knomeif you want, you might try an older version or then the minimal cd00:00
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:00
Pato1it is mostly a ram issue?00:00
knomeif you can upgrade your ram to something like 512, you are in a way better position00:01
knomethen i could suggest 9.04 for you00:01
Pato1does this type of instalation recognizes wpa2 wireless connections?00:01
knomeno problem, if the wifi card is supported00:02
Pato1ok, thanks00:02
NetLarIrvineWhat are the minimum requirements?00:06
knomesee the xubuntu section00:07
knomeunder 256 ram is not really recommended.00:07
NetLarIrvinewell that leaves me out00:08
NetLarIrvineonly 92 ram here00:08
NetLarIrvinevery old machin00:08
NetLarIrvineprobably time to retire that pc00:09
knomethat could run a cli :P00:15
knomecommand line interface00:17
NetLarIrvineoh i know00:17
NetLarIrvineBut I will need a pc to run apps for people on the house00:17
NetLarIrvineor even in the house, ha ha00:17
sml1226hey knome i restarted and that stupid applet finally started working!!00:26
knomesml1226, nice ;)00:28
sml1226Now gnome panel is back thoug00:28
knomeheh ok...00:29
sml1226how do I disable it00:29
sml1226it acts like it is the default00:29
knomegnome-panel --replace? :/00:30
sml1226thats what i did last time and it came back after the restart00:30
knomecheck the session00:30
knomefrom settings00:31
sml1226worked thanks00:32
=== Paddy_EIRE_ is now known as Paddy_EIRE
MoochHas anyone had any success with dial up for version 8.1002:37
MoochI just can't connect its begin to be a nightmare02:38
Moochpppconfig utility on my pc for some reason is not working02:38
MoochI am trying to get wvdial to work and no luck with that02:39
Moochbad enough my Usb PCI didn't work02:39
MoochI don't know if I should download gnome ppp or are there other options?02:41
Moochanyone have any suggestions?02:43
Moochany suggestions for dial up anyone?02:46
MoochI can't use ppconfig because something is wrong with the utility so and wvdial won't work because the terminal says Configuration does not specify a valid phone number Login name and paswword02:51
Moochcould it be because I have too many wvdial.conf files?02:51
MoochProbably major of you have broadband and dial up is porbably the last thing on your mind02:53
MoochI don't like dial up myself but I am stuck with it and the looks of it I wish I had broadband02:54
MoochBut if there is someone that can help me please let me know02:56
Moochwell ummmmm I guess no one wants to help I hate bother anyone but I am just trying resolve this issue so I can get gnome ppp02:58
MoochI would really appreciate some help02:59
Moochwell I apparently am not going to receive any help so long then03:05
dbdii407Why does xUbuntu 9 Just freeze? I wouldn't say freeze but will not let me click, drag, or move anything? (I can still type on the current window but that's it)03:12
sml1226Export GTK_MODULES=globalmenu-gnome in your profile.  HOW?  What does it mean?  To it or from it?03:17
sml1226Actually I am not sure thats the problem because it gives another option and it sort of works03:34
sml1226Instead of laying the menus on the panel like it should I get a drop-down menu with the menus in it.03:34
sml1226It works in the gnome panel but only partially in the xfce panel03:34
sml1226would exporting get it to work with xfce?03:34
R1cochetis there an app that can respond to an ad online via email? similar to outlook04:31
Devilsprey99my twittux doesnot connect anyone got any idea05:20
GINZHi, I have installed the latest version of XUBUNTU from a bootable CD burnt from a torrent my son sent me. IT seemed to be fine , booted, logged in etc but the quit button just removed the task bars and left the desktop and icons .09:30
GINZI right clicked on empty spage and did applications/logout and got the shutdown panel. I chose restart, and it got past login to the bluey screen and hung there09:31
GINZ Any suggestions?09:31
GINZI used the red and black buttons oon the front of the tower to close down09:31
GINZ Next time I booted, it got past login to the blue screen and hung again09:32
GINZWould it make sense for me to get  the XUBUNTU dowonload on this Windows machine, Burn the bootable CD here and use it to reinstall?09:33
GINZOh are you here?09:49
SiDiGINZ, we're there yeh09:50
GINZI typed a problem here a few minutes ago09:50
SiDiso you get a blue login screen when logging in, now ?09:50
GINZyes that is correct09:50
GINZ I am typing on my XP machine09:51
SiDiit's likely this bug09:51
GINZThe login was normal but after that  it went straight to the pale bluey grey screen09:51
SiDiYeh, the session cannot fully load because of a bug in the opensource drivers, apparently09:52
