freedumManThanks pici00:00
tannersummers_guys whats a good program to backup my entire ubuntu system?00:00
ruleri want to putaother copy os how can i put00:00
RHorsePoka sudo [dev] iwconfig essid [essid] mode managed -key 1234567890; sudo dhclient [dev] should  work under most cases00:00
sebsebsebtannersummers_: why backup the whole thing?00:00
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning00:00
AnArrayfulOfPerlhow do i mount HFS+ read-write?00:00
iliustannersummers_: APTonCD may help you.00:00
freedumManDarkchef, any luck00:01
RHorsePoka sudo iwconfig [dev] essid [essid] mode managed -key 1234567890; sudo dhclient [dev] should  work under most cases00:01
* freedumMan 15 minutes left00:01
tannersummers_sebsebseb well theres this guide to have 4 diff wallpapers per desktop in compiz and ppl sayign recommaned to ackup ur system00:01
DarkcheffreedumMan : i found the file , i opened it and it blank00:01
freedumManDarkchef, shoot your not root00:01
Darkchefis this to do with not being in super user?00:01
ruleri want the put os another copy how can i put it00:01
abdelrahmanhi, I have a problem, my computer freezes when it wakes up from hibernate00:02
sebsebsebtannersummers_: backup the whole system I don't think so, backup  all your data sure, but  compiz program causing the need for a backup  probably not00:02
abdelrahmancan anybody help00:02
freedumMansudo gedit00:02
bkabdelrahman: what kind of computer are you using?00:02
bkabdelrahman: what specs?00:02
bkabdelrahman: what version of ubuntu00:02
sebsebseb!details | abdelrahman00:02
ubottuabdelrahman: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:02
tannersummers_sebsebseb then do u think this is safe http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=619900:02
abdelrahmanbk: laptop, tx2500, ubuntu 9.04, with compiz and fglrx00:02
bkabdelrahman: do sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade00:03
bkmake sure its up to date00:03
ruleri want to put another copy for os how can i put it00:03
bkruler: what do you mean? dual boot?00:03
abdelrahmanI have a problem with resume, running ubuntu 9.0400:03
sTEPPZOR_Ive followed the ICS tutorial to the last letter.. but still i cant seem to get it working.. Im getting "Cannot communicate with DNS ("00:04
AnArrayfulOfPerlhow do i mount HFS+ read-write?00:04
DarkcheffreedumMan : the httpd.conf is definately empty00:04
abdelrahmanbk: well its updating flash plugin00:04
freedumManDarkchef, thats weird00:04
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bkabdelrahman: hmmm, im not sure what the problem could be, how long do you give it to wake up?00:05
DarkcheffreedumMan : yeah i know, ill have to look into this a bit more , is there anyway of just having it all set up so i can do php work00:05
freedumManIm almost out of battery here i have to go but sounds like you need http://www.apachefriends.org/en/index.html which is simple just extract to a directory00:05
tannersummers_wat u think sebsebseb00:05
abdelrahmanbk: well alot!00:05
freedumManDarkchef, I've used that in the past and it has all php items installed00:06
bkabdelrahman: haha, hmmm, ive never ran into this, unless your computer just cant handle hibernate00:06
abdelrahmanbk: its does!00:06
freedumManDarkchef, good luck00:06
sebsebsebtannersummers_: it's rather old the link you gave me00:06
abdelrahmanbk: its a new HP tx250000:06
DarkcheffreedumMan, cheers00:06
sebsebsebtannersummers_: December 2007,  the first post talks about gutsy and suse in brackets00:06
bkabdelrahman: did it come with Ubuntu? or Windows?00:07
tannersummers_sebsebseb im new at thsi so im guessing it wont work?00:07
RoastedWhat's the best way of networking a printer from my Ubuntu machine to Windows XP clients?00:07
abdelrahmanbk: windows00:07
abdelrahmanbk: its a tablet pc00:07
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows00:07
sebsebsebtannersummers_: which version of Ubuntu are you on?00:07
bkabdelrahman: tablet? as in touch?00:07
boss_mcAnArrayfulOfPerl: sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/blah /mnt/blah200:07
erUSULRoasted: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows00:08
Roastedyeah. I know about cups. I know about samba. But I've tried every tutorial I've found and I can't seem to get it ironed out.00:08
RoastedI was hoping somebody could offer some advice on ACTUALLY doing it...00:08
bkabdelrahman: ahhhh, now that i dont know, i dont know what the differences are on those00:08
lula88 lol00:08
tannersummers_sebsebseb 9.0400:08
boss_mcAnArrayfulOfPerl: correction:00:08
sebsebsebtannersummers_: the info is old Gnome on 2.6  in Jaunty and that.   nautilus is on 2.26.200:08
abdelrahmanbk: i noticed that the hibernation started not working after I enabled fglrx00:08
uuvI'm trying to run Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne on my laptop with wine, but when i start the game only "dos" pops up and prints some text and then lightning fast disappears. Is there any way i could see what's it typing and how I could make the game work. Any suggestions?00:08
boss_mcAnArrayfulOfPerl: sudo mount /dev/blah -t hfsplus -o rw /mnt/blah200:09
sebsebsebtannersummers_: Gnome  2.26.200:09
sebsebsebtannersummers_: your link is for old versions00:09
bkabdelrahman: well you can try disabling that, then put it in hibernate, then see if it happens again00:09
bkabdelrahman: if that is the problem contact HP or the creator of fglrx and let them know00:09
sebsebsebtannersummers_: your after a background change or some such?00:09
abdelrahmanbk: its the ati driver00:10
chuck_abdelrahman, there are many bug reports on launch pad concerning the fglrx driver and hibernation00:10
sebsebsebtannersummers_: background changer00:10
abdelrahmanchuck_: any workarounds?00:10
bkabdelrahman: then yea, that might be the problem, more than likely is00:10
AnArrayfulOfPerlstupid me is stupid00:10
boss_mcAnArrayfulOfPerl: did you forget -o rw?00:10
tannersummers_sebsebseb i have compiz and have the desktop cube i want a diff wallpaper per cube side (or per desktop so to say)00:10
p-fHi, dhclient keeps getting ridiculously short leases (200-1500 seconds). Any ideas why? I'm having the same problem at home and at university, so it's unlikely to be a router problem.00:11
sebsebsebtannersummers_: most  Ubuntu links from 2007,  will be to old for  later versions of Ubuntu00:11
p-fI have about 1300 seconds until my lease expires so please make it quick :p00:11
sebsebsebtannersummers_: so 2007 links are usaully bad with modern software versions00:11
sebsebsebtannersummers_: I think there's a  #compiz00:11
asdadsfi have a problem with sound00:11
asdadsfvlc works with oss00:11
williamdasdadsf, i did too00:12
sebsebseb!sound |  asdasdsf00:12
ubottuasdasdsf: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:12
boss_mc!details | asdadsf00:12
p-fthis is a new issue, by the way. It started occuring about a week ago. I haven't made any major updates for the last two weeks so I'm not sure what could be the cause.00:12
ubottuasdadsf: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:12
asdadsfbut everything else doesn't work00:12
Slartp-f: is that a problem? I've got 2810 seconds on my home lan00:12
asdadsfwith sound00:12
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tannersummers_sebsebseb ty00:12
Slartp-f: dhclient should renew the lease automatically though.. so it shouldn't be a problem00:12
sebsebsebtannersummers_: ok good luck00:12
asdadsfanyone here can help me?00:12
p-fSlart, I may be badly interpreting this then00:12
boss_mcasdadsf: do other things work if you close vlc first?00:12
p-fSlart, either way, my connection drops every 3-4 minutes00:12
Slartp-f: even though 200 seconds seem a bit short00:12
asdadsfwhat do u mean00:12
=== Butt_Butt is now known as NCDS
asdadsfin vlc's settings in choose oss00:13
asdadsfand it works but alsa does not00:13
asdadsfmy sound overall does not work00:13
p-fSlart, this only occurs in my appartment and in a few buildings on campus00:13
Slartp-f: hmm.. it drops when you're at home too?00:13
boss_mc!alsa | asdadsf00:13
ubottuasdadsf: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:13
asdadsfonly works in vlc00:13
waffleHi, i can't get my microphone to work, but sound works fine. I'm on an acer aspire 5315 on 9.04 ubuntu... lspci says i have 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03) someone please help00:13
p-fSlart, everyone else's connection is stable00:13
boss_mcp-f: for comparison, I get 32903secs off my router...00:14
p-fSlart, I sometimes get 2-3 hours if I'm lucky, but that's on good days00:14
siliconfalconhowdy all. I am really going nuts and need some help with connecting to a Windows network share. They can all see me but I can not see them.00:14
chuck_abdelrahman, not that i can see i do not use hibernation so am not to well versed on it but thought you would like to know your not alone with the problem00:14
Slartp-f: sounds like something else is causing your problems.. anything interesting in the logs? /var/log/syslog will have some information about dhcp leases and such00:14
sebsebsebtannersummers_: oh your link says  in the edit that they won't work for hardy (that's 8.04),  that means they  are bound to not work for 8.10 or 9.04 either00:14
boss_mcsiliconfalcon: have you set your workgroup to the right one in /etc/samba/smb.conf?00:15
elli222Hello, i have a funny problem involving sound. Sound playback works fine, and i have a microphone attached to the -back- of my PC. Playback from that works fine, but i cant seem to capture, unless i plug it into the -front- mic socket...00:15
tannersummers_sebsebseb well no one in compiz channel well reply to my question00:15
waffle Hi, i can't get my microphone to work, but sound works fine. I'm on an acer aspire 5315 on 9.04 ubuntu... lspci says i have 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03) someone please help00:16
sebsebsebtannersummers_: well I don't think anyone in there is being paid to be in there,  same for this channel, and so you just got to wait and have patitence00:16
siliconfalcon<msg> boss_mc Yes, I have gone through all the forums suggestions00:16
p-fSlart, there's a "No IPv6 routers present" message from 'kernel' right after dhclient's bound to blahblah renewal in x seconds...00:16
boss_mcsiliconfalcon: are you trying to connect to vista or XP?00:16
Slartp-f: hmm.. why not try disabling ipv6.. see if that makes things more stable00:16
Slart!ipv6 | p-f00:16
ubottup-f: For an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv400:16
rulercan i oot os from the pendrive00:16
p-fSlart, I'm also seeing a few "wmaster0: unknwon hardware address type 801"00:16
rulercan i boot os from the pendrive00:16
Slartp-f: you're running wireless?00:17
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boss_mcruler: depends on pc/bios00:17
sebsebsebtannersummers_: well I suppouse you can try the general Linux channel as well ##linux00:17
sebsebsebtannersummers_: since what you want to do isn't distro specific00:17
elli222ruler: You can boot operating systems from USB mass storage devices on modern systems00:17
tannersummers_sebsebseb i have a feeling they well not be much help either lol00:18
gartralhow do i revoke sudo rights from a terminal without logging out or closing the window based terminal?00:18
LinuxMoogleany one living in canada ontario?00:18
rulerboss_mc: what type of pc it required00:18
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p-fSlart, yes00:18
chuck_ruler, if your bios allows it and you burned it right00:18
p-fSlart, wpa_supplicant + dhclient00:18
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boss_mcruler: some can, some can't, pretty much anything from the last 5 or so years will though...00:18
elli222gartal,  sudo -K00:18
siliconfalconI removed Jaunty and installed Intrepid but ofcoruse that didn't work either. Fresh install00:18
arrrghhhanyone use ebox?  i'm having trouble setting which disk usage looks at00:18
reqoni use an xbox00:18
gartralelli222: ty, i have AWN and im using the resident terminal app00:19
p-fSlart, same config files that have worked for the past ~2 months00:19
LinuxMoogleany1 living in mississauga?00:19
sebsebsebtannersummers_: well it has life at the moment00:19
rulerplease tell how can i oot00:19
Slartp-f: I would start poking the wireless stuff first.. dhcp is pretty stable as far as I know.. I doubt it is killing your connection00:19
rulerplease tell how can i oot00:19
p1oooopactionparsnip: yo00:19
mgrundeAnyone know anything about problems using an external display on a laptop using fglrx?00:19
p-fSlart, I'll keep tail running to get a more precise timing on the messages00:20
siliconfalcon<msg> boss_mc XP00:20
elli222fglrx is full of problems, atleast from what iv'e heard...00:20
Slartp-f: this looks interesting http://forums.fedoraforum.org/archive/index.php/t-65355.html00:20
p-fSlart, although it probably won't disconnect now that I'm looking at it :p00:20
p1oooophey ryan_, nice to see someone with the same ISP here00:20
boss_mcruler, make your usb (maybe using unetbootin) then shut down, plug in the usb, turn on and on the very first screen you see will be an option to go into setup00:20
ryan_hey can anyone help me with adding a ram control applet to my panel i had it before i just forget what it's called00:20
ariqswhat setting do I need to have in ubuntu for my access point to ensure that the SSID is being broadcasted?00:20
Slartp-f: I know it's about fedora and all.. but it seems to be a similar problem00:20
arrrghhhebox, not xbox.00:20
Slartp-f: of course it wont.. it will wait until you've got something important to do =)00:20
boss_mcruler, press that button and in the menu there you will be able to set the USB pen as primary boot device00:20
p-fSlart, I tried playing around with the send command earlier00:20
p1oooopryan_: like a ram freeer?00:20
p-fSlart, I always ended up with smaller values around 1500s00:20
boss_mcruler: then save and exit adn you should boot from the usb00:21
reqonu mean ps3?00:21
ryan_ploooop uhm im not sure if that is it. It has a little ram icon next to it then it says like 800ghz or like 1.7 i think00:21
p1oooopryan_: thats the CPU clock monitor00:21
mgrundeariqs, You should set broadcasting/non-broadcasting from the router, not from Ubuntu00:21
p1oooopryan_: yea, I use that all the time00:21
ryan_ploooop ok. thanks. whats the terminal command fo rinstalling00:21
ariqsmgrunde: I'm using ubuntu as a software access point00:22
arrrghhhryan_, aptitude/apt-get reinstall?00:22
p1oooopryan_: uhh, just use the GUI method00:22
ryan_ploooop roger that thanks for your help00:22
p-fSlart, I sure am enjoying my connection right now! I hope it doesn't disconnect! *peers suspiciously at his syslog* still nothing00:22
p1oooopryan_: it comes with basic ubuntu installation00:22
tesseracterarrrrg! im trying to get VNC working thru the internet, i set up port forwarding on my router, but i'm still getting "connection refused" when i try to connect00:22
p-fguess I'll leave it on for the night00:22
ryan_ploooop oh ahah00:22
Kalmitesseracter, does it work locally?00:22
reqonaarrrgghhh oooooooooooh you mean an alternative to windows server 2003. EBOX!!!00:22
p1oooopryan_: right click on top bar00:23
tesseracterKalmi: yep.00:23
ryan_ploooop derr herr im stupid haha00:23
Slartp-f: hehe... perhaps write a post on the forums.. see if anyone else has had the same problem00:23
ryan_ploooop i have it thanks =D00:23
mahmah kittehz are here00:23
Kalmitesseracter, any firewall?00:23
p1oooopryan_: no prob :D00:23
ryan_ploooop i'll catcha later!00:23
boss_mcwhy is iplayer so badly made...00:23
p1oooopryan_: later00:23
tesseracterKalmi: none that iu know of, other than the verizon hardware router00:23
Kalmitesseracter, than you messed up portforwarding... what port have you forwarded?00:24
elli222Hello, i have a funny problem involving sound. Sound playback works fine, and i have a microphone attached to the -back- of my PC. Playback from that works fine, but i cant seem to capture, unless i plug it into the -front- mic socket...00:24
rulerif i forgorren my password any way to enter into ubuntu00:25
eternaljoyhow do I get ubuntu to detect my logitech USB headset?00:25
p-fSlart, anyways, thanks for trying :)00:25
rulerif i forgotten my password any way to enter into ubuntu00:25
Kalmiruler, recovery mode00:25
Slartp-f: you're welcome00:25
siliconfalconhowdy all. I am really going nuts and need some help with connecting to a Windows network share. They can all see me but I can not see them. I am trying to connect to 2 XP machines they both can see me fine. My firewall is turned off and everyone is on the same workgroup.00:25
rulerrecovery mode what should i do00:26
tesseracterKalmi: 5500, 5800, and 590000:26
rulerkalmi: in recovery mode what should i do00:26
Kalmiruler, change the user's password...00:26
boss_mcruler: passwd <username>00:26
rulerkalmi: thanks i will try00:27
mahhehe ruler is "hacking" into his older sistter's  computer00:27
p1oooophuh? who cant do that00:28
avdgcan someone help me with grub? (maybe better to pm me)00:28
boss_mc!pm | avdg00:28
ubottuavdg: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.00:28
p1oooopI suck at grup00:28
p1oooopavdg: what happened00:28
rulermah: you are obsolutely correct00:28
arrrghhh!grub | ploooop00:28
ubottuploooop: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:28
marksmanFlash videos in firefox seem a little jumpy and sometimes the video gets distorted in crazy colors, also flash games don't work.  This happens in Firefox00:28
avdgi had installer ubuntu, standard, but i had too less space on that partition00:28
mehrhi everyone00:28
p1oooopI didnt say I had problems with it.00:29
rulermah: one mistake younger sisters  pc00:29
avdgso i tryed to extend that partition in windows, but grub fails on restart00:29
arrrghhhploooop there's how-to's there also sheesh.00:29
avdgim now on the livecd00:29
Pici!ir | mehr00:29
ubottumehr: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.00:29
mehrwho can speak farsi?00:29
p1oooopavdg: you cannnot partition exts on windows.00:30
p1oooopavdg: theres your problem.00:30
boss_mcavdg: it may be that the (hdX,X) changed due to the resize00:30
p1oooopavdg: that also may be the case ^^^00:31
avdgalso, i cant find /bin/grub00:31
mahavdg: there are tutorials listed specifically for your type of situation00:31
yo2boy_hey guys00:31
boss_mcavdg /usr/sbin/grub00:31
p1oooopavdg: what partition you using?00:31
PhotoJimavdg: type "whereis grub' and it will tell you where grub is00:31
the1corruptedIs there some way I can reinstall my sound drivers?  Something fudged up and all I hear is static where sound used to be.00:31
yo2boy_How do I open Teamviewer.exe in wine?00:32
yo2boy_it wont open00:32
avdgdoesnt look like the config file is there ...00:32
nonewmsgsi cannot get sound with dvds since my intrepid upgrade00:32
avdgi see only grub-install00:32
boss_mcavdg: the config file lives in /boot/grub/menu.lst00:32
yo2boy_i've installed the setup via wine00:32
p1oooopthe1corrupted: you can probably use gstreamer-properties to choose a sound driver that works00:32
the1corruptedyo2boy_ You need WINE, or a Virtual Windows Machine to run .exe files.  Check with #winehq00:32
avdgboss_mc: i dont have /boot/grub/00:32
harjot[1]guys what is the kubuntu channel name???00:33
avdgwas typo :p00:33
boss_mcavdg: you have a /boot yes?00:33
nonewmsgsHaraken, $kubuntu00:33
boss_mcavdg: ok00:33
nonewmsgsHaraken, #kubuntu00:33
boss_mcavdg: good00:33
Piciharjot[1]: #kubuntu oddly enough00:33
harjot[1]haha lol thanks00:33
reqon(mental thought) I've always crawled back to Windows - I aarrgghh WHY!, im a taitor!00:33
avdgthere are only 7 files in there00:33
p1oooopreqon: yea, i know that kinda sucks right..00:34
boss_mcavdg: stage1 stage1_5 stage2 menu.lst and a few others00:34
p1oooopavdg: you wanna look for menu.lst00:34
reqonI really...... really!...... dont want do!!00:34
siliconfalconHowdy all, I am going nuts trying to see my Windows XP machines on my network. They can all see me and play with my files but I can not see them. I have installed Samba and followed all the forums but I am still missing something00:34
avdgp1ooop: i cant find the menu.lst :(00:34
elli222My backpanel Mic socket only works when i am root, what is going on?00:35
boss_mcavdg: that could explain why it can't boot...00:35
p1oooopsiliconfalcon: perhaps your network does not allow the viewing of your networkmates00:35
the1corruptedploooop: Not to select one..  Reinstall it...  Like I said, something fudged up.00:35
Kalmisiliconfalcon, can you connect to them by ip address? Places->Connect to-> Windows share00:35
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siliconfalcon,msg> Kalmi I can ping them00:35
p1oooopthe1corrupted: yea, something with alsa and stuff00:35
nejodesiliconfalcon: is testparm OK?00:35
Kalmisiliconfalcon, ...00:36
avdgso i need to reïnstall grub?00:36
p1oooopthe1corrupted: should be somewhere in the repositories00:36
reqoneverything works except my favourite game of all!! Time!!!!!...... DEAD SPACE!!! aarrrggghhh! "dam u fglrx! DAM U! ATI dam U! AMD!00:36
siliconfalcon<msg> nejode #ubunt00:36
elli222Hey, AMD is fine!00:36
Picireqon: calm down00:36
mahreqon: you have windows, yes?00:37
elli222They just bought ATI :x00:37
siliconfalcon<msg> nejode sorry, says server role is stand alone00:37
p1oooopreqon: ok, take a few deep breaths00:37
Kalmireqon: ##windows00:37
p1oooopreqon: and count to ten, slowly00:37
Kalmisiliconfalcon, that is not what I asked...00:37
rulerin my xp os cd there is autorun.inf can i remove it00:37
nejodesiliconfalcon: that's ok00:37
mahreqon: while fixing usability is good, you might as well play those games in windows, as they ares smoother00:37
reqon(breathing) 1,2 miss a few 9,10.......ok fell better00:37
kyle205okay, so I've managed to make a mess of my Ubuuntu install, would copying my home folder to a thumb drive and restoring it to a new install be the best way to retain all my files, while still starting anew?00:37
avdgboss_mc? reinstall grub?00:38
p1oooopthe1corrupted: did you try sudo apt-get install alsa?00:38
siliconfalcon<msg> Kalmi no I can't connect using the ip00:38
mahavdg: follow any of the many common tutorials for that, or get supergrubdisk00:38
boss_mcavdg: that probably won't help unfortunately00:38
rulerin xp os cd there is autorun.inf if i write it affect my pc00:38
RoastedI'm trying to network a printer from Ubuntu to an XP machine. I have samba set up and my printer appeared when I connect to my server. I right clicked, hit connect, connected it to the driver, and now it appears - but it says access denied, unable to connect.00:38
the1corruptedploooop: Yes.  I even tried removing it and reinstalling it.  (I already have all the sound drivers, but I shut down VMWare inappropriately and it fudged up how Linux interacts with the sound card)00:38
avdgmah: i'll try supergrubdisk00:39
Kalmisiliconfalcon, try this: smbclient -L 192.168.X.X (replace X with the actual ip of one of the machines...) You should see the shares00:39
yo2boy_why is #winehq so dead00:39
nejodekyle205: it won't work on a thundrive with fat00:39
alphaaquilaehpw can i set the terminal options so that i can determine the size of the consol window when opnened00:39
p1oooopthe1corrupted: ahh, you're using vmware00:39
mahavdg: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435100:39
p1oooopthe1corrupted: kinda problematic... when you're doing soundcards00:39
kyle205nejode, but it would save me files while still not affecting the new system's settings?00:39
avdgty mah00:39
siliconfalcon<msg> kalmi yes I see them! yay!00:40
yo2boy_I have this problem with either Teamviewer.exe or Wine00:40
yo2boy_It wont open the file00:40
p1oooopthe1corrupted: I never got it to run properly with my soundcard nor my video device00:40
yo2boy_I've installed the setup.exe via wine00:40
rulercan i open autorun.inf in ubuntu if i double clic the document file if it affect ubuntu?00:40
the1corruptedploooop: No, I had it all fine, but when my computer froze, I had to reboot...  After that, all the sound in linux is static while in VMWare sounds just fine.00:40
yo2boy_but the normal file wont run00:40
Kalmisiliconfalcon, than you should be able to connect by ip... try again... make sure you get the share name right...00:40
nejodekyle, but it won't retail symlinks and permissions00:40
boss_mcavdg: http://paste.debian.net/37651/00:41
rulercan i open autorun.inf in ubuntu if i double clic the document file if it affect ubuntu?00:41
fryguyruler: what do you mean?00:41
boss_mcavdg: you'll want to update it to match your settings and disc map00:41
marksmanIt seems that transferring files from an ubuntu box over a wireless network to a vista box is very slow.  The maximum speed is around 150 KBps, but it is a wireelss N network....   Any ideas?00:42
Dr_Willisruler:  those are just text files.. use an editor to open them00:42
rulerfryguy : if i double click autorun.inf file if it affect my os00:42
avdgsrr i don't know how to use it :( im a linux noob00:42
siliconfalcon<msg> kalmi yea, that worked. Thank you00:42
fryguyruler: that isn't english, please rephrase00:42
p1oooopthe1corrupted: mmm, yea... someone help corrupted, out of my field00:42
reqonok install of flgrx drivers and prolly update kernel to it MITE JUST WORK!....im a genius....muahahahahaha muahahahaha!00:42
siliconfalcon<msg> kalmi Not sure why I never put in the share name before though00:42
boss_mcavdg: or just run sudo update-grub to create a correct one for yourself00:42
p1oooopthe1corrupted: yea, not really my field00:43
rulerfryguy: i am tamil student not so goood in english00:43
ghindoCan I run VLC without a GUI?00:43
fryguyghindo: yes00:43
ghindofryguy: Thanks for the quick answer.00:44
p1oooopghindo: LOL, it wouldn't really be worth it tho00:44
byte^I have one Ubuntu install. If I install another one, will I need to fix GRUB again?00:44
fryguyp1oooop: sure it would, there's plenty of reasons why you'd want to do that00:44
p1oooopghindo: no video, only sound....00:44
coz_ghindo,   http://wiki.videolan.org/Documentation:Documentation00:44
ghindop1oooop: I was thinking of using it to just stream video over a LAN...00:44
fryguybyte^: it should take care of it for you as part of the installation process00:44
Kalmisiliconfalcon, yw :)00:44
ghindocoz_: Thanks :)00:44
tvboxi've got a set of commands using xrandr that enable my s-video out so my TV works but i want to know how to enable them on login or boot00:45
p1oooopghindo: ahh, ok00:45
byte^How do you mean, fryguy? Will it detect I already have it and know I don´t need another one?00:45
RoastedPrinter Question - I have a printer on my Ubuntu machine. The policies were set up according to Ubuntu's web site. When the XP machine connects to it, it says access denied. According to the policy on my Ubuntu machine, it's allowable to everyone.  How can I fix this?00:45
p1oooopghindo: that'll work...00:45
coz_ghindo,  here is the home page   http://www.videolan.org/00:45
fryguytvbox: add them to whatever you use to initialize your x11 session (gnome-session unless you changed things)00:45
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
fryguybyte^: yes00:45
racarteri need help with audio00:46
reqonyes....yes.....no no no.......yes......yes yes!00:46
fryguybyte^: more specifically it will reinstall it, and add the old ubuntu install to the new menu00:46
racarterhttp://www.griffintechnology.com/products/imic/ --> I'm using this. it used to work but now doesn't. how can i troubleshoot this?00:46
byte^Alright, so it will import all the other entries?00:46
fryguybyte^: no00:46
byte^So I´ĺl need to add them again.00:47
fryguybyte^: yes00:47
racarterhttp://www.griffintechnology.com/products/imic/ --> I'm using this. it used to work but now doesn't. how can i troubleshoot this?00:47
fryguybyte^: or just copy the menu.lst from your other install00:47
racartersorry for repeating myself...00:47
byte^Yeah I´d probably do that.00:47
chuck_ghindo, cvlc00:47
p1oooopwell, later guys i g2g have some tun00:47
tvboxfryguy i'm happy to add them to the gnome-session file, where is it kept (reasonably clean install)00:47
fryguyracarter: is the device detected, is there a driver loaded for it? is the volume muted, is the right mixer being used? are the right settings for the mixer available? have you tried disabling pulseaudio and using alsa directly? have you tried using oss?00:48
byte^If I can play sound correctly from flash videos online, why am I getting hardware beeps for system errors? Is there a way to change this?00:48
fryguytvbox: no idea, i don't use gnome, probably gnome-session-properties or something00:48
racarterthe device is detected. I'm using the sound preferences gui tool in gnome, i've tried the alsa and oss drivers for this device but none work (they used to earlier today...)00:48
Kalmibyte^, you could blacklist the pcspkr kernel module00:49
RukusXhey how do you install Qt3 properly?00:49
joanki123can anyone recommend a netbook that works really well with the ubuntu operating sys?00:49
byte^Kalmi: What exactly would that mean?? By blacklisting it would it force it play a system wav? IS there a sound that is supposed to be used when an error has occured?00:49
fryguyjoanki123: pretty much any of them00:49
racarternevermind, the oss drivers work now00:49
byte^I mean, if it is supposed to play system beeps, then everything is fine I suppose.00:49
joanki123i was going to buy a dell mini 12, but the graphics card isn't really colmpatible00:50
fryguybyte^: what error are you referring to00:50
byte^Ive had troubles with my sound before and I want to make sure that everything is fine00:50
avdgmuh: tuts doesnt help00:50
byte^fryguy: For install, trying to backspace on an empty text box?00:50
Kalmibyte^, yeah... beeps are supposed to come out of the machine :)00:50
byte^I know beeps are supposed t ocome out of the machine, Iḿ just making sure that Ubuntu isnt similar to windows in the fact that it does not play a WAV file (etc) on an error00:51
avdgmah: tuts doesnt work (not any)00:51
byte^I just want to make sure that the sound is working okay00:51
coz_byte^,  ubuntu will play WAV  you need to also have  ubuntu-restricted-extras00:51
byte^How can I do this?00:51
coz_byte^,   but it works fine here00:51
heresjohnnySo someone sent me an encrypted email and their public key. I've imported their key and have the ascii encrypted email saved as a text file00:51
heresjohnnyHow do I decrypt it?00:51
heresjohnnygpg -d enc.txt doesn't work00:52
byte^is there a command utility that I can use to make sure the sound is working correctly? I forget.00:52
fryguy!work | heresjohnny00:52
ubottuheresjohnny: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:52
fryguybyte^: does your system play sound?00:52
heresjohnnyfryguy, thanks :)00:52
chuck_byte^,  open system/preferences/sound00:52
racarterhttp://www.griffintechnology.com/products/imic/ --> I'm using this. now test sound works but I am not getting sound from youtube and stuff00:52
heresjohnnyfryguy, gpg -d enc.txt does not properly decrypt the ascii armor encrypted text file00:52
byte^fryguy: It plays sound through flash videos (Youtube) but I haven been able to check any other methods00:52
fryguyracarter: install alsa-oss and configure firefox to use the aoss dsp00:52
byte^Iḿ just overly paranoid00:53
racarterfryguy: what?00:53
byte^WTF is wrong with this keyboard.... Gah.00:53
racarterfryguy: the device seems to work outside firefox00:53
fryguyracarter: install alsa-oss, then create a firefoxrc and configure FIREFOX-DSP to use aoss00:53
mahbyte^: that's the wrong attitide.  you have to break it and then fix it00:53
alex-weejheresjohnny: you know, encrypted email should be supported by your mail client so you wouldn't have to go through this...00:53
fryguyracarter: you just said test works00:53
byte^mah: I suppose, I just like to double check I guess00:53
fryguyracarter: so which is it?00:53
crazyhickI'm looking to back-up a copy of my DVDs ... what's the best way to do this (app?)00:53
fryguycrazyhick: dd00:54
byte^From an ext3 file system, am I able to access (read/write) an ext4 system? or vice-versa? I forget how the compatibility goes.00:54
heresjohnnyalex-weej, and my mail client is gmail with no outgoing port 143 access so that doesn't work00:54
racarterfryguy: i don't really understand... test sound works with the sound app in gnome, but it is not working in firefox...00:54
fryguyracarter: install alsa-oss and configure firefox to use the aoss dsp00:54
joanki123fryguy, that's not really true - a lot of dell computers have weird graphics cards00:54
Kalmibyte^, both ways00:54
joanki123or sound cards00:54
alex-weejheresjohnny: no labs feature for it?00:54
fryguyjoanki123: define "weird"  it's either intel, nvidia, or ati, and they all work in some level or another00:54
RoastedPrinter Question - I have a printer on my Ubuntu machine. The policies were set up according to Ubuntu's web site. When the XP machine connects to it, it says access denied. According to the policy on my Ubuntu machine, it's allowable to everyone.  How can I fix this?00:54
mrwescrazyhick: use K9copy and burn the iso with K3b00:55
racarterfryguy: I don't know how to do those things, but this used to work earlier today00:55
alex-weejfryguy: why are you doing this to racarter? :(00:55
fryguyalex-weej: doing what? giving him the answer to his question?00:55
joanki123fryguy, to my knowledge the card had very little support00:55
alex-weejracarter: if you see the letters "oss", run a mile.00:55
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:55
heresjohnnyalex-weej, nope00:55
racarteri'm pretty sure this is not a driver issue..00:55
fryguyalex-weej: you realize that adobe flash is compiled to only use oss, right?00:55
KalmiRoasted, I never needed to set up any policies....00:55
=== dj801_ is now known as dj801
Roastedkalmi - its just the policy section where you hit a few check boxes.00:56
alex-weejfryguy: no, it isn't. it uses ALSA since a very, very long time00:56
Roastedkalmi - How do you set up printers? Like howd you set up yours personally?00:56
boss_mcfryguy: except the new version which uses alsa, pulse and oss00:56
bkWhats a good OS for Ubuntu? Ive tried installing ClamAV but I get errors that I cannot fix.00:56
fryguybk: ?00:56
mrwescrazyhick: k9copy will shrink a DVD9 to a DVD500:56
alex-weejbk: by OS you mean... AV?00:56
fryguybk: ubuntu is an OS00:56
aadityabk: anti-virus?00:56
bkaaditya: yea sorry00:56
bkhad my mind on os00:57
aadityabk: Ubuntu catches no viruses..00:57
alex-weejwhy do you need AV?00:57
aaditya!virus | bk00:57
ubottubk: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2100:57
alex-weejcommon sense >>>>> any av software00:57
bkaaditya: I use windows machines in my network that I get files from.00:57
heresjohnnyaaditya, you don't need an antivirus scanner for Linux. Unlike windows, Linux was built from a secure foundation00:57
KalmiRoasted, um... install... make sure shared is ticked...00:57
aadityaheresjohnny: thanks for letting me know..00:58
mrwesbk: install ClamAV and and the GUI00:58
heresjohnnysorry about that :)00:58
aadityabk: check the link that ubottu sent you00:58
=== NCDS is now known as NCDS_tanner
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about clamav00:58
bkmrwes: clamav is the one i get an error on, i installed it through apt-get, then uninstalled, and yea00:58
Roastedkalmi - then what? What do you do on the XP machine to connect it?00:58
mrwesbk: what was the error? The one about the engine being outdated?00:58
chaos2fuhii everyone, how do i show which current graphic driver im using?00:58
bkmrwes: something like that, ive pastebind it, brb00:59
aadityachaos2fu: lspci00:59
fryguychaos2fu: /var/log/Xorg.log.0 will tell you00:59
KalmiRoasted,  do you have samba installed?00:59
eseven73I get that error too, about clamav being outdated00:59
byte^If I choose not to install boot loader when install Ubuntu (I have another installation of it on another partition with GRUB), how do I know what to add to GRUB for me to boot it? The linux kernel entries in GRUB seem to  be really complex...00:59
