mikechelenis there some way to change window title bar size?03:29
likemindeadSettings>Window Manager gives you a lot of options.03:30
likemindeadAlso, Settings>Window Manager Tweaks03:31
likemindeadmikechelen, that help?03:37
mikechelenlikemindead, it lets the title font size be changed, however then the text starts to overflow the titlebar03:38
likemindeadProbably have to edit a config file...03:39
mikechelenany idea where? only guess might be the theme03:39
likemindeadHmm... it looks like the "User Interface" settings aren't in Jaunty...03:42
likemindeadSorry, mikechelen, I'm usually trying to make things smaller...03:45
mikechelenlikemindead, hehe thanks anyway, shows how custom options are needed to allow adjustments either direction :D03:47
likemindeadOh, I'm sure it's possible to adjust, I just don't know where to do it.03:48
mikechelenmight look around, depends how complicated it turns out to be03:51
tdappleanyone help me, i'm looking for a xubuntu icon..just the rat in the ubuntu symbol03:51
tdapplenever mind...got it03:51
mikechelenhow do you disable system beep in xubuntu?04:05
likemindeadAhoy. Love your OS.04:53
forceswhat is ahoy?04:58
likemindead!google ahoy04:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about google ahoy04:59
xubuntuhail.. likemindead05:01
forcesahoy = idiot05:01
forcesin japanesse05:01
xubuntuthought I  read something else..05:01
xubuntuin English05:01
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pegonI am on xfce4..and in the panel how do I get that little icon that shows me if my laptop is plugged in or running on battery?06:21
=== freego is now known as forces
SnowKittyanyone around?07:36
SnowKittyi borked my craptop07:43
SnowKittyapparently xubuntu hates the onboard video card in my laptop07:44
MyrttiSnowKitty: please elaborate07:46
SnowKittythe graphics are all fucked up, i got it installed but i cant get the video working right07:46
SnowKittyi tried booting in safe graphics mode too and it appears to hang at a funky white screen07:46
SnowKittyit's hard to explain, i'll try and get some pics in a lil bit07:47
SnowKittyill list off the specs if you need em07:48
SnowKittyit's an HP pavillion N5495... has 512MB PC133 ram, 1.06ghz tualatin P3, some shitty intel onboard video chip, 30GB hdd07:49
MyrttiSnowKitty: please mind your language, we try to keep the channels suitable for all ages and cultures...07:50
SnowKittyoh, sorry07:50
SnowKittyi got this machine for free a while back, ive tried XP on it and it didnt run as well as id have liked, windows 2000 ran okay, but i wanted to try linux on it07:51
SnowKittyproblem is, there's something going wrong here and im only really familiar with mac os and windows :|07:51
MyrttiSnowKitty: you could pastebin "sudo lshw -c display" so we'd know what intel exactly you've got07:52
SnowKittyokay, but the display can be hard to read cause of the graphics issues07:53
SnowKittylemme boot it up and snap a pic07:53
SnowKittyi forgot to mention that when i start up off the CD the menu where i select the options and stuff (whether i wanna boot from CD or install) comes up perfectly fine07:54
SnowKittyafter it boots though the graphics go all weird07:54
SnowKittyokay, i got some pics. im gonna upload em to photobucket07:57
SnowKittyand i typed in the command you gave me, it says intel 8283008:02
SnowKittyand here's a pic of what the screen looks like: http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m280/desukat/messedupgraphics.jpg08:04
SnowKittycould it be something's set wrong? or is it a driver issue?08:07
artistxeis this 9.04 or 8.10 ?08:11
mikechelenSnowKitty, does changing resolution help at all?08:11
SnowKittyit's 9.0408:11
SnowKittythis laptop apparently has some nasty hardware bugs, the speakers sometimes kick back on wheil you have headphones in, and sometimes the keybaord/trackpad stop working till you put it to sleep and wake it again08:12
artistxeanyway. I have a quick question. I am looking for a list of programs that run inside terminal only  ( like vim,irssi,snownews ,....)08:13
SnowKittyi looked into it and ive seen that several other people had those problems too08:13
=== freego is now known as forces
mikechelendo you know what video chip it uses?08:14
artistxerun an lspci . google for problems with your card08:16
artistxebtw. I am waiting until 9.04 is out for awhile before upgrading. better to be safe and hope the bugs get worked out.08:17
SnowKittythere it is08:17
SnowKittyintel 830M08:17
artistxehttp://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/cs-010512.htm             you may want to update/ replace (with vesa drivers)08:20
mikechelen9.04 is causing no troubles for me, although it may vary by hardware08:23
SnowKittyi cant get this figured out08:31
SnowKittysomeone in another irc channel told me i should try the 810 driver but i have no idea where to get it or how to install it08:32
artistxejoin the world of ...there is probably a fix but it may take some time for you to figure it out.08:36
artistxegoogle your brains out.08:37
artistxeSnowKitty, was 8.10 working fine for you ?08:38
SnowKittyi havent tried that08:38
artistxeif so, you can always revert.08:38
SnowKittyi was running windows 2000 before i tried 9.0408:38
artistxenot the smartest jump. some users of 8.10 have had problems with 9.0408:39
SnowKittyi think i should have asked around ehre before i wasted a CDR on this one08:39
artistxeseriously. have seen it referred to as "The jerkoff Jackelope "08:40
artistxewell. I use xubuntu intrepid and tmxxine prism . both are best (imho) distros to use for ease of mind. eventually you will graduate to Gentoo08:42
SnowKittyim gonna try rehular ubuntu right now, should i get 8.04 or 9.0408:42
artistxeseriously. "regular" ubuntu is bloated.08:43
artistxeget xubuntu 8.1008:43
artistxe (intrepid)08:43
gabkdllyI myself graduated from Gentoo to Ubuntu :)08:44
SiDiartistxe: its not *bloated*08:46
SiDiintel just forgot to code drivers for xorg 1.608:46
mikechelenSnowKitty, try searching ubuntuforums.org for intel 830m08:47
SnowKittyi cant find xubuntu 8.1008:47
SnowKittyi see 9.04 and 8.0something08:48
SnowKittyim blind >.<08:48
SnowKittyi found it08:48
artistxegabkdlly, you got lucky with hardware config then.08:49
artistxeSiDi : compared to xubuntu , ubuntu is bloated ( methinks)08:49
mikechelenthey are designed for different circumstances08:50
gabkdllyartistxe: actually, I did end up having to compile my own kernel, since the default has not worked for me since Gutsy08:50
SnowKittyokay, torrenting up 8.1008:51
mikechelencompared to fluxbox, xfce seems resource-intensive :D08:54
SnowKitty1.1 now08:56
artistxemikechelen, is that the wm you use with xubuntu ?08:58
artistxeI was surprided at how fast e16 ran here when I tried it.08:58
artistxeerg. need sleep. laters08:58
mikechelenartistxe, usually with damn small linux, it works fine with ubuntu too though08:59
SnowKittyit works!09:24
_Pete_famous last words :)09:27
SnowKittyi guess it was just an issue in 9.0409:28
* SnowKitty installs09:29
slimjimflimshould i upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04...any opinions?09:57
mikechelensure as long as there are no known problems for your hardware10:06
SnowKittyit's got Xchat :310:10