SiDiGINZ, does Alt+F2 work on the blueish desktop ?09:52
SiDiif so, please type "xfce4-panel in it"09:52
GINZ I did see something during bootup about "fails cutoff" and "Acpi=force is required"09:53
SiDiI'm not the most experienced guy with those things (ie. i dont understand that bug :p) but i'll try to see with our developers if they can have a look09:53
GINZlt and F2 got me a "Run Program" panel09:54
GINZhmm did you mean the in it to be in that quote?09:56
SiDiOk, GINZ09:59
SiDitype xfce4-panel -r10:00
SiDiinside that run window10:00
SiDiand tell me if the panels popup :)10:00
GINZnothing  just returns to the panel10:01
GINZah  running xfce4-panel  does bring back the task bars10:02
GINZt only those, not the desktop10:02
SiDirun "xfdesktop --reload"10:03
SiDiim trying to find out all the things that need to be booted :p10:04
GINZnothing happens10:05
SiDixfdesktop alone then ?10:07
GINZyes that brought desktop up10:08
GINZSo is there a way to set these to work automatically or will I need to runo those two  things every time I boot up?10:12
GINZDo you also have any advice for getting the quit button to shut down the computer, instread of just hiding the taskbars?10:19
SiDiill write you a quick script that'll boot those two things10:20
SiDitry to see if there appears to be something "missing"10:20
SiDiGINZ, i think the quit button not working is more or less the same bug :]10:21
SiDiput the 5 lines of this file into a file named ".initrc" (dont forget the .)10:23
SiDiand then type chmod +x .initrc in a terminal10:23
SiDiit's a *dirty* workaround. When the bug will be fixed you'll have to remove it ;p10:24
GINZshall I need to put "sudo" in front of the "chmod "10:29
GINZDoes that file need to be in a particular part of the file system?10:33
GINZor just on desktop?10:33
_Pete_GINZ: it should be in your homedir10:39
GINZI followed these instructions. but got errors. please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/183542/11:04
cemunalwill not i use nvidia 71* series drivers with latest xorg version?11:17
=== DaveDixonII is now known as dbdii407
premorphoshey im on a wifi office network and i want to see all computers and shared folders. question: how?12:48
premorphosis there some thing like "my network places" from windows in xubuntu?12:53
GINZPremorphos, In Places do you see anything that looks similar to Network places?12:54
GINZLook in Applications/ accessories and I think there is a networks thing there12:54
GINZthat may be where12:55
GINZLike you I know it from Windows12:55
premorphosGINZ: tnx for youre reply... but no thing like that.12:56
GINZMy Xubuntu is not yet set up so I cannot check for you12:56
GINZI think you 'll have to kust look into everything in Applications and Accessories maybe even system (but be careful there) and see if there is anything that looks like network or interneet12:58
premorphosyes that is the problem.. im so used windows.. what do you use and on what os12:58
premorphosto find network places12:58
GINZI know I was asking recently how to see the LAN and it is in there somewhere12:58
GINZI usually use Win XP12:58
GINZ but am setting up an old computer in Xubuntu on the LAN12:59
premorphosi got to say.. xubuntu sure rocks..13:00
GINZwell the newest upgrade has hit the rocks as far as I am concerned13:03
GINZgot a bug or maybe several13:04
GINZI am firing it up to see if I can remember where to look for the LAN13:05
GINZMy son told me in an email but all the emails have the same subject which makes it hopeless finding things13:05
GINZnah  I will have to reinstall the whole thing13:08
GINZwon;t open13:08
GINZbut I am sure it was in one of those menues13:09
premorphosyes im looking but cant find any thing similar13:09
premorphosno prob... tnx for trying13:10
premorphosanyone using a good GUI Lanmanager?13:30
tyranoshi ,i wish to remove the verve shell  panel-applet  and i can't !!13:46
ptizzyi have to right-click on the very top edge of the verve "box" to get the context menu.  it's a little tricky13:49
tyranosptizzy, thx finally , i tried left and right before but top was actually on the firefox status :P,13:52
Aqathere is network monitor with speed limit option , that can limit my internet connection speed?13:55
Aqaon my panel13:55
ptizzynp tyranos.  i wish there was a way to access a menu list of all applets on a particular panel that would allow one to remove specific applets13:55
tyranosi mean even gnome has such problems and even more , as the gnome-panel gets confused when placed in a vertical positions13:58
ramrodi installed jaunty amd64 and i cant set twinview14:00
ramrodit says14:00
