javaJakeIs it possible for someone to move a few projects to some new names?02:18
javaJakeSpecifically, gentoo-pandora-portage should be gentoo-pandora-overlay, gentoo-pandora-repository should be gentoo-pandora-portage-binaries, and gentoo-arm-pandora should be called gentoo-pandora-toolbox.02:22
spmjavaJake: yup. create a question via answers against the LP project itself; and I'll make it so for you. https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion - just ping me back with the resulting Q#02:25
javaJakeOK, sounds good!02:25
javaJakeQ#: 7284002:30
javaJakeDirect link: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/7284002:30
spmjavaJake: "fun2program8"!?!?!? lol  :-D02:37
javaJakeHuh? :P02:37
javaJakefun2program is obvious, and 8 is my favorite number. I don't know if you read anything else out of it. :)02:38
spmjavaJake: all done. have created aliases for the old names, so they'll still work as well.02:41
javaJakeWow, awesome!02:41
javaJakeThat's... brilliant02:41
* javaJake has marked Q as answered02:43
javaJakeThanks spm :)02:43
Peng_What's the LP review system's equivalent to Bundle Buggy's "bb:tweak"? "needs fixing" or "approve"?02:51
lifelessI don't know02:58
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beunoPeng_, there is one called "Needs info" which will land soon03:28
lifelessbeuno: that seems rather different03:36
lifelessbeuno: tweak is 'make a change, then you can land'03:36
lifelessbeuno: it specifically avoids additional review round trips03:36
beunolifeless, right. I guess we use "approve" and just comment the change requested03:40
lifelessbeuno: I think that is less clear03:41
lifelessbeuno: specifically, someone else coming along to land (e.g. a landing robot) will DTWT there03:41
overshardI'm getting this error, http://pastebin.com/m296d284a , while trying to use my own website, isaacbythewood.com , to identify myself with openid. :(03:50
overshardIt doesn't make any sense.03:50
lifelessovershard: currently launchpad will only accept launchpad as an identifying party03:53
lifelessovershard: we are working on making it accept any openid provider but that work isn't complete yet03:53
lifelessovershard: alternatively, there may be a bug where we don't permit soemthing that should be permitted03:54
lifelessovershard: either way, can I encourage you to file a bug on launchpad; the openid folk will be interested either way03:55
tanselldo we have Launchpad developers returning today?04:54
spmfor values of today subject to TZ, yes04:54
tansellI'm hoping to get a fix for - https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/6946005:01
spmtansell: cool. have increased to 5. so you should be able to ditch the extras you created, if'n'when you're ready.05:04
tansellspm, thanks!05:04
tansellI can finally upload a new version :)05:05
tansellpicked a bad couple of weeks to finally have success in this packaging05:06
tansellahh well05:07
tansellit's amazing that 27mb of code turns into >1G of binaries05:08
spmtansell: we deliberately scheduled allhands and UDS just to inconvenice yourself. ;-)05:09
tansellspm, how was it?05:09
spmAH? awesome. to finally meet these people I work with!05:10
spmUDS I was only there for 2.5 days - more for a LOSA mini sprint than UDS itself. So was also excellent, but in a different way.05:11
spmLegendry Operational System Admin ;-)05:11
* lifeless hands spm a dictionary05:12
spmsperlling is for weenies05:12
spmtansell: https://edge.launchpad.net/~canonical-losas05:13
spmthe 'L' is getting a tad overloaded this days. As it now stands for: Launchpad, Landscape, Ubuntu One and a few other systems. Hence my suggestion of Legendry.05:14
lifelessspm: Loverly05:14
spmlifeless: hmmm. -1 from me. Has "nice ness" connotations. And we have BOFH reputations to maintain. So... ;-)05:15
* lifeless prepares to spread the meme05:16
aadityasupport request05:31
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:31
aadityaSomeone else has a user ID I want. They don't use their account. Could you shift it to me?05:32
aadityastaff members?05:34
lifeless.. Post a question: We use Launchpad Answers, and you can discuss pretty much anything Launchpad-related by asking a question.05:38
aadityalifeless: thanks06:00
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tansellhow does one delete a ppa?11:14
noodlestansell: you can mark packages deleted yourself (as you're probably aware), but to delete/disable the actual PPA, please add a request like this one:11:22
WarboHello. Does Launchpad make PPA details available in a machine readable form at all (RDF, plain text etc.)?11:28
noodlesHi Warbo, you can get any PPA for a person via the api... more details here if it helps:11:31
WarboThanks, but I was after more complete PPA info, like suported releases, binary and source contents, deb and deb-src lines, etc. I can't find anything in the API or launchpadlib, and was hoping not to screen scrape/guess from the contents11:33
persiaWarbo, I'm not sure there's any way for PPA owners to store some of that.  Binary and Source contents are available from ppa.launchpad.net (as Packages.gz and Sources.gz).11:34
