ghostsanhi im a new user to kubuntu00:11
ghostsanbut are new in general to computer00:11
ghostsani got a few questions00:11
ghostsan1st question if i upgrade to the new 9.04 will it delete the programs i have installed, will i have to download all the programs again?00:12
PiciIf you use the upgrade functions from within Kubuntu it will upgrade the versions of software that you already have.00:12
PiciIt would be kind of useless if if deleted everything00:12
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Jaunty (9.04) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading00:12
ghostsan2nd questiong, can i save docs on windows from kubuntu??00:13
ghostsani used mandriva a little and it would let me save docs on windows00:13
ghostsanwould not00:13
tertittenanyone know a good and safe way to move a kubuntu installation from one partition to another, update fstab and then update grub ? as I'm asking here http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3104243.msg183233#new00:14
PiciYou can mount your Windows drives from within Kubuntu, but you probably won't be able to do the same from windows.  Theres a tool you can use on windows to write to the ext2 filesystem type, but I've had iffy experience with it in the past.00:14
ghostsanthanks alot Mr. Pici00:15
MrDarkUserAnybody know how to disable Tap-to-click on trackpads once and for-all ? This new fdi setup makes it a bit of a pain.  I don't want to set SHMconfig to be on, I just want tap to click to be gone gone gone00:15
MrDarkUserI already tried editing the fdi file:  11-x11-synaptics.fdi00:18
tertittenMrDarkUser: have you sheck if there's any ui packages for that particular device/driver ?00:20
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liz2is there another cd/dvd burning software that I can use other than k3b since mine is not working?00:20
MrDarkUsertertitten: there is qsynaptics, but I couldn't get the shmconfig option to be on00:20
tertittento bad00:21
MrDarkUserliz2: in my experience k3b has some good diagnostics00:21
MrDarkUserliz2:  I'm starting it up to see if I can help00:21
liz2MRDarkUser: my pc suffers from many defects and it seems k3b is now one of them00:22
MrDarkUserliz2: settings configure k3b, then programs.. it gives green checkmarks if programs are configured correctly00:22
MrDarkUserliz2: There is always the commandline... cdrecord and the make iso fs...   another obsitcle is how much stuff is running in the background?  "top" can help you figure out if a program is taking too many resources00:24
liz2you mean the cddb configure?00:24
liz2I want to make a data disk for my pictures00:25
liz2MRDarkUser: nm now I know what u meant :)00:26
MrDarkUserliz2: you may also need to select a lower writing speed.00:28
liz2everything green except emovie, sox, transcode, vcdxbuild, vcdxminfo, and vcdxrip which were not found00:28
MrDarkUserliz2: or your computer has a dirty cd burner ;)00:28
wizardslovakwhats the command to unrar?00:29
liz2I get to the drag and drop menu but when it's time to burn, the cd does not start00:29
MrDarkUserwizardslovak:  unrar --help  or man unrar00:29
MrDarkUserliz2:  does it work it windows? or any other changes to the computer recently?00:30
geniiwizardslovak:  If "command not found" install some un-rar app00:30
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free00:30
wizardslovakok i got unrar-free00:30
wizardslovakcan you actually tell me command00:30
MrDarkUserwizardslovak: with unrar it's either e or x depending if you want the full path or just the files.  unrar x file.rar00:31
liz2MrDarkUser: yes it works in windows, my pc is in peril, only way I got to boot linux was through grub00:32
geniiwizardslovak: Usually like: unrar-free -x rarfile destination00:32
liz2which is why I need to do some backup now00:32
MrDarkUserliz2: most people get to linux thru the grand unified boot loader...00:33
harjot[1]ok guys how do u unhold held packages in kubuntu apt-get or aptitude etc...00:34
liz2no my linux won't boot into login, nothing but black screen, I created supergrubdisk to get into grub and sign in00:34
harjot[1]liz2 still online00:34
liz2<--- never sleeps lol00:35
harjot[1]does anyone no how to unhold packages held by aptitude or apt-get00:35
MrDarkUserliz2: so something else is wrong..  sounds like you might have changed the disk order00:35
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MrDarkUserharjot[1]: unhold?   are you thinking like in gentoo?00:36
harjot[1]no when i try to update, it says 151 not upgraded00:36
liz2MrDarkUser: you might know xjjk and daskreech and others have tried to help the night b4, it's a rare lost cause00:36
MrDarkUserharjot: you can add  backports repositories, and experimental repositories...00:36
liz2planning on reinstall00:36
harjot[1]this is because the packages are reported as held00:37
Piciharjot[1]: How are you trying to upgrade?00:37
harjot[1]sudo apt-get upgrade/update00:37
harjot[1]or aptitude00:37
harjot[1]then press u00:37
harjot[1]i need to update else i cant login to KDM00:38
MrDarkUserliz2: the tutorial for fixing grub is pretty straight forward...  once you're in with the boot disk, you should be able to repair grub00:38
Piciharjot[1]: if ther are new packages that have new dependencies then you'll need to use apt-get dist-upgrade00:38
harjot[1]no i dont wont to change to 9.0400:38
Piciharjot[1]: dist-upgrade does not upgrade to a new release, its a common misconception00:38
harjot[1]it says though there00:39
liz2I've tried repairing grup and it says done, still remains the same00:39
harjot[1]when you type sudo apt-get it lists all parameters00:39
Piciharjot[1]: It doesn't upgrade to a new release. Trust me. I use it all the time.00:39
harjot[1]ok and if it doesn't work il come back [rite now im on crappy windows dual-boot]00:40
liz2I just saw that under k3b settings, devices, under writer drives it shows none, maybe that's the prob00:43
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liz2ok, k3b is not detecting my cdwriter... how can I fix this???00:46
harjot[1]ok back00:47
harjot[1]mr dark user00:48
harjot[1]are u there?00:48
harjot[1]ty for the advice00:48
harjot[1]thanks 4 the help00:49
PiciSure, no problem.00:49
harjot[1]still problem thouhg00:49
harjot[1]the packages are displayed diffrerently and look as if they r about to be downloaeded00:50
harjot[1]then it says failed to dowload00:50
harjot[1]this is becuase thee packages are apparently being ''held'' 4 some reason [i hate the word now]00:51
harjot[1]Pici: could u help plz00:51
genii!enter | harjot[1]00:52
ubottuharjot[1]: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:52
harjot[1]you just wanted to do that i bet lol00:52
geniiharjot[1]: Hitting Enter after every word or two gets really annoying for people here to read. Especially when it's just the same word like "blah" a few times.00:53
harjot[1]thisi knw soz00:53
harjot[1]i should rlly put it on line00:53
harjot[1]in 1 line i meant00:53
harjot[1]Please could comeone tell me how to unhold packages???00:54
geniiharjot[1]: Use the pastebin website to put the exact messages you're getting from the upgrade attempt. Like what the package names of the held back ones are, etc etc00:54
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:54
harjot[1]umm.... i cant this is windows im using [dual-boot]00:55
harjot[1]i ned to upgrade cause my keyboard wont work at kdm screen buit wrks at tty00:55
harjot[1]i cant list them all there are 151 packages unless i use dist-upgrade!!!00:56
geniiharjot[1]: There is a command line irc client called irssi which you can use. Also there is package pastebinit which is for text-based pasting00:56
harjot[1]oh.. really but how do i copy and paste from tty????????????/00:56
geniiharjot[1]: When you have pastebinit     it can put the output of a command to the website, and just gives the URL back for you.00:57
harjot[1]pastebinit and irssi??? is that what i nede00:57
geniiharjot[1]: Alternately boot to livecd and return here. Where you can mount the ubuntu disk partition, read some dpkg logs there and pastebin those for us00:58
harjot[1]ok so apt-get install pastebinit and apt-get install irssi???00:58
harjot[1]which is quicker?????????00:59
harjot[1]cause i must sleep soon00:59
geniiharjot[1]: If you are not comfy at commandline, boot to the livecd and come back here00:59
harjot[1]i like commandline00:59
harjot[1]will u be here tommrow???00:59
geniiWe're here every day.01:00
harjot[1]so u'll be here tommorrow to ask????01:00
harjot[1]in that case i'll get some sleep goto school do my homework and come back here in evening01:01
harjot[1]ok bye01:01
harjot[1]BtW im in primary school up to year 8 [im in year 7!!!]01:01
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juanq pasa01:23
genii!es | juan01:24
ubottujuan: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:24
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sven_Running stable version of Ubuntu 9.10. trying to install grafix drivers for ATI Raedon 9600. the manual suggests xorg-driver-fglrx, but it isn't working properly still02:10
liz2is it normal for lilo.conf to be empty?02:13
faileashmm, dosen't kubuntu use grub by default?02:14
Kovertliz2: arent we on grub now02:14
Serpardum[]not grub 2 though02:15
Serpardum[]lilo is dead I understand02:15
liz2not on grub, I opened lilo.conf with kate02:15
Kovertli means dead02:16
Serpardum[]just because it exists doesn't mean it's being used02:16
liz2oh, so I cant do any changes there02:16
Serpardum[]my only lili is in: /usr/share/doc/memtest86+/examples/lilo.conf02:16
Serpardum[]You can, they'll just be meaningless02:16
liz2anyone else know how I can enable scsi emulation?02:17
Serpardum[]I"m not sure it needs to be emulated?02:18
Kovertliz2: what are you trying to do?02:19
liz2Kovert: my k3b isn't recognizing my cd drive as writable02:19
talamanwhere are the start/stop/on boot Deamon options for Ubuntu 9.04 kernel 2.6.28-11-generic..  Basically if i do a kill -9 on a Deamon, where can i go to restart it?02:21
Kovertliz2: seriously check cables02:21
liz2Kovert: what do you mean check cables?02:22
Kovertliz2: the cd rom cables are you sure also they are scsi?02:23
claydohtalaman: most of the start/stop scripts for daemons are found in /etc/init.d folder02:23
claydohtalaman: ie $sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start|stop|restart is for kdm02:24
talamanclaydoh, are you saying they removed the gui that allowed you to click start or stop?02:24
liz2Kovert: I don't know, I didn't install it, it's in the tower02:24
claydohtalaman: most of them, though some are in system settings' srvices section02:25
Kovertliz2: is the maachine isnt over 5 years old I doube it is scsi02:25
talamanwow, that was stupid of them02:26
talamanok, wonder how far back i need to go to get that back02:26
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Kovertanyone know postgreSQL?02:27
claydohtalaman: well, if you kill it in a terminal, why not stop/restart it in a better fashion there :)02:28
claydohtalaman: but, yeah, there doesn't seem to be any kde4 based tool for that that I can see02:28
leatherdruidCan anyone help me diagnose an fstab cdrom problem?02:42
AdolaHey, Does Kubuntu 9.10 auto install xorg if your card isn't supported by FGLRX?03:24
contrastGreets, everyone. Anyone here using the panel spacer plasmoid? Mine doesn't want to stay put - it moves itself everytime I log out and back in.04:10
liz2hi everyone I'm back, Is there a way to find out if kubuntu is detecting my cd drive?04:13
contrastliz2: Open K3b (Kickoff Menu -> Applications -> Multimedia), or you could pop a CD in and check the device notifier plasmoid on the panel.04:18
underdog7does anyone know a good hardware-help channel?04:18
contrastunderdog7: what exactly are you needing to know?04:19
underdog7i'm having some issues with my laptop, and i'm pretty sure its hardware.  i need to trouble shoot.04:20
underdog7contrast, do you have hardware experience?04:20
contrastsome, yes.04:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:21
liz2contrast: well when I pop in a cd I noticed that the drive that's opening is the dvd-rom drive, yet I have a cdrw drive and it isn't opening04:21
liz2and k3b is not detecting a writable drive04:22
contrastis there a disc in there?04:22
underdog7sure.  it's irradict, but when i boot my laptop, it freezes -- this happens in any spot:  windows logo bootup, linux start; doesn't matter.  the HD light just goes out and that's it.  then if i actually get into an OS, it will eventualyl freeze -- mouse freeze -- everthing is dead.  windows has recently been telling me that "a USB port is experiencing a power surge."04:23
liz2contrast: there's no disc in any of them04:23
Zorixprobably overheating04:24
Zorixtry memtest on grub boot loader04:25
underdog7Zorix, so how do i go about (physically) repairing that?  new processor?  new fan?04:25
contrastliz2: in K3b, go to Settings -> Configure K3b -> Devices. Nothing is coming up under Writer Drives?04:25
Zorixdoes it seem to be moving air out of the vent04:25
liz2contrast: nothing04:26
underdog7Zorix:  yes, there is a light breeze04:26
Zorixcould also be hard drive issues04:27
contrastliz2: you might try booting a live cd from the drive in question, just to make sure it is in fact working04:27
contrastliz2: what brand drive is it?04:27
contrastliz2: and how old?04:27
underdog7Zorix, how long should i take this through a memtest?04:27
Zorixdepends on the amount of ram, usually hours04:28
Zorixalso try booting a live cd as well and see if it freezes during usage there.. could indicate the problems are hard drive related instead04:28
liz2contrast: I can't get the cdrw drive to open, all I know it's a hp cd-writer, more than 6-10 yrs old04:29
underdog7zorix:  hmm, okay.  thanks.  i have a feeling that it isn't tho -- sometimes, when that error happens, even the HP logo won't even show up when i turn on the laptop -- just black screen -- and i have to wait (keep it shut down) for a while to get the screen to come on during boot04:29
liz2between 6-10 yrs^04:30
Zorixdoes it do it while on battery or plugged in or both04:30
contrastliz2: if it won't even open before kubuntu boots up (i.e., as soon as you power your computer on), it's probably time to replace it. you can get a dvd+-rw drive for ~$4004:30
Zorixtry running on ac without the battery plugged in then and remove any devices you have plugged in such as usb, firewire, pcmcia, etc04:31
underdog7Zorix: i have. still the same.04:31
contrastliz2: you could open up your box and make sure all the connections are secure, but barring that, i'd say trying to fix it would be more trouble than it's worth, unless it has some sentimental value. :)04:31
Zorixdid you go into bios and reload defaults?04:31
underdog7no, but i wil now04:32
underdog7i think it crashed on memtest -- but just a freeze04:32
Zorixits most likely a hardware issue04:32
Zorixif it freezes on memtest it could still be something else04:32
liz2contrast: you think that would solve the problem? and if I did buy dvdrw where would it be placed, in place of cdrw or replace dvdrom?04:32
Zorixdoes it seem to occur when the machine has been on for a while or does it do it when you first turn it on after being off for hours04:33
underdog7yeah, that's the thign -- from what i've been experiencing, it seems like it may be heating -- b/c at first, when first turned on, i can actually get into an OS.  it's lagging so bad -- like i'll barely get to grub now04:34
Zorixi seen bad ram do that too04:34
Zorixits easier to swap out ram and eliminate that possibility than others04:35
underdog7okay, so what does it seem like it could be:  (1) over-heating, (2) bad ram; is that it, you think?04:35
Zorixcould be motherboard/processor damage too04:35
contrastliz2: i'd replace the drive that isn't working. ;)04:35
Zorixthe only thing it does eliminate is battery, hard drive, optical drive04:36
underdog7Zorix: okay.  thanks.  unfortuntely, it will be difficult to repair since i have no extra hardware. i really appreciated your help.04:36
Zorixactually, it still could be the hard drive if there is controller trouble.. remove the hard drive and boot using live cd and see if it still occurs in bios or cd04:37
liz2contrast: I think you might be right, I checked in kinfocenter, found my drive names and through terminal, one ejects but not the other04:37
underdog7one last thing tho:  if it is overheating, what do i reploace?04:37
Zorixit could be freezing when trying to detect the hard drive04:37
underdog7just the fan?04:37
underdog7hmm, okay, i will do that, too.04:37
Zorixit depends, a heatsink could have come loose04:37
underdog7(but i must take the HD out tho, right?)04:37
Zorixfan might not be working right04:37
contrastliz2: bingo.04:37
Zorixyea you have to take the hd out04:37
Zorixto test that04:37
* contrast doesn't understand why KInfoCenter isn't installed by default.04:37
underdog7okay, thanks zorix.  and for the overheating thing, if it is that, i just replace the fan?  or would i have to replace the processor?04:38
Zorixwell it may not be an easy part to find04:38
underdog7hmm, okay.  thanks zorix.04:39
liz2dang...new dvdrw drive it is, and k3b will detect automatically right?04:39
