skaftipff finally managed to connect to the internet00:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about krec00:02
cjae!info krec00:03
ubottuPackage krec does not exist in jaunty00:03
skaftichaos2fu still there00:04
pulaskithanks again, cya00:05
RProgrammerWhen people say "go to System -> Preferences", where do I go, since I have KDE?00:05
_nix_RProgrammer: I think KMenu > Computer > System Settings00:06
skaftidoes someone have a sound problem with browsers ?00:08
RProgrammerWow, I tried that, but there's so few preferences I thought I was missing something..00:08
_nix_RProgrammer: there is the Advanced tab.00:08
RProgrammerYeah, the thing I'm looking for still isn't there00:09
kaddiwhat are you looking for?00:10
RProgrammerEnable/DIsable Tap00:10
skaftiis there no genius who knows how to solve soundproblems with browsers exp. listening to youtube00:10
RProgrammerskafti: Maybe it's a flash problem00:10
skaftiboth konqueror and mozzilla00:10
kaddiskafti have a look at your kmix settings, I've seen some cases where the sound simply was muted00:11
RProgrammerskafti: Try the flash configuration tool, see if it can get access to the speakers00:11
skaftilooked at the kmix yes00:12
skaftiwere is this flash config tool00:12
RProgrammerSearch google, it's actually on adobe's website00:12
RProgrammerRather than on your local machine00:13
_nix_skafti: right click on the flash applet and click settings.00:13
kaddiPProgrammer: you are talking about disabling part of the touchpad? is it a synaptics?00:13
RProgrammerPkaddi: It's a MacBook00:13
RProgrammerI looked in xorg.conf, but there's no "InputDevice" section00:14
_nix_RProgrammer: synaptics is the name of the touchpad thingy. TMI xD00:14
kaddiRProgrammer have a look at this thread: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=310121300:14
kaddiRProgrammer also there is a configtool called gsynaptics if your trackpad is from synaptics00:16
RProgrammerI thought Synaptics was a company00:17
RProgrammerBut people use it as a synonym for 'touchpad'; do things like gSynaptics work for non-Synaptics(R) touchpads?00:18
RProgrammerOk, I tried a fix in the forum; is there a way to reload a portion of X, or do I need to reboot to see if it worked?00:21
_nix_RProgrammer: try pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to restart X alone00:22
kaddiRProgrammer you can kill the X-server without restarting, if you lock out and select it from the drop down menu00:22
kaddiCtrl-Alt-Backspace is deactivated by default in Jaunty if I recall correctly00:22
RProgrammerYeah, that's not working00:22
RProgrammerOk, I've got a couple of things to do anyway, so I'll just reboot00:23
_nix_kaddi: oh darn! how do you reactivate it?00:23
ubottu_nix_: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.00:24
kaddialthough I didn't recall dontzapt nor the other key combination in time for RProgrammer :p00:24
_nix_I like the latter method00:25
kaddiWhat I don't like about the latte method is, that all I can find is, that it has a "similar effect" I have no clue what that key combination really does00:27
_nix_it zaps everything that might be listening to the keyboard events00:28
kaddiso what is the difference? does it kill more processes than ctrl-alt-backspace?00:29
_nix_it was essentially designed to kill things like keyloggers00:30
kaddioh, i see :)00:30
_nix_So my best guess is anything hooked to /dev/console00:30
_nix_fuser? anybody?00:30
kaddihi :)00:30
_nix_ibou: hi00:30
iboui dont have the sound when  i watch divx on kmplayer, although i have some on dragon player. Im on jaunty. I also dont have the sound on flash plugin. Can someone help me ?00:31
harjotgenii: hello im back00:34
harjotwho is actually watching this irc chat now????00:35
littleharjot: What's up?00:36
harjota problem as usual00:36
harjotwere u on yeatrday???00:36
geniiharjot: ops are around, just not always visible.00:36
littleharjot: Anything I can help with?00:36
harjotif u can00:36
littleharjot: No I wasn't, but go for it. Maybe I can help. (:00:37
harjotlisten genii u told me to ger irssi and pastebinit00:37
harjotbut my dpkg doesnt work at ALL it always fails to connect to the server00:37
harjotbut one tthing00:37
harjoti noticed it is also trying to download from the intrepid server?????00:38
ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:38
harjotActionParsnip: That was random00:38
harjotok where was i???00:38
geniiharjot: It looks for intrepid repositories but you are running a different ubuntu version?00:39
ActionParsnipharjot: if you come in here enough, you'll see its really not00:39
harjotyes [thats really weird its looking for kubuntu 8.10 packages[intrpid]]00:39
ActionParsnipharjot:  genii knows what i mean ;)00:40
harjotActionParsnip: So I seee ur basically saying the party hasnt started yet, especillly 4 me00:40
harjotok where was i???00:40
ActionParsnipharjot: if you arent using intrepid you will need to update your sources to match your release00:40
harjotproblem:::::: im not using intrepid00:41
ActionParsnipharjot: no, just saying thats how I always enter every time i enter, and i'm fairly regualr00:41
ActionParsnipharjot: then you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list and replace all instances of intrepid with the release you are using00:41
littleharjot: Can you paste the output of cat /etc/apt/sources.list into http://paste.ubuntu.com/00:42
geniiharjot: What does:  lsb_release -a                 tell is the version?00:42
harjotlook guys im running on windows [the worst os in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1] on my dual boot machine. i can access my etx3 drive from windoze so i can paste dpkg logs etc... but not much else00:42
harjotcause my keyboard aint working which is y i must upgrade those packages00:42
ActionParsnipharjot: then i would get wan access setup first then worry about update00:43
harjotfor kubuntu that is00:43
harjoti ve got all that00:43
ActionParsnipharjot: then you must fix the keyboard first00:43
harjoti cant withour updating00:43
harjoti can use tty but when in kdm i cant00:43
littleWill the keyboard work with the Live CD?00:43
geniiharjot: With all that kind of messing around, you might be better off to just actually reinstall. And I do not usually recommend to reinstall00:43
harjotproblem v2. my wireless will not work with a live cd it requires special driverss00:44
harjotthe problem with a reinstall is:00:44
harjot1) I don't want to and i cant move my 20GB documents proplerly00:45
ActionParsnipharjot: i'd check keyoard settings in systemsettings00:45
adamHow can I configure wine?  What CLI is it?00:45
ActionParsnipharjot: you should ave a backup which you can then restore if you data is important00:45
ActionParsnipadam: winecfg00:45
harjotTOO MUCH SPACE00:45
ActionParsnipharjot: what if your drive fails?00:45
littleadam: Type winecfg in a terminal window.00:45
ActionParsnipharjot: where is your data then?00:46
harjotIT LEEFT ME WITH 64 MB on my 120 gb00:46
adamGot it :P thanks!00:46
harjoton my hard drive00:46
harjotmy drive wont fail00:46
ActionParsnipharjot: not if it fails00:46
ActionParsnipharjot: it will eventually, trust me00:46
littleharjot: That's what we all think. (:00:46
adamI can't join #wine...I need help with it thouhg.00:47
ActionParsnipharjot: if you come here moaning you lost your data by accident or yor drive fails. I will show no pity00:47
harjoterrr... its more likely to fail in a pc[windoze] or a computer than in a laptop00:47
harjotthats fine [im professiomnal at recovery]00:47
littleadam: What kind of help do you need with wine?00:47
ActionParsnipharjot: hard drives fail like any other device, laptop, desktop or server, all drives fail00:47
harjotbtw i will backup soon after i fix my problemo00:47
ActionParsnipharjot: not if the motor fails and the drive doesnt spin up00:47
harjotok backup discussion over [how do u recover a failed hard drive00:48
littleharjot: Are you able to view the contents of the /etc/apt/sources.list file?00:48
ActionParsnipharjot: i would check in system settings and make sure the correct language is selected00:48
harjotit is00:48
adamlittle: Well, it just won't runt he game...I mean, it starts up...But, when I get close to playing, it stops.00:49
harjotit is my update problem becuase i updated my xorg but now everything else wibt update00:49
ActionParsnipharjot: to recover failed hdd you pay a professional company many hundreds of dolars, or you can pay 40 for a usb hdd and get a good backup00:49
littleharjot: You can paste them into http://paste.ubuntu.com/ if you can copy them.00:49
littleadam: Which game are you trying to run?00:49
harjotso etc/apt/sources..lst????00:49
ActionParsnipharjot: what is wrong with your keyboard anyhoo?00:49
adamlittle: Age of Empires II00:49
harjotit wont type in kdm00:50
littleharjot: sources.list <--- it's one of those exceptions that has four letters after the dot00:50
ActionParsniplittle: file extensions in linux dont mean much00:50
ActionParsnipharjot: kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list00:50
=== Tsukasa-pub is now known as Being_Tsukasa
harjoti know but windows throw itself over the mountain00:51
ActionParsnipharjot: and edit out interpid and change it for the name of your release00:51
harjoterr.i cant access my kubuntu00:51
littleadam: Here's the wine page on that game: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=9900:51
harjotwell i can but only from tty00:51
ActionParsnipharjot: does it boot?00:51
harjotinto tty00:51
littleActionParsnip: But they do to Windows users, which is why I mentioned it. (:00:51
ActionParsnipharjot: thats fine, use   sudo nano     instead of    kdesudo kate00:51
ActionParsnipharjot: you can edit it at cli00:52
harjotbUT HJOW DO I COPY???00:52
harjotcant use program that is not installed00:52
littleharjot: How are you accessing Kubuntu from Windows?00:52
ActionParsnipharjot: copy what?00:52
harjoti can get to my ext3 drive yes00:52
littleharjot: Using Windows?00:53
ActionParsnipharjot: if you edit your sources file you can then upgrade and boot to uuntu00:53
harjotits called a 12 year old brain that hasnt malfunctioned00:53
harjotyes using windoze00:53
littleharjot: If you can browse to the /etc/apt/sources.list file, are you able to open it in a text editor and look at it?00:53
harjotlook if u want to access ur ext3 drive download diskinternals linux drive reader00:54
harjotyes i can00:54
littleharjot: Can you highlight the contents and copy them to the clipboard?00:54
harjotyes [which clipboaard?]00:54
ActionParsnipharjot: you dont access ext3 drives, you access ext3 partitions ;)00:54
littleharjot: The Windows clipboard.00:54
skaftidoes any one know how to fix nosound in konq and mozz00:54
harjotyes i can copy00:55
ActionParsnipskafti: mozz?00:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mozz00:55
ActionParsnip!info mozz00:55
ubottuPackage mozz does not exist in jaunty00:55
ActionParsnipskafti: i see, please use full names. abbreviations only confuse00:55
skaftispend all day looking in google for this solution00:55
ActionParsnipskafti: so do you mean sound in flash?00:55
harjotdudes how do i paste???00:56
littleharjot: Once you have it copied to the clipboard, open http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and paste the contents into the box. When you're finished, press the paste button at the bottom and it will give you a link you can give us.00:56
ActionParsnipskafti: you never said that. Let me websearch00:56
ActionParsnipskafti: 32bit or 64bit flash00:56
littleharjot: You can right-click in the box and select paste from the menu.00:56
ActionParsnipskafti: can you please provide the output of   uname -a00:57
ActionParsnip!paste | harjot00:57
ubottuharjot: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:57
harjotbut one thing00:58
harjotit is a bit hard t o  read as its from notepad00:58
littleharjot: That's okay.00:58
skaftishokwave flash 10.0 r22 32bit00:59
harjotgood old patebin reconfigured the look of the file to make it look normal00:59
ActionParsnipskafti: ok let me search01:00
harjotguys heres the pastbin01:00
harjotppls have you read the pastebin>?01:01
littleharjot: The last line of that file is the problem. It wants to use the intrepid repositories.01:02
littleharjot: I wouldn't edit the file with Windows, though.01:02
harjotso if i rid that all will be well????01:02
harjoti know01:02
harjothow would i edit it with tty????01:03
ActionParsnipharjot: ok so you have hardy installed?01:03
littleharjot: Well, you've got to be able to access the file and edit it. You can do that using the Live CD if your keyboard will work.01:03
harjotoooooh... good idea01:03
harjotthanks if this works01:03
harjotthen i will get pastebinit01:03
harjotand irssi01:03
harjotand backup MY COMPUTER01:04
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
littleI'm not sure if the Live CD mounts all partitions on bootup, though. Does anyone know, or will harjot need to do something to access the partition?01:04
harjotNo, it does01:04
harjotive used live cd  to tryy and fix billions of times01:04
littleharjot: Good, then you can use kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list to open the file and just remove the very last line that mentions intrepid.01:05
harjotthanks for helping01:05
littleharjot: Also, a good idea would be to copy sources.list somewhere else as a backup just in case before you edit it. (:01:05
harjotcant i just use sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list????01:05
harjotoh its now on my windows partition01:05
ActionParsnipharjot: no, never sudo kate01:05
littleharjot: sudo is for non-graphical programs. kdesudo is for graphical programs.01:05
ActionParsnipharjot: kdesudo kate01:05
ActionParsnipharjot: sudo is for cli commands only01:06
harjotit doesnt matter sudo works 4 all01:06
harjotcause i never use kdesudo to lauch kate01:06
ActionParsnipharjot: yes it works but it will damage group iwnerships01:06
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why01:06
littleharjot: There's a page that tells why it isn't a good idea. It can mess up an important system file and make the computer unbootable. (:01:06
* little nods at genii01:06
ActionParsnipand you wont have access to your own files eventually and you will need to chown / chmod01:06
harjotahh.. thanks so much!!!!01:06
geniiharjot: You should read that last link of the bots to know why not to use sudo for graphical apps01:06
ActionParsnipharjot: you can just avoid by using sudo /kdesudo correctly01:07
harjotok tyym bye01:08
ActionParsnipi hate the whole sudo <gui app> thing. really annoying :(01:08
littleharjot: After you edit the sources.list file, run sudo apt-get update01:08
ign0ramushey all01:17
ign0ramusi've been using mencoder a lot for different tasks, and each command is very long, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good gui/frontend for it for simple conversion tasks?01:17
littleignOramus: I use pdmenu for a few long commands: http://kitenet.net/~joey/code/pdmenu/01:20
littleignOramus: You'll have to set it up, but once it's set up, it's just point and click to do any command you like, and it's all saved into one text file.01:21
ign0ramuslittle, checking it now.  thanks.01:22
littleignOramus: Let me know if you have any trouble with it. I have it set up nicely on my system and can help with the syntax.01:24
littleignOramus: I forgot to mention that it's lightning fast. (:01:25
ign0ramuslittle, will do.  it's "zero" in my nick... that's why I'm not getting notified when you type my nick :)01:25
nightdreverwhere and how do i install songbird?01:25
littleign0ramus: Sorry about that!01:26
ign0ramusnightdrever, www.songbirdnest.com01:26
ign0ramuslittle, np.  don't you use the autocomplete feature?01:26
littleign0ramus: OMG, I didn't know it could do that!01:27
nightdreverok i can download it but how do i install it01:27
nightdreverso its in my menu etc?01:27
ign0ramusnightdrever, you could start with the documentation, but i believe "cd"ing into the directory, "chmod"ing "songbird-bin" to executable, and then issuing "./songbird-bin" should work01:28
