Peng_beuno_: ping00:01
beuno_Peng_, hi!00:02
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Peng_beuno: About bug 247162, my patch makes it (mostly) valid, but wrong if the server's time zone isn't UTC, thanks to bug 376842.00:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247162 in loggerhead "atom feed does not validate" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24716200:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 376842 in loggerhead "Loggerhead is time zone-naive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37684200:03
beunohey lifeless00:04
rowinggolferbeuno: problem solved. thanks.00:12
rowinggolferdo you want me a file a bug, so you can claim some karma?00:13
beunorowinggolfer, heh, I'll take the moral karma00:13
thumperlifeless: hi00:20
thumperlifeless: you working today?00:20
thumperjam: ping00:22
mwhudsonbeuno: i guess we should create a milestone thingy for the next loggerhead release00:34
beunomwhudson, yes!00:34
beunoPeng_, is bug 358336 still valid?00:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 358336 in loggerhead "SQL cache directory isn't deleted on shutdown" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35833600:34
Peng_beuno: Yes.00:35
spivGood morning.00:35
beunoPeng_, can you set it to triaged?00:35
mwhudsonbeuno: can you rename milestones?00:35
beunomwhudson, maybe. I wouldn't bet on it. We could just say 1.1600:36
beunoand put some pressure to release it for 1.16  :)00:36
mwhudsonbeuno: heh, ok :)00:36
beunoI'll create the 1.16 series00:36
beunowith a 1.16rc1 milestone00:36
beunoand a 1.16 as well00:36
Peng_beuno: ok00:37
beunoI'm trying to clean up our bugs00:37
bob2eep, poor savannah00:40
mwhudsonbeuno: you're certainly sending me a lot of mail :)00:40
beunoPeng_, mwhudson, milestone 1.16rc1 created, target away!00:40
beuno"no bug left un-triaged" campaign00:42
* Peng pokes at Peng_.00:42
beunomwhudson, doesn't pastedeploy take care of bug 33375500:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 333755 in loggerhead "serve_branches script needs way to configure the public URL to the web server" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33375500:42
* Peng_ shrugs00:42
mwhudsonbeuno: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/240508 is suggesting something like log --line, not a small diff i think00:43
beunomwhudson, also, if you can tell me what bug 334615 is about, I'd be greatful  :000:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 240508 in loggerhead "Files view should show one-line change line per directory/file" [Undecided,Won't fix]00:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 334615 in loggerhead "Doesn't invalidate cache when ghosts filled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33461500:43
beunojelmer, feel free to target branches at 1.16rc1 as well00:45
beunoespecially the stuff you need for debian00:45
mwhudsonbeuno: i can't really remember the details for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/33461500:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 334615 in loggerhead "Doesn't invalidate cache when ghosts filled" [Undecided,New]00:46
beunomwhudson, maybe we can just set it to incomplet?00:47
mwhudsonbeuno: ok00:49
jelmerbeuno, will do00:49
beunoit's ironic how everything gets black if you do your job00:52
jmljelmer: ping01:53
jelmerjml: Hello01:53
jmljelmer: I'm just being bitten by BZR_DEFAULT_INTERFACE not being in bzrlib.remote -- do you know anything about this?01:54
jmljelmer: hmm. never mind. my bzr-archeology-fu is weak.01:55
jmlman, it's too hard to search for a thing being deleted.02:01
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lifelessjml: yes; I have 'plans'02:04
jmlI've got some code that uses 'remote.BZR_DEFAULT_INTERFACE' -- I'm trying to figure out how the hell it ever worked at all, and what changed to make it not work.02:14
