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zab_quelqu'un peut-il m'aider ?15:04
zab_apparemment tout le monde est occupé15:06
zab_bon après midi, à bientôt peut être15:06
Shane_Faganzab_: Parlez en langlais si vous plait15:27
Shane_FaganOh he quit15:27
linux_stuI believe I found two errors in the Ubuntu Server Guide19:29
linux_stuAt https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/package-management-introduction.html , the second to last sentence reads "In order for Festival to function, it and all of it's dependencies must be installed."  In this case, the words "its" should be used instead of "it's".19:30
Shane_Faganlinux_stu: File a bug for it on launchpad against ubuntu-doc and put on it as much info as possible please19:30
linux_stuah launchpad finally loaded19:31
Shane_Faganlinux_stu: Actually "it's" is correct19:32
linux_stu"it's" = "it is"19:32
linux_stu"its" = possessive pronoun19:32
Shane_FaganYes and in the context of that sentence it refers to the program's dependencies.19:34
cody-somervillelinux_stu is correct19:34
cody-somerville"it's" should be "its"19:35
Shane_FaganJust after reading the section in question.19:35
Shane_Faganlinux_stu: Whats the second error?19:36
Shane_Faganill check if the first bug is fixed in the karmic branch19:38
linux_stuAt https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/installing-from-cd.html , the output for the command "tasksel --task-packages dns-server" that is listed on the page differs from the output I observe on my system when I run the command.19:38
linux_stuIt lists the output as being "bind9-doc \ bind9", whereas on my system, the output is "bind9-doc \ bind9utils \ bind9"19:39
cody-somervillelinux_stu, Are you running Ubuntu 8.04?19:39
linux_stuaww failure19:39
linux_stuyou're right.19:39
linux_stuI was mistakenly thinking the documentation was for 9.04.19:40
Shane_FaganThe first error has already been corrected in the jaunty page19:40
Shane_FaganThe second error is on the jaunty page19:41
Shane_Fagancody-somerville: could you push a fix for the second error please?19:44
Shane_Fagancody-somerville: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/183835/19:44
cody-somervilleI'm heading out for dinner19:45
Shane_FaganHmmm anyone else with commit privileges around ?19:46
Shane_FaganAh ill just file a bug report and put the patch tag on it19:46
bencrisfordWhen submitting documentation patches, what format would one use for the patch?23:18
bencrisfordI assume it isnt debdiff23:18
bencrisfordis it?23:18
Shane_Faganbzr diff please23:22
bencrisfordah ok, ty :)23:23
bencrisfordI havent got a patch to submit yet, but I was just curious23:23
Shane_FaganCd into the branch so "cd ubuntu-karmic" then "bzr diff" then copy the the output as a .diff file23:23
bencrisfordah ok23:23
Shane_FaganIf you have any trouble just ask23:24
bencrisfordok thanks Shane_Fagan :)23:28

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