ajhtiredwolfI have two monitors, second one is running as a seperate x-session, I need the primary monitors x-session to use compiz, and the secondary monitor to NOT use compiz. Anyone every done this before?00:10
Seeker`hmm, when watching a widescreen program on freeview, then osd look stretched02:18
Seeker`fonts go fuzzy02:18
Seeker`if i set the aspect ratio to 4:3 manually, the OSD is sharp again, but the TV picture is wrong02:19
devsforevGreetings everyone. For some reason, ACPI is not working in my setup. When I push the power button, nothing happens to the system. I would like it to shutdown when its pushed, but nothing happens. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance03:25
firefly2442Are there any major differences between Mythbuntu and regular Ubuntu Linux?  In terms of driver support or other things?07:09
firefly2442essentially, if I install Ubuntu and then install the mythbuntu packages am I getting exactly the same thing?07:09
mythmanHad to re install mythbuntu and have a new database how can i import old recordings10:57
womboHey guys, I seem to have totally shafted my main install, something todo with the tuners.11:28
womboCan I just reinstall the Mythbuntu but somehow leave mythtv11:28
hadsYou need a backup of the database.11:31
hadsBut the database contains all the settings, so if it's the settings that are broken then it will still be broken.11:32
womboyeah ok11:32
womboIt is just the tuners that are broken, but I cant find anyway to fix them. So I dont really have a choice but to wipe it11:33
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pizzledizzlehey i got a media center remote and it works but a lot of buttons dont do anything or just switch to different terminals like tty1. how does one go about configuring those buttons19:54
pizzledizzlein mythbuntu setup for infrared devices i picked media center (new philips)19:55
Haggridusing 8.10. Audio usually needs about 30 ms delay to run in synce with video.  Is there a way to set that as a default and have it auto set to 30 ms on each playback?  Thanks20:58
hadsMust be your source, I don't have a delay issue.22:22
hadsI'm not aware of a way to setup an automatic A/V offset.22:22
Haggrid I have been looking but haven't found anything.  Thanks22:23
nocarrieranyone can recommend me a good dvb-c budget card?23:14

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