fryguyaaditya: lspci lists device, not associated drivers00:59
Saraichaos2fu: lspci | grep VGA00:59
mrwesbk: blah...it's just the engine that's outdated, it'll work fine and freshclam will update your AV defs00:59
Roastedkalmi - yep00:59
aadityafryguy: ah i see00:59
bkmrwes: http://flotier.pastebin.com/m7bb5453700:59
mrwesbk: I run ClamAV on my sever and it says the same thing about the engine00:59
fryguybyte^: just copy another entry and change the location, it's pretty straightforward01:00
byte^Yeah I was just wondering.01:00
bkmrwes: is that my problem?01:01
chaos2fuok im looking..01:01
mrwesbk: no. are you installing this from the command line?01:01
mrwesbk: you need to install clam-data, clamav-freshclam too01:02
=== el_macnfiico is now known as ensarman
bki did that and got the same error mrwes01:03
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
mrwesbk: weird, seems it init.d can't start the fresh-clam: #01:05
mrwesinvoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/clamav-freshclam not found.01:05
mrwesdpkg: error processing clamav-freshclam (--configure):01:05
FloodBot2mrwes: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:05
mrwesfour lines is a flood?01:05
boss_mc4 lines in a short period of time01:05
MattCampbellWhich is the preferred command-line APT front-end now:  apt-get or aptitude?01:05
PiciMattCampbell: apt-get01:05
boss_mcMattCampbell: whichever you are comfortable with, don't mix them any more than you have to though01:06
PiciFrom what I've been told, there is more developer focus on apt-get than on aptitude01:06
judgenWould it be a safe bet to say that there is only one 300mb wireless cip for linux.01:06
mrwesbk: you're trying to install ClamAV from the command line, on a server install or desktop?01:06
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)01:06
barqersHow can I get my ubuntu computer connected to my windows network?01:07
boss_mcMattCampbell: remember that apt-get has super cow powers01:07
Bob_DoleI wasn't even aware there was a 300MB wireless chip o_o01:07
aadityaubottu: tell barqers about samba01:07
ubottubarqers, please see my private message01:07
judgenIs ther any other wireless chipset supported in linux able to do 300mbit than ralink?01:07
judgenbobbafet1 802.11n01:07
MattCampbellIs automatic removal of automatically installed packages a feature of aptitude or APT itself?01:08
bkmrwes: desktop01:08
RoastedIs there any way I can tag a windows printer driver to a printer through samba so when the person connects to it they auto-download the windows driver for it?01:08
bkmrwes: laptop actuall01:08
mrwesbk: use synaptic manager instead of command line01:08
boss_mcMattCampbell: aptitude does it on the fly, apt-get has to have autoremove called01:08
bkmrwes: i did, got the same exact error01:09
Bob_Doleif there was a SPARC port of ubuntu, that'd be nice.. I could run Ubuntu on everything of mine, which in the near future will include PowerPC and ARM..and currently includes SPARC and x86.01:10
aadityaMattCampbell: automatic removal of which packages? like dependencies no longer required?01:10
mrwesbk: did you try a complete removal and re-installation?01:10
aaditya!sparc | Bob_Dole01:10
bkmrwes: yes, and i made sure all processes were stopped for clam as well01:10
ubottuBob_Dole: Have a look here for Docs http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/install/sparc/ KnownIssues and TODO are on the wiki.01:10
aadityaouch, sparc docs are missing01:10
Bob_Doleaaditya, The requested URL /ubuntu/install/sparc/ was not found on this server.01:11
avdgdamm, i've reader all suggested tuts about repairing grub, all with dead end :(01:11
neoTheCatgood morning.  i have two 9.04 boxes running on my lan.  to tried x11vnc and gnome remote desktop, and they both are INCREDIBILY slow, almost unusable.  has anybody else seen this problem?01:12
neoTheCator how i can use freenx to start connect to a local session...01:12
KalmineoTheCat, freenx to local session is slow01:12
aadityaBob_Dole: i've conveyed it to the admins. it should be fixed soon.01:13
fryguyneoTheCat: try xpra01:13
aadityaBob_Dole: here's the correct link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Sparc01:13
mrwesbk: I'm stumped, unless it's a bug01:13
mrwesbk: I didn't see anything in launchpad, maybe you should file it?01:14
deeb0Hello everyone, quick question.... I just installed ubuntu inside windows... was wondering how I would go about accessing my windows files from within ubuntu01:14
p1oooophey Mr. Wes01:14
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
p1oooopyou work anywhere in socal?01:14
fryguydeeb0: hard drive should be available in the left hand panel of nautilus by default01:14
mrweser...hello p1oooop01:14
barqersaaditya: I installed samba4, but i don't know how to open it.01:14
avdgp1ooooop: i tryed a lot of tuts, but it looks like grub is damaged :(01:15
Bob_DoleHmm, so I need a newer model SPARC? I got a Sun Ultra 5, with an UltraSPARCIIi, 400mhz.01:15
nouriHello.  I was hoping for the Gnome drawer applet to be able to hold Windows, so that they disappear from the Window list.  I have some apps that I'm permanently running, and that I don't want to show up in any desktop.01:15
p1oooopavdg: ahh, that totally makes sense01:15
bkmrwes: might need to01:15
Bob_Dolealso aaditya, thanks.01:15
mrwesbk: it's one way to get a response, maybe there is a work a round01:15
mrwesI would01:15
aadityaBob_Dole: you're welcome :)01:15
bkmrwes: ok how? through the ff plugin?01:16
p1oooopavdg: you can always reinstall01:16
mrwesbk: try ubuntu-bug clamav01:16
nouriAnd anyone have an idea how I could start up Jackd before Pulseaudio starts on my Ubuntu?01:16
avdgany guide to that?01:16
barqersis samba only command line? or is there a gui for it?01:17
deeb0fryguy: You mean when I go to Places > Computer ?01:17
aadityabarqers: there's a nautilus extension that'll allow you to share folders from GUI01:17
fryguynouri: first google result for your exact question should be helpful: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-875378.html01:17
fryguydeeb0: yes01:17
mrwesbarqers: you can connect via Nautilus01:17
aadityabarqers: it's called nautilus-share01:17
aaditya!info nautilus-share | barqers01:18
ubottubarqers: nautilus-share (source: nautilus-share): Nautilus extension to share folder using Samba. In component main, is optional. Version 0.7.2-4ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 28 kB, installed size 320 kB01:18
avdgp1ooooop: do you know some guides to it?01:18
p1oooopbarqers: it's usually included if installed using repository01:18
nourifryguy: oops, looking01:18
p1oooopavdg: I think there is a command line command01:18
deeb0fryguy: well on the left it says Desktop, File System, Newton, Trash ....01:18
ubottuInformation on Ubuntu on SPARC platforms can be found here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Sparc01:18
avdgp1ooooop: im a noob in linux01:18
dsdeizwhat's up ubuntu guys?01:19
geoaxisfryguy:  some times this also helps also , to encounrage people to use google http://tinyurl.com/aq6n8301:19
aadityadsdeiz: not much, what's going on?01:19
p1oooopavdg: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435101:19
p1oooopavdg: hows that?01:19
dsdeizaaditya: not much too.. ;)01:20
bkmrwes: k01:20
p1oooopyou running on windows or ubuntu live cd01:20
p1oooopdeeb0: woops01:20
MrDarkUserdoes anybody know how to turn of tap-to-click for laptop touchpads?01:20
p1oooopdeeb0: sorry bout that :D01:20
MattCampbellTo those who said apt-get is the recommended command-line APT front-end, I wonder why aptitude is in the standard install then.01:21
aaditya!touchpad | MrDarkUser01:21
ubottuMrDarkUser: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad01:21
fryguyMrDarkUser: it's probably on by default01:21
jaypur_mbi'm having some little problems releated to games on ubuntu, can someone help me? the problem is that when i start some games, it keeps "going down" like its pressed my down key....01:21
deeb0ploooop:  I chose the option to install in Windows and not full installation01:21
p1oooopavdg: using ubuntu live cd or windows?01:21
reqonMrDarkUser, nope but i cant pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time01:21
permanewburgh. I think I'm screwed. I'm upgrading to 9.04. I have a KVM switch. Now it's stopped recognizing the keyboard and it's prompting me... syslog shows the kernel noticing when I've unplugged and plugged in the keyboard, but it's not getting picked up by X, I guess... Any thoughts on how to recover?01:21
p1oooopdeeb0: LOL01:21
NrbelexHi, I just added openSUSE to my computer as a dual-boot, but openSUSE overwrote GRUB and I can no longer boot into Ubuntu, how can I reinstall GRUB with options for Ubuntu and openSUSE?01:21
p1oooopdeeb0: I'll try ot answer01:21
deeb0ploooop: lol, thanks.01:21
MrDarkUserfryguy: yeah, I need it off, I don't understand why it's on by default01:22
p1oooopdeeb0: so, what exactly is the problem?01:22
deeb0ploooop:  I just want to be able to access my windows files from ubuntu01:22
barqersaaditya: how do i access nautilus share?01:22
p1oooopdeeb0: ahh01:22
p1oooopdeeb0: you wanna mount it...01:22
aadityaright click on a directory and hit "Sharing options"01:22
=== pauljw_ is now known as pauljw
aadityabarqers: right click on a directory and hit "Sharing options"01:22
graelinNrbelex: Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and the run grub --install-partition I think.. probly wanna check that though01:23
p1oooopdeeb0: have you tried mounting?01:23
aaditya!ntfs | deeb001:23
ubottudeeb0: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE01:23
hackelDoes anyone know of a way to add a login script for NetworkManager? (e.g. that will run when logging onto certain access points that require you to log in to use the connection)01:24
Nrbelexgraelin, where is /boot/grub/menu.lst?01:25
fryguyNrbelex: it's right where you just said, that's a filesystem location01:25
RoastedOkay, I still don't get this. I have samba installed, along with my printer installed and published in CUPS in Ubuntu. Now, what do I do on the windows XP machine to connect it to the printer on my Ubuntu machine?01:25
barqersaaditya: And do I have to set this up to see onto my windows network? my network is: "Franco Home"01:25
Nrbelexfryguy, on the Ubuntu root partition?01:25
p1oooophackel: you tried compiling a DIY version?01:25
fryguyRoasted: add the printer to /etc/samba/smb.conf and reload the configuration01:25
fryguyNrbelex: yes01:25
hackelp1oooop: No, I was hoping it could be done without programming the functionality myself!01:26
permanewbis there maybe a utility that I can run on my X server to click the button that I need to click (my keyboard isn't responding in X, but I can launch X apps.01:26
aadityabarqers: is that a domain or a workgroup?01:26
=== nubuntu is now known as zenxr
p1oooophackel: yea, always best not to recompile your own :D01:26
Roastedfryguy - I wasnt aware I needed to actually add the printer to my smb.conf... I was told all I need to do is share it through CUPS and I'm done. I just don't know what to do with the Windows side of it as far as connecting.01:26
fryguyRoasted: if it's shared correctly, you connect to it like you connect to any other share01:27
p1oooophackel: you want the script to do what senstially?01:27
p1oooophackel: hack someone's connection :D01:27
deeb0ubottu:  That's the thing I can't even see my windows files... ntfs-3g doesn't allow me to check internal write support01:27
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:27
Roastedfryguy - meaning what? start - run - \\ubuntuserver, right click my printer, hit connect?01:27
fryguyRoasted: yes01:27
p1oooopdeeb0: ubottu is a bot01:27
deeb0i meant to say ploooop01:28
p1oooopdeeb0: LOL, happened to me01:28
justfilHow can I hide the File, edit, view... menu in opera?01:28
stroyanRoasted:  sudo cupsaddsmb -a01:28
Roastedfryguy - That works, EXCEPT I get access denied - unable to connect on the windows machine.01:28
permanewbif I get a ps2 keyboard, will it be recognized as soon as it's plugged in, i.e. without rebooting? (I'm running 8.10 and am in the middle of upgrading to 9.04)01:28
barqersaaditya: it's a workgroup01:28
fryguyRoasted: so then make sure you are in the same workgroup/domain and are passing along the correct credentials01:28
p1oooopdeeb0: you tried force mounting... not recommended but it works01:28
Kalmipermanewb, no... the BIOS disables the PS2 port if there is nothing plugged when bootinh01:29
hackelp1oooop: No, what are you talking about?  I need to log in to the wireless network I use all the time, I wrote a script to do that, and I want NetworkManager to run it when I connect to that particular ESSID but before it marks the connection as active.01:29
fryguyKalmi: no01:29
permanewbKalmi thaks01:29
Kalmifryguy, no?01:29
fryguyKalmi: no01:29
Kalmifryguy, as you wish01:29
GourlisATI Radeon X1250 not working on Ubuntu 9.04 -  Anyone who has the same problem with me? Or anyone who solved that?01:30
aadityabarqers: it should work right away. for more info, check this out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba01:30
nonewmsgsi cannot get sound with dvds since my intrepid upgrade01:30
fryguy!work | Gourlis01:30
ubottuGourlis: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.01:30
deeb0ploooop: Well I just went to the link posted by the bot and I tried the pysdm package... the thing is my ubuntu is installed in the same partition as my windows01:30
Roastedfryguy - Everything is in the workgroup - workgroup and I am connected right now just fine... I am in my share browsing, so I have no idea why I have access denied to the printer. Hence my ongoing confusion.01:30
p1oooophackel: ahh, okay.... kind of an extra security feature right?01:30
fryguyRoasted: probably because you shared the printer using a different mechanism01:30
deeb0ploooop:  I didn't do full installation.... I did "Install in Windows" option01:30
hackelp1oooop: yes, this is very common on corporate wifi networks, and services like boingo, t-mobile, etc.01:30
Gourlisfryguy, and?01:30
Kalmideeb0, oh... that's the problem...01:30
Roastedfryguy - I just followed the directions. No idea why it wouldn't work...01:31
barqersaaditya: But where do I go to access it? like i've clicked Places>Network>Windows Network, but i get an error. I can't seem to find FRANCOHOME01:31
deeb0I figured01:31
p1oooophackel: yup... kinda annoying dont you think?01:31
deeb0Kalmi: So it's not possible huh?01:31
Gourlisfryguy, I know my ATI isn't supported on Ubuntu 9.04 so am asking if anyone found anything about it.01:31
Roastedfryguy - just rebooted the XP computer and now it says ready... hmmm??01:31
fryguyGourlis: ati is supported just fine01:31
hackelp1oooop: Yes, very!01:31
Roastedfryguy - It seems to be hanging up when I try to actually print though. Great...01:31
aadityabarqers: that's how you'd access it. not sure what's wrong with it. i'd recommend using ssh/sftp on windows machines for file sharing though01:31
Gourlisfryguy, no it's not. At least for my model.01:31
p1oooopGourlis: yea, you think.... it freaking kills my computer all the time01:32
Kalmideeb0, i don't think it is... you could force it, but that is probably very unsafe...01:32
Gourlisploooop, same problems here.01:32
fryguyGourlis: the ati, or radeon driver will work just fine with any ati card01:32
p1oooophackel: I'm guessing maybe as a last resource01:32
deeb0Kalmi: unsafe as in?01:32
barqersaaditya: Okay, thank you!01:32
Gourlisfryguy, for the ATI Radeon X1250 no drivers found for Ubuntu 9.0401:32
p1oooophackel: maybe meaning DIY compiling...01:32
aadityabarqers: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/TransferFiles01:32
fryguyGourlis: so use the ati or radeon driver01:32
Bob_DoleWell then, Ubuntu isn't going to my choice for SPARC, looks like 6.06 is the last release for SPARC, the install guide assumes a headless server, etc. I've got a workstation, and wouldn't want to use anything earlier than 8.04 :(01:32
Kalmideeb0, might damage your windows file system01:33
Gourlisfryguy, u didn't understand01:33
deeb0Why me?01:33
p1oooopdeeb0: yup...01:33
permanewb.. any suggestions? My usb keyboard has stopped being recognized, and I'm being prompted to save or replace a config file, in the middle of upgrading to 9.04... I've I turn of the computer, it's not going to just continue the installation when it restarts, I supposed.01:33
deeb0Have you guys seen it happen often?01:33
fryguyGourlis: i understand just fine.  you aren't trying to use the ati or radeon driver01:33
Gourlisfryguy, how should I try? From where?01:33
Kalmideeb0, a real install (not wubi) can safely read/write files on a windows partition01:33
fryguyGourlis: /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:33
p1oooopdeeb0: I haven't had it damage my filesystem thankgod, but I've heard of people with mutilated filesystems01:33
hackelp1oooop: Well it's not as if it's just a matter of re-compiling, I would have to write the code too, that's the hard part!  If it annoys me enough, I might consider doing it...01:33
Gourlisfryguy, by typing that into Terminal ?01:34
deeb0blah... so I guess I have to uninstall and then make a dual boot of full ubuntu huh01:34
chuck_Gourlis, ati dropped support for a lot of drivers you might have to use the open source driver01:34
justfilHow can I hide the File, edit, view... menu in opera?01:34
fryguyGourlis: it's a configuration file for x11, edit it to use the ati or radeon driver and see if that works01:34
Gourlischuck_, i know but i don't know how to use the open source drivers.01:34
fryguychuck_: which is the 'ati' driver, which is what i've been telling him to use01:34
Gourlisfryguy, ok i'll let u know.01:34
fryguyGourlis: try the first couple of links from this: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+use+open+source+ati+driver&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a01:35
deeb0Ok well thanks for the help everyone, I guess I gotta reinstall Ubuntu01:35
deeb0Take it easy all.01:35
Kalmideeb0, yep01:36
Gourlisfryguy, alright but how to go to "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" ? I mean what to type infront of it in terminal..01:36
fryguyGourlis: it's a plain text file, edit it with whatever text editor you prefer01:36
Gourlisfryguy, ok i just dont know how to get there :P am newbie01:36
publiusgourlis, i have an old ati card on my laptop, and i had to roll back my ati driver to make it work with 8.1001:37
fryguyGourlis: it's a filesystem location, just like any other file on your system01:37
p1oooopGourlis: you can try gksudo nautilus01:37
fryguyGourlis: use cd to navigate through directories in terminal, or use nautilus to get to it01:37
nightdrevercan someone help me install babaschess through wine01:38
fryguynightdrever: #winehq01:38
Gourlisalright mates, i will see what i can do.01:38
Gourlisthanks all01:38
nightdreverive tried says its installed but wont run01:38
Gourlisbecause my screen keeps flicking01:38
Picinonewmsgs: please stop01:38
byte^Pardon my lapse in memory but how am I able to access an ext4 file system?01:38
=== Jamed_ is now known as Guest57232
p1oooopGourlis: you may wanna uninstall :D01:39
brbdehilight ubuntu01:39
fryguybyte^: if extents haven't been enabled yet, just mount it as ext301:39
byte^Ubuntu automatically found and tried to mount my ext4 partition, but it seems to have failed.01:39
publiusgourlis: check this out -> http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Main_Page01:39
syntax\ne one in here play zynga's texas hold em poker on ubuntu?01:39
Gourlisploooop, no chance.01:39
byte^fryguy: extents?01:39
p1oooopsyntax\: I do, whatcha need01:39
nonewmsgssorry everyone i dropped my keyboard01:39
Gourlisploooop, 9.04 is the best :D~01:39
p1oooopnonewmsgs: happens01:39
fryguybyte^: new addition to the filetable structure for ext (pretty much the whole point for ext3->ext4)01:39
byte^Ah, I see.01:40
syntax\ploooop: can't view rooms, can't see friends01:40
aaditya!ot | syntax\01:40
ubottusyntax\: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:40
p1oooopsyntax\: tried reinstalling flash?01:40
Bob_DoleOhhh, there is a SPARC ISO for 8.04! YUSH.01:40
=== Jamed is now known as Guest90026
syntax\not yet01:40
p1oooopBob_Dole: nice01:40
=== patrick is now known as Guest73953
syntax\p1oooop: how can i do that sir?01:41
byte^What is the preferred package to access an NTFS? partition? Is that ntfs-3g?01:41
fryguybyte^: yes01:41
aaditya"texas hold em poker" is a flash issue?01:41
aaditya!info ntfs-3g01:41
ubottuntfs-3g (source: ntfs-3g): read-write NTFS driver for FUSE. In component main, is standard. Version 1:2009.2.1-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 26 kB, installed size 144 kB01:41
p1oooopsyntax\: sir?01:41
byte^Okay, thank you. You've been invaluable, by the way.01:41
p1oooopsyntax\: I think we better move to #flash01:41
syntax\p1oooop: ang expression :)01:41
aadityap1oooop: come on, he's just being nice to you01:42
Bob_DoleThere is some bug in adobe flash that is present on linux and not elsewhere dealing with the network01:42
aadityai've heard of the problem with that flash game in this channel before01:42
p1oooopaaditya: I know :D I meant that in a LOL way... no offnes01:43
aadityap1oooop: haha ok01:43
p1oooopsyntax\: you can reinstalll in terminal01:43
syntax\im looking at it p1oooop01:44
p1oooopsyntax\: great :D, tell me how it goes :)01:45
byte^Another question: Is resizing one file system safer than another type? For example, GParted--I would think--would know how to resize ext3 better than NTFS (because it's proprietary)... Would this mean less chance of errors? I know the general "back everything up" train of thought, I'm just wondering though.01:45
Bob_DoleNext order of business: Get an ARM or PPC based system.01:45
Gourlisi like when on working on ubuntu ;D my fan works with cool air ;p01:45
p1oooopGourlis: LOL :D01:45
fryguybyte^: they are going to be equal01:45
p1oooopGourlis: probably because of the better-than-windows termina01:46
Gourlisploooop, http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Catalyst_9.4 (am a newbie my card is x1200 series) can i get one of these installed on my pc ? :P01:47
p1oooopFloodBot2: HI01:47
Bob_DoleI have no idea what this system would run like with windows on it, never been installed, never will be installed while I own it.01:47
p1oooopGourlis: not too sure, I dont have all the cards for use and compare. I wish I did :D01:48
Gourlisploooop, am stuck :P01:48
p1oooopGourlis: yea, happens to all of us :D01:49
Bob_DoleI got one of those in my iMac01:49
Bob_Dolethe X1600 or 1650, not sure which right now01:49
p1oooopBob_Dole: yea, thats the most upsetting thing, it works with mac but not ubuntu01:50
Bob_DoleIt doesn't? I was considering transitioning that system over to ubuntu :(01:51
mr_stepcan anyone tell me, when you share a folder using the gui, where it saves the settings?  it's a samba share, but the settings aren't saved in /etc/samba/smb.conf01:51
p1oooopmr_step: probably .samba in your home folder01:51
JamedBob_Dole: The proprietary driver for the X1600 does not work in 9.0401:51
Bob_DoleJamed, Ah, works in 8.04 though I hope?01:52
permanewb...can I maybe kill the installer while it's prompting to replace a config file, and then run the installer again displaying on the x server on my other computer to finish? Or, am I in an unrecoverable situation with no keyboard responding?01:52
JamedBob_Dole: yes01:52
p1oooopJamed: nothing works in the newer :(01:52
mr_stepp1oooop: there isn't a .samba folder.  i've tried grepping my home directory for the text of the share and everything.  it feels like i'ts a system wide setting, just not in the smb.conf file01:52
p1oooopmr_step: huh, then IDK...01:52
Bob_DoleJamed, alright. 8.04 is fine by me. First ubuntu release I was happy with, and what prompted me to stick with 1 distro and not use Windows or OS X anymore.01:53
mr_stepp1oooop: thanks though.  i've been asking in this chatroom for days now... nobody seems to know :(01:53
fryguymr_step: why not just create the share the normal way01:53
fryguyusing smb.conf01:53
fryguyinstead of trying to figure out a non-standard way of doing it01:53
JamedBob_Dole: In 8.10 it works too01:54
p1oooopmr_step: yea... wanna get the samba developers :D01:54
Bob_DoleJamed, how much longer is 8.10 supported?01:54
josefigHello, i've got a problem, i have ubuntu and windows vista installed in my laptop, i can use my wi-fi connection without any problem when i'm on windows vista but when i try to do it on ubuntu it tries to connect but nothing happened, the hardware is working properly but i don't know what's wrong, could u help me?01:54
JamedBob_Dole: dont know01:54
mr_stepfryguy:  i have done.  i just like to know how stuff works :S01:55
mr_stepp1ooop: yeah, i probably should ask them or the gnome people.01:55
Bob_DoleJamed, I know 8.04 is supposed to be supported 3 years, and I think 8.10 for 18 months.01:55
syntax\p1oooop: its still the same. :|01:55
=== an is now known as Guest88662
Bob_DoleOh..right, I gotta find me a spare monitor before it gets to be pitch black out.01:56
JamedBob_Dole: wikipedia says 8.10 is supported until april 201001:56
p1oooopsyntax\: huh, lemme chack if it works in 9.04 cause it just came out a month ago01:56
binskipy2uany good reason , anyone in here did NOT switch to 9.04 and is running 8.10?01:57
yasasvyjosefig: are you using network manager to connect to your wi-fi networks?01:57
Gourlisfryguy, my xorg.conf is empty. Like, nothing detected.01:57
fryguyjosefig: try using iwconfig manually, or switch to wicd01:57
fryguyGourlis: yah, you'll need to make one from scratch01:58
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
Bob_Dolebinskipy2u, I switched, but I'm running a mixed environment here.. 8.04, 8.10, and 9.04..soon to add another 8.04. Reasons for staying on 8.10 are graphics card support, lots of things got dropped in 9.04.01:58
Gourlisfryguy, sorry if am asking too much :P but i don't know what to write there.01:58
MattCampbellWhat is the most popular BitTorrent tracker program available on Ubuntu?01:58
binskipy2ujust wondering01:58
fryguyGourlis: man xorg.conf01:59
MattCampbellTransmission doesn't have a builtin tracker does it?01:59
fryguyGourlis: it's well documented01:59
Gourlisfryguy, alright thanks.01:59
fryguybinskipy2u: i just stopped using ubuntu altogether01:59
fryguyMattCampbell: ?01:59
binskipy2uis it just me or does 9.04 just not "FEEL" as comfy, as 8.10?01:59
binskipy2uwhatcha use fryguy?01:59
p1oooopsyntax\: extremely slow here :D01:59
fryguyMattCampbell: no, transmission is a bittorrent client, like utorrent or azureus01:59
fryguybinskipy2u: freebsd, and a handcompiled linux setup one one machine, and archlinux everywhere else02:00
=== Kipas_Angin is now known as myphnix
syntax\p1oooop: can't see rooms nor friends nor servers02:00
mdgI have a fluxbox problem - some of the menu items won't reload02:00
MattCampbellSo what do I use if I want to run a tracker?02:00
fryguymdg: #fluxbox02:00
MattCampbellbittorrent (version 3)?02:00
fryguyMattCampbell: look at the bittorrent package02:00
binskipy2ui tried 3 different arch install documentations, easy, beginners and a custom one made02:01
binskipy2ui think i'm too stupid for arch02:01
binskipy2ucant get passed Xorg02:01
binskipy2uand my computer's 9 months old02:01
fryguybinskipy2u: heh, love how you skip over the other 2 setups I run02:01
syntax\p1oooop: im on flash player 1002:01
p1oooopsyntax\: yea, I see your problem02:02
p1oooopsyntax\: for some reason it doesnt run on ubunut :P02:02
=== orochi is now known as orochi_
syntax\no sh1t -_-02:02
Kingsy101hey guys I have just installed a program on ubuntu and I added the shortcut to the menu bar, but for some reason its nto showing up right, the icon is showing as  a dark box , if you go to properties tho the correct icon is there... any ideas?02:02
p1oooop!work | p1oooop02:02
ubottup1oooop, please see my private message02:02
binskipy2ufreebsd is nice02:02
Bob_DoleI spent a total of 30 minutes with BSD...can't even remember which one. I was lost, I was also 15.02:02
Kingsy101hmmm actually the icon isnt there anymore.. I re-started and now its gone... any ideas how you set an icon properly?02:03
p1oooopsyntax\: if you really want to, you can get wine02:03
JamedKingsy101: i had that problem too, after restarting the icon was shown02:03
orochi_Anyone else find the glibc/eglibc split somewhat disconcerting? ;> Which will future versions of Ubuntu use?02:03
p1oooopsyntax\: but I have to warn you, it's kinda slow02:03
p1oooopsyntax\: kinda as slow as windows is :D02:03
Kingsy101hmmm re-starting for me does the oppisit02:03
Bob_DoleYeah, because of that bug in flash I run FireFox and Flash under WINE to play that game02:03
fryguyorochi_: i don't really find it disconcerting02:04
zenxrBob_Dole: why let age be a judgement on intelligence?02:04
p1oooopBob_Dole: yea, kinda sad right?02:04
orochi_fryguy: Well, from a developer's standpoint I suppose it could be a problem, having to support two different versions of the core c libraries :>02:04
JamedKingsy101: then what about changing the icon and then set it back to the original?02:04
Bob_Dolep1oooop, yeah02:04
syntax\what do you mean after restarting p1oooop ?02:04
B0bi need help i just installed ubuntu the first time and i keep getting "grub loading error 18 " and it just gets stuck there02:04
byte^The ~ when prefixed to a file path points to the user dir, right?02:05
p1oooopsyntax\: huh, i didnt say anything about restarting?02:05
Kingsy101Jamed - do you have to re-start every time you change the icon?02:05
fryguyorochi_: ?02:05
p1oooopsyntax\: sudo apt-get install wine02:05
JamedKingsy101: no02:05
Kingsy101alright thanks02:05
syntax\p1oooop: lol i saw it already sorry :D02:05
fryguybyte^: yes02:05
Kingsy101I will try that now02:05
fryguyorochi_: the distros don't maintain the c libs02:05
p1oooopsyntax\: O wait, LOL you need to add the repositories and all that stuff02:05
fryguyorochi_: ulrich drepper is paid by redhat to lead support for glibc02:05
byte^So ~.conkyrc is at the /home/user/ dir, then.02:06
jrkildecan anyone help me mount my external hard drive. Since upgrade to 9.04, I cannot mount external hd02:06
orochi_fryguy: Hmm, I see02:06
byte^My problem is, I mounted another partition of linux and when I browse to the /home/user/ dir, nothing seems to be there...02:06
p1oooopjrkilde: you try the FORCE method?02:06
fryguybyte^: where did you mount it02:06
jamiejacksonFloppy/PCMCIA NIC Installation?: i've got a laptop that is custom suited to being very difficult to install linux on: no cdrom, no onboard nic, bios doesn't allow boot from usb. it does have windows installed, a floppy, and a PCMCIA nic. this is a tough combo. does anyone know of an installation method that involves pcmcia nic and/or floppy?02:07
histobyte^: files with a leading . are hidden files.02:07
fryguybyte^: and what is the problem?02:07
byte^/mnt/alpha specifically02:07
jrkildeplooooop: I do not know how to force02:07
histobyte^: ls -la /mnt/alpha02:07
byte^histo: I know, I have enabled th eviewing of hidden files02:07
fryguybyte^: and there is nothing in /mnt/alpha/home/user?02:07
Kingsy101Jamed - does the icon manager in ubuntu recognise .xpm files? cos thats the file format of the icon I am trying to assign02:07
byte^fryguy: There are some weird folders that disappear after a second02:07
B0b i need help i just installed ubuntu the first time and i keep getting "grub loading error 18 " and it just gets stuck there02:07
byte^and something else02:07
p1oooopbyte^: thats just the programs working02:08
p1oooopbyte^: dont worry aobut those02:08
Bob_DoleLimePC with its 8GB of FLASH storage and 3 core PPC based "motherboard on chip"(PPC core, GPU core, sound core) for ~300 USD..or Beagleboard with its 600mhz ARM core, GPU core, and DSP for ~200USD?02:08
=== NCDS_tanner is now known as NCDS
byte^Well I should have a .conkyrc file there, right?02:08
JamedKingsy101: i think it can handle pbg and jpeg only, but maybe im wrong02:08
fryguyB0b: have you looked at any of the wiki or forum or many google entries on the topic yet?02:08
byte^in the ~ dir02:08
histobyte^: if you had one before. If you just ran it with the default config no you won.t02:08
B0byes but didnt help me02:08
byte^histo: I've had one on that partition.02:08
TannerSguys can you have 2 partitions of two linux dist?02:08
fryguyTannerS: yes02:08
Kingsy101hhmmmm I don't know how I would go about converting.. anyone got an idea?02:09
thiebaudeB0b, are you dual booting02:09
histobyte^: then it should be in that home folder.02:09
Bob_DoleARM is officially supported, PPC isn't..so..hmm.02:09
byte^I have two partitions of this, one is clean and the other is used...02:09
byte^I want to transplant the used files (the ones I've customized) to the clean one02:09
JamedKingsy101: open the file with gimp and then save it in adifferent fromat02:09
TannerSfryguy, you sure? i tryed makign 2 partitions of ubuntu and all it did was complelty jack up my older one losting all ym files02:09
B0bno i formated my drive and installed ubuntu02:09
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
byte^there is nothing there...02:09
histo byte^ transfer your old home.02:09
histobyte^: then you didn't mount it properly02:09
fryguybyte^: cp -a /mnt/alpha/home/user/* /home/user02:09
fryguyTannerS: yes i'm sure02:10
byte^I'm not quite sure if I want to do that.... I might bork something02:10
byte^On the old install, sound didn't work and I had a few other problems02:10
fryguyTannerS: you can install as many operating systems on your machine as your bootloader is capable of finding02:10
B0bin the forum it says i have to change hdd to normal but i dindt find in my bios02:10
TannerSfryguy, then how when i did it the new ubuntu was fine but old one wont even load? makes me scared to try it again02:10
byte^byte@crunchbang:/mnt/alpha/home/byte$ ls02:10
byte^Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop  README.txt02:10
B0bim using amibios 200102:10
byte^Only two files, it would seem, in that user's folder.02:11
fryguyTannerS: just add an entry in /boot/grub/menu.lst for the other install02:11
histobyte^: ls -la02:11
jzhouis openoffice.org-gtk part of go-oo or ooo?02:11
FloodBot2byte^: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:11
TannerSfryguy before or after installing a new one?02:11
fryguyTannerS: after02:11
byte^Okay, sorry for the flood.02:11
jzhouor is it just third party plugin?02:11
byte^Linux must've encrypted my files.02:12
p1oooopFloodBot2: you're funny02:12
TannerSfryguy thansk ill try that02:12
byte^Can't believe I didn't see that.02:12
fryguybyte^: ?02:12
p1oooopimma mess around with the bot :D02:12
sven__Running stable version of Ubuntu 9.10. trying to install grafix drivers for ATI Raedon 9600. the manual suggests xorg-driver-fglrx, but it isn't working properly still02:12
gartralhow do i kick off a ssh connection without logging my local login off?02:12
p1oooopubottu: hi02:12
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:12
fryguy!work | sven__02:12
ubottusven__: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.02:12
byte^fryguy: Well, technically speaking, I installed Ubuntu 9.04 then used a Crunchbang script to install that variation. I believe--if I recall correctly--that I set my user's folder to encrypt itself.02:13
thiebaudeB0b, i found this i hope it helps, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/grub-loading-please-wait......error-18-343280/02:13
byte^Which would make sense, because I have a .Private folder of encrypted hashes.02:13
p1oooop!wine | p1oooop02:13
ubottup1oooop, please see my private message02:13
byte^So... Yeah.02:13
ayowhat file compare tools are there on ubuntu?02:13
byte^Just need to figure out how to unencrypt it from here.02:13
fryguyayo: diff should cover all of your text needs, as for binary diffs, that's usally filespec specific02:13
