marti1125hello hola01:26
marti1125e ubuntu does not have virus?01:28
marti1125why ubuntu  have virus? why?01:28
bazhangmarti1125, support in #ubuntu01:28
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dholbachgeser, jpds, persia: around?15:55
* asomething waves15:55
dholbachhyperair, porthose, asomething, stefanlsd: around too?15:55
dholbachhi asomething :)15:55
hyperairi'm here =)15:55
stefanlsddholbach: hi, i'm here15:55
dholbachrock and roll15:56
* geser waves15:56
* porthose waves15:58
dholbachpersia should be around in a bit15:59
* persia waves16:03
dholbachah great16:03
jpdsRight, awesomeness.16:03
MootBotMeeting started at 10:03. The chair is dholbach.16:03
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dholbach[TOPIC] Chow Loong Jin's application16:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Chow Loong Jin's application16:03
hyperairoho. it begins16:03
dholbachhyperair: how are you doing?16:03
hyperairfine thanks =)16:03
dholbacheverything alright? :)16:03
* hyperair nods16:03
dholbachin your application you say that you'd like to do other (and probably bigger) things in the future - do you have any ideas already?16:04
dholbachany people you've worked with some more in the last time?16:04
hyperairpeople i've worked with..16:04
hyperairthere's POX16:04
hyperairand Dktrtranz (is that how you spell his name? i've been tab completing all the while)16:05
hyperairas for ideas, no, i don't really do.16:05
dholbachhyperair: DktrKranz - you were close enough :-)16:05
hyperairwhoops =p16:05
dholbachhyperair: you're mostly interested in mono-related packages?16:05
jpdshyperair: How are the mirror status on sg.r.u.c?16:06
hyperairdholbach: not particularly, it just happens that banshee caught my interest.16:06
hyperairdholbach: and its plugins, all of which are written in C#16:06
hyperairer extensions16:06
dholbachhyperair: I'm sure you make jcastro very happy because of that :)16:07
hyperairjpds: it's holding up on its own for the time being =) i'm in malaysia and not within ssh-able reach of the server.16:07
hyperairdholbach: i hope so =)16:07
hyperairin fact, regarding banshee, i recently started a banshee-daily repository, and wrote a script (which i will probably put somewhere online) which git pull's and generates a changelog entry, builds, signs and uploads to the ppa16:08
dholbachgeser, persia: do you have any questions already?16:09
jpdshyperair: That would make Mark happy :)16:09
persiahyperair, You mention that you think you could collaborate better.  Could you share your plans to do so?16:09
dholbachnice, I'm sure others would appreciate it, do you think it'd make sense to have something like that in ubuntu-dev-tools?16:09
hyperairpersia: team-maintain every package i maintain, instead of on my own, and discuss things with the team and possibly others16:10
persiahyperair, OK.  In that case, perhaps you could explain how you don't collaborate enough now :)16:11
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hyperairpersia: like i mentioned in my application, i don't really consider what i could possibly achieve by collaborating with others.16:12
hyperairand regarding what i've done since the time i wrote the application, i've recently created a pkg-geany team to help maintain geany and its plugins in debian16:13
dholbachhyperair: did you hear about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/PatchTaggingGuidelines already?16:13
hyperairer no i didn't16:14
dholbach(I noticed that you hadn't made use of it in bug 248705)16:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 248705 in evolution-data-server "Evolution Exchange does not authenticate to Exchange servers with a relative path in the form action, e.g. "owaauth.dll"" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24870516:14
dholbachwhich is not a big deal, I just noticed :)16:15
hyperairah yes, i didn't. i actually submitted the fix upstream16:15
hyperairi'll take note of this in the future16:15
dholbachjpds, persia, geser: any more questions - I'm all set16:15
persiahyperair, You mention you're using PPAs to handle stable backports of some applications.  Have you tried the ubuntu-backports process?16:16
jpdsI'm happy with his application.\16:16
hyperairpersia: not really. mostly because when i use the PPAs to handle these backports.. they're stuff that exceed what can enter the -backports16:16
hyperairlike new upstream releases which are more than bugfix releases16:17
hyperairi did make use of the backports for banshee-extension-mirage though16:17
hyperairbut even then i still maintain that in the PPA.16:17
persia-backports is precisely for that: to the degree that bugfixes aren't accepted in -backports.16:17
hyperairhmm i'll go read up more about the process then16:18
geserno questions16:19
dholbachgreat, persia: all set too?16:20
