mib_7vyuq6a0i couldnt get help in ubuntu channel maybe someone can help me here, does anyone know why i cant get xbindkeys to startup after i login?00:11
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geofftam I missing something, or is there no MD5SUMS.gpg for the netboot etc. images?02:52
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dholbachryanakca: webmaster@ryanak.ca does not seem to work for me08:40
slangasekdholbach: of course!  that's the UID on his key that's only there to trick people into signing email addresses he doesn't control08:46
dholbachslangasek: super :)08:47
ryanakcadholbach,slangasek: IPv6 mailserver. Don't sign it if you don't want08:54
dholbachryanakca: the email address did not work - I tried mailing it08:55
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ryanakcadholbach: *nod*, my ISP blocks incomming port 25 on IPv4. Do you have an ipv6 connection / mailserver?08:58
dholbachat least not as far as I know08:59
dholbachnevermind then08:59
ogrambiebl, asac would like to talk to you, he is sitting on the sofa in the main hall10:38
lamontslangasek: sent10:48
lamontslangasek: I'll let you approve it, if you'd be so kind11:15
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yoschArneGoetje: what gobby document are you using for the second fonts round table?14:20
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ArneGoetjeyosch: same as the first one. karmic-font-issues-roundtable14:45
yoschArneGoetje: got it, been adding some more stuff14:48
yoschArneGoetje: it's a bit hard to follow the audio discussion: I mostly hear the aircon14:49
ArneGoetjeyosch: aircon has just turned itself off14:54
yoschArneGoetje: great, better now14:56
ArneGoetjeyosch: copied the document to the blueprint15:13
yoschArneGoetje: great, thanks15:13
yoschArneGoetje: will followup later15:14
yoschArneGoetje: gotta go now, bye :-)15:15
ArneGoetjeyosch: thanks, bye15:15
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slangasekryanakca: eh, my mail goes out through an IPv6-enabled host :)15:51
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ion_liw: I read “The apt-sync package is now included in Ubuntu and will make upgrades faster” skimming through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AptSyncInKarmicSpec only to realize it’s just a future release note. What a disappointment. ;-)20:06
liwion_, no worries, you can help make it true :)21:46
ion_liw: I’d like to help, actually.21:46
liwion_, good. see the spec and add any comments you have, and ping me after Jun 9 when I come back from vacation :)21:47
rippsI'm trying to add an --extraversion variable to package with it's git version. I've stored the version information in debian/git-version. But when I try to parse it with 'cat debian/git-version' the pbuilder just tells me "cat: debian/git-version: No such file or directory" what am I doing wrong?22:08
rippsI used to have this working when I had git-version in the source directory, but when I moved it to debian/ it stopped working. Why?22:15
mib_7t56th40i would like to help package eclipse 3.4.222:50
mib_7t56th40what may i do to help?22:52
maxbmib_7t56th40: Are you experienced both in packaging and in the eclipse buildsystem? If not, please be aware that this is a deeply complex problem that has defeated many people already, and you may wish to pick an easier package to help with.22:53
ScottKmib_7t56th40: Also #ubuntu-motu is a better place to look for someone to discuss that.22:54
mib_7t56th40No, I'm not.  I'm willing to learn22:54
mib_7t56th40Okay. Thanks, ScottK22:54

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