ramrodVALIDATION ERROR:  Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.14:00
ramrodUndefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default Screen"14:00
ramrodand when i press on the save to xorg button it says "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!" even when i sudo nvidia-settings14:02
ramrodah i rebuilt my xorg now its working14:09
ramrod*THUMBS UP*14:09
=== Paddy_EIRE_ is now known as Paddy_EIRE
ToStItOsIf my dial up modem initializes but then the terminal says 'Configuration does not specify a valid phone number login and so forth what does it mean?16:35
_Pete_maybe what the error says?16:37
ToStItOsWell I have all the info in there already so I stumped on why16:38
_Pete_so recheck every info you have is configured in correct place in your Configuration16:39
ToStItOswhen I created my ISP record I used the sudo wvdial /etc/wvdial.conf and I tried to save the file then I got a error about root not being a directory so I put the wvdial record in the root directory16:42
_Pete_are you sure it was "root not being a directory" ?16:43
ToStItOsyeah said root no such file or directory so I put the wvdial.conf file in the root directory and my modem almost worked then16:44
_Pete_what exactly are you trying to do?16:45
ToStItOsI want to delete the wvdial.conf duplicate files and see if my modem will dial out16:46
_Pete_with modem you mean "old school" ones that actually dial via teleline ?16:46
_Pete_then I am out of knowledge16:47
_Pete_or better said forgotten all that16:47
ToStItOsok but do you know how to delete duplicate files with gksu gedit16:48
_Pete_what do you mean with duplicate files ?16:48
ToStItOsI have wvdial.conf duplicate files that were created when I was trying to create my ISP info16:49
ToStItOsI have about 4 files16:50
ToStItOsI just want to delete them16:50
DetroitLibertyPein buntu is there an option to run LXDE insted of XFCE16:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lxde16:51
TheSheepDetroitLibertyPe: I think you can apt-get it16:52
DetroitLibertyPeright, but once I do that, how do I change it so that when I boot it boots into LXDE instead of XFCE16:52
DetroitLibertyPewould the LXDE package automatically ad something to GRUB forcing me to choose each time, or what?16:53
ToStItOsAnyone know how to delete files in gedit16:53
TheSheepToStItOs: use a file manager instead, gedit is just a text editor16:53
TheSheepDetroitLibertyPe: it will add an option to your login screen16:53
ToStItOsI didn't think about that duh16:53
TheSheepDetroitLibertyPe: under 'sessions'16:53
TheSheepDetroitLibertyPe: just like installing gnome and kde does16:54
DetroitLibertyPeTheSheep: didn't know that either16:54
DetroitLibertyPemy 10 year old machine doens't like Gnome or KDE16:54
DetroitLibertyPeWindowmaker, now that's where its at!16:54
ToStItOsTheSheep but even if the file is a wvdial.conf file16:55
TheSheepDetroitLibertyPe: there is wmaker for xubuntu too16:55
ToStItOsTheSheep I won't need admin privileges to delete the files I don't need correct?16:56
TheSheepToStItOs: depends on where the files are and who owns them16:58
ToStItOsTheSheep the files are in the etc folder so you said use a file manager and will it let me ?16:59
ToStItOsdelete the files that way16:59
TheSheepToStItOs: start it with 'gksu thunar' command, then it works as root -- be careful, you can break your system easily working as root17:00
ToStItOsHows that ?17:01
TheSheepyou will be able to delete and change stuff that's part of the system17:01
vinnlToStItOs, which files are they? Are you absolutely sure it's safe to delete them?17:01
ToStItOshmmm well its the wvdial.conf files17:02
vinnlWhat do they do and why do you want to delete them?17:03
vinnl(Just making sure you're not doing anything potentially harmful, I wouldn't like that for you to happen ;-)17:03
ToStItOsvinnl I want to redo my ISP info because something is wrong with the configuration17:04
vinnlWhy don't you just edit the existing files then?17:04
ToStItOsbut doesn't create another file afterward17:04
ToStItOsWhen I edit the file doesn't it create another file?17:06
vinnlEhm, no... It edits the existing file17:06
ToStItOsI was looking at the file I check the configuration and it looked ok but the terminal keeps telling me that theres no valid phone number and so on17:07
ToStItOsthis is the message I get 'The configuration does not specify a valid phone numver log in name17:08
vinnlToStItOs, do you happen to have a .wvdialrc file in your home directory? That might overwrite your configuration17:09
vinnlAlso, why are you doing this manually? Xubuntu includes an graphical application to manage your network connection17:10
ToStItOshmmm let me check my other pc brb17:10
