hehe... I'm pretty sure "pinches mamones" isn't complimentary06:25
Myrttithat's the thing, I don't speak a word of spanish06:25
MyrttiI only go by the tone of the words06:26
geniiApparently "endejo" translates roughly to "bugger"06:28
MyrttiI wonder, should the bans list be raked again06:33
geniiWell, 1:40AM here. So sleep time for me. 06:42
Myrttigenii: nini dearie06:42
geniiMyrtti: Gnite06:42
mneptok"endejo" might be shorthand for "pendejo" *shrug*07:03
jussi01mneptok: yeah, those long eared hedgies a great :D07:06
mneptokFLOOPPY SNUFFLER!!!!!11!!!!!ONE!!!!07:08
MyrttiI feel like slapping every mibbit user with the default nick to death07:51
zirodayHi, someone might want to put an eye on Silverinho in #ubuntu, thanks!08:08
Mamarokcan I ban somebody with a reason and tell him to ask for an unban somewhere?08:16
Myrttithat's the exact way of doing it08:16
Mamarokhe is flooding the channel with in/out all the time08:16
Mamarokwhere would I send him to then ?08:16
Myrtti/mode +b nick!ident@host!##fix_your_connection08:17
jussi01Mamarok: we usually forward them to ##fix_your_connection''08:17
Mamarokjussi01: thanks08:17
jussi01Mamarok: theres a scripted part to do it08:17
jussi01/af iirc - look again at the source08:18
Mamarokjussi01: I know, still have to find my way around...08:18
Mamarokjussi01: do I actually have to give the nick@host address or is nick sufficient?08:24
jussi01Mamarok: for use with the script?08:24
jussi01Mamarok: just the nick is fine08:24
Mamarokok, thx :)08:24
Myrttiwell Nick!*@*!##Fix_your_connection ;-)08:25
jussi01Myrtti: she is using auto_bleh08:25
MamarokMyrtti: I use a script for irssi08:25
jussi01Myrtti: shush08:25
MyrttiI did give it a try years ago08:25
jussi01Myrtti: it makes things _extra_ easy08:26
MamarokMyrtti: it really does :)08:26
Myrttijussi01: I dare say I get things as easy with my aliases08:26
jussi01Myrtti: autobleh is still easier :P08:26
Mamarokwell, I don't have to op myself in the first place08:27
jussi01Mamarok: I can give you +o in the channel where you got the script from if you want to practice...08:27
Myrttime neither!08:27
Myrttiwhatever floats your boat08:27
jussi01Myrtti: your aliases are basically a hack of what auto_bleh odes well :P08:27
Myrttijussi01: shouldn't you be working08:27
Castawayzexplain away at the rationale for removing me jussi0108:37
jussi01Castawayz: I gave you the botabuse factoid because you said: [10:31:52] <Castawayz> i just like using ubottu dont mind me08:38
Castawayzi still gave proper information08:38
Castawayzwere you just jonesing to use your all important op power?08:39
jussi01Castawayz: Im well over the need to do that. 08:39
Castawayzwell over the need?08:40
Castawayzis your name zulu for overreaction08:40
MamarokCastawayz: that will not make your case better...08:40
Castawayzi'm sorry your holiness08:41
Myrttithat's not helping either08:41
Castawayzthank you for having an audience with me your majesty08:41
Castawayzhow about we hug it out.08:41
jussi01Castawayz: I removed you as warning. simple. you are not banned, please just use the bot properly.08:41
Castawayzgetting banned on irc isnt the end of the world08:42
Castawayzthat's why god invented shells and vpns08:42
Myrttiand you're not banned08:42
Castawayzgenesis 1:108:42
MyrttiCastawayz: please leave08:42
CastawayzIn the beginning, there were a bunch of snotty operators. But then God made unix shells  in case they abused their power. And it was good.08:42
UbuntuOpsRAsswipfuuuck you08:45
UbuntuOpsRAsswipi can dance all day boom headshot boom headshot08:45
MyrttiMamarok: welcome to the looney bin08:46
triplefyouban my identd you morons08:46
triplefyoui thought you were like awesome gurus08:46
Mamarokwhat an idiot ...08:47
elkyerrr.. wrong way round08:48
jpdsBan forward the whole channel for now.08:48
okyougottabantheim not a mean guy08:50
okyougottabantheim just trying to point out that say i was mean and wanted to flood08:50
elkychristel, halp!08:50
Myrttiis there a way to ban two word realnames?08:50
jpdsI told you to forward joins somewhere else.08:50