Zorixwhat i do with my old laptop that has overheat issues and i need to run it for a while i get an ice pack and put a tower over it and put the laptop on top of it04:39
Zorixit will cool it down.. if that seems to help it could tell you something04:40
contrastliz2: it should04:40
contrastliz2: have you installed anything like that before?04:40
contrastinternal, i mean04:40
liz2contrast: no :)04:40
underdog7zorix, hmm, yeah, thanks.  my roommate might have a fan base for his laptop that i can borrow04:40
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Zorixgood luck04:40
underdog7thanks Zorix.  i appreciate the tips.04:40
liz2I've been told it's like a puzzle, color coded and such04:41
underdog7oh, zorix, btw, is there any software that i may be able to run that can help me detect the problem??04:41
Zorixi think pc-check is the best tool its just really expensive04:41
underdog7do you know if it is on HIren's bootcd?04:42
contrastliz2: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-a-CD/DVD-ROM-into-an-IBM/Windows-PC04:42
Zorixprobably not04:42
underdog7okay, thanks zorix.  peace dude!04:42
contrastliz2: well, not quite color-coded, but still fairly self-explanatory. just remember the cd drive comes out through the *front* of your computer. i didn't know that going in and mistakenly removed my power supply to get the drive out. -_~04:42
Zorixgood luck04:43
liz2contratst: cool, thanks04:43
liz2on another note, anyone know why I'd be having problems transfering files into an sd card?04:46
Zorixwhats the error04:47
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contrastAnyone here using the panel spacer plasmoid? Mine doesn't want to stay put - it moves itself everytime I log out and back in.04:47
Zorixprobably another kde bug04:48
liz2sometimes I get error that file doesn't exist and sometimes it copies but disappears04:49
Zorixdoes it work from a shell?04:49
liz2Zorix: no, from shell it tells me Omitting: (the file path of the file)04:50
Zorixwhen you use the cp command?04:51
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liz2Zorix: yep, tres wierd04:51
Zorixwhat file is it omitting04:51
liz2Zorix: the file I want to copy/move04:52
Zorixis it a specific type of file each time04:52
Zorixmaybe the file is too large04:53
Zorixcould be corrupted04:53
Zorixsd card could be mounted read only04:53
liz2Zorix: the files are quite large, picture folders04:53
Zorixdo you have enough room to copy04:54
contrastliz2: are the filenames fat32 compliant?04:54
liz2yes, 6gb in sd card04:54
Zorixgood point04:54
Zorixis the sd card fat32?04:54
contrastliz2: that's almost a definite yes unless you've formatted it as something else04:55
liz2I don't know that one, the pictures came from the same sd card of the camera04:55
contrastliz2: and you're copying the pictures individually, as opposed to an .zip file that contains all of them?04:56
Zorixbest bet is to copy the output of the cp command to a pastebin and link it here04:57
liz2sure thing04:58
Zorixone nasty zip file if it hit the fat32 file size limit04:58
liz2contrast: I tried copying the folders the pics are in, not a .zip04:58
Zorixdid you use cp -R04:59
liz2Zorix: no, just cp05:03
contrastliz2: whenever you're copying, moving, or removing directories, you have to use the -r (recursive) option.05:03
liz2contrast: oh, never knew that05:05
liz2I'll try cp -R and let you know05:06
Zorixmoving you dont need to05:06
contrasterr, yeah. whoops05:06
liz2the copy did work, but I copied to the wrong place!! Aaaahhhh!05:11
liz2I don't need -R when moving correct?05:12
liz2what does 'failed to preserve ownership...' in terminal mean?05:14
contrastthat the destination files won't have the same owner as the ones you're copying. shouldn't matter in this case though05:15
Zorixfat32 doesnt have security permissions05:15
Zorixyea doesnt matter05:16
geniiWindows filesystems don't honour/have same file permission system as *nix, etc etc05:16
liz2Oh, good, then it worked! :)05:16
geniiEven if you used -a to preserve permissions you woulda got same thing05:16
liz2<-- feels like crying05:16
geniiMay want to do a chown on the new stuff now over to the owner on the ubuntu box which will use them05:17
contrastgenii: it's just on an sd card for her digital camera05:17
contrastAnyone here using the panel spacer plasmoid? Mine doesn't want to stay put - it moves itself everytime I log out and back in.05:19
geniiAh, ONTO the sd card FROM linux. Yeah then doesn't care05:19
liz2:) hurray05:20
contrastwell, i'm off. g'nite, everyone.05:22
xjjkliz2: how's it going?05:41
ElTimoi accidentally uninstalled my display manager, and i need to get a wireless connection to reinstall it. i only have a command line system currently05:49
liz2xjjk: I thought it was going well.. I was able to login to linux using supergrubdisk and using grub commands05:51
liz2xjjk: and was happily cp files to sd card and now find out the pics won't open from them... never ending prob it seems05:52
xjjkwhy won't they open from the SD card?05:59
ProfOakxjjk is there an error message?05:59
liz2xjjk: when guenview opens it nothing shows06:03
xjjkliz2: is there an error message...06:03
liz2xjjk: none at all, guenview opens but not the picture06:03
xjjkliz2: did you try another viewer?06:04
xjjkfirefox perhaps?06:04
ProfOakOh woops06:04
xjjkhas anyone used Linux's RAID10?06:05
xjjkI'm about to set it up... wondering if anyone had experiences06:05
liz2xjjk: not firefox either06:06
xjjkliz2: bleh06:06
liz2truly unbelievable I say06:12
xjjkliz2: again, I'm wondering whether your hardware is OK... is the disk in your desktop dying?06:12
xjjkliz2: type sudo dmesg06:12
xjjksee if you see anything related to ata or sata06:12
xjjkand anything about resetting or I/O errors06:12
xp-killertheres an addon for firefox to download videos from youtube.how do i install it?06:15
xp-killerit look like 3 spinning little colour balls spining06:15
liz2xjjk: some I/O errors in the end06:16
xjjkliz2: yeah.. your disk might be dying..06:16
xjjkthat's why stuff is not copying properly and you're getting errors06:16
xjjkliz2: and why the system stopped booting in the first palce06:16
liz2means I will have a dead pc soon :(06:17
xjjkliz2: yes06:18
liz2it did identify my cdrw has an error, now I know why it wouldn't open06:19
xjjkliz2: does your computer use SATA or PATA disks?06:20
liz2xjjk: I don't know06:22
xjjkliz2: how old is it?06:22
liz2xjjk: 6-10yrs I think06:22
xjjkliz2: yeah, PATA06:23
xjjkliz2: when PATA disks fail, they tend to screw up the operation of other PATA devices06:23
liz2xjjk: no hope then, at least the few that uploaded to an online drive seem ok so far06:24
xjjkthat's good06:25
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Gamarok__hey guys06:37
husayn_i want to use calculator in kubuntu06:45
husayn_I havnt seen any calculator yet in Kubuntu.. is there any ? if not which one to download and install06:45
BigPaticeuse kcalc06:46
liz2where do you modify kubuntu hardy hibernate and standby options?06:47
liz2husayn: there's speedcrunch, should be in utilities06:47
liz2g'nite all06:50
liz2<--blacks out06:50
alexshenoy_does quassel come preinstalled with kubuntu06:52
tertittenError: "/var/tmp/kdecache-tertitten" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.06:52
tertittenError: "/tmp/kde-tertitten" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.06:52
alexshenoy_i didnt even notice it was here till right now06:53
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tertittenhow do I restore it back ?06:53
tertittenI guess there's a lot of folders with wrong uid ..06:53
Gamarok__yes it does with kubuntu 9.04 alexshenoy06:54
alexshenoyi just normally use konversation.06:55
alexshenoybut i figured id give it a shot06:55
ProfOakDoes anyone know the site jisho.org ? Because my question applies to it.06:55
Gamarok__well konversation is better in my opinion too06:55
alexshenoyyeah. i think i will give this a shot for the next day or so and if i dont like it just uninstall it06:57
alexshenoyGamarok_ why did they pick this instead of konversation06:57
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faileasalexshenoy: i think konversation kde4 is in backports ;)07:03
alexshenoyfaileas: thanks07:11
* faileas was using the debian one before it autoupgraded... so i'm not actually sure07:11
alexshenoyi had konversation installed. but i tend to use alt-f2 to launch apps so i didnt notice this was installed until today07:11
hxHi, read me?07:18
Gamarok__hi hx07:18
tertittenin kubuntu, if I need to reinstall KDE, i't ubuntu-desktop I'm supposed to reinstall with right ?07:31
zod_Hi! Is 4.2.3 going to get security, stability updates in the lifetime of Jaunty or should I stick to 4.2.2 ?07:37
Mamarokzod_: hi07:38
Mamarokzod_: it's a bugfix release mainly and will make it to the backports during the Jaunty lifetime07:38
zod_good to know, thank you!07:39
Mamarokso you can expect security updates too07:39
zod_ok. thanks!07:39
Mamarokbye, yaw :)07:39
zirodayare the system requirements for kubuntu similar to ubuntu (including flashy kwin effects?)07:42
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Guest63084should be same I think...07:50
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Deepthought_anybody have problems too with nvidia-restricted in Jaunty ?07:57
Gamarok__hey vladimirboyd08:28
dumbkiwihow can I save a file on a remote file system using the gnome file dialog without having to mount that file system? - like in the kde file dialog using kio slaves.08:36
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theclawhow to install kcontrol in ubuntu 9.04?09:32
theclaw(the one from kde 3)09:33
yao_ziyuan1how do i let a modified grub menu.lst take effect without restarting computer?09:42
Tm_Tyao_ziyuan1: but menu.lst affects only boot, right?09:44
yao_ziyuan1i don't know what you say09:46
Tm_Tgrub menu.lst is only read (and "run") at boot09:46
Gamarok__Tm_T is right yao-ziyuan109:47
Tm_Tyao_ziyuan1: so what has to take effect exactly?09:48
Tm_Ttheclaw: there is none of that anymore, but (in KDE 4.3) systemsettings can be used in the similar mode09:48
eeoshelp! :) Today I connected the SDHC card of the camera to the laptop after upgrading to 9.04. Notmally the files names where all lowercase, now they are uppercase, so my rsync miniscript cannot synchronise the card with the hard disk anymore. How do you solve that? How can you tell my kubuntu to keep seeing the files on the card as lowercase names?09:50
desueeos: hax.09:50
desueeos: you'd have to either move the files or do low-level filesystem editiing if you dont wanna move09:50
ambossminispricht hier jemand deutsch?09:50
Tm_T!de | ambossmini09:51
ubottuambossmini: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.09:51
desuand by move i mean, move to a temporary location them move back with tr [a-z] [A-Z] or something09:51
yao_ziyuan1Tm_T: my host os grub is on sda1, (hd0,0)/boot/grub. i use vbox to boot opensuse on sda3, which first boots to sda1 for grub09:51
yao_ziyuan1nevermind. let me restart computer09:51
Deepthought_ /msg NickServ IDENTIFY Deepthought moi09:53
Tm_TDeepthought_: fail?09:53
Tm_TDeepthought_: as a hint, never do those things in other than server window09:53
eeosdesu: in what sense "move"?09:53
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desueeos: move to a temporary location then move back with proper case09:55
Deepthought_Tm_T: I see now, having sort of a problem though logging in with my own nick, keep getting the variety with the _ at the end, even though I mannaged to identify properly at nickserv; so I guess I don' t gettit; where/how  can I tackle this problem ?09:55
Tm_Teeos: this script cannot be made to handle uppercase files too?09:55
Tm_TDeepthought_: #freenode perhaps09:56
Deepthought_Tm_T: of course, that' s it, thanx !09:57
eeosTm_T: I am not terribly good with scripting .... it is just 3 lines, one snychronises the rwl, the other the jpg the third the mov09:57
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Tm_Tthat's the easiest way anyway, unless you change your mount options to mount fat as lowercase only (I believe there's method for that too)09:58
Guest58044Hello, I'm looking forward to installing the newest release. This would be my first KDE4 experience. Anybody know the system requirements?09:59
Tm_TGuest58044: 512 MiB ram and ~4 GiB storage space should be enough10:00
Guest58044Tm_T: its an old Pentium 3 machine10:01
Tm_TGuest58044: still, if it has at minimum 256 MiB ram it works10:02
Tm_Tnot fast but works10:02
Guest58044Thanks. I hope KDE4 isn't as heavy as it looks. :)10:02
eeosTm_T: do you know where to look for it?10:02
Tm_Teeos: no, sorry10:04
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Name141If I was to make a bootable flash drive disk, would I be able to save files, update drivers, security, install programs, so on?  Or do I need to figure out how to install it directly to the flash drive rather than LIVE?10:17
eeoshow are the memory cards automounted? by what deamon?10:23
MrDarkUsereeos: hal?10:24
eeosMrDarkUser: where are the automoutn options? I cannot find a configuration file!10:25
MrDarkUserI'm surely  not an expert,but neraly everything has to do with fdi files now10:25
Deepthoughtanybody have problems too with nvidia-restricted in Jaunty ?10:31
DeepthoughtI can' t get my nvidia-settings settings to stick in Jaunty (dual monitor), while in ibex no prb; can' t parse xorg.conf or something...10:44
Tm_TDeepthought: can you check your /vat/log/Xorg.0.log if it contains any hints?10:45
Tm_T /var even10:45
DeepthoughtTm_T: No device specified for screen "Default Screen" perhaps ?10:47
DeepthoughtTm_T: and: No Layout section.10:48
DeepthoughtTm_T: my xorg.conf seems suspiciously empty anyway, but I kinda got used to that, seems all setting get handled by nvidia driver nowadays without bothering xorg.conf, or not ?10:49
Tm_TDeepthought: Xorg and HAL does things magically10:51
Deepthoughtso it seems10:51
DeepthoughtTm_T: but there' s also a swettings file by nvidia-settings, or no ?10:52
Tm_TDeepthought: well, it uses xorg.conf IIRC10:52
Tm_Tyou might need to put things into xorg.conf and if that won't help (as if it gets ignored) you might need to force it to be used10:52
Deepthoughthow ?10:53
Tm_TDeepthought: how what?10:54
Deepthoughthow force ?10:54
Tm_TDeepthought: I fail to find it now but I know there's a way11:00
Deepthoughttoo bad...11:01
eeosI cannot understand how to change that .... :(11:04
eeosoops, sorry .... I cannot udnerstand how to change the setting for SDHC cards, so that the file names are in lower case11:04
jolankahi all. im using 9.04 and have a thinkpad z61p with a mobility firegl v5200 (Chipset: ATI M56 - Similar to Radeon X1600). im having problems installing the right video driver since i found out that new fglrx drivers no longer support my card, and also new xorg-servers dont support older fglrx drivers11:07
jolankawhat should i do, please ?11:07
shadeslayerjolanka: maybe everything is supported by default drivers??11:08
shadeslayerjolanka: did you try enabling desktop effects??11:09
eeosI do not understand where the indications for automounting the sdhc cards are storedd11:11
jolankashadeslayer yes everything works fine with default out-of-the box except that mplayer has some strange lines in .avi -s11:13
perojokhello, does anybody know where i can get sourses of program "cal"?11:13
jolankaand i couldnt think of anything else that this11:13
shadeslayerjolanka: try VLC with different settings in video settings11:13
MamarokI don't know that application, could you be a bit more specific?11:16
jolankashadeslayer nothing11:18
jolankanon of them are good11:18
Mamarok!info cal11:20
ubottuPackage cal does not exist in jaunty11:20
shadeslayer!video | jolanka11:20
ubottujolanka: Ubuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications11:20
shadeslayerMamarok: see above :)11:20
Mamarokshadeslayer: what?11:21
shadeslayerMamarok: factoid put of date11:21
Mamarokindeed, that's not exactly new...11:21
Mamarokshadeslayer: are you looking after codecs maybe?11:21
jolankaubottu the problem is with the video driver11:22
shadeslayerMamarok: well jolanka is getting lines on her video output...11:22
Mamarokjolanka: then is an xorg problem I think, what card do you have?11:22
Mamarokoh, ATI...11:22
Mamarokjolanka: you need to install the readon driver, wait, I'll get the correct one for you11:23
Mamarokjolanka: the package you need is xserver-xorg-video-radeonhg11:24
eeoshow is it possible that eclipse is still at 3.2.2???11:24
shadeslayerhmm i have to terminals one below the other cloning each other in konsole...i pressed ctrl+shift+t..how do i remove the other one??11:25
Mamarokjolanka: you need to remove the fglrx driver then, which you can do with jokey-kde and then purge it from your system with sudo apt-get purge xorg-driver-fglrx11:25
Mamarok!info eclipse11:26
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2-5ubuntu3 (jaunty), package size 126 kB, installed size 420 kB11:26
jolankaMamarok thx11:26
Mamarokeeos: I guess you will have to wait for Karmic to get a newer one, maybe earlier in the backports11:26
jolankaMamarok xserver-xorg-video-radeonhg includes the driver itself ?11:26
Mamarokjolanka: that is the driver :)11:27