ign0ramusnightdrever, i haven't tried the latest versions, so it may be different now...01:29
=== bernier is now known as Ownatik
Ahmuckhi.  where is the option to change from pulseaudio to alsa in kubuntu 9.04 ?01:42
harjotok guys im back01:53
ign0ramusMamarok, you there?01:53
harjotgenii: im back01:53
harjotlittle: im back01:53
harjotand the other guy who was helping me : im back01:54
harjotActionParsnip: Im back01:54
harjotcould u guys look at my dpkg logs plz01:54
ign0ramusharjot, ActionParsnip isn't here01:54
harjotright ty01:54
harjotare the other guys all asleep01:55
harjotgenii: are u there??????01:55
harjotlittle: can u respond plz01:55
harjotok im stuck01:55
harjotits always the same people online and the SAME PEOPLE ASLEEP [LOL!!! :P01:56
littleharjot: Sorry, I was in another window.01:57
harjotok thats fine01:57
harjotmy problem has decreases01:57
harjot39 pacxkages  upgradable but being held back01:57
littleharjot: You left before I could tell you that after you remove the last line in the file, you need to run sudo apt-get update01:58
harjotsoyes i did01:58
harjoti did thatr01:58
harjotand then tryed upgrading my opackages01:58
harjotnonus workus est01:58
harjotit didnt work01:58
littleharjot: What exact message are you getting? Can you paste the output into pastebin?01:58
harjotit just said 39 packes not upgraded01:58
harjoti cant01:58
harjotW:failed to download index files01:59
littleharjot: Are you typing sudo apt-get update to get the packages?01:59
harjotand i also tryed sudo apt-get upgrade01:59
harjotthen i tried aptitiuede01:59
harjoti edited the fil with nano [decent prgram!]02:00
littleharjot: Can you paste the output of sudo apt-get update into a text file and then copy the information from that into pastebin once you're in Windows?02:00
harjotwhere do i get the info from????02:00
littleharjot: Glad you like it. That one's probably the easiest of the command line editors. (:02:00
harjotwhich file do i paste from???02:01
littleharjot: When you run the command, it will print some output in the terminal window. You can highlight all of that with the mouse and paste it into a text file.02:01
littleharjot: I'm not sure if you can do sudo apt-get update > filename.txt02:01
harjotproblem.. i  cant get past kdm therefore i cant copy and paste02:01
littleharjot: Maybe somebody here would know whether it will work with that command.02:02
harjotive heard though about dpkg logs02:02
littleharjot: How about a screenshot?02:02
harjoti cant from command line in tty02:02
littleharjot: Okay, those should work. I'm not familiar with where those are or which ones would have the information.02:02
harjotbut index failed failed to download try using sudo apt-get update or --fix-missing02:03
harjotgenii know02:03
littleharjot: Okay, let me see if I can find out where it logs to.02:03
=== silver is now known as Guest45555
harjotis it in /etc??? theres a dpkg folder there but no sign of logfiels02:04
harjotlittle: ive found them02:05
=== zero is now known as Guest89901
harjotlittle: FOUND THEM!!!!02:06
littleharjot: Excellent! Can you paste the contents into pastebin?02:06
* little cheers for harjot02:06
harjotjust finding the right log jjst a sec...02:06
littleharjot: When you get the error, does it mention specific packages?02:07
harjotno all of them being held02:08
littleharjot: None of your packages updated?02:08
harjotwont let me install either02:08
harjotsays dependies arent met02:09
littleharjot: What worries me is that since you had the intrepid line in your sources.list file, you may have actually gotten some intrepid packages, and those might be the problem now.02:09
harjoti hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!02:09
littleharjot: The output should list off all the files that are being held back. Each one will require a command to fix it. Are you sure it doesn't list them?02:10
littleharjot: You should see this line in the output of sudo apt-get update:               The following packages have unmet dependencies:02:10
littleharjot: Then under that line it should list off which packages are the problems. Once you have that list, we might be able to sort this out pretty easily. (:02:11
littleThe magic incantation for each package is: sudo apt-get -f install PACKAGENAME02:11
littleharjot: And you would replace PACKAGENAME with the name of each package.02:12
harjotyes ok02:12
harjoti tried installing the dependencies02:12
harjot1 was too far uptodate02:12
lucio_im jus tying the koncersation02:13
harjotone was not matching corectly with the 1 it needed [wrong version???]02:13
littleharjot: That sounds to me like you have intrepid packages on your system, since those would be further along than the hardy ones.02:13
littleharjot: The -f in that command I gave you will try to fix it.02:13
littleharjot: We can take care of it. It just might be a bit tricky of a surgery. (:02:14
harjot-f means force????02:15
littleharjot: Can you run sudo apt-get update again and see if there is a line that says, "The following packages have unmet dependencies:" and then see if it lists them off?02:15
lucio_sorry people, im looking for a client vpm for nortel contivit, i dont find it on google....02:15
harjotit does02:15
harjotthe annoying thing is now i have to boot into kubuntu and then i have to boot back here if it dont work02:16
littleharjot: Yeah, sorry about that. But at least you CAN do that. (:02:16
littleharjot: -f means fix.02:16
harjotbtw.... do u want the logfilees before i go???02:17
littleharjot: You can use this instead if you like: sudo apt-get --fix-missing install PACKAGENAME02:17
littleharjot: Sure. Maybe the information is in there.02:18
harjotok after this i wont becoming until tomrrow i have to goto bed02:18
littleharjot: I don't want to paste my email into here, but you can get it from the Contact button at the top right of http://littlegirl.hostrator.com in case you need more help tomorrow.02:19
littleharjot: We can sort this out one way or another.02:19
harjotlittlegirl???????are u a girl???????????02:19
littleharjot: Yep, through and through. (:02:19
harjotreally i didnt expect that!!!!02:20
littleharjot: We really do exist. (:02:20
littleharjot: I think there are more and more of us who are geeks nowadays. (:02:20
harjotok i cant get to ur email cause im using windoz02:20
harjotunlike my DUMB sister02:21
harjotHow old are u ????02:21
littleharjot: It's at the bottom of this page: http://littlegirl.hostrator.com/SiteMap.html02:21
littleharjot: 4702:21
littleharjot: So I guess I'm technically a woman rather than a girl, but I've had the handle for years. (:02:21
harjotlol im only 1202:21
littleharjot: You're doing really well with all the technical stuff for a twelve year old. (:02:22
harjotty im learning to code in C02:22
harjotive got so much schoolwork cause im in scholorship set02:23
harjotlittle: ive just goto post u my log noi02:24
harjotlittle: this isnt the proper log but its all i recognize as dpkg-s status02:27
harjotlittle: bye02:27
littleharjot: Where is it?02:27
kevDabu09has anyone had luck disabling "tap" on kubunt 9.04?02:29
kevDabu09its driving me crazy.02:29
HxHello anybody?02:57
p_quarles!ask Hrr196303:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask Hrr196303:01
p_quarlesoops, sorry03:01
p_quarles!ask | Hrr196303:01
ubottuHrr1963: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:01
Hrr1963rare people lol.. Ok here go my question, my lenovo N500 was able to connect via ethernet or wireless in kubuntu 9.04 (In fresh install , yesterday). Now today im not able to connect in any way. Router N ok, signal ok and ethernet ports ok, since i can connect with other PCs. Any suggestions?03:03
dennisterhaving a cups problem: printer did work for months, then published it in error, now can't get it to work again03:03
Hrr1963My lenovo N500 was able to connect via ethernet or wireless in kubuntu 9.04 (In fresh install , yesterday). Now today im not able to connect in any way. Router N ok, signal ok and ethernet ports ok, since i can connect with other PCs. Any suggestions?03:05
dennisteripp error message is always: Unable to open device "hal:///org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/usb_device_4f9_161_G01234567890_if0_printer_noserial": Permission denied03:06
dennistercan someone help me with this pls...driving me totally bokers03:07
Hrr1963Ok since no answer... and this is kde 4 problem. Simple, any instructions to get rip of kde 4.2.3 and use kde 3?03:07
user010hi is anyone available? i need a little help03:29
p_quarlesuser010: just ask03:30
p_quarlesno one can answer until you do03:30
user010hehe i tried to ask a question03:30
user010um how do i compile03:31
user010i'm trying to run a .i38603:31
user010this is my first time with ubuntu03:31
p_quarlescompile what?03:31
user010a .i386 file03:31
p_quarlesthat's not a file type I'm aware of03:31
Hrr1963My lenovo N500 was able to connect via ethernet or wireless in kubuntu 9.04 (In fresh install , yesterday). Now today im not able to connect in any way. Router N ok, signal ok and ethernet ports ok, since i can connect with other PCs. Any suggestions? Help?03:32
user010you know of urban terror?03:32
p_quarlesuser010: yes; and that's a binary, you don't need to compile it03:32
p_quarless/don't need to/cannot03:32
user010it says it needs something to install it with03:33
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p_quarlesuser010: well, A) this isn't really a Kubuntu issue; B) that game comes with two binaries, one for people who have the Quake III engine already installed, and one with its own engine03:34
p_quarlesuser010: I use the standalone one, ioUrbanTerror.i386, which works fine and is already compiled03:34
user010well when i try to run that file is tells me no application suitable for installation of this file is available03:36
user010something like that03:36
p_quarlesuser010: 1) make sure it03:37
p_quarles's executable, and 2) try running it from the command line03:37
user010i don't know how to do any of this03:38
user010this is my first time away from windows03:38
p_quarlesuser010: right click on the file in Dolphin, select "properties," go to the "permissions" tab and make sure "executable" is ticked03:39
user010pj pd o set allow?03:39
user010ah ok i found that hehe03:40
p_quarlesone you do that, you should be able to simply click on the file and it will run03:40
user010thank you03:40
p_quarlesI would ensure that compositing is turned off before you run it, though03:40
p_quarleskwin's compositing doesn't always mesh with 3D accelerated games03:40
user010i don't know how to do that either03:41
p_quarlesalt-shift-F12 to toggle it03:41
user010you know what i think it gave me ubuntu even tho the iso said kubuntu03:41
user010it's showing some gnome stuff03:41
p_quarlesthat seems unlikely, but in that case you would turn off "desktop effects" in the system menu03:42
p_quarlesgnome and kde can exist side by side; the real question for compositing is which window manager is running03:42
user010hmm how do i check version?03:42
p_quarlesuser010: you're using pidgin to access this channel, looks like?03:43
user010so i have ubuntu right?03:43
Hrr1963cant believe i have to format the damn kubuntu. I mean, they release a new version and it got WORST, and the same cicle... another and another and another.03:43
p_quarlesuser010: then I'd guess you have Gnome; again, the programs coexist pretty completely03:44
user010below about gnome it says about ubuntu03:44
p_quarlesyeah, anyway you should be able to disable compositing by running metacity --replace; but I'm not really sure, and that's a better question for #ubuntu03:45
user010thanks quarles03:45
administradorbuenas noches03:46
Hrr1963buenas noches ...03:46
administradorque tal03:46
user010weird tho, i downloaded the kubuntu iso from the berkley server, then i ran wubi03:46
p_quarles!es | administrador03:46
ubottuadministrador: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:46
tomsdale_I can't play .ogg files on wikipedia in firefox. .ogg is a free standart, why doesn't  it play?03:46
Hrr1963enojado. y usted?03:46
user010and now i have ubuntu? lol03:46
administradorno no03:46
administradortenia una pregunta03:46
administradorquiza puedas ayudarme03:46
p_quarlesadministrador: ask in #kubuntu-es, or ask in English03:47
administradorim sorry03:47
administradorthere telling me that the channel is in english03:48
administradori am going to a spanish channel03:48
tomsdale_do I need a firefox plugin to play .ogg files.03:48
transi don't know if this is the right place to ask but i just installed kubuntu 9.04 fresh, i had 8.04 previously.  I have a program that reads the serial port but on 9.04 it no longer works.  it worked fine on 8.04, it's very simple using read() and select() on an open descriptor.  I am able to send data correctly using the same program with the same descriptor.  Using stty, the terminal settings appear to all be correct and i can acutally read p03:49
trans fine using cutecom (which i believe uses Qt to read the serial port).03:49
transi can't get why it would work for a Qt program and not good ol' read()03:53
tomsdale_Can anyone play .ogg files e.g. in wikipedia directly in their browser.03:53
p_quarlestomsdale_: I don't remember specifically, but I would imagine the VLC plugin would do that03:54
tomsdale_p_quarles: ah - good call. Let me check the repo. There is no addon at least on mozilla03:55
p_quarlestomsdale_: mozilla-plugin-vlc; it's in multiverse03:56
p_quarlesthe totem plugin should work as well03:56
tomsdale_p_quarles: is totem not for gnome only?03:57
p_quarlesit has GTK+ and Gnome depends, if that's what you mean; I ignore purism, myself, but do what you like03:58
tomsdale_yes - mozilla-plugin-vlc works, thanks a lot. Although I have no control bars but that's fine so far.04:00
tomsdale_in kubuntu the pendant to totem would be dragon player I guess - but dragon player doesn't have browser support.04:01
lizhow do you create a bootable iso image from a made directory??04:07
colton_My mouse roller is so freaking fast! How do I slow it down?04:08
colton_[And no wiseguy cracks like "don't push as hard." I barely tap it and i'm halfway down a two thousand line document]!04:08
tomsdale_colton_: in kubuntu go to system settings. Keyboard and Mouse04:12
tomsdale_mouse advanced - Mouse wheel scrolls x lines.04:12
tomsdale_You probably have something very high in there. I have 4.04:12
colton_I have 1 in there.04:19
colton_. . . it's still like crazy fast. It's strange though, because it wasn't like this yesterday, now all of a sudden it's changed. I can't think of anything I did which would have changed it either.04:20
tomsdale_did you change enything in the directory /etc/hal/fdi/policy maybe04:21
colton_I don't see how I could have . . .04:21
tomsdale_that's where you would pass customisations to the mouse driver. but in your case if it worked yesterday I don't really know. Is it the same in all applications?04:22
colton_Yeah. It's the same in all.04:23
tomsdale_hm, I really don't know then. Can you try it with a seperate mouse maybe to see whether it's your hw that plays up?04:24
colton_No. But you know what's funny, If I modify the pointer acceleration, the acceleration is modified. But if I modify the scroll speed, (from 12 - 1) (and press apply ) nothing changes.04:27
aaron_anyone know the answer to a non-responsive "Leave"/shutdown button in jaunty/KDE 4.2.2?04:30
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BigPaticehey anybody know about changing a single sudo command to run without a password05:26
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ricardo__i need some help with amarok 2.1 beta 2, and ipod nano 4gb05:52
BigPaticewhat ya wanna do?05:53
ricardo__it doesnt recognize it05:53
ricardo__hwever its shown on media applet05:53
BigPaticehave you tried gtkpod? i have had great luck with that and ipods05:53
ricardo__not happening with 2.005:53
jon__does gtkpod support ipod touch?05:54
