mib_6s8v2mgcdamn :(00:00
aadityadassouki: whoa. let's try the whole `dmesg` without tail this time.00:00
aadityadassouki: dmesg|pastebinit00:00
mib_6s8v2mgcdoes anyone know why i cant get xbindkeys to startup after i login?00:00
ZykoticK9Knyte, are you sure you're running off the livecd, it shouldn't ask for a password00:01
ExAstrisI have Ubuntu on my internal HD and I just installed XUbuntu to an external HD so I can use it for a project I'm working on, and as a backup OS in case my HD dies. I have created a grub entry (http://pastebin.ca/1438686) to boot Xubuntu, but am recieivng an error 21 when I try to... can anyone help?00:01
thelaugh2ngmimeI have samba mostly configured. but for some reason i cannot connect to it with my windows pc i can see it on the network but i am not allowed to connect00:01
Knyteyes running off the liveCD..00:01
aadityaKnyte: when is it asking for a password?00:01
Knyteasking for a PW when clicking the install icon, and anything considerd administrative00:02
bob_just joined :D00:02
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: are you connecting from windows? or to windows?00:02
ExAstrisit should just be blank, Knyte00:02
thelaugh2ngmimefrom windows to samba00:02
aadityaKnyte: go to terminal and try `sudo passwd`00:02
Knyteincorrect pw if left blank00:02
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: is samba share accessible from the ubuntu machine itself?00:03
hamburglarok guys here's something useful for you:  WUSB54GC doesn't work with ubuntu. period. don't even try00:03
aaditya!grub | ExAstris00:03
ubottuExAstris: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:03
hamburglarnow i will buy an encore USB drive00:03
dassoukiaaditya: http://pastebin.com/f32123b3600:03
hamburglarer adapter00:03
ExAstrisaaditya: I'm aware of how grub works, this has nothing to do with windows, and it is already installed.00:03
ExAstrisaaditya: and I have already searched for information on fixing my error.00:03
aadityaExAstris: check the how-tos00:03
zach74problem installing packages00:04
ExAstrisaaditya: alright.00:04
aadityaExAstris: ok, hope you find a grub expert here soon00:04
aadityazach74: what packages? what sort of problem?00:04
ExAstrisaaditya: so do I! xD00:04
Knytedamn gotta run will bbl .. hopefully can figure it out. thanks for the help :)00:04
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: do you have a firewall?00:04
thelaugh2ngmimeit gives me a permissions error00:05
zach74dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: files list for package 'language-pack-gnome-en-base' is missing final newline E: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)00:05
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: let's look at the samba.conf00:05
mwilliams1220I have a question about shared folders00:05
thelaugh2ngmimeok.. i have it open00:05
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: if you could pastebin it00:05
ubottumwilliams1220: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:05
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: cat samba.conf | pastebinit00:06
thelaugh2ngmimehmmm wait what do i need to do00:06
aaditya!pastebin | thelaugh2ngmime00:07
ubottuthelaugh2ngmime: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:07
thelaugh2ngmimeI am on my widnows machine ssh'ed into my ubu rinnung irssi00:07
hamburglarVersion 3 has USB ID 1737:0077 and is not detected by Jaunty. The box doesn't list the version number. Doesn't work out of box. No Driver. Chipset unknown. hehe I wish people would've directed me to this page instead of telling me i suck/noob/ndiswrapper/otherjunk  <------------00:07
mwilliams1220I have two computers, a desktop with WIn XP/Ubunutu 8.10 and a laptop with Vista/Kubuntu 9.04 and I'd like to set up shared folders, accessible from the linux distros00:07
ZykoticK9thelaugh1ngmime, cd /etc/samba ; cat smb.conf | pastebinit (if you have pastebinit installed)00:07
aaditya!samba | mwilliams122000:07
ubottumwilliams1220: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:07
dassoukiaaditya: any ideas ?00:08
mwilliams1220Okay, I will check out that information.:)  thank you00:08
zach74why would something be wrong with simple language packs? i remember this problem with an older version too00:08
chaos2fuhow can i display which kernel version im currently running00:09
aadityadassouki: seems like a hardware issue00:09
danielrmtchaos2fu: uname -a00:09
aadityadassouki: i'd recommend filing a bug if there isn't one already00:09
aaditya!bug | dassouki00:09
ubottudassouki: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots00:09
thelaugh2ngmimewhats the command to install paistbin from term00:09
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: sudo apt-get install pastebinit00:10
aaditya!info pastebinit00:10
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.2-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 21 kB, installed size 344 kB00:10
chaos2futhanks...is it a good ide to upgrade to .12 yet?00:10
harpreet_2gb X2 RAM will give me more speed or 1gb X 4 under ubuntu ?00:10
ajhtiredwolfI have two monitors, second one is running as a seperate x-session, I need the primary monitors x-session to use compiz, and the secondary monitor to NOT use compiz. Anyone every done this before?00:10
chaos2futhanks...is it a good ide to upgrade to .12 yet?00:10
dassoukiaaditya: thanks00:11
ZykoticK9ajhtiredwolf, i doubt it's possible - but good luck.00:11
aadityaharpreet_: i doubt if there would be a noticeable change between the two. i'd go for 1GB x 4 though00:11
aaditya!repeat | chaos2fu00:11
ubottuchaos2fu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience00:11
aadityachaos2fu: what are you trying to upgrade?00:11
harpreet_aaditya: you'd choose 1gbX4 because?00:12
graelincan anyone help me with a boot issue? I installed Hndbrake today which promptly broke my puter. On boot I get: Kernel panic - Not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)00:12
aadityaharpreet_: i believe that'd be faster00:12
harpreet_aaditya: thank you00:12
thelaugh2ngmimewow thats actually pretty cool00:12
Artichoke200graelin: The answer is shit.00:12
chaos2fuubottu: it was a mistake repeating myself, i didn't think it was posted.. the kernel, its a jaunty-proposed version out?00:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:13
aadityagraelin: are you able to boot into the recovery mode?00:13
harpreet_! swear words00:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about swear words00:13
ZykoticK9thelaugh1ngmime, you have security set to user - have you used the samba tool to create the virtual username/password like the machine that is connecting?00:13
jussi01!language | Artichoke20000:13
ubottuArtichoke200: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:13
harpreet_! abuse | Artichoke20000:13
ubottuArtichoke200: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:13
mib_7vyuq6a0does anyone know why i cant get xbindkeys to startup after i login?00:13
aaditya!botabuse > chaos2fu00:14
ubottuchaos2fu, please see my private message00:14
thelaugh2ngmimeah ok00:14
aadityamib_7vyuq6a0: place a script in your ~/bin directory that invokes xbindkeys, and call that script at startup. that'll help you start debugging.00:15
Artichoke200I don't care about answers00:15
thelaugh2ngmimedo i have to do that for ever PC that i want to be able to connect to samba? i have a few all with different names00:15
Artichoke200Pc is windows. Please refer to linux as Linux.00:16
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: i'd recommend using sftp for file transfers in long run00:16
colbloodpc is pc, windows is windows00:17
thelaugh2ngmimei have an FTP set up its just not that fast for some reason00:17
ubottuthelaugh2ngmime: SCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/00:17
Artichoke200Actually, Pc is identified as windows00:17
Artichoke200Linux is a machine00:17
Artichoke200Or a computer00:17
ubottuArtichoke200: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:17
colbloodyou should stop smokin that ganja man00:17
thelaugh2ngmimei have over 4TB of files on the liunux machine i just want to be able to get to it and map some netowrk drives on my windows systems00:18
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: scp or sftp works quite well. use "bitvise tunnelier" for windows. ubuntu supports sftp natively00:18
graelincan anyone help me with a boot issue? I installed Hndbrake today which promptly broke my puter. On boot I get: Kernel panic - Not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)00:18
harpreet_thelaugh2ngmime: you can set up nfs00:19
aadityathelaugh2ngmime: actually there is a way to create an ssh/sftp network drive on windows. have to google it up00:19
ZykoticK9thelaugh1ngmime, if you want to stream stuff off your linux computer then samba is the way to go00:19
Artichoke200I don't smoke ganka00:19
Artichoke200I smoke heroin00:19
aadityagraelin: are you able to boot into the recovery mode?00:19
harpreet_graelin: put your live cd and repair broken packages and see what happens00:19
thelaugh2ngmimecan you do me a favor and smoke it in a nother chan..lol00:19
aaditya!ot | Artichoke20000:20
ubottuArtichoke200: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:20
aadityai'm calling the ops next time, Artichoke20000:20
Artichoke200How do you call the ops?00:20
thelaugh2ngmimeZykoticK9 , my options for the security level are user / Backup Domain / Primary Doamin / Active directory00:20
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:21
jefincI just did something bad... I removed python2.6 and it removed a lot of stuff with it... how can I undo this...00:21
LjLyes, like that.00:21
LjLi'll make it easier for the ops to get what's going on - Artichoke200 needs a ban00:21
aadityaLjL: lol thanks00:21
Severian_jefinc, sudo apt-get install python2.600:21
Artichoke200Nope, I dont00:21
thelaugh2ngmimewhat do i need to set?... thanks again for all your help... my goal is to be 100% linux in 201100:21
Artichoke200How do I call the ops?00:22
jefincSeverian_: yes that gets me python back, but not all the packages that were removed with it00:22
Severian_jefinc, but, that won't put the dependancies back00:22
=== thelaugh2ngmime is now known as The-Mime
jefincit is removing 284 packages...00:22
ZykoticK9thelaugh2ngmime, it's the "security = user", for WIDE open and working sharing you could try "security = share" and research that00:22
Severian_jefinc, can you get a list of the packages?00:22
jefincSeverian_: yes I think I'll be able to00:23
aadityajefinc: can you say no to the removal confirmation?00:23
Knyteugh this LiveCD asking for a password is rackin my brain lol00:24
Severian_jefinc, then in a text editor, you can construct a command to put them back.    sudo apt-get install pack1 pack2 pack3    The whole line can be 16380 characters long.  If it goes longer, break it into two commands.00:24
ZykoticK9Knyte, what version of LiveCD are you using?  the default cd does NOT ask for any passwords.00:25
hamburglarwhy do so many professors in universities use MACS  ?00:25
aadityaKnyte: where did you get the liveCD?00:25
Severian_jefinc, I know 16380 is not the actual number.  I always round it down a bit.  I don't usually want commands the absolute max length unless I have to.00:25
aaditya!ot | hamburglar00:25
mrweshamburglar, cuz they can afford them :)00:25
ubottuhamburglar: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:25
leOnanyone kows if it's possible to have gnome-terminal displaying the current command as window title .. i.e. if i'm currently doing a "less somefile.txt", i'd get that as window title in gnome-terminal00:25
KnyteISO download from one of the links on the ubuntu website.. MIT link I think00:26
The-MimeHmm ZykoticK9 , i changed it to share and now i am gettin a different error... says Cannot find00:26
ZykoticK9The-Mime, sorry who are you?00:27
aadityaKnyte: could you please upload a screenshot of the password window? it's hard to believe00:27
The-Mime ZykoticK9> thelaugh2ngmime, it's the "security = user", for WIDE open and working sharing you could00:27
The-Mime                   try "security = share" and research that00:27
The-Mimesorry i changed my nick00:27
Severian_aaditya, jefinc definitely say no to the removal if you can.  I understood from your message that it has already happened00:27
ZykoticK9The-Mime, i think you now need some sort of share specified inside the config file - sorry man you gotta google some of this00:28
aadityaSeverian_: i thought so too. wouldn't removing that package name gnome unusable?00:28
Knytein the Live CD atm..00:28
The-MimeOk thanks a lot. I am happy to have gotten this far.. Thanks again for all your help.. :P00:28
aadityajefinc: are you still having the same problem? there's a simple solution00:29
aadityajefinc: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop00:29
zach74is there any other program you can use in place of dpkg00:29
ZykoticK9The-Mime, i'm booting my samba server to read the config 1 sec00:29
aadityaZykoticK9: reboot the machine?00:29
The-MimeCool! thanks a lot00:29
The-Mimelol linux users are ocd about up-time ... i am not sure why that is... lol00:30
mrweshang on....00:30
dgh1973The-Mime, I think a lot of us probably have system management backgrounds, I know that's where I get it from00:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ocd00:31
zach74obssessive compulsice disorder00:31
aadityahaha ok00:31
KalmiKnyte, could you check the cd for defect?00:31
aadityauptime rocks though00:31
etotheipiWindowsXP Uptime: 5hrs 23mins 47secs Best: 6wks 3days 9hrs 11mins 54secs00:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uptime00:31
etotheipiWindowsXP Uptime: 5hrs 23mins 57secs Best: 6wks 3days 9hrs 11mins 54secs00:31
Severian_aaditya, jefinc that's probably a good idea to get the desktop back.  But, still build the list and reinstall everything.  Things other than the desktop were probably broken.  Ubuntu uses Python for a bunch of tools.  That is one thing I like about Ubuntu.  Not the only thing, but one thing.00:31
zach74is uptime just the amount of time a computer is on?00:31
mrwes 19:31:38 up 22 days,  2:55,  1 user,  load average: 0.08, 0.02, 0.0100:32
The-Mimedgh1973 i am a NSE for a healthcare company i reboot every night just to keep things going00:32
aadityazach74: it shows the load averages too00:32
zach74lol i never shut any of my computers off00:32
aadityazach74: and number of users, as you can see above00:32
Knytegot the screencap00:32
aadityaKnyte: upload it?00:33
Knyteeverything else on the liveCD works except for administrative functions00:33
zach74so anyone know of another program that can take the place of dpkg00:33
aadityaKnyte: did you try `sudo passwd` btw?00:33
dgh1973constant reboots can actually encourage hardware failure believe it or not, most time you see big iron go down from hardware it's at a power-cycle00:33
Knyteyes it was blank00:33
aadityazach74: apt-get?00:33
aadityaKnyte: what was blank?00:33
ajhtiredwolfZykoticK9, compiz.real --replace --only-current-screen00:33
KalmiKnyte, can you try the password "ubuntu"?00:33
aadityaKalmi: lol, nice try00:34
zach74but doesnt apt-get still use dpkg to install the files?00:34
zach74im having issues with dpkg in 9.0400:34
aadityazach74: yep it does. it provides a high-level front-end though00:34
aadityazach74: what sort of issues?00:34
Knytetried a good number of passwords00:34
zach74i cant install any new software00:34
The-Mimedgh1973, i admint that the every day is a bit of over kill but i know its helps the services refesh themselvs. and i would rater have hardware fail at night then durin office hours00:34
aadityazach74: we can use some output. pastebin it00:35
Knytetoor root god admin ubuntu left it blank00:35
zach74it says that dpkg returns an unrecoverable error00:35
ZykoticK9ajhtiredwolf, NICE - i'm writing that down - very cool00:35
aadityazach74: come on00:35
dgh1973The-Mime, I'm totally with you, I've seen that type of thing before (usually it was windows related systems that had problems otherwise)00:35
aadityaKnyte: you're being a troll00:36
ajhtiredwolfZykoticK9, few problemsn though, it doesnt seem to slow down performance, and it is making it difficult to cycle between windows, i think it can be fixed by replacing the normal start compiz command with that instead00:36
=== R_Rios is now known as o_a
Eochare you allowed to ask ubuntu variant distro questions here?  (linux mint)?00:36
FlannelKnyte: You likely have a bad burn.00:36
The-Mimedgh1973 , hehe i think we are on the same page.. thats why i am here my goal is to put my self in a place where i dont need windows to function00:36
Flannel!mintsupport | Eoch00:36
ajhtiredwolfZykoticK9, so that compiz starts that way at boot time00:36
ubottuEoch: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org00:36
Eochflannel: Thanks00:37
KnyteI woudl say it's bad lol everything else works but admin functions00:37
neurobuntu_is it possible to set the permissions on a folder such that when subfolders and files are added they will have the same permission as the parent folder? if so how do I do this?00:37
aaditya!permissions | neurobuntu_00:38
ubottuneurobuntu_: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions00:38
zach74found it!00:38
zach74dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: files list for package 'language-pack-gnome-en-base' is missing final newline E: sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)00:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ccs00:38
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:38
Knytegoing to burna nother copy.. jsut thru dling from a different source.. OSU this time.. fingers crossed.. :)00:38
DasEi!mintsupport | Eoch00:38
dgh1973wow missing final newline...00:38
ubottuEoch: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org00:38
dgh1973it's having problems parsing the package file lists00:38
aaditya!botabuse > samd00:38
ubottusamd, please see my private message00:38
aadityadgh1973: what's the problem?00:39
dgh1973looking at that dpkg output00:39
Knytenow to find my info for the flickr posting brb00:39
ajhtiredwolfZykoticK9, do you know where the script that starts compiz is located ?00:39
mrwesbot abuse is a punishable offense00:39
zach74aaditya, did you see the dpkg output i posted00:39
ZykoticK9ajhtiredwolf, nope sorry00:39
aadityazach74: yes, processing it00:39
neurobuntu_aaditya, that doesn't have the information i need00:39
mrwesFlannel, yah scared us for second :)00:40
aadityaneurobuntu_: it's called umask. for more info, keep asking perhaps00:40
Doonzhey guys how do i mount a share to a ubuntu machine so that it only has read access00:40
armenceHello is there a german english translator under GPL?00:41
mrwesDooz: from the fstab with ro setting00:41
dgh1973zach74, found some related links... here's one http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3096272.000:41
dgh1973zach74, here's where the guy says he found an answer, has similar dpkg output https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/4123500:41
Doonzk im new. it a ubuntuserver that has the share. is the ip address and /server is the share00:42
dgh1973did you do a kernel upgrade or something? looks like that's how this dudes troubles started00:42
=== cateko is now known as caty
aadityazach74: `sudo dpkg --purge language-pack-gnome-en-base`00:43
dgh1973zach74, looks like this might be the fix, local curruption in dpkg data https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2007-January/104520.html00:43
dgh1973he had to dig around a bit by the looks of it but he documented the steps00:43
aaditya!mount | Doonz00:44
ubottuDoonz: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount00:44
aadityaDoonz: it's one of the `mount` options00:44
Doonzper usual the help i expected00:44
zach74dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of language-pack-gnome-en-base:00:44
zach74 language-pack-gnome-en depends on language-pack-gnome-en-base (>= 1:9.04+20090413).00:44
zach74dpkg: error processing language-pack-gnome-en-base (--purge):00:44
zach74 dependency problems - not removing00:44
zach74Errors were encountered while processing:00:44
FloodBot2zach74: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:44
zach74 language-pack-gnome-en-base00:44
ZykoticK9The-Mime, sorry it took so long (had to fix a networking issue on the samba vm) my smb.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/183237/ the important parts are near the bottom with the shared and writable example shares00:44
elitecoderI'm trying to setup a box with 2 separate net connections. I'm following this and need some confirmation on the variables I chose:00:44
elitecoderthe variables are $IF1, etc. they're in bold in section 4.2.1 split access00:45
elitecoderhere's my ifconfig with the variables I chose: http://pastebin.com/d7e9215400:45
Artichoke200I have a question!00:45
aadityaKnyte: could you open a terminal and type `sudo passwd`, without quotes?00:45
Artichoke200How do I get a job as a op00:45
dgh1973Artichoke200, you start using linux at home00:45
elitecoderArtichoke200: open your mouth and close your eyes00:46
dgh1973get familiarized and start putting it on your resume00:46
aadityaArtichoke200: ask Flannel00:46
Knyte it returns - [sudo] password for ubuntu:00:46
dgh1973even if it isn't real work experience, you can get lucky and get a jr op job like that... that's how I got in00:46
aadityaKnyte: yeah, enter a new password00:46
aadityadgh1973: LOL00:47
FlannelArtichoke200: This channel is for Ubuntu support questions only.  Please help keep it on topic.00:47
dgh1973Artichoke200, assuming you mean a job as a linux sysop?00:47
neurobuntu_does anybody know if umask set on a user or directory level?00:47
eseven73dgh1973, I think he meant channel operator00:47
KnyteI did.. it said Sorry try again lol00:47
dgh1973eseven73, heh doh00:47
elitecoderI never heard the words channel op and job in the same sentence before.00:47
dgh1973neurobuntu_, should be user level00:48
zach74i had no idea about pastebin, lol00:48
zach74sorry everybody00:48
dgh1973neurobuntu_, you can specify default umask settings in your profile IIRC00:48
dgh1973neurobuntu_, example explanation here http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/understanding-linux-unix-umask-value-usage.html00:49
aadityaKnyte: full output, please00:49
Knytejust tried hittin enter(leaving it blank) and got - ubuntu is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.00:49
Knytethe first time atempting to change the pw it returned this: Sorry, try again.00:50
aadityaKnyte: how did you boot from the image? burned it to a CD?00:50
Knyteburned to CD via windows/infra recorder00:51
neurobuntu_does anyone here know how to use setuid/gid?00:51
dgh1973zach74, looks like you need to try "dpkg -r language-pack-gnome-en-base language-pack-gnome-en" to get around that00:51
aadityaKnyte: could you point us to the source of the CD?00:51
dgh1973neurobuntu_, somewhat, though relying on it too much can make a system less secure in some ways00:52
rulerhow to put a password for a folder00:52
dgh1973neurobuntu_, usually sudo is the preferred method of getting stuff done as the big guy00:52
Knytethe link on the ubuntu site.. MIT.. one sec - http://ubuntu.media.mit.edu/ubuntu-releases/jaunty/ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso00:52
ubotturuler: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory00:52
zach74(Reading database ... dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:00:53
zach74 files list file for package `language-pack-gnome-en-base' is missing final newline00:53
neurobuntu_dgh1973, what I'm trying to do is make it so any file created under a folder inherits the ownership of the parent folder00:53
dgh1973ruler, not possible, but truecrypt or something like that can encrypt folders for you00:53
elitecoderI'm trying to setup a box with two internet providers witout mixing packets up. I found this http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.rpdb.multiple-links.html. I need someone good with networking to verify the variables I chose: http://pastebin.com/d7e92154 (at the bottom)00:53
Knyteit was downloaded about 9 days ago as well00:53
aaditya!es | erickrauda00:53
ubottuerickrauda: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:53
aadityahola erickrauda, que paso?00:54
erickraudapor aca00:54
erickrauday tu00:54
zach74could i just remove the language pack?00:54
FloodBot2erickrauda: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:54
dgh1973neurobuntu_, interesting... you can set a specific umask at the user level, but that doesn't really look at parent dirs, you have a process in place for the file creation? I.e. you can do this with a program to read parent perms and write file accordingly00:54
d00000deanyone knows how to use dvb-s with totam or/and vlc? (btw, please dont suggest kaffeine, its too bloated for me) thanx!00:54
neurobuntu_dgh1973, umask only handles the file permissions not the file ownership00:54
aadityaKnyte: reboot the system and instead of booting from the liveCD, choose the "install" option from the boot menu directly00:55
dgh1973neurobuntu_, other than that, there MIGHT be some low level file manipulation commands that can do this, not sure00:55
Knytenot really an option as i don't havea  ps/2 keyboard here..00:55
aadityaerickrauda: estoy bien, gracias00:55
hvgotcodeshow do i add something to my path permanently?00:55
rulerdgh1973 how can i install encrypt00:55
urban_ryogacan someone help me to reenable my wireless? I don't know how to renable it00:56
ZykoticK9hvgotcodes, look into .bashrc i think for path00:56
neurobuntu_dgh1973, i've been told by people that setuid/gid can do it....   I have a media folder (pictures, music, etc..) that I want to share between two users, so I created a group added them both to the group. Then when either users adds files to the folder they are both the owner and the group I'd like to automate it so that when files/folders are added the joint group is used by default not the users group... but I want this to hap00:56
bjornhvgotcodes: the path is usually setup in .bashrc in your home directory00:56
neurobuntu_pen only for this specific folder00:56
erickraudaque bueno me alegro00:56
hvgotcodesbjorn, i looked in there didn't see it00:56
dgh1973ruler, you can try this "apt-get install gdecrypt"00:56
aadityadgh1973: add sudo to it ;)00:57
dgh1973ruler, have not used that, just looking at what's available in deb repo00:57
hvgotcodesshould i just do export path=newstuff:$PATH?00:57
Jack_SparrowGetting a script to run at boot before login: Put it in you ~/.bashrc. Something like: export PATH=$PATH:~/bin ...00:57
dgh1973ruler, also try "apt-cache search crypt" for other possibilities00:57
Knyteguessing that will be the only thing getting me into ubuntu.. an old ps/2 keyboard..  :|00:57
n00b871hello, i am new to ubuntu and would like to know if their is any good seo softwares available for this os?00:57
bjornhvgotcodes: yes that is correct00:57
dgh1973aaditya, yeah sorry, I alias that out... sudo for all package management stuff guys sry!00:57
hvgotcodesbjorn, thanx00:58
Jack_Sparrow!info truecrypt00:58
ubottuPackage truecrypt does not exist in jaunty00:58
hvgotcodesbjorn, i installed java from synaptic but the JAVA_HOME var is not set00:58
hvgotcodesis that supposed to happen automagically>?00:58
bjornhvgotcodes: you can also do 'echo $PATH' to review your current path. it's just an env. variable00:58
Guest75616would anyone like to help a relatively new ubuntu user?00:58
mib_9vdz44oxi need help00:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:58
Guest75616k thanks00:59
n00b871Guest75616; if i can i will00:59
n00b871what is the question00:59
dgh1973neurobuntu_, ahh right, that may be true, not sure how setuid/setguid works on a dir... that might be the case00:59
Guest75616well i somehow changed my sudo and no longer and able to use any sudo commands00:59
Knyteoff to find one.. thanks for the help everyone..00:59
=== ring1 is now known as ring0
ZykoticK9hvgotcodes, sorry man the path variable is actually in the .profile file00:59
bjornhvgotcodes: i'm not sure, probably it should. However setting that up will be the same (.bashrc is just a shell script executed on login - you can write anything there that goes into the shell)00:59
neurobuntu_dgh1973, all I can find about setuid on the tubes is that it is used to let users run executables as root but nothing like what I am doing00:59
hvgotcodesbjorn, just not sure where the java home is01:00
hvgotcodesZykoticK9, ah that might be better01:00
rulerdgh1973 thans01:00
mib_9vdz44oxMy wireless stopped working on Ubuntu 9.04 and it worked fine previously in 9.04. I can connect to my wireless network but when I open firefox I get "server not foud"01:00
n00b871Guest75616; sorry dude I am pretty new also, and dont know about that01:00
dgh1973neurobuntu_, ahh I got you... that's what it does for dirs... check this link http://www.zzee.com/solutions/linux-permissions.shtml#setuid01:00
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest39699
zach74could be a problem with ur router01:00
ZykoticK9hvgotcodes, actually they must be somewhere else too, as they call $PATH in the .profile as well ???01:00
usserneurobuntu_, what are trying to do?01:00
Guest75616i get this whenever i enter a sudo command: sudo: must be setuid root01:00
zach74see if internet is working on another comp01:01
dgh1973neurobuntu_, so in order to do what you want you just "chmod g+s dir"01:01
bjornhvgotcodes: I have got no such variable setup in my env. i compiled a java application yesterday. not sure what you're trying to achieve01:01
n00b871hello, i am new to ubuntu and would like to know if their is any good seo softwares available for this os?01:01
dgh1973and chgrp to required group01:01
bjornn00b871: yes there is01:01
n00b871bjorn; thank you! what is it called?01:01
Jack_SparrowGuest75616 Are you on the first user account that was created or some other.. se also  By Editing sudoers with visudo01:01
noober300how can I install VMware Workstation on Ubuntu 9.04 without using the command line? it is a .bundle file...01:01
rulerdgh1973 when i opened ubuntu it is loaded but berfore user name come it is strucked and bue colour line please tell what is the reason01:01
mib_9vdz44oxMy internet works on my other pcs in my network. I duel boot Ubuntu with Windows and the internet works fine in windows01:02
Jack_Sparrown00b871 Tell people what seo software is.. too many acronyms01:02
Guest75616i am on the first user accont, but i mistakenly changed a bunch of ownerships by putting in a code i found on a forum (dumb)01:02
dgh1973ruler, sorry I'm not sure what you are referring to01:02
bjornn00b871: sorry I misread your question. now i'm not sure :/01:02
hvgotcodesbjorn, its wierd - i can run eclipse no problem, but have no env var for JAVA_HOME01:02
hvgotcodesgrails needs it01:02
dgh1973usser, from a quote from him... " I have a media folder (pictures, music, etc..) that I want to share between two users, so I created a group added them both to the group. Then when either users adds files to the folder they are both the owner and the group I'd like to automate it so that when files/folders are added the joint group is used by default not the users group..."01:02
n00b871Jack_Sparrow: Search engine optimazation software01:02
Severianseo is search engine optimization.  It does not really make sense for an OS>01:02
Jack_Sparrownoober300 NOw add that to your question and Wait a few minutes between repeats01:02
usserdgh1973, yea whoever suggested gsuid, thats the way01:03
n00b871for making reports on keywords, and to submit your pages to them and such01:03
usserdgh1973, i'd also change umask on the directory so group has writeable01:03
rulerdgh1973 before username come blue colour line come and not loaded more what is the reason01:03
dgh1973usser, yeah he had that himself, just wasn't sure how to implement I think01:03
dgh1973ruler, on the console or a graphical/GDM/X login? (aka do you have a mouse cursor?)01:04
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aaditya!vmware > noober30001:04
ubottunoober300, please see my private message01:04
Guest75616also, how exactly do i get to the recovery console? i have an ubuntu cd, but whenever i try to boot from it, i never get recovery console as an option01:04
n00b871Severian; I am new to linux, under windows i used IBP for SEO, i cant seem to find any seo software for linux01:04
dgh1973neurobuntu_, usser here has good tips for you!01:04
rulerdgh1973 no mouse corsor weather virus01:04
neurobuntu_usser, I'm trying to make it such that any file/folder created under a specific folder inherits the _ownership_ of the parent dir01:04
Artichoke200Guest75616: Go to other options01:05
hacktolivenoober300: use App Runner: http://hacktolive.org/runner01:05
neurobuntu_usser, dgh1973 sorry stepped away for a second01:05
Guest75616from the boot menu?01:05
Guest75616that had nothing in it01:05
rulerdgh1973 i put a pendrive with autorun.inf virus01:05
Artichoke200Guest75616: If that is it, burn a new CD.01:05
dgh1973ruler, that's what we call a PEBCAC error01:06
dgh1973Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard01:06
FlannelGuest75616: Recovery console is a normal boot option (from the HD)01:06
rulerdgh1973 what is that01:06
aadityadgh1973: LOL nice01:06
bjornhvgotcodes: try ' /usr/lib/jamvm/'01:06
rulerdgh1973 i cant understand01:06
Guest75616well i'll try it agian01:06
Guest75616so how do i access it?01:07
neurobuntu_usser, dgh1973 so I set my umask to 0002 and run  chmod g+s <parent dir> and that will do it?01:07
Severiann00b871, seo is done for a web server, not an OS.  I don't use those tools, since I don't think they are really on the up and up, but I know what they accomplish.01:07
hvgotcodesbjorn,  /usr/bin/java -> /etc/alternatives/java01:07
dgh1973ruler, but in all seriousness, if it's a boot sector virus you'll need to clean that up before installing a new os, but it should not effect ubuntu directly in most cases (there are linux viruses out there but so rare as to be non-existent)01:07
dgh1973neurobuntu_, I think so, you can "sudo su - testuser" and write some files and see01:08
Artichoke200Guest75616: Go to boot options01:08
Artichoke200Guest75616: And run it01:08
Jack_Sparrowdgh1973 sudo su  is a bad idea01:08
bjornhvgotcodes: yep that is true for my setup, but some googeling gave that the dir. of interest would be found by locate /rt.jar01:08
neurobuntu_dgh1973, thanks a lot!01:08
rulerdgh1973 thans01:08
rayludgh1973: sudo -u may help you01:08
neurobuntu_usser, thanks!01:08
n00b871dgh1973: " ruler, that's what we call a PEBCAC error" "dgh1973: Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard" sorry to be anal but wouldnt that be a PEBCAK error not a PEBCAC error?01:08
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:08
dgh1973Jack_Sparrow, it's a fast and easy way to become another user without having to know their pw01:08
bjornhvgotcodes: i mean the regular java executable should just be in path, and not needed to be specified in another directory? Frankly i'm quite off now01:08
dgh1973n00b871, yes I stand corrected01:08
hvgotcodesbjorn, i dont have the dir you reference, but I do have /usr/lib/jvm/01:09
hvgotcodeswhich is correct01:09
Jack_Sparrowdgh1973 It is NOT something we suggest to users in this channel01:09
dgh1973Jack_Sparrow, sorry understood01:09
=== nubuntu is now known as zenxr
hvgotcodesbjorn, grails needs an env_var01:09
iluminator101How do i enable usb in virtualbox01:09
notlistening9.04 anyone got wine running with pulseaudio?01:10
Severianiluminator101, Are you using the OSE version?01:10
n00b871it should allready be enabled i would think?01:10
neurobuntu_dgh1973, I tested it and it worked01:10
mib_j4182xi0I can no longer connect to the internet on my ubuntu 9.04. I worked previously in 9.04. I can connect to my wireless network but when I open firefox I get "server not found." If I type sudo lshw -C network in the terminal it says my PCMCIA card is disabled01:10
StarWarsGuyhey, I'm having a problem with flash.  The problem is that sometimes it works and other times it doesn't work.  I installed flash using "Ubuntu Extras" and I have no other packages related to flash installed.  All Im trying to do is watch videos on youtube.  What can I do to fix this inconsistent problem?01:10
noober300cool, App Runner worked, thanks ubuntistas01:10
Jack_Sparrownotlistening Perhaps  /join #winehq01:10
ZykoticK9iluminator101, you need to be using the VirtualBox direct from Sun and not the OSE edition that is in the Ubuntu repos01:10
dgh1973neurobuntu_, rock on! thanks to usser for the assist01:10
iluminator101puel version01:10
dgh1973neurobuntu_, sounds like you had that one worked out on your own though01:11
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash01:11
StarWarsGuyty Jack_Sparrow01:11
bjornhvgotcodes: try to set it to your /usr/lib/* directory and see what happens...sorry i'm not famililar with this01:11
neurobuntu_dgh1973, no way I wouldnt have gotten it without your chmod help01:11
Venom010hey folks im new 2 computers & kinda worried about security is this just a windows issue?01:11
notlisteningJack_Sparrow, they don't like pulseaudio01:11
Jack_Sparrownotlistening Neither do I01:11
Artichoke200iluminator101: Please don't go offtopic here. Go to #ubuntu-offtopic01:11
hvgotcodesbjron, i got it, your suggestions led me right to to it01:11
rayluhvgotcodes: update-java-alternatives may help you01:12
sicahey guys, I started to notice slow boot it hangs out for a few seconds, wanted to upgrade the kernel in order to fix that and nothing in the repositories, what do you suggest? checked /var/log/messages and no luck either01:12
SeverianVenom010, Linux or the mac are inherently much more secure.  But, they are not immune from security problems.01:12
bjornhvgotcodes: did it work?01:12
hacktoliveVenom010: if you stick to repo software and update your OS, you should be fine01:12
notlisteningah well only thing that don't work with is now is wine, shame my project is based in whine lol back to 8.1001:12