SnowKittyhow do i change my touchpad's settings so that it doesnt act like a mouseclick when tapped?10:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shm10:15
SiDiSnowKitty: you need to enable SHMConfig in your xorg.conf, then there are plenty of options you can use10:15
SnowKittyi'm sorry, i have no idea how to do that >.<10:17
SnowKittyi dont have alot f experience with linux :/10:17
SiDii dont know either :p10:18
SiDiall i know is that you'll need to enable SHMConfig if you want to tweak your touchpad10:18
SnowKittyi HATE having it like this10:20
SnowKittyits annoying10:20
Pixelsif I create a USB Boot stick using Xbuntu instead of Ubuntu, will it take less space on a 1GB USB stick?10:27
SiDiPixels: its more or less the same space10:27
Pixelsthats too bad :(10:28
Pixelsi was hoping it took less10:28
* Pixels cries10:28
PixelsSiDi:  you know trhat for fact, or you guessing?10:28
SiDiI'm guessing10:30
SiDicompare the size of the ubuntu & xubuntu iso's, Pixels10:30
SiDiits more or less the same :p10:30
Pixelsthats not what I asked10:31
Pixelsthere is an option to create a bootable USB stick in ubuntu10:31
Pixelsdoes xubuntu have to that too?10:31
SiDiits called unetbootin if i'm not wrong10:32
SiDiyou can install it10:32
SiDieverything in ubuntu can be obtained in xubuntu too, we have the same applications available, just not the same installed by default :p10:32
Pixelsok... so if I create a boot USB stick through Xubuntu, how much space does it take on 1GB stick?10:33
Pixelsif you dont know, just say so10:33
Pixelsi dont want guessing10:33
SiDiHow would i know ? :P10:33
PixelsSiDi = troll10:33
SiDiInstall and you'll see then10:33
SiDioh dear10:33
mikechelendoes usb boot stick maker allow extra packages to be included?10:47
SiDiyou should use the OEM install tools for this10:48
SiDiand once you built your OEM iso, put it on the key as you would do with an ubuntu iso10:49
mikechelenwhere is the oem install tool?10:54
SiDiI think you'll need the alternate CD10:55
SiDiand once you're in the cd's menu, press F6 for additional options, and theres the "Create an OEM image" one there10:55
SiDiIf my memory doesnt betray me ~10:55
mikechelenhmm so how do you select packages from there?11:09
mikechelenbecause that is before networking gets brought up11:10
brevolutionhello, I just installed xubuntu over an original ubuntu install, does anyone know a good way to purge unneeded packages to make sure nothing extra is being loaded from gnome?11:13
SiDibrevolution: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce11:14
SiDithis should do it ;)11:14
brevolutionhmm, not quite, I still want to be able to run some gnome/kde apps, but I want to get rid of things like gnome's desktop background renderer (which happens to be what my next question's about)11:17
brevolutionI've got compiz running and want to keep it, and for a while it worked fine with xfce's background image loader, but something (I have no idea what) changed, and now gnome has control of background drawing11:18
brevolutionwhich wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that gnome only lets you use one image at a time, and I have 2 screens, xfce allows different backgrounds on different physical screens11:19
brevolutionif I reload the window manager I see the proper backgrounds flash for a second but the single-image gnome one covers them up almost immediately11:21
brevolutionand it worked fine for a while, then at one point it stopped; unfortunately I can't remember what I changed or installed around that time11:24
SiDibrevolution: you probably have nautilus running somewhere11:27
SiDinautilus / thunar manage backgrounds in gnome / xfce11:27
brevolutionso I can't use nautilus and xfce's background manager at the same time? or is there a way to disable nautilus' control of that?11:28
halzhi folks. external usb drive not being found. Nothing in dmesg about it being detected?11:29
SiDibrevolution: you'd have to launch nautilus as "nautilus --no-background"11:29
SiDior no-desktop, im not sure :p11:29
SiDieither, nautilus will just take control of your desktop11:29
SnowKittythis runs like shit11:32
SnowKittyi think it might be using software to render the screen11:32
halzdid'nt know sh*t was open source :)11:32
SnowKittyit is :o11:32
SnowKittythe graphics problems are mostly gone11:33
brevolutionthanks, I'll see if I can find a way to have it always run that way......comes up that way on boot before I open any nautilus windows11:33
SnowKittybut everything's running kinda slow and the system monitor says its idling at about 10-30% cpu use11:33
SnowKittyalso, even xchat is a little laggy when switching channel windows11:34
halzI had problems with my inbult intel video being sluggish, but now since I moved to Xubuntu its working fine.11:34
SnowKittyso im almost positive that its not using hardware for the video right now :/ it feels like windows when it uses the generic vga driver11:34
SnowKittyi am on xubuntu :|11:35
SnowKittyim probably gonna find another distro or just stick win2k back on this laptop11:35
SnowKittythough if i can fix this up ill keep xubuntu on it11:35
halzplay around see what works for you11:35
SnowKittyalso, im getting minor graphic glitches11:36
SnowKittylittle bits of gargabe on some parts of the screen sometimes11:36
SnowKittyits nowhere near as bad as it was under 9.04 though11:37
halzI tried gentoo. very nice but alot of work at times when things so wrong11:37
halzbest I have had so far is puppylinux, but its a root only distro, its only down side11:38
SiDibrevolution: there might be a nautilus preference setting to tell it not to touch the desktop11:39
brevolutionthanks, I think there is one actually, I remember seeing something similar when I was trying to find a solution in the forums, looking through gconf for it right now11:41
SnowKittyhow would i go about installing a driver on this?11:42
SnowKittyi can find the linux driver for my video card on intels site11:42
SnowKittybut i dunno how to use it11:43
brevolutionyep, found it, running nautilus -q cleared the gnome background, and there's an option in gconf to stop nautilus from rendering the desktop, you lose icon loading control too, but that's no issue for me11:44
SiDianyways if it doesnt load the desktop, xfdesktop will work properly and you'll have your wallpapers ;11:46
SnowKittysomething is very wrong here11:48
SnowKittyfirefox has garbage all over the screen11:48
SnowKittydammit i give up11:53
SnowKittyi wish this laptop had a better video card >.<11:54
isaac_How do you disable the trash function?  I want to just have the file deleted.13:36
isaac_Why?  Because when I delete something from an external hard drive it copies the whole file into internal hard drive to store in trash bin.13:36
padi999Hey all13:41
padi999what is the difference/advantage of xubuntu over kubuntu and ubuntu themselves?13:41
th0risaac_: you can install a custom command in thunar13:41
padi999what about the process/memory leak issues in firefox and xorg in 9.4, does xubuntu have them, too?13:42
th0risaac_: in thunar choose Edit-Configure Custom Commands. Then create a new command called Nuke, put in the command 'rm %f', and make sure it is applied to all files13:43
padi999xorg is in kubuntu 9.4 an extreme cpu hog (all the time over 70%)13:43
padi999I just don't see, where xubuntu jumps in. On the homepage the usual bs is written. No comparisons/benchmarking/whatever13:43
