ion_So, Upstart 1.0 comes out this week, right? :-P11:00
ion_Along with apt-sync, KMS for my video adapter, Gnome 3 and all the other exciting things.11:01
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sadmac2Keybuk: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/728_german-specifics-of-austria-and-german-speaking-switzerland21:44
sadmac2Keybuk: is this topical?21:44
sadmac2it almost looks like spam, but I don't see a phishing link21:44
sadmac2yeah... the wiki is under some sort of attack21:46
sadmac2ion_: would you know how to proceed?21:46
ion_I’d just restore an earlier backup of the database. :-P21:47
ion_To stop the attack, well...21:47
ion_Require a wiki admin to approve new users?21:48
sadmac2ion_: I was hoping you had some sort of access to put into effect these measures21:48
sadmac2also moin sux use mediawiki21:48
sadmac2but that's OT21:48
ion_I’m not saying moin doesn’t suck, but mediawiki sucks badly as well. :-P21:49
sadmac2it sucks less21:49
ion_Let’s just use Google Wave for the wiki when it comes out. :-P I’m sure someone will hack up a web UI for Wave that looks just like a wiki, but with all the benefits of the platform.21:50
sadmac2ion_: haven't looked at google wave yet21:51
sadmac2also, its The Google21:52
* sadmac2 fears The Google21:52
ion_At UDS, people edit specs in realtime over the network with gobby. After UDS, they *manually* move the changes to wiki.ubuntu.com. Then random people (including me) add comments to the wiki markup (also losing the edit history – wait, i don’t think gobby even creates one). There’s no clean way to display the pure article without the comments. Wave would handle *all* of that in a single platform, and judging from the >1 hour video i watched, it handles it ...21:52
ion_... very well.21:52
ion_Wave is an open protocol. Google doesn’t need to be involved at all.21:52
sadmac2ah cool21:52
ion_Whoops, i was supposed to add the comment about not getting an edit history from gobby after “manually move the changes to...”21:53
* sadmac2 comes to the staggering realization that he can't distinguish random sequences of letters from scandinavian-language text21:53

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