AfCI love it when that happens: "how does this work?"; "why is this working?"; "this _shouldn't_ be working!"; "how did this *ever* work?!?"02:16
lifelessjml: as a starting point, r.texts.iter_lines_added_or_present_in((key for key in texts.keys() if key[0] == tree.path2id('__init__.py'))02:17
jbalinthey! is there a command to apply a patch02:20
cody-somervillepath -p1 < ./patch.diff ? :)02:20
lifelessjbalint: there is a patch command in bzrtools, but as cody-somerville says you can just apply normally ;)02:21
jbalintyeah, patch crashes for me on windows :(02:21
jmllifeless: did remote.py used to be a package?02:22
jml(grammar sucks)02:22
lifelessjml: oh, I thought it was a package02:22
lifelessjml: so remote.py :)02:23
lifelessjelmer used to have something like it as a plugin I thought02:23
jmlnfi how this worked02:30
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pygivila: greetings :p08:49
vilapygi: Hey !08:49
pygivila: howa re you doing? :)08:50
vilapygi: fine thanks, I slept a lot this week-end :-)08:50
pygihappy you :P08:50
pygivila: I didn't :p08:51
hypesthello fellows. I must be missing the correct keywords as I cannot find information on whether it is possible to move a line of revisions into a new branch. Any help?10:16
Peng_hypest: What do you mean by "move" and "line of revisions"?10:26
hypestI decided that the latest 3 "trunk" commits, should really have their own branch. So I want these 3 revisions to form a new branch10:28
lifelessbzr branch trunk newbranch10:28
lifelesscd trunk && bzr uncommit -r -310:28
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hypestlifeless: that will probably do the job. I'm generally "afraid" of even thinking of using undo procedures, so that didn't cross my mind :). Thank you ;)10:30
vilaabentley: ping, bzrtools tests abort with: ImportError: cannot import name test_fetch_ghosts, sounds like a missing file12:17
abentleyvila: thanks.  fixed and pushed.12:34
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vilaabentley: pulled. thanks12:44
=== lifeless changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control system | 1.15final released 22 May, 2009 | http://bazaar-vcs.org | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | http://planet.bazaar-vcs.org/
jelmerhi moldy13:35
jelmerPeng, I've updated the smart-server branch but I have no idea how to get launchpad to update the diff for the merge request13:35
Peng_jelmer: I don't either.13:36
beunojelmer, Peng_, apis, blah13:36
beunonothing on the web UI yet13:36
beunojml is working on it13:36
Peng_Loggerhead should probably always use a read-only transport.13:37
Peng_jelmer: Will keeping the smart server around have any RAM implications?13:38
jelmerPeng_, AFAIK It shouldn't since it is stateless13:38
Peng_I guess I should check and find out.13:39
* Peng_ kicks bug 348308.13:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 348308 in bzr "Smart server jail breaks bzr+http with shared repos" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34830813:39
lifelessPeng_: some, nothing major as a client13:40
lifelessas a server it will discard branch objets etc too13:40
Peng_lifeless: ok13:40
Peng_Hello! serve-branches's VSZ is 560 MB branching bzr.dev.13:45
Peng_"bzr branch" bombed out, and serve-branches's VSZ went down to 400 MB.13:46
Peng_Mental note: smart-server-2/loggerhead/history.py:63: DeprecationWarning: bzrlib.progress.ProgressBarStack was deprecated in version 1.12. klass=bzrlib.progress.DummyProgress)13:47
lifelessPeng_: file a bug13:47
Peng_lifeless: About bzr branch or the progress bar thing?13:50
jelmerlifeless, moin13:51
lifelessPeng_: both13:51
lifelessjelmer: gnight ;)13:51
jelmerlifeless: subunit is in sid now, in case you're interested in having it synced to ubuntu13:51
lifelessjelmer: I am13:51
lifelessjelmer: it should automatically while karmic is open13:51
jelmerlifeless, ah, don't mind me then :-)13:51
lifelessjelmer: are there any remaining packaging bugs for it ?13:52