shadeslayerseems like i have to quit to get this straight11:27
jolankamamarok all the drivers are installed by default so i dont need to apt-get it but i dont know how to tell xorg which one to use11:27
jolankaits not in xorg.conf that i know :]11:27
shadeslayergot it finally :D11:27
waltzingalong!info screen11:28
ubottuscreen (source: screen): terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-11ubuntu4 (jaunty), package size 590 kB, installed size 1008 kB11:28
Mamarokjolanka: start jokey-kde with Alt+F211:28
Mamarokhm, jockey-kde is more correct11:29
jolankai did11:29
jolankanothind there11:29
jolankaits empty11:29
Mamarokjolanka: hm, then you need to go the hard way:11:29
jolankaNo proprietary drivers are in use on this system11:30
Mamarokjolanka: are you familiar with the command line?11:30
Mamarokoh, then it doesn't use fglrx, right, I guess you are already running the radeonhd then11:30
jolankamuch more that with crappy dekstops ;]11:30
Mamarokjolanka: are you using the desktop effects?11:30
jolankaMamarok the reason i'm thinking abuout this whole video driver issue is that mplayer (and smplayer) have strange bugs in video rendering, and desktop effects crashing from time to time11:31
jolankaim using desktop effects but i have to turn them off otherwise the desktop crashes in every 5 minutes11:32
Mamarokjolanka: try running the video in vlc without desktop effects enabled, does this solve the issue?11:32
shadeslayerMamarok: tried already :D11:32
jolankait does but im not only tring to survive without desktop effects :}11:33
jolankaim trying to get the correct video driver for my card hoping that the system will get better11:33
Mamarokjolanka: I feel with you, have an ATI card myself, I use desktop effects now with xrender instead of OpenGL11:33
zod_jolanka: are you Hungarian? just out of curiosity. (Jolánka?)11:33
Mamarokwhich of course also means not all effects, only basic transparency and such11:33
jolankazod i am11:33
Mamarokthat sounds not hungarian at all :)11:33
shadeslayeris there a way to get apps in a specific workspace in the taskbar and hiding the ones on other workspaces?11:34
Mamarokzod_: but this does not belong here...11:34
Mamarokshadeslayer: isn't there an option in the task manager?11:34
jolankamamarok pls tell me how do i find out which xserver-xorg-????? is in use right now11:34
shadeslayerMamarok: i cant seem to be able to loacte it11:34
jolankaradeon or ati or vesa11:34
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Mamaroknot really, locate only tells you where things are11:35
shadeslayergot it11:35
Mamarokjolanka: there is a command I never remember, wait, I'll search for it11:36
jolankaglxinfo ?11:36
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Mamarokhm, will have to ask somebody, can't find it right now11:39
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Mamarokjolanka: try this: grep driver /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:46
FloridaGuywhere do i add the public key at...for deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main11:46
MamarokFloridaGuy: you can either download it with kgpg or on the command line11:48
MamarokFloridaGuy: I can give you the command, just a moment11:48
FloridaGuyMamarok, command line11:49
MamarokFloridaGuy: gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 60487016493B306511:49
Mamarokthen: gpg --export --armor 60487016493B3065 | sudo apt-key add -11:50
FloridaGuystill telling me no key found11:51
MamarokFloridaGuy: then I gave you the wrong key, just replace the one it asks you for in the comands above11:53
Mamaroksudo apt-get update tells you which is missing11:53
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FloridaGuyi even copyed this to gedit...then imported it....http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x2836CB0A8AC93F7A11:54
MamarokFloridaGuy: what does sudo apt-get update tell you which is missing?11:56
FloridaGuyGPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7D2C7A23BF810CD511:57
MamarokFloridaGuy: gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 7D2C7A23BF810CD511:59
FloridaGuynow i just did upgrade command12:00
Mamarokthen : gpg --export --armor 7D2C7A23BF810CD5 | sudo apt-key add -12:00
FloridaGuycopy it to gedit then add it when done12:01
MamarokFloridaGuy: why gedit? just execute the commands i gave you to add the key :)12:02
FloridaGuysaving them...i already started the kde upgrade12:02
shadeslayeranyone have kbfx??12:06
Mamarokshadeslayer: what is kbfx?12:07
shadeslayerMamarok: its a launcher/kicker12:07
Mamarokhm, can't find it in the repos12:07
shadeslayerMamarok: because its not ;)12:08
shadeslayerMamarok: kbfx.net12:09
Gamarok__hey shadeslayer how are you man12:09
shadeslayerGamarok__: hey12:09
Mamarokshadeslayer: why not run Alt+F2?12:10
shadeslayerMamarok: yeah...im thinking the same thing after looking at the screenshots12:11
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FloridaGuypretty much if im runing ubuntu-desktop with kde installed or kubuntu-desktop with gnome installed...im basicly runing the samething either way right12:14
MamarokFloridaGuy: was this a question?12:19
Gamarok__what can i use to record audio in kubuntu?12:27
MamarokGamarok__: audacity12:28
Mamarok!info audacity12:28
ubottuaudacity (source: audacity): A fast, cross-platform audio editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.7-2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1949 kB, installed size 5380 kB12:28
Gamarok__ok thanks Mamarok12:28
n3m0do you know how to connact a vodafone 810 with wammu12:36
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eagles0513875how can i determine what microphone i have in my system i tried lusb as well as lspci12:43
eagles0513875nothing showed up12:43
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mborgraevehello, i need help : my soundblaster live! doesn't work : i can hear the wlecome sound, but when amarok plays mp3s, there is no sound. i verified alsamixer, all are at maximum, and i don't know what i have to do ...12:48
eagles0513875mborgraeve: seems like your missing codecs12:51
eagles0513875mborgraeve: install kubuntu -restricted-extras12:52
ahmedim trying  to install pci modem i used scanModem but  ididnt understand the output could someone help me here12:52
mborgraeveno i already played mp3,12:52
mborgraeveand amarok plays the musics, the cursor is moving, the time is moving too (excuse me, i'm not english)12:53
mborgraeveso i think the problem is that audiopulse or alsa are not working properly12:55
Mamarokmborgraeve: pulseaudio doesn't work with the xine backend, for Amarok you better remove it12:58
mborgraevei already tried, and it didn't work...12:59
ahmed\i want to install driver for pci modem i need help here please12:59
Mamarokmborgraeve: you need to remove pulseaudio, remove the ~/.kde/share/config/phonondevicesrc, ~/.asound.conf if there is one, then restart kde13:00
Mamarokahmed: which modem do you have?13:00
ahmedi used scanModem i got /dev/modem -> ttySL0 in ModemData.txt13:01
ToreadorVampireHey all - Kubuntu Jaunty/KDE 4.2.2 - How would I re-enable the "KDE Dæmon: Running out of disk space warning" dialog/message if I chose "Disable Warning" from the dialog?13:02
Mamarokeagles0513875: try sudo dmidecode13:02
ahmedMamarok:i used scanModem i got /dev/modem -> ttySL0 in ModemData.txt13:02
Mamarokahmed: what brand is the modem you have installed? there is a line in the lspci output whixh tells you the brand name and type13:03
eagles0513875Mamarok: may i ask what this shows exactly13:03
Mamarokeagles0513875: it gives you the whole DMI table13:04
Mamarokeagles0513875: there also is a man page...13:04
eagles0513875ahhh ok thanks Mamarok13:04
eagles0513875Mamarok: it doesnt seem to list my mic13:05
ahmedMamarok: how i send u the output and u choose the info u want13:05
Mamarokeagles0513875: the output is very long, and if you have a microphone, then it's in that list13:06
Mamarokahmed: in pastebin please13:06
eagles0513875strange cuz i dont seem to be seeing it13:06
Mamarokeagles0513875: read through slowly and carefully...13:07
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Mamarokahmed: type lspci in the command line, select the output and paste it here: http://paste.ubuntu.com, then give me the link to it13:08
ahmedMamarok: i checked it its conexant HSFI cx11252-1113:08
* ToreadorVampire grumbles that that warning has appeared /yet again/13:11
* ToreadorVampire scowls at his laptop for keeping bugging him about something he already knows and plans to fix this evening :(13:12
MamarokToreadorVampire: emptied the trash already?13:12
ahmedMamarok: i checked it its conexant HSFI cx11252-1113:13
Mamarokahmed: yes, I have seen it, thanks13:13
Mamarokahmed: I am trying to find something on Google...13:13
ahmednow how istall the driver i want it just to send and recieve faxes13:13
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Oh, erm, maybe - but - this evening I am going to extend the partition that Jaunty is installed on - so the problem will be fixed ...13:13
Mamarokahmed: I need to find that driver first, moment13:14
ToreadorVampireI am not actively using/saving stuff to that partition anyway - all of my documents/work are going to the relevant places on my KDE 3.5 home folder (on my laptop hard disk) ... the only parts of my home dir that are on this USB flash drive are the 'user profile furniture' like all of the hidden directories (which I don't want to mix with the KDE 3.5 install for fear of contamination)13:15
piorhello guys13:15
Mamarokahmed: I have found this thread in the forums that might help you: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=722971013:15
ToreadorVampireI just want to disable that "Oh noes!  You're running out of space" for the rest of today, because it keeps appearing and bugging me13:15
ToreadorVampireBut I'm aware that if I hit "Disable Warning" - I'm probably disabling it forever, and I don't want to do that - after this evening when I extend the partition I would like it to warn me if (in the future) I am running out of space again13:16
MamarokToreadorVampire: disable the notifications in the system settings?13:16
piormy kde3.5 still refuse to use utf8, even if /etc/default/locale is ok13:16
bellosaniis there anybody who can explain what open proxy means?13:16
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Ah, where in the system settings?  I had a look for it, and couldn't find where it was configured from ...13:16
piorsomeone know what to check ?13:16
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ToreadorVampirebellosani> An open proxy is "a computer that is allowing anyone to bounce [some kind of Internet traffic] off of it" without asking them to authenticate or type in a password etc13:17
piorbellosani, where did you get that ?13:18
ToreadorVampirebellosani> Basically, it's a really bad security risk, since it allows people to conduct illegal/annoying activities through the open proxy and if someone goes to investigate the problem - it's the open proxy's IP address etc that appear in their logs13:18
ahmedMamarok:ok i'll try it if there is problem i'll back to u13:18
ToreadorVampireSo basically it allows "antisocial" activity anonymously13:18
Mamarokpior: the system langauge settings?13:18
bellosanihow does one solve a problem like that?13:19
Mamarokbellosani: that's definitely not something you should use with Kubuntu13:19
Mamarokbellosani: why do you ask?13:20
piorMamarok, yeap13:20
bellosanibecause i try to use knoversation to connect to irc, i get error messages that my hostname cannot be verified13:20
bellosanithey give me faq links and they all lead to stories about open proxies13:21
piorobviously it's simple to switch from english to french for example, but kde use iso encoding then and not utf813:21
Mamarokbellosani: what internet connection do you use? You can not connect to freenode annonimously13:21
ToreadorVampirebellosani> Possibly your computer (or another computer on your network) is an open proxy?  If you're at a place of work then that might be one of your business' servers?13:22
Mamarokpior: you nned to set the encoding for all languages, including the system language13:22
piorMamarok, the ubuntu way for that is to setup  /etc/default/locale13:22
piorbut it doesn't work for me13:22
bellosaniits an internet connection at my place of work13:23
piorI use kde3 on Jaunty, maybe smoething is wrong about it ( https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty )13:23
eagles0513875Mamarok: is it quite safe to remove pulse audio cuz from what im hearing it seems like pulse is the cause of my problem or will i have issues playing music etc13:23
Mamarokpior: why don't you set it in the systemsettings?13:23
Mamarokeagles0513875: was this a question?13:23
bellosanii got that problem using kubuntu so i switched to ubuntu intrepid and downloaded konversation13:24
Mamarokpior: that's probably the problem, Jaunty doesn't support KDE3 anymore13:24
ToreadorVampireMamarok> I've just had another look in System Settings (notifications section) and I don't find anything about disabling/enabling the "You're running out of disk space" warning13:24
eagles0513875Mamarok: ya13:24
bellosanii now use a connection from an internet cafe13:24
Mamarokeagles0513875: if you only use KDE of course it is save13:24
eagles0513875ok then bye by to gnome then for me13:24
piorMamarok, the problem is not that jaunty support it or not, it's kinda supported by one guy13:25
eagles0513875thanks Mamarok13:25
Mamarokeagles0513875: that makes no sense what you are saying btw...13:25
Mamarokeagles0513875: just remove Pulseaudio, purge it, etc, you do not need to load Gnome for that?13:26
ToreadorVampireMmm - I dislike that KDE 3.5 was removed from Jaunty - I have managed to (mostly) wrestle Jaunty's implementation of KDE4 into submission, but - a while ago I was considering switching distros to something that still has recent application software but also supports KDE 3.513:26
MamarokToreadorVampire: that's how it is, no need to ramble about it13:26
eagles0513875Mamarok: was just trying out gnome so i just purged that13:26
piorToreadorVampire, look here : https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty13:26
Mamarokeagles0513875: ...13:27
piorit works like a charm13:27
Mamarokpior, ToreadorVampire we do no support for it on Jaunty though, just s you know...13:27
Mamarokand it's not maintained anymore since quite some time, so...13:27
ToreadorVampirepior> Well, atm I'm trying Jaunty - I'm using KDE4 - and I'm slowly finding workarounds/fixes for my issues ...13:27
ToreadorVampireI have a perfectly good working install of Kubuntu Hardy on my HDDs13:27
ToreadorVampireThe only thing is that some app software I use (monodevelop 2.0) is not available at all in Hardy unless I install from source13:28
piorMamarok, are you working in opensource world  or what ?13:28
Mamarokcould you please take this discussion to #kubuntu-offtopic?13:28
ToreadorVampireWell, that was the last thing I had to say about it - so from my perspective the discussion is over13:29
* ToreadorVampire shrugs13:29
Mamarokpior: behave, there are rules for this channel13:29
pioryeap ok13:29
ToreadorVampireAnyway - any other hints about where I might find a way to disable that repetitive "You're running out of disk space" warning?  Or - more specifically, re-enable if after I disable it?13:31
MamarokToreadorVampire: can't you right click on the notification?13:33
MamarokToreadorVampire: you are talking about KDE4, right?13:33
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Yes, KDE4.2.2/Jaunty - I can see the option (on the dialog) that reads "Disable this Warning" - but I don't want to click that until I know how I can switch that warning back on13:34
ToreadorVampireAnd that's what I can't find13:34
MamarokToreadorVampire: I think it's only that warning you are going to disable, not all warnings13:35
ToreadorVampireYeah, exactly - I want to be able to "switch that particular warning, that is warning me about low disk space" back on again later13:35
MamarokToreadorVampire: when it says "disable this warning", then it's only that particular one, I don't think it will disable anything else13:37
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Huh?  Could you rephrase that, because either I don't understand what you're talking about or you didn't read what I just said ... I suspect I'm misunderstanding you ;)13:38
MamarokToreadorVampire: you fear it will disable all the warnings, but it will disable only that particular one13:38
ToreadorVampireMamarok> On that dialog I have 3 options:  "Open a file manager" (I guess to delete stuff), "Ignore this warning", "Disable this warning"13:39
ToreadorVampireI fear that if I choose "Disable this warning" then I will never see another "You are running out of disk space" warning again13:39
Mamaroktriggered by this situation, I don't think this will remain disabled in new sessions13:39
MamarokToreadorVampire: you can allways get a basic KDE4 with all warnings enabled back if you remove that config, it's somewhere in your ~/.kde/share/config/13:40
