ubottuArtichoke200 called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:21
ubottuArtichoke200 called the ops in #ubuntu-proxy-users ()00:26
FlannelArtichoke200: how can we help you?00:28
Artichoke200I need to get in #ubuntu00:28
Artichoke200Every time I try to get in, it takes me to the proxy thing00:29
Artichoke200I'm not using a proxy00:29
FlannelArtichoke200: You were just in #ubuntu, you were abusive.00:29
Artichoke200I was, but I can't get back in00:29
FlannelArtichoke200: What did you need the ops for in #ubuntu?00:29
Artichoke200Everyone was mad at me for giving my opinion, and also, I wanted to know how to get past the proxy thing00:30
FlannelArtichoke200: you were already in #ubuntu at that time00:31
Artichoke200I know00:31
Artichoke200But I wanted to know how to get past that next time I come to #ubuntu00:31
Artichoke200When I leave00:31
Artichoke200Could someone get me in #ubuntu?00:32
FlannelArtichoke200: Before I do, do you understand that you were being rude and offtopic?00:36
FlannelArtichoke200: and it won't happen again?00:36
FlannelCan I get you to read the IRC guidelines, so that there's no ambiguity about the rules in #ubuntu00:37
Flannel!guidelines | Artichoke200 00:37
ubottuArtichoke200: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:37
Artichoke200Will you let me in now?00:38
FlannelArtichoke200: try reconnecting00:40
FlannelArtichoke200: If there's nothing else we can help you with today, please part this channel.  thanks00:41
ubottuThe operation succeeded.00:55
LjLhi. may i ask how this sort of behavior http://paste.ubuntu.com/183250/ is compatible with being let back into the channel almost immediately01:06
jussi01LjL: has there been an issue since him being let back in? (I havent looked)01:07
LjLjussi01: not a big issue, although asking how one becomes an op sounds trollish enough to me.01:08
jussi01LjL: hrm, well lets watch him, and see. we can always re-ban. 01:09
LjLis the current belief among ops that if someone appears to have more or less understood what #ubuntu is about, everything they might have done 5 minutes earlier is forgiven and forgotten, even if they spammed the channel, wasted people's time, etc?01:09
LjLis there any respect for the time actual non-trolls put into the channel?01:09
FlannelLjL: I banned him, I let him back in, I dealt with that question.  I'm not forgetting anything.01:10
LjLi don't believe he should be entitled to receive support in #ubuntu *in the first place*, after the way he behaved.01:10
LjLirc is a privilege, not a right.01:10
jussi01LjL: its not forgive and forget, just a second chance to sort himself out. 01:10
LjLjussi01: he was given a second chance twice, since he was given !ot twice, not counting your !language01:11
jussi01LjL: he has come here, been spoken too, and agreed to sort it out. if its a problem again, we can ban him again, then move on. 01:12
LjLjussi01: then look at what he's just saying in #ubuntu please.01:13
jussi01LjL: right, Im watching now, and I assume Flannel is also,01:14
LjLof course.01:14
FlannelAlright, heading home.  So, I'm no longer watching him intently ;)01:20
elkywait, did artichoke use mibbit the first time?05:08
elkyhe did ok. for a moment there it looked sus.05:09
Flannelthats the only reason it ended up being a ban05:11
elkyi do fail to believe that 45 seconds is long enough to read the guidelines.05:11
Flannel(and why I removed it even after it was clear he only glanced at the guidelines)05:11
FlannelIf he wasn't using mibbit, it would've only been a removal, not a ban.05:12
elkymeanwhile you've taught him it's ok to pretend to read the guidelines. congrats.05:12
FlannelNo, he agreed to follow them, whether or not he actually read them.05:12
FlannelThere isn't *that* much to read.05:13
elkyFlannel, we are not into running con-jobs. i'd much rather people know what they're agreeing to.05:13
Flannelelky: 45 seconds is enough to read the actual guidelines.  You don't need to read the paragraphs to understand them.05:13
FlannelBut the point still stands, were he not using mibbit, he wouldn't have been banned at all, just removed, and would've been able to come back right away.05:13
elkymibbit or not. ban or not. please make sure that when people read the guidelines, they *actually* read the guidelines. if they dont and get taught they can fake it, then they're *never* going to read them.05:15
