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dns53does this team manage mailing lists?13:55
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SiDidns53, all lists, do you mean ?14:13
dns53the loco list14:25
SiDiI suppose it's newz2000 who manages the whole lists.ubuntu.com but i dont think he controls what happens in the lists themselves.14:27
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SiDitheir engine isnt clever18:53
SiDiuses my geographical location to sort the answers18:53
SiDiinstead of my locale18:53
knomei learned that ubuntu is the magazine of finland-south africa club18:54
newz2000wow, I like the mouse-over taht shows a summary of the contents of the target page19:01
mptBing is quite sure that I'm in Australia -- I don't know how it got that idea19:01
knomenewz2000, i don't see that19:04
newz2000knome: when you mouse over the results a line and dot show up on the right... if you mouse over it you see a summary of the page19:04
knomeno, i don't see a dot19:05
knomeoh right, now i do19:06
knomethe page looks totally different on epiphany and firefox19:07
knomeon epiphany, i have way more content19:07
knomei wonder if it's because the locale is en only19:07
SiDiheya newz200019:10
newz2000hey SiDi19:10
SiDimpt, i got an IP that isnt linked to my country too when i'm in france :] Stupid people make stupid search engines :]19:10
SiDinewz2000, i wanted to ask you something about the wiki themes19:11
SiDiis it possible to have one for xubuntu ? :D19:11
newz2000SiDi: I'd rather not19:11
newz2000as a matter of fact there has been recent talk to remove kubuntu's theme19:11
newz2000don't think it will happen, but the prob is19:11
mptknome, weird, I have the opposite issue -- it's far more interesting in Firefox19:11
newz2000that google shows some results illogically as being part of the kubuntu wiki and others as being part of ubuntu wiki19:12
SiDinewz2000, aw19:12
SiDinewz2000, the only point of that would be to change brown to blue though19:13
SiDiwe use a custom menu for xubuntu pages, its blueish, and that's just not sexy :D19:13
newz2000well, there's also the need for a separate domain19:13
newz2000SiDi: if adding some styles to the ubuntu theme could make your pages more attractive I'd support that19:13
newz2000non-intrusive styles that only affect certain pages for example19:14
SiDiis it possible to change the aspect of the page with code inside our wiki pages ?19:15
mptSiDi, https://lists.canonical.com/archives/ubuntu-website/2009-March/000620.html19:15
SiDithe best for us would be to have a page like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Toolbox/Menu that changes the rest too19:15
newz2000SiDi: can you add a class attribute to your menu? If so then we could add necessary styles to the main style sheet19:16
SiDiour "wiki" consists of the childs of wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu btw :p19:17
mptnewz2000, would you do that server-side, or only for browsers that support the :has-child() selector? :-)19:18
SiDiknome, ping19:18
newz2000neither, I'm thinking of styling only specific elements of the page that have pre-defined classes on them19:19
newz2000like the menu19:19
SiDinewz2000, isnt there a way to specify a different CSS for a part of the wiki ?19:21
newz2000SiDi: I don't know for sure but if you want to propose a solution I'll consider it. We're using moin 1.6 series.19:22
knomeSiDi, pong19:30
SiDiknome, newz2000 asked if we could add a class to our menu :P19:37
SiDiis it normal i dont understand anything ?19:45
newz2000those are theoretical solutions as far as I can tell... I'm not too comfortable with it since some browsers (ahem) let you embed scripts in stylesheets19:46
newz2000I'm adamantly opposed to any feature that lets people use our wiki tool to hack into the computers who happen to visit our site with IE.19:48
newz2000...wiki as a tool...19:48
SiDinewz2000, heheh :D19:48
SiDinewz2000, think about how we'd protect our precious knowledge from the microsoft marketing department19:49
newz2000Though that would be a clever trick if we could automatically install Ubuntu on the computers of anyone using IE19:49
SiDiwith wubi19:50
SiDihm... i shall write the first ubuntu-installing virus :]19:50
SiDii must find their wiki19:53
SiDitheir irc *19:53
SiDithis stuff is too confusing19:53
SiDinewz2000, http://paste.ubuntu.com/185944/20:09
SiDiDo you understand what he means ? :D20:09
SiDihttp://paste.pocoo.org/show/120415/ <- he told me we could execute arbitrary code depending on what's in the "request" param20:16
newz2000SiDi: yes, I know what he means20:25
SiDiThat's dirty, right ? :P20:26
newz2000well, it can be done elegantly, but it would require major revision to the theme20:26
newz2000think simpler, I'll bet you can come up with something that will work nicely20:26
SiDii dont even know if we can put CSS inside the wiki pages :x20:31
newz2000you can definitely use style rules20:31
newz2000I thin css classes work also20:32
SiDiDo you know the syntax for the style rules inside a wiki page ?20:32
newz2000I've seen it used on tables...20:33
newz2000SiDi: see the first few lines of this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork?action=raw20:34
SiDiPer line isnt affordable unfortunately ^^20:37
SiDiWhat i actually want is that all the pages below Xubuntu/ automatically get a style applied, and the worse thing to do when creating a page would be copy pasting a block of wikitext or including it as we currently include our menu20:38
newz2000I'd suggest against trying to make a drastic change to the site this way, I'm referring to making your menu look good with the stock ubuntu theme20:40
SiDiwell, at worse that's ok, we'll survive ^^20:41
SiDiits just about marketing :P20:41
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