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Ahh - you mean "The disable this warning" option only disables it for this login session ... where should I look for some confirmation on that?  It's an important-enough warning that I would rather not chance it?13:41
ToreadorVampireCoz, that config location has stacks and stacks of files in it :s13:41
MamarokToreadorVampire: I don't know exactly where, would have to google that first...13:41
eagles0513875im honestly outa ideas as to why my mic aint working :( i have tried whats on here http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=342141 to no avail13:44
mtui've built and installed a patched package of dosbox. now the system wants to update the package away all the time. how do i prevent that?13:44
jussi01!pinning | mtu13:44
ubottumtu: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto13:44
ToreadorVampire~/.kde/share/config/kdedrc « Apparently the setting gets dropped in there - I can just erase that line out of the file once I want to see the message again13:45
MamarokToreadorVampire: yep, that's what I found too13:45
ToreadorVampireI'll keep that file open in kate for when I next see the dialog - I'll click "disable" and check that the file gets changed13:45
Mamarokeagles0513875: did it work before?13:45
Mamarokeagles0513875: what mic is it?13:46
eagles0513875neither before or after with pulse it seems to record something but its a really high pitched static sound13:46
Mamarokthat's no necessarily the mic13:46
ToreadorVampireIt would be nice if the dialog had an additional option to "suppress this warning for XXX" period without actually disabling it (possibly forever, I don't know)13:46
MamarokToreadorVampire: file a wish then :)13:47
eagles0513875Mamarok: what else could it be13:47
Mamarokeagles0513875: that sound I mean, what mic do you have?13:47
ToreadorVampireMamarok> I think I shall :)13:47
eagles0513875its built into my tablet and the commands you seem to have give me earlier havent yielded a manufacturer13:47
Mamarokeagles0513875: if dmidecode doesn't find your mic then it's not connected13:47
eagles0513875thing is in windows it works just fine13:48
ToreadorVampireWill double check with the KDE guys that it really is related to KDE (they sent me here saying 'KDE doesn't have that prompt, it's a distro thing' - now I'm pretty sure that it's a KDE feature)13:48
Mamarokeagles0513875: search for microphone or jack in dmidecode with Shift+Ctrl+F13:49
mtujussi01: thank you, for some reason the "hold back" function wouldn't work until i did it from a sudo -s shell. works now. bye!13:49
eagles0513875Mamarok: nothing what so ever13:49
jussi01mtu: you are most welcome :)13:50
eagles0513875jussi01: i learned something new about apt13:50
sylvain_Bonjour à tous !13:55
eagles0513875!fr | sylvain_13:56
ubottusylvain_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr13:56
sylvain_Hi every one !13:56
sylvain_Guess what : I have a problem :)13:56
sylvain_I have just installed Kubuntu 9.04 on my computer with a "TV" screen.13:57
sylvain_Resolution is screen native : 1360x76813:58
sylvain_but the text & co are BIG !13:58
zirodaysylvain_: that's normal on a TV monitor, as there is lots of space, but not a very high resolution13:58
sylvain_EG : Quassel IRC can not display the channel list, the channel and the nick list....13:59
sylvain_The screen is built for a 1360x768 resolution... the graphic card is configured with this resolution13:59
sylvain_but the elements are BIG...14:00
sylvain_Is KDE only made to be displayed in 1920x 1200 ?14:00
Mamaroksylvain_:then your native resolution is not set correctly14:00
sylvain_Set where ?14:01
Mamaroksylvain_: go to systemsettings -> Display14:01
sylvain_oki i go14:01
sylvain_1360x768 @ 50Hz14:02
sylvain_NB : Windows is normally displayed with this screen :/14:02
Mamaroksylvain_: try another resolution there and then go back to the native one14:03
Tm_Tsylvain_: could you pastebin this commands output: xdpyinfo | grep -A 6 screen14:03
Mamaroksylvain_: better listen to Tm_T than to me :)14:04
sylvain_I need to install pastebin ?14:04
Tm_Tsylvain_: no, paste what command outputs into paste.ubuntu.com14:04
Tm_Tfor example14:04
sylvain_pitch ?14:05
Tm_Tthat claims that your screen is 161x90 millimeters14:06
Tm_Twhich propably isn't right14:06
sylvain_Nice troublshoot ;)14:06
sylvain_How can I force this to the "really" dimensions ?14:07
sylvain_I never used this command "xdpyinfo"14:07
sylvain_NB : i can't find the xorg autoconfiguration command...14:08
Tm_Tsylvain_: what's the connection to this screen?14:08
Tm_Thmm, no adapters in between?14:09
sylvain_... let me take a look at this )14:09
sylvain_NVidia card with DVI output => Samsund TV screen 32" HDready HDMI  input14:10
ahmedi dont know if the driver installed or and dont know what programs i have to install to dialout and what program i need to send faxes and recieve help me this first time to use modem with linux14:10
ahmedMamarok: the chipset was conexant hsfi cx11252-11 but when i checked lspci i found it 02:09.0 Modem: ALi Corporation SmartLink SmartPCI563 56K Modem14:11
Tm_Tsylvain_: ah, ok, so there's adapter, prolly loses some signals then14:11
Tm_Tsylvain_: you can try force the DPI in systemsettings14:12
Mamarokahmed: I never used a modem to send faxes, there must be some fax software around in the repos though14:12
sylvain_But... there is no problem with Windows, so I guess it is not a cable problem.14:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fax14:12
Tm_Tsylvain_: I don't remember where so use search (:)14:12
Tm_Tsylvain_: Windows doesn't use detection, it just use one setting14:12
sylvain_So I try to force DPI in system settings...14:13
Mamarokahmed: I think you need to install hylafax or such14:13
sylvain_Where can I do this (DPI) ?14:13
ahmedMamarok: ok how i know if the driver work or not14:14
Tm_Tsylvain_: 1612.18 < ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about fax14:14
Tm_Tsylvain_: ahg, sorry14:14
sylvain_1612.18 ?? LOL14:14
Tm_Tsylvain_: I don't remember where so use search (:)14:14
sylvain_You need more fingers !14:14
sylvain_Search ? what do you mean "search" ?14:14
Tm_Tsylvain_: there's "find" or similar in systemsettings14:14
Mamarokahmed: did you try a connection with that modem?14:15
sylvain_DPI : nothing found14:15
sylvain_Can I force a XORG autoconfiguration ? I can't find the command... what is its name exactly ?14:16
sylvain_NB : I use NVidia drivers, not free nv ones.14:16
Tm_Tsylvain_: systemsettings -> appearance -> Fonts14:17
ahmedMamarok: how i  connect with modem14:17
Mamarokahmed: I am not really proficient with modems, so maybe someone else can help better14:17
Mamarokahmed: what line do you have?14:17
Mamarokphone, ADSL?14:18
sylvain_Fonts forced to 96PPP, nothing has changed... :/14:18
Tm_Tsylvain_: you have to relogin to make it fully affect14:18
sylvain_PERFECT !!14:22
sylvain_You rox14:23
Tm_Tsylvain_: good it works14:23
sylvain_Thank you Tm_T and Mamarok for yout help !14:23
Mamaroksylvain_: you are welcome, but I didn't help much :)14:24
Mamarokall the praise goes to Tm_T :)14:24
sylvain_We have a new Kubuntu user (I use Gentoo)14:24
ahmedMamarok:? what u mean what line do i have?14:25
=== MarkieMark1_ is now known as MarkieMark1
Nicekiwi9hi! =) i need some help manually configuring my monitors.. any help?14:40
=== derrick__ is now known as D-Master
sczgilaehello everybody14:49
kaddihello :)14:50
sczgilaedo you know how can i lock the panel of my kubuntu 9.04 to all users?14:50
sczgilaei have an installation with LDAP configured. Now im configuring the users profile. i want to configure the "K" panel to all users and lock the desktop, but i dont know where is the file to configure that14:52
geniisczgilae: You may want to ask in #ubuntu-server14:56
geniisczgilae: Apologies, perhaps not there for KDE stuff, I caught only the LDAP part at first browsing of your question14:57
sczgilaethnks, but is not kubuntu server installation, maybe know there, thanks14:57
geniiomar_: Espanol - /join #ubuntu-es15:00
toto__salut !15:12
toto__is it an english speaking chan ?15:13
sczgilaethis channel speak in english15:13
omar_hay alguna chica???15:15
Vinay-Blrhelloo room15:16
Vinay-Blri have a small problem15:16
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.15:16
Vinay-Blrany help here?15:17
Tm_TVinay-Blr: just tell your issue and the ones who can help, will help15:17
Vinay-Blrmy cable-tv guy15:17
Vinay-Blrwanna set the network card speed to 10half mode15:18
Vinay-Blrhow to do it?15:18
Vinay-Blrso i need to know how to it?15:19
MamarokVinay-Blr: seems nobody here knows, you will have to be patient15:19
geniiVinay-Blr: With the app called ethtool you can do that.15:19
Vinay-Blroic it is not installed by default i believe15:20
Vinay-Blranyway genii thanks sir15:21
sczgilaeby default on Kubuntu 9.04 ethtool its installed15:23
Vinay-Blric let me check15:23
jussi01!u | Vinay-Blr15:25
ubottuVinay-Blr: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.15:25
geniiVinay-Blr: So from commandline you can set for example 10Mb and half duplex for eth0 with something like:  sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 10 duplex half15:27
Vinay-Blrthanks sir15:27
ToreadorVampireHmm, is there a way that I can hook into the 'log out' event for kubuntu and have scripts execute?  Reason is that I often mount up a CIFS share via a wifi connection.  If I shut down then network-management widget gets shut down as the GUI part of my session ends (thus my wifi connection is gone).  Then, later in the shutdown process umount is called to unmount that network share.  Umount hangs because (since15:28
ToreadorVampire my wifi is gone) the server is not responding ...15:28
ToreadorVampire... what I'd like to do is have a small "umount my network shares" script fire when I log off from the GUI - so that if I forgot to unmount them manually, umount won't hang later (and prevent the machine from shutting down)15:28
genii!cn | ghw15:40
ubottughw: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk15:40
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teprrrhello there, can anyone help me with a problem causing ssh-agent not to start on login? I'm using homebuilt kdm+kde, if it matters16:15
teprrrand don't have anything depending on packaged libqt installed at all16:15
mistryniteshcan anyone tell me how to get the list of languages in skim panel?... I have installed all the languages that i need and enabled them in skim configuration16:15
roland__I currently trying kde 4.3 beta with jaunty. I really want to try the mandelbrot wallpaper plugin but it is not installed. Am I missing a package or something?16:15
JontheEchidnaroland__: oh, I think the packages might have been built withou eigen support, meaning that the mandlebrot wallpaper wasn't built. We'll fix this for the second beta16:20
roland__ok, I'll check it out in the next beta16:20
marvin24teprrr: ssh-agent is started from: /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90x11-common_ssh-agent16:20
=== Suga is now known as Suga44
roland__are the kde 4.3 beta kubuntu packages debug builds? KDE 4.3 feels slower compared to 4.2.x especially the kwin effects16:23
ToreadorVampireroland__> I asked a somewhat similar question a week or two ago, wrongly thinking that KDE was being slow ... I ended up discovering that the nvidia driver I was using was buggy and that an upgrade to the latest driver version made things a lot faster and cleared up all of my probs16:27
zer0ohi guys, du know what happened to the servers of openarena?16:27
ToreadorVampireIn my case it wasn't KDE 4.3 beta I was using - I was still using KDE 4.2.2 - but still ... the nvidia driver was slowing my GPU down when I didn't want it to16:28
JontheEchidnaroland__: nope, debugging symbols are in the separate -dbg packages16:28
johnfluxToreadorVampire: what's the easiest tway to upgrade the nvidia driver?16:29
johnfluxToreadorVampire: I have the same problem16:29
blackmoonhi, i've got a problem with my sata drive under jaunty amd64, sometimes the system crash with this error: "ata1: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x1910000 action 0xe frozen" (or 0x1810000 error), can you help me?16:29
roland__ToreadorVampire: What is you driver version? I am curruntly with 180.4416:29
johnfluxroland__: how do you view?16:30
ToreadorVampirejohnflux> Download the updated driver from nvidia (I am now using 185.18.24 ), uninstall the repository version of the driver and then manually install the nvidia driver you downloaded16:30
teprrrmarvin24, yeah, tried to debug that one earlier. /etc/X11/Xsession.options has "use-ssh-agent"16:30
ToreadorVampire... that's pretty easy since nvidia's driver download is an executable - the hardest part is that you need to shut down your xserver in order to install it (which means log out, then go to a console login)16:31
johnfluxroland__: I have the same version as you16:31
ToreadorVampireBut otherwise installing the nvidia driver is a case of "follow the onscreen instructions"16:31
johnfluxit's strange that 9.04 ubuntu didn't come with updated drivers16:32
johnfluxand still doesn't have updated drivers16:32
roland__I don't like to install it manually this works around how (k)ubuntu works. I'd prefer a ppa16:32
Deepthoughthow can i get amarok to sync my mp3 player with podcasts ?16:33
ToreadorVampirejohnflux> Well, they did - but those drivers went through a long QA process etc etc, and the newer/updated drivers haven't yet gone through that packaging process yet (even though they include important bugfixes over the repos drivers)16:33
roland__additional software sources16:33
johnfluxToreadorVampire: yeah given how slow this 180.44 version is, its seems it should be in the repos somewhere16:33
blackmoonno one?16:34
ToreadorVampireUsually I would also recommend using the package manager to install stuff, but in this one case, I absolutely cannot live with the bugs in driver version 180 - especially since it used to completely hang on me approx once per day16:34
roland__the default 8.10 version doesn't work with my geforce 9600 at all16:34
teprrrmarvin24, hmm, yeah, apparently it doesn't start the ssh-agent.. Ill look into it16:34
geniiblackmoon: Thats a hardware failure of the drive.16:34
johnfluxToreadorVampire: hmm, wonder if that explains the strange hangs that I get then16:34
roland__really a pity that there are always problems with the graphics drivers16:34
ToreadorVampireftp://download.nvidia.com « nVidia's download server16:35
ToreadorVampireftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/ « This is where their drivers are kept - you'll want to choose your correct architecture from there16:35
marvin24teprrr: try sh -x /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90x11-common_ssh-agent16:35
roland__geforce > 8800 and better are known to be buggy with 180.x drivers16:35
Tm_TToreadorVampire: don't forget to mention that Ubuntu cannot support those drivers (;)16:36
blackmoongenii: :( it's a six month hard drive...16:36
blackmoongenii: but the s.m.a.r.t. say that's all ok...16:36
johnfluxblackmoon: what's your error?16:36
ToreadorVampireAnd in that list of drivers, the current stable release is 185.18.24 - there is a 185.19 listed there, but ignore it - it's not officially released yet ('twas naughty of their devs to put it on the FTP I hear)16:36
johnfluxToreadorVampire: btw, there's a 185.1916:36
Deepthoughtjohnflux: aare you having troubles with nvidia-restr.  too in jaunty ?16:37
blackmoonjohnflux: "ata1: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x1910000 action 0xe frozen"16:37
ToreadorVampireWait, I lie - 185.18.14 is the one to get - not 185.18.24 (too many numbers to remember!)16:37
ToreadorVampireYeah, ignore the .19 one - it's not ready for prime time yet16:37
geniiblackmoon: The SMART system only looks at the platter situation, not it's own electronics. Which is what this error is - I've had 4 or 5 drives begin like this and then just get worse16:37
Deepthoughtjohnflux: like not getting nvidia-settings to stick tio next session ?16:37
johnfluxToreadorVampire: ah, thanks for telling me16:37
johnfluxDeepthought: I don't use that - what is nvidia-restr?16:38
johnfluxDeepthought: I'm just finding it unbearable slow16:38
DeepthoughtI mean the restricted driver; glx16:38
Deepthoughtthe one you guys are chatting about16:38
ToreadorVampirejohnflux and roland__ >  Also, you can get more help in #nvidia - they're a bit slow to respond in there, but they were helpful when I went through this process last week16:38
johnfluxDeepthought: yeah.  ubuntu comes with 180 which seems to be very slow16:39
blackmoongenii: so i must change the drive as soon as possible...16:39
ToreadorVampireOh - yeah - I believe the restricted driver for ubuntu is called nvidia-glx-18016:39
roland__ok. maybe I'll try that16:39
sczgilaei have an installation with LDAP configured. Now im configuring the users profile. i want to configure the "K" panel to all users and lock the desktop, but i dont know where is the file to configure that16:39
geniiblackmoon: Yes. But it will still likely not even report any errors of it's own for a while yet. Keep it as cool in the c ase as you can and this will prolong it a bit longer16:39
johnfluxToreadorVampire: there are two .run files in ftp.  Do I need both?16:39