ricardo__yeah.. i know i've tried gtkpod, songbird, rythmbox, but none of them works as good as amaroK05:54
p_quarlesyeah, amarok ipod support is still a work-in-progress05:54
ricardo__but this is a kubuntu related bug05:54
BigPaticei think so. i use gtkpod to put and take music from the ipod, and i use amarok do play whats on my pc05:54
ricardo__it supports ipod on opensuse05:54
BigPaticefor some reason amarok is less quirky on fedora too05:55
ricardo__so that is why im asking anywone with the same issue?05:55
ricardo__media applet seems useless05:55
BigPaticei guess i have the same problem. i just gave up quicker05:55
ricardo__2.0 sucks05:56
ricardo__laks of too many features05:56
BigPaticewell i like amarok for just playing music on my system. it seems better than rythmbox, but i think it is catching up with kde 405:57
ricardo__so there is no solution isnt it?05:58
BigPaticei am not sure, still kinda noob05:59
ricardo__anyone else?06:01
_nix_I think I missed BigPatice06:05
_nix_I was hungry :/06:05
Hrr1963Problem with wireless, driver is Broadcom STA06:11
Hrr1963any help?06:12
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx06:12
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DaskreecHHrr1963: you would like #kubuntu-es ?06:20
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ZengolGood evening everone.06:50
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ZengolIs there a way to add a System-wide pre-gain, and post-gain to the sound in ALSA?07:02
Hrr1963Does anyone knows, how to fix the problem of wireless in kubuntu 9.04 for a bcm4312 chipset of a lenovo n500 52U? Have tried many things.07:35
ZengolUse Proprietary driver's.07:36
ZengolOr make yoru own.07:36
ZengolI am using the same one.07:36
ZengolThe prop driver's worked for me, but i am using an Acer Aspire 5570z.07:37
Hrr1963thank you07:38
ZengolIf you have problem's come back.07:39
ZengolI am not the best at this.07:39
ZengolI am still new myself.07:40
DasKreecHZengol: You used the ndiswrapper?07:45
ZengolWhat is that?07:45
ZengolFor what?07:45
ZengolAudio, or Visual?07:45
ZengolOh, the wi-fi.07:45
ZengolNot sure what i did really.07:46
DasKreecH!ndiswrapper | Hrr196307:46
ubottuHrr1963: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:46
ZengolI read a guide on the net on how to compile FWcutter to run the BC drover's.07:46
DasKreecHAh FWcutter Yeah that's a way to do it07:46
ZengolI am running 8.10 now though.07:47
ZengolMy VGA chipset is not supported by 9.0407:47
ZengolOr atleast run's like crap.07:47
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qwerrrti m sexy08:07
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jussi01can anyone point me to some ubuntu specific documentation about the radeon hd driver?08:23
ZengolHD, or HDD?08:24
jussi01ie. the video driver ;)08:24
ZengolI am sorry i did not understand you at first.08:25
ZengolWhat are you having trouble with, or are curious about as in performance?08:26
jussi01Im just wanting to check the actual proceedure, is it as simple as uninstall the fglrx, then install xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd ?08:26
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:26
jussi01DasKreecH: nah, no info there...08:26
* jussi01 has done some legwork, but cant seem to find what he needs08:27
ZengolYeah, in the total case of output you will need to do self customizing to Nvidia OR ATI chipset X setup's.08:29
ZengolNever go with the pre-set customization.08:29
ZengolIt is only for basic support of your OS, you should know that as the base by now atleast.08:29
ZengolSame as with Windoze, you would have to make your one Xorg conf To get it to run the way you want it to support your current condition's.08:30
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DasKreecHjussi01: I guess https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonHD doesn't help ?08:41
jussi01DasKreecH: very helpful, wonder why google doesnt turn that up?08:41
DasKreecHMaybe it does Evil?08:41
jussi01in fact, thats exactly what I was after....08:41
jussi01DasKreecH: *g*08:42
jussi01thanks DasKreecH...08:42
jussi01cripes... you have to build it?08:43
* jussi01 is suprised. but meh08:44
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Guest35433salve a tutti08:50
Guest35433qlc può aiutarmi?08:50
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ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)08:51
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eeoshi everybody .... where do you specify the paramenters / options to be used by kubuntu 904 when it automounts a SDHC card (in a card reader)?09:10
eeosvfat formatted SDHC card, by the way09:10
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ActionParsnipyo yo yo09:13
eeoshi everybody .... where do you specify the paramenters / options to be used by kubuntu 904 when it automounts a SDHC card (in a card reader)?  vfat formatted SDHC card, by the way09:15
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:15
eeosDasKreecH: fstab does not have any indications about automounted card readers09:16
eeosDasKreecH: ot commands09:16
DasKreecHWell if it can be mounted then it can be in fstab09:17
DasKreecHand then you can set the options09:17
DasKreecHHal is probably doing the mounting09:17
eeosDasKreecH: well, what mechanism does kubuntu 904 use to automount card readers? where are the default options?09:17
eeosDasKreecH: and where are HAL's config options? I thought so, and tried to understand, but did not come to anything09:18
ubottuFor an informative description of the Hardware Abstraction Layer , go to this site : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_abstraction_layer09:18
eeosDasKreecH: so I thought something else must be the case09:18
DasKreecHHal isn't exactly simple09:18
eeosDasKreecH: yes, that was where I started from09:18
eeosDasKreecH: but did not get anywhere09:18
DasKreecHShould be in /etc/hal/fdi/policy09:19
eeosDasKreecH: I got a look there, but the file is actually a default empty config file09:19
eeosDasKreecH: so there has to be a default policy somewhere for the card reader, but where? could not find any information anywhere09:20
DasKreecHeeos: Bleh /usr/share/hal/fdi09:20
eeosDasKreecH: bleh?09:21
DasKreecH-It's not in /etc/  bleh09:22
ToreadorVampireKubuntu Jaunty LiveCD doesn't come with a partition manager preinstalled?09:22
MamarokToreadorVampire: of course there is fdisk09:23
ActionParsnipToreadorVampire: sure it does. it comes with a few, fdisk, parted09:23
* ToreadorVampire just booted from LiveCD in order to resize his root partition and was shocked that [to use a GUI partition manager] I needed to connected to the internet and download one09:23
DasKreecHToreadorVampire: Yep09:23
DasKreecHIt's not a rescue CD09:24
MamarokToreadorVampire: partitioning is done in recovery mode, when no disks are mounted09:24
ToreadorVampireOh - yeah, could have used a CLI one I guess ... never 'extended a partition' using fdisk before though, hence wanting to use a GUI one09:24
DasKreecHUNless of course you turn on recovery when you are walked through the process09:24
MamarokToreadorVampire: works basically the same way09:24
DasKreecHYou can extend a parition with fdisk?09:24
DasKreecH I wouldn't want to try that09:25
eeosDasKreecH: :) .... thanks09:25
DasKreecHeeos: Sure mate09:25
MamarokDasKreecH: with parted?09:25
DasKreecHOh yeah Parted09:25
DasKreecHfdisk errrrm not so sure of09:25
ToreadorVampireHehe - well - KDE Partition Manager made it easy - just dragged the partition to fill up the free space (that I had created by removing the redundant swap partition on that disk)09:25
DasKreecHWhat happened to that?09:26
ToreadorVampireDasKreecH> "What happened to that?" « Talking to me?09:27
DasKreecHNo just musing in general09:27
DasKreecH How come the partition manager doesn't come with KDE09:28
ToreadorVampireI mean, I could pick it up, but that meant connecting to the Internet, which (since network-management out-of-the-box doesn't play nicely with my wifi) meant finding an ethernet cable long enough etc09:29
DasKreecHhi raphink09:29
raphinkhi DasKreecH09:29
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DasKreecHYeah If your wireless is shot it's easier to keep a version of Kubuntu that works withit or a real recovery Cd09:30
ActionParsnipToreadorVampire: i've never had luck with those things. I always use the interfaces file directly, but thats me09:30
ToreadorVampireMmm, well, I did manage to make network-management work with my wifi, but it took a lot of tinkering09:30
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unimicany indian>09:55
DasKreecHunimic: Hmm ?09:56
BaudThiefdestroy him!09:56
DasKreecHBaudThief: Yyou are a thief you shouldn't be talking :)09:57
BaudThieffoiled ;(09:57
DasKreecHunimic: What language for indian ?09:57
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faileasya, thats a valid question09:58
* faileas speaks, but not types tamil:P09:59
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starenkahi, any workaround for kaffein - screensaver problem? (getting screensaver while watching movies)10:54
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t0byhi im using kubuntu 9.04 . In glChess when i go to Game->Network Game, all the options are disabled . Any way to fix this ?11:00
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Mamarokt0by: what is glChess? I didn't find it in the repositories...11:12
Mamarokshalyd_: hi11:12
=== shalyd_ is now known as hoho
t0byMamarok : Its installed in KUbuntu 9.04 by default11:15
t0byis this a bug ?11:16
t0byglChess is the 3D Chess Game11:16
Mamarokt0by: well, not here at least, are you sure of the name?11:16
Mamarokthere are several 3D chess games, but I can't find any with the name glChess11:17
Mamarokah, you mean 3dchess?11:18
bazhang!find glchess11:19
ubottuFound: gnome-games11:19
bazhangt0by, perhaps its in gnome-games11:19
Mamarokoook, hence a Gnome problem11:19
Mamarokt0by: do you use Gnome?11:19
t0byim sorry guys, im using ubuntu 8.10 with kde v4.2.111:19
bazhangt0by, if you install it , will pull in gnome-libs11:20
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Mamarokt0by: there are others like brutalchess and 3dchess and the like which do not install gnome libraries11:20
t0bywhich one u recommend for kde ?..i need something that supports network play11:21
Mamarokhm, I can't recommend any as I do not play chess, but there are so many around...11:22
t0byok :)11:23
dwidmannMamarok: was a while ago, but I just decided to peak around at the mention of the word chess, and dreamchess looks pretty nice11:41
=== fophillipse is now known as fophillips
Mamarokdwidmann: yeah, there are quite a few around, the most interresting are those where you can change the engine11:45
dwidmannMamarok: (dreamchess fits in that category also, it seems)11:46
=== Cueball|2 is now known as Cueball
Mamarokyes, just seen that11:47
husaynwhy do people use... Kubuntu instead of Debian ... we can get KDE in debian to...11:48
husayni was thinking to shift from kubuntu to debian cause i am able to get trainings for ... Debian Linux11:49
Peace-because debian is too old11:49
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!11:49
husaynDebian releases new versions tooo11:52
Oliver___Hallo, ich habe picasa und firefox auf Kubuntu 9.04 installiert und beides läuft unabhängig voneinander sorgenfrei. wenn ich aber ein picas-webalbum im browser übden dafür vorgesehen link zu picasa runterladen will, kommt folgende Meldung "Firefox weiß nicht, wie diese Adresse geöffnet werden soll, da das Protokoll (picasa) mit keinem Programm verknüpft ist." Üblicherweise sollte nach dem Klick das Picasa aufgehen und das Webalbum11:53
Oliver___ importieren. Wie sage ich das aber dem Firefox? Hat jemand einen Rat für mich?11:53
Tm_T!de | Oliver___11:53
ubottuOliver___: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.11:53
MamarokOliver___: go to #kubuntu-de, please11:54
ToreadorVampireHey all - Kubuntu Jaunty/KDE 4.2.2 - I'm having some trouble with plasma crashing (relatively frequently).  I have installed kdeplasma-addons-dbg but when Plasma crashes I still see:11:55
Oliver___ok thx, i forgot the language was wrong...11:55
ToreadorVampireThis backtrace appears to be of no use.11:55
ToreadorVampireThis is probably because your packages are built in a way which prevents creation of proper backtraces, or the stack frame was seriously corrupted in the crash.11:55
ToreadorVampireWhat else should I install/do in order to get a good backtrace so I can troubleshoot the problem?11:55
Tm_TToreadorVampire: also install kdelibs-dbg kdebase-dbg atleast11:55
MamarokToreadorVampire: well, try again, if the bug is reproducible you might get a good backtrace one day11:55
MamarokToreadorVampire: -dbg is enough, just read the message:" stack frame seriously corrupted in the crash"11:56
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Sadly, it's not reproducible (at least, not that I have discovered yet) - when it just exploded I wasn't interacting with plasma at all11:56
MamarokToreadorVampire: Heisenbug then, forget about it, not worth to report then11:57
ToreadorVampireI was working in an app, and wasn't taking any action that would affect plasma11:57
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Sorry, when I say "not reproducible" I mean "It has happened a few times to me, seemingly the same crash.  Each time it happens though, I wasn't doing anything that I can think might have caused it"11:58
ToreadorVampireMamarok> IE:  I couldn't reproduce it if I wanted to but I can be sure it will keep happening11:59
MamarokToreadorVampire: to be able to trace a bug down it needs to have a pattern, else the reports do not help11:59
Tm_TMamarok: unless it's clearly shown in backtrace, rare cases are them though12:00
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Oh, yes, of course - hence asking how I can get some proper backtraces - they might give some kind of hint12:00
ToreadorVampireAt the end of the day it is still a crash bug, and in no way "not worth reporting"12:00
Tm_TToreadorVampire: see what packages I mentioned above, if it still fails, it won't work I afraid then12:01
MamarokToreadorVampire: unfortunately with a corrupt strack you will never get a valid backtrace, you oinly can hope you will hit a good one some day12:01
ToreadorVampireI even think I know what has caused it - installing "stasks" as my task manager replacement.  Since it doesn't happen when I remove stasks.  BUT - without a proper backtrace there's still not much to report12:01
Tm_TMamarok: that too yes12:01
ToreadorVampireTm_T> Indeed, thanks - have installed them12:01
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Well, that message is "maybe you don't have the debugging packages or maybe your stack trace was corrupted" - so having installed those debug packages, I'll see if next time it happens I get a good backtrace12:02
MamarokToreadorVampire: good luck then :)12:02
ToreadorVampireMamarok> thx12:02
* ToreadorVampire goes back to work and waits for it to happen again12:03
ToreadorVampireHmm, as it happened - I didn't need to wait long, but just then I didn't get a kcrash dialog :(12:05
MamarokToreadorVampire: Jaunty with KDE 4.2.3?12:06
ToreadorVampireMamarok> No, 4.2.212:06
MamarokToreadorVampire: as 4.2.3 is a bugfix release you might consider to install that one12:07
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Oh?  In which case maybe I shall ... Why aren't bugfix releases like that pushed through automatically through the updater?  It even has a category for approving bugfix releases (so if I didn't want it I could just deselect it)12:08
ToreadorVampireWith less mature software like KDE4.x I'd think that getting bugfixes through would be top-priority, otherwise regular users would just get the impression that it's no good :(12:09
ToreadorVampireI've had somewhat mixed opinions of Jaunty - some parts of it are great, but it taken a lot of work to wrestle it into submission so it lets me get on with my work.  I'm also more than aware that most people would have lost their temper with it by now and just rolled back to Hardy/KDE3.5 with the opinion that "KDE4 sucks"12:12
