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zniavreim trying to make screenlets al my friend told me it's a bit "empty" what do you think about it ?12:54
andreasnkwwii, hm, maybe this is related: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/human-icon-theme/+bug/4680114:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 46801 in human-icon-theme "Bad close icon" [Medium,Fix released]14:06
robstahow's things andreasn?14:07
SiDikwwii, nice artwork session :p14:08
thorwilSiDi, what did I miss?14:08
SiDithorwil, they talked about wallpapers with naked people oO14:10
thorwilSiDi, cool. i thought that was history14:10
SiDiah i was the only guy without badge tho14:11
SiDiso i think kwwii didnt spot me :p14:11
thorwilwhat, you don't have a t-shirt with your nick on it?!14:11
SiDii came too late14:12
SiDino t-shirt14:12
SiDiim so disappointed :(14:12
SiDino haha allowed !14:13
knomeyes haha allowed14:14
SiDino no :(14:14
knomeand recommended ;)14:14
knomeno dependencies though14:14
andreasnrobsta, all well, and you?14:16
robstaandreasn: no complaints, not much time for pet projects though :)14:16
thorwilthe repo told me it feels lonely14:17
robstathorwil: really need to set up pioneer boilerplate stuff14:18
thorwilrobsta, yeah. i'm waiting to see at least something to bring back my motivation. plus i'm going to do freelance work now14:19
SiDithoughts ?16:13
thorwilicon and bar seem to be unnecessary duplication16:14
SiDiofc the bar will go to hell16:14
SiDiim at uds plenary session atm, not very easy to inkscape xD16:14
* thorwil -> cycling16:15
SiDilet me finish the icons and write a proper spec. I may also write the patch for gnome-power-manager soon ! :P16:15
SiDiDoes anyone know the original author / license for the Human notify-osd icons ?18:51
thorwilargh! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WebsiteButtons19:24
SiDikwwii, if someone made more notification-battery-* icons, would you consider them for a possible inclusion in Human theme ?23:24

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