ToreadorVampireOh - remember to uninstall that driver if you go for the manual installation - otherwise (say there's an upgrade to it later) that upgrade will break your manually-installed driver ;)16:40
Deepthoughtjohnflux: ToreadorVampire, slowness is not my problem, I can' t get nvidia-settings configuration to stick, allways resets in new session (have dual screen, have to reconfigure each session, worked fine in previous kubuntu' s16:40
blackmoongenii: ok, thank you :)16:40
ToreadorVampirejohnflux> No, I honestly don't know the difference between the two - but I picked the larger of the two, assuming it might come with utility programs and whatnot16:40
DeepthoughtToreadorVampire: would newer driver from nvidia-direct be solution ?  And is it a known issue ?16:40
=== WB2Colorado_ is now known as WB2Colorado
sczgilaei have an installation with LDAP configured. Now im configuring the users profile. i want to configure the "K" panel to all users and lock the desktop, but i dont know where is the file to configure that16:41
geniiblackmoon: You're welcome16:41
ToreadorVampireDeepthought> I don't know about that one - maybe ask in #nvidia16:41
roland__Deepthought: the problem is that nvidia-settings needs root privelges to write the xorg.conf16:41
roland__I really recommend to make a backup from your currently (more or less) wokring xorg.conf16:41
ToreadorVampireI only really know that the 180 driver caused me loads of problems, and after trying to troubleshoot them, I ended up ditching it in favour of 185, and now all of those problems are gone :)16:42
Deepthoughtroland__: I know, use it through terminal with sudo; used to always work, but even when I didn' t save to Xorg.conf the settings would stick through sessions; it appears to bypass xorg.conf altogether16:43
Deepthoughtroland__: however now it won' t even parse xorg.conf, gives error16:43
ToreadorVampireDeepthought> Uh oh :s16:44
roland__s your xorg.0.log?16:44
ToreadorVampireDeepthought> Have you tried manually editing your xorg.conf and just making those settings?  I know it's a workaround, but it might help ...16:44
Deepthoughtroland__: most obvious error is it says I have no default screen; xorg.conf is suspiciously empty anyway, but it was in Ibex as well, made no difference, settings would stick even without sudo and xorg.conf16:45
Deepthoughtroland__: ToreadorVampire I tried reconfigure X, but can' t get the right command; everything changed with that xorg-stuff from old x16:46
ToreadorVampireOh :(16:47
Deepthoughtmanual editing' s a bit to daunting fer mee16:47
Deepthoughtto much things to get wrong16:47
teprrrmarvin24, looks like for some reason STARTSSH is not set at all..16:48
ToreadorVampireOtherwise, I'd suggest (if you have a copy from an old intrepid installation) compare your xorg.conf from intrepid<->jaunty and see if you can determine what's different16:48
ToreadorVampireIf you compare them then maybe it will be obvious what you need to do16:48
teprrrmarvin24, SSH_AUTH_SOCK and SSH2_AUTH_SOCK are unset/empty, SSH_AGENT is set correctly. though the if returns false and thus it's not set16:49
DeepthoughtToreadorVampire: if only...   I could try using the conf from my debian-partition though, have thought about that16:49
marvin24teprrr: maybe because optionsfile is not set when executing 90x11-common_ssh-agent directly16:50
ToreadorVampireDeepthought> Yeah - that's why I installed Jaunty onto a USB stick instead of to my HDDs ... I still have my Hardy installation on my hard disks as a safety net should I hit a problem I can't fix16:50
DeepthoughtToreadorVampire: Still, I have the impression x.conf has nothing to do with it, since it' s being fased out and glx doesn' t appear to use it anyway (like I said, settings used to stick even without sudo and saving x.conf16:50
teprrrmarvin24, ah, indeed16:50
teprrrmarvin24, okay, added definition for it to that file and it goes ok that far16:51
DeepthoughtToreadorVampire: makes some sense, might try that with next upgrade, ' s good idea, or different partition; this time I had ***' d up my Ibex, so went for fresh jaunty16:52
ToreadorVampireMmm ... well - I16:52
teprrrmarvin24, will try if that helps after I've finished some ongoing compiling16:53
ToreadorVampire'm using Jaunty 'in anger' from this USB key, and what I did was mount my laptop's hard disks, and then symlink my "work" subdirectories of my home directory into the home directory on my USB key ... that way I have two totally separate home locations, but the work I do is all in the same place16:53
DeepthoughtToreadorVampire: Think I' ll hop to #nvidia for a while, see if the problem' s familiar.   In beta-stage I read some rumours about new Xorg-glx incompatibility, but I figured it would' ve been solved, maybe not ?16:53
ToreadorVampireI have a couple of small issues left to fix, and once I have fixed them, I'll replace the Hardy install on this laptop16:54
teprrrbtw, which package is responsible for handling /etc/hal/fdi/* ?16:54
DeepthoughtToreadorVampire: very nice...   Wil try to remember that for next upgrade, would be easy since I have seperate home and leftover space for tryout-partitions on hd, thanx for idea16:55
teprrrthough humm, now mounting my zen stone works ok.. perhaps policykit is working okay or something :)16:55
teprrrjust upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10, perhaps that did it16:55
teprrryup, policykit works, cool :)16:58
Deepthoughthow can i get amarok to sync my mp3 player with podcasts ?16:58
teprrrthough I'm unable to set it to need authorisation16:58
marvin24join #pulseaudio17:05
DragnslcrAnybody else have a problem with the update notifier saying there are 8 updates, even when there aren't any?17:23
=== ruben is now known as Guest1956
Guest1956Why is it that when I try to delete something it says "The wastebin has reached its maximum size!17:33
Guest1956Cleanup the wastebin manually.17:33
Guest1956When ther eis nothing in the "wastebin"17:33
ToreadorVampireGuest1956> Try this:  Load Konqueror » Settings » Configure Konqueror » Wastebin » Try the settings in there17:34
oDudahello !17:35
Guest1956Why is it in konqueror if KDE uses dolphin now?17:35
teprrrGuest1956, or dolphin -> settings -> trash17:35
teprrryou can use konqueror too17:35
Guest1956Fair enough17:35
ToreadorVampireGuest1956> I believe making those settings from either konq or dolphin will work just fine17:35
Guest1956Thank you17:36
teprrryup, they share the settings for trash17:36
ToreadorVampireThey are two different ways of getting at the same settings - just - I don't like dolphin, so I switched to konq - forgot dolphin was the default :)17:36
Guest1956I prefer a dedicated file manager, but that's just me17:36
Guest1956Thats got it17:36
Guest1956Thank you17:36
ToreadorVampireAnd I use Konq as a dedicated file manager17:36
ToreadorVampireI use Firefox for web browsing17:36
Guest1956Fair enough17:37
Guest1956That's what linux is about, eh? Changing stuff for what you want17:37
ToreadorVampireBut - when I (briefly) tried dolphin out it's interface seemed too cluttered - loads of panes that I didn't want - maybe I could trim it down to size, but I already knew how how to use konq17:37
ToreadorVampireThat's what Open Source Software as a whole is about17:38
teprrryou can close the panes if you want to17:38
Guest1956It is a bit bloated17:38
oDudaim having problems with ubuntu 9.04 and intel 865 onboard graphic card... anybody knows something about ?17:38
DaSkreechMoar bloat!!!!17:38
teprrrI only have places panel active17:38
ToreadorVampireteprrr> Yeah - I admit that if I spent some time configuring it, I could make dolphin work like konqueror ... but - in that case ... why not just use konqueror hehe ;)17:38
DaSkreechI still want a dragon sidebar in dolphin then I'll be happy17:38
DaSkreechToreadorVampire: You can't. You can make Konqueror act like dolphin17:39
sczgilaei have an installation of Kubuntu 9.04 with LDAP configured. Now im configuring the users profile. i want to configure the "K" panel to all users and lock the desktop, but i dont know where is the file to configure that. anoybody knows?17:39
DaSkreechDolphin is a subset of what Konqueror does17:39
teprrrToreadorVampire, well, you can't make it to work like konqueror, for example I doubt konqueror is using breadcrumbed location bar :P17:39
teprrrDaSkreech, dragon sidebar? multimedia previews or..?17:39
ToreadorVampireteprrr> Indeed, but I dont't want a breadcrumb'd location bar - that's one of the things that annoyed me about dolphin (and WinVista)17:39
DaSkreechteprrr: ah good call :) have you see balckTheCat's psts on dolphin inteh brainstorm KDE forum?17:40
teprrrDaSkreech, well, konqueror uses dolphin's folderview part to show the files17:40
teprrrDaSkreech, nope17:40
teprrrToreadorVampire, well, one can use the normal location bar in dolphin :)17:40
DaSkreechteprrr: Yes Konqueror had a multimedia sidebar that I could throw things into and have them play while I browsed around. I can't do that in Dolphin though I wish I could17:40
ToreadorVampireI appreciate that I could probably switch that breadcrumb'd location bar off - but - if I disabled/reconfigured all of the bits of dolphin that I don't like, then I would have an identical UI to konqueror ;)17:40
oDudaim having problems with ubuntu 9.04 and intel 865 onboard graphic card(performance)... anybody knows something about ?17:40
teprrrI don't use dolphin that much either. do most of the file related actions from a console17:41
Guest1956Ye, help this guy out17:41
teprrrToreadorVampire, nope. it's still different :P17:41
Guest1956I would help oDuda, but I'm linux newbie17:41
teprrrbut yeah, everyone uses what they like :)17:41
DaSkreechoDuda: have you done all updates there were some updates to the Intel driver17:41
oDudathank you Guest1956 !17:41
teprrroDuda, are you using desktop effects? turning them off could speed-up things17:41
ToreadorVampireteprrr> Well, if it makes you happier - if I ever get annoyed with Konq's UI then I'll swap to dolphin - but while I'm happy with Konq I will continue using it ;)17:42
oDudateprrr thanks ! but not, im not using effects :-)17:42
Guest1956I think KDE is generally more graphics intensive though oDuda17:43
teprrrToreadorVampire, sure, you not using dolphin won't make any difference for me :)17:43
Guest1956As I said, I'm no expert17:43
oDudaDaSkreech thank you... i made this download (9.04) at last friday... so that must havent the updates ? (its another doubt)17:43
teprrrGuest1956, yeah, qt4 is using ARGBs all around I think17:43
teprrrand so does plasma17:43
Guest1956oDuda, try a different DE17:44
DaSkreechoDuda: No they don't update the CD after release. before release they update it every day17:44
oDudaGuest1956 Kubuntu is presenting some problems... i saw that before choose ubuntu (gnome) and not kubuntu :-)17:44
DaSkreechoDuda: do you prefer GUI or CLI ?17:44
ToreadorVampirebtw - Guest1956 - I agree that that "your trash is full, it needs clearing" error messge could do with some work - since it's not very intuitive at the moment17:45
Guest1956It suprises me that it says it when it's empty17:45
oDudaDaSkreech CLI ? is command shell ?17:45
DaSkreechteprrr: http://forum.kde.org/dolphin-ideas-with-mockups-t-28472.html17:45
Guest1956Or clains to be empty anyway17:45
DaSkreechoDuda: yes17:45
ToreadorVampireAt least give an option to "open a file manager in the trash directory" or "configure your wastebin" - otherwise the average user is going to have no idea as to how to solve the problem17:46
oDudaGuest1956 i use the two way... but i know a little the two... why ?17:46
oDudaGuest1956 my main problem is that i dont have broadband where i am installing 9.04 version :-(17:46
Guest1956What DE are you using now?17:47
teprrrDaSkreech, hmm, which part from there?17:47
oDudaGuest1956 sorry17:47
DaSkreechteprrr: the breadcrumb stuff I guess :) some of it is interesting17:47
oDudaDaSkreech i use the two way... but i know a little the two... why ?17:48
DaSkreechoDuda: Well I was going to tell you to update the xorg drivers :)17:48
oDudaDaSkreech my main problem is that i dont have broadband where i am installing 9.04 version :-(17:48
oDudaDaSkreech ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh xorg drivers ?17:49
teprrrDaSkreech, yeah, some of those may have been implemented already17:49
DaSkreechoDuda: I just saw that. Check how big the xorg drivers are17:49
DaSkreechteprrr: They would say DONE beside them if they are17:49
oDudaDasKreech isnt too much bigger... huh ?17:49
teprrrDaSkreech, and the thread title is [SOLVED]? ;)17:50
DaSkreechteprrr: Ha Not sure I'll check what that's about17:50
oDudaDaSkreech im impressive by EXT4 filesystem... i liked the new interface at 9.04... but for now im downloading 8.04.2 ... later im sure... ill make a new download (and maybe with the new updates... not ?)17:51
teprrrno idea if what suggestions have been implemented from there though17:51
teprrrI don't follow dolphin development closely17:51
DaSkreechThere is a Sub forum with all the ones implemented already17:51
Guest1956Just out of interest, how do I change my name from "Guest1956" to something else?17:52
DaSkreechMe either I just like the brainstorm forum :)17:52
geniiGuest1956: /nick newnamehere17:52
DaSkreechoDuda: Alright :) Though you can get KDE with 9.0417:52
DaSkreech!kde3 | oDuda17:52
ubottuoDuda: Kubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page17:52
DaSkreechKDE3 I mean17:52
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=== RTG is now known as Ruben
oDudaDasKreech im seeing people saying that Kubuntu have big problems too... its not true ?17:53
teprrrI should someday see what that forum offers17:53
=== Ruben is now known as Guest91338
teprrrto see for some ideas I'd like to work on :P17:53
geniiDon't go nuts on name-changing though, it's called nick spamming17:53
=== Guest91338 is now known as TheGrammarFreak
TheGrammarFreakI'm sorry17:54
TheGrammarFreakIt just kep saying "this na,me is registered17:54
TheGrammarFreakII've found one now17:54
phoenixzI need to know the *name* of a process that every now and then is changing a file.. How can I monitor that file to get that process name?17:54
geniiTheGrammarFreak: No worries, just now you know. Yeah, when a name is registered it means someone else has alredy a password for it17:54
oDudaubottu thanks man ! kubuntu does not have problem ?17:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:54
DaSkreechoDuda: Depends on what they mean by big problems. It has problems sure. Some problems may mean a lot to some people17:54
oDudaDaSkreech youre right !17:55
TheGrammarFreakMost distros have problems though17:55
DaSkreechphoenixz: Curses  I can't remeber the name of that command17:56
DaSkreechgenii: What's the name of the command that allows you to see what is keeping a file open ?17:56
geniiphoenixz, DaSkreech: lsof   ?17:56
DaSkreechtha'ts it17:56
phoenixzgenii: well, thought of that, but I don't know the exact moment the file is changed.. its a quick open and close so lsof won't do the trick here..17:58
TheGrammarFreakRight, my sound card will only play out of the fron socket ATM, anyone got any idea why?18:00
DaSkreechphoenixz: try the watch command18:02
phoenixzDaSkreech: thanks!18:02
afeijohi group18:07
afeijoI'm trying to rip a dvd with k3b, but when I pick that option, nothing happens18:07
jason_froebeafeijo - try handbrake instead - google it :)18:08
afeijojason_froebe: thanks18:08
afeijoI forgot again the command to check my linux version :(18:10
=== ame__ is now known as altrortla
geniiafeijo: lsb_release -a      or   uname -a     usually.18:10
afeijouname! Thanks genii18:11
geniiafeijo: You're welcome18:11
DaSkreechor cat /etc/issue18:12
afeijoDaSkreech: issue have just the version, not if its 32 or 64bits18:12
DaSkreechYou only asked for the version18:12
sczgilaeanybody knows how to lock panels to all users when they login?18:14
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro18:15
DaSkreechsczgilae: /etc/skel ?18:15
afeijoDaSkreech: indeed, sorry for my poor chose of words18:15
=== Shaan7 is now known as Shaan7|away
sczgilaeDaSkreech yes, but where? there is .profile but i have to write a llittle scripts that lock the panels. how lock panels on konsole¿?18:16
DaSkreechsczgilae: You mean the plasma panels?18:17
=== Shaan7|away is now known as Shaan7
ralmarQuick guys how do i cancel the "shutdown" command, my pc will shutdown in 2 mins and i need to cancel it thanks18:19
DaSkreechsczgilae: The config for a locked plasma panel is in ~/.kde/share/config/plasma*18:19
Dragnslcrralmar- shutdown -c18:20
DaSkreechLock the panels and look there for the locked setting. Put that in /etc/skel/.kde and when a new user logs in for the first time the panels will be locked18:20
DaSkreechralmar: man shutdown helps18:20
DaSkreechthen type / cancel18:20
sczgilaeim going to try18:21
DragnslcrGuess we weren't fast enough for him18:21
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sczgilaeDaSkreech are u there?18:42
ahmedI installed efax i want to cofigure it to send and recieve faxes anyone could help me?18:43
sczgilaei have copied plasma-appletssrc to plasma-appletssrc.bak18:43
sczgilaei lock and unlonck the panel18:43
sczgilaeand finally i have compared both18:44