=== theseus is now known as theseus2
ToreadorVampireAnyway ... I'll schedule that upgrade to KDE 4.2.3 for tonight - thanks for the heads-up Mamarok12:13
Feasibility_StudIs KDE 4.2.3 in the stable repos yet?12:14
ToreadorVampireOn the basis that a kpackagekit search-by-name for "4.2.3" shows nothing, I guess it's not :(12:15
ToreadorVampireFeasibility_Stud> ^^12:15
theseus2hello, my composite in kde4 just deactivated itself, because of high(cpu/memory)? usage is there a way to reacitivate it? I saw a infoscreen in the edge of my screen, but it disappeared too fast.12:15
Feasibility_Studtheseus2 Just log out and log back in12:16
theseus2Feasibility_Stud: thanks, but I cannot logout at the moment, I think I saw a key combination in the infoscreen to reacitvate the the effects, I would prefer this way.12:18
theseus2Does anybody know where I can find the (kde4) infoscreen logs, after they disapeare12:22
jazmanany prog in kde like any dvd for windows12:23
jazmank9 freezes up12:23
Feasibility_Studtheseus2 press "SHIFT-ALT-F12"12:26
theseus2Feasibility_Stud: sry that didnt work :-(12:27
Feasibility_Studtheseus2 Im sorry, try "CTRL-SHIFT-F12"12:29
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theseus2thanks shift alt f12 was right, but I had to set my powermanagement to performance before12:37
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jazmanis htere a linux prog like any dvd on windows ???12:45
bazhangjazman, to rip dvd's?12:46
bazhang!info k9copy12:47
ubottuk9copy (source: k9copy): DVD backup tool for KDE. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.3.0-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 1555 kB, installed size 3364 kB12:47
jazmancant get dvd prog to reaD an old dvd12:47
jazmank9 freezes12:47
bazhangwhat version of kubuntu you using12:47
jazmanhad to use windows and hate windows12:47
bazhangwell there was a PPA for handbrake up to intrepid, could be compiled for Jaunty I suppose12:48
bazhangalthough the intrepid version may still work (risky though)12:48
jazmanwell did upgrade form intrepid12:49
jazmanill look for handbrake in the repo12:49
bazhangits a PPA12:49
bazhangjdong PPA handbrake12:49
bazhangonly for intrepid and hardy though12:51
bazhang!ppa | jazman12:52
ubottujazman: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.12:52
jazmanok luanch pad im still i windows type user still got a bit to learn12:52
bazhangjazman, at this point better to figure out what is going wrong with k9copy then use a PPA as you are new to Kubuntu/Ubuntu12:55
bazhang!info ogmrip12:55
ubottuogmrip (source: ogmrip): Application for ripping and encoding DVD. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.12.3-0.2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 202 kB, installed size 956 kB12:55
bazhangogmrip will install gnome-libs though12:56
ahmedhi i try to configure pci dialup modem i use kppp i choose configure-modems-new-query modem i got unable to open modem]12:58
robin0800ahmed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto13:00
=== cris is now known as cris__
ahmedrobin0800: I used scanModem  in terminal I got lines with t13:04
ahmed./scanModem: line 1247: Modem/scanout.02:09.0: Invalid argument13:04
ahmedwhat is this mean13:04
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Guest20924hi to everybody13:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:10
Guest20924Im trying to use telnet with the terminal by type telnet13:11
Guest20924and  next13:11
Guest20924open mail.google.com 2513:11
=== Cueball|2 is now known as Cueball
Guest20924and it just cant connect to the port 25 (for mail services)13:12
Guest20924just shows a ip adress and nothing more13:12
Guest20924what is the problem with telnet and kubuntu13:13
Guest20924some idea or tutorial13:13
Guest20924because i would like to put in practice some unix commands13:14
Guest20924of course in a telnet session13:14
robin0800ahmed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto/ScanModem13:16
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dthackerGuest20924: maybe telnet is not available at the address you are trying?13:31
Guest20924ok IM TRY NOW13:32
Guest20924telnet, next open13:32
faileascapslock is not cruise control for cool13:32
Guest20924203.34.186.11 5123413:34
Guest20924it is now connected13:34
Guest20924then sel 876713:35
Guest20924next cl13:35
Guest20924it show me a list of things13:35
Guest20924IM trying to understand13:36
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
Guest20924but I would like to connect to the server of the university13:37
Guest20924at least i know that this thing works13:38
albe123where can i find a repo of rekonq?13:39
bazhangwhat is rekonq13:40
=== Cueball|2 is now known as Cueball
bluecodedoes anyone know if there are packages of kdevelop4 beta3?13:42
ahmedI cannt install could someone help me here with step by step please I reaad too many faq everything fails13:44
ahmedI want to install pci modem to send and recieve faxes13:44
Gamarok__hey guys13:47
albe123bazhang rekonq is a webkit webbrowser for kde13:50
MakuseruHi, i seem to be having a problem. I have a USB Microphone, and most of the time it works just fine, everything recognizes it. But sometimes it just stops working and nothing will recognize it anymore. Does anyone know what would cause this?13:50
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vbgunzhow do you manage printers on kubuntu 9.04?14:03
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
ct529vbgunz: system settings14:05
vbgunzim looking in there, searched too, nothing is coming back... I am trying to figure out a network printer14:06
JuJuBeeAnybody here notice that when you have multiple files open in KATE, and you close them one by one, the buttons at the top move around?14:21
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noaXesshi all14:23
noaXesshow can i print files from konsole?14:23
noaXessin earlier versions of kde there was kprint..14:23
umarhello hi  room i have facing problem in ubuntu my heard  drivers are not open  gave me error  connot mount volume or unable mount  volume14:25
umarany one here for help ?14:26
ahmedI lost the sound driver  ther is no sound to hear i restart several times doesnt detect i was trying to install alsa-driver-linuxant_1.0.20.1_all.deb but it fails and removed the sound card driver my sound card is forteMedia14:27
ahmedI lost the sound driver  ther is no sound to hear i restart several times doesnt detect i was trying to install alsa-driver-linuxant_1.0.20.1_all.deb but it fails and removed the sound card driver my sound card is forteMedia14:30
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umarhello hi  room i have facing problem in ubuntu my heard  drivers are not open  gave me error  connot mount volume or unable mount  volume  help me out14:34
geniinoaXess: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16484514:35
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ahmadI lost the sound driver how i make  i make  it woork back14:43
noaXessgenii: thanks a lot :)14:44
ahmadsomeone help me with sound driver14:45
umarhello hi  room i have facing problem in ubuntu my heard  drivers are not open  gave me error  connot mount volume or unable mount  volume  help me out14:49
contrastGreets, everyone.14:52
contrastAnyone know how likely this might be to cause disaster: sudo chown mike:mike /dev/input/uinput ? It's the only way I've found to be able to run wminput as a non-root user, something that's essential for my HTPC.14:54
ahmedi cannt see the sound someone help me15:03
geniicontrast: Instead, you should add your user to the group of plugdev15:06
contrastgenii: i'm already in that group15:07
contrastin jaunty, they thought it'd be appropriate to set up uinput so it couldn't be accessed by non-root users for security purposes. i'm not terribly concerned with that on the system in question; i just want to make sure the aforementioned command won't interfere with any other programs that use uinput.15:08
geniicontrast: The permissions of things in /dev get reset each boot by udev subsystem so the method you currently use will need to be done each time15:08
contrastgenii: unless i set up an init script to do that, right?15:08
contrastafayk, how "safe" do you think the method i'm suggesting would be?15:10
geniicontrast: You could make a script for it, yes. An other alternative is to alter the udev rules.15:11
ahmedsomeone help  me to install sound card its foreteMedia15:11
contrastgenii: already tried that, no joy. uinput has been pretty much completely locked down in jaunty afaict15:12
contrastahmed: what kind of sound card?15:12
geniicontrast: Hm. My main box here is 8.04 ... I'm ssh'd now into a 9.04 machine and looking at it15:12
contrastgenii: thanks15:13
BluesKajahmed, just to be sure do : cat /proc/asound/cards15:14
ahmedits pci fortemedia it was working but i installed alsa-driver-linuxant_1.0.20.1_all.deb because i wanted for modem then i give me error and ilost the sound15:14
contrastwhat's the default owner and group of /dev/input/uinput in jaunty?15:15
ahmedBluesKaj: --- no soundcards ---15:15
BluesKajahmed, ok do : lspci | grep audio15:16
ahmedBluesKaj: 02:0a.0 Multimedia audio controller: Fortemedia, Inc Xwave QS3000A [FM801] (reva0)15:16
contrastgenii: ^15:16
ahmedBluesKaj: 02:0a.0 Multimedia audio controller: Fortemedia, Inc Xwave QS3000A [FM801] (reva0)15:17
ahmedBluesKaj: r u still with me?15:19
ZesturianHmm, I just threw kubuntu onto my laptop, it uses an Atheros based chipset, I can't seem to get it to connect to my network (tried both wpa and insecure), yet I can see a list of networks, am I missing anything?15:21
geniicontrast: On the 9.04 box I'm remotely into, no X. The stuff in /dev/input on that box is root:root15:21
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ahmedBluesKaj: 02:0a.0 Multimedia audio controller: Fortemedia, Inc Xwave QS3000A [FM801] (reva0)15:24
umarany one here for Help me ?15:24
umarplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz any one here for Help me ?15:25
umarplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz any one here to Help me ?15:25
ZesturianYou're obviously new to irc umar...15:25
bazhangumar, dont say please so much15:26
bazhangumar, if someone knows they will answer15:26
umarcan u help me15:26
bazhangask a question first15:26
ahmedmy sound card is 02:0a.0 Multimedia audio controller: Fortemedia, Inc Xwave QS3000A [FM801] (reva0)  i was trying to install  alsa-driver-linuxant_1.0.20.1_all.deb but i got an error and it removed my sound card driver now i cannt hear any sound and i dont see the icon of sound15:26
ahmedhow i make my sound work15:27
umarmy Heard driver  gaveing me error of cantnot mount volume ?15:27
bazhangumar, what is a heard driver? hard drive?15:27
bazhangvladimirboyd, #ubuntu-ru for russian15:28
vladimirboydii know ;)15:28
umarheard disk15:28
vladimirboydwhen i go to HSBC webpage, Konqueror says "240 images loaded out of 241" and then it freezes15:29
vladimirboydhas anyone experienced the same kinda thing?15:29
umarcannot mount volume15:29
ahmedBluesKaj:  r u here or u leave me?15:30
BluesKajahmed , check adept /pakage manager for the Fortemedia, Inc Xwave QS3000A driver15:30
BluesKajahmed, the deb packages do work , but the package managers usually do a better job of installing the drivers15:32
ahmedBluesKaj: i started addremovesoftware and serched for fortemedia nothing15:32
ahmedBluesKaj: so what i have to do now it was working be4 i install that app15:34
Guest20924someone knows somehing about telnet15:34
BluesKajwait ahmed , I'm checking something15:34
ahmedBluesKaj: ok im waitng15:35
Guest20924I connect to a remote computer now what?15:35
ahmedBluesKaj: still here?//////15:39
BluesKaj!patience | ahmed15:43
ubottuahmed: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines15:43
ahmedBluesKaj: ok im waiting noproblem i just checking that u didnt leave me15:45
BluesKajahmed, did you use the deb installer to run the driver install procedure15:49
BluesKajor did you use sudo dpkg -i  drivername15:50
ahmeddo u mean fortemedia driver?? or the driver i installed and caused this problem?15:50
BluesKajno the linuxant generic driver15:51
ahmedno i have alsa-driver-linuxant_1.0.20.1_all.deb i right clicked on it and open with Gdeb package installer15:52
BluesKajso why did you try  the linuxant /15:52
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=== Cueball|2 is now known as Cueball
ahmedI was trying to install Modem driver and tell me that this package should be installed firest15:52
BluesKajwas this instructions from the driver website , ahmed15:55
ahmedyes I also when i try to install the driver it fail depedcies15:55
ahmednow i have no sound and no modem15:56
ahmedbut lets solve the sound in first step15:56
kermit_Hello, How can I create the contents of a pdf file in wordpress? Or any better ways?15:58
kermit_Is there some good tools to create a pdf file with the contents, a category?16:00
BluesKajahmed, lets try to find the original driver first ...it looks like the linxant driver is causing problems16:00
ahmedBluesKaj: ok how i reomve it and make the sound work16:02
BluesKajahmed sudo dpkg -r nameofsounddriver16:04
BluesKajbb in 5mins16:04
ahmeddpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove nameofsounddriver which isn't installed.16:05
bazhangahmed, use the name of the sound driver16:05
bazhangahmed, linuxant....deb (use the exact name)16:06
ahmedbazhang:ERROR: Module build failed!16:07
bazhangalsa-driver-linuxant_1.0.20.1_all.deb  <-- this the one you install from 3rd party sources?16:08
ahmedI dont know but i got error while remove16:09
bazhangahmed, you dont know? you're sound was working fine, and you used a 3rd party driver that broke things, correct?16:10
ahmedI right click on alsa-driver-linuxant_1.0.20.1_all.deb and open with Gdeb packeag manager16:10
ahmedyes thats right16:11
bazhangnever use 3rd party sources, unless you really really know what you are doing.16:11
ahmedI knew it now16:11
ahmedbut i knew that there is a good support here16:12
bazhangnot if you are breaking the package management system16:13
ahmedbazhang: wow u mean i have to reintall the system?16:13
bazhangahmed, it means if you use 3rd party sources, then you are breaking the package management system16:14
geniiahmed: Did you have some "winmodem" that you needed to install Linuxant driver or such?16:14
genii!hi | nidhal16:14
ubottunidhal: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!16:14
ahmedbazhang: so is there any chance to make sound work again??16:14
nidhalthanks guys16:15
ahmedgenii: yes i have modem16:15
bazhangahmed, what modem? a winmodem?16:15
BluesKajahmd , are you using a modem-sound conmbination pci card ?16:15
ahmedyes pci fax modem16:15
nidhalI need help upgarding kubuntu 7.04 to 7.1016:15
bazhangnidhal, 7.10 is end of life16:16
bazhangnidhal, you will need to go to 8.04 at the least16:16
nidhalyes but I have to upgrade to 7.10 then 8.04 right?16:16
bazhang!upgrade | nidhal16:16
ubottunidhal: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Jaunty (9.04) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading16:16
BluesKajnidhal, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:16
ahmedI dont know what u mean of compination i download the driver that fail i n dependcies it tell me to install alsa driver so i did that and it broke the sound16:16
geniinidhal: 7.04 and 7.10 both are no longer supported. You are best to just install 8.04 fresh16:16
bazhangBluesKaj, that wont work here16:17
BluesKajbazhang, 7.04 to 7.10 ?16:18
nidhalyou mean fresh install?16:18
bazhangBluesKaj, correct16:18
bazhangboth are eol16:18
geniiBluesKaj: Because BOTH are past EOL it won't work to do an upgrade16:18
BluesKajwell I remember it worked for me back then :)16:19
BluesKajbazhang really , np repos ?16:19
bazhangBluesKaj, well for a non-eol upgrade path, there are old-releases.ubuntu repos16:20
ahmedso i want the sound work again16:20