LjLArtichoke200: how was he offtopic?01:13
Jack_Sparrowsica Remove quiet and splash from the grub boot line and see where it is hanging01:13
hvgotcodesbjron, i did the following01:13
Venom010sorry folks got lost there01:13
hvgotcodesexport GRAILS_HOME=~/grails-1.1.1/01:13
hvgotcodesexport JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun01:13
hvgotcodesexport PATH=$GRAILS_HOME/bin:$PATH01:13
Guest75616Artichoke200: where is boot options?01:13
FloodBot2hvgotcodes: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:13
Artichoke200LjL: He was speaking about something unrealated to the chat.01:13
hvgotcodesbjorn, that worked like a champ.  sorry for the flood01:13
rayluhvgotcodes: i'd recommend adding things to the end of path instead of beginning01:13
Jack_SparrowGuest75616 gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst01:13
LjLArtichoke200: what? it seemed to me that he was speaking about virtualbox01:14
hvgotcodesraylu, i hear ya01:14
bjornhvgotcodes: great work01:14
FlannelArtichoke200: No, he was asking for Ubuntu support.  Please let the operators handle people being offtopic, just worry about yourself.  Thanks.01:14
hvgotcodesbjorn, now i need to think of an app to train myself on grails with01:15
randomircuserhello everyone! I need some help with lvm. I followed the guide at: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-over-lvm-filesystem01:15
kirlyinthis is probably going to be a dumb question...what is the linux version (or a really good really user friendly) of Sony Vegas?01:15
Guest75616jack_sparrow: i entered that but i got no output01:15
randomircuserbut when grub boots it can't find /dev/mapper/device-name01:15
rayluGuest75616: where did you enter it?01:15
Jack_SparrowGuest75616 gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst              LST lower case  should have brought up an editor and the file01:15
Jack_SparrowGuest75616 Are you running ubuntu>?01:16
Guest75616jack_sparrow: yes. of course i am running ubuntu, i somehow changed my sudo, that is the problem01:16
Artichoke200Guest75616: Did you make any kernal updates?01:16
Guest75616so any sudo commands in the terminal and completely null and void at this point01:16
rayluwhere did this mispelling of kernEl i see all the time come from?01:16
Jack_Sparrow!enter > Artichoke20001:17
ubottuArtichoke200, please see my private message01:17
Guest75616i am running 8.04 ubuntu01:17
Venom010hack2live, stick 2 repo softwares, do u mean dont download from likes of softpedia.com?01:17
Guest75616and i have made every update01:17
dgh1973raylu, popcorn I think01:17
Jack_SparrowGuest75616 boot a livecd01:17
rayluGuest75616: sudo lsb_release -a01:17
dgh1973raylu, but that is kernel too isn't it? hmm good Q01:17
Guest75616i tried booting a live cd, however, i couldnt find the recovery console01:17
rayludgh1973: no, kernAl is wrong01:18
Jack_SparrowGuest75616 No recovery on the live, it is a grub menu option on boot, hit esc after mem test to find it01:18
raylufrom wikipedia: This article is about Commodore's 8-bit OS software. Kernal is also a common misspelling of kernel.01:18
Guest75616raylu: when i enter that, the output i get is: sudo: must be setuid root01:18
dgh1973raylu, even the chicken guy is colonel, ahh wikip to the rescue!01:18
Guest75616so what would booting from a live cd do for me?01:18
Jack_SparrowGuest75616 Let you edit the sudoer file for one01:19
dgh1973Guest27733, you will the be able to mount your root partition through another system (the live CD) and add yourself back to the /etc/sudoers file01:19
rayluGuest75616: visudo01:19
dgh1973Jack_Sparrow, sorry about the echo01:19
Guest75616yea i checked that out01:19
rayluGuest75616: also, "lsb_release -a" without sudo01:19
Jack_SparrowGuest75616 Are you on the first user account that was created or some other.. se also  By Editing sudoers with visudo Remember this..01:19
=== Swiatecki is now known as swiatOFF
Guest75616now to boot with the live cd, simply restart or shutdown with the cd in drive?01:20
JoesephHi.  I'm trying to install a wg111t wireless adapter on my ubuntu computer.   I need the .inf file for the driver for ndiswrapper.   Netgear's website seems to have dropped the normal driver downloads in favor of a windows .exe only.  Does anyone know a place I can find them?01:20
Guest75616there are no lsb modules available01:20
rayluJoeseph: you can try extracting them by beginning an install with wine01:21
rayluGuest75616: i'm not so sure you're on ubuntu01:21
Jack_SparrowJoeseph Simple way, find a windows user and install it on their system and grab what you need from that01:21
Guest75616i'm not exactly sure how to answer that01:22
Joesephraylu, Jack_Sparrow:  That's a good idea. I'll try each, thanks.01:22
Guest75616this is the output i got from lsb_release -a01:22
=== lyle is now known as box
Guest75616No LSB modules are available.01:22
Guest75616Distributor ID:Ubuntu01:22
Guest75616Description:Ubuntu 8.1001:22
FloodBot2Guest75616: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:22
rayluGuest75616: oh.01:22
rayluGuest75616: i thought the only output was the lack of lsb modules01:22
Guest75616sorry, i should have specified01:22
Jack_Sparrowraylu It always says no lsb modues with the -a option01:22
boxhey is there free teleconferencing software for linux that is compatible with WebEx? http://www.webex.com/01:23
t3hp00kyVLC will not play anything, MP3s or streaming audio (ie DI.FM) what can I do to fix this?01:23
foolzI know this may not be the best channel but I don't know where else I would ask this, since there is no "ie" channel... does anyone know if Internet Explorer 6 supports PNG images?  I can't tell from a google search whether it has incomplete support or none01:24
Haze420Where in Ubuntu do I need to go to change my DVD-Drive configuration from Read-Only to Write..?01:24
Jack_Sparrowraylu It always says no lsb modues with the -a option  Use the -i  -r  and -c options as needed01:25
mib_j4182xi0I am having problems connecting to the internet. If I type sudo lshw -C network in the terminal it says my PCMCIA card is disabled.01:25
Severianfoolz, I think it has some support.  If I remember right, it may not handle transparency right.01:25
randomircuserI need help with lvm.01:25
randomircuserI followed this guide: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-over-lvm-filesystem but Grub can't find the root partition. Error message is: "ALERT! /dev/mapper/lvmvol-root does not exist. Dropping to a shell."01:25
randomircuserAny idea why the lvm partitions don't show under /dev/mapper?01:25
FloodBot2randomircuser: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:25
ZzeissAnybody who is running Ubuntu on a Macbook Unibody, please msg me!  I am trying to debug a Bluetooth issue.01:26
foolzhmm... my friend gave me several PNG images to include on a website I am creating for him, and they do not appear in IE6... you think they could have transparent parts without me realizing it?01:26
|PiP|ive got 2 girls that i want to get them start using computers but don't want to buy new computers for them. can they use some sort of terminal service to connect to my computer?01:26
|PiP|i was looking at PXE but am unsure what I should be looking at01:26
Zzeiss|PiP|: How old are they?01:27
Joesephraylu: hahahaha.... it went through the whole install just fine....01:27
Haze420Where do I have to go to change the permissions on my DVD-ROM drive mount from Read-Only to Write..?01:27
|PiP|Zzeiss: i want to be able to customize their desktop, pick the programs they can use, etc01:27
Zzeiss|PiP|: Well, that's about the right age for a OLPC.     And you'd still need a computerish device to connect to yours...01:28
fredonot lengua englis01:28
Zzeiss|PiP|: How about one of the EEE PC netbooks?01:28
ZykoticK9Haze420, it doesn't really work like that.  what are you having problems with?01:28
raylu!pt | fredo01:28
ubottufredo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:29
Severianfoolz, maybe.  I am sorry I can't be more definite.  I don't run any IE newer than 5.5  And, I have not run that in a while.  So, I am going from memory.  If you are displaying the pngs in IE, then trust your eyes.  Convert them to jpegs if you need ie support.01:29
|PiP|Zzeiss: i have a couple of old machines. i'd rather it be a full-size desktop01:29
|PiP|Zzeiss: connected through some sort of limited terminal service that they turn on01:29
ed_debian|PiP|, What you are talking about is the old model of a network with a mainframe.  Just a mouse, monitor and keyboard are at the desk.  There are several workstations like this and they all connect to the mainframe (your serer)01:29
xxiaothis is strange, suddenly when i login to ubuntu 8.04, it sometimes uses my pc speaker instead of desk speaker for the audio, i did blacklist-ed pcsspkr already01:29
Zzeiss|PiP|: So?  What's the problem then?  You clearly already have an ubuntu disk.  Why not just take off apps till it is what you want them to have?01:29
foolzseverian, thanks for the help01:29
kentbHaze420, the ROM in DVD-ROM should be a clue...01:30
xxiaowhy ubuntu switches my audio device to internal speaker?01:30
xxiaosounds like noise...01:30
|PiP|Zzeiss: well i want to be able to monitor what they are doing from my own computer01:30
|ntegra|if I sudo shutdown for 2 hours time, will that leave my password/sudosu easily accessible to strangers for that 2 hours?01:31
=== Paddy_EIRE_ is now known as Paddy_EIRE
xiamxI'm looking for a *.chm to *.pdf converter,  could anyone recommand a good one for me ?01:31
|PiP|http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/technologies/ltsp   is this any good?01:32
ZykoticK9xiamx, chm files are basically just html files - there isn't an easy way to just convert that to a page layout (ie pdf)01:33
Severian|PiP|, There are several options you have.  You could go the LTSP route that you suggested at first.  That does not need much hardware on their machines, but it needs to be the right hardware.  LTSP is not easy to setup, but it works well on supported hardware.01:33
=== bk is now known as bk|away
|PiP|Severian: what hardware is supported?01:34
|PiP|Severian: and what other options do I have?01:34
xiamxZykoticK9, some of chm files contain images though01:34
mib_x15lmacbhey guys, what can i use to capture my desktop as video?01:35
Severian|PiP|, Look for the LTST website for details.  I am still trying to find a simple list of supported hardware.  No luck yet.01:35
JoesephOut of curiosity...... The wg111t not having 'plug and play' in jaunty...... is that Netgear's fault, or Ubuntu's fault?01:35
Severian|PiP|, option 2 would be a minimal setup with a NoMachine client on each of their machines.  (or VNC, but it is slower)01:36
Jack_SparrowJoeseph Netgear, as they should provide proper drivers or open code so we can adjust as needed01:36
ZykoticK9xiamx, i'm sure it's possible - probably just not easy01:37
Severian|PiP|, Option three would be to roll your own minimal setup and have it connect to your computer to run X.  Option 4 would be to setup a good firewall/NAT with Dan's Guardian on it and then run their machines as normal desktops.01:37
JoesephJack_Sparrow: So, is the 'plug and play' capabilities of the 'wg111' (as opposed to the 'wg111t') are a result of Netgear, and not ubuntu?01:37
mib_x15lmacbwhat can i use to capture my desktop as video?01:38
|ntegra|xiamx: as far as these guys http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-applications/51651-html-pdf-converter.html say :: all you have to do is open the cfm in oOo.2 and up, and then save it as pdf01:38
ZykoticK9mib_j4182xi0, gtk-recordmydesktop and istanbul are screencasting software in the ubuntu repo01:38
mib_j4182xi0I am having problems connecting to the internet. If I type sudo lshw -C network in the terminal it says my PCMCIA card is disabled.01:38
Jack_SparrowJoeseph We can only work with what we have... All of these revisions are not helping them at all.  BCM43xx have several chipsets01:39
mib_x15lmacbZykoticK9: ok thanks bro01:39
slimsorry my charset is ok?01:39
Severianmib_j4182xi0, and ffmeg can be used to capture the desktop.  I screencaster I know gets his best results that way.01:39
ReeferWhat is the difference between ubuntu desktop addition and server addition?01:39
Severianmib_j4182xi0, That should have been ffmpeg01:39
|PiP|thanks Severian, good information. now i know what to look at01:39
Jack_SparrowReefer server has no gui01:40
|PiP|btw what is PXE used for?01:40
ZykoticK9Reefer, for 1 server doesn't have a GUI Graphic User Interface01:40
ReeferSo if i want to setup my box to be a dedi i can use server addition?01:40
tpw_rules_churchhttp://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ is spewing out errors at me01:40
ReeferWhats the requirements to run ubuntu?01:40
=== tpw_rules_church is now known as tpw_rules_
leagrismib_j4182xi0, Severian vlc can record desktop as well. But seriously I miss the seom compiz plugin that was very fluent at recording even opengl renderings without too much overhead and very few dropped frames01:41
JoesephOh come on......  I'm using Ndisgtk to install the netwg11t.inf driver for the wg111t adapter, but I'm getting "invalid driver".... any ideas?01:41
mram50hello folks..is there a way to migrate the data i have on a debian machine to ubuntu on the same machine with a new, clean partition? Doesn't seem like i should be able to do that, but something in the documentation seems to suggest it's possible01:41
Jack_SparrowReefer It tells that on the ubuntu site for each of the versions ubuntu, kubuntu xubuntu01:41
loshertpw_rules_: yep. looks like something ran out of disk space there...01:41
ZykoticK9Reefer, anything you can do with server you can do with desktop!  so to start out desktop is MUCH easier to get going!01:41
kentbReefer, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements01:41
Jack_Sparrowkentb ty01:41
mib_x15lmacbhow can i have a widget save my login and password so i dont need to type it in everytime in the beginning it would it it but then i pressed cancel now it doesnt ask me anymore01:41
Jack_Sparrowmib_x15lmacb You can set that under security at system admin login window01:42
loshermram50: it depends on what you mean by 'the data'. Which data exactly?01:42
mram50well, email accounds, usernames, passwords, bookmarks, all that nice info01:43
histomib_x15lmacb: what widget?01:43
mib_j4182xi0I can connect to my wireless network. But when I open firefox I get "Server not found." Help please.01:43
histomib_x15lmacb: are you talking about hte main login screen?01:43
ReeferI tryed to install on my other machine and it says error go read the log in blahblah and there is no log01:44
mram50i'm thinjking it would be just as easy to write it all down, and save files where possible, but if there's an easier method...01:44
Jack_Sparrowmib_j4182xi0 try   ..  DNS Problems: Enter this into Web Browser address window 2  it is Google01:44
mib_x15lmacbhisto: nah like i have a widget on my desktop using screenlets and the widget is a gmail widget and i want it to save my pass and login01:44
ReeferI tryed to install on my other machine and it says error go read the log in blahblah and there is no log01:45
histomib_x15lmacb: if its no longer giving you the option but it did before you can look at deleting the config file for it in your home directory01:45
Jack_Sparrowmib_x15lmacb FYI thunderbird and gmail work well together.. I use imap so everything stays on the server01:45
histoReefer: do you have the error message?01:45
histoReefer: also did you check the cd to make sure its good.01:45
aleron6does anybody heah know if cinelerra has any support for avi or divx files01:46
ReeferYeah i just burned it last night01:46
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:46
ZykoticK9aleron6, i seem to remember it having "some" but haven't used it in a long time01:46
loshermram50: it's spread over few different places. Bookmarks are generally in /home/<user>. Usernames & passwords in /etc/passwd & /etc/shadow, email accounts - depends on what you've been using. In general, if you back up everything in /etc and /home you'll have it all, but you might have to dig around for what you want. You can just copy /etc from one OS to another....01:46
Matir`man, ubuntu brainstorm is having issues01:46
kentbReefer, I also suggest the alternate install cd, esp if your system is giving you fits:  http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#alternate01:47
aleron6hmm that doesnt answer my question completely does it yes or no01:47
loshermram50: Oops: it's spread over few different places. Bookmarks are generally in /home/<user>. Usernames & passwords in /etc/passwd & /etc/shadow, email accounts - depends on what you've been using. In general, if you back up everything in /etc and /home you'll have it all, but you might have to dig around for what you want. You *CANT*just copy /etc from one OS to another....01:47
rulerhow can i open rar format file01:47
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free01:47
loshermram50: can -> can't01:48
=== sean_ is now known as Mr
rulerjack sparrow :rar format01:48
=== Mr is now known as Guest9850
Jack_Sparrowruler un-rar ,like it says'01:48
=== Guest9850 is now known as mr-psychopath
gregcan't print from laptop through router, this should simple WTF01:48
Jack_Sparrowgreg Please dont use the rude shorthand.  ty01:48
mram50Yeah..I didn't think I could..I know how to save it all and have done so a bunch of times in the past.. I was just sort of digging around in the docs about migrating from windows which i haven't used in eons and it seemd kind of like.. well, if I could do thai with windows then surely with another disto it would be a breeze..01:49
rulerjack_sparrow: filename.rar01:49
zaccourcompiz fusion sucks big time01:49
mram50;) I was just thinking it would be nice to not have to take all that time doing all this stuff.. wishful thinking I guess ;)01:49
Jack_Sparrowruler Understood, and to unpack it you use un-rar like I said01:49
gregwhat the formation?? what's wrong with that??301:50
zaccourit makes my system slow, grays it out, and crashes01:50
rulerhow can install it01:50
loshermram50: my understanding is that even with windows, the so-called migration tools have only limited success...01:50
ruleri am new to ubuntu01:50
mram50sounds about right to me too.. last time I did anything with windows i just wrote it all down and retyped everything01:51
Severian|PiP|, a friend of mine is involved in a project to make a simple router to handle situations like yours.  You can see the project at http://packetprotector.org/index.html   It talks about wireless, but it handles wired connections, too.01:51
kentbruler sudo apt-get install unrar01:51
Jack_Sparrowruler sudo apt-get install unrar-free  or look in synaptic for other rar tools01:51
|ntegra|if I sudo shutdown for 2 hours time, will that leave my password/sudosu easily accessible to strangers for that 2 hours?01:51
Jack_Sparrow|ntegra| It shuold not leave you open01:51
zaccouris there a way to keep compiz from being buggy?01:51
ReeferCan i burn Ubuntu on a cdr?01:51
rulerubottu archive mamager counld not open it01:51
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:51
Jack_Sparrowzaccour /join #compiz or buy supported hardware01:52
zaccouri have 2gb ram, maybe its the atom processor01:52
mram50what the heck.. technolgy seems to zing past me these days like the speed of light.. I thought maybe i missed something that would have been oodles and oodles easier. Oh well ;)01:52
SeverianReefer, sure.  People do that all the time.01:52
aleron6is there an expert heah with cinelerra01:52
Reeferok i didnt know if you needed a dvd r or a cdr was fine01:52
mib_j4182xi0I typed into my web browser but it seems to be stuck loading. In the status bar it hangs at "connecting to 2"01:52
Jack_SparrowReefer cd is fine even though the file is 700meg01:52
|ntegra|thank you Jack_Sparrow01:53
aleron6lol jack sparrow01:53
gregJack, sorry i violated your sensibilities, do you go out after four pm?01:53
SeverianReefer, the normal Ubuntu download is a CDR.  There is a DVD version, but if it is under 700 meg, it is a CDR.01:53
loshermram50: I have it down to something of an art these days: about 17 files from /etc plus everything in /home. The real problem going between OSes is that you can't be sure the file formats will be identical. Going from debian to ubuntu they'll be close, but close doesn't really cut it...01:53
Jack_Sparrow|ntegra|  There is a timer on sudo  15 minutes in the same terminal etc01:53
aleron6captain jack sparrow01:53
rulerjack_sparrow: very very thanks01:53
mib_j4182xi064.233.161.182 finally loaded. It still says "server not found"01:53
Jack_Sparrowruler np01:53
|ntegra|..and I've timestamped it to 0zero0 too01:53
rulerkent: thans01:53
zombie-robotanyone having probs with the nonfree flash plugin?01:53
Jack_Sparrowmib_j4182xi0 cool, we ruled out dns issues01:53
zombie-roboti cant upload at megaupload01:54
mram50ive been using debian a while now, but certain things are real buggy like swf filkes, etc.. I'm hoiping ubuntu will be cleaner for that..seems to have a lot of the same stuff debian has though,,just a tad cleaner01:54
Jack_Sparrowzombie-robot try it without compiz effects turned on01:54
Severianzombie-robot, it is not perfect.  But, it is much better than the Adobe Flash player for people who care about security.01:54
ReeferOk last question. I have a machine. i installed another HD can i put ubuntu on that HD and keep windows on the other and still get the option to select what os i want to run/01:54
Jack_SparrowReefer YEs01:55
Reeferok thats it01:55
mram50flash player is screwy lewey in debian or my older version anyway01:55
Jack_SparrowReefer Plan on a bit of grub tweeking to get the mbr right, best way is both on primary drive and your data on the spare drive01:55
loshermram50: 8.04.2 LTS is a very stable, solid release. 9.04 is notorious for flash problems...01:56
aleron6is version 9.04 buggs fixed yet eh01:56
ReeferIm looking for someone helping on the setup of ubuntu security measures anyone have time on there hands to go to pm?01:56
raylualeron6: huh? there are always open bugs in all versions01:56
zombie-robotnope still doesnt work after i turn off compiz01:57
mram50i don't remember which i have..i suppose i could check.. i've just not used flash in so long and now it seems every page i go to uses it01:57
aleron6but i mean for the video cards01:57
Severianaleron6, People are working on it.  It is getting better all the time.01:57
Jack_SparrowReefer BEst to keep questions in the channel so we can try to make sure you get the best advice and not misdirection01:57
raylualeron6: which one?01:57
aleron6isent it the intell and ati ones01:57
IndyGunFreakaleron6: the intel ones work if you enable the testing repo and install the updates.. ATI, not really sure.01:57
aleron6thats why i have migrated to it01:57
aleron6im still in 8.1001:57
kentbReefer, start here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=100216701:58
mram50i thought of going back to mandriva, but it bogs me down so slow....old clunker01:58
aleron6i wouldnt rishk9.1001:58
zombie-robotim using 8.04 and megaupload flash wont work :/01:58
loshermram50: I use flashblock. Almost all flash is disposable I find & inversely proportional to usable info...01:58
mram50i'd just like to watch a video once in a blue moon. ;)01:59
zhoujingruino sound with  my ubuntu 8.1001:59
loshermram50: no guarantees of course, but give 8.04.2 a whirl...01:59
mram50how does ubuntu sit with flash, etc?01:59
devilhi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!02:00
Bradj47hi, i'm having some problems with the connect to server feature in ubuntu02:00
IndyGunFreakaleron6: its still 9.04, its just a repository of preleased updates02:00
devili wanna know about QT programming02:00
IndyGunFreak*proposed updates.. my bad02:00
Bradj47i'm trying to unmount an ftp server i'm connected to but it keeps giving me an error02:00
loshermram50: 9.04 is notorious for flash problems, 8.04.2 seems fine...02:00
devili am not familiar with its compiler02:00
Jack_Sparrowdevil this is ubuntu support, please find a QT channel02:01
aleron6so ur sayin its not final yet?02:01
raylualeron6: nothing is ever "final"02:01
losherdevil: try #qt ?02:01
mram50ubuntu? I just downloaded a version..probably the latest.. maybe I'll go back and dig up an older version with the bugs worked out. ;)02:01
raylualeron6: and different people have different ideas about what it means to be 'stable'02:01
devillosher:yes i tried to do but failed02:01
aleron6lol how is that so wen version 9.10 comes out it wont be final either02:01
IndyGunFreakaleron6: i would guess if they are proposed backups, probably not.. i enabled it w/o to much trouble.02:02
jorgenWhen I connect my usb keyboard to my laptop how do I effect the xbindkeys configuration on the usb keyboard without restarting X?02:02
IndyGunFreakaleron6: which intel device do you ahve.02:02
aleron6well integrated02:02
rayluIndyGunFreak: *backports?02:02
aleron6both mobo n video02:02
devili am not getting familiar with its compiler environment02:02
Demonicdata9.10 when is this coming out02:02
IndyGunFreakaleron6: well no kidding... what chipset02:02
aleron6i dont trust that version just yet02:02
rayluBradj47: are you going to tell us the error?02:02
raylulas -cl02:02
IndyGunFreakraylu: no, not backports02:02
rayluack, ignore that02:02
Jack_Sparrowdevil this is ubuntu support, please find a QT channel that suits your needs02:02
mram50yep..it's 9,04.. no wonder it was so screwey with the "live" version.. now it'll take a month of sundays to clean the cd up its on LOL02:03
IndyGunFreakaleron6: so you expect to fix the problem, yet you don't even know if your device is included in the problem, because youd on't know what ti is.02:03
Pixelsis there a MSN program for Ubuntu 9.04?02:03
Jack_SparrowDemonicdata 9:10  2009  month -= 1002:03
jorgenJack_Sparrow: When I connect my usb keyboard to my laptop how do I effect the xbindkeys configuration on the usb keyboard without restarting X?02:03
aleron6lol how do i find out anyway02:03
IamSOG68.11.94.52) ("Lost terminal")02:03
deviljack:QT is also programmed in ubuntu and supported by ubuntu however i am trying to get a QT channnel02:03
Bradj47yeah, i'm pastebinning it02:03
SeverianPixels, pidgen02:03
Bradj47here's the error: http://pastebin.com/d7d4a2dde02:03
IndyGunFreakaleron6: open a terminal and type "lspci" no quotes and hit enter02:03
DemonicdataOh ok02:03
PixelsSeverian, hehe funny :)  no seriously02:03
loshermram50: 9.04 still seems to need a lot of tinkering. Save yourself some grief and start with 8.04.202:03
PixelsSeveas, aMSN any good?02:04
Jack_Sparrowdevil I am aware of what we support and how we do things thanks02:04
rayluPixels: install it and find out for yourself. pidgin comes with ubuntu02:04
deviljack:its ok02:04
mram508.04 has a live v doesn't it?02:04
Jack_Sparrowjorgen sorry, no idea on that02:04
SeverianPixels, That is serious.  There are other choices.  What you you not like about pidgen?02:04
Pixelsdo I need to add any plugins for firefox, e/.g noscript?  Or will I be ok and not get infected with anything from visiting websites?02:04
raylumram50: all the ubuntu releases do02:04
mram50i thought so02:04
PixelsSeverian, i thought you said pidgeon. thought you were teasing me02:05
loshermram50: yes, same process as 9.04. Download, burn, run live, install...02:05
rayluPixels: if there were a system that was 100% free of security issues, we'd all be using it by now02:05
rayluPixels: most people don't use noscript because they think it provides them with more "security"02:05
aleron6its an intel 82815 815 chipset02:05
mram50i major league screwed up my debian repos.. trhought I knew what i was doing.. :x02:05
Jack_SparrowPixels as long as we are forced to suport unsafe formats there will always be a slight risk02:05
SeverianPixels, Nope.  I do that every once in a while.  But Ppidgen is a nice program.  It handles a bunch of IM formats.02:05
PixelsJack_Sparrow, so what can Ubuntu be infected with?  virus, spyware, malware?02:06
IndyGunFreakaleron6: that likely is not your graphics device02:06
Bradj47has addons for the IM formats it doesn't come with too02:06
PixelsSeverian, how do I add my picture to it?02:06
NemesisDanyone know of a way to find a device's /dev path without using fdisk or anything, i don't have it available on this boot disc02:06
rayluPixels: all of the above, because there is no clear-cut line between them anyway02:06
loshermram50: it's pretty foolproof in Ubuntu... :-)02:06
nomadluapi need some help. How do I change the scroll wheel speed on my mouse?02:06
Jack_SparrowPixels No virus issues in ubuntu, but you can get you r browser hosed up etc02:06
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2102:06
zombie-robotmy flash greys out in 8.0402:06
rayluNemesisD: ls -l /dev/disk/02:06
zombie-robotin megaupload02:06
mib_j4182xi0Jack_Sparrow, If I type sudo lshw -C network into the terminal it says my PCMCIA card is disabled02:06
Jack_Sparrowzombie-robot How was it installed02:06
mib_x15lmacbso does anyone know how i can save the password i always have to set in my gmail widget so i dont miss my e-mails when it gets removed after each login?02:07
Jack_Sparrowmib_j4182xi0 I know something was going on with pcmcia but I didnt think they killed it off yet02:07
aleron6where the hell is it02:07
PixelsJack_Sparrow, how do I prevent my firefox from being "hosed" in ubuntu?02:07
Bradj47raylu: can you help me now?02:07
unifestalguem sabe pq meu msn nao entra? da esse erro: Connection error from Notification server:02:07
unifestReading error02:07
mram50Well, osh.. thanks for the info.. I guess I'll mosey over and go d/l 8.04 and give it a spin..that is if my burner hasn't decided to turn to a real live burner instead of a normal cd burner. ;)02:07
mram50err losher02:07
Jack_SparrowPixels Avoid those endless lists of plugins for one02:07
SeverianPixels, In the account setup, there is a place to let you specify your buddy icon.  Isn't that what you want?02:07
zombie-roboti tried uninstalling flash-nonfree and putting http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-
zombie-robotthat file in the FF/plugins folder and flash works but not the megauploader02:07
PixelsJack_Sparrow, if I create another user, and run firefox in there and it gets hosed or something happens, will it infect or affect the OTHER main user?02:08
PixelsSeverian, think so02:08
rayluBradj47: sorry, i don't see messages without my name in them usually. i'll take a look02:08
Jack_Sparrowzombie-robot so this is a FF plugin issue right..02:08
mram50i think I fried my cd burner...it's been acting kind of strange of later.. i think my dog decided to stick her snoot in it.02:08
Bradj47lol ok thanks02:08
loshermram50: osh, losh, losher. Whatever. If your burner dies, there's a workaround, http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ . Warning, I've never actually tried this myself...02:08
unifestalguem sabe pq meu msn nao entra? da esse erro: Connection error from Notification server: Reading error02:08
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat02:09
PixelsJack_Sparrow, in other words.. if I add a user and he stuffs everything up and gets "hosed" and visits infected websites etc... will it infect, affect and hose my main user account?02:09
zombie-robotit doesnt work in any other browser or with the nonfree02:09
rayluBradj47: how was it "mounted?" is it in the output of "mount"? also, "sudo invoke-rc.d dbus restart" may help, though that'll probably restart x02:09
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:09
losher!br | unifest02:09
mram50hmm.. I'll take a looksee02:09
ubottuunifest: please see above02:09
Jack_SparrowPixels No your account should be safe, a reinstall of FF would be about the worst case02:09
PixelsJack_Sparrow, or does what he does STAY in his home?02:09
Bradj47raylu: i clicked on 'connect to server' under the 'Places' menu and had it add as a bookmark and it mounted when i clicked on the bookmark02:10
Jack_SparrowPixels HE is kept in his home, yes02:10
Bradj47raylu: where's the output of 'mount' is that a directory somewhere?02:10
BeatlesFanhey, I need your guys help...02:10
loshermram50: Burners fail eventually, Given the precision required for burning, it's a wonder they last as long as they do. If you use unetbootin, come back & let us know how it went02:10
PixelsJack_Sparrow, if I create another user, and run firefox in there and it gets hosed or something happens, will it infect or affect the OTHER main user?02:10
Jack_SparrowPixels  it should not..02:10
PixelsJack_Sparrow, in other words.. if I add a user and he stuffs everything up and gets "hosed" and visits infected websites etc... will it infect, affect and hose my main user account?02:10
zombie-robotso the megaupload flash uploader doent work in ubuntu?02:11
rayluBradj47: the command "mount", in a terminal02:11
PixelsJack_Sparrow, or does what he does STAY in his home?02:11
mram50That requires a usb drive. like a pen drive or something similar?02:11
losherask | BeatlesFan02:11
Jack_Sparrowzombie-robot If it is a plugin then see the help page on ff plugins02:11
losher!ask | BeatlesFan02:11
ubottuBeatlesFan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:11
Jack_SparrowPixels You other user will only have the access you give him and should not be an issue for our admin account02:12
PixelsJack_Sparrow, COOL02:12
Jack_Sparrowzombie-robot mozilla.com02:12
Bradj47raylu: no, i don't see it in that list.02:12
BeatlesFanI heard on here the other night that the new Ubuntu will not support Nvidia 6 and earlier, is that true?02:12
mram50I guess if my burner is screwed i can always go upload stuff to a server somewhere..do what i gotta do then redownload it like the old days of emailing everything to myself LOL02:12
rayluBradj47: what's the path to the actual ftp "mountpoint"?02:12
harpreet_BeatlesFan: no02:12
rayluBradj47: as in, what appears in your location bar?02:12
PixelsJack_Sparrow, so I can add a user and be confident that whatevr he does wont infect or affect my user admin account?02:12
loshermram50: there's an option to download an iso and boot directly from it, as I understand...02:12
Jack_SparrowBeatlesFan the 6600 are very popular, I doubt they would drop support for them02:13
Jack_SparrowPixels YEs.02:13
harpreet_Pixels: yes02:13
BeatlesFanharpreet, so if I install an geforce 6200 or 6600 in my PC I'll be ok for the foreseeable future?02:13
PixelsHaraken, ty02:13
Jack_SparrowBeatlesFan I hope so , I have several in use now02:13
PixelsJack_Sparrow, thanks ;)02:13
HarakenPixels, np02:13
mram50makes sense.. if it can be run from a cd tray i don't see why it can't boot from... wait a sec.. this i need to think over LOL02:13
harpreet_BeatlesFan: i just built a computer , one minute ago with 6600, if the card doesnt work you can always load a driver or edit xorg.conf02:14
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:14
BeatlesFanJack_Sparrow: becuase I want to upgrade from my on-board graphics and I only have PCI slots.. not even PCI-e02:14
BeatlesFanor AGP02:14
okaygoso whats there to do in linux02:14
Bradj47raylu: the file browser lags tremendously when i try to open it hold on02:14
Jack_SparrowBeatlesFan the 6600 pic or any agp pci-e should be fine02:14
SeverianBeatlesFan, I can forsee a future when that card will no longer be supported.  It is post-singularity and 30 years or more away.02:14
fellowhello all. would anyone know how to turn force pidgin not to show who is joining and leaving irc channels?02:15
BeatlesFanjack_sparrow, unless I install a new MB I can only do PCI02:15
xcercaanybody using a xhd 2560x1600 monitor  ?, i'm thinking about getting one but wonder how ubuntu will look in it02:15
Jack_SparrowBeatlesFan I have full STABLE compiz effects with the 6600 as well02:15
mram50ehh.. what the heck.. I'm a professional dumpster diver. I have about 20 old boxes laying about ..I'm sure several have used CD burners in them.. I just have to get ambitious and dig one out.02:15
mib_x15lmacbhow i can save the password i always have to set in my gmail widget so i dont miss my e-mails when it gets removed after each login?02:15
BeatlesFanJack_Sparrow: ok, thanks for the input02:15
rayluxcerca: horrible, with it's bloody orange crap02:15
Bradj47raylu: ftp as bradj47@bradj47.k-disk.net on bradj47.k-disk.net02:16
okaygoi put in my office 2007 cd and the program wont start in ubuntu02:16
okaygowhy not???02:16
Severianmram50, you make a living at that?02:16
rayluBradj47: is there a pencil/paper icon to the left of that?02:16
mib_x15lmacbokaygo: lol02:16
harpreet_okaygo: its not windows02:16
loshermram50: they're dirt cheap. $23 from newegg when on sale...02:16
Jack_Sparrowokaygo It is a windows application for one02:16
harpreet_okaygo: lol02:16
xcercaraylu ...  so , change the theme then ?02:16
zombie-robotarrrg i cant find anything on mozilla.com about my flash problem02:16
Bradj47raylu: no, it's a directory icon with what looks like a pipe going into it02:16
okaygoi though ubuntu was a windows program?????????02:16
harpreet_okaygo: use open office for free(dom)02:16
mib_x15lmacbhow i can save the password i always have to set in my gmail widget so i dont miss my e-mails when it gets removed after each login?02:16
Jack_Sparrowokaygo Not even remotely a windows program02:17
harpreet_okaygo: ubuntu is not a windows program , it is a better operating system than windows in every aspect02:17
xcercaokaygo  --->  www.ubuntu.com02:17
Ahmucki've been using a higher resolution on my machine and now if i try to use 1024x768 the display is to large for the screen.  the login screen is the same.  this happened after logging out.  how do fix this?02:17
mram50oh yeah I do.. I sell scrap metal usually and whatever appliances run i resell them too.. sold a fridge, a stove,washing machine and a dishwasher last week plus about $300 worth of metal02:17
rayluxcerca: indeed.02:17
loshermram50: very cool, but off topic :-)02:17
Severianmram50  Good for you.02:17