Slonkieneither firefox or xorg is using massive amounts of mem/cpu in my system13:45
padi999Slonkie, thanks, how much mem do you have?13:51
Slonkie2gb, padi99913:51
padi999Slonkie: well I only got 512M13:53
padi999so, 10% for you is 40% for me13:53
isaac_th0r where is nuke supposed to show up?13:59
th0risaac_: if you created it correctly it will show up on the menu when you right click the file you want to delete14:00
isaac_Yeah, I found it.  "Appearance" doesn't mean how it looks, it means when it will appear. :/14:02
isaac_Thank you.14:02
th0risaac_: and now that I think of it...you will probably need to add -f to the command ('rm -f %f'). But be aware that when you choose Nuke...it is too late to change your mind <smile>14:02
padi999Slonkie: the problem really is that when computers got better, newer distros put more functionality into their core packages thus assuming higher ram/better hardware.14:02
padi999This makes sense to some extent.14:03
Slonkiei see14:03
padi999so it "does not make sense" to update if you are stuck with years old hardware14:03
padi999good article about that: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/l-linux-memory.html14:04
SiDipadi999: what GPU do you have ? Cause xorg sucks with some intel GPUs in 9.0414:04
padi999SiDi: well there's only that crappy Intel Media Acellerator, wait a sec.14:05
padi999SiDi: ah no: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV250 [Mobility FireGL 9000] (rev 02)14:06
isaac_Still can't get it to show up.14:07
brevolutionhello again, anyone have any idea why panel autohide would stop working?14:07
Pres-Gasbrevolution do the settings still say they are set to autohide?14:07
brevolutiontried turning it on and off and all that does is change how far maximized windows extend14:08
SiDipadi999: that deserves the title 'crappy' imo :14:08
padi999SiDi: I'm just saying. In 8.10 I had even beryl running smoothly, now in 9.4 I can't even start openoffice within 60s14:10
SiDipadi999: its because you dont have drivers for your GPU for xorg 1.614:11
SiDimostly because AMD drops support for their GPUs extremely fast14:11
SlonkieI wonder why, then i add Openoffice PPAs i can't update my openoffice14:11
SiDidid you try the ATI opensource drivers ?14:11
SiDiSlonkie: do you get errors about public keys ?14:12
SlonkieIt says i can only do "Partial upgrade" and i'm not able to install any of the Openoffice updates14:12
Slonkieno i did get the keys SiDi :/14:12
isaac_Okay, now I'm getting ticked.14:12
SiDiSlonkie: show me your /etc/apt/sources.list . you're on jaunty, right ?14:12
isaac_When I open custom actions Thunar automatically  jumps to the Videos folder for some reason.14:13
Slonkiesure SiDi14:13
SiDiisaac_: use Shift+Suppr for directly deleting the files btw14:13
brevolutionhmmm...and for some reason wine won't show in the main menu even though it's enabled in the main menu settings editor14:13
isaac_Thus, the Nuke icon only appears when I right click on something in the videos folder.14:13
SiDibrevolution: there is no settings editor in Xubuntu :P14:13
Slonkiehttp://pastebin.com/m1f6645da there you go, SiDi !14:13
SiDino menu editor *14:14
isaac_How do I get a custom action to appear in ALL folders?14:14
brevolutionso Settings/Main Menu does nothing to the actual menu?14:14
isaac_And SiDi I got the Shift.  What is Suppr?14:15
Slonkiesuper is windows button14:15
SiDiisaac_: shift+del14:15
SiDisuppr is the french name for it, sorry x_x14:15
Slonkieoh lol14:15
SiDiisaac_: also for your custom action, dont forget to look at the second tab of the custom actions editor : conditions of apparition14:16
SiDior whatever its called :p14:16
isaac_Yes, I got that.  It appears alright, but only when I right click something in Videos folder.14:16
SiDiSlonkie: just like that, : gksudo software-properties-gtk check if its in double or not. And then do a "sudo apt-get update" and tell me the output14:16
isaac_For some reason every time I open custom actions menu Thunar jumps to Videos folder.  Thus any custom action I set will only work in Videos.14:17
Slonkiethere one and theres one with (Source code)14:18
SlonkieThat's not wrong, is it SiDi ?14:18
SiDiis the checkbox "Folder contains videos" chcked isaac_ ?14:18
SiDiSlonkie: its ok then, do an update in the console to see whats wrong14:18
premorphoshey! any body knows if WUSB54GC wireless usb dongle, works with free drivers in inteprid14:18
SiDihttp://img245.imageshack.us/img245/8325/foo.png isaac_14:18
SiDiisaac_: tell me which checkboxes are checked/14:18
padi999SiDi: aaahh! So should I revert back to 8.10?14:19
Slonkiehttp://pastebin.ca/1428698 <- SiDi, I don't see any errors :/14:20
SiDipadi999: if you cant get drivers for your GPU it could be the safest thing to do.14:20
padi999SiDi: I tried ati and radeon, yes. But now in 9.4 I don't know how, because it seems that xorg.conf has...changed :)14:20
SiDipadi999: it has changed, alongside X.org itself :p14:20
padi999makes sense14:21
SiDiSlonkie: sudo apt-get upgrade ?14:21
padi999SiDi: so how can I check if fglrx or ati or radeon is used?14:21
SiDipadi999: i'm not sure, as i'm a nvidia user. what does lspci | grep VGA says ?14:22
isaac_Ahhh, THAT explains it!14:22
isaac_It just won't show up on desktop!14:22
SiDiisaac_: tell me :p14:22
tavastipadi999, on /var/loc/Xorg.log you can see what driver is used14:23
isaac_But it will show in any folder.14:23
padi999SiDi: already pasted it before: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV250 [Mobility FireGL 9000] (rev 02)14:23
isaac_Well........ that stinks.  But at least a whole 80 gigabyte folder won't try to copy from external hard drive to my internal hard drive's trash bin when I try to delete it now.14:23
tavastisorry, /var/log/...14:23
isaac_Thankee all.14:23
SiDiisaac_: i dont know if its wanted or not. You could ask JPohlmann about this, or write a bug report in bugs.launchpad.net against launchpad asking for actions on the desktop14:23
SlonkieDo you know why it's "keeping them back" SiDi ?14:24
SiDiisaac_: Shift+Del does delete immediately btw :p14:24
isaac_Nah, not worth it.  It solves the problem with my external hard drive at least.14:24
SiDipadi999: alright, i thought there could have been the driver name in it, but apparently now14:24
isaac_One side question though...... why doesn't Xubuntu just make a trash folder on the external hard drive like it used to?14:24
padi999tavasti: good idea, it's RADEON14:24
padi999brb have to switch AP :)14:25
isaac_Why does it copy the file I want to delete into the internal hard drive trash bin?14:25
premorphoshey did you get the ari mobility radeon 9000 igp working?14:25
SiDipadi999: try lsmod, looking for fglrx or vesa14:25
SiDiisaac_: the external HDD is ntfs or vfat ?14:25
isaac_Dunno.  I think ntfs.14:26
isaac_Maybe fat3214:26
SiDiisaac_: i dont know if it can host a linux trash. It could also be a permissions problem14:27
isaac_Oh well, at least problem is solved.14:27
isaac_Thankee much.14:27
SiDiSlonkie: Some packages may appear as 'kept back' in case of not fully update integration.  e.g. Open office usually being kept back until currently installed language packs for the current version of it are in the repositories.14:28
SiDifrom ubuntuforums14:28
Slonkiethat's bad :(14:29
