billybigrigger_is there anyway to go about asking for a package to be included in karmic?00:39
samdbillybigrigger_: i dont know, but if i were you, i would ask on #ubuntu-motu03:12
billybigrigger_already a package03:16
billybigrigger_the ppa was from hardy, so its been packaged :P03:17
billybigrigger_wow, karmic channel is just buzzing lately :P03:17
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Tekno_good morning05:01
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mrwesanyone else having issues with mount DVD's?13:31
mrwesHal is giving me an 'uknown' error13:31
BluesKajHiyas all14:53
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BluesKajany luck install K3B ? I have kde3libs etc installed but i have broken dependencies when trying to install k3b " The following packages have unmet dependencies:k3b: Depends: kdelibs-data (>= 4:3.1.4-2) , E: Broken packages. When trying tinstall kdelibs-data , apt wants to remove amarok-kde3 which would like to keep , Can you guys suggest a workaround ?16:45
BluesKajamarok2 ain't my cuppa tea ..wish the devs would ask users what they're fav options and usages are before they go ahead and use a different srtucture for our fav apps :(16:49
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DanaGI tried amarok2.... hated it.  UI wasn't customizable the way I like it.16:50
DanaGI like just two panes: file tree on the left, and current playlist or folder-contents on right.16:50
BluesKajit's just -plain clunky and fugly16:51
arandDanaG: Is there a good file-tree view in amarok? I've switched to gmusicbrowser for that sole purpose...16:52
DanaGI use quodlibet.16:53
DanaGDoesn't play well with notify-osd, though -- or rather, notify-OSD doesn't handle its bubbles nicely.16:53
DanaGYou can end up with a huge backlog of bubbles if you change tracks multiple times.16:54
TwigathyDanaG: you might like Sonata then... (mpd client)16:54
DanaGI'd rather not have a music player "daemon" -- I just want an app.  =þ16:55
* arand wishes foobar2000 was available for GNU/Linux *longing sigh*16:55
TwigathyDanaG: mpd is pretty lightweight >_>16:56
* Twigathy wonders if the util-linux update today fixes the 100% CPU use blkid issue17:11
arandapport not being able to send bug reports on ubuntu-one, is that really right?17:15
kklimondaarand: I guess it will refuse to send report because ubuntu-one isn't genuine ubuntu package.17:21
arandkklimonda: indeed17:26
kklimondaarand: on the other hand you can use ubuntu-bug to send report17:30
BluesKajcan you guys recommend an app that will erase cdrw/dvdrws besides k3b which I can't install ?17:54
robin0800BluesKaj: Brasero17:59
macvrrobin0800: can brasero also do multi session recroding?18:03
jmhohi, I've got font problems with kubuntu 9.10 alpha, what can I do?18:13
TheInfinitydebug it? ;)18:14
jmhook, where should I start?18:14
robin0800macvr: Just checked yes it can18:14
TheInfinityyou use an alpha, you should know this ...18:14
TheInfinityxorg is a start18:15
macvrrobin0800: where is the setting? is it available in jaunty too? i'm not able to figure it out18:15
kklimondaboth karmic and jaunty have brasero 2.26.1 so it should be available18:15
jmhoTheInfinity: sure, I'm not complaining, should I file a bug report or is it not wanted as it's alpha?18:16
robin0800macvr: In properties when you have selected a disk18:16
TheInfinitywithout a bug report it wont be fixed ;)18:16
macvrrobin0800: ok.. but will this work if i have used a cd for multi-session in nero?18:17
jmhoTheInfinity: ok, so it is not a well known issue?18:17
TheInfinityjmho: search bug existing reports to answer this18:17
jmhoTheInfinity: ok, thx18:17
robin0800macvr: Don't know try and report back18:17
macvrrobin0800: i'v tried it previously... i through the cd some where... let me find it and try...18:18
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BUGabundoboas noites19:24
coz_BUGabundo,  good evening   which language is that?19:25