WarboI'm making a tool which generates sources.list files and makes packages of them, so that every PPA could be enabled by installing its package11:34
persiadeb and deb-src lines can be computed.11:35
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pan1nxhow do you change a project's VCS location12:44
pan1nxI am with libdc1394 and we have switched from SVN to GIT but the vcs-imports is still on the SVN12:44
kikopan1nx, you just register a new import for the project12:47
kikowe'll sort out the rest12:47
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loic-mWhen I set a bug status to Confirmed in Ubuntu, but there's a remote watch whose status is New, how come the staus isn't set to Confirmed here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-universe-sponsors ?13:09
loic-mf.e. https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/soundconverter/+bug/33573913:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 335739 in soundconverter "Please upgrade to soundconverter 1.4.3" [Wishlist,Confirmed]13:10
wgrantloic-m: Remote watches take their status from the remote bug that they're watching.13:10
wgrantHeh, that's my package! I've been a bit busy lately :(13:10
loic-mwgrant: bug has been opened for a while though :P13:12
loic-mwgrant: and last release was from somebody else...13:13
wgrantloic-m: It was, yes. I knew I couldn't do it for Jaunty, as it was too late, and didn't find it important enough for Karmic yet.13:14
loic-mwgrant: but indeed you're there a lot in the changelog !13:14
wgrantI maintain it in Debian, so yeah.13:14
loic-mI just noticed ;)13:15
loic-mrmadison -u debian soundconverter isnt't that nice though, people in Debian might get sad13:15
wgrantUni finished last week, so I should be able to fix everything up in Debian and sync in a week or two.13:15
loic-mWell, I just keep upgrading long-standing bugs, just to get them hang on the waiting list till the Debian packager wakes up...13:16
wgrantI am awake now.13:17
loic-mDoesn't help now...13:17
wgrantIndeed. Sorry.13:17
loic-mYou're welcome.13:18
RockyRoadHi :)13:19
RockyRoadI tried to answer a blueprint feedback request, but where I expected a form to enter some text, I was redirected to the blueprint page, where the feedback request had then disappeared. What did I miss ?13:22
RockyRoadIs there a way to retrieve the feedback request text ?13:27
loic-mAnyway, is there a way to make Confirmed bugs appear as Confirmed?13:31
persialoic-m, How do you mean?  In remote bug trackers?  You'd have to adjust the status there.13:32
loic-mnope, in  https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-universe-sponsors13:33
pan1nxkiko, how do you register a new import for the project?13:33
loic-mpersia: status is New even though it's Confirmed in the bug report13:34
persialoic-m, Check which project the bug is against.  I don't know of any way to view that list for only a single project.13:34
andrea-bsloic-m, bug 17752013:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 177520 in blueprint ""Give feedback" is confusing and loses data" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17752013:34
persiaRockyRoad, ^^13:35
andrea-bsoops, wrong person :)13:35
RockyRoadthanks persia :)13:35
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loic-mpersia: for example  https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/soundconverter/+bug/335739 confirmed in Ubuntu, appears as "New"13:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 335739 in soundconverter "Please upgrade to soundconverter 1.4.3" [Wishlist,Confirmed]13:36
loic-mpersia: I don't understand13:36
loic-mpersia: while other bugs with remote watch also New, but Confirmed in Ubuntu appear as "Confirmed" on the uus page, others don't. It's really confusing13:37
wgrantloic-m: That's because remote watches have an importance of Unknown, which happens to sort before all of the proper statuses.13:37
wgrantloic-m: If you look further down the list, you'll find the real one.13:37
wgrantBecause it's a context-neutral bug listing, all of the tasks on that bug will show up in the listing, sorted independently.13:37
wgrantIgnore the ones with importance 'Unknown'13:38
loic-mwgrant: now I understand13:38
persiaSometimes Importance is imported as well.  Better to ignore the ones not directly against Ubuntu.13:38
loic-mwgrant: is there a way to filter remote watch to exclude them from the view (I've got the same pb on my personnal bug list)13:38
wgrantpersia: Is it at all yet?13:40
loic-mwgrant: i.e. some bugs have been fixed in Ubuntu for a while, Debian isn't , and i still see them as if they still need fixing13:40
wgrantloic-m: You could do an advanced search and filter out the Unknown importance. Or do an advanced search in the context in which you are interested.13:40
loic-mwgrant: I don't want to filter new (Debian status), because some of my bugs are also "New". I'd just like to filter remote BTS13:41
wgrantloic-m: Importance, not status.13:42
wgrantloic-m: No normal Launchpad bug task should have Unknown importance.13:42