SlonkieThere's no way to force this update, SiDi ? :P14:32
knomefehrp, ls: command not found14:32
fehrpsomehow my other nick (padi999) is stuck in nirvana-land :)14:32
Slonkieor upgrade*14:33
SiDiSlonkie: i dont know14:34
SlonkieAll right, thanks anyway!14:34
=== fehrp is now known as padi999
padi999SiDi: so I'm using the radeon driver then.14:34
padi999Is there another driver suggested for 9.4?14:35
afawazdual booting with Windows, I have installed xubuntu without a boot loader .. since GRUB was not able to load the system for some reason (kept giving error during loading)..14:38
afawazis there a way to have xubuntu listed in the boot options ?14:38
th0rafawaz: you mean from the windows boot? I don't think so, windows cannot do ext3 or ext4 filesystems.14:39
afawazth0r: no not from windows boot. I have already suse installed on the system.. I thought of trying xubuntu and didnt want to mess the boot loader setup..14:40
afawazwondering if I can add that to grub/linux.. but not sure how14:40
th0rafawaz: if you are using the suse grub then yes, you can just add the ubuntu partition to menu.lst14:40
padi999see my memory usage here: http://pastebin.com/m793bf4b914:41
afawazth0r: how ? :) a link or hint would be appreciated..14:41
afawazif you want I can list to you grub entries file..14:42
th0rafawaz: I am looking...give me a minute14:42
afawazthank you14:42
th0rafawaz: here are two....http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-800302.html....http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/debian-linux-help/112712-lines-grub-menu-lst-debian-install.html14:43
th0rafawaz: what partition did you put ubuntu onto?14:44
afawazth0r: menu.1st is available here: http://pastebin.com/m2f25b67414:46
th0rafawaz: what is the ubuntu partition?14:46
afawazth0r: it is the 1st partition of /dev/disk/by-id/usb-WD_*14:47
afawazth0r: its swap is the second..14:48
th0rafawaz: I see three hard drives in menu.lst, is ubuntu on one of those or have you added another?14:48
afawazth0r: no, ubuntu is not listen there..14:49
afawazubuntu's partition14:49
afawazwhat if I add:14:50
afawaztitle ubuntu14:50
afawazroot (hd1,1)14:51
afawazkernel /boot/...etc ?            root=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-WD...-part114:51
th0rafawaz: ok....I have not installed to a usb drive (which is what I assume you are using), but here goes. Copy the Suse lines and rename it Ubuntu. Change the kernel and initrd lines to match the ubuntu install. I am not sure about the root...it should be (hdx,0), but I am not sure what x should be. (numbering of partitions starts at zero in the hd part14:52
afawazinitrd    /boot/initrd14:52
th0rafawaz: the initrd needs the same initrd name that is in the ubuntu /boot dir14:52
th0rafawaz: and the kernel does as well.14:53
afawazth0r: for numbering of drive/partiton I will find my way, but what about the kernel's name ?14:53
th0rafawaz: the kernel and initrd names have to match the ubuntu names exactly...mount the second drive while in suse and verify them14:53
afawazas listed in suse entry, I dont think ubuntu is using the same14:54
th0rafawaz: no...mount the ubuntu usb drive while in suse, then you can look in /media/usbdrive/boot and see what the ubuntu filenames are14:54
afawazok thats a good hint.. thank you14:55
afawazI am not able to..15:13
afawazI need the path of the default kernel exact name to have it added to menu.1st15:13
xububucan someone help a poor sole who upgraded to 9.04 without reading the bumpf about ati cards - whats the best way to go - downgrade - or open source ati drivers¿?15:16
ochosixububu, have you tried changing your driver to radeon/radeonhd in xorg.conf?15:17
ochosixububu, btw, what card do you have?15:17
th0rafawaz: why can't you mount the ubuntu drive from suse?15:19
afawazI am new to linux, sorry.. I am not sure how to do it15:19
xububuNo - upgraded laptop - ok, but lat last night, decided to upgrade my pc, so I'm just looking for a helping hand on what to do or where to look - have no problem reading the forums, but there's lots of unhappy people, but not many poistive ideas - I'll give it ago. Any sites I should check out for more info?15:19
xububuIts that ATI saphire 9500 (need to open the box to check for sure)15:20
xububuDon't use suse- but I do have Opensolaris up and running, so I will mount from there15:21
th0rafawaz: are you in suse now?15:21
afawazth0r: yes I am on openSuSE now..15:22
ochosixububu, well, try to change the setting in /etc/X11/xorg.conf (you know how that works?)15:22
ochosixububu, afaik (and i don't have ati anymore) everything should be ok with the open drivers15:22
th0rafawaz: if the ubuntu drive is plugged in then unplug it. Open a terminal and type 'tail -f /var/log/messages'. Then plug in the ubuntu drive and watch the terminal window. Some new lines will appear with info about the ubuntu drive15:22
ochosixububu, apart from 3d acceleration obviously15:23
xububuNever done it,15:23
afawazth0r: ubuntu and suse are on the same drive15:23
xububuok , although several people sau that the 3d does work ¿?15:23
th0rafawaz: what partition is suse installed in?15:23
xububuochosi - what card do you use?15:24
afawazth0r: partion number 3, which is hd1,215:24
th0rafawaz: ok. and ubuntu is partition 1 correct?15:24
afawazth0r: ubuntu is partition number 1, which shall be hd1,015:24
afawazth0r: yes correct15:24
ochosixububu, nvidia15:25
th0rafawaz: ok...type 'mount' in a terminal. We need to know what the drive is (hdb or sdb) and we need to know the filesystem you used (ext3 or ext4)15:26
ochosixububu, so all you have to do is open /etc/X11/xorg.conf with an editor from the command line, like with nano: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:26
afawazI used ext315:26
th0rafawaz: the mount command should show you (I think) sdb3 and ext315:26
afawazthe output is quite long..15:26
afawaz./dev/sdc3 on / type ext3 (rw,acl,user_xattr)15:27
afawaz./proc on /proc type proc (rw)15:27
afawazsysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw)15:27
afawazdebugfs on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw)15:27
th0rafawaz: ok...that is all I need15:27
th0rafawaz: we need a mount location. type 'ls /mnt' and tell me if there is anything in that location15:28
ochosixububu, then go to the section device > driver and change it to radeon15:28
afawazth0r: nothing15:28
ochosixububu, then restart your pc (or just gdm)15:28
afawazI think I shall mkdir xubuntu15:28
afawazmkdir /mnt/xubuntu15:28
th0rafawaz: ok....type 'sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sdc1 /mnt'15:28
afawazdone.. mounted15:29
afawazI cd /mnt15:29
th0rafawaz: ok...type 'cd /mnt/boot' and then 'ls'. You should see the filenames you need15:30
afawazth0r: yeah I can see 7 kernels !15:30
afawaznow which one ?! :)15:30
th0rafawaz: that doesn't seem right...just a sec15:30
afawaz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  529118 2009-04-17 07:41 abi-2.6.28-11-generic15:31
afawaz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   96795 2009-04-17 07:41 config-2.6.28-11-generic15:31
afawaz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 7589268 2009-05-20 16:54 initrd.img-2.6.28-11-generic15:31
afawaz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  128796 2009-03-27 21:15 memtest86+.bin15:31