fryguybyte^: it's probably encfs02:13
LoveBandihow can I load windows back on the hard disk after having ubuntu on ? Windows doesn't seem to want to recognize the disk02:14
p1oooop!help | p1oooop02:14
ubottup1oooop, please see my private message02:14
Iceman_Bgartral: try the logout command?02:14
fryguyLoveBandi: ubuntu doesn't do anything to change how windows installer will detect the drive02:14
ayofryguy: graphic file compare tool?02:14
p1oooopubottu: thanks02:14
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:14
gartralIceman_B: will it log out my gdm session too?02:14
fryguyayo: for what files, and what do you want to compare02:14
ayosimple c source file02:15
p1oooopubottu: sure you are02:15
fryguygartral: there is no such thing as a "gdm session"02:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sure you are02:15
fryguyayo: diff, meld, vimdiff02:15
byte^How do I run something from a directory, in CLI?02:15
fryguybyte^: ./commandname02:15
gartrali hyave a local gui, and a remote ssh connection... how do i close the remote connection from the local side (my box)02:15
Iceman_Bgartral: I dont know what gdm is, but if you started that on the remote machine, then probably yes02:15
fryguybyte^: make sure it has execute permission (chmod +x)02:16
byte^Oh, okay.02:16
p1oooopubottu: ubuntu02:16
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:16
ayofryguy: how to install vimdiff?02:16
Kingsy101jamed - thanks.. converting it to a .ico file worked fine :)02:16
byte^Eh... chmod: cannot operate on dangling symlink `Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop'02:16
histoUgh... Need a little help I have winbind running on my lan all machines can ping the server by hostname but not each other02:16
fryguyayo: it's probably installed by default, or apt-cache search vim and pick the one you want and then install that02:16
JamedKingsy101: np02:16
histoI've edited all their nsswitch files so they hit wins before dns etc...02:16
p1oooopubottu: swap02:16
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info02:16
Kingsy101Jamed - can you run .exe files through wine?02:17
eseven73!msgthebot > p1oooop02:17
ubottup1oooop, please see my private message02:17
gartralall i want to do is close the dangling ssh connection i left up at work...02:17
Kingsy101probably a stupid question I guess02:17
LoveBandii have a problem ubuntu will not finish loading02:17
fryguyKingsy101: use wine02:17
JamedKingsy101: wine is made for running .exe files02:18
Bob_DoleA pentium3 @ 600mhz with 256MB of RAM and no swap trying to do updates..that's a load of fun.02:18
JackGraygartral: as in.. you sshd outwards from work and want to close that connection from home?02:18
Kingsy101cool thanks02:18
JamedKingsy101: but not every windows program works fine with wine02:18
Kingsy101yea np02:18
Kingsy101its cool02:18
LoveBandii have ubuntu disk cant lod02:18
Gourlisploooop, fryguy, thank you guys! ati open source it's a bit slower but works perfect for me.02:19
alex_I just downloaded jaunty... and when I go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers it isn't finding my wireless card or my graphics card that came up there in 8.10... I can't use wireless because of this... any ideas/02:19
gartralJackGray: sshd is the server, which is runing on the box im in front of, and i have a connection from my work terminal, which i want to close without going 22 miles back to work02:19
fryguyalex_: are you sure the wireless driver isn't already loaded02:20
alex_fryguy: I can't get onto any wireless networks, so I assume it isn't.02:20
fryguygartral: use w, find the shell that's running, and kill that ssh session using the kill command02:20
fryguyalex_: is it listed in ifconfig and/or iwconfig?02:20
LoveBandihow do i load ubuntu02:20
RHorsealex_ iwconfig results?02:20
crazyhickalex_   I had the same problem but I ran some update and rebooted ... then it came up in there02:21
fryguyLoveBandi: www.ubuntu.com, download iso, burn iso to disc, boot from it, and it walks you through it02:21
p1oooopGourlis: NP02:21
gartralfryguy: w shows no PIDs02:21
aadityaLoveBandi: is it a LiveCD?02:21
alex_fryguy and RHorse: It shows IEEE 802.11bg ESSID under wlan002:21
JackGraygartral: well.. either restart the computer in front of you... or ssh into your work cpu and kill the ssh process02:21
fryguyalex_: wlan0 = the driver is loaded02:21
alex_fryguy and RHorse: But I can't access any networks still?02:22
JackGraygartral: or restart the ssh service on the computer in front of you... lots of options..02:22
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
fryguyalex_: try using iwconfig instead of networkmanager, or wicd02:22
gartralJackGray: its work... that system is windows vista..02:22
LoveBandii get to  persent  to download ubuntu then it stops02:22
RHorsealex_ wep?02:22
Gourlisploooop, in a website it says "if you see SGI then your drivers work fine" :P02:22
GourlisI CAN SEE IT02:22
_dennisterDr_Willis: do you have a few minutes to help me pls? i believe you recommended apt-proxy to me a while back, now I really need it, but I'm having real trouble with the backends...:(02:22
JackGraygartral: so kill the ssh server on the cpu in front of you and restart it02:22
alex_RHorse: Not familiar with "wep" I assume wireless something point?02:23
gartralalex_: Wired Equivilent Protection02:23
RHorsealex_ which encrypt are U on WEP or Wpa or is it open router?02:23
alex_RHorse: Ah, no security on it.02:24
=== bk is now known as GNOME
p1oooopi have to use wep :'(02:24
RHorsetype sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid 'ur-essid' mode managed02:24
=== GNOME is now known as bk
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
alex_RHorse: I don't think that worked... but I'm about to disconnect the LAN and see. brb02:27
RHorsealex_ now type  sudo dhclient wlan002:27
alex_RHorse: Oh =P That wasn't all? =D02:27
alex_It just keeps saying "Network is down"02:28
* RHorse sighs deeply02:28
p1oooopnice. verizon02:28
p1oooopwei has private ip... wow!02:29
reqonI tried....i really tried this time...but im doing the unthinkable and installing windows 7 64bit....boohoo....bye bye......i need an extremely blunt jandal to take the lords 50 butt cheek lashing from my wife02:29
Cannabis_Timei hate verizon02:29
p1oooopCannabis_Time: oh... lol02:29
fryguyreqon: enjoy your new os02:29
mgmuscarihey, i have a question about VNC in jaunty... specifically Vino which i think is the default "remote desktop" server and client02:29
digitalslaveanyone know a good program to use to download pictures from flickr with a certain tag?02:29
reqonwell it is in Virtualbox OSE...does that still count?02:30
alex_reqon: I have windows 7 as one of my 3 operating systems... and IMO it seems to have the best of XP and the best of Vista all in one02:30
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE02:30
RHorsealex_ try turning off the computer and leaving it sit for 5 minutes, then reboot. HW may need cold start02:30
dhendrixHello everyone. I have a dumb question about make-kpkg. The name of the .deb that make-kpkg spits out seems to repeat kernel version info, e.g. linux-image-2.6.30-rc7_2.6.30-rc7-10.00Custom_amd64.deb. Is there a way to tell make-kpkg not to repeat the kernel version?02:30
mgmuscarii've set up my desktop to accept VNC connections over my LAN with a password, but when i try to connect from my laptop i just see a black box02:30
zenwrylyAnyone know how I can get the Python 2.6 info pages installed.  I have python 2.4 and 2.5 but not 2.6 and I have the python2.6-doc package installed.02:30
TannerSwat otehr ubuntu dist do they have02:30
ubottusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto02:30
fryguyTannerS: www.distrowatch.com is a reasonable resource02:30
TannerSah let me check it out02:31
craigbass1976Do I have any hope of getting a wacom graphire tablet working as well in ubuntu as in windows?02:31
alex_RHorse: I'll try it... but wireless works just fine in Windows so I don't see where that would be the prob02:31
fryguycraigbass1976: wacom tablets work well in linux02:31
RHorsealex_ you nver know02:32
alex_RHorse: That's why I'll try it =P Right after I get these other things I was doing saved =P02:32
craigbass1976fryguy, the box on the tablet is not operating on the same parameters as the screen it seems.  Was I suposed to restart x after install wacom-tools?02:32
fryguycraigbass1976: no idea, try it and see02:33
craigbass1976fryguy, toodles02:33
p1oooopcraigbass1976: hmm?02:33
mgmuscarii figured it out... firewall misconfigured02:33
Cannabis_TimeI can't install linux on my new quadcore box, this sucks... powernow-K8:BIOS error - no PSB or ACPI_PSS objects02:33
joelhi all02:33
Cannabis_Timei google forums etc... no luck with linux02:34
craigbass1976p1oooop, there's a square (rectangle) on the tablet that's the same size (proportionally) as the screen.  In windows, the edge of this rectangle corresponded to the edges of the display02:34
=== joel is now known as jb-firefoxx
DetrixI have a gateway laptop  with a realtek wifi network adaptor.  it is working but I have to be very close to the wireless router.02:34
fryguyCannabis_Time: update your bios02:35
jwfoxjrwhat can I use to find out keyboard scan codes under X? I want to try and map some of the multimedia keys to different apps02:35
fryguyjwfoxjr: xev02:35
Detrixwhen I move further away, the icon says I still have signal but can not communicate.02:35
Cannabis_Timethanks fryguy, i will try that.02:35
jwfoxjrfryguy: thanks - I couldn't remember - once I get the scan codes, where to I map them?02:36
fryguyjwfoxjr: xmodmap probably02:36
RHorseDetrix try making a antenna for the router. google it02:36
=== benvon is now known as OtherBenTomasi
cedriczghi everyone02:38
aaditya!wifi | Detrix02:38
ubottuDetrix: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:38
aadityacedriczg: hi02:38
cedriczgaaditya: hi there02:39
aadityawhat's up?02:39
cedriczgaaditya: I am just using my recently arrived Ubuntu 9.0402:39
cedriczgaaditya: :D02:39
Cannabis_Timewhat is best GNU IRC client?02:39
reqonhow long time 9.10 comes out??02:39
JamedCannabis_Time: xchat02:40
fryguy!best | Cannabis_Time02:40
ubottuCannabis_Time: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:40
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:40
ayowhat has the kernel api SET_MODULE_OWNER changed from 2.6.20 to 2.6.27?02:40
fryguyCannabis_Time: irssi is a standard cli recommendation02:40
JamedCannabis_Time: ormirssi02:40
Cannabis_Timethanks all02:40
lstarnesCannabis_Time: GNU does not make any irc clients that I know of.  irssi, xchat, conspire, and many others are free/open-source02:40
Jamed*or irssi02:40
reqonsweet just after snowboarding season finishes02:40
Jamedseems like i can´t type anymore :D02:41
lightenupSup peeps!02:41
lightenupAny one else out there using a ATI HD3200 and able to fix the video "tearing" issue?02:42
cedriczgCan anyone please tell me where can I find de details for the network connection the Network Manger sets up (on Ubuntu 9.04)? As I need that info to set up same connection on an ubuntu 8.0402:42
aaditya!network | cedriczg02:42
ubottucedriczg: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:42
fryguycedriczg: ifconfig02:42
reqonlightenup, i have 4870x2 and it dosent work in 3d mode02:42
OzZiE--im having a problem using wubi in vista and am getting errno 22 invalid argument02:42
OzZiE--anyone can help?02:42
lightenup<cedriczg> /etc/network/interface02:43
cedriczgthank you all02:43
=== root is now known as Guest27383
cedriczgI' ll try those02:43
=== Guest27383 is now known as Turtl3
aadityaOzZiE--: does it work well when you boot directly from the LiveCD?02:43
lstarnescedriczg: I think it's /etc/network/interfaces02:43
sjokkishi. i've configured the gnome volume applet to adjust my pulseaudio master volume. when i move the slider it also adjusts the pcm volume. does anyone know what to do about this?02:43
nw13can anyone get this message?02:43
lstarnesnw13: maybe02:43
nw13Can someone please help me into further details on how to use IRC02:44
lstarnesnw13: like what details?02:44
OzZiE--i have booted from the livecd on 2 different systems just fine, this is the first time im using wubi02:44
nw13everytime i go into a "channel" there are people but nothing is said02:44
sjokkisnw13: what client are you using?02:44
lstarnesnw13: that's normal02:44
cedriczglstarnes: in that file I don 't see any of the info I set up on the network-manager02:44
fryguynw13: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat02:44
sjokkisnw13: people idle. maybe you're not cool enough to make them talk02:45
sjokkisi'm serious02:45
nw13alright i thot i was doing somethingh wrong02:45
lstarnesnw13: some people keep their clients connected all the time02:45
sjokkisi'm super cereal02:45
nw13what does it mean when someone has a @ infront of their names?02:45
fryguynw13: they are channel operators02:46
nw13i see02:46
fryguynw13: just read the link I sent you02:46
nw13i have02:46
TannerSany way to get a ubutnu related os to run off a zip drive02:46
sjokkisnw13: depending on the channel, it can mean pretty must nothing, or it can mean that they sit around in their basements all the time until they've eventually been given power over other people, which they yield as if it somehow makes them important02:46
nw13i read the link and 100 other lihnks on irc02:46
sjokkisit depends really02:46
OzZiE--is wubi new to 9.04 or prior?02:46
yogeshg1987i guess so OzZie02:47
OzZiE--its interesting02:47
sjokkisnw13: #wikipedia is an excellent example of the latter02:47
rwwOzZiE--: It's been around since 7.04, and was first officially supported in 8.04.02:47
OzZiE--thats from the log02:47
OzZiE--im trying it with vista, maybe it hates vista02:48
=== rachel is now known as Guest11766
cedriczglstarnes: I need the details on setting the same broadband connection I am using in this ubuntu 9.04 to set it up on an ubuntu 8.0402:49
OzZiE--looks like the error is Exception: Cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISO02:49
lstarnescedriczg: do you know that the interface's name is?02:49
cedriczglstarnes: I have tried everything on ubuntu 8.04. From wvdial to ppconf and network-manager02:49
lstarnescedriczg: does it use DHCP or is it PPPoE?02:50
cedriczglstarnes: not really. I just set up a broadband connection on the network-manager02:50
cedriczglstarnes: sorry it's a mobile broadband02:50
noglorpI'm trying to get my NVIDIA card working, beyond the generic driver02:50
lstarnescedriczg: try checking system > administration > network02:50
noglorpthe "use proprietary drivers" setup fails hard02:51
electrohow do I format a 7TB partition as XFS.  Its only creating a 2TB filesystem02:51
noglorpso I'm trying to get the NVIDIA .run version to work02:51
cedriczglstarnes: I mean, I know the settings. The thing is I need to know which files were edited after seting the connection. So I can edit same files on ubuntu 8.0402:51
lstarnescedriczg: you'll probablt have to edit different files02:52
lstarnescedriczg: I know that 8.04 uses /etc/network/interfaces02:52
=== kelopezcl is now known as kelopez_cl
cedriczglstarnes: mhhh... and how I can at least check for those files ?02:52
histonvm figured it out needed samba running on the clients so they could ping by hostname.  Also have to have the changes in nsswitch02:52
white_hey, how do I do stuff?02:52
lstarnescedriczg: look in /etc/network for the interfaces file02:52
lstarneswhite_: like what?02:53
eseven73!details | white_02:53
ubottuwhite_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:53
cedriczglstarnes: there is not much there02:53
white_I need to make window turn into fire when i close02:53
=== MrKlean is now known as t3h_s3x
cedriczglstarnes: iface lo inet loopback02:53
=== t3h_s3x is now known as mrklean
cedriczglstarnes: and "auto lo"02:53
eseven73!ccsm | white_02:54
ubottuwhite_: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion02:54
lstarnescedriczg: you could also check the outputs of ifconfig and iwconfig02:54
white_awesome thank you02:54
cedriczglstarnes: yes02:54
white_eseven73: thanks02:55
noglorpI get the following error when X starts: "API mismatch: the NVIDIA kernel module has version 180.44, but this NVIDIA driver component has version 180.51."02:55
vel0xyhello all02:55
white_eseven73:  perfect02:55
cedriczglstarnes: However I don' t know how could I use that info to set up the connection on the older version of ubuntu02:55
GourlisHello again :P Anyone knows how to check if I'm using via Terminal Open Sources drivers for ATI ? please any command..02:55
lstarnescedriczg: pastebin it02:56
GourlisJust to be sure.02:56
cedriczglstarnes: ok02:56
rwwGourlis: "grep FGLRX /var/log/Xorg.0.log"02:56
ScornForSegaGourlis, you could nano your xorg.conf and see if the driver set to either ati or fglrx02:56
=== noglorp is now known as nog_lorp
rwwGourlis: will have output if you're using the proprietary ones. Switch FGLRX with RADEON for the -radeon driver, etc.02:57
GourlisScornForSega & rww, am newbie and i dont know much :P i just edited xorg.conf02:57
=== noglorp is now known as nog_lorp
permanewbso, my keyboard stopped being recognized during my upgrade to 9.04. While fiddling to try and get it back, I've managed to kill the installer. If I try to run the installer remotely over ssh with X11 forwarding, it says that is not supported. I'm afraid to try to install telnet via dpkg. Is there a way to run cdromupgrade text only?02:58
lstarnescedriczg: alsom try nm-tool02:58
ScornForSegaoh.  /facepalm  Is this the "I edited a file, but I don't know what I changed?"02:58
cedriczglstarnes: I tried that one before02:58
cedriczglstarnes: I got DNS names from there02:59
cedriczglstarnes: the pastebin is http://pastebin.com/d566dd38102:59
nog_lorpanyone know the current endless set of inane steps to use ubuntu with an nvidia card?02:59
Gourlisrww, I just edited xorg.conf and I wanna check if everything works under what I edited.03:00
lstarnescedriczg: I'm not sure how to configure that ppp0 interface03:00
Gourlisrww, that's why am looking forward for a command or something.03:00
rwwGourlis: then check the log file at /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:00
cedriczglstarnes: actually it' s an USB external modem03:01
yogeshg1987people ! is there a way i can IRC through the terminal03:01
rww!irssi | yogeshg198703:01
ubottuyogeshg1987: Irssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen03:01
Gourlisrww, alright let me search for it.03:01
lstarnesyogeshg1987: irssi, weechat, telnet, ircii, and eirc are just a few terminal-based irc clients03:01
cedriczglstarnes: I am trying to make it work in my old ubuntu before installing ubuntu 9.0403:01
lstarnesyogeshg1987: I personally use irssi and screen03:01
Gourlisrww, no log file.03:02
yogeshg1987thanks a million rww and Istarnes ! I'm looking into it03:02
lstarnesyogeshg1987: that's an L03:02
yogeshg1987oops sorry . Let me go again. Thank you Lstarnes03:03
cedriczgI have to say always a pleasure to find people willing to help others in this channel. Ever since a while I also try to help (when I can ;) )03:03
rwwGourlis: umm. Unless you did something very weird to your Xorg, it should be logging there. "gedit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" doesn't come up with anything?03:03
Gourlisrww, let's see.03:03
Gourlisrww, it came. let's read now hehe03:04
eseven73cedriczg, that's what keeps me on Ubuntu, it's not the OS, there's plent of OS's just as good, but they lack the community that Ubuntu has :D03:04
cedriczgeseven73: You are right I suppose. As Ubuntu is the only Linux I have tried since 200503:05
* NCDS is away: FUCKshit03:06
yogeshg1987hmmm. forgot.. also thank u eseven73 !03:06
RHorseI have been using Ubuntu since '6303:06
LadyNikonNCDS: i would suggest fixing your away message03:06
eseven73!away > NCDS03:06
ubottuNCDS, please see my private message03:06
eseven73and language03:06
cedriczglstarnes: well, thanks for your help. I will keep on searching03:06
eseven73yogeshg1987, np :D03:06
yogeshg1987eseven73: i'm sorry, wats np??03:07
Seeker`lastlog NCDS03:07
eseven73no problem03:07
yogeshg1987oh. k.03:07
cyan837Hello, thank you for allowing me temp access to the chat.03:07
cedriczgbye for now...03:08
unixrootI recently installed 9.04.  When I go to the Pandora site, the browser locks.  Any clues?03:11
yogeshhello eseven73 rww lstarnes ! this is yogeshg1987 thro irssc03:11
yogeshi meant irssi03:11
cyan837Could anyone help an annoying noob find the right linux driver for my linksys wireless G?  All docs on it are 2005 or earlier   I'm running 9.0403:11
ed_debianunixroot, your flash player is the problem03:12
unixrooted  - I installed the Adobe package and that helped a bit - now it loads for a few seconds then clocks out again.03:12
cyan837I haven't been on linux for about 2 years now thanks to having my macbook, but I'm trying to set up an old tower to use while my macbook is getting repaired.03:13
unixrootI am running 9.04 on my Macbook.  VMware is a wonderful thing!03:13
cyan837I like the mac OS03:13
cyan837but I wont use windows..03:14
ed_debianunixroot, I think that you have to purge all of your flash packages except for one (the one you intend to use)03:14
=== william is now known as Guest82661
cyan837but I forgot how much I didn't enjoy having to find drivers for linux  lol.03:14
reqonOMG problem solved, im just gonna purchase an nvidia card instead03:14
unixrooted - that's seems to be the consensus from everything I have found on the forums.  But I don't have any other flash related programs installed. Perhaps an uninstall and a reinstall?03:15
Guest82661if you are having sound problems, go to your ALSA options and enable all those Volume COntrols like analog front, analog center and turn them all up,  it should fix it.  Did for me :)03:15
eseven73cyan837, careful you're venturing into dangerous waters saying such mean things about linux ;)03:15
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yogeshanybody know y my extra visual effects is not working?03:15
cyan837lol eseven.  I know I know..  I was a hugeee linux fan really.  I still am.    I just wish we could keep a complete up to date list of drivers somewhere.03:16
ed_debianunixroot, I don't really know what the problem is either.  I guess reinstalling is a good a choice as anything else.  I am running firefox 3.0 and the adobe-flash (proprietary) and it works (does not lock) but when I had a poor network connection it used to lock (like below 512KB/s down)03:16
Turtl3come on you cant expect Linux to have drivers for everything03:16
cyan837Yeah Alsa works great for sound cards.03:16
Turtl3thats why its Linux and not PnP Windowa03:16
unixrootThanks, Ed.  Will give it a shot (tomorrow!).  Good night to all.03:16
ed_debiancyan837, A complete up-to-date list of drivers is a totally rediculous task in my opinion03:16
cyan837Turt, no, but I still DO need to be able to get on the internet..  my computer is no good to me without the internet.  lol03:16
Bob_DoleYou can expect linux to have drivers for everything..you just can't expect every distro to have them.03:17
eseven73Turtl3, im glad Linux is still "hard to use" makes it more special, will be a sad day when it's as easy as Windows. :D03:17
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yogeshi guess its already easier than windows03:17
cyan837Bob_Dole  right I agree but ubuntu I was hoping would be able to have my linksys wireless driver, it is the most common wireless router out there for most people.03:17
ed_debianI think that the only hard part is installing the OS (which in reality is easier to do with linux than it is with windows) The difference is nobody has to install windows03:18
cyan837meh.  I just want to get on the internet on my computer in less than 2 weeks.  That's not that much to hope for.03:18
yogeshyea right.. LOL ed_debian03:18
Bob_DoleOut of 3 purchased wireless cards, and 3 tested that I didn't own.. all were atheros xD03:19
cyan837ed_debian  I disagree, I can install Gentoo in my sleep.  It's getting the right drivers rounded up that's hard.03:19
Bob_DoleNot the same brand/model and I only find atheros o.o03:19
ed_debianI think if you gave someone a blank fresh computer and told them to install an operating system the typical windows user would be equally lost installing linux as they would windows xp or vista03:20
Bob_Doleed_debian, I agree.03:20
ed_debianDon't you mean Bob Dole agrees?03:20
Bob_DoleWindows is a bit more confusing to install though, assuming "everything just works" on both sides03:21
yogeshits just that people are more used to Windows and the dogma that linux is for geeks still previals here and there..03:21
cyan837true, but I honestly am not your average computer user.  I'm just one that wants a driver lol.03:21
ed_debianYeah!  And what do windows users do on their computers?  They use itunes, they use ms office, they use firefox, they play games that's pretty much it.  Is any of that hard to do in linux?  I don't think so03:22
Bob_DoleiTunes has issues under WINE.03:22
DetrixI have a gateway laptop with a realtek wifi. it works, but when I get more than 20feet from it, the meter/icon says I have signal, but I can not communicate.  why???03:22
yogeshits easier to do all that in linux. as i said Dogma ! the mind set.03:22
ed_debianMy point is you can listen to music (amarok), type papers (Open office) etc etc03:23
Jamedthe last time i installed winXP i googled half an hour to find a sound driver03:23
ed_debiancyan837, is right though, we're off topic03:23
eplawlessed_debian: I use windows as my main development environment, and have yet to see anything beat VS2008 + Visual Assist X for coding in C++03:23
geirhacyan837: Well, you'll need to provide the make and model if you want help in finding drivers03:23
Jamedin linux i never had this problem03:23
yogeshwhen i say linux , people imagine me working with cli when i show them ubuntu, they re surprised by the gui03:23
Bob_DoleMS-Office..not a clue, but OpenOffice offers all the features and looks about the same, firefox is on linux. a lot of games are on linux.03:23
Beatlesfanhi, can someone help me set up connection to a network drive using vpnc?03:24
Bob_Dolelast time I installed XP.. I installed linux and used lspci to find the model of sound card.03:24
ed_debianReally? Why did you install xp at all?03:24
Bob_DoleMy brother -paid- for it :/03:24
Jamedfinding the model was not the problem03:24
ed_debianthat was silly03:24
Bob_DoleI agree,03:24
eplawlessI'm having an issue with a Qt application I've put together. It works fine on Debian, but crashes hard when I try to build it under Ubuntu.03:24
geeksquadDoes anybody know where i can find drivers for the XFX 750i sli motherboard?03:25
racecar56i want to compile wxDFast under CodeBlocks and no matter what i do, it dosen't see my includes of wxWidgets 2.8 (and 2.6, i think wxDFast uses 2.8 though, but i told codeblocks to look in wx-2.8 and wx-2.6 in my /usr/include, could it be confused?)03:25
eplawlessI'm getting a string of QSqlQuery::value: not positioned on a valid record, followed by a malloc(): memory corruption (fast) and a backtrace03:25
eplawlessCould anyone point me in the right direction?03:25
ed_debiangeeksquad, A motherboard doesn't need driver specific things on it do.  (i.e. the sound card) be more specific?03:26
Bob_DoleThere are -15- computers on this plot of land 4 run windows, and 2 of them only run it because they are laptops with busted optical drives, no network boot support, and no USB boot support.03:26
yogeshg1987bye all03:26
Beatlesfananyone, network drive connect via vpnc assist?03:26
geeksquadi need the drivers for the network card built in to it03:26
agonnermanQuick question here.03:26
Bob_Dolethen ask it03:27
ed_debiangeeksquad, Did ubuntu recognize it?03:27
geeksquadnope not even sysinfo detects it03:27
colonelqubit1How do I get people interested in my bug?03:27
Turtl3how do I know if my firefox is 32 or 64 bit?03:27
sjokkiswhen i adjust the master volume in pulseaudio, it also adjusts the pcm volume in alsamixer, and vice versa. are these supposed to be coupled?03:28
agonnermanI am working on getting into sysadmin work.  Currently work for a startup, but not as a sysadmin (yet).  Would like to learn a programming language to support work.  Office uses Ruby.  I've been learning a different object-oriented language.  Is Ruby used at all by the Linux crowd for anything other than web dev work?03:28
bcanyone know off the top of their head how to force fetchmail to use ipv4?03:28
ed_debiangeeksquad, ooo, sorry I don't know what to do,  Try this?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hardware/Detection03:28
colonelqubit1agonnerman: I use Ruby for all kinds of scripting needs03:28
jorgp-homein the weather applet is there a way to add your own city?03:29
Bob_Dolea couple people I converse with regularly are obsessed with LUA and LISP.03:29
agonnermancolonelqubitl: so nobody's going to sneer at me for using it over some other language?  At least, not for the most part among linux geeks?03:29
ed_debianjorgp-home, No, it is giving you a list of weather stations that post their data. To add a city you'd have to buy / build a weather station.03:29
eplawlessI'll put forward that developing for Linux involves more stupid unnecessary tasks fighting the operating system than developing for OSX or Windows, and this contributes to an already problematic lack of drivers.03:30
doleybagonnerman: well if you can't handle perl or python, they will question you... and you'll have trouble modifying existing scripts.03:30
geeksquaded_debian: that page has no useful info for me.03:30
racecar56i want to compile wxDFast under CodeBlocks and no matter what i do, it dosen't see my includes of wxWidgets 2.8 (and 2.6, i think wxDFast uses 2.8 though, but i told codeblocks to look in wx-2.8 and wx-2.6 in my /usr/include, could it be confused?) (sorry for this big hunk of text)03:30
colonelqubit1agonnerman: we use capistrano for some sysadmin work03:30
agonnermandolyb: I've been working on Python and hate to set it aside.03:30
racecar56btw #codeblocks is a ghost town03:30
ed_debiangeeksquad, Sorry :(.  Not even the tools to detect hardware if hardware-manager didn't find them?03:30
ed_debianagonnerman, Python is a dream with syntax isn't it?03:31
ddwolfpython 's syntax is wonderful,I like it03:31
colonelqubit1agonnerman: I mean, people have their "favorite" language, and you might find Perl installed on more systems than Ruby, but I think it's a crisp language. Python isn't half bad, either.03:31
geeksquadnothing detects it and i cant use the driver cd  because when i try to run it with wine it says "setup already running" when it isnt03:32
ed_debianoo wow03:32
ed_debiangeeksquad, Are you sure it's physically working?03:32
agonnermanI don't have the time and energy right now to work on more than one language, and I'd like to go with the one that will be best accepted.03:32
Beatlesfananyone , can you assist me with vpnc and accessing network drive?03:32
jorgp-homeed_debian: can I borrow some money to build a weather station?03:33
geeksquadyes i am on the same computer but with a diffrent os that supports it03:33
ed_debianjorgp-home, No sorry lol.  Is there not one near you?03:33
agonnermanI know in sysadmin work it isn't anywhere near as critical as it is for programmers, but I'd like to focus well.  I have had a good time getting into Python.03:33
ed_debiangeeksquad, Sorry man I have no idea.03:33
agonnermanAgain, though, the office where I work doesn't use python.  uses ruby.03:33
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colonelqubit1agonnerman: honestly, I run across various bits and pieces of things when sysadmining.03:34
colonelqubit1agonnerman: so if you have a basic understanding of bash, perl, python, and ruby, then you'll do okay03:35
geeksquaddoes anybody know how to install the drivers from a windows driver cd on ubuntu03:35
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ed_debiangeeksquad, do you know what ndiswrapper is?03:35
colonelqubit1agonnerman: just jump in and start poking at some simple scripts. Start with one language at a time, then expand your knowledge as you go03:35
aadityageeksquad: drivers for what?03:35
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geeksquadmy motherboards network chip, its a XFX 750i sli03:36
ed_debianndiswrapper lets you use windows (wifi) drivers in linux.  It is a wrapper.  You would need to find something similar for nic cards03:36
agonnermanthanks colonelqubit1 and everyone else.03:37
monkiesatemybabyubuntu noob - failing to find the shared (public) folder on my wifes vista pc03:37
monkiesatemybabyUnable to mount location03:37
ed_debianmonkiesatemybaby, DId you install samba?03:37
geeksquadnow how do i use ndiswrapper03:37
cerealhungryI'm running Ubuntu 9.04 and Firefox 3.0, I would like to get .wma files to play "in the background".  What happens right now, if I use the Movie or VLC plug in, it open the download windown and the player and plays it.  I don't want any of that.03:37
monkiesatemybabyjust installed samba and rebooted03:38
aadityageeksquad: your network card should work out of the box without installing a hardware03:38
ed_debiangeeksquad, it's a package.  And it has a gtk front-end but it only works for wifi drivers03:38
ed_debian(certain ones at that) just get it from the repos03:38
geeksquadbut this one doesent03:38
ed_debianmonkiesatemybaby, open a terminal and run smbtree03:38
monkiesatemybabyi sdone03:39
geeksquadall it says in XP is that is a NVIDIA nForce network controller03:39
monkiesatemybabyi see her pc03:39
ed_debiangeeksquad, I once had a system that when the system shut down the driver for my nic freaked out and when the system rebooted the nic was totally gone.03:39
aadityageeksquad: let's start with dmesg output03:40
ed_debianTry killing the power on your system at any point (i suggest early in the boot process to avoid problems) That's what used to get my nic back03:40
ed_debianmonkiesatemybaby, man samba03:40
sjokkiswhen i adjust the master volume in pulseaudio, it also adjusts the pcm volume in alsamixer, and vice versa. are these supposed to be coupled?03:40
monkiesatemybabyit says Failed to retrieve share list from server03:40
annaimkonkihello everyone. how can i burn mp3 in k3b?03:41
aadityageeksquad: if you could pastebin the output of `dmesg`. A simple way to do so is   `dmesg  | pastebinit `03:41
annaimkonkiis brasaro burner messed up?03:41
aadityaannaimkonki: there's a plugin in k3b that allows you to deal with mp303:41
monkiesatemybabyman samba??03:41
ed_debianmonkiesatemybaby, You're setting up a samba client https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba03:41
annaimkonkiaaditya: whats it called?03:42
geeksquadwell i also have a wifi card installed that does have drivers on linux but wifi is painstakingly slow. but i will reboot and see if it works03:42
aadityaannaimkonki: looking for it03:42
aaditya!info libk3b3-extracodecs | annaimkonki03:43
ubottuannaimkonki: libk3b3-extracodecs (source: k3b): The KDE cd burning application library - extra decoders. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.5+kde4svn935857+really1.0.5-3ubuntu5 (jaunty), package size 17 kB, installed size 108 kB03:43
aadityaannaimkonki: install the package above and restart k3b03:43
korjataHi, I recently formatted a hard drive and I can't do anything to it because it was created by root.03:45
ed_debiankorjata, What are you trying to do?03:46
the1corruptedCan anyone help me?  When linux tries to play sounds, all I hear is static.03:46
annaimkonkiok thanks! :)03:46
ed_debiankorjata, This harddrive is formatted ext3?03:46
korjataed_debian: just normal operations, writing files, making folders.03:46
korjataed_debian: fat3203:46
tuxxy__the1corrupted: can you hear test sounds in sound prefs03:47
ed_debiankorjata, So you want this as extra /home space sorta?03:47
the1corruptedtuxxy__ That's just it.  It's all static.03:47
dsdeizwhere do you guys get audacious skins? :D03:47
