aragood morning :)07:05
jpdsara: \o/ morning08:35
arajpds: hey!08:35
jpdsNo videos of your karaokes have surfaced (yet).08:36
jpdsHmm: http://www.youtube.com/user/boredandblogging08:37
araeeejay: hey! how was your trip back?09:17
eeejayhey ara :)10:04
eeejayara: good, back in israel, packing, working, saying goodbye to everyone.10:05
arahey eeejay :)10:05
araeeejay: when are you leaving to US?10:05
eeejayara: early thursday morning10:05
araeeejay: wow, lots of travelling ;-)10:06
eeejayara: yup :)10:06
araeeejay: I am working on the pidgin branch, creating a common API for buddy and modifying the scripts10:06
eeejayara: excellent! you know what i am thinking?10:06
araeeejay: I hope to be able to commit something working later today10:06
araeeejay: what are you thinking?10:07
* ara is scared now10:07
eeejayara: at uds i sat in IM session, and there is a decision to replace pidgin with empathy in karmic :)10:07
eeejayara: and a good reason to be scared10:07
araeeejay: hehehee10:07
araeeejay: yes, I saw that decision as well10:08
eeejayara: the good news is that we have the buddy code, which was the harder part10:08
araeeejay: That's why I think this is the last thing I am going to work with pidgin by now10:08
araeeejay: once the buddy api is working, bye, bye pidgin :D10:08
araeeejay: also, it is very likely that banshee is going to replace rhythmbox in karmic10:09
eeejayara: right. and more file moving.. we will move the buddy stuff out of pidgin to somewhere more general i guess?10:09
eeejayara: hah, lucky we don't have a rhythmbox script, do we?10:10
araeeejay: yes, to buddy.py and out of pidgin, I guess10:10
araeeejay: yes :D10:10
araeeejay: but yes, empathy automation is going to be more or less trivial, the worse part of these scripts is dealing with xmpp, msn, etc. libraries10:13
araeeejay: and that's working (more or less.. .:P)10:13
eeejayara: yeah, empathy uses telepathy, which is a solid and active upstream project, they might have some good unit tests on the actual transports that could be useful10:15
* eeejay looks10:15
eeejayara: interesting, i just learned that python-twisted has packages for all these protocols10:27
eeejayhm, i guess next time.10:28
araeeejay: :D10:28
eeejayara: xmpp/msn/icq/aim/icq10:29
eeejayer, irc10:29
araeeejay: running your suite as11:09
araPYTHON_PATH=. ./bin/ubuntu-desktop-test -f pidgin/pidgin_messaging.xml11:09
arashould be enough to get the paths correctly, shouldn't it?11:09
eeejayara: and we need to fix the paths thing too11:09
araeeejay: I get the following error http://paste.ubuntu.com/185544/11:11
* eeejay tries11:12
eeejayara: PYTHONPATH, not PYTHON_PATH :)11:14
araeeejay: hehehe11:19
eeejayhi schwuksy11:31
eeejayschwuk: aren't you on holiday today?11:31
eeejayschwuk: could i peak at your checkbox/udt branch for inspiration?11:32
eeejayheaded out for a bit12:25
* ara -> lunch12:40
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cr3hey dudes!14:38
fader_cr3: I guess the Spaniards let you out of the country after all?  We had bets on you causing an international incident and getting arrested.15:20
cr3fader_: I had to bribe them with the netbooks manjo gave me, which turns out well because that means less work for me15:21
fader_Everybody wins!15:21
eeejayhello, clowns17:38
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