jelmerlifeless, All the ones I came across (except for manpages) are fixed in the debian packging branch13:52
lifelesshave you a branch for upstream for manpages?13:52
jelmerlifeless: I haven't bothered to write manpages yet13:53
lifelessjelmer: oh right ;)13:53
lifelessI thought you had from that comment13:53
Peng_My "bzr branch" error was bug 372881.14:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 372881 in bzr "bzr cannot branch from rocketfuel" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37288114:37
visik7can I setup a repository to be autochecked out when I commit over it ?14:49
beunojames_w, ping14:49
beunojelmer, hi14:55
jelmerbeuno, moin14:55
jelmervisik7, not sure I understand what you mean14:56
beunojelmer, where do I get a branch to test work on the UI for: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jelmer/loggerhead/foreign/+merge/695214:56
jelmerbeuno, if you have bzr-svn you can for example use svn://svn.gnome.org/svn/gnome-specimen/trunk14:56
beunoI'll install it14:57
JemsquashI have a shared repository and some branches within this shared repository. Is there any way to compare these branches? bzr (q)diff works within a working tree but not between branches.15:04
visik7jelmer: when I commit over a remote branch I would that the remote branch run a checkout on a local directory on the remote machine15:05
jelmervisik7, I think there is a plugin for something like that, but it might only support push15:05
visik7called ?15:06
jelmerJemsquash, bzr diff -rbranch:../path/to/other/branch15:06
jelmervisik7, push-and-update or something like that15:06
Jemsquashthanks jelmer I'm being a numb nut. Having looked at the docs again I assume --old and --new will do the same?!?15:08
jelmerJemsquash, not sure, I've never used them15:08
Jemsquashhmm I've tried the --old and --new and it only seems to work at the top level folder. I can't see any reference to -rbranch:... within the diff documentation.  Where would I find reference to this in the docs?15:15
JemsquashI've done a search for rbranch on bazaar-vcs.org and not found any references. What's the best way to add documentation for this? Should I raise a bug report against the documentation? Can I do a checkout of the docs & add it myself?15:23
jelmerJemsquash, look for the "branch" revision specifier15:33
jelmer"bzr help revisionspec"15:34
bialixvila: around?15:40
vilabialix: yup15:41
bialixvila: bonjour15:41
vilabialix: hello :)15:41
bialixdid you help to Gary at the sprint with loggraphprovider refactoring?15:41
JemsquashThanks Jelmer I see where I went wrong with the documentation now, both online & command line help.15:42
bialixGary has changed internal structure of data about branches to improve test coverage, but this is introduce several regressions as well15:43
bialixGary offline, so I've thought you could be aware of this15:43
vilabialix: sorry, no, we talk about tests but we didn't pair so I don't know what he changed :-/15:44
visik7how can I assign a working tree to a branch ?15:44
Peng_jelmer: Why is the bencode revision serializer preferred over RIO?15:44
visik7I got bzr update15:45
visik7bzr: ERROR: No WorkingTree exists for...15:45
jelmerPeng_,  better apparent performance and can handle funny characters in e.g. property names15:45
Peng_jelmer: Okay, cool. :)15:46
cody-somervillejelmer, ping15:48
cody-somervillejelmer, Can you take a look at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/27405730/live-helper-trunk-log.txt ?15:48
jelmercody-somerville, That's an outdated version of bzr-git15:50
jelmercody-somerville, known bug, fixed upstream15:50
visik7can I checkout in a different place instead of . ?15:50
jelmervisik7, create a working tree you mean?15:51
jelmervisik7, I think you mean a lightweight checkout?15:52
visik7but I dunno why it doesn't work15:52
visik7jelmer: http://dpaste.com/50548/15:54
jelmervisik7, does /var/www/vhosts/catellani.net/httpdocs/ contain a branch?15:55
jelmervisik7, then I don't see how that command should work15:56