tuxxy__the1corrupted: try setting sound playback to ALSA?03:47
annaimkonkistill doesn't work... it wants me to convert the mp3 files03:47
aadityaannaimkonki: did you restart k3b?03:48
korjataed_debian: I have two hd's in my box and I formatted the second.  Now I can't do anything.  Should I reformat the drive as something else?03:48
DetrixI have a realtek 8187b.  its working, but when I get like 20 feet from it, the network Icon says I have signal, but I can not communicate, cant even log on to the router.03:48
aaditya!prefix | annaimkonki03:48
ubottuannaimkonki: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:48
geirhaannaimkonki: Do you want to make an audio cd or a data cd with mp3s?03:48
tiyowanDetrix: Can you ping your router?03:48
annaimkonkigeirha: audio cd03:49
ed_debiankorjata, It is important to understand your file-system a little bit when you want to add space to it.  I believe that you're going to use this second drive sort of like extra space for your personal things (i.e. not system files) is this correct?03:49
ed_debianNo you don't necessarily need to repartition03:49
Bob_DoleI once used a IRC client where tab didn't work and it made me sad :(03:49
Detrixtiyowan: I am currenly close enough I should, I will try now.03:49
korjataed_debian: yes.03:49
the1corruptedtuxxy__: That's not the problem.  Alsa sees it, it used to work, but something got fubar'ed in the mix, and now it doesn't work.  Is there a way to "reset" the sound card?  It has nothing to do with the drivers (which I reinstalled), but everything in how Linux interfaces with the sound card.03:49
annaimkonkii did it before w/ 8.04 but this is 9.10 and brasero normalizes the track forever03:49
barqersDoes anyone know if ATI Radeon X1300 cards are supported by proprietary drivers? Or only open source?03:49
ed_debiankorjata, Is the harddrive mounted automatically?03:49
korjataed_debian: I believe so.03:50
the1corruptedbarqers Proprietary only.03:50
Detrixtiyowan: at the moment I can. I will have to wait until tomorrow to try it elsewhere.03:50
ed_debiankorjata, In "computer" if you double click (open) the drive does it tell you "You're not privilaged to mount this shit" or does it open and show nothing (cause the disk is empty)03:50
barqersthe1corrupted: Howcome I don't get the "new hardware" thing that I usually get upon a fresh install of ubuntu, and doesn't allow me to install proprietary drivers?03:50
Bob_DoleHow fast have the Open drivers been developing since AMD opened up the specs to their cards?03:51
the1corruptedbarqers I don't know.  Perhaps it doesn't see it.  Occasionally, a reboot may be required.  Unless you tried that.03:51
chez how do i use chmod to stop users from accessing certain folders?03:51
monkiesatemybabyok i reread that page but perhaps im thick... if i go to places>network it shows my pc, her pc, and windows network. ican go through windows network to her pc as well, but in either case when i doubleclick her pc icon it says Unable to mount location Failed to retrieve share list from server03:51
aaditya!chmod | chez03:51
ubottuchez: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview03:51
ed_debianchez, chown changes the owner on a file03:52
tiyowanDetrix: Okay...and what happens when you ping any website?03:52
korjataed_debian: It's empty and it's already mounted.03:52
dhendrixchez:  remove execute permission from the directory03:52
ed_debiankorjata, Well that's good, one step down03:52
aadityatiyowan: you should get a reply from that website03:52
monkiesatemybabyher pc has a public folder that i could read with windows xp ab hour ago03:52
ed_debianif you hit the up (not the back the up) where do you land?03:52
chezdhendrix: WIll i still be able to access it?03:52
Detrixtiyowan: it works but I will have to try tomorrow when I can get further away from the router03:53
ed_debiankorjata, Should be /media/"something"03:53
korjataed_debian: media.03:53
tiyowanaaditya: Yes, I know. :) Question was for Detrix.03:53
ed_debiankorjata, Have you used the terminal before?  Do you know what the cd command does?03:53
the1corruptedbarqers You could always go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers03:53
geirhakorjata: Did you add an entry for it in /etc/fstab?03:53
aadityamonkiesatemybaby: when you see "Unable to mount", trying again usually fixes the problem03:53
korjataed_debian: yep the cd command changes the directory03:54
tiyowanDetrix: Oh, so you're not near the router you are having problems with right now?03:54
ed_debianopen a terminal change to /media03:54
korjataed_debian: I don't know what that is.03:54
monkiesatemybabytried about 20 times now after mutual reboots etc03:54
white_i need help with gtk-gnutella03:54
dhendrixchez:  Yeah. Just remove execute permission for "group" and "other" permissions. Try "chmod go-x foo"03:54
ed_debiankorjata, You don't know what a terminal is?03:54
sjokkiswhen i adjust the master volume in pulseaudio, it also adjusts the pcm volume in alsamixer, and vice versa. are these supposed to be coupled?03:54
korjataed_debian: I know that.03:54
barqersthe1corrupted: It says "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system"03:54
monkiesatemybabythe internet connection goes thru her pc and i didnt have to set it up ayt all it worked as soon as i got ubuntu installed03:54
korjataed_debian: not the /etc/fstab.03:54
white_anyone know how to update/upgrade gnutella?03:55
white_gtk gnutella?03:55
Detrixtiyowan: I am near the router now which is why its working.  its when I move about 20feet away from the router that I have problems03:55
white_I cant connect03:55
korjataed_debian: k I typed cd /media.03:55
the1corruptedbarqers: I remember getting that problem once, but it was cleared up with a clean reboot.03:55
ed_debiankorjata, That wasn't me.  I know what it is though  /etc/fstab tells ubuntu how to mount the various filesystems it might encounter.  It is a config file03:55
ed_debiankorjata ls what is in /media03:55
white_ed_debian:  you download music?03:55
robdigsjokkis: yes, that is default. if you want to stop it, open volume control, and click the chain link under the control that you want to unlink03:56
Detrixtiyowan: I suppose I could wonder around a bit a try pinging the router.03:56
ed_debianwhite_, I have. Why?03:56
white_ed_debian:  im looking for a program to download music03:56
ed_debianwhite_, Use torrents03:56
white_ed_debian: that takes awhile doesnt it?03:56
the1corruptedHere's a general question...  Why are there so many unreadable files in my /dev dir?03:57
tiyowanDetrix: Hmm...if it works when you're near the router, but not when you move away, then it would seem that there is a problem in the transmission of the signal.03:57
ed_debianwhite_, Only becuase you typically download 1 gb of data.03:57
sjokkisrobdig: doesn't that merely decouple the left and right channels?03:57
korjataed_debian: cdrom, cdrom0, floppy, floppy0, local disk (the one I want), and portable disk.03:57
ed_debiancd into local disk03:57
monkiesatemybabyany other thoughts on how i can get to the 150 GB of crunchy info i backed up on my wifes pc be4 i installed ubuntu?03:57
tuxxy__the1corrupted: did you check your PCM volume in gnome-volume-control03:57
robdigsjokkis: hmm, you may be right.03:57
ed_debiankorjata, then sudo mkdir "a folder"03:58
sjokkisrobdig: i tried and that's what happened03:58
the1corruptedtuxxy__ Volume's fine.  I use VMWare to put up a Windows Machine.  My comp froze and I had to reboot so VMWare wasn't shut down properly.  Now sounds work in my VM but not in Linux.03:58
korjataed_debian: done03:59
Detrixtiyowan: yes this is what has been confusing me. I thought that a wifi signal could go about or at least 100feet. but I am beginning to wonder03:59
ed_debiansudo chown korjata a folder (replace what seems obvious lol)03:59
ed_debianthis is silly03:59
ed_debiancd to /media04:00
FloodBot2ed_debian: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:00
tiyowanDetrix: Have you tried using another computer to connect to router from a distance?04:00
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:00
ed_debianand simply sudo chown korjata local\ disk04:00
ed_debiankorjata, Sorry about that idk what I was thinking04:00
korjataed_debian: type in my desktop name where korjata is?04:00
the1corruptedtuxxy__: There's also a ton of unreadable files in my /dev/ directory...04:01
ed_debianyeah type your username (idk what it is)04:01
stealth-would the xrandr command return hardware based results or would it be based on the xconf file?04:02
korjataed_debian: I would hope not.  done.04:02
ed_debiankorjata, lol04:02
tuxxy__the1corrupted: sounds like a vmware issue check sound config in that, uninstall vmware could be an option - virtualbox is very good also04:02
ed_debianSo chown changes the owner of a file04:02
FezzlerMy YouTube video jumps around.  Sound is great.04:02
monkiesatemybabyok ive decided im not informed enogh for linux yet...ill try a dual boot system for a while and see if i catch on04:02
Detrixtiyowan: sorry was taking the laptop for a walk04:02
ed_debianthe owner of a file has full permission04:02
ed_debianso you should be able to open your "local disk" now and for example create a folder04:03
joanki123does anyone know how i can find Nautilus?  or what it is?04:03
tuxxy__who in here is from UK or is it just me04:03
ed_debianmonkiesatemybaby, You just tried to tackle one of the largest and most complicated systems (samba) don't fret04:03
coz_stealth-,   I thought it based its readouts to the connection to xserver  I could be wrong04:03
joanki123i have instructions that say: Start up Nautilus and go to Edit--->Preferences and select the Media tab.04:03
the1corruptedtuxxy__ VMWare pulls the "auto detect" card...04:03
stealth-joanki123: nataulis is the file browser that gnome uses.04:03
korjataed_debian: Lol, I forgot to capitalize04:03
monkiesatemybabyoh did i?04:03
joanki123stealth-, how do i start it?04:03
xxubuntucan anyone tell me how to fix the multimedia keyboard in xubuntu?04:03
Detrixtiyowan: only other computer I have to try with is an xp maching04:04
stealth-joanki123: run the command, open a directory in gnome, etc04:04
korjataed_debian: It says operation not permitted.04:04
sysadminhow can04:04
sysadmini reinstall grub?04:04
ed_debiankorjata, sudo chmod?04:04
ed_debiankorjata, sudo chown* rather04:04
stealth-joanki123: by default, any time your using a file browser in gnome its nautalis. You can check by going to Help>about from the browser window04:05
the1corruptedtuxxy__ Holy crap...  I'm a loser...  I didn't check the PCM volume until now...  *head.. meets... desk*04:05
monkiesatemybabymaybe a bit more info...the shared folder is public, and should be easy to access... it showed up auto in network places on windows, and the pc shows up in ubuntu now, it just wont get past the pc name04:05
korjataed_debian: chown: missing operand try chown -- help for more info04:05
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:05
joanki123stealth-, thanks04:05
ed_debiankorjata copy / paste your exact command (remove your username)04:06
vasyhi everyone.. I have problem with my laptop battery options to shutdown when its too low or critical.04:06
Detrixsysadmin: you need to boot off the live cd and run the grub...there is a web page but I dont remember it04:06
monkiesatemybabyill shut up and wait if patience is what im currently lacking lol04:06
vasyanyone facing the same issues ?04:06
stealth-coz_: okay, thanks anyways. Is there a way I could check to see the hardware maximum?04:06
joanki123Hm... i also have this: Right click on Applications and select Edit Menus.  This will bring up the Main Menu window04:06
joanki123i don't see Applications in this menu04:06
ed_debianmonkiesatemybaby, I think nobody really knows / wants to tackle samba right now04:06
korjataed_debian: name@name-desktop:/media$ sudo chown name Local\ Disk04:06
xxubuntucan anyone tell me how to fix the multimedia keyboard in xubuntu?04:07
dftmonkiesatemybaby: what's up with samba?04:07
coz_stealth-, this man page seems pretty complete for what it does and what yo u can do with it  http://www.xfree86.org/current/Xrandr.3.html04:07
stealth-!repeat | xxubuntu04:07
ubottuxxubuntu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:07
vasyhi anyone having batter options issues ie. shutdown when its too low but its not working04:07
monkiesatemybabyill go hump it like a retard on a football and see what i come up with at least i know its a samba specific issue04:07
dftmonkiesatemybaby: interesting analogy04:07
stealth-coz_: oh, k. I forgot about that *facepalm*. Thanks04:07
joanki123nm i figured it out04:07
Detrixvasy: I believe its suppose to do that.04:07
Originalgood evening04:08
joanki123thanks for your help stealth-04:08
stealth-joanki123: np04:08
coz_stealth-,   :)   quickly reading it looks like your questions should be answered there in some detail:)04:08
vasydetrix: I selected the option to shutdown when its too low.. but its not actually working.. I am using jaunty04:08
stealth-coz_: k04:08
OriginalI have a question about ubuntu04:08
darkhamhey people, every time i want to change the third part repository in synaptic , i've the little window "repositories changed"04:08
Originalwhy not ubuntu and windows?04:09
darkhamand i can't do anything04:09
ed_debiankorjata, I have just learned (google told me) that fat and ntfs don't support linux/unix persmissions (like chown) which is why you cannot change them!04:09
korjataed_debian: Then what should I change it to?04:09
korjataed_debian: I have nothing on there so it doesn't matter.04:10
vasydetrix: any help would be appreciated?04:10
ed_debiankorjata, We have 2 options 1 re-format to ext3 (pretty file-system) or we could edit /etc/fstab to allow you to write to your "Local\ Disk" via options when mounting04:10
Detrixvasy: I have not really needed to change my battery settings.  Jauntry should be pretty well set up to do it properly04:10
korjataed_debian: ext304:10
coz_stealth-,  of course...if anything like me... it helps if someone is regularly using this  to kind of frame the possiblities in a smaller explanation than a "man" page :)04:10
Detrixvasy: so I am not the best person to help04:10
ed_debiankorjata, ok.  I'll be ready and waiting when you get back.04:10
vasydetrix: thanks..04:10
stealth-Original: thats considered trolling, and isnt really a support question. maybe you'll get a better answer in #ubuntu-offtopic04:11
coz_stealth-,   for that kind of synopsys  I move over to the #linux channel04:11
vasydetrix: I will search it in the net04:11
stealth-coz_: :)04:11
darkhamhow can i purge the sources.list in synaptic?04:11
coz_darkham,  you want to get rid of it?04:12
Decessushey, my thumb drive has seemed to stop auto-mounting, what do I have to edit to make it do it again? My disc media /will/ auto mount, but no USB devices04:12
dftthat sounds like a bad idea04:12
dftDecessus, try restarting hald04:13
Decessusdft I have04:13
dfthmm, okay04:13
poboy975hello, I have a dell laptop, the wireless used to work, but now it doesnt. is there a way to completly remove the network settings? to bring network back to a fresh install state?04:13
coz_darkham,   or do you want a default sources list?04:13
ed_debianDecessus, Did you pull the drive before unmounting?04:13
darkhamcoz_:i want to solve a problem i have in synaptic: every time i want to load the screen when i can edit the repos, i've the screen "repositories changed"04:13
Decessused_debian, no, never do04:13
korjataed_debian: K it's all done and I ran the command and it all works now.04:13
coz_darkham,  mm04:14
ed_debianThat was fast!04:14
coz_darkham,  any other errors?04:14
ed_debiankorjata, Good job.  Any other problems?04:14
DecessusI can manually mount it fine, but then I need root access to add files04:14
ed_debianDecessus, sudo /etc/init.d/dev restart?04:14
=== elpargo_ is now known as elpargo
darkhamcoz__ a little bit strange, is the screen after adding a repo, but i haven't change anithing04:15
coz_darkham,   try   sudo  rm -rf  /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin  srcpkgcache.bin  you may have to do those separately04:15
korjataed_debian: just a problem in rtorrent that I'm asking in their irc.  I don't think there are any others.04:15
npm2can anyone assist with ubuntu dial up issues?04:15
ed_debiankorjata, Ok04:15
Decessused_debian, command not found ;\04:16
korjataed_debian: I transferred a 13 gigabyte folder to my local disk from my linux hd.  It had no file transfer, is that normal?04:16
darkhamcoz_: nothing is changed....04:17
ed_debianno something is wrong there04:17
ed_debiango look at the folder is it all there?04:17
darkhamcoz_: i don't know what to do..04:17
coz_darkham,   mm  is this a default sources.list or have you added repos to it?04:17
korjataed_debian: yep, but i did take the files from there...04:17
korjataand the video works perfectly.04:17
underdog7does anyone know a good hardware-help channel?04:18
ed_debiankorjata, You transferred 13GB of data from one harddrive to another in less than a second?04:18
darkhamcoz_: i've added other repos, but things like the kubuntu repos for kde4, the deluge repo, xbmc repos, nothing more04:18
korjataed_debian: yes and my computer is older than dirt.04:18
poboy975hello, I have a dell laptop, the wireless used to work, but now it doesnt. is there a way to completly remove the network settings? to bring network back to a fresh install state?04:18
coz_darkham,   and this happens in sysnapitc  or  add remove?04:18
korjataed_debian: miracle...04:18
ed_debiankorjata, It's a miracle!!!04:18
korjataed_debian: !!!04:19
coz_darkham,  synaptic sorry04:19
darkhamcoz_:this issue i have, it's from today and i don't have added nothing in the last 2 weeks04:19
ed_debiankorjata, !!  lol, idk.  Are you sure it isn't a symlink or something?04:19
darkhamcoz_: in synaptic gui04:19
korjataed_debian: symlink?04:19
darkhamcoz_: i can load only preferencies04:20
ed_debiankorjata, If you click on any file in you have the option to "make link" they're like shortcuts in windows04:20
coz_darkham,  ok  go into synaptic  Serrings  Repositories Third party  tab  and disable the added repos04:20
ehteshsorry to interrupt...04:20
ed_debiansoftlinks simply point to a file in another place, hardlinks are exact full copies (if you change one they both change)04:20
ehteshi am installing ubuntu from CD04:20
coz_darkham,   synaptic...settings...repositories...Third party tab04:20
ehteshbut it is asking for username and password....04:20
darkhamcoz_: i can't load the screen , is this my problem04:20
korjataed_debian: nope, drag and drop.  Btw I have only a 700 mhz processor and 768 m of ram.04:21
ehteshwhat username and password can i give?04:21
coz_darkham,   ok  sudo gedit  /etc/apt/sources.list04:21
concertavirgo girls04:21
coz_darkham,   comment the added repos04:21
coz_darkham,  save  and try again04:21
darkhamcoz_: ok04:21
ed_debianEven the fastest processor in the world would take some time because of disk i/o but if the files are there they're there04:21
korjataIt was probably because the files WERE there.04:22
ed_debiankorjata, In the spirit of blind faith lets not question the miracles of the lord lol04:22
ed_debiankorjata, maybe04:22
korjataed_debian: I wonder if anyone here knows of miracles.04:22
anom01yhi, I installed java6-jre, but facebook's games don't play04:23
mobi-sheepMeh.  Did Gnome ever release a fix for AisleRiot Spider Solitaire for many to-be-Ubuntu moms out there?04:23
ed_debiankorjata, You mean besides the one we just discovered on your system?04:23
anom01ywhat do I need to do to get this to work ?04:23
korjataed_debian: well knows how they are caused.04:23
ed_debiankorjata, Maybe!  Idk04:23
darkhamcoz_: nothing is changed...04:23
poboy975hello so anyone available?04:24
coz_darkham,    I am puzzled then   I will had you over to others here   sorry guy04:24
darkhamcoz_: it's very strange...04:24
korjataed_debian: my computer can barely play videos, I don't know how.  lemme try another file.04:24
mobi-sheeppoboy975: Ask the real question.04:24
poboy975hello, I have a dell laptop, the wireless used to work, but now it doesnt. is there a way to completly remove the network settings? to bring network back to a fresh install state?04:25
korjataed_debian: when I drag and drop it disappears from one and goes to the other as if they were one.04:25
coz_darkham,     https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/11342404:25
ed_debianwow, instantly?04:25
rootvirussup all04:25
mobi-sheeppoboy975: You sure it's not a laptop's wireless switch?  Laptop often have them.04:25
Bob_DoleSo, installing Xen... I'm assuming I need to do something in command line to install it? I don't see anything in the GUI Add/Remove for actually installing xen, just a gui to manage it04:25
korjataed_debian: you know how you can put a file into a subfolder instantly?04:25
Bob_Dolesudo apt-get install xen ?04:25
ed_debiankorjata, O, yes I know what you mean.  Moving files around on a single disk never takes anytime.  It is acting as if they are the same disk?04:26
ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen04:26
albechi am having a problem with a client that request and drop dhcp leases every 2-3 minutes.. what can cause this?04:27
korjataed_debian: maybe it's because they're the same filesystem.04:27
ed_debiankorjata, How full is "Local Disk" ?04:27
albechthe lease expire time is 24hours04:27
FezzlerIs there a command line to tell me version of Ubuntu on this PC I am using?04:27
lstarnesFezzler: lsb_release -a04:27
poboy975yeah, the laptop wireless is on, but the driver is not loading correctly. I've tried the b43legacy driver, it connects to wireless ap but signel isnt right, doesnt actually work04:27
korjataed_debian: 19 gigs but the files are 1304:27
poboy975I also tried the ndiswrapper but its not working either. my iwconfig shows a wmaster0, and a wlan004:28
ed_debianso it is mostly full04:28
ed_debiankorjata, open gparted04:28
Fezzlerlstarnes, Jauty04:28
korjataI am.04:28
mobi-sheeppoboy975: What's model?  I'll try and google around on Ubuntu community.04:28
korjataed_debian: says 621 megs are used04:29
ed_debiankorjata, on local-disk?04:29
FezzlerUsing Xchat.  Where do I change color for my user I - light gray now - hard to see04:29
poboy975it was using the broadcom 1400 dell04:29
korjataed_debian: yep sdb04:29
poboy975I was wondering if there is a way to reset the network completly back to fresh install setting04:30
ed_debiankorjata, So obviously something is wrong because it should be 13gb used 6(ish)GB free yes?04:30
mobi-sheepFezzler: Look in XChat Menu --> System --> Preferences --> Colors ("Under Interface")04:30
korjataed_debian: it's 30 gigs but yeah.04:30
ed_debiano ok04:30
ed_debiankorjata, What is the mount-point of sdb?04:31
Fezzlermobi-sheep>> Txs04:31
quitenormalhi. I bought a USB HDD enclosure, that powers down automatically when it's not in use. Unfortunately ubuntu drops it from the file system whenever it does that, and I can't get it back. Anybody know how I can fix this?04:31
ed_debiankorjata, Does it show up that /dev/sdb is 30GB?04:31
korjataed_debian: media/localdisk04:31
korjataed_debian: 27.9504:31
colonelqubitquitenormal: remount it?04:31
quitenormalcolonelqubit doesn't seem to appear in nautilus.04:31
ed_debiankorjata, Do you have a /media/localdisk and a /media/Local\ Disk?04:32
Computer_Manany ideas on where to get a drive for a dell gx260 video card so that I can use compiz?04:32
korjataed_debian: I don't think so.04:32
ed_debiango to /media and double check?04:32
colonelqubitquitenormal: but the drive is still getting power?04:32
zerkalousi have a problem with my webcam04:32
korjataed_debian: I have a local disk and a portable disk but that's something else.04:33
quitenormalcolonelqubit yeah the drive is in a USB enclosure, and is still getting power ... if I switch it off, and then back on again, it reappears in the filesystem.04:33
korjataed_debian: I got a 320 external.04:33
zerkalousi can't install my webcam.. is a genius messenger 11204:33
colonelqubitquitenormal: so you want it to wake-on-use?04:33
Fezzlermobi-sheep>> I'm in Xchat Setting, Preferences, Interface, Colors - but which setting changes my ID?04:33
quitenormalcolonelqubit yes, that's the hope.04:33
korjataed_debian: can we continue this tomorrow? it's quite late here.04:34
Fezzlermobi-sheep>> Must be "Local colors"04:34
mobi-sheepFezzler: Look at the color that you don't like.04:34
colonelqubitquitenormal: yeah, I don't have any USB drives like that, so I'm not sure if that's supported by Ubuntu.  Have you tried it under Windows and had the wake-on-use work?04:34
ed_debiankorjata, o sorry.  Sure I can't guarantee I'l be here but I'll try.  Same time tomorrow?04:34
ed_debianWhat time is it there?04:34
Fezzlermobi-sheep>> Yup04:34
ed_debianit is 10:34 here04:34
quitenormalcolonelqubit no I haven't tried it under windows. Don't think I have a windows handy anywhere currently, alas. :(04:34
colonelqubitquitenormal: good for you!  (of course, it does come in handy when trying to diagnose hardware like this...)04:35
Fezzlermobi-sheep>> Hmm04:36
korjataI get home at 7pm GMT04:36
ed_debianlets see I'm 6+ GMT04:36
=== Miguel is now known as Guest66143
Fezzlermobi-sheep>> Test04:37
korjataso that's 104:37
korjataI can get on from then on.04:37
ed_debianI'll try lol04:37
ed_debianI'm not making any promises04:37
korjataOk, bye ed.04:37
ed_debianbye korjata04:37
=== concerta_ is now known as virgo
FFForeverhow do i install a font?04:38
Dreamgliderhow can i dir in to the trash folder ?04:39
quitenormalcolonelqubit how would it help? Work out whether the device actually can wake-on-use in XP? Rule out the device being faulty?04:39
eseven73!fonts | FFForever04:39
ubottuFFForever: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer04:39
ed_debianDreamglider /.Trash04:39
ed_debianDreamglider cd /.Trash04:39
sysadminhow can I restore wireless connection icon? I erased it by mistake and dont know how to put it back04:40
colonelqubitquitenormal: yes. I just wanted to make sure that this hardware could in fact wake up04:40
ed_debiansysadmin, add a gnome-notification applet04:40
quitenormalcolonelqubit might try and work that out then. Thanks.04:40
Dreamglidered_debian, no such file or dir04:40
colonelqubitquitenormal: you could try googling for "usb wake up" + the hardware name, too.04:40
ed_debiansysadmin, "notification area"04:40
colonelqubitquitenormal: good luck!04:40
raevolgparted isn't letting me label a fat32 thumb drive i have :[ any ideas why?04:40
quitenormalcolonelqubit at least the device switches off ... so I'm in no danger of my HD burning out if I accidentally leave it on. That's something.04:40
sysadmined_debian, could you be more specific04:40
raevolthe option is greyed out, drive is unmounted04:41
stillinbetahi, I installed kubuntu desktop using aptitude install kubuntu-desktop on top of my vanilla Ibex install and I can't seem to remove it. I already tried aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop04:41
ed_debianDreamglider, o, you're right.  I don't know :(04:41
ed_debiansysadmin, You have a gnome-panel?>04:41
colonelqubitquitenormal: yeah, I was having a problem with ubuntu not actually turning off when I shut down the computer. Luckily I never tossed my laptop into my backpack after doing that.... could have been an oven in there.04:41
Dreamglidercd ..04:41
Dreamglidercd ..04:41
Dreamglideroops wrong window04:42
ed_debianDreamglider, cd /home/.Trash?04:42
Dreamglidered_debian,  it's not in home either04:42
colonelqubitI'm having suspend/hibernation problems and I filed a bug about a month ago (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/366264) but haven't gotten any responses or requests for more information. What should I do next?04:42
ed_debianDreamglider, Yeah I'm sorry I just don't know :( lol, I tried though!04:43
Dreamglideri have a couple of files in trash i cant get rid of04:43
ed_debianDreamglider, I think restarting will empty trash?04:44
Dreamglidered_debian, the files have been there for weeks04:44
ed_debianDreamglider, I should really stop talking out of my butt here04:44
Dreamgliderin nautilus the location is trash:///04:45
Dreamgliderhehe yea sometimes it's just best to shut it.04:45
colonelqubitDreamglider: are the perms set such that you can't delete them?04:45
Fezzlermobi-sheep>> Got it!04:46
Dreamglidercolonelqubit, yes04:46
unop_Dreamglider, unset the permissions so you can delete them then :)04:46
Dreamglidercolonelqubit, and i cannot change the perms they are grayed out04:47
U2GBDreamglider, see at ~/.local/share/Trash04:47
sysadminhow can I restore wireless connection icon? I erased it by mistake and dont know how to put it back04:48
DreamgliderU2GB, thanks mate.04:48
unop_Dreamglider,  find ~/.local/share/Trash ! -user "$USER" -exec sudo rm -iv {} \;04:48
mobi-sheepFezzler: Good. :)04:49
Fezzlermobi-sheep>> Actually under Settings, Advanced, Text Handlers04:50
Fezzlermobi-sheep>> make that Text Events04:50
munch13sysadmin: you'd need to add 'nm-applet' to your startup programs in gnome04:51
ddwolf#join python04:51
Decessuswhats the difference between fstab/mstab?04:51
unop_/join #python04:51
ehteshwhen i am doing fresh installation, it is asking for username and password to login....04:52
ehteshi am giving root, toor04:52
ehteshand many more usernames passowrds, but it is not working04:52
ehteshany solution please....04:52
unop_Decessus, one contains a mapping of devices to mountpoints for mount to use, the other contains the list of devices currently mounted and where they are mounted at.04:52
ehteshplease help me....04:52
ehteshwhat username and password should i use....04:53
ehteshis there  any default user04:53
unop_ehtesh, boot up in recovery mode and create a new user.04:53
colonelqubitehtesh: during the install process it asks you for a username and password. use that04:53
ehteshi will try it....04:53
colonelqubitehtesh: (it asks you to _create_ a user, I should say)04:53
unop_colonelqubit, that's all good if the person installing .. remembers what it was called :)04:54
colonelqubitunop_: yeah, writing it down isn't a bad idea04:55
colonelqubitunop_: I mean, if this is a new install, then we're only talking about an hour max between creating the user and logging in as them, eh?04:56
ehteshI dont have any OS on my Hard disk...04:56
ehteshand i am trying to install04:57
ehtesha new OS04:57
unop_ehtesh, you mean the live CD session is asking you to log on?04:57
devil_angelehtesh: enter isn't puncuation.04:57
AmerI am having trouble booting from a bootable DVD04:57
Amerit tells me boot image not found04:57
ehteshi think  it is Live CD, but i am selecting start or install option04:57
crzyboiAmer: have u set ur bios to boot from your cd/dvd drive?04:58
ehteshbut i dont have any punctuations04:58
Decessusunop_, ok, thank you, then would adding my usb device to mstab auto-mount it when I plug it in?04:58
colonelqubitehtesh: Is this a regular ubuntu Live CD, or an alternate install CD?04:58
ehteshit is booting from CD, for installation, but it is asking for username and passwd04:58
Ameryes I set it to boot from the DVD.. it tells me the boot image was not found,, then displays "boot:"04:58
Amerthat's all I get04:58
ehteshit is Install CD , i beleave, i got a copy from my friend...04:59
Decessusand /only/ when I plug it in, because adding to auto tag to it in fstab mounts it again after I physically unmount it04:59
crzyboiAmer: you can try two things... try the alternate disk or burn the disk at a slower speed04:59
devil_angelAmer: have you tried another DVD?04:59
ehteshi have only one CD...04:59
ehteshand nothing else...04:59
Amerthe DVD I made boots from my other computer, but not this one..04:59
unop_Decessus,  well, you should never edit /etc/mtab directly .. you need /etc/fstab for that - but doing so doesn't guarantee that the device is automatically mounted, you just ensure that if it is, it is mounted where you want it to be.04:59
ehteshit is going upto log-in ...05:00
crzyboiAmer: then you might want to try the alternate disk05:00
ehteshi have'nt doen anything from OS...bcz i can not at all login....05:00
Amerwhat's the alternate disk? "I burned the 9.05 iso from the website"05:00
ehteshi too think so, but as i dont have any alternative, i want to know how can we use this CD...05:01
Decessusunop_, ok, well is there something I /can/ edit to /ensure/ my device gets auto-mounted? It was working well and fine up until yesterday.05:01
ehteshany default username and password ubuntu has?05:01
crzyboiAmer: hold on lemme find it05:01
phobiacHow do you install a module?05:02
sagacican someone help me install/upgrade to rhythmbox-0.12.2, http://paste.ubuntu.com/185385/05:02
phobiacI have a driver file for something, but I can't remember the process of installing it.05:02
crzyboiAmer: go to http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors#mirrors and scroll down to alternate installers05:02
unop_Decessus, well, the gnome-mount process should automatically take care of that05:03
crzyboiAmer: you'll have to go through the install process through a text based installer05:03
Decessusunop_, I know it should, and it used to. But now, it has stopped working. It will auto-mount my disc media, but no usb storage media05:04
ehteshbut it is also a text based installation CD...05:06
ehteshmy concern is to break this mystery of username ans password issue to work05:07
ehteshi googled and found many people got this kind of problem...05:07
Amersure, I'll do that!05:07
crzyboiehtesh: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77020605:07
Amerthanks for the help crzyboi <-- I don't know why the "/msg" doesn't work!05:07
crzyboiehtesh: try what ajgreeny says in that forum05:08
poboy975hello so does anyone know how to restore network setting back to fresh install state?05:08
wigglezwhat do i type in at the boot: prompt to boot a ubuntu jaunty installation05:09
wigglezmy damn grub is broken05:09
wigglezi need to get back into ubuntu to fix it05:09
zenxrwigglez you can either use a live cd to repair it, or you can boot from hard drive via the live cd05:11
wiggleznah the MBR is broken on my HD05:11
zenxrother than that it'd be really hard to fix it, you'd have to edit the grub menu in the grub bootup05:11
wigglezi need to repair the mbr somehow05:11
zenxrcan you not re-install grub?05:12
wiggleznah, i should be able to boot into the system at the boot prompt and then just run grub-setup once inside05:12
wigglezi just dont know what the correct  boot line would be05:12
* alvarezp is away: 05:13
zenxrI can't really help without your grub menu though :p05:14
JECHOwiggles message me privately05:15
JECHOwiggles i can give you the correct line05:15
zenxrthat works too :p05:15
ehteshcrzyboi: thanks for it, i think i have to go  for another CD....i.e new image05:16
Anacranomzenxr, try suggesting sudo apt-get install pastebinit and then pastebinit /boot/grub/menu.lst05:17
ehteshand i think the existing one will not work05:17
InCryptohey guys .. im tryin 2 build a small repo for my lan here .. but wen i run apt-mirror it keeps giving me this error in cat /var/spool/apt-mirror/var/archive-log.205:17
reqon4m53s till the end (soob soob)05:17
InCryptoConnecting to archive.ubuntu.com||:80... failed: Connection timed out.05:17
InCryptoim directly connected to the internet and have no proxy05:18
InCryptoi also checked tht sudo apt-get update does not work05:18
InCryptoany idea why this happens05:18
reqonInCrypto, check dns05:18
zenxrAnacranom: somebody else is helping him05:19
reqonor gateway05:19
phobiacI have two files, one is a .so and the other .la, and I know something needs to be done with them for this driver to work. I'm told they are binaries, but I really don't have a clue what to do with them.05:19
reqonif you can ping gateway, then resolve dns05:19
InCryptoreqon, vishal@ubuntu-repo:~$ ping google.com05:19
InCryptoPING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.05:19