Myrttibecause he'll probably swap the ident as soon as he finds a system that doesn't run identd08:51
Seeker`wow, fun08:51
jpdsMyrtti: It's *castaway.08:52
christelhe's gone 08:53
* Seeker` -> work08:54
okgoodjobok good work08:54
okgoodjobthat's all i wanted you to do08:54
okgoodjobhave a good night08:54
okgoodjoblove and peace08:54
Myrttiwhat's his problem, really?08:56
elkyprobably some chemical extra or lacking.08:56
MamarokMyrtti: proof of concept I guess08:56
Myrttiand as I said, he changed his ident08:56
Mamarokkid probing how far he can go08:57
Tm_Tis that enough for K-train?09:04
elkyTm_T, he'd just dodge k-tickets too.09:05
* Mamarok thinks Tm_T and elky are talking in riddles..09:06
elkyMamarok, k:line09:07
elkywhich the k-train runs along. one requires a k-ticket to ride the k-train09:08
elkychristel, can we also k-line sh3lls :P09:08
elkyin general. it has too many trolls.09:09
christelyah, i did so, but i suspect theres another 100 or so hosts yet to show up09:09
christelvanity host shell providers are one of my pet peeves 09:09
elkyuseruseruser is not to be unbanned from #ubuntu until he can prove he's not going to spam it with ggggggggggggggggggunit anymore09:21
bazhangnot enough channels for him to guuuuunnnit I guess10:39
Mamarokdid I just miss another one?10:40
bazhanguseruseruser was at it again10:40
Mamarokoh, that one!10:40
bazhangcongrats Mamarok !  (btw)  :)10:41
Mamarokthx bazhang :)10:41
bazhangsee you on the mailing lists all the time :)10:41
MamarokI know, I know, I am the bad girl ;)10:42
bazhangseem very helpful from what I have read :)10:43
MamarokI hope so...10:43
Mamarokeven if some users eat my nerves sometimes...10:43
* Mamarok goes back to work to earn some monnies10:44
jussi01ikonia: see PM...11:56
ikonia@bansearch indus12:03
ubottuNo matches found for indus!n=mahiti@ in any channel12:03
indushi there12:05
ikoniaubottu.com dead jussi01 ?12:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:06
induswhy did u ask me to move it here? is that like an invitation to argue?12:06
ikoniaindus: no, I said I'm not arguing, if you wanted to discuss it more do it in #ubuntu-ops12:07
ikoniaI didn't invite you here, I just wanted to stop the discussion in #ubuntu 12:07
indusstop being a jerk what is that supposed to mean?12:07
ikoniaexactly what it says, stop being a jerk12:07
induswhats a jerk btw12:07
indusok nvm12:07
ikoniabeing a pain / issue in the channel 12:08
indusiam a pain in the channel? 12:08
ikoniayou where at that moment yes trying to "be right"12:08
indusi think i was explaining to you the facts 12:08
ikoniaI kept telling you "I don't know about that hardware" so stop going over the "facts" 12:09
indusyou can check it yourself if you wish what ati chipset is called in ubuntu12:09
indusya so i told you about the hardware thats all12:09
ikoniaindus: I know what it is called, I kept telling you "I don't know about that hardware"12:09
ikoniaindus: but I can't help if I don't know about the hardware, 12:09
indusya so i only told u because i have similar ati as spike had12:09
ikoniaso ???12:09
ikoniaI still can't help12:09
induscant help it if iam right can i12:09
indusu are an op i guess, but please do mind your words12:10
ikoniait's nothing to do with being an op12:10
ikoniathe guy wanted help, I can't help him, I said "I can't help" 4 - times, keep telling me about that card won't make me able to help12:11
indusok bye 12:11
ikonia!ops | vertix 12:27
ubottuvertix: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!12:27
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (vertix)12:27
bazhangban forwarded here?12:28
elkyvertix, you have changed your mind?12:28
ikonia@bansearch vertix12:28
ubottuMatch: vertix!*@* by Seeker` in #ubuntu on May 16 2009 17:34:13 (ID: 13583)12:28
* ikonia thanks the lord for elk12:28
elkyikonia, he's unbanned from here so he can come tell us when he's changed his mind as per his discussion with stew earlier.12:29
Tm_Telky: oh, hat?12:29
ikoniaelky: yup, but I wanted someone around before it kicked off again 12:29
elkyTm_T, the bans can go back on if he's going to be silly just as easily as i took em off.12:29
