^arky^I have a question 11:32
^arky^I am trying to add a i386 repo to my lpia sources.list , however it fails due the $ARCH variable. Is there a way to override that11:34
StevenKNot using apt11:35
persia^arky^, This is a widely discussed issue.  In the session at UDS about lpia, it was decided that the architecture should be deprecated.  I strongly recommend reinstallation.11:43
^arky^persia: reinstallation ?  Karmic mid are uninstallable11:46
^arky^persia, can you suggest a solution as karmic MID .img seems to give some trouble 11:47
persia^arky^: The MID image is expected to change very significantly over the next 7-8 weeks, as a result of decisions taken at UDS.  I recommend you stick with jaunty until then.  I'll be sending out email with conclusions next week.13:14
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ian_brasilarky...i installed MID then did apt-get on ubuntu-netbook-remix and ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings and the purged mid settings17:59
ian_brasilseems to work fine apart from wifi17:59
ian_brasilnot that i am advisinf you to do this b.t.w18:00

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