sczgilaethe result is strange, something like... geometry=numbers,numbers,numbers18:44
ahmedI installed efax i want to cofigure it to send and recieve faxes anyone could help me?18:44
sczgilaeinmutability=1 and inmutability=218:45
DaSkreechsczgilae: Those last two look promising :)18:47
pantera69hi all18:54
pantera69someone from romania ??18:57
eagles0513875Mamarok: turns out that jaunty doesnt even detect my built in mic. luckily it picks up my quickcam super easily and outa the box too so its all good18:58
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro19:00
DaSkreechpantera69: ^^19:00
pantera69esti din ro ?19:01
eagles0513875!ro | pantera6919:01
ubottupantera69: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro19:01
pantera69thx ubottu19:02
anonimous_упырь: и жывотновоцтво19:12
eagles0513875anonimous_: what language are you looking for19:12
anonimous_missed the channel19:12
anonimous_never mind19:12
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:13
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Captain_HaddockHi, is it possible to get the network connection up without requiring to log in?19:18
DaSkreechCaptain_Haddock: Wifi?19:19
anonimous_Captain_Haddock:  sure19:19
_abbenormalhello guys is there an issue with 9.04 sources.list im getting a lot of errors19:21
Mamarok_abbenormal: what errors do you get?19:25
_abbenormalhold on setting up a paste bin for it19:26
_abbenormalnow im nort getting a internet connection on this laptop hold on19:28
afeijocall me stupid, I installed email server here, works with smtp and imap. Now I need to enable the POP service, but I dont remember which mail server I installed... lol19:28
* DaSkreech shrugs19:28
afeijoa lot19:29
afeijoI belive its dovecot19:29
Captain_HaddockDaSkreech: yes, this is for a wifi connection via usb wifi adapter19:31
DaSkreechTry wicd19:31
Captain_Haddock"Automatically connect at boot - no user intervention required, even for encrypted networks"19:32
Captain_Haddocklooks good19:32
Captain_Haddockthanks DaSkreech19:32
Captain_Haddockwill I need to remove the networkmanager widget?19:33
=== yaa_ is now known as anonimous_
DaSkreechYou can if you like19:33
=== tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
_abbenormalMamarok, sorry i cann eem to get a network connection now with this kubuntu setup not finding under stsytem settings and newworking where i can even select my newtwork card19:41
_abbenormalcannt seem19:42
Mamarok_abbenormal: networkmanager19:42
_abbenormalnot there or im not finding it19:43
_abbenormalnetwork & connectivity only shows settings and sharing19:44
Mamarok_abbenormal: just start networkmanager with Alt+F219:44
Mamarokactually, type Alt+F2, then type networkmanager19:45
Captain_HaddockDaSkreech: wicd removes network-manager during installation19:48
Captain_Haddockthanks - seems to work well19:48
DaSkreechCaptain_Haddock: ha ha nice19:48
_abbenormalok no network manager just giving me network19:50
lizhello everyone, can someone help on using genisoimage to create a bootable disc?19:51
Mamarok_abbenormal: then check wether you have networkmanager or wcid installed19:51
bkudriawhere might i find the latest(ish) kopete trunk - in the kubuntu-experimental ppa, or the kubuntu-ppa/experimental branch?  looks like the latter, but i wanted to check. or maybe it might eb somewhere else?19:52
Mamarokbkudria: the latest trunk would be with Neon19:52
Mamarok!info neon19:52
ubottuPackage neon does not exist in jaunty19:52
Mamarokhm, let me see...19:52
bkudriaMamarok: i dodn't need the very latest, i just want a kopete with the skype plugin19:53
=== tonio_ is now known as Tonio_
Mamarokbkudria: anyway, trunk *is* available through Neon: https://launchpad.net/~project-neon/+archive/ppa19:55
* Mamarok checks her Kopete19:56
bkudriaMamarok: ok, thanks, i'll check it out19:57
Mamarokbkudria: the one in the KDE 4.3 beta has it, don't know about KDE 4.2.2 and 4.2.319:57
dondonmy xorg.conf file is basically empty, but i would like to see what settings ubuntu has set by default19:57
Mamarokbkudria: but KDE 4.3 beta is tricky to install, so...19:57
lizanyone know how to create a bootable iso image w/genisoimage?19:57
Mamarokdondon: you can find that in /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:59
bkudriaMamarok: so you suggest i install from trunk?19:59
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.19:59
bkudriaMamarok: difficult to install how?  i'd prefer to install debs19:59
Mamarokbkudria: no, not at all, you can install the Neon nightly builds without it changing your basic settings, it installs separately and you run it in a separate session20:00
Mamarokliz: sorry, that was not what you were looking for I guess...20:00
bkudriaMamarok: eek - i'd want to use it in the same session...20:00
DaSkreechIsn't there a KDE 4.3 beat on kubuntu.org ?20:01
Mamarokbkudria: I don't know if the other version already include Skype support, will have to check that20:01
bkudriaMamarok: you mean the 4.3 beta?20:01
MamarokDaSkreech: yes, but for experienced users only, as there are a lot of dependency issues20:01
lizMamarok: looking at the site and I don't think that's it20:01
DaSkreechAh ok20:01
Mamarokbkudria: no, the KDe 4.2.3 version20:02
bkudriaMamarok: i have 4.2.3, kopete 0.70.2, without it20:02
lizI want to turn a directory into an iso that is bootable, I was following instructions fine until the last one, doesn't seem to work20:03
Mamarokliz: there is a graphic tool for that, no?20:04
MamarokISO master if I'm not mistaken20:04
lizMamarok: is there?20:04
Mamarokbkudria: the save way would be Neon20:04
Mamarok!info isomaster | liz20:05
ubottuliz: isomaster (source: isomaster): A graphical CD image editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.4-1 (jaunty), package size 174 kB, installed size 1044 kB20:05
lizMamarok: if I show you the commands can you tell me if they work and if I have to do them one at a time??20:05
_abbenormalim reloading this laptop Mamarok20:06
_abbenormalill brb20:06
Mamarokliz: there is a blog entry about ISO master too: http://ubuntufriends.wordpress.com/2007/03/31/edit-and-create-your-bootable-iso-image-the-easy-way/20:06
Mamarokliz: that seems much easier to use, I guess it's a frontend to genisoimage20:08
lizMamarok: ah ok thanks20:08
pulaskihello, I've installed a package using dpkg -i packagename.deb now I want to remove and purge it of all configuration files.  dpkg man says I have to run the prerm script before and the postrm script after dpkg -r -P packagename.deb command.  Where are these prerm and postrm scripts? they don't exist on my box?20:18
=== navetz__ is now known as navetz
geniipulaski: If it was from a .deb file, you can see the package afterwards in the normal package manager, uninstall it that way20:19
Mamarokpulaski: normally you just do sudo dpkg -r -P packagename, without the *.deb20:20
* genii makes more coffee20:20
Mamarokgenii: mid air collision again :)20:20
pulaskigenii: thanks for responding.  I'm using the cl to do this which I figure is not a normal package manager.20:22
pulaskiMamarok: I'll just go ahead and use your suggestion thanks and see what happens.20:23
pulaskiMamarok: I just got a usage message telling me to use dselect or aptitude.  I just began running jaunty 9.04/kde4 and it has only the one kpackagekit.  I think kpackagekit is not very suitable.  Unlike hardy I can't use it to see what's installed on my box in order to remove it.20:30
Jellygooseevening guys20:30
Jellygooseany1 managed to remove the cashew in the top right corner? :<20:30
pulaskiMamarok: or genii is there a curses cl aptitude or dselect app in jaunty?20:31
Captain_HaddockJellygoose: right click and "lock widgets"20:31
Mamarokpulaski: I like aptitude, works nicely and there is an ncurses interface you can access with the command aptitude20:31
Mamarokpulaski: aptitude is installed by default AFAIK20:32
JellygooseCaptain_Haddock: doesnt remove the on in the top right corner, only the small one in the taskbar..20:32
Captain_Haddockjust using apt-get remove won't work?20:32
Captain_HaddockJellygoose: ah20:32
pulaskiMamarok: Thanks,  I'l keep exerimenting.20:32
Mamarokpulaski: yaw :)20:33
JellygooseI found this http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=91009&forumpage=8 but I can't compile it since I need kdebase-dev installed and something is wrong with apt cause it won't install it.. =|20:33
MamarokJellygoose: why would you want to remove that?20:33
Mamarokthe cashew I mean20:33
JellygooseI don't really think it serves any meaning20:33
=== renegade is now known as Guest38242
Jellygooseatleast not to me20:34
MamarokJellygoose: did you ever tried clicking on it and add an activity?20:34
MamarokJellygoose: and you can't remove it, you can just move it somewhere else on the desktop20:34
Mamarokit's part of plasma20:34
Jellygooseit's supposed to work with that plasmoid i linked though.. just can't compile it :o20:35
Jellygoosehow do you mean add an activity btw?20:35
MamarokJellygoose: depends on your KDE 4 version though, but works in 4.2.220:36
cjaeis it normal for kpackagekit to never ask for a password? It may have once, but I have unchecked the remember my password and it still never asks for one20:36
cjaehow can this be secure?20:36
MamarokJellygoose: click on it and zoom out20:37
adamkubuntu sux20:37
Mamarokcjae: well, it's not if someone else uses your login on that computer20:37
Mamarokadam: behave!20:37
JellygooseMamarok: yeah, did it..20:38
adamwindows 7 is much better than kubuntu20:38
cjaeit posted a bug about it but accidentally called it kpackage not with the kit part20:38
MamarokJellygoose: you can the add a secon + activity with the + sign20:38
cjaeadam, not it is not20:38
MamarokJellygoose: add different widgets, background, etc20:39
cjaeI am currently running both and window 7 is very slow20:39
adami cant install firefox or flashpalyer20:39
Mamarokadam: last warning: read the topic and behave!20:39
cjaethe only thing I have had to switch for is the ability to add an mp3 to an openoffice impress presentation20:40
JellygooseMamarok: mhm, i cant find any options other than zoom in and the usual appearance settings (?)20:40
DaSkreechadam: how are you installing it?20:40
MamarokJellygoose: what KDE version do you run?20:40
cjaebut I have all the restricted extras in20:40
JellygooseMamarok: 4.2.something20:41
=== dani is now known as Guest1490
pulaskiMamarok: Yes I'm running aptitude, Its been a long time since I've played around with it.  I'd like to find the package I just installed "tagtool_0.12.3-3ubuntu2_i386.deb" What category of installed software should I be looking in?20:41
JellygooseMamarok: it ws because i had locked widgets20:41
=== Guest1490 is now known as dani_
adami just download it from mozilla.com, when i open it, it coming many files20:42
Jellygooseit's very slow working in the out-zoomed mode..20:42
adamwhat shal i do?20:42
jussi01adam: thats not how you install it20:42
cjaeit posted a bug about it but accidentally called it kpackage not with the kit part so what I am asking is ... did someone think it was in the distributions best interest to make the software installer only  the gui package installer only need the password once20:43
MamarokJellygoose: yctuall, the zoom out is only to make the activity settings, you then zoom in again and add the activity bar widget20:43
jussi01adam: go to system, kpackagekit, then search for firefox20:44
Mamarokcjae: you selected not to be reminded the password...20:45
adamnothing coming20:45
Mamarokadam: what is not comming?20:46
Mamarokadam: you must be more specific, we do not see your desktop from here...20:46
adami cannot install firefox20:46
JellygooseMamarok: i can see this being useful if you actually use the desktop for anything.. i prefer an empty desktop with a nice wall though :o still want to get rid of the cashew after all :)20:47
Mamarokadam: did you go to systemsettings?20:47
thenumberHi every body :)20:47
phhadam: how have you done ? It comes preinstalled ...20:47
MamarokJellygoose: as I said, ignore it, it's part of plasma20:47
adami dont know20:47
MamarokJellygoose: you can't remove it20:47
Mamarokphh: I am handling it, thank you :)20:47
Mamarokadam: there is an option to add and remove software, are you on it?20:48
ibou__what packages do i need to read all divx mp4 mkv dvd (...) on kmplayer?20:48
JellygooseMamarok: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=91009&forumpage=8 says I can, just need help installing the kdebase-dev package :)20:48
ibou__im on jaunty20:48
MamarokJellygoose: sudo apt-get install kdebase-dev?20:48
xjjkibou__: kubuntu-restricted-extras20:48
cjaeMamarok, ok sorry what was that20:48
JellygooseMamarok: yeah, not working cause it says it can't find all dependencies20:49
Mamarokphh: and firefox is not preinstalled in Kubuntu...20:49
ibou__xjjk: i tryed but i cant read mp420:49
xjjkibou__: what's mp4... Apple?20:49
MamarokJellygoose: again, whyt KDE version do you use?20:49
ibou__xjjk: i don't know20:49
phhMamarok: hum, it has always been so ?20:49
xjjkibou__: you need binary codecs for that... look up Mediabuntu20:49
Mamarokcjae: did you reafd my last message?20:49
xjjkadd those repositories, and add the w32codecs (or w64codecs)20:50
Mamarokphh: firefox is a gtk app, so no, it never was AFAIK20:50
JellygooseMamarok: 4.2.220:50
cjaenot quite Mamarok left too quickly20:50
phhxjjk: you don't need binary codecs for mp4 ...20:50
ibou__xjjk ok i try20:50
xjjkphh: what's needed?20:50
phhxjjk: standard mplayer with ffmpeg is enough20:50
MamarokJellygoose: that should work though...20:50
ibou__phh doesnt work20:51
phhbut it may need some recent enough version20:51
Mamarokadam: are you still here?20:51
phh(i mean, no mplayer release, but a svn snapshot)20:51
Mamarokcjae: you selected not to be reminded the password...20:51
JellygooseMamarok: maybe something with my repos ?20:51
phhso i guess the solution is to add the repositeries and update packages20:51
xjjkphh: well, the stuff in mediabuntu afaik plays mp4 files, and solves ibou__ 's problem20:51
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:52
phhxjjk: yes i think so, but i don't think it's the w32codecs which does so20:52
MamarokJellygoose: if you have the default repos (main, universe, multiverse, and restricted) you have everything needed20:52
ibou__xjjk, phh thx20:52
adamyes, im here. i found it, but it will not install20:52
xjjkphh: I haven't kept up with it a while, but w32codecs provided Quicktime dlls that could be used for mplayer/xine20:53
xjjkI'm not usre what other package it'd have moved to20:53
Mamarokadam: did you enter firefox in the search bar? No capital letters allowed20:53
cjaeMamarok, that would be the first time ever I selected something like that on a distribution, but I am going to say I accidentally hit the no password, bit when I installed kde 4.3 from the ppa repo it gave the opportunity to uncheck it again and yet it still never asks for password20:53
phhxjjk: mmm maybe it will works then... but using those dlls is not needed. apple mp4 files are standard H264+AAC un mp4 container20:54
adamyes, now it download firefox, tnx20:54
cjaeMamarok, sorry that should say kde 4.2.320:54
phh(and supported for a long time by mplayer/ffmpeg)20:54
JellygooseMamarok: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ with main restricted universe multiverse should be enough?..20:55
Mamarokadam: once you have firefox installed, you need to install the flash package20:55
Mamarokadam: search for flashplayer20:55
Mamarokcjae: I think you can remove it in the wallet, did you try open that?20:55
JellygooseMamarok: this is the error I get:20:56
Jellygoose Depends: libkonq5-dev but it is not going to be installed20:56
cjaeMamarok, the wallet only asks me for kmail20:56
Jellygoose Depends: kdepimlibs5-dev but it is not going to be installed20:56
Jellygooseops, sorry bout that20:56
MamarokJellygoose: that is strange, try installing kde-devel20:57
MamarokJellygoose: and use the pastebin next time :)20:57
DaSkreechadam: got help?20:57
Mamarokcjae: then I think it's somewhere in ~/.kde/share/config/20:58
Mamarokcjae: look for kpackagekitrc or similar20:58
MamarokDaSkreech: yes, I did20:58
adamno, I think I learn how I can istall software20:58
Mamarokadam: yes, you did get help from me :)20:59
adamtnx a lot20:59
Mamarokadam: yaw :)20:59
JellygooseMamarok: I get the same error with kde-devel20:59
DaSkreechadam: Great :)20:59
DaSkreechYou can ask anyother question you like here20:59
DaSkreechMamarok: Enabled multiverse ?20:59
MamarokJellygoose: could you send me your sources.list in paste.ubuntu.com please?21:00
cjaeMamarok, ok but I have a system that never asks me for a password whenever I try to install something, why when I report a bug do they tell me, you must have entered you password once before?21:00
MamarokDaSkreech: what?21:00
Mamarokcjae: sorry, don't follow you there... you must have entered it and disabled the reminder21:01
cjaeMamarok, how do I make the thing that lets you uncheck remember my password21:01
Mamarokcjae: just told you :) :21:01
Mamarokcjae: then I think it's somewhere in ~/.kde/share/config/21:02
Mamarokcjae: look for kpackagekitrc or similar21:02
cjaeMamarok, you cant make it happen with the guii21:02