visik7I don't understand15:56
visik7I want to checkout the working tree in a different location than .15:57
ddaavisik7: where is the branch you want to checkout?15:58
ddaabzr checkout --lightweight webdav where_you_want_the_working_tree15:59
ddaa--files-from is something different15:59
ddaaActually, I have no idea what --files-from is for, but I am sure it's not for what you are trying to use it.16:00
visik7ok I think I got it16:00
visik7bzr checkout --lightweight . /destination16:01
ddaathat can work too, if the current directory is a branch (it contains a .bzr/branch)16:01
visik7current dir is the repository16:01
ddaabzr cannot checkout a repository16:02
ddaait can only checkout branches16:02
ddaabranches can be stored in a common repository16:02
ddaaHope that makes sense.16:02
visik7yes I mix repository and branches16:02
ddaaNp, the hg and git folks are quite mixed up about those concepts, which makes it a bit harder for us to explain the distinction.16:03
visik7yea yea I know the difference the fact is that I usally doesn't use a bzr repository so I mix the 2 names16:04
bialixjam: I'd like to chat one day about diff header encoding16:06
visik7oh man, my last sentence was a complete mess - maybe I should think about what I'm typing16:08
* fullermd stabbies his mouse.16:11
bialixis there mac os x experts?16:45
jamhi bialix17:00
jamSorry about the delay17:00
bialixhi jam17:00
jam(I've had some experience with mac os x, but I wouldn't claim to be a "expert" )17:00
bialixbut I have to go very soon17:00
bialixq about mac os17:00
jambialix: so in my initial impression, I would say that "bzr diff" should output strings in terminal_encoding17:00
jamand "bzr diff > file.txt" should output them in user_encoding17:01
bialixdo you know is X mandatory to use PyQt/Qt on Mac?17:01
jambialix: Qt has a native port on Mac17:01
jamunlike gtk17:01
jamwhich has an 'in progress' direct port, but the standard install uses X17:02
bialixpeople still asking in lp answers of qbzr about installing qbzr on mac17:02
bialixbtw, I'm releasing 0.10 today17:02
bialixjam: I know you already build windows installers; I hope you will package 0.10 to 1.15.117:03
bialixjam: about diff: what the best way to deal with "undecodable" filenames then (characters out of current codepage)?17:05
jambialix: for 'diff' I would just use .encode(..., 'replace')17:05
jamwhich replaces 'illegal' characters with ?17:05
bialixyep, I agree17:06
bialixI'm just thinking about keep them in utf-8 maybe for === line17:06
jamI would also like to see a command line arg "bzr diff --encoding=XXX"17:06
bialixjust --encoding could be confusing17:06
jamI believe a line like '===' is strictly for our purpose, so we can do what we want17:06
jamthe +++ and --- will be interpreted by patch17:06
jamwhich is a bit trickier17:07
jambut I don't really think we want to do multiple forms if we can get away with it17:07
bialixthis is why I think sometimes user should control encoding17:07
bialixbtw, I have one more use case for this17:09
bialixbzr diff > out.diff; bzr patch out.diff -> failed for non-ascii17:09
jam(also because we can't tell the difference between "bzr diff >out.diff" and "bzr diff | less")17:09
jambialix: that could be the 'patch' reader's fault. I really don't know the details.17:10
SamBjam: indeed17:10
jamcertainly I think it would expect to read the patch in user-encoding if it had to pick something.17:10
SamBthat's why you should start your OWN pager17:10
SamB(when stdout isatty17:10
bialixI believe `bzr patch` invoke patch utility under he hood17:10
jambialix: possibly, but I know we have patch parsing capability inside bzrlib17:10
jamwe use it to ensure that the patch preview from a merge diff ~ matches the actual content requested17:11
SamBjam: oh, neat!17:11
SamBI didn't know that thing was secure17:11
bialixwell, bzr patch is from bzrtools17:11
jambialix: if it is bzrtools, it almost definitely invokes 'patch.exe'17:11