InCrypto64 bytes from cg-in-f100.google.com ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=229 time=256 ms05:19
InCrypto64 bytes from cg-in-f100.google.com ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=229 time=248 ms05:19
FloodBot2InCrypto: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:19
phobiacI tried to modprobe both of them in order to load them as modules to the kernel but I just get an error message FATAL: Module not found05:19
jasonmchristosusing xubuntu do not know how to mount, another partition does not automount05:20
InCryptodns is fine05:20
albechi have a problem with a host on my network that drop its lease and request a new one every 2 min.. what can cause this?? the lease expire time is set to 24h btw05:20
wigglezgaaaah... what line can i use at the boot prompt to  boot my ubuntu system?05:20
wigglezi know its possible, i just dont know the syntax05:21
reqonalright peoples see you guys in windows 7 in around 30mins....smooch smooch luv u all05:21
geniialbech: If it's an Ubuntu client, can be it's own /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf file specifies a different time than the server which gives out the leases does05:21
darlekreqon, who cares05:22
albechgenii, im not quite sure if it is.. i wasnt aware that the clients could ignore the lease time from the dhcp server05:23
Anacranomdarlek, you missed his exit, was going that direction anyway,05:23
geniialbech: Yes, they can.05:23
InCryptoreqon , i noticed wen i do a wget ...it resolves the address to the ip but somwhow is not connecting via port 8005:23
sensaeWhat's so special about win7 anyway?05:23
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albechgenii, guess i have to script my way around that somehow, so if people request spam leases they wont get any ;)05:24
geniialbech: They can set their own lease times to be less long than the server, but not longer than the server's05:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about recommended05:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about recomended05:24
ussersensae, havent you heard, its the next best thing since sliced bread05:24
albechgenii, thanks.. i will try to track down the host and see what causes this05:25
ccb0x45anyone know if there is a PPA for the hulu plugin for xbmc?05:25
eseven73sensae, just more hype from they Redmond Hype Machine05:25
darlekubottu > darlek05:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about darlek05:25
Picidarlek: What are you looking for?05:26
darlekhmm.. i wanted to open ubottu in a msg window ;)  that way I'm not bugging the board05:26
Pici!bot > darlek05:27
ubottudarlek, please see my private message05:27
=== Guest22331 is now known as mohammed
darlekah thanks Pici!05:27
mohammedhello everyone, here from new jersey05:27
Amerhala m7ammad05:27
Amerwhat's up? :)05:27
hax0r1337!bot > hax0r133705:27
ubottuhax0r1337, please see my private message05:27
p4trichow can i write "foo" in a text file?05:28
mohammedjust upgraded to ubuntu 9.04 from 8.04 everything went cool :)05:28
geniip4tric: From a terminal ?05:28
Amerthat's great!05:28
sagaciwhen using apt-get, is there a way to change the output of the download process, such as  the download process outputs say 223442/900kB, is there a method to make the initial number condense into kB?05:28
wigglez/casper/vmlinuz initrd=/casper/initrd.gz root=/dev/sdXX05:28
KDewhirstHi, I'm trying to make a notification program to tell when a window has the urgent hint set, but the screensaver is on or the screen is blanked. I've picked up ledcontrol, and I'm goint to write a bash script, but I don't know how to check if a window is set to urgent. Can anyone help me?05:28
geniip4tric: If in a dir you own: echo "foo" >> filename05:29
wigglezmaybe someone can remember that for people who might need it in the future :)05:29
Amerhow long have you been using linux?05:29
p4tricgenii: tnx05:29
geniip4tric: If in a dir you DON'T own: echo "foo" | sudo tee -a filename05:29
KDewhirstAmer: me?05:29
Daystarhi, i need help burning ubuntu onto a cd. The iso i downloaded was 699 MB but my cd only fits 656. should i burn it anyway?05:30
KDewhirstDaystar: no, it won't work05:30
dsl579whats the command to remove a whole directory05:30
Daystarshould i burn it onto a dvd then? or what..05:30
usserdsl579, rm -r directory05:30
tiyowanDaystar: Get a 700 MB CD.05:30
KDewhirstdsl579: rm -r (name of directory)05:30
KDewhirstbe careful05:30
tiyowanDaystar: And burn the ISO onto that.05:30
bcKDewhirst: I'm not entirely sure what defines 'urgent' but if it's in the window information, try checking with xwininfo05:31
usserdsl579, make sure you type the directory name correctly, rm -r is irreversible05:31
SnowKittydoes anybody else have problems with firefox in full screen mode?05:31
KDewhirstbc: thank you05:31
SnowKittywhen i right click the screen bugs out for a sec05:31
dsl579oh its stuff on a usb flash i dnt need anyone it05:31
geniidsl579: The rm command has recursive switch of -r which can be EXTREMELY dangerous. Use with caution05:31
sagaciSnowKitty: no05:31
bcKDewhirst: only a guess, hope it leads somewhere :)05:31
KDewhirstbc: I'll let you know if i find it. Thank you05:31
SnowKittyany idea what could be wrong?05:31
Daystarcould i do this through a USB?05:31
sagaciDaystar: yes05:32
SnowKittyits like the screen disappears for half a sec and i can see my desktop, it reappears and the right clcok thingy shows up05:32
KDewhirstDaystar: use unetbootin if you're going to make an iso05:32
SnowKittyim on 9.0405:32
KDewhirstDaystar: er-- a live usb05:32
tiyowanDaystar: There's an application called unetbootin for getting the iso onto a USB drive.05:32
SnowKittyand my firefox is
zethero1does anyone know how to extract the contents of an EXE file using Unzip in Linux?05:32
SnowKittyerr 3.0.1005:32
mohammedi got this really cool theme color for controls you guys should really try it, it's #DCE4F305:33
AnacranomSnowKitty, do you have compiz enabled?05:33
SnowKittywhat's that? >.>05:33
rikki_maxzethero1: u can use wine + mono to run the app05:33
sagaciSnowKitty: compiz effects05:33
SnowKittyhow do i check?05:33
dsl579ok im in /mnt/sda1 and i want to get rid of the entire contents of the flash drive whats a nice command to use?05:33
eseven73!wine | zethero105:33
ubottuzethero1: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:33
Daystarwhere is the usb version of ubuntu?05:33
zethero1rikki_max: no I need to get the .INF and .SYS files out of the EXE05:33
Myrtti!usb | Daystar05:33
ubottuDaystar: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:34
rikki_maxzethero1: oh kk05:34
eseven73zethero1, nevermind that !wine then05:34
geniidsl579: The problem is if we give you the exact command it's a dangerous one to say in open channel05:34
SnowKittysagaci: how can i check if i have compiz enabled?05:34
dsl579true cant you just msg me?05:34
AnacranomSnowKitty, System > Preferences>appearance05:34
dsl579does it have anything to do with a '*'?05:35
sagaciSnowKitty: hold a tick, i'm doing something05:35
geniidsl579: You are getting the idea, yes.05:35
SnowKittyi found it05:35
SnowKittyturning off effects fixed it05:35
bcdsl579: check `man rm`05:35
maekcan ubuntu be installed over the network with an answer file like kickstart?05:36
darlekdsk579, even safer run nautilus the gnome file manager and just delete files with the GUI, less chance of (serious) mistakes05:37
mohammedso, has anyone Ben playing around with google Chromium Web Browser for Linux05:37
KDewhirstdarlek: Where's the fun in that?05:37
alex_dinamoI just installed flash plugin on fresh 9.04 and Firefox segfaults every time... any ideas?05:37
SnowKittyaww man05:37
SnowKittyi cant switch workspaces with the mousewheel if i disable effects05:37
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=== ce_cantikkkk is now known as ce_cantik
SmithKurosakiSnowKitty: ctrl + alt + (number or direction arrow_05:38
AnacranomSnowKitty, but does that fix the firefox?//05:38
=== bk is now known as bk|away
darlek_geez, freenode keeps disconnecting/reconnecting... anyone else?05:39
rommeis there any hope that i will be able to hide the evolution window instead of closing it?05:39
bcdarlek_: no05:39
AnacranomSnowKitty, may have to close and re-start the firefox05:39
relentlessDoes anyone know how to put games on to an IPOD using ANY program? There isnt much about it on the forums.05:39
=== darlek_ is now known as darlek
=== mohammed is now known as mohammed-88
bcrelentless: my guess is it'll have to be jailbroken and ssh/scp to it.05:40
relentlessBc, That made not sense,.05:40
bcrelentless: sorry :(05:40
alex_dinamois anyone experiencing segment faults on Firefox?05:40
Decessusis there any way to make the mount command not require super user?05:40
SnowKittyAnacranom: yeah, turning off compiz fixes it05:41
relentlessDecessus: No05:41
relentlessDecessus: |Use Sudo05:41
geniiDecessus: Yes, make an sudoers file entry for it.05:41
bcDecessus: man sudoers05:41
SnowKittyi dont understand why it turns off being able to switch workspaces with the mousewheel though :/05:41
geniibc: Exactly05:41
AnacranomSnowKitty, let me guess, u have ATI graphix?05:41
KDewhirstDecessus: you could put your mount in /etc/fstab if you always want it mounted on startup05:41
relentlessWhy would you want mount in the sudoers :/05:42
SmithKurosakiSnowKitty: its not on by default, only getting compiz will keep it05:42
SnowKittyradeon 9800 iirc05:42
bcSnowKitty: use the command line tool ccsm to enable specific parts of compiz05:42
SnowKittyor was it 9600...05:42
geniirelentless: You don't. You want to add the mount command in sudoers to a list which username is allowed to run without needing password.05:42
DecessusKDewhirst, its a thumb drive, I don't want it to constantly be mounted, only when I insert it, and I want it to stay unmounted when I unmount it.05:42
bcSnowKitty: if you don't have it, the package name is simple-ccsm05:42
AnacranomSnowKitty, ATI does not support compiz as of yet, they say that by june they will......05:43
geniirelentless: man sudoers is very interesting and informative reading for things such as this05:43
SnowKittyaww man05:43
relentlessgenii: I am p familiar with linux... Sudo works fine for me05:43
SnowKittyit works but its kinda buggy in firefox05:43
KDewhirstDecessus: there's a way to make it so that your user has the right to do that, but i don't remember what it is05:43
KDewhirstbc: xwininfo didn't have what i was looking for05:43
relentlessI just dont know how to use the NEW FAGLLED ipod with linux..05:44
bcKDewhirst: :(05:44
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SmithKurosakiAnacranom: im on an nvidia that doesnt even let me fire up the compiz settings in f9, but it works no problem in u8.0405:44
relentlesseff this I am just going to wine itunes..05:44
AnacranomSnowKitty, i work with their devs, in linux, they promise to have support by june'05:44
eseven73!ohmy | relentless05:44
ubotturelentless: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.05:44
FlashGordon2000_I cant burn a dvd in brasero, I have everything set up, however it will not let me click the burn button, ubuntu 8.1005:44
KDewhirstrelentless: you might be able to do it with amarok05:44
SnowKittyokay, i just sudo lspci'd it, i do have a 960005:45
relentlessI didnt cuss....05:45
KDewhirstrelentless: I'm a kde guy, so I don't know if there's a gtk tool to do it05:45
AnacranomSmithKurosaki, i have all nvidia here, and have no issues??05:45
relentlessKDewhirst: I can use KDE tools, I have both installed... I just want to know how to use it.05:45
eseven73relentless, 'eff this' is a swear, even if masked or abbreviated.05:45
SmithKurosakiwhat card do you have thoguh?05:45
KDewhirstrelentless: I don't know how to do it; I've never owned an iPod05:46
tiyowan_08:45    -full: <text> must match to full words05:46
tiyowan_08:45    -nick: Hilight only the nick, not the whole line (default)05:46
tiyowan_08:45    -full: <text> must match to full words05:46
tiyowan_08:45    -nick: Hilight only the nick, not the whole line (default)05:46
tiyowan_08:45    -full: <text> must match to full words05:46
FloodBot2tiyowan_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:46
tiyowan_08:45    -nick: Hilight only the nick, not the whole line (default)05:46
relentlesseseven73: pfft, they say the f word in PG13 movies...05:46
=== mohammed-88 is now known as mohammed
eseven73relentless, it doesn't matter. Dont do it here please.05:46
relentlessnice botnet yo05:46
tiyowan_*sigh* rxvt. Sorry folks.05:46
AnacranomSmithKurosaki, i have from a 5200 to a 9800, did u use the restricted from the ubuntu or install manually?05:47
eseven73hehe tiyowan_ I had to stop using irssi because of accidental pastes like that05:47
SnowKittyi use xchat :o05:47
=== tiyowan_ is now known as tiyowan
eseven73me too05:47
lstarneseseven73: I've never had that problem with irssi05:47
relentlesseseven73: lrn2screen05:48
AnacranomSmithKurosaki, 5200-9800 qnd all between, i have 8 boxes here05:48
darlekchatzilla firefox plug-in05:48
SmithKurosakiAnacranom: wow, thats a lot05:48
KDewhirstSmithKurosaki: How else do you keep your room warm?05:48
tiyowaneseven73: Yeah, I already got banned once today. My script pinged the entire channel. :/05:48
eseven73I seen that05:48
Myrttieseven73: you've got weirdly configured terminal then...05:48
* zenxr laughs.05:48
SmithKurosakiim on a 6100, u8.04 i installed res extras, im pretty sure i did the same through livna in f9, but that was about a year ago that i installed it.05:49
SmithKurosakii keep my room warm with bf +/- blankets05:49
AnacranomSmithKurosaki, just do NOT use envy05:49
KDewhirstAnacranom: what's the matter with envy?05:49
tiyowaneseven73: It's just that I'm on windows atm, and I can't stand it without cygwin. :)05:49
ubottuEnvyNG is a program to install newer version of nVidia or ATi drivers, it can be found in !Universe as "envyng-gtk" (for Gtk/Gnome) or "envyng-qt" (for Qt/KDE). It is NOT a supported method to install video drivers; please only use it if standard methods fail and at your own risk - See also !BinaryDrver05:50
* bc notices amazon thinks he likes wolf t-shirts now05:50
SmithKurosakity myphnix05:50
Myrttifail ;-)05:50
SmithKurosakithat was weird05:50
KDewhirstI've used it before with no problems. Why is it not supported?05:50
Sarah_Hi. I'm having some trouble with the network connections configuration since I upgraded to jaunty. In particular with wireless connections.05:50
Anacranomyour choice--05:50
Rexyhola gente05:51
KDewhirstAnacranom: I don't want to argue; I just want to understand05:51
SmithKurosakianyways, the drivers that came with the kernel work, and i have been trying really hard to get the driver i dl'ed from nvidia to install, but its being stupidly picky about some of my install dirs05:52
FlashGordon2000_I cant burn a dvd in brasero, I have everything set up, however it will not let me click the burn button, ubuntu 8.1005:52
SmithKurosakialso Rexy, where are you from/05:52
darleksarah, yeah I went back to madwifi instead of ath5k which comes with jaunty.  ath5k ran my wifi okay but wasn't stable.  since madwifi then no issues05:52
Anacranomwhen i first joined here if you even mentioned envy it was almost a banning offense, and i now see why, i tried to uninstall it, remove it,,, and now, i dont need it at all05:52
SrCoyotebuenas noches a todos ^05:52
Rexyim from argentne speak spansh?05:52
eseven73Rexy, one 'a' in 'hola' would have sufficed.05:52
Rexyestoy usando crunhabang05:53
Anacranomwhen i first joined here if you even mentioned envy it was almost a banning offense, and i now see why, i tried to uninstall it, remove it,,, and now, i dont need it at all KDewhirst05:53
SmithKurosakino, i know someone around here that has the same name, but is from peru05:53
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:53
KDewhirstAnacranom: fair enough. I didn't know it was a big deal05:53
SrCoyoteoki grax por el consejo ^05:53
Rexyim from argentne speak spansh?'05:53
SrCoyoterexy me too i am from argentina05:53
SnowKittyi have a microsoft wireless laser mouse 5000, how can i disable the extra buttons it has?05:54
Rexytodo bien?05:54
Pici!es | Rexy05:54
ubottuRexy: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:54
sagacihow long does it take to compile/build from source05:54
Sarah_darlek: I'm not talking about the card driver but the network manager.05:54
Myrttisagaci: depends on your hardware and settings05:54
Rexywhatis a channel?05:54
tiyowansagaci: Depends on what you're compiling.05:54
eseven73channel means chat room05:55
sagacihow long would rhythmbox take to compile05:55
toypilotHi Sarah, whats wrong with network manager?05:55
toypilotcannot connect?05:55
ddwolf!es | ddwolf05:55
ubottuddwolf, please see my private message05:55
nikorHi - I'm in my Xubuntu desktop and I do not see "System" in my panel like I do in Gnome - Where do I goto to get to Administrative things ? ?05:55
Myrttisagaci: you *REALLY* don't want to compile it05:55
Sarah_toypilot: It just let me configure the connections, but05:55
sagaciMyrtti: why not05:55
Sarah_toypilot: a) I cannot see the wireless available networks05:55
tiyowansagaci: Um, why do you want to compile Rhthymbox?05:55
KDewhirstsagaci: it's a pain. why do you want to compile it?05:56
Myrttisagaci: why would you?05:56
serewhtas the lastest kernel05:56
SmithKurosakinikor: its under settings in the menu05:56
toypilotcheck that it hasnt enabled firewall by default05:56
sagaciMyrtti: upgrading from .12.0 to .12.205:56
Sarah_toypilot: b) I cannot say "connect to this one", just set the "auto-connect" checkbox05:56
Myrtti!latest | sagaci05:56
ubottusagaci: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.05:56
SmithKurosakiit has a similar, but not the same setup as gnome as far as the settings go05:56
KDewhirstsagaci: you can change your repo if it's a really big deal05:56
Myrttisagaci: what features do you want from the latest version that makes you want to compile it?05:57
Bob_DoleSo, I totally just installed xen on my system..and X broke. in a way that prevents me from getting to a virtual terminal, and running xfix from the recovery mode thing doesn't help.05:57
toypilotGreyed out?05:57
sagaciso i've started building this thing, can you give me a rough estimate of time?05:57
toypilotor just missing05:57
Myrttisagaci: no.05:57
seretiyowan: how can i get that on hardy05:57
KDewhirstsagaci: there are too many factors. it'll take longer than you want to wait, though05:57
sagaci2 hours?05:58
KDewhirstsagaci: it could easily be a lot more than that05:58
tiyowansere: Um...you want to get the latest kernel on hardy?05:58
darleksarah, i used wicd to find wifi connections but it unloads network-manager in order to run.05:58
Bob_DoleI should probably get to backing stuff up and then just flat out format and reinstall.05:58
seretiyowan: should i not?05:58
Myrttisagaci: why do you want the newer version?05:58
sagacican i abort the build without screwing things up05:58
sagacitest it out05:58
Sarah_darlek: Already tried wicd but I cannot run it05:58
KDewhirstBob_Dole: why don't you just pick a vanilla linux kernel from grub?05:58
Bob_DoleKDewhirst: I did05:59
tiyowansere: It's better if you just let it update to newer kernels by itself.05:59
KDewhirstBob_Dole: then you can just apt-get remove xen05:59
AfflictionHey guys, I'm having a problem that I hope someone could help me out with. I went to change my default shell using CLI from bourne to bash by using the following command "sudo usermod -s /bin/bash username". I logged out and upon logging back into my account I received a permission denied error. Is there something that I have done wrong? I'm using Ubuntu Desktop 9.04. Thanks in advance.05:59
Bob_DoleKDewhirst: I did...I have no idea what broke, but something did. I've gone so far as to make a new install over the old one, once fg..whatever the ati drive is was installed, x quit working again.06:00
sagaciMyrtti: can i abort it?06:00
seretiyowan: 6.24-23 is whats its telling me to upgrade too...sound right06:00
KDewhirstBob_Dole: what a mess. I don't know how to help you06:00
Sarah_To be clear: I can configure the network connections from /etc/network/interfaces, I can see the networks with iwlist. I just cannot configure & choose the connections from the network manager06:00
Sarah_or the icon in the desktop toolbar06:00
KDewhirstsagaci: you can kill the compile if you want06:01
Sarah_(there I see no configured connections)06:01
sagaciit's finished, only took 10 minutes06:01
toypilotneed to run as root?06:01
KDewhirstsagaci: you're not doing something crazy like compiling into /bin/, are you?06:01
Bob_DoleKDewhirst: Yeah, I figured it'd be a confusing mess, so backing up, then a fresh format and reinstall is my best option, and I'll make a backup with acronis when I get home later @.@06:01
Myrttisagaci: sure06:01
KDewhirstBob_Dole: good luck06:01
tiyowansere: Sounds about right - synaptic'll auto-update the kernel for you. You won't be using the latest kernel, but that's because of stability issues.06:01
Bob_DoleI'm supposed to wake up in 5 hours.06:01
Sarah_toypilot: No, I get a python error06:01
seretiyowan: sounds good to me ty :)06:02
KDewhirstbc: xprop didn't have the window flag i'm looking for either06:02
tiyowansere: You're welcome.06:02
tiyowanSarah_: What do you see when you type ifconfig?06:03
=== brb_ is now known as rr
Sarah_tiyowan: I'm connected through this interface, if you can read me the connection is fine. The network manager is the problem.06:04
sagaciseems to all have gone fine, i was worried for a minute06:04
vonI have ubuntu 9.04 used kernel check to compile latest stable kernel and wifi stopped working06:04
vonI have realtek wifi06:05
darlekSarah, have you uninstalled the network-manager-gnome from aptitude?06:05
toypilotnetwork manager was giving odd errors when I upgraded, and it was just the firewall blocking ports that enabled during the upgrade06:05
vonI have not06:05
* x^code^x permisi mo isi perut bang...06:05
darlek(Sarah), then reinstall via aptitude and if there are any conflicts it will give you options to correct.  apt-get and synaptic don't do that06:05
Sarah_darlek: now yes, as it conflicted with wicd. But the problem was there before that.06:05
vonI have been using apt get06:06
=== moe is now known as Guest30266
Pici!id | x^code^x06:06
vonwill try that06:06
ubottux^code^x: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia06:06
darlekSarah_:  ic, can you pastebinit the python error from wicd?06:06
Sarah_toypilot: I don't get network manager errors, just not enought options06:07
Bob_DoleNote: never mention How good something is performing when it usually performs like crap, it will start to perform like crap again. *local network speeds*06:08
Sarah_darlek: Is that really important? Already uninstalled it :-/06:12
x^code^xhi sarah06:12
darlekSarah, no that's okay06:12
darlekit conflicts with nm anyway06:12
vonapitude has a really neet and detailed interface06:12
Isak2Speech fully disabled.06:12
[T]ankso every computer in the network can resolve dns names except for my ubuntu machine. I can ping googles ip address... but not the name. I have the nameserver set to the routers ip which is how the rest of the computers are set up. What else do I need to look at?06:12
darlekSarah :: ps aux | grep -i network-manager-gnome (or without gnome), kill it, then rerun it from the command line.  If there are any errors it would then show up in the terminal06:12
Isak2Speech fully enabled.06:12
rikki_maxanyone know how to dual moniter nvidia geforce 6800 XT and nvidia TNT2 model 64/model 64 pro on ubuntu 8.10?06:12
MikeTheCHey all...06:12
darlekSarah; then pastebinit the terminal errors06:12
=== azfira is now known as twity
vonwhat irc client do you like the most06:12
Myrtti!best | von06:12
ubottuvon: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:12
* x^code^x off setengah jam..mo makan dl bos..06:12
parker-fcnyucan anybody help me through some network issues?  when i try to connect wireless, i get plenty of signal and i SHOULD be connecting, but it doesn't work anywhere.  i checked my dns settings, they're all fine i think.  when i /etc/init.d/networking restart, it sometimes says "Ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan0".  any ideas?06:12
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: are you in Gnome/KDE/xfce?06:12
parker-fcnyualso: this is new.  for a long time everything was working completely fine06:12
SmithKurosakiparker-fcnyu: is your radio off06:12
parker-fcnyuMyrtti, Gnome06:12
parker-fcnyuSmithKurosaki, i don't believe so!06:12
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:12
=== Lint02 is now known as Lint01
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: instead fo /etc/init/networking, try restarting NetworkManager06:12
Sarah_darlek: I have to restart to get the nm working again. And... it's quite late here. So I'm probably coming back tomorrow. Many thanks for your help.06:13
parker-fcnyuMyrtti, what's the best way to do that?  just killing the process and restarting it?06:13
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart06:13
parker-fcnyuoh, that's easy enough.06:13
brunnerI love that Xorg is eating half my CPU for no apparent reason06:14
parker-fcnyuat the same time as this problem started (inexplicably) i also started getting system hangs, wherein the caps-lock led flashed, and even the magic sysrq keys wouldn't fix it.  think that might be related?06:14
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: if that doesn't help, then would you pastebin what your "sudo lshw -c network" outputs06:15
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: could be06:15
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: (I trust you can use pastebin)06:15
parker-fcnyuok, Myrtti , i'm going to try that.  i'll be back in this room in a few!06:15
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
parker-fcnyuMyrtti, you betca.06:15
parker-fcnyuer, betcha06:15
SmithKurosakiparker-fcnyu: ive just had the same issue before06:15
parker-fcnyuSmithKurosaki, Oh?  how did you resolve it?06:15
relentlessdoes anyone know how to ipod+linxu?06:15
brunneris there any way to figure out why that's happening?06:15
kindofabuzzhaving problems with Jockey. It just scans for available drivers forever and then does nothing06:15
AnacranomMyrtti, shouldnt that be    "sudo lshw -C network"06:15
rikki_maxrelentless: u can use sync ur music with rhythmbox06:16
SmithKurosakiit was a while ago, but it was weird because my radio was off, and was still picking up some of the signals, but it wasnt consistant enough06:16
relentlessrikki_max: I mean put the linux OS on an Ipod06:16
MyrttiAnacranom: works either way in my jaunty06:16
rikki_maxoh yeah it can be done06:16
relentlessI dont know how06:16
relentlessMaybe in PM you can show me?06:16
rikki_maxjust use ur ipod as a usb drive06:16
relentlessipodlinux.org is down06:16
rikki_maxwell idk my self but i am sure there is a great tut on how to06:17
AnacranomMyrtti, the --help shows the diff...06:17
rikki_maxbut i belive the easiest way would be to take out ur hdd06:17
parker-fcnyuMyrtti, restarting NetworkManager didn't seem to work.  i'll pastebin the command, but is it -c or -C?06:17
rikki_maxand install the os06:17
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: try -C06:18
darlek!ja | darlek06:18
ubottudarlek, please see my private message06:18
kindofabuzzhaving problems with Jockey. It just scans for available drivers forever and then does nothing06:18
WIGGMPkIn File Management Preferences on the Media tab, selecting different type of blank disc's does not allow me to select and application to handle it "No applications found" is greyed out. Its also the same way for Photos and Software.06:18
MyrttiAnacranom: output doesn't look any different...06:18
parker-fcnyuMyrtti, this is -C: http://pastebin.com/d766148f206:19
AlexKpowDoes anyone know anything about why event sounds won't play?06:19
darlekAlexKpow: try setting alsa or other drivers in system prefs sound and see if it changes06:21
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:21
sillycat98Could anyone tell me how to fix flickering videos in ubuntu 9.04? I upgraded from 8.10 using the alternate cd.06:21
sillycat98I also can't get RuneScape HD to work now, but it did before.06:22
kindofabuzzok got jockey working, now it says it's downloading and installing driver but been on %0 for 5 minutes now06:22
AlexKpowQuestion, is the Sound capture: test supposed to make the beeping noise?06:22
sillycat98Does anyone know how I can fix flickering videos in ubuntu 9.04? I've noticed that almost all videos flicker black lines when playing.06:23
intxwhat's ubuntu's default root password?06:24
sillycat98I've heard from a few people that it's an OpenGL problem.06:24
lstarnesintx: there isn't one06:24
lstarnesintx: root is locked by default06:24
intxlstarnes: /etc/shadow seems to indicate there is one06:24
AlexKpowYeah, changing to ASLA doesn't do anything, I still don't hear event sounds. It used to make my internal speaker beep until I removed the driver with a tutorial I found online06:24
tiyowansillycat98: Maybe try turning Compiz off?06:24
sillycat98You can enable root under login window i think.06:24
lstarnesintx: I think that's an invalid hash06:24
Piciintx: The 'hash' in /etc/shadow for root is invalid06:24
intxah, so it's random. good to know.06:24
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: looks like it should work, weird.06:25
intxor invalid rather :P06:25
Piciintx: Actually, its made up of characters that could never be present in a real hash06:25
parker-fcnyuMyrtti, I agree!  everything seems like it's working except... it's not!06:25
intxis it the same in every install? or is it generated randomly?06:25
darlekAlexKpow: only if a sound has already been assigned.  If it's blank then no sound can play as there is no association.  Click the "Sounds" tab and hit the play buttons beside each sound.  Try the defaults06:25
parker-fcnyuMyrtti, or anybody else, i suppose: going forward, what can i do about this?  can i pay for support somewhere?06:26
AlexKpowdarlek: pressing the play button does work06:26
parker-fcnyu(i may just reinstall, but i'd like to avoid doing that until october if possible.06:26
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: have you asked on the forums yet?06:26
parker-fcnyuno, not yet.06:27
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: try that then, you might find some help there, and the thread is easy to refer to when/if coming back to IRC06:27
orbit_hi guys can anyone help me pls06:27
sillycat98Can't seem to get compiz to disable, what's the right command?06:27
Myrtti!ask | orbit_06:27
ubottuorbit_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:27
orbit_ok thanks06:28
darlekAlexKpow: ok, so you hear the basic stuff then... I tried a few myself and not all are on, just alerts and logins06:28
parker-fcnyualright, Myrtti .  I've avoided doing that thus far because of the effort compiling everything, but i suppose i should do that...06:28
=== kenapa is now known as luai
Myrttiparker-fcnyu: the odds are you don't have to recompile a thing06:28
orbit_im using acer 6935G but after installing ubuntu my sound card is not working anyone know how to solve ?06:29
AlexKpowdarlek: I used to get an internal beep from pressing backspace too many times, does that have an alert sound associated with it?06:29
tiyowanhelp /sb06:29
parker-fcnyuMyrtti, alright, I'm going to put a thread together right now.  Thanks for the help!06:29
orbit_im using acer 6935G but after installing ubuntu my sound card is not working anyone know how to solve ? or is able to guide me where else can i find help06:30
darlekAlexKpow: don't know about that06:30
darlekmight be in a theme package06:30
AlexKpowdarlek: Oh well, I'll live without them06:31
=== G_ is now known as vhiie
darlekme too ;)06:31
AlexKpowI've got another question, when I boot from GRUB, it sits at the "Starting up..." screen for like 25 seconds06:32
AlexKpowIt doesn't do that when I boot to Windows, though06:32
sillycat98Disabling compiz seems to have worked. Thank you tiyowan, do you think that reinstalling compiz through apt-get would help?06:32
orbit_i got a question i'm using acer 6935G but after installing ubuntu my sound card is not working anyone know how to solve ? or is able to guide me where else can i find help06:32
sillycat98I can't help it, I like the atlantis plugin and I do not wish to abandon it.06:32
darlekAlexKpow: that's true.  in 8.10 the login sound was on time with the login window, but in Jaunty it lags or sometimes doesn't play06:33
dsdeizhow to change gdm using the terminal? :S06:33
tiyowansillycat98: I'm highly doubtful that doing that will fix the problem. Best thing is to switch off compiz for when you need to watch video, and then switch back otherwise.06:34
alex_there is a nice program for that called compiz-switch06:34
AlexKpowdarlek: the login sounds seems to work fine06:34
alex_you can put it on your desktop or your quick launch and just click it to turn compiz on or off06:35
sillycat98I'll look into it then, thank you for all the help tiyowan and alex06:35
tiyowansillycat98: I'd install the app alex_ mentioned, to make it convenient.06:35
tiyowansillycat98: Glad to be of help.06:35
alex_sillycat98: It is no longer in Synaptic as far as I know, but I know you can google it06:35
sillycat98Is that app available through the add programs menu alex?06:35
dsdeizanyone? :D06:36
alex_sillycat98: you can download a .deb and it will install the package for you06:36
darlekAlexKpow: I'm guessing themes has more information about locations and settings.  Although you're not doing themes, those links might have more data for you06:36
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy06:36
mattksInstalled all the gstreamer plugins, but I'm still not getting mp3s playback06:36
alex_sillycat98: Here is where I got it http://forlong.blogage.de/entries/pages/Compiz-Switch06:37
darlekAlexKpow: but maybe not, it's just a guess06:37
sillycat98Installed and working, thank you so much alex and tiyowan06:39
PeddyHow could I list files by date in the terminal?06:41
Gautamcan you please tell me how to install Eclipse IDE on ubuntu Intrepid  8.1006:41
darlekmattks, how about cli mp3 programs like mpg321 or mplayer, do they play?06:41
Pupuser402use synaptic06:41
darlekPeddy: ls -lat the t switch sorts by modification time, might that help?06:42
Peddythanks darlek, I'll try that06:42
darlekalso man sort06:43
ottothecowcan anyone help me with a quick sed command?06:43
Gautamplease tell me how to install Eclipse IDE on ubuntu Intrepid  8.1006:43
darlekpeddy ;; you can pipe the output to sort as well06:43
darlekPeddy :: ls -la | sort -nr  means sort by numeric thus by date, and r for reverse.06:44
alex_Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of Catalyst Control Center? lol... It's multiple monitor support sucks =(06:44
darlekPeddy, or maybe that's sort by size.. can't remember06:44
Brandoni know i did this once or twice but i was able to see files from my windows on my ubunut how do i do it?06:45
Brandonits /host/ right?06:45
kindofabuzzi can't get Jockey working. i keep getting Sorry, the Jockey backend crashed. any ideas?06:45
rpaddockHow would you go about changing the gnome-panel font color?06:45
_user_does any one knows any 2d games with high quality graphics on ubuntu06:47
relentless_user_: troll06:47
TeenySHAD0WI rebooted and my panels are gone.  Can someone tell me how to start that manually?06:48
_user_relentless, troll is the game ?06:48
darlek_user_ :: mahjong with tiles.. the tiles are sweet06:48
billybigrigger_user_::: teeworld is a good fun 2d game06:48
mattksthanks darlek trying that now06:48
_user_did any one played world of goo06:48
SmithKurosakiTeenySHAD0W: if you are running gnome, type gnome-panel &06:48
_user_i want womething like world of goo06:49
TeenySHAD0WSmithKurosaki, thanks.  How do I pull up a shell window?06:49
tiyowan_user: World of Goo is pretty unique.06:49