afawaz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1456232 2009-04-17 07:41 System.map-2.6.28-11-generic15:31
afawaz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root    1074 2009-04-17 07:43 vmcoreinfo-2.6.28-11-generic15:31
afawaz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3501776 2009-04-17 07:41 vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic15:31
th0rafawaz: only one is the kernel (vmlinuz) and you also need the initrd name.15:31
xububuochosi - sorry - work got in the way :-D ok , I will give it a try, and see what happens15:32
ochosixububu, np, good luck15:33
afawazth0r: then i shall use vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic15:33
afawazand initrd.img-2.6.28-11-generic15:34
afawazright ?15:34
th0rafawaz: yup15:34
th0rafawaz: and the hd will be the same as for suse, except ,0 instead of ,215:35
afawazok here is the entry for suse:15:36
afawaz###Don't change this comment - YaST2 identifier: Original name: linux###15:36
afawaztitle openSUSE 11.1 -
afawaz    root (hd1,2)15:36
afawaz    kernel /boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-WD_1600BEV_External_575848313038303731383336-0:0-part3 resume=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-WD_1600BEV_External_575848313038303731383336-0:0-part5 splash=silent showopts vga=0x31a15:36
afawaz    initrd /boot/initrd-
afawazand here is the entry I added:15:36
afawaz###Xubunto - Fawaz entry###15:36
afawaztitle Xubuntu15:36
afawaz    root (hd1,0)15:36
afawaz    kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic root=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-WD_1600BEV_External_575848313038303731383336-0:0-part1 resume=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-WD_1600BEV_External_575848313038303731383336-0:0-part2 splash=silent showopts vga=0x31a15:36
afawaz    initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.28-11-generic15:36
geniiPlease, consider using the pastebin15:36
th0rafawaz: don't flood the channel...for more than three lines use pastebin15:37
afawazoh ok, sorry for that15:37
geniiFor all our sanity15:37
th0rafawaz: that looks like a good try....see if you can boot into ubuntu now.15:38
afawazwill be back..15:38
afawazthanks a million th0r15:38
th0rafawaz: I think the part5 might be ok for ubuntu as well as suse, but not sure15:38
afawazfs showing differnt entries15:39
th0rafawaz: I don't use suspend or hibernate so I never worried about resume <smile>15:39
afawazfdisk -l= /dev/sdc2            6080        6328     2000092+   5  Extended  | /dev/sdc5            6080        6328     2000061   82  Linux swap / Solaris15:40
afawazth0r: by the way, ls -l of /mnt showing: (initrd.img -> boot/initrd.img-2.6.28-11-generic) and (vmlinuz -> boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic)15:42
th0rafawaz: yup...that is ok.../mnt will go away on the reboot15:42
th0rafawaz: actually, it will be there but empty15:42
afawazI think I could use initrd & vmlinuz without specifying a path15:42
th0rafawaz: no....you need the path15:43
afawazoh ok15:43
afawazslink wont work then15:43
th0rafawaz: need to shut down and get some things done. You should be able to reboot...or at least real close.15:44
afawazok rebooting.. beb15:45
afawazwhere is th0r ?15:48
afawazhi again!15:48
afawazPlease thank him on my behalf.. this just worked fine..15:50
SlonkieAnybody know how i connect to a mpd with Xfmpc?16:31
Slonkie"exporting the MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT environment variables" Where do I do that?16:32
TheSheepSlonkie: in terminal, or /etc/environ16:34
SlonkieCould you describe the process more detailed, how to do it in terminal?16:34
TheSheepSlonkie: export MPD_HOST=localhost16:46
TheSheepSlonkie: export MPD_PORT=66616:46
TheSheep(or whatever you use)16:46
Slonkielol sorry, weren't aware it was just like that.16:46
artistxecan one change the size of the terminal window from within terminal (via command) ?18:54
artistxegetting tired of playing mouse games to move and resize.18:55
viddi do believe there is a setting for that....but a command line that i know....18:55
viddin terminal, click edit->preferences18:56
artistxeI know mac ppl can do it. and no. I do not mean by changing settings18:56
viddartistxe, look here http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/how-do-i-resize-the-terminal-window-from-the-command-line-in-the-gnome-terminal-644048/18:58
artistxefound a package called wmctrl18:59
artistxegoing to try it out18:59
artistxewill make my life easier18:59
viddmaking an alias for the resize command would make you life easy too19:00
artistxevidd . thanks though. and I am not using gnome terminal anyway19:00
viddespecially if you added it to the launch script19:00
viddwhat terminal are you using?19:00
artistxewhat channel are we in ?19:01
artistxeterminal ....which is actually (?) an emulator19:02
viddartistxe, i just reviewed the man for xter....imagine that...the commands on the page i gave you are valid19:05
artistxevidd . this is the  &hit !    can switch windows , workspaces , resize ... everything from command19:05
artistxeuh ??? what commands ?19:05
vidddunno why you'd want a command when the wm shortcuts have been available for evercommand (except resize nmaybe) for ever19:06
viddthe -geometry19:06
vidddid you even read the link i showed ya?19:07
artistxeif I name one window "emacs"  then   wmctrl -a emacs   brings that window forward.19:07
viddalt+tab has been doing that since 199119:08
artistxestopped when I saw gnome-terminal .19:08
artistxeflipping ?19:08
artistxeew   ;)19:08
viddso anyway happy you like what you found19:09
artistxebesides. I would need a name. not just flip through the same icon for multiple terminals19:09
viddwhy would you have multiple terminals? tabs dont work or you or something?19:10
artistxevidd. seriosly . check it out.  wmctrl is in repos19:10
viddartistxe, i dont care19:10
viddi have no need for it19:10
* vidd needs one terminal, one browser, and chat19:11
viddif i need multiple terminals, i have ctrl+alt+f1-619:12
DetroitLibertyPeis there a command from the terminal that will allow me to deterime which version of (x)ubuntu I'm using?19:45
PDG1Xubuntu is meant for older hardware... right?19:47
viddwell...it is a "works well with"19:48
PDG1I've got a P3... 192 RAM19:48
SiDiIts meant for quickness and efficiency :P19:48
PDG1I can't get the live CD to boot :(19:48
viddshould be fine19:48
PDG1i'm running puppy right now19:48
SiDiPDG1: you should use the alternate CD for the installation19:49
viddPDG1, you will want the alt installer19:49
DetroitLibertyPePDG1: that's more than my machine has, I couldn't get the live CD to boot either, but used the alternate CD for the install19:49
SiDiFor the normal LiveCD 192MB is a bit short19:49
PDG1no alternate install on the LIVE CD that i can use?19:49
viddbut thats a limitation of ubiquity...not xubuntu19:49
PDG1but after install... 192 should be fine, right?19:49
SiDiyes, after instal it will be ok ;)19:49
PDG1I hope so19:49
PDG1if it isn't... I'm holding you to blame19:50
PDG1just joshin...19:50
SiDithough, i recommand you to disable update-notifier and hardware updates notifier19:50
viddwere not....let us know =]19:50
SiDiyou'll gain a little more RAM without them19:50
PDG1why's that?19:50
SiDicause you can honnestly check manually every week19:50