BUGabundocoz_: hi. Portuguese, of course19:25
coz_ah ok cool19:25
pace_t_zuluhow's it going BUGabundo?19:26
BUGabundopace_t_zulu: really really tired19:27
BluesKajwhat are ppl om karmic using to repalce k3b ?19:27
maxbGNOME :-P19:28
BluesKajnot kde , k3b ... some joker , maxb19:29
pace_t_zuluBUGabundo, it is late on your side of the pond19:35
pace_t_zuluBUGabundo, did you go to UDS?19:36
BUGabundoFri May 29 19:36:14 WEST 200919:36
BUGabundopace_t_zulu: I did not19:36
BUGabundodidn't even manage to listen to most session19:36
BUGabundoonly on mondey19:36
pace_t_zuluBUGabundo, shame... so close to portugual19:38
BUGabundopace_t_zulu: not that close!19:38
BUGabundoto barça it would be like 800kms19:39
BUGabundoplus nowhere (cheap) to stay19:39
pace_t_zuluBUGabundo, closer than USA19:39
kklimondais it just me or is http://www.pitivi.org the first app that has a chance to actually be finished and be usable by users? :)19:46
pace_t_zulukklimonda, PiTiVi looks cool... maybe worth looking at for karmic? probably not... maybe karmic+119:54
kklimondapace_t_zulu: 0.11.3 is already in repo, I think I'll try to get 0.13.1 in19:56
pace_t_zulukklimonda, good man19:56
pace_t_zulukklimonda, how's the weather in poland?19:57
kklimondapace_t_zulu: it's raining all day :/19:57
kklimondaAt least it isn't too cold..19:58
kklimondabut it doesn't feel like the end of may ;)19:58
mlpughere in finland sun will shine all weekend and temperature they say will be 29C (=too hot)20:00
mlpugthis is not usual20:00
lymecaSo now that KOffice 2 is out, will KOffice 1.x be removed from the karmic repos?20:48
BUGabundolymeca: i still see 1.x20:51
lymecaThat was the biggest headache when dist-upgrading to jaunty20:52
lymecaAnyone who had koffice-kde4 packages installed had them broken when all other packages worked20:52
BUGabundoahh yeaj20:56
BUGabundowe had a bad time with kde4.2.x upgrade on karmic20:56
BUGabundo[OT] how many users here have signed their CoC ? https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct/1.0.121:11
TwigathyThose with common sense will do all those things anyway; those without won't sign the CoC ;)21:14
kklimondaBUGabundo: as I've said on identi.ca the number of people who has signed it isn't important - It's not like they are accounted for not keeping to it.. :)21:15
BUGabundokklimonda: was that the entire dent?21:26
BUGabundofealt like incompelete21:27
BUGabundoso who are you tracking identica?21:27
BUGabundoI just see you replying to me there21:27
kklimondayou ;)21:27
kklimondawell, I'm tracking !ubuntu21:27
kklimondaI use gwibber21:27
BUGabundoI'll have to check popcon stats on gwibber21:28
BUGabundowith UDS and all21:28
BUGabundoI bet its used a lot now21:28
kklimondait's another icon in notification area :/21:29
BluesKajBUGabundo, what are ppl using to blank cdrws & dvdrws , now that k3b won't install properly on some setups21:29
BUGabundoyou can hide it21:30
BUGabundoBluesKaj: no idea!21:30
BUGabundoI love k3b21:30
BUGabundohope we keep it in a good state21:30
BluesKaji get errors when installing k3b  on my system, apt wants to remove amarok1421:52
BluesKajvery strange behaviour there21:52
BUGabundoBluesKaj: let me see what happens on my side21:52
BUGabundo  Installed: 1.0.5+kde4svn935857+really1.0.5-3ubuntu521:53
BUGabundoNo CD/DVD writer found.21:53
BluesKajBUGabundo, are you running amarok Qt21:53
BUGabundothat doesn't help !!!21:53
BUGabundoburn to file went ol21:55
BluesKajno such luck here21:56
BUGabundoits on your side21:56
BUGabundoworks for me21:56
BUGabundoI just have that bug21:56
BUGabundowhere after hibernate, DVD drive disapears21:56
BUGabundoI prob should have filed that one year ago21:56
BUGabundokklimonda: you know i can't say your 1st name, even if I want too? lol21:58
kklimondaBUGabundo: Don't worry - Neither can Japanese nor Americans ;)21:59
mrwestwo days in a row with sound -- nice work22:29
mrwesnow if I could only mount DVD's I'd be pleased22:30
BUGabundomrwes: me too22:30