rayluBradj47: i've never used the feature you're talking about, so i'm not really familiar with it. if you don't mind restarting X, "sudo invoke-rc.d dbus restart" as i said earlier02:18
rayluBradj47: that's the only thing i can think of02:18
okaygosudo make sandwich02:18
Bradj47raylu: ok, i'll try that02:18
Jack_Sparrowokaygo Please stop02:18
mram50you have to be willing to get dirty and talk to mainenence people at apartment complexes, but yeah..the money's out there ;).. Yeah, a bit off topic LOL02:18
harpreet_okaygo: !language02:18
Severianokaygo, an xkcd fan.02:18
harpreet_!language | okaygo02:18
ubottuokaygo: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:18
okaygoThere was something inappropriate with my language?02:19
skippyHow do I ask a question?  Is their protocol?02:19
Jack_Sparrowokaygo Offtopic for one02:19
rayluskippy: just ask02:19
losher!ask | skippy02:19
ubottuskippy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:19
Severianskippy, just ask02:19
okaygoskippy: The IRC Protocol for one.02:19
harpreet_skippy: just go ahead and ask02:19
skippyI have a cd rom of 9.04 and a USB and a portable USB harddrive02:19
skippybooting from the USB is not persistent02:19
losher!usb | skippy02:20
ubottuskippy: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about persistent02:20
sicahello Jack_Sparrow i removed quite and splash and it hangs out right after the boot, it hangs for a few secs with just the mouse in the middle of the screen then desktop appears02:20
okaygoskippy: try unetbootin02:20
leagrisare there any missing applications/codecs in ubuntu64 compared to ubuntu32, or can I go stright to 64bits ?02:20
okaygoIt's a program for making bootable USB.02:20
okaygoXPlatform too.02:20
rayluleagris: everything is there, but somethings don't work as well. flash and wine come to mind02:20
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » If that fails, you can report bugs manually at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots02:20
Jack_Sparrowleagris Try sticking to 32 until you get your feet wet02:21
skippycool.   USB is already running just need persistent.02:21
mram50I just realized i have a removable HD too.. forgot about that.. it's locked in, but i can rig it out of there02:21
skippythanks though02:21
skippywill try the other advice.02:21
skippyThanks everyone02:21
LythIs there a way to get an equalizer for alsa?02:21
loshermram50: best of luck...02:21
mram50i wonder if I could download it there and boot from it as a slave.. hmmm..02:21
Jack_SparrowLyth You can ask in   /join #alsa02:21
leagrisraylu, is wine not working at all ?02:21
Ahmuckwhat is the best way to search the bug reporting area to see if my bug has been reported yet?02:21
sicai removed quite and splash and it hangs out right after the boot, it hangs for a few secs with just the mouse in the middle of the screen then desktop appears, gnome as desktop02:22
Samus_Aranhello.  I have a system using 8.04 LTS and want to upgrade it to 8.10 then 9.04.  all the guides say to use either do-release-upgrade or the System > Administration > System Upgrade.  neither of these exist.  I have installed update-manager-core.02:22
rayluleagris: i had showstopping issues with some "platinum" apps02:22
loshermram50: if unetbootin works, you shoudl be able to just fine...02:22
mram50thanks losher.. cya later.. getting hot in here so out to the ol garage and yank out some parts. ;)02:22
LythI need an equalizer to use with ubuntu.02:22
Jack_SparrowSamus_Aran <ubottu> Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was the seventh release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 18th, 2009. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.02:22
okaygoWhat do you mean by 'persistent' skippy?02:22
raylusica: that sounds like a login issue, not a boot issue02:22
rayluokaygo: i think he wants his changes to be saved on the drive02:22
zombie-roboti'm using ubuntu 8.04 amd64 and my flash plugin sux. can anyone use the uploader on megaupload?02:23
Pixels pidgin doesnt support webcam in MSN :(  any alternative?02:23
Jack_Sparrowokaygo Persistent is using a livecd and your changes stay on the usb etc02:23
sicaautomatic login raylu02:23
LythSo, theres no way to do this without redoing my entrie sound system?02:23
xcercayou can use aMSN02:23
okaygoIf the media is R/W then shouldn't you be able to install a distro on a USB.02:23
leagrisraylu, I'm getting a 6Gb ram PC with I7 CPU next week and have not decided uppon using a bigmem kernel or a real 64bit one02:23
raylusica: right. but quiet and splash have nothing to do with that02:23
Pixelsxcerca: cool bananas, ty02:23
Jack_Sparrowzombie-robot 8.04 has reached eol and is no longer supported, please try a newer version02:23
sicaand also that wasn't hangin there a couple of days ago02:23
Samus_AranJack_Sparrow: I know how ot upgrade undeer normal circumstances.  I simply don't have an upgrade app available on command line or GUI02:23
rayluleagris: what apps do you depend on?02:23
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading02:23
SeverianSamus_Aran, Open up Synaptic.  Go to Settings/Repositories/Update  Set Release upgrade to normal releases and then run updates manager.02:23
rayluleagris: i've been using 64-bit, dualboot, and i've had no showstoppers overall02:23
leagrisraylu, World Of Warcraft ^^02:23
harpreet_leagris: for how much?02:24
Jack_SparrowSamus_Aran Upgrading after EOL is NOT the same02:24
sicaraylu: it was just to check if it was after or during the boot02:24
losherJack_Sparrow: I thought 8.04 is on long term support02:24
Jack_SparrowSamus_Aran <ubottu> Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was the seventh release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 18th, 2009. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.02:24
rayluleagris: i actually feel that the issue has at least something to do with my intel mobile 4 express card than 64-bit02:24
ensignavengerHi everyone- I'm a Linux noob- just installed Ubuntu server 9.04- I need to setup a Raid 1 mirror, but the manual only has instructions for doing this during the install- is there anyway to do it after the install?  Does anyone have instructions?02:24
Samus_AranSeverian: I don't *have* an update manager.  that's the problem.  I have set it to show normal releases02:24
Bradj47raylu: it's unmounted now02:24
zombie-robotwhat 8.04 is still supported?02:24
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
raylusica: if X starts, it's after boot02:24
Samus_AranJack_Sparrow: 8.04 LTS is not past end of life, so why are you telling me that ?02:25
raylu!lts | zombie-robot02:25
ubottuzombie-robot: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.02:25
leagrisharpreet_, the all thing for about 1200€02:25
sicaraylu: what can i do to fix?02:25
elitecoderWhat exactly is causing this? /sbin/ip route add dev eth2 src table 102:25
Jack_SparrowSamus_Aran Thought you said gutsy02:25
elitecoderRTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument02:25
_polto__hey guys, anyone running Ubuntu 9.04 on EeeBox B202 ? I have a really big CPU load and I do not understand why. X11 consume 30% CPU without showing any single window. If I do ping flooding on my LAN it use almost 100% of CPU02:25
SeverianSamus_Aran, If you go to the System Menus/Administration/ do you see update manager?02:25
raylusica: you could try moving your .gnome, .gnome2, or .gconf directories, but i'm not really sure02:25
zombie-robotyea no Sh**02:25
zombie-robotits still supported02:25
Jack_Sparrowzombie-robot Lose the rude shorthand02:26
harpreet_leagris: i built one today for $550 US, 4gb ram, nvidia 8400, gigabyte mobo, phenomX3, dvdrw02:26
_polto__I do not think EeeBox B202 is so cheap and unpowerfull,  I'dd like to get more from it.02:26
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC02:26
harpreet_leagris: monitor, keyboard, mouse, included02:26
sica<raylu> sica: you could try moving your .gnome, .gnome2, or .gconf directories, but i'm not really sure ← anyone have a clue (slow x start)02:26
Samus_AranJack_Sparrow: /etc/*rel* says Ubuntu 8.04.02 Hardy02:26
Samus_AranSeverian: no, as I said in my first line after joining.02:27
Jack_SparrowSamus_Aran YEs, Hardy is supported02:27
leagrisharpreet_, went DDR3, gigabyte MB, Nvidia 260, Coolermaster power bloc and case02:28
SeverianSamus_Aran,  how about  /usr/bin/update-manager02:28
funkyHatSamus_Aran: sudo aptitude install update-manager | grep State02:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:28
Samus_AranJack_Sparrow: so now how can I get either a GUI or command line upgrade app ?02:28
funkyHatSamus_Aran: sorty: sudo aptitude show update-manager | grep State02:28
Jack_SparrowSamus_Aran PAstebin your sources list so we can have a look.. NOT in the channel ty02:28
iurihi there, i have no wireless setup on my ubuntu 9.0402:28
Samus_AranSeverian: no02:28
zombie-robotso can anybody using hardy get the megaupload uploader to work?02:28
fallorereinstalling windows overwrote the MBR and so i need to reinstall grub. i burned a knoppix CD and am going to follow instructions from a website. the only question i have is how i can determine the root partition of the ubuntu install?02:28
iurii just installed and the icon systray is turned off02:29
Jack_Sparrowfallore sudo fdisk -l will help02:29
BeatlesFanfallore, root partition will mount to "/"02:29
iurii believe it needs to install something02:29
BeatlesFanfallore, look in gpart, you will see it02:29
SeverianSamus_Aran, then the sudo apt-get install update-manager  is your next step.02:29
funkyHatBeatlesFan: that's not much help, he can't boot from it at the moment so partitions won't be mounted in the normal places02:30
Samus_AranfunkyHat: update-manager was not installed, installing it now.  very stupid that all the guides say to install update-manager-core, which provides nothing, but not update-manager02:30
tritiumSamus_Aran: update-manager is installed by default.02:30
Jack_SparrowfunkyHat gparted will show him what he needs02:30
funkyHatSamus_Aran: odd, saying to install update-manager-core is pretty stupid, as installing update-manager will install everything it needs02:30
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:31
SeverianSamus_Aran, update manager was installed by default.  That is why the guides say to use it.  You at some point deleted it.02:31
funkyHatJack_Sparrow: yeah, I was a bit behind with my reply02:31
IamSOGwill ext 4 slows down a PC? because I have this old PC I am going to install Xubuntu to, but I don't know if I shold use Ext402:31
KyleKhey is there a way I can kill a ssh session thats hung from the client side? like i ssh somewhere.com, get disconnected from the internet so I know its hung, how can I kill it?02:31
losher!mbr > fallore02:31
losher!mbr | fallore02:31
ubottufallore: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:31
rayluKyleK: there is a shortcut, but i don't remember it. can't you just close the terminal?02:31
Samus_AranfunkyHat: I would prefer to do the command line do-release-update, but it isn't available.  I'd like to run the upgrade in GNU Screen.02:31
ensignavengerAnyone know of a tutorial on setting up RAID1 on an already installed and running server?02:31
KyleKraylu: i'd prefer to kill it, press up and then enter to reconnect ;)02:32
funkyHatSamus_Aran: install do-release-update is part of update-manager-core02:32
SeverianIamSOG, don't use ext4 on any important machine.  It can become corrupted.02:32
Samus_AranSeverian: this isn't my system, and I didn't remove it.  I can't imagine the system owner removing it, either.  unless some app that was installed said it needed to remove it02:32
KyleKraylu: I've been getting by with killall ssh02:32
rayluKyleK: it'll be in your .bash_history, so up will still work after restarting the terminal02:32
IamSOGoic, thanks Severian I guess ext4 is still pretty new :D02:32
Samus_AranfunkyHat: I have removed and reinstalled update-manager-core, and I do not have a command "do-release-update".02:32
rayluKyleK: and so will !sshj02:32
rayluKyleK: !ssh, sorry02:32
funkyHatSamus_Aran: try the full path /usr/bin/do-release-update02:33
SeverianIamSOG, it is new and worth experimenting with.02:33
Samus_AranfunkyHat: already did, doesn't exist02:33
funkyHatSamus_Aran: sounds iffy :/02:33
Samus_AranfunkyHat: and confirmed the $PATH contains /usr/bin and other expected directories02:33
IamSOGI see... thanks Severian02:33
ZykoticK9ensignavenger, i remember searching for the same info at one point - didn't really find how to do it after install, might just be easier to try the install again (what info i did find was pretty complicated for me as I hadn't delt with RAID under linux before)  good luck.02:33
rayluKyleK: http://rwcduj.wordpress.com/2009/04/01/how-to-kill-frozen-ssh-sessions/02:33
funkyHatSamus_Aran: you could just update your sources.list manually and then do an upgrade using aptitude02:34
KyleKenter squiggle dot02:34
KyleKI was trying just squiggle dot02:34
geofftAre the netboot images/files signed?02:35
Samus_AranfunkyHat: I just used Synaptic to check if /usr/bin/do-release-update is installed, and it says it is ... bah02:35
Ahmuckis there a way to search bug reports on launchpad?02:35
zombie-robotcan anybody using hardy get the megaupload uploader to work?02:35
luis_anyone knows how install cedega??02:35
fallorealright, i'm back on knoppix this time, would someone mind giving me the command to see my partitions with terminal (or another method to do so?)02:35
funkyHatSamus_Aran: err, it's do-release-upgrade sorry02:36
Severianfallore,   fdisk /dev/sda   and then p02:36
Samus_AranfunkyHat: problem solved.  yeah, that.  sorry... should have used tab-completion on do-TAB TAB to fill it in02:36
ensignavengerZykoticK9 The problem is that it takes a long time to transfer the data back after doing an install- and the server needs to be up as much as possible.02:36
KyleKraylu: thanks, thats been plauging me for the past month02:36
Ahmuckluis_: /join  #cedega02:36
funkyHatSamus_Aran: :)02:36
fallorethanks Severian02:36
Samus_AranfunkyHat: I was speaking across the room to the system owner who was typing in the commands ... not sure if they got it wrong, or if I did02:37
funkyHatSamus_Aran: I said do-release-update at one point02:37
okaygofallore: hey sexi.02:38
losherKyleK: by "squiggle" I assume you mean tilde ?02:38
Samus_AranfunkyHat: ah.  but I was obviously doing it even before joining here as well, heh02:38
Samus_AranfunkyHat: thanks for your assistance02:38
funkyHatSamus_Aran: true :). and no problem02:39
JoshuaP0xanyone know of Zune support for ubuntu w/o using Wine?02:39
Samus_AranSeverian, tritium, Jack_Sparrow as well02:39
Samus_Arancheers, night02:39
fallorei need help following these intructions: determine the root partition of your linux system, then mount it "dev" option enabled, with write permissions. If the filesystem isn't mounted you'll need to mount it like this (be sure to change "hda1" and "hda" to match the root location/device in your own system): sudo mount -o dev,rw /mnt/hda102:39
raylugeofft: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/MD5SUMS02:39
raylugeofft: wait, netboot? where?02:39
BeatlesFanjust ordered the geforce 6200 512MB PCI card...to replace my onboard intel graphics...02:40
coz_BeatlesFan,  ok cool02:40
GneaBeatlesFan: a wise decision02:40
coz_BeatlesFan, what happened to the 7600?? :)02:40
BeatlesFancoz, no AGP!!! :(02:40
KyleKlosher: ~ squiggle, i thought ` was a tilde02:40
coz_BeatlesFan, oh  darn02:41
JoshuaP0xlosher: like Kosher?02:41
BeatlesFancoz_: yeah, I have to replace my MB02:41
coz_BeatlesFan,  well as I said before that series  of card should be supported for at least another year and a half02:41
BeatlesFancoz_: I had to return the 7600 back to tigerdirect02:41
SeverianJoshuaP0x, I am pretty sure there is no such thing.  I have a friend who won a Zune at a MS event and he has not been able to use it to this day.02:41
coz_BeatlesFan, oh man it wasnt agp?02:41
pasteeaterWhy do Debian (Exim) and Ubuntu (Postfix) use different default MTAs?02:42
BeatlesFancoz_: becuase my mb spec says there's an AGP but when you open the case and actually look at the board - no AGP slot!!02:42
losherJoshuaP0x: no, losher like nosher/posher. JoshuaP0x like chicken-pox ?02:42
geofftraylu: I am looking at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/02:42
coz_BeatlesFan,  oh no what slot is it?02:42
BeatlesFancoz_: it's empty02:42
BeatlesFancoz_: I have 3 PCI and thats it02:42
JoshuaP0xSeverian: That stinks. :o(02:42
coz_BeatlesFan,  oh man  well with the 512 megs it may be just fine02:42
JoshuaP0xlosher: yes.02:43
losherKyleK: ~ is tilde, ` is a backtick02:43
coz_BeatlesFan,  you could order another motherboard  with agp   they are cheap one the will house your cpu02:43
geofftraylu: oh, duh, one directory up has the md5sums. never mind.02:43
BeatlesFancoz_: right I know02:43
geofftwell, wait, that's not signed. that doesn't help.02:43
* losher thinks screen names are a fascinating little art-form02:43
coz_BeatlesFan,  when you install it let me know I want to know how it performs for you :)02:44
hclhdjeverybody,how can i install vidalia .0.1.12?02:44
losherfallore: you still needing help?02:44
LoganhoupCan someone help me, I'm having problems with my pulseaudio setup.02:44
raylugeofft: 54f93db03a5b13698abb5b4532a24a3e  ./netboot/netboot.tar.gz02:44
BeatlesFancoz_: ok...02:44
coz_hclhdj,  what is vidalia ...while I google :)02:44
geofftraylu: yeah, I see that, but that's not signed. that's just an md5sum02:45
raylugeofft: oh, signed02:45
raylugeofft: heh, i'm a step behind today02:45
coz_hclhdj,  did you download the source tar ball?02:45
hclhdjcoz_: i see the "install" file ,but ..02:45
hclhdjcoz_: yes, i download02:45
raylugeofft: you could mention it to #ubuntu-dev02:45
coz_hclhdj,  ok  open a terminal  and cd to the location of that extracted pacakge and then cd into it02:46
loshergeofft: raylu: signed is kinda overkill. md5sum is quite adequate for most purposes...02:46
zaccouris there a safe way to remove evolution?02:46
colton_Does anyone know where I could find the documentation for the linux 64bit system calls?02:46
hclhdjcoz_: i make the dir "mkdir buil"02:46
coz_hclhdj,   then in terminal type    mkdir build  && cd build02:46
hclhdjcoz_: i make the dir "mkdir build"02:46
coz_hclhdj,  yes then cd  build02:47
hclhdjcoz_: ok02:47
coz_hclhdj,   then type     cmake ..02:47
crdlbzaccour: it is reasonably safe to uninstall evolution as long as you install ubuntu-desktop again before you upgrade to a new release (which will restore evolution)02:47
coz_hclhdj,   remember the two dots though02:47
coz_hclhdj,  this is coded in C++02:47
coz_hclhdj,   so   cmake ..02:47
hclhdjcoz_: wait02:47
LoganhoupStressing pulseaudio by playing almost any type of sound for a period of time will crash and anything I play from then on will hang and skip. Oddly enough, it also seems to kill my internet connection with it. Yet wicd stills shows it is connected. The only way I can to find to fix it is to restart my system. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.02:47
harpreet_crdlb: thats a good idea, this way he will get newest packages02:47
hclhdjcoz_: no "cmake".........02:48
boss_mcLoganhoup: you probably want to ask in #pulseaudio they're the devs02:48
harpreet_Loganhoup: it is intel based system , right?02:48
coz_hclhdj,   sudo apt-get install cmake02:48
Loganhoupharpreet: no02:48
Loganhoupharpreet: It's an ATI chipset02:48
losherLoganhoup: 9.04 ?02:49
hclhdjcoz_: then i setup cmake02:49
Loganhouplosher: yes02:49
fallorelosher: yes i still need help02:49
coz_hclhdj,  then run   cmake ..02:49
harpreet_logankoester: atis are hard in linux, anytime i make a system i make sure i dont see ati on mobo,02:49
losherLoganhoup: 9.04 is notorious for sound problems. Start googling...02:49
bastid_raZorcoz_, hclhdj wouldn't installing build-essential have all the required tools he needs?02:49
coz_bastid_raZor,   all but cmake02:50
coz_hclhdj,   then run  make02:50
boss_mcHow does Loganhoup's graphics chipset effect his pulseaudio setup?02:50
bastid_raZorcoz_, ah, didn't know that it did not include cmake02:50
coz_hclhdj,  if you want to install this then run   sudo make install02:50
losherfallore: Remind me: You lost your boot block after installing windows after Ubuntu & wanted to restore it using Knoppix live ?02:50
Loganhouplosher: I have and I have posted in the perfect setup thread on the ubuntu forums. I have received no help from google. Do not assume I have not researched this before asking here.02:50
fallorelosher: yes02:50
coz_bastid_raZor,  also it wont include QT or qmake02:51
okaygofallore: just stick your forehead into your PC.02:51
hclhdjcoz_:   Qt qmake not found!02:51
coz_hclhdj,  yeah hold on02:51
Ahmuckhi.  i used to have a resolution 1024x768 and above.  now i have 800x600 and that is all that is given to me as a choice.  is there a way to fix this ?02:51
okaygofallore: or is it a fivehead.02:51
hclhdjcoz_: errors02:51
GimliGliderubuntu sucks hard02:51
coz_hclhdj,  hold on trying here02:51
boss_mcLoganhoup: have you tried in #pulseaudio? They'll walk you through getting the data they need to help either fix your problem immediately or in a leter version of pulse...02:52
hclhdjcoz_: :(02:52
harpreet_GimliGlider: whats wrong02:52
losherLoganhoup: I;ve lost count of the number of people on here with 9.04 sound problems since it came out. No one solution seems to fix them all. I know there are a bazillion pages about things to try. One of them may work for you, or it may not...02:52
palantbonubuntu is great no virus's02:52
GimliGliderharpreet_ what's wrong is it doesn't make money02:52
losherfallore: do you not have a ubuntu live cd? It would be much easier...02:52
GimliGlidershut up noob02:52
harpreet_GimliGlider: it does make money02:52
coz_hclhdj,  on element would be   sudo apt-get install qt4-qmake02:52
GimliGliderno it doens't u idiot02:52
boss_mclosher: most problems are in part due to ubuntu using pulse but not installing paman by default...02:52
GimliGliderit's funded by mark shuttleworth alone02:53
harpreet_GimliGlider: how?02:53
hclhdjcoz_: wati me.02:53
losherboss_mc: meet Loganhoup ....02:53
harpreet_GimliGlider: it does make money02:53
boss_mclosher: and sound being piped to weird places etc02:53
* eseven73 smells a troll02:53
boss_mclosher: true....02:53
GimliGliderharpreet_ do you have harpees?02:53
hclhdjcoz_: i install qt now02:53
=== ring1 is now known as ring0
fallorei don't think so, losher. would it matter if the version was lower than my current install?02:53
harpreet_!language | Gimliglider02:54
ubottuGimliglider: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:54
losherfallore: I don't think so, but if you've already booted knoppix I'm game to try if you are...02:54
falloreof course i am. i also have a website i can show you that has what i assume are working directions, i just need help deciphering one part.02:54
losherfallore: ok, what's the url you're using?02:55
hclhdjcoz_: also error----when i run "cmake.."--"Could NOT find QtGlobal header"02:55
bpuni'm using tightvnc and the mouse cursor moves to the lower right corner of the tightvnc viewer.. there a way to fix this?(guest is ubuntu)02:55
harpreet_fallore: what is your wesite02:55
coz_hclhdj,   hold on guy I am trying to reconcile the depedencies :)02:55
boss_mcIf I have a RAID1 partition with XP on it, how could I resize the partition to install ubuntu next to it?02:55
hclhdjcoz_: ok,i wait you.:)02:55
EnissayIs it possible to create a user session under ubuntu 8.10, where this user can only run two specific applications?02:56
falloreharpreet_: losher: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/installation/52062-reinstalling-windows-removes-grub.html02:56
boss_mcis it as simple as resising the mirrors as well...?02:56
coz_hclhdj,  one is   sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev02:56
losherfallore: ok. does 'df -h' show a disk is mounted?02:57
bpunlosher, "whatis df"02:57
bpunlosher, the mount command shows mountpoints mounted02:57
byerleyHi, I'm trying to install mysql-server on ubuntu 8.04. I'm unable to start it and I'm not sure why. Syslog gives me http://pastebin.com/m6770217f02:58
coz_hclhdj,  ok yeah   sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev  should take care of all dependencies02:58
losherbpun: either should work ok02:58
fallorelosher: /dev/hdd seems to be the only thing that looks like a mounted disk, though there are ~10 entries02:58
coz_hclhdj,  once you install those   run    cmake ..02:58
bpunlosher, df doesn't show the mountpoints02:58
coz_hclhdj,   then make02:58
coz_hclhdj,   then  sudo make install02:58
bpunlosher, no.02:58
fallorecare to suggest an alternative, bpun?02:59
hclhdjcoz_: yes! thank you,i test it02:59
losherbpun: my df shows mount points...02:59
fallorelosher: bpun: fdisk /dev/sda   and then p was suggested to me earlier02:59
coz_now I have to figure out what this vidalia is other than an onion :)02:59
bpunfallore, ah.. well i have no idea who's asking what.. df has nothing to do with mountpoints02:59
zaccourwhats the difference between ubuntu-desktop and gnome-desktop?03:00
tesseracteri want to connect to my uncles ubuntu desktop from my ubuntu desktop. whats the easiest server-side setup for this?03:00
fallorewell, bpun, i'm trying to do this: determine the root partition of your linux system, then mount it "dev" option enabled, with write permissions. If the filesystem isn't mounted you'll need to mount it like this (be sure to change "hda1" and "hda" to match the root location/device in your own system):03:00
bpunzaccour, ubuntu uses gnome as its default desktop03:00
bpunzaccour, (gdm service runs)03:00
bpunzaccour, gdm is the login default..03:01
losherfallore: if your disks are named /dev/hd then you'll need instead: fdisk -l /dev/hda03:01
bastid_raZor!ssh > tesseracter03:01
ubottutesseracter, please see my private message03:01
zaccourbpun but they look different, is ubuntu desktop just a modified gnome?03:01
bpunzaccour, (gdm compares to kdm.. but who cares.. gnome the default desktop is available on ubuntu)03:01
m1chaeldoes anyone know of a way i can run a script like.. "./scan blahhblahblah" and have the script scan whatever is in the scanner and save the file as blahblahblah.jpg ???03:01
bpunzaccour, i guess all distros tweak the default loading applets that load on the taskbar..03:01
fallorelosher: that command doesn't do anything (afaik)03:01
zaccourbpun oh ok thanks03:02
=== centaur5_ is now known as centaur5
losherbpun: fallore: well, we can't both drive. Fallore, please choose a helper. I don't mind which03:02
tesseracterbastid_raZor, i want the desktop, not command line--i need to show him how to do stuff. i can use ssh to get that stuff ready, i suppose.03:02
bpunzaccour, the default browser should be nautilus.. if u click about on the file manager menu..03:02
coz_hclhdj, here is an ubuntu how to  other than actually doing what we did   http://onlyubuntu.blogspot.com/2008/03/howto-setup-vidalia-tor-gui-with-ubuntu.html03:02
zaccourbpun whats nautilus?03:02
coz_hclhdj,  by the way  cmake is going to take a bit of time to complete03:02
bpunzaccour, if its konqueror..(clicking on a home icon frmo the desktop, or clicking home from somewhere in a start menu--) then its kde03:03
bpunzaccour, name for the local file browser..03:03
fallorelosher: i'd like you to help as long as you don't mind. i was just trying to explain to him what we were doing.03:03
bpunzaccour, like konqueror is for the kde desktop03:03
hclhdjcoz_: i go to see you give me the site03:03
bpunzaccour, konqueror or nautilus >> windows_explorer03:03
coz_hclhdj,  that is an old site03:03
bastid_raZortesseracter, vnc may be something to look in to. not sure if you will both see the same desktop at the same time03:03
coz_hclhdj,   I just noticed that so it may be out of date03:03
hclhdjcoz_: can't going to.......03:04
losherfallore: ok. first we need to find out what disks knoppix thinks you have. Try 'dmesg | egrep hd' and see what it says03:04
coz_hclhdj,  did you do make install yet?03:04
wireaperjust figured out how to get irc working03:04
wireaperonly took me 20mins!03:04
coz_hclhdj,   and which version of vidalia do you have there?03:04
hclhdjcoz_: i think i should setuo all the qt403:04
mib_x15lmacbhey does anyone know how i can store my gmail widget's login and pass in keyrings?03:05
coz_hclhdj,  hold on let me check something03:05
fallorelosher: http://pastebin.com/d4e03005b03:05
h4mx0rI some how deleted my desktop directory. How do I make a new one? Its got files from ~/ loaded all over my desktop.03:05
wireaperhow do you see the userlist03:05
coz_hclhdj,    guess what?03:05
wireaperim on xchat-gnome03:05
bastid_raZortesseracter, if you read up on the ssh page you'll see X forwarding.  not sure if that'll show you both the same desktop either.. i'm assuming that is what you want. something you can control his desktop remotely while he watches03:05
coz_hclhdj,   sudo apt-get install vidalia03:05
bpunh4mx0r, cd to home a mkdir "Desktop"03:05
coz_hclhdj,  and you are done03:06
h4mx0rbpun: I did that but its not accepting it03:06
wireapernvm, figured it out03:06
coz_hclhdj,  delte the source tarball03:06
coz_hclhdj,   and just do   sudo apt-get install vidalia03:06
geoffth4mx0r, have you logged out and back in?03:06
losherfallore: I only see the CD drive. Try 'dmesg | more' and look for something that looks like a hard drive...03:06
jribh4mx0r: you'll need to update ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs03:06
h4mx0rbpun: geofft will try03:06
bpunh4mx0r, dunno.. logout then in ?03:06
Gourliswhat ubuntu does when it says a NOTICE at startup UNCLEAN SHUTDOWN ?03:06
bpunh4mx0r, if it still fails.. try using gconfedit or sommthing03:07
fallorenothing, losher. would a live cd necessarily show those things?03:07
h4mx0rjrib: that directory doesn't exist so gonna try relogging03:07
bpunGourlis, it does a fsck ?03:07
geoffth4mx0r, the desktop window will use ~/Desktop if it existed when it started, otherwise ~03:07
harpreet_Gourlis: that means you shut it down without proper procedure03:07
Gourlisbpun, what's fsck ?03:07
bpunGourlis, filesystem check03:08
losherfallore: yes, when it boots, it probes all the devices. There should be an entry that shows it saw your hard drive03:08
hclhdjcoz_: ok , i test it03:08
coz_hclhdj,  but you still have to install Tor03:08
h4mx0rlogging out then back in did solve the problem, thanks03:08
Gourlisharpreet or bpun, how can I do once in a month a full system scan to fix it's problems ?03:08
bpunGourlis, ya should get a ups if ur power went out...03:08
fallorelosher: sd 5:0:0:0: [sdc] Attached SCSI removable disk something like that?03:08
dftwhy does /var/log/lastlog report itself as 195G?03:08
bpunGourlis, i no expert.. but i never had to..03:08
Gourlisbpun, thanks for ur help anyway!03:09
losherfallore: yes, that looks more like it. It's a removable disk?03:09
bpunGourlis, it's when ur system loses power and the OS didn't flush all the final changes..03:09
aadityahaven't received an update for about 2 weeks now03:09
Gourlisbpun, ok dude something else..03:09
geofftdft: It's a sparse file. Each person's login is recorded at their uid times some offset into the file03:09
fallorethat might be an actual removable disk, like my card reader or something losher. lemme look around03:09
aadityaanyone else noticed the same?03:09
hclhdjcoz_: i have install tor.......but only tor ,work is so bad,always can't go to the site03:09
geofftdft: It doesn't actually take up that much space on disk (as you probably assumed)03:09
coz_hclhdj,  ok03:09
dftgeofft: I noticed03:09
Gourlisbpun, when my ubuntu doesn't response, I can do anything like Ctrl + ALt + Del like in Windows ?03:10
bpunGourlis, maybe its the keyboard map..03:10
aaditya!sysrq | Gourlis03:10
ubottuGourlis: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key03:10
falloremaybe this losher? SATA max UDMA/133 abar m8192@0xfd9fe000 port 0xfd9fe100 irq03:10
fallore 1603:10
Gourlisaaditya, thanks because yesterday happened.03:11
aadityaGourlis: there's also an easy way to remember that sequence03:11
losherfallore: looks more like it. Is there an name e.g. hd<something> or sd<something> on a nearby line?03:11
allymariehello....have quick question03:11
Gourlisaaditya, like ? :P03:11
aadityaRaising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring03:11
bpunaaditya, thats neat..03:12
aadityaR, E, I, S, U, B03:12
fallorewhat about this losher: http://pastebin.com/d76c6b1a03:12
Gourlisaaditya aahahahah03:12
bpundidnt know about that magicness03:12
zach74whats the best linux friendly portable device?03:12
allymariecan anyone answer a quick question for me03:12
losheraaditya: nice one...03:12
aaditya!ask | allymarie03:12
wireaperi hate sounding noob, but how to you uninstall these irc clients?03:12
ubottuallymarie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:12
fallore!ask | allymarie03:12
harpreet_allymarie: ask03:12
defaultnick chhar03:12
Gourlisaaditya, thanks for your help :)03:12
=== default is now known as chhhar
codyxxOkay, question...03:12
mib_x15lmacbwireaper: what app u want?03:12
geofftGourlis: aaditya: see, but there's so much else you can do with sysrq. Alt-Sysrq-K will kill all programs (including X) on your screen03:12
aadityaGourlis: you're welcome :)03:12
harpreet_wireaper: thats a funny question03:12
wireaperhow do i uninstall xchat-gnome03:13
geofftalt-sysrq-F will simulate out of memory and kill the hoggiest process... good way to kill e.g. firefox ^_^03:13
losherfallore: that' it. A 320GB seagate drive if I'm not mistaken.03:13
allymariethank you03:13
falloreyes, losher, that's what ubuntu is installed on :D03:13
mib_x15lmacbwireaper: sudo apt-get uninstall wine-gnome03:13
pasteeatercan anyone translate this? " [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128"03:13
codyxxI have to format my hard drive (long story), but I was wondering if I could back up my Ubuntu install onto an external drive exactly as it was then restore it later.03:13
allymariei scanned my drive with clam and have found 5 viruses...03:13
codyxxOn my main drive03:13
Gourlisthanks geofft03:13
harpreet_wrektjet: synaptic package manager, serach for xchat gnome03:13
mib_x15lmacbwireaper: actually sorry sudo apt-get remove xchat-gnome03:13
losherfallore: ok, next: fdisk -l /dev/sda & paste the output please03:13
wireaperalways use terminal to do 'sudo or command lines?03:13
geofftdft: you can create a sparse file with e.g. dd if=/dev/zero bs=1k seek=1000000 of=myfile03:14
bastid_raZor!backup > codyxx03:14
ubottucodyxx, please see my private message03:14
allymariei dunno what i was thinking not downloading spybot before...wasn't like i didn't know about it....i have the viruses quarentined but need help getting spybot going too please...  :)03:14
aadityaallymarie: are we talking windows here?03:14
geofftdft: er, "count=1" also.03:14
sethHey, does anyone have any idea why when I burn a CD in Ubuntu, it won't play in my car. However, when I burn the same CD on a windows computer, it'll play fine?03:14
fallorelosher: http://pastebin.com/d153143f403:14
allymarieopps...that was too long..im very sorry03:14
aaditya!windows | allymarie03:14
ubottuallymarie: For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents03:14
mib_x15lmacbseth: what are u using to burn it?03:14
Gourlisgeofft, doesn't work on my laptop...03:14
bastid_raZorseth, you're not converting the mp3's to wav03:15
zach74whats the best linux friendly portable device?03:15
sethUh, I've tried Brasero03:15
aadityaallymarie: the longer the better03:15
geofftdft: that will create a 1GB file that only takes up 1 kb, but reads all zeros03:15
BeatlesFanseth, your CD player in your car will not play certain sound file types...03:15
BeatlesFanseth, make sure you are burning WAV files03:15
aadityaseth: try using k3b03:15
geofftGourlis, I don't actually recommend using magic sysrq except in an emergency03:15
aaditya!info k3b | seth03:15
ubottuseth: k3b (source: k3b): A sophisticated KDE CD burning application. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.5+kde4svn935857+really1.0.5-3ubuntu5 (jaunty), package size 718 kB, installed size 2260 kB03:15
Gourlisalright geofft03:15
sethI use K3b too03:15
dftgeofft: interesting I'll keep that in mind03:15
losherfallore: ok, your linux system is on /dev/sda6. Let's confirm that. Type: fsck /dev/sda603:16
=== jonathon_ is now known as jony123
BeatlesFan!info tab | beatlesfan03:16
ubottubeatlesfan: Package tab does not exist in jaunty03:16
bastid_raZorseth, kubuntu-restricted-extras and ubuntu-restricted-extras are the packages you may need03:16
aaditya!botabuse > BeatlesFan03:16
ubottuBeatlesFan, please see my private message03:16
fallorelosher: http://pastebin.com/d29058e6b03:16
sethI use the 'New Audio CD' with K3b03:16
aadityaseth: which car do you have?03:16
=== mikepark is now known as mikepark_
seth@bastid_raZor Do I get those through synaptic?03:17
bastid_raZorseth, yes03:17
allymarielooking for help with my spyboy setup03:17
nA1828KcFz9qWhat is the command to recursively return a directory to the standard permissions for a directory in ~?03:17
=== mikepark_ is now known as mikepark
seth@aaditya Uh, it's an older car. 92 or 94 Oldsmobile. The radio in it kinda sucks03:17
aadityaI haven't received a single ubuntu package update for last 2 weeks. Anyone noticed that?03:17
aadityaseth: time to buy a new one ;)03:17
seth@bastid_raZor. What do I do once I get those?03:17
aaditya!windows > allymarie03:18
ubottuallymarie, please see my private message03:18
seth@aaditya Ha. In my dreams. I'm still trying to get enough money to buy a laptop03:18
ZykoticK9want to install Adobe's Acrobat reader, added Medibuntu repo and no acroread?  went to web - http://packages.medibuntu.org/jaunty/acroread.html only shows an amd64 packages - which requires ia32-libs, what gives?03:18
aadityaseth: buy a new radio then ;)03:18
losherfallore: perfect. It's a linux ext filesystem & it checks clean. Now lets go back to the knoppix guide.03:18
hclhdjcoz_: thanks , now i have install vidalia!!03:18
coz_hclhdj,  very cool03:18