SamBjam: I doubt it17:12
jamSamB: well, it is a bit loose, because email clients like to do bad things to text17:12
SamBI don't think I have a patch.exe17:12
bialix*I* have17:12
SamBI bet it invokes =patch17:12
SamB(that's a zshism ;-)17:12
jamanyway, there is certainly bzrtools/patch.py which has a "run_patch()" function17:12
SamBit means "patch as found along PATH"17:13
SamBright now I get: /usr/bin/patch17:13
jambialix: so... I have the feeling that this is also heavily dependent on what version of 'patch.exe' you have, and what it considers as the 8-bit string => Unicode mapping17:14
SamBsome of you might /bin/patch.exe or something, dunno17:14
bialixjam: maybe17:15
* SamB wonders why bzr diff was so slow to fail in his home directory from a cold start ...17:15
jamSamB: If I was to guess, it would be the time to import all the python code we need to run17:16
jamwhich is known to be extra bad from cold start17:16
jamsince python likes to stat every possible permutation for a given file17:16
bialixjam: I have to run; I hope we can continue later17:16
jam(everywhere on sys.path, + foomodule.so, foo.so, foo.pyc, foo.py, etc.)17:16
jambialix: suer17:16
* bialix -> run17:17
SamBjam: oh17:18
SamByou seriously think it's just statting?17:18
* SamB wonders why statting all that would be slow anyway ...17:19
SamBdoesn't Linux cache the directory ?17:19
SamBmaybe they should introduce a multistat call };->17:20
jamSamB: it also depends how long 'sys.path' is, etc.17:29
jamI won't guarantee that is "all" it is doing.17:29
jamBut that is somewhat of what we've seen for "cold cache" performance.17:29
jamjust 'time python -c ""' is pretty slow in cold-cache situations17:29
SamBmight be interesting to oprofile that17:37
SamBwith kernel symbols17:37
mneptokOH NOES! CANUCKIANS!18:50
FurnaceBoyyou've been reading my journal, Mr Burns18:50
mneptokExclusivement chez Bell.18:50
emmajanemneptok, OY! I resemble that remark!18:53
mneptokemmajane: go back to playing hockey and pretending you have a democracy. >:P18:54
* mneptok hugs his former country-mates18:54
emmajanemneptok, it's not a democracy, it's a constitutional monarchy! sheesh!18:54
FurnaceBoymneptok, why'd you ever leave!18:54
FurnaceBoyand... whatever..  it works!18:54
mneptokFurnaceBoy: -40. 'nuff said.18:54
FurnaceBoymneptok, wuss18:54
mneptok(oh, and the fact that there were no longer valid .ca work permits in our home)18:55
FurnaceBoymneptok, come on, it rarely gets below -30, at least here. (TO)18:55
FurnaceBoyah, that's more like it.18:55
mneptoki was in .QC18:55
FurnaceBoyah lovely!18:55
mneptokit gets to -30, but with the Francochill, it feels like -4018:55
FurnaceBoywell if you didn't feel comfortable...18:57
FurnaceBoyyou should have come here. beautiful day today.18:57
FurnaceBoyall the pluses of being in Canada, but not being in QC. (Though I have nothing against QC or anything French)18:57
mneptokit's 73F here and *dry* (like every day)18:57
FurnaceBoyyeah... but...18:57
* FurnaceBoy drops it.18:57
FurnaceBoyso I can't push to my private branch on LP.18:57
FurnaceBoysays diverged18:57
FurnaceBoybut nothign I do (pull --overwrite, merge, bleh) does anything to help18:58
* mneptok summons poolie, jml, abentley, and the other Usual Bazaar Suspects18:58
* FurnaceBoy bets it's something simple. 18:59
* FurnaceBoy is bzr n00b18:59
FurnaceBoybut I have succeeded before.18:59
abentleyFurnaceBoy: Have you committed after the merge?18:59
FurnaceBoyi actually committed before, then did a pull --overwrite, then committed again ... all in my frenzy to succeed18:59
FurnaceBoydoes that make sense?19:00
abentleyFurnaceBoy: You say merge didn't work.  Did you commit after the merge?19:00
FurnaceBoyno, before.19:00
FurnaceBoymerge did nothing, that's all.19:00
abentleyFurnaceBoy: After you merge, you must commit.19:00
FurnaceBoysays Nothing to do, in fact.19:00
FurnaceBoyhm ok.19:00
FurnaceBoyso i should uncommit anything I did.19:00