RockyRoadthanks andrea-bs :) It's probably what happened to me. Except that I didn't notice a "remove feedback" message, just checked the box and continue as far as I remember.13:42
loic-mwgrabt: you're right, that's a solution13:42
loic-mwgrant: thanks a lot13:43
RockyRoadSo I've probably deleted the feedback.13:43
andrea-bsRockyRoad, the user interface is changed, so maybe the "remove feedback" message has been reworded13:44
persiawgrant, I thought I saw some in the past, but that may have been a very long time ago.13:44
RockyRoadI can't redo it to check :/13:44
RockyRoadwould a link help ?13:45
andrea-bsRockyRoad, well, not so much because nobody of the launchpad team is working on the blueprint system :(13:47
RockyRoadThen I can just edit the whiteboard to add a comment.13:47
RockyRoadthanks anyway :)13:47
RockyRoadI just marked that the bug was affected me, I have unfortunately not much precisions to add13:49
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mpt_Why does the "Mark as duplicate" overlay not contain a field for me to enter the bug number?15:40
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noodlesmpt: what's the url you're looking at? If I click on the mark as duplicate link at:15:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 61183 in soyuz "Search packages has an unhelpful sort order" [Medium,In progress]15:45
noodlesit works...15:45
mptnoodles, yes, it works on edge15:45
mptand now it works on launchpad.net too15:46
mpthm, a glitch maybe15:46
mptbut I have a screenshot to prove it :-)15:46
noodlesmpt: no idea why it wouldn't be working in production... intellectronica ^^ any ideas?15:46
noodlesmpt: *phew*15:46
noodlesmpt: my guess would be that the ajax request to get the duplicate form didn't return correctly (although, from memory, the form overlay should only display if the form content is returned)15:47
noodlesif you've got the screenshot, then it might be worth a bug :)15:48
mptI got nicely centered OK and Cancel buttons15:48
intellectronicampt: works for me15:51
intellectronicanoodles: yes, maybe we need to handle that better. retrying, or at least displaying an error message15:52
noodlesintellectronica: from memory, the 'Mark as duplicate' link is only ajaxified if the form is returned correctly... ie, it should default to non-ajax behaviour in that case, so not sure if it's actually what mpt witnessed.15:53
intellectronicaoh, interesting15:53
intellectronicampt: is this easily reproducible?15:54
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robocopLaunchpad is dead ?16:14
robocophttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ *16:16
ograis there anything wrong with bazaar.launchpad.net atm ?16:18
=== Spads changed the topic of #launchpad to: bazaar.launchpad.net is down and being worked on | https://launchpad.net/ | Help contact: - | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
noodlesyes, see topic :)16:18
ograah, perfect :)16:18
* ogra patiently waits16:19
robocopha, okey :p16:19
greg-gahh, thanks /topic, answered my question. :)16:21
tsmithehi... ah; that explains it ;)16:23
tsmitheis there any estimate for the downtime of bazaar.lp.net?16:24
kikotsmithe, we'll considering our options16:26
tsmitheheh, cryptic. really, even a whole week of downtime would be worth the free service i get from LP, so i'm not going to complain16:27
LarstiQkiko: codehosting or lh?16:29
kikoelmo and I are sorting it out16:31
javierderHi, I'm getting "ssh: connect to host bazaar.launchpad.net port 22: No route to host", any idea?16:34
javierderwell, ok, it just got back...16:34
LarstiQjavierder: the topic mentions it being down16:35
=== elmo changed the topic of #launchpad to: https://launchpad.net/ | Help contact: - | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
kikoback up :)16:35
LarstiQjavierder: nothing to see here16:35
javierderLarstiQ, thanksss16:35
ograthanks kiko16:36
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tsmitheawesome, kiko, thanks16:46
greg-gthat was quick, well done16:46
kikoyou're welcome16:47
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alkisgHi, I've renamed my PPA display name from "Test PPA" to something else. But in the keyserver it's still listed as "Test PPA". Can that somehow be updated? https://launchpad.net/~ts.sch.gr/+archive/ppa19:13
kikoalkisg, once the key is generated, that's it, you can't change it. I wonder if changing it should even be allowed once that's happened -- cprov?19:18
kikoguess we could do some rejigging of the key if we wanted19:18
alkisgIs it possible to delete the key and create another?19:18
cprovalkisg: we could create a new UID on the same key, but that's not trivial.19:19
alkisgCan I do something to delete the key completely and create a new UID on a different key? E.g. file a question?19:20
cprovalkisg: please file a question on soyuz so we can start discussing the possibilities. Is that super-urgent ?19:20
alkisgNo, not at all. I can even keep using the same key, but the PPA isn't used now so creating a new key wouldn't bother anyone...19:20
maxbIs it possible to completely deplete a PGP key from one LP account so that I can re-import it into another?19:20