losherfallore: type: mkdir /mnt/root03:18
jribZykoticK9: iirc, it's in canonical's partner repository for i386 (check)03:18
seth@aaditya Yeah, that's what I'm thinking03:18
bastid_raZorseth, when trying to burn the mp3s you'll notice it will convert the mp3s to wav then it'll burn the cd.03:18
hclhdjcoz_: :)03:19
allymariehelp installing spybot03:19
ZykoticK9jrib, iirc <- ? sorry03:19
seth@bastid_raZor Is this for k3b after I download the restricted packages?03:19
jribZykoticK9: if I recall correctly03:19
allymariewhat to do with quarentined viruses03:19
bastid_raZorseth, the kubuntu package is and ubuntu package is for brasero03:19
fallorelosher: mkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/root': Permission denied03:20
seth@bastid_raZor So once I download those, I should just use Brasero?03:20
losherfallore: type: sudo mkdir /mnt/root03:20
fallorei did, losher, didn't output anything.03:20
bastid_raZorseth, you could use either one. it is a choice of preference.03:20
losherfallore: good, no output means it worked :-)03:20
foolzdoes anyone know if the ies4linux Internet Explorer 6 on Ubuntu is able to display PNG images at all?  I can't seem to see any PNG images when I use it03:20
ZykoticK9jrib, thanks that's was it03:20
dignanthe main cause of viruses in windows is the userbase of windows03:21
elitecoderWhy would this: /sbin/ip route add table 1 dev eth2 src give me RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument?03:21
jribZykoticK9: no problem03:21
dignanif we convert the windows userbase to linux03:21
seth@bastid_raZor Oh. Ok. Well, I haven't had any luck trying to use k3b. So I'll give Brasero a try03:21
losherfallore: sudo mount -o dev,rw /dev/sda6 /mnt/root03:21
foolzand if not, is IE6 able to display PNG images on windows (even if it has alpha transparency problems) ?03:21
dignanlinux will become viral03:21
jribfoolz: ask #winehq about how to properly install ie03:21
jribdignan: do you have a support qusetion?03:21
falloreno output again, losher03:21
bastid_raZorseth, after you get those two packages installed goto k3b and the preferences>configure k3b> plugins .. see if all those are installed.03:22
losherfallore: perfect, now 'ls -l /mnt/root' (that's a lower case L btw)03:22
falloredone, losher03:22
seth@bastid_raZor Oh. Ok. So I do need to install Kubuntu too, even though I'm using Ubuntu?03:22
allymariewhat kind of application do i open spybot in....an exe file??hmmmm03:22
losherfallore: see a bunch of files in there?03:22
bastid_raZorseth, no03:22
falloreyes. losher03:22
scuniziallymarie: uh.. spybot?  why do you need that?03:23
seth@bastid_raZor Sorry. I'm struggling tonight. I feel bad that I'm struggling so badly.03:23
allymariescunizi: why not?03:23
scuniziallymarie: or did I come in late and miss something?03:23
bastid_raZorseth, you can use any program that kubuntu has in ubuntu.. no worries. everyone has to learn at some point :)03:23
xektrummy usplash disappears just before the loads begins (just after the pulsing ends) and goes to text mode, does anyone knows how to fix this ?03:23
falloreallymarie: because spybot is a program for windows, and this is a channel for ubuntu (linux).03:24
allymariescunizi: i have 5 viruses quarentined and need to know how to get rid of them for good...and would like spybot for backup03:24
losherfallore: ok,. now try 'sudo chroot /mnt/root bash'03:24
scuniziallymarie: quarentined in windows right?03:24
seth@bastid_raZor Oh, alright. Yeah, I appreciate you sticking with me :). I have the configuration thing. What should I be looking for in the list?03:24
allymariescunizi: in clam tk03:24
jriballymarie: what does this have to do with ubuntu?03:24
ubuntu__hi am a new user and i need help03:24
jriballymarie: never mind03:24
fallorei'm pretty sure it worked, losher03:24
scuniziallymarie: on a windows partition?03:24
Severianfoolz, using google, I see some css patches that purport to fix png support for IE6.  For example, http://www.twinhelix.com/css/iepngfix/03:25
losherfallore: do another 'ls -l' and paste the result03:25
scuniziallymarie: from running wine?03:25
bastid_raZorseth,plugins.. if all those are installed then you're good to go. burning cd's to play in a car will work03:25
fallorelosher: http://pastebin.com/d6c1b187003:25
seth@bastid_raZor I have the k3b external audio encoder. That seems like it'd be the right thing03:25
allymariescunizi: i have nothing windows on this thing...it's all linux03:25
losherfallore: perfect. Now the big moment, type: grub03:26
fallorelosher: worked :D03:26
xektrummy usplash disappears just before the loads begins (just after the pulsing ends) and goes to text mode, does anyone knows how to fix this ?03:26
scuniziallymarie: If clam has quarentined them from something.. then they are on the HD.. find where clam put them and simply delete.. they won't hurt your system anyway.03:26
thiebaude1allymarie: do you have the names of the virus files?03:26
losherfallore: now type: find /boot/grub/stage103:26
allymariescunizi:find them thru the tags?03:26
fallorelosher: Error 15: File not found03:26
scuniziallymarie: check the clam info or config and find out where it puts files it finds..03:27
losherfallore: ok, please wait while I check my notes03:27
elitecoderWhy would this: /sbin/ip route add table 1 dev eth2 src give me RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument?03:29
losherfallore: are you looking at a grub prompt like this one 'grub> "03:30
falloreyes, losher03:30
allymariescunizi:i deleted them from my trash bin too...still sitting in qarentine03:30
tanathanyone know how to get the thumb buttons on the mouse for forward & backward working in nautilus?03:30
losherfallore: try it again just to be sure: find /boot/grub/stage103:30
Xcelltanath-  google inwheel...and its in synaptic03:31
falloresame thing, losher03:31
losherfallore: bummer. Not supposed to happen. Ok. let's try it the knoppix guide way. Type exit to get out of grub03:31
tanathXcell, hrm, used to have that... they work in firefox & other things though now. thought i could do without.03:31
ZykoticK9script problem with sudo and redirection "sudo echo "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu jaunty partner" >> /etc/apt/sources.list" gives an error due to the >> I thought tee was the program to use instead but doesn't seem to be working.03:32
Xcelloh... never did myself03:32
mimiloonhi everybody, i have a quick question on firestarter and that is: i have multiple network cards and when i disconnect one network card and use the other, the firewall also stops. is there a way to make the firewall stay active no matter which network card i'm using?03:32
scuniziallymarie: you might search www.ubuntuforums.org.. there seems to be lots of references there for clam.. It's not a program that I use at all.03:32
falloredone losher03:32
Xcelli have a logitech lx703:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about clam03:32
allymariescunizi: thanks for giving me a place to start :)03:32
geofftZykoticK9: are you doing echo | sudo tee -a, or sudo echo | tee -a?03:32
matariI've been looking into Multi-Pointer X and would like to get multiple mice running on one x-server. I know that X-Input 2.0 is coming out in 7 days, and MPX will be fully merged with XOrg with 1.7 in a few months, but is there any way to get multiple cursors with MPX up and running currently with any distros?03:33
losherfallore: now try 'grub-install /dev/sda'03:33
falloretanath: in the past i've gotten those buttons working by editing my xorg.conf. there are a bunch of guides on various forums that could be found with an easy google search :)03:33
ZykoticK9geofft, i was replacing the ">>" with "tee" not how it works?03:33
geofftZykoticK9, no. You redirect output to tee with a pipe, and then you make tee privileged03:34
=== voidmage-away is now known as voidmage
fallorelosher: /dev/sda: Not found or not a block device.03:34
mudittuliafter a ubuntu update my screen resolution got changed, not sure how to get it back !03:34
bastid_raZorisn't it an oxymoron to build a virus program for ubuntu03:34
xxiaothis sucks! ubuntu8.04 messed up my audio output, replace the desktop speaker with internal speaker, shit03:34
corey_ubuntu sucks ass bro windows for life03:34
scunizimudittuli: do you have an nvidia card?03:34
tanathfallore, same here, but with the past couple distros they 'just worked' (at least in things other than nautilus)03:34
geofftZykoticK9, echo "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu jaunty partner" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list03:34
xxiaoblacklist pcspkr does not help03:34
losherfallore: once more, but with hda instead i.e. 'grub-install /dev/hda'03:34
jribcorey_: do you have a support question?03:34
falloresame error message, losher03:34
ZykoticK9geofft, thanks :)03:34
corey_yea lick my ballz03:35
mudittuliscunizi: yes i do !03:35
Xcelltanath-  the last version mine worked was 7.10....after that it stoped03:35
xxiaotried to use /dev/dsp1 it worked, ln -s /dev/dsp1 /dev/dsp worked, for a short while03:35
scunizimudittuli: and did you install the driver that comes direct from nvidia or the one supplied by ubuntu?03:35
xxiaothen it makes noises from internal pc speaker, shit03:35
tanathXcell, weird. what mouse? i have logitech mx50003:35
Xcelllx7  logitech03:35
geofftZykoticK9, or better yet, create a file with the contents and sudo cp that-file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/partner.list :)03:35
byerleyHi, I'm trying to install mysql-server on ubuntu 8.04 with apt-get. I'm unable to start it and I'm not sure why. Syslog gives me http://pastebin.com/m6770217f03:35
xxiaodoes not use my usb-desktop-speaker by default, looked at udev rules, nothing there either03:36
xxiaocould not watch hulu, sucks!03:36
zhoujingruican anyone help me?my ubuntu 8.10 no sound03:36
losherfallore: ok, I think this is because knoppix uses different naming conventions for grub. I think I'm stuck at this point. Did you say you have a ubuntu live cd?03:36
xxiaobecause of this stupid audio issue03:36
mimiloonhi everybody, i have a quick question on firestarter and that is: i have multiple network cards and when i disconnect one network card and use the other, the firewall also stops. is there a way to make the firewall stay active no matter which network card i'm using?03:36
mudittuliscunizi: I updated my machine >> the creen resolution got messed up >> Installed the nvidia driver >> still messed up03:36
xxiaoit worked well until two days ago03:36
tanathah well, thanks03:36
fallorelosher: i might somewhere, let me look03:36
mudittulithe screen*03:36
scunizimudittuli: again which driver?  the one direct from nvidia that needs downloading or the one supplied by ubuntu?03:37
fallorelosher: i have 7.10 :P will that work?03:37
kamalhi everyone03:37
mudittuliscunizi: I downloaded the driver from nvidia03:37
losherfallore: it should work fine. Do you want to try booting it?03:37
kamalplease i neef some help03:37
falloresure losher, i'll report back.03:37
mudittulithe latest one !03:37
losherfallore: ok, standing by...03:38
tanathimwheel borked my mouse >.<03:38
scunizimudittuli: and did you reinstall it with the desktop shutdown and from terminal?03:38
kamalI recently installed ubuntu on my HP DV7 1035em and the LFE ( subwoofer ) doesn't work !03:38
tanathnow scroll wheel is back & forward, and thum buttons don't work03:38
kamaldo you know how can i fix this ?03:38
Xcelltanath-  i know in the ubuntu forums there are ways to edit xorg and play with it.. i have yet to try this.03:38
mudittuliscunizi: i installed with X server stopped03:38
TeenySHAD0WHaving problems running Java from within firefox, specifically with http://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar.php?rid=EPZ&product=NCR&overlay=11101111&loop=yes - how do I enable java?03:38
mudittuliand yes from terminal03:39
tanathXcell, really shouldn't have to by now >.<03:39
dignantanath: it's the Option ZAxisMapping in xorg.conf03:39
tanathXcell, should have been fixed yrs ago03:39
dignanset it to "4 5"03:39
scunizimudittuli: something might have gone wrong on the reinstall.. you might try again.. also after installation you need to reboot not just restart x.. the last thing to try would be to install nvidia-settings, load that with sudo from cli and "save" to your xorg file03:40
=== bk|away is now known as bk
Xcellthanks dignan  ill try that later.03:40
dignani don't know what imwheel is03:40
dignando you guys have special mice?03:41
Xcellits a mouse button controller03:41
dignanhow many buttons on your mouse?03:41
centaur5I've tried installing the packages libsexy and pythonsexy from 3 different mirrors and they all give errors with size mismatches. Is there something wrong with the repositories?03:41
Xcelli have 703:41
dignanoh snap03:41
TeenySHAD0WHaving problems running Java from within firefox, specifically with http://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar.php?rid=EPZ&product=NCR&overlay=11101111&loop=yes - how do I enable java? (running 9.04)03:41
tanathdignan, do you know what it should be for logitech mx500?03:41
zach74Xcell, what mouse?03:41
Xcelllogitech lx703:42
matariDoes anyone know how to get multiple mice up and running?03:42
Xcellput a cat behind them03:42
dignani'm not sure if the xorg.conf edit will make a difference.. you could tell by running xev and scrolling down and up and seeing if the button attribute is 4 and 5 respectively.. I'm not sure about your special mouse cases.. but if Xorg has no problem recognizing the higher buttons on its own.. no extra software should be required03:42
Xcelllol  j/k03:42
scunizilube the wheel03:42
fallorehi losher :D03:42
m1chaelim running ubuntu virtually.. and the networking is working perfect right out of the box.. im wondering.. what can i type on the shell that would show me all the network interface stuff... ips/host names/dhcp/etc...03:43
losherfallore: hi fallore03:43
dignanbasically xev will give you a lot of insight into your mouse pursuits03:43
dignantry it03:43
IamSOGodd xubuntu 8.04 take so long to boot03:43
fallorei'm on ubuntu 7.10 atm, losher.03:43
mudittuliscunizi: okies, I will attempt again !, will be back in few minutes03:43
scunizimudittuli: :)03:43
IamSOGOH wait, I mean 9.0403:43
losherfallore: ok, we're gonna follow http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435103:43
tanathXcell, dignan, my xorg.conf config has the mouse section commented out by update-manager saying HAL is now used...03:43
tanathXcell, dignan, but i had the zaxismapping in there...03:44
mudittuliso how do I go about it, : Stop X server >> install driver from terminal >> reboot03:44
falloresite loaded, losher03:44
scunizimudittuli: you03:45
scunizimudittuli: oops..03:45
losherfallore: ok, here we go. 'sudo grub'03:45
losherfallore: find /boot/grub/stage103:45
scales11hi all.  i am trying to blacklist a driver, i tried03:45
scales11sudo echo zd1211rw >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist03:45
scales11but it didnt seem to work?03:45
fallorelosher: Error 15: File not found03:45
zach74when i was on 8.04 my internet was a lot faster, why is it so slow with 9.0403:46
losherfallore: ok. I wonder if the grub files are lost. Open another terminal03:46
scunizimudittuli: you'd ctrl+alt+F2.. log in then .. sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop .. then.. cd to the directory where the install file is and .. sudo ./<filename> .. after install .. sudo reboot now03:46
fallorelosher: could this be because i have two hard drives? there is an edit and quote at the bottom of the post about this03:46
tsimpsonscales11: user "echo zd1211rw | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist"03:46
mudittuliscunizi: anything more ?03:46
skippyI tried the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPersistent with 9.04 using the USB Startup creator.  It didn't work.  Not persistent.03:46
fallorelosher: AND grub is not and would not be installed on the the hard drive i've been running windows off of for a while.03:47
scunizimudittuli: it *should* be that simple.. that's the way I do it.03:47
fallorelosher: both "edits" look like they may have some relevance to my problem03:47
Edgar1hi, i have installed ubuntu 9.0403:47
fallorecongrats, edgar03:47
Edgar1but now i can't listen anysound, no music03:47
losherfallore: well, we'll check again. In the new terminal, do 'fdisk -l /dev/sda' like last time03:47
Edgar1not sure why, the volume is ok and the system detect that sound card03:48
Edgar1help with this please03:48
=== jfoshee is now known as JayFo
dignanrun alsamixer from a terminal and make sure pcm and volume are maxed03:48
skippyI tried the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPersistent with 9.04 using the USB Startup creator.  It didn't work.  Not persistent. Is there another way?03:48
losherfallore: oops, sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda03:48
fallorelosher: http://pastebin.com/d671c5b3c03:48
tanathanyone know how to enable thumb mouse buttons for back & forward in nautilus without messing with imwheel?03:49
elitecoderWhy would this: /sbin/ip route add table 1 dev eth2 src give me RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument?03:49
elitecoderI've been trying to fix this for hours and I don't understand what the issue is03:49
elitecoderI tried re-ordering the variables to match the `ip route add help` syntax as closely as i can and it's still doing it03:49
losherfallore: ok, sudo fsck /dev/sda603:49
falloresame output as last time, losher03:49
mphill_is static during audio play back a known issue?  I've tried two different sound cards, both get static, the speakers seem fine when I use ESD.03:49
dignantanath: a stab in the dark here.. try looking at the gconf settings for nautilus to see if there is a way to bind a key or mouse button to an action03:50
skippyI tried the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPersistent with 9.04 using the USB Startup creator.  It didn't work.  Not persistent.   Should I try manually creating?03:50
losherfallore: good, now 'sudo mkdir /mnt/root' like last time03:50
skippyjI tried the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPersistent with 9.04 using the USB Startup creator.  It didn't work.  Not persistent.03:51
skippyShould I try another way?03:51
losherfallore: and finally. mount /dev/sda6 /mnt/root03:51
tanathdignan, hrm, thanks but didn't find anything :-/03:51
dignanyou looked in gconf editor?03:52
falloredone, losher03:52
Kana-nanoim having a slight problem unstalling Wine, does anyone have a minute to help?03:52
LadyNikonKana-nano: i would explain what your problem is .. vs asking can someone help.03:52
tanathdignan, yeah03:52
skippyI tried the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent with 9.04 using the USB Startup creator.  It didn't work.  Not persistent.03:52
losherfallore: ok, 'ls -l /mnt/root/boot/grub' & oaste03:53
dignanis there at least a way to bind key combos in nautilus to back and forward?03:53
Kana-nanosorry didnt want to be rude =303:53
dignani'm guessing imwheel si a program that translates mouse presses into key presses?03:53
fallorelosher: http://pastebin.com/d4973692f03:53
tanathdignan, not that i saw03:53
tanathdignan, something like that yeah03:53
Edgar1i stiil have no sound after chekc the alsamixer03:54
losherfallore: that looks perfect. All the grub files are there, including stage103:54
skippyI tried the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPersistent with 9.04 using the USB Startup creator.  It didn't work.  Not persistent.03:54
dignanso there's a hard coded key combo in nautilus for forward and backward03:54
dignanI don't have nautilus anymore.. I have thunar03:54
skippyI tried the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPersistent with 9.04 using the USB Startup creator.  It didn't work.  Not persistent.  How do you manually set up?03:54
Kana-nanobut in any case. my ubuntu distro is about a year old and apparently didnt have libasound packaged into it. so i go to install Wine and it tells me its missing libasound03:54
fallorelosher: do i have to use the hdd(x,y) bit then?03:54
Kana-nanoso i DL the libasound2 packet installer, and i get an error that says "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: lobasound2"03:54
mimiloonhi everybody, i have a quick question on firestarter and that is: i have multiple network cards and when i disconnect one network card and use the other, the firewall also stops. is there a way to make the firewall stay active no matter which network card i'm using?03:54
skippyI tried the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPersistent with 9.04 using the USB Startup creator.  It didn't work.  Not persistent.03:55
Kana-nanoi have no idea what this means... any thoughts?03:55
falloreor the second edit in that forum post, losher?03:55
skippyI tried the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPersistent with 9.04 using the USB Startup creator.  It didn't work.  Not persistent.  How do you do it manually?03:55
losherfallore: we'll get to that. Notice that there some extra steps in the guide for people who couldn't get grub to find the stage1 file? we're gonna try those...03:55
dignantanath: you might go into the gnome bugtraq and file a feature request for nautilus to do this03:55
losherfallore: ok, we already have /mnt/root and /dev/sda6 is mounted. Now we need to add: sudo mount -t proc none /mnt/root/proc03:56
praghow do i run ubuntu in windows03:56
falloreno output, losher03:56
dignanwith a virtual machine03:56
pragwithout booting03:56
ericindcCan someone suggest the easiest way to install Java (for JRuby) on Ubuntu?03:56
Edgar1what else i can do?03:57
losherfallore: perfect, and then sudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/root/dev03:57
pragdignan what image do i need to download i got alternate image downloaded03:57
dignanEdgar1: are you using headphones that aren't plugged directly into your soundcard?03:57
geofftprag: what are you trying to do? Run Ubuntu programs? Play with Ubuntu?03:57
Kana-nanoso nobody knows eh?03:57
pragno i already got ubuntu dual booting03:57
dignanprag: you need the regular ix86-32 image.. I would assume03:57
dignanyou can boot your installation from within windows too03:58
dignanjust tell vmware or virtualbox to use the partition03:58
falloreonce again, losher, no output03:58
losherfallore: good, now sudo chroot /mnt/root /bin/bash03:58
pragdignan really03:58
Kana-nanowow, this is why i asked if anyone had a minute. asking did nothing03:58
dignanwith vmware you can, i don't know about vbox.. odds are you can03:58
losherfallore: then 'find /boot/grub/stage1'03:58
falloreKana-nano: standard procedure is ask...wait...ask...wait...ask...wait... etc03:58
pragso i am downloading vmware server console that is what i need right03:59
dignani've never used server. i've only used workstation03:59
__mikemdignan, even if you can't do it in virtualbox now, knowing those guys, its probably in the pipeline03:59
dignani believe you have the stripped down free version that boots .vmx files03:59
Edgar1i'm not using headphones03:59
dignani would get virtualbox03:59
dignanEdgar1: have you ran alsamixer yet?03:59
matariDoes anyone know if Ubuntu supports multiple mouse cursors?03:59
fallorelosher: find: /boot/grub: No such file or directory03:59
fallorefind: /boot/grub: No such file or directory03:59
fallorefind: /boot/grub: No such file or directory03:59
fallorefind: /boot/grub: No such file or directory03:59
fallorefind: /boot/grub: No such file or directory03:59
FloodBot2fallore: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:59
Edgar1i'm using speaker03:59
jezi22anyone know how to load IPS in VisualBoy?03:59
dignanEdgar1: have you ran alsamixer?03:59
__mikemwhat an impersonal way to deal with a simple mistake :(04:00
falloresorry about that, losher and other.04:00
Kana-nano"Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libasound2" what does this mean and how can i fix it?04:00
losherfallore: so the find never returned a line like 'root (hd0,5)'04:01
mib_3qj9ogdghow can i make a terminal window so that you cant highlight anything with ur mouse?04:01
falloreno, it didn't, losher04:01
ed_debianKana-nano, Some packages require other packages in order to work04:01
orange-wedge<Kana-nano> where did you see this?04:01
=== ubuntu__ is now known as avero_m
avero_mgoodmorning guys04:01
ed_debianKana-nano, What were you trying to install that created that message?04:01
Kana-nanoits on Libasound2's package installer04:01
=== DodgerDog is now known as DodgerDog^Dinner
losherfallore: ok, exit from grub04:01
Kana-nanoit wont unpack04:01
ed_debianKana-nano, You downloaded a .deb file?  or some sort of archive?04:01
losherfallore: and do 'ls -l /boot/grub'. Does it show stage1 ?04:02
Edgar1dignan yes i have04:02
dignanturn everything up to the max04:02
orange-wedge<Kana-nano> did you run the install as root?04:02
dignaneverything that you see04:02
ed_debianKana-nano, It is telling you that to install that package you need the aforementioned package (the one that is unsatisfiable)04:02
ed_debianWhat was it called again?04:02
dignanhow are you playing sounds here?04:02
falloresame error, losher. do i maybe have to point it at a particular hdd?04:02
mib_3qj9ogdghow can i make a terminal window so that you cant highlight anything with ur mouse?04:02
Kana-nanoso its telling me that.. i need the package that it is... installed before i can install it?04:02
ed_debianKana-nano, Who are you uh ... ing?04:02
ed_debianKana-nano, Did it refer to itself?04:03
Kana-nanoyes it did04:03
unop_mib_3qj9ogdg, you should already be able to do that by default04:03
Kana-nanoim trying to install Wine, but it wants libasound04:03
unop_mib_3qj9ogdg, oh, can't??04:03
losherfallore: the find is supposed to search all the drives. But we can try it. Nothing to lose at this point...04:03
ed_debianKana-nano, Well that is strange but you said it's a dev pacakge right?  As in developer?04:03
Kana-nanoso i dl libasound2-dev and get this error under its own status04:03
losherfallore: back into grub: 'sudo grub'04:03
ZykoticK9matari, check out MPX or i guess there is also some sort of patch for xorg - good luck.04:04
ed_debianKana-nano, Do you know about the repos?04:04
geofftKana-nano: I would imagine that libasound2-dev depends on libasound2.04:04
losherfallore: type root (hd0,5)04:04
Edgar1i'm playing a song in totem04:04
Kana-nanono, ive only been running linux for a couple days now, attemping to get settled in with it04:04
falloreno output, losher04:04
Edgar1but i don't listen anysound04:04
ed_debianKana-nano, Prepare to be thrilled.04:04
geofftKana-nano: what version of Ubuntu are you running?04:04
Kana-nanolol here we go04:04
losherfallore: now 'setup (hd0)'04:04
matarido you know anything about MPX? I see so much about it, but no guides to get it working04:04
geofftlibasound2 has been in Ubuntu since Dapper04:04
geofft(at least)04:05
fallorelosher: http://pastebin.com/d4d4d569904:05
n00b871I apologize, because i know this question has been asked a million times, but i can never memorize the command to install the ubuntu compiz cube. Can someone please help me with the audo apt-get install compiz-something...? i forget what the whole command is, thanks04:05
mudittuliscunizi: nothing changed, same result !04:05
ed_debianKana-nano, Linux is based on the idea of free software.  The ubuntu developers have created a massive repository of software (pre-complied) that you can download and use for free04:05
Kana-nanoyeah, this i understand04:05
ZykoticK9matari, i don't really know much about it at all - found it when i tried to get two mice working, i gave up...  hope you have better luck04:05
mib_3qj9ogdghow can i make a terminal window so that you cant highlight anything with ur mouse?04:05
unop_!ccsm | n00b87104:06
ubottun00b871: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion04:06
scunizimudittuli: try installing nvidia-settings and running that..04:06
ed_debianKana-nano, There are a couple different ways to access these packages (they're called)  The first and most simple is Add/ Remove04:06
ed_debianKana-nano, Have you used add / remove?04:06
Kana-nanoyeah, im completly familiar with the package managers04:06
matariwell if anyone's gotten Multi-pointer X to work any help would be appreciated :)04:06
Edgar1what can i do in my case?04:06
ed_debianKana-nano, Ok, stop me again if I'm telling you something you already know04:07
TimReichharthi guys I need some help on getting horde/imp to show up on my server I used the command line to install it by apt-get install imp404:07
ed_debianTo get wine just get it from the repos!04:07
Kana-nanook well, i guess its only fair if i state ive taken a linux class too04:07
Kana-nanoso odds are, ill probably know the more basic things04:07
n00b871ubotu: how do i ask you questions, what is the format?04:07
ed_debianKana-nano, lucky04:07
Kana-nanoexpensive too04:07
Kana-nanobut go ahead04:07
falloren00b871: simply ask what you think is your best attempt at formulating your question04:07
mudittuliscunizi: i tried that !, but the nvidia-setting is not running, even after nvidia-xcofig from the command line04:07
Kana-nanothats the problem, Wine refuses to install04:08
ed_debianIf you run the command sudo apt-get install wine04:08
ed_debianWhat happens?04:08
losherfallore: damn. I'm afraid I'm stuck then. The best I can offer at this stage is for you to keep reading that thread and try some of the different suggestions04:08
Kana-nanothe Add/Remove packager states i should use synaptic to install Wine04:08
scunizimudittuli: and nvidia-xconfig didn't do anything?  did your update include a kernel upgrade?04:08
Kana-nanoSynaptic states i need libasound04:08
ed_debianKana-nano, did you?04:08
n00b871fallore: so do i type in uobotu !myquestion ?what do i type in to get a response ,, sorry i am a n00b04:08
Kana-nanolibasound says "dependency is not satisfiable"04:09
mudittuliscunizi: yes it did04:09
ed_debiann00b871, Just type the question and people will answer04:09
ed_debianKana-nano, ok, because Wine is in the repos all of it's dependencies should all be in the repos.  You should not need to download a package from the internet like you did (that's windows like)04:09
Kana-nanothat was my first thought too. hence why im lost atm04:10
n00b871ahh nice, ok i got it who likes salivadore dali paintings?04:10
Kana-nanoi could CnP the exact wording of the errors if you think that might help04:10
ed_debianKana-nano, search synaptic for "libasound" or whatever it is04:10
Kana-nanook 1 sec04:11
mudittuliscunizi: the update didn't found a pre-compiled kernel, so it compiled one by itself !04:11
ed_debianKana-nano, That isn't necessary I get the idea04:11
Flanneln00b871: Please keep your questions on topic.  This is a support channel.  If you're looking for chat, try #ubuntu-offtopic04:11
ed_debiann00b871, I do?  What does this have to do with ubuntu?04:11
fallorethanks for all your help, losher04:12
scunizimudittuli: usually with a kernel upgrade a reinstall is necessary when using nvidia's driver.  Obviously something else is going on. You might paruse the ubuntuforums.org and nvidia's linux forum.  by pre-complied kernel, that happened when installing the nvidia driver? or during the update?04:12
Kana-nano... it says its installed04:12
Kana-nanogreen box04:12
n00b871i apologize, that must be off topic04:12
TimReichharthi guys I need some help on getting horde/imp to show up on my server I used the command line to install it by apt-get install imp404:12
ed_debianKana-nano, libasound is installed?04:12
mudittuliscunizi: and when i run nvidia-xconfig, a new xconfig file is written nothing more !04:12
Kana-nanoso claims synaptic04:12
ed_debianKana-nano, But when you mark wine for installation what happens?04:12
losherfallore: sorry it didn't solve your problem. I think we're close though, for what it's worth... :-(04:12
ed_debianso claims...04:12
ed_debianarrogant synaptic04:12
Kana-nanoon synaptic?04:12
FloodBot2ed_debian: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:12
Kana-nanoit gives me this:04:12
ed_debiansorry FloodBot2 :(04:12
mudittuliscunizi: that happen during nvidia04:13
Kana-nanoThe following packages have unresolvable dependencies. Make sure that all required repositories are added and enabled int he preferences04:13
mudittuliscunizi: that happen during installing  nvidia driver *04:13
fallorelosher: i got it ;) interested in the solution? :)04:13
Kana-nano  Depends: libasound2 (>1.0.18) but 1.0.15-3ubuntu4 is to be installed04:13
losherfallore: definitely. Please tell...04:13
mimiloonhi everybody, i have a quick question on firestarter and that is: i have multiple network cards and when i disconnect one network card and use the other, the firewall also stops. is there a way to make the firewall stay active no matter which network card i'm using?04:13
danok so my main HD is encrypted with the Ubuntu filesystem encryption. I just added another HD. Is there a way to encrypt that also and link it to the main encryption or do I need to use a program like truecrypt?04:13
ed_debianKana-nano, Hit the reload button?04:13
Kana-nanooh i have, 20 times04:14
arthurhis there some kind of apt "meta package" that installs only security updates on an ubuntu server (9.04)?04:14
ed_debiango to system -> preferences -> software sources04:14
fallorelosher: we forgot to chroot :P04:14
scunizimudittuli: that's normal for the nvidia driver when installing the one direct from nvidia.. it needs to make a kernel mod.  so I take it you've already install  "build-essential" previously?04:14
losherfallore: so it works now?04:14
fallorelosher: sudo chroot /mnt/root /bin/bash was the only step i didn't take. i did that and then followed all the instructions after (in the 2nd "NOTICE/EDIT" window) and it worked perfectly04:15
ed_debianKana-nano, It might be system -> admin -> software sources04:15
barbarella2mimiloon:you have to make rules for all interfaces04:15
losherfallore: and it boots (the acid test)?04:15
IamSOGum... what's in xubuntu 9.04 that makes it load so much longer? is it possible to remove that long loading time?04:15
danIamSOG, Mine actually boots faster04:15
IamSOGdan you using ext4 ?04:15
danIamSOG, yep04:16
IamSOGnice, sounds like I should try it then04:16
Kana-nanoright, i have WineHQ selected under Third-Party Software and the key in the Authentication tab04:16
Kana-nanoand reloaded afterwards04:16
danIamSOG, I haven't tried it with SSD's but with a traditional HD it feels faster though I haven't done a quantitative test.04:17
Clustyi was dumb enough to enable home encryption during installation. is there a way to disable it?04:17
mudittuliscunizi: yes i have build-essential04:17
mimiloonbarbarella2: how can i do that? i'm new to linux04:17
Clustyi think that I cannot auth with ssh keys because of this04:17
scunizimudittuli: sounds like either a regression on the new kernel or something else.. the only thing I can suggest at this point is to look at nvidia's linux forum and ubuntuforums.org.. I'm out of ideas.. you might boot into the previous kernel and reinstall the driver there where it worked until you get it sorted out.04:18
ed_debianKana-nano, Here is what I think it happening.  You have enabled the WINE developers repo and when you search synaptic it automatically shows you the newest package (from the WINE repo)  However the libasound that is currently in the ubuntu repos isn't new enough for the newest WINE package.  Therefore it seems unattainable to synaptic.  Try to install an older version of WINE or try removing that repo from your software sources.04:18
fallorelosher: haven't tried yet, but i'll let you know04:18
Kana-nanook hold on04:19
losherfallore: good luck04:19
puffHow do I get gnome network-manager to stop yanking my wirelss card out of monitor mode?04:19
ed_debianKana-nano, ubuntu has a wine package (you don't need that repo) it's just not as new (probably)04:19
Clustypuff: you kill it :D04:19
barbarella2mimiloon:take a look at fwbuilder04:19
puffClusty: I wa safraid you were going to say that.04:19
Clustypuff: killall -9 NetworkManager/avahi04:19
puffOkay, once I'm done, how do I restart it?04:20
scunizimudittuli: sorry I can't offer anything more.. :(04:20
Clustypuff: i presume you wanna crack wirelesses?04:20
ed_debianAlso the reason that your libasound dev file wouldn't work is because it is a developer file.  It is designed to take a working libasound package and update it.  It is not a complete package.  Rather it is a bunch of improved code04:20
Kana-nanook i see what to do. ill follow up when im done doing just that04:20
ed_debianKana-nano, Ok, let me know how it goes!04:20
mimiloonbarbarella2: i tried that but it's too complicated04:20
puffClusty: No, actually it's my own network, I need to log an http session to debug what's going on with this webapp.04:20
puff(when accessed from a user's mac)04:20
Clustypuff: you get a nice tool with aircrack-ng called airmon or so04:21
barbarella2mimiloon:there is a wizard in it to make things easy04:21
Kana-nanooh wait, you know what?04:21
puffClusty: What does it do?04:21
Kana-nanothis is Ubuntu's package04:21
Clustypuff: airmon status wlan0 or something like that tells you all processing interfering04:21
GillaGalDoes anyone know how to add a UID/pass to mount a NFS share?04:21
Clustypuff: which i killed by hand04:21
mimiloonbarbarella2: thanks, let me download it again04:21
ed_debianKana-nano, What makes you say that?04:22
puffAh-hah, cool.04:22
puffSo I really kill *all* the processes with avahi in their name?04:22
ed_debianKana-nano, (BTW if you type my name before the things you say my client will highlight it for me and I will respond sooner)04:22
Clustypuff: that is what i did :D. kill all and let god sort them :D04:22
Kana-nanothis is the page i followed:  http://www.winehq.org/download/deb04:22
Clustypuff: did not have time to investigate an elegant solution04:22
Kana-nanoed_debian: yeah, my fault. sorry about that04:23
Clustypuff: drawback is that you need to restart machine i guess to get back the nifty features04:23