persiaI'm all set.16:20
dholbach[VOTE] Shall Chow Loong Jin become Contributing Developer?16:20
MootBotPlease vote on:  Shall Chow Loong Jin become Contributing Developer?.16:20
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hyperaircorrection: banshee-extension-mirage was by laney, not me. my memory's a bit messed up by that16:20
MootBot+1 received from persia. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 416:20
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dholbachcongratulations hyperair16:21
jpdsCongrats hyperair.16:21
stefanlsdhyperair: congrats!16:21
hyperairthanks =)16:21
dholbach[TOPIC] Charlie Smotherman's application16:21
jmarkiwhoopee hyperair!16:21
MootBotNew Topic:  Charlie Smotherman's application16:21
dholbachhey porthose - how's life?16:21
hyperairthanks jmarki =)16:21
davidc_gong hei16:21
porthosedholbach: can't complain16:21
dholbachgreat :)16:21
dholbachporthose: so you're requesting upload privileges for ampache{,-themes} and coherence16:22
dholbachporthose: did you manage to establish a relationship to the debian coherence maintainers?16:22
porthosedholbach: yes that is correct16:22
porthosedholbach: yes I have, Arnaud has upload the new coherence-0.6.4 for me and should be auto synced this next go round16:23
dholbachthat sounds good16:23
dholbachhow is the bug situation of the 3 packages in debian/ubuntu?16:24
geserdholbach: porthose is in Uploaders for coherence16:24
dholbachgeser: ah right, just spotted it in the application - thanks16:24
porthosedholbach: I would consider it in pretty good shape, there are some that will be closed with some new releases once they are sponsored into debian16:25
dholbachgreat... was it tough to stay on top of things happening in debian/upstream/ubuntu?16:25
porthosedholbach: at times it is, but that is why I only concentrate on a very few packages, I try not to over commit myself16:26
dholbachthat makes sense16:27
dholbachpersia, geser, jpds: quesitons?16:27
jpdsNone from me.16:28
geserporthose: you mentioned that is's hard to get someone to review a package on REVU. Any ideas how one could improve that?16:29
persiaI'm set.  I'll also say that I've been involved in porthose's uploads of ampache, and was happy with the final results.16:29
porthosegeser: I have been tossing that around in my head for a long time, and really haven't come up with anything yet, but I have noticed that nhandler and RainCT have been really pushing REVU days and alot more packages are being uploaded, for now I guess just help out where I can16:32
dholbachporthose: thanks for helping out there... geser: all set?16:33
dholbach[VOTE] Shall the MC recommend Charlie Smotherman for upload privileges for ampache, ampache-themes and coherence?16:33
MootBotPlease vote on:  Shall the MC recommend Charlie Smotherman for upload privileges for ampache, ampache-themes and coherence?.16:33
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dholbachwell done, porthose16:34
porthosedholbach: ty16:34
dholbachporthose: we'll let the TB know about it and they'll be in touch with you RSN16:34
dholbach[TOPIC] Stefan Lesicnik's application16:35
MootBotNew Topic:  Stefan Lesicnik's application16:35
porthosedholbach: ok and thanks again to everyone16:35
dholbachstefanlsd: so what's your involvement exactly with LSD?16:35
dholbachstefanlsd: anything we need to worry about?16:35
stefanlsddholbach: aah. no.  Linux System Dynamics is the name of my company. LSD is just catchy16:35
stefanlsddholbach: to remember that is :)16:35
dholbachI was just kidding :)16:35
dholbachhow's your German lessons coming on?16:36
geserstefanlsd: you know that there is no requirement to know german for becoming a MOTU? :)16:36
persiageser, There isn't?16:36
stefanlsdhaha. es geht :)   grammer keeps getting me... but i can speak it ok. (maybe not high german, but austrian dialect)16:36
dholbachstefanlsd: Wirst Du Dich jetzt erstmal auf Security-Arbeit konzentrieren?16:37
ScottKdholbach: #ubuntu-de16:37
dholbachScottK: I hope the international vocabulary like "Security" was understandable enough :)16:37
stefanlsddholbach: heh. I started doing a fair amount of stuff with the security team after a opendev week session with jd and kees asking for some help16:37
ScottKdholbach: Certainly.16:38
dholbachstefanlsd: what do you like best about it?16:38
* ScottK recalls seeing stefanlsd active on -security stuff.16:38
jpdsScottK: Any clamav stuff?16:38
ScottKHe helped me solve some apparmor profile stuff (for clamav)16:38
stefanlsddholbach: i enjoy aspects of security (generally), i think ubuntu universe needs alot of work when it comes to security. I was very interested listening to UDS regarding a MoM way of merging / syncing debian security to us...16:39
stefanlsddholbach: I would like to put some effort into that process if I can16:39