cprovalkisg: no, gpg keys can't be deleted they will remain in the keyservers *forever*.19:20
maxberm, oops. s/deplete/delete/19:21
alkisg...but after 1-2 weeks people will start using the PPA, so I wouldn't want to change the key then19:21
cprovmaxb: not sure I follow.19:21
alkisgThanks kiko, cprov.19:21
maxbcprov: I want to delete the passphraseless key that I use for letting cron upload nightly builds to PPAs from my main account and add it to a restricted LP account19:22
maxbI realize I could just deactivate it and create a third key19:22
cprovalkisg: file a question and I can add the new UID for you, I'd rather not have keys created by LP ending up being cruft in keyservers.19:22
cprovmaxb: oh, I see what you mean now. Yes, deactivating the old-key and creating a new one seems sane.19:23
cprovmaxb: we don't reassign gpg keys in LP19:23
maxbBut I want to avoid cruft in the keyservers :-P19:23
cprovmaxb: got me!19:24
alkisgcprov: should I ask the question in soyuz? https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz/+addquestion ?19:24
cprovmaxb: do you think it would be legitimate to reassign them ?19:24
maxbWell, only in the case of one person owning two LP accounts19:24
cprovalkisg: yes, please, mention the key id you want.19:24
cprovmaxb: what's about the email addresses involved ?19:25
maxbI own both of the email addresses, and have already moved one of those to the other account19:25
alkisgcprov, key id == the key name? I've named my PPA "Αποθετήριο Τεχνικής Στήριξης" (that's Greek for a ministry department), is that a valid key id?19:26
alkisgheh :)19:26
cprovalkisg: well, if it's utf-8 it's okay.19:26
alkisgOK, thanks :) :)19:26
mwhudsongood, um,morning19:27
maxbOn the subject of alkisg's issue, won't the result be a key in the keyservers that still contains the "Test PPA" uid?19:27
cprovmaxb: could this problem be solved by merging the existing account ?19:27
cprovmaxb: we can create the new UID and remove the old one19:27
alkisg(btw, that was the *display* name, not the actual ppa name used in the url...)19:28
cprovmaxb: it will be listed as 'revoked'19:28
maxbcprov: No - the whole idea is that I'm trying to split off permissions to upload to a specific team's PPAs from the rest of my LP account19:28
cprovalkisg: ack.19:28
cprovmaxb: uhm, interesting.19:28
cprovmaxb: you would benefit of explicit upload ACLs for team-ppas as well19:29
cprovmaxb: anyway, another conversation, sorry for the noise.19:29
maxbSurely it's not *that* interesting? There must be other people doing automated nightly builds in PPAs?19:29
cprovmaxb: yes, mozilla, bzr ...19:30
savvasI think yes, the chromium guys too19:30
savvas(or a packager at least)19:30
maxbSo, I correctly realized that it would be stupid to give a cron script access to my main GPG key, and created another one19:30
maxbProblem is I failed to realize that I should not be giving the cron script access to my entire LP identity (in an ideal world)19:31
maxbAnd that latter one is the issue I'm trying to correct19:31
cprovmaxb: right, now you want to transfer one of *your*  keys to this new robot account.19:32
cprovsomething like a "split-account" procedure19:33
maxbWell, perhaps. The only thing that needs splitting is the GPG key19:33
maxbDoes LP have any other account attributes that the user can't outright delete?19:34
cprovmaxb: okay, I'm under the impression it would be okay to reassign a gpg-key on these terms. Can you please file a question on launchpad ?19:34
maxbsure, on /launchpad or on /soyuz?19:35
cprovmaxb: keys and emails are not deleted, they remain 'deactivated'19:35
cprovmaxb: it sounds like a general launchpad question19:35
maxbI was able to delete the email from ~maxb and then sign up for a new account using that email19:36
cprovalthough, the motivation is clearly soyuz upload ACLs.19:36
cprovmaxb: oops, I guess my assumption is wrong, then.19:37
cprovmaxb: OTOH, this is good, if you can delete a email address and re-create it, you surely should be able to do the same with gpg keys.19:37
cprovmaxb: let's talk to the registry gurus, they will provide a solution :)19:39
maxbok, question filed, I'll see what response I get on it19:45
cprovmaxb: thank you.19:52
mdkeI've been waiting for a LP admin on a question for a while now - can anyone take a look? https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/7174020:08
kikosorry mdke, looking now20:27
exarkunI followed the link to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dan-dispaltro/txamqp/fixed-ref-cycle/annotate/16/src/txamqp/protocol.py from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dan-dispaltro/txamqp/fixed-ref-cycle/files/16/src/txamqp/21:53
exarkunThe former gives "Internal server error"21:53
beunoexarkun, that's not great21:53
beunowould you file a bug please?21:53
exarkunSure.  Against Launchpad, or is there a more specific component?21:53
beunoexarkun, launchpad-bazaar would be ideal21:54
exarkunAlright, will do.21:54
beunothanks exarkun21:55
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mdkekiko: thanks very much22:41
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