Kana-nanoed_debian: but yeah, thats the page i used. and also followed its instructions to the T04:23
ed_debianKana-nano, What page are you talking about?04:23
Kana-nanoed_debian: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb04:23
danok so my main HD is encrypted with the Ubuntu filesystem encryption. I just added another HD. Is there a way to encrypt that also and link it to the main encryption or do I need to use a program like truecrypt?04:24
ed_debianYou did good following the instructions04:24
ed_debianKana-nano, Why do you think that the wine package you're trying to install is the ubuntu one?04:25
jribKana-nano: apt-cache policy wine  on pastebin please04:26
Kana-nanoed_debian: doesnt Adding the WineHQ APT Repository from one of the links on that page give you that distro?04:26
Clustyso any1 has a clue about encrypted home dirts?04:26
Clustydan: :D any clue how I can disable encryption for homes? its a regular ext4 with some funny loopback04:27
fallorelosher: alright, gonna reboot O_O wish me luck04:29
losherfallore: fingers crossed04:29
FinnishHello. I have problem with Kino and firewire, it has been working great but suddenly I lost 1394-module, Kino can't see it. I always use sudo kino-command but it is not working right now04:31
scales11hey all, trying to use ubuntu 7.10, apt-get says most of the sources are not available?04:31
SunnyDPHey! Do you guys think Fedora 11 will make a bigger impact as a desktop OS than Ubuntu 9.04 did?04:31
LadyNikonSunnyDP: thats really offtopic. i would ask something like that in #ubuntu-chat04:32
Xcellscales11-  they stopped support for 7.1004:32
Gofforthscales11: its probably because of the SSL Black list run the update manager and it will download the blacklist and then everything should be peach04:32
SunnyDPLadyNikon: sorry brother04:32
LadyNikoni wont even go there.04:32
jribKana-nano: hello?04:32
wtlcan i set deluge to make active more than 3 torrents at a time? :)04:32
TeenySHAD0Wany idea when seamonkey will be updated to 1.1.16 in the repositories?04:33
LadyNikonwtl: i would read the docs on Deluge to figure that out.04:33
jrib!timebasedreleases > TeenySHAD0W04:33
ubottuTeenySHAD0W, please see my private message04:33
orange-wedgejust got a new seiko self-winding watch all...04:33
jrib!ot | orange-wedge04:33
ubottuorange-wedge: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:33
Xcellput ubuntu on that watch04:33
Kana-nanojrib: yes?04:33
orange-wedgeha ha ha04:34
scales11well i was only using 7.10 because i needed the older version of gcc to compile a driver...can i get an older version of gcc with jaunty and use it?04:34
jribscales11: because 7.10 is no longer supported.  You need to use a supported version04:34
fallorelosher: grub showed up :D booted to windows, so i don't know if actually booting to ubuntu works (though i assume so), but i'm pretty sure my problem is fixed :D04:34
GofforthScales11: doubtful04:34
jribscales11: what older version?04:34
jribKana-nano: are you going to pastebin what I asked?04:34
losherfallore: if it doesn't work booting Ubuntu, I know how to fix it :-)04:35
scales11jrib: 4.1.204:35
jribscales11: that's in the repositories04:35
scales11or if someone could help me, i am trying to compile this driver http://zd1211.wiki.sourceforge.net/VendorBasedDriver04:36
jrib!info gcc-4.1 | scales1104:36
ubottuscales11: gcc-4.1 (source: gcc-4.1): The GNU C compiler. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.1.2-24ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 568 kB, installed size 1180 kB04:36
IamSOGI have seen it's able to Encrypt the home directory...  but I wonder what happen if you need back ups or if the OS went down... how to recover or back up the data ? :o04:36
scales11jrib: so if i just install it, how do i tell ubuntu to use it when i want to compile something?04:36
scales11rather than the current gcc 4.404:36
jribscales11: obviously depends on how you are compiling something.  Most configre scripts will respect the CC=gcc-4.1.2 environment variable04:37
raghu125coorgscales11, what is your kernel version?04:38
RukusXWhat is the latest kernel for ubuntu? and why is mine set as 2.6.27-10-generic ?04:38
jribRukusX: what version of ubuntu are you using?04:38
scales11well now i am installing 9.0404:38
scales11raghu125coorg: so i will be using the latest04:38
jtajiscales11: or you could use the alternatives system... sudo update-alternatives --config cc04:39
scales11jtaji: ?04:39
Xcellscales11-  i have 7.10 on another drive.. it works great.. but...youll love 9.04...trust me.04:39
jtajiscales11: it's an answer to your last question04:39
jrib!who | RukusX04:39
ubottuRukusX: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:39
jribRukusX: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:39
scales11Xcell: i do like 9.04 i run it on my laptop.  i am just trying to get this driver compiled and i couldnt do it by default with 9.0404:40
willwadeHi, does anyone know how to sort out missing bootmgr on a USB stick prepared with unetbootin?04:40
jigphello guys moin. how to enable ssh?it says network error connection refused04:40
jtajiscales11: it will let you select the gcc version called by gcc when you have multiple versions installed04:40
jrib!ssh | jigp04:40
ubottujigp: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/04:40
RukusXok jrib thank you04:40
raghu125coorgscales11, why cannot you use kernel 2.6.18 by recompiling it. the driver is included in it.04:41
Gofforthjigp: sudo sshd should do it04:41
RukusXjrib, didnt do a thing04:41
jribjigp: read what ubottu said, don't do "sudo sshd"...04:41
scales11raghu125coorg: the zd1211rw driver will not operate in master mode.  unlike zd1211b, which i need to create this access point04:42
mudittuliscunizi: thanks, dude :)04:42
jribRukusX: apt-cache policy linux-image-generic04:42
raghu125coorgscales11, in the url mentioned there is a instruction for installtion ...its not eorking?04:43
raghu125coorgscales11, in the url mentioned there is a instruction for installtion ...its not working?04:43
scales11raghu125coorg: no, i get errors04:44
moDumasshey all, im really struggling to model a helix or a spiral, i dont even know how to start, any ideas or pointers would be awesome - this is digesting my brain04:44
jribmoDumass: what?04:45
willwadeCan anyone help me sort out missing bootmgr on a USB stick prepared with unetbootin?04:45
RukusXjrib http://pastebin.ca/1438978  what does that tell you?04:45
jribRukusX: uname -r04:45
SunnyDPDid you guys ever get this in ubuntu 8.10 ? http://i43.tinypic.com/692hae.jpg04:46
moDumassjrib: sorry, haha, i though i was in #blender, sorry04:46
scales11i will re-install 9.04 and try again with the other version of gcc04:46
SunnyDPI get this when i try to Places--> Computer04:46
jribSunnyDP: ubuntu version?04:47
SunnyDPjrib: 8.1004:47
RukusXjrib   2.6.27-10-generic   is what outputs04:47
raghu125coorgSunnyDP, check this out http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-help/141637-solved-nautilus-cannot-handle-computer-locations.html04:47
jribSunnyDP: you could upgrade to 9.0404:48
madbuntuis the claim that using a 64 bit ubuntu pointless because you'll never need more than 3 gigs of ram worth any merit?04:48
jribRukusX: reboot04:48
SunnyDPraghu125coorg: thanks brother, will confirm04:48
jrib!ot | madbuntu04:48
ubottumadbuntu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:48
SunnyDPjrib: no thanks :D04:48
RukusXshould i try changing my repository to the main and reload maybe? first?04:48
RukusXjrib should i try changing my repository to the main and reload maybe? first?04:48
ZykoticK9madbuntu, if you get into VirtualBox as I have you can use a whole lot more then 3 GB04:48
jribRukusX: no04:49
jribRukusX: you have the new kernel installed, you just haven't rebooted04:49
RukusXi've rebooted since any changes04:49
RukusXjrib i've rebooted since any changes04:49
RukusXjrib ok brb04:49
=== Personal is now known as dsdeiz
SunnyDPraghu125coorg: no go :( sorry man, it did not work04:50
willwadeIf I stick 4gigs of ram in a 32bit mythbox, can I push memory from the extra gig in to the onboard graphics or just from the 3gigs the OS uses?04:50
jribSunnyDP: it's probably because a lot of that stuff wasn't implemented right away with early versions of gvfs.  If it happens with another fresh new user, then I'd pretty sure that's the reason04:50
raghu125coorgSunnyDP, problem is definitely due to gvfs04:50
madbuntuZykoticK9: i just found that the compiz work arounds for my videocard dont work in 6404:51
madbuntui only have four gigs04:51
madbuntuso im thinking about wiping.. one last time =P04:51
raghu125coorgSunnyDP, chek if you can restore it to working version04:51
SunnyDPjrib: raghu125coorg :gvfs :S ok thanks guys, can i re-install gvfs ?04:51
jribSunnyDP: what would reinstalling do...?04:52
SunnyDPjrib: not sure, not even sure what gvfs does, i will have to see04:52
BalthCatHi.  I'm a new user planning to dual boot XP and Ubuntu (as it seems best recommended for beginners) and I'm looking to figure out a good starting partition size before I install Windows and all that jazz.  The site recommended at least 10gb.  I really only need enough for the basics and "experimentation" room as my data will mostly be in yet another partition.04:54
RukusXjrib  that kernel is not even an option in my grub loader and i am still uname -r 2.6.27-10-generic04:54
madbuntuBalth what do you do with windows04:54
BalthCatAnd this particular laptop is only 80gb.  Should I stick with 10gb or do you think I could claw a few gb off?04:54
BalthCatmadbuntu: It's all personal use.04:54
madbuntujust make the part as big as you need is what im trying to say04:55
BalthCatLike, just "stuff"04:55
BalthCatOh, I'm talking about the ubuntu partition.04:55
jribRukusX: apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.28-12-generic04:55
madbuntuyeah 10 gigs is plenty04:55
madbuntugo with even less if you want04:56
BalthCatmadbuntu: Would I kick myself in the future if I enjoy (but don't go crazy over) Ubuntu, if I did say, 6gb instead?04:56
BalthCatOk, that's what I needed to know.  Thanks :)04:56
madbuntuall the files are tiny04:56
jribRukusX: also, why are you using -proposed at all?04:56
Dean_CameraDoes anyone know why there isn't a jaunty PPA for the latest kernels?04:56
madbuntuDean_Camera: there is04:57
Dean_Cameramadbuntu: There's a site where you can download packages manually, but no jaunty PPA04:57
RukusXjrib i dont know, if you can help me set this straight then lets do so04:57
Dean_Cameramadbuntu: Here - http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/04:57
Dean_CameraThere's no jaunty target04:57
Campfirei,m and sony vaio PCG-FX190K doing dual boot the the sceen ress and has lines going through04:58
Campfirei,m on a sony vaio PCG-FX190K doing dual boot the the sceen ress and has lines going through04:58
jribRukusX: -proposed is for testing... it breaks...  Anyway, what did the last command return?04:58
RukusXjrib http://pastebin.ca/143898404:58
harpreet_Campfire: you have ubuntu already installed?04:58
jribRukusX: and ls /boot/ ?04:59
madbuntuDean_Camera: the repos are in launchpad04:59
Campfireubuntu 8.10 grafix is messed up but i can barly see04:59
Campfireyes the os is on04:59
SunnyDPis it safe to delete everything in my /usr/src folder ?04:59
madbuntu!ppa | Dean_Camera05:00
ubottuDean_Camera: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.05:00
RukusXjrib http://pastebin.ca/143898705:00
SunnyDPthings are getting crowded in there05:00
mib_leqp4rx9hey guys i have an hp tx2500us how can i get the touchscreen working?05:00
jribRukusX: well your kernel is there... pastebin /boot/grub/menu.lst05:00
SunnyDPmib_leqp4rx9: lucky you :D touchscreen :D05:00
Campfireharpreet can i pm05:00
Dean_Cameramadbuntu: But which PPA contains the latest Ubuntu kernel builds (2.6.30-rc7 presently) rather than just the next proposed kernel (2.6.29)?05:02
mib_leqp4rx9SunnyDP: :D so is there anyway to get the touch screen working or am i out of luck?05:02
RukusXjrib, YAH this does not look right at all.   http://pastebin.ca/143899105:02
SunnyDPmib_leqp4rx9: dont know brother05:03
jribRukusX: that's not a standard ubuntu menu.lst05:03
SunnyDP:D is it safe to delete everything in my /usr/src folder ? things are getting crowded in there :D05:03
mib_leqp4rx9SunnyDP: ok thanks and just so u know touchscreen sucks :P u would think it's cool and useful but it's not05:03
Starcraftmazteris there a channel for ubuntu wiki help?05:03
RukusXjrib whats the solution?05:03
RukusXjrib i left out all the commented # lines05:04
barbarella2SunnyDP:yes, it is05:04
Starcraftmazterhmm, how would I define an anchor in wikicode?05:05
SunnyDPbarbarella2: thanks friend05:05
ubuntunoobneedinI am trying to extract a .rar and unrar is not showing up in synaptic what do i do05:05
jribRukusX: ...05:05
RukusXjrib http://pastebin.ca/143899605:05
RukusXok so i left out too much05:05
Starcraftmazternvm gotit05:06
jribRukusX: I have to go now, read /usr/share/doc/grub/README.Debian.gz and figure out why update-grub isn't doing its job05:06
RukusXi hate ubuntu05:06
RukusXnever works right05:06
RukusXjrib thanks for all the help05:07
barbarella2ubuntunoobneedin:try sudo apt-get install unrar, else you don't have al repositories set.05:09
adam_anyone know how to kill all connections from a specific IP address ?05:09
losheradam_: what *kind* of connections? ssh? p2p? telnet? what?05:10
h22ois it possible to use an external monitor with a laptop that has a closed lid?05:10
adam_or all protocols05:10
ed_debianh22o, I know this doesn't help much but yes.  It definitely is possible.  I don't know how :(05:11
Gneah22o: yes.05:11
h22ook i meant HOW do you do it?05:11
Gneaed_debian: it's easy: hook the monitor up, close the lid ;)05:11
h22osounds easy05:11
Gneawhat are you getting stuck on?05:12
h22obut the screen blanks when the lid is closed05:12
h22oboth screens05:12
Gneathen change the power saving settings05:12
h22oi changed the close lid action to do nothing05:12
h22obut that still happens05:12
Gneadid you logout/login?05:12
hexoroidwhen i login to my ubuntu it always asks me for console [console]:05:12
losheradam_: the only thing I can think of is to block them via a firewall...05:12
h22oGnea: um let me try that05:12
ed_debianhexoroid, What do you mean it asks for console?05:13
hexoroidno idea05:13
barbarella2adam:iptables -A INPUT -s ipaddress -j DROP and iptables -A OUTPUT -s ipaddress -j DROP05:13
hexoroidas soonest i login it says console:05:13
hexoroidno idea what to type in05:13
hexoroidi tryed typing in xterm that didnt work05:13
ed_debianSo run me through your boot process.  You turn on your computer.  It flashes bios and system specs and other nonsense...05:14
adam_k thanks05:14
ed_debianthen what?05:14
deathtechHello All05:14
h22oGnea: nope same problem05:14
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FLJohnWhile I was at work my system locked up again.05:14
FLJohnHere is the error from the syslog05:14
Gneah22o: :/05:15
FLJohnMay 28 19:39:44 john-desktop kernel: [44126.185163] [fglrx:drm_free] *ERROR* [driver] Excess frees: 2147483518 frees, -2147483648 allocs05:15
h22oGnea: is this a bug05:15
losheradam_: also google cutter05:15
JasaSome ATI driver bug i would assume, there are some xorg.conf settings out there to reduce lockups FLJohn.05:15
Gneah22o: not sure... what's the make/model of your laptop?05:16
ed_debianhexoroid, Are you there still?05:16
h22oGnea: its a dell inspiron 154505:16
Lamoi updating my system to jaunty a month ago and then swapped the file system to ext4 and after reboot i get error 13 invalid or unsupported executable file system. I know have a livecd loaded and chrooted in to my system but i havent a clue of what to fix. also im not dual booting.05:16
FLJohnJasa: I am new to Ubuntu/  How did you know that?05:16
ZykoticK9FLJohn, Jasa knew because of the fglrx in the error - that's an ATI driver05:18
FLJohnnow I can look this crap up05:19
FLJohnThank you thank you thank you05:19
mamontis there some official(ish) write-up on ensuring proper utf-8/i18n support?05:20
RedSocratesFLJohn: Haven't really been following the conversation, but if you're having issues with freezing using an ATI card, you might look here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/34833205:20
starkravingHi all, looking for help on X, have 9.04 on a dell inspiron notebook with external monitor... i want to add more options to the resolutions of the external monitor05:20
MagilumI just upgraded a System76 Darter Ultra to 9.04; it has an Intel graphics card and X is crashing as soon as it starts. alt-sysrq-k won't kill X; the only thing I can do is alt-sysrq-{reisub} to restart the system. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or what's going on? There's a lot of stuff about Intel performance, but nothing about crashes.05:20
h22oso does anyone know a way to use an external monitor with a laptop with the lid closed?05:20
RedSocratesFLJohn: I had a similar problem and upgraded the kernel as suggested, and it fixed my issues.  If you're new to Ubuntu, upgrading the kernel might be a bit difficult, but there are instructions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMainlineBuilds05:20
mamonth22o: just keep it from going all suspendy when you close the lid, I suspect05:21
RedSocratesAnyway, read through all that, and enjoy -- that is, if I'm right that you were having freezing issues with an ATI card :)05:21
h22oit doesnt suspend; it just turns blank05:21
ed_debianh22o, It is blanking the screen which is a power-management feature05:21
h22owell how do i disable it?05:22
Gneah22o: that is weird... perhaps you need to edit acpi configs in /etc05:22
h22oi mean05:22
mamontordinarily you'd disable whatever you enabled, but since this was enabled for you :p you have to find out05:22
FLJohnRedSocrates: I had a problme with 9.04 64 when I downloaded it.  Let me read this.  Here is a screen shot from a few days ago.  I see that fglrx is in there too.05:22
ed_debianh22o, Well maybe it isn't a feature to you.  System -> preferences -> power management05:22
h22oblank only the laptop screen, not the external monitor05:22
ed_debianIts finicky though05:22
shruthiHelp needed : HP DV2840SE  ubuntu x64  screen resolution problem05:22
harpreet_h22o: yes05:22
scales11ok i am trying to compile under 9.04, and i have installed gcc-4.105:22
Gneah22o: if it's blank on the laptop screen, when you close it, but not blank on the monitor, then it's working like it should05:22
h22owell the external monitor blanks as well05:23
shruthiHPDV 2840SE Screen resolution help needed. Need to Set 1025 x 76805:23
h22owhich isnt sposed to happen05:23
harpreet_h22o: yes you can have external monitor working05:23
Gneathat's what I figured was happening05:23
FLJohnRedSocrates http://www.glorystock.com/Screenshot.png05:23
scales11sudo update-alternatives --config cc says i only have one option, /use/src/gcc05:23
shruthiHPDV 2840SE Screen resolution help needed. Need to Set 1025 x 76805:23
harpreet_h22o: do this, under your power preference, change settings when you close lid, let the monitor running.05:23
Gneah22o: ok, let's try something new....05:24
Gneah22o: xset s noblank && xset s off05:24
Gneah22o: what happens next?05:24
shruthiHP DV2840SE Screen resolution help needed. Need to Set 1025 x 76805:24
Gnea!resolution | shruthi05:25
ubottushruthi: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:25
MagilumCan anyone help me debug X crashes on a 9.04 system with an intel card? I'm a fairly competent user, but I don't have an Intel card normally and I'm not sure where to go. xfix from the recover menu doesn't work, and X crashes if the driver is vesa or intel.05:25
h22osame problem05:25
jtajiscales11: yeah I was wrong, that would let you select among different compilers, but not among different gcc versions05:25
Gneah22o: try it with sudo05:25
shruthity let be look ubottu05:25
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:25
harpreet_shruthi: what happens when you try changing resolution?05:25
harpreet_shruthi: what happens when you try changing resolution?05:25
jtajiscales11: I guess try setting the CC environment variable as jrib suggested before05:25
shruthiI can only see 800 x 60005:25
Lamook after much googling ive come to the conclusion that ext4 and jaunty is balls. Can anyone please point me to a link with a way to swap back to ext3 so i boot into my system, thanks.05:26
shruthino 1024 x 76805:26
h22ostill the same problem05:26
scales11jtaji: that was CC=gcc-4.105:26
FLJohnWell I have a dual display nvidia card in my other computer.  Maybe I should use it.05:26
harpreet_shruthi: please refer by name other wise i cannot see your messages because i have to respond to other people too05:26
scales11jtaji: but where do i use that?05:26
harpreet_shruthi:  check your /etc/X11.xorg.conf file , pastebin the output05:26
shruthiharpreet : I cannot see 1024 x 768 in the resolution, I can see only 800 x 60005:26
harpreet_shruthi:  check your /etc/X11.xorg.conf file , pastebin the output05:27
d0htembackports are packages from intrepid that are not in jaunty. correct?05:27
bastid_raZorif i have a personalized motd how might i keep it from being overwritten on reboot?05:27
RedSocratesFLJohn: Not too sure about fglrx, I can only confirm my suggestion works for me with the radeon driver.  Also, I'm on 32-bit, so not sure about 6405:27
shruthiHarpreet: Pastebin the output, I didnt understand, sorry I am from windows05:27
RedSocrates!pastebin | shruthi05:28
ubottushruthi: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:28
harpreet_shruthi: check at top left of your screen for PM05:28
Gneah22o: sudo /etc/init.d/hal stop05:28
jtajiscales11: you could set it in your shell before you run the configure script05:29
Lamook after much googling ive come to the conclusion that ext4 and jaunty is balls. Can anyone please point me to a link with a way to swap back to ext3 so i boot into my system, thanks.05:29
h22oGnea: nope hal isnt at fault05:29
jtajiscales11: another option would be changing the /usr/bin/gcc link to point to gcc-4.1 instead of gcc-4.305:29
GneaLamo: no link needed, just pop the disk in an reinstall05:29
ramontayaghey all05:29
jtajiscales11: do 'ls -l /usr/bin/gcc' and you'll see what I mean05:29
ramontayaghey everyone. do i have to activate or install menu.lst after i edit it?05:30
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LamoGnea, reinstall really? I dont think so tired of using that as a solution for every linux issue.05:30
Gneah22o: cat /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode  what is the result?05:30
harpreet_ramontayag: no05:30
scales11jtaji: how to i point it to the older version?05:30
h22oGnea: 005:30
MagilumIf I have "Option "AccelMethod" "uxa"" in my xorg.conf, the screen flashes black when I start X. If I don't, it has a corrupted image of the bootsplash screen.05:30
bcanyone know how I can make the time/weather gnome panel applet update more often?05:31
GneaLamo: *every* linux issue? I'm sorry, I have no idea what other issues you've had so far.05:31
GneaLamo: and what's wrong with ext4?05:31
scales11or just set it in my shell05:31
FLJohnHOw do I turn DRI off?05:31
scales11cause i only want it for this one compile05:31
FLJohnWhat is DRI?05:31
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org05:31
RedSocratesFLJohn: "The Direct Rendering Infrastructure, also known as the DRI, is a framework for allowing direct access to graphics hardware under the X Window System in a safe and efficient manner."05:31
jtajiscales11: export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.105:32
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LamoGnea, cant boot into my system. I get Error 13 invail or unsupported executable format05:32
GneaLamo: Error 13 from what? grub?05:32
RedSocratesAs for disabling it, not sure05:32
LamoGnea, yep05:32
LamoGnea, I've chrooted into my install via a livecd and reinstalled grub with no success05:32
tyler_dI missed you all, whats up?05:32
RedSocratesFLJohn: Maybe just commenting out the dri line in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf, if you have one05:33
unkmarThe moon?05:33
FLJohnRedSocrates:  Thank you.  I read a little further down that ther is a kernal fix, but I am using 8.04 64 not 9.04 64 Will that make a difference?05:33
GneaLamo: give this a good check-over: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1104822&highlight=ext405:33
h22oGnea: turning laptop_mode on has no effect05:34
Gneah22o: hmmm...05:34
LamoGnea, thanks05:34
FLJohn RedSocrates:I am going to get a mainline Kernal through synaptic and see if this works.  Thank you for posting that thread.05:35
RedSocratesFLJohn: Right, the kernel fix is what worked for me and my ATI problems, using the radeon driver.  But if you're using 8.04, it's very possible that you have a different bug than the one described there.  A mainline kernel upgrade shouldn't really *hurt*, though, if you want to try it... And if the kernel has issues, you can always boot the old kernel from GRUB.05:35
h22oGnea: i think i found it: screen blanking is HARDCODED into /etc/acpi/lid.sh05:35
RedSocratesFLJohn: No problem, good luck.  Keep asking around if that doesn't fix anything, of course05:35
Gneah22o: cool?05:36
h22oGnea: so now what05:36
FLJohnRedSocrates: It is just that this is wierd.  I have no Idea what I am doing, but I really want to learn.  It has done this on two of the same barebones so it has to be that ATI driver.05:37
deathtech I have an older machine that i installed ubuntu on, for the community support and other things, but was kind of wondering, for a machine running a 500 mhz proc, 184 MB'd of Ram, is there s more suitable , kinda tuned for low low end machines, but with high functionality like Ubuntu ?05:37
Gneah22o: take a look at /etc/default/acpi-support05:37
deathtechMB's *05:37
lucaxwhats best chess game for ubuntu? im trying to find something like fritz 11 but no one is near and i cant play it on wine...05:37
starkravingHi all, looking for help adding resolution options to the "Display" preferences for an external monitor. It shows options up to 1152 x 864, I want to set it at 1280 x 1024 so it matches the horizontal resolution of my primary screen05:38
RedSocratesFLJohn: Incidentally, that bug report to which I linked you also shows how to disable DRI.  You want the line: Option "DRI" "off"05:38
RedSocratesin /etc/X11/xorg.conf, in your "Device" section05:38
deathtechAlso, Ubuntu doesnt appear to have figured out the video hardware very well, and its stu ck in 800x600, whereas the native would be 1024x76805:38
Gnea!best | lucax05:38
ubottulucax: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:38
durtdeathtech, try a cli install of ubuntu and put LXDE on top of it.05:38
mib_3qj9ogdgwhy do i get couldnt open the x11 display ()! when i ssh into my desktop and do mplayer -vo xv "file"?05:39
h22oGnea: theres no option to change lid screen blanking (its only for suspend)05:39
RedSocratesFLJohn: Have you tried using the radeon drivers rather than fglrx?05:39
h22oGnea: thanks for ur help :-)05:39
Gneadeathtech: Ubuntu requires at least 256MB of ram, although 384 or higher is preferred05:39
deathtechdurt , interesting. Is there a particular site or configuration option to choose a command line install ?05:39
durtGnea, I'm running on 96 MB05:39
FLJohnRedSocrates: I thought i was using radeon drivers05:40
durtdeathtech, must be done from the alternative cd.05:40
mib_3qj9ogdgwhy do i get couldnt open the x11 display ()! when i ssh into my desktop and do mplayer -vo xv "file"?05:40
a_user_is there a live CD like gparted that will image the hard drive?05:40
Gneah22o: np :) well, figured it was worth a shot... might want to try fiddling around with some option there05:40
deathtechdurt , can i just do a sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop, then apt install lxde ?05:41
durtdeathtech, yup05:41
Gneadurt: you're using which version of ubuntu and which wm? :)05:41
RedSocratesFLJohn: There are two drivers for ATI Radeon cards, one is fglrx and the other is radeon05:41
durtGnea, 9.04, LXDE is based on openbox.05:42
deathtechdurt, Awesome, anyway to figure out what my specific monitor settings are so i can correctly set them in xorg ? its a laptop , so its difficult to find the specs to begin with, much less one this old05:42
FLJohnok so how do I change it?05:42
Gneadurt: ah, okay - yeah, openbox will do it. I was referring to the standard ubuntu with gnome+metacity05:42
paulinahow come the iwlist scan no longer works on ubuntu 9.04??05:42
FLJohn RedSocrates: how do I change it?05:42
durtGnea, nooooway not on this old peice of junk05:43
deathtechdurt, like a deep query app that can probe the settings ?05:43
a_user_what about SystemRescueCd?05:43
RedSocratesFLJohn: Well, first, can you put your /etc/X11/xorg.conf in a pastebin?05:44
durtdeathtech, go a google for 'your lappy's product id and xorg'05:44
paulinahow come the iwlist scan no longer works on ubuntu 9.04??05:44
deathtechdurt, searched high and low, really not a lot of info for my specfic model05:44
FLJohnHow do I find it?05:44
ajax4Hey guys...I just upgraded to the latest packages on my 8.04 system and now it boots straight into the "grub>" prompt. When I try I try to boot manually using the root, kernel, initrd, and boot commands it works but then stops at the "(initramfs)" prompt. Any suggestions?05:44
FLJohnRedSocrates: How do I find it?05:44
scales11jtaji: i am lost, how to i tell it to make with a speficif version of gcc?05:45
RedSocratesFLJohn: You should be able to open /etc/X11/xorg.conf in gedit05:45
RedSocratesFLJohn: And here's pastebin information05:45
RedSocrates!pastebin | FLJohn05:45
ubottuFLJohn: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:45
deathtechdurt, i put quite  a bit of effort into it, trying different search symantics and things, and couldnt find anything on it, its a Compaq Presario 1600XL-14505:45
robinpahwa123Anybody has some work experience with SIP ?05:45
SunnyDPHey guys? Anyone has an idea about this, i am trying to install "gvfs" from source : http://i42.tinypic.com/2llkg88.png05:46
deathtechdurt, for display info at least05:46
durtdeathtech, what video chipset?05:46
scales11can i mask packages?05:46
deathtechdurt, tried that one too, Trident Cyberblade i105:47
RedSocratesFLJohn: I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to get going, real life calls05:49
RedSocratesFLJohn: Ask around, see if maybe someone will help you install the radeon drivers instead of fglrx.  Otherwise, you could try the kernel thing if you feel up for it05:50
RedSocratesFLJohn: Sorry to have to run out; good luck!05:50
prag1i think i am hacked05:51
deathtechomg dont laug meh keyz plz05:51
prag1pidgin is starting all bby itself every 5 minutes05:51
TyHow do I burn a .mdf file using Ubuntu Linux?05:52
deathtechprag1, Have you tried removing and reinstalling the application ?05:52
icerootTy: use mdf2iso and then burn the iso05:52
prag1oh wait i forgot i am on windows . as this is the first place that popped up in my mind  i came here05:53
deathtechprag1, inc pm, take this out of the channel.05:53
jamiejacksoni'm installing ubuntu, and i'm in the install advanced options. i want to make sure it's going to install the boot loader to the correct spot. by default, it's showing (hd0). does that correspond to sda? i'm going to want to install it to sde.05:54
ramontayagharpreet_: ok thanks05:54
harpreet_ramontayag: for05:55
ramontayagthere's this grub problem i haven't been able to solve. http://paste.ubuntu.com/183375/ has my menu.lst and my question.05:55
ramontayagharpreet_: oh you answered my question about menu.lst05:55
jimlovell777I'm having trouble getting Ubuntu05:55
durtdeathtech, not finding much of anything on those, try 'xrandr' for possible resolutions.05:55
zhoujingruimy ubuntu8.10 no sound at all05:55
barbarella2jamiejackson:hd0 is sda05:55
durt!sound > zhoujingrui05:56
ubottuzhoujingrui, please see my private message05:56
harpreet_jimlovell777: what is it05:56
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jamiejacksonokay, so that's wrong, then. thx, barbarella2. do i want to install to sde3 (my boot partition), or does it go on plain old sde?05:56
jimlovell777* I'm having trouble getting Ubuntu installed. I've verified the hard drive is not failing (ran the S.M.A.R.T. tests, and a full sector by sector scan), I've checksumed the burned image and all is well yet when "Installing base system" some packages exit "returned 1"05:57
mgmuscarihey, does anybody know of an xmms2 client that is suitable for network use? for example, i want to control the xmms2 daemon on my media server pc using a gui client on my laptop05:57
mib_3qj9ogdghey can anyone help me the sound on my laptop doesnt work i have an HP tx2510us05:57
harpreet_jimlovell777: iso not good05:57
mgmuscariright now i'm using ssh w/ X tunneling to run exaile, but when i close exaile on here or shut down my laptop, the music on the media server will stop05:57
durt!sound > mib_3qj9ogdg05:58
ubottumib_3qj9ogdg, please see my private message05:58
jimlovell777harpreet_: I've verified the image and burned disc checksums, all three match.05:58
zhoujingruisame with my sound05:58
harpreet_jimlovell777: use dvd05:58
shruthiharpeet: Thank you very much, it worked05:58
jimlovell777harpreet_: What would the DVD do/have that the CD doesn't?05:58
harpreet_shruthi: no problems ,anytime05:59
harpreet_jimlovell777: speed05:59
deathtechdurt, Thanks for the help though, its a rough one for this machine i beleive :p05:59
mgmuscarijimlovell777: what packages are failing to install?05:59
deathtechdurt, not a ton of exp with xrandr, but no better time to learn, eh ?05:59
barbarella2jamiejackson:grub goes to the mbr on sda, if that is the first boot device set in your bios or have an other boot loader like XP05:59
shruthiharpreet: I have to use this command always everytime I boot to get internet connection06:00
munch13is there such thing as an open-source search engine?06:00
shruthiharpreet : rmmod b43 b44 ssb wl06:00
shruthimodprobe wl06:00
shruthimodprobe b4406:00
harpreet_shruthi: what do you have laptop or desktop?06:00
shruthiharpreet: Laptop06:00
jimlovell777mgmuscari: It varies, sometimes it's just a few seconds after the base system starts installing and several times everything works until it comes time to install the kernel image. The linux-kernel-image-generic is the only one that sticks out from my repeated attempts.06:00
jamiejacksonbarbarella2, my ide is showing last, but that's what i want to be booting from. so i need to reorder the drives in my bios?06:00
harpreet_shruthi:  i am assuming it asks you for wireless keyring to unlock, correct?06:01
mgmuscarijimlovell777: how much ram is in this system? i had some problems installing on a system with only 1GB06:01
jimmy_hey guys, i'm trying to install all the xfce plugins, but apt-get xfce4*plugins is not working... any ideas?06:01
jamiejacksonmunch13: lucene is a java one, there are prob others06:01
shruthiharpreet: if I dont run those commands even my wireless is not enabled at all06:01
jimlovell777mgmuscari: Less than 1GB, would enabling the swap partition before installation help?06:02
deathtechjimmy_, Try sudo apt-get install xfce4-plugins  without an asterisk06:02
shruthiharpreet: Yes also asks for key ring after that06:02
harpreet_shruthi: what card do you have, please paste06:02
jimmy_ahh, good call06:02
mgmuscarijimlovell777: probably not, but IIRC there is a low-memory install mode06:02
shruthiharpreet: broadcom 432806:02
mgmuscarijimlovell777: i don't know for certain, but i think the installer may take a pessimistic approach and load a whole lot of driver modules to try to get all the hardware working06:03
harpreet_shruthi: i'll have to rush to work in 10 mins, i'll surely help you with it if it doesnt get solvedb06:03
jimmy_deathtech, there is no xfce4-plugins metapackage06:03
shruthino problem06:03
jimlovell777mgmuscari: IIRC? I using the alternate install cd, does it have the low RAM option?06:03
shruthisee you around06:03
deathtechjimmy_, HAve you tried searching synaptic  ?06:03
shruthihave a good day06:03
mgmuscari(if i recall correctly)06:03
jimmy_yeah, here let me show you some examples06:03
harpreet_shruthi: we can try something in the mean time06:03
mgmuscarijimlovell777: i'm not certain about that. look for advanced options when you load the disc06:04
shruthiharpreet: no problem06:04
harpreet_jimlovell777: burn it on DVD it will work for sure06:04
jimlovell777mgmuscari: Ahh, well thanks for mentioning it, that has to be what the problem is, the drive and all other hardware plus the disc is in working order. Seems like my issue is low RAM releated.06:04
deathtechjimmy_, if not , in gnome hit System-> Administration -> Synaptic PAckage Manager06:04
mgmuscarijimlovell777: it's highly possible. a lot of people have problems with low ram while installing ubuntu06:05
shruthiharpreet: Thanks and Bye06:05
harpreet_shruthi: you might need, madwifi or ndiswapper06:05
jimmy_deathtech, here are some examples: xfce4-screenshooter-plugin06:05
jimmy_xfce4-datetime-plugin       xfce4-sensors-plugin                   xfce4-session... can't imagine why xfce4*plugin wouldn't install all of those for me06:05
deathtechjimmy_, Just search for " xfce4 plugin " in Synaptic06:06
deathtechjimmy_, Minus the quotes06:06
jimmy_i know i can do that... i'm just puzzled why apt-get isn't handling my wildcards :)06:06
jimmy_i'll do that now though06:06
panzoranyone know what channel can help me with a problem with my root shell prompt. Things go wrong when I hit "up" to go to a previous command. Only happens as root.06:07
starkravingCan anyone tell me how to add a resolution option to an external monitor? My xorg.conf is basically empty, I guess it's Ubuntu trying to "do the right thing"...06:07
starkravingIn the "Display" preferences dialog I have resolution options up to 1152 wide, I want it to go up to 128006:07
panzorstarkraving, what type of videocard do you have, please say nvidia06:07
starkravingpanzor, thanks... it's ati radeon of course06:08