TeenySHAD0WBlah.  Can06:49
tiyowan_user_: Frozen Bubble is a good one to pass the time. :)06:49
_user_like space games on dos or windows i want some games with high graphics quality  for ubuntu06:49
TeenySHAD0W't even switch windows.06:50
TeenySHAD0Wbbiab - maybe06:50
SmithKurosakihit ctrl+alt+f106:50
_user_tiyowan, yes its nice but i want another game ?:)06:50
SmithKurosakilogin and type06:50
SmithKurosaki_user_: install wine and install steam through wine06:50
tiyowan_user_: www.linuxgames.com06:51
_user_SmithKurosaki, i prefer ope source games06:51
Ameris there a way to play WoW on ubuntu 9.05 ?06:51
Ameryep, lol06:51
_user_tiyowan, thank you i will see it now06:51
Pici!wine | Amer06:52
ubottuAmer: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:52
TeenySHAD0WSmithKurosaki, no joy.06:52
tiyowanAmer: Wine.06:52
_user_is there a site that contains all games for linux and cateogrize them into archad puzzle etc...06:52
* x^code^x we back ..!!!06:53
AmerI thought I heard blizzard came up with an update to disable wine players way before06:53
kindofabuzzwow i see plenty of Jaunty Jockey bug reports but no fixes. =(06:53
AmerI'm not sure, it was a long time ago06:53
relentlessWhy not just diables jockey uintil fix :/06:53
=== darlek_ is now known as darlek
kindofabuzzrelentless, i need to install the b43 drivers06:54
tiyowan_user_: happypenguin.org. Search on google - you'll find many links.06:54
relentlesskindofabuzz: Im sorry I dont use computers that cost more than my car, You are going to have to tell me what drivers that is for.06:54
relentlessbtw my car was 20006:54
kindofabuzzrelentless, lol what?06:55
TeenySHAD0Wpanel launched, something's still wrong with the ui.  can't resize or select windows, window selection in the panel isn't there...06:55
TeenySHAD0Wno alt-tab...06:55
kindofabuzzrelentless, it's for broadcom based wireless cards06:55
SmithKurosakiwell, thats all i can really think of06:55
tiyowanAmer: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=1922 - WoW using Wine.06:55
relentlessWell, Most drivers that are in Jockey are out on google...06:56
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:56
relentless^ or there06:56
=== hunt_ is now known as huntxu
alex_I'm having more problems with 9.04 than I did with 8.10 =\ less stuff works lol06:57
sudobashlike what?06:57
alex_Wireless card, dual monitors and my sound all stopped working with 9.04 lol =\06:57
ProfOakDoes anyone know or use the site jisho.org?06:58
sudobashwhere you using ndiswrapper for wifi?06:58
darlekyes i use jisho06:58
alex_Um... honestly? I just plugged it in and clicked on my wireless connection before =P06:59
ProfOakyou know how you can see kanji details? Well in Windows it has two font faces, and in linux the first font face goes away. I'm just wondering how to get it back.06:59
darlekProfOak:  can you give me an example to look up?  I've only used Linux with jisho, so I'm lacking the comparison07:00
Amer22:55 < tiyowan> Amer: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=1922 - WoW using Wine.07:00
Amer22:55 < tiyowan> Amer: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=1922 - WoW using Wine.07:00
darlekProfOak: are you saying you can't see the text or that only the font is different?07:00
tiyowanAmer: :)07:00
Amerwhy isn't the "/msg" working for me ?07:01
ProfOakI can see the kanji text, I just want to have the other font because it makes the kanji more clear to me.07:01
AmerI'm using irssi on windows07:01
AmerI like the text based clients.. lol07:02
relentlessAmer: You are using windows..07:02
=== navetz_ is now known as navetz
TeenySHAD0Wj #gnome07:03
ProfOakdarlek: if it's not an easy fix, just forget about it. It's merely more convenient to see it in it's other font.07:03
=== joshthecoder is now known as joshthecoder_afk
darlekProfOak: you might need the font in kanji and then jisho might select it rather than the current one.  but you'd have to know which one.  lots to choose from!!07:04
crono5788Hello, I am having trouble figuring out which volume dial I need to use to get my audio input to... record again. It was working fine, then I pressed a bunch of buttons in the Volume Control applet and broke it and now I am very confused07:05
darlekProfOak: it's probably just defaulting to whatever is available07:05
TeenySHAD0Wokay.  gnome simply isn't starting up right.07:05
sudobashamer try /query07:05
ProfOakdarlek: Good idea, I'll check the HTML doc for fontface names07:06
bluewookhow do i access an NAS externally in ubuntu?07:06
darlekProfOak: let me know if it works!  I'd be interested to see the difference07:07
iivvhelp! i would ask my question in #kubuntu but i can't because i'm on a proxy irc07:08
soaalguna de ZARAGOZA?07:08
iivvi need to switch to the kwin window manager, but how?07:09
iivvi'm in compiz, but it crashed07:09
iivvis there a way through system settings to switch from compiz back to kwin?07:09
songerI'm new here07:09
toypilotI tried to install kubuntu once... left that system back in a graveyard after that. :p07:10
songerI'm Tring to instal limewire07:10
songer but my Installaytion ain't progress07:11
sudobashbluewook what kind of platform is the NAS on?07:11
bluewooksudobash: as far as ftp/smb or whatever is concerned or07:12
SeverianHowdy.  Are there any Ubuntu One users out there who would send me an invite?07:12
bluewookit has both07:12
sudobashsudo apt-get install smbfs07:12
sydneyguyHail all07:12
sudobashsudo apt-get install samba07:12
sudobashif you want to be able to share yourself07:13
bluewooksudobash: yeah i want to be able to like go around to the coffee shop and still access what is on my NAS07:13
sudobashGoto Places->Network or Connect to Server if you have IO07:13
bluewooki can access it perfectly fine07:13
bluewookat my LAN07:13
songerwhat can I do? if my installation can't progress07:13
sudobashyou would have to use some type of ftp or tunnel07:13
sudobashvpn maybe?07:13
bluewookoh really07:14
sudobashthere are a whole bunch of ways07:14
toypilotVNC over ssh tunnel07:14
toypiloteasiest way07:14
bluewookhow would i go about doing that07:14
toypilotdownload putty07:14
clienthello all07:14
clientnick Apekjongoss07:14
=== client is now known as Apekjongoss
toypilotthen connect to your server over port 2207:15
toypilothave to open up ports in of course07:15
sudobashVNC byself should suffice but tunnel just makes it secure07:15
Apekjongossany malay here in07:15
toypilotin putty, in your connection you can create a tunnel over ports 5900, 590107:15
toypilotthen you connect to localhost with vnc client07:15
bluewooktoypilot: i set my ftp port differently would i have to adjust that then07:15
sudobashif you are already using 22 yes07:16
sup3rs3niori am having a hard time configuring proftpd in ubuntu server 9.0407:16
sudobashor change the ssh port07:16
toypilotftp and ssh are different07:16
sudobashssh Secure SHell07:16
songerI need help I'm tring to install limewire but my installation can't progress07:16
sudobashftp File Transfer proto07:16
sudobashsonger did you install wine?07:16
sudobashsudo apt-get install wine07:17
sup3rs3niorwhat is a good ftp server package?07:17
toypilotbut ftp not needed07:17
Severiansup3rs3nior, vsftp07:17
sudobashthen try and run your little limewire app07:17
toypilotunless you want to lock a user into a certain directory07:17
dagleesI have 4GB of RAM and my ubuntu system is not really fast07:17
tiyowanProtocol confusion.07:17
sudobashdagless go to system-> administration-> services07:17
toypilotbut bluewook, I will get you a tutorial07:17
sup3rs3niorprogtp or vsftp.. i cant find vsftp and i already have proftp installed07:17
bluewookhaha great i appreciate that07:18
toypilotor just google, VNC over SSH tunnel07:18
sudobashand take off what is not needed like bluetooth if you don't have bluetooth etc...07:18
sudobashvisual assistant07:18
Severiansup3rs3nior, vsftpd is in the ubuntu repositories.07:18
toypilottheres loads of VNC servers you can use07:18
bluewooki'll try google first and come to you if i can't find something useful07:18
sup3rs3niorcan i use apt get to install it?07:18
dagleessudobash, ok, I'll take a look at that07:18
bluewookthanks toypilot and sudobash07:18
toypilotworst part is setting the ports, but you can connect without SSH, but its bad... anyone can snoop your password. The SSH makes sure your connecting over an encrypted session07:19
sudobashsudo apt-get install vsftpd07:19
mobi-sheep!limewire | songer07:19
ubottusonger: limewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install !Java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider !FrostWire as an alternative.07:19
Severiansup3rs3nior, yes.  Uninstall proftpd first.  Otherwise they will both be trying to use the same ports by default.07:19
songer how can instal java?07:19
dagleesYeah I had already disabled unecessary services07:19
dagleesI run Eclipse. LAMP, Virtual Box though07:20
toypilotsynaptic and search JRE07:20
dagleesThose are heavy apps07:20
toypilotJave Runtime environment07:20
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
sudobashthere is also system->preferences -> Startup Apps07:20
sup3rs3niorok i removed proftp and installed vsftp.. now the hard part.. where is the config file?07:20
mobi-sheepsonger: Check limewire site.  Is there a *.deb file you can get it from?07:20
dagleesStartup apps I didn't check07:20
songeryes I did thta07:21
toypilotSSH has sftp07:21
tiyowandaglees: top cmd to monitor your memory usage.07:21
quibblersonger-> look here: http://www.limewire.com/download/?os=linux07:21
mobi-sheep!frostwire | songer07:21
ubottusonger: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire07:21
sudobashdagless also make sure the inside of your pc is healthy especially the heatsink and fan07:21
Severiansup3rs3nior, /etc/vsftpd.conf07:22
sudobashvsftpd config07:22
songeryes I did that open with GDebi package07:23
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sup3rs3niorproftp asked me if i wanted it standalone or not, but vsftp did not.. what is its default?07:24
robtp whats the difference in ccsm between horiz vsize and number of desktops?07:25
zirodayrobtp: number of desktops is calculated by doing horizontal*vertical, you don't need to change that slider unless all the desktops you defined are not appering07:25
robtpziroday, thanks07:25
zirodayrobtp: also if you're using the cube then you can only have 1 vertical :)07:26
p1oooop1horray, I got the open source drivers and they work GREAT07:26
robtpare there prebuilt packages for the grid plugin for compiz?07:26
achilleshello dears, I have ubuntu Intrepid, I installed ati catalyst contron center, and that ruined my graphics system, I have ATI Inc Radeon X1400 chip. how can I reconfigure the settings ?07:26
zirodayrobtp: yes, that option is in ccsm07:27
robtpachilles, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:27
p1oooop1!reconfigure | achilles07:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about reconfigure07:27
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution07:27
Titan8990robtp, that command actually configures everything BUT the video card07:27
p1oooop1aww, I was close07:27
songerhow can I close package installer?07:27
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:27
robtpziroday, awesome, thanks! i was building it from source for months07:27
Titan8990robtp, it needs something like -phigh <--- incorrect but similar07:28
robtpTitan8990, oops, sorry :P07:28
sup3rs3niorinetd is fine for a small "project" ftp server right?07:28
zirodayrobtp: have fun07:28
songeri can close it07:28
zirodaysonger: is the window frozen?07:28
p1oooop1achilles: what do you mean by "reconfigure"07:28
fccfTitan8990:  -phigh is the correct passing07:28
Titan8990fccf, sweet, I remembered07:28
songer I was tring to instal limewire but de installation Can't progress so07:28
songer I closed it07:29
fccfsonger - try using frostwire07:29
dragonlinuxhey all07:29
p1oooop1achilles: hello, are you there?07:29
fccfor better yet bittorrent07:29
dragonlinuxim try8ing to compile an eggdrop buts its saying no tcl found07:29
songerwhre is that?07:29
dragonlinuxhow do i install tcl that the compiler needs in 9.04?07:29
mobi-sheep!torrent | songer07:29
ubottusonger: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P07:29
ubottuPeer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information07:30
fccf!frostwire | songer07:30
ubottusonger: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire07:30
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P07:30
robtpdragonlinux, tcl-dev07:30
dragonlinuxah ok t07:30
dragonlinuxer thanks07:31
zirodaydragonlinux: there are eggdrop packages in the repo, why are you compiling it from source?07:31
bluewooktoypilot: what do you suggest i use for a VNC client07:31
robtpdragonlinux: in general, *-dev are the libraries required for building software07:31
sup3rs3niorCan I change the default directory for vsftp?07:31
songerBut if ain't close the window07:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wee07:32
ziroday!fishing > p1oooop107:32
ubottup1oooop1, please see my private message07:32
eleiteAnyone know if 9.04 comes with Alsa already?07:32
zirodayeleite: jaunty comes with alsa preinstalled, yes07:33
mattgyverIs there anyone available that could assist me with some questions reguarding bash scripting?07:33
p1oooop1ok, sorry :D07:33
bullgard4Ubuntu 8.04.2 installed 15 DEB program packages having 'avahi' in their names. Will the deletion of them limit my capabilities to receive multimedia programs from the Internet?07:33
dragonlinuxnow it needs the zlib compression libary. is that just apt-get install zlib ?07:33
songerI can't do anything07:33
p1oooop1just so fun browsing through his/her brain07:33
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zirodaybullgard4: not from the internet as avahi only finds applications in your LAN07:33
zirodaydragonlinux: why are you compiling eggdrop from source?07:34
bluewooktoypilot: alternatively since the NAS has FTP couldn't i just use that instead of having to vnc tunnel or07:34
fccfmattgyver:  There are appx 1300 people logged in to this chat -- ask your question and if someone knows the ansber they will respond to it07:34
zirodaymattgyver: #bash or here :)07:34
eleiteziroday: so i just need to configure alsa now? i'm totally new with alsa.07:34
dragonlinuxziroday, because the default settings are incompatible with the other bots on the network07:34
eleiteziroday: i'm trying to get my ht omega claro soundcard to work07:34
dragonlinuxi need a nicklen of 3207:34
dragonlinuxdefault is 907:34
p1oooop1!alsa | eleite07:34
ubottueleite: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:34
zirodayeleite: alsa should be already configured, unfortunately I have no idea about that sound card sorry07:34
zirodaydragonlinux: okay, and you can't change that in the .conf file?07:34
bullgard4ziroday: Ok. Thank you.07:35
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:35
eleitep1oooop1: thanks07:35
dragonlinuxziroday, no. its a flag set before compiling in the source code07:35
mattgyverwhen i run; echo ${string:40} it results in a bad substitution error, does anyone know why im receiving this, it appears to be the correct syntax.07:35
dragonlinuxhmm there is no zlib-dev ?07:35
p1oooop1eleite: np, :D07:35
sup3rs3niorWhere can I find more in-depth help about setting up a ftp server?07:35
zirodaydragonlinux: okay, in that case a neat trick is doing sudo apt-get build-dep eggdrop which will install all the dependencies for eggdrop07:35
achillesp1oooop, sorry, I'm there07:35
p1oooop1achilles: LOL, NP07:36
dragonlinuxziroday, oh nice. but it wont actually install the wrong eggdrop right?07:36
achillesp1oooop, reconfigure the xserver didn't help07:36
p1oooop1I was watching DVD anyway07:36
fccfeleite: I would look at the alsa compatibility chart - I am not sure if your card is supported --- google: ALSA compatibility07:36
zirodaydragonlinux: nope, just the build dependencies as listed for it07:36
achillesp1oooop, I don't mean anything specific :) I just need my X again :)07:36
p1oooop1achilles: you having prblems with ati drivers on what version of ubuntu?07:36
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution07:36
songerit says  only one sofware management too is allowed to run at the same time07:37
robtpwhy doesnt deskbar save and highlight the last search term?07:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xforceves07:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xforcevesa07:37
p1oooop1achilles: I suspect your problem lies with the ATI drives and not the x server07:37
songerhow can i close de window of package installer?07:37
achillesp1oooop, yeah I think so, do you mean reinstalling the driver ?07:37
fccfsongerL check to see that the update manager isn't running, or apt-get or any other package managment - Gdebi? or aptitude07:38
robtpsonger: click the x - what do you mean?07:38
p1oooop1achilles: what version of ubuntu are you running on?07:38
songerit  can't close07:38
achillesp1oooop, Jaunty07:38
p1oooop1achilles: I believe the proprietary ATI drivers do not work with jaunty07:38
achillesp1oooop, hmm ..07:38
p1oooop1achilles: the last time I tried them, I had the same problem07:39
robtpp1oooop: they work for me? i think07:39
SkyNetMasterhi, it seams that ksuspend usbd have hold of my usb port, how do I get it released? I cant access that port now07:39
songermy installation ain' progress so I closed07:39
p1oooop1robtp: they work for some people, not me...07:39
fccfsonger: If it wont close go to System>Administrator>System Moniter>  Look in processes for gdebi and end that process07:39
achillesp1oooop, it was working, tell I installed that stupid ati catalyst control center07:39
p1oooop1achilles: ahh, I see07:40
darleksonger: : check it with ps aux | grep -i thepackagemanagername, then kill it ... or run top hit, 'k' and type the process number, then 9,07:40
robtpachilles: what about aticonfig for rebuildng?07:40
tiyowanachilles: Is this an X1400 Mobility Radeon?07:40
p1oooop1achilles: you'd probably wanna go open source for now ;)07:40
achillestiyowan, yes exactly07:40
darlekoh a menu option, thanks fccf, i didn't know that one haha..  cli forever07:41
tiyowanachilles: Hmm, the proprietary drives don't work with Jaunty? I'm asking because I need to do an upgrade on a laptop with that card. :)07:41
p1oooop1achilles: meh, proprietary drivers... they're not free to mess around with :D07:41
achillesp1oooop,  aticonfig says : No Supported adapters detected"07:41
* x^code^x lg upload lagu2 festival rock se-indonesia...metaaaalll07:41
p1oooop1achilles: then perhaps they "dropped" your GPU07:42
fccfdarlek: I am too lazy to learn everything in bash - and it was faster than opening a terminal and running top07:42
achillesp1oooop, but how it was working .. I'm wondering07:42
p1oooop1achilles: I remember there is a guide to uninstalling VIA terminal07:42
SkyNetMasterany ideas how to brake usb port free?07:42
p1oooop1achilles: it was probably working on the drivers that were there...07:43
robtpSkyNetMaster: which port is it?07:43
darlekfccf ... really? my menus don't work that fast.. easier with tilda to popup a terminal then popout07:43
SkyNetMasterrobtp, it is usb port,07:43
relentlessI just put linux on my Ipod07:43
SkyNetMasterrobtp, it is busy for some reason and I cant access it07:43
relentlessipodlinux > Apple Os07:43
p1oooop1achilles: then, you installed the prop. drivers that killed your x server07:43
eleitehow do i bring up the synaptic package manager?07:44
whatvnrelentless: MacOS !=Linux07:44
relentlessThe coolest part is I can watch vids on my 1g ipod nano07:44
eleitenevermind :)07:44
zirodayeleite: System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager?07:44
relentlesswhatvn: fail07:44
p1oooop1achilles: I recommend booting into recovery mode, using the web-enabled terminal and removing the drivers07:44
robtpSkyNetMaster: its busy so you cant swuspend?07:44
eleiteziroday: yep thanks07:44
Titan8990relentless, unix, yes07:44
fccfdarlek:  I guess I am spoiled - I am using my server via VNC from my laptop and it si still faster than cli07:44
relentlessTitan8990: Its a linux kernel07:45
SkyNetMasterrobtp, I saw that ksuspend had that port, so I killed it, but I m still unable to access it07:45
ziroday!offtopic | relentless07:45
ubotturelentless: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:45
fccfdarlek: 4 gigs of ram and dual processors help07:45
sup3rs3niorhas anyone configured vsftp before?07:45
robtpalso - do people use deskbar and gnome-do complementarily? or do they serve the same function?07:45
p1oooop1achilles: one way to remove is sudo apt-get remove xorg-driver-fglrx07:45
darlekfccf...sweet... I'm just happy I've been able to install ubuntu 8 times on this computer... a PIII lappy with 512MB.. doing fine in Jaunty!!07:45
Gamarok__i prefer alt+f2 than gnome07:46
robtpGamarok__: you mean alt+f2 instead of either of thoes?07:46
Gamarok__*gnome do07:46
fccfdarlekL Been there - still have 2 servers with that config, running for 3 years now07:46
sup3rs3niorCould someone at least point me to a good vsftp walk-through?07:47
Severiansup3rs3nior, I don't know of one.  What is the problem?07:47
tiyowansup3rs3nior: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/ftp-server-walkthrough-117431/ ?07:48
songerdarlek how can I make this symbol?07:48
sup3rs3niorI cant make much sense of the config file..07:48
Severiansup3rs3nior, There is very little in it you need to change.07:48
Kartagissup3rs3nior, http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/enterprise/RHEL-3-Manual/ref-guide/s1-ftp-vsftpd-conf.html too07:48
fccfsonger - shift and the button above enter07:48
darlekfccf ... cool.  I started with Breezy Badger and haven't looked back.  I'm happy it's the software no the hardware that's the focus.  As long as the MB lasts I guess..07:48
darleksonger, do you mean "pipe"?  It's about the Enter key, shift \07:49
darlekMB = motherboard07:49
fccfdarlek: those 2 servers have been through 3 hurricanes07:49
Severiansup3rs3nior, I am starting up my ftp machine and I can go over setting with you.07:49
darlekfccf.  damn that's very cool.  too bad there are no commercials out there on this stuff :(07:50
sup3rs3niorok, the reason i need ftp access to my server is so i can set up notepad++ with it07:50
fccfdarlek: more people know about ubuntu than you would think07:50
robtpanyone - gnome-do vs deskbar?07:51
p1oooop1hey, would you guys believe me if I said I was 14 and using ubuntu fluently?07:51
robtpcurious how people use each?07:51
zirodayrobtp: I use gnome-do07:51
sup3rs3niori need to: 1. Set up a user, and 2. Set the dir to /var/www07:51
zirodayp1oooop1: yes07:51
whatvnp1oooop1: who care? :-p07:51
eleiteanyone have any luck with Hulu using firefox?07:51
p1oooop1ziroday: LOL07:51
p1oooop1whatvn: :D07:51
fccfsonger: shift and \07:51
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p1oooop1I have to totally agree07:52
songeryhat symbol but vertical07:52
fccfsonger shift and \ makes |07:52
Severiansup3rs3nior, You setup the user like you setup any user on the computer.07:52
p1oooop1anyone know a good factual editor for ubuntu?07:53
sup3rs3nior/usr/sbin adduser?07:53
tiyowanwhatvn: Eloquent.07:53
Severiansup3rs3nior, Why would an ftp server duplicate the functionality of user management.  That would be odd.07:54
robtpelectro: yeah - have no problems07:54
fccf!ask | filippo07:54
p1oooop1sup3rs3nior: no, something else07:54
ubottufilippo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:54
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filippoitaly mmmm07:54
bullgard4Whre can I find a comprehensive introduction to ALSA?07:54
p1oooop1bullgard4: it's kinda implicit subject...07:55
fccf!alsa | bullgard407:55
ubottubullgard4: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:55
p1oooop1that works ^^07:55
sup3rs3niorcould i use my regular user to access via ftp?07:55
Severiansup3rs3nior, Are you doing everything through the command line as an excercise?  Or, do you only have ssh access?   You can setup the user with adduser, sure.  Then, you need to set its home directory to /var/www and the shell to /bin/null07:55
sup3rs3niorssh access07:55
p1oooop1sup3rs3nior: you can always do remote desktop :D07:56
Severiansup3rs3nior, I don't know what you are asking at the end, there.07:56
sup3rs3niorno gui lol07:56
fccffilippo goto #ubuntu-it in italia07:56
sup3rs3niorubuntu server07:56
p1oooop1sup3rs3nior: you can always install GUI and use remote desktop :D07:56
FabParmaI just installed Ubuntu on my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro M10. Everytyng it's fine a part the reboot. When I reboot Ubuntu, the system still blocked for hours wit black screen. To reeboot Ubuntu I have to press the poer butto for 4 seconds to switch off and then press once to start. Is there some fix about that?07:57
sup3rs3niori think a gui would slow it down..07:57
Severiansup3rs3nior, then, use adduser.  But, I don't know where you set the home directory and shell.07:57
p1oooop1sup3rs3nior: true07:57
p1oooop1sup3rs3nior: you can configure it only to start on your command07:57
p1oooop1sup3rs3nior: :D07:57
sup3rs3niorso vsftp does not manage users and home directories for ftp access only?07:57
Severiansup3rs3nior, Whether to have a gui or not is your decision.  I like to setup a lightweight one like openbox on servers.07:57
p1oooop1sup3rs3nior: just trying to help :D07:58
sup3rs3niorfor example, if i installed filezilla server on a windows machine, i use filezilla to set up users.. in vsftp, i go about this in a different way?07:59
Severiansup3rs3nior, vsftpd lets you configure user access in two ways.  You can decide whether to allow anonymous access and where that will be.  And you decide whether users can login to ftp.  For each class of user you decice whether they have read only access or read/write.  It is quite flexible.07:59
fccfSevenan: I use a full ubuntu gnome gui over VNC on my server - which has a head on it as well - works really well07:59
sup3rs3niorthis is all done through the config file, correct?08:00
pookyHello again, I have a short and to be honest stupid question,...yet again..I have this digital camera ( the Canon G9) And Well When I connect it to the laptop it doesn't work! the laptop doesn't want to recognize it! but when I use my cybershot (sony) it recognizes it!08:00
Severiansup3rs3nior, It sounds like filezilla is sloppy.  I doubt their user security is as strong as that built into Linux.08:00
Severiansup3rs3nior, most aspects are configured through the vsftpd.conf file.  User setup is done in the OS.08:01
tiyowanpooky: Your question isn't stupid - perhaps the Canon G9 isn't supported?08:01
protivvanyone know what package works well to play videos online like youtube?08:01
fccfpooky: that is a little wierd - But I would reccommend getting a usb card reader - you will be able to read the data of the card08:01
sup3rs3niorso use the "adduser" command?08:02
Gamarok__howdy fellas08:02
Severianfccf, I do that sometimes, too.  It depends on who will be accessing the server, how loaded I expect it to be and how I am feeling that day.  Gnome is not that bad a load for modern CPUs.08:02
pookyfccf, do you know how much does it cost aprox.?08:02
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash08:02
whatvnsup3rs3nior: read vsftp document08:02
pookyTiyowan, do you know a bypass to this?08:03
fccfpooky: I can get one for like $5US on ebay08:03
sup3rs3niorthe vsftp documentation was of no help08:03
towlie_im on ubuntu 7.10 (yea i know its old). if update manager it gives me the option to update to 8.04. is there a way to do something to upgrade to the newest version of ubuntu ?08:03
Severiansup3rs3nior, As I said multiple times before, that is yes.  But, I can't tell you offhand how to set the user shell and home directories for that user.08:03
whatvnsup3rs3nior: you didn't read carefully08:04
tiyowanpooky: I'd follow fccf's suggestion - instead of directly connecting the camera to your machine, take out the card and pop it in a reader.08:04
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Severiantowlie_, Yes, you upgrade to 8.04, then 8.10, then 9.0408:04
towlie_i cant directly upgrade08:04
fccftowlie: nope08:04
p1oooop1screensaver went beserk.08:04
myselfhow do I increase the max volume in ubuntu, alsamixer and volume control master volume are all maxed08:04
Severiantowlie_, Nope.  You could just install 9.04 and wipe the disk..  Backup what is important before hand and restore it.08:05
fccfmyself: are you using a laptop08:05
pookyfccf...I'm not  E-bay buyer...I'm very "anti" E-bay even if I've bought some stuff from them, it's just i don't think it's safe..,but anyway Ok I'll look for one.08:05
myselfno im not08:05
owen1i can't kill firefox with 'pkill firefox' any suggestions?08:05
songerI can' close GDpackage  I typed ps aux | grep -i thepackagemanagername08:05
towlie_Severian, the update quits suddenly with no error. wtf ?08:05
whatvnowen1: sudo killal -9 firefox08:05
songerand I gat this songer   14163  0.0  0.1   3336   880 pts/2    S+   23:59   0:00 grep -i thepackagemanagername08:05
pookyowenl, just do in command line firefox exist lol08:05
p1oooop1myself: what do you mean by increase max volume08:05
myselfits not loud enough08:05
myselfi want to be able to set it louder08:05
Severiantowlie_, I ignore questions with cursing in them.08:06
bluewookSeverian: i have a similar problem that sup3rs3nior had. I have an NAS with ftp/smb running, i have installed ssh, i have dyndns setup for my ip but i need to know how to connect to my NAS through the dyndns address08:06
Gamarok__guys whats the command for listing the running processec in a term08:06
p1oooop1myself: you able to adjust the volume?08:06
zirodaymyself: increased PCM volume?08:06
myselfits set to max08:06
sup3rs3niorwhatvn: vsftp documentation says nothing about adding a user..08:06
towlie_Severian, the update quits suddenly with no error. any idea why ?08:06
myselfits all to max08:06
sup3rs3nioradding a user is a shell thing..08:06
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p1oooop1myself: did you set to max on the device?08:06
myselfin alsamixer?08:06
Gamarok__guys whats the command for listing the running processec in a term08:06
fccfmyself: are you using powered speakers08:06
thelaughingmimecan some one help me with a samba share issue? for some reason my windows pc can only connect to the samba server as a guest account i want to set it so it prompts me for a username and pw08:06
owen1whatvn: thanks08:06
myselfeverything is set to max everywhere08:06
myselfim using headphones08:06
chuck_Gamarok__,  top08:06
myselfbut ive had it hella loud before its just not loud in ubuntu08:07
p1oooop1myself: no, the device that is plugged in (ex: speakers headphones)08:07
Gamarok__oh thanks chuck_08:07
whatvnsup3rs3nior: user belongs to OS08:07
myselfwhat about it08:07
sup3rs3niornow i have a new problem, when i ad a user, it wants to create a dir. when i tell it to use /var/www it says it already exists08:07
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myselfyes ofcoutrse08:07
pookyOh, another question, It's about my Ipod...Is there anything better than Floola?08:07
myselfwhat kind of question is that08:07
Severianbluewook, tell me more about your setup.  The nas box is behind a router, I assume.08:07
fccfthelaughingmime: you need to have the same u/p on both the win and ubuntu machine08:07
p1oooop1myself: IDK...08:07
bluewookSeverian: yes08:07
myselfim asking how you increase the max volume IN ubuntu08:07
myselfthere has to be a way08:07
p1oooop1myself: so, did you set to max in music player?08:07
thelaughingmimefccf thats how its set08:07
whatvnsup3rs3nior: man adduser08:08
thelaughingmimei even reinstalled windows to remove all the other user settings08:08
bluewookSeverian: i'm looking to be able to FTP through ssh so i can access it out of network, like from a coffee shop08:08
zirodaymyself: yes, you use the sound volume or alsamixer. If its all at the max then there is nothing more we can do08:08
protivvhow would I go about uninstalling Flash 10?08:08
bullgard4fccf: Thank you.08:08
p1oooop1myself: huh... thats kinda odd08:08
myselfwhy is there nothing you can do08:08
myselfwhy cant you set it higher, if i can set it higher on windows08:08
myselfwhats wrong with ubuntu08:08
fccfbullgard4: get what you needed"08:08
zirodaymyself: what sound card?08:08
zirodaymyself: also make sure you are playing the same audio/video file08:09
bullgard4fccf: No. That is no comprehensive introduction.08:09
Severianbluewook, The dyndns server is equating a dns name for the world to your ip address on the router.  What is it you want to have connected to the outside world?  Is it the ftp?08:09
myselfi am, well let me see08:09
myselfI have Realtek ALC88808:09
bluewookSeverian: yes i want to be able to access my NAS over FTP from the dyndns08:09
pookyWhat programm do you use for Ipodon Xubuntu?08:09
chuck_bullgard4, try this http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Main_Page08:09
fccfbullgard4: then why thank me? too much of an intro08:09
sup3rs3niorwhatvn: i read the man page as you suggested, but it says "if the directory does not exist, it will be created" which implies that if it does exist, it would use it..08:10
zirodaymyself: okay, and what does aplay -L show?08:10
protivvanyone on jaunty and youtube sound is working for them?08:10
bluewookSeverian: and through ssh08:10
=== faisal is now known as Linux_User
sup3rs3niorbut it doesnt want to use it..08:10
Severiantowlie_, I don't know why it would stop.  Sometimes, it is because it ran out of disk space.  I would try the upgrade from the command line.  It should give you better errors.08:10
towlie_how do i do it from the command line08:10
whatvnsup3rs3nior: you dont need to create home directory for vsftp user08:10
myselfziroday: http://pastebin.com/d527c8f7b08:11
songerI can't close GDebi08:11
fccfsonger: reboot08:11
Severianbluewook, We'll start with ftp.  Do you want to use the standard ports for ftp?  I'll assume yes for the moment.  You need to go into your router and setup forwarding rules for ports 20 and 21.08:11
sup3rs3niori was hoping to be able to access the /var/www folder via ftp.. does it need to be the home dir in order to access it via ftp?08:11
towlie_Severian,  how do i do it from the command line08:11
p1oooop1songer: did your try forceing?08:11
zirodaymyself: okay, that card is supported well. Make sure all the sliders are maxed out in alsamixer08:12
myselfeverything is maxed out08:12
songerhow Plooooopl?08:12
zirodaymyself: then there is nothing more we can do08:12
myselfhmm wait08:12
myselfno, actually08:12
p1oooop1songer: keep clicking the X08:12
myself"front" wasnt maxed out08:12
myselfthank u08:12
p1oooop1songer: :D08:12
FloodBot3myself: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:12
myselfits a little louder now08:12
bluewookSeverian: you assume correctly. i have them forwarded now.08:12
p1oooop1songer: eventually, a box will pop out asking you to force quit08:13
Severiantowlie_, apt-get something.  I'll look up specifics when I get a break.  Or, try googling for  upgrade version ubuntu command line.  I bet that finds the answer.08:13
whatvnsup3rs3nior: you can access a website place in /var/www but website admin didn't create a home directory for you08:13
FabParmaI just installed Ubuntu on my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro M10. Everytyng it's fine a part the reboot. When I reboot Ubuntu, the system still blocked for hours wit black screen. To reeboot Ubuntu I have to press the poer butto for 4 seconds to switch off and then press once to start. Is there some fix about that?08:13
fccfsup3rs3noir: openssh is an sftp server and can be accessed with filezilla via port 2208:13
sup3rs3niori am the admin.. =(08:13
myselfwhat does "FRONT" mean in alsamixer anyway?08:13
fccfsup3rs3nior: and really easy to setup08:13
whatvnsup3rs3nior: keep reading08:13
