twbI'm installing preseeded 9.04 desktop using debian-installer, from a USB key.02:54
twbUnlike 8.04, it is complaining about the USB key being mounted.02:54
twbThat is, it asks if I want to unmount the USB key.02:55
twbCan I preseed the answer to this question to "no"?  If so, what is the variable to preseed?02:55
CIA-66ubiquity: Mario Limonciello <supermario@dell-laptop> * rsupermario@dell-laptop-20090529094613-8colht50sw0pf37l ubiquity/debian/ (6 files):10:50
CIA-66ubiquity: Drop custom recipe for Mythbuntu as XFS will no longer be necessary10:50
CIA-66ubiquity: for recordings with switching to ext4.10:50
CIA-66ubiquity: superm1 * rsupermario@dell-laptop-20090529094613-8colht50sw0pf37l ubiquity/debian/ (6 files):10:52
CIA-66ubiquity: Drop custom recipe for Mythbuntu as XFS will no longer be necessary10:52
CIA-66ubiquity: for recordings with switching to ext4.10:52
superm1whoops, looks like cia submitted twice10:54
lfaraoneevand: Does the future branch work currently under Jaunty? I'm trying to figure out if it's something I'm doing in the changes I've made, or if it just doesn't work as is.15:36
evandIt should15:37
evandthough admittedly I just cowboyed that in15:37
lfaraoneevand: hm. for me, it crashes hal. i'll try it again rolling back my changes.15:38
evandI unfortunately don't have sufficient time to look into it, as I'm at UDS15:39
evandbut if it's still causing problems I can take a closer look on Monday15:40
lfaraoneevand: k, i'll ping you then.15:40
* lfaraone hopes to be able to go to the next UDS, he can't make Europe.15:40
evandeast coast US is next, assuming we stick to the pattern15:41
evandvery excited for that15:41
CIA-66casper: cjwatson * r627 trunk/ (debian/changelog scripts/casper-bottom/25configure_init): Fix symlinking of anacron to /bin/true.16:15

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