elky(easier, in fact)12:30
vertixi did some more study on this12:30
elkyvertix, so you've changed your mind and decided to stop?12:30
vertixand you guys do the stupidest ting possible12:30
vertixand the more you do it, the worse it gets12:30
ikoniathat's a no then12:31
elkyindeed it is, ikonia12:31
vertixthis stuff is so sensitive and so many people can get in trouble12:31
Tm_The says being security specialist and yet have to deal with us?12:32
ikoniasecurity specialist and he got hardware rooted12:32
ikonianot the best advert12:32
elkyhe says he's a security specialist, but breaks his menu.lst by copy pasting the redhat entries and s/redhat/ubuntu/ on those bits.12:32
elky(which is apparently a rootkit)12:33
Tm_Telky: thats why it cannot be detected12:33
elkyof course. mind you, rebuilding the menu.lst is actually trival enough if you have a livecd.12:34
ikoniaelky: same way he "ported" redhat to other platforms for redhat, but was in ##linux asking what "disk labels" where12:35
ikonia"do you not know who I am"12:35
elkyikonia, please tell me you log...12:35
ikoniaI know you've just admited to the world that you a security specialist and master redhat porter don't know what a disk label is and that you have been rooted by people you keep calling fools12:36
ikoniaelky: let me look12:36
ikonia21:35 < vertix> how do I change the partition name gnome file browser uses to show partitions?12:36
ikoniathat's all I've got from it12:36
ikoniait goes on to say that gnome picks the partition / mount points from the disk name/label"12:36
ikonia"what's a disk label"12:36
ikoniaI may have it in full12:37
ikoniathat's all my grepping pulled out12:37
elkyis he firing up anywhere else yet?12:37
ikoniaall quiet in the rooms I'm in, but he is in others that I'm not12:38
elkyapparently you've followed him into all his rooms12:39
ikoniayet I'm not in them12:39
ikoniahe only means the obvious one's like ##linux and ##kernel, which shock horror, I was in there before him12:39
elkyoh lookie. /queries12:39
elky<vertix> one more time: you are doing the stupidest thing possible under the circumstances because what I am seeing is this thing is way too sensitive and many people may get hurt and some of them in high places on both sides of the fence. The more you do this, the worst it gets12:39
ikoniahe said that in the channel before he was kicked12:40
elkywasnt as exciting as i was expecting12:40
ikoniahe's losing it when he can't be bothered to type new rants, just cut's and pastes 30 seconds old ones12:41
elkynah trolls are lazy from the get go.12:41
ikoniahe was quite inventive, even to the detail of informing #clamav how he's invested a new virus scanner to scan emtpy files to pick up the root kit12:42
ikoniahe's clearly a blue sky thinker12:42
elky##security is typically dead, i take it?12:44
ikoniayes, but it's normally got good topics when alive12:44
ikoniaeg: dead but when it does speak, it's worthwhile12:44
elkyoh, and he continues...13:06
elky<vertix> the provisions about logs have been made. If anybody makes the wrong move, the whole thing will appear automatically in all sorts of places, and when it does, some heads will roll, after what I have learned with new information. I am trying to approach this very cautiously until I see the whole picture. If I don't see the whole picture, I may make a move, many will regret. So, it is not beneficial for you to play these stoopid games yo13:06
elkyu do to13:06
elky<vertix> and you, specifically, are close to top of the list, remember this real well13:06
elkychristel, can we please have a reprieve from this moron?13:07
christelsame guy as earlier? 13:07
christelhe should be gone13:08
elkynot castawayz, no. different lunatic13:09
elkyhe messed up his menu.lst and believes it's a rootkit.13:10
elkythat's my understanding anyway.13:10
christelaah him13:13
christelyou evil hax0r you 13:13
ikoniayou can't buy this sort of foolish behviour13:15
ikoniaI personally think the rootkit has pici's mark all over it (vertix reads logs, and should now start blaming pici) - enjoy :)13:16