FurnaceBoythen merge. then commit.19:00
abentleyFurnaceBoy: No.19:00
abentleyJust merge and commit is enough.19:01
abentleyFurnaceBoy: Try typing "bzr missing :push" in your local copy.19:01
FurnaceBoyok. I'll turn the machine on again and retry all this. will be a little while19:02
elmohey, anyone want to summarize the current status/support for nested trees?19:17
elmoabentley: ^- maybe?19:17
abentleyelmo: The status will be much clearer in a few hours.19:18
ddaaHey. I'm doing an initial push over bzr+ssh of a moderately small project, and it looks like it's stalling at the very end.19:19
ddaabzr 1.15 on both ends19:19
ddaaIs that a known issue or what?19:20
ddaalooks like there's something stalling badly on the ssh level19:26
ddaai.e. ctrl-C takes ages to drop into the debugger19:26
ddaawhile doing "self._write_to.write(bytes)", where self is SmartSSHClientMedium(connected=True, username=None, host='intuition', port=None) and len(bytes) == 72707.19:27
ddaaThere's no reason that sending 72k should take any time at all. Is there any known trick to deal with ssh connections that get bogged down?19:28
tc-ruchohello, I've been wondering, how do I config the max length of user name for bzr blame?20:00
tc-ruchothe default max length seems to be 720:01
ddaamaybe the "bzr gannotate" command in the bzr-gtk plugin will make you happier.20:20
ddaatc-rucho: ^20:20
tc-ruchoI'm gonna check that out20:25
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tc-ruchoI've been messing with bzr for a while now and would like to know if bzr is capable of tracking the file where a content came from as well as the commit where that content was originally introduced in the repository21:08
LarstiQtc-rucho: it's not entirely clear to me what you mean with that. Bazaar tracks file renames.21:09
tc-ruchoLarstiQ: do you have hg arround?21:09
tc-ruchoI'll show you by example what I mean21:09
LarstiQtc-rucho: sure21:10
bialixtc-rucho: you can pastebin desired output of hg21:11
tc-ruchobialix: good idea, I'll do that, LarstiQ, hang on, will format everything nicely21:12
LarstiQaww, I was hoping for an interactive tutorial :)21:12
tc-ruchoLarstiQ: if you prefer it that way.. I'll go on21:12
LarstiQtc-rucho: whatever works for you21:12
=== beuno_ is now known as beuno
LarstiQhe'll come back21:18
LarstiQbialix: has been doing so for a while now, why stop? ;)21:19
thumperjam: ping21:22
thumperjam: I'm heading afk for about 30-40 minutes, but I'd like to talk to you about stacked bbc branches later21:22
tc-ruchook my weechat crashed miserably, I'm back21:23
LarstiQtc-rucho: wb21:23
tc-ruchoLarstiQ: http://dpaste.com/50702/21:23
tc-ruchoLarstiQ: see how it tells me what file did that content come from21:24
bialixI suspect this is because hg support file copies and therefore hg mv == hg copy+hg remove, while in bzr mv is atomic operation21:26
bialixand bzr does not support file copies yet21:26
abentleyelmo: current status is that we haven't reached agreement yet on how it should be implemented and I'll be taking a couple weeks off from working on it.21:26
elmoabentley: ok, thanks for the update21:27
LarstiQtc-rucho: what do the 0 and 1 signify?21:27
tc-ruchoLarstiQ: they are the revision short alias (there's also the hash)21:28
LarstiQtc-rucho: doh, 0 based revnos, right21:28
tc-ruchoand  tc <- me21:28
* LarstiQ nods21:30
LarstiQtc-rucho: locally it was 'larstiq', so I figured ;)21:30
LarstiQtc-rucho: in bzr I'd do, bzr mv file1.txt final.txt, bzr ci, bzr log -v final.txt21:30
bialixtc-rucho: IIUC git will track content even better, and should show you in annotate that second half of the file originated from file2.txt, not from final.txt21:31
tc-ruchoLarstiQ: and it only tells you the revision and the commiter, nothing more21:31
tc-ruchoright, git does it awesomely, but it's not an option here... multiplatform project needs multiplatform repo21:31