elkythey're not going to read them when they have a real ban, since their experience tells them that we're absolute freaking fools.05:16
elkyi'd really rather us not be considered absolute freaking fools. it makes things *harder*.05:16
Flannelelky: +105:35
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)06:22
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)06:22
Flannelnice, no takers.06:22
=== evilGary is now known as Chipmunk
* Myrtti nibbles Chipmunk 08:10
* Chipmunk bites Myrtti 08:10
Tm_Thurry, pull his whiskers!08:10
* Chipmunk scarpers away08:11
BactaHello Flannel08:13
FlannelHi Bacta08:20
BactaHello :)08:20
BactaWas wondering if we could talk about this ban08:21
ikoniawhat's up ?08:24
BactaPizza :)08:27
ikoniaok, what do you want to talk about, what ban, and what's your take this morning08:28
BactaMy take this morning?08:30
ikoniayes, what do you want to talk about, what's your comment for this morning08:30
BactaOk, well Flannel said he would consider removing it on Wednesday08:31
Bactait's now Friday my time and I haven't had the chance to talk to him about it until now08:32
FlannelI did say that,08:33
FlannelHowever, at that time I had overlooked a previous discussion you had where you were told to come back "in a month" (from mid May)08:33
BactaI see08:33
ikoniaFlannel: ahhh good you are active, I thought you had skulked off08:34
Flannelikonia: I didn't see a need to ask the same question you were asking :)  I was finishing something up in another window though.08:34
ikoniaBacta: anything else ?08:35
* jussi01 waves09:10
FlannelHowdy jussi0109:10
* Pici yawns13:10
jussi01Pici: dont jinx it, quiet days are good. 13:11
* Myrtti gives Pici a lollipop13:11
Picijussi01: Oh, I'm tired, not bored at #u13:12
ikoniasorry - typo13:38
PiciI'm not sure I can forgive you13:38
ikoniaoh go on 13:42
Jack_SparrowShuuuuuush,  Hehe, be verrrrrrrwy quiet, we are hunting moles...13:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:09
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:18
Jack_SparrowCoffee is on me this am14:18
MyrttiI need milk for that :-(14:22
Jack_SparrowI use half cocoa in every coffee14:23
Jack_SparrowFYI  from earlier    <epiclulz> dont make me f****** ddos you                  * added by me14:24
geniiMan. I sooo need coffee today too14:26
geniiJack_Sparrow: Hold the cocoa please14:26
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=== they is now known as vorian
Myrttishould I understand what's going on in -ot?16:42
MyrttiI don't know what to say or think16:49
Myrttimattwhatever is tiptoeing on it17:10
Myrttiand I'm gonna get some proper trousers on (not gonna go shopping with my jammies on) and get some milk and perhaps a wee ickle can of cider or perry17:10
ubottuIn #ubuntu, aa3b said: ubottu: that link is not working18:30
Mamarokhm, had this aa3b in my focus this afternoon in #k, laughing at people without reason...19:38
PiciHe was talking about me.20:07
PiciHe claimed I was stalking him because I was in #ubuntu AND #ubuntu-offtopic AND #kubuntu and so was he.20:08
FlannelPici: er... you're stalking me too!20:08
FlannelYou're in #ubuntu-ops as well...20:09
Picioh no!20:09
Flanneland... and... stalker!20:09
MyrttiOH NOES!20:09
=== Chipmunk is now known as Gary
ikoniameatball: you are being blocked from ubuntu because your ident is "fuckoff"21:21
GaryMyrtti: you should have gone shopping with your jim jams on, it'd have been funny21:45
Myrttithey did ask for my id at alko anyway21:46
Myrttiie. state monopoly for booze21:46
Garyhaha, in finland?21:47
Myrttiah, to be young again21:47
Myrttitomorrow the schools end and graduation parties21:48
* Myrtti remembers hers ten years ago21:48
Myrttithe cake and the bubbly wine \o/21:48
tomawdoes someone here know the dates for the '09 ubuntu dev summit?23:14
tomawah, nm it seems google + channel topics know23:15
Davieytomaw: karmic finished today :)23:15
tomawusing google to search for it seemed to require I know the silly names rather than it was the latest one23:16
Myrttitomaw: wiki.ubuntu.com/uds --> wiki.ubuntu.com/udskarmic23:17
tomawsadly that doesn't seem quickly locatable using google23:17
* genii sips23:37

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