DaSkreechMamarok: adam wanted flashplugin So I figured you enabled Multiverse with him21:02
DaSkreechassuming that adam is a him21:02
JellygooseMamarok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/185987/  (i'm using mint on this computer but it's based on kubuntu and uses the same repos)21:02
adamyes, am i boy:D21:03
MamarokDaSkreech: I still wait for feedback now21:03
MamarokJellygoose: your sources.list is ok, just don't understand why you can't instal kdebase-dev in KDE 4.2.221:04
cjaeMamarok, I only have kpackagerc and kpackagekit in ~/.kde/share/config21:04
DaSkreechMamarok: from me?21:05
MamarokDaSkreech: no, from adam, and don't worry, I was going to tell him...21:05
cjaeand neither has something like password remember = true21:05
JellygooseMamarok: :s maybe I should try the kde room?21:05
Mamarokcjae: try removing those, they will be recreated when you start KDE again21:05
MamarokJellygoose: no, this is distribution related, they will send you back here21:06
JellygooseMamarok: mhm ok21:06
cthompson_I am trying to extract a war file to a specific folder(that doesn't exist)??21:07
JellygooseMamarok: could be something wrong with the packages then...?21:07
MamarokJellygoose: well, I don't know if it could be mint using different packages for that...21:07
MamarokJellygoose: for sure it works here on a vanilla Kubuntu21:08
JellygooseMamarok: hm ok21:08
MamarokJellygoose: could install kdebase-dev without problem21:08
JellygooseMamarok: if I remove the mint entries form the list maybe..?21:08
JellygooseMamarok: kk21:08
MamarokJellygoose: I don't know, you might consider upgrading to KDE 4.2.3, it's a bugfix release so no risk with that so far21:09
dpshi all just installed kubuntu (use to have ubuntu) I cant seem to drag anything to the desktop or copy anything there - how come?21:10
JellygooseMamarok: aight, ill start with that then21:10
MamarokJellygoose: and you really shoudl remove mint, it's not supported by us anyway21:11
dpscant right click on desktop and choose create folder or anything - is that normal in kubuntu??21:11
dpsor is my desktop screwed :-)21:11
Mamarokdps: yes, it' doesn't work that way, you can use the folderview widget21:11
dpsMamarok: Allright and that means that I cant put downloads there and so on21:12
cjaeMamarok, did nt work still just let anything be installed21:12
JellygooseMamarok: yeah I would install kubuntu from the start if could go back but i've done so much tweaking now I don't know if I want to start from scratch again heh :p21:12
jussi01dps: yes you can, just add folderview plasmoid...21:13
Mamarokdps: yes, firefox will put downloads to the desktop by default and you will see thoe there then, but I usually change it to the Downloads folder in my home directory21:13
Mamarokcjae: hm, that's weird21:13
DaSkreechMamarok: Cute he left right before you said that21:13
Mamarokcjae: definitely a bug then21:13
dpsMamarok:Ohhh okay just found the folderwiev widget - cool - but how about shortcuts etc21:14
DaSkreechdps: swithc your containment ot folderview21:14
Mamarokdps: in the menu, just right click on the item it will let you add to the desktop21:14
dpsMamarok: sweet21:14
dpsDaSkreech: thank21:14
cjaeMamarok, and what I meant from before is that I posted a bug about it and they say well you put your password in once so its not our fault, you should have to put in your password everytime, I will try to find the bug report and show you21:15
Mamarokcjae: I believe you, but in some way they are right, you did enter your password and disabled the reminder, at least once...21:16
Mamarokcjae: I wil check on how to add that reminder back, moment21:16
cjaeMamarok, I am pretty sure I would never do something like that, I am just asking question with the assumption I did that21:17
Mamarokcjae: it does not disable itself for sure21:17
cjaeMamarok,  you are using kde 4.2.3 ?21:18
Mamarok!mint > Jellygoose21:18
ubottuJellygoose, please see my private message21:18
Mamarokcjae: yes, also, give me some time to sort that out :)21:18
JellygooseMamarok: yes I know, thanks.. it's just that I've gotten good advice here before :)21:19
DaSkreechMamarok: Are you using KDE 4.3?21:19
MamarokJellygoose: ok21:20
MamarokDaSkreech: yes21:20
DaSkreechof course you are silly question :) How many containments come withit?21:20
Mamarokcjae: in systemsettings ->adcancedtab ->policykit authorization21:20
cjaeMamarok,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeadmin/+bug/37198821:20
MamarokDaSkreech: whas that a question for me?21:21
Mamarokcjae: see my message above21:21
DaSkreechYes m'am21:21
cjaeyes sorry21:21
DaSkreechIs it stil just two?21:21
MamarokDaSkreech: containments?21:21
MamarokDaSkreech: what are containments?21:22
MamarokDaSkreech: ah, you mean desktop activities?21:22
DaSkreechYes :)21:22
MamarokDaSkreech: I have three activated right now, and can move the activity bar on all three of them in the position I like :)21:23
cjaeMamarok, how come I cant select defaults for policykit21:24
Mamarokcjae: you have to change the authorisations manually, it's in the org.freedesktop section21:25
Mamarokcjae: defaults allways depends on the intial policy given by the admin of the system, so there is no "defaults"21:26
DaSkreechMamarok: Ha ha No I meant types. You can make a Desktop and Folder View type currently Is it still just those two?21:26
adamhow can i change the username?21:26
Mamarokadam: your username you mean?21:27
DaSkreechadam: on the computer or on here?21:27
cjaeMamarok, install local file anyone = No and Console = No and Active Console = No21:28
Mamarokadam: in kuser, you will need to give your password, be careful with that :)21:28
Mamarokcjae: check all the authorisations21:28
adami need change username on pc21:28
Mamarokadam: in the menu -> applications -> system -> kuser21:30
Mamarokadam: be careful with that, you can break your access if you mistype something21:30
DaSkreechYou can break it if you type it right :)21:30
DaSkreechNOthing that logging out won't fix21:30
_abbenormalMamarok, why when you install some of the wirless stuff it removes the networkmanger21:31
Mamarok_abbenormal: because wicd and noetworkmanager conflict with each other21:32
Mamarokand the network manager widget depends on networkmanager21:32
adamwhat now, i click on edit, but it coming nothing21:32
_abbenormalok so is there a way to get it back now that its removed21:32
Mamarokadam: try running it from the krunner:21:33
MamarokAlt+F2, then type kuser in that window21:33
Mamarokadam: wait, my bad, you have to type kdesudo kuser21:34
Jellygoosecan anyone tell me the address for the ubuntu experimental repo ?21:34
Mamarokadam: then your user is at the bottom of the list, ID is 100021:34
MamarokJellygoose: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main21:35
Mamarokadam: you can only change the Full Name, not the login name though, that is set on installation only21:35
DaSkreechadam: You can change that as well if you like21:36
adami see21:36
JellygooseMamarok: k, thanks21:36
DaSkreechadam: You wanted to change your displayed name or the name you use to login?21:36
Mamarokadam: I wouldn't, it implies you have to change the directory, etc....21:37
DaSkreechMamarok: Two commands :)21:37
cjaeRefresh system sources, anyone = no , console = no  active console yes, trust key used for signing packages, anyone = no, console =no, active console = admin auth21:37
MamarokJellygoose: you need to add the gpgp key then21:37
Mamarokcjae: why do you list that here?21:37
adamboth of them21:38
cjaeMamarok, its all admin auth anyway except eula21:38
DaSkreechadam: Ah wait three commands21:39
Mamarokcjae: well, set what you want to have there, save and logout/login KDE again21:39
cjaeMamarok, this computer is not connected directly anyway21:39
adami think, its possible to remove old user, and create new21:42
adamin kuser21:42
Mamarokadam: wait for DaSkreech to tell you21:43
DaSkreechadam: alt+F2 -> kdesudo kate /etc/passwd21:44
MamarokDaSkreech: I think he should exit kuser first21:44
DaSkreechMamarok: Oh thought that happened already. adam can you close kuser ?21:44
DaSkreechAt the bottom you should have the user adam21:45
crossi got a question21:45
crossthe top panel is flipped21:46
crossthe logon is in the middle and the left part is right21:46
DaSkreechadam: change every occurence of adam to your newusername (no space)21:46
crosshow do i make it normal again?21:46
DaSkreechcross: the logon ?21:46
Mamarokcross: there is no top panel by default...21:47
ibou__je peux lire les divx maintenant (kmplayer, jaunty) mais l'image est toute daccadée et je n'ai pas le son21:47
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr21:47
crosshmm how to explain ^^21:47
DaSkreechadam: What is the new name that you would like to use?21:47
crossi got  Ubuntu 9.0421:47
Mamarokcross: make a screenshot and send it to imagebin.ca?21:47
DaSkreechcross: This is Gnome?21:48
Mamarokcross: you use Gnome? Here is for KDE only21:48
Mamarokcross: Gnome support is in #ubuntu21:48
DaSkreechWell not only but Gnome answers are much faster in #ubuntu21:48
crossoh didnt know that21:48
crossthanks and bye :-) *wave*21:48
ibou__i can read divx now but the the pictures are jerked and i dont have the sound21:48
MamarokDaSkreech: that's why there a re different channels btw, here is for Kubuntu support21:48
adamnothing change. must i restart computer or something?21:50
DaSkreechadam: groznykid:x:1000:1000:YourName,,,:/home/groznykid:/bin/bash21:50
DaSkreechadam: Should look something like that21:51
DaSkreechadam: Is that ok ?21:52
adamyes, but, its dont work21:52
DaSkreechadam: ok Save that then open a console21:53
robinroh dear. The menu bar in konqueror disapperad :( How do I get it back?21:53
Mamarokrobinr: right click on the tool bar and add it back?21:53
Mamarokrobinr: you can also toggle it with Ctrl+M21:54
DaSkreechtype sudo mkdir /home/groznykid && sudo cp /home/adam/* /home/groznykid && sudo chown -R groznykid:gorznykid /home/groznykid21:54
robinrMamarok: Ctrl-M it was21:55
DaSkreechadam: after that you should be able to logout and log back in as groznykid21:56
adami have a problem, i cant type passworld  on console21:57
DaSkreechadam: Yes you can it doesn't show what you are typing21:57
DaSkreechadam: Press and hold backspace for 4 seconds to clear what you were typing and just type your password normally and press enter21:58
adamlol, i think i forgot my passworld:D22:04
DaSkreechadam: That's a problem ;)22:04
eshatDoes amarok2 support ipod devices?22:04
DaSkreechSure you forgot it?22:05
adamcomputer say: Wrong passworld22:05
DaSkreechadam: ok lets try this. alt+F2 -> kdesudo konsole22:05
adamit asking for passworld!22:07
eshatworld ?22:07
Mamarokeshat: depends on the model, you should ask on #amarok22:07
eshatMamarok: ok22:07
DaSkreechadam: And you don't remember it at all?22:07
Mamarokeshat: and be patient :)22:07
eshatMamarok: Wasn't I ?22:08
Mamarokeshat: well, if you do net get an answer in 2 minutes and ping back... :)22:09
adami think i change it, when i try to change username22:09
DaSkreechadam: Ha ha oh gosh that's funny22:10
DaSkreechadam: try this su groznykid22:11
BlackAuraquick question guys, did a base install of 9.04 on a new machine (one of our company's semi-old dell boxes), and grub is sitting with a flashing cursor22:11
DaSkreechuse the same password you had before22:11
DaSkreechadam: In console22:11
BlackAuraas far as I can tell, grub can't find the kernel image.....maybe it can't even find the proper hard drive to be honest.  Oddly enough though, the livecd boots perfectly without any issues (both normal, and alternate cds)22:12
DaSkreechadam: Did you close kate ?22:12
DaSkreechok try su groznykid22:12
DaSkreechwith the same password22:13
BlackAuraas per some solutions I read about googling the issue, I've tried pci=nomsi and noacpi and noapic as boot parameters, and none of the options have worked (combined or singularly)22:13
adamcommand not found22:13
DaSkreechadam: in the konsole it said password not found ?22:14
MamarokBlackAura: the CD doesn't use grub22:14
BlackAuraMamarok: ahh, interesting, which bootloader is the livecd using?22:14
cjaeMamarok, hi ya nothing worked22:14
MamarokBlackAura: but there is a recovery mode option fora failed installation IIRC on CD startup22:15
Mamarokcjae: well, then it's a bug in your version, but good newa, fixed in the later version here on KDE 4.3 beta22:15
BlackAuraMamarok: I've dropped into a recovery shell on /dev/sda1 using the alternate livecd, and modified the menu.list file that way....should I install LILO instead and try that, or is there another recommended bootloader?22:15
adami dont know, it say command not found22:16
MamarokBlackAura: arghs, no lilo is worse to install, just use grub, but make sure the kernel is where grub says it is...22:16
MamarokBlackAura: check the /boot/grub/menu.lst22:16
BlackAuraMamarok: yeah, actually I did a bit more googling and it looks like other people have managed to boot with lilo....hmmmmm  (as per http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-330397.html )22:17
DaSkreechadam: ok /bin/su groznykid22:17
* Mamarok wonders why lilo hasn't been burried under 5 mio tons of solid rock yet22:17
BlackAuraMamarok: lol, it used to be the standard for most distros, from what I remember22:17
DaSkreechMamarok: It's cute?22:17
MamarokBlackAura: lilo is extremely complicated FWIW, so grub is really the first choice to go22:18
MamarokBlackAura: I just think the menu.lst doesn't give the correct location for the kernel22:18
BlackAuraMamarok: yeah, every time you change an option, you have to reinstall lilo into the MBR, as part of the data there is the config22:18
BlackAuraMamarok: quite possible, I did try using /dev/sda1 instead of the uuid's (don't fully understand those....I'm old school), but that didn't fix anything.22:19
MamarokBlackAura: hm, I don't think /dev/sda1 is really used, wasn't it just numbers like 0.1 and such?22:20
* Mamarok hasn't touched grub in ages22:20
BlackAuraMamarok: er, sorry, I'm referring to the kernel line   root=/dev/sda1 instead of the uuid string22:20
BlackAurabut I don't even think it's getting that far22:21
MamarokBlackAura: the HD address is (hd0,0) AFAIR22:21
BlackAuraMamarok: yep......  root(hd0,0)22:21
MamarokBlackAura: what does the bootlog tell you?22:21
BlackAuraMamarok: uh....is there a grub boot log....didn't even know that, lol22:21
adami think its better to reinstall the OS22:22
BlackAuraMamarok: I mean, it's not even loading the kernel image, so either it can't find the kernel, or it can't find the hard drive, or the partition, or something like that.22:22
MamarokBlackAura: you need to give the /root/vmlinuz.... address in grub22:22
adamor change to windows 722:22
Mamarokadam: stop that!22:22
BlackAuratried Windows 7 beta22:22
BlackAuraon my home computer22:23
BlackAurait didn't like my audio card :p22:23
Mamarokadam: I warned you before22:23
BlackAurathis is my work machine though22:23
MamarokBlackAura: that is off topic, please22:23
adamhehe, what22:23
BlackAuraMamarok: sorry22:23
Mamarokadam: I told you to behave, read the IRC guidelines for this channel22:23
BlackAuraone sec, I'll load into the recovery console again and see what I can find22:23
Mamarokadam: type /topic22:23
DaSkreechadam: You have a live CD ?22:24
adamno, i have a dvd with this OS22:24
DaSkreechadam: Fine when you boot it up you get a choice to run the OS live right?22:24
DaSkreechinstead of installing?22:24
tuxmaniaHi, really like what you guys has done with jaunty jackalope and KDE4, thanks all22:25
Mamaroktuxmania: thank you, nice to hear!22:25
BlackAuratuxmania: ditto, I'm loving the latest KDE22:26
DaSkreechSoon to be the old KDE22:26
UKGentI have just installed KDE4/Jaunty off a DVD which I burned and it is great. I absolutely love it.22:26
tuxmaniaMamarok: Im a longtime Gnome user thats been converted lately22:26
Mamaroktuxmania: glad you like it :)22:26
DaSkreechadam: boot up the DVD and when the dekstop comes up login here and shout at me22:26
MamarokBlackAura: nice :)22:26
tuxmaniaMamarok: the thing that i really like is how easy it is to d/l gadgets, icons, themes and such22:27
tuxmanianow if i only can ween myself off of my firefox tit ;P22:28
Mamaroktuxmania: tried firefox-3.5?22:28
adambut, first i must install another OS, and after that can i just boot from the cd22:28
Mamarokadam: no, you can boot from the DVD normally22:29
UKGentI have Xubuntu on my lap-top because of the crap Nvidia Card but the PC is working great with KDE4. Both AMD 64 machines but with limited memory. Tried Gnome but it hated my monitor!22:29
tuxmaniaMamarok: yes, but i dont like non-native apps that much, especially not when im managing terminal-servers22:29
DaSkreechadam: Hmm? You can boot from the DVD without a Hard drive22:29
DaSkreechI'm doing it now22:29
BlackAuraMamarok: okay, ls of /boot shows vmlinuz-2.6.18-11-generic, and grepping /boot/grub/menu.lst shows the same file (/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-generic) in the kernel lines22:29
* DaSkreech waves at you from RAM22:29
BlackAuraMamarok: sorry, typo for /boot/vmlinuz, should both say 2.6.28-1122:30
MamarokBlackAura: doesn't look good, you should make a check disk on your hard drive I'd say22:30