LarstiQtc-rucho: bzr annotate doesn't show the filename information, but the data is there because bzr explicitly tracks renames, so log -v will tell you21:31
bialixtc-rucho: will you need to work with non-ascii filenames?21:32
tc-ruchobialix: I hope not21:32
bialixyou're lucky21:32
LarstiQtc-rucho: (optionally) displaying the filename might be nice, but I think space is already constrained21:33
bialixbecause hg has some "problems" there21:33
LarstiQtc-rucho: with qannotate and gannotate, on highlighting a line you'll also see which files the diff touched21:33
LarstiQtc-rucho: is that sufficient for you?21:34
tc-ruchoLarstiQ: need to try that out21:34
tc-ruchoand figure out where do I get it from21:34
sevenseekeranyone have some ideas on how to effectively branch from a machine in a private network that you can't reach?21:37
bialixtc-rucho: what's use case for this info?21:37
tc-ruchobialix: keeping an intuitive tracking of code origins and where some file regarding that content was renamed21:38
tc-ruchobialix: maybe bzr can just do that too, but I'm not familiar with it yet21:38
LarstiQsevenseeker: depending on how strict you mean can't reach, that would by definition be impossibble21:39
dashsevenseeker: just copy the directory somewhere accessible, i guess21:39
bialixtc-rucho: bzr mostly tracks files, not its content21:39
bialixmaybe I'm too used o bzr way, but I can't imagine why I need to know how that file was named year ago21:39
LarstiQit's still the same file, the name might just be different21:40
LarstiQtc-rucho: I think bzr can provide you with the information you want, but it does things differently than hg21:41
bialixyou can even swap names of 2 files, and bzr won't be confused21:41
tc-ruchobialix: that's nice21:42
* bialix agrees with LarstiQ: bzr does things a bit differently; but file copies support will be great21:43
tc-ruchobialix: I like how hg let's me know what file, name, and commit, a certain piece of code of a current file was introduced21:44
bialixjelmer: does you have a chance to discuss file-id aliases and file copies support at last sprint?21:45
tc-ruchoI haven't found my way to do that in bzr yet21:45
bialixtc-rucho: I understand21:45
jelmerbialix, no, we mostly looked at shorter-term things21:45
bialixthis info looks nice21:45
tc-ruchoah, forgot to mention, it also keeps track of the original autor of certain content21:45
jelmerbialix, and with lifeless not there it would've been hard to discuss path tokens21:46
bialixoriginal author?21:46
Isaiahtortoisebzr doesn't work on mapped drives?21:46
bialixIsaiah: I guess it disabled by default for network drives, check config21:46
sidneiIsaiah: i believe you can enable that, but it's disabled by default21:46
tc-ruchobialix: right, well, bzr does that too, but anyway21:46
bialixjelmer: I understand21:46
Isaiahbialix and sidnei, Ah ok that make sense21:47
IsaiahLet me check the config21:47
IsaiahAh, why didn't I see that before! Thanks again!21:48
bialixtc-rucho: I guess it's more or less differences in workflow or preferred style for using vcs21:49
bialixand this is more fundamental to select vcs than just compare features or speed or whatever21:49
LarstiQtc-rucho: a two step way you would do that with bzr cli would be `bzr annotate final.txt; bzr log -p -r 2`21:50
bialixand hg clear winner here, because it require 1 step only. heh21:50
LarstiQor whichever revision you're interested in knowing which file it was21:51
LarstiQtc-rucho: or even `bzr st -r 1 final.txt`21:51
LarstiQbialix: right21:51
* bialix will file a feature request for qannotate21:52
sevenseekerI use key entry via ssh for a server, can I use that key with bzr+ssh access?22:28
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dashany of you use emacs dvc?22:29
dashi'm trying to figure out how to pass arguments to 'bzr diff' in it22:29
sevenseekercan I use '-i <key>' like with ssh?22:29
thumperjam: ping22:30
jamhi thumper22:31
thumperjam: can I skype you about stacking?22:31
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sabdflhey folks22:51