SiDiand you'll gain a few MBs of ram without them ;p19:50
PDG1makes sense19:50
DetroitLibertyPePDG1, i have a P1 with less than 100 MB of RAM19:51
SiDiif you dont need the media keyboard shortcuts you may also want to disable xfce4-settings-helper19:51
viddand this is why i say "works well with" and nt "designed for"19:51
PDG1it's going on a Laptop19:51
PDG1Dell Inspiron 500019:52
* SiDi has Xubuntu and 4GB of RAM !19:52
PDG1got it for free... and it was running 98 :(19:52
viddPDG1, what wifi?19:52
PDG1D-Link DWL-G650 airplus PCI card19:52
PDG1amazed it worked in puppy19:52
viddusb, internal, or pcmcia?19:53
vidddo a lspcmcia19:53
viddfind out what chipset it is19:53
PDG1can i do that through a terminal?19:54
viddthis way you can find out if you need anything special to get wifi to work19:54
viddyes in puppy19:54
PDG1i have no idea what to put in here19:55
viddopen terminal19:55
viddtype lspcmcia19:55
PDG1I've been using Ubuntu as my main computer for a couple years now... rarely go into terminal19:55
viddwhat does it say the wifi chipset is?19:56
schambersanyone that is using xfce4-terminal, is there a way to set transparency passing a command line option?19:57
* vidd has had issues with the broadcom chipsets in 9.0419:57
viddschambers, try looking at the man pages19:58
schamberstheres not much of a man page for xfce4-terminal19:58
PDG1it says see lspci for more information19:59
viddPDG1, i dunno if that card is supported out-off-the-box under *buntu19:59
PDG1well I don't mind putting a little effort into it19:59
PDG1if I have to do some hunting, i will19:59
viddyou have wired lan so you can get to the internet to get what ya need?20:00
viddthen you should be good20:00
viddif puppy can run the wifi, then there is a solution20:00
PDG1yeah... and I can always burn packages to disk20:00
viddyep....but with wired lan you dont need to20:01
PDG1one thing I've wondered...20:01
viddschambers, the man pages is "xterm"20:01
PDG1debian is what puppy and ubuntu are based from?20:01
viddschambers, no problems20:01
viddPDG1, yes20:01
viddPDG1, but puppy may include some proprietary stuff that ubuntu doesnt for various reasons20:02
PDG1so are all debian packages cross compatible with20:02
PDG1yeah... I realized... I don't actually like puppy...20:02
viddPDG1, for the most part....yes20:02
schamberstheres nothing that talks about transparency in xterm manpage20:02
PDG1I've also realized that it's okay if I don't like puppy...20:03
viddschambers, then the transparency is part of the gui frontend.....20:03
viddso you most likely will not be able to change transparency (easily) via a command inside the terminal20:03
viddPDG1, thats what's so great about linux.....20:04
viddyou dont like something, you can change it20:04
viddtry that with a M$ or MAC system =]20:04
PDG1agreed... I'm pretty sure I'm going to try and sneak Kubuntu onto my mom's computer20:04
lesshasteI am trying to reboot into single user mode but telinit 1 brings up the XUBUNTU booting screen and hangs20:05
lesshasteit looks like a framebuffer problem maybe??20:05
viddits been my experience that installing liniux on another's computer without thier concent will not work out well =]20:05
lesshastecan anyone get ubuntu to boot in single user mode?20:06
viddsingle user mode?20:06
lesshasteyes.. as in telinit 120:07
viddlesshaste, see if this helps: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Unix-Linux-OS-1064/2009/2/Ubuntu-Linux-bootup-issue-1.htm\20:08
schamberswhat terminal can I use to have a transparent terminal on my desktop with no borders, toolbars etc...20:09
viddschambers, go into terminal, and then open edit->preferences20:10
viddyou can set that all there20:10
schambersthat changes it for all terminals tho20:11
schambersnot just one20:11
lesshasteanyone know the minimum RAM ubuntu will boot in?20:13
viddlesshaste, i got ubunter server to boot with 64 mb of ram20:14
lesshastevidd: great.. I'll try that thanks20:14
viddlesshaste, ubuntu server has no gui20:14
lesshasteright.. nor does single user mode20:14
viddhow much ram you working with?20:15
lesshasteI have 2GB but I want to restrict it for a benchmark20:16
* vidd does not recommend less then 12820:16
lesshaste64M boots!20:16
lesshastehooray :)20:16
vidd32 might too20:17
viddbut the less ram you have the less stuff you can do20:17
lesshasteI don't want to do anything except swap20:17
lesshasteit's for benchmarking20:18
viddthen set it to 8mb20:18
lesshasteit won't voot20:19
vidd32 or 8?20:19
lesshastein 8 certainly20:19
lesshasteI suspect not 32 either20:19
vidddid you try 8?20:19
lesshastefeel free to try it :)20:19
lesshasteno.. I am happy with 64, thanks20:19
lesshastemaybe I'll try it later :)20:20
PDG1well.. you've all been oodles of help20:20
raevoldoes anyone know of an alternative emnu system that would work in xfce so i can have more control of the menu?20:20
PDG1Rock on20:20
viddi had a friend get linux to run on 32 ram....but i dont know what flavor ( i think he built it from scratch)20:20
lesshastedid PDG1 actually ask a question??20:21
viddhe did b420:21
=== tmurase_ is now known as tmurase
viddlesshaste, how are you testing the lower ram settings? vm?20:22
lesshasteI am about to write a C program :)20:22
viddlesshaste, think you can benchmark 16 and 32 for me? will either load?20:25
viddlesshaste, DSL linux will run with 16MB ram20:28
SlonkieAnyone know how one can add numbers to an ipod in Exaile?20:32
=== danopia` is now known as danopia
viddadd numbers to an ipod for waht?20:38
viddSlonkie, what numbers are you trying to add?20:47
SlonkieMp3 tracks20:47
viddso you want to go from exaile to ipod? or the reverce?20:48
SlonkieYes, Exaile -> Ipod20:48
viddSlonkie, try this :20:49
viddthat help you any?20:51
vidd\0. cody-somerville20:57
viddhello egtux20:57
schambersanyone using compiz?20:57
schambers have regex plugin enabled and Windows Rules, but they arent taking effect20:57
egtuxI have Xubuntu 9.04 all things is good20:57
schambersie. im setting non minimizable to title=something20:57
egtuxhi vidd20:57
egtuxexcept that my screen resolution doesn't save!!!20:58
egtuxi have ATI vga20:58
viddegtux, are you trying to have worse resolution then the best your card/monitor support?20:59
egtuxnothing bad but when i choose resolution 1024 after reboot return back to 800 *60020:59
viddhow are you adjusting the resolution to 1024?21:00
egtuxno my card support this resolution Vid21:00
egtuxand it is work good at Xubuntu21:00
egtuxi am using it know21:00
viddyou are doing the reverse of what i was asking...but thats ok21:00
viddi wanted to know wich direction you were changing =]21:00
viddhow are you forcing the 1024?21:01
egtuxnothing from display menu21:01
egtuxmenu > settings> display21:02
egtuxchange it to 1024*768 with 85 refresh rate21:02
viddand what does it default to?21:02
viddwith what refresh rate?21:03
egtuxdon't remember21:03
egtuxi always reset it after login21:03
viddok...give me a sec....21:04
viddgo into your settings manager21:06
viddapplications->settings->settings editor21:06
viddselect "displays" n the left column21:07
egtuxok wait please21:07
egtuxyes i am with u21:08
viddexpand "default"21:09
viddexpand Screen_021:09
viddedit each setting (dont change them, just edit them)21:09
viddsave changes21:09