nidhalI cant install a fresh copy, so I have to upgrade to 7.10 then 8.0416:20
bazhangnidhal, check the upgrade links I sent you16:20
bazhangnidhal, and then you can go from 8.04 directly to 9.04 if you wish (kubuntu only)16:21
ahmedbazhang: what i have to do now to make sound work16:22
BluesKajahmed, what version did you upgrade to16:23
ahmedBluesKaj: i hash install16:23
bazhangahmed, it seems you have two issues, correct? and you used 3rd party sources to try and fix things, away from Ubuntu/Kubuntu package management system, right?16:23
ahmedbazhang: I think thats true16:24
bazhangahmed, is this a fresh install?16:24
ahmedBluesKaj: I have fresh install I didnt upgrade16:25
bazhangahmed, how long ago16:25
ahmedyes I never Upgrade from old Version16:25
nidhalbazhang, you mean that I have to install a fresh copy of kubuntu 8.04?16:25
BluesKajbazhang, I think that 3rd party driver never really installed , maybe he should just remove it and start from where he left off before trying to install it .16:25
bazhangnidhal, did you read the upgrade link?16:25
ahmedI install kubuntu 9.04 from a Month and there is no problem untill I tried to install modem driver16:26
geniiahmed: What reports from: lspci -nn            the line which says about your modem?16:27
ahmed02:0c.0 Modem [0703]: ALi Corporation SmartLink SmartPCI563 56K Modem [10b9:545a]16:28
ahmed02:0a.0 Multimedia audio controller [0401]: Fortemedia, Inc Xwave QS3000A [FM801] [1319:0801] (rev a0)16:28
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades nidhal and this?16:28
ahmedthe first for modem and the other for sound card both now r not workibg16:28
nidhalthat didn't work for me16:29
ahmedgenii: 02:0c.0 Modem [0703]: ALi Corporation SmartLink SmartPCI563 56K Modem [10b9:545a]16:29
ahmedgenii: 02:0a.0 Multimedia audio controller [0401]: Fortemedia, Inc Xwave QS3000A [FM801] [1319:0801] (rev a0)16:29
geniiahmed: Yes, I saw your result the first time :)16:29
ahmedok sorry16:29
bazhangnidhal, what did not work16:29
nidhalfind /tmp -name gutsy, no results16:31
nidhalthey asked me to follow this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades16:31
ahmedso what i have to make sound work ??16:32
geniiahmed: Apologies for my lag, I am at work and back/forth from computer. But I am paying attention etc and working on a solution16:32
ahmedu mean u r searching for a solution??16:33
ahmedok i'll wait thanks16:33
geniiahmed: I may be able to assist with the modem, but perhaps not with the soundcard16:34
geniiahmed: I have another time written a post on this subject, let me find it16:35
geniiahmed: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7340604&postcount=4916:36
ahmedok man i'll check the link16:37
geniiahmed: It explains how to combine the free Dell driver with the regular Linuxant one and what you need to do to get it to install successfully under 9.0416:37
geniiahmed: The Dell driver will work for 99% of all winmodems16:38
ahmedok i tried to install hsfmodem_7.80.02.04full_k2.6.28_11_generic_ubuntu_i386.deb but it ask me to installl  alsa-driver-linuxant_1.0.20.1_all.deb first and once i did it broke my sound16:39
DreamytbI'm installing a package using apt-get, and it said something about a configuration file changed. It now shows up a diff, and Ok at the bottom, but  can't exit it. Also, DNS on freenode fails, I'm connected by IP atm.  DNS works on everything else16:40
MamarokDreamytb: you can go to the ok button with the tab key16:41
DreamytbMamarok: Thanks16:42
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nidhalI have changed all link in /etc/apt/sources.list to http://old-releases...then ive run "Fetch updates", when it finish "Version upgrade show"16:45
Mamaroknidhal: why did you do this?16:45
nidhalso I can upgrade to 7.1016:45
=== nidhal is now known as nidhal_
=== nidhal_ is now known as nidhal__
Mamarokah, you are still running 7.04, ok, now I understand16:46
=== nidhal__ is now known as nidhal
Mamaroknidhal__: it tells you what exactly?16:46
DreamytbSecond question: How can I map the Windows key to start the KDE menu? All the options seem to be to just have it as a modifier, not a shortcut by itself.16:46
nidhalcould not download the release announcement. Please check that your internet connection is active.16:47
Mamaroknidhal: what package manager do you use to make this?16:48
shalyddreamytb: it seems to be the "meta" key so you should try to use another hotkey to do this16:49
ahmedok now i removed alsa-driver-linuxant_1.0.20.1_all but the sound did work how i could make it detect my fortemedia sound card and use it16:49
nidhaladept manager?16:50
=== faileas_ is now known as faileas
Mamaroknidhal: you should follow this page for more security, as Gutsy already has reached it's end of life too:16:50
Mamaroknidhal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:50
Dreamytbshalyd: ok. I just set it to Win-M, but I hoped there was a way to do it as just win key.16:51
nidhalbut this doesn't work for me16:51
Mamaroknidhal: hm, that's the way to go for upgrade of EOL products, it should work16:52
Mamaroknidhal: you did try that wiki page I just gave you? Because the other one you indicated is not valid anymore AFAIK16:52
nidhalyou mean this one?16:53
Mamarokyes, read the header of the page, it tells you to follow another one as it's EOL16:54
bazhangnidhal, please paste.ubuntu.com with your sources.list16:54
Mamarokbazhang: ...16:54
bazhangMamarok, ??16:55
Mamarokbazhang: go on, just read the wiki page he tried to use...16:56
nidhalcan you please access to http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release16:56
bazhangMamarok, I did, it is a bit confusing as it is from 6.10 to 8.04, and he is getting stuck on the find /tmp -gutsy bit16:56
nidhalI know why it can't download the announcement because this link doesn' exsite anymore16:58
nidhalit have to be http://old-releases....16:59
bazhangright, and security.ubuntu.com instead of archive.ubuntu.com16:59
nidhalthis file need to be chnaged16:59
bazhangjust # it out17:00
bazhangIf you have the security repositories make sure you change them to security.ubuntu.com,17:01
bazhangdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu feisty-security main restricted17:01
bazhangdeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu feisty-security main restricted17:01
nidhalin my sources.list?17:02
bazhangkdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list17:02
Mamarokwhy feisty, wasn't he going to use gutsy?17:03
bazhangfirst need to update feisty, then get to gutsy and from there to hardy17:03
bazhangreally at this point though, backup home to tar.gz and fresh install would be waay easier17:04
Mamarokbazhang: wasn't there a possibility to go from LTS to LTS directly?17:04
bazhangMamarok, sure 6.06 to 8.0417:04
bazhanghe's on 7.04 sadly17:04
nidhalomg :(17:05
nidhallol there is no downgrade to 6.0617:06
nidhaljust joking17:06
Mamaroknidhal: well, that's normal17:06
nidhalso the only way is installing a fresh copy?17:07
bazhangnidhal, though kubuntu does have the one step 8.04 to 9.0417:07
bazhangnidhal, not the only path, no.17:10
bazhangthe eol upgrades link is one17:10
bazhanga fresh upgrade is another much simpler and less time-consuming one (ie get the Hardy kubuntu cd)17:10
bazhangerr install17:11
nidhalerr install?17:11
bazhangspelling error17:12
bazhangie fresh install of kubuntu hardy17:12
nidhalcan I upgrade my version using kubuntu 8.04 CD?17:12
bazhangyou mean back up your home directory and then do a fresh install?17:13
bazhangonly the alternate cd allows for the upgrade version, and that is null when the version is eol (ie feisty/gutsy)17:15
nidhalSo i have to format and install a fresh copy17:16
bazhangthe live cd will wipe everything, thus the need to back up your home directory17:16
bazhangthat is one option, yes17:16
nidhalit is possible to install a fresh copy but without removing /home/user/?17:17
=== john is now known as Guest89146
Mamaroknidhal: if the /home folder is on a separate partition, yes, that would be the easiest way17:18
bazhangnidhal, without backing up? unless on a separate partition then no17:18
nidhalanyway thanks for your time bazhang :)17:19
nidhalI will install a fresh copy17:19
bazhangnidhal, good luck :)17:19
Mamarokfingers crossed, nidhal17:20
Mamarokdon't forget to backup your data first17:20
nidhalyeah sure17:20
nidhalsee you next time17:21
petsoundshello, how can i enabled KDM ?17:28
shalydwhat do you mean by enable ?17:29
Mamarokpetsounds: install it then remove gdm, it will ask you which login manager you want to use default17:30
petsoundsmamarok : when i first install kubuntu, i choose not to enabled kdm so i don't need to fill username and password to login N then now i want to enabled login manager17:32
Mamarokpetsounds: ah, now I get you!17:34
Mamarokpetsounds: you will have to start systemsettings with kdesudo, then go to the advanced tab and change the login manager settings17:34
Mamarokpetsounds: is this understandable? (looks a bit confused to me...)17:35
OrEvA How do I use my tv-card in my system in ubuntu?17:36
OrEvA How do I use my tv-card in my system in kubuntu?17:36
bazhangOrEvA, please dont repeat17:37
petsoundsmamarok : i get it, just unchecked auto-login. that simple. thank you for your help17:37
Mamarokpetsounds: yaw :)17:38
bazhang!tv > OrEvA17:38
ubottuOrEvA, please see my private message17:38
XRolandoHm... I'm having some issues with Quassel17:44
XRolandoit looks nice and all, but windows dont always update until I move my mouse over them17:44
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MakuseruWhen ever you install Kubuntu you have to name the comptuer (it shows up in the terminal as user@computername) and on the login screen. Is there anyway to change this name?17:56
Guest20924I have used telnet to connect via ip and port to a windows vista pc17:56
Guest20924and the telnet terminal say connected17:57
Guest20924but I can do anything more17:57
Guest20924I would like to see the files in that remote system17:57
Guest20924what more I need?17:58
geniiMakuseru: sudo hostname new-name-here17:59
prem_Hi All17:59
prem_Did anyone tried installing VMWare workstation 6.5.2 in Jaunty, I installed kernel headers and build-essentials but still it says "gcc and kernel headers must be installed"18:00
Makuserugenii: thanks18:00
geniiMakuseru: welcome18:00
geniiGuest20924: Is there some particular reason you're using telnet?18:00
Guest20924I was using unix and I would like to use it in telnet18:02
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Guest20924IM now  connected to my  girlfriend computer, ja but i cant access  her files18:03
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geniiGuest20924: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/c.aspx has an index of the MS telnet commands their telnet uses18:03
DasKreecHXRolando: What? which windows?18:06
RProgrammerHow do I control and see which window manager I'm running?18:11
RProgrammerBtw, if anyone is here from yesterday, the tap thing is fixed.18:14
RProgrammerUse "MaxTapMove" "0" in /usr/share/hal/fdi/policy/20thirdparty/11-x11-synaptics.fdi18:14
DasKreecHRProgrammer: Not sure how you see it but just run whichever one you want with --replace18:18
DasKreecHI think you can set it in the Default programs as well18:18
ToreadorVampireRe-asking a question from yesterday:  Is there any way I can hook into the "log out" event of a Kubuntu Jaunty UI (or could someone suggest a better way to do this?):  I have a few network shares I regularly use - I mount them using cifs - I am also networked via wifi (using the network-management KDE4 widget) ...18:19
DasKreecHYeah KDE allows a logout script18:20
DasKreecH so does bash18:20
=== g_steinert is now known as gsteinert
RProgrammer~/.kde/shutdown/   right?18:20
ToreadorVampire... when I shut down the machine, the network-management widget gets shut down, and so my networking goes down.  Later on in the shutdown sequence though, long after the xserver has been closed down, cifs grumbles at me because it can't umount that network share, and (now networking has gone) the "cifs server is not responding"18:20
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ToreadorVampireThe net effect being that my machine hangs when I shut it down, forcing me to do a hard-poweroff18:21
ToreadorVampireDasKreecH, RProgrammer>  Ah cool, and that log out script - would that be executed before or other logout procedures occur?  For example, can I be certain that network-management won't have been shut down by then?18:21
RProgrammerI think KDE is first to shutdown18:22
RProgrammerDefinitely before X18:22
DasKreecHWEll yeah KDE normally has an issue running around without X18:22
DasKreecHbut you can close and sync cifs before that happens so it doesn't complain18:22
DasKreecHOr you could use wicd instead18:23
ToreadorVampireRProgrammer> Er, yes - but - I mean: I was going to stick a umount command in that logout script so that if I forgot to manually unmount the share before I shut down, it will be unmounted whilst I still have networking18:23
ToreadorVampireSo - for it to be useful - the logout script needs to be executed before network-management has been shut down18:24
DasKreecHIt will be18:24
ToreadorVampireDasKreecH> Ah good, so - ~/.kde/shutdown right?18:25
RProgrammerWell, how do I tell which window manager I'm running?18:30
RProgrammerI remember in 8.04 there was a system tray applet for this.18:30
RProgrammerIt was buggy as heck but it worked if you rebooted enough18:31
MamarokRProgrammer: you mean you don't know if you are running KDE or Gnome? How can that be18:32
RProgrammerI am running KDE18:34
RProgrammerBut I want the Compiz window manager18:34
Mamarokoh, right18:34
RProgrammerAnd the ability to switch back to KWin when it acts up18:34
MamarokRProgrammer: but isn't using Compiz on KDE4 a bit "too much" ?18:34
RProgrammerI just came from Mac OS X, and believe me..you can't live without Expose once you've used it.18:35
BluesKajcompiz runs nicely on kde4 :)18:35
RProgrammerI heard that Compiz can do the same behavior (Put all windows in a collage, and Show desktop by hot-corner)18:37
RProgrammerAs well as the show-desktops-in-a-grid and switch between desktops by rotating a cube18:37
RProgrammerBut nothing I change in the "CompizConfg Settings Manager" takes effect.18:38
ToreadorVampireRProgrammer> You need to change your default window manager18:43
ToreadorVampireIf you change your default window manager then compiz replaces kwin18:44
RProgrammerHow do you do that?18:44
ToreadorVampireSystem Settings » Default Applications (from the top of my head)18:44
DasKreecHRProgrammer: Kwin does that as well18:44
DasKreecHI find hot corners annouying but it does it18:44
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ToreadorVampireRProgrammer> But indeed - kwin has a stack of compiz-style effects now ... so you might not need compiz after all18:45
scomarRProgrammer: try 'present windows' desktop effect18:45
ToreadorVampireYou can switch those on ... erm ... I forget exactly where, but it's in system settings again18:45
DasKreecHOh Yes sorry it's not called Expose it's called present windows18:45
RProgrammerIs System Settings -> Desktop -> Desktop Effects  for KWin or Compiz?18:46
ToreadorVampireRProgrammer> That's the one then :s18:47
RProgrammerI think I've switched it to Compiz by running the CompizConfig Settings Manager18:48
ToreadorVampireRProgrammer> Oh, actually - I find the setting in:18:48
RProgrammerCan I switch it back without logging out / in18:48
DasKreecHRProgrammer: Yes18:48
ToreadorVampireSystem Settings » Default Applications » Window Manager » "Use a different window manager"18:48
RProgrammerI think that only takes effect if I log out and back in18:49
ToreadorVampireRProgrammer> You might also be interested in the package fusion-icon (which gives you a little tray icon for doing stuff like switching between compiz and kwin, restarting compiz, and launching compizconfig settings manager)18:49
RProgrammerThat's it!18:49