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panzorstarkraving, things will be harder, but you could poke around with aticonfig and use internet help pages with that06:08
nicks007Hi , is there any way to install new fonts ?06:09
bullgard4'~$ sudo dmidecode -t 2; ... Base Board Information ...' What is a 'base board'?06:09
starkravingEverything is working fine, I have all the visual effects enabled, just for some reason one day I started up and it only had resolutions up to 115206:09
mobi-sheepWhat filesystem would be most preferable on netbook?06:09
panzornicks007, what kind of founts06:09
mgmuscariif i have some program in a tar.gz06:09
mgmuscarican i use dpkg to install it using the package manager?06:09
starkravingI'm not using any proprietary drivers at all right now06:09
nicks007text fonts..06:09
panzornicks007, .ttf maybe?06:09
mobi-sheep!font | nicks00706:09
ubottunicks007: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer06:09
starkravingApparently my radeon's drivers aren't supported in 9.0406:09
jamiejacksonbarbarella2: i'm not finding the trick for making my ide drive (as opposed to the satas) sda. i'll reboot again and enter the bios...06:10
nicks007how can i do that ? please tell me in detail.06:10
panzorstarkraving, ah, sucks. I've been running 8.04 for a while and love it. It's supported for longer than 9.04 anyway :P06:10
nicks007how can i add new fonts into existing font library ?06:11
panzorjamiejackson, shouldn't IDE drives come up as hda instead?06:11
jamiejacksoni think that changed in jaunty, panzor06:11
ReggieLoveDoes anyone know how i can get rythmbox music player to sort the library by 'album artist' not just 'artist'06:12
pintookI need a programme to format pendrives & others on Ubuntu 9.0.406:12
jamiejacksonbarbarella2: i'm in the bios, where do i change the order so my ide is sda?06:12
panzorjamiejackson, that's how linux distros do it that I've been a part of. hda is ide, sda is sata06:12
=== kanagaraj is now known as RKR
panzornicks007, put the .ttf files in /usr/share/truetype/ I think06:13
panzorthen restart the program you're using06:13
RKRHi, Every one I need A help06:13
panzorand it should appear...maybe06:13
eric__pintook, have you tried gparted?06:13
jamiejacksonsda for even ide is what i've read happened in jaunty, panzor, and that's what i'm seeing too06:13
panzorjamiejackson, I don't see the point06:13
nicks007ok let me try06:13
oh_noesIs /tmp mounted as swap?06:13
pintookno eric06:13
panzoroh_noes, no06:13
pintookno eric06:13
eric__Go install it, I think it should work06:13
kerebrusHey guys, I installed a deb file from nvidia.com for my gpu and now my vid card is not working properly is there away to revert back to the original drivers?06:13
Myrttijamiejackson: ubuntuu moved from sda/hda separation ages ago06:14
barbarella2jamiejackson:look for boot priority in the bios and select the ide06:14
oh_noespanzor: it it just a physical directory on the / file system?06:14
jamiejacksonpanzor: the point of hd* becoming sd* for IDEs? i dunno, i didn't write it ;-)06:14
pronoykerebus: just install the recommended drivers06:14
RKRHi Anybody tell my how to make live CD of ubuntu with our own Softwares that we need?06:14
panzoroh_noes, yeah, it gets erased every time you boot - like the recycle bin on a windows machine, only it gets cleaned up on reboot :P06:14
pronoykerebrus: just install the recommended drivers06:14
kerebruspronoy: that doesn't fix the problem06:15
pronoykerebrus: what gpu are you using06:15
eric__RKR, do you mean you want a Live CD with non-included software installed?06:15
kerebrusnvidia gforce fx520006:15
barbarella2panzor:no, hda is something from the old kernels, all are sd now06:15
losherRKR: I found something on the first hit on google for 'make live CD of ubuntu'06:16
panzorkerebrus, did you try reinstalling the nvidia driver you had previously?06:16
nicks007panzor, i dont have the directory trutype in /usr/share06:16
mobi-sheepRKR: I generally keep a list of to-be-install and to-be-purged packages in a textpad.  You can use that as script.06:16
panzorbarbarella2, oh really? Hmm I guess that would explain why slackware calls these hda ;P06:16
kerebruspanzor: the driver before was from the default install of ubuntu and I dont know where that driver is located or how to remove the one that is currently installed06:16
jamiejacksonbarbarella2: my boot priority goes 1st floppy, dvd, then the IDE i want, then "nvidia boot agent" then "2-nvidia boot agent"06:17
mobi-sheepWhat filesystem would be most preferable on netbook?06:17
panzornicks007: /usr/share/fonts/truetype/    sorry06:17
barbarella2jamiejackson:that should be ok06:17
jamiejacksonbarbarella2: but i didn't change it. that's what it's *been* set on, and the ide comes up dead last (sde)06:18
eric__Does anyone know where I could go to learn how Ubuntu (or Linux in general) works, as an OS? (ie. the different components, such as the kernel, daemons, servers, hardware interfaces, etc.)06:18
panzorkerebrus: get it from nvidia. The installation with get rid of most of the previous things, but I had errors until I did some radical cleaning out. Look at all of the things you have installed with "nvidia" in front of them and uninstall. EVen the kernel one. Then run the sh script they give you after turning off gdm06:18
panzoreric__: slackware lol06:19
barbarella2jamiejackson:how many drives you got?06:19
losherjamiejackson: disk naming happens during boot up when the disks are probed. That's a separate issue to which disk the bios tries to boot from. To rename the disks, you'd have to change the cabling, as far as I know...06:19
RKReric__: losher: Friends First of all i explain my needs , I have installed ubuntu9.04 in my system and i have a live CD From ubuntu. my need is that i want to create a ubuntu installation disk with live CD support with my own languages and with mp3 codecs and other some softwares and i have to distribute it to my friends. pls guide me!06:19
jamiejacksonbarbarella2: and i don't know if it's relevant, but the IDE also shows up as the first primary IDE master, with the CDROM in second place, and the satas in 3,4,5, and 6th place06:19
bcf-spot must be seriously fubar under the hood if I can consistently make it crash just by clicking on a menu item.06:19
losherRKR: See make your own live CD on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD06:20
jamiejacksonlosher: can't do much about cabling changes, since my desired boot is ide, and my others are sata06:20
kerebruspanzor: so go into synaptic and remove all nvidia entries?06:20
jamiejacksonbarbarella2: 1 ide (my desired boot), and 4 satas that i intend to raid506:21
barbarella2jamiejackson:so you want to have the mbr on the ide drive06:21
panzorkerebrus: yeah, lemme see if I can remember the ones I did. It looked pretty scary, I remember. One of those "cross yoru fingers and hope that random forum poster knew what he was talking about ><" moments06:21
eric__panzor, do you mean install Slackware?06:21
losherjamiejackson: then you're stuck with whatever naming scheme the kernel comes up with. You should still be able to boot from the ide disk though06:21
jamiejacksonyes, barbarella206:21
kerebruspanzor: lol06:21
ubntunovice##beginners-help @ irc.freenode.net06:21
panzoreric__: being able to run slackware and customize it thoroughly will get you all the knowledge you need to succeed as a linux user, in my opinion06:21
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
jamiejacksonokay, so i'll use sde when i get to the advanced install options for the bootloader location06:22
foreplay???DCC SEND "irc.bluenzo.net_join #main_thx" 0 0 0?06:22
barbarella2jamiejackson:and grub starts?06:22
jamiejacksonbarbarella2: and it goes on sde proper, right, not in a partition (sde2)?06:22
panzorkerebrus: here we go06:22
eric__panzor, Ok, I guess I'll try that, thanks!06:22
jamiejackson...because that's where the mbr is?06:22
henryocould someone please tell me what a good virus scanner is for ubuntu and how to run it?06:22
panzorkerebrus: at a term type "dpkg -l | grep nvidia"06:23
barbarella2jamiejackson:but you can boot your system?06:23
loshereric__: there's also linux from scratch. The book was good as I recall...06:23
panzoreric__: no prob, and good luck!06:23
panzorlosher: lol oh boy. We'll tell him that if he comes back for more xP06:23
RKRFriends First of all i explain my needs , I have installed ubuntu9.04 in my system and i have a live CD From ubuntu. my need is that i want to create a ubuntu installation disk with live CD support with my own languages and with mp3 codecs and other some softwares and i have to distribute it to my friends. pls guide me!06:23
eric__henryo, you must have tried pretty hard to find a virus for ubuntu06:23
jamiejacksonbarbarella2: i'm only booting from livecd at this point, as it's the install that i've been asking the questions about. does that answer your question?06:23
losherpanzor: I think slackware will keep him busy for a while :-)06:24
panzorkerebrus: probably gonna see three things: "nvidia-glx-new" "nvidia-kernel-common" "nvidia-settings"06:24
henryono, i don't have one, i just want some software to make sure my computer is clean06:24
bullgard4'~$ sudo dmidecode -t 2; ... Base Board Information ...' What is a 'base board'?06:24
tomoyuki28jpFrom ubuntu 9.04, openoffice command disappeared. What the alternative command?06:24
panzorkerebrus: get rid of those before you install. I'm not sure if you need to get rid of nvidia-settings, but I didn't test the fates, so I don't suggest you do too :P.06:24
barbarella2jamiejackson:then sde should be fine06:24
jamiejacksonokeydoke, thanks for the help, barbarella206:25
bullgard4tomoyuki28jp: Alternative to what?06:25
Ron586Can someone tell me the string to find out what my pc's ip address is?06:25
eric__RKR, try this link: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/creating-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-with-remastersys.html06:25
ed2efRKR, search on google for "how to remaster ubunu"06:25
kerebruspanzor: ive wiped everything but nvdia binary xorg driver06:25
jamiejacksonifconfig, Ron58606:25
tomoyuki28jpbullgard4: To start openoffice. (I mainly use Impless).06:25
losherbullgard4: I think it's just another way of saying motherboard...06:25
eric__Ron586, ifconfig06:26
Ron586jamiejacson: Thank-you06:26
unop_tomoyuki28jp,  ooffice  or  soffice06:26
panzorkerebrus: hmm, I don't have that package - dont' recognize it either. I'd say keep that, and if you have problems can it, then try again. After backing htat one up, actually. Sounds...important haha.06:26
Ron586eric_:Thank you06:26
bullgard4Ron586: 'ip addr'06:26
unop_bullgard4, base board would mean the mother board.06:26
tomoyuki28jpunop_: yeah, soffice is the one, thanks!06:26
bullgard4losher, unop_ Thank you.06:27
panzorkerebrus: now grab the linux drivers from the site - I think 185.xx.xx is the latest beta - it works for me. Then hit ctrl-alt-1 and type "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" to stop gdm. Then "sh NVIDIA-blah blah"06:27
panzorkerebrus: might want to write down that /etc/init.d command06:27
eric__panzor: do you have to purchase Slackware?06:28
panzoreric__: nope. Oldest surviving linux distro and always been free :P06:28
ed2efu dont need to buy slackware, just go to the official website and download it06:29
loshereric__: also check out http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/06:29
panzorlosher: you're evil you know that06:29
joetheoddI've got a BrookTree BT878. What's a good program to use for TV tuning with it?06:30
eric__panzor: where can I download an .iso for a Slackware install CD? I know, I'm an idiot, but the site I'm on says to order it06:30
losherpanzor: Oh, I don't think it's any worse than slackware, is it?06:30
eric__losher: thanks, I'll do that06:30
ed2efno they dont06:30
Myrttieric__, panzor, losher: you're starting to drift from Ubuntu support...06:30
ed2efjust get slack on they website, simple like that06:30
panzorI recommend the torrents page. People seed that thing like mad - definitely faster than the mirrors06:30
dsnydersQuick c question.   outb(argv[0], base); complains about making an integer from a pointer.  How do I pass just a single byte?06:30
losherMyrtti: I forgive myself...06:31
raburnesI had some really large mail.log files built up (multiple gb) so I deleted it and restarted the mail server, but the space appears to have not been reclaimed and now the mail server (postfix) only logs to syslog... is there something I can do to safely empty a log file that is in use?06:31
eric__OH ok thanks guys06:31
joetheodderic__, just click get slack on the side. They give direct downloads and torrents. The order option just is a donation + shiny CD06:31
eric__I wasn't seeing it06:31
panzorMyrtti: by learning slackware, he can be more equip to help ubuntu ;P06:31
Myrttilosher, panzor: I've got no smilies left for this thread of conversation, move on.06:31
panzorMyrtti's getting a little offtopic methinks >_>06:33
joetheoddI've got a BrookTree BT878. What's a good program to use for TV tuning with it?06:33
joetheoddI think panzor is kinda offtopic, do you agree Myrtti06:33
losherpanzor: how come the people who I see doing the least amount of support are always the quickest to criticize?06:33
panzorlosher: I know right, I've helped at least 4-5 people since I walked in and haven't gotten help with my stupid root bashrc question. Though, I haven't renewed the question admittedly06:34
losherpanzor: I'll have a go. What's your question?06:35
bastidrazorpanzor; use sudo instead of being root06:35
panzorbastidrazor: hell no06:35
coz_panzor,  what are you trying to do that you need root?06:35
eric__losher, panzor: Thanks for the Linux from Scratch link, guys, I just found my project for the Summer! =)06:35
Myrttipanzor: you've enabled the root account?06:36
panzorlosher: when I'm in root "sudo su -" when I press up, text sticks to the first few characters, then continues going up with those previous character stuck...it's hard to describe06:36
Myrttipanzor: have you tried to get to root prompt by sudo -i?06:36
loshereric__: I cheated. I read the book but didn't do the actual work, You learn tons, though, lots of applicable to Ubuntu06:36
panzorMyrtti: hmm, didn't know that, thanks06:36
Myrttipanzor: also, what's your shell, have you tried others, and what about your terminal?06:37
panzorMyrtti: thought the problem still exists06:37
kerebruspanzor: installing the latest drivers for my card from nvidia didnt go well.06:37
coz_kerebrus,   how did you do it?06:37
panzorkerebrus: humbug, what were the errors if any06:37
losherpanzor: I know what you mean, presumably a bug in the readline library. No idea of the cure, sorry...06:37
kerebruspanzor "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server. "06:37
panzornah, there's no way. I'm pretty sure I just messed up when I was making my root shell be red text06:38
panzorkerebrus: when you installed the nvidia driver, were you in the same kernel as you booted up the first time?06:38
macvrhi all....... does anyone know how to get the acer orbicam to work?06:38
coz_kerebrus,  but did you download the driver from nvidia's site or use  sytem/administrations/hardware drivers??06:39
coz_macvr,  did you install an applications like camorama  to view the video?06:39
Myrttipanzor: it might be that you've got some unicode or other mixup in your config file for the shell then...06:39
panzorMyrtti: mind if I post a pastebin to my gross root's .bashrc?06:40
losherjoetheodd: none of the tv apps are great. I've used tvtime in the past...06:40
topgun21Myrtti: shouldn't panzor  have utf 9 as jhis default language?06:40
macvrcoz_: no...it didnt work in hardy and i stopped looking into it... is camorama in the repos?06:40
topgun21Myrtti: shouldn't panzor  have utf 8 as his default ansi language?06:40
joetheoddlosher, i decided to jfgi and found tvtime. installing atm06:40
coz_macvr, yes it is as well as other apps like it I think even pidgin works also06:41
coz_macvr,   camorama will be a quick test for the cam though06:41
ReggieLovedoes anyone know if i can get Rythmbox media player to sort by 'album artist' instead of 'artist' ?06:41
macvrcoz_: running install....06:42
Myrttitopgun21: yes, but depending on his language settings there might be a dead key or something there messing it06:42
hskillis the virtual terminal you see when you press ctrl+alt+F1, considered a "terminal emulator"?06:42
panzorReggieLove: I dont' know the answer, but I'm curious to know why you want to do this and what hte difference is06:42
coz_macvr,   plug in the cam right before you start camorama06:42
ReggieLovepanzor, some albums have multiple artists and it makes the library confusing06:42
macvrcoz_: its a built in webcam... it says did not detect06:43
coz_macvr,   ok which system manufacturer06:43
losherjoetheodd: see also http://www.uhlala.it/technology/linux-ati-fglrx-and-tvtime/06:43
macvrcoz_: logitech06:43
topgun21macvr: Have you installed the usb video driver for linux?06:44
coz_macvr,  hold on06:44
panzorReggieLove: ah, I just strip all of the artists from techno albums and rename the whole album's artists the most notorious one otherwise :/. Defeinitely a workaround. I'd say for you to let me know if you figure it out but....my hopes are low for us meeting again >_>06:44
macvrtopgun21: its a built-in one... wait i'll check06:44
ReggieLovepanzor: yeah that would work i guess but there are a lot of them haha, yeah good point06:45
panzorReggieLove: I rename ID3 tags a bunch at a time with Ex Falso. I think you can select a whole album at a time and rename them that way too, in rhythmbox06:46
onexusedWhere are the packages and package lists downloaded with apt-get stored?06:46
macvrtopgun21: what is the exact package name?06:46
nomad77panzor: try adding this in dot bashrc  http://www.pastebin.ca/1439081 for red root prompt06:46
losherhskill: yes, they're all terminal emulators these days, as almost no-one has an actual, real terminal any more06:46
Pirateroi have the following options in my /etc/xorg.conf file: Option         "XkbOptions" "ctrl:nocaps,grp:alt_shift_toggle"06:46
Piraterothis by pressing alt+shift+a, i can switch between 2 different keyboard layouts06:47
panzornomad77: oh it's red, it just has errors when I search through history with "up"06:47
Piraterois there another way i can switch layouts through the commandline?06:47
Myrttipanzor: hrmhm, I must say it's most curious. I personally use zsh and not had any problems with the colours...06:47
topgun21macvr: System >> administration >> Synaptic Package manager and search for usbvideo06:47
Pirateroi tried looking into xset06:47
nomad77panzor: oh sorry06:47
=== joshthecoder is now known as joshthecoder_afk
panzornomad77: no prob, I appreciate the attention :)06:47
bconexused: I believe in /var/cache/apt and /var/lib/apt06:47
ReggieLovepanzor: thanks ill try one of those06:48
onexusedbc: Thanks, that looks like what I'm looking for.06:48
Nom-Anyone know what the current range of SSD's are like?  I'm seeing some claiming 1.5 million hours MTBF, which seems awfully high to me06:48
coz_Nom-,   yep intel's  clain 2,000,000 hours06:49
samrockscis there a channel dedicated to finding hardware, I'm having some problems finding my webcam on my laptop.06:49
bconexused: be sure to wear a safari hat and bring along a monocle, good luck06:49
macvrtopgun21: IS IT "W3CAM"?06:49
macvrcoz_: any ideas?06:49
Joker_iz_Sikany one know what is the best open source typing program to help with speed and accuracy ??06:49
AdmAckbaranyone have netbook remix on an eeepc 901?06:49
bconexused: if you want to clear old packages out, apt-get clean (I think)06:50
coz_macvr,   I am looking now   do you have an exact model for that webcam?06:50
topgun21onexused: Apt keps iit archives in /var/cache/apt/archives06:50
onexusedbc: I don't have to know a whole lot about what's there, just share it so I don't have to download packages twice.06:50
panzorJoker_iz_Sik: I saw one in add/remove years ago, but I dunno if it's any good or if it still exists >_>06:50
onexusedtopgun21: Thanks.  bc said the same thing.06:50
topgun21onexused: Apt keeps its archives in /var/cache/apt/archives06:50
Joker_iz_Sikwhat was the name of it panzor ??06:50
joetheoddlosher, im an nvidea man so i think im in the clear06:51
Nom-1.5m hours is a bloody long time... if they're really likely to last even half that time with 24/7 usage, then I'm very tempted to go get one06:51
joetheoddlosher, not to mention compiz stands against my entire reason for using linux (efficiency).. as does KDE :P06:51
coz_Nom-,  intel's also has a utility built in for isolating bad blocks if they s hould  occur06:51
dthackerJoker_iz_Sik: try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=55433306:51
macvrcoz_: how do i grep the cam id? i'm not able to find it...06:51
coz_Nom-,  righ now intels' or  fusion-io drives06:51
coz_macvr,   which model of laptop06:52
losherjoetheodd: the interesting part was that he used vlc and mplayer as tuning apps and liked mplayer best. Just a suggestion if you don't like tvtime...06:52
lucaxhwo can i change the notify pop up of jaunty?06:52
panzorjoetheodd: yeah right, you just hate compiz cause it messes with wine don't you!06:52
losherjoetheodd: p.s. totally agree about compiz & kde.06:52
joetheoddpanzor, i hate compiz cause it doesn't work with my video card. :P06:52
macvrcoz_: Acer Aspire 5672 WLMi, from the aspire 5670 series06:52
bconexused: for future reference, inspecting information like that in the future can possibly be done with strace06:52
panzorlosher: I think we would be good friends06:52
joetheoddpanzor, i wouldn't use it anyways, but if i needed a good reason.. :P06:53
panzorjoetheodd: I know a WoW-head when I see one06:53
onexusedbc: I'll keep that in mind.06:53
joetheoddpanzor, good call. :P06:53
mobi-sheepjoetheodd: The appropriate response would be "I hate my video card because it does not work with compiz" :)06:53
losherpanzor: cool. I'm often here in the evenings (pacific time)...06:53
bconexused: here is a quick tutorial for the bookmarks -> http://www.hokstad.com/5-simple-ways-to-troubleshoot-using-strace.html06:53
joetheoddmobi-sheep, I hate my video card cause it's an MX4000 and is older than my grandma.06:53
pcccHey, how come in GParted the "resize" option is disabled for my /dev/sda1 partition (filesystem ext3)?06:54
macvrcoz_: found it... Bus 001 Device 016: ID 046d:0892 Logitech, Inc. OrbiCam06:54
nibsa1242can someone help me figure out how to search my hard drive for all jpg ( or JPG ) files created within the last month? I'm missing some pictures and can't seem to find them06:54
nibsa1242pccc: is /dev/sda1 currently mounted?06:55
coz_macv  ok hold on06:55
pcccnibsa1242: yes06:55
coz_macvr,   ok hold on06:55
onexusedWhen I run a graphical program (say, gcalctool) on my Ubuntu-9.04 machine over ssh from this machine (gentoo), the waiting and text selection cursors are huge.  This doesn't happen when the program's running on my other Ubuntu (8.10) machine.  How do I fix this?06:55
nibsa1242pccc: unmount it first06:55
dthackernibsa: use find06:55
panzorpccc: can't mess with partitions that are mounted06:55
panzorpccc: get the .iso of gparted and boot that06:55
pcccpanzor: ah, ic06:55
nibsa1242pccc: use the live cd06:55
panzorno prob :)06:55
=== piper is now known as p
panzorkeep the disk too, I still use the first one I burned06:55
dthackerfind / -name "*.jpg" -ctime +30 -print          or something similar06:56
=== p is now known as Guest17071
=== Guest17071 is now known as piper
nibsa1242dthacker: thanks, I'll go rtfm and figure out what I need to tell it to do...06:56
panzorpiper is now known as MasterofDisguise06:56
endtask89how can i get live online webcam? i want to chat with video but i do not know how to do it.06:56
panzorendtask89: have you tried skype?06:57
endtask89nope panzor06:57
losherdthacker: -30 (within the last 30 days)  +30 (more than 30 days old) or did I get it backwards?06:57
bcdthacker: that's created 30 days or more ago, and will exclude, for example, yesterday's jpegs06:57
panzorendtask89: fumble with that for a while - pretty sure you'll succeed :)06:57
dthackerbc: yes that's true,  I'm used to looking for old junk to delete06:58
coz_macvr,   I am having no luck finding a way to get this to work   I have seen a few posts about the difficulty with it but it was referring to earlier version of ubuntu06:58
peepsalotis there much difference between .debs made for one Ubuntu release vs another (ex. jaunty vs karmic)?06:58
foureight84what's a light weight simple version control alternative to svn? i only need to use this with one other person on my team06:58
coz_macvr,  still looking though06:58
bcdthacker: :D06:58
endtask89panzor : how about i want to chat with someone using yahoo!? can webcam?06:58
macvrcoz_: me too...06:58
Flannelpeepsalot: dependency versions can cause issues.06:58
panzorendtask89: ehh, sadly I'm pretty sure nooo - but you could get lucky! I know from personal experience that googletalk doesn't work...though that was a bit ago.06:58
endtask89i like ubuntu but that software and this kind of function wont work.. sad... panzor06:59
pccclosher: -30 is within the last 30 days06:59
peepsalotFlannel, i see07:00
dthackerfoureight84: some folks like git and bazaar07:00
panzorendtask89: yar, it's a shame we dont' get thought of while this stuff is developed07:00
onexusedWhen I run a graphical program (say, gcalctool) on my Ubuntu-9.04 machine over ssh from this machine (gentoo), the waiting and text selection cursors are huge.  This doesn't happen when the program's running on my other Ubuntu (8.10) machine.  How do I fix this?07:00
mobi-sheep!info ekiga07:00
ubottuekiga (source: ekiga): H.323 and SIP compatible VoIP client. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 5466 kB, installed size 15080 kB07:00
foureight84hmm dthacker is there a small self-contained version? like one just for yourself07:01
endtask89panzor: what else i want to ask...im very new in ubuntu. :)07:01
bcfoureight84: you'll probably love git07:01
dthackerfoureight84: not sure.  I just use svn for my personal stuff.07:01
losherfoureight84: depends on the requirements. If it's just a few files, rcs. If there are directories too, cvs. If you need directory versioning, svn/git. And backup, backup, backup...07:02
panzorendtask89: shoot, tex07:02
hskillif someone says "open a tty" does that mean a virtual console via ctrl+alt+FN since those use /dev/tty, and gui terminal windows like xterm and gnome terminal use /dev/pts?07:02
mobi-sheependtask89: Do you have webcam?  It does work -- Try cheese.07:02
endtask89panzor: almost all software we can download from add/remove?07:02
dthackerfoureight84: amen on the backup, backup, backup07:02
coz_macvr,  sorry guy I have not found a solution for you...hopefully someone else here has a bit more experience with webcams than I do07:02
foureight84i will look into these thanks guys07:02
endtask89mobi-sheep: i tried cheese..it works..but i want online chat webcam07:02
panzorendtask89: the common, big stuff, yeah. Synaptic package has everything, and the internet has the rest...of everything haha.07:03
foureight84how about something with a gui to show code changes?07:03
foureight84i'm looking at smartsvn client for svn07:03
macvrcoz_: thanx... stupid webcam, doesnt work properly in windows too! thanx anyway ... i'll keep looking :)07:03
bcfoureight84: most have guis available (i know git and svn do)07:03
foureight84ah awesome... okay i'll look into it rather than asking mundane questions07:04
dthackerfoureight84: in a work environment I've used ViewVCS which runs on apache (and possibly others)07:04
panzorfoureight84:I remember searching for a gui for svn, but then read the manpage and had an easier time in terminal07:04
panzorthan I did with the gui*07:04
coz_macvr,   sorry guy   I hope you get this solved  you might want to try to visit  #linux channel also someone there may have something to offer07:04
macvrcoz_: Ok...:)07:05
mobi-sheependtask89: Use www.justin.tv --> to indulge your impulses.07:05
losherhskill: it means different things to different people. To a programmer, it usually means a tty/pty pair, to a user, it's usually any terminal window running a cli...07:05
endtask89panzor: this is very new 4 me. b4 this i was using windows/microsoft. very different from ubuntu.07:05
endtask89mobi-sheep: thanks...07:05
dthackermacvr: you may want to post your question on launchpads answers section07:05
panzorendtask89: yeah, I like it though :)07:05
mobi-sheependtask89: I don't know.  What are you looking for in Ubunut? There are lot of things you know. :)07:05
macvrdthacker: ok... but there has been a bug for a long time since intrepid for this webcam, so thought if someone might have a solution now...07:06
endtask89mobi-sheep: i want to try somthing new. ubuntu/linux is something new for me. i think im very good in xp/vista. so i try ubuntu.07:06
hskillkdesvn is pretty good07:07
mobi-sheependtask89: Let's start somewhere.  What do you want to try?  What are you using for IRC?  I like XChat over Gnome-XChat for starters.07:08
panzorxchat ftw07:08
songerhello people07:08
endtask89mobi-sheep: yeah..im using xChat rite now...07:08
onexusedWhat's the package I need to mount nfs shares?07:08
songer  I having problems07:08
panzorwhat problems you has good sir07:08
endtask89mobi-sheep: a lots of coding in ubuntu07:09
losheronexused: nfs-client I think it's called...07:09
mobi-sheep!nfs | onexused07:09
ubottuonexused: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.07:09
songerI wanna get lyrics on rhythmbox07:09
onexusedlosher: You know, that might be it.07:09
onexusedlosher mobi-sheep: Thanks07:09
losheronexused: or nfs-common, I always forget. Do 'sudo apt-cache search nfs'07:09
panzorsonger: there's a plugin, lemme dig it up07:10
bclosher: don't need sudo for apt-cache07:10
mobi-sheependtask89: I got a perfect app for you to try.07:10
bclosher: need sudo for update though07:10
Starcraftmazterwhy does pulseaudio keep screwing up lately=/.07:10
endtask89mobi-sheep ..what it that07:10
onexusedlosher: "Note, selecting nfs-common instead of nfs-client" but apt-get install nfs-client helped, anyhow.07:10
losherbc: I don't think I knew that...07:10
mobi-sheep!info gnome-do | endtask8907:10
ubottuendtask89: gnome-do (source: gnome-do): Quickly perform actions on your desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 410 kB, installed size 1976 kB07:10
panzorsonger: rhythmbox>edit>plugins hit "song lyrics"07:11
Crowmanhey, i've got SE C702 and I can not mount it as memory card. Have you got any ideas?07:11
coz_songer, you want the lyrics-look-ups  plugin I believe07:11
panzorsonger: then right click a song and hit properites, then hit the lyrics tab07:11
endtask89!info gnome-do07:11
ubottugnome-do (source: gnome-do): Quickly perform actions on your desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 410 kB, installed size 1976 kB07:11
songeryes i did it07:11
mobi-sheependtask89: It's an equivalent for QuickLight / SilverLight in Apple or Instant Search / Launchy in Vista.07:11
panzorsonger: success?07:11
onexusedWhen I run a graphical program (say, gcalctool) on my Ubuntu-9.04 machine over ssh from this machine (gentoo), the waiting and text selection cursors are huge.  This doesn't happen when the host my other Ubuntu (8.10) machine.  Any ideas about fixing this?07:12
songer  lets see07:12
endtask89mobi-sheep, what is actually interesting in ubuntu?07:12
nibsa1242I'm having trouble with either files disappearing, or users not being able to find files... any help?07:12
mobi-sheependtask89: What do you mean?  There are [over] thousand packages.07:12
ActionParsnipnibsa1242: are you using ext4?07:13
nibsa1242ActionParsnip: no, ext307:13
endtask89mobi-sheep, yeah..i think the appearence is the one of the interesting package i thought....07:13
ActionParsnipthats a bonus, i'd try an fsck in livecd07:13
hskillwha exactly is a glyph?07:13
endtask89mobi-sheep, how about i want to install games such as counterstrike n ubuntu?07:14
mobi-sheependtask89: The benefits of Ubuntu / linux is flexible customization. :)07:14
nibsa1242ActionParsnip: I think its a case of user forgot where she put the files... I know they are jpg, I know they were created in last 30 days.07:14
panzorendtask89: wine does a good job with counterstrike, tf2, and guildwars, in my experience07:14
songeryes now lyric is there07:14
onexusedendtask89: -Some- Windows programs run under wine07:14
ActionParsnipendtask89: and all the advantages of openness + multiple devs07:14
songer but how can I see07:14
endtask89mobi-sheep, yeah...flexible but much much more code we must memorize to do that07:14
loshernibsa1242: files don't spontaneously disappear in ext3. If they are truly disappearing, it's because someone or something is deleting them. And users are unreliable at best...07:15
ActionParsnipnibsa1242: you could use find07:15
mobi-sheependtask89: What do you mean?  More codes or more choices?07:15
nibsa1242ActionParsnip: however, I'm trying to learn how to use find and or use Ubuntu's graphical find files and neither seems to locate files that I know are there07:15
endtask89mobi-sheep, 4get it..hehehehe07:15
endtask89mobi-sheep, wine? what is that?07:15
panzorlosher: I think that guy's house is haunted, what about you07:15
bconexused: what window system on the gentoo box?07:15
ActionParsnipnibsa1242: sudo find / -name "*.jpg" > ~/results.txt; gedit ~/results.txt07:15
yaris123456789hiya there folks. i have vista and running ubuntu. i only gave ubuntu 8gb. but now i want to give it more space. probably 20gigs. how can i do that ?07:15
mobi-sheep!wine | endtask8907:15
ubottuendtask89: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:15
mobi-sheependtask89: That's that.07:15
losherhskill: you're full of interesting questions tonight. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glyph07:16
panzorman, the bots have more spam than a user just explaining the thing07:16
nibsa1242ActionParsnip: how can I limit that to last 30 days?07:16
mobi-sheependtask89: I generally don't use my laptop for games though. :)07:16
songeror all the time I need to  make click on the song and  reed there07:16
onexusedbc: You mean xorg-X11?  Or do you mean gnome?07:16
=== danorsk[afk] is now known as danorsk
panzoryaris123456789: gparted, google will server you well ;)07:16
bconexused: gnome or kde? or something else? are both machines using gnome?07:16
endtask89mobi-sheep,  owh...how interesting yeahhh!!07:17
ActionParsnipnibsa1242: not sure but i'm sure find has that functionality, read the man page is all i can suggest07:17
onexusedbc: Both machines have gnome.  The host only has gnome so I can't test anything from KDE, etc.07:17
nibsa1242ActionParsnip: thanks... I think its mtime 30, trying that...07:17
bconexused: no idea then. I was going to suggest qt <-> gtk weirdness, but looks like that's not the case07:17
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:18
loshernibsa1242: find totally does this. Try: find . -name "*.jpg" -ctime -3007:18
ActionParsnipif you are after games keep an eye out for native installers an loki installers07:18
onexusedWhich don't always work.07:19
Crowmangot any ideas to mount c702 as memory card (Ubuntu 9.04) ??07:19
nibsa1242losher: I've typed that exactly, and got nothing... when I know there were files there07:19
cachedokay. this is pretty urgent07:20
panzorWHERE'S THE FIRE07:20
cachedi just did sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-17707:20
loshernibsa1242: doesn't sound right. Did you start in the right place?07:20
cachedand now the installation just said 'removing ubuntu-desktop'07:20
cachedamong other removes07:20
cachedthat doesnt look good07:20
panzorno it doesn't07:20
nibsa1242losher: I started in ~07:20
panzorbut you should be fine07:20
ActionParsnipCrowman: if the partition shows in    sudo fdisk -l    you mount it like any other partition07:20
cachedpanzor: will i still have access to gui?07:21
panzorcached: yeah, I've done this before. Looks scary, doesn't affect anything. Although, I'll check for you. I'd hate to cripple you because of my bad memory. And yes, it is quite bad. Sec.07:21
endtask89ActionParsnip, ubuntu also using partition like C:\ or d:\ ?07:21
CrowmanActionParsnip: in fdisk there's no my phone07:21
loshernibsa1242: try 'ls -lart' that will give you a listing with most recent first so you can cross check07:21
ActionParsnipnibsa1242: use  sudo find / -name "*.jpg" -ctime -30 > ~/result.txt; gedit ~/result.txt07:22
mobi-sheepActionParsnip: Did you ever try 'ubuntu-laptop-mode' on a laptop?07:22
ActionParsnipmobi-sheep: i dont use ubuntu on laptops07:22
panzorcached: yup, that program doesn't exist on this machine07:22
ActionParsnipmobi-sheep: i use puppy, much faster07:22
panzorcached:giving you the go-ahead, ace07:23
cachedpanzor: i probably just made it worse :(. I typed sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180 to get my old thing back, and now i got "Errors were encountered while processing nvidia-glx-177. Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)07:23
loshermobi-sheep: so what does ubuntu-laptop-mode do?07:23
mobi-sheep!info ubuntu-laptop-mode | losher07:23
ubottulosher: ubuntu-laptop-mode (source: ubuntu-laptop-mode): Support for reducing hard drive power consumption. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (jaunty), package size 3 kB, installed size 56 kB07:23
loshermobi-sheep: ah,thanks07:23
mobi-sheeplosher: That's that.  I wonder if I do need it since I'm sure Ubuntu know I'm using a laptop.07:23
endtask89mobi-sheep, , ubuntu also using partition like C:\ or d:\ ?07:24
panzorcached: while the other thing was installing? that possible?07:24
cachedpanzor: after the other thing finished07:24
mobi-sheependtask89: No.  There are a single tree in linux and mac.  I can't remember the command.07:24
Crowmanendtask98: partitions windows-like? NO07:24
panzorcached: what about the nvidia-glx-new package07:24
panzorcached: do you have that?07:24
mobi-sheep!dirs | endtask8907:25
ubottuendtask89: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview07:25