BlackAuraMamarok: uh....but it's a base install ... I havn't done anything to it yet, lol22:30
adam:D, ok, i come back soon22:30
* tuxmania is getting all tinsy winsy waiting for his new HTC Magic.22:30
MamarokBlackAura: fsdisk /dev/sda1, no potions needed if its ext322:30
UKGentMamarok - I used a 'burner' which gives a check sum at the end - before I did that, I kept getting crashes due to bad copying.22:31
MamarokBlackAura: well, there is a filesystem, so you can check from the CD in recovery mode22:31
BlackAuraMamarok: did a fsck.ext3 /dev/sda1, no problems :/22:32
MamarokUKGent: what is your question?22:32
MamarokBlackAura: strange, something wrong in the boot sequence I guess, check the boot logs22:32
UKGentMamarok - well I could turn it into a question. Is it good practice to get a check sum when burning a CD or DVD. Based on my experience, it seems to be22:33
=== root is now known as roo
DaSkreechroo: Don't IRC as Root22:34
MamarokUKGent: yes, this is indeed good practice, as a md4sum tells you if the download went well22:34
MamarokUKGent: the md4sums are available from the same sources as the ISO btw22:35
=== roo is now known as nery
Mamaroknery: you really should not use IRC as root...22:35
UKGentMamarok - Thanks - because I found that the CD's I were using did not give a checksum when using the 'Baraso' Burner but the DVD I used did. This resulted in me successfully installing Kubuntu22:36
MamarokUKGent: brasero you meant?22:37
=== Being_Tsukasa is now known as Tsukasa-pub
UKGentMamerok - lol yes sorry. brasero seems to automatically try to generate a checksum at the beginning and end of the burning process.22:38
=== root is now known as Guest92694
MamarokUKGent: well, all recent burner should do that with an ISO22:38
=== Guest92694 is now known as bichin
UKGentMamerok - Thanks - I was initially trying to use the disks which did not have a checksum confirmed, even though one was generated. It was only when I used the confirmed disk that I managed to instal the OS22:40
alarmhello, how can i completely deactivate kdewallet ? every time i try to connect for example on my wireless kdewallet appears, asking me to add passwords22:41
Mamarokalarm: there is an option: never use kdewallet22:42
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Mamarokalarm: but then you will have to type your passwords everytime22:42
DaSkreechubuntu: hi adam22:42
alarmyes but what happens now that i already used it once ? and did set a password ?22:42
alarmi type the password anyway all the time on kdewallet.22:42
DaSkreechubuntu: Ok do you know pastebin ?22:43
Mamarokalarm: kdewallet only pops up the first time you need a password in the current session, you don't need it again in the same session normally22:43
neversfeldealarm: afaik, you have to set the wpa/wep password now manually everytime you restart KDE22:43
ubuntui dont think22:43
bichinsoy de Bolivia22:43
bichinalguien que hable español22:43
alarmyeap thats what i mean. never used kdewallet and never had problems by saving wireless connection keys or anything22:44
Mamarok!es | bichin22:44
ubottubichin: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:44
DaSkreechubuntu: Ok open konqueror and go to paste.ubuntu.com22:44
alarmsomehow now , my wireless key authorization became dependant of kdewallet22:44
alarmneversfelde,  thats what i notice u cant save, i dont understand why22:44
alarmi must copy it every time, its annoying22:44
DaSkreechubuntu: open a konsole and type sudo fdisk -l22:45
Mamarokalarm: open the wallet and remove the passwords there22:45
Mamarokok, I call it a day, cu folks gn822:45
DaSkreechcopy the output into paste.ubuntu.com and submit it22:46
neversfeldealarm: use the old knetworkmanager or try a newer version of plasma-widget-networkmanager. I think there is one in proposed22:46
DaSkreechit will give you a URL paste that URL here22:46
=== root is now known as Guest76626
alarmok i will do that22:46
Guest76626nada bichin22:46
Guest76626solo q es el canal22:46
Guest76626el problem22:46
Mamarok!es | Guest7662622:46
ubottuGuest76626: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:46
DaSkreechubuntu: Oh You can paste just by highlighting the words and then middle clicking on the mouse wheel22:46
alarmone more question that i couldnt find . how can i change the way icons are grouped on my taskbar ?22:46
DaSkreechubuntu: I want to see what partitions you have so that we can work on the right one22:47
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alarmso that the wont be grouped anymore22:47
genii!es | nery22:47
ubottunery: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:47
DaSkreechubuntu: it's just an easy way to share information22:49
DaSkreechWithout you needing to know a whole lot of details22:49
DaSkreechubuntu: let me know if you have any problems22:50
ubuntuand what have you found?22:54
DaSkreechubuntu: You haven't given me the URL22:54
DaSkreechubuntu: You copied it to the Website ?22:54
ubuntuhehe, you give me the url of website, and i paste the info in there22:56
DaSkreechubuntu: Right there is a button at the bottom of where you paste the info in. Press that and it will give you a URL22:56
DaSkreechpaste the URL here22:56
BlackAuraMamarok: hey, booted into recovery, installed lilo, ran liloconfig, and everything booted fine.  Looks like it was an issue with grub and the dell hardware I have (the disk controller I guess).  Thanks for you help!22:57
ubuntuok, what was the name of the website22:57
ubuntuI`ve forgot22:57
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)22:58
* genii hands DaSkreech more coffee and cookies22:59
DaSkreechand less World of Warcraft22:59
geniiBlackAura: Mamarok has left for the night22:59
skaftiim using Jaunty Jackalope and neither firefox nor konqueror does not work for exp. listening youtube does anyone know this problem23:00
BlackAuragenii: thanks!23:00
skaftior am i in the wrong place to ask  this question here ?23:01
DaSkreechDid I miss anything important?23:02
DaSkreechubuntu: ah quick question what else do you have on the hard drive?23:03
skaftiwere is the best place to ask kubuntu problems ?23:04
DaSkreechskafti: here23:04
jussi01skafti: have you got flash installed?23:04
skaftiyes i think so from the package manager23:04
chaos2fuskafti have u installed by clicking "install flash" for example in firefox..23:06
skaftiyes i have23:06
chaos2fuwhen u acces youtube.com and click a video it says that u dont have flash installed or javascript turned on?23:06
DaSkreechubuntu: You said you would have to install a new OS so you only have Kubuntu on the computer ?23:06
ubuntuthats right23:07
DaSkreechubuntu: ok :-) Can you open Dolphin and look for a little harddrive icon in the left panel then click it?23:08
neversfeldeskafti: you can watch the vidoes, but no sound?23:09
skaftiusing flash 10.0 r2223:09
skaftiyes i can see video but dont hear23:09
neversfeldeskafti: is pulseaudio installed?23:10
neversfeldeif so, remove it23:10
chaos2fuaahh okej...i thought u havent even been able to install the flash"23:10
skaftipulseaudio yes i think it is23:10
neversfelderemove it and restart23:10
chaos2funeversfelde: is it a common problem with pulseaudio? and what is it?23:11
neversfeldechaos2fu: it is mentioned in the release notes somewhere and removing helped me on two machines23:11
chaos2fuaahh okej..is it some sort of audi hardware program?23:11
skaftitheres not an option to remove it23:12
skaftithe pulse audio23:12
DaSkreechubuntulog: Umm OK23:12
chaos2fusynaptic pack manager?23:12
neversfeldeskafti: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio*23:13
neversfeldebe careful, if you not know what you re doing paste the output before23:13
ubuntuhow can i find my port adress?23:13
neversfeldechaos2fu: pulseaudio is a soundeserver23:13
DaSkreechubuntu: Huh?23:13
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DaSkreechWhich port?23:13
chaos2fuaahh like xserver is for graphic...thanks for the intel, learning every day...hihi!23:14
skaftihavent used terminal before23:15
DaSkreechubuntu: ah your IP23:15
DaSkreechubuntu: click the two plugs with the green check mark on them in the lower right23:16
chaos2fuokej skafti do like this..23:16
skaftiall eyes23:16
chaos2fugo into administration> synaptic packager manager or something like that (im running swedish version)23:16
DaSkreechubuntu: You clicked on the hard drive in Dolphin?23:17
DaSkreechSo you see things like etc and bin and home ?23:17
DaSkreechOk press F4 and a little terminal should pop up at the bottom23:17
ubuntubut it wanst nothing there!23:17
DaSkreechtype pwd and copy the answer here23:17
DaSkreechreally? Hmm23:17
DaSkreechDo you have two Hard drive icons on the left panel?23:18
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
ubuntui dont see any hardrive icon there23:19
skaftijaunty doesnt have package mangager like hardy but it has add and remove software it think (just installed this yesterday23:19
skaftibut im running add and remove software now23:19
DaSkreechubuntu: Hmm what did you click on over on the left then?23:20
chaos2fuyeah sorry, youre on kubuntu?23:20
skaftiChaos2fu what are u using23:20
chaos2fu9.04 i meant23:21
DaSkreechubuntu: There is Home Network Root and Trash. Is there anything under that?23:21
skaftiyes im starting to think i should of have choosen ubuntu instead23:22
skaftithis is full of bugs23:22
chaos2fummm i know, i have just this minute reinstalled my other laptop with ubuntu instead of kubuntu...;-)23:23
DaSkreechskafti: Kubuntu doesn't ship with Pulse audio so there is no option to remove it23:23
DaSkreechunless you installed it23:23
skaftino i did not23:23
DaSkreechWell then it seems unlikely there will be an option to remove since it shouldn't exist there then23:24
skaftijust dont understand why i cant hear anything on my browsers use both mozilla and konqueror23:24
DaSkreechubuntu: Want a new nick You are probably getting spammed :)23:24
chaos2fubut can u hear mp3s and movies?23:24
ubuntu under that is recycle bin and no more else23:24
DaSkreechubuntu: Ah ok did you press F4 and get a terminal ?23:25
skaftiyes i can use audioplayers23:25
skaftino prob there23:25
chaos2fuok in add/remove search for this package flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound23:26
chaos2fuu should be able too find it, is it installed?23:26
DaSkreechgenii: you coffeed up?23:27
ubuntuno one, yes a press F4 and gett a console under23:27
skaftinot installed23:27
skaftishould i install it ?23:27
ubuntuso, what I shal do now23:27
chaos2fuok then install it23:27
DaSkreechubuntu: type ls /dev/sd*23:27
geniiDaSkreech: Actually no23:28
DaSkreechubuntu: tell me if you see a sdb there23:28
DaSkreechsdb1 actually23:28
ubuntu/dev/sda  /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2  /dev/sda523:28
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DaSkreechubuntu: ah sweet ok type mkdir down23:28
skaftiThe backend took too much time to process the synchronous request - you need to fork!23:28
DaSkreechthen type sudo mount /dev/sda5 down23:28
skaftiwhat is this23:29
ubuntuPermission denied23:29
DaSkreechubuntu: erk23:29
DaSkreechubuntu: type cd23:29
skaftiwhen i installed this package23:29
DaSkreechthen press up to get back the mkdir command and try it again23:29
DaSkreechand up again to get the sudo mount23:30
chaos2fuskafti how recently installed is your system?23:30
=== usuario is now known as usuario_
DaSkreechgenii: I'm trying to help ubuntu to sort out the permissions on the system. We were changing his user login name and I told him to save the document too early :*(23:30
chaos2fuok did u update your system first?23:31
ubuntubash: erk: command not found23:31
DaSkreechubuntu: so we need to swap his group file with the correct name and make the login dir for the new user name23:31
DaSkreechubuntu: ha ha Erk wasn't a command.23:31
DaSkreechThat was me being surprised23:31
DaSkreechubuntu: type cd23:31
skaftifirst thing i did23:32
geniiDaSkreech: Ah. I'm too fuzzy for that right now, sorry :(23:32
DaSkreechwhen you have done that press up till you get back the mkdir command23:32
ubuntu:D so what is a erk?23:32
chaos2fugood...now close the add/remove and open it up again..the message u gave me is a common bug that it takes to long to access the database..23:32
DaSkreechubuntu: It's a sound I make when I'm surprised23:32
* _nix_ is a FRESH Kubuntu 9.04 installation :D23:33
DaSkreech_nix_: grats23:33
DaSkreechubuntu: after you run mkdir down run sudo mount /dev/sda5 down23:33
DaSkreechtell me if it gives you any errors23:34
ubuntuer det noen norske folk her?23:34
chaos2fugood...now close the add/remove and open it up again..the message u gave me is a common bug that it takes to long to access the database..23:34
shayaknycHi all, been using kubuntu for a while now (migrated from windows xp), and REALLY like it, but I was hoping someone could help me with the visuals...not sure where to really start looking, but, I remember there used to be a setting on the windows display preferences where font size could be set to normal or 96 dpi or something like that23:34
DaSkreechgenii: Any clue on that language? :)23:34
shayaknycis there a way to make kubuntu look less "cartoonish" or have smaller/more refined edges/icons/visuals?23:34
genii!no | ubuntu23:34
ubottuubuntu: Hvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!23:34
DaSkreechshayaknyc: New theme?23:34
DaSkreechgenii: thanks pal23:35
geniiDaSkreech: Norse/Norweigan23:35
skaftiok doing that23:35
shayaknycDaSkreech: *shrug* i kinda like the default theme, i just want to make it look less "thick" (for lack of a better term)23:35
shayaknycwhere would i find that?23:35
DaSkreechubuntu: no errors on that command?23:35
chaos2furestart computer, test and come back and report! ;-)23:35
OxDeadC0deshayaknyc: if nobody has already made a theme that's "less thick", you can copy the default theme and make your own mod, then release it on kde-look.org so others may enjoy it23:36
ubuntutnx a lot, just forget it, i shal install another OS soon23:36
DaSkreechubuntu: I just need you to do that and I can give you a script that should fix everything else23:37
DaSkreechWell with one exception that I'll walk you through23:37
shayaknycOxDeadC0de: first, thanks for the kde-look.org tip-off! second, where/how can I make my own mod? i'd love to try....23:37
OxDeadC0deshayaknyc: it'd mostly be image editing afaik, I don't know the details but I'm sure the guys in #oxygen would be willing to give theme help (They are in charge of the oxygen theme for KDE)23:38
shayaknycOxDeadC0de: awesome! thank you!23:39
ubuntuno thanks23:40
DaSkreechubuntu: ok23:40
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pulaskihello, has anyone here had problems with the kpackagekit package manager in jaunty?23:44
_nix_is there anything to poke around with the firewall?23:44
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist23:45
_nix_pulaski: I got something on the lines of "backend failed to respond.. you need to fork" while updating23:45
_nix_genii: thanks23:45
genii_nix_: Welcome23:45
_nix_genii: wait, its a command? no default gui tool in here?23:46
pulaski_nix_: exactly what I get to when I'm trying to search for a package.23:46
genii_nix_: If you read the bot's remark you see it says Guraddog (KDE)23:46
pulaski_nix_: I imagine it's been reported as a bug, do you think?23:46
_nix_pulaski: I just thought my computer is slow. BUT if forking is being suggested I guess it should be reported :)23:47
OxDeadC0depulaski: aptitude search firewall also returns "kmyfirewall - iptables based firewall configuration tool for KDE", and the repo's probably have every major firewall configuration tool out there23:48
_nix_genii: I was hoping for something "in-build-by-default" :( thanks anyway.23:48
_nix_OxDeadC0de: that would be me23:48
OxDeadC0de_nix_ sorry ^^23:48
* OxDeadC0de drank one to many beers23:48
cjaewhat do I use that is the equivalent of sound recorder? like where I plug a microphone in and record23:50
* OxDeadC0de cheers - to ubuntu, fedora, open source software, good linux, and good beer! 0.023:50
cjaein kde 4.223:50
OxDeadC0decjae out of the box there's audacity23:51
pulaskiOxDeadC0de: Sorry, I don't understand your suggestion. I was using aptitude a little while ago but I was unable to find the installed package I was looking for.  Its a headache.  I'm looking for an audio tag editor the will do all the usual and change icon tags on ogg mp3 etc files.  Any suggestions?23:52
cjaekrec under kde 3.5 but it is not for kde 4.2 right23:52
OxDeadC0depulaski sorry that was aimed at the wrong person, but my suggestion there is to try 'aptitude search key-word" then apt-get install package instead (I like non-gui tools)23:53
OxDeadC0deoh wait, it's already installed, misread that sorry23:53
pulaskiOxDeadC0de: Thanks.  I'll try it.23:54
_nix_quassel is cute23:55
OxDeadC0depulaski: aptitude search '~i' (should) show you a list of all packages installed (The ones automatically installed will show A at the very beginning of the line) (so try aptitude search '~i' | grep some-key-word23:55
pulaskiOxDeadC0de: Excellent :) you have been very helpful!23:57

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