DasKreecHI normally just type kwin --replace or compiz --replace :)18:50
ToreadorVampireMmm, I have fusion-icon set to autostart - although I rarely use it - I really have it there just in case something goes wrong, I can restart compiz or switch back to kwin18:50
ToreadorVampireBut I have compiz configured as my default window manager, I don't need to "switch to compiz" when I log in - the session starts up with compiz already18:50
DasKreecHYeah KDE will save everything when you logout so when you login it was just as it was before18:51
ToreadorVampireDasKreecH> Er, yeah - although I'm not using that functionality to have compiz run - I don't rely on "saved session" so much18:52
DasKreecHYou can also set it as your default WM18:52
ToreadorVampireIndeed, which is the way I went18:53
* ToreadorVampire has been using compiz for a year or two now - although I came into it via Beryl, and then compiz after the re-merge to create compiz fusion18:54
assulaalguien de mexico?18:55
gphi i am using kubuntu jauty with cursed kde 4.x series18:55
* ToreadorVampire hands gp a rabbit's foot?18:56
bjb1959anyone have any idea why firefox continually gives an error to killall or reboot system. I have tried to use the download from the site instead of the synaptic install with the same result. any ideas?18:56
gpproplem is that update is not working18:56
ToreadorVampiregp> Lemme guess?  "You need to fork!"18:56
gpits saying you are authorized18:56
xallesIM NEW18:56
gpToreadorVampire: i think ksudo is not working18:56
gpwhen i click on update icon rather than asking my password it says you are not authorized18:57
gpwhen i click on update icon rather than asking my password it says you are not authorized18:57
Mamarokgp: you have to type kdesudo18:57
ToreadorVampiregp> Hmm, doesn't sound like the problem I know about ... I'll leave that question for someone else who might know more ...18:57
apelgatehow do I setup a static ip address on kubuntu?18:59
gpadept , security update not working it says you are not authorized18:59
DasKreecHMamarok: to click on a icon?18:59
gpapelgate: vim /etc/network/iterfaces18:59
apelgateI will check it out.18:59
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gpyeah kubutu 9.10 sucks18:59
MamarokDasKreecH: what do you mean?19:00
ToreadorVampireHmm, sad when "the smallest video file I can find" for a test is 50MB large :s19:00
Mamarokgp: behave!19:00
apelgategp: how is the syntax?19:00
apelgateI see only auto lo19:00
DasKreecHI can set Static in 9.1019:00
Mamarokgp: Kubuntu 9.10 is Alpha software, discussion is in #ubuntu+119:00
gpWhy does KoniKal releases alpha software ?19:01
apelgatedoes anyone have a hint for me?19:01
DasKreecHMamarok: gp said that clicking on the Update icon gives unauthorized. You said you have to use KDEsudo19:01
Mamarokgp: I don't know what you are talking about, if you use Kubuntu 9.10 it's Alpha and not released19:01
DasKreecHgp: They haven't released it19:01
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MamarokDasKreecH: eeks, misread that one19:01
gpsorry jaunty jackass19:02
ToreadorVampireapelgate> If you're dead set on doing it through /etc/network/interfaces then there's an example here:  http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialNetworking.html#ASSIGNIP (scroll down a touch)19:03
ToreadorVampireapelgate> BUT - there are better ways of doing that through the GUI - if you tell he channel which version of Kubuntu you are using then someone can help19:03
ToreadorVampireThe instructions will depend on which version of Kubuntu you're running19:03
apelgateToreadorVampire: I donwloaded it yesterday, so it should be the latest one. How can I check it exactly?19:04
tomsdaleanyone using virtualbox in Kubuntu. I'm using the 2.2.2 version and it seems to crash my system (maxout memory) after about 30 minutes.19:04
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Hmm, if you downloaded yesterday then you have either Jaunty or Hardy (depending which download option you chose)19:04
=== rrrewrewr is now known as gp_is_back
apelgatelsb_release --all19:04
DasKreecHThat's the latest19:04
ToreadorVampireOh, 9.04 is Jaunty19:05
apelgateyeah. I am bad with names. I rather go with numbers :-P19:05
Mamarokgp_is_back: read the topic, please and respect the channel rules19:05
DasKreecHapelgate: :-)19:05
NerdzIs there a way to get kubuntu to see my Scanner? Im running 9.04 and 8.04 saw my scanner. I have a HP1100A with attached scanner19:05
MamarokNerdz: did you install sane?19:05
DasKreecHgp_is_back: You get a pop up when you click on the update icon?19:06
ToreadorVampireSo - you'll probably have network-management - that little KDE widget - it's probably sitting down on your panel on the right-hand-side, next to your clock?19:06
NerdzMamrok, let me check19:06
ToreadorVampireapelgate> ^^19:06
gp_is_backbut its says you are noth authorized19:06
apelgateToreadorVampire: I have it. I tried right clicking on it19:06
DasKreecHgp_is_back: When did you get the install CD?19:06
apelgategot a menu19:06
gp_is_backi upgraded from 8.1019:06
apelgateclicked on "manage connections"19:06
DasKreecHgp_is_back: never mind :) press alt+F2 and kdesudo kpackagekit19:06
apelgatethen wired19:06
Nerdzmamarok, No I didnt. Doing that now.19:07
apelgatethen chose my "lan" connection19:07
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Right - that sounds like you're doing it right ...19:07
DasKreecHgp_is_back: oh wait you have adept there as well ?19:07
apelgatethen "Edit"19:07
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Sounds good so far ...19:07
apelgateon "Ip address, I changed method to manual19:07
NerdzMamarok, OK, Installed it. Now what?19:07
apelgatethen "add"19:07
MamarokNerdz: sane is the scanner frontend and it comes with a lot of libraries for various models19:07
MamarokNerdz: it should see your scanner if it's supported19:08
apelgatethen pressed ok19:08
apelgateand it still didn't show up right on ifconfig19:08
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Ah ... since you made those changes - have you logged out/logged in (or otherwise restarted networking?)19:08
Nerdzmamarok, so you mean just run "sudo sane" ?19:08
MamarokNerdz: I don't think you have to run it with sudo19:09
DasKreecHgp_is_back: Umm ok run kdesudo kpackagekit19:09
ToreadorVampireapelgate> I don't know for certain, but I suspect those changes will require you to restart networking ... there are several ways of doing that, and if "you don't want to get technical" then the easiest way to do that is to log out and then log back in.19:09
gp_is_backDasKreecH: every time have run konsole ? why does click update taksbar not running ?19:09
Nerdzmamarok, I get command not found =x19:09
gp_is_backyeah its running19:09
ToreadorVampireYou might be able to do it by pulling the network cable out and putting it back in ... and ... erm ... there is a commandline way of doing it, but I forget what that is ..19:10
DasKreecHgp_is_back: Ok Click on software updates19:10
DasKreecHAnd refresh19:11
apelgateToreadorVampire: even that didn't work19:11
NerdzMamarok, when I run xsane it says no devices were found19:12
MamarokNerdz: I guess you will need some extra backends, try installing libsane-extras (libsane should already be installed with sane), and the sane-utils19:12
apelgateI don't know if this network manager logs whatever it does somewhere or if it is just easier to edit the /etc.... file19:12
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Hmm :(  I do know that network-management was pretty buggy for me when I first used it - I've managed to get a fragile configuration working for it that works with my wifi19:12
apelgateit works with dhcp19:12
MamarokNerdz: the command would be xsaneimage19:13
apelgatebut not with manual ip (it seems)19:13
ToreadorVampireapelgate> I did notice that when (today) I enabled proposed updates in kpackagekit that there's a bugfix update for network-management19:13
gp_is_backDasKreecH: yeah ran it itsalled the update19:13
DasKreecHgp_is_back: ok great :)19:13
apelgategood idea19:13
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Might be worth trying that out - if you head over there, enable those other two update repositories and grab updates from them ...19:13
apelgatewhat's the command? apt-get upgrade?19:14
gp_is_backDasKreecH: problem is whenever I click on adept /synatic etc its not asking for sudo password19:14
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Well, there will b two repositories in your /etc/apt/sources.list that will be commented out atm19:14
DasKreecHNot sure. Mamarok any ideas?19:14
ToreadorVampireapelgate> I believe they are "recommended updates" and "proposed updates"19:14
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Enable those first to see the bugfix release I'm talking about19:15
NerdzMamarok, Scans for devices, but finds nothing.19:15
MamarokDasKreecH: not sure, but in KPackagekit one could disable the password in the early versions19:16
DasKreecHgp_is_back: You prefer using adept?19:16
Mamarokor maybe there is a lock on /var/cache/19:17
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Ah, here we are - in kpackgekit that would be "proposed updates" and "unsupported updates" that I enabled today - after doing that I spotted the network-management plasmoid bugfix update available19:17
=== gary_ is now known as Guest60815
gp_is_backDasKreecH: i prefer using synaptic19:17
MamarokNerdz: try unpluging and pluging back the scanner19:17
gp_is_backbut why o why my system after updrade is not asking sudo password19:18
Mamarokgp_is_back: just type synaptic in a konsole then19:18
ToreadorVampire(catching the cross-chatter) Adept is available in Jaunty's repos?  Ooh - I might ditch kpackagekit and use adept instead ... I never did like kpackagekit much anyway19:18
=== Guest60815 is now known as gsteinert
apelgateToreadorVampire: I will enable those19:18
Mamarokgp_is_back: you should get an error message19:18
gp_is_backStarting without administrative privileges19:19
gp_is_backYou will not be able to apply any changes. But you can still export the marked changes or create a download script for them.19:19
gp_is_backi am in sudoers list19:19
TheGrammarFreakYou know that app for adding and removing applications? It's found in gnome by deafault, does anyone know how I could get that on Kubuntu?19:20
ToreadorVampireapelgate> Yeah - I have no idea if it will help you of course - but it's worth giving a shot19:20
TheGrammarFreakIt's not synaptic19:20
TheGrammarFreakIt just called "add/remove software"19:20
Mamarokgpgquit synaptic and start it again with sudo synaptic from the konsole19:20
MamarokTheGrammarFreak: it's packagekit, and it's part of the systemsettings in KDE19:21
NerdzMamarok, Nope Nothing. It worked before with Kubuntu 8.04 though...so I cant think of whats different19:21
* ToreadorVampire still isn't sure that it was a wise idea to not include KDE3.5 in Jaunty - I still see too many problems in Jaunty relating to KDE4.x being too immature for serious/production use (without a lot of work going into it to get it to work properly)19:21
Mamarokgp_is_back: gquit synaptic and start it again with sudo synaptic from the konsole19:21
MamarokNerdz: ev. check the sane webpage, you will eventually need a driver then19:22
TheGrammarFreakNo, this lists all the actual packages, it was an app for noobs, and it just showed the software names.19:22
Mamarokgp_is_back: nice :)19:22
gp_is_backi guess Kde is not asking for sudo password19:22
MamarokTheGrammarFreak: then it's adept19:22
TheGrammarFreakI'll have a look19:23
Mamarokgp_is_back: it should, don't know what's wrong with your installation19:23
Mamarokgp_is_back: never heard that before19:23
gp_is_backits not working after updrade19:23
TheGrammarFreakIt's not exactly what I was after, but it will do19:24
Mamarokgp_is_back: you only did an upgrade, you didn't change settings in kwallet or systemsettings?19:24
gp_is_backonly updrade19:25
DasKreecH!kde3 | ToreadorVampire19:25
ubottuToreadorVampire: Kubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page19:25
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!19:25
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots19:25
Mamarokgp_is_back: don't abuse the bot, please19:26
gp_is_backsorry bot19:26
ToreadorVampireDasKreecH> Indeed ... I know all of that - and I know that I could roll back to hardy ... My big problem then is that Hardy has > year-old versions of software I use a lot.  I want the versions that are in Jaunty (and that software isn't in hardy-backports).19:27
ToreadorVampire... so - yeah, I could use the unsupported KDE 3.5 Jaunty install - but "unsupported" often makes me shy to install it, because this is a production machine19:27
gp_is_backDasKreecH: use debian then19:27
DasKreecHToreadorVampire: Did you read the factoid? Esp the part that says jaunty?19:27
ToreadorVampireYes, but you replied before I had finished answering :p19:28
DasKreecHToreadorVampire: You do know that unsupported means unsupported by canonical19:28
DasKreecHSo you can't buy support for it. If you aren't buying support for KDE4 it doesn't make much of a difference to you19:28
TheGrammarFreakIt was gnome-app-install I was after, but thanks anyway19:29
ToreadorVampireSo (at least when I first had stacks of problems with Jaunty) I had really started giving thought to trying a different distro19:29
ToreadorVampireDasKreecH> Oh ... well ... that needs to be more explicit :s  Because I assume "unsupported" to mean "if I ask in #kubuntu, people won't make much effort to help"19:29
MamarokTheGrammarFreak: guess why it's not in KDE...19:30
ToreadorVampireAnyway - I have slowly been wrestling Jaunty into shape, and KDE4/Jaunty is growing on me ...19:30
DasKreecHToreadorVampire: I'll agree you will have less help here as well as most people will be more familar with KDE4 by now19:30
ilyaПривет всем19:30
TheGrammarFreakBut I prefer it19:30
=== Tsukasa-x_x is now known as Tsukasa-shower
Mamarok!ru | ilya19:30
ubottuilya: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:30
ToreadorVampire... there are still problems - some of which I have implemented manual workarounds for and some of them I have just slightly changed the way I work, so that I don't trigger those bugs/crashes19:31
MamarokTheGrammarFreak: well, you can install it, but it will install half of Gnome with it then, don't be astonished19:31
* ToreadorVampire has started getting heavily involved in launchpad/KDE's issue tracker since installing Jaunty ;)19:31
TheGrammarFreakI just have, and get over tha fact that I prefer some of gnomes stuff19:32
MamarokTheGrammarFreak: you will get used to KDE pretty fast, don't worry, just stay open minded :)19:32
TheGrammarFreakI have used KDE since gnome died on me19:32
TheGrammarFreakWhich is about three months19:33
DasKreecHIt died?19:33
TheGrammarFreakIt's better, but I prefer some gnome apps19:33
* Mamarok needs food...19:33
TheGrammarFreakWell, the whole OS died19:33
DasKreecHTheGrammarFreak: So use them. Nothing stops you19:33
* DasKreecH feeds Mamarok Grapes19:33
Mamarokwill be back later, cu19:33
MamarokDasKreecH: will bring you some cookies back then :)19:33
ToreadorVampireAnyway ... I guess in about 2 years time KDE 4 will become stable/mature and I'll be totally happy19:34
TheGrammarFreakI am19:34
DasKreecHToreadorVampire: :) What's missing for you?19:35
gp_is_back%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL19:35
ToreadorVampireDasKreecH> Well, that network-management widget has been really wobbly - I have gotten it working, but my config is really 'fragile' and I daren't try to edit it lest it takes me 30 mins to reconfigure my wifi :s19:36
DasKreecHToreadorVampire: You knw it hasn't been released yet? :)19:36
DasKreecHIt's a backport from SVN19:36
ToreadorVampireDasKreecH> Then - why the heck was it included as the default network management widget when knetworkmanager was perfectly good?  (or - if it had issues, they were issues that people knew about and had already created workarounds for)19:37
MamarokToreadorVampire: it already is, you will see it with KDE 4.319:37