dholbachstefanlsd: anything that has your attention already?16:39
stefanlsddholbach: Using MoM to check debian security.  That should shorten our time to get things into universe security.  Biggest concern for me is regression and 'SRU' process with this16:41
dholbachthat makes sense16:41
stefanlsdSecurity is very challenging as its essentially an SRU. So lots of careful testing needs to be done...16:41
dholbachjpds, geser, persia: questions?16:41
jpdsstefanlsd: Have you worked with the Debian security team as well?16:42
stefanlsdjpds: I havent worked with their team as such (online) - but i have included a number of their patches into our security, and also pushed patches to them.16:42
persiastefanlsd, What strategis do you think we should use to encourage more contrinbuting developers?16:43
jpdsstefanlsd: Great.16:43
stefanlsdjpds: wireshark patches def. Not sure why i dont see it in my forwarded to debian list...  (will need to check)16:43
stefanlsdpersia: Its tough. I am running a package jam here soon (tentative 27th June) - where I hope with actual face to face meetings, we'll be able to get some people. My biggest thing is telling people that you dont need to be a developer! (maybe the term is misleading) - Like dholbach says - its more detective work...16:45
* dholbach gives stefanlsd a big hug :)16:45
stefanlsdpersia: I was chatting to mok0 regarding REVU and how to improve that also...16:45
stefanlsdpersia: I think that MOTU's are afraid to advocate?  (not sure here, discussion needed), but its kinda like, if i advocate and i'm wrong, what will others think?16:46
stefanlsdWe need to all get involved and all help each other out, and learn from it16:46
jpdsIt's important to recognize that we all make mistakes and learn from them.16:46
stefanlsdMaybe some form of a REVU Mentor?16:47
vorianthat's a good idea16:47
stefanlsdI know I still have stuff to learn on packaging... mok's session was excellent on REVU16:47
dholbachjpds, geser, persia: any more questions from you?16:48
jpdsI'm cool.16:49
dholbachpersia: still around? :)16:50
persiastefanlsd, Could you outline the licensing requirements for a package to be included in universe vs. multiverse?16:52
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stefanlsdpersia: not my strongest point   (hence the review!) - but my understanding is that all the source must be fully redistributable16:54
persiaWell, that's true for both multiverse and universe.  Are you able to describe the difference?16:54
stefanlsdpersia: multiverse would contain software that is not free but is able to be distributed16:56
dholbachpersia: all set?16:57
dholbach[VOTE] Shall Stefan Lesicnik become a MOTU?16:57
MootBotPlease vote on:  Shall Stefan Lesicnik become a MOTU?.16:57
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persia+0.  I'm concerned about consideration of licensing, especially with a specific desire to be involved in sponsoring and REVU.16:58
MootBotFinal result is 3 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 316:58
dholbachpersia: what more do you expect from Stefan?16:59
* persia looks at stuff harder17:00
stefanlsdpersia: I think its something I can get better at. I also know that there are various avenues of finding out if I am not sure17:02
persiaYeah.  I guess it's that I'd like to see a bit more of that before I say +1.17:02
persiaI'm *very* happy with a large number of components of the application otherwise, which is part of why I pause when asked what more I want.17:03
stefanlsdpersia: ok. np.17:03
dholbachpersia: do you think you can talk to stefanlsd outside this meeting to clarify about what you'd like to see?17:03
dholbachjust so Stefan knows when to come back17:04
persiaI'd be *very* happy to do that.17:04
dholbachstefanlsd: thanks a lot for your great work and keep it up!17:04
stefanlsdpersia: thanks. would appreciate that too.17:04
persiastefanlsd, I'll try to work with you in time that you can make the next meeting, or, worst case, the one following.17:04
stefanlsdnp. thanks for everyone's time :)17:05
dholbach[TOPIC] Andrew Starr-Bochicchio's application17:05
MootBotNew Topic:  Andrew Starr-Bochicchio's application17:05
dholbachasomething: still around? :)17:05
geserI've to leave in about 15 min17:05
dholbachgeser: questions? :)17:06
dholbachasomething: do you have an idea how to automatically add "(LP: #1234567)" to debian/changelog? :-)17:06
* nixternal is here17:07
asomethingya, that's some thing that I've forgotten sometimes, bBut most of them had to do with building the package before filing a sponsorship bug. Something that I hopefully won't be doing for universe any more. =)17:07
geserasomething: how will you make sure that bugs gets closed for uploads where you forget the (lp: #xxx)?17:07
jpdsnixternal: Better late than never!17:08