cachedpanzor how do i check07:25
panzorcached: uh, synaptic or you could use "dpkg -l | grep nvidia"07:25
mobi-sheependtask89: You want to look at "Main Directories" on the link.07:25
cachedpanzor: it's not on the list07:25
mobi-sheependtask89: You want to worry about your home folder -- That's it.07:25
panzorcached: first part lists all of your packages, then pipes that to show only the lines with "nvidia" in it07:25
mobi-sheep!home | endtask8907:25
ubottuendtask89: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome07:25
ActionParsnip!info jockey-gtk | cached:07:26
nibsa1242ActionParsnip: ok, that worked, I think the issue was the "-" before the 30 after ctime07:26
ubottucached:: jockey-gtk (source: jockey): GNOME user interface and desktop integration for driver management. In component main, is optional. Version 0.5-0ubuntu10 (jaunty), package size 8 kB, installed size 160 kB07:26
endtask89mobi-sheep, good! thanks alot man!!!07:26
panzorcached: may I ask what the overall goal of doing all this is? updating your video drivers?07:26
cachedpanzor: I couldn't find a -dev package for 18007:26
ruediixHello.  I noticed that synaptic keeps saying that it can't verify the signature on any of the packages.  Does anyone know what might cause this>07:26
mobi-sheependtask89: Your personal file (and configuration files) are kept in /home/endtask89/07:26
ActionParsnipnibsa1242: yeah . starts in the pwd, to search the whole system you need to use /07:26
peepsalotargh.  why is awesome version so old in the repos07:26
cachedpanzor: so, being tired, i saw 177-dev as the latest and decided "ah, that's probably what i have. i'll just pick that"07:27
peepsaloti can't figure out how to build this thing either07:27
mobi-sheepruediix: You need to add the key.  Did you install something recently?07:27
panzorcached: why do you need the -dev?07:27
nibsa1242ActionParsnip: I found them... the user forgot that she put them on a USB thumb drive instead of copying to the hard drive07:27
loshernibsa1242: the -30 should be correct. Famous last words...07:27
cachedpanzor: building o3d07:27
ruediixmobi-sheep no07:27
ActionParsnipruediix: run: sudo apt-get update. If you give the error regarding the key I can give you the command07:27
panzorcached: ah, not familiar. Give me a second to see...07:27
loshernibsa1242: Users. Can't kill 'em...07:28
ActionParsnipruediix: sounds like you added a repo and not its pgp key07:28
endtask89mobi-sheep, you are very clever in ubuntu... when did u start using ubuntu?07:28
h4mx0ris there an mplayer skin that makes it only one window?07:28
panzorcached: I'd get these two packages: nvidia-glx-new and nvidia-glx-new-dev07:28
ActionParsniph4mx0r: smplayer is getting bigged up at the moment, I use it without skin at al so couldnt comment07:29
kc8pxyi need help understanding why i can't tell apt to simply reinstall a package i installed,  and then goofed,  so i want the fresh files to overwrite my goof.   and it won't.(or i don't know how to tell it to).07:29
panzorcached: just a guess, but it sounds like "-new" means that it'll update it as it goes, thus being the "best" for the people that want to stay current. That's what I have as default - at least I didn't put it there myself.07:29
ruediixActionParsnip: It is reporting it in the standard Ubuntu packages.07:29
nibsa1242losher: yeah, but its ok... pictures represent about 3 hours of work... so time was saved, and now I know how to use find better07:29
mobi-sheependtask89: About a year now.07:29
bguptaGood evening.. I was fiddling around in OS X today and discovered http://www.manpagez.com/man/8/dynamic_pager/osx-10.4.php I'm wondering if Ubuntu ships with something like this, as it seems pretty useful?07:30
loshernibsa1242: cool07:30
nibsa1242losher ActionParsnip thanks for all your help!07:30
mobi-sheependtask89: I began using Gentoo at first.  I later moved to Ubuntu.07:30
ActionParsnipruediix: doesnt mean anything. If you don't have the ke, you don't have the key07:30
ActionParsnipnibsa1242: np bro07:30
h4mx0rActionParsnip: I want to use regular plain mplayer but with a one piece skin07:30
losherkc8pxy: apt-get install --reinstall <package> or some such07:30
cachedpanzor: "nvidia-glx-new is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has ben obsoleted, or is only available from another source"07:30
cachedpanzor: then it lists nvidia-glx-177 as its replacement07:30
ruediixtell ActionParsnip I had the key before and it reports that I have the key for the Ubuntu repositories in the GUI.07:30
h4mx0rActionParsnip: I still don't get why vlc is always bugged in some way on most linux distros07:31
ActionParsnipruediix: if you run: sudo apt-get update   in terminaland give the error about keys I can give you the command to resolve it07:31
losherh4mx0r: crappy programmers...07:31
ActionParsniph4mx0r: i dont use it07:31
panzorcached: ah, that could be. I'm in 8.04 - I guess try reverting everything to the one that went through that caused the other one's error? restart X and cross your fingers07:31
ActionParsniph4mx0r: log bugs and things get fixed07:31
mobi-sheeph4mx0r: You're experiencing an embedded window bug?  Two interfaces -- One for GUI --- One for Control Interface.07:31
zenxrmobi-sheep: beginning with gentoo, never heard of that before :P07:31
ruediixActionParsnip OK, I've got something really screwed up.  It's reporting that it is using ftp.debian.org as it's sources.  I have no clue why.07:31
Ryan52can somebody on jaunty or karmic please pastebin their /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/x-www-browser for me?07:31
ActionParsniph4mx0r: try cvlc07:32
mobi-sheepzenxr: Better Gentoo than Windows. :)07:32
zenxrmobi-sheep: I opted for slackware instead of gentoo, older packages but better stability07:32
zenxrmobi-sheep: just because gentoo isn't very user friendly.07:32
ActionParsnipruediix: you shouldnt have any debian sources, ubuntu + debian debs = pain07:32
losherzenxr: I find 8.04.2 LTS rock solid & stable, personally...07:32
h4mx0rActionParsnip mobi-sheep: I am tired of all these rediculous media apps that just fail. I'm using mplayer and I need the skin to stop being retarded :( sorry I'm just fed up I opened some wannabe mplayer clone and it couldn't play a basic .flv file07:32
zenxrlosher: I was referring to gentoo07:32
ActionParsniph4mx0r: you can use the WMP skin for comedy value07:33
losherzenxr: Ah, my bad...07:33
panzorlosher: dude, BFF's, I'm telling you07:33
ruediixActionParsnip:  I never installed those repositories I have no clue how they got there.   I am going to have to do a complete reinstall.07:33
ActionParsniph4mx0r: any player can play any media file provided it has codecs07:33
zenxrlosher: it's cool lol, i'm running 8.10 atm, but it's a custom distrobution07:33
ActionParsniph4mx0r: the player is irrelevant07:33
h4mx0rActionParsnip: so all I have to do is strip down the wmp skin? where is it can you link07:33
panzorruediix: hold on, you want to get rid of some .debs? I wasn't paying attention07:33
mobi-sheeph4mx0r: I like gnome-mplayer over mplayer myself as it use a simple interface.  You might want to try that.  VLC is great but there are an embedded window bug occurring.  There are also are a patch for it if you're not aware.  It's not updated in Ubuntu repos.07:33
ActionParsnipRyan52: sec07:34
losherpanzor: :-)07:34
h4mx0rmobi-sheep: that's the one I was just talking about07:34
Ryan52ActionParsnip: thanks much :)07:34
ruediixtell Panzor no, the issue is unknown  Somehow my repository list got corrupted.07:34
h4mx0rmobi-sheep: I might try vlc again I haven't used it since 8.10 when it couldn't open a directory without dieing07:34
ActionParsnipRyan52: http://pastebin.com/f3e58b43f07:34
mobi-sheeph4mx0r: gnome-mplayer --> not same as mplayer.  It uses a different GUI./07:34
ActionParsnipRyan52: if you backup the files you edit, befre playing then you will never need to ask again07:35
ActionParsnipRyan52: as you can roll back07:35
panzorruediix: ack, sorry07:35
ActionParsnipRyan52: you may want to bear this in mind in thefuture07:35
Ryan52ActionParsnip: this has nothing to do with that..07:35
Ryan52ActionParsnip: I'm a Debian contributor trying to make changes to my package so that there doesn't need to be an ubuntu diff anymore, and I needed to know what firefox's priority is on ubuntu.07:36
fuzzybunny69yhey everyone can anyone help me in getting my sound working? For some reason the startup sound plays but nothing else works.07:36
Ryan52aprilhare: anyway, thanks.07:36
Ryan52aprilhare: sorry...07:36
zenxrfuzzybunny69y: what desktop client are you using? gnome/kde/fluxbox/exc?07:37
Ryan52gah, he left.07:37
FloodBot2Ryan52: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:37
fuzzybunny69yzenxr, gnome07:37
zenxrfuzzybunny69y: open another window so we can work on it?07:37
ActionParsnippidgin crapped out07:37
fuzzybunny69yzenxr, what do you mean open another console window07:38
xerocan someone help me setup my server?07:38
zenxrfuzzybunny69y, a private irc window.07:38
cachedpanzor: okay. saved/pickled everything. restarting.07:38
ActionParsnipxero: can you be more specific please? I can name about 2 different server types without breaking a sweat07:38
zenxrfuzzybunny69y: I opened it07:38
panzorcached: good luck~07:39
loshercached: pickled. I like that...07:39
cachedlosher: ?07:39
cachedpanzor: shouldn't ctrl-alt-backspace restart x?07:39
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.07:39
panzorcached: yep - though they disabled it in 9.04 I heard...'tards07:39
ActionParsnippanzor: yeah, weird isnt it07:39
ruediixActionParsnip: I can't find those debian archives anywhere in the /etc/apt config files07:39
xeroi have ubuntu 8.04 desktop edition, im trying to set it up so i can get my website up07:39
losherpanzor: don't get me started on 9.04....07:40
panzorlosher: chances are you already did in the past life we shared together07:40
ActionParsnipruediix: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list file as well as the output of: sudo apt-get update  please07:40
cachedpanzor: so, how do i restart x? log out and back in?07:40
ActionParsnipxero: then install apache207:40
trancefatHi all, Evolution is quite buggy (as a personal organizer) isnt it?07:40
xeroalready installed apache207:41
panzorcached: do the doo-icky the bot posted about dontzap. It'll be useful in the future at some point. Save some time07:41
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)07:41
mobi-sheepxero: See ^^07:41
ActionParsnip!dontzap > panzor07:41
ubottupanzor, please see my private message07:41
panzortrancefat: I use clawsmail and like it a bunch.07:41
h4mx0rtrancefat: if you like personal organizers you might try kde. I guess it helps since you stare at the eyecandy so much with that.07:41
trancefatpanzor: thanks07:41
panzorActionParsnip: hey, dontzap zapped me07:42
trancefath4mx0r: yeah, but i wanted to stick to Gnome07:42
cachedpanzor: okay, hopefully really restarting x this time07:42
krishmishhi room07:42
panzorcached: heheh *salutes*07:42
=== nubuntu is now known as zenxr
ActionParsnippanzor: i told ubottu to, its now in a seperate window so it won't be lost in the sand of time07:42
h4mx0rtrancefat: alright, just I was a bit impressed about how much information it could sort through07:43
panzorActionParsnip: I don't need it silly :P cached was asking07:43
ActionParsnippanzor: i see07:43
trancefath4mx0r: if i install it (i wont need to switch to KDE right)07:43
cachedpanzor: ugh07:43
krishmishcan someone help me set up a ubuntu machine as a domain controller authenticating windows machines and users??07:43
panzorcached: no beans?07:43
h4mx0rtrancefat: if you install kubuntu you can switch between kde and gnome with gdm07:44
=== c is now known as Guest36572
defcon1_how does one go about resetting all of the default programs for different file extensions?07:44
krishmishcan someone help me set up a ubuntu machine as a domain controller authenticating windows machines and users??07:44
cachedpanzor not restarting07:44
ruediixtell ActionParsnip weird apt-update was using the wrong sources.  It must be looking somewhere else for it's source files07:44
h4mx0rdefcon1: reallywish I knew07:44
panzoryou did: sudo dontzap --disable ?07:44
cachedpanzor yes07:44
=== mclur33 is now known as mclur3
panzorcached: ctrl-alt-backspace?07:44
krishmishcan someone help me set up a ubuntu machine as a domain controller authenticating windows machines and users??07:45
cachedpanzor: yes07:45
ruediixtell ActionParsnip how do I reinstall the keyring package?  After that I'll clean up my package tree.07:45
panzorcached: *facepalm* umm...ask it nicely? I'm all out07:45
ActionParsnipruediix: it looks at souces.list in /etc/apt07:45
cachedpanzor: no error message when running the command. if i dont run it as root, then it tells me i'm not root07:45
ActionParsnipcached: put sudo in front07:45
furythorIs there software to diagnose hardware (AGP bus speed) etc ?07:46
panzorcached: yeah. My guess is that maybe it works after a restart?07:46
ruediixActionParsnip that's why it's confusing me.  I know that.  Apt-upgrade is not behaving the same as apt-get upgrade07:46
ActionParsnipfurythor: sudo lshw07:46
cachedActionParsnip: i did it as root (using sudo) already07:46
ActionParsnipruediix: i've never used apt-upgrade only apt-get upgrade07:46
h4mx0rkrishmish: have you tried kerberos? http://www.alittletooquiet.net/text/kerberos-on-ubuntu/07:46
ruediixactionparsnip don't patronize me I know what I'm doing.07:46
MeXTuXI'm trying to build gmameui 0.2.8 from source and when I type ./configure got this error: checking for GTK+ - version >= 2.4.0... yes (version 2.12.9)07:46
ActionParsnipruediix: i'm not. i assume nothing in here07:46
MeXTuXchecking for pkg-config... (cached) /usr/bin/pkg-config07:46
MeXTuXchecking for GTK+ - version >= 2.13.4... no07:46
losherkrishmish: I can't, but I googled & found: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/samba-dc.html07:47
MeXTuX*** Could not run GTK+ test program, checking why...07:47
krishmishh4mx0r: no07:47
MeXTuX*** The test program compiled, but did not run. This usually means07:47
krishmishh4mx0r: yeah07:47
ActionParsnipruediix: due to the wide range of skill set in the channel i treat everyone identically so details are not overlooked as assumed07:47
ruediixActionParsnip  OK, then if you know the name of the keyring package so I can reinstall it properly, it would help, otherwise I'll have to go on my own.07:47
defcon1_i feel like there should be an easy way to reset things back do default applications for specific extensions, but this is proving to be harder than I thought to find07:47
MeXTuX*** that the run-time linker is not finding GTK+ or finding the wrong07:47
cachedpanzor: okay. restarting07:47
ActionParsnip!info gnome-keyring07:47
ubottugnome-keyring (source: gnome-keyring): GNOME keyring services (daemon and tools). In component main, is optional. Version 2.26.1-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 577 kB, installed size 4496 kB07:47
krishmishh4mx0r:  i have samba running, but im unable to figure out how to set up security07:47
MeXTuX*** version of GTK+. If it is not finding GTK+, you'll need to set your07:47
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:47
lstarnesMeXTuX: you need libgtk2.0-dev07:47
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h4mx0rkrishmish: so you wish to setup samba properly?07:48
ruediixactionparsnip not the manual install there is a package that contains the keyring I need07:48
krishmishh4mx0r: yes07:48
ActionParsnipruediix: here is a script i have for pgpp keys: http://pastebin.com/f2ce47c5f07:48
ruediixactionparsnip and that is not it.07:48
ActionParsnipruediix: you give it the last 8 character in the error you get when yu apt-get update and it gets the key for you :D07:49
h4mx0rkrishmish ldap is probably what you want07:49
ruediixactionparsnip and that isn't it either.  There is a package installed on first install that contains the keys.  I need to reinstall that package.  Now if you don't need that package than don't bother trying to help.07:49
ActionParsnipruediix: apt-cache search key | less07:49
krishmishh4mx0r: actually till now i we were using windows server with AD07:50
kc8pxyhow do i force a package to purge, and not care that it can't stop it via invoke-rc.d ??07:50
ruediixactionparsnip well the apt-get update isn't erroring out.   It seems to be reporting it as an error.07:50
zhoujingruihi i need a help my ubuntu 8.10 no sound07:50
ActionParsnipruediix: you are now on ignore. I'm trying to help and you are being totally ungrateful07:50
zhoujingruican u help me?07:50
krishmishh4mx0r:  i am told integration with LDAP for AD is complex07:50
ruediixactionparsnip This isn't slackware you don't manually install keys when there is a package.07:50
ruediixactionparsnip if you don't know what you are doing stop trying to be an expert.07:50
h4mx0rkrishmish: hmm probably right07:51
panzorruediix: I'd help you dude, but I don't know how...kudos for not..."helping"? haha07:51
krishmishh4mx0r:  so, as a parellel, i want to first set up a file server that can authenticate windows users the same way07:51
xerohow do i port forward?07:51
defcon1_@h4mx0r is GDM installed by default in ubuntu?  if so how do you get to it?07:51
MeXTuXI have installed libgtk2.0-dev 2.12.9-3ubuntu5 so is it possible when I try to build the application doesn't know where to find libgtk2.0-dev libraries?? :(07:51
krishmishi installed samba on my machine07:51
elvis_DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending07:51
krishmishi have a ubuntu desktop07:51
krishmishh4mx0r: ubuntu desktop,07:51
Boohbahxero: that depends on what kind of firewall/router setup you have07:52
krishmishh4mx0r: and using the gui, i can share the folder07:52
furythorActionParsnip did that, now how I do recognize AGP speed settings, does AGP 3.0 mean that is is 8x ?07:52
ActionParsnipfurythor: yep07:53
kc8pxywhy doesn't apt-get purge --force  or something like it work?07:53
furythorSo is GF4 TI 4800 SE actually using that 8x more and how to see it ?07:53
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panzorkc8pxy: are you root? also, I think "-f" is the same as --force fyi07:54
krishmishh4mx0r: sorry i had looged out07:54
ActionParsnipfurythor: you can also reduce the output with -C07:54
ActionParsnipfurythor: sudo lshw -C display07:55
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Guest24213Hey people im on Xchat07:55
krishmishh4mx0r: so per force iam having to check the Guest access07:55
h4mx0rkrishmish: try reading this thread and searching about some http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=533576&highlight=central+authentication07:56
krishmishh4mx0r: yeah, im going thru it07:56
furythorActionParsnip can you check this http://paste.ubuntu.com/183433/ out and say if you get any better insight of specs in it07:57
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panzorbeen there07:58
zhoujingruimy ubuntu 8.10 no sound07:58
panzorwhat? can't hear you07:58
zhoujingruihelp me with that  thanks07:58
panzorzhoujingrui: sorry haha, lets have a look07:58
h4mx0rkrishmish: yeah it was this one http://www.amazon.com/Linux-Server-Hacks-Two-Troubleshooting/dp/059610082507:58
=== nubuntu is now known as zenxr
panzorzhoujingrui: have you tried typing "alsamixer" and seeing hte levels of things?07:58
zhoujingruihow to look?07:59
panzorzhoujingrui: are they all reasonable?07:59
zenxrzhoujingrui: make sure they're not muted, too :)07:59
krishmishh4mx0r: i have gone thru that08:00
panzorzhoujingrui: yes, and make sure PCM is at a nice good volume08:00
krishmishbuut i need help in setting up08:00
krishmishh4mx0r: but i need help in tuning that08:00
cachedpanzor: can't even startx. says a file is missing. sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg won't run. dont have ndiswrapper set up so i cant connect to internet08:00
zhoujingruii think so08:00
krishmishh4mx0r: and since im new to ubuntu, i would prefer a GUI08:00
zhoujingruiall truned to 0008:00
zhoujingruiand to red color08:01
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panzorcached: oh...boy. Umm, hold on.08:01
cachedpanzor: at least i know how to mysqldump, so i have all the files i need in some form08:01
TasbuntuHey, can anyone explain to me the difference between 32 and 64bit?08:02
panzorcached: if I were you, I'd manually reinstall nvidia, but that's only because I've done that recently and know exactly what my hardware/software needs to do that...08:02
krishmishh4mx0r: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html08:02
panzorcached: you say you have backups of everything? I'd use those haha08:02
zirodayTasbuntu: 64bit means you can use over 3GB of RAM08:02
TasbuntuOver 3GB? It wasnt 4?08:03
dsl1009Tasbuntu, a good analogy would be the difference b/w a 4 lane highway and an 8 lane highway08:03
krishmishh4mx0r: can we start from there08:03
krishmishh4mx0r: ?08:03
zirodayTasbuntu: however some applications won't run without a bit of prodding08:03
h4mx0rkrishmish: ah thanks nice link08:03
h4mx0rkrishmish: which part you on?08:03
whatvnTasbuntu: http://www.google.com.vn/search?q=32+bit+vs+64+bit&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a08:03
UFO_IRC_TESTwhen i try to install ubuntu with standard way,the patition manager said i have bad sector,so i have to check my disk in windows first.08:03
rayludlemaitre: hardly. 64-bit processors aren't twice as fast08:03
zirodayTasbuntu: no, 32bit can only address ~3.2GB of RAM08:03
cachedTasbuntu: theoretically or practically? theoretically, it means that each register of your computer can contain 64 bits of data, allowing for fast computations with big numbers and ability to use big numbers to access memory. practically, it means that if you run 64 bit you might see slight improvement in some things, but problems in others due to incompatabilities08:03
rayludsl1009: hardly. 64-bit processors aren't twice as fast08:04
panzorTasbuntu: 32 bit is more supported. I'd go for that unless you plan on video editing or something that actually needs more than 3 gigs.08:04
persistent_codeis there a version of > that flushes on every write? Some code i'm working with crashes the OS, so I need > to flush in order for me to read the output later.08:04
UFO_IRC_TESTbut no matter how many time i check my disk08:04
krishmishh4mx0r: lemme check till where i could finish08:04
TasbuntuWell, the thing is I'm gonna upgrade to 4GB's soon, I play games alot and such, soo08:04
UFO_IRC_TESTyi still can't manage my partition08:04
frankS2model name      : Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual  CPU  T2370  @ 1.73GHz08:04
frankS2stepping        : 1308:04
frankS2cpu MHz         : 800.00008:04
frankS2whats wrong here?08:04
rayluziroday, Tasbuntu: 4 is correct, but reserved space and memory in other devices08:04
FloodBot2frankS2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:04
frankS2why doesnt it say 1.73GHZ08:04
Tasbuntureserved space and memory in..wha?08:05
TasbuntuI don't get it, I'm afraid xD08:05
SlartfrankS2: it does.. right there on the first line..?08:05
raylupersistent_code: what language are you talking about? what you're after is "unbuffered" i/o08:05
frankS2Slart: cpu mhz: 80008:05
panzorTasbuntu: rumor has it that ubuntu 32-bit uses 3 gigs for everything, and reserves the 4th gig for just the kernel. Not a waste :)...or maybe I'm just optimistic about my own folley of buying 4 gigs...08:05
SlartfrankS2: powersaving? it's a feature08:05
whatvnwho say 32 bit cannot use more than 3GB ram?08:05
frankS2Slart: and on the first line it says 1.73GhZ08:05
TasbuntuAh, but you see, the thing is I don't only use Ubuntu08:05
rayluTasbuntu: you can address 4GB of virtual space, but not all of it is in RAM and some of it is reserved by the kernel08:05
kenyonfrankS2: you have CPU governor for saving energy.08:05
evilGaryfrankS2: most newer intel chips slow down when not used08:05
raylupanzor: where the hell did you hear that rumor?08:06
zirodayTasbuntu: if you are using 4GB of RAM, then you need to have the 64bit version08:06
kenyonfrankS2: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor08:06
TasbuntuI figured08:06
TasbuntuThank you08:06
TasbuntuAny things that might give me trouble? Specifically Compiz-Fusion and WINE08:06
panzorraylu: back alley. Bad people, bad activities. It was horrible.08:06
SlartfrankS2: it will increase the frequency when the cpu has something to do.. it's quite normal08:06
rayluziroday: or a bigmem kernel08:06
zirodayraylu: yes, but desktop users don't want to run the server kernel do they now?08:06
furythorCan anyone assist me to determine little more details of my system ?08:06
rayluziroday: you can compile it from scratch :D08:07
zirodayTasbuntu: some applications may have difficulty running, wine may be a worry08:07
panzorhas anyone gotten PAE to work with their kernel to get more than 3?08:07
zirodayraylu: we do not recommend compiling kernels from scratch here08:07
Tasbuntucan you name a few for me?08:07
krishmishh4mx0r: im using hardy08:07
zirodaypanzor: to use PAE you need to use the server kernel08:07
rayluziroday: yes we do:08:07
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages08:07
zirodayraylu: yes, and the above examples do not need to.08:08
panzorziroday: yeah, but it avoids the 64-bit stuff08:08
zirodayTasbuntu: not any of the top of my head sorry. #winehq will know more08:08
kenyonwow, I think the 64 vs. 32 bit debate appears here at least every 24 hours.08:09
panzorthat's why I always wear my jersey!08:09
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Tasbuntuallright, thanks08:09
zirodaypanzor: what applications are you worried about?08:09
krishmishh4mx0r: samba is already installed08:09
panzorziroday: KDE, compiz, wine, the apacolypse...uh08:09
panzorwrong guy dude :P08:09
h4mx0rkrismish: why did you link me to the 9.04 page then if your using 8.1008:09
zirodaypanzor: which applications under wine?08:10
panzorziroday: didn't ask the question, I was joking :P08:10
h4mx0rkrishmish: wait no hardy that's 8.0408:10
rayluthe apocolypse runs perfectly fine in wine. in fact, it even runs on solaris.08:10
cachedbrb, restarting08:10
rayluand tasbuntu is gone...08:10
krishmishh4mx0r: yeah08:10
panzorno effing way XD08:10
panzorraylu is my hero08:11
panzorsee you all later - time to sleep08:11
krishmishh4mx0r: in order to allow some windows machines to be able to view the shared folder in the ubuntu machine, i want to allow access through a username and password08:11
sexcopterhi, when I ssh from my laptop into my pc (both on a home lan), it takes a long time (> 10 seconds) to prompt for my password, and about as much time again to accept it. can anyone think what is causing the lag?08:13
zirodaysexcopter: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8439908:13
sexcopterziroday: thanks!08:14
sexcopterziroday: too bad that ipv6 seems to be the culprit. I thought we were trying to encourage its use!08:14
zirodaysexcopter: *shrug* I don't know how all technical details behind ipv6 works, or why it makes some things slow08:15
sexcopterziroday: hmm, i just tried ssh -4, and it took just as long.08:16
sexcopterwell, it's not a big deal, just a nuisance08:16
zirodaysexcopter: thats the only known issue I know about, sorry08:16
d0htemwhere is the default vim global config file08:16
sexcopterziroday: no problem, thanks anyway08:16
zirodaysexcopter: is the machine in your LAN or somewhere else in the internet?08:16
sexcopterziroday: both on lan. pc is wired, laptop is wireless (.g)08:17
zirodayd0htem: /etc/vimrc08:17
zirodaysexcopter: then no idea sorry08:17
d0htemziroday: in the vimrc file what would be correct syntax for changing the colorscheme ( if you know )08:18
zirodayd0htem: no idea sorry, don't use vim08:18
d0htem:/ thx anyways08:19
kenyond0htem: :h colors08:20
kimdahello. How can i erase an tape faster than with the command mt -f /dev/nst0 erase?08:24
dsl1103this may not be the best answer but I'd use dd to clear a block device08:25
BigVHey all, I'm currently having an issue with a fresh install of Ubuntu. None of my personalised settings stay when I reboot the PC. In addition, Firefox doesn't keep any history, I can't even use the back button. It's like I dont have write access to whatever part Ubuntu uses to store these sorts of things.08:26
BigVIm using 9.04. I have never had this issue before. :/08:27
zirodayBigV: this is a fresh install? Are you running of a thumbdrive?08:27
ubuntu__BigV have you actually installed it08:27
unop_BigV,   does this command return anything?   find ~/ ! -user "$USER"08:28
BigVziroday: Yes its all installed, running off an HD, not a thumbdrive08:28
kimdathanks dsl1103. i've thought about this also but maybe there was another mt command i could use to speed things up.08:28
BigVunop_: it returns nothing08:29
ubuntu__BigV have you gone through the Installer located as a desktop icon which says "Install"08:29
zirodayubuntu__: that is not the issue. The issue is BigV has no home folder for some reason08:29
zirodayBigV: try create a new user and see if that fixes it08:29
BigVYes, I've installed Ubuntu many time before and have ti running on my laptop as well. I haven't done anyhting different08:29
unop_ziroday, and how do you conclude that?08:29
BigVziroday: thanks I will give it a go08:30
zirodayunop_: does your command above not search for a home dir (or anything in it)?08:30
IL12how can I do a secure erase on all empty space in a server install?08:30
unop_ziroday, it looks for files that he is not the owner of in his homedir08:30
zirodayBigV: also did you create /home on seperate partition?08:30
zirodayunop_: ah apologies, I misunderstood :)08:31
notsoemo1I'm having trouble configuring jack, it fails every time I try to start it08:31
BigVNo I let Ubuntu handle the partitioning automatically. Its dual booted with Windos XP08:31
BigVI do have a home directory. With a folder "black" which is my username08:32
BigVbut I will try creating a new one08:32
BigVhrm, so the Add User is greyed out. lol08:32
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Phylum
BigVI guess I could just install it again... It's not like it takes that long. This problem is weird.08:35
darlekwhich problem?08:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about key08:37
BigVdarlek: i have a weird issue with a fresh install of ubuntu, I cant create new users, firefox doesnt save any history, cant even use the back button, and gnome doesnt save any of my customisations08:38
darlekdoes nautilus show all files with a lock on them?08:39
BigVno thats the thing, i still have full power, i can change system settings, mount settings, install new software, read/write any files i want08:40
unop_BigV, did you try creating and using a new user?08:40
BigVi cant08:40
arandBigV: what kind of permissions are your home dir?08:40
BigVthe add user button is blanked out, and i cant alter any settings in the user and groups thing08:41
unop_BigV,   sudo  adduser new_username08:41
tdnAfter upgrading to Kubuntu 9.04, ny disk keeps spinning down, when I am not using it. Even when I'm on AC Power. This is very annoying and probably damaging my disk. How do I make it stop?08:41
darlekwell, if he's not getting results though I'd say instead.. xterm, su sudo to get root and then try adduser08:41
arandBigV: Does this happen every time or just now?08:41
BigVwierd, it says im not the owner and i cant change the permissions08:42
BigVevery time08:42
unop_darlek, su sudo is redundant ..  sudo -i08:42
mobi-sheepHow would I add a key using CLI?08:42
unop_mobi-sheep, key to what exactly?08:42
darlekI had something similar in Ibex but not to this scale (limited to mounted devices)08:42
mobi-sheepunop_: For one user's PPA.08:43
=== happyaron_ is now known as happyaron
unop_mobi-sheep,   gpg –recv-keys "$KEY";  gpg –export –armor "$KEY" | sudo apt-key add -08:44
unop_BigV, tried the new user yet?08:44
darlekrebuilding gnome by deleting all it's associated directories, on login it rebuilds them08:44
BigVunop_: just created it, ill give it a try now08:44
darlekmaybe whatever is stuck will get unstuck08:44
mobi-sheepunop_: https://launchpad.net/~kow/+archive/ppa ?08:44
Symbiossshow i can update xorg after update my ubuntu08:45
Symbiosssi cant use some combinations of keys08:45
unop_mobi-sheep, https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Adding%20a%20PPA%20to%20your%20Ubuntu%20repositories08:45
darlekSym: find your xorg.conf file and note that it's basically blank.  However your previous one may still be in the same directory under a renamed name.08:46
mespejelhello i have some boring newbie questions about ubuntu and linux.. i am interest in ubuntu so. i wonder if someone is in good mood to help me. maybe this is not the correct room?08:46
mib_9n53nghey all, have a question.  going to be setting up a dual boot sys, ubu and xp.  but main question is my data, which will be on a main, huge, partion, around 200gb.  thing is, what file system would be best, fat32 or ntfs???08:46
Slartmespejel: sure.. just ask your questions08:47
unop_mib_9n53ng, ntfs08:47
Slartmib_9n53ng: I would go with ntfs08:47
Nom-FAT32 is evil, definately NTFS :)08:47
Slartntfs isn't evil?? =)08:48
Nom-Not that NTFS isn't even either, but it's lesser of two evils.08:48
mib_9n53ngunop_: Slart why would it be better?  have the rread write issues been resolved properly while on the ubu side, aand accessing, wrtiing data, to ntfs partion08:48
mespejelSlart: thanks. So what is the difference between Gnome, GTK2, Compiz, Emerald and E17? :)08:48
unop_one could argue that NTFS is evil-er than FAT32 .. but that's a topic for another day08:48
mespejelSlart: I am just extremely confused.08:48
mobi-sheepunop_: Many gracious.08:48
SamaeIs Ubuntu recomends only for intel boards?08:48
ubuntu__have u guys used the rc1 windows 7 already?08:49
darlekif it has a pulse, Ubuntu will run on it08:49
unop_mib_9n53ng, well it supports things like compression, encryption, permissions, etc .. and the RW issue has been sorted, pretty much yea08:49
Slartmespejel: wow.. most of those are different things.. and I don't mean different ways of doing the same thing.. different things altogether08:49
darlekhaven't touched win for two years now.  Only have to use it outside the home08:50
SamaeSo it only suggest Intel procesor only08:50
ubuntu__windows 7 is great08:50
Slartmespejel: I think wikipedia has some good articles on these things.. but I'll try to explain anyways08:50
ubuntu__even dare i say better than ubuntu08:50
mib_9n53ngunop_: cool, i was trying to steer away from windows though... i hate it.  lol.  but sadly, it is needed.  what about ext3 as the main super partiion, can i get winxp to read from ext3 at all?08:50
mobi-sheepubuntu__: Can Window 7 get viruses?  Yes it is great! :)08:50
ubuntu__no in windows seven viruses are disabled no more viruses on windows08:51
Slartmespejel: gnome is .. a framework.. it comes with stuff like a registry like database for application settings..08:51
Slartmespejel: a structure for how applications should behave.. what they can do etc etc08:52
darlek_mib: I hadn't heard that xp can read ext3 but if ubuntu is running on that then /home in nfts partition that might work and allow for sharing of files?08:52
mobi-sheepubuntu__: I see "Windows 7 beta affected by Vista viruses" on Google :)08:52
marlunIs there a changeset viewer for ubuntu so I can view changesets for different packages?08:52
BigVunop_: It didnt work unfortunately. I tried to log in and I just got a black screen, still with a responding cursor, cant use crtlaltdel or ctrlaltbackspc, so I rebooted and same thing.08:52
darlek_that way if ubuntu dies you can kill the partition without taking your files with it08:52
myselfsomeone give me a list of mp3 players for ubuntu08:53
mobi-sheep!hi | myself08:53
ubottumyself: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:53
mobi-sheep!mp3 | myself08:53
ubottumyself: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:53
myselfhey thanks guys thanks for welcoming me08:53
mib_9n53ngdarlek: yes i know, i have expereinced that horror, that is why it  will be 3 main partiions, xp, ubu, and main storadge08:53
mobi-sheep!player | myself08:53
ubottumyself: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs08:53
Slartmespejel: gtk is another kind of framework for doing application guis, if I'm correct08:53
unop_BigV, did you say this install was a fresh install ?08:53
myselfthank you08:53
mobi-sheepmyself: You're welcome! :)08:54
myselfi love you08:54
BigVunop_:yup, just finish an hour or so ago08:54
darlek_mib: good call.  Been there with Ibex haha08:54
sllhello everybody! I'm interested to obtain a bluetoooth hedset, remonendations and suggestions are welcome thanks!08:54
mespejelSlart: yeah im reading that gtk2 is the tools kits to make gnome08:54
Samaewhat is the best video editing in Ubuntu?08:54
mespejelso i kind of similar i guess08:54
darlek_BigV: can you run the LiveCD?08:54
mib_9n53ngdarlek: yah, i have been thru crashes on every distro release since 5.1008:54
BigVdarlek: havent tried08:54
unop_BigV, sounds like something went wrong during the install .. this is very odd08:54
mib_9n53ngeverything is backeed up, always08:55
Slartmespejel: compiz is a system where you basically don't draw stuff to the graphics screen directly.. you draw it to compiz.. then compiz takes all the windows and decides how to place them on the screen.. so compiz can decide that one window should be spinning around.. and the application doesn't have to deal with it..08:55
unop_BigV, open up a terminal and issue this command.   sudo aptitude reinstall '~i'08:55
sllSamae: isn't easy to answer this quaswtion... depends.. take a look at cinelerra, openmovie editor...08:55
Slartmespejel: yes.. gnome uses gtk2, I think08:55
mobi-sheepSamae: sudo apt-cache search video | grep edit08:55
mobi-sheepSamae: Not all packages are for video editting.08:55
darlek_mib: oh really?  I've been quite lucky.  Also since 5.10.  Only Ibex flirted with disaster but was overcome.  Luckily I didn't use it for long and quickly went to Jaunty08:55