bazhangI am betting if his ban in #ubuntu is removed all will be fixed. seems like not so veiled threats imo13:22
ikoniabazhang: I don't think it will, as this was the reason he got the ban13:24
PiciHe doesn't seem to be able to act like a normal person in any of the channels we've seen him in.  If we remove the ban I have a feeling we would be re-applying it quite quickly.13:25
bazhangsurprised he is still allowed in -kernel actually13:26
ikoniabazhang: he's been warned to not make his noises in there, so if he does he's gone, but he has stopped in there13:27
bazhangikonia, he seems to be offline now 13:27
ikoniaso he does, but he has been quiet in that channel after he was told to not make noise13:27
ikoniachanserv lagging13:36
ikoniasomeone else can deal with kingkimi now, fed up with the same behaviour from him "I've read everything but can't do it213:45
ikoniautter time wating lies13:45
PiciLet some one else help him then.13:45
ikoniaI know it sounds nuts13:47
ikoniathe most obscure question posted on the same os in 24 hours13:48
bazhangmust be him13:48
ikonianow kingkimi is just giving him false info13:49
bazhangand kingkimi is helping him13:49
ikonianot sure if I should stop him13:49
Myrttiikonia: yes, you should13:50
PiciKingKimi seems to be pretty knowledgable despite not knowing how to read a wiki page13:52
ikoniaPici: he's offering a false economy though13:52
ikoniaPici: but you are correct13:52
ikoniaok - that's %100 panarchy13:53
ikoniathat's his exact setup13:53
ikoniahe must be using a proxy of some sort13:53
elkyi need a new mouse. this one is liking to do double clicks far too much.13:54
ikoniasame client too13:54
ikonia(although I do appreciate more than one person can use firefox + chatzilla)13:55
elkyikonia, did you try suggesting the forum post yet? if not, i'll butt in with it13:56
elkystart the stopwatch13:56
ikoniais much as it pains me I can't be %100 due to the USA isp 13:56
* genii crawls over to the coffeepot14:18
bazhangstarting to doubt that was panarchy, unless he completely changed his speaking style, etc14:19
ikoniathe IP does suggest that14:21
ikoniabut the same very rare question within 24 hours and the same setup (keep multiple disk mbrs on seperate drives) is identical to panarchy14:21
ikoniadidn't remove him as wasn't %100 sure14:21
ikoniadespite poor wording on the contrary 14:21
bazhang the !offline factoid has http://apt.alturl.com/ that in it (only up to intrepid on the site though)14:21
Picibazhang: poke ljl about it14:22
bazhangljl runs the site apparently14:22
bazhangPici, faster typist you14:22
ikoniaimpressive how much ljl contributes in terms of tools14:23
bazhanguser in #kubuntu asking about aptoncd said it pulls gnome dependencies14:23
PiciIt is a gtk app iirc14:23
bazhangwonder if that site could help but not sure as it is just for packages at a time apparently14:24
bazhangalso, is apturl something new14:24
bazhangjust tried it, pretty cool14:33
geniiWork, /away14:35
jussi01topyli: PING!!!!14:48
jussi01topyli: I need that fish soup recipe :D14:48
jussi01fish soup with cheese... nom nom :d14:50
* genii sips14:52
ikoniabugabundo thinks it's his own chat channel15:00
PiciI know...15:00
ikoniagetting a bit fed up of it, and his argument15:00
ikoniathat if it's not policed it's ok15:01
ikoniarather than just respect the topic15:01
bazhangnight all15:04
LjLi think i've managed to end up in almost the precisely opposite mental timezone as bazhang15:04
LjLwell i know it's not morning because there can't be 30°C in the morning :<15:06
Piciikonia: looks like they found -offtopic finally.15:06
LjLwhat did bazhang or whoever he was helping need apt.alturl.com for? not clear from the logs except it might not do what they needed it to15:09
PiciLjL: I think it was in #k15:11
geniiLjL: The user wanted an offline install alternative15:12
LjLuhm, the #k logs seem to be missing something. anyway, kind of a weird request15:13
LjLseems to me the easiest way to do what he wanted, if i understand what he wanted, would be to just dpkg -i en masse15:16
geniiLjL: I'd think so to.15:16
LjLah but he goes on to explain why he doesn't want to do that15:17