ToStItOswell long story but I basically I have ubuntu I want to migrate to Xubuntu 8.10 but without a connection I am at a loss17:11
ToStItOsbut let me check that file brb17:11
vinnlIs the connection working on Ubuntu?17:11
ToStItOsthats my problem right now17:11
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:12
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up17:12
vinnlTheSheep, ^.^17:13
ToStItOsvinnl I have talked to you before I am a friend of Knome17:13
knomeo.O ? :)17:13
vinnlAh :)17:13
vinnlI wouldn't remember, sorry :P17:13
lsbrumHow i disable XFCE sounds?17:20
vinnllsbrum, which sounds?17:25
lsbrumvinnl: Event sounds.17:28
vinnlWhich events? :P17:28
lsbrumvinnl: Bips, when open a folder or something..17:28
lsbrumWhen close..17:28
lsbrumvinnl: Sorry for my English a im from Brazil..17:29
vinnlHmm, sounds like an accesibility setting, let me look for it :)17:29
vinnllsbrum, a quick Google search brought up this: http://blog.xfce.org/2008/10/event-sounds-in-xfce-44-46/ :)17:30
lsbrumvinnl: Thanks..17:39
lsbrumvinnl: I go to test.17:39
Guest93733i have 8.04 i tried to run twittux but it wont connect18:33
Guest93733any suggestions18:34
DetroitLibertyPeGuest93733: what is twitux?18:48
Guest93733twitter client18:54
DetroitLibertyPedid you download it from apt-get or try to compile, or what?18:55
DetroitLibertyPenot that I really know, all I really know is that twitter is the bein of my existance, that and the damn iPhone.18:56
Guest93733yep from synaptic18:56
Guest10354my firefox starts on work oflline mode as default. Can anyone tell me how to change that19:43
Guest10354*work offline19:46
geniiGuest10354: user_pref("browser.offline", false);    in ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/prefs.js19:53
Guest10354shall i add the command19:59
ToStItOsI have my dial up modem working:-D20:08
ToStItOsThanks for all the help from anyone involved Pete The Sheep thanx20:09
ToStItOsSpecial thanx to vinnl20:09
ToStItOsand Knomw20:09
likemindeadHello all. Hope you're well. Anyone up for some Conky tweaking?20:37
knomeyou can try us20:37
likemindeadHow do I get the temp to display properly?20:38
knomeokay..? ;)20:38
likemindeadYeah, see it on the right? It's not reading anything.20:38
knomei suppose your cpu/hd has to support that feature.20:39
likemindeadIt should. It displays in hardinfo.20:39
knomemmhmm. both of them?20:40
likemindeadI think the line I copied is wrong.20:40
knomecheck that20:41
knomemaybe that will help20:41
CarlisCan you see this page: www.hotelcasinoplaza.com ?20:55
Carlisin xubuntu ?20:55
CarlisHi I need help20:56
CarlisCan you see this page: www.hotelcasinoplaza.com in xubuntu ?20:56
Carlisdo u see the flash in www.hotelcasinoplaza.com ?20:57
likemindeadSomething's jacked up, for sure.20:57
Carliswhat version of flash does firefox xubuntu have ?20:58
CarlisIt`s this version: It`s not going to work20:58
likemindeadLooks like.20:59
CarlisIs possible to put this flash version in firefox xubuntu ?20:59
likemindeadYes. You can install any version you'd like.21:00
Carlisis that version in repository ?21:01
Carliswho can help me ?21:03
CarlisI need help21:04
CarlisCan you see the flash of this page: www.hotelcasinoplaza.com ?21:04
CarlisI need help21:06
Carlisanybody can help me ?21:06
E144Macxubuntu 9.0.421:07
artistxethat would depend Carlis21:08
ToStItOsHow do I install gnome ppp21:08
Carliswhat does ppp meaning ?21:09
ToStItOsI forgot I am nubie21:09
Carlistos: Can you see the flash of this page: www.hotelcasinoplaza.com ?21:09
ToStItOsI see the link21:10
ToStItOsI know the command is apt-get install but the program the name is gnome ppp is there a dash in between gnome and ppp21:11
CarlisTos can you see the flash ?21:11
Carliswhat version of flash does firefox xubuntu have ?21:12
CarlisIt`s the last version is not going to work21:13
artistxeCarlis : that you cannot see the flash on that page is a good thing maybe ?21:13
artistxemay be blocked by the ubuntu extensions for firefox21:14
CarlisI need to install flash version to see the flash in firefox xubuntu21:14
E144Machow do burn the images of xubuntu to a dvd+r and make them bootable?21:14
Carliscan u help me to fix it artistxe ?21:15
artistxeokay. it is a casino sight ( so why do you want to ) ?  and try disabling the add-on in your firefox preferences.21:15
Carlisdo you see the flash artistxe ?21:16
artistxeno. do you author that site ?21:17
Carliscan you fix thi issue artstxe ?21:18
artistxeI tried diabling the firefox extension for Ubuntu . did nothing. maybe the site is not loading/working properly ? did you get there in another browser ?21:19