sabdfleveryone make it home safely?22:51
jamsabdfl: I did :)22:51
thumperjam: bug 38279522:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 382795 in launchpad-code "mirror-branch using too much memory" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38279522:54
thumperhi sabdfl22:54
sabdflhi thumper, jam22:56
sabdflglad at least you two made it :-)22:56
* jelmer waves22:59
dorinsI have two bzr branches: 'upstream' and 'feature'. feature is branched from 'upstream' and has 3 additional revisions. I want to pull the last two revisions from 'feature' to upstream'. Any pointer on how to do that?23:04
dashbeing lazy and not wanting to figure out new commands, i'd make a new branch from feature, 'bzr uncommit', then merge it to trunk.23:05
moldydorins: bzr merge -r ?23:05
moldydorins: i'm a bzr newbie myself, that's my best guess ;p23:05
moldydorins: bzr help merge and bzr help revisionspec23:06
davidstraussdash: but uncommit will remove the latest revision23:11
davidstraussdash: and dorins wants the last two revisions23:11
dorinsmoldy: I was trying to do this with bzr pull. If I use merge, wouldn't I loose the history from 'feature'? I mean the revisions from 'feature' would be combined into a single revision in 'upstrem'.23:11
davidstraussdorins: You should cherrypick merge "-r -2..-1"23:11
dashdavidstrauss: only from the current branch23:11
dashthat's why i said make a new one first :)23:11
dorinsdash: the revision I'm trying to skip is not the last revision23:12
davidstraussdorins: merge will not lose history23:12
moldydorins: i don't think you lose history, but don't take my word for it -- if in doubt, just try it23:12
dashdorins: ah.23:12
dorinsdavidstrauss: ok, I'll try merge.23:13
dorinsThanks guys.23:13
davidstraussdorins: merge will give you a merge revision on upstream that has two subrevisions representing the content of the merge23:14
dorinsdavidstrauss: interesting. what happens with the subrevissions if I then push 'upstream' to a svn repository?23:15
davidstraussdorins: I'm not sure about that, but bzr generally has pretty non-lossy integration with svn23:16
ddaadorins: they remain in your local repository23:29
ddaaif you independently branch from svn, they become "ghost revisions"23:29
ddaathat is, revisions that are referenced from revision in the repository, but that are not themselves in the repository23:30
ddaayou can then use "bzr fetch-ghosts" to fill them in if you have subsequent access to a repository that contains them23:31
ddaa(hopefully jelmer will not correct me, these are mostly informed guesses)23:32
dorinsddaa: not sure I really get what "ghost revisions" are. Do you mean svn doesn't treat them as individual revisions?23:32
ddaaI mean, if they are bzr commits, then they are not in the svn repository23:33
ddaaGenerally, svn does not know much about merges.23:34
ddaabzr-svn can record the revision id of the latest merged revision23:35
ddaain the svn metadata of the merge commit23:35
dorinsddaa: ok23:36
dorinsIs there other way to cherypick revisions besides merge?23:36
ddaabzr does not track cherrypicks for you, only full merges23:36
ddaaso cherrypick with merge is essentially the same as cherrypick with diff+patch23:36
ddaain other words, once you are doing cherrypicking, you can use whatever tool you like (partial merge, shelve, kdiff3), it makes no difference23:37
ddaaBut, if at all possible, you should strive to do full merges only. That will make you life, much, much easier.23:38
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* ddaa -> bed23:39
dorinsI understand. My problem is that after cherypicking revisions with merge, and then pushing to svn, svn doesn't know about the individual revisions that I cherypicked23:39
dorinsso people using regular svn clients don't see the individual revisions that I pushed to svn, instead they see a single merge revision.23:40
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