LjLyeah my site might help with that, with the help of sed15:17
PiciWell, your site needed the update regardless of the present use15:18
LjLPici: given that my site gets used about once a month (during the good months), i'm interested in its use cases15:18
elkyhttp://games.funnygames.nl/lemmings/index.html <-- lemmings in javascript. someone is going to need to ban me from the internet so i can get to bed15:23
elkythe buttons are dodgy, but other than that... stupidly well done15:25
LjLi said heresy15:25
LjLi only play lemmings on my amiga or an amiga emulator, for the PC version of the music makes me cringe.15:26
elkywell, off to bed15:26
* Pici grabs his head and pops like a lemming15:26
* genii Krazy Glues Pici back together15:27
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (iamleneko)15:51
Picitaken care of15:53
PiciLjL: thanks15:53
geniiWork, /away15:55
* ikonia is physically dying after the gym16:23
LjLikonia: you are mistaken.16:24
LjLthis isn't hell, it's just IRC.16:24
LjLan easy mistake to make.16:24
ikoniaI'd welcome hell at this moment, it maybe cooler than my face16:28
LjLit's probably cooler than here too16:29
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* genii prepares more coffee17:35
geniiIf someone wanted to start a #k loco channel, who would they approach?17:37
Tm_Tgenii: their loco if they have one somewhere, if not, us then?17:38
LjLthe relevant loco17:38
Tm_Tgenii: no, not us, -irc (:17:38
LjLalso, if the relevant loco is some tiny one where the main #ubuntu channel is made up by about 12 people, then IMHO they should approach something hot, pointy, electrically charged or otherwise harmful >:17:39
ikoniaare loco channels not #u or #k specific18:00
ikoniajust "loco"18:00
Tm_Tikonia: depends?18:03
Tm_Tikonia: finnish loco has atleast 5 channels, including ubuntu, kubuntu, devel etc etc18:04
ikoniareally ? what are they18:05
jussi01ikonia: smaller loco's have oonly #ubuntu-XX18:11
jussi01where as bigger locos are split18:11
jussi01#kubuntu-XX #ubuntu-XX etc18:12
jussi01and -fi is special :P18:13
ikoniaof course18:13
jussi01also, some locos have -ops (-es for example)18:13
ikoniayes. I saw that a short while ago 18:14
geniiBleh. Someone's yelling for me every couple minutes here. /away a while18:19
ubottusebsebseb called the ops in #ubuntu (changedname)18:28
PiciI dont think an ops call was necessary.18:28
ikoniaI'm there now18:28
ikoniachecking I didn't miss anything18:28
PiciAs am I.18:28
ikoniaok it was18:29
ikoniascroll up before the name change18:29
PiciAnd he changed his name after being requested...18:29
ikoniahome time18:30
PiciMez: did you speak with him?18:31
MezPici: no... he was spamming a lot to the channel... so I was watching to see if he stopped while silenced18:31
LjLikonia: /msg alis list #ubuntu-it*18:36
* genii sips and catches up on scroll18:37
geniiEvery little thing today, they call for me "I jammed the paper shredder" "why is my phone making this weird sound" "if I dry it out will the elctronics still work?"  etc18:41
* genii hides18:41
LjLand is coffee the answer to *all* of those?18:41
geniiLjL: Sadly coffee was the cause of one18:41
Picigenii: Which one?18:42
geniiPici: The cash register needing to dry out.18:42
geniiI'm sure it's fried though actually18:42
Picigenii: Where do you do support?18:43
geniiPici: Remember I have 4 jobs18:43
Picigenii: I didnt18:43
FlannelWell, if it wasn't turned on when they dropped the coffee on it...18:44
FlannelAlso, if it didn't already let out magic smoke.  But, just drying out the coffee won't help.  You'll have to wash it off, as I'm sure dehydrated coffee is conductive.18:45
genii1) look after office bldg, collect rents, fix things, run elevator   2) volunteer/sometime paid part time admin/support for a co-op ISP (in same bldg) 3) IT on-call for a couple companies in same bldg  4) Supervise a night-time art dropin (which has also a computer lab I look after)  . So the cash register was during 1)18:46
LjLwait, you mean you aren't *paid* to sip coffee?18:46
geniiFlannel: No smoke but some popping, apparently18:46