CarlisI can see the flash in firefox windows but with the flash version
CarlisWith the last version that is don`t work21:20
artistxehmmm. I don't have any windows boxes anymore , but aren't some sites windows specific anyway ?21:21
artistxeI know that you cannot watch any programs on the "ABC Player" unless you are on windows or mac.21:22
artistxeI cannot see it being a flash problem ( or specifically a flash problem) if flash works everywhere else for you.21:23
Carliscan you fix this issue artistxe ?21:25
Carliswho can help me ?21:27
artistxeI think nobody can . that was my point.21:30
artistxego nthere on windows21:30
* artistxe turns off touchpad now :/21:31
DesigntecAnyone here who can help me with some simple xubuntu noob questions?21:34
CarlisThe solution is to install the flash version
CarlisThat`s the solution to fix the issue21:34
Carlisbut how do install that version ?21:35
artistxedid you install and fix it ?21:35
artistxefind the package online and convert it if you need to ( from rpm or whatever with alin )21:36
CarlisIn windows I have I have installed the flash version and it`s work21:36
Carlisand I hope in linux is going to work too21:36
artistxealien*     argh....21:36
Carlisbut I don`t know how to installk it in linux21:36
Carlisbut how do i find the package online ?21:40
Carlisartistxe ?21:41
artistxeCarlis . google it21:42
Carliscan you give me me a complete help aristxe ???21:42
Carlisis it not in repository ?21:43
artistxedo you want that specific package version ???21:43
knomeCarlis, you can't install an older flash version from the repository, Carlis21:43
knomeoops. :)21:44
knome!hi | puffandstuff21:45
ubottupuffandstuff: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu!21:45
puffandstuffanyone tried to install kdevelop under 9.04 ? when i've installed it it contains only project templates for qt application when i try to create new project :(21:45
knomepuffandstuff, what should it contain?21:46
CarlisI need to install the flash version for firefox xubuntu21:46
puffandstuffknome, autoconf is the most missed feature21:46
artistxeCarlis, you would need to uninstall ( not wise) your current version . and then find a deb package somewhere of the version you do want. even then may not work . again the site may be windows specific ( as in the viruses they want to place on your computer need a path to install)21:47
knomepuffandstuff, did it work earlier?21:47
puffandstuffknome, i need to be able to create an autotool project, but as i've said it only provide template for QT ! kdevelop 3.9.9121:47
puffandstuffknome, on 8.04 LTS all was fine and work great21:47
knome!attitude | puffandstuff21:48
ubottupuffandstuff: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines21:48
CarlisIt`s my first time21:48
puffandstuffknome, whe i said i need i didn't want to say "you must provide me such a fonctionality" i know that people are volounteers, i'm a colunteer too :/21:49
artistxethere is something that you are misunderstanding here.21:49
puffandstuffme ?21:50
puffandstuffI would like just if someone can verify on it's installation if it's possible to create an autotool project using kdevelop 3.9.91, and thank you in advance.21:51
knomepuffandstuff, i suppose asking #kubuntu first would be wiseish, because they know about "k"(de) more21:53
puffandstuffknome, than you21:53
knomepuffandstuff, if it works for them and not you even after trying what they suggested, come back here21:53
knomepuffandstuff, then we can sort out if it's a xubuntu problem or a problem on your machine and jaunty21:54
Carlisnobody can help me then ?22:01
knomeyou can ask #ubuntu22:01
knomei think there is nobody here atm who can help22:02
knomejust ask how to install flash 9 in 9.04/jaunty and see if somebody can help there22:02
artistxeCarlis. I just had a few ppl check that site . nobody I know can get to it.22:03
CarlisThank you for helping me22:07
artistxeno problem. I say just find another site for casino play.22:07
artistxeI used to fix windows sytems and alot of them were filled with junk and viruses from casino sites. some of the systems were barely repairable22:08
DesigntecI repair (if you can even call it that) windows systems for a living.  God bless M$ and all their ills, they pay my mortgage :-)22:14
Carlisnobody talk in #Ubuntu channel22:14
arualaviCarlis, #ubuntu with small "u"22:17
arualaviCarlis, nevermind, redirects to the same channel :-P22:22
arualavibut they are talking22:23
bruce_I opened jockey-gtk and it says "no proprietary drivers are in use on this system"23:46
bruce_do I need to manually install them?23:46
cody-somervilleit means none are needed23:46

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