asomethingGeser: I follow up on my work so I can always close it manually17:08
geseroh good, so nixternal can replace me if we aren't done in 15 min :)17:09
dholbachpersia, jpds: any questions?17:10
dholbachasomething: what was your experience when you worked with debian?17:10
jpdsasomething: I usually add LP: ## to changelogs as I fix the stuff so it's done, don't you like automatically closing stuff? :)17:11
persiaasomething, Could you outline some of the special considerations involved when packaging a theme?17:11
dholbachasomething: what was it like when you worked on stuff with the desktop team?17:11
asomethingdholbach: generally my experience with debian has been good, I maintain a few packages my selfy and I've got good relations with some maintainers of stuff im interested in17:12
nixternalasomething: what are your plans for future packages? sticking specifically with GNOME based desktop packages, or are you looking to expand out into other areas?17:12
nixternalhonestly, we have enough GNOME packages, so what makes you stand out?17:13
asomethingpersia: as i'm finding out with gnome-colors, checking copyright is important, artists dont check things as much as software devs17:13
* nixternal notes that you can never have enough really17:13
dholbachnixternal: I'll tell seb128 about that - you'll never have a quiet day in your life again17:13
nixternalremember, I am a volunteer!17:13
asomethingnixternal: well, I'm mostly concerned with GTK+ stuff, but generally there is a lot of stuff out there with fixes already availiable I want to find those thing and fix them17:14
asomethinglike I say in my app, I'm interested in continuing to pick off the low hanging fruit but also helping to get more people involved with it as well, training ect17:15
nixternalwell I think as a MOTU, you should strive for more than low-hanging fruit, and leave those for people who are trying to become MOTU and such, what do you think?17:16
dholbachI have no more questions17:16
* persia is looking up details for a quest17:16
nixternaldholbach: you shoul dknow that by now, when persia is quiet for so long, he is digging17:16
asomethingnixternal: part of leaving that stuff for contributors is having more sponsors17:17
* geser leaves17:17
persiaasomething, You recently uploaded a merge of boost1.37 : Could you share your view of the boost1.37 -> boost1.38 transition, and what ought be done for karmic?17:17
nixternalgeser: want to give us your vote before you go?17:17
persiageser, Have a  good evening17:18
dholbachgeser: have a good evening17:18
* nixternal notes he needs to the Signals2 library from boost17:19
asomethingpersia: i think it's doable, but not really my area of expertise. I was simply the last uploader on that for jaunty to pull in a debian fix affecting libtorrent-rasterbar17:19
asomethingpart of working with the debian deluge maintainer17:20
persiaDid you review alternate versions, or consider migrating to the new version?17:20
asomethingwell, my goal was getting deluge syncable and the debian maintainer is building libtorrent-rasterbar against 1.37 only17:22
dholbachpersia, nixternal, jpds: any more questions?17:23
jpdsNone from me.17:23
* persia is done.17:23
dholbach[VOTE] Shall Andrew Starr-Bochicchio become MOTU?17:23
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dholbachcongratulations asomething!17:24
dholbachasomething: ... long overdue! :-)17:24
nixternalcongrats and welcome asomething!17:25
nellerycongrats asomething! :)17:25
jpdsCongrats asomething!17:25
nixternalnow get boost1.39 uploaded and backported! :p17:25
dholbach[TOPIC] AOB?17:25
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB?17:25
nixternalwhat is that?17:25
dholbachAny other business17:25
* persia is good.17:25
dholbachwho's going to do the honours?17:25
nixternalnone here17:25
nixternalI am going to the hospital, so maybe if and when I come back I could do them17:26
dholbachnixternal: ok, if you don't make it back, I'll do it tomorrow early!17:26
nixternalumm, I better make it back dude, only way that I wouldn't is if I kicked the bucket17:26
dholbachnixternal: I'm sure you will :)17:27
nixternalbut that is fine...i can do it here in a bit :)17:27
dholbachthanks muchly17:27
nixternalit's just an ankle ;p17:27
* jpds disappears for today - later folks.17:27
MootBotMeeting finished at 11:27.17:27
dholbachthanks a lot everybody!17:27
nixternaldholbach: have a drink for me!17:27
* dholbach hugs porthose, hyperair, stefanlsd, asomething17:27
dholbachsure will :)17:27
dholbachtake care17:27
* hyperair hugs dholbach17:28
* porthose hugs dholbach back:)17:28
dholbachsee you around17:28
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ldlandishi.. are meetings pending? (I'm a newbie).23:06

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