DasKreecHGood point on that19:37
gp_is_backshould i file a bug report for this?19:38
ToreadorVampireDasKreecH> The thing is - I'm aware that I'm not a "linux pro" but I have a fairly reasonable understanding and (although I grumble and moan vocally) I have a willingness to "spend time and make it work".  A regular office-type user would just say "it doesn't work" and their experience of kubuntu jaunty/kde4 will be tained by "it looks nice, but it can't connect to my wireless network"19:39
DasKreecHToreadorVampire: I know :(19:39
DasKreecHBut I think part of it is to use this as much as possible to make it better faster19:40
gp_is_backDasKreecH: Kde 4 is big waste of time ...its half coocked stuff19:40
ToreadorVampireSame thing with the default nvidia driver version included with Jaunty (actually, tbh this was an issue with Hardy too - I skipped Intrepid) - the nvidia glx driver version 180 is pretty buggy (the nvidia people admit that openly) - but it's the default driver version in Jaunty ...19:41
gp_is_backmaybe it will stable in next 4-5 years19:41
Mamarokgp_is_back: don't be silly, I use KDE 4 since it's beginning, and KDE 4.3 is rock solid here19:41
gp_is_backme too19:42
Mamarokgp_is_back: 4.0 was never intended for end users anyway, enither was 4.119:43
gp_is_backand 4.2 without network applet?19:43
ToreadorVampire... and there's no newer driver available in Jaunty's repos, where there is a far superior stable/released driver on nvidia's ftp site (version 185.18.14).  Driver version 180 (Jaunty's default one) has serious crash bugs, and 173 (the alternative one in the repos) suffers from a GPU slowdown issue - both of those will give people the impression that Kubuntu/KDE4 are inferior .19:43
ToreadorVampire... when it could have actually be resolved with a decent bugfixed driver in the repos19:43
Mamarokgp_is_back: I always had it and it always worked for me, sometimes a few tweaks, but it worked19:44
TheGrammarFreakKDE 4 seems fine to me19:44
DasKreecHgp_is_back: Half Cooked I can maybe understand. Waste of time? no that doesn't make sense19:44
gp_is_backliving in denial19:44
DasKreecHgp_is_back: How is it a waste of time?19:44
Mamarokahem, graphic drivers have nothing to do with KDE, that's the underlying system that handles it19:44
ToreadorVampireOn both Hardy and Jaunty I ended up removing the repos-installed glx driver and using one from nvidia's site19:44
gp_is_backDasKreecH: its expermental stuff will take couple of years to get stable19:45
Mamarokalso, if you really want to complain about graphic drivers, please talk to Nvidia, AMD/Ati and Intel19:45
DasKreecHgp_is_back: I can think of one thing that is true for19:45
gp_is_backif nokia doest shift focus to mobiles ;-)19:45
DasKreecHand no one else in the world has anything like it19:45
Mamarokok, back to topic everyone, support channel here, discussions please in #kubuntu-offtopic!19:45
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Yeah, but I'm saying - because the repository-installed driver has horrid bugs, someone who is not aware of the difference between all of that stuff will just say "Yeah, my shit keeps hanging on me, KDE4 sucks"19:45
NerdzMamarok, Im installing HPLIP to see if I can get it to work19:46
gp_is_backi want to use Gnome but its SO GOD DAMN UGLY19:46
MamarokNerdz: that's waht I would have suggested next19:46
Mamarokgp_is_back: behave!19:46
ToreadorVampireIf I get some spare time I'll have to read a bit about .deb packaging and see if I can't put a dirty .deb together for the 185-version driver ...19:46
Mamarokgp_is_back: either you respect the IRC guidelines or you go, don't want to remind you all the time!19:46
ToreadorVampire... because I can't possibly be the only person who has been hit with that problem :(19:46
gp_is_backMamarok: take a pill19:47
Mamarokgp_is_back: last warning19:47
DasKreecHgp_is_back: join #kubuntu-offtopic19:47
gp_is_backjust kidding19:47
* ToreadorVampire is distracted by pie19:48
gp_is_backits sad developers have lost sense of humor always threating to kick some one :-(19:48
DasKreecHgp_is_back: This is a support forum Join #kubuntu-offtopic19:48
Mamarokgp_is_back: it's the rules here, if you don't respect them, please leave19:48
geniigp_is_back: `This isn't the developer channel.19:49
DasKreecHYu can talk there as much as you like19:49
ToreadorVampireA test?  But I never had time to study!19:51
geniitest__: Yes, we can see what you type19:51
gp_is_backis kde 4.3 better that kde 4.2 ?19:52
gp_is_backits it available thru ppa ?19:52
gp_is_backis it stable enough?19:52
=== leonardo is now known as L30o0
Mamarokgp_is_back: it's for experienced users only, as there are some dependency problems19:52
DasKreecHgp_is_back: It's available but I'd wait for the next beta. KDe 4.3 is stable currently but hte packaging on the PPA is a bit strange19:53
Mamarokbut once those solved and everything installed it is rock-solid, as I said.19:53
gp_is_backcompile from source then ?19:53
DasKreecHThe next one will be better since there isn't a conference at the same time19:53
ToreadorVampiregp_is_back> Whenever I mention issues I have with 4.2.2 in #kde the first resonse if usually "fixed in kde4.3"19:53
Mamarokgp_is_back: try Neon if you want to have an idea of KDE trunk19:53
gp_is_backi guess i will make virtual machine to test it out dont want to mess my desktop19:54
Mamarokgp_is_back: Neon nightly builds is sandbocked, it doesn't change anything in your system19:54
Mamaroksandboxed*... that was an ugly one :(19:55
gp_is_backso two kde versions can live side by side ?19:55
Mamarokgp_is_back: actuall it is installed and run in a different session, so it doesn't mix19:58
ToreadorVampireAnyway, best get this TestFixture finished ...19:58
* ToreadorVampire wanders off back to his IDE19:59
=== bike is now known as bike__
gp_is_backMamarok: how to install it ?20:00
JDahlKDE 4.2 in Ubuntu 9.04 seems to drop my wireless network connection very frequently, and I can only reconnect after a reboot - have other people here had similar problems?20:01
Mamarokgp_is_back: wait, I'll get you the PPA20:06
Mamarokhere you go : http://launchpad.net/~project-neon20:08
umarAny one here for help me out from this problem ?20:09
umarhey hey mamarok how are u20:09
umarcan u halp me plzzzzzzzz20:09
umari need ur help20:09
gp_is_backumar: it's the rules here, if you don't respect them, please leave20:10
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:10
Mamarok!ask | umar20:10
ubottuumar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:10
umarill falow rule20:10
Mamarokyou shouls tell us what your problem is first :)20:11
umarwell i open my drive  cannot mount volume20:11
umargavring me erroe20:11
zoswhich drive20:11
zosflash drive ?20:12
gp_is_backumar: we have traced you  PK  Pakistan  08  Islamabad  Islamabad   33.7000  73.1667 if dont follow rules you might face consequenses20:12
Mamarokgp_is_back: behave!20:12
umarhmmm other driver like  d or e20:12
umaryes iam from islamabad20:12
Mamarokumar: don't mind, he is just a troll20:13
umarmamarok can u help me out i know u can do20:13
Mamarokgp_will_be_back: stop bother people here, next time I ban you!20:14
gp_will_be_backrelax man20:14
Mamarokumar: what drive are you talking about and which version of Kubuntu are you using?20:14
umarMy heard disk other driver when i click to open but its gaving me error the error is Cannot Mount Volume or unable to mount volume20:15
umarSame ubuntu 8.0420:15
zostpye in at the command prompt : mount20:15
Mamarokumar: please check with zos, a bit busy right now20:16
umarok thanks Mamarok20:16
zoswhat's the output?20:16
umarcan u tell me zos20:16
zosof the command20:17
umarhmmmm can u tell me where i paste to tell u20:17
umarthen u ill se from there20:17
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:17
zoswhich drive are you trying to mount?20:18
zosUSB stick20:18
=== Tsukasa-shower is now known as Being_Tsukasa
umarno my heard drive20:19
umarnot usb20:19
umarbcoz other format driver is ntfs20:19
gp_will_be_backright click on task bar ->add widget -> device notifier20:20
* ToreadorVampire should cross-reference gp_will_be_back's IP address with a certain chatter he knows on another network ... the behaviour is so very similar20:20
gp_will_be_backToreadorVampire:  ?20:21
zosare trying to mount a NTFS partition?20:21
umarsee http://paste.ubuntu.com/186843/20:21
umaryes NTFS20:21
ToreadorVampiregp_will_be_back> Oh, an aussie I know that goes by the nick "Sutekh" over there ... but he's not a techie so you can't possibly be the same person20:22
ToreadorVampireAnyway, gotta finish this TestFixture!20:23
gp_will_be_backbest of luck20:23
zosmount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt20:23
NerdzMamarok, I wasnt able to get it to work..so Im out of ideas20:24
gp_will_be_backsudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /mnt20:24
NerdzI'll just draw up what I needed to scan in oOo anyway20:24
zosor sudo -s20:24
zosbefore to get into root shell20:24
ToreadorVampireNerdz> omw - that20:24
ToreadorVampire's a shame :(20:24
ToreadorVampireI was hoping that "whatever fixed it for you" would fix my problems with SANE and Jaunty20:25
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186845/ see20:25
NerdzYea, Theres something different between K 8.04 and 9.0420:25
Mamarokgenii: gp_will_be_back one person giving support is enough I think... let zos handle that20:25
Mamarokone nick too many...20:25
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:25
Mamarokgp_will_be_back one person giving support is enough I think... let zos handle that20:25
Mamarokgp_will_be_back: you behave or you get a ban!20:25
gp_will_be_backok try it20:26
zosyou have to prepend it with sudo of course20:26
umari type sudo -s its asking for rute20:26
ToreadorVampireNerdz> SANE Worked perfectly on Hardy, first-time - detected my network scanner just fine and all was good.  I still haven't managed to make it work on Jaunty20:26
umari mean root20:27
zosenter sudo -s alone20:27
ToreadorVampireAnd whilst I'm happy to spend some time trying to fix it - I have to balance the time I spend between the time it takes me to reboot into my Hardy installation and just scan it hehe20:27
susbwoyHi, how am i able to tell xterm to open up in my home directory and not in ~/Documents?20:28
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186855/  see20:28
zosnow enter mount20:28
umarwhat mount ?20:29
umari dont understand20:29
zosmount command20:29
zosto display all mounted filesystems20:29
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186856/ see20:30
jussi01gp_will_be_back: no need for that.20:30
zostry: cd /media/GAMES AND MOVIES20:31
jussi01youll need escape characters there...20:31
zosis that what you are looking for?20:31
jussi01cd /media/GAMES\ AND\ MOVIES20:32
umarbut GAMES AND MOVIES driver is open other drives is not open20:32
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186859/ see20:32
jussi01umar: try how I said ;)20:32
umarhmmmmmm what happn to ZOS20:33
zostype cd media then hit tab until go get your GAMES AND MOVIES printed20:33
zosjussi0 suggested the sam thing20:34
jussi01zos: make sure you are concise or it doesnt work. alsoe, remember you can use tab to complete nicknames in here ;)20:34
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186862/ see20:35
zoscd /media20:35
jussi01umar: cd /media/GAMES\ AND\ MOVIES20:35
umarwell MY  GAMES AND MOVIES Driver is open20:35
umarits not gaving error  other partshion is not open20:36
zosthanks jussi01 for the hints20:36
zoscan you now access your files?20:37
umarwell  this parteshion is all ready open i have problem  in other  parteshion20:38
umarother drivers gaving me error20:38
Mamarokumar: then please tell us what partition you are talking about20:38
zosis it on the same HDD?20:38
umarwell can i send u screen shot some where20:39
umarNO in my pc 2 HDD20:39
gp_will_be_backMamarok: one person giving support is enough I think... let zos handle that20:40
umarWell i have 2 HDD IN MY PC20:40
Mamarokumar: please do not shout, you are using capital letters...20:41
umarIAm using 5 NTFS parteshion one parteshion is working and othe 4 is not working20:41
zosthe other HDD I guess should be sdb20:42
=== wojtek is now known as SeungFu
umarwell in 1 driver 500 gp data and other driver 300gp data i dont wana lose it20:42
zostype fdisk -l20:42
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186869/ see20:44
zos/dev/hdc2            1276       38912   302319202+   f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)20:44
zosis the partition you're trying to access?20:45
=== casey_ is now known as RedDragons
zosyou can try to mount it with the following: mount -t auto /dev/hdc2 /mnt20:46
umarhmmmmmmm well there is 2 drive is open 1 is where install ubuntu and other is GAMES AND MOVIES20:46
zosall under a root shell20:46
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186874/ see20:47
zosit seems auto detection doesn't work20:48
ToreadorVampire(bringing this out of PM sinc it's relevant to the channel's interests) <Mamarok> like Quassel allows you to use a remote core to be connected all the time « Really?!20:48
ToreadorVampireDoes Quassel have a 'headless' component?  Something I could drop on a GUI-less debian server?20:49
umardid i reinstall ubuntu  to fix the problem20:49
zosno I don't think this is necessary20:50
MamarokToreadorVampire: I have never used it, I have Irssi running in a screen session20:50
umari mean re install  c  file system to  ubuntu to fix problem20:50
MamarokToreadorVampire: but I guess yes, maybe ask in #quassel20:51
ToreadorVampireMamarok> Yeah, that's what a lot of people seem to do - can Quassel 'attach' to irssi like that?20:51
ToreadorVampireOh?  Quassel has its own channel eh?20:51
zoshave you ever mounted this partition under Ubuntu20:51
MamarokI don't use Quassel20:51
jussi01ToreadorVampire: quassel has the core20:51
harjotgenii: are u theere????\20:51
Mamarokbut the devs use either Quassel with a core or Irssi in a screen session20:51
jussi01ToreadorVampire: which is headless as such, then you connect to it with the client20:51
* jussi01 is a qussel user - with a core20:52
Mamarokyeah, jussi01 has many people 'lingering in his closet' :)20:52
umarwell me before using window xp then i install ubuntu in one  partition and then all other drives other its 1st time iam see it20:52
Mamarokharjot: just ask, if somebody can help, you will get an answer20:53
=== ace_ is now known as acevedo
=== Kernel is now known as Wicked
umarwell me before using window xp then i install ubuntu in one  partition and then all other drives are working  its 1st time iam see it20:53
umarfacing umount problem20:54
harjotok i have an apt problem : none of my stuff downloads because i had accidently installed some packages from THE INTRPID repository and now cant updatte or install20:55
zostry: mount -t fat /dev/hdc2 /mnt20:55
Mamarokharjot: you are currently on Jaunty?20:55
harjotthe intrepid packages are only affecting the rest because they are a version ahead that cannot and willnot be used20:55
zosalthough I guess it won't work either, since autodetection has failed20:55
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186894/ see20:56
Mamarokharjot: ok, then edit the sources.list and change the Intrepid stuff back to hardy20:56
acevedohola  algun español20:56
harjotdone but i may now have intrepid packGES ON my system20:56
harjotwhich is ahead of the dependencies that are reuired so i t  will not download20:57
harjotbecause the packages are TOO UPTODATE20:57
umarthen what i do20:58
Mamarok!es | acevedo20:58
ubottuacevedo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.20:58
Mamarokharjot: that's unfortunate, indeed, which repository is affected?20:58
zostry mount -t vfat /dev/hdc2 /mnt20:59
acevedogracias Mamarok20:59
harjot??/???? my hardy pc has now inrpid pacakges for the dependencies20:59
harjotso it wont install cause the packages are too far ahead21:00
Mamarokharjot: no need to overdue the signs, just answer my question21:00