viddthis SHOULD write a .Xfconfig file for you21:10
egtuxbut it is already as i want21:10
viddso that the settings will be selected on next x-launch21:10
viddthats right....21:10
viddstill, edit and save each item21:10
egtuxok i should reboot to check21:11
egtuxwait form me pls21:11
viddopen up your thunar21:12
viddturn on "show hidden"21:12
viddthunar is the file manager21:12
egtuxyea i know21:12
viddby default, the icon looks like a brown or tan file box21:12
viddyou want to make sure you now have a file named .Xfconfig21:13
egtuxno i am not21:13
egtuxu mean at my home,isn't true?21:14
viddyeah...one moment....21:15
viddopen .config/xfce4/xfconfig/xfce4-perchannel-xml/displays.xml21:16
viddthis is where the data is stored now21:16
vidd(its changed since previous versions)21:17
vidddid you find this file?21:17
egtuxwait pls21:18
egtuxwait i found it21:19
viddmake sure the settings in here are what you want21:19
egtuxyes it is21:20
viddopen it with mousepad (or some other text editor)21:20
viddok..you should be able to log out and log back in with the correct settings21:20
egtux<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>21:20
egtux<channel name="displays" version="1.0">21:20
egtux  <property name="Default" type="empty">21:20
egtux    <property name="Layout" type="string" value="Screens"/>21:20
egtux    <property name="NumScreens" type="int" value="1"/>21:20
egtux    <property name="Screen_0" type="empty">21:20
egtux      <property name="Resolution" type="string" value="1024x768"/>21:20
egtux      <property name="RefreshRate" type="int" value="85"/>21:20
egtux      <property name="Rotation" type="int" value="0"/>21:20
egtux    </property>21:20
egtux  </property>21:20
egtuxok wait please21:20
vidd!pastebin | egtux21:20
ubottuegtux: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:21
egtuxok ubottu and vidd21:22
viddegtux, thats ok...it happens to the best of us21:22
viddand you dont need to oppologize to the robot!21:22
egtuxubottu is a robot21:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is a robot21:23
egtuxhow can i know this in futur21:23
viddabout pastebin?21:24
viddits in the /join message21:24
egtuxabout robot21:24
viddand the topic21:24
viddoh.... ubottu is an IRC robot21:25
egtuxok i will logout now wait please21:25
viddso is IRSeekBot ChanServ21:25
viddand ubuntulog21:25
viddany luck?21:29
egtuxstill nothing safe21:29
egtuxany other ideas ,vidd21:31
viddnone that i can think of21:31
viddi would say copy that file and save it as ~/.xfconfig21:32
egtuxok thx for your help ,vidd21:32
egtuxok i will try21:32
viddif you get unexpected results, or if your desktop doesnt boot....21:32
viddthen go into a tty and type "rm ~/.Xfconfig21:33
viddim not sure if its supposed to be captital x or not21:33
viddtry it with both =]21:33
egtuxok i will if i do it21:34
egtuxi think problem with vga21:34
* vidd hasnt needed to modify display, so let me know if this works21:34
viddvga should not be the issue21:35
viddif it was, the display option would not be available, or would not work21:35
egtuxmay be21:35
viddive heard about this ever since xorg did away with the xorg.conf21:36
viddthat file is now auto-generated on load21:36
egtuxevery load ?21:37
egtuxis it good thing ?21:37
viddive heard romors that the file still exists and that you can manually edit it to get the desired results....but ive never tried it myself21:37
viddits good if you look at it from the "I want to change my monitor or display adaptor" perspective21:38
viddhowever, if your hardware never changes, .... =]21:39
linuxman410does anyone know how to change the splash screen on xubuntu21:39
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork21:40
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution21:41
viddegtux, look there ^^^21:42
viddegtux, set your resolution back to the default for a sec.....21:43
egtuxi will of course Vidd ;)21:43
viddi want to test something21:43
egtuxdefault mean 800*60021:44
viddi want you to run a command in terminal to see if it gets you to the correct resolution21:44
egtuxok wait21:44
egtuxi did21:45
viddnow in terminal type xrandr --output VGA-0 --mode 1024x76821:46
vidddoes this give you the desired display?21:46
viddnow...creat a file in your home directory named .xprofile21:47
viddpaste that command in it and save21:47
viddlog out and log in21:47
gamepocketscan anyone help with adding themes and icons to xu jaunty?21:49
SiDigamepockets: sure21:49
SiDigamepockets: you'll have to create a .themes folder in your home folder21:49
SiDiand put the themes there21:49
SiDiand .icons for the icons21:49
SiDi(and also .fonts for fonts :p)21:49
SiDiif you grab, lets say, Theme.tar.gz from the web21:50
SiDithere normally is a folder inside the archive21:50
SiDiput this folder in /home/yourusername/.themes/21:50
SiDiand then the theme will be available21:50
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy21:50
gamepocketsi have tried that but nothing shows up... maybey i'm looking in the wrong place "on pc"21:51
viddegtux, any luck?21:52
egtuxyea, thx Vidd21:52
egtuxbut bad screen appear first21:53
egtuxmay be compiz21:53
* vidd takes notes so the other users can have thier "im blind" resolutions21:53
* vidd does not use compiz21:53
egtuxis ***vidd and vidd are the sameone :-/21:54
viddegtux, i prfixed that last command with /me21:55
SiDigamepockets, do you have a tar.gz file now ?21:56
SiDiif you open it and look inside, theres only one folder with the name of the theme, right ?21:56
egtuxthx,vidd for your help21:56
viddno problem21:56
viddhappy i could help21:57
gamepocketsthemes still mia....21:57
egtuxbut tell me what was i did?21:57
egtuxthat's very kind of u21:57
viddyou created a file that auto-loads when you log in21:57
viddxserver looks for .xprofile and runs it if its there21:58
viddif it is not  there, it loads it's default settigs21:58
SiDigamepockets: did you create an empty folder named .themes at the root of your "home" folder ?21:58
egtuxgood idea but no side effect :)21:59
SiDigrab the folder inside your .tar.gz archive and put it in this .themes folder21:59
SiDiand then, open the Appearence window21:59
SiDiit'll be in the list if the theme is a gtk2 valid theme21:59
viddegtux, you look in your home directory, you will see a bunch of files and folders beginning with a .21:59
SiDiand if its a xfwm theme, it'll be in the window manager's list21:59
SiDiif its a metacity theme, it'll be nowhere cause we dont use metacity :p21:59
egtuxyea it is hidden files why?22:00
viddthose are "personal" configurations22:00
vidddunno why they are hidden22:00
egtuxok thx again vidd22:00
gamepocketsok, i got all themes from xfce-look.org and i think they're gtk2 but nothing show up22:00
viddbut they are used to set up personal configurations22:00
egtuxi should go now22:00
viddgamepockets, if you want them to be universally available, you have to put them in the universal folder22:01
egtuxthx again and bye22:01
viddl8r egtux22:01
SiDividd: i think hes confused enough like that :p22:01
SiDigamepockets: show me the output of the "ls .themes" command please22:02
viddSiDi, i think he wants his themes in the unversal folder...not his personal folder22:02
gamepocketsyur right , i have had this install for 48hrs22:02
gamepocketsmoved from osx 10.422:03
SiDividd: unless he plays with gksudo all day that wont change much stuff :p22:03