Severianbluewook, If you want to forward ssh, it is similar.  If you use the standard ports, it is port 22.08:13
p1oooop1myself: who knows :D08:13
achillesp1oooop, did it, didn't work also. sorry for late message ;)08:14
p1oooop1myself: ahh, that probably means the front speakers08:14
sup3rs3niorwhatvn: i think i missed something you said..08:14
achillesp1oooop, I do in recovery mode08:14
bluewookSeverian: i want to forward my current computer's ip or the NAS ip08:14
myselfbut what if im using headphoens, and it still makes it louder,... wierd :)08:14
p1oooop1achilles: ahh, well that suckx08:14
Severianbluewook, I don't know what ftp server you are using.  Some are vulnerable to hacking.  vsftpd is pretty safe.  If you are not using a good one, I would not leave those ftp ports open all the time.08:14
p1oooop1achilles: so, did it uninstall?08:15
achillesp1oooop, yeah , it did08:15
p1oooop1achilles: the ATI drivers08:15
whatvnsup3rs3nior: you can create home directory for vsftp user, ie /var/www/vsftpuser1 for user108:15
bluewookSeverian: i don't know either haha08:15
towlie_Severian,  i am having problems find the right answer on upgrading08:15
achillesp1oooop,  xorg-driver-fglrx yes08:15
sup3rs3niorwhat if i want to be able to edit all files in /var/www?08:15
p1oooop1achilles: hmm, then I guess it really is something with the X server08:15
bluewookSeverian: it's just the server that came with the NAS box08:16
Severianbluewook, You have to pick one to forward to.  But, each port can be different.  You can forwart port 8124 on the external port of your router to port 22 on your machine and port 8125 to port 22 of the NAS.08:16
bluewookit's running off the NAS08:16
whatvnsup3rs3nior: it depends on what permission you give for that user08:16
p1oooop1achilles: were you able to see anything?08:16
* x^code^x listening Festival Rock Se-Indonesia08:16
Severianbluewook, Then, I would assume it is pretty hackable.08:17
achillesp1oooop, black screen, with some colored mess on the top08:17
songerI typed ps aux | grep -i GDebi To try close it08:17
p1oooop1achilles: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63041808:17
whatvnsup3rs3nior: home directory is just a place for keeping user information, document...etc08:17
myselfL O V E08:17
songer and I got this songer   12083  0.1  1.7  23808 13072 ?        S    May31   0:09 gksu --desktop /usr/share/applications/gdebi.desktop --message <big><b>You need to grant administrative rights to install software</b></big>???It is a possible security risk to install packages files manually.?Install software from trustworthy software distributors only.? --always-ask-pass -- gdebi-gtk --non-interactive /tmp/LimeWireLinux.deb08:17
songerroot     12096 65.3  7.4  72744 57340 ?        Rs   May31  71:59 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/gdebi-gtk --non-interactive /tmp/LimeWireLinux.deb08:17
songerroot     12565  0.0  4.6  71948 35584 pts/0    Ss+  May31   0:00 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/gdebi-gtk --non-interactive /tmp/LimeWireLinux.deb08:17
songersonger   14637  0.0  0.1   3340   884 pts/2    S+   00:16   0:00 grep -i GDebi08:17
p1oooop1achilles: good thread :D, I used it when I had the drivers08:17
FloodBot3songer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:17
sup3rs3niorok i tried to connect to my server via filezilla and it said "anonymous only", does that mean im close?08:18
achillesp1oooop, :) let me see08:18
Severiantowlie_, It should be   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade08:18
achillesp1oooop, what about this http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Jaunty_Installation_Guide08:18
whatvnsup3rs3nior: you must config vsftp to allow user to connect, what you did?08:18
mattgyverhow can i extract a substring in bash?  echo ${string:4} is returning a bad substitution, any ideas?08:19
fccfsonger: type sudo top - look for gdebi and it's corresponding process # - type k Process# enter 9 enter08:19
towlie_Severian, its saying 404 file not found for all packages...08:19
bluewookSeverian: so i wouldn't want to do this or what08:19
TeenySHAD0Wokay.  if i manually launch gnome-wm and gnome-panel, all is right with the world; but why aren't they loading themselves, and what normally loads them?08:20
Severiansup3rs3nior, If you are setting up a user who only gets to do ftp. you set the users home directory to where you want ftp to see.  In your case that was /var/www.  Thenyou set the users default shell to /bin/null.  That makes it so the user cannot login like a normal user.08:20
whatvnmattgyver: what string you want to extract?08:20
Chaos101can anyone help me? I need to reset my proxy so that it is set to have no proxy, i tried going through prefs->netowrk proxy and changing it there but it doesnt work08:20
p1oooop1achilles: seems like a viable source08:20
protivvanyone on jaunty and have a successful install of nvidia drivers?08:21
protivvi can find out which gpu drivers to use on jaunty, im afraid ill have to reformat if i mess up ><08:21
p1oooop1protivv: successful ati somewhere in here08:21
lokixzaI did, unfortunately I had to use the older drivers, 1.77 and 1.80 doesnt seem to be able to be enabled08:22
sup3rs3niorSeverian: ok, now i need to set ftp access to something other than anonymous right?08:22
p1oooop1achilles: huh, so thats why your x1 didnt work :D08:22
Severianbluewook, I would not leave a relatively insecure ftp server exposed to the internet all the time.  Leave it set up and just turn on the forwarding rules for a brief time when a friend needs to upload.  Or, use a better ftp daemon on another machine.  Or configure port knocking on your router(not for beginners)08:22
achillesp1oooop, what ?08:22
BodsdaHi, sorry if this is considered offtopic but, my windows installation either bsod's or I get a disk read error from grub when i try to boot it, how can i run a chkdsk on the ntfs drive from ubuntu? is using e2fsck on it safe?08:22
Severiansup3rs3nior, I can't answer that.  I don't know if you need anonymous ftp or not.08:23
lokixzaBodsda, that wont work08:23
Bodsdalokixza: well, any idea what will help?08:23
darlekhow to cut all the leave/joined messages in xchat??  I've been using chatzilla in firefox but thought I'd give this one a try08:23
p1oooop1achilles: seems they really did drop your version08:23
Severiantowlie_, What version did you say you ran currently.?08:24
sup3rs3niorwell its anonymous right now and that causes an error when i try to connect, i just have no idea what it should be instead of anonymous..08:24
p1oooop1achilles: eh, prop. drivers... a pain in the &*()08:24
fccfBodsda: Use windows recovery environment to restore win bootloader08:24
achillesp1oooop, lol08:24
songerploooopl I wanna close GDebi If I Type ps aux | grep -i GDebi  then  how can kill it?08:24
Bodsdafccf: I do not wish to restore the win bootloader08:24
Bodsdasonger: killall gdebi?08:24
p1oooop1songer: you can try restart :D08:24
mobi-sheepdarlek: Right-click on the Channel Tab --> Settings --> Hide All Join/Part.08:24
losherdarlek: right click on the #ubuntu tab and untick "show join/part messages"...08:24
fccfBodsda: but you want to make win work?08:24
songerthe process08:24
quklslsi am begging for help08:24
protivvwow my jaunty things it's running on x86... when im using a 64bit processor. that can't be good.08:25
darleksonger: kill -9 PID where PID is the number seen in the ps command08:25
quklslsi wrote an 8 page research paper for class tomorrow in open office 3.008:25
towlie_Severian, 7.1008:25
p1oooop1songer: did you try system monitor yet>08:25
songerok  darlek08:25
fccfsonger: sudo kill08:25
quklslsaccidentally deleted and emptied recycle bn08:25
Bodsdafccf: yeah, but I fail to see how restoring ntldr to the mbr will help when that is not the problem08:25
quklslsthere has got to be a way to recover that document08:25
quklslsits been less than 12 hours08:25
quklslssince i deleted it08:25
darlekmobi-sheep, thanks you're awesome08:25
Slart!recovery | quklsls08:25
ubottuquklsls: To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"08:25
p1oooop1quklsls: you can try browsing the tmp folder08:26
Slartquklsls: bah.. wrong factoid08:26
mobi-sheepdarlek: Thanks.  I know I'm awesome but don't forget... losher is awesome too.  You heard that, right? :)08:26
quklslsi tried08:26
Slartquklsls: open synaptic, search for recover.. there are plenty of file recovery apps08:26
darleklosher is awesome too08:26
quklslsthe problem is, i'm on xp right now08:26
quklslsi deleted it on xp08:26
darleknow that I can read the scroll, yeah08:26
quklslsi dualboot with ubuntu though08:26
losherdarlek: cheers. Also. check out the xchat faq for other stuff it can do...08:26
Slartquklsls: and this channel is called #ubuntu.. for #ubuntu help08:26
Bodsdaquklsls: you would need to ask in ##windows08:27
p1oooop1kinda getting stressed... LOL08:27
quklslsslart i know bro08:27
Slartquklsls: so perhaps you should be in a channel called.. ##windows?08:27
tannersummers_anyone use the ZSNES EMULATOR?08:27
bluewookSeverian: well it can only be seen from inside the network i just want a way to connect to it via ftp securely. i would have to do those things if i wanted to do that?08:27
quklslsthe people here are extremely knowledgeable though...08:27
darlekI"ve been using chatzilla, but xchat looks a bit more scriptable, and I'll probably do something in Ruby with it ;)08:27
fccfBodsda: seems windows got screwed up - the recovery environment allows you access to the nuts and bolts of win -- what process causes BSOD anywhy08:27
towlie_Severian, 7.1008:27
Slartquklsls: doesn't really matter.. this channel is for ubuntu support only08:28
mobi-sheepdarlek: I'm annoyed by join/host too but what I did was to edit the Text Events and remove hostnames so I see "mobi-sheep has Quit ("Leaving.")"  --> Very simple.  :)08:28
Bodsdafccf: no way of knowing, it flashes up for a second then reboots itself08:28
bullgard4fccf: That is a more comprehensive introduction. --  Thank you for your help.08:28
Severiantowlie_, I got that.  I am doing some research.  I'll be back.08:28
fccfBodsda: I'd backup the important stuff from ubuntu and reinstall win08:29
Severianbluewook, I don't understand.  If you mean, you don't need port forward rules for use inside the LAN, then you are correct.08:29
dumbkiwihow can I save a file on a remote file system using the gnome file dialog without having to mount that file system? - like in the kde file dialog usinf kio slaves.08:29
VIPmanhelp íóæåíà ïîìîøü08:29
darlekoh ho... text events... found it..  thanks mobi-sheep08:29
Bodsdafccf: cheers, but not what I want -- anyway, before the !ot police start shouting at me, il shut up... thanks anyway08:29
bluewookSeverian: right, but i can set the FTP port on the NAS so wouldn't that narrow my chances of being hacked08:29
VIPman :o08:29
fccf!ask | VIPman08:29
ubottuVIPman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:29
mattgyverdoes ubuntu use bash?08:30
Severianbluewook, It helps a little.  A good port scanner will still find it.08:30
Slartmattgyver: yes08:30
p1oooop1mattgyver: you mean command line?08:30
dumbkiwimattgyver: no it uses dash08:30
mattgyverThank you08:30
popeyit uses both08:30
popeysh links to dash08:30
popeydefault shell for users is bash08:31
dumbkiwimattgyver: if you want to use pure bash, change the symlink for /bin/sh08:31
Severianmattgyver, It uses dash by default.  It installs bash and you can change to that.08:31
Slartdumbkiwi: dash instead of sh.. bash for terminal08:31
bluewookSeverian: and passwords don't do anything to stop them either08:31
towlie_Severian, if you find the answer just hang on i gotta reboot08:31
livingdaylightpopey: is zsh good?08:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about zsh08:31
=== easter_egg is now known as _Freeman
livingdaylighttried installing zsh but there were so many post-install configuration questions08:32
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ash08:32
=== _Freeman is now known as easter_egg
dumbkiwihow can I save a file on a remote file system using the gnome file dialog without having to mount that file system? - like in the kde file dialog usinf kio slaves.08:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sftp08:33
livingdaylightpopey: oh, yea, that answer... linuxers love throwing that out - "its all about choice baby!"08:33
fccflivingdaylight: zsh, bash, ash, --- all the same for the most part -- you only really need bash as a terminal08:33
=== darlek_ is now known as darlek
p1oooop1achilles: well, I better go... it's WAY TOO LATE08:33
waychanyone know how to point g++ (x86_64 toolchain) when linking 32bit objects at the libstdc++ archive in /usr/lib32?  (I'm linking with -Wl,-melf_i386)08:33
livingdaylightyou and i know there is a best application for every task; just not everyone agrees, muahaahaa08:33
darlekomg... again with the nickserver going insane... I have to login now every 20 minutes or less???08:34
livingdaylightfccf: thx08:34
ManDayI'm looking for a good, interactive FTP and SCP client. If possible like WinSCP - does anyone know something like this?08:34
p1oooop1someone help achilles for me I'm outta energy :D08:34
livingdaylightacutally, i came in with a different question:08:34
towlie_Severian, back08:34
dumbkiwiManDay: dolphin/konqueror08:34
Guest69288hello everybody!08:34
fccf!ask | livingdaylight08:34
ubottulivingdaylight: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:34
darlekManDay ;; yes you have one... it's called nautilus... it can run like sftp08:34
ManDaykonqqueror is kde dependent, isnt it?08:34
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:35
Guest69288i have come here to tel u all something!08:35
ManDayah ok, nautilus08:35
livingdaylightis there software that allows one to view OpenOffice upright if one swivels the monitor to portrait?08:35
aadityaManDay: In Gnome, goto "Places > Connect to Server..."08:35
darlekManDay, nautilus is my konqueror replacement08:35
popeylivingdaylight: yes, xrandr08:35
ManDaythanks then08:35
dumbkiwiManDay: yes - but can access remote file systems and interact with them as if they're local08:35
darlekManDay, also bookmark it so you can connect to it again later.08:35
* livingdaylight takes a note of xrandr08:35
Guest69288u anybody wanna earn more?08:35
ubottuSCP is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/08:35
Guest69288u anybody wanna earn more?08:35
Guest69288u anybody wanna earn more?08:35
bazhang!ot > Guest6928808:35
ubottuGuest69288, please see my private message08:36
ragsany one know how I can check the amout of data trnsfered through ssh? I am using Unison to sync data between two machines. Unisons doesn't provide any switch for tht.08:36
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!08:36
livingdaylightpopey: i want to get a swivelling wallmount for my monitor today if i can find one08:36
aadityawhat's up chuck_?08:36
darlekwell, ubottu is partly right but fails to mention that scp is cli while nautilus being a GUI is superior here...08:36
elkyaaditya, it's already dealt with.08:36
chuck_aaditya, thought guest69288 was spamming08:37
towlie_im  formatting a partition as a backup drive. what do you guys recommend fat32 or ext3 ?08:37
Severiantowlie_, Try this instead.   sudo do-release-upgrade08:37
=== The_Toxic_Mite is now known as calvinps
towlie_Severian, ok thanks08:38
p1oooop1well, I'm back08:38
livingdaylightxrandr is not in repos?08:38
towlie_wow failed on getting sources. wtf?08:38
dumbkiwihow can I save a file on a remote file system using the gnome file dialog without having to mount that file system? - like in the kde file dialog using kio slaves.08:38
ragsany one know how I can check the amout of data transfered through ssh? may be a monitoring or something.08:39
p1oooop1you should see the room in full swing :D the most crowded  chatroom I've seen all my life08:39
kenyonrags: I think ssh -v will show that when you disconnect08:39
darlekdumbkiwi, I think we covered this...nautilus... Places ... Connect to Server08:39
towlie_Severian, its still failing on all these sources...08:39
ragskenyon: thx..will try tht.08:40
towlie_guess its time to format and do a fresh install08:40
Severiantowlie_, can you copy that text and put it in a pastebin?08:40
deadaimHow do I tell if a given package was installed using apt-get?08:40
dumbkiwidarlek: I'm talking about in the file dialog - want to save files from firefox to a remote file system.  Can't seem to do that in the gnome file dialog without having a mounted file system08:40
towlie_Severian,  hang on its doing something08:40
loshertowlie_: fat32 does not allow files greater than 4GB in size. If that's not a problem, then it has the advantage of being readable in both windows and linux. Personally, I'd prefer ext3 if its only going to contain Linux files08:41
towlie_losher, well its gonna contain all kinda of stuff08:41
QaDeShiyas. my system monitor shows me that one of my 2 cores is completely hogged, but top doesn't look like that at all. any idea where that pseudo load might be coming from? when i boot into a non-rt kernel, it all seems ok btw.08:41
p1oooop1you can also try ntfs08:42
p1oooop1achilles: back...08:42
aadityaQaDeS: one of the processes in top must be consuming 50% of the CPU...08:42
kenyonQaDeS: how do you know top doesn't show that?08:42
loshertowlie_: who is going to be reading/writing it?08:42
towlie_losher just me08:42
darlekok this is brutal... pretty much every 7 minutes now the nickserver kicks off my nick then I have to reconnect, rejoin relogin reidentify blah blah...08:42
livingdaylightpopey: i see grandr in repos as a frontend for xrandr but not xrandr itself? will grandr do the job alone or is it just the frotend?08:42
kenyonQaDeS: press 1 in top to show each CPU's stats08:43
towlie_Severian, can i pm you with the log. i cant paste it on pastebins site08:43
Severiantowlie_, OK08:43
deadaimHow do I tell if a given package was installed using apt-get?08:43
p1oooop1not going to work08:43
loshertowlie_: who is going to be reading/writing it? I meant windows or linux or something else?08:43
p1oooop1flood prevention works too well08:43
aadityadeadaim: `sudo apt-get install packagename` would tell you if the package is already installed08:44
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:44
darlekjust apt-get pastebinit as it is not in Jaunty08:44
aadityap1oooop1: who's flooding?08:44
QaDeSok...one core has "99.6%id"    what does that mean?08:44
deadaimaaditya: ok thanks08:44
p1oooop1aaditya: nobody.08:44
* darlek test08:44
Silverguyis there like some beta's of ubuntu i could download?08:44
eseven73deadaim, dpkg -l |grep packagename   should work too08:45
aaditya!test | Silverguy08:45
ubottuSilverguy: sigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.08:45
aadityanot what i meant...08:45
Justin10ecOh my gosh! I'm sitting in the living room and I swear there was a loud peck on the back door. It's 3:45am.... What should I do!?08:45
p1oooop1aaditya: just warning people of the flood prevention in PMs too08:45
azfiradyh bkdtutd08:45
azfiragesrfre srnh08:45
azfiragfje g08:45
FloodBot3azfira: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:45
gamla_kossanhi! I'm having trouble find the make file for revoking certificates with openssl in ubuntu. anyone have a clue where it could be?08:45
p1oooop1nice, banned for life08:46
p1oooop1so, what were we doing again?08:47
sup3rs3niorWhen I try to change a file name via ftp, it says access denied, but I own the file and when I check permissions it says i have write access. What gives?08:47
sup3rs3nior"response 550: permission denied"08:48
Justin10ecsup3rs3nior: What ftp client / server are you using?08:48
Newbie-I want to install Beryl08:48
p1oooop1hey Newbie-08:48
Newbie-hey p1oooop08:48
rdw200169Newbie-, i don't think there's a beryl anymore08:48
sup3rs3niorand im accessing vsftp on ubuntu server08:48
ubottuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz08:48
eseven73Newbie-, Beryl is outdated08:48
rdw200169Newbie-, now its compiz-fusion or something like that08:48
Justin10ecNewbie-: sudo apt-get install compiz08:48
p1oooop1huh? did ubottu suddenly hate me?08:49
rdw200169Newbie-, if you're looking for that window border goodness, though, you can install emerald08:49
p1oooop1!help | ubottu08:49
ubottup1oooop1: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:49
eseven73p1oooop, it won't repeat a command that quickly if someone else already did the command08:49
fccfgamla_kossan: keys are stored in /etc/ssh08:49
p1oooop1eseven73: ahh, so that is what happened08:49
p1oooop1eseven73: oh, didnt notice that :D08:50
Slartp1oooop1: ubottu doesn't repeat factoids too often08:50
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1208:50
Slartp1oooop1: but yes.. it hates you a little bit..=)08:50
songerfccf I typed sudo -look for GDbi ANd I got this top: unknown argument 'l'08:50
songerusage:top -hv | -bcisSH -d delay -n iterations [-u user | -U user] -p pid [,pid ...]08:50
p1oooop1Slart: LOL, yes it does :D08:50
WIGGMPkI am trying to eradicate a botched source install of KernelCheck, I have removed everything, but when I run "locate kernelcheck" it still lists directories with kernelcheck even though they dont exist. How can I purge locate so it doesnt see them? am I missing something??08:51
gamla_kossanfccf: unfortunately, that's not at all what I'm interested in. thx though.08:51
gamla_kossanfccf: what I want to do is revoke client certificates.08:51
=== steven__ is now known as StevenX
towlie_Severian, thanks for the help but i guess ill have to do a fresh install08:51
sup3rs3niorI tried accessing it with two different users. The dir is the home for one of the users, but i got the same 550 response..08:52
kenyonQaDeS_: id means idle08:52
StevenXhello all, can someone recommend an alternative to winscp? I need a program to log in to my school's sftp server on port 2208:52
QaDeS_my computer went dead on me. is that a known problem with the ubuntu realtime kernel on amd64? and does 100%id mean that the idle tasks are completely hogging one core?08:52
kenyonQaDeS_: No, idle just means it's not doing anything08:52
p1oooop1QaDeS_: I dont think so.08:52
gamla_kossanStevenX: what about scp?08:53
=== nielsslot__ is now known as nielsslot
=== darlek__ is now known as darlek
p1oooop1hello noobienoob08:53
kenyonStevenX: scp on cygwin08:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:53
p1oooop1!test | p1oooop08:54
ubottup1oooop: sigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.08:54
StevenXkenyon, can you recommend something in the repos08:54
rj_dhi.. I upgraded my system to 9.04. I am having problem with VLC. In VLC video is not emebeded in the player08:54
p1oooop1rj_d: you sure it's not the video driver?08:54
kenyonStevenX: you're asking about Microsoft Windows? they don't have repos.08:55
p1oooop1kenyon: they do, but it's not accessible VIA terminal commands08:55
rdw200169StevenX, try the putty tools08:55
rj_dPlease help. What configuration i have to change in the VLC to get video embedded in the player08:55
QaDeS_ah ok, silly me. the other core is showing "95.7%hi"   but the numbers on the list add up to maybe 10%08:55
StevenXkenyon,  I am asking for an alternative to winscp on Ubuntu. I was using winscp in windows, now I am on ubuntu and I am looking for a program to the same thing.08:55
StevenXrdw200169, I installed that, but I can't find it now. How do I run it?08:55
kenyonStevenX: scp, it's probably already on your machine08:56
kenyonStevenX: or sftp08:56
rdw200169StevenX, ah, don't worry then.  ubuntu will do it already. the easiest way to get in there, is using Places -> Connect to Server...08:56
StevenXthansk rdw20016908:56
StevenXthat was insanely simply.08:56
darlekStevenX, ..the answer is ...nautilus... Places... Connect To... oddly the same question by 3 different people in less than 20 min??08:57
p1oooop1rj_d: prbably just a misconfigured gstreamer08:57
mobi-sheeprj_d: It's an embedded window bug.08:57
p1oooop1rj_d: try gstreamer-properties in terminal08:57
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=== neen is now known as [domon]
darlekeverybody now... Places ... Connect to... = WinSCP08:57
p1oooop1ah, that makes sense08:57
spexorhey guys08:57
spexorquick couple of questions08:58
p1oooop1hey spexor08:58
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:58
p1oooop1aww, not again08:58
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Newbie-sudo apt-get install compiz08:58
Newbie-Compiz is already installed i think08:58
p1oooop1Newbie-: yup.08:58
=== neen is now known as domon
QaDeS_kenyon: how can i find the process that's hogging my system if i cdon't find it in the process list? :o(08:58
sup3rs3niorA little pointer for anyone who is curious, vsftp does NOT allow write access by default. This must be enabled in the config file. Just found that out.08:59
spexori've got dual monitors but i need to change which one shows the "start menue" and the other one08:59
darlekQaDeS, use top08:59
=== domon is now known as [domon]
Newbie-So How can I make use of Compiz?08:59
rdw200169darlek, ah, you beat be08:59
p1oooop1Newbie-: dunno about that :D08:59
darlekQaDeS, or use the System Monitor... System ... Administrator... System Monitor08:59
QaDeS_darlek: that's kind of what i meant with "process list" ;o)08:59
kenyonQaDeS_: How do you know you have a process hogging your system? you said it was 99% idle08:59
Wakshey guys just installed the new osx theme but the curves are not so gud anything i can do to change this look on my ubuntu 9.0408:59
p1oooop1I think there is a shortcut to that...08:59
eseven73!ccsm | Newbie-08:59
ubottuNewbie-: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion08:59
rdw200169Newbie-, try it by going to System -> Preferences -> Appearance08:59
Gr1id thre any way i can use ext4 on ubuntu 8.xx09:00
darlekQaDeS, or use the System Monitor... System ... Administrator... System Monitor ... <--- this one will allow you to sort by memory and will tell you if it's stalled or not09:00
p1oooop1well, thats my cue see you all later09:00
kenyonGr1: sure, compile your own kernel09:00
p1oooop1!bye | p1oooop09:00
ubottup1oooop: Au revoir!09:00
rdw200169Newbie-, thats the ... easy ... way to check if compiz works, over there in advanced effects or something like that09:00
QaDeS_kenyon: one core is 99% idle, the other is "99%hi" whatever that means. doesn't smell like pot tho09:00
noobienoobUbuntu Hardy Heron, I am trying to install the newest version of brasero (2.26), because the repositories have not been updated since 0.8.2 (this is a known bug afaik) what should I do? I have downloaded the tar.bz2 from their website, but would rather have this done with some apt command if possible09:00
Gr1kenyon: Hey thanks.. Does a kernel from kernel.org works?09:00
mobi-sheepQaDeS_: You can list the processes via CPU% -- htop -- Nice interactive app.09:00
kenyonGr1: yep09:01
mobi-sheep!info htop | QaDeS_09:01
ubottuQaDeS_: htop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-4ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 54 kB, installed size 196 kB09:01
Wakshey guys just installed the new osx theme but the curves are not so gud anything i can do to change this look on my ubuntu 9.0409:01
spexori'm just trying to change which monitor is designated as the "main" monitor09:01
darlekQaDeS, htop is top but in a tree view09:01
Gr1And is it like make all, make modules_install and make install?? Coz that didnt worked initially..09:01
abstortedminds1im using GUFW, and want to allow all connections to my network, i tried ALLOW and it wont work09:01
p1oooop1Waks: you can always edit the pictures yourself in the .themes folder09:01
abstortedminds1allow all local connections on my network09:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about brasero09:02
p1oooop1Waks: well, I'm out09:02
WIGGMPkhow do you make "locate" resync or index itself?09:02
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs09:02
ubottulocate is a command-line file search utility. To make sure its cache is up to date run: sudo updatedb09:02
PiciWIGGMPk: sudo updatedb09:02
Gr1kenyon: Have you tried a custom kernel? If yes, you can throw some light on that.09:02
QaDeS_but will it show more than top in this regard?09:02
songerI can't still close the window darlek09:03
darlek!locate | WIGGMPk09:03
ubottuWIGGMPk: please see above09:03
noobienoobUbuntu Hardy Heron, I am trying to install the newest version of brasero (2.26), because the repositories have not been updated since 0.8.2 (this is a known bug afaik) what should I do? I have downloaded the tar.bz2 from their website, but would rather have this done with some apt command if possible09:03
WaksPlooopl: thanks man i will just check that out09:03
ManDayHow can I customize what items are shown in "Places"? Is there any config for it?09:03
QaDeS_no, it doesn't ^ ^09:03
WIGGMPkdarlek Pici thanks a bunch09:03
rj_dWhat I have to do?09:03
kenyon!kernel | Gr109:03
ubottuGr1: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages09:03
PiciManDay: The places menu is built from nautilus bookmarks, open a new nautilus (file manager) window and modify it from the menu.09:03
Gr1 /msg ubottu09:04
songerit says use single character options09:04
ManDayPici, there are items shown in "places" which do not stem from my bookmarks09:04
easter_egghello world :-)09:04
ManDayFor instance "Home Folder", "Network" or "Search for Files"09:04
Gr1kenyon: ubottu: Thank you for that. I will check that out :)09:04
darlekManDay, you can add a bookmark to new servers, but the default is with gnome.  If you connect to a server, be sure to hit add bookmark09:04
PiciManDay: Oh, those, I'm not sure how to modify that, sorry.09:04
fccfsonger: at this point I'd reccomend rebooting09:04
eseven73!bot > Gr109:05
ubottuGr1, please see my private message09:05
uhriventisI have been having a strange resolution problem after I got the correct NVIDIA drivers which would be. I can't set it on 1280x1040 on the NVIDIA display program but, when I do it manually it's so large I have to scroll down and right and left, etc. But, on MS works fine. Any ideas?09:05
ManDayCan anyone tell me how to customize the "Places" menu so I can get rid of items such as "Netowkr" and "Search for files", etc. ?09:05
Gr1Got it09:05
fccfuhriventis -- 1280X1080 is the correct res09:05
WIGGMPkI have always had a terrible time with "removing" programs that were installed from source code.. What is the best method.. if an uninstaller doesnt exist, should I just "seek and destroy"?09:06
darlek!xorg | uhriventis09:06
ubottuuhriventis: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution09:06
spexorso...........no one can answer my question09:06
QaDeS_http://pastie.org/496314   <-- that's what i meant by "doesn't show up in the process list"09:06
uhriventisThe card is a GeForce 6150 LE09:06
ManDayI lost the tree-view in my nautilus - where can I get it back?09:06
uhriventisSpex, what was the question09:06
eseven73ManDay, that setting should be somewhere in the 'view' menu on nautilus09:07
CybeRebelhello :) can somebody tell me how to change system sounds please09:07
uhriventisUbottu: Do you know what I mean by scrolling though?09:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:07
darlekManDay, View -- Side Pane09:07
ManDaydarlek, i have no such item in the view menu09:07
uhriventisLike when I move my mouse left right up down the whole desktop moves.09:07
Bodsdais there any way of running a file system check on an ntfs drive from within ubuntu?09:07
fccfuhreiventis: ubottu is a robot - you cannot ask it questions09:08
uhriventisAlso, how do I open NVIDIA's program as root so I can save changes.09:08
Bodsdauhriventis: gksudo nvidia-settings09:08
ManDaydarlek, i have no such item in the view menu09:09
QaDeS_kenyon: any idea about the pastie? been doing linux for 10 years now, but until now all hogging could be cleared by looking at top or ps ;) i feel like i'm missing some new magic knowledge09:09
darlekManDay: click on Home an the tree on the left should be there, then click on the network you're sftp'ing to ... does that return the tree view?09:09
ManDayClick on home, where, darlek09:09
darlekManDay, Places09:09
ignusbhello. I've just installed ubuntu 9.04 on my desktop from the live-cd, now getting "GRUB - Error 17" every time I try to boot. I've tried a filesystem check/repair on each of the partitions of the HDD it's installed on, I've tried re-installing/re-configuring GRUB, and it stays as just Error 17. My config is 3 HDD's, ubuntu installed on the 3rd HDD as seen in the BIOS, WXP installed on the 1st, I'd like to be able to dual boot. At the moment,09:09
ignusbI can't single boot however, so that would be a nice start. Any suggestions from anyone of what I can do next?09:09
fccfBodsda - you will need to install gparted and ntfs-3g to work with ntfs and run a check on it09:10
ManDayWhen I addded the bookmark for the ftp it got added to my desktop by an ugly long name and places - how can i remove it? IO cant delete it from the desktop!09:10
Slartignusb: what does grub error 17 mean?09:10
Bodsdafccf: got both09:10
ManDaydarkle, no when i went to "home" the tree didnt appear09:10
uhriventisThanks bod09:10
uhriventisI knew it was something like that09:10
black_wolf_92ignusb. Post the output of your terminal for "gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst"09:10
pookyoui lol09:10
darlekManDay: it's a link, so it can only be unmounted.  Places and Nautilus can unmount it or rename it.09:11
fccfBodsda: run gparted with ntfs unmounted . select the drive - upper right hand corner... right click on partition and check09:11
uhriventisIt lets me do 1280X1080 but I have to scroll around. As if the res is to large09:11
darlekManDay: not sure why it's even on the desktop though09:11
BodsdaSlart: according to http://www.uruk.org/orig-grub/errors.html its an invalid device request09:11
RashmiGoogle Wave to "redefine" E-mail communication...09:11
RashmiWill this killer attempt succeed ??09:11
ManDayYeah, why the f is it on my desktop....09:11
Rashmipeople who aren't ware of Google wave ..check out at my blog for more details09:11
FloodBot3Rashmi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:11
darlekManDay, I use slicehost and it's a bookmark not a desktop file09:11
fccfuhriventis: you may be stuck with 1024x76809:11
=== Rashmi is now known as Ping_Pong
darlekgood question09:12
bullgard4Synaptic: "For ALSA to work on a system with a given sound card, there must be an ALSA driver for that card in the kernel." My Audio device is 'Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 03)'. What is "the ALSA driver for that card" in the kernel? Is it "snd_hda_intel"? lsmod lists another 12 modules with 'snd' in their names.09:12
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:12
eseven73Ping_Pong, don't spam here please.09:12
Ping_Ponghey i just thought of sharing info thats it09:13
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:13
Ping_Pongnot spaming09:13
spexordoes anyone know how to designate which monitor is the "main" one?09:13
CybeRebelhello all, can someone help me change system sounds please09:13
fccfbullgard4: snd_hda_intel is the correct driver ... type aplay -l to list devices09:13
ignusbSlart: I can't work out what error 17 is, though it appears to be when GRUB can find the partition, but can't mount it for some reason, possibly that it doesn't recognise the FS. I used the ubuntu auto-partition thing, so it's set to ext309:13
uhriventisfccf: why does windows do it and openSUSE but not ubuntu?09:13
darlekCybeRebel, System Preferences Sounds then click the Sounds tab09:13
spexorno one?09:13
Bodsdaignusb: your almost correct, try googling 'grub error codes'09:13
fccfSlart: grub is looking in the wrong place for the partition09:14
CybeRebeltryed that but it wont open sound folders09:14
ignusband black_wolf_92 seems to have left, but I have no idea how to bring up that file, it doesn't seem to exist on the local system, from what I typed. Guessing I'm going to have to mount something first09:14
