DanaGer, wrong channel.03:48
FFForeverhow can i enable tap to click on my touchpad?05:08
robin0800FFForever: system preferences mouse05:20
FFForeverrobin0800, enable mouse clicks with touchpad is already enabled =\05:22
Sarvattthe latest karmic synaptics driver has it disabled by default now05:24
FFForeverhow do i enable it?05:24
Sarvatttry synclient TapButton1=105:25
FFForeverthere we go i got it :)05:25
FFForeverthanks, do i have to do that each boot?05:25
Sarvattcan install this -- https://edge.launchpad.net/~wgrant/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/639179/+listing-archive-extra05:25
Sarvattubuntu patches synaptics to enable it by default but the patch didnt get added when it was synced from debian05:26
FFForeverahhh so i do need to run that command each boot?05:27
Sarvatteasiest to just install the driver that i linked (even though its for jaunty), its the same thing as the one in the archive except with the ubuntu patches enabled :D05:29
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zniavrehello i want to try karmic but with jaunty and 2.6.30 kernel (from ppa) i can't install 173.14.18 nvidia driver15:49
zniavresomebody knows if this "legacy" driver works with karmic koala ?15:49
SiDizniavre, http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/misc/nvidia-glx-17316:09
SiDi173.14.16 apparently16:09
BluesKajzniavre, why the legacy driver ... isn't your card listed in the 180 ?16:29
SiDiSupport for some 7xxx dropped at 173 afaik16:32
zniavreBluesKaj,  fx5500 is now legacy16:37
zniavrethank sid16:37
zniavreoops he's gone16:37
BluesKajnope , I'm here16:39
FinnishIs the latest daily build bootable from usb-stick?16:40
BluesKajzniavre, the nvidia-glx-173 won't run on karnmic ?16:42
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zniavreBluesKaj,  i tried with vbox but the driver made an error  > unalbe to build....16:51
zniavreand with jaunty and 2.6.30 kernel too. I was wondering if the driver is "compatible" with 2.6.3016:52
BluesKajzniavre, if the driver is listed in your package manager , try installing it there ..it's listed in adept and I'm running the 2.6.3 kernel16:54
BluesKajbut my card is the geforce 7600 so i have to run the 180 driver16:55
zniavrei know 180 for good graphic crad is installing and running well16:57
zniavrei was asking specificaly for 173.14.1x16:57
zniavrecause i got a card supported only by 173.xxxx16:58
BluesKajfx5500 ?16:58
Paddy_EIREHas the new karmic theme been shown yet?16:59
zniavrePaddy_EIRE,  not three hours ago   ^^16:59
BluesKajzniavre, I don't understand whynot just install nvidia-glx-173,?  it supports your card17:01
zniavreit failed to build17:01
BluesKajdon't build it , use adept aptitude or the package manger17:02
zniavreeven with synpatic of course17:02
zniavrecompiling was a last way but it failed too anyway17:03
BluesKajit'll bring along the required depenendcies17:03
BluesKajoh , bummer , did you try , sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-17317:04
zniavreyes first try of course17:04
zniavreusualy im quite easy with this driver but now i feel it's something wrong between driver and kernel17:06
zniavrei found nothing in launchpad related to this17:07
BluesKajzniavre, I have to ask the obvious question..have you rebooted since ?17:14
zniavreseveral time17:15
BluesKajwell, I haven't run vbox for a long time , I just dual boot cuz VB didn't do what i wanted17:18
joshjtlfolks, my microsoft natural 6000 mouse has a wheel that moves from side to side, this makes middle clicking a real pain, id like that any click (in any direction) be the same click to make this easier... any  ideas how i might do this?17:31
Tekno_with xev and humm17:32
joshjtlhumm ?17:32
Tekno_let me think17:32
joshjtlk thx17:32
joshjtlok xev shows me that the wheel has button6, button7, and button217:35
Tekno_I used xev, xbindkeys and xvkbd to set my scroll buttons to other functions17:36
joshjtlTekno_: will i need to use all of them? I know that I want to turn off button 7 and 617:36
Tekno_maybe you can disable them by configuring xorg.conf17:37
Tekno_or bind them to middle click also17:37
joshjtlyeah thats what i want17:38
Tekno_but I dont know if there is keyboard shortcut to "middle click"17:38
Tekno_if there is, its easy17:38
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melikanyone know when alpha 2 is getting released20:56
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases20:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about timeline20:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about releaseschedule20:58
TheInfinityits in topic :p20:58
charlie-tcaAlpha 2 is scheduled for June 1120:59
maxbReleases are overrated :-)21:05
luckyonehello Karmic folks!23:28
luckyonedoes karmic offer any improvement/relief for Intel video drivers?23:29
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mrweslots of updates today and a new kernel23:46
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