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186898/ seee21:00
harjoti dsont get what u mean???21:01
zos dmesg | tail21:01
Mamarokharjot: you said that you accidentally set some repositories to Intrepid instead of Hardy, my question si which repositories did you change?21:01
Mamarokharjot: put the sources.list in a pastebin and send me the link21:02
harjotnoo  i had an exrta line in my apt but now i removed that21:02
zosexecute dmesg | tail21:03
=== fred_ is now known as Guest46363
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186901/     copy the line paste that url in to adress bar and see the photot to under stand21:03
Kasm279is there any sort of defrag utility for kubuntu?21:03
MamarokKasm279: no need to defrag, an ext filesystem21:04
geniigp_is_now_back: Um, no21:04
Kasm279gp_is_now_back: i mean with a front end and everything, like (:O) windows's21:04
umardid u see the png screen short21:04
BluesKaj!defrag | Kasm27921:05
ubottuKasm279: The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.21:05
jussi01!defrag | Kasm27921:05
MamarokKasm279: don't, you really don't need to defrag the Linux filesystem21:05
geniiKasm279: The filesystem in linux doesn't get files scattered across it like windows does21:05
umarthen know u can under stand better21:05
Kasm279Mamarok: im not, its a CF card for my DS21:05
gp_is_now_backext 3 is jouranling file sysytem21:05
umarwhat iam facing problem21:05
Kasm279genii: its a FAT file system21:05
Kasm279a CF card21:06
geniigp_is_now_back: fsck would be the linux equivelent of "chkdsk" not defrag21:06
MamarokKasm279: ok, now I understand, how big is that CF card?21:06
geniiKasm279: There aren't any "defrag windows disk from in linux" sort of apps, unfortunately21:07
umardid u under stand21:07
umarby see the photo21:07
zosthe partition is named VIDEOS21:07
Mamarokzos: try keeping it concise...21:07
geniiharjot: If the problem is that you have apps from a later version of Ubuntu installed, you can force an earlier version within apt-get21:07
Kasm279Mamarok: 4GB, i cant get any 'brew running with it all fragmented21:08
gp_is_now_backhi Mamarok21:08
umarand other  drivers u can also see the name21:08
harjoti cant force apps it doesnt work21:08
gp_is_now_backKasm279: : why dont u format it ext3 ->There is no online ext3 defragmentation tool that works on the filesystem level.21:08
Kasm279gp_is_now_back: IT FOR A DS, it cant read exzt321:09
MamarokKasm279: don't do that, else your camer will not be able to read it21:09
umarzos are u there21:09
Mamarokgp_is_now_back: don't give silly advice, please!21:09
Kasm279Mamarok: its a NDS21:09
geniiharjot: Like sudo apt-get install someappname=            or so.21:09
Kasm279(nintendo DS)21:09
tomsdalehaha - now I know why kubuntu crashed often. I never had a swap partition/file ....21:09
zoscould you execute dmesg | tail21:09
geniiharjot: Where "=" is the exact version21:09
gp_is_now_backMamarok: : yawn21:09
MamarokKasm279: ok, still you need the fat filesystem21:09
harjotgenii: i dont get the syntax???? I DO SUDO APT-GET INSTALL BLAHBLAH21:10
umarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/186907/ seee21:10
jussi01gp_is_now_back: Ive given you a second chance, please use it wisely ;)21:10
MamarokKasm279: copying the stuff over to another partition, reformat the card and copy things back is the only thing you can do in Linux21:10
Kasm279Mamarok: how do i format it?21:10
Mamarokharjot: please, do not shout21:10
zosthis is neither a FAT nor NTFS filesystem21:11
harjotwhat is shouting>>>>> im guesing it means doing SDSA21:11
Kasm279and also, Mamarok, i think ill just do it on my ,mom's comp21:11
kaddiharjot writing in capslockis considered shouting21:11
MamarokKasm279: you can use a partioning tool like fdisk or parted21:11
umarbut its open  is xp21:11
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.21:11
umarbut its open  in xp21:12
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.21:12
gp_is_now_backKasm279: try gparted21:12
umarthen what ill do i dont wana lose my data21:12
Kasm279hey, kubuntu's new pkg manager sucks21:12
umarHUH tell me na plzzzzzzzzz21:12
Kasm279adept was MUCH better21:12
harjotgenii: i got to eat be back later21:13
BluesKajKasm279, you can still DL and use adept21:13
Kasm279but Synaptics is the best21:13
zoscan you boot into XP?21:13
geniiharjot: OK. The explanation is not easy to explain in a short way, I'll try when you are back later21:13
MamarokKasm279: or use apt-get or patitude directly21:13
Kasm279BluesKaj: i have the xubuntu-desktop pkg installed, i just use the add/remove programs from it :D21:13
Mamarokaptitude* even21:13
umaryes  its working in Xp operating system21:14
zosthen you won't lose any data21:14
Kasm279umar: what are you trying to do?21:14
BluesKajapt/adept works fine ..theat packagekit thing isn't my style21:14
umarthats  is great21:14
Kasm279BluesKaj: agreed21:15
umari wnaa use ubuntu what ill do21:15
zoshave you ever got this partition mounted under KUbuntu?21:15
Kasm279the pakagekit just dosent work half of the time21:15
MamarokKasm279: ok, we all know that, no need to insist, it works far better in KDE 4.3 already21:16
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap21:18
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)21:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about quassel21:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about konversation21:20
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots21:20
=== blackmoon is now known as blackmoon105
blackmoon105hi, i've run "kdesudo dolphin" and all kde crashed and kick me at login screen. http://pastebin.com/da33f7dd21:31
swattoHi all, I have just installed kubuntu on a extended logical partiiton and it installed a default boot manager so i can also load windows vista - can i configure this boot manager in kubuntu?21:33
Tm_T!grub | swatto21:33
ubottuswatto: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto21:33
swattothanks Tm_T - I will check the howto out, I havent lost it i just want to change the options around a bit21:34
Tm_Tswatto: aye, hope it helps anyway (:)21:35
swattoIs there a widget for showing minimized windows?21:36
Tm_Tswatto: you can set taskbar to show only minimised windows21:36
swattoahh its ok i have found it, it is task manager widget21:37
swattoive removed the taskbar altogether you see and im using lancelot21:37
Tm_Tswatto: ah, right, task manager is the name of widget I meant (:21:38
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* Kasm279 is back21:49
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* Kasm279 is back22:02
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Mamarok!away > Kasm27922:05
ubottuKasm279, please see my private message22:05
Kasm279sorry about that22:06
Mamarokthanks :)22:06
Kasm279i had auto-away on22:06
Kasm279i turned it off and i wont do /away here22:06
ubottuYou should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»22:06
MamarokKasm279: hm, that should be disabled by default, it just causes unnecessary scrolling22:06
Kasm279i turned it on22:07
MamarokKasm279: doing /away "reason" manually doesn't cause scrolling at all, the autoaway messages do22:07
Kasm279no, if i do /away it still does that22:08
Kasm279im on konversation22:08
davidkalii like kubuntu22:19
jussi01good :)22:19
davidkalikarmic koala baby22:20
TheGrammarFreakEverything on my screen is slightly blurry, I'm not sure if it's hardware or software. I only really noticed it when I started to use Compiz Fusion. Also, how do you change the default text from monospace?22:23
MamarokDasKreecH: that was not exactly funny...22:26
DasKreecHMamarok: I just noticed it awhile  ago22:27
MamarokTheGrammarFreak: systemsettings -> Desktop for the Desktop effects: try changing the individual settings22:27
MamarokTheGrammarFreak: systemsettings ->Appearance for the fonts, Ideal is a Sans Serif with Monospace only for the fixed width22:28
TheGrammarFreakDoesn't that change Kwin settings22:28
TheGrammarFreakI use Compiz22:28
MamarokTheGrammarFreak: hm, that's one of the reasons I don't use compiz...22:29
TheGrammarFreakWell, I prefer some of the key bindings, and I use some polugins a lot that don't exist in Kwin22:29
DasKreecHTheGrammarFreak: Which ones?22:30
TheGrammarFreakExpo, tabbing, key bindiongs for the cube,22:30
TheGrammarFreakRing switcher22:30
DasKreecHExpo exists22:30
DasKreecHI don't know about the rest22:30
DasKreecHTabbed is coming I think22:30
TheGrammarFreakOh yeah, there is an expo22:30
DasKreecHNot sure waht key bindings for teh cube means22:31
TheGrammarFreakI stand corrected22:31
DasKreecHUgh tired22:31
TheGrammarFreakControl, alt mousclick22:31
TheGrammarFreakI couldn't do the same with Kwin22:31
DasKreecHOh grabbing the cube?22:31
DasKreecHI don't know I don't really like the cube myself so I don't follow it22:31
DasKreecHnot sure if that's possible22:32
Mamarokhm, there'a cube too and the rest is work in progress22:32
drbobbhi there, I am trying to install packages of moovida from the ppa, but ran into some problems even though I followed the instructions22:32
DasKreecHRing switcher is probably pretty easy22:32
DasKreecHIf it doesn't exist already22:32
Mamarokand compiz is not supported on Jaunty anymore AFAIK22:32
DasKreecHMamarok: It has to be.22:33
drbobbI added the repo in synaptic and imported the key, but the packages still don't show up22:33
DasKreecHIt ships with Ubuntu by default22:33
TheGrammarFreakI'm usiong it, from official reposotories22:33
DasKreecHdrbobb: You reloaded ?22:33
drbobbDasKreecH: yep, twice22:33
MamarokDasKreecH: well, Kwin is the default compositing manger for KDE22:34
DasKreecHdrbobb: what package ?22:34
DasKreecHMamarok: Yeah but default and supported are different things22:34
Mamarokdrbobb: did you add the gpg key?22:34
DasKreecHYou can choose compiz as the winidow manager in default applications22:34
drbobbMamarok: yep I did22:34
DasKreecHGPG key shouldn't stop them from showing up22:34
TheGrammarFreakKwin is the best default window manager around, but I just prefer compiz22:34
drbobband searching for moovida in synaptic yields 0 matches22:35
DasKreecHMaybe wrote it wrong in the sources.list ?22:35
drbobbDasKreecH: wouldn't that produce an error upon refreshing?22:35
DasKreecHTheGrammarFreak: Well Compiz isn't the default window manager for anything so those can both be equally true :)22:35
DasKreecHdrbobb: Still wouldn't stop them from turning up22:35
TheGrammarFreakDasKreecH, Indeed22:36
DasKreecHdrbobb: A warning not an error22:36
swattoIs it possible to change the graphical display when logging into kde22:36
Mamarokdrbobb: the PPA say 0 packages built...22:36
drbobbwell there was no warning either22:36
DasKreecHah godo catch :)22:36
TheGrammarFreakI will keep trying with the blur22:36
DasKreecHdrbobb: The PPA is being populated it seems22:36
drbobbMamarok: huh? OTOH there is a list of packages there22:36
drbobbjust a minute...22:37
drbobbhey that's weird - aptitude search moovida finds the packages22:38
drbobband synaptic doesn't22:38
Mamarokdrbobb: where did you expect them to show up?22:38
drbobbMamarok: typing moovida into the quick search widget22:39
Mamaroksynaptic didn't show them as "new in the repositories"?22:39
drbobbnope it didn't22:39
Mamarokdrbobb: the quick search only works for the current display, so if you are not in the all packages view you can't see any22:39
Mamarokuse the search button instead22:40
drbobbMamarok: I was in the all packages view, double checked that22:40
drbobband I did try the search button too22:40
Mamarokthe serach button is more reliable than quick search, I use the button for general serach, then narrow down with quick search22:40
drbobbactually I scanned through all the views and still found nothing22:41
Mamarokdrbobb: tried origin -> ppa?22:41
Mamarokdrbobb: just tried here, works fine :)22:41
Mamarokin synaptic that is22:41
drbobbI said it was weird22:41
Mamarokdrbobb: what is moovida exactly?22:42
drbobbstill doesn't work for me22:42
drbobbMamarok: some overgrown media player22:42
Mamarokhm, just found the website...22:43
drbobbhmm aptitude warns me the packages are unsigned, even though i did import the key22:45
Mamarokdrbobb: added to your keyring?22:45
Mamarokthe PPA generates the key automatically, so if it's in your keyring it should work22:45
Mamarokdid you do an aptitude update before?22:46
drbobbyeah I know it should22:46
drbobbnot sure whether I did update after adding the key22:46
drbobbI did do update in synaptic though22:47
drbobbyeah after updating I still get the warning22:47
drbobbseems I broke something or what22:48
drbobbmoovida looks pretty slick but it probably won't work too well on my laptop anyway22:50
drbobbstill wanted to try it out though22:51
drbobbyeah apt-key list says I do have the moovida launchpad key in my keyring22:53
drbobbbut aptitude still insists the packages are unsigned22:56
Mamarokdrbobb: aren't there any Elisa packages around?22:56
Mamarokit's just a rebrand of Elisa, no?22:56
drbobbMamarok: well maybe, I've never used elisa22:57
Mamarokdrbobb: it is a rebrand, was still named Elisa only a few weeks ago22:57
drbobbMamarok: doesn't make much difference to me22:58
drbobbwhat I'm worried about is the package system playing funny tricks22:58
drbobbis synaptic supposed to hide unauthenticated packages?23:00
Mamarokdrbobb: no, it doesn't23:01
Mamarokyou can't just install those23:01
drbobbthen I have no idea what's going on23:01
Mamarokdrbobb: you can always install them with sudo apt-get and have to override the warning, but try adding the key again, maybe just a typo somewhere23:02
drbobbI added it from the keyserver, with apt-key adv --recv-keys23:05
drbobbno chance of a typo23:05
DasKreecHdrbobb: That's the way to go :)23:05
drbobbDasKreecH: so? didn't work for me this time23:06
Mamarokhm, I used gpg in konsole to download and export it to apt-key, that worked fine here23:07
drbobbyeah I said it is in my keyring according to apt-key, but the packages are still reported as unsigned23:08
wasim_them your mtf23:09
Mamarokwasim_: do you have a question?23:10
drbobbwell crap it's getting late, I'll try some other time23:11
wasim_yeah your f23:13
wizardslovakis there way i can get files from my phone over bluetooth in kubuntu23:20
dennisterneed some cups help fast! please! was working well this morning, but now it just prints gobbley-gook23:20
wizardslovakonly think i see is send file23:20
dennisterrestarting cupsys doesn't help, turning it off doesn't help, rebooting doesn't help...23:20
skaftisound prob with browser can someone help me23:24
skaftithe second day of trying to solve this23:24
DasKreecHskafti: Which browser? how are you playing sound?23:38
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dennisterDasKreecH: hey! am i glad to see you! :-)23:38
DasKreecHI'm glad to see me too!23:38
dennisteropen office is giving me a huge pain, only printing gobbleygook, heheheh23:39
dennisterand i gotta print this and get outa here23:39
skaftii tryed conqeror mozilla and Ephipary and just trying to use exp. youtube23:40
dennisterDasKreecH: would u have a minute to help with this?23:40
skaftii have noticed that volume indicator on the desktop panel shows 0% but i cant seem to alternat it but anyways i can listen to amarok for exp.23:45
Barridusanyone got any links on stuff that's commonly uninstalled to think kubuntu out for lower spec systems?23:46
Hydrantdoes anyone have rsh working on kubuntu?  Looks like lots of people have had problems getting it working23:47
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DasKreecHdennister: can anything else print?23:50
DasKreecHskafti: try purging the Flashplugin closing all browsers and reinstalling it23:50
skaftitryed that yesterday23:51
skaftidid not work23:51
skaftii was all day googling for the problem and 2 guys here tryed several solutions nothing worked23:52
dennisterDasKreecH: yes...takin friggin long time to screenshot, paste, export to pdf, print23:52
dennisterproblem iwth with oo23:53

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