fccfuhriventis: windows do what??09:14
Bodsdafccf: shhh, its a learning experience -- slart is the helper btw09:14
Slartignusb: did you have a pastebin of your /boot/grub/menu.lst ?09:14
ManDayi cant resize the "Name" column in nautilus to take less than 80% of the screen, although there is no file with such a long name!!09:14
ignusb/boot/grub/menu.lst is a blank file09:14
ManDayand the tree view just wont come up09:14
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:14
Slartfccf: thanks =)09:14
uhriventisWindows does 1280X1080 just fine as with SUSE09:14
ManDaywtf is that whole thing...09:14
mobi-sheepeseven73: Yes, he was spamming.  He came in... spam away.... and left.09:14
uhriventisBut, ubuntu has a problem for some reason09:15
Slartignusb: blank? ehm.. that's bad.. really sure it's blank?09:15
eseven73mobi-sheep, yep gotta love those hit-and-run spammers/trolls09:15
mak_3hello all, can someone help me to transfer mails from Thunderbird installed in Windows to Thunderbird installed to Ubuntu09:15
uhriventisAlong with Fedora, Debian, Redhat, they all have no problems09:15
Slartignusb: what's the setup of your machine? ubuntu version? number of drives? separate partitions for things?09:15
darlekManDay, lol man i don't know... Under Places.. Bookmarks.. does your server exist there?09:15
uhriventisSlax etc09:15
ignusbwell, it opened in gedit, and there is nothing in the file. upon further investigation... /boot/grub does not exist09:15
darlekManDay, as a link I mean09:16
ignusbunless I'm looking in the wrong drive, distinct possibility09:16
ManDayyes it does darlek09:16
BlackWolf1gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst09:16
BlackWolf1sorry for mistake09:16
BlackWolf1u need the forward slash09:16
fccfuhriventis: the nvidia xorg is a different version, have you tried running detect displays from nvidia-settings as root09:16
uhriventisUbuntu 9.04 Dual AMD 64 4200+ 1 gig ram09:16
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:16
uhriventis256 NVIDA card09:16
ManDaydarlek, i found a way to enable tree view.09:16
uhriventisNo let me try now09:16
songerhey I did reboot but It says only one softwere management tool is allowed09:17
bullgard4fccf: What do you mean by "correct"? Does you statement mean the others are in my kernel errorneously and can be removed without harm?09:17
darlekManDay, oh?09:17
ManDayin the pereferences i checked "always open in browser window"09:17
darlekManDay, cool09:17
BlackWolf1so ignusb type [gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst] in the terminal09:17
pookyHello, i have a camera problem again , i dowlaoded f-spot but it says in the source finding that it didn't detect a camera09:17
ManDayi dont see the connection, but whatever09:17
BlackWolf1it shouldn't be a blank file. If it IS you have a problem09:17
uhriventisAlso, the monitor I use is old... A Gateway200009:17
ManDayso, now i need to get rid of the icon on my desktop09:17
ignusbok, found it. I'm currently running from the live cd, I had to navigate to a different hdd where it's stored09:17
fccfsonger: there is a lock in /var/lock/apt you will need to remove as root09:17
BlackWolf1ah ok09:18
BlackWolf1forgot that bit of info09:18
Slartignusb: ah.. that would explain it.. so now you have a menu.lst file, right?09:18
BlackWolf1now could you past this to a copy paste site09:18
darlekManDay, which tab is that in prefs?09:18
BlackWolf1and we can have a look from there09:18
songerfhow can I do that?09:18
uhriventisDetect displays does nothing09:18
Slart!pastebin | ignusb09:18
mak_3hello all, can someone help me to transfer mails from Thunderbird installed on Windows to Thunderbird installed on Ubuntu???09:18
ubottuignusb: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:18
ignusbI'm on IRC from my laptop, the desktop has a shifty NIC, not co-operating at the moment. different issue09:18
ignusbthough I'll connect up and give it a go for that...09:18
fccfuhriventis: don't know what to tell you09:19
BlackWolf1there are a lot of people who can help with grub problems, as they are fairly common. You will find a solution, its just that there are a lot of possibilites09:19
ManDaydarlek, what do you mean which tab?09:19
Slartignusb: ok.. let's see what we can do... if you open the file up you'll first see a lot of text.. comments and settings bla bla bla..some way down in the file you'll see a list of kernels.. about 5 lines for each kernel.. do you see that part?09:19
achillesp1oooop, it seems x problem, I rebuilt the driver and the same problem09:19
brennusDoes anyone have experience with Avidemux, Kino, or other video-editing software? I need to rotate some scenes, and can't figure it out in either of these.09:19
darlekManDay, in nautilus... Edit ... prefs... is that where you found always open in tree view?09:19
Bodsdaomg, /start_rant  my windows was bsoding because of an unclean filesystem, it wouldnt chkdsk itself, but when i try to mount it on ubuntu it says -- "unclean filesystem... fixing" << Thank you mr linux, have a cookie /end_rant09:20
spexordoes anyone know why amarok can't play my god damn mp3's?09:20
Bodsdaspexor: have you installed the gstreamer libraries?09:20
BlackWolf1go to add remove programs09:20
BlackWolf1and search gstreamer09:20
Slartignusb: if you look at my file at http://pastebin.com/f40922f2d  , the part I'm talking about starts at line 13309:20
spexori have not. but i will09:20
ManDaydarlek, no its called "always open in browser windows" under "behaviour"09:20
uhriventisYeah it's weird.09:20
uhriventisI think it's just ubuntu09:20
ManDayvery unintuitive, i admit09:20
ignusbgot it. http://paste.ubuntu.com/185472/09:21
ManDayCan someone help me with the following two problems: (1) Every time I connect to a server with natuilus a desktop icon appears. (2) The "Name"-Column in Natuilus can'T be resized to below 80% of the window width.09:21
darlekManDay, wow, glad I have it there already... I would never have guessed09:21
spexorit says they're all installed09:22
Bodsdaignusb: could you provide us with the output of    sudo fdisk -l   please (in a pastebin)09:22
ManDaydarlek, me either - i just found it googling the ubuntu forums09:22
mak_3hello all, can someone help me to transfer mails from Thunderbird installed on WindowsXp (I hate) to Thunderbird installed on Ubuntu???09:22
fccfsonger: I can't help you with that ... buy a book on linux command line09:22
achillesp1oooop1, I believe it's Xserver problem, not driver09:22
Bodsdaspexor: if you have rhythmbox, try playing them with that to see if it is amaroks fault09:22
Slartignusb: have you edited this file by hand?09:22
songerfccf darlek thank you for your help< I'll try it tomorrow09:22
ignusbI haven't touched the file, it's exactly as it was generated.09:23
ManDayAs a matter of fact the so called "tree view" isnt even a tree-view is it?!09:23
ignusbBodsda, working on it.09:23
CybeRebelanyone know why sounds folders wont open (sys/preferences/sound/sounds tab) ?09:23
Bodsdaignusb: cheers09:23
songerok fccf I'll do that09:23
ManDayIt's not like you had a tree of folders on the left, is it?09:23
achillesp1oooop1, startx gives the following : Fatal server error : no screens found09:23
darlekManDay, ah no... details details..09:23
ManDayah nevermind09:23
BlackWolf1Yep, basically ignusb, before we check for OTHER problems, we'll just do a quick check on whether your fdisk output, matches your boot menu file. Ater that, we can check for other issues09:23
ManDayi just figured that the type of the side panel can be changed09:24
darlekManDay, technically a list view but hey09:24
pookyCould someone PLEASE help me...09:24
Bodsdaignusb: what are you having problems botting, win1, win2 or ubuntu?09:24
Slartignusb: hmm.. let me check some stuff.. you've got some strange things in your file but I'm not sure if it's something they've changed in jaunty09:24
fccf!ask | pooky09:24
ubottupooky: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:24
ignusbBodsda, it won't even get to the bootloader UI09:25
pookyfccf, I've asked 3 times.. for the last 3àmin...09:25
Bodsdaignusb: oh, you get error 17 before grub menu?09:25
darlekManDay, how about under prefs view, setting to compact mode then under 50% while having fixed all columns the same?  maybe then you can view the file under 80%?09:25
rj_dHi I am still not able to embed the video in the VLC09:25
ignusbit says something along the lines of "Loading GRUB   <CRLF>  Error 17"09:25
ManDaywell it just bothers me that i cant resize the column as i wish09:25
rj_di tried usign gstremer-terminal09:25
ManDayit just gets stuck at a certain point09:26
ManDaynot always 80% tho. depends on the folder im in09:26
rj_dbut not working09:26
darlekManDay, the mouse hover on the edge doesn't do anything?09:26
songerok thank you  goodbye09:26
Bodsdaignusb: ah, that clears things up -- I think reinstalling grub may help09:26
ManDaywell it goes into "reizse mode" but when i try to actually resize the collumn i cant get it below a certain point09:26
rj_dPlease help.. Wat I have to do to embed the video in VLC..09:26
ignusbalready done it, twice :P09:26
pookyOk my question is , how come when i use my cemera the canon G9, my computer doesn't recognize it, i've tried using F-spot but doesn't change anything...09:27
Bodsdaignusb: and no change from the error 17?09:27
ignusbalways Error 1709:27
CybeRebelplease help, to change system sounds, do i need to run as root?09:27
darlekManDay, if you're under View List try View icons .. then you might be able to rename it there09:27
ignusbsame place, before the UI apperas09:27
spexorthat's wierd09:27
darlekManDay, or see what the hell it is09:27
BlackWolf1ignusb: try entering your BIOS and check for settings such as "Detecting Drives" etc09:27
fccfpooky: the recommendation is buy $5 usb reader09:27
spexoramarok won't play but rythmbox will09:27
BlackWolf1it sounds as if its a bios specific problem09:27
ManDayNo, darlek not able to rename it either09:27
Slartignusb: ok, it was as I suspected.. it's a new jaunty thing.. your menu.lst file looks ok09:28
ManDayThe ugly thing just sits there and annoys me09:28
achillesguys, how do I know if I have a driver problem or Xserver problem when my  gnome tries to start, it gives a black screen with some colored horizontal lines and freezed response09:28
ignusbBlackWolf1: I've gone into the BIOS, redetected each of the drives, each is seen as the correct size09:28
BlackWolf1hmm, this is odd indeed09:28
darlekwell I'm off.  have a good night/morning...09:28
rj_d p1oooop1: I think my driver is working fine  and I have tried all combination in gstreamer-terminal09:28
BlackWolf1have you made a topic on ubuntu forums? Your more likely to get help from long termers there, as people with similar problems will find the thread09:28
* darlek cheers09:28
ignusbno I haven't, that was going to be the next step after here.09:29
BlackWolf1its beyond my scope, and most likely a hardware specific issue09:29
BlackWolf1make sure in the post, you put all your computer specs etc09:29
BlackWolf1good luck with it all though, i hope you can sort this out09:29
fccf!ubuntuforums is how I learned ubuntu and how to fix things09:29
pookyOh sorry fccf, I've already asked that question, I mean my other question was...That There's this website that plays music (only plays no downloads) on a playlist that requires flash plugin,...i put flash but it still doesn't work so...Now I'm hopeless...09:29
ignusbalright, thanks for the assistance. Slart, any other ideas? or shall I put it to the forum09:30
BodsdaSlart: BlackWolf1 -- all yours, i need to fix my windows install09:30
fccfpooky: try gnash09:30
Slartignusb: nah... from what I can tell your menu.lst file looks ok... the uuid's might be wrong but I don't really know how to check that09:30
Slartignusb: I would try reinstalling grub, just because it's a pretty easy and quick solution if it works09:31
BlackWolf1well it seems he's not even getting to the UI, which indicates an issue BEFORE the boot menu has even been loaded09:31
Slartignusb: you're not using some BIOS feature to select which hard drive to boot from?09:32
AdvoWorkHi there. on one of our servers we always ssh to it, using root, and perform any tasks etc. I know this is bad practice, so im going to create a series of users. whats the best way to go about this? 2 users will need admin type privalages without being able to destroy things?09:32
nickgrey147can i take a oracle data base on a ntfs drive out of a window 2003 server pop it in a linux machine and hook it with oracle , and run it on ntfs with out a problem09:32
nickgrey147with the right ntfs drivers of cos ?09:32
ignusbSlart, not that I'm aware of.09:32
ignusbI'll check that again though.09:33
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)09:33
tiyowannickgrey147: I'd check the Oracle documentation for that.09:33
Slartignusb: no need to check.. you would know if you were =)09:33
Slartignusb: some BIOS have a little boot menu of their own.. where the different drives popup and you can select one to boot from09:33
ignusbok, no, not using that.09:33
Slartignusb: then try a reinstall of grub.. if that doesn't fix it write a post on the forums09:34
spexordoes ANYONE know how to switch which monitor is the main one?09:34
spexori've been asking for the past half hour09:34
achillesguys please help, aticonfig give : no supported adapters detected!09:35
Slartspexor: I do it using nvidia-settings09:35
indusspexor: WHICH verrsion of ubuntu u using?09:35
ignusbSlart: already reinstalled twice, so to the forums it is.09:35
yokobrDoes anybody knows any RAD tool for linux, except Lazarus?09:35
ignusbthanks for the assistance. have a good day/night09:35
tannersummers_Guys i cant seem to partition my partitions i have 32 gb free unacounlted space and yet i cant add it to windows or linux partition in 3 diff partition managers09:36
Slartignusb: you're welcome.. hope you get it fixed09:36
tiyowantannersummers_: Which partition managers have you tried?09:36
brennus Does anyone have experience with Avidemux, Kino, or other video-editing software? I need to rotate some scenes, and can't figure it out in either of these.09:36
=== Id2ndR_ is now known as Id2ndR__
tannersummers_gparted and KDE partitoon manager and windows partiton manager (came with vista)09:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kino09:37
spexorthe newest version09:37
spexori just installed it today09:37
spexori'm running an ATI 495009:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Avidemux09:37
spexoron an i7 system09:37
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap09:37
fccfbrennus: are you trying to rotate video?09:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cheese09:38
ubottuPartitionManager is a !KDE !GUI partitioning program. Use !KPackageKit, !Adept or !Synaptic to install or type « sudo apt-get install partitionmanager » in a !terminal09:38
indusspexor: try preferences> screen resolution09:38
brennusfccf: Yes! that's what I'm trying to do09:38
tiyowantannersummers_: What exactly happens when you try to create a partition out of the unallocated space?09:38
spexoryou mean preferences>display?09:38
indusspexor: ya09:38
spexorbecause that just lets me move them around. not designate main display09:38
fccfbrennus: i'd go to google and search for ffmpeg rotate09:38
tannersummers_I can create a partition no problem but none on either windows or ubuntu will allow me to add it to a partiton to increase size, i think it might be cuase they used?09:39
indusspexor: you have any ATI console?09:39
spexorati console?09:39
industannersummers_: some ati config tool09:39
khadafihelp me please?09:39
industannersummers_: i dont think you can add a partition to an existing partition09:39
industannersummers_: it doesnt make sense as that partition could be ext3 so how can u add it to some other formatted partition09:40
fccftannersummers_: you could resize another partition if the partition is next to the unallocated space09:40
tannersummers_next to it?09:41
tannersummers_then how cna i move it? lol09:41
tiyowantannersummers_: That is not the proper way to increase the size of an existing partition. What you need to do is, delete the empty partitions you have created so that you have unallocated space once more, and then you need to use the appropriate option in your partition manager to increase the size of the existing partition.09:41
fccftannersummers_: above it or below it09:41
industannersummers_: tiyowan:yeah09:41
Gamarok__hi whats the support channel for ubuntu malaysia09:41
Gamarok__hi whats the support channel for ubuntu malaysia09:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about malay09:42
tannersummers_tiyowan ffcf indus no, I have 32gb unallocated space (no partition no format) and I cant added the free space to any partition to increase it, only creat a new one09:42
Flannel!my | Gamarok__09:42
ubottuGamarok__: bantuan bahasa melayu? sila join #ubuntu-my09:42
tiyowanThanks, Flannel.09:42
=== Pooky_ is now known as Pooky
ninjafuryhi, I'm running jaunty 64 on my laptop. I have an ICH9M sound card, and volume is set at max but no where near as loud as vista. Can anyone help?09:43
flintwingelis the list of ! responses documented anywhere?09:43
magentarninjafury, try alsamixer -c009:43
tiyowantannersummers_: Check the documentation of the partition manager in order to find out the correct steps.09:44
industannersummers_: you need to edit your existing partition to increase its size/ partitioner will use whatever free space is needed for new size09:44
guntbert!bot | flintwingel09:44
ubottuflintwingel: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about malaysia09:44
fccfGamarok__: close as you are going to get is #ubuntu-sg - singapore09:44
Gamarok__ok fccf thanks09:45
flintwingelguntbert: thanks09:45
Flannelfccf, Gamarok__: or #ubuntu-my09:45
gartralwhat screensaver setups allow configurations of the screensaver?09:45
Gamarok__cheers flannel09:45
tiyowantannersummers_: If it's a GUI-based partition manager, generally what you have to do is -select- the partition you want to resize, and then look for the resize option.09:45
tannersummers_tiyowan  indus thats the thing tho, 2 partition managers on ubuntu and the one that came with windows vista i right click on my windows partition or my ubuntu partition on either of the three but the increase/resize option is shaded in09:45
guntbertflintwingel: have fun :)09:45
tiyowantannersummers_: Are you using ubuntu right now?09:46
ninjafurymagentar, I maxed all the output levels, and it did help a little. Vista is still way louder though. Anywhere else I should look?09:46
fccftannersummers_: the win partition manager will not see the ubuntu or anything after it09:46
bullgard4What does mean the entry 'closed' in /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/sub0/status?09:46
industannersummers_: use a live cd to partition /its easier i feel .you cannot edit partitions which aare alreadyy mounted09:47
magentarninjafury, not really no.. maybe check if there's other users who have the same problem with their soundcard09:47
tannersummers_tiyowan yes and fccf either way it wont let me increase the size of the windows partiton while log into windows, i think i need to do it before pc boots up on a cd or something09:47
tiyowantannersummers_: What indus said. Do your partitioning off a live CD.09:47
gartralwhat screensaver setups allow configurations of the screensaver?09:47
tannersummers_how do i go among doing that?09:47
fccftannersummers_: boot from ubuntu live cd09:48
industannersummers_: i assume you have an ubuntu live cd09:48
tiyowantannersummers_: Pop in an Ubuntu Live CD, boot off the CD, and then open up the partitioning tool ... gparted I think, and do it from there.09:48
tannersummers_yes i do09:48
tannersummers_im new at ubuntu so how do i open up gparted09:48
tiyowantannersummers_: Don't mix Windows-based partition tools with Linux ones.09:48
khadafii have a problem with my ubuntu09:49
tiyowantannersummers_: It's in System -> Administration I believe.09:49
fccftannersummers_: System>Administration>Partition Manager09:49
industannersummers_: when the system boots into live cd environment go to system>administration>partition manager( or something like taht)09:49
fccf!ask | khadafi09:49
ubottukhadafi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:49
tannersummers_wait, so run ubuntu off cd and do it? or run program while cd is in?09:50
fccftannersummers_: both09:50
indusfccf: heh09:50
tiyowantannersummers_: Run Ubuntu off the CD.09:51
Tileeni need a invite mail for torrentleech.org09:51
tiyowantannersummers_: And use the Partition Manager which is in the Ubuntu that is running from the Live CD.09:51
tannersummers_ok guys brb i hope this works09:51
khadafiif i install a new package i am get some error please check :http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m41e2418a09:51
industannersummers_: okies09:51
tiyowan!off-topic | Tileen09:51
ubottuTileen: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:51
khadafiubottu : ok09:51
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)09:51
Roswellu are bot..09:52
yokobrDoes anybody have installed Enveria on ubuntu? i can't install it on jaunty09:52
fccfRoswell: there are several bots in this room to keep things in check09:52
=== tiyowan_ is now known as tiyowan
gartralwhat screensaver setups allow configurations of the screensaver?09:53
BenalexI installed Jaunty and it is always running in low graphics mode on Dell Optiplex 755 desktop win Intel Q35 graphics chipset, and it was the same with Intrepid, I thought it will be fixed, but it didn't, any ideas?09:56
Benalexwith* Intel Q3509:56
=== Whitewinter_ is now known as white_spring
yokobrplease, could anyone help me to install enveria on ubuntu jaunty?10:00
fccfyokobr:what is your native language?10:01
=== tiyowan_ is now known as tiyowan
tannersummersgrr this sucks10:03
tiyowantannersummers: What happened?10:03
industannersummers: yeah what happened10:04
fccftannersummers: >>????10:04
tannersummerstiyowan im running off cd now, i can increase size of partiton but only the one next to the empty space, and unlucky for me the swap partition is next to it and wont let me chage that one at all10:04
industannersummers: just delete swap and create new swap later10:04
tiyowantannersummers: Yeah. You need to have unallocated space next to the partition you want to resize.10:04
yokobrfccf, PT-BR10:05
tannersummershow do i delete and create one later?10:05
industannersummers: select partition and delete :)10:05
tiyowantannersummers: What indus said. Just delete it using partition manager.10:05
tannersummerswont it jack up my ubuntu partition10:05
G_A_Cif you're using GParted or similar, just delete it, do your partition resize, then create a new one in GParted afterwards before runnign "mkswap /dev/sdxx"?10:05
industannersummers: well do you have data on those partitions?10:06
fccftannersummers: unmount the swap delete it ... then resize other partition leaving space for a swap... then add swap back ... will not hurt ubuntu partition10:06
tiyowantannersummers: Deleting your swap partition won't affect your other partitions.10:06
tannersummersill give it a try :S10:06
yokobrfccf, brazilian portuguese10:06
tiyowantannersummers: And try to chill out. Partitioning needs a calm frame of mind. :)10:06
industannersummers: ya what tiyowan said10:06
tannersummersi have a bad habit of breaking crap lol10:06
fccfyokobr: try asking in #ubuntu-br10:07
industannersummers: just remember to leave enough space for swap then create new swap in that space10:07
flintwingeltannersummers: backups are you friend :)10:07
tannersummersi got school in 4 hours, right now not much of a time to backup over 100 gb on windows and my whole ubuntu partition lol10:07
tannersummersso how is everyone doing?10:08
fccftannersummers: idle chat is reserved for #ubuntu-offtopic10:09
industiyowan: btw, resizing a partition destroys data on it no?10:09
tannersummershmm so many channels10:09
stprI'm looking for an alternative to the Mycar-monitor for ubuntu. Does anyone knows something?10:10
BenalexI installed Jaunty and it is always running in low graphics mode on Dell Optiplex 755 desktop with Intel Q35 graphics chipset, and it was the same with Intrepid, I thought it will be fixed, but it didn't, any ideas?10:10
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.10:10
tiyowanindus: I don't think so.10:10
tiyowanindus: Depends on which tool you're using.10:10
industiyowan: but the one with the live cd doesnt ?10:10
indusi dont remember resizing  a partition with data on it10:11
yokobrfccf, i've tryied... and no one knows the answer..10:11
Benalexindus ty :)10:12
yokobrwell, everybody is sleeping ehhe10:12
tiyowanindus: Well, Ubuntu used parted; I don't think it has any trouble resizing ext2-3 partitions.10:12
indusBenalex: you are most welcome :)10:12
fccfyokobr: your other option is serarching ubuntuforums10:12
industiyowan: okk10:12
tiyowanindus: I don't use parted to resize Windows partitions.10:12
tiyowanindus: Just for safety. It's better to use Win-tools with Windows partitions, and linux tools for linux partitions.10:13
industiyowan: no i mean ubuntu only didnt mean windows partitions10:13
industiyowan: i always did fresh partitions for ubuntu , dont remember altering a partition to a new size10:13
tiyowanindus: It isn't a problem - I've resized the partition my home directory resided on before using parted.10:14
Name141if I make a live USB stick, will I be able to update it and it know the changes?10:14
fccftannersummers: another option is to use your unallocated space as fat32 which will be readable from both win and ubuntu10:14
industiyowan: ok cool thanks10:14
Name141IE: security updates, video drivers, so on ?10:14
tannersummersfccf im trying to make my windows bigger but if someone can help me ill show a ss10:14
tiyowanindus: np10:14
tiyowantannersummers: Are you trying to resize your Windows partition?10:15
tannersummersim trying to give it the free space10:15
Name141or should I figure out how to install it directly to the flash drive ?10:15
Name141instead of the LIVE version ?10:15
tiyowantannersummers: Oh okay. In that case, just get the free space next to the Windows partition, and use any Windows-based tool to do what you need.10:15
kholerabbi2is it me, or if Juanty's Firefox missing "Set as image as wallpaper"???10:16
tannersummerstiyowan fccf looky http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i172/Tanner2007/Screenshot-1.png10:16
amdfanhi guys does ubuntu 9.04 have support for sse4 and 3dnow mx instruction sets ( i want to use it in a rendering farm)10:17
tiyowantannersummers: Ehehehe. Your unallocated space is -inside- your extended primary partition.10:17
Gamarok__is 9.10 going to be l.t.s10:17
whazilla[Cbea leg10:17
tannersummersya ur telling me...10:17
FlannelGamarok__: No.  10.04 is scheduled to be.10:17
indusGamarok__: no10:18
Gamarok__oh thanks Flannel10:18
tiyowantannersummers: Okay. Let me think a minute.10:18
tannersummers=[ there should be a way easier way to do this crap10:18
tiyowantannersummers: Ok, do this. Select /dev/sda4, and shrink it. That should squeeze all that unallocated space out of the extended partition.10:19
tannersummersit does but does it on other side of windows partition lol10:19
JasaIf someone would really care about the l.t.s they would be still running those older versions for couple years now still.10:19
fccftannersummers:  after looking at ss ... what tiyowan said but push the partition to the end instead of the beginning10:20
tiyowantannersummers: That's all right. Right now we need to get it outside the extended partition first.10:20
tannersummersidk how i tryed10:20
yokobrfccf, its an early development project... not even google has much answers for it..10:20
JasaBut as noticed most people only want the newest software cause of additional features and support that wasn't before.10:20
FlannelJasa: They are.10:20
fccfyokobr: sorry beyond my skillz10:20
tiyowantannersummers: Just shrink the /dev/sda4, take a screenshot and throw us the link. We'll guide you through the next part of it. Remember to leave some unallocated space in there for the swap partition.10:21
stprI'm looking for an alternative to the Mycar-monitor for ubuntu. Does anyone knows something?10:21
tiyowantannersummers: Actually, don't touch /dev/sda6, just shrink /dev/sda4.10:21
fccftannersummers: shrink /dev/sda4 with the blank space at the beginning10:22
JasaSomeone planning on dual booting ?10:22
tannersummerswont let me shrink it10:22
Jasatanner i would assume then. =)10:22
tiyowantannersummers: What? It doesn't let you resize /dev/sda4?10:23
Jasatanner, if you have windows installed there and won't allow you to shrink do a defrag on hd.10:23
industannersummers: you need a shrink :P10:23
tannersummersjust great10:24
tiyowanJasa: His unallocated space is inside his extended partition. Windows can't see it - defragging won't make a difference atm.10:24
RigongiaJasa : my system is dual booting right now :)10:24
tannersummersgave space to sda5 and says all fo its used up so i cant shrink it10:24
JasaI see.10:24
fccftannersummers: delete linux-swap... add deleted space to /dev/sda5... shrink /dev/sda5 leaving empty space at beginning... then shrink /dev/sda410:25
tannersummersi did do that10:25
tannersummersbut now sda510:25
tannersummerssays 48 gb being used10:25
tannersummersso only let me shirnk it 1 gb10:25
tiyowantannersummers: Can you put up a screenshot, please?10:25
tannersummerswhich idk how it got used it up 14 gb10:25
AdvoWorkHi there. on one of our servers we always ssh to it, using root, and perform any tasks etc. I know this is bad practice, so im going to create a series of users. whats the best way to go about this? 2 users will need admin type privalages without being able to destroy things?10:25
tannersummersok give me sec10:26
fccfAdvoWork: use adduser to add users then add them to sudoers list in /etc/10:27
=== tuxlinux_ is now known as tuxlinux
fccfAdvoWork: admin privalages allow destruct -- they say "you can't break linux if you are not root"10:29
rj_dSo We cant embed the video in VLC in 9.04 rt??10:31
=== lol is now known as Guest50728
=== sean is now known as Talon^
tannersummersjust fking great10:32
fccftannersummers: whats up?10:32
tannersummerscompaw recoveyr partition got deleted10:33
tannersummersidk how i never clicked on it10:33
fccftannersummers:  lets see a ss10:33
tannersummersk one sec10:34
Talon^i downloaded ubuntu 9, installed it on my laptop which is a toshiba satellite 1805-s204, and im stuck in 800x600.. theres no choice for 1024x768 which is its native resolution, so my screen isnt 100% used.. can someone help me?10:34
omid8bimohi, i have an old server which ubuntu 7.10 is installed10:34
omid8bimotoday i tried to install mysql10:34
fccfTalon^:  Please post lspci outupt to a pastebin10:35
Myrtti!gutsy | omid8bimo10:35
ubottuomid8bimo: Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was the seventh release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 18th, 2009. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.10:35
Talon^in a terminal?10:35
tannersummersfccf : as u can see somehow my ubuntu partition which was using only 14 gb somehow jumped to using 48 gb not allowing me to shrink it http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i172/Tanner2007/Screenshot-2.png10:35
indus!paste > Talon^10:35
ubottuTalon^, please see my private message10:35
omid8bimobut i can get anything. it says file did't found10:35
tiyowan_tannersummers: Sorry, I lagged out. What happened?10:35
khadafihi, i am install a new package in ubuntu 8.10 but i have get some error : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m41e2418a10:36
tannersummerstiyowan someone my parttion is using up all my space so i cant shrink10:36
tiyowan_tannersummers: Okay calm down. Is the swap partition still there?10:36
golempjecan someone tell me: is there a fix for the TV-out to philips tv (oversized picture) yet?   (ubuntu 9)10:37
Talon^fccf, did you see my pastebin entry?10:37
tiyowan_tannersummers: Okay. And you still can't resize the extended partition?10:37
tannersummersno my ubuntu partiton was using 14gb now its using 48gb so i cant shrink so how the hell did that hapepn10:38
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tiyowantannersummers: Put up a pic and I'll take a look.10:39
tannersummersi did look up right before u said u lagged out10:39
Talon^fccf, i did the lspci and sent it to a pastebin: http://pastebin.com/d625ec947 now what?10:39
tiyowantannersummers: Nah I don't see it. Okay. Do this. Select /dev/sda5 (your ubuntu partition) and shrink it.10:40
fccfTalon^:  Your video card is unsupported by the kernel - you may find relevant info in this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=806835&highlight=Trident+XpiA110:40
fafazHi all.. I have a problem with broken packages. can't fix it :(10:41
tannersummerstiyowan I cant, it was only using up 14gb out of 15 gb so i gave it space to get closer to my partition then now it has aobut 5o gb and saying ITS USING like 49 gb, so I can only shrink aobut 1 gb which how the hgell did the space go up?10:41
tiyowantannersummers: wth.10:41
tannersummersthats what i said10:41
tannersummersi may have to delete all the work i did on my ubuntu partiton and reinstall it =[10:42
fafazanybody can help?10:42
Myrttiomid8bimo: did you check the information ubottu gave you?10:42
tiyowantannersummers: Try rebooting off the live cd.10:42
Myrttifafaz: just ask10:42
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:42
tannersummersok brb guys10:42
millertimehi I just upgraded to jaunty with a fresh install everything works except skype, any ideas?10:42
AdvoWorkfccf, what do you mean, admin is no good either?10:42
fafazbroken dependency package.. what should I do to fix it? I can't even update my system. I can't Add/Remove programs10:43
indusmillertime: what do u mean skype doenst work10:43
Fzangdoes nautilus control my default applications or is that done by some other part of the system?10:43
fccfAdvoWork: giving sudo priv to user allows them to do anything a root user could do .. except it requires them to verify their pw10:44
omid8bimoMyrtti: yeah :(10:44
millertimeindus: I get the error message "audio playback does not work" when I try to make a call10:44
fafazthe broken packages are: openoffice.org-style-human and openoffice.org-writer10:44
geezerHello everyone~10:45
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AdvoWorkfccf, whats the best thing to do then?10:45
khadafihelp me please,http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m41e2418a if i am try install a new package10:45
indusfafaz: in terminal type sudo dpkg --configure -a10:46
fccfAdvoWork: depends on what you need those users to do10:46
indusmillertime: go to skype preferences audio > set audio device to pulse10:46
geezerDoes anyone know if the .deb for Cinepaint is safe to install on Ubuntu 9.04 (ext4) ?? .... It's not in the repos and the cinepaint site mentioned some problem with ubuntu.10:46
indusmillertime: audio output i mean10:46
fafazI'm getting an error when trying to remove them using synaptic package manager. the error is: Package is in a very ban inconsistent state10:47
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rikki_maxfafaz: try in terminal sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade10:48
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Guest97718ger ?10:48
tannersummersno luck10:49
tannersummerssays all space is used up10:49
fccftannersummers: try mounting ubu drive then unmounting it then restart gparted10:49
tiyowantannersummers: What happened?10:49
yokobrhey guys, i cant find "sqlite-dev" and "mysql-dev" on apt =/10:50
tannersummerstiyowan still says its using up 48 gb of space so i cant shrink10:50
tannersummersbrb agian10:50
tiyowantannersummers: Okay this is weird.10:50
Talon^fccf, i did what that site said, and i still have no bigger resolutions10:50
Talon^do i need to restart x?|10:50<