BUGabundoits amazing22:30
BUGabundoI had something to ask22:30
BUGabundoahhh I remember22:30
BUGabundowhy do you use Ubuntu?22:30
BUGabundowith all your experience, what brought you to the big YOU ?22:31
BUGabundo*big U22:31
BUGabundodamn auto spell checker22:31
mrwespartly challenge, discontent with Microsoft products -- even thought I dearly depend on them at work22:32
mrwesperformance and stability22:32
mrwesand cuz I can22:32
mrwesI've only been back in Linux for a little over a year22:33
mrwesit was like coming home...heh22:33
BUGabundoforgot about that22:33
mrwesI'm not an IT guy, but I'm the guy everyone asks to fix0r their puter22:34
mrwesyou know what I mean?22:34
BUGabundoactually no22:34
BUGabundoplease explain22:34
mrwesMy background is quality assurance, and I got tired of not getting the proper support I needed to accomplish my job in regards to computers. So I taught myself22:35
mrwesI have no formal education in computers22:35
mrwesso now I know more than most :)22:35
mrwesand now I share22:35
BUGabundoalthough mrwes its strange... I have audio, just not everytime22:36
mrweswhat are you checking it hourly?22:36
mrwesI had to actually.....rip a DVD in ....sigh...Windows with DVDFab22:37
kklimondamrwes: that's what you get for testing alpha ;)22:38
mrweskklimonda, thanks for pointing that out22:45
mrwesI understand the risks22:45
mrwesI just like to bitch22:45
mrwesActually the worse part is when my wife sees me using her laptop which is running XP22:46
mrwesshe loves to rub that in22:46
BUGabundoI bet22:47
BUGabundoinstall portableubuntu on it, and then say you are testing ti22:47
mrweswell. there are a couple of programs I think are superior22:47
mrwesAuto Gordian Knot is the best dvd to avi converter22:47
BUGabundoahhh yes22:48
mrwesand I'm quite fond of MS Access22:48
BUGabundoits mitic22:48
* BUGabundo slaps mrwes so hard, he can see the Solar System from another corner of th Universe22:48
mrwesalthough I'm trying to each myself SQL and MySQL22:48
mrwesbeen using Access for many man years22:48
mrwesI've used it to interface with manufacturing resource programs22:49
mrwesMPR and ERP22:49
mrwesit's a must have for me22:49
mrweshowever, most MRP and ERP programs are SQL based, thus the need to learn SQL22:50
mrwescuz ODBO is slow22:51
mrwesok...'nuff about me, what brings you to the big U as you call it22:51
BUGabundoFreedom, Human Beings, short release cycle22:52
mrwesHuman beings?22:53
mrweswtf is that?22:53
kklimondaBUGabundo: less chit chatting and more bug triaging :P22:56
BUGabundoon +1?22:56
kklimondaBUGabundo: WORK! WORK! WORK!22:56
BUGabundoworked a lot all week, didn't even come up here for 2 days22:58
BUGabundolet me enjoy the little bit of free time I have22:58
BUGabundoSunday will be mayhem22:58
mrwesI've filed my bugs23:01
mrweshah...there ya go!23:02
mrweskklimonda, why when there is absolutely nothing being said and then some "chit chatting' occurs the ops chime in23:03
mrwesbut if I ask a question about a bug, I get no response?23:03
kklimondamrwes: I'm just teasing BUGabundo ;)23:04
kklimondamrwes: maybe your timing isn't right? mostly when I ask about bugs I get some response23:04
BUGabundomrwes: kklimonda is one of the few I actualy understend sarcams coming from, so I don't fuel it too much23:05
BUGabundoI get about 75% of the time23:05
kklimondaBUGabundo: you are probably the first person who gets me :D23:06
* kklimonda hugs BUGabundo 23:06
* BUGabundo mv should IONICE -c3 if it takes more then 10 secs!!! damn23:06
BUGabundoactually *anything* that depends on IO should do it!23:06
BUGabundoI've raised pidgin to c2 and still it locks due to a simple mv comand of 8GiBs of data23:07
BUGabundokklimonda: I never get irony/sarcams so consider your self *very* lucky23:07
kklimondaBUGabundo: do you know who's working on getting gnome-shell into 9.10?23:10
BUGabundome ? never23:44
mrwesI thrive on it :)23:44

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