SlonkieWould one be possible to make an folder hidden like when your in home and ctrl+h makes them visible?22:03
SiDiSlonkie: huh ? :D22:03
Slonkieexample is .local22:04
Slonkie.whatever. they are hidden by default22:04
gamepocketsdave@glados:~$ Ls.themes22:04
gamepocketsbash: Ls.themes: command not found22:04
charlie-tcaYes, Slonkie22:05
viddgamepockets, i think what you are looking to do is put the folders in the /usr/themes folder22:05
charlie-tcaThere are even apps that create hidden files in /etc and hidden folders in /usr/share/???22:05
viddbut you want to make sure you set the right file permissions22:05
SiDigamepockets: "ls .themes"22:05
SiDinot Ls22:05
SiDiand put a space between the ls command and .themes22:05
gamepockets1 sec22:06
Slonkiehow would i make them hidden in home, charlie-tca ?22:06
SiDigamepockets: do you want me to upload you a video to show how to do ?22:06
gamepocketscomp too slow to watch it..22:06
SiDiscreenshots then ?22:06
charlie-tcathe same way as everything else, . in front of the folder22:06
Slonkieno that doesn't make them hidden22:06
SlonkieI did try that :/22:07
gamepocketssure, the Is. themes comm not working22:07
viddgamepockets, ls [space] .themes22:07
Slonkiesorry charlie-tca apparently it did!22:07
gamepocketscap i22:07
viddgamepockets, like "list"22:08
viddlower case L22:08
SiDigamepockets: its a L, but lower case22:08
SiDils stands for 'list'22:08
SiDiit displays the content of a folder22:08
gamepocketsoh! god give me a newb antidote22:08
viddthere is no antidote....22:09
gamepocketsdave@glados:~$ ls .themes22:09
gamepockets45829-Wii-Black-theme-pack.tar.gz  prelude-8.022:09
gamepockets79350-prelude-8.0.1.tar.bz2        prelude-8.0 (2)22:09
gamepocketsgtk-2.0                            Slick_and_Smooth_icons_by_Lemonade22:09
gamepocketsindex.theme                        Wii-Black-theme-pack22:09
gamepocketsoops flood...22:09
SiDiAlright gamepockets22:09
SiDiyou didnt install them correctly :)22:10
gamepocketsmakes sense22:10
SiDiyou have to open the .tar.gz file (double click it), and then drag the folder inside it to your .themes/ folder22:10
* charlie-tca thinks newb antidote = experience22:10
SiDitar.gz is just something like zip files, gamepockets22:10
viddcharlie-tca, thats the cure...not the antidote =]22:10
gamepocketsextract here then drag drop=no good?22:10
* charlie-tca smacks head; of course!22:11
SiDigamepockets: its also possible the theme you downloaded is doing crap :P22:11
SiDigamepockets: a theme is normally one folder, lets say my theme is Alvaro, then the folder is named Alvaro/22:11
SiDiand it contains 2 sub folders if it rocks : a gtk2 one, and a xfwm4 one22:11
SiDihttp://www.ubuntu-art.org/content/show.php/Alvaro?content=104145 gamepockets22:12
gamepocketsyes, but there are way more than those to specific inside..22:12
SiDidownload this one, and try to extract the unique folder named "Alvaro" to the .themes folder22:12
SiDiits probably been badly packaged. Some of my themes are too ~22:12
SiDisometimes when i create the .tar.gz file i put all the files in it instead of putting them in a folder and archiving that folder instead \o/22:13
SiDihopefully one day we'll have a theme installer such as gnome :P22:15
gamepocketsok extracted to .themes22:15
SiDinow, go to appearence, you got alvaro available ^^22:15
gamepocketsyou are the MAN!22:16
viddSiDi, if you extract these to /usr/shre/themes, will they be available to all users?22:16
gamepocketshow did i mess THAT up.....?22:16
SiDividd: yes22:16
gamepocketsok the share folder is missing though22:16
viddgamepockets, its not missing...its hidden22:17
SiDigamepockets: now you can clear the badly extracted stuff in .themes and start again :p22:17
gamepocketsi did "unhide all the folders, but no share...22:17
SiDigamepockets: what do you mean by share ?22:17
viddgamepockets, nvmd we are talking about different things i think22:17
SiDioh btw i dont know if macOs still respects folder naming standards22:18
SiDibut vidd mentions /usr/share/themes22:18
gamepocketsthats what i saw22:18
SiDiit means the themes folder inside the share folder inside the usr folder inside the '/' folder :p22:18
SiDiyour own home folder is in "<yourusername>" inside the home folder inside '/'22:18
SiDi'/' is the root of your system, its the "Main" folder22:18
gamepocketswell you guys always come through some how, so i thank you ( same process for icons i suppose)22:19
SiDiyes, but in .icons this time22:19
SiDiand remember there is a .fonts one if ever you wanna change fonts :)22:19
SiDibut there are quite a lot in the repository already22:19
SiDialso, you should try the "community-themes" package, from the repository22:20
gamepocketsok, 1 step at a time, thanks and i will22:20
SiDii was doing a math course but i lost my student at (a+b)*(c+d)22:20
viddgamepockets, the difference between using the ~/ .{foldername} instead of the /user/share/[foldername] is the difference between just you or everyone on the system having access22:21
viddif your the only user, stick to the ~/.[foldername]22:21
SiDihes gone22:21
=== janno is now known as JannoTT
SiDithere's a bug with file-roller's size display when you open a being-dled file :D23:25
SiDiit claims my 300kb archive contains a 3GB diff23:25
zoredachewhy would you try to open a file if it isn't done downlaoding...23:29
SiDididnt notice when i opened23:39
mib_ejgszlxahi, i just test xubuntu livecd and i dont find root or ubuntu user password23:48
charlie-tcalive cd does not require either one23:48
viddthat is correct23:48
mib_ejgszlxacould someone help me to become root on my OWN computer23:48
viddmib_ejgszlxa, sudo su23:49
mib_ejgszlxai want to be rrot23:49
mib_ejgszlxasudo su doesn't work i need a password i havenj't23:49
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo23:49
mib_ejgszlxai want a root shell23:50
mib_ejgszlxahow ?23:50
viddmib_ejgszlxa, you running the live cd?23:50
charlie-tcaOpen a terminal, type sudo -i23:50
charlie-tcahit enter23:50
viddthe live cd will not ask you for a password for sudo23:50
mib_ejgszlxaubuntu (or xubuntu) developpers have head full of shit23:50
mib_ejgszlxathey are duim people23:50
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.23:51
mib_ejgszlxaand they don't understant why people are still using windows23:51
mib_ejgszlxanow i know why23:51
charlie-tcaIf you really believe that, please don't use it23:51
mib_ejgszlxathey are dumb23:51
jussi01lovely guy...23:52
charlie-tcaDo you think he knows we are not dev s?23:52
viddtypical m$ flammer23:52
viddwb gamepockets23:56
gamepocketsi'm back... the newbiest newb...23:56
viddno...the newest "learner"23:56
gamepockets(exactly, although frustrating) somehow i still cant get icons to change...?23:57
viddyou understand there are things you need to learn...that makes you NOT a newb =]23:57
gamepocketsyeah, just had a bad day at work...23:57
viddSiDi was helping u b4...he's not here now23:58
viddbut im sure there are others here with the answers you seek23:59
gamepocketswell i'm alittle confused if there are certain icon packs that xubuntu won;t use...23:59
viddhave you moved the folder with your icon set intou your .icon folder?23:59
gamepocketsnone of mine seem to show up23:59

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