FlannelLjL: that's 5) which he failed to mention: 5) part time performance artist18:46
geniiAfter it dries out I'll get the multimeter out, pop it open and test crap18:46
geniiLjL: I need al the jobs to pay for my caffeine habit18:47
geniiAnd my gadget addiction18:47
geniiFlannel: Job 5 is a labour of love, btw18:54
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, LjL said: !no | aubade, although this is getting cliche18:57
* genii watches LjL go !best crazy19:03
Seeker`hi Mamarok 19:44
Mamarokhi Seeker` 19:55
Mamaroksry, still drowned in work19:55
Seeker`tis ok :)19:57
Seeker`I HATE putty20:47
Seeker`and RSI20:47
Seeker`fumbling for the mouse with the wrong hand + right click + putty + text in clipboard to be translated to see what it means20:48
Pici:( I like putty20:59
ikoniait's a great app, but my cut and paste borks too20:59
Tm_Tchange settings then?21:30
Tm_TMyrtti: hi hi21:31
* Myrtti is happily tipsy21:31
Seeker`hi Myrtti 21:32
Tm_TMyrtti: then be happy for both of us (;)21:33
MyrttiTm_T: I bloody well am!21:40
guntbertHI, I propose to detach the factoid !mount from !partitions and replace it with "mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/mounting.html"21:45
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap21:47
LjLdon't we have something on help.u.c about mounting rather than tuxfiles?21:48
guntbertLjL:  I didn't check, but will :-)21:49
LjLhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount doesn't look too bad at a cursory glance21:50
guntbertLjL: I propose to detach the factoid !mount from !partitions and replace it with "mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount"21:51
* Myrtti just bought flights back to UK22:07
Seeker`Myrtti: yay!22:08
Seeker`Myrtti: when?22:08
guntbertis there any input expected from me?22:08
LjLguntbert: no, you're just being ignored because no one apparently wants to fiddle with factoids at the moment :)22:09
MyrttiI can happily say I'm too drunk to think about any bloody factoids :-D22:10
Myrttihaving said that, off to kitchen to microwave something nommy22:10
Tm_TMyrtti: shame on you22:10
guntbertLjL: its not *that* urgent anyway :-) so I'll be off - nice journey to Myrtti 22:11
MyrttiTm_T: I really *am* ashamed22:11
Seeker`Myrtti: june?22:11
Seeker`!partitions is <reply> For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap22:11
ubottuBut partitions already means something else!22:11
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap22:12
ubottumount is <alias> disks - added by Seveas on 2006-06-18 17:50:2422:12
LjLso since -ot is no help as usual, and there's probably a larger percentage of travelers here to begin with. what would be a decent site to scrape airline sites for cheapest tickets for europe flights?22:12
ubottudisks aliases: formatting, format, partition, partitions, partitioning, mount, mounting, disk, harddrive - added by LjL on 2006-07-20 23:35:02 - last edited by tsimpson on 2009-05-01 14:04:2922:12
MyrttiSeeker`: yeah22:12
LjL(how come virtually every factoid in the world seems to have been added by me)22:12
ubottugordonjcp called the ops in #ubuntu (gr00ber)22:13
Seeker`!mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount22:13
ubottuBut mount already means something else!22:13
Seeker`ubottu: no, mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount22:13
ubottuI'll remember that Seeker`22:13
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount22:13
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:40
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:40
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)22:40
ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !ufw is <alias> firewall22:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ufw22:59
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist22:59
Myrtti!ufw is <reply> foo23:00
ubottuI'll remember that, Myrtti23:00
Myrtti!no ufw is <alias> firewall23:00
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti23:00
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=== Ursula is now known as Ursinha

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