AdvoWorkhi there. ive got an axis network camera on our network, but im not sure of the IP, is there a way I can scan the network to find out where it is?08:56
SamaeI was thinking alternative of afterEffects and Priemere08:56
darlek_been using the same PIII lappy with external keyboard to save the motherboard glue :))08:56
BigVunop: whoa, that looks like everything lol08:56
mib_9n53ngdarlek yah, since 5.10.  my main issues, are hardware that will crash and kill things08:56
mib_9n53ngleanred that lesson the hard way08:56
mib_9n53ngmany times08:56
unop_BigV, yes, it will take a while - time for a coffee break :)08:56
nizaexeUm, hi?08:57
anodesniI have an iso in ~/.latex/texlive2007-live-20070212.iso that I want to mount automatically on login, how to do this?08:57
Slartmespejel: what else...Emerald.. well.. to make Gnome easier to customize it doesn't draw the borders around the windows ... it just has something like a plugin that does that.. Emerald is one such plugin.. it's called a window-decorator08:57
ubuntu__guys any help on installing os x themes how do i apply it after  i download it?08:57
Juliiiiesalut les copains08:58
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Slartmespejel: there are other window-decorators.. but Emerald works nicely with compiz.. not sure if it's compiz-only or just good with compiz08:58
krisss117hi, can u help me ? where i can download airoscript ? My airoscript don't work :/08:58
BigVunop: sweet well i need to go out anyway. thanks for your help so far. if it doesn't work I'll just do a fresh install as it might be possible something else has gone wrong which will crop up at some annoyingly unexpected time lol. night and thanks again08:58
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BigVthanks to the other ppl who gave some suggestions :D08:58
mobi-sheepSlart: Emerald is not supported if you didn't know that. :)08:58
mib_9n53ngbut yah, main reason i have to do all this is cause im buying an itouch08:58
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.08:58
darlek_BigV: good luck08:58
mib_9n53ngi need an mp3 player08:58
Slartmespejel: I think gtk was what did these things before compiz08:58
mib_9n53ngand portable gps08:58
BigVthanks darlek, see ya08:59
Slartmobi-sheep: uh?.. what are we using in ubuntu these days?08:59
mobi-sheepSlart: Compiz.08:59
mollCan I burn .ts directly to a dvd that will play in my standalone dvd player?08:59
moll.ts file ..08:59
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darlek_mib: mplayer, mpg321, audacious... all free.. all the time08:59
mobi-sheepSlart: To be more precise, Compiz-Fusion.  I think.   No more emerald though. :)08:59
mespejelSlart: so compiz is a window manager. and emerald like a decorator08:59
mespejelso if get emerald i dont need the gtk2 themes from www.gnome-look.org?09:00
mespejelcan't mix i guess09:00
billybigriggercan someone help me mount a raid setup from my 9.10 install? im in 9.04 live cd right now. i can't mount sda1 or sdb1, and md0 isn't showing...09:00
mib_9n53ngdarlek: naw man, i need a portable one.  and i havent really read any positive reviews on any aps that simply will allow me to connect, transfer, dissconnect, and be on my way09:00
mib_9n53ngdarlek: ill have to do it from win xp side unfortunately09:00
pvh_sa|wrkheya all... i got an ubuntu 8.10 box acting as a firewall/router. rather odd issue... if i have default MTU, then desktops on our net which run Linux and Mac can't load facebook. if i change the MTU on the router's outbound interface to 1400, then facebook works. why should the MTU have this effect???09:01
darlek_mib: ah, I just use my NDS which uses microSD ;)  You might consider a SD based mp3 player so you have that flexibility too09:01
Slartmobi-sheep: huh.. didn't know that.. thanks..09:01
Slartmespejel: yes09:01
mollCan I burn .ts video file directly to a dvd that will play in my standalone dvd player?09:02
Nicolas__Hello! I'm having a problem..I'm having a big problem installing "Adobe Flash Player" on Ubuntu 9.04(or 9.08, most recent version!). I got the .tar.gz of the installer...I don't know how to use it.09:02
Slartmobi-sheep: hmm.. I'm running the gtk-window-decorator it seems.09:02
krisss117hi, ubuntu don't show my pendrive - Voyager 8GB09:02
mib_9n53ngdarlek: yah, i used to do that, and i used to use my psp, tro big though.  so, i need a unit capable of skype, music, gps, web browsing, organizer, ebook reader, learning software, some simple games, in one unit09:02
mespejelSlart: is there any tips for 9.04 to get it run even faster? and also get a faster boot? i know it is already fast but i wonder if there are tricks?09:02
mib_9n53ngunfortunaly, only apple offers a relatively good choice09:03
mobi-sheepSlart: Probably metacity.09:03
yikesnoI just installed Ubuntu on a third machine and two of them have a weird issue. When I open a window with selectable options like System -> Administrator -> Services the window is blank. I've unlocked the control by entering my password and it is still blank. This is a fresh full install. also programs like gPodder have the issue where the list has options but shows blank. Any ideas?09:03
Slartmobi-sheep: nope.. compiz09:03
AryaanHi, I've trouble with the 'hibernate' option on ubuntu 8.0409:03
billybigriggercan someone help me mount a raid setup from my 9.10 install? im in 9.04 live cd right now. i can't mount sda1 or sdb1, and md0 isn't showing...09:03
darlek_rats ^^$$$^^09:03
mobi-sheepSlart: Well, I see.  I suppose Compiz + Emerald would only bring more confusion and clash with each others.  Too many bugs. :)09:03
AryaanCan anyone help me to get Hibernate work on Ubuntu 8.0409:04
Slartmobi-sheep: mm... there were bugs indeed.. once again.. thanks09:04
mobi-sheepSlart: No problem.09:04
mib_9n53nghmmm actually, question to all, might help a hell of a lot.  anyone using an i touch here?  what app do you use for file transfers/??09:04
Nicolas__Hello! I'm having a problem..I'm having a big problem installing "Adobe Flash Player" on Ubuntu 9.04(or 9.08, most recent version!). I got the .tar.gz of the installer...I don't know how to use it.09:04
Slartmespejel: well.. there are some things you can do.. you can make the startup-scripts run concurrently.. ie several scripts run at the same time09:04
Slartmespejel: it didn't change much for me.. but it's one of those things that people keep recommending09:05
Slartmespejel: bah.. I have to reboot.. be back09:06
mespejelSlart: there are many bugs using compiz and emerald?09:07
AryaanSomeone tell me how to get hibernate working on Ubuntu09:07
mib_9n53ngo yah, and no vboxing, ideally, already thought of it, but this from an epc 1000h09:07
Nicolas__Hello! I'm having a problem..I'm having a big problem installing "Adobe Flash Player" on Ubuntu 9.04(or 9.08, most recent version!). I got the .tar.gz of the installer...I don't know how to use it.09:07
mobi-sheepmespejel: There are bugs for everything.  >:}~09:07
mespejelmobi-sheep: you dont recommend using compiz with emerald?09:07
=== chowder is now known as Guest89019
mobi-sheepmespejel: No. See above09:07
mobi-sheep!emerald | mespejel09:07
ubottumespejel: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.09:07
darlek__yikesno: I'd just change them though, not delete any first09:08
billybigriggerdoes anyone know how to re-create md0 from a raid 1 array?09:08
onexusedmobi-sheep: This makes me sad "There are no known, supported alternatives."09:08
billybigriggeri can see my 2 disks, but no md009:08
billybigriggerim in livecd09:08
cm21Hello!... I have runing ubuntu 9.04, but I don't know how to change the brightness of the screen (destock PC)09:08
mespejelubottu: thanks09:08
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)09:08
mespejelubottu: sorry09:08
ubottuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you. Those darned ewoks on the other hand...09:08
mobi-sheeponexused: You'll live.  Compiz is fine.  It's just an appearance. ):09:08
mib_9n53ngso, no itouch owners here?09:09
light50Nicolas__: did you try installing the flash plugin from Applications > Add/Remove...09:09
darlek__cm21: Intel chips with DEll have a problem resetting the brightness, you might want to check the ubuntuforums if that's the case here09:09
mespejelmobi-sheep: what you mean? so what is unsupported? emerald or compiz?09:09
mobi-sheepcm21: You're using laptop?09:09
kenyon!flash | Nicolas__09:10
ubottuNicolas__: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash09:10
cm21I have a VIA Unichrome pro09:10
AryaanSomeone tell me how to get hibernate working on Ubuntu09:10
cm21no laptop09:10
mespejelmobi-sheep: compiz is unsupported?09:10
mobi-sheepmespejel: Stick with compiz.  Appearances --> Visual Effects --> Toggle on.09:10
cm21crt monitor09:10
mobi-sheepmespejel: Compiz is supported.  Emerald isn't.09:10
mobi-sheepcm21: If you're using laptop, there should be a FN + Brightness / Darkness Symbol on the keyboard.09:10
joetheoddWhats the easiest way to install Hurd in place of Linux?09:11
mespejelmobi-sheep: so i can't mix compiz with other window manager? how can i docorate copmiz?09:11
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soloslingerquick snmp question: installed snmp, snmpconf works without a hitch, moved the generated config file to the place it told me too, /etc/init.d/ doesn't have a snmp start up script.  Am I missing something?09:11
mobi-sheep!compiz | mespejel09:11
ubottumespejel: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz09:11
mobi-sheep!ccsm | mespejel09:11
ubottumespejel: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion09:11
mobi-sheepmespejel: There you go. :)09:11
mikeyfbii need some help changing my firefox theme colors09:12
jvainiohey, is there a SEARCH feature in APTGET?09:12
AryaanIs there a solution for the hibernate troubles on Hardy09:12
mikeyfbiim using slickness-black ubuntu theme, and it makes some text in FF unreadable09:12
mobi-sheepjvainio: apt-cache search <xyz-package>09:12
=== Juliiiie is now known as antoine
jvainiowhen i try to go apt-get search something, it says ERROR NO SUCH COMMAND09:12
mikeyfbiie facebook chat input text09:12
darlekjvainio:  sudo apt-cache search whateverI'mlookingfor09:12
jvainiothanks a lot mates09:12
kenyonapt-cache doesn't need to be run with sudo09:13
mobi-sheepjvainio: You also can use "aptitude search <xyz>" for name of packages.  If you want to search description too, just use the earlier command I gave you.09:13
mikeyfbianyone know how to edit firefox text css?09:13
mespejelmobi-sheep: do you know any tricks to boot even more faster? to gain about 5 seconds?09:13
darlekhabit I guess09:13
mobi-sheepmespejel: Laptop / Computer?09:13
jvainioand if the command doesnt find anything, it doesnt print anything out, right_09:13
mespejelmobi-sheep: laptop09:14
darlekjva: then the word isn't there09:14
darlekwhat are you looking for?09:14
darlekit might be under a different name that you expect09:14
cm21no solution for mi then?09:14
darlekalso under your current system, type apropos whateveritIS , and that will check current files09:15
mobi-sheepmespejel: Well, I know / heard that ext4 run faster than ext3.  And I'm using ext4 myself too.  You can also check out System --> Administration --> Services || System --> Preferences --> Startup Applications.  There also are BUM for rundown level.09:15
mobi-sheep!info bum | mespejel09:15
ubottumespejel: bum (source: bum): graphical runlevel editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.1-2 (jaunty), package size 81 kB, installed size 516 kB09:15
jvainiodarlek: Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup09:15
jvainiostraight Dcrawl will do09:15
jvainiobut stone soup would be so much better09:15
darlekext3 is well established though and fine for most systems.09:15
mobi-sheepmespejel: However, to truly achieve a fast bootup, you'd have to step out of Ubuntu distro and start using something like Gentoo / ArchLinux.09:15
mikeyfbianyone have experience editing the firefox userChrome.css?09:15
alakoowtf did just happen, my theme changed without making any chances09:16
alakooThe system also set up sounds when starting programs09:16
jvainiodarlek: now it says it cannot even install basic crawl09:17
jvainiothat it cannot "Lock installation folder"09:17
alakoonow I re-selected "clearlooks" and the sounds are gone09:17
darlekjvo: got about 1000 hits on google with Dungeon crawl stone soup ubuntu, so some hope there09:17
Aryaanmaybe you've opened synaptic too, jvainio09:17
darlekyou might have to compile the latest version though09:18
kenyon!info crawl | darlek09:18
ubottudarlek: crawl (source: crawl): Dungeon Crawl, a text-based roguelike game. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:0.4.5-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 2061 kB, installed size 5312 kB09:18
neurochromeNoticed that the streamtuner shoutcast feeds are not working in jaunty.  Is there any way to fix this?09:18
jvainiodarlek: i have the newest ubuntu and i just updated09:18
mespejelmobi-sheep: why is this? this distros are more light?09:18
darlekubottu: yep, just learned that now haha09:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:18
mobi-sheepmespejel: When you install Ubuntu -- It came with pre-installed packages.09:18
jvainioAryaan: No i DO NOT have synaptic open09:19
kenyonjvainio: pastebin the exact errors09:19
mobi-sheepmespejel: You're asking to slim down on bootup process.09:19
mobi-sheepmespejel: Quote --> "Everything is faster when you just do it yourself (tm)."09:19
jvainiokenyon: roger09:19
darlekor other somesuch google hit09:20
jvainiook have them here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/183487/09:21
jvainioi need G++ right09:21
darlekno doubt09:21
kenyoncrawl is in the ubuntu archives, no need to download from softpedia09:21
jvainiobut when trying to get it thru apt get it says no package like g available09:21
jvainiobut i want the Tiled version and the stone soup version09:21
jvainiowhich i have a source for on my comp now09:21
Symbiossshow to reinstall gnome?09:22
kenyonjvainio: why are you trying to compile it? why not sudo aptitude install crawl?09:22
jvainiobecause it is the basic crawl. id rather have the Tiled Stone Soup version09:22
jvainioeven untiled Stone Soup will do09:22
jvainiobut SS it is, because it is MUCH MUCH more balanced09:22
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jvainioits the same game with diff rulesets09:22
=== DodgerDog^Drinki is now known as DodgerDog^Drink
kenyondid you read the documentation that came with the package on how to compile?09:22
kenyonyou probably need to run ./configure first09:23
jvainioyeah, id need a bunch of packaged09:23
darlekwith gcc/g++ install build_essential just in case, helpful in compilation09:23
jvainiobut cannot retrieve them09:23
darlekkenyon: he needs a compiler first ;)09:23
kenyon!info build-essential | jvainio09:23
ubottujvainio: build-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.4 (jaunty), package size 7 kB, installed size 48 kB09:23
jvainioyeah the install says error no g++09:23
jvainioso apt get that ok..09:23
kenyondarlek: no, you can run ./configure without a compiler09:24
jvainiohmm it still says ERROR cannot LOCK install dir09:24
mespejelmobi-sheep: yeah that's what im asking.. but i like ubuntu. there is no way i can work on that using ubuntu?09:24
jvainiobut i have no synaptic open09:24
darlekah that's true too isn't it09:24
FlynsarmyVLC is showing videos in their own window instead of part of the main VLC window. how do i fix that?09:24
mobi-sheepmespejel: Are you using ext3 or ext4?  Using ext4 would help.  Don't use it on production servers though.  :)09:25
darlekcannot LOCK means permissions, so try sudo'ing09:25
jvainioyeah sudo ye ye09:25
jvainiobut still09:25
jvainiokenyon: no configure file anywhere09:25
kenyonjvainio: that's the error I thought you were going to pastebin09:25
cm21Hello!... I have runing ubuntu 9.04, but I don't know how to change the brightness of the screen (desktop PC)09:25
darlekcm21, how about the knob on the monitor?09:26
=== jonathon_ is now known as jony123
jvainiook kenyon here you go09:26
cm21it is at limit09:26
darlekis it too dark?09:26
jvainiostuff that happens after sudo aptget install build essentials09:26
jony123anyone else here when uploading files threw firefox have firefox freese until the upload is comp;eted09:27
kenyonjvainio: looks like you have another package manager running, but I can't read that language09:27
jvainioits finnish... Linus Torvalds language09:27
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: It's an embedded window bug.  There are fix for that.09:27
neurochromejvainio: yeah have you got synaptic open too?09:28
jvainiono i dont09:28
=== Odo is now known as Odo081
jvainioall i have is console and file manager09:28
cm21too dark09:28
jvainioand firefox09:28
neurochromejvainio: why?  are you installing from scratch?09:28
jvainioyeah i have a source code pak09:29
jvainiocoz aptget doesnt know my program09:29
=== Odo081 is now known as Odo
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neurochromeyeah but apt should still be able to install build-essential09:29
darlekjvoinio:  does ps aux | grep -i manager point to any runaway process maybe?09:29
neurochromeand it's 'apt-get'09:29
pcccHello, on boot I'm getting the error "Alert! /dev/sda1 does not exist!" How do I go about making my sata driver load as a resident instead of as a module?09:30
jvainioi have no idea mates09:31
darlekcm21: I can't remember the program but I'm on a laptop, so sometimes there is a laptop program used to powerdown my screen a bit.  I remember I turned it off once and that brightened up the screen09:31
jvainioi will reboot09:31
jvainioand come back hhere09:31
jvainiocannot figure out what that process table says09:31
cm21but I am on desktop09:31
neurochromedarlek: have you added the brightness applet to the panel and tried using that?09:32
=== Odo is now known as Odo081
neurochromedarlek: is it a laptop?09:32
mobi-sheepdarlek: Power management?09:32
jvainiohmmm apparently neurochrome you were right there was a dialog window somewhere09:32
jvainionow it works, the buildessentials thing09:32
neurochromejvainio: good09:33
rockmanGood afternoon.09:33
mobi-sheepcm21: Is there a 'Brightness Applet' in the list of applets that you can add to Gnome-Panel?09:33
mobi-sheepcm21: Try right-click on a panel and "Add to.."  Look for Brightness Applet.09:33
cm21yes, but don't work09:33
darlekcm21:  try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4170431 for some ideas.  This is a laptop post, but desktop might have similar issues.  I don't know more about it though09:33
neurochromecm21: do u use a prop driver for your gfx?09:33
neurochromecm21:  the brightness aplet is for laptops only09:34
FlynsarmyIs there a deb available anywhere for the 1.0 RC2 of VLC?09:34
neurochromesounds like a gamma/brightness/contrast issue maybe09:34
neurochromeFlynsarmy: have you checked the vlc site09:34
cm21so, nothing for desktop09:34
darlekcm21: is there a time when the screen is okay or is it always dark?09:34
neurochromeFlynsarmy: getdeb?09:34
Flynsarmyneurochrome, ya, not on the download page09:34
cm21always dark09:35
jvainiook thanks everybody, especially darlek, neurochrome and mobi-sheep09:35
neurochromecm21: yeah. normally the gfx cards control app09:35
Flynsarmyneurochrome, searching for 'vlc' on getdeb returns nothing09:35
neurochromejvainio: np09:35
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources09:35
darlekcm21: try switching off acpi at boot09:35
neurochromeFlynsarmy: probably not then... have you checked the version provided by ubuntu-tweak09:36
cm21because the monitor (CRT) is old09:36
Flynsarmyneurochrome, newbie here. don't know what that is09:36
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: I have the solution -- Do you want it?09:36
neurochromeit's an app that enables 3rd party sources for you to install from.. vlc is on the list.. these will normally be newer versions than those provided by canonical09:37
neurochromeFlynsarmy: see mobi-sheep he looks like he has the answer09:37
slimgood morning09:37
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, yes please09:37
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list --> Type in a password --> You'll see a Text Edit popping up.09:37
neurochromemobi-sheep: he's a noob give him the gksudo gedit version! ;)09:37
cm21thanks for your help neurochrome09:37
neurochromemobi-sheep: GKSUDO! lol09:38
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Use gksudo instead of sudo.  Sorry!09:38
neurochromecm21: np09:38
cm21I will live on the darkness09:38
* neurochrome is a stickler for the rules! he he!09:38
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: You there?  Run "gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list" in the terminal.09:39
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, yea i have09:39
razmy ubuntu laptop makes an annoying, high pitched sound when it wakes up from suspend. anyone know how to disable that?09:39
razi googled for "resume sound" and such, but found nohting09:39
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Add three lines.  1)  # VLC     2)  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kow/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main    3)  deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/kow/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main09:39
darlekraz: you might have a key stuck, type the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and all the other keys09:40
razdarlek, no. the sound is not permanent, it seems to be a notification sample played on purpose09:40
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: # VLC09:40
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kow/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main09:40
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/kow/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main09:40
darlekraz: I had this exact same problem; I cleaned my keyboard and got rid os fome gunk09:40
heihaierHow to drive TP-LINK TL-WN422G+ in Ubuntu 8.04.2 server?09:40
darlekof a lot of gunk09:40
razdarlek, ehm. there is no stuck key09:40
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, done09:41
Elive_user33_enHi All.. I have a Active Directory ( Win 2003 ) and a NIS server (Ubuntu ) is there a way where I can synchronize Windows AD password with NIS.. so that user needs to have only one password..Rather than two different passwords?09:41
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: With me so far?  What you're doing is that you accept the risk and the patches that were made by a username 'kow' -- You understand me?  This is adding a new source repos to your list.09:41
n0ydCould someone give me a hand? Apache doesn't start on boot anymore, but starts fine with apache2ctl but NOT /etc/init.d/apache2 start. But I just discovered I have /etc/init.d/apache2 AND /etc/init.d/apache2.1. If I use the apache2.1 init script manually, it starts fine, no errors. Any ideas whats going on?09:42
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: By doing this, you're getting a patched version of new VLC 1.0 ALPHA.  I have this too.09:42
darlekraz: it's hard to judge a stuck key on the laptops.  Even a non stuck key can have gunk pressed into it making the connection, even if the key isn't really that bad.  I took my keyboard off, went over it and found two keys.  Cleaned, and it worked.  The noise you hear is buffer overrun.09:42
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, yea i've played with apt sources before. Is there not a 1.0 rc2 one?09:42
darlekraz: YMMV of course of course09:42
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Assuming you did it right -- You added three lines --> Comment + Two Source Lines.   Now "sudo aptitude update"09:42
krisss117hi, where i can find airoscript to ubuntu, becouse i download and it dosn.t work :/09:42
razdarlek, dude. there is no stuck key ;)09:43
Elive_user33_enn0u, Looks like.. apache2.1 is already using the ports ( 80/443 ..etc ).. second one fails because of that.. Whats the error message you are getting09:43
ozon_i ll come here later09:43
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, The following signatures could not be verified because the public key is not available09:43
darlekalrightie ;)09:43
n0ydElive_user33_en, no error. and the 2.1 one isnt starting a boot anyway09:43
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Alrigh.  Good.  I don't know if I have 1.0 RC2 as I don't care for latest version.  Just that it worked.09:43
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 0xdd4676fd8f10a7a7b9d8b1f60e494dbb2f021ac109:43
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete09:43
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Then "sudo aptitude update"  --> again.  To ensure that you're not getting error.09:44
|Newton|Can anyone recommend a good app for MSN, NOT pidgin :D!?09:44
darlekubottu: how do you do that?  are you piping apropos or something to irc?09:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:44
kenyon|Newton|: bitlbee09:44
BlinkizHi. I would like that Evolution is started at a specified window size (1024x768). Is it possible?09:44
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, worked09:44
mobi-sheep!info amsn | |Newton|09:44
ubottu|Newton|: amsn (source: amsn): An MSN messenger written in Tcl. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.97.2~debian-2ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 266 kB, installed size 880 kB09:44
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Okay.  "sudo aptitude full-upgrade"09:44
|Newton|im using aMSN but i dont like it..09:44
ozzmosisElive_user33_en: Windows AD password sync might be something for #samba09:44
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: You might have to do it few times as it's installing packages / removing packages.09:45
Elive_user33_enozatomic, Will try there thanks09:45
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, what's the diff between that and sudo apt-get install?09:45
kenyonaptitude is better09:45
mobi-sheep!aptitude | Flynsarmy09:45
ubottuFlynsarmy: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide09:45
Elive_user33_enn0yd, update-rc.d apache2 remove and update-rc.d apache-2.1 defaults09:45
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/aptitude09:46
=== Elive_user33_en is now known as linux_manju
darlekubottu: copy paste king, or or...09:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:46
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: It's a cleaner version.  It remove the packages AND THEIR DEPENDENCIES.  Read the link I gave you.09:46
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, thanks09:46
ozzmosis!bot > darlek09:46
Snomii downloaded compiz configuration thing, and i set the effect to blur....now i can only see black windows xD anyone got any suggestions?09:46
ubottudarlek, please see my private message09:46
darlekaptitude gives you options if the install doesn't run and will offer you a chance to repair rather than quit09:47
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Do "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade" again.  Just to make sure there are no problem.09:47
JesusCake[BoT]is anyone here?09:47
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Err, copy the command.09:47
JesusCake[BoT]i need halp haha09:48
mobi-sheep!ask | JesusCake[BoT]09:48
ubottuJesusCake[BoT]: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:48
Snomii downloaded compiz configuration thing, and i set the effect to blur....now i can only see black windows xD anyone got any suggestions?09:48
n0ydlinux_manju, thx didnt think of that :P09:48
linux_manjun0yd, NP :)09:48
JesusCake[BoT]oh okay. :D09:48
JesusCake[BoT]So i just installed ubuntu over windows, and it is just as slow as it was before.09:48
raghu125coorgraz it looks like capacitor whine problem09:49
dassoukiwhere can i find a good source of business related (non programming and non web design) website that has reviews of FOSS software09:49
linux_manjudassouki, freshmeat.net ??09:49
raghu125coorgraz, gksudo gedit /etc/init.d/acpid09:49
JesusCake[BoT]like i wanted to do a clean install, and it acts like it did an overwrite, instead of a clean install.09:49
raghu125coorgraz, echo 2 > /sys/module/processor/parameters/max_cstate09:49
raghu125coorgraz, Save the file and reboot Ubuntu09:50
kenyonJesusCake[BoT]: There is no difference.09:50
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Everything going okay?  VLC work? :)09:50
dassoukilinux_manju: thank u :D09:50
Snomijesus, what do you want doing?09:50
JesusCake[BoT]well it is just as slow... and i dont know why09:50
JesusCake[BoT]i want to know why it is still as slow09:50
Snomiwhat are your PC specs?09:50
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, yea i got a crash report the first time i did it but the second time it worked fine09:50
JesusCake[BoT]even with a clean install, i havent checked the hard drive09:50
Flynsarmymobi-sheep, i'm now on rc1. thanks for your help :)09:50
JesusCake[BoT]its like a 2004 dell09:50
JesusCake[BoT]the comp is upstairs and i dont know how to get irc on my phone haha.09:50
mobi-sheepFlynsarmy: Welcome.  Have fun. :)09:50
mmm4m5mquestion please: every time after upgrade linux headers, I have to rebuild nvidia modules. It is easy, I got it from nvidia web site with good description. But wondering how to automate it? dmesg tell that virtualbox module is automatically rebuild. How it is done?09:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apropos09:51
happy_bananoosam coucou09:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rails09:51
JesusCake[BoT]Okay, so the comp has xp. and it had viruses adware and a whole bunch of bad crap on it. I wanted to just reformat the hard drive and put linux on it, but i didnt see a spot to do a reformat.09:51
JesusCake[BoT]so i think that windows is still lingering on there, which is the reason for it being slow still09:52
whazillahow would i use ubuntu to go from stage1 to another ?09:52
kenyonJesusCake[BoT]: Can you boot to windows anymore? If not, then it is gone.09:52
whazillachroot ?09:52
JesusCake[BoT]no it just goes right into linux.09:52
methvancan anyone help me sort out a network manager problem in 9.0409:52
zirodayJesusCake[BoT]: Windows won't affect Ubuntu performance. Please pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l09:52
raghu125coorgmethvan, what is the problem?09:53
openrosI wanto copy the OS from one machine to another.09:53
openroshow to do it09:53
methvanI don't seem to have network manager09:53
darlek_methvan: what's up?09:53
openrosthat is i want to create an ISO of the installed Linux09:53
darlek_you mean the applet?09:53
JesusCake[BoT]i have to go upstairs09:53
methvanI am trying to get my wireless working again09:53
Snomii downloaded compiz configuration thing, and i set the effect to blur....now i can only see black windows xD anyone got any suggestions? should i go to the failsafe terminal and uninstall the configuarion tool?09:53
darlek_sudo aptitude install network-manager-gnome09:54
zirodayopenros: you will have to use cloning software such as partimage or clonezilla09:54
kenyonopenros: That isn't a simple task. Might be better to simply do a normal install.09:54
raghu125coorgmethvan, check this out http://wicd.sourceforge.ne09:54
openrosi hat an enterprice linux...09:54
openrosmissed the dvd09:54
openrosand want to copy from the exsisting server to the new server09:55
kenyonopenros: not ubuntu?09:55
Snomianyone know the command for an uninstall?09:55
ozzmosisopenros: it would probably be easier to install ubuntu on the 2nd machine then rsync to it from the first09:55
openrosnot ubuntu09:55
ozzmosisSnomi: apt-get autoremove09:55
zirodaySnomi: sudo apt-get remove <packagename>09:55
kenyon!ot | openros09:55
openrosi came here get a quick support09:55
ubottuopenros: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:55
Snomiwhich one...09:55
openroswhich chanel shall i ask09:56
ozzmosisSnomi: it depends what you want to do09:56
kenyonSnomi: aptitude remove09:56
openrosi need to copy redhat el 509:56
zirodaySnomi: autoremove will remove all "orphaned" packages whilst remove will uninstall the packages you request09:56
Snomimy compiz config manager thing i broken..09:56
mobi-sheepAnybody know what's up with VirtualBox repo?09:56
Snomiand i cant use ubuntu09:56
Snomibut i can get into the terminal09:57
zirodaySnomi: how is it broken? Please be specific09:57
methvanI have the two computer symbols on the task bar thing, when I left click on it, it is telling me my wireless connections are unmanaged... any ideas??09:57
lanoxx-can i mount my existing /home partition on a newly installed ubuntu with the same user name existing on both installations or will that give complications09:57
Snomiziroday: ive written it before: i downloaded compiz configuration thing, and i set the effect to blur....now i can only see black windows xD anyone got any suggestions? should i go to the failsafe terminal and uninstall the configuarion tool?09:57
mmm4m5mziroday: I think, "auto remove" is not the same as "orphaned".. at least for synaptic, looks it is different09:57
an7Anyone know what cpufreq method is actually being used on Jaunty? It seems to keep my cpu stuck on lowest frequency, even when I select the performance governor in the gnome applet09:57
darlek_openros: CloneZilla or G4L (Ghost 4 Linux) should be okay09:57
ozzmosislanoxx-: the only complication is if the user numbers are different09:57
ozzmosislanoxx-: the numerical user ID, that is09:58
zirodaySnomi: removing the configuration tool won't do anything09:58
lanoxx-ozzmosis, ok, so concerning configuration files thats no problem? thus i only have to check with the id command if the user ids are identical09:58
rdzhi all. when waking up from suspend, my macbook4,1 with jaunty makes some optical drive noise, but stays black. i also cannot connect per ssh then. it seems, that waking up was stopped at some point. how can i help debug this?09:58
zirodaySnomi: try do sudo mv ~/.compiz ~/.compiz.old09:58
Snomiin the failsafe terminal ?09:58
ozzmosisSnomi: you can probably just rm $HOME/.compiz .. or do what ziroday said09:59
tdnAfter upgrading to Kubuntu 9.04, ny disk keeps spinning down, when I am not using it. Even when I'm on AC Power. This is very annoying and probably damaging my disk. How do I make it stop?09:59
ozzmosislanoxx-: correct09:59
kenyonan7: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor09:59
ozzmosistdn: I think the hdparm command can control that09:59
zirodaySnomi: no, press ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a VT. Press ctrl+alt+f7 to get back10:00
an7kenyon, that shows the governor as set, but the scaling doesnt change (acual mhz/ghz)10:00
JesusCake[BoT]sudo fdisk -sudo fdisk -l10:00
lanoxx-ozzmosis, thats cool, i just installed a fresh installation of jaunty on a different partition since there is just to much stuff broken, now im trying to figure out how to best do the migration, would you suggest copying over files from /etc/?10:00
Snomiwont that show up at black too10:00
ozzmosislanoxx-: I guess that depends what's broken :)10:00
kenyonan7: it's hard to see because it changes so fast10:00
JesusCake[BoT]woops haha10:00
Snomiziroday: wont that show up as black too10:00
kenyonan7: did it say ondemand?10:00
zirodaySnomi: no, its a virtual terminal10:00
tdnozzmosis, I have tried. No effect.10:00
an7kenyon - my cpu is sitting at 76%10:00
ziroday!pastebin | JesusCake[BoT]10:00
tdnozzmosis, hdparm -S0 does not work.10:00
ubottuJesusCake[BoT]: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)10:00
Snomiwoot ok10:00
an7kenyon, it says performance, but the scaling__cur_freq sits at 800mhz (which sucks for a 2ghz laptop plugged into mains)10:01
zirodayJesusCake[BoT]: you have no windows partitions installed10:01
ozzmosistdn: how does it "not work"?10:01
JesusCake[BoT]why is it still acting sluggish then?10:01
JesusCake[BoT]a clean install will fix the problems it had, but this is not10:01
lanoxx-ozzmosis, basically scim and the printer dialog (system-config-printer) and a few other things, random crashes, and most annoyingly i have a lot of remaining kde packets lying around since i originally installed kubuntu and then later on installed ubunut-desktop10:02
lanoxx-also at boot time i still get the kubuntu splash but only have of the time and then it falls back to tty10:03
JesusCake[BoT]so i still have not found a solution.10:03
scandinavianEnter text here...hello10:03
Snomiziroday: there is no .compiz directory10:03
kenyonan7: I use ondemand on my core2 quad desktop. I have cpufrequtils installed, which provides a cpufreq-set program.10:03
zirodaySnomi: you are looking in /home/yourusername correct?10:03
Snomiwhat should i type ziroday10:04
an7kenyon, I tried installing that, but then gnome failed to login - some sort of clash with the builtin power tools? It didnt seem to let me change anything either though10:04
zirodaySnomi: do cd ~10:04
zirodaySnomi: and then ls -la | grep compiz10:04
Snomicd ~/.compiz ?10:04
lanoxx-ozzmosis, or would you say these problems are fixable?10:04
ozzmosislanoxx-: usually you'd just copy /etc/X11/xorg.conf.. possibly /etc/hosts .. maybe APT's sources.lst.. most of the stuff people care about is under $HOME or somewhere else though.. occasionally in /var10:04
zirodaySnomi: does ls -la | grep compiz return anything when you are in your homedir?10:05
an7kenyon, http://pastebin.com/m11f137f810:05
ozzmosislanoxx-: everything is fixable if you have the time10:05
lanoxx-ozzmosis, i would have the time i guess but not the knowledge and google was not help to sofar10:05
Snomiziroday: so i type Is -la | grep compiz10:05
kenyonan7: hmm I don't know, maybe you can just disable scaling?10:06
Snomiis that and L ?10:06
an7kenyon, how?10:06
zirodaySnomi: it is an l10:06
zirodaySnomi: l L (el)10:06
Snomiziroday: capital i?10:06
ozzmosisSnomi: ls .. short for list10:06
an7kenyon, google seems to think removing powernowd10:06
Snomithen in the middle, is that a line10:06